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RE: Woman w/Dog in car goes under water Louisiana flood

The NEWS yesterday looked an awful lot like Katrina footage. I will never forget watching dogs paddling after rescue boats. TG for brave people like these rescuers. It looks like the dog just swam out when she saw the chance. Mine would have drowned because we always have them buckled in. But that's why we don't live in the gulf area with all of the hubs relatives. I'll stay right here in Cali and take my chances with an earthquake every 20 years.
CA POPPY 08/14/16 12:21pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Pup health issues

Penny saw an ophthalmologist and a neurologist. They have no answers. Said it just happens to some young dogs (she's 3). They'd be more concerned if she was older. Told me to watch for other symptoms... walking weird, loss of appetite, seizures, etc. They said I could have an MRI done, which "might" show more, but at $3,500, I said "no thank you". We'll keep a close eye on her. Thanks everyone for your concern. Agnes These "kids" just like to scare us every now and then! was the vet specialist able to tell if her vision is normal? I hope all is well with Penny.
CA POPPY 07/30/16 09:25pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Meet Dexter

What a cute cuddle-bug! What a gorgeous boy Dexter is! Beautiful markings! Do you breed Corgis, too?
CA POPPY 07/29/16 11:57pm RV Pet Stop
RE: A very old stray {The Old Fella Story}

Rosie had a torn ACL a few years ago. She had her foot under my chair when I moved the wheels,caught her foot and she pulled away. $3k with a vet surgeon. I would do the surgery all over again, though.
CA POPPY 07/29/16 11:45am RV Pet Stop
RE: A very old stray {The Old Fella Story}

Oh, my. I, too, an so sorry for reading the forum "on automatic pilot" and not letting the full extent of your loss sink in. Even worse, is not responding. A few years ago, we lost two of our girls rather close together and the notes from other members meant a lot to me. I am glad to see that you still have some pets, but I know that your other three are missed terribly. I don't even know how long it takes to look at their photos without getting teary. ((HUGS)) Judy
CA POPPY 07/27/16 09:30pm RV Pet Stop
RE: New camping buddy

Aww, she's way cute. And at only two months, she's still got a lot of growing to do. I tend to think we owners have a lot to do with how a pup turns out, so I suspect Ashlyn will be just as wonderful in her own way as your previous girl. Congrats on your new family member!
CA POPPY 07/27/16 04:32pm RV Pet Stop
RE: A very old stray {The Old Fella Story}

We have heat AND wildfires. I am afraid this is the summer we've been dreading for years. Last time we had to evac was 2007.
CA POPPY 07/23/16 01:11pm RV Pet Stop
RE: A very old stray {The Old Fella Story}

I was just feeding my Girls, I had just taken the container that we use for storing their food out when the phone rang. Well, I grabbed the phone as I have been waiting on an important call. So, after a few minutes I go back into the kitchen only to find both Macy and Sandi sitting there waiting for me to scoop out their food (they both eat the same food). The open container was just sitting right there on the floor and neither one of them touched it! I have to say, I have two wonderful Pups! I would say so! Good dogs! Some pooches would've had a party! :B As far as Macy and the surprise poops, that's the pain meds. They dull any pain but they also relax the sphincter muscle that tells her if she has to go. Just the price we pay for having a beloved dog that long. It's even harder when they lose urine control, but one thing at a time and maybe it will not come to that.
CA POPPY 07/21/16 03:39pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Fulltiming With Dementia

double post please delete ,
CA POPPY 07/20/16 10:09am Full-time RVing
RE: Fulltiming With Dementia

When we had my mom (mild dementia, age in her 90's)living with us, we drove the class B with her seat-belted in the back. She had pillows, a bottle of water, her puzzle books, etc. She had been instructed to never take her off her seatbelt. Then one time we were traveling I-5 @ 55mph and looked in the rear-view mirror to see Mom out of her seatbelt and toddling up the center aisle to the bathroom! Talk about crossing our fingers and praying! She made it to her destination and back! That generation has been strong and independent all their lives and darned if they are going to have a "kid" telling them what they are allowed to do. We didn't travel too much after that, but if we did, I rode back there with Mom. She never, ever complained about the accommodations. I swear, those depression-era kids would sleep on a picket fence! Miss her.
CA POPPY 07/20/16 10:04am Full-time RVing
RE: What colors do cats see?

