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RE: AC (alt current) Waveforms and THD for gens and inverter

In the list up above is a SW2000 Xantrex.
CJW8 07/21/16 02:55pm Tech Issues
RE: AC (alt current) Waveforms and THD for gens and inverter

Vermilye, Thanks for sharing!
CJW8 07/21/16 10:42am Tech Issues
RE: AC (alt current) Waveforms and THD for gens and inverter

Sorry, I forgot to mention, With the bigger generators, Onan, 2 Champions, I used AC units. Installed AC's on the onan but I don't remember if one or both were running and portable 5K BTU Ac on the small champion and 13K portable 13K BTU on the bigger Champion. I'll publish them soon.
CJW8 07/21/16 10:32am Tech Issues
RE: AC (alt current) Waveforms and THD for gens and inverter

Thanks Mex, Surprisingly, my 5500 onboard Onan is the worst I have seen so far. I am posting it next. It is worse than my 2 sub $1000 Champions. I will say it is the quietest onboard generator I have ever heard. Onan 5500 Wave: http://i.imgur.com/ZgDsiMkl.jpg Onan 5500 THD: http://i.imgur.com/DA9uYKOl.jpg Onan 5500 Text: http://i.imgur.com/suhant1l.jpg
CJW8 07/21/16 08:06am Tech Issues
RE: AC (alt current) Waveforms and THD for gens and inverter

This a Kipor Generator. It is a 2000 watt inverter generator, about 8 years old. It is mostly used as a backup to the installed RV generator if I want to charge the batteries via the converter and don't want to run the main generator for less than a 1100 watt load. This generator was purchased as a less expensive alternative to the Honda and has served me very well. It has a very good waveform and low THD. Waveform: http://i.imgur.com/oM7Hvo3l.jpg THD: http://i.imgur.com/PNd7H10l.jpg Text: http://i.imgur.com/MOXcFXVl.jpg
CJW8 07/18/16 07:17pm Tech Issues
RE: AC (alt current) Waveforms and THD for gens and inverter

smkettner, the load was 600 watt resistive heater. The numbers didn't change much with or without the resistive load.
CJW8 07/18/16 06:55pm Tech Issues
RE: AC (alt current) Waveforms and THD for gens and inverter

Next up is a Xantrex ProWatt SW2000 Wave: http://i.imgur.com/OOC45aLl.jpg THD: http://i.imgur.com/He42BkLl.jpg Text http://i.imgur.com/YHhBqbHl.jpg This is a very good waveform and low THD!
CJW8 07/18/16 01:57pm Tech Issues
AC (alt current) Waveforms and THD for gens and inverter

Have you ever been curious what your generator or inverter waveform looks like? I have and the question has been asked on this forum several times. I have a new to me, recently calibrated Fluke 41B power analyzer. I will be testing various sources and posting them here. The first picture will be my test setup. Following that will be wave form of utility power mainly for reference. Others will follow as time permits. Recently add at bottom of page: Onan 5500 Test Setup: http://i.imgur.com/5ONHIgsl.jpg Utility Waveform/THD/Text: http://i.imgur.com/KWOZyupl.jpg http://i.imgur.com/4Tn3eLvl.jpg http://i.imgur.com/xV6qPFQl.jpg More to follow.
CJW8 07/18/16 01:39pm Tech Issues
RE: Swap to residential refer

How do you secure the residential Refer doors while traveling?
CJW8 07/18/16 10:55am Tech Issues
RE: Second AC options on Puma Unleashed 356QLB

I think the garage would be a poor location. Manufacturers seldom install one there. How about modifying the angle with a wedge to level up the vent hole in the bedroom? I just spent about a year living in a new TH in Eastern New Mexico. Carlsbad area. Two AC were a life saver. I left them running all the time. I found if I turn them off during the day while I was at work, it would take all evening to cool the place down while I sweated the whole time. Once I got it cool, I could keep it cool.
CJW8 07/18/16 10:08am Toy Haulers
RE: extension cords and rain

What MYREDRACER said! Use 12 gauge for that length. A 14 or 16 gauge cord assumes you are going to plug into quality power and have your load directly on the other end of the cord. In your case, you are plugging into power, then 25 feet of cord, then 30 feet of RV 30 amp cord, then unknown length of camper wiring to main breaker, then unknown length of camper wiring to load. Get the picture? People try this and wonder why their AC or even their converter won't work. The idea of boxes are good and should be employed if there is lots of rain expected.
CJW8 07/17/16 05:20pm Tech Issues
RE: Handheld amp/volt meter

