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RE: COE Campgrounds

I found out Indiana Coe campgrounds are run by the state of Indiana! just our luck! Tara Lots of COE projects In the west the campgrounds were sold for an insignificant amount (like $1) to state and local governments who wanted to operate the parks. We've stayed at many of them - you can always tell a COE park in the layout, the way electrical & water lines are placed, etc. Barb
BarbaraOK 09/21/17 07:44pm Full-time RVing
RE: Internet options for full timers

We use an average of 12-18 GB bandwidth per month. What really upsets me is that much of that bandwidth goes to videos/ advertisements various websites use. Forget about getting news from any source without more bandwidth for their videos than actual news....... You need to use Ad Blocker and a Flash Control extension to block videos from playing. There are a lot of different extensions out there that will accomplish that for you - - just depends upon the browser that you use. Barb
BarbaraOK 09/15/17 09:03pm Full-time RVing
RE: Should I Freeze my Credit Reports?

In the fine print on the website Equifax set up so you can check if your info was stolen, it says by using their site you are giving up your right to sue Equifax. No, that's not correct. I also would't trust their site to tell you accurately whether or not you're affected. People have been getting different answers when checking multiple times. There have also been many reports that one can put in fake info (like "Test" for your last name and "123456" for your SSN) and be told your info was compromised. Actually that would be a correct answer to the info put in. Our daughter checked, and her info was part of the hack. She's frozen her and her husband's info, we will do so after the hubbub has died down.
BarbaraOK 09/15/17 10:47am Around the Campfire
RE: New route to Arizona?

Dallas traffic is horrible. So is Houston - you may want to avoid both of them. I-20 is very easy (though slow at rush hour) to go south of Dallas. If coming from the east, get on I-20 out of Shreveport, and take it clear across the bottom of the Metroplex (don't stay in the right hand lane, get over at least 1 lane to the left - we always try to stay in the middle lanes) until you are past Fort Worth.
BarbaraOK 09/09/17 10:46am Snowbirds
RE: Medicare and Insurance

Also you need to get Plan D (prescription drugs) taken care of EVEN IF YOU TAKE NO MEDICATIONS AT THE CURRENT TIME. If you delay, you will have to pay a penalty when you enroll later - and it can be significant.
BarbaraOK 09/09/17 10:43am Full-time RVing
RE: Medicare and Insurance

Look at a nationwide supplement. Take at AARP endorsed supplements, 'F' plans. They pick up the 80% Medicare doesn't. There are also other nationwide plans. You will also need a drug plan. If in good health now, look at WalMart or Express Scripts, for their Plan D coverage/costs. Medicare web site is your friend, us it for research
BarbaraOK 09/08/17 12:42pm Full-time RVing
RE: COE Campgrounds

You have to show the pass when you arrive to verify the rate. We stayed only once at a COE but it was nice and easy. Note most if not all have a max stay, I think it's 14 days. Which is why we each have a senior pass. Two separate reservations under different numbers, usually designed so that we go dump and move to a new site for another 10 days or so.
BarbaraOK 09/03/17 05:02pm Full-time RVing
RE: After a year off snowbirding, booked winter site for Arizona

Luckily we were able to get into a park we've previously enjoyed due to a cancellation. We like the Mesa area. Which Mesa park? We will be in Val Vista (Fiesta section)
BarbaraOK 09/02/17 09:07am Snowbirds
RE: November in Texas?

Florida is in the path of Irma, on some models, so his plans may change a lot in the coming days. I would advise against going I-10 across. Pick up I-20 and go north to Dallas, across into at least Mississippi before turning south.
BarbaraOK 08/31/17 07:08pm Snowbirds
RE: Hurricane Harvey

For some good news from Rockport area, The BIG OAK tree at Goose Island made it through. You don't get to be 1,000 years old by being wimpy. :B
BarbaraOK 08/27/17 03:41pm Snowbirds
RE: Using family member address?

Ok thank you all! They are not low income so they don't qualify for any exemption. Just wanted to know before we asked. Thanks again, Tara You are going to impose upon them - if they are agreeable, no problem. But, what if they decide to move? Or they are ill, etc. We could have used our daughter's address in Texas, but she has her own life and I do not want to impose on her; plus they have moved a couple of times during the past 11 years and it would have been a real pain for us. Much better to have a mail forwarder who knows what fulltiming is about, in and area where local officials understand fulltiming.
BarbaraOK 08/27/17 01:11pm Full-time RVing
RE: I hope that no one has a camper in the Rio Grand Valley now:

Good grief, do none of you know about what can happen along the Texas Gulf Coast. Go look up Tropical Storm Allison, she never became a hurricane, came in over Houston, went north to Tyler, turned around and went south of Houston again. Completely flooded out the whole area around Houston, including the medical centers. The devastation was HUGE. The 4 day rain forecast means FLOODING, 100 yr type of FLOODING. There will be no where for the water to go, so it will sit and more will come in. Storm surge - you are talking about areas that are essentially at sea level, with no impediments to the water, it will just keep going inland for a long way. And if she wobbles at all (which a lot of them do) then McAllen can have problems. Plus, there will be a lot of tornadoes thrown up around the edges.
BarbaraOK 08/24/17 06:18pm Snowbirds
RE: Everyone going south early this year?

