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RE: So what did you do to your Truck Camper today?

Looks like both...When I reinstalled our AC over removed vent picking up materials I expressed concern how close the old vent holes were to edge of gasket. Thats what was suggested I do, caulk the previous vent holes under the gasket. I gather fairly common when replaceing a vent, I ended up using eterna-bond tape to cover holes.
AnEv942 12/21/14 02:14pm Truck Campers
RE: Buddy Heater line filter?

Its is not an uncommon problem-its getting the filter (or hose) tight enough to engage the schrader valves, tighter than I'd really like on our buddy since there are no fitting heads to put a wrench on, just smooth rounds. Its just after as tight as I can muster by hand that the schraders open enough to let gas flow. Sometimes I need to repeat, loosen and retighten as the valves open enough to light & run but after a few minuets heater shuts off (on high)- it will relight and run a few minuets then shut off again. Simply valves not open enough for required volume. When we first got our mr heater buddy went around on this. After initially not working at all I still thought a defective heater or filter- I always start on high but if I didn't turn it down soon enough it would shut itself off. I could start on low & it would run, but not high. I removed the filter, ran hose direct it worked. Checked the filter, it flowed. So now I just, in my opinion, over tighten. If heater shuts off I tighten some more. It has gotten better or easier over time though. Also check the male threads on the filter-they must start their life in the bottom of barrel before packaging.
AnEv942 12/21/14 12:07pm Tech Issues
RE: Happi Jack 4560's stop....

I got a response from Adventurer, ... He said he was told by the tech's that if it trips, best to replace it, why I don't understand, but I replaced them both. I will be taking the camper on and off the truck the next two weeks, I will report back if that was a fix... They react to heat and can be tweaked if excessive, even if they dont trip, over time they finally dont really work at their rating or just get weak. I replace if they've been tripped by load as soon as convenient.
AnEv942 12/18/14 08:47pm Truck Campers
RE: Using TC Off The Truck

As I understand it, It is to transfer some of the load toward rear while its moving. Whether it actually does or not I dont know, I do know it is light on the rear jacks. It is easy when lowering to end up with one off the ground and it doesnt 'seem' to make any difference as far as loading the other jack. Manual that came with our camper said to- so I do. I never questioned it, just do it-if it helps good, if it doesnt its not any harder. As I do the alternate front and then back just as easy to time it so the front is higher. Plus with it 3" higher in front gives you half a second to react to runaway, manual switches often stick.
AnEv942 12/18/14 08:23pm Truck Campers
RE: Using TC Off The Truck

Side to side almost level, just a tad or bubble high on slide side before letting it out. Front to back slightly nose high, also mostly for sleeping also maybe quarter/half a bubble. Raising, lowering or when stored the recommend 3-4" high in front. I could camp with it that high except for the table and kitchen sink. "Now for the next question...how do you keep it from rocking side to side when on the jacks only? :>)" Abstinence? Or wobble stoppers
AnEv942 12/17/14 11:26am Truck Campers
RE: Identify brand of the airbags / proper pressure, etc.

? While my opinion how weight/handling addressed is a personal choice and there are several ways, I can see the merits of some of them as you mentioned. However I completely disagree with your dismissal of the advantages of air bags with a truck camper. To the point if I were given a set of springs, bump stop/overload extensions etc or other method I would not remove our air bags to install and lose what I perceive and utilize as the advantages of air bags. Or simply, I like our air bags, thank you. Though not to the point that I could recommend other folks not consider other options and dismiss the advantages of them? At least I don't think my way is The way. There are many mechanical failures that might cut our trips short-air bag failure not one of them, and I rely on ours heavily.
AnEv942 12/15/14 12:17pm Truck Campers
RE: air bag pressure and temp change

Though I also think new bags& line, temp difference, if you decide to start chasing source for leak with bubble solution (I usually grab some windex), bump pressure up. On ours after I initially installed, I determined I had a leak after a few days on right side. Couldn't find it. I finally found and the last place checked was one of the manual fill schrader valves itself. Removed the core, didn't see anything, reinstalled but stopped leak. Um, was this drop on both sides?
AnEv942 12/15/14 11:05am Truck Campers
RE: Torklift back at it again!!! Are you kidding me???

