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RE: well I filled out an adpotion application today

Thanks everyone and thank each of you for adopting!!!! Please let us know how your application works out. What kind of dog is Miss Itsy? I'm assuming she's tiny?
CA POPPY 01/25/15 01:19pm RV Pet Stop
RE: We call him Sam

Wonderful! He's going to b e a great and treasured pet. One of ours used to get a little carsick and 1/4 of a dramamine took care of that, when we made a longer trip. Also, black pets are hard to get detailed photos of. Did the groomers concur that he is mostly poodle?
CA POPPY 01/24/15 11:44pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Old cats, revisited

I adopted my neighbors old orange tomcat when he was at least 12 years old. I was told he was 19 but if he was I think he would be close to a record. I have had him about 8 years. He still makes the litter box, demands attention and is a good companion. I am not really a cat person but this old guy may convert me. He will not eat the 'good' food, I bought the Blue whatever that stuff is and he wanted no part of it. Tried to cover it up. His muzzle is turning grey, he has a bit of a hard time breathing sometimes but the vet says he is good for his age. I thought I was doing her a favor adopting him, I think she did me the favor by selecting me to take him. Aww, I love it when these little guys manage to convert a non-cat person! Your kitty might be that old. Our vet says she has one cat patient who is 27! Vet also shares your cat's opinion of Blue's pet food. After "9ld cat" blood work, Edna is now on thyroid meds and special renal diet kibble. We can tell the difference. We will not be getting another cat, so need to take the best care we can of this one.
CA POPPY 01/24/15 10:39pm RV Pet Stop
Old cats, revisited

Edna will be 19 in June and I think she just might make it. She came to us at five weeks old and that's a story in itself. She's what the Brits call a ginger tabby, orange shorthair, not at all uncommon, except to us. She has a bunny-soft coat and she's a bit eccentric, as is the right of old girls. At this age, she "talks" more than she ever did. Sometimes her voice is inquisitive, sometimes insistent and occasionally demanding. Her face now has more white than just the star she was born with. I am still, and always have been, her favorite person. Sometimes she will wake me in the middle of the night, just to make sure I am okay. We are both aging at warp speed. At this stage, I sometimes look into her eyes and see the slight confusion and disorientation I noticed in my mother's eyes at the end of her life. I want to tell Edna that I understand. Tell me about your old cat. Aren't they amazing?
CA POPPY 01/24/15 07:20pm RV Pet Stop
RE: We call him Sam

I can't wait to hear about the kids' reaction! Also, how did the grooming turn out?
CA POPPY 01/24/15 06:52pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Really angry. . .

Oh, I sincerely hope they call the rescue! A rescue will politely take the dogs and THEN tell them what's what. If the female had an untreated uterine infection, she'd be dead by now. Worms in the mom can kill newborn pups but so can a lack of maternal instinct. Let us know how this turns out, please.
CA POPPY 01/23/15 07:29pm RV Pet Stop
RE: A little something to brighten your day

We stopped getting the local paper here years ago when they went to over $30 a month - sort of miss seeing the cartoon pages... Had a good link for free daily comic strip but it went away on me. Anyone know of good free virus-free daily comic strip... I guess I could start looking for one on GOOGLE... Roy Ken I've followed this comics website for years: http://www.gocomics.com/ You can add your favorites to your account and check them everyday. There are ads but no viruses.
CA POPPY 01/22/15 10:38pm RV Pet Stop
RE: We call him Sam

Wonderful! The grandkids will be thrilled! I can't wait to see a photo. Congrats to you and Sam! He knows when he's got it good.
CA POPPY 01/21/15 02:39pm RV Pet Stop
RE: In Dog We Trust on Goverment Seal!

I believe I could have fixed those two letters with a thick black magic marker. I hope they at least sent that rug over to the animal shelter. :B
CA POPPY 01/20/15 07:15pm RV Pet Stop
RE: The 1959 Ford Thames campervan restoration begins.

Incredible, as usual! I keep thinking that's an amazingly supportive and understanding missus you've got there, too! I hope the beautiful hydrangea was salvageable.
CA POPPY 01/19/15 05:56pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Wonder where a few of the core member's gravitated to?

I am unable to get any quality dog food here...there is a shop that sells Royal Canin but Izzy did not do well on it when we tried it before...so I am back to making all their food...just waiting for my jar of vitamin/nutritional supplement powder Wayne sent from Canada...I still have a small amount of Wellness left that I brought with us and I am adding it too their homemade diet until I get the supplement powder...luckily I knew what was needed from making Bellas food ...and its not like I have anything else to do down here LOL Kathleen, does that shop only carry one variety of Royal Canin? Would Wayne be able to bring a couple 3# bags of something back with him when the house sells? Crossing fingers that will be soon.
CA POPPY 01/17/15 06:37pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Wonder where a few of the core member's gravitated to?

