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RE: 2015 Ram 1500 a Contender? Not.

Just an observation, but it looks like Ram leaves a LOT of room between their gvwr and gawr. Like 900lbs. Plenty of wiggle room.
BillyW 01/29/15 11:04pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Last Nail in the Coffin?

Gdetrailer, I'm familiar with that phenomenon and have paid attention to the possibility for many years. (At one point I actually thought it was the culprit of a random power window issue that plagued the truck for over 2 years. After visits to multiple mechanics and lots of $$$, the right one finally narrowed the problem down to a misbehaving relay.) In this case no leak that I can detect. I'm not ruling it out though. But when the lock is caught in its looping cycle, I can hit the door and cause it to stop. Do you think the BCM would cause the lock to behave in that fashion which quits after I strike the door? On a side note, even though I've kept that cheap HF battery maintainer connected after fulling charging the battery, the voltage was down to 12.55 when I checked it this evening. That's with HF still plugged in.
BillyW 01/28/15 08:27pm Tech Issues
RE: Last Nail in the Coffin?

I'm wondering if flawed door lock electronics coupled with a low battery could contribute to totally draining the battery. Since I've totally recharged the battery, I haven't been able to replicate the door lock problem. Of course, I haven't given it much time yet either. A frayed wire could be the culprit. Will investigate that too. Thanks for the input! By the way I've heard from multiple people with late 90s vintage Explorers relating similar stories! Not just online either!
BillyW 01/27/15 07:50pm Tech Issues
RE: 1/2 ton Eagle HT 5th

I've been looking at that series also. They appear to be constructed the same as their full size fivers, just a little smaller. I think that's Jayco's only line that offers an OEM hitch option for double towing too. If I go with with a fifth wheel, those are very near the top of my list.
BillyW 01/27/15 01:24pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Something interesting to try with your Equal-i-zer

Been there done that a few times, for instance when de-winterizing and taking it to air up the tires, etc. This was how I learned just how unstable my truck can be when running P metric tires, especially if they're not aired up to max. With LT tires I could probably get away without sway control at all. When I bought the trailer new, I didn't have any kind of wd hitch. It towed fine except when being passed by semis. Even then it was just mild.
BillyW 01/27/15 12:27pm Travel Trailers
RE: LT or P Tires ?

About the only thing you know for sure is the TV manufacturers match the tires to the vehicle's suspension and advertised performance. If a less expensive tire would meet their performance claims, they would use it. If a more expensive tire would give them an advertising edge over their competitors, they would add them in a heartbeat. I cannot say that I recall a truck manufacturer offering a "sweet" ride, they all seem fixated on gonzo power, performance and capacity. If increasing the tire load range, tire size or construction could provide a significant improvment they would have done so. Does upgrading the tire increase the load bearing capacity of the tire? Yes, does it increase the load bearing capacity of the TV? I doubt it.I would disagree. I think Ford would too. But regardless if it increases capacity, it can and will increase stability. I know that first hand.
BillyW 01/25/15 11:01pm Travel Trailers
RE: LT or P Tires ?

I've had my current tow vehicle for a long time and multiple sets of tires. On the last iteration I switched back to P rated. It was a significant step backwards for towing, even though they're rated way beyond what I haul or tow. I have to air them up to their max 51 PSI to even come close to the stability I got around 40 PSI on the LTs. I was expecting mileage to improve too, but it didn't. I personally can't notice enough difference in ride quality to matter. Learned my lesson.
BillyW 01/25/15 08:12pm Travel Trailers
RE: Last Nail in the Coffin?

I wish it was just barely broke in! It is still fully insured, though I have no idea why.... Hmmm It has the OEM tamper alarm only. I think I'm going with the door lock draining the battery scenario. It appears pretty common, online anyhow.
BillyW 01/24/15 07:08pm Tech Issues
RE: Last Nail in the Coffin?

time to buy another truckThe VERY moment I can convince she that wears the pants! :)
BillyW 01/24/15 06:12pm Tech Issues
RE: Last Nail in the Coffin?

Thoughts on what might suddenly drain a battery so quickly? I mean it was down to 2 volts. It's been no more than 2 weeks since I drove it last.
BillyW 01/24/15 06:11pm Tech Issues
RE: Last Nail in the Coffin?

Could be the case... I removed the horn relay and reconnected the battery. The headlights started flashing. When I started the truck, it started fine and the headlights quit flashing. Incidentally, the door lock started its click, click, click thing again, even though I used the key and not the fob. Suppose they are related? In the meantime, I'm adding one of those cheap Harbor Freight battery maintainers I had lying around. I'll monitor it a bit I guess. Maybe it's just time for a new battery. I obviously keep my vehicles way too long.
BillyW 01/24/15 05:56pm Tech Issues
Last Nail in the Coffin?

My '97 F150 has had its share of issues over the years. Starting last fall, if I use the keyfob to unlock the door, it gets stuck in a cycle of endlessly locking the door instead (click, click, click, click, etc). A smart slap to the door seems to correct that. At least momentarily. Today, I went to start it (for the first time in a week or two) and found an EXTREMELY dead battery (2v). Hmmmm.. When I connect a charger, the horn starts blaring. What gives? I've disconnected the battery while I recharge it. Why is the horn sounding when I connect the battery? Is this likely just the horn? Or is it rather something much more expensive?
BillyW 01/24/15 05:27pm Tech Issues
RE: Does closing the laptop disconnect from wifi?