The first thing I did when upgrading trucks was upgrade my Torklift gear. http://i.imgur.com/pTuLShTl.jpg Wasn't the truck upgrade recent? I didn't think the fastguns with the 'winchester' handles still available?
AnEv942 12/13/14 07:30pm Truck Campers
RE: 1968 Travel Queen Resto Mod - 10. Galley & Greatroom

Interesting-more than visible from the face- still dont see how it doesnt blow thru?-but irrelevant Ventline is the only brand that comes to mind. http://ventline.com/range_hoods1?b=1 to see there products-some pdf files with dims,
AnEv942 12/12/14 10:52pm Truck Campers
RE: 1968 Travel Queen Resto Mod - 10. Galley & Greatroom

tiki2 beat me, I also question that hardware store louvered grill, was that original or period? Find that hard to believe... http://i1067.photobucket.com/albums/u423/davezen1225/Travel%20Queen%20Truck%20Campers/Resto%20Mod%2010%20Galley%20Greatroom/20141210_133753_zpsb80b6af9.jpg height=480 width=640 Not seeing how it interfaces with the hood, but I dont see any reason for water simply not blowing in. The hood has no integral fan or light assembly? Painting the hood not an issue- really doesnt get that hot-generally the built in light/proximity is the greater heat source. A good paint shop can match colors.
AnEv942 12/12/14 09:58am Truck Campers
RE: upper terrace loop drive yellowstone

We offloaded, drove every side loop we came across. Was just a lot easier hop-scotching around. I dont know names but a couple of the loops I remember glad we didnt have the camper on. Very narrow and low trees. Plus without camper we could pull off into turnouts to explore.
AnEv942 12/11/14 09:14am Truck Campers
RE: Bathroom sink (wet bath)

Well the question was "Does any one use their bathroom sink?" We do, probably more than the kitchen sink. But it seemed there might have been another question not asked. As far as choices, it is your camper, you use it. It can be modified in any way you wish to better suit your needs or wants. Unless it was simply stating displeasure/question why campers not offered with bath sink or not option.
AnEv942 12/10/14 09:53am Truck Campers
RE: Identify brand of the airbags / proper pressure, etc.

http://i.imgur.com/tYhaarL.jpg height=485 width=610 http://i.imgur.com/hxLeCyZ.jpg height=524 width=524 http://i.imgur.com/tQveP3p.jpg height=570 width=559 If you look up air bags specific to your truck, most sites that sell them have instructions you can download. http://www.truckspring.com/ http://www.sdtrucksprings.com/
AnEv942 12/09/14 09:41pm Truck Campers
RE: Identify brand of the airbags / proper pressure, etc.

Minimum 5#-always, loaded or not. Most are 100# max. On many the 'brand' is on the side of the bag itself-AirLift-Firestone etc. They are all similar if in the 5000# range. The actual pressure you would run is to "suit" as needed. Start low, work your way up till your happy, finding your number.
AnEv942 12/09/14 01:11pm Truck Campers
RE: solar panels...wanting the best of both worlds

AnEv942, I just reread your post and you may have provided the solution...unistrut. as you said spanning the studs,mount eyelets to that, now why didnt i think of that :-) As far as the unistrut etc thats what many do but on roof. Well like I said just tossing ideas-sometimes they stick but still general ideas, at first seem might work: the devils in the details :) My panel arrived-unless I add some reinforcement, (which I may anyway, just the legs or the carry handle will be flexing the frame) the Js wont work. There is no mechanical attachment of the frame pieces, only the sealant to the glass holding it together-rather bizzare, dont think it would support its own weight as is. Details..anyway... good luck with yours. Be interested in your progress..
AnEv942 12/04/14 11:09pm Truck Campers
RE: solar panels...wanting the best of both worlds

