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RE: Twist on Waste Valve Question

Those that think the valve might be too heavy, what about all the waste water on the other side of it? I'm sure that weighs much more, and is going to be there regardless of the presence of that valve.
BillyW 08/27/15 11:26am General RVing Issues
RE: Which Portable Generator?

If you are looking at auxiliary fueling, the Yamaha is out because it does not have an internal fuel pump and requires a pretty elaborate setup to aux fuel. The Honda is a piece of cake in that respect.I think this is the correct answer.
BillyW 08/19/15 01:24pm Tech Issues
Frameless Windows; How do they compare?

I like the look of the frameless windows offered on many new RVs. I understand that they don't open as wide as conventional offerings, which is not a show stopper for me. I know how to maintain the old school conventional windows with butyl tape, caulk, etc. Are these similar? Totally different? How do they hold up to the rigors of RVing? Are they prone to leaking? How do you deal with it?
BillyW 08/19/15 08:49am Tech Issues
RE: If you could get a new one today.....

I'm leaning toward Jayco. They have two models, Jayflight 27RLS and 28RLS that are very similar to the floor plan you mentioned. They come with 2 year warranty and can be optioned with MUCH larger tanks. They are both on my short list right now. If I had 3/4 ton truck I might lean toward those Arctic Fox/Outdoors RVs trailers.
BillyW 08/18/15 08:15am Travel Trailers
RE: Bringing lots of water?

Maybe consider one of these for the fresh water, and empty 5 gallon buckets for the gray water.
BillyW 08/17/15 05:53pm General RVing Issues
RE: where i Am At

Hope your challenges and healing are quick and easy. Your rural lifestyle looks enviable, to me at least.
BillyW 08/15/15 10:04pm Tech Issues
RE: Bye bye 6 4L Hemi and RV :(

BillyW 08/15/15 09:51pm Tow Vehicles
RE: New 2016 Colorado diesel rating released

Diesel has been more expensive that gas here for an awful long time too. However it's not anymore. I know winter heating oil will cause it to rise, but by how much? And what about the other 3 seasons going forward?
BillyW 08/13/15 02:59pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Older Laptop More RAM

Everyone has told you where to get more ram so I wont. You dont say why you think or know why you need more ram, but it prabably wont solve yyour unknown problem. If it is for a slow computer which is the usual complaint, it wont help in the least. Old processors donot get faster with more memory. This is 100% correct. Adding more RAM doesn't magically improve performance of a PC. If you are experiencing times when your computer slows to a crawl with lots of disk activity, that may indicate you need more RAM because the system may be swapping parts of RAM out to disk and back because you don't have enough physical RAM. Additional RAM will help if you tend to have lots of programs running on your PC at the same time, "multi-tasking". One other comment. If this computer is old enough, it may be using DDR2 RAM instead of the newer DDR3. DDR2 RAM is significantly more expensive than DDR3 which you should take into consideration because the RAM may cost more than the small potential performance increase is worth. I beg to differ. If said PC has 2Gigs of RAM and you increase it to even 3Gigs it will perform much faster. 4Gigs will be even better. I agree that the older memory may be prohibitively more expensive now. We've gotten extra years of service from 1000s of PCs just by bumping the RAM.
BillyW 08/10/15 08:57am Technology Corner
RE: Factory installed wrong size full tank

While going through the shopping part of purchasing my new Ram 1500, The options were 26 gal, 32 gal, and on some vehicles 26 gal with an extra 5 gal (even on the build sheet). I repeatedly asked about that but was unable to get a clear answer and finally just settled for what I got. As I get to a more aggressive tow schedule, I'll consider bringing an extra 5 or 10 gallons in the bed. Maybe a little more conservative driving style will render the point mute.
BillyW 08/09/15 08:13pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Older Laptop More RAM

