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RE: Traveling thru Texas to Amarillo

Appreciate the advice. Now strongly considering hwy 69 either to Greenville or farther north to Bells,Tx and hwy 82. Are there stations on hwy 69, hwy 380 and hwy 82 for easy in & out to fill up? You folks are greatly helping with my route decision making. After reaching Amarillo, the easy part is I-40 to Flagstaff area. Again, thanks for all your advice. I live just off US 380. It is almost all new 4 lane highway from Greenville to Denton. There is highway construction going on between Denton and Decatur but the highway is good and the construction does not have much effect on traffic flow. BUT. The ~35 mile stretch from the east side of McKinney to the west side of Denton has 40+ traffic lights due to incredible growth over the last 20 years. Since I live near McKinney I do drive 380 over to 287. But if I were coming up US 69 I would stay on it to US 82 at Bells. A few small towns that way, and mostly 2 lane highway, but no traffic. There are stations on 69 and 82, at least to Gainsville. But can't remember exactly where RV friendly ones are located.
BB_TX 04/22/14 08:51pm Roads and Routes
RE: So how really bad are the mosquitos in Alaska

We were there in early August a number of years ago. After two days at Fairbanks and two more in Denali NP and seeing no Mosquitos I had to ask. They said mosquito season was already over. Frosty mornings but great day time weather.
BB_TX 04/22/14 06:51pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Dish for my RV

We have had Dish at home for many years. 2 years ago we bought a Tailgater and 211k receiver for the RV. Did not want to have to move them back and forth every time we went somewhere. It added $7/month to our home account. Have always had great sevice and no problems with Dish.
BB_TX 04/22/14 03:45pm Technology Corner
RE: Branson, MO

We also liked the KOA just a short distance off the strip. I know they used to run a shuttle, but not sure they still do. Give them a call to make sure. But the location makes it pretty easy to access most any part of the strip via back streets and not have to fight the traffic on the strip.
BB_TX 04/22/14 01:28pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: How many cubic feet of air does my 16" tire hold?

Excluding the expansion of the tire, the volume of space inside the tire would be the same at 70 psi as at 0 psi (relative to atmospheric pressure). However there would be more air in the tire at 70 psi than at 0 psi due to the fact that it is compressed. If you took 1 cubic foot of air from a compressor at 70 psi and put it into a balloon, that balloon would expand to a much greater volume than 1 cubic foot. The compressor takes a large volume of air and compresses it into a much smaller volume. I remember studying the change in volume vs pressure in my college engineering days, but far to distant in my memory to remember how to calculate it.
BB_TX 04/22/14 08:01am Class A Motorhomes
RE: 5th Wheel with 1 ton truck weight advice needed

The sad and very frustrating part is if you google rv accident law firm you get an endless number of listings of law firms who claim to specialize in pursuing RV accident claims. Ambulance chasers? For sure. But no doubt the market is there for them.
BB_TX 04/21/14 08:39pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: 5th Wheel with 1 ton truck weight advice needed

As Dirty Harry said, you've gotta ask yourself a question: "Do I feel lucky?" Well, do ya, punk? They are out there. From a law firm web site: Collisions Involving Motor Homes and Camping Trailers A motor home is a heavy brute that is hard to stop or steer under ideal road conditions, let alone wet weather, high wind or an imminent crash situation. If you or a loved one was badly injured in a tangle with an RV, The ****** Law Firm knows what to look for to demonstrate the negligence of the owner or driver. We will pursue your rightful monetary damages for injuries or fatality for a recreational vehicle (RV) accident. Our firm handles personal injury accidents in Scottsdale, the Phoenix area and statewide Arizona I am sure this is just one of many.
BB_TX 04/21/14 03:02pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Traveling thru Texas to Amarillo

Be aware that there is on-going construction on I-35W on the north side of Ft Worth and around the I-35W/US 287 interchange. I think it only involves a relative short distance along that route. Maybe someone who lives in Ft Worth or has been thru there recently can give an update. You will not have a problem finding fuel on US 287. There are many towns along the way, especially between Wichita Falls and Amarillo, and most all have at least one station that provides easy access for a large RV whether MH or long truck/trailer. Just start looking before the tank gets too low. A very good highway all the way to Amarillo. As far as RV parks, there are some south of Wichita Falls (between there and Decatur) but I have never stayed at any of them. I don't remember many between Wichita Falls and Amarillo though. We travel that route every year but for us Amarillo is our first stop.
BB_TX 04/21/14 02:55pm Roads and Routes
RE: Concern with attaching bike rack to TT bumper

Follow a trailer down the road with bikes on a rack on the rear and you may think twice before doing it.
BB_TX 04/21/14 02:13pm Travel Trailers
RE: 5th Wheel with 1 ton truck weight advice needed

........... Now its true if a truck has been determined to be over its legally registered weight or a axle/tire weight and involved in a at fault accident then the operator can held liable. But for being over loaded above the truck makers GVWR it won't happen/it has not happened. So, just to make it clear. It is fine to be over the weight ratings as long as you do not have an accident. But if you do, then you can be liable. Only then is it for the lawyers and courts to sort out. :S
BB_TX 04/21/14 02:10pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: **** Santa fe parks***

