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RE: Finally! Cig Lighter USB Charger With A Pair of

CJW8 11/24/15 10:49am Tech Issues
RE: Rec/Con fuse shutting off

You could pick up a kil-a watt meter at home depot or lowes. You'd then use that to see how many amps your heater is pulling. Next use it on your converter to see how many amps it is pulling. Very handy for trouble shooting a tripping breaker and other things as well. They are around $30. If you have a spare slot in your breaker panel, you could install another 15 amp breaker and make it dedicated for your converter and then your outlets would be on their own breaker. In my mind, they should be separate anyway. They are separate in all RV's that I have owned. OR, if you have a breaker for your refrigerator, you could move the converter wires over to that breaker. The refer will only ever pull 3 amps at most.
CJW8 11/24/15 10:45am Tech Issues
RE: Help with choosing proper converter amperage

I agree, it was probably OEM packaging meant for RV manufacturer and not for retail market. RJ, I've never seen one in an RV store not in a box unless it was a display. I don't know where you shop. The retail box is very colorful.
CJW8 11/24/15 10:25am Tech Issues
RE: Water tank filling.

you tube link from above
CJW8 11/23/15 09:28pm Tech Issues
RE: Rec/Con fuse shutting off

What else doesn't work when the breaker trips? Rec/con probably means either receptacle and converter or receptacle for the converter. Since your heater seems to trip it, it probably means receptacles and converter. If your converter is charging your batteries and the heater is on at the same time, it is probably over 15 amps and trips the breaker. I don't know your RV but if it has an enclosed underbelly (arctic package or something similar)you'll want to allow your furnace to carry the heating chores when the temperature is below freezing because it probably provides some heat to the underbelly where your tanks are located.
CJW8 11/23/15 07:35pm Tech Issues
RE: Ammeter/ Volt meter adjustment

One thing that puzzled me for some months after I installed a trimetric was low amps from my solar. What I finally discovered was my generator start cables were wired directly to the battery. I didn't think it mattered because I wasn't interested in the small amount of power occasionally consumed to start the generator. What I didn't know at the time was the negative to the generator was also frame grounded at the generator. This created a bypass path around the shunt. The fix was to lift the generator negative at the battery and all was well. CHECK YOUR GENERATOR DC NEGATIVE!
CJW8 11/23/15 07:14pm Tech Issues
RE: Keystone cap fading issue

Yes wax makes absolutely no difference In this scenario. Paint / clear is the only fix long term. This statement doesn't make any sense to me. If a quality wax is applied and maintained when the unit is new, it should delay the fading for years. A lot of quality waxes have UV inhibitors in them.
CJW8 11/23/15 11:03am Fifth-Wheels
RE: help decide on upgrades/mods for long term part time

It you boondock often you may want to upgrade from 2 group 24's. If you can find a way, I'd try to fit in 4 group 27's or 4 6V golf cart batteries. Complement them with 4-500 watts of solar properly installed and you'll be set.
CJW8 11/23/15 10:46am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Need propane hose

Thanks all, I ordered the one Darsben found. I will be using in in Carlsbad NM with a 2010 population of over 26000 but I know there are a lot more with all of the oilfield activity there. There must be 1500 campers around the area supporting the work activity. THERE IS ONLY ONE PLACE IN TOWN, I HAVE FOUND, TO BUY PROPANE! The line is sometimes 20 deep when it gets cold, thus the 100# bottle. This will be a big help.
CJW8 11/22/15 10:20pm Tech Issues
Need propane hose

I have a new 100# propane tank I need to add to my existing tanks. I need a 10-12 foot hose to do it. All the extend-a-stay kits I've found only have a 5-6 foot hose. The hose must have the older style brass fitting as the tank has a valve with internal left hand threads. Any suggestions?
CJW8 11/22/15 06:00pm Tech Issues
RE: Propane Tank problem

Next time get a receipt with your tanks serial # on it. As it stands now, you have no proof you left a tank. You'd have nothing to take to the sheriff or small claims court without proof.
CJW8 11/22/15 05:53pm Tech Issues
RE: Will laser heat sensor find inadequate battery cables?

