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RE: UltraLight 5th Wheel recommendation

All you "half ton" nay sayers need to simplify your responses for us slow half ton drivers that think we can tow within our ratings, or maybe even a little bit above a couple of them once in a while. For instance, what exactly does that full floating axle that you always brag about really gain you? I'm guessing just longevity. But even then, axle failures are rather rare even when overloaded. I'm sure someone can chime in with lots of Youtube vids to prove me wrong, but the truth is we can all come up with Youtube vids to prove whatever we want. Will a 5er throw a half ton all over the road? Is that the issue? Is it really just that it might wear out the truck a little sooner? It's obvious at least one poster in this thread enjoys arguing and talking down to others, which renders his input less than worthless. I'm thinking about moving up to a 5er, and am also wondering if I HAVE to have a 3/4 ton or above to tow, even though I could do it within the specs of a 1/2 ton.
BillyW 07/26/14 09:03pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: TT vs 5th wheel

You may want to consider a toy hauler. They are usually taller and are typically very spacious, with a lot of space versatility.
BillyW 07/19/14 12:11pm Travel Trailers
RE: Max Towing Wars - Ford vs Ram

Never mind... :)
BillyW 07/19/14 12:22am Tow Vehicles
RE: TV upgrades

I remember hearing my brother's un-muzzled Cummins for miles as he zigzagged up a mountainside pulling his toy hauler.
BillyW 07/18/14 02:13pm Tow Vehicles
RE: J2807 for smaller vehicles

I said drivers, not RV towing drivers. And still, even among naturally aspirated gas engine owners, WOT is uncommon. 5000rpm+ on a "big V8" scares many people. :) I realize that not everybody tows in the mountains, but there are enough of us that "they" have to take that into consideration when they create those standards. With that said, WOT definitely does not have to mean 5000 RPMs. There have been times that I found myself down below 2000 RPMs with the pedal squished to the floor.
BillyW 07/18/14 02:07pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 2011 Ram 2500 towing a 5er

I think the 3.73 gears along with the 5.7 Hemi are what's holding your truck back. Regearing would probably get you closer to where you're expecting.
BillyW 07/18/14 11:43am Tow Vehicles
RE: Pioneer 19t4 TT water tank problem

If the outlet is on the side of the tank that is the problem. The pump will suck air when the water drops to the top of the fitting. Maybe you can tee into the tank drain. The outlet is on the side at the very upper front road side corner of the tank. That seem like it would require a pickup tube inside the tank that extends to the bottom of the tank. I like the idea of teeing off of the drain. Just a few fittings and some hose and a plug for the top fitting. I would have to route the hose back up through the floor to the pump. Mabe run hard pipe to above the frame or the floor, then change to the hose. I guess for protection, then seal the new floor entry. Do you think the pump will pull water this extra distance? It's a Surflo pump I believe. There is no problem with the pump pulling it. I do think that the pipe at the top is just a vent, don't know. Can you trace that line and see where it goes? My Pioneer has the same tank scenario, and has the same problem. I think I may have caused mine when I added a tank heater and insulation to mine. I too am considering tapping off the drain location. These tanks are easy to remove and reinstall, at least in these Pioneers.
BillyW 07/17/14 10:07am Travel Trailers
RE: Dodge's new 707 HP Tow Vehicle, why no Payload rating?

I've only seen one new 200 so far. I definitely like them. I can understand the comparison to the Aurora. Some similar interior layout details, and I think Oldsmobile was going for a similar comparison to it's competitors. However neither comes close to the subject of this thread, which deals with hauling I think. ;)
BillyW 07/13/14 10:44pm Tow Vehicles
RE: What is the favored air compressor to carry?

After a flat last week, I had to pump up the spare on the trailer from 20 to 50 PSI using a foot pump. It only took about 15 minutes and my legs didn't even cramp up! Too late I remembered the small 12v Harbor Freight special I had stashed in an out of the way location. I've still never used it in the 3 or 4 years I've had it.
BillyW 07/13/14 04:51pm General RVing Issues
RE: Dodge's new 707 HP Tow Vehicle, why no Payload rating?

Absolutely scary! It sure would be fun to take for a spin. Probably burns gas like it's towing.
BillyW 07/13/14 09:08am Tow Vehicles
RE: 2014 Ram 2500 6.4L Hemi

Yes it has cylinder deactivation. Some members here are reporting pretty good non-towing mileage most likely due to that feature.
BillyW 07/11/14 11:36pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Is Re-gearing worth it?