You've gotten several correct answers. YOU have complete control of what closing the lid does. By default, Microsoft sets windows to go to sleep when you close the lid or hit the power button, which should suspend any activities like that. The control options are very granular on most systems. You can select weather video, usb, network, etc stay active. Do yourself and your laptop battery a favor and set it to shut it down.
BillyW 01/19/15 01:23pm Technology Corner
RE: Propane heater

There's your answers. I have both, but have yet to use the external supply feature big buddy.
BillyW 01/19/15 01:12pm Tech Issues
RE: Jayco travel trailers and fivers

The Minnie was one of the models I compared against these Jayco models. I thought they were MUCH flimsier in almost every aspect. A little bit of floor bounce, the walls were easy to push in, the fit and finish was terrible on the models I looked at. Also I like the new frameless windows and a few other touches, which weren't on the Minnies. Hmmmm! This isn't the case with my 2201DS. Floors are very stable...and I have seen the floor bounce on other trailers. Fit and finish was very good. Walls are laminated (exterior) and are solid. Mine is a 2014...can you tell me what model year trailers were you looking at? I knew shouldn't have said anything! :) Yup, I was looking at 2014s.
BillyW 01/18/15 09:51pm Travel Trailers
RE: 2015 Chevy Colorado hands on impression

I was very impressed with these new midsized trucks til I saw those engine specs. I've already experienced an engine with that kind of (read, "lack of") torque trying to wrestle a trailer or load out of a tough situation. The diesel may well be the savior for this one as far as actual capability. On the flip side I've seen lot's of complaints about high prices, but the prices I've found are significantly lower than any (new) half tons with similar features.
BillyW 01/18/15 07:56pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Jayco travel trailers and fivers

JayFlights are quite a bit heavier than WhiteHawks. They also use fiberglass batt insulation all the way around. Not sure if that's bad except that I worry about it settling in the walls. I'm pretty sure the larger propane bottles are an available option on the WhiteHawk. BillB800si brought up an insulation issue that would really chap my hide. However, Jayco claims to insulate their Eagle line quite well. One of those quality control issues perhaps? Delamination scares me for sure, but it sure appears that it can happen to just about any brand. The wood trusses in my current trailer of 11 years are totally happy in the elements year round. I have zero fear of wood in my trailers. I know how to maintain them. Would delam and wood rot fit in same conversation I wonder? If you can prevent one, can you prevent the other? I don't know the answer to that one. Quality control is the bane of this industry. I would certainly be willing to part with a little more money to know my new purchase was built right. The Minnie was one of the models I compared against these Jayco models. I thought they were MUCH flimsier in almost every aspect. A little bit of floor bounce, the walls were easy to push in, the fit and finish was terrible on the models I looked at. Also I like the new frameless windows and a few other touches, which weren't on the Minnies. I think I'll wait for it to warm up a bit before checking out anymore. The Outdoors RVs and other Northwood products are calling to me. Just about everything I've looked at scoffs at my old truck. Think I'll have to remedy that first.
BillyW 01/18/15 11:59am Travel Trailers
Jayco travel trailers and fivers

Finally had an opportunity to check out some Jayco models. I looked at a White Hawk, a Jay Flight, and an Eagle trailer, then looked at HT and Touring models in the fifth wheels. Gotta say they all left a positive impression. There were a few fit and finish issues, but they were minor. The kind I could easily live with. My least favorite feature was the counter tops, but once again, I could live with them. The construction seemed much sturdier than similar models from other lines I've looked at in last year. I would say they seemed down right stout and solid, and pretty well appointed. It was quite cold and snowing so I didn't stick around long, nor did I thoroughly inspect the outsides but still noticed some of those fit and finish issues there too. All said, I would have no problem owning one of any of them.
BillyW 01/17/15 09:39pm Travel Trailers
RE: Topper for Truck

My solution was to buy a Softopper. It is similar to a boat bimini. The sides and back can be rolled up for bed access, the entire top can be folded forward and down to accommodate tall loads, or the whole thing can be removed by pulling two circle clips if you need to make a trip to the dump. How many other caps are a one-man operation for removing? The construction is tough, the fit is tight (no flapping at interstate speeds) and the versatility is outstanding. For the price of a top-of-the-line tonneau, you get a cap. Here is a LINK .That looks like an awesome option for a truck bed that performs varied duties! It's on my list for my next truck. Thanks for sharing!
BillyW 01/17/15 08:35pm Travel Trailers
RE: Removing WDH at site

I leave the bars attached to our Equalizer hitch and swing them around so they are under the Yukon. The hitch has not been off for about 3 years. Sometimes I will put a plastic bag over the hitch to protect us from the grease, if we need to get stuff out of the rear of the Yukon. So when you drive around the bars do not swing out and get in the way? No issues with someone taking them? Finally mine have just a plastic clip to hold them in place, do yours as I would be afraid the clip would break in time. There is enough friction to keep the bars in place, even though I do grease the pivot points. The bars are attached to the hitch head with a metal pin and clip, which could easily be removed if someone wanted to steal it. No problems yet, though. I did put a locking hitch pin on last year.I do the same. The bars don't just flop around. They stay put quite well. I also lock my bars to the hitch head, so they aren't going to be casually removed. The hitch head is also locked to the receiver. With the bars left on the hitch, there's less chance of nailing your shin too.
BillyW 01/17/15 07:40pm Travel Trailers
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