Tripp Lite (been making hand held meters since dirt was made) has a mini clamp on meter that I have been wanting. Amprobe AMP-25 I am sure it is a little more expensive but I'd trust this maker before most others except Fluke.
CJW8 07/07/16 09:18am Tech Issues
RE: Electrical Issues 2006 Coachman Captiva 265

You need a volt meter to trouble shoot this. Low priced meters can be found at Harbor Freight Tools, Walmart or even Sears. If your lights are very dim, you have likely taken your new battery down to below 10-11 volts which has removed some life from your new battery. Until you can fix or replace your converter, put a multi stage 30-40 amp charger on your battery ASAP to get it's voltage up. The longer it sits at less than 12 volts the more it is damaged. I wouldn't bother fixing the WFCO converter. They are not known to be very battery friendly especially if you leave your camper plugged in 27/7. Since you are not well versed on electrical, I'd take it to an RV dealer and have the WFCO replaced with a 40 Progressive Dynamics converter.
CJW8 06/28/16 10:14am Tech Issues
RE: Battery Question

First of all, the solar controller is NOT a cheep one stage controller! It is a Viewstar 30A programmable 3 stage controller. Nor is the converter for that matter! I'm going to take Boon Docker's advice on this and not worry for now. I will be switching out batteries this week to 4 Trogan T-105's and will go from there, You are right, it is a cheap 3 stage PMW controller. If it is still at absorb voltage (14+) at evening then either system isn't sized properly or something else is wrong. You say only the refer is running. Is it running on Propane? If it is running on electric, through an inverter, it could be consuming all of your solar and keeping it in the absorb stage.
CJW8 06/27/16 06:49am Tech Issues
RE: Norcold 1210 test data

SCV, There is no circulating fan inside the refer. The temperature probe for the test is in the middle of the second shelf from the top. Doug, The refer is located in a slide. The RV is plugged into 50 amp service so converter is maintaining 13+ volts. The refer is facing the morning sun but is fully shaded by 11 AM.
CJW8 06/24/16 09:48am Tech Issues
Norcold 1210 test data

After dry camping last weekend in 115*F temps and watching my refer/freezer temps climb every day I decider to run a refer test. Later I'll add gallon jugs of room temperature water and post the results. Probable on Monday. This is the results so far and I think the refer is fine, it was just so dang hot and the door was opened too many times. http://i.imgur.com/Ea6Monsl.jpg
CJW8 06/24/16 12:25am Tech Issues
RE: HELP!...What can I do to keep fridge cold and food safe?

We just camped at Lake Theodore Roosevelt, AZ last weekend. It was the hottest weekend on record with onshore temps as high as 115*F. Completely dry camping running the generator 24/7. The Norcold 4 door refer was running when we left home and was packed with already cold food. The refer is in a slide and the refer side was facing south. The temps when we left home on Friday noon was 36* and 4*. When we left the lake at Monday noon, the temps were 48* and 32*. I switched to propane for a day and it didn't seem to make any difference. Part of my problem is grandkids and wife who like to open the doors and look and not even take anything. I'd switch to a home refer but am unable to find one that will fit the opening. I was thinking of hanging clear plastic sheets over the openings, attached at the top so the "lookers" can still see when they open the door but it will still retain some of the cold air. I believe mine is properly installed with baffles and multiple fans.
CJW8 06/23/16 12:13pm Tech Issues
RE: Can one set the whole camper on jack stands?

I use bottle jacks to lift it and jack stands to support it. Never work under anything only supported by jacks. If just working on one side at a time lift that side and put jack stands near the spring hangers. Two per side are sufficient. My installed 6 point hydraulic leveling system on my 5th wheel has two jacks at the front and 4 jacks in the middle, 2 per side, in front of and behind the axles.
CJW8 06/01/16 01:00pm Tech Issues
RE: Pullrite Superglide 18K ISR Unhitching

As stated earlier, you shouldn't be using WD-40 on the way tubes. It collects dirt and dissipates very quickly. Go to NAPA and get some Slip Plate. It is like flat black spray paint that contains graphite. That is what Pullrite recommends for my Superglide.
CJW8 05/25/16 08:19am Tech Issues
RE: Pullrite Superglide 18K ISR Unhitching

Me thinks you may be raising it too much. On mine, I lower the front landing gear until there is a slight gap, then I raise them (lowering the pin) just until the gap closes. I then pull the release handle. If it won't pull, I put the truck in neutral to take the pressure off of the pin. This usually happens when I have backed into a spot.
CJW8 05/24/16 11:26pm Tech Issues
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