Billy, what RPM and speed are you cruising at with OD locked out? I tow approx 5 times a year local to Indiana (up to a 4 hour trip). Once a year we plan to hit the smokeys or SC, so up to a 12 hour trip with mountain passes. Another thing to consider is I'll eventually up my tires a size to a 31.6 inch tire. I currently have a 30.5. That would drop the 3200 down to about 3100. I appreciate all of the responses. Oddly enough I did a test and drove around with OD off for a while and averaged better fuel economy at the higher RPM range. It seems like the 4.6 gets better fuel economy revving. If I go through with it, I'll also have a detroit tru trac put in, bringing my bill to around 2000.00. So I'm just trying to weigh my options and see if its worth it.My information becomes suspect at this point. :) I'm running 33" tires and have a very modified engine and transmission. I don't pay close attention, but my speeds are generally around 60 and my RPMs are generally around 2800 RPMs. I don't try hard to maintain speeds on hills. Unless it's a long incline, I don't typically go over about 3800 RPMs. My poor old truck is very long in the tooth at this point.
BillyW 07/10/14 07:56am Tow Vehicles
RE: Is Re-gearing worth it?

No doubt gears will help the wimpy 4.6. Mine is a '97 which is even more gutless than yours. I don't think I'd jump all the way to 4.56 though. In fact I went from 3.55 to 4.10, which REALLY made a difference pulling my trailer. It also improved city driving immensely! After regearing it was much more fun, AND I got better mileage. Highway driving was more enjoyable, the engine almost never dropped out of Overdrive anymore. Before, it would drop down at the slightest incline. I lost a couple mpg though. Towing was MUCH better. Living where I do, mountain towing is a given and my trailer is around 5500 - 6000 lbs loaded. The 3.55 geared truck almost stalled out a couple times climbing hills, down to 20mph and still falling by the time we crested the hill/peak. The 4.10 geared truck NEVER experienced that. Not that it was a tow monster, but it was certainly competent. I think 4.56 gears would be overkill and could render your drive train quite a bit weaker. And on a side note, even though the RPMs are higher, I get better towing MPG with OD locked out.
BillyW 07/09/14 09:23pm Tow Vehicles
RE: One Pound Propane Re fill Adapter

By cooling the 1-lb. propane bottles in a freezer for at least 20-30 minutes reduces the pressure inside the bottle; thus facilitates the flow of propane from the larger tank to the smaller one.Meaning you can get more gas in.
BillyW 07/08/14 10:50am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: 2014 Ram 3500 vs Ike Gauntlet

You will have to point us to where it states the RAM had the Aisin tranny. They only show that the RAM had 4.10 gears, which are the best tow gears. This is a marketing video, not a third party comparison. The video states the test was conducted with the best towing packages the competition has to offer... Well we know it can't be a 68 tranny don't you? In addition when this video was published the guy that started PickTrucks.com who now work's for Ford came to this forum and answered some questions about the Ford produced video. He stated the RAM was the 850lb/Aisin equipped truck.I've watched a fair amount of those guys' videos, and noted that accuracy on specs is not a high point. Recently they got it totally wrong on a half ton comparison, calling their test truck with 3.55 gears the best tow vehicle offered by that domestic manufacturer.
BillyW 07/08/14 10:03am Tow Vehicles
RE: Ford 4.6 Triton

My 4.6L burned a valve when towing with those high RPMs.
BillyW 07/07/14 08:09am Travel Trailers
RE: Equal-I-zer bars; Can I replace pins with padlocks?

I've had the rusted locking hitch pin before. No fun. The bars on the other hand have NO force exerted on those pins, even when all hitched up and ready to go. It's not unheard of for hooligans (or unsupervised children) to sneak up and remove said pins or cotter keys. And I'm not stowing them every time I make a stop.
BillyW 07/01/14 01:52pm Towing
RE: Equal-I-zer bars; Can I replace pins with padlocks?

I already use a locking pin to hold the hitch in the receiver. I'm talking about the bars that provide the weight distribution and sway control. Currently the pins are secured with a little springy cotter key. Even a luggage lock is a serious upgrade to that. And they are perhaps more substantial than some are thinking.
BillyW 07/01/14 11:27am Towing
RE: Does it kill an A/C to run it off a generator?

This hasn't been mentioned and may not be applicable, but a hard start cap reduced the startup voltage drop by at least 8 volts on my Coleman MachIII.
BillyW 07/01/14 11:19am Tech Issues
RE: Equal-I-zer bars; Can I replace pins with padlocks?

Guess mine is old style. Turns out the little luggage locks worked perfectly in place of the cotter key.
BillyW 06/30/14 10:28pm Towing
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