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RE: Applying WAX to TT

I stopped using hand applied wax. I use Camco's RV wash and wax and then I spray on 303 from a spray bottle (used sparingly). So easy and it works and looks even better than when I did the tedious hand waxing. Another big plus is the 303 spray goes right on the decals also along with the fiberglass gel coat. My TT looks brand new with no bugs on the front end which in Minnesota is a feat in itself!
Andy F 05/27/15 04:46pm Travel Trailers
Upgraded our 1/2 ton SUV tow vehicle

After almost 8 great years of trouble free towing with our 1st gen 04 Toyota Sequoia, we upgraded last month to the bigger 2nd gen 08 Sequoia with the powerful 5.7 liter engine. Wow--I am blown away at the towing experience so far. I feel like I'm towing a feather with a race car! The combination of the ProPride 3p hitch and the Sequoia 5.7 liter with our TT is a match made in heaven for those needing to tow an ultralight with a SUV! Can't wait for trip from MN to Florida with this set up.
Andy F 05/23/15 07:55am Travel Trailers
RE: Propride 3 P question

X whatever the # is :). It gives you much tighter turning while pulling the TT more in line behind the TV on turns. Awesome piece of engineering!!!
Andy F 05/23/15 07:46am Travel Trailers
RE: Aerospace 303 or NuFinish or Both?

I started putting 303 on the entire trailer two years ago and it's both much faster and it looks great. I can usually get 2-3 applications on the entire TT per season. A few spots get extra applications including the entire front end.
Andy F 05/07/15 03:24pm Travel Trailers
RE: "test drive"

Before I purchase a TT I want to hook it up to my truck and take it on a short drive on a freeway to see how it handles, etc. Do you think a dealer would allow me to do this? We did a test tow of our then new 2012 Keystone Bullet. We used our WD hitch, which was a basic type with chains on the bars, and the dealer's snap-up brackets (because our snap up brackets were still on our HTT in storage). The dealer, Quality RV (in Ramsey, MN then and now in a larger facility in Monticello, MN), was happy to do it. The owner, Todd Nelson, actually rode with me as we drove around on a highway and city streets for about 15 minutes. The experience made a huge difference to me in seeing how well our tow vehicle could tow the larger TT. I'm guessing most dealers, especially the mega-sized ones, aren't going to go out of their way to do something like that. In my mind, a good dealer who expects you pay out so much money for a new camper should be willing to do a test tow. When you think about it, it's kind of crazy to pay out so much money and have no idea how the TT will tow behind your tow vehicle until you've already signed the papers and paid! You'd never do that with a vehicle or a motor home.
Andy F 04/04/15 12:51pm Travel Trailers
RE: Evergreen IGo trailers

Can't tell where you live, but the IGO, when we looked at them back in 2012, did not have any kind of ducted heat from the furnace which was a big "no deal" for us. The furnace literally looked like the one in our old pop-up camper. The dealer, Hilltop Trailer Sales in Mpls, couldn't explain why Evergreen did that with for the furnace and they seemed just as disappointed with the design. In fact, the following year or so they stopped selling them. The other draw back for us was the narrower design. For some who don't want the space it might be appealing but not for us.
Andy F 02/11/15 07:42pm Travel Trailers
RE: Front Contour of TT

We had a block-shaped Rockwood Roo and then we moved up to our current TT a Keystone Bullet. Big towing improvement overall but I can't definitively say it's all about the aerodynamic front end. I didn't see much for mpg improvement but I wasn't expecting that either! The wide stance axles seem to also make a difference. I was surprised at the improvement in towing considering we added approximately 800-900 pounds in weight.
Andy F 02/06/15 07:18pm Travel Trailers
RE: Travel trailer camping near Grand Rapids Mn

