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RE: Need affordability campground suggestions close San Fran CA

I wasn't aware that San Francisco and "affordable" ever fit in the same sentence I agree, I almost snorted my coffee as I read that. :B Seriously where is it that you want to be near? How far a drive do you consider acceptable? Figure a minimum of $50/night for parks if you are lucky.
BarbaraOK 06/25/16 10:30am Full-time RVing
RE: Question to the full Timers Out There Or Soon To Be

No you haven't done everything. You will never know the freedom of not having to go back for X,y, or z. It is so liberating. And fulltiming isn't an extended vacation. It is entirely different. Those who stay in vacation mode never make it as Fulltimers.
BarbaraOK 06/24/16 06:55pm Full-time RVing
RE: Insurance on storage units

Best advice is to get rid of the 'stuff' you have in that unit. Sell it, give it away, etc. It is costing you $$$ to store stuff. Be truly free and get rid of that stuff.
BarbaraOK 06/19/16 10:44pm Full-time RVing
RE: Oh my...they live in a motorhome!

Where's the like button when I need it!
BarbaraOK 06/19/16 12:15am Full-time RVing
RE: Oh my...they live in a motorhome!

You need to change the type of people you are interacting with - never had someone say that to us. Barb
BarbaraOK 06/17/16 11:30pm Full-time RVing
RE: Taxes

rockhillmanor - the person filing a paper return could run into the same problem, their identity stolen and a return filed against their SS number.
BarbaraOK 06/13/16 10:35am Snowbirds
RE: Sales Tax on an used park model in Arizona

Fulltimeer50 there is a bunch of park models in the park we are in and the three sister parks. They pay county taxes since the park model can't be licensed for road use. Park trailers yes, they do tag them. We are in Mesa, AZ and we pay country tax on our park model. It isn't licensed by DMV. There is a difference between park trailers and park model units.
BarbaraOK 06/10/16 01:43pm Snowbirds
RE: Suggestions Wanted for Park in Casa Grande, AZ

Why Casa Grande? There is limited amount of things to do - 2 weeks and we were always bored, which is why we now stay in Mesa because there are just so much more to do and & see in the Phoenix area. Costs are about the same (electricity is usually cheaper) and we never smell the stockyards.
BarbaraOK 06/08/16 10:12am Snowbirds
RE: Realistic Budget 2.0

I think the fact that no one else is even mentioning the depreciation of your RV proves my point that most RVers leave that cost out. This would be like claiming that one can drive a car for x number of years for an amount and completely leaving out the cost of the car. Someone mentioned their daily cost for camping being 20 something but if you add the cost of the RV to each day it will be more that the camp site. Assume you buy an RV for $100,000, use it for 10 years and stay in it 3,000 nights and sell it for $30,000, then it cost you 70000 divided by 3000 = $23/night and that's not counting any loan interest,upkeep, insurance, extra fuel, etc. If you only used it 1500 nights than it would cost $46/day. Of course you have to estimate because you don't know what it will be worth when you sell or trade. Houses gain value; RV's lose big time. I am also an RVer but I just want to know all the cost. Your assumption is that the RVer begins with the idea of getting something back from their RV when they hang up the keys. We will run ours until we can't - don't expect to get a cent back. Just like when we buy a car - we run it until it 'quits'. We get maybe $250 on trade-in. We don't expect anything from it - after 12-15 years we have more than gotten our use out of it. Same for our motorhome, which is still going and is 15 years old. We don't expect to make money on it - we paid for it and never expect a return.
BarbaraOK 05/29/16 08:48pm Full-time RVing
RE: Realistic Budget 2.0

$2,000.00 Admission Where are you going that is going to have $2K for admissions? If going to Disney Land - don't. Save your money for WDW in Florida on another trip. Much, much better. Put small electric heaters in, you are already paying for electricity with site rental unless you are staying by the month. Only use propane when temps are below freezing to keep tanks warm. After 2 years we filled our propane tank (put in 18.6 gallons) last week - $28 was what we paid. Could you break your budget into what you think you'll spend each month, that might make it easier for us to understand.
BarbaraOK 05/25/16 10:40am Full-time RVing
RE: Realistic Budget?

