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RE: getting your mail while moving around

Good one monkey44!!!!! To me having some mail service handle your mail is just asking for trouble. I mean, its not like those folks are paid $25.00 an hour. I am sure they will hire anyone at those places. It would be like if there was a rash of break-ins around your neighborhood and you decided to put a lock on your screen door to keep from being victimized. You just insult a large number of people who work very hard and do a good job. And you base it on what? No, they don't hire just anyone, at least Escapees doesn't. Of course we've only been using Escapees for 8 years and they have only been in business for something like 30 yrs, so obviously they are a fly by night outfit. And no one has ever heard of a US Post Office mail carrier who mishandled mail? Barb
BarbaraOK 10/31/14 04:25pm Full-time RVing
RE: How much are you driving your Toad?

You'll put as many, and probably ,ore, miles on your toad as you did your daily driver while working, Shopping, site seeing, going to concerts, dinner, exploring, for us geocaching. We figure a 100 mile radius from where we are parked is toad driving range, sometimes more. Things to watch for, reme,ber to add miles towed to the odometer mileage for tires, and really check the car battery every month. Amped rotate the tires on the toad frequently. Barb
BarbaraOK 10/29/14 07:35pm Full-time RVing
RE: getting your mail while moving around

Here are my problems with mail services. I don't want another group of strangers having access to my personal mail. I don't want some stranger opening, scanning, or reading my mail. The only person touching my mail is going to be the mailperson and my son. Every time you turn on the news you hear about Target or some large retailer having their computer system hacked and everyone's credit card information put at risk. We limit our debit card and credit card usage in an attempt to cut down on the possibility of identify theft. We sure don't want to give a whole group of strangers access to our mail everyday. Well no one opens our mail but us. You don't have to use a service that opens, scans & reads your mail. We've been using Escapees for 8 years and are very happy with it. Not any different than having the mail person carrying it - they receive, sort and stick it in your bin until you call/email and ask for your mail to be forwarded to xyz. And I don't want my child opening my mail, nor would I dream of imposing upon her (or any other relative) to have to receive, shred the junk mail, and forward it whenever I wanted. She's going to have to take care of us later when we can't do it for ourselves. Computer systems being hacked have nothing to do with the mail. In fact, all of our financial dealings are done online. Barb
BarbaraOK 10/29/14 11:58am Full-time RVing
RE: Some thoughts about full time travel

We spent most of the summer in Western Washington this year, looking at places that we might want to consider as a 'home base' because after 8 years of moving we've come to the point where we want to gradually ease into traveling only 1/2 of the year. While it was a glorious summer in the Seattle area, and my sister tells me it is still going on, I decided that even though I grew up there, I've spent to many years in areas where it didn't drizzle from October to April. We arrived in Mesa, AZ yesterday to begin looking for a park model while will be our winter destination and we will become sunbirds in the spring chasing the sun north to more moderate temperatures for the summer, and return to Mesa each year for the winter. We also decided to do this because it takes long each year to get through physician's appointments and we need to be able to take 2-3 months to get a problem thoroughly checked out, new medications tried, etc. Barb
BarbaraOK 10/12/14 08:14am Full-time RVing
RE: credit cards

I call, tell the person that I don't want to yell at them so get me a supervisor, then proceed to ask supervisor if they want to keep our business. If not, other companies do. That usually gets a "we're sorry, let me get this corrected". That said, we know that going through California I have to call before we enter and start getting $200+ worth of diesel every other day - - California has a real problem with fuel and people using stolen cards. It is irritating but I suppose with everything getting hacked it is something we have to learn to live with. Barb
BarbaraOK 10/10/14 12:00am Full-time RVing
RE: What is consider Full Timing to those that full time?

I am just starting to explore full time RVing, I had always thought of keeping a home in Michigan since we have good neighbors or using my son's address in Cali. But after visiting the Escapees RV site I notice that they use Florida or Texas, is there some advantages to these states? No state or local income tax. Barb
BarbaraOK 10/05/14 09:09am Full-time RVing
RE: Medical and veterinary needs while full timing.

Both Dave and our cat, Shadow, have needed care this summer. Shadow got better care. Most vets are very willing to see people who travel - found one in Newport, Oregon that even had Saturday hours just for tourists whose pets had problems. In both cases, they were very good with Shadow, clear with all the options, and asked that we let them know if we had any problems. Dave. on the other hand, went to the Emergency Room because his back went out to the point he couldn't move without extreme effort and pain that was an 11 on a 1-10 scale. After MRI, they decided it was just muscular as all discs looked normal for a man of his age, wrote a script for pain meds (which didn't help at all) and we had to beg for a wheel chair to get him to the car! Horrible service, etc. We've previously had much better care at Urgent Care clinics. We have learned that when the muscles spasm (usually because it turns cold) he is just on his back for 2-3 days and then everything relaxes and slides back into place when he stands up. Barb
BarbaraOK 10/04/14 07:06pm Full-time RVing
RE: What is consider Full Timing to those that full time?

Some of you say you travel full time, my wife is asking so how do you handle taxes, and credit cards, you have to have an address especially if your collecting benefits from Uncle Sam, retirement benefits, medical insurance? We use Escapees for our mail and that gives us a legal address in Livingston, TX. We do everything online, file taxes online, etc. We have Medicare and it is good all over the country. All income is direct deposit and we monitor our accounts online. Barb
BarbaraOK 10/04/14 06:56pm Full-time RVing
RE: Cost of active full-timing lifestyle

I figure if we get anything for the MH when we finally hang up the keys we are ahead. $5K/month is quite reasonable in the US, not sure about Canada. I'd you are paying $50/night you are anxiously not using all of the tools out there for cheaper site fees. Over the course of a year we average less tha $20/night. Barb
BarbaraOK 10/04/14 12:02pm Full-time RVing
RE: Quarantine???