I think your IR gun would have limited effectiveness in this use and here is why: IR thermometer guns look for infrared energy in a cone shaped area with the point of the cone being at the point of the gun. An expanding circle if you will. Any radiating surface within the circle will get used in the average. The laser has nothing to do with the function of the gun other than an aiming device. Dull flat surfaces work best. You could try it but I think you would need to have the gun right next to the surface to minimize background temperature. As others have said, learn how to diagnose with a volt meter.
CJW8 11/22/15 08:25am Tech Issues
RE: Will laser heat sensor find inadequate battery cables?

double post
CJW8 11/22/15 08:20am Tech Issues
RE: Blue Sky 3024il

How long, how many feet is his 10 gauge wires from panels to controller? I've never seen one less than 25 feet so I'll call that best case scenario. With this setup he would need 4 ga wire to be at 3% loss. 6 ga would put him at 5% loss and 10 ga is way too skinny! Source
CJW8 11/18/15 11:42pm Tech Issues
RE: Running A Generator While On The Road

I'd get a 1000 watt inverter, mount it close to the batteries and run an extension cord or a power circuit to the fridge. Your batteries will be charging as you are driving, probably enough to keep up with the inverter. Or, as others have said, load it up and turn it on 1-2 days before your trip. Keep the door closed and it'll still be cold when you get there.
CJW8 11/17/15 11:37pm Toy Haulers
RE: non powered 8000 btu heater with through the wall exhaust

According to the manual the rating is INPUT rating. Then it says "The efficiency rating of the appliance is a product thermal efficiency rating determined under continuous operating conditions and was determined independently of any installed system." but it doesn't give the efficiency rating. I would be surprised if it was as high as 80%. A lot of technology goes into achieving 80%+ efficiency.
CJW8 11/17/15 09:08pm Tech Issues
RE: electric blankets, $50, $150, $250, $$$$??

My mom and dad used to warm stones up at night on the wood stove. Then they'd wrap them in blankets and take them to bed with them. I told that story at boy scout camp when I was young as everyone was not looking forward to freezing all night. This one kid thought it was a good idea so he heated up a rock by the fire, wrapped it in a blanket and put it in hes sleeping bag. It started smoking and it melted a hole in his sleeping bag and cot. He froze that night! It's not an exact science.
CJW8 11/17/15 08:45pm Tech Issues
RE: electric blankets, $50, $150, $250, $$$$??

X2 on his and her mattress pad heater. Pre-heat feature is great. I think ours shuts off in one hour if put on pre heat so that is how I set mine. Wife leaves hers on all night. If my feet get cold, I sneak them over to her side.
CJW8 11/16/15 09:20pm Tech Issues
RE: non powered 8000 btu heater with through the wall exhaust

I don't see the advantage of this. It is only good for 200sq ft and that is probably assuming 4" walls with corresponding insulation so I'd guess 100 sf ft in a 2" walled camper. And it will not put any heat in my tank area like my furnace will.
CJW8 11/15/15 10:32pm Tech Issues
RE: Help with choosing proper converter amperage

Good choice by staying within 10% of what you had. If it was working for you, you'll be pleased how much better the PD works over the WFCO. Don't, however stick with what you had because that is what the manufacturer engineered got your unit. Mine was so poorly engineered and installed I have never used it. Keystone installed a 100A WFCO and then gave me space for 3 group 24 batteries (overkill for 3-24's). Then they had 12 feet of extra #6 wire literally wadded up next to the converter. (Wfco's are sensitive to wire length) Then they installed the converter in a location such that you could not get to the boost button. I relocated it so I could reach the boost button but I have the WFCO unplugged and it is a spare. My 3-24's are cared for by a Xantrex TrueCharge II 40 amp and 500 watts of solar. The nice thing about the TC II is it goes to 14.4 Volts for 4 hours any time it is turned on. We start the gen several times a day for microwave use, curling iron, etc. so each time it is started the TC II goes to max volts and as many amps as the batteries will take. Enuf about my system, my point is, what was installed in your camper by the manufacturer is probably not a good indicator of what to replace it with unless the installed amperage was working for your camping style.
CJW8 11/15/15 10:18pm Tech Issues
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