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Our new Raptor 332TS report

We are the new owners of a 2015 Keystone Raptor 332TS. We looked at a lot of toy haulers and this one had the floor plan we liked the best. It also met my weight requirements for towing. Below is my assessment after owning for a week. We haven’t even been camping in it yet. We have just been getting it set up for use. My main requirements were have at least a 12 foot garage and be at or under 16500 GVWR. Fit and finish: Pretty good. I consider this a upper middle end 5th wheel toy hauler. The upper end we looked at was the Grand Design Models at about 15 K more money. Some things look very nice and some things were just ok. This is an aluminum framed RV with sandwiched foam insulation so it is difficult to find an exterior wall stud. Some things that were screwed into the interior wall material such as the 12 inch high diamond plate that lines the garage have come loose already since the wall skin isn’t strong enough for a screw unless you hit an aluminum stud. I plan on putting expanding anchors on those that have come loose already. The trim is nice and well fitted. I have added a couple of shelves already in areas that should have had them from the get go. One is the middle cabinet above the island and the other is the bathroom vanity. This was needed for linen storage. Electronics: It came with a Samsung main TV, DVD player and Soundbar and the bedroom and garage and bedroom have off brand TV’s but they seem to work well. The head unit in the main cabin is a Sony. So some quality gear and some no name brand stuff. No complaints. A nice feature is the garage TV lifts out of its mount and can be installed in the pass through storage area for an outdoor TV. It is pre wired for satellite TV and has a conventional RV antenna that received several excellent quality digital channels at my home location. I have also installed a Xantrex 2000 watt SW inverter. I have ordered two ea. 15 amp Xantrex transfer switches to drive all the outlets except the GCFI’s. This will allow us to watch TV, make coffee, run toaster or microwave briefly without running the generator. Converter: It has a WFCO 98100 100 amp converter and WFCO load center. The load center is well done. The WFCO converter has some nice features but it is still a WFCO. It has power factor correction and a boost button which forces it into boost for 4 hours. Two problems here. WFCO’s are known for being stuck in absorption mode (13.6 volts) and never going to boost and float mode. I know, I tried for months to get another one to work. It also needs to be installed with fat wire (#6 at least) and close to the batteries. It has # 6 wire but there is at east of 5-8 feet of literally wadded up wire at the converter and the converter is installed in a place where you cannot reach the boost button without emptying the pass through storage area and removing a bulkhead panel for access. Very poor workmanship and not thought out. To rectify this, I have unplugged the WFCO and installed a Xantrex True charge II 40 amp close to the batteries. In the future, I will install a hatch in the pass through storage bulkhead so you can access the boost button. Batteries: The dealer installed only one Group 24 battery. This is typical. The camper has a very nice battery compartment with slots for three batteries. I had two one year old group 27 batteries so I was going to occupy the empty slots with them. Guess what? A group 27 will not fit the slots!!! What were they thinking? This is a boon docking trailer for goodness sake. Three Group 24’s is squat for capacity. I am so disappointed here. Air conditioning: It has two ducted AC’s and I believe they are 15K with a single two zone thermostat. It took me a couple of days to figure out how to cool the dang thing down. It was over 100 here and I couldn’t get below 80 in the main compartment. Finally I adjusted the baffle in the rear AC which was leaking some. I opened two ceiling hatches some to let heat escape. I relocated the master bedroom sensor which was in the direct path of the bedroom vent, causing it to short cycle. I also set the thermostats a little cooler than I really wanted. It was an icebox in there today (68) and it was 103 here at mid day. I was unhappy but am now satisfied. Learning curve. Tires: Tires are China bombs. I’ll be using this thing in a single location for up to a year so I’ll let them rot off there and then I’ll replace them. I hope they last the 10 hours it takes me to get it there. I have no personal experience with these tires but have read a lot of horror stories. On my last RV I ran LT all terrain (AT) tires with never a problem. Hydraulic leveling system: So far I love it. It levels with the push of a button. It remembers the connect/disconnect location and it will raise one side enough for tire change. Time will tell. Solar: It is not pre-wired for solar but I have scoped it out and plan to add 400 watts in the future. I had this much on my previous RV and it was sufficient. The roof real estate could easily hold 2000 watts! Central Vacuum: So far during the setup and modifications this has been very handy. This is it so far and we haven’t even got it out of the yard! The Microwave and the Fireplace were DOA during the walkthrough. The dealer has scheduled replacements. This isn’t the dealers or even Keystone’s fault and it will be fixed before we can use it in a month from now. So far I am liking it and I will add more after we get a chance to use it.
CJW8 06/27/15 12:12am Toy Haulers
RE: replaceing converter jayco