Rock, I suspect that many vets are loathe to criticize any brands of dog food, probably from experience. Pet owners often are defensive on the topic and may pick up little Pookie and head for the door, off to find a more "modern thinking" vet. Well, our more modern thinking new vet, a young woman, had views on BB I can't quote here. She did not push any particular brand, either. We found this new vet when we learned that Edna (18 yr old tabby) has thyroid and kidney issues. We had Edna on BB Wilderness senior version, thinking that was best. After new vet's mini-rant on BB, we switched to another brand's renal diet. Edna has accepted it and along with thyroid meds, is acting a lot more kittenish. I am glad some vets, like Dr Doug, are willing to call it as they see it.
CA POPPY 01/17/15 08:45am RV Pet Stop
RE: Wonder where a few of the core member's gravitated to?

Re: Blue Buffalo They also continue to advertise "Gluten Free" and "No Corn" as if it made a difference. In 37 years of practicing veterinary medicine I have never seen or heard of in the literature a gluten intolerant dog - they may be out there but talk about FAD. We've tried to address the misconceptions about corn - but that seems to be a never ending project.Now if you can address these issues, you can officially be added to the core membership. Doug, DVM (moderator - somewhere between core and lurker :B) Doug, our vet says the very same thing. She says BB is all about marketing and not about nutrition. Worse than that, BB put weight on our small dogs that they did not need. We now have Darcy on Royal Canin weight control dry food and she is looking and feeling great. I wish I had made the change years ago and perhaps Rosie would've lasted longer.
CA POPPY 01/16/15 07:20pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Wonder where a few of the core member's gravitated to?

You missed my all-time favorite, Walter: "Why are people always telling me I should neuter my male dog????" And my next fav: Does anybody know a good breeder of cocka-doxie-poos?"
CA POPPY 01/16/15 07:40am RV Pet Stop
RE: Kathleen, is Wayne still up North?

KKathleen, was Zari's dental with or without anesthesia? Either way, that is an amazing price. It's awful that you have to be separated from Wayne for so long. Real Estate is starting to pick up in the States, so maybe it will in Ca, too? Sure hope so. Is it the cold weather holding down the market at this time?
CA POPPY 01/15/15 10:55pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Wonder where a few of the core member's gravitated to?

Yes, I am missing people, too! I notice that also on other places I frequent on the web, the numbers of posters are diminishing. I think the novelty has worn off and people are off having a life. Darn it! I hope your post jiggles some of our old friends to chime in with whatever they and their critters are doing now. New people welcome, too!
CA POPPY 01/15/15 07:49pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Ford ball joints question (see Update page 2)

Okay, after being told by our longtime tire shop owner that our 2004 PW Excel needed ball joint work, I took it to the Ford dealer. Because it is an RV, Ford referred me to A-One Automotive Center on Ave I in Lancaster, CA and they told me the ball joints were fine. He did install zerks for me. Also, he checked to see if an alignment might be needed and said everything checked out fine, no alignment necessary. Ford said this is the only place in the Antelope Valley that does this kind of work on motorhomes. Just wanted to pass along this positive experience.
CA POPPY 01/14/15 09:47pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
Parking on concrete slab

Our class B is parked on concrete, outdoors, all the time. It's a 20' PW Excel TD. Did I read somewhere about a mat that can be put under the vehicle (and driven up on)to prevent the concrete from leaching moisture out of the tires? We recently had to replace tires, not because of wear, but because of that fine line cracking of the sidewalls. Of course, our desert heat and sunshine doesn't help much either. Thanks for any info.
CA POPPY 01/10/15 11:50am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Ford ball joints question (see Update page 2)

Had to have the ball joints on our ford Van done at 50,000 miles...had them replaced with the greaseable ones. Was the van showing any kind of symptoms or was the trouble discovered on regular maintenance? Thanks
CA POPPY 01/09/15 08:34am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Ford ball joints question (see Update page 2)

I have a 2005 PW Excel TD on a Ford E350 chassis same as you have. I have 58,000 miles on the vehicle and just had the front end checked at a Ford dealer recently and everything was fine including the ball joints. Ball joints will show a very little bit of play when tested. I'd say the tire dealer was full of it and maybe had a child in college or a boat payment coming up. LOL Ernie, we think alike! :B The killer was that the guy claimed it is a typical problem in Ford vans. I suspect we probably would've heard about a class action suit, if that was the case. I knew we would've heard about it on this forum. Thanks, everybody. Bud & Judy
CA POPPY 01/08/15 10:22pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
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