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RE: Champion dual-mode generator # 100155 $799

I camped next to one at the lake. It was about 30-40 feet away from our bedroom. It was 100 degrees at night and everyone was running their generators all night. First night, I finally put in ear plugs and got some sleep. The next night and there after, I parked my truck between the noise maker and our bedroom. It was still loud but this helped a lot. I actually have this same generator for home back up power. It has never seen a drop of gas. Today's corn fed gas is awful on small engines that set for long periods of time. I test run it monthly on propane. when the time comes that I need it, I'll run what ever fuel is available. I have 2 200 gallon propane tanks on the property I can connect to if need be.
CJW8 08/17/16 11:35pm Tech Issues
RE: HELP! Toy Hauler creeks, sounds like it's breaking in two!!

Wet bolts may help as they lube the suspension pivot points with a grease gun What are wet bolts? I found your answer! Thank you, I have forwarded the info to the boss. One example, not necessarily the model you need I used a kit like this on my tandem axle FW. You could go under it and oil the heck out of the hanger pivots and pull it some and re oil and let it work in and listen to it to see if it helps quiet it down before spending any money. Use it to help diagnose. On the other hand just my opinion I wouldn't run anything without wet bolts so I put them in at the start. You are trying to find a problem so...... Put in the Dexter kit mentioned. You'll never regret it.
CJW8 08/16/16 11:23pm Toy Haulers
RE: AirConditioning / Honda 2000/ Progressive EMS...issues

When running AC on marginal generator power it is best to get your AC running in the mode you want then turn the thermostat all the way down so the AC doesn't cycle.
CJW8 08/16/16 09:20pm Tech Issues
RE: Getting New Tires -- Jack Up Points For Installers To Use?

Yeah well, what if you are working on the suspension? Then you must jack on the frame.
CJW8 08/12/16 11:46pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Computer power while boondocking?

Thanks for all the input! My wife will be working in the RV during the day---running two computers and a Verizon jetpack for 8+ hours/day while I do the important stuff like operate, maintain and test the barbeque, golf clubs and fishing poles. She may also use the cell phone as a hotspot but needs phone access for her job so more likely will use the Jetpack (no unlimited data unfortunately). After reading the replies I will go with PSW inverter. Now its a matter of deciding what size. Looks like I should err on the side of bigger rather than smaller. I will look at solar panels to recharge my 2 6-v house batteries-thanks for the recommendation. Lastly, can anyone make a guess as to how long I need to run my 5500w genset to recharge the batteries? Perhaps this needs a new thread. It isn't a matter of the size of your generator. It is how many batteries you have, how low they are and what kind of converter charger you have.
CJW8 08/12/16 10:44am Tech Issues
RE: Quick connect Lpg

That's what I did except it was an elbow going to the stove. It was a black iron elbow so I used a black iron tee.
CJW8 08/10/16 12:58am Fifth-Wheels
RE: what are these components?

When it absorbs too much surge and fails, PD says to return it. The circuit board with the MOV's is probably then replaced as they are sacrificial.
CJW8 08/10/16 12:28am Tech Issues

If you are only needing it to run the CPAP, I'd get one one 1.5 times the required wattage. That would be 600 watts if your CPAP requires 400 watts. Several 600 watt and under PSW inverters can be found here.
CJW8 08/09/16 09:35am Tech Issues
RE: Low electricity problem

Low electricity? Never heard that one. 1. You need to measure the battery voltage at the battery with a volt meter. If you don't know how, get a friend or fellow camper to assist. If it is below 12 volts it has probably been there for some time and has likely caused some damage to the battery. 2. look for a battery disconnect switch. Is it on or off? If off, turn it on and again check the battery voltage. It should be higher than before and increasing. If on or nonexistent start checking battery connections and ground connections. Report your findings back.
CJW8 08/08/16 10:05pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Ran batts down so I could watch the Solar charge them up

No need to run batteries down to test for max solar output. If you have a large inverter, 500 watts or greater, load it up at high sun and measure solar input to the batteries. Also a good idea to turn off all other charging sources.
CJW8 08/08/16 08:27pm Tech Issues

To date, I have replaced 7 WTFCO's. Two got Xantrex XADC 40. Great converter, too bad they quit making them. Two with Xantrex TrueCharge 40 and 60. Also great but expensive as they have temp compensation, power factor correction and are somewhat programmable. The last 3 got PD which walk all over the WTFCO when boondocking and in long term storage.
CJW8 08/08/16 07:58pm Tech Issues
RE: Norcold 621

15 amps is being overloaded by AC, Ref and converter. Switching Ref to propane might be enough to make it work. What is your voltage while you are plugged into the 15 amp? You need to know.
CJW8 08/08/16 10:17am Tech Issues
RE: Air Conditioner Cycling , it is 100*f how long do they run?

