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RE: Battery re-wiring ???

On my last rv I bussed all of my positive cables on to a Blue Seas buss bar and ran size 0000 cable from the bar to the batteries. All my nagatives either went to the frame or the top of a shunt which was also frame grounded and the same size, 0000 to the batteries. Motivation was the same, to clean it up.
CJW8 07/24/15 03:24am Tech Issues
RE: what is this obstruction from toilet to the tank

You are a better man than I am if you got your wife to stick her arm down there! Glad you figured it out.
CJW8 07/21/15 03:42pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: What the heck does this switch do? LOL

Very simple process of elimination. Everything off. Start heater/furnace. Switch on, what does heater do? switch off, what does the heater do? No affect? Go the next item. Hot Water heater. Toy fill pump. One at a time with everything else off. You'll find it. Is it possible you have heated tanks? Could be the switch for that.
CJW8 07/21/15 03:27pm Toy Haulers
RE: Need to fix leak on fresh water tank

many fresh water tanks are polyethelyne (white semi transparent). it is very very hard to get anything to stick to it. Your options are: 1) if the hole is small, drill it out and then insert one of the well nuts used for the sensors. quick and easy if you can get to it 2) have a repair shop with the proper equipment "spin weld" a patch on the hole. Basically your using friction from the spinning patch to melt the plastic. that is the factory method to attach fittings to these tanks and probably the best long term solution. Most any RV dealer will either be able to spin weld a patch or give you the name of someone who does this. X2 I spoke to a tank manufacturer and he said that the plastic used for tanks was formulated in such a way that nothing sticks to it permanently. Some products may work for awhile but will eventually fail.
CJW8 07/21/15 08:43am Tech Issues
RE: 70-amp adjustable PS

MEX is right... again. I've been doing this in UPS supplies in Fire panels for years. Used 2 to 8 batteries depending on the size of the panel to keep fire protection system active for up to 8 hours in the event of a power failure. Some of these power supplies have been in service since 1985 and are still going. Batteries were 12100 AGM's and are tested every 6 months with a capacitance tester. Out of 98 batteries, up to six were found bad a year. Power supplies were Acopian 19" rack mounts and redundant.
CJW8 07/18/15 03:30pm Tech Issues
RE: Boom goes my fresh water tank....

Op here. I finally figured out what to name our fiver, FUBAR. Thanks for the idea. :B :B:o
CJW8 07/17/15 12:13pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Raptor 332TS

We really like this unit allot. We have a dodge Ram 2500 mega cab that we pull it with. Where we live it is pretty flat and have no problems pulling it. The unit is at the dealer right now getting all fixed up. Can not wait for it to come home. I'm curious how this all worked out at your dealer. Also wondering if you've had a chance to pull the 332TS trailer with the 2500 in strong crosswinds yet. We'll likely buy a 332TS in the next 12 months and are currently looking at tow vehicles. Where we live, it's mountainous and windy. We went ahead and bought this model. It will be three more weeks before we can go on a maiden voyage. I did a initial review in this forum. During the initial walkthrough at the dealership, the shore power cord the dealer was using had a loose connection on one wire and this caused the microwave and fireplace to fail which the dealer has replaced. There is also a recall on the main steps which was also handled. So far we have just been setting it up and loading it with things that will stay in it. Very happy so far. I have also added a 2K SW inverter. I have also added a Xantrex TrueCharge 2 charger in place of the WFCO converter . Next week, I'll be adding 500 watts of solar. My biggest rub is it has a nice battery compartment for 3 batteries but the space will only hold Group 24 batteries!!!
CJW8 07/17/15 04:46am Toy Haulers
RE: How to know if fresh water tank is full?

With the power fill, where a hose is attached to a hose fitting in a compartment, I'll have to look to see where the overflow is located. It will be a couple of weeks till I can get back to my camper. Thanks for all your responses.
CJW8 07/17/15 03:26am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Boom goes my fresh water tank....

Call it what you like, FUBAR fits pretty good.
CJW8 07/16/15 02:18pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Boom goes my fresh water tank....

Well my vent line is a 3/8" hose. My fill hose was 5/8" water hose with good pressure. I got distracted while filling and when I caught it, water was spraying out the vent line about 30 feet and also leaking a lot around the fill point. I had two tanks. Top was an 80 gallon tank in the pass through storage area. It was translucent plastic rectangular shaped and it looked like a basketball. I didn't look at the belly tank but it was significantly bowed out on the bottom to bend 2ea. 1 1/2" angle iron pieces. So if the vent and the small area around the fill hose are not keeping up with the water going in, the tanks will pressure up very quickly. A typical 40 gallon RV FW tank is 42" 26.75" 9.5" . That is 1123.5 square inches of surface area on the top and the same on the bottom of the tank. If the pressure inside the tank was only up to 0.5 PSI (pounds per square inch) then that is a force of 561.75 pounds on the top of the tank. It is also 561.75 plus the static head of 9.5 inches of water column (height of tank) = .34 PSI for a total of .84 PSI on the bottom, so it is also 943.74 pounds of force on the bottom of the tank, 127.0625 pounds of force on both ends of the tank and 199.5 pounds of force on both sides of the tank. So yes, it is designed to carry it's rated capacity 332 pounds of total weight but it is not designed for the kinds of forces above. The forces above cause tanks to bend/break supports, burst etc.
CJW8 07/16/15 01:34pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: How to know if fresh water tank is full?

