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RE: 2015 Ram 1500 1A Auto Mirror Install

That vid was the perfect compliment to your pics. Thanks!
BillyW 06/28/16 07:52pm Towing
RE: 2015 Ram 1500 1A Auto Mirror Install

Great post! I'm eager to hear how well they perform (vibration, etc.). I've been considering a pair too. I understand they had some reliability issues with the power folding motors. Hopefully that's been corrected. Good info on the extra bracket requirement. I'm unfamiliar with the nutsert, and using a riveting tool to install it. Will have to investigate that part more. Did you purchase the nutserts separately? Or were they included with the kit? I replaced a mirror on our Fusion with one of theirs and encountered poor gaskets and fit, which made me a bit nervous. Yours looks good. Thanks for the write up!!
BillyW 06/28/16 02:24pm Towing
RE: 2019 Cummins in Ram: 2 significant & simultaneous milestones

You know you used to be more diplomatic when you drove a Toyota... I can't help wonder why you allow the Ram mafia to continue to get a free pass, but anyone says anything factual about a ram and your all over them! When you start addressing the ram mafia directly then I'll take your comments serious, but your little snarking comment shows your position so I doubt we'll get positive results. Well I had the moral high ground as my vehicle was usually the MOST AMERICAN out of any of these trucks. Check your facts there fella, I have called out some of the Ram guys for trolling in a Ford thread, just like I am calling YOU out for trolling in a Ram thread. The big difference is that its 3 or 4 "Ram Mafia" guys that rotate through and troll Fords... but its ALWAYS YOU that trolls Rams. If you all could act like adults, there wouldn't be a need to call anyone out. The fact of the matter is that I could really not care less WHERE a vehicle is made. Ford or Toyota doesn't make a darn difference to me. Both employ Americans are competitive rates in safe environments in the factories, both pay American taxes (though Toyota pays MORE for import tariffs on some models), both pay American sales people, both employ American mechanics and both companies trade on the stock exchange and any one here can purchase stock and invest anywhere they want. All this nonsense about American this, foreign that, new designed this, 18 year old that is just a bunch of cranky old guys that still want to measure their manhood against someone else's. For whatever reason, I don't really care to get involved in the measuring contest. I'm satisfied with what my genes gave me, I was satisfied with my 87% American Tundra and I am very satisfied with my Mexican made, Italian owned Ram. Again... I couldn't care less what you or anyone else thinks of my purchase. My father in law drives a Chevy 2500 6.0, my good friend just bought a 2016 Ford F350 6.7. They are all amazing trucks and all handle everything we ever plan to throw at them. They buy what they want, I buy what I want. I am thankful to have so many choices and so much competition, as we all should be. Why don't you be the big man and step away from Ram/Cummins threads for a little while? Perhaps other people will be more willing to "side with you" if you weren't such a pot stirring troll in every single Ram/Cummins thread. Much like EVERYONE knows that Ricatic will never buy another Ford, we know that you will never buy a Ram. That's fine, that's your opinion and we all know. Stop acting so petulant about it...Amen!!!
BillyW 06/27/16 06:44pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Quality travel trailer

This one has really gotten our attention. It does not meet all your criteria, but sure seems to be a lotta bang for the buck. Good sized tanks, lots of storage, open floor plan, largish bathroom, lots of big windows, fireplace, 40" TV, all packed into a 30' travel trailer with a GVWR of 7700lbs. And a good warranty to boot.
BillyW 06/27/16 02:08pm Travel Trailers
RE: 2016 vehicle quality ratings released

Interesting how well VW did. Sounds legit...
BillyW 06/23/16 09:01pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Ram Tow button question

I don't exactly understand your question, GordonThree. Does your truck have the 6 speed transmission? And you're saying it never makes it to 6th gear? Or does it shift via the knob on the dash, which is an 8 speed? I'm not familiar with this feature on my 8 speed. If it's a six speed and the ERS allows you to restrict the highest desired gear, it can't go any higher than 5 and still be active.
BillyW 06/23/16 08:21am Towing
RE: Hard Start for AC

Sorry, I can't help with your problem. But the SPP6E I installed on my Coleman AC about 10 years ago makes starting the compressor a breeze for my generator. My multi-meters aren't very fast, but they would display an initial drop into the 90s before the compressor fully cycled up. With the hard start, they never display below 100vac. Also, before installing the hard start, I could hear the compressor trying to start for a second or so (even on 30 amp shore power). Since the kit was installed it "appears" to start instantly. My Yamaha 2800i can now comfortably run it in economode.
BillyW 06/22/16 08:37am Tech Issues
RE: Dum de dum dum Wanted Alive

Maybe there's a market for a wifi wall clock that could automatically update from your phone... Maybe just use a tablet (Ipad) with a simulated analog display...
BillyW 06/22/16 08:27am General RVing Issues
RE: Good reasons NOT to go with 5er over TT....

