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RE: 5vr vs Bumper pull what are the differences

I'm also window shopping fivers right now. But as a bumper pull owner I feel obliged to point out some of their advantages. They track behind the tow vehicle better (they don't cut the corners). You can generally bring bigger toys camping (ATVs, etc.). You can squeeze under those low hanging branches easier. And because, while backing, you can quickly initiate tight turns which results in rarely needing one of those 90 degree turns that "some" fivers can do. Admittedly most of those "advantages" are more suited to camping versus RVing or resorting. I'm sure my opinion is probably skewed due to where I currently camp, and the fact that I've yet to actually tour or travel far.
BillyW 10/29/14 09:04pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: LED night lite solutions?

Since my bathroom light fixture has two bulbs, I swapped out one of them to red LED. It can be on all night, uses little power, and there's enough light from above and below the door to navigate in my little trailer. As already noted, red is the preferred color for those night ops.
BillyW 10/26/14 11:05am Tech Issues
RE: Short Box + 5'VR = Disaster????

The owners manual for the Super-glide indicates that the tow vehicle and trailer have to be within 16 degrees of parallel to hitch/unhitch. I can imagine many scenarios where that could be a problem for me.
BillyW 10/26/14 10:36am Fifth-Wheels
RE: What's the difference between regular and light 5th Wheel?

Just to be clear. I'm not interested in towing one with a 1/2 ton truck. Just wanted to know where the differences lie. Is it all based on extra size and a few more conveniences? The comment about the wardrobe slide being potentially much lighter than an equivalent bed slide makes total sense to me.
BillyW 10/25/14 04:51pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: What's the difference between regular and light 5th Wheel?

Weight........ 5th wheels are towed AND carried (pin weight) For 5th wheel to be carried by a '1/2 ton' it has to be fairly light due to limited payload capacity of truck Weight.......Normally weight is associated with strength. In this case the lighter unit is warrantied to tow an additional trailer, where as the heavier unit is not. THAT I guess is my real question. Do they have the same frames, etc?
BillyW 10/25/14 02:01pm Fifth-Wheels
What's the difference between regular and light 5th Wheel?

I've been online window shopping specifically at the Jayco models at the moment. Their HT (half ton) line is missing a few (lux) options, but appears otherwise very comparable to the regular line. In fact the HT's have an optional rear hitch, rated to tow 3000 lbs, where as the regular line only has an optional carrying rack. The website lists their construction details identically, right down to the frame and insulation. Is the only difference that the HT line lacks a few amenities, and is slightly smaller, but is significantly lighter and ultimately more capable? I must be missing something...
BillyW 10/25/14 01:15pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: OMGosh! Crack in the side of our Cameo?????

Out of curiosity would eternabond be any good in a situation like this?Yes, it would work to seal something like that quite well. But it sure wouldn't look pretty, and would be very difficult to remove, possibly causing more damage with the effort.
BillyW 10/24/14 09:06pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Winter battery care

From another north Idaho native, I took the time to remove mine one winter. No thanks, not worth it. My last 6v batteries lasted 8 years left on the tongue of the trailer, using a mix of solar or the built in converter (WFCO 35 amp). I'm pretty minimalist about battery care; keep 'em watered, keep 'em free from corrosion, don't let 'em discharge too low. That's about it.
BillyW 10/22/14 12:29pm General RVing Issues
RE: Semi floater,full floating rear axel.