Many on here have replaced theirs. I have replace several. I have a brand new Raptor that came with the dreadful WFCO converter. I didn't even use it one day and I have unplugged it and installed a Xantrex TrueCharge 2 charger right next to the batteries. Third WFCO I have replaced. The WFCO was chugging away 4 amps/13.6 volts the whole time before it got the boot. As soon as I turned on the Xantrex, it went up to 37 amps/14.4 volts. So you may not have to deal with all those wires if you can install a new converter close to the batteries.
CJW8 06/24/15 10:09am Tech Issues
RE: Please Review/Comment on my proposed solar install

Don says you may not want to bother with MPPT but I disagree. Why throw away 10-15% of your solar production by not going MPPT?
CJW8 06/22/15 01:55am Tech Issues
Rogue 3024 MPT vs Xantrex C35

For the last few years I have had a Rogue 3024 MPT controller installed. It wasn't my original controller. My original was a Xantrex C35. While the Xantrex was installed I was very disappointed with my production. I felt I was only getting half of what I should be getting from my panels according to my Trimetric. After I installed the Rogue, my production went up some but not what I was expecting. I later discovered that part of my load was bypassing the Trimetric shunt because the generator ground was wired directly to the batteries and the generator was also grounded to the frame. I lifted the generator negative cable to the batteries and suddenly all was well with my measured solar production. I always wondered how the Xantrex was truly performing compared to the Rogue. I never got a chance to make a comparison until now. I am selling the camper so I removed the Rogue to use on the new camper. I re-installed the Xantrex. I had previously posted here the Rogue performance but it must have been archived as I cannot find it. I do know that it would put out up to 29 amps at high sun on summer solstice. Well yesterday and today I checked the output of the Xantrex at high sun, no clouds and the most I saw from it was 23 amps but was usually around 22 amps. I was pulling the batteries down by putting a 600 watt load on the inverter while checking the controller current to the batteries. I had the converter turned off. I am convinced beyond the shadow of a doubt that MPPT is worth it for me as far as these two controllers go. The difference is over half of the output of one panel. I have 3 ea 135 watt Kyocera panels.
CJW8 06/22/15 01:42am Tech Issues
RE: Doing Solar Again

My controller can take up to 30 volt and output 12 volt nominal with only a 1% efficiency loss over 24/24. My stepson is a solar installer and is going to get me some panels at .80/ watt. He has already put some on his RV. I'm not opposed to drilling a hole in the roof. The RV will be delivered to my home on Monday so I'll have to wait until then to evaluate it. Who knows, it may be solar ready. I forgot to ask. With 24v, I'm hoping to go with #8 or #6 wire depending on the distance.
CJW8 06/21/15 02:44pm Tech Issues
RE: Doing Solar Again

Don, How then do you do you break out your 12 volt loads?
CJW8 06/20/15 10:27am Tech Issues
RE: What did you do to your Toy Hauler today???

