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RE: Well...

Often people only want validation of what they have already done. Pointing out that there may have been another way upsets them. The problem is that not pointing out different things might hurt someone else down the line. Open discussions are a way of helping everyone learn about things that we all have to face as time goes on. Barb
BarbaraOK 04/10/14 11:46am Full-time RVing
RE: Well...

Wish all states were the same, but some aren't. Barb
BarbaraOK 04/09/14 05:03pm Full-time RVing
RE: Well...

Often children are unwilling to have their parents in care institutions that Medicaid plus SS/retirement benefits will pay for - they make up the difference out of their own pockets. Which is why having long term care insurance is something everyone should consider. Barb
BarbaraOK 04/09/14 12:58pm Full-time RVing
RE: No heat in northern home all winter.

With the high cost of keeping heat in our Illinois home all winter while we are gone I am considering turning off all heat to our house. I already turn the water off and blow out the lines and winterize all drains and toilets. Last winter the cost was around $4000 to keep some heat in the house, 50 degrees. That's alot of cabbage for us. Does anyone do this? Thanks. dreamer. Ok, I'll expand on this. The $4000 includes keeping a 40x64 shed at 50F, $150 per month for electricity to run one small electric heater in the house and in the shed, possibly the coldest winter in decades and the fact that LP, the primary heat source, rose above $5 per gallon from the gouging that was going on. And what is the insulation like for the shed? That's where all of the money goes if it is like most sheds. Why are you heating a shed? All you need is a little moisture to get into the house during a warm spell, then a freeze of that moisture in the walls and you have problems when you return. Get a bigger propane tank and fill in the summer when prices are low. Barb
BarbaraOK 04/07/14 07:30pm Snowbirds
RE: how do you make your tanks last so long?

When we don't have full hookups, I use a pan in the shower to catch water until it is hot. Then use that water to flush the toilet. Also, everyone once in a while use the left over water from washington dishes (hopefully you're using paper plates, etc., when not on FHU) and dump down the toilet to help keep sensors clean. Just make sure no spoons, etc., are left in the pan. As to having a shower every day - a correctly done sponge bath will negate needing to have a full navy shower every other day. And if you are in the desert southwest, a little less full showers will help with the dry skin - - when humidity is 10% or so, the skin itches and flakes like mad. Barb
BarbaraOK 04/06/14 12:00pm Full-time RVing
RE: Well...

This thread points out the need for all of us to do all we can to ensure that our children will not have to foot our bills at the end. We have long term care insurance to cover costs that our retirement and SS won't - because there is no way I want our daughter to encur huge bills to keep us going. Barb
BarbaraOK 04/03/14 09:46pm Full-time RVing
RE: Other single female full-timers?

There are lots of women who fulltime solo. Try joining one of the RV groups. Escapees has a BOF (Birds of a Feather) group called SOLOs. We have met several solo women in our travels. Barb
BarbaraOK 03/29/14 10:53pm Full-time RVing
RE: Health insurance -- where to call home when I apply?

The reason people talk about Florida, SD, and TX when it comes to fulltiming is that none of those states have state income tax and all have good, reliable mail services with addresses that suffice for legal physical addresses. For Texas, you can join Escapees (www.escapees.com), get the address (mail service) set up and register your vehicles by mail with the Polk County Assessors office and get your plates, etc. Once you have done that, you can get your driver's license at any DPS office in the state - like El Paso. Any state that you move into will require you to physically be there for your driver's license. But, I don't think you can get it all accomplished in one day. Barb
BarbaraOK 03/29/14 10:51pm Full-time RVing
RE: Val Vista Village Mesa AZ

Canyon Vista isn't 'a little to the East' it is a minimum of 30 minutes (or more depending upon the time of day) to the east. Nice park, but we ended up having to do such long drives to get to everything we decided it wasn't worth it. Barb
BarbaraOK 03/28/14 08:20am Snowbirds
RE: The worst part of getting ready to fulltime is...

Actually, you did get what it was worth. The problem is we all think our 'stuff' is so much better than someone else's stuff and therefore worth so much more. It is worth what someone is willing to give you for it - - in a lot of cases that is exactly $0.00 You really know it is bad when the 'FREE' sign doesn't work. Barb
BarbaraOK 03/27/14 08:39am Full-time RVing
RE: Having a hard time with full timing

...snip... Going through the process of getting to fulltiming with a group of people was great and we still meet up with them throughout the country - though after 8 years only a handful of us are still out here. Barb Very curious what you think caused the group to shrink? Or was it a combination of things? For most it has been health reasons. Time takes a toll on all of us. For a few it was family. Barb
BarbaraOK 03/22/14 11:12pm Full-time RVing
RE: Please, when traveling together

