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RE: Snowbird sites where you can grow vegies/flowers?

First question is when do you arrive and how long do you stay. If you come in November, you can usually get pot containers growing before everyone leaves in April - - but we're in Arizona, so digging in the grown isn't going to do it, it will need to be in pots/raised bed and you would have to clean it our when you leave, so pots really are the only way to go. Lots of people have pots of flowers around their rigs (or in our case Park Model) and will just dump the pots when they head out. Barb
BarbaraOK 02/27/15 08:43am Snowbirds
RE: Annual cost to fulltime

Exactly. You can only find this information from those that are living it. Yet it seems those that live it do not want to share it publicly. Some have and I am grateful for that. Others just seem afraid somebody will hold their feet to the fire if they tell them $30,000 and that person ends up spending more. No, I do not share all of my finances on an open and public forum. I did give some examples of our monthly (or average nightly costs) for those budget items that are related only to fulltiming. Other things that we spend money on are personal to us. And it appears that you aren't listening carefully when people are repeatingly telling you that much of your budget will stay the same. Your grocery bill will be about the same, your dining out will be about the same, your hobbies, etc. ail be about the same. Also, I noticed that you were asked some questions that would help everyone give you better answers and you have chosen not to answer? For those like my wife and I that are planning ahead for a decent retirement, this information can help us plan. So we have an idea of what it will cost us the first year when we want to see the country. And maybe the next year or two if we do some work camping and only move 4-6 times. It may also tell us that we can only do this for X amount of years and that is where we need to stop so we can have our exit strategy planned. If you are planning on fulltiming for only X number of years - assuming X is less than 5 years - then you're not talking about fulltiming but rather an expended vacation. You first have to get your mind around the idea that we are not vacationing, that fulltiming is just another way to live but with the ability to change your front view whenever the seasons change. Also, if you are years away then whatever we say now will have no bearing on what the costs are in 5+ years. I'm sorry if I sound harsh, but you've come to ask questions, you get some answers and then are angry at the people who gave you the answers - - not a way to get good information from others who are fulltiming. Barb
BarbaraOK 02/27/15 08:38am Full-time RVing

Just don't get in a hurry to buy the first rig you look at. Take your time. Barb
BarbaraOK 02/27/15 08:25am Full-time RVing
RE: Annual cost to fulltime

Here is what I mean. What is the average amount YOU spend to live as a full-timer for one year? Simple question. No it isn't a simple question because whatever the answer is, it means nothing if you don't have EXACTLY the same type of rig/lifestyle/likes/dislikes as we do. I put up some averages for those things that are apropos to fulltime RVing (like fuel/park costs) - then you need to take averages from several others and see what seems reasonable to you and add that to your normal expenditures for things like food, dining out, hobbies, clothing, pets, etc. Barb
BarbaraOK 02/26/15 06:21pm Full-time RVing
RE: Casa Grande resort

Nice parks in Casa Grande, only problem is there is no great restaurants, no great shopping, no museums, no concerts, etc., which is why we stay in Mesa so we have access to all of the things we enjoy doing during our down time in the winter. Barb And just when will Cal-Am build a new ball room for the three combined resorts called Val Vista Villages (Fiesta, Ranchos and Val Vista) that is big enough for the number sites? I would note that being older resorts the sites are not the big also. I will stick with Canyon Vistas in Gold Canyon, much newer resort with larger lots. Out just enough to enjoy some dessert but close enough for all the activities that Barbara talks about. As far as activities inside a resort, it is hard to beat what Cal-Am offers at its resorts. Chris Did you happen to see the new fitness center, the new woodworking shop, the expanded fiber arts center, the expanded courtyard at the Visitors center, etc. They have really done a lot of work this past year. Not sure where you were parked, but before we got the park model, we had our MH in one of the sites in Val Vista area that was as large as the one we had when we stayed at Gold Canyon and also about the same size as our lot when we stayed in Mesa Spirit. The sites (especially the pull throughs) in the Fiesta area are slightly smaller, but we have a 40+ MH next to us right now with no problems. Barb
BarbaraOK 02/26/15 12:01pm Snowbirds
RE: Casa Grande resort