Can anyone please tell me where is a good campground with full hook-ups near Grand Rapids MN. My sister in law is getting married in May, and I really don't know the campground scene too well up there at all. Wife's family up there don't camp and are no help to my quest. So I am reaching to you guys/gals for some help. Thank you in advance Making sure your asking about Grand Rapids MN--I saw a response to Michigan and not Minnesota? We haven't found a lot of choices around Grand Rapids, MN. Back in 2008 we stayed at a little resort, Birch Cove campground, with mostly seasonal sites on Lake Pokegama. Nothing spectacular but it's on Lake Pokegama and it's close to town. We had full hook-ups on a small site lined up among seasonal sites but we were in Grand Rapids for a graduation and didn't spend much time at the campground. Here's a website listing that resort and others. If we ever stayed in the area again, we'd try the Corp of Engineers campground at the Pokegama dam or this place looked really nice just north of town. Depends what your looking for in amenities. Good luck!
Andy F 01/28/15 08:21pm Travel Trailers
RE: Great beach camping in FL

Awesome to see these great reviews of St. Joe--we're headed there for the first time in October before heading to Fort Wilderness at Disney.
Andy F 01/01/15 06:23pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Camping in FL

October is a month of changeable weather. It could be nice, it could be hot or there could be a hurricane. Except for the hurricane stuff, anything else will be fine. October is a month of changeable weather in Minnesota also but we're talking somewhat mild in the 50's to snow and 30's.
Andy F 01/01/15 06:22pm Travel Trailers
RE: Camping in FL

Thanks everyone for the responses. We'll be leaving falling leaves in MN with highs in the 40's to 50's. We're looking forward to the trip!
Andy F 01/01/15 06:19pm Travel Trailers
RE: Camping in FL

As others have said, October to May are the best months. The summer months are warm. Just make sure your campsite is in the shade and use the A/C. So it is relay a matter of just how much you want to camp. That is the great thing about Florida life. Our sports are year round. By the way, the first summer you live in Florida will be the worst as your body adjusts. Year two on will get easier. We just made our reservations for October in Florida, first at St. Joseph Peninsula State Park, and then at Walt Disney World. What kind of weather can we expect in mid-October?
Andy F 01/01/15 04:15pm Travel Trailers
RE: Great Loan Rate!!

2.99% is a good rate. Unfortunately every thread with this topic ALWAYS goes sideways. Amen to that--this thread once again got hijacked! 2.99% is a great rate. I've posted this rate at the same credit union here in MN before (and that posting of course got hijacked just like this one). I used this advertised rate to get our state/county/city employee credit union here in MN to match the rate. I was then able to get the rate further reduced down to 2.49%. Our credit union, Affinity Plus, allows anyone anywhere to be members for a $25 fee (membership is free to qualifying MN public employees and their family members). With good credit, they will match and beat any advertised rates out there.
Andy F 01/01/15 04:11pm Travel Trailers
RE: Looking to upgrade weight distribution/anti sway

ProPride.... holy cow.... $2500? That's almost as much as I paid for my first trailer just 4 years ago!!! For 1/5th the price I got my Equal-I-Zer. Between having the correct tow vehicle for your trailer and this hitch, ZERO sway or problems. It was rather simple to set up and dial it in. My trailer handles great for WAY less money. $2500--that's if you pay full price. I got mine for quite a bit less at the right time of the year.
Andy F 12/26/14 04:39pm Travel Trailers
RE: Looking to upgrade weight distribution/anti sway

As to longevity...there are 30 year old Dual Cam sway controls out there still doing their thing. The Reese trunnion system is very good and serviceable. Not sure If you have trunnion or round bar though. For the Reese hitches I really prefer the Trunnion style for DC. You can replace the trunnion ends on the bars if they wear out and a new hitch head is about $140 ish on Etrailer if the hitch head fails. The only other WD hitch that would meet your specs is the BlueOx Sway Pro...the Hensleys (Arrow, and ProPride) are not what I would consider super easy to hook up but they are not super hard either. I Once the Reese Dual Cam is set up correctly its one of easiest hitches to hook up. IMHO...if it's working for you then run it. Thanks! Jeremiah Have you hooked up to the ProPride? I've used both a standard WD hitch where I had to hook-up and un-hook to the ball the standard way and the ProPride---the ProPride is much easier. I've never used a Hensley but my understanding is the design is a bit tougher due to the less forgiving hitch bar opening. The installation is definitely tougher. I am not super handy but I did it myself over a five hour period. Hook-up is very easy once you get it down.
Andy F 12/26/14 04:08pm Travel Trailers
RE: Looking to upgrade weight distribution/anti sway