It may be the flavor of the treat, rather than the bag. Are they beef? My cats always liked fish or chicken better than beef. You could try a switch and put some of the declined treats in a different bag and see if it makes a difference. If so, that's one really discriminating kitty!
CA POPPY 07/19/16 11:30pm RV Pet Stop
RE: If It's "NOT" One Thing, It's ..... Braces?

Very nice! So when does The Kid start college?:W
CA POPPY 07/17/16 06:58pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Fulltiming With Dementia

I think it is uncommon for a driver to have this much self-awareness. More often, you see people who are confused, or missing vision in one eye and thus lacking depth perception, stubbornly insist on continuing to drive until the problem comes to the attention of the authorities. Good for you!
CA POPPY 07/16/16 07:49pm Full-time RVing
RE: A very old stray {The Old Fella Story}

ro-sie I am glad you got little Rockie. Bad knees are rampant among toy breeds and it seems to me, very common in chis and chi mixes. Sometimes it can be dealt with non-surgically, and sometimes you gotta bite the bullet. Our first adorable chi mix, Poquita, had knees that slipped out of place and we learned to put them back right away and she never needed surgery. Our second chi mix, Rosie, ended up needing surgery ($3K unfortunately. She had some more good years and I would do the surgery all over again, but we still ended up losing her to congestive heart failure (genetic and unrelated.) Rosie sang and danced and did all kinds of tricks upon request. She was the most people pleasing dog I ever saw and worth every penny we spent on her, but boy do we miss them. The knee surgery often gives little dogs a good number of quality years they might not have had otherwise, but sometimes, you can work around the problem if surgery is not an option. I always like to read about your "kids".
CA POPPY 07/06/16 08:44pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Which dental chews are okay for small dog?

Thanks for the suggestions. Min Pins are natural hunters and this one cannot be in the yard off leash, because she will kill and eat lizards, birds, anything she can get ahold of. We used to give our chi mix dogs a pork chop bone with little scraps of meat still on it. They would neatly remove the shreds of pork and leave the bone shiny clean. When we tried that with Darcy, she consumed and swallowed the whole bone! She never showed any ill effects from it, but we don't allow her cooked bones anymore.
CA POPPY 06/30/16 08:27pm RV Pet Stop
RE: A very tragic weekend

Oh, what a shock that must have been! I'm so sorry. It is good that vets were there, so you know nothing more could've been done.
CA POPPY 06/30/16 07:05pm RV Pet Stop
Which dental chews are okay for small dog?

Darcy, 9 yr old min pin) chewed the heck out of the handle of a hairbrush today. It was my fault for leaving it out, but obviously,she needs some kind of a safe chew. I have heard about toy breed dogs being injured by some chews so have never given her any. Darcy is missing her upper incisors from before we got her, but can still chew quite effectively using her molars, obviously :W. Does anybody have a recommendation? Thanks.
CA POPPY 06/29/16 09:07pm RV Pet Stop
RE: "Don't Scare The Tourists"

Wildfires here. Those are by far the most terrifying experience I've ever been through. Worse than the occasional surprise earthquake. Cali:Never a dull moment.
CA POPPY 06/17/16 09:00pm Around the Campfire
RE: A very old stray {The Old Fella Story}

CA POPPY 06/06/16 06:39pm RV Pet Stop
RE: A very old stray {The Old Fella Story}

Oh, that brings back painful memories! :B Fortunately, veterinary care of cats has progressed and our last kitty had meds that we just rubbed into her ear leather. She thought we were petting her and would actually remind me if we missed a dose.
CA POPPY 06/06/16 04:18pm RV Pet Stop
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