Online where is a preferred site to get more RAM for an eight year old laptop that has very little RAM? It's not an Apple - merely a standard. crucial.com (Just purchased from them, Got the survey today "Would you recommend" guess this answers that question) :) X2 X3 I've used crucial.com for years and years. We use them at the enterprise level also. Their memory has been very reliable. Like other vendors, they have a tool that will evaluate your computer and make recommendations for memory upgrades. Also like already pointed out, you don't need more than 4G if you're using a 32 bit OS. It's probably enough for 64 bit too under normal run of the mill daily computer needs (email, surfing, movies).
BillyW 08/08/15 01:36pm Technology Corner
RE: will solar keep the batteries charged

I have 150 watts of solar and very rarely ever charge my batteries any other way. My converter has been shut off for over a year now. I don't even know if it works.
BillyW 08/08/15 01:26pm Tech Issues
RE: Alternative to an Airstream's quality and beautiful windows?

A tow vehicle is suspended between two axles and rides over obstacles fairly well. A trailer pivots up and down around a center axle(s). As the tow vehicle takes peaks and dips, the trailer will respond with exaggerated motions at it's front and rear. I never said they can't go off road, I simply pointed out that their ground clearance can't be equally compared to a tow vehicle. I also tried to nicely say something else...
BillyW 08/04/15 02:24pm Travel Trailers
RE: Alternative to an Airstream's quality and beautiful windows?

I've never seen an Airstream out boon docking. I would love to see an $80,000 27' Airstream at the end of a dirt road. The really low ground clearance would also be a big hindrance . Unless your truck has more ground clearance than the Airstream, nothing you said makes sense. DanHmmmm... I remember saying lots of things that I later learned were totally wrong... Very sheepish feeling afterwards. Ground clearance on a trailer can be much higher than the tow vehicle yet it will still bottom out on every driveway, and especially out in the boonies. By the way, my 11 year old $10k (when new) trailer is in great shape and continues to provide excellent service. I expect another 10 years out of it, and am in fact considering handing it down to my kids, since they've shown an interest.
BillyW 08/04/15 12:47pm Travel Trailers
RE: Equalizer Question

Mine has the nylon sleeves on the L brackets and I do grease the pivot area of the head to reduce noise. My Equal-I-zer works exceptionally well all lubed up. I just returned from a trip that included lots of twists, turns, passing situations, semis, gusty crosswinds, and an emergency stop. My trailer behaved perfectly.
BillyW 08/03/15 11:23am Towing
RE: Alternative to an Airstream's quality and beautiful windows?

Here's a less expensive option that offers pretty fantastic views. I can't speak to their overall quality, but they do look pretty cool.
BillyW 08/03/15 09:45am Travel Trailers
RE: Ooooooooo Wireless no less!

This might be just what the doctor ordered for replacing my ailing TM2020.
BillyW 08/03/15 09:22am Tech Issues
RE: Equalizer Question

Mine is at least 10 years old and is the 10k lb variety, the notches are centered, so I have no idea which way is up or which side is which. Usually I put the label to the outside, but it obviously means nothing to the hitch itself. It continues to perform flawlessly, though a little squeaky from time to time.
BillyW 08/02/15 09:17pm Towing
RE: New Vehicle First Tow Report

Billy, why did she hate the old 1/2 ton? Just curious. Congrats on the new one btw.It's a long story. It all started with the under powered 4.6l engine burning a valve,leaving it struggling on 7 cylinders, then the mechanic reducing that to 6 working cylinders. I naively chose to rebuid the entire engine with hardened internals, lower compression pistons and a small supercharger. They never got the parts mix just right, resulting in an engine that always ran rich, made funny rattles at certain RPMs, and could never manage to tune it just right. It was strong but loud and needed constant attention, and got terrible fuel mileage. Fun to horse around with but Definitely not a vacation rig. As time wore on, dealing with its foibles grew old, especially for her. Now you know! :)
BillyW 07/27/15 11:41pm Tow Vehicles
RE: New Vehicle First Tow Report

I believe the features that warrant the Ram buy back don't exist on the current models.
BillyW 07/27/15 10:03pm Tow Vehicles
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