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RE: Recommended class A gasser

the 26 is an option I believe on the 36LA. I would have gone that way id it was available in 2014. But regardless, I have almost 3500 lbs carrying capacity with mine even with full fuel We went to the Mpls RV show this past weekend and I got to visit quite a while with Tiffin national sales rep Tom Webber. Very nice gentleman who I peppered with a number of questions. He confirmed you can order a 36LA on the 26000 lb chassis but Tiffin does not plan on moving the 36LA floorplan to the higher weight chassis as a standard. We went back and forth between the Tiffin Allegro 36UA they had on display and the two Newmar Canyon Star's on display. It was apparent that Tiffin's exterior basement storage doors are of higher quality (beautiful doors that shut like a car door). Newmar's were pretty close in quality but none of their doors, even on the Dutch Star diesel pusher, latched easily when shutting them. I gave up on getting the Dutch Star and Ventana's doors to latch and finally walked away. Tiffin's interior cabinet doors were also of higher quality, sounding and feeling rock solid. If we go gas, I think we have settled on the Tiffin Allegro.
Andy F 02/12/17 06:33pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Recommended class A gasser

We are looking at and comparing the Tiffin Allegro Open Road and the Newmar Canyon Star. It appears that the Allegro has larger exterior storage bays. Does anyone know what the Canyon Star's exterior storage square footage numbers are? Newmar does not list those numbers for each of the floorplans. I also could have sworn that a Tiffin rep told me by email last year that the 36LA was moving to a 26,000 lb chassis like the 34PA and the 36UA. I like the fact that the Canyon Star's all come with a 26,000 lb chassis. The Fleetwood Bounder was eliminated from our consideration due to Fleetwood keeping a 22,000 lb chassis. We plan to full time or nearly full time.
Andy F 02/04/17 10:17am Class A Motorhomes
RE: buying at an rv show

We bought our old previous hybrid Rockwood Roo at the Mpls RV show. Got a good deal and it seemed like the Rockwood corporate rep that was present helped get the local dealer to offer us a good price to make the sale. I remember the dealer saying we had to take the unit he had on display at the show, the one that everyone was walking through, for the price we got which seemed to be about $500 to $700 better than what we would have got outside of the RV show. I suppose they benefitted from being able to put up a "sold" sign on the unit for the remainder of the show. Of course, they had the unit nice and clean and ready to go when we took delivery a week later at the dealership. All in all, it was a fun experience to do once with our kids.
Andy F 01/21/17 02:15pm Travel Trailers
RE: Best state residency

Congratulations to the OP! I can't wait to escape MN's high taxes by moving residency to SD or TX or FL when I retire!
Andy F 10/08/16 08:17am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Help with entry level diesel pushers

I would encourage you to look at all brands of entry level DP's. Personally if I were in the market, I'd look really hard at the Ventana LE. After much research, this is the same new entry level DP we have landed on. Now our plan is to look for a 2017-2019 used Ventana LE or a Ventana with higher NCC in 5 to 6 years just prior to retirement. Of course, we will be open to some of the other DP recommendations out there on the used market.
Andy F 10/08/16 08:14am Class A Motorhomes
RE: decided on floorplan, now which manufacturer, need advice

NCC is Net Cargo Capacity I believe or maybe Net Carrying Capacity. Ironically it is usually the one number the manufacturers don't publish even though it is very important to know as a consumer. We are looking at class A motorhomes for retirement and we have found one manufacturer, Newmar, that has the number in their products specs on the website and in their brochures.
Andy F 10/08/16 08:04am Travel Trailers
RE: Anyone own a Bounder?

When did the Bounder manufacturer Fleetwood change ownership and become part of the large REV group? Was it through bankruptcy or just a buy-out/outright purchase? And has the quality changed since than or stayed the same?
Andy F 10/03/16 06:28pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Fall Camping

We do about half of our 30-40 nights of camping starting Labor Day weekend. Fall camping is one big reason we moved up to our travel trailer. Just did 5 nights up on Lake Superior in Bayfield, WI, at a great city campground overlooking the Apostle Islands. Heading out this weekend for peak leaf color in north central MN. Then down to Lake Pepin in 2 weeks on the Mississippi for peak color there. I can't wait to retire and camp all fall long before heading to Florida!
Andy F 10/03/16 04:56pm Travel Trailers
RE: Keystone Bullet Premier