We currently have a Reese Dual Cam weight distribution and anti sway set up. Our tow bars are about 10 years old now, we feel its time to upgrade (not sure of life expectancy). Like most everyone, we would like something that eliminates trailer sway and is relatively easy to hitch up. We don't want to spend a fortune but we want to buy something of quality that is safe and works well. For those who have purchased new weight distribution/anti sway equipment over the last few years, what did you buy and would you recommend it? Thanks for any feedback as we research our options before we buy. If you really want to eliminate sway you have to go with a ProPride or a Hensley. The other less expensive options only control the sway or try to. And for ease of hook-up I have to also recommend the ProPride--very simple to hook-up and un-hook. And the increased turning ability in tight spots is a bonus. Great hitch and its worth every penny. You might get a deal ordering right now at the end of the year. Sean, the ProPride owner, is known to offer specials at slow times of the year. He's great to deal with. We used to have chain-link WD bars and dual sway bars. You really won't believe the difference regardless of what you've used previously.
Andy F 12/26/14 02:10pm Travel Trailers
RE: Anyone have a Keystone Bullet?

Very happy with our 2012 Bullet 281BHS. Our dealer included a Fantastic Fan and we put on some vent roof covers. Tows incredibly well compared to our smaller old Rockwood HTT. Light but solid. We've been out west to Yellowstone and next year we're headed down to Florida and Disney World with it.
Andy F 12/24/14 09:27pm Travel Trailers
RE: Forest River Surveyor

We looked at the Surveyor over two years ago when we moved up to a TT from our old Hybrid. They seemed well-built. We instead opted for the Keystone Bullet due to it having a deeper slide and a better floor plan and more features at the time for what we wanted. Our old Rockwood Roo was (and the Roo still is) very block-shaped without much of a sloped front end. We found the more aerodynamic sloped front end of the Bullet (and the Surveyor to a degree although it lacks or back then lacked the lower radius curve back towards the frame) to make a remarkable improvement in our towing experience when coupled with the wide stance axles and low center of gravity. Keep in mind this was our experience even though the weight of what we were now towing increased by approximately 600-700 pounds. Not sure about the Surveyor, but the Bullets now sit higher off the ground due to the floor plans all having a flush-floor deep slide. I've often wondered if raising them up changed the towing experience a bit by also raising the center of gravity. I personally like our non-flush slide and our lower center of gravity but maybe after experiencing the deeper flush floor slide and the room it provides I might feel differently. We also like having a curbside dinette which doesn't appear to be offered anymore with the flush-floor slide floor plans.
Andy F 11/15/14 02:12pm Travel Trailers
RE: Fantastic Fan question

Thanks guys, I just called the parts dept. at the dealership and changed the order to the non-sensor type. The dealer should also be willing to pay for the fan--ours did as part of our purchase. I later installed our cover. I went with Fantastic Fan's cover and we love it. Seems like at some point the manufacturers should just start putting in the Fantastic Fan's with the covers right at the factory. Although it is kind of fun to customize a person's TT a bit. We just added a 2nd cover over our regular roof vent before putting the TT into storage. Looking forward to never closing either roof vent. Left them both open during indoor storage for the winter.
Andy F 11/15/14 02:01pm Travel Trailers
RE: Breaking camp, when to retract slide?

"I seriously doubt it matters when you bring the slide in. They sit on dealers lots with the slide out all the time and no stabilizers. Same at the Hershey show, IIRC. I've been doing it as the last thing before hitching up, merely for convenience sake, but I have hitched up and then run the slide in already. Doesn't make any dif that I can see. Maybe it matters what type of frame or slide you have. Anybody have definitive proof one way or the other?" Same here--we've opened and shut the slide a number of times with jacks up and down. We open the slide on the road (when stopped of course) at stops where it's safe and no chance of hitting or being hit by anything. Never had an issue. I remember asking the dealer during our walk thru since I had never had a slide before this TT and he said to not worry about having the jacks down or up when operating the slide. Somewhat level is good I was told but not completely necessary.
Andy F 10/27/14 05:56pm Travel Trailers
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