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RE: Calvin's PSA; Summers just around the corner, ...

And I run in such an elderly crowd, I thought "Calvin had a prostate check?" :B
CA POPPY 05/22/15 06:40pm RV Pet Stop
RE: YES, everybody was right!!

How wonderful! And a great name you chose for her! I so miss MY Rosie. We always hear that large, black dogs are the hardest to find homes for. This is a lucky girl, and so are you. I hope you are feeling much better these days, Barb.
CA POPPY 05/15/15 12:03am RV Pet Stop
RE: Purina v Blue Buffalo update

A few years ago, I fell for the Blue Buffalo commercials the way we fall for those Disney movies that star a dog. BB knows how to manipulate pet owners' emotions, and who doesn't want the best for their kids? All three vets we've seen in the intervening years have had the same low opinion of BB that Dr Doug has. Our current vet is not even guarded with her contempt for the company's product and their marketing. Even the suggested servings of BB put weight on our small dogs and little guys really can't afford any extra pounds. The only dog we have now, Darcy, is on Royal Canin weight control and holding. so far, so good.
CA POPPY 05/13/15 07:30pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Good bye Ava

You know, from the sound of it, I'll bet Ava converted a few "non-dog" workers over the years. Those people, when they really get to know an animal, are changed forever. Job well done, Ava. And well done, Dan, for comforting Ava and making her feel safe and loved until her last breath.
CA POPPY 05/12/15 03:05pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Good bye Ava

Your buddies at work will be seeing her out of the corner of their eyes for months. Those are some special relationships, the "company" dog or cat. My sympathies...
CA POPPY 05/11/15 09:26pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Cause for severe rapid breathing--- Pain ?

Jerry, I am so relating to your dog's pain...and yours. They're different, but just as terrible. Even having a mixed breed dog doesn't guarantee anything. Last year, we lost Rosie (a chihuahua mix) to CHF. The vet said it was hereditary, so they can get the bad gene from just one parent....or not. I just want to say, I hope you don't wait too long, as we did with some of our recent losses. Our last euth was at home, by far the very best for all concerned.I greatly recommend it, if you have that service available. Be strong. She knows you love her. That's what's important.
CA POPPY 05/09/15 08:36am RV Pet Stop
RE: Cause for severe rapid breathing--- Pain ?

Yes, absolutely, pain and the anxiety it causes can trigger diarrhea. II don't understand the mechanism, but can tell you from personal experience that it is true. I am so sorry your Rottie and you are going through all this. How horribly frustrating and painful for all concerned. I hope it can be resolved soon.
CA POPPY 05/08/15 09:22pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Someone has a birthday !

Adorable! It looks like the move has very much agreed with her! Happy Birthday Izzy, and many, many more! I hope your surgeon follows this thread. :B
CA POPPY 05/08/15 05:30pm RV Pet Stop
RE: A very old stray {The Old Fella Story}

The loss of the use of one eye is huge, beyond a more fortunate person's comprehension. Not only do you lose your depth perception, but also the peripheral vision on that side. Earlier in life, the slightest blur of movement on the loss side would have triggered braking or other evasive action. It's a matter of constantly compensating, choosing your parking space carefully, not allowing yourself to drive when you're tired. That's not easy because being on high alert all the time is very fatiguing. A good co-pilot is essential, and I know you have one of those. :B Yep, I'm a member of that club, too.
CA POPPY 05/06/15 07:19pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Go MIss Scarlett!

What a horrific and remarkable coincidence, for husband and wife to both be diagnosed with the same kind of cancer at the same time! That must have the doctors really scratching their heads. It is wonderful that her little dog will be there to comfort her. I can't imagine better "medicine."
CA POPPY 05/03/15 09:47pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Cyanide Poisoning in 3 of my dogs.

Amazon.com has that gazebo for $126 with one day shipping and it's coming from Florida! They are excellent to deal with in case of any problems. I am too tired to find and paste the link, eyes closing......
CA POPPY 05/02/15 11:27pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Cyanide Poisoning in 3 of my dogs.

