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RE: Quincy the diabetic, blind dog broke her leg.

I'm so sorry for you two, but happy for Quincy that she passed in her own bed in her own home, with her beloved family nearby. She definitely lived the good life. RIP Quincy.
CA POPPY 05/04/16 03:09pm RV Pet Stop
RE: A very old stray {The Old Fella Story}

Well, see, Hannah was barking at those evil forces that Walter mentioned. You will take her warnings more seriously in the future!
CA POPPY 05/01/16 10:53pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Homeless Cat -- Now Spotacus the Christmas Cat

Guys and their toys! doesn't matter if they're cats or men! B:
CA POPPY 04/30/16 11:05pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Quincy the diabetic, blind dog broke her leg.

Aww, I can hear how much you love that girl. This is a really hard time for any of us. My heart goes out to you and Quincy.
CA POPPY 04/28/16 10:00pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Ecuador & the wees?

Oh, good thinking Dr Doug! Thank heavens they are okay, but they're going to continue having some huge aftershocks. Those ones almost scare you more than the initial event because the first one takes a bit to comprehend. And then the NEWS people keep telling you the first quake may have been a FOREshock and a bigger one could be coming! How tragic for the people and animals affected. There used to be an organization called Noah's Wish that activated to help pets and domestic animals following a major disaster. I hope they still exist.
CA POPPY 04/26/16 01:51pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Traveling with a de-barked dog

It's kind of horrible that whoever did this to the dog did not even keep him. Thank you for rescuing him. What breed of dog is he? A few years ago, we had a member here whose dog had esophagus problems. She had to feed her in something that looked like a doll high chair, so the route the food took was mostly vertical. If you research that condition, you might find some helpful ideas on the web.
CA POPPY 04/24/16 11:05pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Hair Turning Reddish Brown

One of our dogs did this and the vet said it was just the chemistry of her saliva & tears and not to worry about it. The licking feet or legs is a habit that is hard to break. I had a friend who showed poodles and she told me about a grooming product that helped the eye staining cosmetically. It is probably still available online, if your vet decides there is no medical issue.
CA POPPY 04/24/16 04:42pm RV Pet Stop
RE: A very old stray {The Old Fella Story}

Awww, isn't it cute? I think that's a cross between a beagle and a....oh, wait a minute. :E
CA POPPY 04/24/16 11:57am RV Pet Stop
RE: Ecuador & the wees?

I've read that four Canadian ex pats died in the initial quake. I am sure there must be a lot of them that had left the frozen tundra for a warmer climate,though.Theres just about nothing that leaves you feeling as helpless and alone as not having access to the WWW.
CA POPPY 04/22/16 03:04pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Ecuador & the wees?

Good job, research team! I keep remembering the photos of the wees on that balcony overlooking the beach. :E let Us know if anybody hears anything back.
CA POPPY 04/22/16 11:56am RV Pet Stop
RE: Ecuador & the wees?

Here in So Cal, we've been through a couple of 6.something earthquakes and I can't even imagine a 7. Red Cross always sets up a "check the welfare" system when there's a large disaster, but I don't think I ever knew Kathleen's last name I am sure the Ec infrastructure is badly damaged, at the very least
CA POPPY 04/22/16 09:49am RV Pet Stop
Ecuador & the wees?

We were watching the news about the earthquake in Ecuador and I suddenly remembered that's where Kathleen (Nabi and the wees moved to last year! Has anybody heard from her? Crossing fingers that the family is safe and well.
CA POPPY 04/21/16 07:23pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Slobber britches

The dog is LICKING. I hardly think that is cause for a third world war on his behavior. Some dogs will always lick - it's part of their personality. A simple "no" and moving away will help him learn that you don't like it. But you'll never get him to stop completely - he's always going to try to get a quick one in. Exactly! The love of my life, our little Poquita, couldn't hold her "licker" and it dawned on me, that's the way they "pet" us. It isn't a nasty habit but an instinctive thing, mama washing pups. How we miss those doggy kisses..
CA POPPY 04/15/16 08:47pm RV Pet Stop
RE: A very old stray {The Old Fella Story}

No, although Hannah does try to jump onto my lap. Also my chest, my back, and anything else she can reach. Aww, she knows you rescued her and is appropriately grateful. Isn't it funny how the big ones have no concept of their size?
CA POPPY 04/12/16 08:15pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Possible anal sac removal

Okay, I've spoken too soon. Darcy just had a repeat episode of anal gland impaction. I saw her scoot just once and the next day spotted a folf ball size swelling. Took her to vet emergency and the Dr lanced it, put some medicine eiyh s dytinge in it with a syringe and sent her home with ten days worth of yellow pills,and a tube of Animax. I rhink he said the pills were a combination of steroid and antibiotic This vet is not one I would want to do other than emergency surgery, just a feeling. In our area, he's the only one available nights and weekends. So we maybe looking at surgery in the near future but I need to know more about the situation. Different vets have stated that Darcy makes a paste in that gland, not the usual oily substance. I have never detected that odor on her. Is that kind of dog more prone to impactions? Would we be better off having a groomer drain the glands as some of our friends do with their dogs? Darcy's nine and I would prefer to avoid surgery unless it is inevitable?. I guess my question would be, How do you know it's inevitable. Last vet before this one said to only give dry kibble and that actually seems to help make firmer movements This is about her third episode in a year, treatmnt differently by different vets. She's our last dog so we want her to last awhile, but don't want her to be incontinent if that's a posibility. So: Groomer doing routine maintenance or wait? and go to vetsurgeon.That is the big question. enybody (especially DrDoug)Thanks for any advice/experience, on the subject. I know you paid your dues in thisdepartment. Thanks.
CA POPPY 04/09/16 11:44pm RV Pet Stop
RE: of course the one thing I forgot

Use the Animax ointment. If it isn't better by monday, go to the vet. Doug, DVM Animax Ointment Indications Animax Ointment is particularly useful in the treatment of acute and chronic otitis of varied etiologies, in interdigital cysts in cats and dogs and in anal gland infections in dogs. The preparation is also indicated in the management of dermatologic disorders characterized by inflammation and dry or exudative dermatitis, particularly those caused, complicated, or threatened by bacterial or candidal (Candida albicans) infections. It is also of value in eczematous dermatitis, contact dermatitis, and seborrheic dermatitis; and as an adjunct in the treatment of dermatitis due to parasitic infestation.
CA POPPY 04/09/16 10:57pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Homeless Cat -- Now Spotacus the Christmas Cat

Yes, let us know you're okay, please. Sometimes it is tricky, getting all those ticker meds balanced, but you can do it! I hope all is well!
CA POPPY 04/09/16 03:23pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Max, RIP

Oh, sorry! We miss these little buddies so much when they're gone. When you're up to it, please come back and tell us about Max.
CA POPPY 04/09/16 02:58pm RV Pet Stop
RE: A very old stray {The Old Fella Story}

Oh, they're beautiful! How does one go about finding the owner? Just drive around and look for a broken fence?
CA POPPY 04/07/16 05:59pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Homeless Cat -- Now Spotacus the Christmas Cat

Hope you're home and doing well. Yes, those sensor stickies feel like they take a layer of epidermis with them when they're peeled off. Hope your cardiac meds have worked it out between themselves and your motor is running nice and steady.
CA POPPY 04/04/16 05:42pm RV Pet Stop
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