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RE: Change of Temperment

Sometimes as dogs get older they get a little temperamental. She's got her reasons, whatever they are. Do most people where you walk allow their dogs to "say Hi"? As our little dogs got older, we stopped requiring them to do that. We just gave other dogs and owners a wide berth and said, "we're retraining." Keep her leash loose, not taut, as a tight leash transmits your tension to the dog (per Cesar, Dog Whisperer.) This helped a lot when we had the issue.
CA POPPY 02/26/15 05:49pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Baking clay paw print ...

Not sure which category this belongs to ... so here goes The directions on the clay paw print from crematorium says to bake in a glass baking dish .. we have none in the RV. So do I need to go out and buy one or can I bake it on Aluminum foil in a baking dish ? The only paw print we were given was Rosie's and it seemed to be some kind of acrylic material, no baking required. What I would do is check the name of the crematorium online and see if they have a website or at least a phone number you can call with your question. The vet would no doubt have that phone number, too. I know what you mean about missing that little coyote howl, Rosie did that, also. Such characters, our girls were!
CA POPPY 02/23/15 11:12pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Had to make a very hard decision yesterday!

Oh, so hard for you, but I'm glad you had your vet's realistic assessment to go by. Chubby is back romping with his brothers at The Bridge. No more pain for him, no confusion, he's at peace, bless his heart.
CA POPPY 02/21/15 12:40pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Suggestions needed after dog is gone ....

I thought of you all day... I'm so sorry for your loss, but I know you are just grateful for the blessing she was. RIP Miss Petunia. You did your job very well.
CA POPPY 02/20/15 09:06pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Has anyone done something so nice for your dog you cried

What a heartbreaking story, Doug, and what a wonderful vet! I often imagine how hard all these tragedies must be for the Drs and staff. You will never forget that kindness.
CA POPPY 02/19/15 05:33pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Wonder where a few of the core member's gravitated to?

Aww, you've got yourself a sweet little lap dog! :W How does Lily like that?
CA POPPY 02/18/15 02:04pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Suggestions needed after dog is gone ....

Good for you and good for Petunia. You are very brave and we all know how hard it is. Also, I completely agree about the decision to not have another dog. I think it is hard for younger people to comprehend, but we are being realistic and only fair to the potential new pet. Darcy will be our last dog, too. You're fortunate to have other dogs in your life. Be brave, spoil that girl rotten with her favorite treats this week. You are absolutely doing the right thing. Judy
CA POPPY 02/17/15 09:57pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Has anyone done something so nice for your dog you cried

I just recalled this incident.. shortly after Izzy had her pacemaker sx we were going thru the drive thru at Tim Hortons...I was holding Izzy so she wouldnt bark and get herself all worked up..when we went to pay the clerk said its already paid for and handed us a note...it said... "I just lost my dog a few weeks ago..enjoy your order and someday, pay it forward " We had no idea who she was and was long gone...she had seen me holding Izzy and Izzy giving me a million kisses as we waited in line..and yes...it did make me teary eyed since Izzy had 3 full cardiac arrests and we were (are ) very lucky to have her alive. Otes-agnes....that certainly was an act of kindness...a very thoughtful dogter ! Wow, Nabi,That lady ahead of you in line had observed the very special relationship you have with Izzy and was touched by it. What a wonderful thing she did for you. I know it still warms your heart.
CA POPPY 02/16/15 06:21pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Suggestions needed after dog is gone ....

Down Home, what a great description of Dakota! I could see him as you told it. Thanks so much for telling us about him.
CA POPPY 02/15/15 08:32am RV Pet Stop
RE: Suggestions needed after dog is gone ....

It's so thoughtful of you, to want to share Petunia's belongings. We gave Poquita and Rosie's things to a local rescue. I would suggest not throwing away her toys as they come out just fine if you toss them in with a washer load of towels. The same with leashes and other cloth-type items. Put the leashes in a mesh bag so the metal parts don't beat up the dryer. The new doggies won't mind a bit if the toys don't look new. I'm told that PetCo has a bin up front of the store for used pet beds. A rescue picks them up from time to time. Many pet beds are also machine wash and dryable, just needing a bit of fluff-up afterwards. I'd keep out one of Petunia's sweaters (unwashed) and her collar and tags and put them in a ziploc bag for keepsakes. Last year, somebody on this forum said they put their beloved dog's ID tag on their key chain, so that's another idea. It's a good idea to take more photos of her, too. When I looked back at the pictures we took shortly before our girls went to The Bridge, I was shocked at how obviously ill they looked. We hadn't seen that as it happened, so it helped to know we didn't let them go too soon. I made a little photo album of each dog's life, too. It's good that you are thinking of all this as it will be less to deal with when the time comes. Take care..
CA POPPY 02/14/15 06:17pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Has anyone done something so nice for your dog you cried

These are wonderful stories! Last year when we rather suddenly had to let Rosie go due to CHF, I waited impatiently to get her ashes back. For some reason, it took longer than expected. When I opened the package, there was a lovely little cedar box with her name on the lid. Inside it, I found a tidy little packet of white ashes, as pure as Florida beach sand. Then, I stared in confusion, because attached to the packet was a sweet little pink silk ribbon rose. Then it dawned on me, her name was ROSIE! I like to think some unknown worker at the crematorium had added that touch to let me know she understands. And yes, I still get teary thinking about it.
CA POPPY 02/13/15 05:05pm RV Pet Stop
RE: I am getting frustrated!!

