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RE: Banking Question

You mean in small towns where there just wasn't enough traffic for BOA to keep it open. Banks open and close all of the time in areas depending upon whether there is enough business for them. And we found BOA branches in small towns all over western Washington and western Oregon. Barb
BarbaraOK 09/30/14 09:17am Full-time RVing
RE: Banking Question

We are all over the west and haven't had any problems finding BOA branches. Barb
BarbaraOK 09/29/14 09:48pm Full-time RVing
RE: the new texas safety inspection

I guess the three year registration is dead. I have all my vehicles on a three year registration cycle as of now. Yes that has gone away for now. Expect that this will be amended in the next session because it impacts gas/oil service industry as well as large trucking firms and, of course, fulltime RVers who use Texas as a domicile. Barb
BarbaraOK 09/28/14 01:53pm Snowbirds
RE: the new texas safety inspection

Doug, You don't have to turn in your inspection sticker if you renew online, as most people do, as the database systems will be talking to each other, so it will be automatic, just like the insurance is automatically checked via the VIN number when you renew online. For those out-of-state with no inspection, you will certify that you are not in the state and agree to an inspection within x number of days when you return, and the people at the county tax office will be notified that you've renewed and will grant you that exemption. If you are a full timer it will be easier if you 'live' in a county (like Polk county) that knows about fulltimers. Barb
BarbaraOK 09/28/14 10:09am Snowbirds
RE: the new texas safety inspection

You should be reading the Escapees forum - they have worked with the DMV and Polk County tax office and already have procedures in place to approve out-of-state renewals. Not only does the new law effect RVers, but it caught truckers and oil/gas field companies completely by surprise, many of whom have fleets of equipment that never make it back to the state. Barb
BarbaraOK 09/27/14 09:45pm Snowbirds
RE: Electronic Or Paper?

Awesome. Totally agree! Not really sold on the GPS thing. Have my iphone and ipad for maps, and will have RM atlas. Love our TomTom for when we are in areas with traffic, it gets traffic updates and lets us know of wrecks ahead, etc., which is very helpful when near big cities. Have a database for things like RV parks, repairs, etc. Use an app (MileageKeeper) on the iPhone for keeping track of mileage for motorhome. Have an app (MyMedical) on the iPad which has all of our medical information. Lots and lots of apps out there, really don't need paper. We do a blog where I record any thoughts we have as we travel. Barb
BarbaraOK 09/08/14 09:45pm Full-time RVing
RE: Too much of a good thing? Retirement on the Road NYT

As usual, people who don't understand fulltimers assume that fulltimers are ON VACATION all of the time. That simply isn't true. Real fulltimers do exploring days, but other times they do rather mundane things like the laundry, cleaning, shopping, reading, crafts, etc. People who don't adapt often are those than never learn to get out of vacation mode. And really does anyone think that some writer on a major paper is going to understand what fulltime RVing is all about? Barb
BarbaraOK 09/04/14 07:38pm Full-time RVing
RE: Winter in Arizona - Tuscon to Phoenix corridor

Well, we were in this one in December traveling from the Tucson area to our daughter's in Phoenix. Perhaps nothing happened in your RV park but it surely happened on the highway. Read all about it here: Dust Storm That storm lost it umph at about Queen Creek, so we just had a little wind and little clouds. And you forgot to mention the aroma in Casa Grande when the wind is just right.:B Barb
BarbaraOK 09/03/14 05:49pm Snowbirds
RE: Finding Quality Maintenance

Maybe you meant RV Service Reviews instead of Park Reviews? We post to RV Service Reviews whenever we find a place that gives us good service and also have posted when service was not good. Barb
BarbaraOK 09/03/14 04:50pm Full-time RVing
RE: Winter in Arizona - Tuscon to Phoenix corridor

Any particular reason why you want to be between Tucson and Phoenix? Keep in mind that the only major town in that area is Casa Grande and they get horrific dust storms because of all the cotton farming in the area. We were in one in December and driving it's the scariest thing you'll ever encounter. Semis plow right into one another and other vehicles. There are plenty of resorts in the greater Phoenix area and Tucson. I don't think I'd zero in on Phoenix itself but there's Mesa and Apache Junction to look at and they're all connected. The Phoenix area is huge but it's very easy to get around and there's so much to do there. Tucson is much smaller and a more laid-back western town. BS I was there last winter starting Thanksgiving and our park had NO DUST STORM. The Picacho Peak area gets the dust storms you refer to. Please be accurate and quit scaring people for no good reason Casa Grande gets plenty of dust storms. 3 years ago (IIRC) there were people killed on I-10 IN Casa Grande during a dust storm. We came through the next day and the wrecked was still visible. Check out the Cal-Am parks in Mesa area. All of the amenities you could possibly want, easy to get around, great shopping, great nearby arts centers, easy access to the Superstition mountains, etc. Barb
BarbaraOK 09/01/14 10:58am Snowbirds
RE: Class C Too Small - Class A Too Big - Help