So in essence everyone is scared because (1) it is new and (2) most people have insufficient science education to understand what the CDC is saying. First, it isn't new, just it has been confined before roads made it easy for people to move about in Africa. And there are a whole host hemorrhagic fevers out there and in most cases, no vaccine is available but the rate of death falls when modern supportive treatment is given. Second, unless someone is coming into contact with the bodily fluids without wearing protective equipment, there isn't transmission. And if someone doesn't wash their hands before eating - well there are a whole host of things that one is putting themselves at risk for, including salmonella and E.coli infections. But, go ahead and be afraid if that makes you feel better. Barb
BarbaraOK 10/03/14 02:09pm Snowbirds
RE: Quarantine???

It is slightly unsettling to know that a person can fly from Liberia to the US without being put in Quarantine for the 21 days required for the disease to show up. This person was not a US citizen returning home, he was visiting family in the US. Hopefully the disease doesn't get any further. At present Ebola is only passed through contact with bodily fluids. However, anything could happen to change that. -Michael And where did you get your Ph.D. in virology? Do you have ANY idea about the type of virus this is and the fact that not viruses act alike. If you want something to worry about, how about the THOUSANDS of people who will die of the flu this year because they didn't get a flu vaccination. Or the thousands who will die from drunk/drugged drivers in Texas. Now that is a worry! Barb
BarbaraOK 10/03/14 11:43am Snowbirds
RE: Banking Question

You mean in small towns where there just wasn't enough traffic for BOA to keep it open. Banks open and close all of the time in areas depending upon whether there is enough business for them. And we found BOA branches in small towns all over western Washington and western Oregon. Barb
BarbaraOK 09/30/14 09:17am Full-time RVing
RE: Banking Question

We are all over the west and haven't had any problems finding BOA branches. Barb
BarbaraOK 09/29/14 09:48pm Full-time RVing
RE: the new texas safety inspection

I guess the three year registration is dead. I have all my vehicles on a three year registration cycle as of now. Yes that has gone away for now. Expect that this will be amended in the next session because it impacts gas/oil service industry as well as large trucking firms and, of course, fulltime RVers who use Texas as a domicile. Barb
BarbaraOK 09/28/14 01:53pm Snowbirds
RE: the new texas safety inspection

Doug, You don't have to turn in your inspection sticker if you renew online, as most people do, as the database systems will be talking to each other, so it will be automatic, just like the insurance is automatically checked via the VIN number when you renew online. For those out-of-state with no inspection, you will certify that you are not in the state and agree to an inspection within x number of days when you return, and the people at the county tax office will be notified that you've renewed and will grant you that exemption. If you are a full timer it will be easier if you 'live' in a county (like Polk county) that knows about fulltimers. Barb
BarbaraOK 09/28/14 10:09am Snowbirds
RE: the new texas safety inspection

You should be reading the Escapees forum - they have worked with the DMV and Polk County tax office and already have procedures in place to approve out-of-state renewals. Not only does the new law effect RVers, but it caught truckers and oil/gas field companies completely by surprise, many of whom have fleets of equipment that never make it back to the state. Barb
BarbaraOK 09/27/14 09:45pm Snowbirds
RE: Electronic Or Paper?

Awesome. Totally agree! Not really sold on the GPS thing. Have my iphone and ipad for maps, and will have RM atlas. Love our TomTom for when we are in areas with traffic, it gets traffic updates and lets us know of wrecks ahead, etc., which is very helpful when near big cities. Have a database for things like RV parks, repairs, etc. Use an app (MileageKeeper) on the iPhone for keeping track of mileage for motorhome. Have an app (MyMedical) on the iPad which has all of our medical information. Lots and lots of apps out there, really don't need paper. We do a blog where I record any thoughts we have as we travel. Barb
BarbaraOK 09/08/14 09:45pm Full-time RVing
RE: Too much of a good thing? Retirement on the Road NYT

As usual, people who don't understand fulltimers assume that fulltimers are ON VACATION all of the time. That simply isn't true. Real fulltimers do exploring days, but other times they do rather mundane things like the laundry, cleaning, shopping, reading, crafts, etc. People who don't adapt often are those than never learn to get out of vacation mode. And really does anyone think that some writer on a major paper is going to understand what fulltime RVing is all about? Barb
BarbaraOK 09/04/14 07:38pm Full-time RVing
RE: Winter in Arizona - Tuscon to Phoenix corridor

Well, we were in this one in December traveling from the Tucson area to our daughter's in Phoenix. Perhaps nothing happened in your RV park but it surely happened on the highway. Read all about it here: Dust Storm That storm lost it umph at about Queen Creek, so we just had a little wind and little clouds. And you forgot to mention the aroma in Casa Grande when the wind is just right.:B Barb
BarbaraOK 09/03/14 05:49pm Snowbirds
RE: Finding Quality Maintenance

Maybe you meant RV Service Reviews instead of Park Reviews? We post to RV Service Reviews whenever we find a place that gives us good service and also have posted when service was not good. Barb
BarbaraOK 09/03/14 04:50pm Full-time RVing
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