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RE: Who's Looking Out for Our Interests?

No clout? You/we have one of the biggest pieces of "clout" in existence: Your Wallet. Don't like what is going on? Then close it. Your wallet gives you no clout. The loss of revenue from one person means nothing to any of the manufactures. IF you can convince enough other people to not purchase their products/services THEN your combined wallets have some clout. But, by yourself, you have none. It's even worse with the government. So, what the OP is trying to is that there are no RV advocacy groups and I would agree. He also believes we need one or more and I also agree. He challenged Good Sam to be that group. Not sure I agree there, but something would be better than nothing.
AO_hitech 01/19/15 01:24pm General RVing Issues
RE: No thank you. Don't need your help

I would and have rejected "help". It has absolutely nothing to do with macho or ego. It's a matter of trust. I don't know you or anything about you. Same here. I rarely have any problems (a MH is much easier to back in), but I often get in and out several times. Mostly I am just trying to get it exactly where "I" want it. My wife is the spotter and I just have her let me know if I am about to hit anything.
AO_hitech 01/02/15 01:18pm General RVing Issues
RE: Bears!!! Yosemite, Can I wake this thread up?

Would something like a empty pop or beer can be enough to attract a bear? What about a empty bag of chips? A gum wrapper? A candy bar wrapper? Remember there are no bears in my area I'm just curious and that's why I'm asking. In Yosemite, yes to all of the above. All garbage and trash needs to be in the approved containers. No leaving any scented garbage "unsecured". ALL of it.
AO_hitech 12/08/14 06:46pm General RVing Issues
RE: Bears!!! Yosemite, Can I wake this thread up?

The bears haven't figured out that they can get into RVs, yet. My guess would be they think of them as houses and they don't try to tear their way into those. BTW, it is VERY difficult to get a spot for an RV in the valley. And you can't get in during summer without one.
AO_hitech 12/04/14 02:54pm General RVing Issues
RE: A peeve of mine.

Where are all of these pullover lanes anyway??? Outside of areas where there is a lot of high load high use vehicles I don’t see the traffic engineers designing and installing them… Out here in the Peoples Republic Of Kalifornia on winding/twisting two lane roads there are lots of marked "turn outs". There are other areas that are safe to pull over. When I say pull over, I mean COMPLETELY out of the lane. I typically stop once I am in the "turn out" lane, but not always if it is long enough. If I cannot pull COMPLETELY out of the lane I wait until I can. The law reads that you must pull over when safe to do so. Signage directs you to pull over at the first available "turn out".
AO_hitech 08/28/14 04:30pm General RVing Issues
RE: A peeve of mine.

I think waiting until there are 5 or more vehicles is way to long. More than 5 will get you a ticket out here if caught. When traveling less that the speed limit, or 25 mph or less regardless of the speed limit, I pull over whenever there is a vehicle behind me. I've had many "beeps" of appreciation.
AO_hitech 08/28/14 10:45am General RVing Issues
RE: Do Ice Cubes in the Black Tank Really Work?

Great video, loved it. I still think you can call it busted!
AO_hitech 08/18/14 10:51am General RVing Issues
RE: Was I Wrong? (Long Story)

He came up because I wasn't responding and even said so. Sure, I could have just walked away but my dog had to pee as well and I was tired and going to bed as soon as we got back. Normally I would have walked away but this guy just rubbed me the wrong way. It was probably going to happen anyway, but I also would have ignored him until he came over to me. Then I would have responded about the same as you, UNTIL he went into a family members site. I would have then had a more "intense" response than you. I understand it still bothering you. I had an altercation (not at a camp site) on New Years Eve and I just got over it. ;)
AO_hitech 07/29/14 04:24pm General RVing Issues
RE: Water Faucets at campgrounds

