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RE: Should I Change My WFCO Converter?

jrnynm7, yeah I know but like I said, I only had 2 batteries when I bought it and I do have 405 watts of solar and in AZ solar is more hit than miss. I can run both chargers together but since the charging profiles are different, I only get 55 amps if batteries are down.
CJW8 11/28/14 12:56pm Tech Issues
RE: Should I Change My WFCO Converter?

I had a WFCO 55 from Randy's, never worked but he traded it out for a Xantrex XADC 40 that is a wonderful converter. The only thing that would make ideal in my opinion is if it had temperature compensation, but no converters do as far as I know. Every time it sees generator or shore power, it slams 14.4 volts and up to 42 amps into the battery for 4 hours. TOO BAD THEY QUIT MAKING IT!!! I added the TrueCharge II 40 as a second charger and love it as well. reason being, I am not able to attend to my RV six months of the year on an every other month basis. I needed something I could set and forget that would automatically adjust for 50-60F degree daily temperature swings and 0-100+ seasonal temperature swings. The temperature compensation on the TC does this. The TC is also highly configurable for any battery technology and it well Equalize to 16 VDC if I remember correctly. I know BFL13 likes the VEC1093DBD and no doubt it is a fine battery charger, but it is an automotive charger that must be clamped on and removed AND you have to push some buttons to get it to do what you want it to do... EVERYTIME! That works for him but not for most folks. If it were me, I'd bite the bullet and go with what Trojan recommends. It is a one time cost and good insurance. It will take good care of your batteries, even if you have to leave it for weeks at a time. I personally believe you'd be fine with the 40A as Xanatrex says the 40A is ok for up to 228 AH. I have 460AH the 40 works fine for me. I would have gotten the 60 but at the time I only had 2 grp 27,s and later added two more.
CJW8 11/28/14 11:48am Tech Issues
RE: Where did you get your Electrical knowledge?

I am pleasantly surprised how many of you are military trained or are/were defense contractors, even some "rocket scientist"! A SHOUT OUT to you! Thank you for your service!
CJW8 11/24/14 02:07pm Tech Issues
RE: Electrical truck to trailer connection question

Simple answer is yes. buy the proper length 2 conductor cord, Attach appropriate trailer plugs on both ends and go to work.
CJW8 11/22/14 11:59pm Tech Issues
RE: Small Engine Storage

I am on my 3rd carburetor in 4-5 years in my Champion 3500/4000 generator due to gunk in the carb. I use stabil or sea foam in every tank. when I removed my last carb, it looked like varnish inside. Champion says they are not worth cleaning or rebuilding and sell them for $28.
CJW8 11/22/14 11:39pm Tech Issues
RE: Where did you get your Electrical knowledge?

2 years technical school then 40 years and going in process control instrumentation, oilfield. It was all pneumatics in the beginning, now it is 90% electronic and computers. Best adult friend is an electrician. Built and wired my own house in my 20's. A lot of reading in my lifetime.
CJW8 11/22/14 10:34pm Tech Issues
RE: Please help with prep for freezing weather

What kind of RV do you have? How old? It makes a difference.
CJW8 11/22/14 11:18am Tech Issues
RE: What gauge wire?

Why put in high end Kyocera panels and cheep out on wire? 40 feet is a long way from the battery with a lot of voltage loss that you will never get back. Such a waste. If this is just going to be a battery maintainer, your little bitty #10 wire will be fine but if you are going to do some serious off grid camping, then go with at least # 4 cable as suggested. I have helped 3 others replace their factory installed #10 wire because their solar system didn't work as expected. In all cases there was big improvement.
CJW8 10/31/14 10:01am Tech Issues
RE: New Interstate Pro ECL battery?

They have a 18 month warranty compared to 12 for the standard Interstate warranty. 36 month for their AGM.
CJW8 10/31/14 01:00am Tech Issues
RE: What gauge wire?

I wouldn't use less than #4 if the panels are in parallel. Welding cable is very flexible, UV resistant and no more expensive than big box store wire.
CJW8 10/31/14 12:47am Tech Issues
RE: Clearance lights not working.

