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RE: How old is your fifth-wheel?

Our Cameo is actually 9 years old but it was 2 years old before it ever left the lot, so it really only has 7 season's use on it. I'm like the OP, though not quite as old, and can't see spending the money needed to upgrade. We bought a quality unit and it's holding up well. Hopefully the routine maintenance we perform regularly will keep it going for several years yet.
8ntw8tn 07/02/15 08:59pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: wireless router/internet question

Thanks for all the replies. The internet connection is DSL. The wireless camera(s) I was looking at would each have its own mini SD card for video capture, so a DVR would not be necessary. However, after looking at the challenges of a wireless system in my house (interrupted line of sight, potentially weak signal, sensitivity, technical issues like "port forwarding") I'm going to start researching a small 4-camera wired system. Thanks again for the replies and information. It really was helpful.
8ntw8tn 06/28/15 07:12am Technology Corner
RE: wireless router/internet question

If your modem is so old that it can only do 802.11b and not 802.11n, I would chuck it because of low speed. The one thing that somebody mentioned and I'm not sure if you caught it is that the router will have to connect to the modem from your ISP via cable. There is no easy way to make it connect to your wifi modem via, well, wifi. My Linksys router is a Model WRT54G, if that helps any. The newer modem/router supplied by Windstream is only about a year old but I cannot find a model number on it. I figured I would have to connect my Linksys router, or whatever I would get to replace it, to the Windstream modem by cable via one of the Ethernet slots so the Linksys/replacement router could connect to the internet. This router would then be dedicated to the dlink wireless security system. The primary reason I was looking at the dlink 942l was because of the reduced cost and the success one of my friends has had with the cameras, albeit in a slightly different setting. As the costs potentially increase with the possible purchase of another router I may just opt for a closed circuit system connected to a dvr which would in turn be connected to my Windstream modem/router by Ethernet cable. Regardless, I appreciate the information I'm receiving here. Thanks.
8ntw8tn 06/25/15 03:16pm Technology Corner
RE: wireless router/internet question

Thanks for the replies. I'm intrigued by the comments regarding a "very good router". I'm extremely limited in my technical knowledge so I really have no idea what comprises this definition. I purchased the Linksys a few (several?) years ago on a friend's recommendation and it seemed to work well. None-the-less, what brand(s) & specifications should I look for should I decide to follow that route? Dlink advertises their own router that supposedly makes the connection to its wireless cameras easier. Would that one qualify? Thanks again for the responses.
8ntw8tn 06/25/15 06:51am Technology Corner
RE: Ram owners with flip up mirrors

Old-Biscuit wrote: I flip them for towing cause I can see down the sides of truck/trailer and behind trailer. Then I flip then back when not towing cause truck looks really stupid with 'dumbo ears' sticking out. Yeah, what he said.
8ntw8tn 06/22/15 11:25pm Fifth-Wheels
wireless router/internet question

I'll apologize now if I make this too long. Hopefully it will at least be clear if not concise. I want to add a wireless security camera system to my house. One of the systems I'm looking at is dlink; specifically, three dlink 942l cameras. Cost is one of the factors of course. This type of arrangement requires a wireless router, of course, and I have a modem/router supplied by my IP that is (finally) working quite well with the exception that its signal does not appear to be quite as strong as my old Linksys. I make this claim because my iPhone loses the wireless signal soon after leaving the house and with my old router it kept the signal at least an additional 50-75 feet further. The distance from the router to at least one of the proposed camera locations is about 50 feet and it is not line of sight; several intervening walls. I have a separate connection inside the house for internet. (I don't understand the technical parts to this, I just know that when we were having intermittent connection problems the phone technician somehow split the signal and I now have separate connections for phone and internet. He also replaced the old modem (we'd been having connection problems since that modem had been installed) with the present modem/router, making my old Linksys router an unneeded paperweight. The result was that my internet now works quite well. I'm sure it was the old modem because all I had to do was unplug the modem from power for a couple of minutes, plug it back in, and it was good for another week or 10 days. Is there any way I can connect my old Linksys router to my internet and use it as the link to the dlink cameras (or whatever system I happen to end up with)? Thanks for the replies.
8ntw8tn 06/22/15 11:22pm Technology Corner
RE: Using ethanol free gas.

The two gas engines I have are the "older" ones, a 2003 Durango and a '99 Honda Goldwing. I've done several calculations on each vehicle at random intervals and the results, regarding costs, are pretty consistent: if the cost/gal is $.10 then I use the E10. This applies only to the cost/mile for fuel. We've found the pricing in other states varies greatly. Probably because Iowa strongly supports the ethanol industry. Just because I live here half the year doesn't mean I support everything it does. ;) Hope this helps.
8ntw8tn 06/22/15 07:38am General RVing Issues
RE: Intermittent 5er Brakes

X3 on DmaxWW and DaYooper. I finally found the issue on mine after trial and error checking grounds, connections, and replacing the wire running through the axle tube. It was a wire leading to the magnet on the right rear wheel. It's a PIA to troubleshoot and find, but the fix itself was pretty easy. Good luck and hope this helps.
8ntw8tn 06/16/15 05:45am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Locating entrance door in Slide out

