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RE: Where to stay in Yuma next winter for a couple of weeks?

Love good museums and occasional good dining Well that would pretty much eliminate Yuma. I understand you've booked for a month. Good luck. We spent a week in Yuma and that was about 5 days to long. Only took 2 days to find most of the geocaches. We really love all of the museums, good shopping, good/great food/ access to mountains, streams, and deserts, art centers and concerts, and all of the rest of things that make our winter stay great in Mesa. Barb
BarbaraOK 07/26/14 09:57pm Snowbirds
RE: Open Tanks with no worries

Well we park for months at a time and can leave the grey tank open all of the time and not worry, so you really are talking about a way to leave the black tank open, correct? $200 - for that I can walk out and pull the lever once every two weeks (we have 80 gallon black tank) - since we are about the place anyway, a simple pull doesn't seem that hard. In fact, after 8 years on the road, I'm still trying to figure out why everyone has so much trouble with their tanks. We seldom look at the gauges - 10-12 days for the black tank, about 6 days for the grey when using the w/d and often just leave the grey open until the day before I dump the black tank. Barb
BarbaraOK 07/26/14 09:52pm Full-time RVing
RE: Useful advice for long term RV living

Sounds like you are going to snowbird not fulltime. You might want to also post your question in the snowbird section, better answers from people who go for shorter periods of time. For fulltimers there is no discussion of what do you leave behind, because the rig is your home so everything goes with you. Barb
BarbaraOK 07/21/14 10:58am Full-time RVing
RE: When Do You Leave Arizona in the Spring ?

April 1st seems to be a good "get out of Dodge" time for a lot of people, including us. Max would be April 15th in a normal year. Same with Palm Springs. In fact a lot of restaurants go to summer hours (or close down for the summer) and a lot of RV parks are closed by the end of April. Barb
BarbaraOK 07/16/14 11:52am Full-time RVing
RE: Can I get an apartment too?

I have been a full time RV resident for a year and a half and I love it. It enables me to go where the work is and grow my business. My wife and I do go see family from time to time and want to get an apartment near them for when we are in town. Can I sign a lease or will that get me in trouble with either state? Is there a certain # of days I'm allowed to be somewhere? My residency is South Dakota and my family that I visit lives in Iowa. Thanks! Why aren't you staying in your RV when visiting them? Barb
BarbaraOK 07/15/14 10:03pm Full-time RVing
RE: Still confused - affiliates?

An affiliate is a system that you can join AFTER you have a home park. Coast-2-Coast, AOR, ROD, and RPI are all examples of affiliate systems. You can't belong to them until you have a home park. Home park can be just an individual park or it can be a system like Thousand Trails, K-M, WHR, SUNRISE, etc. You purchase the home park (or system) either new or used (used is usually the best bet) and then add on the affiliates. It is important though to make sure you understand what the affiliates will cost you. Some home parks (or systems) will charge you are large price to add affiliates if you have purchased a used membership, others the charge is minimal. As to why to have them - they make it so that not only can you stay at your home park/system, but add HUNDREDS of other parks. We love ROD because it is $0 night for us. But we also use C2C and AOR. In fact we are currently in an ROD affiliated park, we will then go for a wee to a C2C park, then a park under AOR, then back to another ROD park, then a Thousand Trails park, which gets us past Labor Day. Cost for 6 weeks will be $170 or about $4/night. We average over 100 nights a year in membership parks and have saved thousands of dollars by aggressively using them to our advantage. Sometimes we end up driving a few more miles to visit family/friends, but when the difference is 2 weeks at $0/night versus $40/night, well driving a little is certainly doable! Barb
BarbaraOK 07/14/14 08:16pm Full-time RVing
RE: A little membership help please

Encore park are owned by ELS the same corporation that owns TT and are pay as you go. They like to add the Encore parks to the listings to make you think you are getting more. They do give a percentage off but try to put you in the worst 30 amp sites they have. Many of the parks are run down like TT They have put Encore signs at the entrance to many of the TT, Outdoor World and Mid Atlantic parks. They have also added many seasonal sites to all the membership parks. Most of the Encore parks will also take RPI and Coast-2-Coast ($10/night) which means even in those parks the cost is very cheap. Yes, they might not be the view sites, but for $10/night, I'll put up with that. In fact, at Pacific Dunes (just south of Pismo Beach, the 'best' sites were up on top and as C2C members we were down below the dunes - - wind started howling and we were protected from the drifting sands. Since we are almost always out all day exploring the area, doesn't bother us. Barb
BarbaraOK 07/13/14 08:50am Full-time RVing
RE: A little membership help please