YES! That did it! Thanks Forest River for making a hidden connection! Now, since I can't see to inspect those hidden wires and it is possible that the hot wire that melted could have compromised the insulation on other wires, I am going to install an inline 15 amp fuse in the POS for the clearance lights just in case. Thanks MEX for making me think about the cut out wires. It was not a wasted effort because I cleaned up all of my tail light wiring eliminating factory crimp nuts and installing waterproof butt splices and refreshing the grounds with new screw to frame and waterproof ring terminals. Another success story.
CJW8 10/30/14 08:23pm Tech Issues
RE: Clearance lights not working.

MEX, All wires are that were cut out are connected at both ends. All functions have been tested by plugging into vehicle. A second test was done by jumpering black (pos) on the trailer plug to each light function and all worked except clearance lights which should have come on with the tail lights. What I can't see are the wires from cut end to cut end because they are hidden in the overhang and will not pull out, must be clamped in there. Maybe the power for the clearance lights are spliced on in the overhang and that is why I cant find them. Next test it to apply power to king pin cut end green and white and see if they come on.
CJW8 10/30/14 08:06pm Tech Issues
RE: Clearance lights not working.

MEXICOWANDERER I already did just as you suggested and all the clearance lights came on but not the tail lights. While it was hooked up as you suggested I checked for voltage on the abandon wires in the overhang and there was none. BFL13 There is only a circuit breaker in the kingpin junction box and it is on the battery line. If there is another fuse box somewhere else, I have never seen it. I will keep looking.
CJW8 10/30/14 08:49am Tech Issues
Clearance lights not working.

I have a 2005 Forestriver 5th wheel toyhauler. When I unhooked the last time and pulled away the trailer plug (7 pin) got caught on the tailgate and pulled put of the junction box of the trailer. The #10 positive that runs to the batteries shorted and melted a lot of it's own insulation. All would have been fine if Forestriver would have landed the wire on the correct side of the circuit breaker. I replaced the 7 pin plug and cable with a factory made one. Everything works except the clearance lights on the trailer. Since the wires from the junction box on the pin box are hidden in the 5th wheel overhang with no access, I couldn't access the damage from the shorted wire. My solution was to bypass them all with a new 7 wire cable and splice it in inside the propane compartment where all of the wires are accessible. I cannot find the power and ground going to the clearance lights. is it possible it is located in the 5th wheel overhang? Any thoughts would be helpful. Thanks.
CJW8 10/29/14 06:12pm Tech Issues
RE: Inverter and deep cycle battery question.

Is <30ms switchover time on fast enough for most things to not notice? Looking at the inverter/charger from danrowe.
CJW8 09/24/14 05:09am Tech Issues
RE: Impact Guns and Extensions Do Not Mix

This has been interesting. How would one measure the torque applied by an impact gun? Could you tighten it till it stops turning and then use a torque wrench set on a low setting and keep adjusting the torque wrench up until the bolt moves before it clicks?
CJW8 09/21/14 09:27am Tech Issues
RE: WFCO Please Describe The Operational Malfunctions

Years ago I tried a WFCO8955 or 45 (don't remember). It was about 12 feet of #6 wire with frame negative. It would not go into boost no matter what I tried. Before I returned it to Randy, I set it up and tested it with about 18" of # 6 wire and it worked as advertised. I traded it back to Randy for a Xantrex XADC that works great. It goes to 14.2 every time it is powered on.
CJW8 09/21/14 06:32am Tech Issues
RE: Battery Cable length/resistance?

I used some big fat wire from an audio electronics store with clear insulation. I like it because I can see the electrons flow. It is also very flexible.
CJW8 09/19/14 01:24am Tech Issues
RE: ARP Refrigerator Fire Safety Device

Joraz, Did you have to remove the refrigerator to install the APR unit? I am a victim of a Dometic fridge fire a couple of years ago and am interested in this device. My fridge was was only 5 years old. If I would not have been there at the time, it would have burned my rig to the ground.
CJW8 09/11/14 09:33pm Tech Issues
RE: DOMETIC RM2852 lower door replacement

Old-Biscuit That is what I thought, I just wanted confirmation before I started the job. Thx. Looks like more rain coming our way tonight.
CJW8 09/08/14 10:58pm Tech Issues
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