I look at the design as a mechanical engineer and do not like it. The slide is already a weakened area. Hanging the leveraged weight of the passenger entry increases the stresses on the slide unit. I think it was destined to be a trouble design and will be more trouble as the units age. Interesting and valid observation. I wonder if they designed for that increased stress. A friend of ours who winters in Texas with us purchased one last fall. I will watch with interest to see if those weaknesses are exposed over the next few years. Thanks for the input.
8ntw8tn 06/04/15 07:13am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Fresh Water Tank Leak Repair Advice

There is a plumber's putty that is an epoxy product that works well. I used it a few years ago to repair a 3/16" hole in my fresh water tank. Don't ask me how it got there. Hope this helps.
8ntw8tn 06/03/15 10:21pm General RVing Issues
RE: I need an Ereader.

My wife has an iPad mini with the Kindle app; I have a Kindle Paperwhite. She likes to transition between reading, playing games, and surfing the internet. I, like the OP, just want to read and the Paperwhite is well suited for my purposes. I really like the adjustable backlight. When we're in an area without wifi I just use my phone as a hotspot, hook up my Paperwhite, and download a book that way. Hope this helps.
8ntw8tn 06/03/15 06:45am Technology Corner
RE: Cameo low water flow

I have an '06 Cameo and the only interior filter I'm aware of is for the drinking water faucet (which we no longer use). Hope this helps.
8ntw8tn 06/02/15 06:03am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Snowbirders/Winter Texans - What happening?

We spent a couple weeks getting doctor and dentist appointments out of the way and are still trying to get ahead of the lawn. We mow over 3 acres and it's usually pretty tall when we get back. With the recent frequent rains we've not been able to get completely through it before we need to start again. I purchased some new Grizzly tools for my wood workshop and have gotten them set up and am about to start my summer projects. Add in the few summer outings we have planned and I'm realizing it's a good thing I don't have to deal with any type of employment, as well.
8ntw8tn 05/26/15 06:08pm Snowbirds
RE: Carriage Cameo Touchup Paint

Our local NAPA store has a device they put up against a flat surface and it gives them the information they need to match the paint. They'll mix up the paint and put it in a spray can. I used it once a few years ago and it worked well. Hope this helps.
8ntw8tn 05/12/15 06:49pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: DishTV 211z receiver.

Yes, you may record a program while watching a previously recorded program. Yes, you may record a program while watching OTA TV. You may NOT record a satellite program while watching a different satellite program. You may record only one satellite program at a time. Hope this helps.
8ntw8tn 05/10/15 10:18pm Technology Corner
RE: Where to stay overnight around OK. City OK.

Cedar Valley RV Park is about 6 miles west of Guthrie, OK, which is a few miles north of Oklahoma City. It's a nice park near a golf course. We've stayed there two or three times on our way to spend the winter in Texas. Nice and quiet; takes Passport America, but not Good Sam. Also a very good steak house in Guthrie. Gages is the name, I think. Casual dining but very good food. Hope this helps.
8ntw8tn 04/28/15 10:07am General RVing Issues
RE: Free Tool May Unlock Encrypted Ransomware Files

Makes me really glad I have a firewall and virus protection installed and that I back-up manually to a physical hard drive. I'm no techie so I may still not be protected as much as I should be (what are "multiple layers"?), but so far, so good.
8ntw8tn 04/17/15 05:36pm Technology Corner
RE: Tail gater dish TV

I'll just add my $.02 regarding the Pathway X2. I've had one for about 2 years and I'm really pleased with it. One of the selling points was that it has a larger antenna than the Tailgater making it easier to acquire and maintain connection with the satellites. I can't confirm that but can attest to the ease with which it sets up. It's also a bit larger than the Tailgater so it requires a bit more storage space. Hope this helps.
8ntw8tn 04/16/15 11:20pm Technology Corner
RE: Strange weather pattern Rockport Tx

I heard someone in our park say it is an El Nino year. If so I guess that would account for the increased rainfall. They really need it, especially in the Lake Travis area.
8ntw8tn 04/13/15 11:06am Snowbirds
RE: may switch from DirecTV to Dish

I was a DTV for over 10 years and really liked the programming. However, when we started snowbirding we began having customer relations issues. It finally reached critical mass when they charged my credit card even though we had suspended the account the month before and wouldn't reverse the charge. Yes, I talked to supervisors and tried relating the problem by email. After a few months of not getting the issue resolved we switched to Dish when we returned to the S&B. I have the Hopper w/Sling and a Joey in the house and a VIP211k with a Pathway X2 in the RV. Customer service has been very good. The only issue I've had was when I was connecting an external hard drive to the VIP211k as a DVR. The first person I talked to said it couldn't be done. I just went to the chat line and had it going in just a few minutes. Switching locations to get local programming has been very easy. I had an issue with the receiver in the RV and Dish made the equipment exchange seamless with no charge to me. I really like the ability to remotely view programs and recordings on the Hopper back home. DTV really became a pest after we switched to Dish. I understand reacquiring customers, but they carried it a bit far. I'm really pleased with my Dish experience. Hope this helps.
8ntw8tn 04/04/15 08:14am Technology Corner
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