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RE: flex tape on leaking water tank

Had a leak on my first fiver black water tank at the outlet nozzle. It was ABS. Used J B Weld. Was holding when I traded 4 years later. The white/off white are usually Polyethylene. Not much sticks to them but I saw some epoxy at Home Depot the other day that said it would stick. Haven't tried it.
Charlie D. 02/15/18 06:32am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Re-sealing windows...

Why not put a bead of Dicor non-sag sealant around it?
Charlie D. 02/13/18 06:19pm Tech Issues
RE: Need Chevy/GMC Advice

Regarding question 1. Someone said he would gain stability with a newer truck. How so? New truck should have larger tires. Would that be part of the reason?
Charlie D. 02/03/18 07:05am Tow Vehicles
RE: Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Has it always been that way I am thinking you have an issue with the one you have. A while back I had looked at all the brands on line and they all seem to look the same, have the same features and offer the type of sensors, Being to think there is no difference in brands. Had a TST at the beginning and had terrible issues with it. Now have a Hawkshead for 5 years and no issues. Place side by side they looked identical.
Charlie D. 01/26/18 01:14pm Technology Corner
RE: 2019 GM trucks get smarter fuel-saving cylinder deactivation

According to Fuelly(LINK), new 1500s do get better fuel economy than the older ones in the real world. I am not sure if it is the case here, but for those only going by the computer mileage, many older vehicles were less accurate than newer ones. Case in point is my father with his 2003 7.3L F350 and my brother's 2012 6.7L F350. My father used to think he got beter fuel economy than my brother because his truck's computer always shown 17-18 mpg while my brother's is around 15-16 mpg. After finally doing hand calculated numbers consistently, my father found out that his truck actually got worse fuel economy and that his computer was far less accurate than my brother's. The same thing happened when I compared computer and hand calculated numbers from a friend's 2001 CTD 3500 to my 2014 CTD 2500. His computer shown that he got better fuel economy while my hand calculations proved otherwise. My 2006 and current 2013 computer mileage and gallons used are not even close to actual mileage. Same with friends, and son, who use other brands. They are always touting mileage and to prevent fights I have given up on trying to reason with them. Same as a friend who has the new Ram Ecodiesel. Has not hooked it up to anything and drives within a 25 miles radius of home. With a diesel he has a tow beast but does not realize there is a difference between towing and carrying. Nice truck and may consider a non-diesel model if I every go to a 12 ton.
Charlie D. 01/26/18 01:04pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 5TH wheel insurance

Do I understand that you are saying National Interstate is no longer insuring RV"S?. I use Good Sam for my 2 vehicles, home and RV. Good Sam uses National Interstate for vehicles and Rv and a separate company for homeowners. All billing comes through National Interstate. RV and vehicles are 6 months and home 1 year. Vehicles are due for renewal in April.
Charlie D. 01/26/18 12:54pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Mutual Funds Question

After reading your second post I understand a little better. I had concerns when I first started with them but I have an excellent relationship with my broker and he was recommended by friends. I started with him in 2005 in Louisiana. Moved back to Texas in 2010 and still use him as he is registered in Texas. Agents are required to have certain training and should be a ,member of certain groups. If you are with a major investment company they have information on their web sites. From the Edward Jones website: Edward Jones provides account protection for your securities, except annuities and insurance, held in your brokerage account. The Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC) provides $500,000 of coverage for missing securities, including $250,000 for claims of cash awaiting reinvestment. Edward Jones purchases additional protection from Underwriters at Lloyd's. This policy covers only theft, misplacement, destruction, burglary, embezzlement or abstraction. Market losses are not covered by SIPC or the additional protection. The aggregate protection limit for all claims is $900 million. For more information about the SIPC, visit www.sipc.org or call 202-371-8300. Edward Jones is also a member of FDIC for cash holdings. I would think all brokerages have that type of or similar coverage.
Charlie D. 01/25/18 02:45pm Around the Campfire
RE: Mutual Funds Question

Check your statements carefully. I am with Edward Jones and receiving my monthly statements via email. It shows all transactions, fees, earnings, gains, costs, beginning values, ending values,etc. All one one document monthly.If unable to find, call your agent. He should be able to tell you where to look. This allows me to see what is going on without having to view the many prospectus that I have. Mine is nice and simple. I don't know who you are using but if my statements did not have that to easily access, I would insist that it be view able or find another firm. Good luck
Charlie D. 01/25/18 08:11am Around the Campfire
RE: Solar Panels Trumpeting A Heads Up

What I was/am interested in, sharing on this forum is that panel price and availability is going to suffer. Now Solar Blvd is a dry well for 12 volt panels. IMO, pricing to a small degree but availability-No.
Charlie D. 01/25/18 07:47am Tech Issues
RE: Prime Time Crusader ???