I'm having a tough time associating those example photos to an overloaded tow vehicle. They (along with the narration) indicate that twisting force was the reason for this problem, NOT weight or towing. My 8.8" rearend is old as the hills and has been grenaded by my teenaged son trying to show off the supercharged engine (lots of twisting force!), yet the c clips and axles were unscathed. It's also been seriously overloaded, while simultaneously hauling and towing in very off road scenarios. 4lo is no stranger to my truck. I would think the bearings are the weak spot as far as weight. But if they fail, the axle will still be on the vehicle. I'm with Gr8 On edit: I know I pushed the limits with my old truck a lot, and am now in the market for a new 3/4 ton (at least).
BillyW 10/18/14 09:36pm Tow Vehicles
RE: UPDATE! Ordered a 2015 Eco-Diesel today! :)

It might be retarded, perhaps abusive to the eqpt. But it's definitely pertinent to real world experiences, especially if the info is accurate.
BillyW 10/17/14 12:18pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Windows 7 update and Browsers don't work

What's not mentioned is that Chrome uses the same Internet connection settings as IE. Firefox uses it's own settings. If updating during shutdowns was a bad thing, I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be an option. I touch hundreds of PCs every week and do it all the time. I would bet there was a security update that temporarily affected those settings.
BillyW 10/17/14 08:48am Technology Corner
RE: Wire converter to which side of battery switch?

To me, a battery cutoff switch is just that, something to isolate the battery.
BillyW 10/17/14 08:25am Tech Issues
RE: Ram 2500 6.4L 12.5K Ike Gauntlet

I'm sure glad that's all we have to whine about. I would be perfectly happy with those results... Even if I came in 3rd place!!
BillyW 10/14/14 01:49pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Window fan (s)?

My trailer had 16" on center rafters and fiberglass bat insulation. A 14" fan install was super simple and only took a couple hours. I have no construction experience either. Mine was a Surflo kit, which had everything needed, except for a 2x2 to build cross framing. I was able to tap into a nearby light fixture for power. I'm sure the other brands are similar. I know mine was installed correctly and will never leak. In my case it was very simple to find the framing, wiring, etc, just by pushing on the ceiling and sneaking a peak behind light fixtures. It was a little unnerving making that first cut in the roof though. :)
BillyW 10/12/14 12:47pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: When to use the slider?

I think I read in another thread that the Pullrite Superglide can be difficult to hitch up at odd angles. Is that the case? I don't have a 5er yet and and am a complete neophyte when it comes to the various hitch options. I occasionally drag my current trailer into some pretty tight and unlevel places. Would I have to give up that kind of camping?
BillyW 10/12/14 12:31am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Holding tanks in cold weather

Is it best to have PG antifreeze left standing in the toilet for the sake of the seal?I always do. I can't see how it could be harmful, but it's easy to imagine the seal being ruined by drying out.
BillyW 10/10/14 03:36pm Travel Trailers
RE: Holding tanks in cold weather

BWT....just a question.....doesn't the blue car window washer stuff freeze?? Otherwise, why do they sell Winter Anti Freeze and sometimes the blue stuff in my car won't work until the engine warms the area. Just wondering. I haven't seen it freeze in the tank, but it does on the windshield for sure. If it froze in the tank and expanded like water, I think we'd hear a lot more about it.
BillyW 10/07/14 12:54pm Travel Trailers
RE: engine chips for tow vehical

I chipped my '97 4.6 and burned a valve while mountain towing soon after. And before the damage, there really was very little performance improvement. Rebuilding it with RV cams and overall better breathing woke mine up pretty good. In honesty the BEST performance upgrade by far was regearing from 3.55 to 4.10.
BillyW 10/06/14 11:00am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Best way to arrest sun damage to awning?

I tried awning repair tape. It didn't quite make it a year. I've now added two 4" wide strips of Eternabond. I was hesitant because of all the bending and flexing, but it seems to be holding up pretty well. I'm still in the first year though. On edit, I should add that I will do it right next time and cover it somehow right from the start.
BillyW 10/06/14 10:50am Fifth-Wheels
RE: 2015 F150 configurator up on Ford.com

I was hoping for the supercab with 6.5' bed. Don't necessarily need big back seats anymore, but like having options. I figured the supercab would have pretty darned good payload as an HD. The crewcab will likely be about 1000 lbs shy of the RAM 2500 in a similar configuration.
BillyW 09/30/14 01:55pm Tow Vehicles
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