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RE: GPS Why not a smart phone?

I use both. My Garmin Nuvi had a piece of date that is clunky to get on my smartphone. That is speed limit. I also have indash GPS. I am sometimes accused of being a geek.
CJW8 02/13/16 11:11am Tech Issues
RE: Old class c rotted back outside corner

Need to do a quick 5-why before proceeding. 1. why did it rot? got wet 2. why did it get wet? Leak somehwere 3. why did it leak? this is where you start, didn't even get to 5!. Find the leak and address it to prevent further damage. Look for roof edge separation, clearance lights not properly sealed, windows not sealed. The leak can be far away from the damage. Once the leak is addressed, thoroughly dry everything out before starting repairs.
CJW8 02/13/16 11:01am Tech Issues
RE: Renogy MPPT mounted inside?

My 30 amp MPPT Rogue always feels ambient temp to me when I touch it in various modes. It is in a pass through cargo bay.
CJW8 02/13/16 10:35am Tech Issues
RE: Problems with Boondocker 60 amp converter

Landyacht, You may be correct but considering its features I believe it is worth it. On a $50K+ RV what is another $500? It has settings for most common battery technologies, has temperature compensation, can do a real equalization and can charge two different banks at once. With all the posts here regarding care of batteries and converter manufacturers failure to make a converter that will meet the recommended battery charging specifications, I don't feel it is too expensive. Besides, the replacement cost of a battery bank can exceed the cost of this charger. I wouldn't want to trust the care of an expensive bank on a compromise converter/charger that is a one size fits all. It also has an optional remote that can control all functions from inside the RV while giving visual feedback of what is happening to your batteries.
CJW8 02/08/16 10:42pm Tech Issues
RE: Have 2013 MS Streets and Trips?

double post deleted
CJW8 02/08/16 08:25pm Tech Issues
RE: Have 2013 MS Streets and Trips?

Did you use the CD as a fly swatter? Sorry I couldn't resist. Seriously, I have re-surfaced many CD with good success. CD re-surfacers can be found online or at most electronics stores.
CJW8 02/08/16 08:23pm Tech Issues
RE: Problems with Boondocker 60 amp converter

Hondochica, no PHD required. No automatic 3 stage converter/charger offered can accomplish the 15.5v+ EQ charge. EQ's can greatly extend battery life when the battery is cycled deep and hard often. I beg to differ... The Xantrex TrueCharge2 will do 16 V equalization. It must be manually started, after that it runs on a timer for safety reasons.
CJW8 02/07/16 05:36pm Tech Issues
RE: "Youuuu Light Up My Lifeee"

That is probable 728 watt equivalent. Look at the wiring kit in the picture. It probably pulls no more than 30 amps. The 500 watt light is "Current draw: 21.42 A @ 12 volts" I couldn't find the specifications on the 728 light.
CJW8 02/06/16 11:46am Tech Issues
RE: Replacing 100w Solar Panel

I had 3 of the panels you are considering. Yes, they were expensive. I had them 6-7 years and they did not lose 6-7% output as was suggested. Excellent panels!
CJW8 02/01/16 10:10pm Tech Issues
RE: Loss of partial power

If you have a 50 amp service, it"s possible you lost 1 leg of your 50 amp service. the side you lost has your converter, W/D and hot water heater. How do you know the battery is fully charged?
CJW8 02/01/16 09:46pm Tech Issues
RE: Problems with Boondocker 60 amp converter

It's a difference of plug & play, or plug & watch, watch ... Go ahead and be a slave to your batteries. I got better things to do. X2 I love the way my Xantrex TrueCharge2 takes care of my batteries. It's charge profile looks similar to the one you posted above. It has temperature compensation, is programmable for most battery technologies and with its remote panel, I can monitor it should I desire and I usually don't, from inside the RV.
CJW8 02/01/16 09:21pm Tech Issues
RE: Generac vs Onan generator

