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RE: Mexico Wanderer Thread

Just tell us what you need. I bet we could take up a collection and get you a portable defibrillator. Only 1100-1600 greenbacks. I wouldn't be able to come and get you but I could help with gas money. You can't put this off.
CJW8 04/19/16 07:44pm Tech Issues
RE: Hee Hee Who Was It........?

I'd give my wifes left arm to be able to install a Residential box in my RV. So far the only thing I could fit in there is a Haier 10 CF unit. It won't hold near as much as my 12 CF Nevercold quad door, which has already lost a board in constant use since August.
CJW8 04/19/16 06:58pm Tech Issues
RE: Microwave / Generator issues.......

Inverter generators: The engine is connected to an efficient alternator whose output is converted to DC by a rectifier and smoothed somewhat by capacitors. This raw DC power is then inverted into smooth AC power of the proper frequency and voltage for the output (for example 110-120VAC 60HZ or 220-240VAC 50 or 60 HZ). Regulation is very good and the system will use less fuel if the load is small or variable since the control system will allow the engine to idle down when the load is small or throttle up when the load is large.
CJW8 04/16/16 03:41pm Tech Issues
RE: refridge bit the dust.....

I used that same one when my Nevercold quit. I didn't install it, I just put it in my TH garage. A few months after my Nevercold was repaired I saw a pickup entering the RV park with a new Haier in the back. I follow them and they had already removed RV refer. I sold them my slightly used Haier for $200 and they returned their new one to Lowes and got their $388 back. It kept the beer cold and the ice cream frozen.
CJW8 04/05/16 09:34pm Tech Issues
RE: CUMMINS ONAN 5500 strange problem.

2014 TH and you are running the Gen for the first time and when you really needed it? Most folks bring home a new RV and make sure everything works. THEN it should be exercised regularly. I run mine monthly. Start with no or light load- Let it come up to temperature (5 min or so)- Apply moderate to heavy load for a few minutes- Remove load and let it run unloaded for about 5 min. Shutdown. Do this and it's more likely to run when you need it. Or don't and discover it doesn't work right when you need it most. Had you done this when it was new, it's likely the dealer would have found the problem and fixed it under warranty. Now you'll likely have to pay to get it fixed.
CJW8 04/04/16 07:06pm Tech Issues
RE: Solar Questions, yes more solar questions

Hi CJW8, Which MPPT controller will you use? I hope it has a temperature sensor. Here is one possibility Temp sensor is $10 extra. With this he has room to grow, and he can series them up for smaller wire.
CJW8 04/04/16 05:43pm Tech Issues
RE: Solar Questions, yes more solar questions

Well, I am going to go against the grain here and recommend MPPT Because: 1. Will only add 100 to 150 dollars to the system. 2. Typically has more features. 3. Allows for 24 volt nominal verses 12 volt nominal panels. Typically 24 volt panels are less expensive. 4. Gives more charge, granted it isn't much more. I'd also run larger than #10 wire from panels to controller.
CJW8 04/04/16 12:11am Tech Issues
RE: 20 lbs ice cubes 24 hours $75 Delivered? G'wan!

Eh? Produces up to 26 lbs. of ice in 24 hours. I've got a similar product. It produces a lot of ice pretty quickly, but has limited storage. Same here I read the ad,,, it only stores 2.2 pounds so if you want 20 pounds in 24 hours you have to empty it every 2 hours. I like mine, it makes JUST enough Ice.. What I do not like is the fact that I dropped and broke my Brita water filter... So I brought home a used PUR.. Turns out the Brita cartridges fit (Who'd a thunk it) So I can use up my Britas and then buy what's made for it, Does not fit the fridge as well though, Brita is about 1/2 inch shorter. Using water out of the fridge like you do (I do too) makes a load of ice a couple of minutes faster.
CJW8 04/02/16 10:30am Tech Issues
RE: GPS Why not a smart phone?

I am traveling all over SE New Mexico oilfield roads some of which are so new, they are not on any map. I have google earth pro, and some of the roads may show up visually but are not in the google database. Some of thee roads have no data coverage so I end up using both phone and Garmin. When I get to a location, it is easy to save in the Garmin for future reference. AND the Garmin leaves bread crumbs and that route is there until I delete it. This is huge for me when I am on a road that is not on the map. The company gave me an Iphone. Imaps is the worst nav software ever and is not used by me. Not intuitive at all. The Garmin gives me speed limits which is handy since the company monitors my speed. For general use I still sometimes use both and often get different results for routes and ETA. The phone seems to be more accurate on ETA. The in-dash GPS in my personal truck and Garmin in work truck often lead me to businesses that are out of business or have moved. The phone does that less often. Even though I've been on a route a hundred times, I still program it into something because I like to know the ETA.
CJW8 04/02/16 09:54am Tech Issues
RE: ARP Refrigerator Protection

Can the system be installed without pulling the refer out?
CJW8 03/26/16 09:40am Tech Issues
RE: Why is my inverter freaking out?

The specification most overlook in MSW inverters is THD, total harmonic distortion. With MSW inverters it is anywhere from 25 to 50%, depending on the type of load, and every bit of that is wasted power.
CJW8 03/22/16 09:24pm Tech Issues
RE: Gray water drainage design help (see drawing)

Pump and check valves will quickly foul with hair.
CJW8 03/22/16 08:34pm Tech Issues
RE: Good Solder Prices A Link

Oh my, it only has a 3 year shelf life! I've got some 20+ year old solder I better toss.
CJW8 03/22/16 08:27pm Tech Issues
RE: Alternate Brand Of Hotel Water Pump

Does it have a built in pressure switch?
CJW8 03/21/16 07:42pm Tech Issues
RE: HELP! In Pennsylvania with no heat

Why not just turn the oven on and crack open a vent. I've done it a few times.
CJW8 03/20/16 12:07am Tech Issues
RE: Why is my inverter freaking out?

MSW inverters are not the same and Harbor Freight inverts are very square wave. What other MSW inverter is less of a square wave? Tripplite powerVerters are technically MSW and are listed as such BUT are specifically designed to run motors and actually have a modified sine wave NOT a Square wave, mine has been running my fridge for over 5 years they include heavy transformers and filtering they are NOT $99 Choppers making square wave with lots of noise Tripp Lite uses PWM applied to the MSW and filtering to achieve near sine wave output. I think it looks like a saw tooth sine wave.
CJW8 03/19/16 11:59pm Tech Issues
RE: Why is my inverter freaking out?

double post
CJW8 03/19/16 11:35pm Tech Issues
RE: Renogy MT-5 Solar Monitor Issues

All that blinking is driving the birds crazy! I'd try and get someone from Renogy to see the video. To me is seems like a communications problem.
CJW8 03/19/16 09:28pm Tech Issues
RE: Generators used in high altitudes

I'm just waiting for fuel injection to become an option in portable generators. I'll probably die waiting.
CJW8 03/19/16 08:44pm Tech Issues
RE: UPDATE! need recomendation for 200 watt solar and batteries

Go here and drag and drop photos. Then insert the link it gives you onto your post by copy and paste.
CJW8 03/19/16 08:07pm Tech Issues
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