To those of you using a bleach mixture (I assume no one is spraying undiluted household bleach...) how long do you leave it in contact with the treated area? Unless you are leaving it for several minutes (10 to be safe as that is the point, right?) it doesn't have enough time to work. And you need to spray enough to keep the treated area wet for the entire time. Low concentrations of free available chlorine (e.g., HOCl, OCl-, and elemental chlorine-Cl2) have a biocidal effect on mycoplasma (25 ppm) and vegetative bacteria (<5 ppm) in seconds in the absence of an organic load 329, 418. Higher concentrations (1,000 ppm) of chlorine are required to kill M. tuberculosis using the Association of Official Analytical Chemists (AOAC) tuberculocidal test 73. A concentration of 100 ppm will kill ?99.9% of B. atrophaeus spores within 5 minutes 541, 542 and destroy mycotic agents in <1 hour 329. Acidified bleach and regular bleach (5,000 ppm chlorine) can inactivate 106 Clostridium difficile spores in <10 minutes 262. One study reported that 25 different viruses were inactivated in 10 minutes with 200 ppm available chlorine 72. Several studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of diluted sodium hypochlorite and other disinfectants to inactivate HIV 61. Chlorine (500 ppm) showed inhibition of Candida after 30 seconds of exposure 54. In experiments using the AOAC Use-Dilution Method, 100 ppm of free chlorine killed 106–107 S. aureus, Salmonella choleraesuis, and P. aeruginosa in <10 minutes 327. Because household bleach contains 5.25%–6.15% sodium hypochlorite, or 52,500–61,500 ppm available chlorine, a 1:1,000 dilution provides about 53–62 ppm available chlorine, and a 1:10 dilution of household bleach provides about 5250–6150 ppm.
AO_hitech 07/09/14 09:52am General RVing Issues
RE: Anybody flush their black tank with a hose onto the ground?

...so go ahead and continue to dump without gloves if you want...ALSO, don't be arrogant enough to criticize folks who take the proper precautions to keep themselves safe... The thing is you are not keeping yourself safe. Your own bacteria won't make you sick. After all, it came from your digestive system in the first place. Besides the fact that when done correctly you don't come into contact with the contents of the black tank anyway. Additionally, what the OP saw and wearing gloves are to completely different things. The act witnessed by the OP is disgusting, but not nearly as dangerous as it might appear. I would however not handle that hose until it was cleaned or I had on gloves, but not because I would get sick. Just because it is disgusting.
AO_hitech 07/09/14 09:35am General RVing Issues
RE: Anybody flush their black tank with a hose onto the ground?

WELL SAID! When we were kids you never heard of peanut allergies, wheat allergies, etc. Kids that are "protected" from peanuts when they are young are guaranteed to be allergic when they grow older. Kids who ate peanuts when they were young aren't allergic because their body's immune system was exposed to them when it was still developing. There is a WHOLE LOT MORE to peanut allergies than that. My daughters best friend (10 years old) has had a peanut allergy her entire life. eating one Halloween candy almost killed her. Next time it will. She has many other allergies and NONE are caused by a lack of exposure. Exposure INCREASES the risk, it does not mitigate it. If she wasn't "protected" from peanuts when she was young she would be dead. BTW, I heard of ALL those allergies when I was a kid. And allergies are from an OVER-ACTIVE immune system, not an under-active one.
AO_hitech 07/08/14 03:14pm General RVing Issues
RE: Gray Water Filter

Only filtration system that will make it "clean" water is reverse osmosis. Not even close. I own a filter that will filter viruses. With prefilters I could make the water from your black tank potable. I'm guessing that those that think shower water is contaminated don't use hot tubs or bath tub. Similar concentration and LONGER contact time. Water stays warm longer allowing for increased bacterial growth.
AO_hitech 07/08/14 11:58am General RVing Issues
RE: Gray Water Filter

I'll do it for you; Fecal Coliform is present in all shower water. And it is present everywhere in your RV also (even on your tooth brush :E ). You track it outside, it is in the stream next to your campsite, etc. The amount in your shower water will not increase the bacterial load on the ground after the surface water has evaporated. There are places that allow you to use shower water to, gasp, water your lawn and plants with! Bacteria are everywhere. We are made to handle them. Too many of the wrong type and we get sick, but otherwise we handle them just fine.
AO_hitech 07/07/14 04:24pm General RVing Issues
RE: Please,Just this one time; break the law

Or why people pull over for an ambulance going fast the other way on a two-lane road. Because they may need the lane going the other direction. I've seen it happen. Scared the******out of the young lady driving the vehicle that did not pull over. I had a great view since I was stopped. ;)
AO_hitech 07/07/14 12:39pm General RVing Issues
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