Check the bottom of the bedroom slide outside corners. Poke around all the slides. I am a fanatic on keeping up with maintenance but found rot in those corners after 3 years. There is a Prime Time Crusader forum. Join it and ask questions, There has been an issue with wear on the bottom of the slides. Mine is one the bedroom slide and the fabric was torn. Fixed it by putting aluminum between it and the rollers. The bottom material used on my 2014 330MKS IS NOT water proof. It is called Darco. Overall a good camper and we have over 10,000 miles. I replaced the tires with LT ones.
Charlie D. 01/25/18 07:44am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Solar Panels Trumpeting A Heads Up

In the United States, an executive order is a directive issued by the President of the United States that manages operations of the federal government, and have the force of law. Does not always make it right. IMO. International law rulings are usually not in our favor. If he does not rescind them there is not much they can do except to counter with tariffs of their own. Would not be the first time international agreements were violated and not just by us. China is a big offender
Charlie D. 01/24/18 04:21pm Tech Issues
RE: Solar Panels Trumpeting A Heads Up

Who you trying to kid? The title of your post blatantly blasts that it is political. How so? trum·pet ?tr?mp?t/ verb gerund or present participle: trumpeting 1. play a trumpet. "figures of two trumpeting angels" make a loud, penetrating sound resembling that of a trumpet. "wild elephants trumpeting in the bush" synonyms: call out, bellow, roar, yell, cry out, toot, bugle, holler "the elephant trumpeted" 2. proclaim widely or loudly. "the press trumpeted another defeat for the government" synonyms: proclaim, announce, declare, herald, celebrate, shout from the rooftops "companies trumpeted their success"Don't insult our collective intelligence. Your intention regarding the thread title is very apparent. And the fact you chose to defend the word "trumpeting", while ignoring all the other words in the subject line pretty much makes it a prima facie case. The effect on consumers is not as drastic as written. Actual costs will be less. Read one article and it's doom and gloom for the U. S. industry. Another article and it says the U.S. will be able to compete on a more level playing field. What are the facts? Couple that with the energy tax deduction of 30%. Is it that big a deal? Should we continue to allow other countries to continue to under mine us? Tariffs were placed on solar cells on December 2014 of 26-78% on most of China and 16-27% on Taiwan. Previous tariffs were circumvented by China when they shipped to Taiwan for final assembly. Those tariffs didn't appear to have much effect on the U.S. "It’s worth keeping in mind that the panels themselves are less than one-third of the final cost of a solar installation, and as hardware costs go down, the relative costs of labor, permitting, and taxes go up. The 30 percent tariff would add between 10 and 15 cents per watt to the final installed price of solar." It should be noted that there is also a tax increase on washing machines and dryers. Finally, I am of the opinion that posts from some members are given more latitude that others.Could be wrong.
Charlie D. 01/24/18 07:59am Tech Issues
RE: Solar Panels Trumpeting A Heads Up

30% is not a lot when suppliers are paying 50 cents a watt or less for the panels. 6kW panels for typical home install $3,000 cost and so $900 tariff. When a homeowner is paying $18,000 installed an extra $1,500 is not going to be a stopper for many. Utility scale paying paying 30 cents per watt is even lower impact. I think a good medium was struck as the manufacturers wanted 50% and the amounts phase out fairly quick. Also 2.5 GW of cells are exempted. The Trump administration also exempted the first 2.5 gigawatts of solar cell imports each year from the tax. On top of that, the Arizona-based company First Solar makes a type of panel that's not covered by the tariff. Between the exemption, the First Solar panels and projects already in the works, "it’s possible that in calendar year 2018, virtually none of the market would actually be affected by these tariffs," Zindler said. https://www.usatoday.com/story/money/business/2018/01/22/trumps-30-tariff My next solar roof install will be Tesla Solar Roof Tiles. https://www.tesla.com/solarroof There is also a big tax deduction for those who install them. Last report I read was that actual costs to buyers would be 4.9-5.9%. Buyer beware. Not all solar panels are the same.
Charlie D. 01/23/18 06:44pm Tech Issues
RE: Go Pats!!!!! Woot!

Change in defense midway through the 3rd quarter will cause you to lost most times. Saints last week. Atlanta play calling after getting a big lead in last years SB. Happens every week.
Charlie D. 01/22/18 08:45pm Around the Campfire
RE: Is 70 the age to stop towing

Glad you are back. So many new members who can use your vast knowledge and wisdom.Wow, and you said that with a straight face too. :) Would that be "vast" or "half-vast"? :) I have met him. Nice guy in person but has a different way to make people think. First few times I tried to engage him on this forum he would not answer questions. Drove me nuts until I realized that was his intent.:) How is that for a smile
Charlie D. 01/22/18 06:04pm General RVing Issues
RE: Is 70 the age to stop towing

Glad you are back. So many new members who can use your vast knowledge and wisdom.
Charlie D. 01/22/18 03:51pm General RVing Issues
RE: NFL Saints vs Vikings Amazing Ending!

I had heard that #43 was trying to avoid contact with #14....because he got there early...and was afraid of a pass interference call....so he avoided contact. Game could not end on a defensive penalty, so Saints would have had an opportunity to kick a field goal....after time expired, had a penalty occurred. I heard Jimmy Johnson say the same thing. Fact is the tackler failed because he dove (and missed) the legs of the receiver while he was in the air. What about the other Saints players standing and watching the receiver catch the ball?
Charlie D. 01/16/18 12:00pm Around the Campfire
RE: Christmas present from USDA

It says required by law!! DO you think they will put me in jail or will they just get willow switch and beat the h--- out of me??? Depends on where they place you. Some of the minimum security ones have AC, cots,cable TV and 3 squares a day. Former Louisiana governor Edwin Edwards said his was quite nice. If you are as lucky as he you could have conjugal visits.:E
Charlie D. 01/15/18 06:22pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Savannah Georgia camping

I like Hardeeville RV Park, in Hardeeville, SC. Easy run into Savannah, good home base. Yup. The closest campground to Savannah. Not a lot of amenities but we don't use them anyway.
Charlie D. 01/15/18 06:17pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Replacement Battery

The battery performs many functions BUT the most important to me is to ensure that it has the necessary power to energize the braking function of the trailer is the disconnect is pulled if the trailer becomes detached from the tow vehicle.
Charlie D. 01/15/18 06:08pm Tech Issues
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