If there are any Min Pin message boards, maybe someone there would have suggestions. Controlling the environment is probably all you can do at this point. The trouble with that is, the little buggers really need their exercise. I checked and the consensus seems to be that cyanide smells (tastes?) like bitter almond. Why that would be irresistible to dogs, who knows? When our neighbors cleared out some junk in their back yard, mice ran over into our yard. Darcy had a party and was tossing them up in the air and catching them in her mouth. I think Min Pins were originally bred to be obsessive and that trait persists. :E So glad to hear your dogs are at home and okay. The new vet must be very good.
CA POPPY 05/02/15 09:04pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Cyanide Poisoning in 3 of my dogs.

Do you have any of your dogs home now, Rock? One thing about min pins, they tend to be a bit obsessive. That's why Darcy is not allowed outdoors off-leash anymore. She is single minded and stubborn,true, bUT she's also the most affectionate little dog we've ever had. A trainer told me that trait is common for the breed. You helped me with Darcy when we first inherited her, and I really hope your three are soon well again.
CA POPPY 05/02/15 07:38am RV Pet Stop
RE: Cyanide Poisoning in 3 of my dogs.

I wondered what this tree and it's leaves might look like and found this: Black cherry tree leaves, flowers, etc The site is for horse owners but the description of the toxin is chilling. We'll all have to be more aware when camping, especially with dogs that like to taste things. It's good that we have this warning.
CA POPPY 05/01/15 04:23pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Cyanide Poisoning in 3 of my dogs.

Excellent detective work, Rock! Hopefully the word will get out to the other vets in the area. I do wonder what is so appealing about black cherry leaves. They must taste good. Did your dogs previously show an interest in eating stuff like that? Our chi mix, Rosie, would taste darned near anything that fell in the yard, including bird droppings, and occasionally got gastritis. Are black cherry trees common in your area? If so, a TV or newspaper story would be good, to get the word out. I'm so glad your dogs are improving.
CA POPPY 05/01/15 10:34am RV Pet Stop
RE: Cyanide Poisoning in 3 of my dogs.

Sad to say, people-doctors are equally guilty of discounting medical complaints with, "Well, you have to expect these issues at your age." It's awful. Rock, hoping to hear good news...
CA POPPY 04/30/15 09:15pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Cyanide Poisoning in 3 of my dogs.

Wow! What a chemistry lesson you've had today! This info really needs to get out there. Who would suspect something so seemingly benign as a leaf? And how awful that your new home comes with such an incredible unknown hazard! I am betting the walnut husk our pug ate contained the same ingredient. She was ten years old at the time and she DID survive so I am hoping your kids will do the same. Do you have a local TV reporter you could contact about a story? There's no telling how many people have lost dogs in the past and never knew why.
CA POPPY 04/30/15 06:17pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Cyanide Poisoning in 3 of my dogs.

Great detective work, Rock! We had a pug years ago that was poisoned by chewing on black walnut husks. You know how the walnuts fall off the tree encased in what looks like a green golf ball? She found them irresistible. Our old country vet pulled her through, amazingly, but she did have some liver damage. Yeah, Bud took that tree out, but it was only about 10' tall. These min pins are a pain sometimes. We have to keep Darcy on a leash everytime she's outside, because she will eat every lizard in the county. Hope your kids are okay.
CA POPPY 04/30/15 08:20am RV Pet Stop
RE: A sad day

It's true, the survival rate for the first few days of a baby bird's life is very small. We read that info after we put up a bunch of birdhouses and then realized we had created a crow and blue jay buffet. :E However, I choose to believe they are very soon reincarnated and will be back shortly. Who's going to prove me wrong?
CA POPPY 04/28/15 12:01am RV Pet Stop
RE: How do you know it's Time? It was time.

Ohhh, sorry! But bless your vet who called it the way he saw it. No use prolonging the inevitable at that point. I know you will miss your fuzzy friend, and of course we all understand...
CA POPPY 04/27/15 07:25pm RV Pet Stop
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