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RE: Domicile / mail services

IT DOES HAVE AN ENHANCED LICENSE REQUIREMENT (not CDL) for Motorhomes (Class B) > 26,000# or PU/5er Combos (Class A) >26,000# with trailers >10,000#
BarbaraOK 06/17/18 09:28am Full-time RVing
RE: Coast Affiliates

We have been C2C members since 2005 and hope it keeps going. Sadly we are finding that some of the parks that use to be C2C are now only available under AOR.
BarbaraOK 06/16/18 12:23am Coast to Coast
RE: Domicile / mail services

I just went to the Escapees website and seen nothing about them being able to help someone change their Domain to a different state. Did you mean Domicile? What do you want them to do? Join, click on mail service, sign up. That will get you your new domicile address. You then give the folks at the Polk County assessors office a call, tell them your a new escapee and need to get your vehicles registered. They will talk you through the process, giving you the exact amount of $ needed, what documents to send with the payment, the address to send it to, etc. When they have processed the paperwork, they send plates/stickers over to Escapees (actually drive them over once a week, IIRC), Escapees sends an email to let you know they are 'in' and you send Escapees an email telling them where to send your mail, including your plates/registration stickers. You still have to go to Texas to get your drivers license.
BarbaraOK 06/14/18 09:57am Full-time RVing
RE: Coast Affiliates

Hello jdb7566, Thank you for contacting Good Sam, please allow me to share your concerns with the Coast to Coast team. Have a good day. Thank you, Ella Good Sam Care Team These are not "concerns" - many of us feel that we are slowly seeing the demise of Coast-to-Coast. Why not raise the nightly amount if parks feel they need more per night. The ability to have an assured place to stop for a short period of time, with fee already paid, was what attracts one to C2C. As it now stands, if I have to call, I'm going to use Passport America as most parks are much more receptive to using them - I've encountered down right hostility from park when mentioning GNP, but they were happy to take the Passport number and give that discount. Barb
BarbaraOK 06/14/18 09:50am Coast to Coast
RE: Is this possible?

Again, I have to ask, if you are not going to move it around, why not buy a Park Model? In fact, every RV Park that has park models will have several each year for sale and you can get them for a song. We got ours for under $15K, costs us ~$200 in property taxes each year, no 'plates' to worry about, no sales tax, just move in and enjoy it. Cost of the site it sits on would be the same with a trailer sitting there for the whole year, plus we have a huge covered carport/patio area to enjoy.
BarbaraOK 06/12/18 10:17am Snowbirds
RE: Is this possible?

I would highly recommend you consider a Park Model. If you aren't going to be moving the trailer, you will find a park model will be more comfortable, give you more space, is better insulated, has regular plumbing (no tanks to dump) and will make your time in the area more enjoyable. Lots of people will leave a car (licensed in the state they are in) in the carport area (covered), and fly back and forth.
BarbaraOK 06/11/18 10:13am Snowbirds
RE: Florida RV registration?

Are you going to have a particular site that you will use all of the time - if so, use that as your address if the park will allow it. Or are you going to store for the summer and travel in Florida for the winter, in that case look for a mail forwarder in Florida near where you will store the rig.
BarbaraOK 05/24/18 09:58am Snowbirds
Spiraling down of C2C

We've been members of C2C since 2005. I am very disappointed to see the yearly decrease in the number of parks. If it is the $10/night, RAISE IT. I would expect the costs to go up over the years, not remain the same. It is very discouraging to see so few parks left. And almost all of the former Good Neighbor Parks are also Passport America, usually at less and easier to get into. Barbara
BarbaraOK 05/16/18 04:48pm Coast to Coast
RE: Ready 4 full timing, but theft has me worried the most!

So you go to town, do whatever, come back and your 5er has been hitched up and taken away. And you will do what - call police, report a crime, call insurance company, etc. That is called life - it could just as easily happen in a S&B that is broken into anywhere in the country every single day. I beat ovarian cancer (25 years next month!) and since then, I'm come to understand that nothing is for certain, that if you don't die you will wake up in the morning and get on with life. Nothing brings that home like lying on the bathroom floor, heaving blood and bile from the chemo effects, to realize that. We've been out since 2006. Could we get robbed. Yes. Is it likely - no. Take normal precautions, learn to enjoy life - otherwise, what is the point?
BarbaraOK 05/04/18 06:43pm Full-time RVing
RE: Ready 4 full timing, but theft has me worried the most!

