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RE: Quick, someone talk me out of elec/hydraulic disc brakes

A little bit of a change in plans. My dealer got back to me with the final equipment cost: $2500 plus tax and labor. That was a little steep for our budget so we compromised a bit. The dealer, whom I've known personally for over 30 years and trust implicitly, installed a elec/hydraulic drum brake system on his 2011 Cameo a couple of years ago. He says he's confident the disc brakes would be best, but he's really satisfied with the performance of the dual servo drum brakes. Equipment cost will be less than $1700 plus tax & labor. I placed the order and, if they arrive by Tuesday, we should be installing them next week. Just in time for a ten day trip to Nebraska for a Winter Texan summer reunion. I'll report my experiences if we get them installed for the trip. Thanks for all of your replies.
8ntw8tn 07/24/15 08:59pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Backup Camera ?

I, too, have a backup camera mounted for the purpose of hitching up and I like it really well. However, I mounted mine on the outside of the back glass so I can't help directly with the question of viewing through glass. I can say that I mounted mine outside because of training I had in my former occupation that led me to believe that shooting through the rear window may result in issues with clarity and reflections that I didn't want to deal with. One thing I can mention is that I often had an issue differentiating the black pin box from the black hitch in low light situations. My solution was to place a strip of reflective tape on the front of the pin box. I wouldn't recommend this. The reflection from the IR LED's overpowered the lens and nearly washed out the image; I think it was worse that the problem I tried to correct. Hope this helps
8ntw8tn 07/23/15 08:53pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Quick, someone talk me out of elec/hydraulic disc brakes

Well, I found the issues with the stock brakes; a worn spot through the insulation near the magnet of the RR trailer wheel and another on the line going from the controller to the trailer connection. However, DW and I discussed the recurring issues with the RR brake and the marginal braking capacity the existing brakes exhibit. We went to the dealer and he gave us a price around $1700 plus labor which I can mitigate by helping with the installation. He's contacting his representative to make sure the cost estimate is accurate. If it is, we're going to pull the trigger and get them.
8ntw8tn 07/23/15 08:27pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: A great reason to check everything B-4 a trip

I'd love to have a TPMS and have been looking at them for a few years. Just have other priority uses for my $$ right now. I do check TP a few days before we leave on a trip. Last spring I was check the tires as we prepared to leave Texas. All tires but one was within 2# of maximum pressure; the one was down to 40#. Filled it up and checked it the next day; down again also. Removed it and found a chunk missing all the way down to the cord. Must have happened on our last leg into the park the previous fall as I check all the tires at each stop. A quick trip to the nearest Discount Tire resulted in a matching tire and we were good to go. Routine maintenance is a pain, but sure has some gratifying results.
8ntw8tn 07/23/15 05:56am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Quick, someone talk me out of elec/hydraulic disc brakes

At least one of the wires has already been pulled out of the axle and wire tied to the outside; did that about 3 years ago. May pull the other one out tomorrow but the new brakes are still a possibility. DW is losing her patience with the brake problems. I like troubleshooting and fixing problems, but this has just about pushed me to my limits, too.
8ntw8tn 07/22/15 09:04pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Breakdown while towing

About 5 years ago we were in Oregon returning to Iowa when the truck suffered an injector issue. We had Coachnet. I wanted to be towed in the direction we had been traveling, but the town we had just left was 15 miles closer and the closest repair facility was Coachnet's policy. The person we talked to did ask if we needed both truck and 5er towed, which we did, and arranged for a tow truck of sufficient size. They dropped the 5er at a RV park for us prior to taking the truck on to a repair facility. Tow bill was over $600 and didn't cost me a dime. Hope this helps.
8ntw8tn 07/22/15 08:36pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Quick, someone talk me out of elec/hydraulic disc brakes

One reason for looking at the disc brakes is that the stock brakes have been marginal since it was new. Even at the maximum setting on the P2 I didn't feel as though I was getting a full braking effect. A couple of years ago my dealer said the elec/hydraulic would be around $1500. If it's still in that neighborhood it's likely we'll get them.
8ntw8tn 07/22/15 08:18pm Fifth-Wheels
Quick, someone talk me out of elec/hydraulic disc brakes

Twice in the last 5 years I've had to repair a worn wire leading to one of the magnets in one of my trailer brakes. This, the third time, has stumped me. I'm getting an intermittent "short" or "overload" code on my P2 controller; same as the last two times. I have checked the wiring inside all four brake drums and can't find a thing wrong. DW just about has me convinced to have the electric over hydraulic brake system installed on the trailer. At least I'm going to price them at my dealer. Anyone have any reasons NOT to, other than cost? Thanks for any replies.
8ntw8tn 07/22/15 07:43pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Satellite TV Systems

We had DirecTV in our sticks and bricks for over 10 years, but when we started going South for the winter we encountered customer service issues. We eventually cancelled DirecTV and subscribed to Dish not only at the house but another receiver with a Pathway X2 for the RV. Granted, we've only had a little over two years' experience with them, but have nothing but good things to say for both the equipment and customer service. Hope this helps.
8ntw8tn 07/22/15 06:06am Technology Corner
RE: Convert RCA to component or digital audio?