I think the NP access pass only allows disabled seniors free access to the park now? No, we got our Senior Passes at age 62, have been to national parks all over the country for free. They also provide 1/2 off when camping in Corps of Engineers parks. Best $10 we ever spent! Barb
BarbaraOK 07/13/14 08:45am Full-time RVing
RE: A little membership help please

Passport America certainly didn't used to exempt June, July, August. Perhaps it is only those parks the normally fill up with tourists during those months? just checked a few in VA. holidays exempted, one was weekends. No sign of blocking entire months. bumpy Ah, try being in the northwest in summer. Lots of them either don't take it from Memorial Day to Labor Day or it is 1 or 2 nights and then Sunday-Thursday, etc. We use it strictly for travel from point A to point B. Prstik, There are lots of places to find used memberships. If you haven't already done so, get on the Escapees Forums. Loads of great information for fulltimers and there are often memberships advertised in their marketplace section of the forums. As already said, for a regular used TT membership, get the contract number and call TT and asked about the contract. NO TWO contracts are alike. Do be sure that the membership includes NACO/Leisure Time -- that will give you the opportunity to also purchase a RPI membership which can be used at other affiliated parks. I would suggest you take a look at our blog page on Membership parks that will give you some good information. Barb
BarbaraOK 07/12/14 09:59pm Full-time RVing
RE: Establishing a Domicile

The are wheels under each rig that are designed to move! If you don't want to move at least every six months, then you are just a state resident living in an RV. Barb
BarbaraOK 07/10/14 01:29pm Full-time RVing
RE: where do you winter?

We spend the winter in Mesa, Arizona. Love the desert and the Phoenix area is a great place to get our fix of concerts, museums, great restaurants, shopping, all of the metro urban fixes we want plus the desert just minutes away. Barb
BarbaraOK 07/06/14 09:27pm Full-time RVing
RE: Over 55 RV Resorts in AZ

Why have you limited yourself to Yuma or Tucson? I would venture to say that there is a lot more to see and do in the metro Phoenix area. And 55+ parks abound on both the east and west side, with the east side (Mesa, Apache Junction, Gold Canyon) having the most. Barb
BarbaraOK 07/06/14 01:10pm Full-time RVing
RE: maybe a dumb question

The answer seems so obvious that I almost hate to ask. I see a lot of RV parks in AZ or other SW states that say they are 55+ parks. I just retired and am going to be full timing it and am looking for a place in AZ probably, problem may be that I'm only 53. Do you really have to be 55 to stay in these parks? like I said, the answer may be so obvious it isn't funny thanks Usually one of the partners has to be 55+, though often parks can allow a certain % to be under 55. What they don't allow are long term stays by someone with kids, because there are certain tax advantages to a 55+ park and in return, the park is telling the community that they will not burden the school system. You will find most of the snow bird parks in AZ will be 55+ because they are catering to those people who are retired, like to be warm in the winter, and have enough of a disposable income to be able to stay there. Barb
BarbaraOK 07/03/14 08:47am Full-time RVing
RE: Campground Memberships

Could someone post the Urls of the various Campground Membership places so I can check out the various ones? I am looking into joining one or more. So far, I am aware of Passport American and Escapees. Neither PPA or Escapees is a 'membership' campground program. Both offer discounts for their members. Read our blog page on membership programs: Membership Parks then do a Goggle search for each of the ones that you want to consider. And get a used membership. We've saved 10s of thousands of dollars using them over the past 8 years. Barb
BarbaraOK 06/30/14 10:44am Full-time RVing
RE: Help with how picking a state works

They will get something done. There is big oil money behind getting it corrected for all of the oil services companies and trucking outfits that are currently in ND. Not to mention the state rep and state senator for the Livingston area don't want to loose 10,000+ constituents. Yes, the worst case scenario could occur, so you can go ahead and tell everyone how awful Texas is and encourage everyone to use Arizona as their fulltiming domicile. Barb
BarbaraOK 06/16/14 03:28pm Full-time RVing
RE: Help with how picking a state works