We've been out since 2006. We don't keep the bay doors locked, but do lock the main door. Why not the bay door - key #751. Everyone has one of those keys. Besides, if you want something from our bays - be my guest, just don't break the catch, then crawl in and try to find what you think you must have. BTW - the neighbors in most RV parks are VERY nosey and will be wondering over asking if you need help, when did you pull in, are you our brother-in-law, etc.? You take every tool with you because some day you might need it. We carry 4 credit cards (2 different for each of us) - if we need something, that's when we go get it. Besides, those tools take up space that could be used for WINE. RVing should be liberating, you are looking to make your life even more complicated. I'd suggest you try something else. Barb
BarbaraOK 04/29/18 05:46pm Full-time RVing
RE: Water Line Treatment while away

Unhook from anything with pressure. Wouldn't worry about any water in lines during the time you are gone. Ours sit each winter in AZ. Come spring, we run fresh water through it, dump fresh water tank and refill, and away we go. Make sure you've cleaned out the fridge and leave the fridge doors open. Leave roof vents cracked (assuming you have covers for them.). Through disconnect switch for batteries. Close blinds, away you go.
BarbaraOK 04/27/18 08:43am Full-time RVing
RE: Need advice on a Texas drivers license

Bill, you were not paying attention. No one needs a CDL of any type for an RV. We all said that. What you have to have is a Class A exempt for truck and trailer if the trailer is more than 10,000#. Also if you pull a trailer behind your motorhome and it weights more than 10K# you need a Class A. We have a DP and while she tops out at 32K# (and she has a GCWR of 43K), she has a hitch that would allow her to pull a >10K# trailer. We have Class A licenses, simply because the place where we got ours allowed that while Class B covered us for what we were currently doing, Class A would cover all contingencies.
BarbaraOK 04/16/18 08:17am Full-time RVing
RE: Need advice on a Texas drivers license

No Bill, for pulling a trailer over 10,000#, you need a Class A license. Still not a CDL, but there is a slight difference between the Class B and Class A. The written test is the same, and the driving test just about the same. Barb
BarbaraOK 04/15/18 06:21pm Full-time RVing
RE: Your Snowbird experience?

We won the weather lottery by being in Mesa Az this winter. Had a great time. Super riding area. Texas hill country warmed up in time for our month there. Another great riding area. Our park promised very fast internet included in our rent but it never happened. They offered refunds to park model owners but squat to RVers. Cost about $75 / month for our own internet. Are you a member of FMCA. $40/month for unlimited, with throttling a maybe after 25 gigs
BarbaraOK 04/12/18 03:06pm Snowbirds
RE: Capitol gains tax?

Remember, it isn’t that the house sells for $500K, but the PROFIT is above $500K. You get to subtract costs of remodeling, cost of getting it ready to sell, cost of selling, original purchase price, to figure out gain.
BarbaraOK 04/05/18 12:03pm Full-time RVing
RE: Boycott - Arizona Market Place, Yuma, AZ

Boycott starbucks, This is getting out of hand. :) Down right unAmerican
BarbaraOK 03/26/18 06:37pm Snowbirds
RE: Leaving trailer for six months in a hot location ?

pink stuff will evaporate slower.. keeping the toilet seal from drying out. sink traps.... so not as much needed keep a few windows open a LITTLE.. and/or roof vents... a small amount.. Air movement is good... my opinion. Fill ziploc bags with water and put over drain opening, fill large bag with water and place over seal in toilet. Prop open refrigerator doors and crack vents open.
BarbaraOK 03/16/18 07:35am Snowbirds
RE: Interesting observation

And on the reverse, the minute we moved into our park model we found a chill I. The air from RVers parked around us. Pleasant, but really at arms length. When we arrive in the fall we usually have the MH on a site for 2-5 days while we unload and people coming in in the RVs are friendly. But within a week the chill settles over. Really strange. Barb, I find that quite strange given the VVV/Fiesta/Ranchos is mostly park models! Maybe you should move out farther East to Cal-Am's friendliest RV Resort. Lots are larger and park is smaller to boot. Send me a PM and drive out to Gold Canyon sometime and check it out. We will be here until late April. Chris You haven’t been in the Fiesta section for a while, loads of older PM have been removed, lots of RV sites. Gold Coast is too far out for us, long drive to get to anywhere. Plus the awful traffic during the month of the festival each March. :W
BarbaraOK 03/16/18 07:31am Snowbirds
RE: Interesting observation

Just a note, the correct spelling is: clique
BarbaraOK 03/15/18 09:45am Snowbirds
RE: Interesting observation

RGV...ok ... one park... been here now 2 winters ( 5 months each )... same site with travel trailer.... and met most park model owners.. 3 days ago I purchased a used park model.. I have been flooded with new visitors.. aka same park model owners... so much so, I am having problems getting things done... way different behavior... nice before.. just not friendly.. And on the reverse, the minute we moved into our park model we found a chill I. The air from RVers parked around us. Pleasant, but really at arms length. When we arrive in the fall we usually have the MH on a site for 2-5 days while we unload and people coming in in the RVs are friendly. But within a week the chill settles over. Really strange.
BarbaraOK 03/13/18 07:02am Snowbirds
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