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RE: importance of wheel chocks

Must be most of you camp on perfectly level spots, which in a ideal world would be great, BUT not all spots are level. We have a favorite SP on Lake Ontario where the sites have probably 12 or 18 inch slope, so you don't have an choice but to put some blocks under the landing gear just to get the 5er off the TV. Don't make a habit of it, but there are times where there is no choice other that moving to a less than desireable site. I can't even unhitch in my driveway without blocks under the landing gear. My driveway has just enough slope that the legs won't extend far enough to raise the trailer enough to unhitch. For each of the four landing legs I carry a doubled 2x12x12 to keep the pads from sinking in too deep when needed, and to compensate for excessive slope. A little common sense goes a long way when deciding how to hitch or un hitch. Wheel chocks? Absolutely, but to say never put a block under a landing leg means you might not be able to unhook in some beautiful spot.
BigT 12/02/13 01:41pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Day Trip to Palo Duro Canyon State Park

We live just about an hour from the canyon, and I would agree with the above posts. It doesn't take long to see the canyon and the visitor center. If you enjoy a good museum, there is a super museum just a few miles from Palo Duro in the city of Canyon. It is the Panhandle Plains Museum and it is part of the university there. If you really want to get a sense of the local ranching heritage it is a must, and you can easliy spend most of a day there. I highly reccommend it. Panhandle Plains Historical Museum website here. Hope this helps.
BigT 11/25/13 06:32am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Water pump running...and running

All of the above advice is very good advice. I would eliminate all of the previous answers first, and I'll bet you will find the answer. But there is one more possibilitiy AFTER you try the other remedies and that other possibility would be a bad pump. My friend (who is age 80 and still going strong) called me and asked for help with a pump that wouldn't shut off. Everything was a head scratcher until we unhooked the pump and put the in and out hoses in a bucket of water and it would not pump either way we tried it. It had probably just sheared a key in the pump so the impeller wasn't turning, but since his rig was 8 years old he chose to just get a new pump.
BigT 11/09/13 04:12pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Superglide Hitch

When I bought my 3300 Superglide about 7 years ago Pullrite said to use the white lithium grease. They have since changed their recommendations and they say go with the Slip plate. I could not agree more. Keeps that dirt off the moving parts. Slip plate is the only way to go on that hitch.
BigT 11/04/13 03:57pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Sunnybrook Fifth Wheel

We bought a new 2006 Sunnybrook and got along with it very well with very minor problems. We would still have it but we decided we wanted a different floor plan with a little more room. (Our current rig is a Hitchhiker and has 4 slides instead of two) We also got a very good price as a trade in on the current model. If the quality took a nose dive after 2001 then I guess we were just lucky. JMHO
BigT 09/26/13 01:25pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Water Pump runs regardless of panel switch position.

The other day I helped a friend with an older Jayco Designer. He couldn't get the pump to stop running. It turned out to be a two fold problem. First of all it had three pump switches that he didn't know about; one on the main panel, one by the bathroom sink and one in the basement on the panel that has the water valve switches on it, and any one of them can turn the pump on. We finally got the pump to stop when we finally found all the switches, but that was only part of the problem. As it turns out the water pump itself was shot: apparently the impeller was either broken or sheared off the shaft. In either case the pump would not pressure up. If yours is cycling on and off then your pump is probably ok. It's either got to be an unknown switch on or a switch that is burned out in the on position. JMHO
BigT 09/19/13 06:16pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: 12 volt LED for interior steps

We have 12 volt led lights under the lip of each step. Our Hitchhiker came with them already mounted. Has a switch in the hallway to the bedroom. We use it as a night light. Just enough light to make sure that you can see the steps but not so much light that it would interfere with sleeping. X2! Love those step lights and inside LED lights on our rig. When we open the entry door or screen a built in threshold lite strip comes on. The trailer came with 12 volt indirect LED rope lighting under the bottom cabinet and on top of the top cabinets. I called Hitchhiker and ordered an extra 15 feet and placed them outside just under the side panels leading to the steps. I have not seen any 12 volt LED rope lights anywhere, but Hitchhiker parts department carries them. The older I get the more lights I like!
BigT 09/02/13 12:16pm Fifth-Wheels
Altitude, temperature and tire pressure questions

We just returned from several weeks in the Colorado Rockies. We were at 8,500 ft. elevation and our home is at 3,366 ft. The air temperature when we left early in the morning was upper 40's and before we got home we saw 101 degrees. I know, not very smart to go home, but that another story. Our trailer has 'H' rated tires with a reccommended inflation of 125 psi. I know it says 'cold' pressure, but I am always asking myself 'Does that mean 40 degree cold, or 80 degree cold'. I personally like to leave a little margin for increased pressure created by the tire heating up. When we started out the tires were reading 110 to 112 psi and I left them that way because it was in the upper 40's. Just before we got home and needing to take a break, with the temperature at 101 and an elevation of 4,030 ft. I pulled over and did a quick check of tire pressure and tire temperature with a laser thermometer. The trailer tires were all reading about 130 psi and the trailer tire temperature was between 160 and 148 degrees. I am thinking if I had started out with the reccommended 125 psi, then they would be 145 psi in the heat. That kind of pressure is out of my comfort zone, and the pressure increase would have been greater than that if we were going the other way up to the high alltitude. Just wondering what you guys think about tire pressure (and temperature) increases that we all get on a hot day. Your Thoughts?
BigT 08/31/13 10:25pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: jt strongarms on hyrdaulic landing gear

I have a 2012 Discover America with the hyd. leveler and strongarms. Have never used the strongarms, I would not waste my time putting them on until I saw if I needed them. X2 I also have a 2012 Discover America and it came with the strongarms and the Bigfoot levelers and I really see very little advantage to them. I have used them only one time and even thought about taking them off.
BigT 08/13/13 09:30pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Blocks under Level-Up feet?