Are you going to tell us what would happen to RVers who domicile in TX if the TX new vehicle registration goes into effect next March? Since the state is now working on the problem and haven't posted how the exceptions will be handled, no one can tell you what will happen. And if they don't get it worked out, Escapees will lose a lot of customers with some moving to Florida and some to SD, just depending upon what there needs are. There may even be one or two that will move to Arizona, though I highly doubt it. Again, I'm not sure why you are so angry about where others live. I get that you think Arizona is great - we love it in the winter and spend 3-4 months there. But for most people using AZ as their domicile while fulltiming just doesn't work. Barb
BarbaraOK 06/16/14 09:04am Full-time RVing
RE: Help with how picking a state works

BTW - what is the mail service that caters to RVers in AZ? We use Havasu Mail & Business Center. I see nothing on their site that gives information on what they provide for fulltimers - it is just a regular mail service for businesses, etc. If it works fine for you that is great. But how do they help with jury duty and how do they handle voting for you? There is a lot more than just forwarding mail that is involved in true full timer service. Barb
BarbaraOK 06/15/14 03:59pm Full-time RVing
RE: Help with how picking a state works

Important Considerations: No state income tax Low RV & tow registration costs Lower RV & tow insurance rates Lower costs and nationwide coverage for health insurance. Choose correctly & you will save $1000.s of $$$ a year Also add whether or not voting at your address is allowed, how easy it is to take care of jury duty, what the inheritance laws are that will affect YOUR situation, etc. It takes work to find the state that will give you the greatest amount of freedom to pursue your dreams. Barb
BarbaraOK 06/15/14 03:47pm Full-time RVing
RE: Help with how picking a state works

I disagree. If one does a bit of research on their state of choice then they can live in at mail box in any state. My vehicles were titled and insured in WA. I researched transferring them to TX or FL. I concluded that the high title transfer fees, acquiring a new drivers license, and the high auto insurance rates in those states was too much for me. I rented a mail box at a mom-and-pop parcel store located in a stand-alone building - not a strip mall. Changing my drivers license address was free ($10 if I wanted a new drivers license with the new address. I paid the $10). The auto insurance for the MH and toad went up $1 and $2 - simply because I moved 1 county away. My drivers license says "# nnnn" instead of "PMB nnnn" - because the state's computer system doesn't accept "PMB" as a valid abbreviation. If they don't care then I don't care. Then for any other address change if they didn't accept "PMB nnnn" then I tell them "This is how the state has it on my drivers license, so if that's what they use then you can use that". I follow the path of least resistance in this regard. I have never had an address issue that wasn't easily resolved. Try coming in from out-of-state to register your vehicles and get DL using a UPS mailbox as your physical address - can't be done as far as we could determine. Changing an address, yes, but not establishing a new one. Plus there was the additional amount of money that the state wanted in terms of registering. I was born in Skagit county so we really did want to 'come home' but the state made it impossible unless I was going to use my mothers address (could use my sister's because she lives in King county) and I didn't want my elderly mother to have to worry about getting and forwarding our mail. Barb
BarbaraOK 06/15/14 12:50pm Full-time RVing
RE: Help with how picking a state works

TechWriter, The new law in Texas is NOT in effect yet, it doesn't go into effect until 3-1-15. So right now you register as we have always done. This wasn't a separate law, it was an amendment that was stuck on another bill on the last days of the legislature. Yes, Escapees missed it, as did the trucking industry and the oil service industry, all of whom have joined in getting the state to look at how they are going to address the issue of those out of state who can not get inspection done. Not sure why you are so antagonistic about being in Arizona and a full timer and thinking everyone else would want to do the same. If it works for you, great, but it is obvious that it doesn't work for most people who fulltime or we would see a lot of people with AZ plates who are fulltimers. Others have rigs that the yearly registration fees would be prohibitive because it is based on value, or they have income from investments, etc., that would incur taxes that they don't have to pay if they are residents of SD, FL, or TX. BTW - having a good mail service that caters to a full timer (whether RV or boats) is more than just dumping mail in a box and forwarding it on. The best states for retirees in terms of taxes included things like property taxes. That's why Texas isn't on the list because property taxes are so high - - but since we don't own property, we don't worry about that. BTW - what is the mail service that caters to RVers in AZ? Barb
BarbaraOK 06/15/14 12:45pm Full-time RVing
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