Your tank holds right at 500 lbs of water - this surly is a lot to carry around More like 776 LBs. 8.345 LB/ gallon @ 93 gallons.
CJW8 07/16/15 08:36am Fifth-Wheels
RE: How to know if fresh water tank is full?

Our new Montana has a power fill only water tank and I try to check the gauge and stop at full but twice now I missed it and it started coming out of the vent. Montana says not to do this or damage can happen. I guess if you put water in fasted than the vent can let it out you could over pressure the tank and burst it. I slow it down now when its about 3/4 full. Mine also has the power fill. I didn't know that is what it was called. I should have stated it since it is part of my concern with filling. I was thinking of using your method of filling and set it to a very low rate at 3/4 fill and watch the gauge. I like the flow meter that Chopperbill mentioned and will order it.
CJW8 07/16/15 08:32am Fifth-Wheels
How to know if fresh water tank is full?

New 5th wheel toyhauler has 90+ gallon fresh water tank. The under belly is enclosed so I cannot see the tank. The tank gauges are inside the camper but they are notoriously undependable and even if they work properly they only give you 4 points of resolution. How full can you get them? Till it comes out the fill vent? I am tempted to fill till gauge says 3/4 and slow fill rate to a trickle till it comes out the vent. Will wait to see what others do.
CJW8 07/16/15 06:15am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Boom goes my fresh water tank....

I think a lot of people over fill their tanks at some point or another and end up damaging the supports. Don't ask me how I know. My Forest River had flat edges in the tank that ran the fill width of the frame that supported the tank. (angle iron on top of the frame) It also had two pieces of angle iron under the tank. These were on edge like an inverted "V" and welded to the top edge of the lower part of the I beam. These bent when I over filled the tank. I used jacks to put them back in place.
CJW8 07/16/15 06:06am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Dropped 5er with Pullrite SuperGlide?

Has anyone actually dropped a fifth-wheel using a Pullrite Superglide? Not looking for "saw one dropped once" or "heard of one" etc. Just trying to understand if anyone has live experience with this problem when using a Pullrite. As always, thanks. Ron Yes I have dropped mine once in 2007. First time hook up with new SuperGlide and new to me 5th wheel. I couldn't get it to latch. Tried for an hour in hot sun till past dark. I became frustrated. Tried hitting it a little harder with no latching occurring. Finally I thought I would back it up a bit as I knew I couldn't move forward. I lifted the front jacks some inches and backed up 1-2 feet. Stopped truck but RV kept rolling about another foot. BOOM! I didn't want to look! It dropped but the front legs caught it. It just barely made contact with the truck, no real damage. I finally unpinned the head from the SG and manually shoved it onto the pin so I could see what was happening. The trip lever was not being moved far enough to trip the latch. I found an appropriate size piece of rubber hose and cut a 1/2' long piece of it and shoved it on the latch roller to make it slightly larger. Walla! It worked. I have had many connections since then. I always make sure the handle is all the way in the lock position and look to make sure the jaw is closed. I also never hook/un-hook without trailer wheels choked. I use a checklist. To this day I do not know why this adjustment was necessary but I saw no way to adjust the latching trigger mechanism so I always wondered if my pin was slightly undersized.
CJW8 07/16/15 05:37am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Keeping Cool

Agree with what others have said for your unit. If the box is already hot, say 95+, your one AC isn't going to get it cool. If you want to keep it cool, you have to stay ahead of the curve. Start you AC before you need it on the morning if it has cooled off during the night. Also as was said, the two hose portables are the way to go if you are going to use a portable. The single hose coolers are just a spot cooler. Use shade if you can. Pull in any slides you are not using. Slides are more roof under the sun and more volume to cool. I crack ceiling vents about an inch. The hottest air is in the ceiling, I want to give it a chance to escape. The jury is out on this as it can be counter productive, same as single hose AC. I've tried it when trying to catch up with the heat curve and it seemed to help. Once the rig gets cool, close them.
CJW8 07/15/15 01:28pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Quicker Battery charging

Double post
CJW8 07/14/15 01:23pm Tech Issues
RE: Quicker Battery charging

Meeting all of your criteria = not cheap. Thisone will meet your criteria except for the cheap part. I have the little brother, the Xantrex True Charge 2-40 and I love it. I've seen mine put out 43 amps.
CJW8 07/14/15 01:22pm Tech Issues
RE: running 2 15k ac's on 30amp

Since you admit you have little electrical knowledge, don't try this yourself. Get an electrician. Is your 30 amp breaker in the main panel a double breaker? That means twice as wide as a normal 15 or 20 amp breaker. If so you are half way there. The rest involves removing panel covers and you shouldn't do that unless you are qualified. This is where you need an electrician. Here is what I did to run both AC's.
CJW8 07/14/15 12:45pm Tech Issues
RE: 20 Amp Circuit to Support 2nd A/C Unit

I think the reason 50 AMP pedestals work, which is 2-50amp 120 legs sharing a common neutral, is because the two legs are out of phase with each other. I would guess that not all parks are wired the same but if it is a 30 amp pedestal with a 20 amp auxiliary they could share a common neutral(not up to code). If the 30 amp breaker and 20 amp breaker at the main panel happen to be on the same buss, the neutral could become overloaded.
CJW8 07/13/15 02:31pm Tech Issues
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