Possibly a pinned hinge to seperate, or lift off type hinge. http://www.hardwaresource.com/hinges Not a source just pics/ideas of hinge types. Could arrange so panels connect together and matching hinges on camper that would engage. Think you would need a frame on camper. Panels could 'slide' up roof mounted frame until hinges inter lock (2 pair each panel) then secure with some kind of stop. On roof could be tilted in one of 2 directions making something that slid in between hinges halves. Though you'd need to slide panel back releasing both side to get lift bars on. So using standard loose pin door hinges might easier. Or... Mixed. Lift off on one side for no insertion interconnecting as portable, and sliding onto roof, then tilt down into fixed barrel sides, pin and they are secured. Likely making your own pins-longer to lanyard lock or nut. Could still be tilted (or not) but might require different lift arms. Unlimited how it could be done. But I don't know how I would get them up there-have to carry a ladder, an 8'min, 10' better. Mounting, tilting, multi use as portable or roof, I can see all kinds of ways to do it, would be slick. But the part I cant get past, carrying a panel up & down a ladder...Tent trailer easy at 4' height, pop-up maybe- but our cabover at 11' ish just cant see. At least I see as main hurdle. Since you have panels have you gone thru the motions of getting on roof? The side wall mount seems might be easy option. Same hinge affair, mounting al. angle or unistrut to span studs for mounting receiver hinges. Im toying with ideas to hang or hook our 'suitcase' from the side or back...easier to deploy, less likely to walk off when we do. Details...though strength of panel frames will dictate what I could do, leaning toward some kind of jhook affair. Dont think I have the real-estate though for 2 on side. Just tossing ideas..
AnEv942 12/03/14 04:10pm Truck Campers
RE: solar panels...wanting the best of both worlds

I dunno-100 watt panels hinged together seems would be a bit unwieldy? Let alone hefting up & down the campers roof? I can easily grasp the wanting it all-but practical? I kept going back & forth-really wanted another panel on roof but also was looking at portable to get more access to clear sky or low sun. Renolgy has 100 watt suitcase 15% off (ebay) till midnight so I ordered one. Figured worst case its a hassle and end up hardmounting it which makes it rather expensive addition, but this time of year I can probably get more watts being portable.
AnEv942 12/01/14 11:40pm Truck Campers
Bottom slide out, Im mean, down

I dont recall seeing this posted previously- But I hadnt seen before-though it was photo shopped at first.. Camperking-------------http://www.members.shaw.ca/camperking/images/camper.gif height=168 width=255 Vancouver, Canada
AnEv942 11/30/14 09:59pm Truck Campers
RE: My truck camper/RV experiences begin - Frame/Jack failure

Is the large side piece NOT diamond?-looks smooth. Dont think Ive seen anyone using black diamond plate-thats going to look good. Any thoughts on the cabinet doors?
AnEv942 11/30/14 02:30pm Truck Campers
RE: HappiJac 4150 Problem

.... Update: It took all of 10 mins for me to disassemble the jack. The failure is as I suspected, the crimped in worm gear threaded assy block that is part of the lower tube has failed in a way that allows the long threaded shaft to slide through under load. I suspect the threads are deteriorated due to moisture. This means that all my Happijacs are subject to failure at any time. They were new in 2005 and oiled as suggested by HJ. I'll contact HJ to see if I can just send them in the lower tube and I'll pay for the repair. Curious material the block is made of. http://i133.photobucket.com/albums/q44/kkeller14k/IMG_1011.jpg width=640I assume this 'cube' swagged in top of inner (black) tube as in Kkellers14k pic. Hopefully Happijac works with you on this
AnEv942 11/29/14 04:41pm Truck Campers
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