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RE: Xanrex Inverter/Charger Over Charging

It is too bad you are not closer to some members here that have tried to assist you. I'm sure one of us would be glad to come over and help sort this out. It is my opinion that generally, an RV dealer would be the last place to have this kind of upgrade performed. The price you paid is easily double what it should have cost and it is essentially non functional. My main concern at this point is the wire size from the new charger/inverter. It looks less than #4 wire (perhaps #6 or #8). This can get quite warm at the rated output from your 1000 watt inverter. It can also be in the range of 10% voltage loss for both charging and inverting which is very inefficient. The goal is 3% loss and some of us shoot for 1%. Also, this wire should be fused and I do not remember seeing a fuse being mentioned. Fuses are sized to protect wire, not devices. If the wire is too small but properly fused, the fuse could limit you from reaching full rated output if the inverter. Example: If it is #6 wire it would need a 80 amp fuse which would likely blow at full inverter load. I am in agreement that either there is no charge controller or it is improperly installed and or programmed. As I said, the last place I would go is a RV dealer for solar support. Most of us on here have done our own installations. At this point I think your best options are to find a mobile tech that also specializes in solar or a solar installer that also does off grid and RV's. In the meantime try and determine the wire size in your inverter... the red and black DC wires. If it is too small it presents a real fire hazard. Try and find the missing charge controller...I think it is AWOL.
CJW8 12/13/17 11:46am Tech Issues
RE: 6 point hydraulic leveling - worth it?

How much value should one add for hydraulic leveling on a 5th wheel? I have all manual jacks on my TH TT and it's not that big a deal to do it. Is it a nice to have or don't buy without type feature? I WILL NOT have another fiver without it ! ! From pushing a button and doing other things while it levels, to the ease of changing a tire... I do not do other things while it is leveling. I announce to camp I am leveling and watch in amazement as it does it's thing. :)
CJW8 12/12/17 10:39am Toy Haulers
RE: Location of Converter in 07Keystone 5th wheel Raptor 3712ts

In my Raptor it is located behind the aft wall of the pass through storage compartment. You have to remove the wall panel for access. I cut a hole in mine to get access. The rectangle I cut out i installed a hinge and a latch for easier access.
CJW8 12/12/17 09:22am Tech Issues
RE: Xanrex Inverter/Charger Over Charging

I just re-read some of the post and found it is a 1000 watt inverter. That means your DC inverter wires need to be size 2 AWG with a 150 amp fuse. If they are longer than 5' than they need to be the next size larger such as size 1 AWG. This is according to your manual.
CJW8 12/11/17 01:20pm Tech Issues
RE: Xanrex Inverter/Charger Over Charging

I think your dealer/installer took you to the cleaners. 1. By appearance the DC wire size on Inverter/Charger appears to be way too small. According to page 10 of your manual the wire size for 5 foot length should be #2 for the 1000 watt inverter and #2/0 for the 2000 watt inverter. I have read all the post and didn't see the size of your charger/inverter. In any case your wire size appears #4 at best. If it is as big as #4 it is still too small for either unit. 2. Where is your solar charge controller? For a 150 watt panel you must have one or you will overcharge your battery. Make your dealer show you the location if he installed it. In the meantime pull the access cover off of your fridge vent on the outside of your camper as these solar wires are often ran down the back side of the fridge. I think somewhere you said you were getting an over voltage error. Not having a charge controller would cause this. Even if your new equipment were all at their default, you would not be getting an overvoltage condition. Doug, is a pretty smart guy but I do not agree with not having multiple charge sources connected at the same time. I typically have 4 sources connected and can have 3 turned on at once and I have never seen an over voltage condition. 1. 7 pin connector from truck. 2. OEM converter. 3. Solar charging system. 4. User installed Xantrex charger. All smart chargers except the truck. Which reminds me, have you checked the charging voltage of your truck? If your voltage regulator is faulty it could be the source of overvoltage. BLF13 is correct, the charge source with the highest voltage trumps all the others and they back off. Punch list: 1. Determine and report model # of Xantrex. 2. Continue to trace wires from solar panel to find the charge controller or ask your dealer where it is located. 3. Check charging voltage of your truck. I use one of those cig. lighter plug in voltage meters. 4. Until you resolve this, get a beg borrow or steal a decent charger of 30-40 amps and get those batteries up to at least 13.4 volts. The longer they sit at below 12 volts the more they are being damaged. 5. Seriously consider connecting larger DC wires from your inverter/charger to your batteries. Thanks for being patient with all the help coming to you from all different directions. Most of the guys here trying to help are OCD about battery charging and are giving good advice. Some guys get frustrated with all the help and give up. You'll figure this out. Also google 12 volt side of life and read part one and two. It will help you greatly understand your systems.
CJW8 12/11/17 12:59pm Tech Issues
RE: How do I post photos in a topic?

Wish this was a sticky.
CJW8 11/14/17 10:02am Tech Issues
RE: (seeking advice) Furnace Wiring Burning up!

Either run a #2 wire from your furnace to frame ground (JK, bad idea) or fix your battery to frame ground.
CJW8 11/13/17 08:51am Tech Issues
RE: Yet another AGM question

I have 500 watts on a 30A controller, never been a problem.
CJW8 11/12/17 11:54pm Tech Issues
RE: Have a question for the electrical gurus.

