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Will RidEx decompose flushables?

Putting aside the discussion of whether or not flushables wipes should be used in the black tank for the moment, if they were to be used would adding RidEx to the tank help decompose them? Our black tank is over 60 gallons so we can go about two weeks before we have to dump while we're snowbirding. If they were to be used I'd like to minimize the chances they would cause a blockage while dumping the black tank. Thanks.
8ntw8tn 12/08/14 12:02pm General RVing Issues
RE: Have the Police stopped enforcing our traffic laws?

Definition of frustration: A retired LEO seeing gross, and often dangerous, violations of traffic laws and not being able to do a darn thing about it. Don't ask me how I know. ;)
8ntw8tn 12/07/14 08:52pm General RVing Issues
RE: new life

Go for it! We don't full time, but we split our time between living in the 5er in the Texas Hill Country and the sticks & bricks back home. My user name is also the license plate on our 5er and displays our attitude and philosophy: we "ain't waitin'". There's never a budget large enough to do everything we want, but it covers everything we need.
8ntw8tn 12/06/14 06:20am RV Lifestyle
RE: Braking expectations

The instructions that came with my brake controller is that you do not want the trailer brakes to lock up. Locking up the trailer brakes means the tires have lost traction and you no longer have control over the trailer. It can lead to a jackknife situation.
8ntw8tn 12/04/14 05:59pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Rear kitchens in a fiver 32' or under

Our first 5er was a Laredo 29RK. We really liked it and would have continued with the RK design on our next trade but it just didn't work out that way. We had no issues with broken dishes, etc. We did learn to store pots & pans with the heaviest on the bottom; that kept them from bouncing enough to open the cabinet doors and get rearranged on the floor. That was nearly 10 years ago and I haven't kept up on RK models so I can't give any recommendations. Good luck with your search.
8ntw8tn 12/01/14 09:36pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: 06 Carriage Cameo

We own an '06 35CKQ and have had very few issues with it. I could only repeat what "retispcsi" and "kennethwooster" have posted. Carriage built their own double-box frames on site. We believe it's a very well built unit. Are their better built/expensive units? Yes, but this is still a high quality unit. The only real issue I've had with the trailer was the Tow-Max tires that came on it. I've known other owners of the same year trailer that had some pretty damaging failures with those tires. I didn't take a chance and replaced all of them within a couple years of buying the trailer new. You might see if you can tell if the trailer you're looking at had the grey/black tanks upgrade. They were originally supposed to be 50+gallon tanks (each). Carriage discovered that somewhere between design and manufacture they were closer to 45 gallons each. Carriage offered to upgrade the tanks to 62 gallon (each) tanks if the owner brought the trailer to the plant in Millersburg, IN. We took them up on it. Near as I can tell the only way to check this is to look under the trailer forward of the axles. IIRC the upgrade has about 6 inches of the tank protection/insulation protruding below the floor; non-upgrade won't. Maybe someone else on here can confirm that. I just don't remember for sure what it looked like before the upgrade. Hope this helps.
8ntw8tn 12/01/14 02:22pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Carlisle tires

I replaced the original Tow Max tires on our trailer in late 2010 with Carlisle ST's. (I wanted to go to LT's but the decreased distance between the tires would have been too narrow to use my chocks.) Over the next two years I experienced 3 goose eggs on the sidewalls. I'm pretty conscientious about tire pressures and check my tires at each rest/fuel stop. No complete failures or blowouts. My dealer replaced them with a very reasonable adjustment. I've not had any problems in the last 2-3 years with any of the replacements, nor the remaining original. After reading some of the posts here, I wonder if I didn't get some of those "early" tires and the replacements were of the improved model. We're presently wintering in Texas and the tires are under wheel covers so I'm not going to verify that. Maybe next spring....
8ntw8tn 11/30/14 11:49am General RVing Issues
RE: Passport America

It didn't work for us. We found that while the savings at participating parks were significant, they usually weren't on our preferred route or they weren't located appropriately for our stops. So we either had to change our route/scheduled stops or discontinue the membership. We chose the latter.
8ntw8tn 11/26/14 07:20pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Thinking of getting a water softener

We've used a RV-Pro water softener for the last two years. It uses non-iodized table salt (mine uses two pounds of salt) to regenerate. It's worked very well for us.
8ntw8tn 11/26/14 06:45pm General RVing Issues
RE: Waving in the RGV

Well, y'all just come on up to the Hill Country. Everyone is plenty friendly here. :-)
8ntw8tn 11/26/14 06:18pm Snowbirds
RE: What accedssories do i need for a new 5th wheeler?

Determine the dollar amount you're wanting to get in accessories and request an in-store gift card in that amount. That way you can purchase your own accessories as you realize the want/need for them.
8ntw8tn 11/25/14 07:10pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: mail forwarding

We spend about 6 months in Texas and the rest at our S&B in Iowa and have used USPS forwarding for the last 4 years. For the most part, it appears it takes another 3-4 days for the mail to reach us; sometimes as much as 10 days for particular items, so we make other arrangements for those. No problems so far. A relative did find out that USPS cannot forward credit cards when his replacement cards were returned to the issuer. I like it that the junk mail does not get forwarded to us in Texas.
8ntw8tn 11/20/14 06:07am Snowbirds
RE: Darn Cold

33 degrees in the Texas Hill Country this morning.
8ntw8tn 11/13/14 09:04am Snowbirds
RE: USAA Towing Insurance

We've been Coach Net members for the past 4 years. They have changed two tires for me and towed my truck & trailer once. When the truck broke down they arranged for both to be towed to the nearest campground and repair shop. It was a 45 mile tow and the bill was nearly $600. Coach Net paid the entire bill directly; no cash out of my pocket.
8ntw8tn 11/12/14 02:01pm General RVing Issues
RE: B&W Patriot or Pullrite ISR Super 5th?

These replies have been great. I'm leaning towards the B&W, but it appears from the replies that I could do equally as well with the Pullrite. My current hitch is an RBW. I contacted B&W for specific measurements and the Patriot definitely will not fit my rails. It appears I do not have the "universal" rails so I will have to get new rails as well. That's not a big deal other than if they would not fit my current brackets which are welded to the truck frame. Whatever, I'm sure I'll be able to adapt things once I've made my choice.
8ntw8tn 11/04/14 06:08am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Winter Texan Wanna Be

We, too, like the Hill Country. We just arrived at our park yesterday. It's cooler than what we've heard the RGV is, but still very comfortable. We're seeing mid 70's right now and the daytime temps will probably average in the low to mid 60's in December-January. Then it will start warming up toward the 70's & 80's.
8ntw8tn 11/02/14 09:06pm Snowbirds
RE: B&W Patriot or Pullrite ISR Super 5th?

Thanks for the replies. I've been looking at the prices on Tweety's; the B&W Patriot is on sale. That's in favor of it, but by no means the determining factor. Quality, reliability, and ease of use are most important.
8ntw8tn 11/02/14 06:50pm Fifth-Wheels
B&W Patriot or Pullrite ISR Super 5th?

I'm going to replace my RBW hitch and have narrowed the choices down to the B&W Patriot or the Pullrite ISR Super 5th. Checking to see if anyone on here has experience with both, your preference, and the pros/cons. I'm going to use my existing rails. Thanks.
8ntw8tn 11/02/14 03:55pm Fifth-Wheels
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