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RE: Weather Roulette

Actually AZ has been great this winter with just a little rain and a few cool days. And the rain means the desert will bloom in gorgeous color in a few weeks.
BarbaraOK 02/03/16 11:36am Snowbirds
RE: Depressed snowbird housing market - Yuma

We never thought it to be a good idea to buy anything related to a RV such as Park Models or to buy a lot in a RV park. When it's time to sell, people typically don't look at old ones. They want newer ones. They also don't want to live in an older park. They want newer ones with more facilities. We have found the best way to have multiple dwellings and moving with the temperatures or to visit with family for long periods of time is just to own one RV for traveling; hence, go full-time. It worked very well for us for 16 years. We bought an older park model (though the floor plan is the same as the new ones and it has been well taken care of) When we have to move onto an assisted living or some other place, we will simply have it pulled out by a company that then takes possession and uses them as temporary housing for work camps. We never expect to make a dime on it - just want a comfortable place for the winter. Someday we will be too old to drive our rig or health concerns will get in the way and now we have someplace to stop on our journey through life.
BarbaraOK 01/30/16 04:11pm Snowbirds
RE: Depressed snowbird housing market - Yuma

Personally, I never have figured out the draw of Yuma. My parents went there a few times when they were fulltiming and then again when they became snow-birds. They went because friends were there, but quickly found that it was ok for a couple of weeks and then they would move on. We spent a week there - about 4 days to long. Most people we know who go, go because of their friends are there. And a lot are Canadians. So if your friends all die out, or the exchange rate becomes very unfavorable, then they stop going. Others we know go because it is cheap compared to Tuscon or the greater Phoenix area. For us, winter is a time to enjoy being close to good shopping, good restaurants, great arts centers, concerts, great museums, etc. Also, the number of boomers becoming snow birds is down as the parks refuse to think about changing to reflect the change of their clientele. And if there isn't enough to do,in terms of arts/shopping/restuarants/concerts, boomers will not come. Barb
BarbaraOK 01/24/16 09:30pm Snowbirds
RE: Depressed snowbird housing market - Yuma

Do you mean that after 20 years, they still sold for less than they purchased the property?
BarbaraOK 01/24/16 04:35pm Snowbirds
RE: Depressed snowbird housing market - Yuma

there are many who have had to mark the properties down to half or more then what they are worth and still can't sell them They are worth what someone else is willing to pay for it, not what the owner thinks they should get for it. These folks had 20 yrs worth of enjoying warm winters, making great friends and great memories. Somethings money can't buy, so I'd say they are 'rich' in the things that count.
BarbaraOK 01/24/16 02:39pm Snowbirds
RE: Depressed snowbird housing market - Yuma

Property is only worth what someone else will pay for it. Sounds to me like they had many, many good years so how can that be seen as a 'major loss'? I would suggest that you focus on all of the good years they had and all of the memories they have made, the friends and family in their lives. Sounds like they are rich in the things that count.
BarbaraOK 01/24/16 10:49am Snowbirds
RE: How Much Does it Cost to Live on the Road?

It will cost as much as you have to spend. People fulltime spending from $1500/month to $7000 month (or more). There is no way ANYONE can answer that question if you were going to start tomorrow let alone 10-15 years from now. Save like mad and at some point in the future run some numbers and see where you are. If you have enough, go, if not keep working. Barb
BarbaraOK 01/24/16 08:59am Full-time RVing
RE: RV Security system ?

Move to another park, that's what the wheels are for - why would you stay somewhere that isn't safe? Barb
BarbaraOK 01/20/16 01:30pm Full-time RVing
RE: NO CABLE signal - how to resolve

Is the booster on for the OTA TV on? Sometimes they get pushed on and forgotten.
BarbaraOK 01/16/16 07:57pm Full-time RVing
RE: Park status sound off.

Our local Lions Club is suffering the fate experienced by many service clubs. After 44 years of service the club is now dying of old age and the younger generations are not willing to step forward to stop the hemorrhaging. Not willing or did they decide it wasn't worth the effort to try and join when the "powers that be" met every question or suggestion with a "we tried that 20 yrs ago" answer, even when the technology/ solution wasn't available 20 yrs ago? Barb
BarbaraOK 01/16/16 12:48pm Snowbirds
RE: Park status sound off.

It could be a lot of the older clientele does not want change and happy with the way it is. The problem with that is as they die off so does the park. I seen that happen to a lot of clubs such as American Legion, and other lodges. They look at younger people as outsiders. This is the part I don't understand, they have to KNOW that they will need younger people to replenish ranks, so why go out of their way to antagonize those who want to come aboard?
BarbaraOK 01/15/16 04:09pm Snowbirds
RE: Park status sound off.

