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RE: stopping distance, disk vs drum

I was able to help my dealer install the brakes so that decreased my labor costs. It was a pretty straight forward process and the only necessary tool I wouldn't have had on hand would have been one to put the proper radius bend in the rigid hydraulic lines. I've had three times where the new brakes really were nice to have: twice when we were in a 45 mph zone and the traffic light changed to yellow at just the wrong time and even though I braked aggressively I was able come to a nice smooth stop. The other time was when a car failed to yield from the left and I had to brake hard to avoid a collision. Those times alone were worth the cost of installation, at least for us. Once we go everything properly adjusted I found that the truck and trailer seemed to much more integrated and behaved as a coordinated unit. Before, I would feel the electric trailer brakes engage and then the service brakes on the truck would engage. Now all the brakes work together and we come to a much smoother stop. Hope this helps.
8ntw8tn 07/19/16 01:40pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Eugene, OR to Missoula, MT

About 5 years ago we took hwy 20 from Corvallis to Ontario. Very good road the entire way and really nice scenery on the western half. There was a really good campground on the east side of Burns; sorry, I can't remember its name. We took I-84 east from there so I have no idea what the road up to Missoula is like. Hope this helps.
8ntw8tn 07/18/16 06:54pm Roads and Routes
RE: stopping distance, disk vs drum

We put a set of hydraulic drum brakes on the 5er about a year ago. It made a big difference in stopping ability, but I really have no way to give you a statistical comparison. What I can say is that there was no way the stock electric brakes would lock up the tires but it was really easy to do with the new hydraulics as I was getting them adjusted. Labor and parts was about $2200. I'd have preferred hydraulic disc brakes, but that was another $1000 and that just wasn't in the budget. I'm really pleased with them. Hope this helps.
8ntw8tn 07/18/16 06:32pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Dish HD Satellite Dish

I've had my Pathway X2 for over two years and I've never regretted the purchase. I just find a reasonably level spot with a clear view to the south/southwest, make the connections, hook up the power, and let the system go through the process. It takes 10-15 minutes and I've got great HD programs. Hope this helps.
8ntw8tn 07/16/16 01:32pm Technology Corner
RE: Mayfield, Ky to Portland Oregon

My personal preference would be to take the I-90 route. Mostly because I've found that the road conditions and truck traffic were better on I-90 than I-80. To be fair, it's been a few years since I've been on I-80 west of Lincoln. There's been a lot of road construction on I-80 in Omaha the last few years and it's still going on, but it's not too hard to navigate; get in the middle lane and stay there all the way through Omaha. The previous poster is correct: early to mid August is a bad time to go through South Dakota. Not only will the motorcycle traffic be really heavy throughout the state, but finding a camping spot in the western part of the state will be difficult to find and, if you do find one, it will be a minimum of 2-3 times the normal value; I'd be surprised if you could find a spot for less than $75/night. Once you reach the Missouri River at Chamberlain (the view at the rest area is great)the terrain changes significantly and becomes a lot more interesting. There are also a lot of tourist attractions along the way, some good, some not so much. Hope this helps.
8ntw8tn 07/15/16 06:50pm Roads and Routes
RE: Your winter destination

We went to AZ the first season for a couple of months; Feb-Mar. Didn't necessarily dislike but decided to try the Texas Hill Country the next year and found it fits our needs and desires quite well. We began by going January through March but have gradually increased our time to where we now get into our site on November 1 and leave towards the end of April; 6 months in Texas and 6 months in Iowa. As another poster said, that way I don't have to dewinterize or winterize. If it weren't for the grandkids we'd have to seriously consider fulltiming. But for now we still need the sticks and bricks. Hope this helps.
8ntw8tn 07/08/16 05:11pm Snowbirds
Tire Traker or Tire Safeguard?

I'm going to get a tire pressure monitoring system and have narrowed the choices down to Tire Traker and Tire Safeguard but leaning towards Tire Traker. Just checking to see if anyone has had any experience with Tire Safeguard systems. Thanks for any replies.
8ntw8tn 06/23/16 04:33pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: LED TV providing RF interference?

By utilizing a RCA-headphone jack I was able to connect the headphones directly into the headphone output on the TV and the headphones work fine. Therefore the issue must be with the converter or the digital output format of the TV. Frankly that's a little above my pay grade, but I'm going to give it a shot. I know, or at least believe, the digital output is enabled. When the optical cable is plugged into the digital output port I can see a red beam in the opposite end of the cable. I've searched several times and can't find a toggle on the audio menu that allows to enable/disable the digital output. I'll also look to see if there's a method of selecting a particular digital audio output. Thanks for the replies.
8ntw8tn 12/19/15 05:57pm Technology Corner
LED TV providing RF interference?

I have a set of Sennheiser remote headphones that I use so I can hear the TV better. My TV in the sticks & bricks is an older LCD type and the headphones work just great. It uses the composite type connections. The TV in our rig is a 2-3 year old LED type. It does not have composite connections so I purchased a device that converts the digital output to composite. As I adjust the frequency to the "sweet spot" the static disappears but all I get is silence. I suspect the LED TV is emitting an RF signal that is blocking the signal from the Sennheiser transmitter to the headphones. Could this be the case or am I way off base? Thanks for your replies.
8ntw8tn 12/18/15 10:49am Technology Corner
RE: What do you set your house heat at when leaving for winter?

