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RE: Andersen w/MorRyde Pinbox

Humm, In one of their installation manuals they show a MoRyde pinbox being coupled to their Anderson hitch.
CJW8 10/06/15 12:27am Fifth-Wheels
RE: possible converter problem or ?

Where is the 14.36 volts being measured? At this voltage, the lights should be about ad bright as they are ever going to be.
CJW8 10/05/15 10:01pm Tech Issues
LCI 6 point leveling system

One of the selling points of the LCI 6 point leveling system is it will return to the hook up position when the correct buttons are pushed. Great idea for a 5th wheel. Mine has never done that. It gives a message that this function is disabled. Anyone know how to enable it?
CJW8 10/05/15 09:43pm Tech Issues
RE: Reverse Polarity Fuses Circuit Question

BLF13, Normally fuses and breakers are sized to protect wire and components downstream of the source. In reverse polarity protection, the source is the battery. Since the converter manufacturer has no control of what goes on past his output posts, he is only trying to protect his converter from a RP connection so he installs fuses. It is up to the user or the trailer manufacturer to protect the positive wire on the battery where ever it may go so it is a good idea to have a fuse or CB near the battery as well.
CJW8 10/05/15 09:01pm Tech Issues
RE: Want Directv HD

Do I only need the 5 LNB antenna if I want to receive my locals when I am within my spot beam?
CJW8 10/05/15 11:07am Technology Corner
RE: Circuit breaker tripping

The OP said "one of two" breakers are tripping. This leads me to believe he means the two main service leg breakers. My 5500 has two breakers located on the generator. If one of these is tripping, he has a short in that leg or some other overload. I guess we'll not know until he re-posts the answer.
CJW8 10/05/15 12:55am Tech Issues
Want Directv HD

I have a new 5th wheel that has 2 cable inputs dedicated to satellite tv. Connected to it I have a King Flex dish and a Directv SD DVR receiver. The picture is awful. The receiver I have only has composite output which is the lowest quality video signal there is. I have access to a directv HR21-200 receiver which has HDMI and component output. Would this receiver and HDMI connection improve my picture? Does Directv HD receivers upconvert 480 to 720 or 1080? I realize my King Flex is an SD antenna only. So my second question if I wanted to go all the way to HD TV, What would I need? I am thinking a slim dish with 5LNB and SWM capabilities and the HR21 receiver I already have. Since I am semi permanent, I do not mind using a tripod and aiming it myself. I've done it before on a stick house when Directv would not mount a dish on my roof. Thanks for your help.
CJW8 10/04/15 11:05pm Technology Corner

Dutch, Thanks, I stand corrected. The range is about 1.5 PSI
CJW8 10/04/15 07:45am Tech Issues

cmeed, Maybe you got lucky but comparing a tire gauge to a compressor gauge that is constantly vibrating does in no way prove accuracy. I didn't know that tire shops had a certified master gauge but if they do, that means it had been verified against a dead weight tester or some other standard that has also been certified. The calibration instrument's certification can be traced all the way back to some national or international standard. If my TPMS sensors are advertised to be +-1.5 PSI, that means there is a potential difference of 3 PSI between the highest and the lowest sensor. I went to NAPA and bought a quality tire gauge, the larger one like the truckers use. With it, I set all my tires at 80 PSI. Then I installed my TPMS sensors. They read between 79 and 81 PSI. I called it good enough.
CJW8 10/03/15 10:35pm Tech Issues
RE: Finally bought a battery hydrometer, need help with results

Mex, 60-2 volt cells, is that all? Where I worked I was bored one day so I started counting ours. I lost count at 1500... it was several systems but the battery room was one huge room. Systems were, Nav lights, emergency light, emergency shutdown system, process control system, crane emergency power etc. It took the electricians over a week to check the SG on all those cells. Annual load test was another story!
CJW8 09/29/15 09:17pm Tech Issues
RE: Electric Remote Propane Shutoff ?

What MrWizard said and a very small orifice on the burner tube takes awhile to bleed the pressure in the line.
CJW8 09/29/15 08:49pm Tech Issues
RE: Poorly designed ductwork - need opinions!