....That said, a lot of the parks are outdated and worn out. The events are pretty much standard; shuffle board, country western dancing, mah jong(?), potlucks, and holiday dinners. Nothing too exciting. We like to get out and go to the state parks, birding, riding bikes, exercise, visiting new places, etc. I don't care much for just sitting around.... You hit the nail on the head with this one. We're snowbirds and so tired of these same old activities (don't forget karaoke, card night, bingo, crafts, movie night) that we don't spend much time at the clubhouse. The only thing left we enjoy are the potluck and holiday dinners. Too old to hike, bike etc we do at times get a little bored. At those times we'll take a ride into a nearby city and check out the stores, try a new restaurant, take a long walk along the road - whatever... I wish they would come up with something new but perhaps there is nothing new. Personally I can't think of anything else myself. I wish these RV resorts and parks would come up with something a little different. Perhaps there is nothing different. Try geocaching, good for both body and mind.. And there are a lot of things they could try. It just takes effort and enough younger folks demanding that they be heard.
BarbaraOK 01/15/16 12:55pm Snowbirds
RE: Park status sound off.

Some show up for a while and then drift away. Potlucks, shuffleboard, card games and lights out at 9:00 PM must not appeal to them. "LIKE BUTTON" And those things aren't what those under 75 and younger want. We're boomers and the park is still having "Big Band" nights. I would venture that over 2/3 of the park residents don't know who Ziggy Stardust was nor the fact that Bowie died this week. And when you raise a question the reply is "We've always done it this way" AGGGH!
BarbaraOK 01/12/16 06:28pm Snowbirds
RE: Park status sound off.

Also for Southern California and Arizona - this is an El Nino year and it may be that a lot of people decided it was going to be too wet/windy/cold for them. After some 5+ years of dryness, it is good to see the rain, but I suppose it isn't for everyone. I do think there is a demographic change going on. We've been fulltimers for a number of years and one of the things I'm noticing is that parks are still catering events for those who went to high school before the 60s, or for those who think Country Music is the only thing available. Luckily we don't depend upon the park offerings in terms of entertainment and in a large metro area we find plenty to do, but it is sad that the management of the parks hasn't figured out that they might need to adjust a changing of the 'guard' so to speak.
BarbaraOK 01/11/16 09:43pm Snowbirds
RE: Park status sound off.

We're in Mesa and the area where we have our park model has LOTS of empty sites - last year at this time everything was full. This year, plenty of sites for people. And we noticed that a number of park models that are owned by Canadians are not occupied this year. A couple have already been sold.
BarbaraOK 01/11/16 09:57am Snowbirds
RE: AZ park models vs. on-site storage of 5er

We purchased a park model last year. We've been fulltiming for 9 years and decided we wanted just more room in the winter. Now we stay in Mesa for 6 months, then use the motorhome to roam the other six months. All the winter stuff is left here in the spring, so the RV isn't as heavy now. :B And should something happen to either one of us, the other one has a place to go and sit for a year or so while figuring out what they want to do. The MH is stored onsite at our park during the winter for $66/month. Other storage areas in the Mesa area seem to charge between $60-$100 a month, depending upon whether they are covered or not. Lots of people here do the same thing. I'm not sure why people limit themselves to just 3 months, though I noticed more coming early this year and then flying back 'home' for Christmas. Barb
BarbaraOK 01/11/16 09:54am Snowbirds
RE: Online tax filing

I download the Verizon Basic version, it has all of the forms, and let it import info from last years taxes. Then I don't use the walk through (which will tell me I need their upgraded version) just fill in the 1099Rs that I have and file the taxes. The info stays on my computer and I can use the "what if" form to try different scenarios on whether to take just the RMD or a little more depending upon what we expect from pensions, other funds, etc. Barb
BarbaraOK 01/06/16 06:05pm Snowbirds
RE: Trip report new RAM and 5th wheel, in route to Arizona

We did our first long distance trip ...440 miles. Chris That's an oxymoron. Might want to post this in the beginners forum instead if you're trying to hide from some other poster. What is wrong with you? .....edit..... I agree that's a lot of miles for a fulltimer, but not for a snowbird who wants to get out of the snow and is headed for Arizona.
BarbaraOK 12/27/15 11:27am Snowbirds
RE: Full Timers with place to "land" aka RV park or Lot?

Have you been in Casa Grande on a warm day when the wind is strong from the west? You do like the smell of feed lots? And after a week or two, what are you going to do in Casa Grande? You're not close any arts centers, museums, good shopping, or good restaurants. Florence is a LOOOONG drive away from the valley, so not much to do. There are a few parks in Mesa that sell their lots outright, as well as a few that rent. I think you would be well served to spend a couple of winters (3-5 months) in different spots to see whether you really like them or not. After 5 years in Mesa, we found the park we like and put a park model on a lot so that we can spread out during the winter stay and get back into the motorhome for summer travel. Barb
BarbaraOK 12/27/15 11:22am Full-time RVing
RE: Has it been a cold winter so far, in the west?

I know, el nino. I've been watching the temperatures in Quartzite, Palm Springs, etc., thinking I might go there some future year. And they seem on the cold side! I see freezes in the forecast later this week. Is this normal for the area? No, you should definately stay away. In fact lots of people should stay away. We don't need everyone coming into these areas, clogging the roads, filling up the parks, etc. Hopefully no one will tell you colder winters happen once every 5 years or so, the rest are warm and sunny and all of these people follow us to the areas in the winter. :C Barb
BarbaraOK 12/23/15 01:10pm Snowbirds
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