I am planning to purchase new tires next spring (original ones from factory have lasted 5 seasons and trips out to Yellowstone and to Florida). Since I will be upgrading my tires and their load class, I am considering a suspension upgrade also, like shocks and/or one of the leaf equalizer upgrades I see discussed on this forum. But I don't understand really what type of upgrade, like the Mor Rude I can do with the Bullet/Premier suspension. Has anyone done this type of upgrade? I'm looking for a smoother ride by doing this. My ProPride hitch does an awesome job eliminating sway and weight distribution but our roads up here in MN and WI are often rough and I would like to eliminate some of the trailer bounce we get with the stock suspension. We are doing a lot of long trips the next few years before we upgrade for retirement so I want to improve our ride more.
Andy F 09/21/16 01:18pm Travel Trailers
RE: Passport & Bullet Recall

I will be interested to see if we get a mailed notice about this recall. I haven't been impressed with Keystone's customer service and follow through on defect issues. Now when I bring ours in to our dealer, I can force them to look at the defective cracking and fading main front end decal. The front end stripe decals look like brand new compared to the main decal. Thank you to the OP for posting this recall alert!
Andy F 09/16/16 07:35am Travel Trailers
RE: Keystone Bullet Premier

My plan is to consistently communicate my displeasure respectfully for the season and next winter to both Keystone/Thor and my dealer, working my way up the chain of command. If I do have to replace the decal myself, I will not replace it with anything related to Keystone/Bullet. Instead I will do a custom decal from a local graphics company, maybe using our last name in the decal. Update on this decal issue with Keystone: Our dealer replied back to us that they don't have the "right" Bullet decal in their stock to give us. I have asked the service manager to clarify if they don't have any post 2012 decals for the front of our Bullet or if they don't have any front decals at all. Seems like almost any post 2012 decals would work since they look so similar when compared to the pre 2012 decals that had a much different look. The only updated response from Keystone customer service has been to have our dealer submit a pre-authorization for the replacement which our dealer already did and they received a rejection. Quite honestly, this customer service rep seems to be hitting the "hit the same identical response" each time in their emails. We just got back from our South Dakota Black Hills trip and after doing some night driving and after going through a nasty rain storm on a gravel road, our Bullet looked horrible. After washing and cleaning it up, it looks brand new including all of the decals except this one crummy front Bullet decal. The separate front "stripe" decals even look beautiful and new. But not the front Bullet decal which tells me there are quality/defect issues with it. The front Rockwood Roo decal on our old hybrid TT never looked like this under the same exact care and storage conditions. Forest River must have chose a higher quality front decal than Keystone did.
Andy F 08/07/16 10:09am Travel Trailers
RE: Hensley Propride shopping, buying and experiance

On the other hand, why not pull a $35k trailer with a $400 hitch? You know, the ones that are lighter, easier to install and adjust, easier to hitch/unhitch, etc., etc.... Sounds like you never towed with a premium hitch or you would not have made your comment. Once set up the ProPride and Hensley are easier to hitch and unhitch than most $400 hitches. The hitch head stays with the trailer and the only issues are the stinger, locking the hitch to the stinger that takes all of ten seconds with overlatch wrenches and adjusting the tension on the bars. And they are not messy, no grease on the ball, and no heavy hitch head to lift into the receiver before it can be used. Kind of elegant in their operation, really! Easier to hitch/unhitch??? Nothing is easier than hitching and unhitching to the ProPride! I would never want to go back to the more basic hitch with the bars, ball coupler, and all of that. It does take some getting used to but I can't believe how much easier it is to hitch and unhitch, especially with a back up camera. It is so much faster. And I'm far from being super handy and I was able to do the install of my hitch with some patience and a couple extra hours of work. If I can do it, anyone can do it. I understand why some question the price but until you have actually towed with the ProPride (and the Hensley) you won't understand the difference, especially for those of us towing with 1/2 ton SUVs.
Andy F 08/06/16 11:18am Travel Trailers
RE: Hensley Propride shopping, buying and experiance

"He sells all day long on eBay for $1995, although these days the eBay site says remanufactured. So does he really price match anything to sell a NEW Propride? If you bought one for this price or less, I'd be happy to hear it" Ok---your hearing it. Mine was brand new through his website at the end of the camping season. He asked me to keep the price quiet but I feel I have to defend him a bit--the price started with a "1", then a "9" plus $211.42 for shipping. Great deal and it has been an awesome hitch for the past 4 years with trips from MN to Florida and two trips to Yellowstone along with a lot of camping in between. I also have welded heavy metal plates onto the base of my WD jacks which fixed the leaning issue. Plates came off an old squad car push bumper mount and work very well. No other "leaking" or maintenance issues like you mentioned. I would never use a more basic hitch ever again.
Andy F 08/02/16 08:23pm Travel Trailers
RE: towing in Grand Teton NP