I have found that when on two lane roads there usually isn't much you can do to let traffic pass. There usually isn't any area's to pull off the road and if one does show up you can't see it in time to slow down and pull off so about all you can do is proceed until they all pass or you happen on a spot where you can safely pull off. Remember, it takes a big area to get a large rig off the road and even more room to slow down to get there. Couldn't agree more. I love some of the pull off areas we've seen on some roads - barely big enough for a pickup, we're 55+ feet with the car attached - so we need a long stretch and enough notice to slow down and pull over. So if you are behind us, sorry, we will always pull into the right lane if a passing area appears, but there isn't much else we can do about it and we don't do 70 under any circumstances. Barb
BarbaraOK 03/21/14 08:58am Snowbirds
RE: Having a hard time with full timing

Right now I just want to be comfortable in what we're doing. There are days I am. It's always when we leave that I'm overwhelmed with what I am missing. But then we arrive at the next stop & start meeting people I'm better. Do you drive your rig? If not, it might help if you learn to drive the rig and then are involved in the move. I vividly remember the first few times when we moved and the feeling that it was scary because I wasn't sure about what is ahead of us. But if you are involved in the driving, you are physically doing something during this time, your mind is actively engaged in the move, not thinking about what could happen, etc. Moving every 2 weeks doesn't sound like to often to me, but then we have done that for years, with the exception of the winter months where we stay put for a couple of months. And I would second the suggestion of getting involved with Escapees and one or more of their chapters of BOF (Birds of a Feather). We got involved with the Class of '06 and it was the best thing we ever did. Going through the process of getting to fulltiming with a group of people was great and we still meet up with them throughout the country - though after 8 years only a handful of us are still out here. Barb
BarbaraOK 03/21/14 08:53am Full-time RVing
RE: Please, when traveling together

And you leave enough space and sure enough someone pulls in in front of you - they slow down and you slow down to again leave enough space and the cycle keeps repeating itself over and over and over. Barb
BarbaraOK 03/15/14 09:47am Snowbirds
RE: How essential is an oven for fulltiming?

I think you will find that people who have an oven think that is the only thing to have , and that people who have a microwave / convection (myself included) know that you can do anything you want in the convection including baking bread. Everything browns just like it does in a conventional oven. I have never met anyone who had a regular oven and a microwave/convection in their rig. I'm not sure if any even come with both. I know some people we have met are afraid of a micro/convection just the same as they are afraid of computers. They will not even try one to see how it works or if they like it. I do not have a toaster oven as I haven't found the need for one, not even for frozen garlic bread. We have both because the original owner ordered both. As far as I can tell they never used the propane oven and we certainly don't - have been using convection ovens for years and wouldn't want a regular one. Our propane oven stores our griddle/panni maker and a couple of other things. Barb
BarbaraOK 03/15/14 09:44am Full-time RVing
RE: any full time rituals?

Remove watches from wrists. Your phone becomes your watch. Throw alarm clocks out! Barb
BarbaraOK 03/14/14 09:33pm Full-time RVing
RE: Medicare Medigap and Drug Plan D for fullltimers

...... I realize this doesn't presently have anything to do with the ACA, but it's likely to do so in the future. Dunno where this will leave folks with pretend domiciles etc.- guess time will tell! Ours is not a pretend address, it is legally recognized by the courts and legislature in Texas. Escapees even has 2 voting precincts at Rainbow's End. Barb
BarbaraOK 03/14/14 01:00pm Full-time RVing
RE: Traveling FT vs being anchored

that's why I caution people about selling their homes. nothing to fall back on. bumpy There's nothing wrong with selling the home as long as you take all or a good amount of the proceeds and put them away in a safe account. Then when your ready to come off the road you will have a good chunk of cash to use for your next home. -paul today that might be OK if you can find an insured guaranteed investment, but previously if you sold your house and full timed for some years, you wouldn't be able to afford to buy your house back. bumpy Why do you insist everyone has to purchase another house? Many of us don't! Barb
BarbaraOK 02/24/14 08:46pm Full-time RVing
RE: Next winter's - RV Resort Rates - RGV, Texas

There are lots of places in Arizona that will be $200-$300 a month, excluding electricity. All depends upon what you want. In fact, if you like to boondocks, there is a whole desert available for little to nothing. If we are going to spend several months then I want lots of amenities, I want good restaurants, good shopping, arts centers, museums, etc. Barb
BarbaraOK 02/18/14 07:38pm Snowbirds
RE: Fulltiming it in sonoma county, California

Try Navato RV Park Barb
BarbaraOK 02/06/14 09:54pm Full-time RVing
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