Thanks for the info and the link wa8yxm. My digital out is the small squarish jack with the red LED. I ordered an item, identical to the one you indicated, from ebay.
8ntw8tn 07/20/15 09:07pm Technology Corner
RE: Convert RCA to component or digital audio?

No, it's not a sound bar. It's a Sony DVD/CD surround sound with 5 separate speakers. The wiring was installed at the Carriage factory but I've replaced the speakers once and the DVD/CD player twice. The first replacement unit worked properly with the tv using the digital audio cable. The second replacement unit is an identical model to the first replacement unit. I didn't try to use the digital audio connection until several months after installing it. After discovering that there was a malfunction I took it back to Best Buy for testing. The hooked it up while I was there and I could hear it was functioning properly. It appears to me the issue is with either the cable or the tv. I purchased another cable but still not getting any sound from the tv to the Sony unit. It seems the issue is with the tv, but I'm going to use the analog/digital converter to confirm that. I guess I just grew up a little too close to Missouri and have the "show me" issue within my character. ;)
8ntw8tn 07/20/15 08:58pm Technology Corner
RE: Convert RCA to component or digital audio?

I tried something similar: our surround sound in the RV was connected to the tv by digital optical cable and my thought was to operate my headphones through the surround sound. However, something has interrupted the signal between the tv and the surround sound. I purchased a new optical cable but that didn't help any. I had the surround sound tested at Best Buy and it's working properly. I suspect the somehow the function on the tv is no longer operative, but haven't had any way to verify that. The converter that was suggested appears to be an inexpensive way to test that theory. If it doesn't work with the converter, either, it will be a good indication the issue is with the tv and not with the cable or surround sound. Thanks for the reply.
8ntw8tn 07/20/15 12:10pm Technology Corner
RE: Convert RCA to component or digital audio?

Thanks for the link to the digital/analog converter. That may be the answer to my needs. I should have stated in my original post that I do have the mini stereo jack on the tv and the necessary Y connector. Unfortunately, utilizing it shuts off the tv speakers and then DW can't hear the tv. She has really GOOD hearing and me not so much. Hence the use of the headphones. Thanks for the replies.
8ntw8tn 07/19/15 09:02pm Technology Corner
Convert RCA to component or digital audio?

This may sound like a really silly question to those with technical knowledge, but is there any way to convert a set of headphones with RCA hook-ups to component or digital audio? I have a set of Senheiser headphones that I use with the television in the sticks & bricks and it has the two RCA connections (red & white) that I plug into the "audio out" ports. The television in the RV only has HDMI, component, and digital audio out connections. Short of purchasing a completely new set of headphones with the proper connections, is there any practical way to convert my present headphones to the newer connections? Thanks for any replies and suggestions.
8ntw8tn 07/19/15 07:31pm Technology Corner
RE: Carriage by Cameo 5ers

We have an '06 35 ft. Cameo that was new in '08 after sitting on the dealer's lot for two years. We tow it to the Texas Hill Country each fall and live in it for six months. It's holding up to the six month full time living very well. We owned an '02 Cameo for about three years before trading for this one; that positive experience led to the purchase of the current RV. Hope this helps.
8ntw8tn 07/19/15 06:47pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Update 5th Wheel - Hitch issue

bpounds wrote: Personally, I don't want help with the hitching work. She does the inside stuff, I do the outside stuff. Another person is just distracting. But that's just me. I know other folks like the second pair of eyes. Ditto X3
8ntw8tn 07/15/15 03:30am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Mauder Minimum and Rockport

Sure glad I have my reservations made for the next 5 years in the Hill Country. ;)
8ntw8tn 07/13/15 04:37pm Snowbirds
RE: Truck Bed Tool Boxes and 5ers

"My over the rail utility box extends about 2" up from the rails. No clearance issues at all. It is called a "low profile truck utility box"." x2
8ntw8tn 07/13/15 04:15pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Toilet Paper?

Here's another vote for Costco (Kirkland) TP. We use it all the time in the sticks and bricks and weekend camping. However, when we're spending the winters in Texas we don't have the storage space for those large quantities. We then use the Scott's septic paper and combine it with RV Digest It as a deodorizer/break-down agent. I have a large black tank (62 gal.) and dump it about every two weeks. I monitor the effluent, with one of those clear inserts, when I dump and have noted that I have very few solids in the tank. In particular, the paper has broken down into very small pieces. Hope this helps.
8ntw8tn 07/13/15 06:45am General RVing Issues
RE: Changing primary email on Apple ID

Yep, she figured that out too. She left one note on the joint account: looks like a "Honey-do" list to me. ;)
8ntw8tn 07/06/15 08:36pm Technology Corner
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