You can check rvparkreviews.com. We stayed at Santa Fe Skies RV Park a couple years ago, but only for a couple nights. Was fine, nothing great but nothing bad either. Gets good reviews. Just off I-25 but did not notice any real road noise. Southwestern outskirts of town but convenient to downtown and shopping areas. They do have monthly rates available. Trailer Ranch RV Park also gets good reviews. It is a 55+ park by their sign (although their web site says 21 and older?) which may or may not be suitable for you. I have not stayed there.
BB_TX 04/21/14 01:04pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: 5th Wheel with 1 ton truck weight advice needed

Clerk says it is OK so it must be. Let the lawyers and courts sort it out if you exceed manufacturer posted numbers and anything happens.
BB_TX 04/21/14 09:18am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Out of level campsite pads

Have not hit many that unlevel. But yeah, even private RV parks some times can be quite unlevel. Just have to be prepared with boards and/or blocks.
BB_TX 04/21/14 09:07am General RVing Issues
RE: 5th Wheel with 1 ton truck weight advice needed

"Legally" is very subjective. According to Ford web site, 2003 DRW GVWR is 11,200#, rear axle rating is 8,250, max payload is 4,765 for 4x2 and 4,300 for 4x4. AND Gross Axle Weight Rating is determined by the rated capacity of the minimum component of the axle system (axle, computer selected springs, wheels, tires) of a specific vehicle. Front and rear GAWRs will, in all cases, sum to a number equal to or greater than the GVWR for the particular vehicle. Maximum loaded vehicle (including passengers, equipment and payload) cannot exceed the GVW rating or GAWR (front or rear). And from the Ford towing guide; Addition of trailer king pin weight, and weight of passengers and cargo cannot cause vehicle weights to exceed rear GAWR or GVWR. If Ford says you can't exceed these numbers, and someone else says you can, who is going to have more legal pull?
BB_TX 04/21/14 08:27am Fifth-Wheels
RE: determining pin weight

Here is a description of how to weight on CAT scales. Catscale.com/how-to-weigh
BB_TX 04/21/14 08:07am Fifth-Wheels
RE: 5th Wheel with 1 ton truck weight advice needed

The '03 and '04 F350 6.0s are rated fairly low at 12,800. They took a significant jump in '05 to well over 15,000 for the SRW and over 16,000 for the DRW I believe due to suspension changes.
BB_TX 04/21/14 06:23am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Help With DVD Player

Go to Best Buy or similar store and look at home theater systems. That is what you will need to play your DVDs and to drive the surround speakers.
BB_TX 04/20/14 03:37pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: South Fork to Pagosa Springs

It does go over Wolf Creek pass at about 11,000 ft. But going from South Fork to Pagosa Springs is the easier direction as far as the pull. It is longer and steeper on the Pagosa side. So your climb will be easier, but of course going down the other side will take some care to watch your speed. But you should have no problem if you keep it slow. There are two lanes down and two up on the west side so you can stay in the left lane and take your time without holding up traffic behind you. US 160 is an RV pipeline during the summer months both directions.
BB_TX 04/19/14 08:22pm Roads and Routes
RE: Fifth Wheel or Goose Neck

Tell me... how is a fifth wheel trailer attached to a TV? From what I see... there is what? a 2" pin which is welded to a plate which in turn is welded to the frame. Now that same 2" pin has all the forces acting on it first which then translates to the "plate" then the "frame". Tell me how having that same 2" pin "attached" to the TV either via a "fifth wheel" or via "gooseneck hitch" translates to a "broken frame" or "delaminated walls" or "twisted frame"? Older "fifth wheel" hitches don't have that "side to side" movement, how many frames, sidewalls etc. were effected with the side to side motion? Seems to me, regardless the "hitch" setup, that 2" pin while in motion is going to twist, move up and down with the movement of the TV, if violent enough, that 2" pin is going to transfer the forces from the TV to the "pin plate" and then to the "frame". Porpusing, while cruising 60-80mph down the highway no matter what setup one has is going to cause damage. The trailer is being pulled and the TV motions are being transferred through a 2" pin period! Engineering shmeering!! How many bolts hold the wings on a Boeing 737? Wanna guess? It requires an understanding of physics specifically related to torque. But the simple explanation: with the 5th wheel hitch all the force is applied directly to the pin in a basic forward (or backward when stopping) direction, but the gooseneck adapter is hanging some distance below the pin. That adapter is essentially a lever with the force applied at the bottom of that lever. And a lever applies a rotational force to whatever it is attached to. And worse, it amplifies that force in a rotational direction rather than straight on direction. Easiest way to visualize it is to relate it to a cheater bar. You put a short wrench on a tight bolt and it is hard to remove. You put a cheater bar on the wrench and suddenly it is easy to remove, all because of the amplified force (torque) applied to the bolt via the longer lever (cheater bar). With the gooseneck adapter that amplified rotational force is applied to the pin box and subsequently to the front part of the frame.
BB_TX 04/19/14 04:31pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Montana 5th wheel fire damage repair with pics

I could not make them work either. If I copy the link and paste it into the url line at the top of the page the picture shows up. ?????
BB_TX 04/19/14 09:07am Fifth-Wheels
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