Where do you stay in Mesa and how are the prices. Wonder if they have gone up in the last couple of years We're at Val Vista. Yes, rates have gone up some in the past 3-4 years. Best rate is for 3+ months. Barb
BarbaraOK 02/26/15 11:52am Snowbirds
RE: What do you do with your time while full-timing

Some days I have no idea what we do, but we don't seem to have enough time to do all we want.:B Will there be days when you do nothing - yes. Will there be days when you leave the rig early in the morning to go explore and area and don't return until late at night - sure will. Then there will be moving days, days to do the laundry, time for grocery shopping, etc. Are we ever bored - nope. Not in almost 9 years. The key is to not try and schedule things into a very strict time limit. Unless it is a special event, we always figure that things are written in jello and we get somewhere when we get there. When moving, we do try and make sure we are stopped and in the park by 2:00 pm, so that we can watch the late afternoon arrivals trying to get into tight spots rather than being part of the show.:W Barb
BarbaraOK 02/26/15 11:50am Full-time RVing
RE: Annual cost to fulltime

Park costs over the year = $18.00/night. We make extensive use of our membership parks, spending at least 100 nights a year in these parks at rates between $0 - $10/night. Also use COE parks whenever possible with our Senior Pass. Fuel - we average about $350/month. We just don't move that fast that we burn up huge quantities of fuel and we stay put in the winter for 3-5 months. We're lucky we have no health insurance premiums for Medicare supplemental or prescriptions as our former employer covers those as part of our retirement package. Now we spend money on some things that a lot of people don't, like $50/month for wine. And while we get into all of the national parks for nothing (again that Senior Pass) we always spend about $25 or so at each stop for books for our daughter's special ed classes. We spend more on dining out than a lot of people - part of the fun we have is finding great breakfast restaurants as we travel. Since we have a DP, we set aside $200/month for maintenance and repairs. Most years we don't use it all, but every once in a while you do a major fluid/filters change and we have the money available to do that. Tires are replaced at about 7 years. We do the front (steer) tires one year and a year or two later the rear tires. Again, we set money aside each month for that so when due the funds are already there. Same for batteries - replace the starting batteries this year after 8 years of use. Could probably go longer, but would rather not wait until they die. Clothing budget is very little - maybe a new pair of jeans and new underwear each year. Purchased new sheets this year as our old ones (9 yrs old) wore out. And, of course, the obligator t-shirt or two at some of the places we investigate as we travel. We do spend money on jazz concerts in the winter (3 this year) and a couple of Spring Training games each year. Sure wish Spring Training seats were still $5/each like they were when we lived in Scottsdale in 1970 - - but obviously nothing stays the same. Barb
BarbaraOK 02/26/15 11:38am Full-time RVing
RE: Casa Grande resort

Nice parks in Casa Grande, only problem is there is no great restaurants, no great shopping, no museums, no concerts, etc., which is why we stay in Mesa so we have access to all of the things we enjoy doing during our down time in the winter. Barb
BarbaraOK 02/25/15 08:31pm Snowbirds
RE: States for Full Timing

SD is not good for those who need individual health insurance plans. SD is cheaper if you are buying a rig - the sales tax is only 3%. Texas has a lot of health plans (as does Florida) for those needing individual policies. There really aren't that much differences between the 3 states - mostly comes down to preference. For us Texas was a no-brainer because we were already living in TX when we retired and started fulltiming, and Escapees is such a great outfit to work with, it is always our first recommendation. Barb
BarbaraOK 02/25/15 06:23pm Full-time RVing
RE: Any of regret going fulltime Rving

The biggest mistake is not having a workable exit plan. I think some folks want to fulltime so bad, they use all of their assets to buy the RV, then use it until it has depreciated to be worth almost nothing. Then reality sets in. They can no longer travel and are stuck. No money to buy a permanent residence, cannot afford to rent accommodations they would be comfortable in, and the RV is not practical to love in. Yes, and many people who have posted above may be included in that group, but may just not realize it yet. My parents were. Who knows, their plan may be to do a "Thelma & Louise' exit but don't feel like sharing it with everyone. I have a feeling most people who are fulltiming for a number of years have a rough idea of what they are going to do - the problem is always determining WHEN is the correct time. Barb
BarbaraOK 02/21/15 11:06am Full-time RVing
RE: Any of regret going fulltime Rving

