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RE: Inverter and deep cycle battery question.

Is <30ms switchover time on fast enough for most things to not notice? Looking at the inverter/charger from danrowe.
CJW8 09/24/14 05:09am Tech Issues
RE: Impact Guns and Extensions Do Not Mix

This has been interesting. How would one measure the torque applied by an impact gun? Could you tighten it till it stops turning and then use a torque wrench set on a low setting and keep adjusting the torque wrench up until the bolt moves before it clicks?
CJW8 09/21/14 09:27am Tech Issues
RE: WFCO Please Describe The Operational Malfunctions

Years ago I tried a WFCO8955 or 45 (don't remember). It was about 12 feet of #6 wire with frame negative. It would not go into boost no matter what I tried. Before I returned it to Randy, I set it up and tested it with about 18" of # 6 wire and it worked as advertised. I traded it back to Randy for a Xantrex XADC that works great. It goes to 14.2 every time it is powered on.
CJW8 09/21/14 06:32am Tech Issues
RE: Battery Cable length/resistance?

I used some big fat wire from an audio electronics store with clear insulation. I like it because I can see the electrons flow. It is also very flexible.
CJW8 09/19/14 01:24am Tech Issues
RE: ARP Refrigerator Fire Safety Device

Joraz, Did you have to remove the refrigerator to install the APR unit? I am a victim of a Dometic fridge fire a couple of years ago and am interested in this device. My fridge was was only 5 years old. If I would not have been there at the time, it would have burned my rig to the ground.
CJW8 09/11/14 09:33pm Tech Issues
RE: DOMETIC RM2852 lower door replacement

Old-Biscuit That is what I thought, I just wanted confirmation before I started the job. Thx. Looks like more rain coming our way tonight.
CJW8 09/08/14 10:58pm Tech Issues
DOMETIC RM2852 lower door replacement

Does anyone know how to replace the lower door on a DOMETIC RM2852 refrigerator? It has pins at the top and the bottom so you must have to remove one of the pins to get the new door in but I can't see how to do it.
CJW8 09/08/14 10:29pm Tech Issues
RE: Disposing of old A/C

In a couple of days someone will be writing this forum asking how to make this "free" AC they picked up work. lol
CJW8 07/15/14 10:48am Tech Issues
RE: Water heater element problem.

And yes.they will also weep when heating water if the air pocket at top of tank has been lost It may weep but if it does it should be replaced as they are inexpensive and not really worth servicing. Relief valves are not supposed to weep, no if's and's or buts about it.
CJW8 06/21/14 01:48pm Tech Issues
RE: What Dash Cam would you buy and why

If you have an old android phone or iphone, you can download a free dash cam app.
CJW8 06/12/14 03:39pm Tech Issues
RE: Morningstar MPPT Controller's Maximum Input Power Rating

This a plot of my home system with the oversize PV modules mentioned in previous post. Notice how it is flattish on top? To get the next size up for both inverters would have cost around $1500-$1700 total. http://i298.photobucket.com/albums/mm260/cjwetzel/solar_zpse35d11de.jpg
CJW8 06/11/14 03:52pm Tech Issues
RE: Morningstar MPPT Controller's Maximum Input Power Rating

Not a news, really. I believe most (any?) MPPT can be used with oversized array. Benefits are well known: the I/t curve (t=time) becomes flatter with larger array, the tip is clipped but shoulders are wider. Better production in early hours and/or on cloudy days. Oversizing "might" have a detrimental effect due to more heat in controller operating near max output. Though I have a gut feeling that after you've arrived to clipping point, it doesn't matter how much you exceed it, heat is still the same. Perhaps somebody who understands the clipping better will correct me. I've been saying this for years on here and people either argue or don't understand what I said. Maybe I should have been as eloquent as you! Well said! My last two home installs were like this as well as my residential installer is the one that clued me into this trick. One was 8kw array with 7kW inverter, currently I have a 15kw array with 13 kw of inverters.
CJW8 06/11/14 03:32pm Tech Issues
RE: Why won't 2000w inverter run 900w microwave?