Is it that you think the Class A is to big to drive? Because it isn't. You have a LARGE dog, so you want more space not less. Think a week in the rain and then look again at some Class As. You don't have to go to 40+ feet to find good ones that will give you room. Barb
BarbaraOK 08/24/14 04:21pm Full-time RVing
RE: Coach Registration by State - Question

If you leave your address in Texas then you pay Texas registration fees. Texas doesn't not do registration by value of RV but by weight. 26,000# is the point for motorhomes. Our MH weighed in just under 26,000# when we bought it because we hadn't put anything in it, so we are around $260 for the coach registration. Barb
BarbaraOK 08/18/14 01:36am Full-time RVing
RE: Sell House to Buy 5ver and Truck

There are a lot of reasons not to use all of your funds to purchase the RV, especially if the funds are in tax deferred accounts and you can easily afford the payments while the funds are making more money than the interest on the loan and doing so tax free. Second there are several firms that loan to fulltimers. You might want to join Escapees and ask the question there, as several people on the Escapees forums have recently taken out loans from different firms without having a S&B address. Barb
BarbaraOK 08/17/14 11:19am Full-time RVing
RE: Coach Registration by State - Question

Hummm, so its not that easy. I don't want to make another state my domicile, just eantto take advantage of taxes - but legally! There is a difference between tax avoidance and tax evasion. We can suggest the best states to have your domicile in when you full time to avoid large tax bits, but what you want us to do is to tell you how to evade taxes that your state, which you say you have no intention of leaving, levies on its citizens. Think about what you are asking someone to do. Barb
BarbaraOK 08/13/14 09:06am Full-time RVing
RE: Mid Life Crisis Or Just Ready To Live?

Can't you give your son a break and wait until he's graduated from high school? It's not that far away. Since he's homeschooled, what does it matter. Actually, some real world experience in different parts of the country might be very valuable to him at this time in his life. Think about how he can use his math skills planning the trips, budgeting, etc. Need some good examples for physics - an RV is full of them. Need to learn about electricity - what a great physic lab set up he will have. And if he wants to go to college, road trips to visit bringing your home along sounds like a great way to do it. Barb
BarbaraOK 08/04/14 10:28am Full-time RVing
RE: Mid Life Crisis Or Just Ready To Live?

First, none of us that fulltime are homeless. We are houseless, but we all live in our HOME. Second, do you plan to travel and how will you finance it? Third, what are your son's plans when he finishes school - college, military, work? You need to get that information and then involve him in the process. I wouldn't suggest a van, but an older Class C or Class A, pulling a car behind, might be just the ticket. Or possibly a 5th wheel if driving a big pickup as your daily driver would work for you. Have him help in finding RV Shows to go to to see what is available and to find RV dealers to go to in order to see what might be available in your area. There are lots of people who put budgets up so you can see what some people spend on fulltiming. Some do well on $2000 a month or less, some struggle on $6000 a month or more. BTW - pets do just fine fulltiming. And no, what you are thinking about doing isn't way out of line or off the wall. Barb
BarbaraOK 07/31/14 11:16pm Full-time RVing
RE: Where to stay in Yuma next winter for a couple of weeks?

Love good museums and occasional good dining Well that would pretty much eliminate Yuma. I understand you've booked for a month. Good luck. We spent a week in Yuma and that was about 5 days to long. Only took 2 days to find most of the geocaches. We really love all of the museums, good shopping, good/great food/ access to mountains, streams, and deserts, art centers and concerts, and all of the rest of things that make our winter stay great in Mesa. Barb
BarbaraOK 07/26/14 09:57pm Snowbirds
RE: Open Tanks with no worries

Well we park for months at a time and can leave the grey tank open all of the time and not worry, so you really are talking about a way to leave the black tank open, correct? $200 - for that I can walk out and pull the lever once every two weeks (we have 80 gallon black tank) - since we are about the place anyway, a simple pull doesn't seem that hard. In fact, after 8 years on the road, I'm still trying to figure out why everyone has so much trouble with their tanks. We seldom look at the gauges - 10-12 days for the black tank, about 6 days for the grey when using the w/d and often just leave the grey open until the day before I dump the black tank. Barb
BarbaraOK 07/26/14 09:52pm Full-time RVing
RE: Useful advice for long term RV living

Sounds like you are going to snowbird not fulltime. You might want to also post your question in the snowbird section, better answers from people who go for shorter periods of time. For fulltimers there is no discussion of what do you leave behind, because the rig is your home so everything goes with you. Barb
BarbaraOK 07/21/14 10:58am Full-time RVing
RE: When Do You Leave Arizona in the Spring ?

April 1st seems to be a good "get out of Dodge" time for a lot of people, including us. Max would be April 15th in a normal year. Same with Palm Springs. In fact a lot of restaurants go to summer hours (or close down for the summer) and a lot of RV parks are closed by the end of April. Barb
BarbaraOK 07/16/14 11:52am Full-time RVing
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