Can you parallel a Honda and a Champion?
CJW8 11/12/17 10:24pm Tech Issues
RE: Axel Weight/ suspension question

A good spring shop can re-spring your old tired springs.
CJW8 11/12/17 10:07pm Tech Issues
RE: Wfco amp test.. What are you pendant guys getting?

Boost button does not work? :( Never has worked on mine.
CJW8 11/04/17 12:42pm Tech Issues
RE: SCUBA tanks for filling RV tires?

I think any local welding supply place will fill them with non breatheable O2. O2 is very flammable if a tire should catch fire or explode. Is that a good idea? LeRoy Only with an oxidizer. O2 by itself is inert. You could always pick up a bottle of Nitrogen and be cool with that, green valve caps and all... I believe from my safety training that O2 is the oxidizer so any flame will be made worse in the presence of O2.
CJW8 11/04/17 10:47am Tech Issues
RE: Wfco amp test.. What are you pendant guys getting?

More damning WFCO evidence. I took my 3 Grp 24 batteries down to 12.05v. Dragged out my WFCO 89100 that now has battery jumper clamps with 6' of #4 welding lead. Results: over 7 hours, volts stayed flat. The 3 hour gap in the last two readings is because we went to a movie. It is a good converter that will provide lots of amps but a pretty sorry charger as we all know. time volts amps 1647 13.39 105.8 1702 13.46 98.1 1723 13.62 82 1755 13.41 36.6 1839 13.49 25.36 2157 13.62 5.67
CJW8 11/04/17 10:36am Tech Issues
RE: Kind Of A Short Cigarette Lighter Plug? air compressor

I just bought one of these air compressors for my step son's new RV. it has a 15 foot cord and a 4 foot hose. It is also a twin cylinder compressor. $29.99 usd
CJW8 11/01/17 02:27pm Tech Issues
RE: Wfco amp test.. What are you pendant guys getting?

I just read the whole post and have a couple of comments: 1. I was thinking from the beginning you need to boondock to prove to yourself what most of us know about the WFCO. It is not up to the task for boondocking. I've had prior experience with them as OEM chargers and always ended up replacing them. 2. On the bench is one thing but when camping and charging, if "ANY" load is put on the system (switch on some lights) it will immediately revert to 13.6 mode and stay there. This was confirmed to me by my own test and by WFCO tech support. It is like the WFCO senses a change in load and says "ok, user is using so I need to go into converter mode". 3. If you are as OCD as you say you are, I see a Trimetric in your future 4. My current 2015 camper came with a 80 deck mounted WFCO converter. I could never get to go into boost even if I pushed the boost button. I replaced it with a 70 amp PD with charge wizard. I can make it go to 14.4 volts (wish I could get 14.6-8) for 4 hours at any time by pushing the button. My solar does 14.7 when I have sun. 5. My 80 WFCO is now a shop charger as I connected some #4 cable to it with battery clamps.
CJW8 11/01/17 02:01pm Tech Issues
RE: sloped roof

Keep it simple. Take a 2X4 long enough to span the walls. Lay it in it's side and draw an arch, starting on one end 2" from the bottom and ending on the other end 2" from the bottom where the top of the arch is the top of the 2X4 or 3.5". If you want more insulation or need room for duct work use a 2X6 and arch it so that it is 3" on the ends and 5.5" at the center. Cut the first one and use it as a pattern for the rest. Always use the same one as a pattern. The arch will be gradual enough you should be able to make the cuts with a skill saw.
CJW8 10/31/17 07:09pm Tech Issues
RE: Slide Out Problem

It isn't Lippert, it is Accu-Slide by Norco.
CJW8 10/31/17 06:41pm Tech Issues
Slide Out Problem

My kitchen slide is an Accu-Slide cable system. The cables are adjusted well and it goes in and out but with a jerky motion. This slide does not have rollers like my bedroom slide which operates very smoothly. There is some kind of a hard plastic or nylon strip that runs along the floor that the slide slides on. It appears to me that this strip has become smashed and had allowed the slide to settle especially on the heavy refrigerator side. This settling has caused the bottom slide trim to rear and even rip the linoleum flooring. My question is how can I replace this strip? Does the slide have to come all the way out of the hole to replace it? Where can I get a replacement? This slide strip is like a half round semi hollow strip. Do they make a solid one to carry more weight? Thanks.
CJW8 10/31/17 10:16am Tech Issues
RE: Rusty hitch ball vs stainless -- worthwhile?

I never lubed a hitch ball in my life, never wore one out, never broke one and never got grease on my pants despite several skinned shins. If you want it to look pretty get one of those chrome ball covers.
CJW8 10/08/17 04:48pm Tech Issues
RE: Converter Running Continuously

There should be a placard on those battery empty/full indicators that come with most RV's that says "DO NOT PUSH BATTERY TEST BUTTON UNLESS THE BATTERY HAS BEEN OFF OF ANY CHARGE SOURCE FOR AT LEAST 1 HOUR". So many folks plug in for an hour or 2 and test their battery while still charging and it says it is full so they unplug. Or test it right after unplugging when there is still a surface charge on the battery, then bring their slides in (high load that removes surface charge) and all of a sudden their batteries read 1/3 full. Well they are 1/3 full because they never got fully charged by their WFCO in 2 hours but they think must be bad batteries or a bad charger.
CJW8 10/06/17 01:17am Tech Issues
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