When one sell there home to buy a big Motor Home to go full time could have made a mistake. I love my RV but never ever wanted to go full time. I need a home base. Maybe for some that ok but I don't think my wife would go for that. Now I want to travel out west this summer again for a month or so and that about it. So why the question since you have already decided that it isn't for you? I am not sure I understand, do you think that fulltimers would agree with you that it was a bad idea? And those who decided against it usually wouldn't be posting in the Full-time RVing section. Barb
BarbaraOK 02/20/15 07:19pm Full-time RVing
RE: 2014 Federal Income Tax guidance

Are you really going to follow Income Tax advice from a FREE Internet Forum? Go see an CPA! Especially with the sale of your home to deal with. There is nothing complicated about selling an house and reporting it. I have done it several times and never, ever had a problem. Since the gain on a home - not a flip house - is not taxed up to $250K for single ($500K - married) the house is just a yes we did, check here, nothing do, move on to the next form. Turbo Tax is an easy walk through and if you have all of the W-2s from the different states that you worked in, will let you know what state taxes you will need to file and how to do it. Barb
BarbaraOK 02/12/15 08:00am Full-time RVing
RE: RV park cost - Mesa, Apache Junction, Gold Canyon

Mild winter means the snakes come out early. People forget that when it starts warming like it is doing here, they need to increase their vigilance when out in the desert. Hopes recovery goes well. Barb
BarbaraOK 02/11/15 07:58am Snowbirds
RE: Moab RV Parks

A month in the summer at Moab? Maybe May or September but summer is HOT in the 90s+ range. Barb
BarbaraOK 02/10/15 09:42am Full-time RVing
RE: RV park cost - Mesa, Apache Junction, Gold Canyon

In the Mesa, Apache Junction, Gold Canyon area between $350-$1000 per month plus electric would be a good range. Barb
BarbaraOK 02/06/15 12:28pm Snowbirds
RE: RV park cost - Mesa, Apache Junction, Gold Canyon

Mesa Spirit will be just a little cheaper than either Val Vista or Canyon Vistas. Our only problem with Canyon Vistas was it is so far out and away from everything we like do, etc. Barb
BarbaraOK 02/05/15 09:30am Snowbirds
RE: Boy, if I was in the market to buy...

Anyone see any exceptional deals on park models, pads with casitas or such? The kind of deal you said, 'boy, if I were ready to get one...' The state doesn't matter.. Nancy Yes, that's why we bought ours last October. We're in Mesa AZ. Next door neighbors just sold theirs. Barb
BarbaraOK 02/03/15 01:41pm Snowbirds
RE: The Zen of Full Timing - Living Comfortably

We have real glass wine glasses, we have a wine rack so that the wine can be stored properly on its side, we have an electric cork screw so that arthritic fingers can open the wine bottles easier and a new insert to aerate the wine as it is poured. In case you couldn't guess, we like a little wine with our dinners.:B We also have a set of real dishes and only use paper plates for a large group out on the patio. I get new sheets and towels each year to sort of 'freshen' up the bedroom & bath area. We got an Ekonnes Stressless chair & ottoman - expensive but it is a wonderful chair. Removed the day-night shades in the kitchen/livingroom area and put in regular blinds, windows are tinted so really didn't need the 'day' portion and now we can easily adjust the amount of light coming in. Have Starbucks app loaded on the smart phone, so we only serve Starbucks at home, in real mugs, with beans ground just before brewing. Like wine, good coffee is a must for me. Barb
BarbaraOK 02/02/15 08:52am Full-time RVing
RE: Fulltiming and Prescriptions

Since we are in Mesa for several months each winter, we went ahead and got a new primary care physician this year. Turns out to be a great decision as the thorough new patient review caught several potential problems. Not saying our 'hometown' physician won't have caught them, but a fresh pair of eyes can be a good thing. barb
BarbaraOK 02/01/15 07:32pm Full-time RVing
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