One reason that never gets mentioned why a 5er might be better or more convenient is that when hitched up you can walk between the truck and 5er. I remember having our 31' TT and our current 22' truck. Any time I needed to be on the other side I had to either walk around the TT or truck, or climb over the coupler, which was always uncomfortable. Not that it's that big of a deal or anything but it's one thing that makes setting up or taking down camp easier.Best reason yet!!! That is a huge pain, and with an Equal-I-zer brand hitch, I'm sure to get grease on something when I climb over the hitch. However, trailers fit under low branches much better than 5ers. Trailers also track behind the tow vehicle, allowing you to turn corners without having to swing so wide.
BillyW 06/21/16 10:31am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Disintegrated vent, Warning about using vent cushion/inserts

De-winterizing about 6 or 7 years ago, I found the same thing with the bathroom vent. It had turned to powder over the winter. Thankfully, I had installed a vent cover the previous year. That vent cover potentially saved the entire trailer from the scrap yard.
BillyW 06/17/16 08:35am General RVing Issues
RE: TT with integral generator for AC

As already mentioned, many Northwood MFG trailers (Arctic Fox/Nash) come with it as an option. Even if you choose one of their trailers that doesn't have it, there's a fair chance that there's a compartment for it, and it's already pre-wired.
BillyW 06/16/16 09:47pm Travel Trailers
RE: A/C work on 15 amp circuit?

I keep a Kill-a-watt plugged into a visible receptacle, inside my trailer and don't worry until it falls to around 108vac. Mine usually stabilizes just under 110vac after about an hour of operation. It has run for extended periods below 100vac, and still works well years later. I consider myself lucky, so far. I've switched to a home made extension cord that was once a 30 amp RV power cord. It made a big difference.
BillyW 06/15/16 11:46am Tech Issues
RE: Just for fun - Dented Ford F150 beds or .........

........ ONLY if you buy a brand spankin' new one. Their crash tests weren't so perfect, even one year earlier. ........ True to a point. Beginning with the 2015 F150 crew cab and 2016 F150 Supercabs, the used Ford trucks hitting the market will have the highest crash test ratings. How long before the others step so that their used models meet that rating? I genuinely applaud the F150's crashworthiness. Couldn't be a better category raise the standard in. I am not at all worried about my safety in my Ram though.
BillyW 06/10/16 02:52pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Adjusted EQ4 1 washer and here are the measurement changes

Interesting info! Thanks!
BillyW 06/10/16 11:06am Towing
RE: Road rash and rust, in the arid west?

Are you just talking about rock chips in the paint? If so, and you don't care about the appearance, I wouldn't worry about it. We have two 20 year old vehicles in the family with plenty of rock chips. They remain unchanged as far as I can see.
BillyW 06/10/16 11:00am Tech Issues
RE: Just for fun - Dented Ford F150 beds or .........

The Ram and GM guys are having fun with the Chevy video on the Ford aluminum beds. So lets have fun with the crash test.. Pickup crash test Ram rated marginal overall, poor in structure, and poor in foot and lower leg injuries. GM double cabs rated acceptable overall and structure, but poor in foot and lower leg injuries. GM crew cabs rated marginal overall, marginal in structure, and poor in foot and lower leg injuries. Thank you a voice of intelligence. I 'll take the dents and keep my legs. Ford aluminum rated GOOD in all categories. Hmmmm? Would I rather risk a dented bed by ignorance in dumping heavy pointed objects in my bed? Or would I rather risk having EMTs prying my legs out of a wrecked truck because some DUI or phone distracted driver drifted into my lane and hit me head on? I can prevent bed damage by using common sense. I may not be able to prevent someone drifting across the center line and hitting me. I like my feet and legs the way they are. Think I will stick with a Ford. :B I will take the Dents and keep my Legs. ONLY if you buy a brand spankin' new one. Their crash tests weren't so perfect, even one year earlier. This whole thread is stupid. Just as stupid as the other ones that spawned it. Sorry, maybe I need to go camping...
BillyW 06/10/16 09:01am Tow Vehicles
RE: How do solar panels handle hail?

Are different panels built to different physical strength specs? My panels were rescued from a power station fire years ago. Electrical box on back of one panel is melted but the panel works perfectly. Mine have been under significant snow load, moderate hail, and dropping tree branches with no ill effects. Bird poo and tree sap have been their worst enemy.
BillyW 06/08/16 01:17pm Tech Issues
RE: Tank Heaters

When I was shopping for tank heaters 10 years ago, even the cheapest ones were thermostatically controlled, regardless of ac/dc operation.
BillyW 06/08/16 09:01am Tech Issues
RE: Leaving black tank filled

Our trailer occasionally gets used while stored for the winter in the backyard. The black tank has gone 5 or 6 months partially filled more than once with no ill effects. I also don't go out of my way to dump it if it's only partially full after a trip, because I can dump the gray water tank with a garden hose at home easily.
BillyW 06/07/16 12:21pm Tech Issues
RE: F150 - Over GVWR

On top of that, remember that a weight distributing hitch will shift some weight away from the rear axle. Since we're empty nesters now, we don't need nearly as much stuff in the bed of the truck either. Additionally, you can try loading as much of that stuff as practical into the trailer instead.
BillyW 06/07/16 11:57am Tow Vehicles
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