I can't compare to Generac as I've never owned the former. I'm on my second Onan. The first was a 4000 watt and was reliable but kind of loud. It was factory installed in 2003 toyhauler. My current RV is a 2015 toyhauler with a 5500 watt. It is so quiet, it is hard to tell when it starts. They have made great strides in soundproofing but I think big difference in sound is is my new generator runs slower than the old generator (2400 RPM vs 3600 RPM).
CJW8 01/31/16 09:58am Tech Issues
RE: TST 507 TPMS...A Review

With the delay in loss of signal, you may not know if you lose a wheel on the highway until a lot of damage has been done. This actually happened to me. Fortunately, the person following me came around me and signaled me to stop. I don't know how often the controller polls the sensors but they should have made it user adjustable such that after X number of failed receipts from a sensor, then it triggers a lost sensor.
CJW8 01/31/16 09:25am Tech Issues
RE: Annoying PWM sound from Xantrex inverter

Think of a battery sense line as the same as a meter lead. Meter leads are very small wire and yet the meter reads very accurately. This is because there is no current flow. Some better charge controllers use this to sense the realtime battery voltage rather than just pull the voltage reading off of the controller output. While not ideal, my MPPT controller is connected to the inverter input for convenience. I have the same inverter as you and there is no noise...ever, no matter what stage the controller is in.
CJW8 01/29/16 06:43pm Tech Issues
RE: Cooler Unit Replacement - New or Refurbished?

Both heat sources work well so I don't think it's the board. My heat gun measured about 200 degrees on the outside of the insulating tube. So did mine. There is more to the board than just controlling the heat sources.
CJW8 01/22/16 06:45pm Tech Issues
RE: Cooler Unit Replacement - New or Refurbished?

The OP said there was no sign of a leak so why is everyone assuming it needs a new cooling unit? I just went through this with mine and that is what the technician originally thought too, needs a new cooling unit. After going through all of the test that Norcold required before they'd agree to replacing the cooling unit, it ended up a new control board. Find the service manual for your unit or give us the model #. Maybe you only need to spend $100 vs $1200, who knows without diagnosing.
CJW8 01/22/16 04:07pm Tech Issues
RE: How can I protect control boards from over DC voltage

How about a sticker next to the equalize button. "Isolate Battery Before Equalizing" Never read a post where a random bad converter went over 14.4 volts. That's no fun but you are probably right. Noted on the failure but a rare alternator failure could go high.
CJW8 01/18/16 07:20pm Tech Issues
RE: How can I protect control boards from over DC voltage

After this discussion, I started thinking a relay that was voltage sensitive with an adjustable setpoint. A quick search didn't turn up anything but I did find this It is a Morningstar relay driver with 4 outputs and is programmable via RS232. This, with inexpensive automotive relays in the right places would do the trick I think.
CJW8 01/18/16 07:14pm Tech Issues
RE: How can I protect control boards from over DC voltage

If the never exceed voltage on the refer board is 15.4V, I suspect I would not be doing it any good over time to be sending it 15V. Easiest is to pull fuses on the furnace and refer as mentioned and as I did yesterday. The refer board failed for unknown reasons and I am now fairly certain I equalized while it was on. Failure wasn't at that time but within 2 weeks of equalizing. (I really should keep a log book). We'll never know the cause of failure. I equalized because I like to occasionally shut off my converter and check my battery capacity. A boondock test if you will. I have 3 each group 24 batteries, new in July. I shut off the converter and let the batteries stabilize at 12.7. I used some lighting (all LED). After two furnace cycles voltage holding 12.4 just before the third furnace cycle. I felt it wouldn't take very many cycles before the voltage was at 12 volts. It certainly wouldn't get me through the night. My battery tools (hydrometer and battery capacitance tester) are home in AZ and I am working out of my toy hauler in NM. I felt it wouldn't hurt to equalize while the sun was high.
CJW8 01/18/16 06:58pm Tech Issues
RE: How can I protect control boards from over DC voltage

I equalized today and while I didn't use the disconnect switch, I did pull the fuses for the heater and refer and turned off all lighting.
CJW8 01/17/16 06:42pm Tech Issues
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