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RE: RIP Sunny

Oh, tough call, but I'm sure you had no choice. Often, people pass the problem along to someone else, but who would want to feel responsible if somewhere, a child was injured? As someone advised me, "with all the loving pets that need a home?"
CA POPPY 04/25/15 05:51pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Diagnosis - Feline Leukemia

Aww, sorry for the loss of your friend. It's wonderful, however, that Missy never suffered. It's a tough position to be in, but you did good!
CA POPPY 04/25/15 10:37am RV Pet Stop
RE: How do you know it's Time?

One of the hardest decision we have to make regarding our furbabies, your heart will tell you one thing, but your mind knows it is time. And you will make the right decision. Well said. My heart wanted to believe my Aussie, who was telling me he was just fine, just a little gimpy. But my head knew a 14 yr-old-Aussie is a fragile thing. And rather than risk him REALLY getting hurt by falling, or suffering a seizure, etc - I made that awful decision with my head. My heart, 2 years later, is still angry and hurt about that..... Deb, I clearly remember when you went through all that with Ike. It's just human nature, I think, to beat ourselves up over "if only" and "what if?" I did it for years following the loss of some human family members. It feels pretty much the same. Only time will lessen the pain.
CA POPPY 04/24/15 10:54pm RV Pet Stop
RE: How do you know it's Time?

We've had several of these occasions in recent years. I am here to tell you that by the time we "just knew" it was really much too late. The animal was in obvious deep distress. They are so brave and I really think they don't want us to know how ill they are. We decided to not wait until our hand was forced in any future decisions. That's hard, too, but there are no easy ways to call it. My sympathies on your impending loss.
CA POPPY 04/24/15 03:54pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Diagnosis - Feline Leukemia

I lost the favorite cat of my whole life, Romeo, to Feline Leukemia years ago, before the vaccine was available. By the time he was showing symptoms, it was clearly too late to save him. That was really hard, but of course we let him go. We had a very practical, country vet at the time and he saw no point in prolonging a terminal, painful disease, past comfort measures. I appreciated that the doc was honest with me. Be strong.
CA POPPY 04/10/15 11:05pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Go pro mount for the dogs

Funny, I read the item as "Go Poo" that a dog could wear. Now that might work, if somebody invents it! :B
CA POPPY 04/09/15 11:11pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Poor Puppy - Travel Plans Put on Hold

The next scariest thing to me would be, "Are there more where that rabid bat came from?" There's probably hardly a dog or pup alive that wouldn't run up to check on something flopping on the ground. Crossing fingers that your little girl will be fine.
CA POPPY 04/08/15 04:42pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Happy Easter

Good news, that your knee is better, the family is all together and all is well! The girls are cute in their life jackets. We used to take Rosie and Poquita to the beach but they didn't go near the water. I would tease them and ask if they "want a bath?" They would look from me to the ocean and back again, as if to say, "You're kidding, right, Mom?"
CA POPPY 04/05/15 07:27pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Happy Easter

Those girls look like they were born in the tropics! Did you make their shirts? You are a pretty darn good photographer, too. You could make a book of their holiday attire. How does their papa like your new climate? I hope your knee boo boo is not serious. That can really "put a hitch in your get-along" as my dad used to say. Feel better soon!
CA POPPY 04/05/15 06:18pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Rescue to therapy

What a great story, and that's a beautiful dog! Pets you rescue under conditions like that end up repaying you a million times over. I hope you have lots of years with him.
CA POPPY 03/14/15 11:40pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Renal failure in old cats

Thank you so much, Susan and everybody. I do look at Edna and see a "person." You know how it is when you've had a pet for such a large part of your life. I do appreciate all the good thoughts. Judy
CA POPPY 03/09/15 05:13pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Renal failure in old cats

Sher, thanks very much for that info. I hadn't known stroke was a possibility. We have a date set for the vet to come to the house and give Edna a boost to the Rainbow Bridge. Today Edna is staying on our bed sleeping (had trouble jumping up there) and has not asked to go outdoors or anything. So hard, but yet she's been such a good kitty and we have enjoyed her so much, I want to make sure she has a comfortable exit. I will keep you posted. Judy
CA POPPY 03/09/15 03:17pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Random p**ping elderly dog