The rig we purchased about a year ago has Bigfoot levelers, and my driveway parking spot has a pretty good incline. First time I hit the auto level I found out the front jacks didn't have enough stroke length to level everything. I have doubled 2x12x12 blocks that I always carry so I just put a couple of them under the front jacks. Problem solved. It does raise all 4 tries just barely off the ground but that is not an issue as far as I'm concerned because the frame is designed to handle it with all tires in the air if necessary. If I could level without them there would be no need to use them on my concrete drive. JMHO
BigT 07/21/13 01:42pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Loose Rattly Nut Covers!

We bought a new rig last year and the wheel covers were not that tight. I lost one on the first trip and the factory sent me a replacement and told me they were all mine from that point forward, so I got out my trusty calking gun and calked the contact points. Fast forward a year and I wanted to torque the lug nuts and I had to take a small pry bar to get them off. I checked the nuts and re-calked them and put them back on. I personally like it that way, JMHO
BigT 07/06/13 09:10pm Travel Trailers
RE: Elec. cable scuffing tailgate. Help

I just envision my wife crocheting some sort of cover for the trailer cord.. hah X2 ...... Probably have flowers on it.
BigT 06/28/13 07:05am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Creede Colorado

We just left Fun Valley near South Fork last Wednesday when the West Fork fire really exploded. Moved over to LaVeta and the East Peak fire exploded between LaVeta and Walsenburg. We decided it was time to go home. Creede is nice but I sure think I would wait until this all settles down. JMHO
BigT 06/23/13 05:45pm Roads and Routes
RE: What to tell first time 5th wheel buyer to look for?

That's a little like asking what is your favorite food; everyone has their own opinion. Without knowing the specific details it sounds like they probably have enough truck to handle up to the mid 30 foot length of trailer. Our approach was to vistit a two or three dealers and find something that appeals to us, and then do a lot of reading on that brand and style on the web. The number one deal breaker for me would be any new or used rig with "China Bomb" tires on it. The good news is that can be easliy fixed. You didn't mention anything about how much they wanted to put into this RV; new, almost new or a fixer upper, and that would of course make a world of difference. Just shop, shop, shop and read, read, read. JMHO
BigT 06/21/13 07:48pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Getting ready to hit the road

We always call the store ahead of time and ask the manager b4 staying the night.Walmart that is. X2 Nothing beats just asking.
BigT 06/20/13 07:34pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: anyone stay at Otter Lake near Munsing, Michigan

We stayed at Wandering Wheels about 4 years ago and we were very pleased. Lots of large shade trees and plenty of room between sites. I consider Wandering Wheels a campground instead of a RV park. No negative comment intended; just my opinion.
BigT 06/12/13 08:51pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: How do you hook up your 5th by yourself?

My truck has a sliding back window (that I never open) and the vertical bars in the window make a great gun sight. I use the outside mirrors to start lining up and when I get close I use the vertical bars and center the pin box. I usually get out to check the height once and then back into it and listen for the magic "Clunk" sound on the superglide. I have the BigFoot levelers that have the memory height function with the remote key fob, and I just have not gotten used to using them. Note to self: learn how and get used to the automatic easy way!
BigT 05/27/13 04:44pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Walmart overnighting with a 5th wheel

I've never found a Walmart (that allowed overnight parking) where I couldn't put all three slides out. X2
BigT 05/26/13 09:39pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: What are most common greenhorn mistakes?

The most important rule for me is: If someone comes over and wants to talk or wants to "help" I just stop what I am doing and wait until they leave. Trying to talk to someone while I am hooking up or unhooking is a receipe for disaster. Everyone has their routine, and you will develop yours in time, and when some well meaning person comes by to be friendly we can all get distracted. The second most important rule for me is to stop and listen when DW says "Why is this ..........." It's best to pay attention when you hear those words, even if you're thinking you know better. Trust me! When you are a newbie, just take you time and double check everthing and then check again. You will do fine!
BigT 05/25/13 06:32pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: How best to get to Durango Colorado

Durango is a wonderful place but if mountain passes bother you it would be tough to get there coming from Kansas. Hiway 160 is the main east-west hiway in southern Colorado and it has 2 signifcant passes. Make that 1 significant pass and 1 bugger bear of a pass. LaVeta pass just west of Walsenburg is a high pass that is really not too bad, but Wolf Creek pass between South Fork and Pagosa Springs is plenty tough towing especially coming from the west. People tow over Wolf Creek all the time, but you sure better be on your game and pay attention. I my opinion the worst mountain passes approaching Durango is coming from the north via Ouray and Silverton. I have been towing for many years and grew up around a farm, and I would NOT want to tow from Ouray to Durango if there was any other option. The roads from the east and from the north are both real brake burners to say the least. About the only alternative if you really want to avoid the high passes coming from Kansas would be to come from Santa Fe or Albuquerque and approach Durango from the south through Bloomfield. JMHO
BigT 05/20/13 12:26pm Roads and Routes
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