Senior pass age requirement is 62. BEST $10 you'll ever spend. Out west there are so many national parks/monuments that you really don't have to spend much for entrance fees - like 0 most of the time. Jan-April means Desert areas of AZ and Southern Cal. Many different options, just all depends upon what you want to do.
BarbaraOK 05/24/16 01:49pm Full-time RVing
RE: Guilt about family left behind?

What will you do about health insurance. This is a real biggy for those not old enough for Medicare and it changes all of the time. It sounds wonderful to just pack up and travel around, but you have to have sufficient funds to do that. For instance, our travel this summer has to be curtailed because we just had to replace a hydraulic pump on the motorhome - which comes from England along with a thermoplug for the cooling system ~$4K when all said and done. So summer travel will be a little more frugal this year. Barb
BarbaraOK 05/13/16 09:17am Full-time RVing
RE: Guilt about family left behind?

A 75 year old mother would require some assistance but there are ways to provide it without being on site. Otherwise enjoy life and pursue happiness. Excuse me. 75 is old? You mean we can only RV a couple more years and must hang up the keys. My mother is still going at 94 - everyone is different.
BarbaraOK 05/12/16 10:22pm Full-time RVing
RE: Sleepless nights

I have found that often taking a single naproxen sodium (generic aleve) does the trick because it helps with the little aches/pains of arthritis that are just below the surface. Reduce inflammation and the muscles relax and one sleeps better. Also some potassium (maybe a banana) helps with leg cramping. =
BarbaraOK 05/06/16 11:10pm Full-time RVing
RE: S.W. Florida filling up.

Rio Grande Valley, friendly folks and very low cost of living, surprising how many East Coaster's we have here. I am doing my research .. to go there for the winter 2016-17... 1,700 miles each way... 4 days? maybe 5. 4 month or 5 ??. my surprise .. limited number of public showers/rest rooms in some of these Parks/Resorts . Why do you need public showers when sites are full hookups?
BarbaraOK 05/06/16 11:04pm Snowbirds
RE: S.W. Florida filling up.

Mesa. X2
BarbaraOK 05/06/16 11:03pm Snowbirds
RE: How to know if a unit has heat pump

Worrying about propane levels and which valves are on and which ones are off is pretty far down near the bottom of the list of things I'm concerned about. Oh the horror that I should have to put on a poncho and dash out in the rain to turn on a tank valve. I guess we've pretty well forgotten about what it was like when all we had was a tent and sleeping bags. We have a motorhome, so we have to take the rig to have the tank filled, which means unhooking, driving to where ever there is propane, crawling under low bay door to get to the tank, etc., then back, and relevel, rehook up. Much easier to save the tank for furnace on really cold nights and use electric heat when we don't have to worry about keeping tanks warm. Plus electric is much more efficient than propane furnances. We haven't had to fill propane tank in over 2 years. Barb
BarbaraOK 05/06/16 05:02pm Full-time RVing
RE: How to know if a unit has heat pump

A heat pump is much more efficient than either a propane furnace or an electric heater down to around 32 degrees . Below that they usually have an electric strip to heat like an electric heater, again more efficient than a propane furnace. If you fulltime and try to stay in temperate places for the winter, a heat pump is the way to go.
BarbaraOK 05/04/16 04:14pm Full-time RVing
RE: Average cargo load for retired couple fulltiming?

Use the figure of 1500# per person - 10 yrs and that is just about what we have always had.
BarbaraOK 05/01/16 08:22pm Full-time RVing
RE: A Summer R V park

Assuming your talking about going north to escape the heat. I think you will find that most parks in the north only have a few months to make their money, so they are concentrating on summer vacationers, etc., not on things that typical 'snowbirders' look for in the winter. Barb
BarbaraOK 04/29/16 03:38pm Full-time RVing
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