You don't realize just how big Yellowstone National Park is. You will waste so much time driving to and through the park that you won't have time for even short hikes. Then trying to drive down to the Tetons for a day! Way too much time driving instead of looking. I highly recommend you consider staying in or immediately outside Yellowstone for at least three days then go down to Tetons National Park for a minimum of two days. Staying between the parks to see them both can definitely be done, but not if you want to really experience the parks. X2 We have stayed at Fishing Bridge in YW park and then moved outside to the West Yellowstone KOA. Next time we'll skip West Yellowstone and stay at Fishing Bridge and Colton Bay. Driving times in the park are longer than you expect, especially with any traffic jams which were hard to avoid NW of Fishing Bridge due to how animal sightings on the road side affect traffic.
Andy F 07/29/16 12:40pm Travel Trailers
RE: Recommendations in Black Hills?

If you have kids, the KOA just west of Rushmore is the best Stayed there at Palmer's Gulch KOA back in 2008 when our kids were little and they loved it. It was pricey but the kids had tons to do.
Andy F 07/22/16 01:21pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Recommendations in Black Hills?

We just spent a week in Custer SP. The Black Hills were a surprise to us...we thought it would be a 2-3 day stopover. Instead, we spent a week and wanted more. So I would second the opinion to go into the SP. However, it is a pretty good drive from Deadwood. The Black Hills have become one of our favorite destinations. Not a real far drive for us from MN, a great state park at Custer, so scenic and so much wildlife, and less crowded than Yellowstone and other more popular spots.
Andy F 07/22/16 10:21am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Recommendations in Black Hills?

Skip the private CG's and head for Custer State Park. So much cheaper and so scenic. We just left Blue Bell after staying 4 nights and we have moved south of Hot Springs to Angostura with a site right on the water. Great facilities and campgrounds in both locations. Electric sites only but that works fine for us. Definitely the park. We were there 3 weeks ago and I stayed 6 nights for 165 bucks at Blue Bell Campground. That campground is a five min drive to Wind Cave NP, and not too far to Mt. Rushmore and Crazy Horse. Our driver out of Blue Bell down thru Wind Cave to Hot Springs was awesome. I had my wife jump out and snap some photos of our rig as we pulled thru the circle curve and one lane bridges. Hoping to use one of the photos for a new sig photo. It was a hot day this past Wednesday as we made the drive. We were surprised how much Bison we saw out in the hot day sun. We saw more than we did on Sunday when it was cooler during the same drive to see some friends who live in Hot Springs.
Andy F 07/22/16 10:18am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Recommendations in Black Hills?

Horse Thief campground is quiet and compared to many others places a good deal for the price. We want to stay at Horse Thief when we are solar-equipped. No electricity there, right? Are there reservations?
Andy F 07/22/16 10:13am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Recommendations in Black Hills?

Skip the private CG's and head for Custer State Park. So much cheaper and so scenic. We just left Blue Bell after staying 4 nights and we have moved south of Hot Springs to Angostura with a site right on the water. Great facilities and campgrounds in both locations. Electric sites only but that works fine for us.
Andy F 07/20/16 05:00pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Come on Fleetwood!

I really wanted to see the new Fleetwood Discovery LXE. So today at lunch time I stopped by our local dealer and looked at a 40G. Just looking from a distance it's gorgeous. I had read on another forum about how some people claim the latest stuff coming from Fleetwood was getting bad. One complaint was the paint job and the edges being rough in the color transition. Now understand this is a MH MSRP of $310000. I was shocked when I got up close and inspected the paint finish. It was exactly as it was discribed. Very rough at the paint lines, to the point it would snag your finger nail. If I tried hard enough I bet I could have flaked some off it was so bad. Getting inside there were 5 of the hockey puck overhead lights not seated in the ceiling, they were hanging down about 3/8". The dining table looked like some took sandpaper to to top of it. We own a 2013 Fleetwood Expedition and the paint job is considerably better. If I were really looking today, I probably would have crossed Fleetwood off my list based on what I saw and have been reading about them. Hopefully they get their act together. I looked at a Coachmen Miranda Select sitting on a dealer's lot last weekend with trim inside loose and falling away, a freezer door missing, and a cabinet door loose along with dead batteries which left the interesting salon bunk halfway down. And the dealer really wanted to sell this unit since it was an older 2016 model with the 5 speed transmission. I couldn't believe they were showing it in that condition. Now in my mind Coachmen is off the list. Just looked at a Tiffin Allegro at a different dealer. What a difference in quality!
Andy F 07/13/16 03:01pm Class A Motorhomes
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