Damn, 140 posts and 1 year later just to get to what was said in the second post. :? Exactly what I was thinking. Now to see if the dealer will fix his bad install over a year later.
CJW8 06/11/14 03:22pm Tech Issues
RE: Windows 8

Glad you got your problem solved. I will not buy a Windows 8 machine until Microsoft fixes the interface. I know you can get add on software to make it look and act like Win 7 but why should one have to? I just bought my wife a new high end laptop computer and it came with Win 7 pro installed with an upgrade disk to Win 8. I will not be downgrading to Win 8.
CJW8 03/18/14 09:03pm Technology Corner
RE: Generator Woes, Onan nhe emerald + 6500

May be something in here... Onan Troubleshooting Guide
CJW8 03/13/14 08:56am Tech Issues
RE: Xantrex SW3000

Boonhauler, I did look at your build after my post. Nice build by the way! I know about being extremely anal as I was too about my discrepence in readings. Something was wrong and I couldn't rest until I found it. It did give me an excuse to buy a couple of nice pieces of gear though, one being the clamp-on DC ammeter and the other being the Rogue charge controller. When I said "error on someones part", I wasn't actually thinking you, I was thinking either the trimetric or the Magnum's display. I should have been more clear. I was certain mine was correct. Having worked as an electronic/electrical technician for over 35 years, I figured installing the trimetric would be a piece of cake and it was. I did know about the generator ground cable on the battery and I was thinking, well, I'll miss the measuring the start up current of the generator, falsly thinking there would only be current flow in that cable when the starter was engaged, totally neglecting the little fact that the generator was frame grounded. Oh well, as you said, none of us are perfect. If my post didn't help you, perhaps it will help others. I already know of a couple of others on another forum that were helped my me sharing my mistake.
CJW8 03/05/14 11:56am Tech Issues
RE: Xantrex SW3000

Whoa, the Xantrex has a 3 amp standby, that's a lot more than the Magnum! The Magnum is rated at 30 watts, which is ~2.4 amps, so not a lot more, plus the Magnum is termed "typical", which is code speak for "could be more". I've had no problems getting all but the RS series repaired at my closest Xantrex service center. They are pretty proprietary with their info though. Chris: After reading this post of yours I decided to get real time data from my install. I have a Magnum MS 2812 with a TriMetric 2025 battery monitor installed correctly. The real time data provided by the TriMetric shows the the MS 2812 when 'shut off' draws just about 0.3 amps. When I turn on the inverter and it is 'hunting' or as the factory remote says "Inverting" with no load on it the Trimetric reads a draw of 0.7 amps. This is why I stated "whoa" in my post. Being a Magnum owner and user I can tell you that what Magnum states in their literature and how the inverter actually performs are two different things. On the other side, the Magnum literature states the charger side as 125 Amps. In reality it makes 105 Ampshttp://www.southbayriders.com/forums/attachments/434350/ height=600 width=800 Boonhauler, That seems to be a significant error on someone’s part. Are you sure all loads are going through your shunt? I experienced this when I installed solar. My trimetric did not agree with my solar charger output. It even made me question the Xantrex C35 output reading. I fought this for over 6 months to the point that I even replaced the C35 with a Rogue because I thought the PWM charger was costing me 30-40% of charge. Humm, the Rogue was costing me the same loss... We even discussed it here and on AZ Wind and Sun forum. I even bought a clamp on DC ammeter and verified the difference. With my clamp on ammeter I started measuring every DC load. What I missed was the negative cable going to the generator starter directly from the battery negative. At the generator it was also frame grounded. This was allowing some load to bypass my shunt. The fix? I simply lifted the generator starter negative from the battery and walla! My world was now in equilibrium. I never needed the Rogue but in retrospect, I like it far better than the C35.
CJW8 03/04/14 04:14am Tech Issues
RE: Older Posts

Thanks, I found it! :)
CJW8 02/25/14 01:07pm Forum Technical Support
RE: Weight causing tires to rub inside of trailer

Also, flipping the axle will increase the moment arm and will make flexing (when the trailer leans) even worse. I think you need to beef it up as suggested before doing anything else.
CJW8 02/25/14 11:40am Towing
RE: Weight causing tires to rub inside of trailer

My tires are very close to the I-beam frame and a single tire does rub the frame if the other tire on that side goes flat (or comes off). I am considering either 2 inch longer axles or new wheels that are offset to the outside one inch more. By the way "flipping axles" is somewhat of a generic term. You can indeed flip the axles from the bottom of the spring stack to the top. If your axles are slightly bowed (they do this for strength) then the bow will be the wrong way and you'll loose the advantage gained. A better way would be to buy an axle over/under kit which I believe does require welding on a new spring pad. Only $50-55. one example
CJW8 02/25/14 11:17am Towing
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