I sold it and bought a new Raptor 332TS. Spent the day in 102 temp emptying the old one. Single 15K air would only get it down to 76 inside. Looking forward to dual air.
CJW8 06/20/15 01:29am Toy Haulers
Doing Solar Again

I sold my toy hauler and bought a new one. I kept the Rogue 3024 charge controller and put in a Xantrex C35 that I had. It will do just fine for the new owner. Now I need about 400 watts of panels and cabling. One issue I'll have to deal with is getting the cable from the roof to the controller. The refer is in a slide so using the refer vent is not an option. Any Ideas? I am going try and go with tilting panels this time but the tilt brackets are about $80 a set so I'd like to go with 2-200 watt panels. Most long camping trips are done in the winter so tilting should give best production. I believe my Rogue can handle 24 volt panels with 12 volt batteries so I am looking for 24 volt panels so I can use smaller wire. Any ideas?
CJW8 06/20/15 12:57am Tech Issues
RE: MC4 Connectors?

Ton M, Those are nice and I have used them for some applications but they are not waterproof and MC4 connectors are. All solar roof top connections should be waterproof.
CJW8 06/19/15 08:13am Tech Issues
RE: RV Pad Ideas

My previous entire lawn was a typical Arizona lawn-- 1" minus granite. I parked mine on it for several years. On one side I screwed two 2X8 together with beveled ends. This was for leveling only. The other two tires were always on the granite with no detrimental effect. I used lawn and week killer to keep weeds and grass under control.
CJW8 06/18/15 01:33pm Tech Issues
RE: Raptor 332TS

I am considering this same unit. How do you like it so far? What are you towing it with.? Thx.
CJW8 06/08/15 04:57pm Toy Haulers
RE: What did you do to your Toy Hauler today???

I feel like the karate kid. Wax on- Wax off. Dang that sucker is big. Using Turtle Wax One Step Color Back and it seems to do the job. It is a oxidation remover color restorer wax.
CJW8 06/07/15 10:03am Toy Haulers
RE: Almost all of us have had one of theis trips! Well mabey Not

"jestering" is no laughing matter! Actually I noticed the sidewall on the spare of my 3950 had a bit of a scuff on it. I made sure the lift cable was really tight after that. If it gets worn again, I still have two of the original tires in my shop and I'll replace it with one of them. Oh, I forgot to mention - we've had two breakdowns on I40 near Albuquerque! The TPMS I had also monitors temperature so it may well have caught this. There is usually a lot of heat involved before tread separation.
CJW8 06/07/15 09:57am Toy Haulers
RE: Nest Thermostat

Will have live wifi.
CJW8 03/22/15 01:12pm Tech Issues
RE: Nest Thermostat

I have the hunter. Is your hunter programmable? I need programmable and the ability to turn on with my smartphone. Also would be nice to monitor usage... all features of the Nest.
CJW8 03/22/15 01:00pm Tech Issues
RE: Nest Thermostat

I forgot about the 12 v issue.
CJW8 03/22/15 12:48pm Tech Issues
RE: E-Z Flex ?

I have had them for over a year now with no issues. The spring hanger plates are over twice as thick as stock. They are far superior to the Chinese equalizers they replaced. They take grease and have metal bushings verses dry plastic stock bushings. I see no downside.
CJW8 03/22/15 12:44pm Tech Issues
Nest Thermostat

Has anyone installed a Nest thermostat or other programmable thermostat in their RV? I have two of them in my home and like them. I may have to live in my RV this summer while working out of town and do not relish coming home at night to a hot RV.
CJW8 03/22/15 12:19pm Tech Issues
RE: Solar Panel Disconnected from SUN

My 3ea 135 watt Kyocera panels are fairly shade tolerant. I don't lose the whole panel in partial shade. I have considered adding a 4th panel. My Rogue 3024 will handle it even though it would be about 35 amps maximum. Yes I would lose some during occasional peak. BUT- I would make more under the following conditions: 1. Sunrise and sunset IE. shoulder areas. I would produce peak longer. 2. Cloudy days 3. Partial shade over one or more panels. 4. Low sun angle such as at Glamis in the winter. All of these could be significant and I seldom hear them mentioned.
CJW8 01/22/15 01:07pm Tech Issues
RE: Screw Hole Too Big

Break off one or two wooden match sticks flush on the hole coat them with wood glue. Reinstall the original screw. Replace screw if rusted. I have fixed many a wooden hole with this method.
CJW8 01/19/15 02:55pm Tech Issues
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