We camped at Lake Roosevelt during the hottest week of the year this year. Temps got to 118!. Generators ran 24/7. Both AC ran 24/7. 5th wheel toyhauler. Main cabin and the garage never got cooler than the 80's. Master bedroom would get in the low 70's after sunset and we used a fan to bring some of that air to the main cabin. This is with a 15K and a 13.5 K AC. No shade available.
CJW8 08/08/16 10:06am Tech Issues
RE: Basic battery charging and solar question

OK, here is the scoop. You need to get a volt meter. The battery indicator on your panel doesn't tell you much. 8 chances out of 10, your trailer will have a WFCO power center. Open it up and find out. While the newer WFCO converters are ok, they are far from the best thing for your batteries, especially being plugged in 24/7. The WFCO advertises 3 modes but it will never go to float mode and it will hardly ever go to bulk mode. A WFCO converter/charger is stuck at 13.6 volts most of the time. While this will not hurt your batteries, over time they will lose water so they will need to be checked every 3-6 months. That is why you need a volt meter, to know what is going on with your batteries. Also google "12 volt side of life" and read it. There is some very good information here. Your service tech is misinformed regarding this matter.
CJW8 08/06/16 01:37pm Tech Issues
RE: 13.5K BTU vs 15.0K BTU Air Conditioners -- HOW????

2oldman, with the numbers you are giving you are recirculating cold air. In otherwords, a lot of your cold air is getting sucked back into the intake. That is the only way your indicated delta T you are stating is possible. Or your measuring device is incorrect. The difference between a 13.5K and a 15K is 1.5K. An air conditioner really is a heat remover. So the 15K will remove more heat. (BTU is a measure of heat) It does this by moving more air across the condenser and the evaporator, having bigger tubes and a larger compressor and probably a different orifice or expansion valve. I am certain many things are different between the two units. The temperature difference (delta T) between the intake and the outlet will always be 18-22 degF on a properly functioning unit with the technology we use today. The air mover in the larger unit will probably move more air.
CJW8 08/05/16 05:46pm Tech Issues
RE: WFCO WF68100A Modes

RoyB Yeah, I went through all that back then with an 8945 as well. One would think that by 2015, they'd have improved. I guess not.
CJW8 08/05/16 02:50pm Tech Issues
WFCO WF68100A Modes

As we all know, these are not the best converters. My 2015 RV came with a WF68100A. I have never seen it go into storage mode of 13.2 And I can't get the bulk button to force it to go into bulk mode. I have replaced it with a deck mount PD 70 converter and am quite happy with it. I have converted the WFCO into a battery charger by installing 4' of #4 welding cable on the output and have heavy duty battery clamps on the ends. I called WFCO tech support today to inquire. Refreshingly, I got an american english speaking gentleman and no wait time. Kudos for that. Here is what he said. ME: Why won't it go into Storage Mode? HIM: It has to be on the battery with NO load for 44 hours before it will go into 13.2 volt storage mode ME: Why won't it go into bulk mode 14.4 volts when I push the button? HIM: It needs a healthy load of 8-10 amps before the button will force Bulk mode. Even then it will not jump to 14.4 but will eventually ramp up to that as long as the load is sustained. Conclusion: Well, this what we already knew. This is not a good converter for maintaining batteries long term. I, and I think a lot of others, leave their camper plugged in 24/7 when not in use. Even parasitic loads are always present so the batteries are always held at 13.6 as it requires NO load to go to 13.2 volts. Also, when I am using my camper, I want it to go into bulk mode for that last hour of generator run time in the evening to pack the batteries. Ain't going to happen with a WFCO. My replacement PD converter with charge wizard can be easily forced to bulk mode. My Xantrex TC40 (backup charger) goes to bulk mode as soon it sees AC input and stays there for 4 hours. Mainly I wanted to share what WFCO Tech Support told me.
CJW8 08/05/16 01:40pm Tech Issues
RE: The 13.5 A/C will not cool rear bedroom on DP. What to do?

Outside temp doesn't matter. Need to know the delta T between the AC inlet and outlet.
CJW8 08/05/16 09:12am Tech Issues
RE: Hot to touch fuse (solar) UPDATE

Yep, that is the exact fuse and holder I used. As others have said, not really needed neat the controller but I already had them and wanted an easy isolation point there.
CJW8 08/05/16 09:04am Tech Issues
RE: What does 4000 VA mean?

I have traveled a large part of the world and only in the USA are generators and inverters badged with WATTS. Everywhere else they are badged in VA. I believe it is purely a marketing ploy to attach a bigger number.
CJW8 08/05/16 08:57am Tech Issues
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