Sometimes our LR rug covers a vent and the furnace has never shutdown due to low flow or overheating. In-fact, you could use a small rug to partially cover your bedroom vent once you fix it. Put a string on both ends and give one end to the wife and keep one end for yourself. When you get hot, pull your string to cover the vent. When she gets cold, she can pull her string to uncover it. This facilitates the thermostat wars that all couples play!
CJW8 09/29/15 08:45pm Tech Issues
RE: Upper shock mount broke clear off. Flippin' unbelievable!

What huntindog said or... Get this kit from MORyde. It is a cross member kit. Mount the shocks between the crossmembers and the axles... on the inside of the springs. It looks like these crossmembers go between the spring hangers so there would no removal or cutting of the underbelly needed. All concerns addressed!
CJW8 09/29/15 08:33pm Tech Issues
RE: MorRyde HD Shackle Upgrade

That shackle in the top picture looks better than mind did. Mine failed completely and left me stranded in Gila Bend AZ. I got new shackles and bolts at a supplier in Phoenix and fixed the broken shackle in a truckstop parking lot. As soon as I got it home I ordered the Dexter EZflex and installed it myself. Easy enough, just take your time, use several hydraulic jacks and jack stands for safety. I am extremely pleased with the Dexter system. My new toy hauler has Equa-Flex rubber cushioned equalizers by Lippert but not wet bolts or thick shackles. I'll be looking to replace them in the near future.
CJW8 09/29/15 08:21pm Tech Issues
RE: What are the good quality bearings for a TT?

If it is a 5200# axel limited by the springs and you are concerned about better bearings... It probably has Type 42 spindles. Probably: • 25580 Inner, LM67048 Outer Bearing • Capacity of 3,000 lbs. per each • Fits Dexter 5,200 lbs. thru 7,000 lb. axles Grease seals sizes vary
CJW8 09/29/15 02:28pm Tech Issues
RE: What are the good quality bearings for a TT?

Second, there are no junk bearings sold in the united states, and probably goes for any other country in the world too. Don't blame your inexperience in replaceing bearing races, or adjusting bearings, onto cheap junk bearings !! I respectfully beg to differ. There are a growing number of counterfeit bearings being sold in the USA and abroad to unsuspecting customers. Most times, even the dealer doesn't know they are counterfeit. I don't know how these counterfeit bearings make their way into the distribution network but the counterfeiters have it down to an art even to the packaging. After 3 failed bearings in a month on a large crude oil pump (2300 bbl/hr) and everyone blaming the installation, a root cause failure analysis determined the bearings were counterfeit. These were branded as SKF but a metallurgist determined the balls and races were from China. There ARE junk bearings out there.
CJW8 09/28/15 09:27pm Tech Issues
RE: Applying baby powder to slide seals

I just traded in a 12 year old 5th wheel and never touched the slide seals with anything and I never had a problem. Mine never stick.
CJW8 09/28/15 07:28pm Tech Issues
RE: Upper shock mount broke clear off. Flippin' unbelievable!

At least with flying, you'd be reasonably assured when people worked on your aircraft, they'd be certified to do so. Trailer frame welders, not so much. I see nothing wrong with your design as described. I'd only suggest a cylindrical spacer around the bolt between the 3" plate and the main frame web. That way when all bolted up tight, some of the stress would be transferred to the frame web instead of all of the stress being on the 3" plate.
CJW8 09/27/15 09:17pm Tech Issues
Which is better for my batteries?

I for am staying for a few months in an RV park. There is no extra charge for electricity so cost/savings is not a question. I have two quality charging systems. Main is a Xantrex TrueCharge 2 40 Amp. The other is 500 Watts solar with a Rogue 3024 controller. Both are quality chargers and both have temperature compensation. Should I turn off the Xantrex and let the batteries cycle daily, on solar, between 75% and full... OR leave the Xantrex on and maintain the batteries at about a constant 13.4 V? Which is better on the batteries? I am thinking the daily cycling is removing life (longevity) from the batteries so am leaning toward leaving them at a constant voltage with the Xantrex TC. Thanks.
CJW8 09/27/15 08:52pm Tech Issues
RE: LED Lights for exterior flood lights??

Wow, I looked for years for that retrofit. I never could find it. I finally replaced then with lower wattage bulbs. I have since replaced the camper.
CJW8 09/25/15 09:18pm Toy Haulers
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