Yeah, I don't think you can generalize about dogs of the same or opposite sexes getting along. I think it's more about whether the people they live with give the impression of being in charge.
CA POPPY 02/13/15 11:28am RV Pet Stop
RE: Collapsing trachea

We have followed you CA Poppy since we rescued Miss Petunia, the Chi, and you have helped us in so many ways with your sharing. She is now refusing to go down the steps for her evening 'potty walks', and today snapped at David. But we do want to wait a couple more weeks before talking with a Vet .. just so hard to watch her coughing, and trying to get her breath, plus she is getting '*****y' and snapped at DH today. She has had a good life with us since 2006, and we need to do what is best for her. Just hope we can find a vet willing to do as we wish for her. Thank you for your kind remarks. We have had a lot in common, since Petunia reminded me a lot of our Poquita. All I can say about "letting go" is that we have always waited too long. Of course, it wasn't always up to me. Bud had an even harder time with the decision. When it came down to it, both of our girls were in deep distress by the time it became obvious that that we had no choice. I so wish it hadn't been that way, but hindsight is always better. Both of our girls were still eating ravenously up until that final trip to the vet, but otherwise, they were not having fun anymore. Somehow, it all ends up being a reminder that we are not so young anymore,either. I wish you peace with your decision, whenever it tjurns out to be.
CA POPPY 02/12/15 10:57pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Pet Euthanasia at Home

I I can appreciate your POV, Dr Doug, but it is good that patients have a choice. Years ago, when vets first started asking if owners wanted to be with the pet during euthanasia, I was present at one that went a little bit scary. My favorite cat, Romeo, had contracted feline leukemia, before there was a vaccine for it. Romeo seized during administration of the euth meds. I think it was harder on me than him, but our vet told me it sometimes happens. I assume meds are better today? Also, it probably is harder for some vets to deal with emotional family members than the pet. That has to be very tough, at times.
CA POPPY 02/12/15 10:15am RV Pet Stop
RE: hello from S.A

Wonderful! It's been a long haul, getting that house sold, hasn't it? You all will be so delighted to see Daddy and if the wees are like most "kids", equally excited to see what he has brought them! :W
CA POPPY 02/11/15 07:50pm RV Pet Stop
Pet Euthanasia at Home

It's always so hard to make the call on when to let a pet go. We actually had an appointment for this service last year, but before the time came, Rosie's CHF became acute and we had to take her to pet emergency. How I wished I had called earlier. I hear that more of these services are becoming available around the country. I hope so. A Peaceful Passing for Pets
CA POPPY 02/11/15 07:42pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Collapsing trachea

I am surprised to see this thread resurrected. We lost Rosie last year, only two months after her collapsing trachea and enlarged heart and liver were diagnosed. Two vets said it was genetic and not our fault, but you know that is small consolation. We had planned a nice peaceful home euthanasia, but when it all happened, that was not to be. A visitor ringing the doorbell sent her into coughing spasms that we couldn't stop. We had to go to vet emergency at night where they did the best they could to make her comfortable and not afraid. I think that CHF is one of the hardest ways to lose a dog, since you see the fear in their eyes. I hope nobody has to go through that ordeal with their beloved pet. So hard.
CA POPPY 02/10/15 11:05pm RV Pet Stop
RE: A heartbreaking accident - lost a granddog

Oh, no, that's a heartbreaker, for sure. Banks sounds like such a loved character in all their lives. He will be missed terribly. I still vividly recall this kind of thing happening to a neighbor's dogs when I was a kid. It's traumatic, to say the least.
CA POPPY 02/06/15 11:39pm RV Pet Stop
RE: A very old stray {The Old Fella Story}

She's adorable! P.S. littermates can have different daddies.
CA POPPY 02/06/15 11:08am RV Pet Stop
RE: A very old stray {The Old Fella Story}

Yes, Molly came to me because of this Forum, and especially because of Carole Winch, aka Gentle Spirit. I had her for 4 1/2 years. Gary, did you keep in touch with Carole? Molly seemed to live the Life of Reilly for those four and a half years. That counts for something in doggy years. Heck, it does in human years, too!
CA POPPY 02/05/15 11:19pm RV Pet Stop
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