She is getting all of the good stuff for arthritis already. I am going to ask about the cognitive aspect, because she is definitely showing some dementia. Not enough to be a problem by itself, but it's happening. Also, some pain meds deaden the nerves to the bladder sphincter and can cause incontinence in females of various species. :E
CA POPPY 03/09/15 01:49pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Random p**ping elderly dog

Yes, that's a housekeeping and logistics problem, more than anything. We had a 15 year old dog that became incontinent, both ways. We closed off carpeted rooms and kept her on tile floors and became janitors much of the time. We tried doggy diapers and that was a no-go. The dog didn't feel guilty or anything because she never even knew it happened. In retrospect, we wished we had let her go earlier, but more for her sake than ours. It's hard to be objective when a loved one is running out of time. My sympathies...
CA POPPY 03/08/15 10:39pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Renal failure in old cats

Thanks Dr Doug and all. I have a call in to the nice vet that does home euths. I noticed that Edna had quit eating anything but a few little treats a couple of days ago. Checked the litter box and it is bone dry. Her gums are pink and her skin retracts, so she's not yet dehydrated. She will sometimes take a couple laps of water if I hold it in front of her. She likes our bed with the electric blanket turned on. She never did the excessive water drinking that you read about. Well, she has drank more than she used to for the past six months or so, but not alarming amounts. The interesting thing about Edna is that she has eaten nothing but dry food for her entire life. When she was younger, we tried every kind of canned food with no luck. She has never been interested in people food. So I doubt anybody could say the diet of dry food has shortened her life. She's also the only one of our pets that is soley "mine." She's never been a lap sitter but she talks to me like a Siamese. We understand each other. Looking at her photo album, it is alarming how much we've all aged in 19 years. That's the cruel reminder, I think. Edna was a gift from a very special person. I've written the story before, but maybe will retell it when the time comes. Thanks for all your good wishes. Judy
CA POPPY 03/08/15 06:29pm RV Pet Stop
Renal failure in old cats

Our Edna (orange tabby) will be 19 yrs this June, but I am beginning to doubt she will make it that far. She's on thyroid meds (compounded type, ear application) for a few months, and renal diet food. She perked up a fair amount on that regimen but this weekend seems to be different. Yes, I will call the vet if Edna becomes in distress but so far, she doesn't seem to be. All the articles online describe end stage renal failure as characterized by extreme thirst. She's not doing that. She did drink when I took a dish to where she's sleeping. She is not real interested in food now, either. Her litter box is almost untouched. We don't feel we want to go as far as administering Ringers lactate. If anybody has been through this with an elderly cat, I'd like to hear about it. Thanks, Judy
CA POPPY 03/07/15 08:53pm RV Pet Stop
RE: A very old stray {The Old Fella Story}

Gary, will you get a GSD puppy after you move, or a young Greyhound? Is your brother a dog-person, too? :B
CA POPPY 03/03/15 11:13am RV Pet Stop
RE: Change of Temperment

Sometimes as dogs get older they get a little temperamental. She's got her reasons, whatever they are. Do most people where you walk allow their dogs to "say Hi"? As our little dogs got older, we stopped requiring them to do that. We just gave other dogs and owners a wide berth and said, "we're retraining." Keep her leash loose, not taut, as a tight leash transmits your tension to the dog (per Cesar, Dog Whisperer.) This helped a lot when we had the issue.
CA POPPY 02/26/15 05:49pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Baking clay paw print ...

Not sure which category this belongs to ... so here goes The directions on the clay paw print from crematorium says to bake in a glass baking dish .. we have none in the RV. So do I need to go out and buy one or can I bake it on Aluminum foil in a baking dish ? The only paw print we were given was Rosie's and it seemed to be some kind of acrylic material, no baking required. What I would do is check the name of the crematorium online and see if they have a website or at least a phone number you can call with your question. The vet would no doubt have that phone number, too. I know what you mean about missing that little coyote howl, Rosie did that, also. Such characters, our girls were!
CA POPPY 02/23/15 11:12pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Had to make a very hard decision yesterday!

Oh, so hard for you, but I'm glad you had your vet's realistic assessment to go by. Chubby is back romping with his brothers at The Bridge. No more pain for him, no confusion, he's at peace, bless his heart.
CA POPPY 02/21/15 12:40pm RV Pet Stop
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