I shut the water off and then release the pressure by temporarily opening a faucet. The furnace is set to 54F, the lowest setting and put it on "hold". Should the electricity go off and the back-up battery fail, the thermostat defaults to 62F. I also have a monitor that will auto dial should the electricity be off for 15 minutes or the temperature fall below 45F. I also have a friend who checks on the house 2-3 times a week. So far, so good. Hope this helps.
8ntw8tn 12/15/15 06:59pm Snowbirds
RE: Break away switch cable

I have a carabiner that I use to hook the break away cable to the locking lever (where a padlock would go) on my Reese hitch. I also put a piece of split loom on the cable to prevent it from getting caught under the rail or on the hitch. It's worked well for several years now. Hope this helps.
8ntw8tn 12/15/15 06:40pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: mice

Fresh Cab is a rodent repellant, often sold at farm supply stores, that comes packaged in small bags. It has a pleasant odor for humans but apparently is offensive to rodents. Hope this helps.
8ntw8tn 11/16/15 10:07am Fifth-Wheels
Video has me baffled

I recently recorded a video for a friend using his Canon Rebel camera. It turned out just fine and I transferred it to my laptop using the default Windows program. It also plays really well on my laptop. So, again using the default Windows program, I transferred the video to a DVD. I selected the "CD/DVD" option and the program made the transfer and notified me the procedure was complete. The problem is that it won't play on any of our DVD players. They display a message indicated there is no readable data on the disc. When I try to play the DVD on my laptop it seems to be buffering (doesn't do this with the clip transferred to the laptop from the camera) with stop and go motions. Any idea what I may be doing wrong or why the recorded DVD is incompatible with my DVD players? Thanks for any responses.
8ntw8tn 11/16/15 10:01am Technology Corner
RE: good sam magazine (think it was called trailer life)

They must send the free issues only to GS members who also subscribe to TL. I'm a GS Life Member, no longer subscribe to TL, and I don't receive any magazines from TL. Not complaining; just sayin'....
8ntw8tn 10/23/15 08:30pm General RVing Issues
RE: Cell phone tethered or hacked?

He says he doesn't use the laptop for the email accounts that were affected. He only uses his phone to access those accounts. I'm not sure what brand of phone he has; I do know it's an Android platform. I have an iPhone 5s. I very seldom connect to a free wifi system, preferring to use my data plan instead. I do update the apps whenever the update notifications are given. I'll pass on your recommendations to him. Thanks a lot.
8ntw8tn 10/23/15 04:13pm Technology Corner
RE: Cell phone tethered or hacked?

He says it could have only been his phone that was hacked because the laptop never leaves home, is connected to a secure router, and that he only uses his phone for the email/forum sites. In order for the spyware or cloning to happen would someone have to take physical possession of the phone? Sounds like connecting to an illegitimate wifi system is the most likely culprit. I understand the hotspot function. I use it frequently when we're in Texas so I can have a secure connection for internet banking, credit card payments, etc. It was the primary reason I was dragged into the 21st century and got a smartphone. Thanks for the responses.
8ntw8tn 10/23/15 03:40pm Technology Corner
Cell phone tethered or hacked?

Moderator: If this question is inappropriate for this forum please delete the post and accept my apology, but I've been unable to get a definitive answer elsewhere. I have a friend who claims his phone was "tethered" (his terminology) without his knowledge and that, subsequently, someone accessed the photos, email user id's and passwords, website user id's and passwords, etc. He claims "they" then began using his email accounts and forums on which he would converse. Does this sound like a reasonable claim and, if so, how could that happen. Actually, I'm less interested in how it's accomplished than in how to prevent it from happening to me. I presume that if it could happen it would have to be done through wifi or Bluetooth, correct? This is way outside my wheelhouse so any information is appreciated. Thanks.
8ntw8tn 10/23/15 02:55pm Technology Corner
RE: Carriage owners manual

I agree. The only good thing that came in our Cameo's owner's manual was the three ring binder itself. The rest of it wasn't even good reading. Love the trailer but the owner's manual was a waste of paper. I've gotten a lot more useful information from the installation/operator's manual of the individual appliance. Hope this helps.
8ntw8tn 10/21/15 08:16pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Which automatic sat dish for Dish Network service?

We're entering our third Winter Texan season with our Pathway X2/VIP211k combination. We only have the one receiver connected but, following Dish's guidelines, I purchased an external hard drive, paid the one $40 fee, and now have a DVR for recording programs while we're gone. I'm pretty satisfied with the performance; setup is automatic. Hope this helps.
8ntw8tn 10/20/15 08:58am Technology Corner
RE: wifi on the go

A Winter Texan couple we know uses Millenicom for just this purpose. This topic is really outside my wheelhouse but, from what I understand, it's an economical way to purchase wifi for streaming movies. I'm sure there are others on here who will be more familiar with this service. Hope this helps.
8ntw8tn 10/20/15 08:05am Fifth-Wheels
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