Agree, when you live in your RV for any length of time camping becomes a hardship. FHU, cable TV, internet, and a concrete patio is needed. All the same things you would want if you stayed at home for that same length of time. IMO, you got nesters and travelers. Snowbirds are one form of travelers. It's not for nesters just like any traveling for more then a month would be. Did you not notice that I said we spend 6 months on the road - 2 week max stays - this after 9 years of fulltiming. Don't need a concrete patio, but at least water/electricity. I'm retired, I want a comfortable place to rest at night after exploring during the day. Like our 200 mile jaunt on Monday to view the TOTALITY ECLIPSE in Albany, Oregon. We set up in a park that we like in Sutherlin, got up early and drove north - set out in a lovely park in Albany and enjoyed the show. Came back and set out pictures to our friends and family. Our little Subaru gets us to all sorts of places during the day, and back to comfort for the evening. Barb
BarbaraOK 08/23/17 08:35am Snowbirds
RE: Full Time RVers using mail forwarding and Denied Credit

How you put in the address isn't the problem All mail forwarders are registered with the Post Office, and have been identified as such, then into databases that financial firms use.
BarbaraOK 08/22/17 09:22pm Full-time RVing
RE: Everyone going south early this year?

I don't camp. Haven't been 'camping' since my daughter was 15. Three days in the rain in a tent with a 15 yr old - no way would I do that again. I RV for 6 months of the year and the other 6 months we spread out in the Park Model and enjoy warm weather and solar snow removal along with restuarants, shopping, arts centers, museums, etc.
BarbaraOK 08/22/17 07:20pm Snowbirds
RE: Full Time RVers using mail forwarding and Denied Credit

Tell Capital One to take a hike, that other companies want your business. We've been out for 11 years, neither Chase, BOA, Discover, Bank of the West, TIAA, nor Vanguard has ever questioned us about our Escapees address. Do a search over on the Escapees forum on this - - you will find lots of info and what can be used as a physical address.
BarbaraOK 08/22/17 07:17pm Full-time RVing
RE: Going full time

Remember, when you quit fulltiming, you get to purchase all those items new again.:B No. Because I wouldn't want all of that stuff. People hung up on 'stuff', even if it's 50 yrs worth, will never make a success of fulltiming. You either embrace having freedom, or your stuff owns you. ?? BTW, people in S&B replace furniture all the time. And you can't take it with you when you die.
BarbaraOK 08/20/17 11:14am Full-time RVing
RE: Yuma,Az

I don't know if this is possible but, There is a military campground just down the road and right on the bay. Your granddaughter may be able to mmake reservations for you as she is eligible to use the campground. She could just make the reservation in her name and I think that would be fine. The phone number for the campground is 619-522-8681/8680. The name of the campground is Fiddlers Cove RV Park. Really nice and around $40 a night. Hope this helps. My wife's grandson is also stationed there. Busyguy $40/night X 30 nights/month = $1200/month. No savings
BarbaraOK 08/16/17 03:33pm Snowbirds
RE: Prescription medications 90 day rule: What to do?

MamaGoose, I tried sending you a PM with an obvious solution but you don't except them. Have you sat down with your physician, discussed your problem, and asked for help with obvious solutions. Think about it for a minute and the solution should jump at you. Barb
BarbaraOK 08/13/17 10:33am Snowbirds
RE: Prescription medications 90 day rule: What to do?

Oh, I would be VERY careful. Last night I was researching. One pharmacy, I found the address and used google street view so I could actually see the building. The website also posts the name and license number of the pharmacist. but where are the drugs actually manufactured? bumpy Probably the exact same place you get your USA drugs. Those poor Kanucks, they're dropping over dead all the time from those bad Canadian drugs without our high USA quality standards to guide them. :R Yes, when ordering anything off the internet one should do their due diligence. How do you do diligence when you order from a Canadian address, and mistakenly think you are getting Canadian manufactured products produced under decent GMPs but they are actually just a mail order address and the actual drug product comes from a third world country? and FYI Canadian drugs are manufactured under very similar GMPs as those in the USA. which is basically why Canadian drugs are/were generally allowed in the US without US FDA inspection. you seem to be confusing two issues. 1) drug products manufactured in Canada and 2) DRUG products ordered thru a Canadian address that are manufactured in a third world country subjected to who knows what type of conditions. bumpy I hate to break anyone's bubble, but a huge amount of US medications are produced in other countries, like China. Barb
BarbaraOK 08/13/17 10:30am Snowbirds
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