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RE: corner left nose leaking??

Eternabond is great stuff but must be rolled hard with a rolling device to stick. For that reason I find Dicor or any good polyurethane caulk has done a good job where i have applied it. Also check around any light on the top of the cap.
Charlie D. 10/23/16 07:23pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Do you stand for the National Anthem?

During my military years of service, we always stood at attention and saluted when in uniform. So, as a hold-over to those years, I always stand at attention now because I don't wear that uniform anymore. For those of you that feel it necessary to sit and disrespect our flag, I have the perfect solution for you. It's called AOC ... Any Other Country! Thank you for your service. Earnestly, did you serve to preserve the freedoms catalogued in our constitution, or to create a society where diverging points of view are unacceptable? IMO this is the best country on earth. Because we don't mandate a uniform way of thinking. There are plenty of examples of societies that do that. Who really wants that for here? I agree with you Ductape but I still don't care for seeing anyone kneeling and for the reason you cited, Monkee44, IMO, has the right to his statement without criticizing.:) Wouldn't we all be better off as a country if as someone said "Can't we all get along?" Words of wisdom I think.
Charlie D. 10/21/16 05:59pm Around the Campfire
RE: Breakaway switch and hitch got tangled up

I use a long twist tie from when I bought a new water hose-there are always 2-3 on the hose, put a loop in the wire cable for the switch, and twist tie it to the hitch handle. The loop for the disconnect is hooked to the lock I lock the hitch handle with.
Charlie D. 10/21/16 05:48pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Do you stand for the National Anthem?

I think every member here on the sports forum knows how much I love college football. Well, yesterday in the Detroit Free Press news paper, it was brought up that the U of M. & MSU coach allowed their players to protest during the singing of the National Anthem. Well, my comment was: These football players need to focus on winning the football game they are about to play and to wait and hold their judgement till all the facts and evidence comes out! I got a lot of "Likes" and NOT one nasty reply so far! Bags. I agree Bags. I have read where some teams wait in the locker room during the Anthem. I believe this is the best way if you have a protest. Read most of the opinions and yes, Congress has passed a bill allowing all veterans to render a hand salute when the Anthem is played. What bothers me the most is the young athletes and Pee Wee leagues who are increasingly kneeling. I wonder if they really know what they are kneeling for? I suspect many are doing so because of peer pressure-silently or vocally-so as to be "one of the boys." Local Pee Wee league suspended the remaining season for one team who knelled.
Charlie D. 10/21/16 09:09am Around the Campfire
RE: Timken bearings...when would you repack?

Difficult to always find the USA made ones. Reports I see say that Timken has a close handle on the Chinese ones and quality is still good. Of course there are also other manufactures making them in China.
Charlie D. 10/21/16 09:00am Tech Issues
RE: My wiring harness for tow vehicle needs help?

Get some 3M 23 rubber splicing tape. It stretches to seal better and adheres to itself. Had that problem with the 50 amp cable. I stretched it to 1/2 its original width and wrapped it tightly. No more problems.
Charlie D. 10/21/16 08:55am Tech Issues
RE: Waiting on Jayco

Are those ripples in the side of what looks like a slide out?
Charlie D. 10/20/16 07:47am Fifth-Wheels

Regular thermostat will not work. This one has a digital signal to the control box up in the ceiling in addition to 12v power. Furnace control is up there also. Here is my conversion to use this digital. May help see how it works. http://forums.woodalls.com/index.cfm/fuseaction/thread/tid/26820366.cfm Not looking for a regular thermostat. This is an LCD and I have found a replacement on Amazon. There are also others with a control bos. Unless something is wrong with the control box I would not need a new one. The bottom of the AC is covered by a 3 light pendant and I would have to remove the entire cover to replace the control box. My question is: Does anyone think the thermostat is bad according the the operating description I have posted?
Charlie D. 10/18/16 08:47pm Tech Issues

I am reopening this post with a bit of other info. Ran the unit today. After a while the fan dropped off and then immediately back on. Had other things to do bit after 4 hours, went in and the unit was running and the unit was cooling and near it's set point. When I turned it to the "OFF" position the compressor quit and the fan continued to run as it should. After 5 minutes the fan was still running so I put the thermostat in the "off" position. It ran for a few minutes and then shutdown as it should. Thermostat fan speed was in AUTO. There does not appear to be any difference in the fan speed or sound when put in the HI or Lo. position. Dies it sound like a thermostat problem? If so, would a normal thermostat work? I see 3 wires. Orange, white and red. There thermostat is the original Dometic LCD.
Charlie D. 10/18/16 08:14pm Tech Issues
RE: Crazy College Football Saturday!

Wisconsin played a gutsy game but Ohio State did not panic. I could see their determination. Looking forward to them and 'Bama in the Championship game. I hope. Meanwhile back in Tigerland. They have shown they can put up points and the defense is improving with a new first year DC. If they could put an entire game together I am wondering if they could be undefeated. Wisconsin and Auburn games were so close and winnable that I think they they would also be in the title hunt. Goes to prove they have the talent and what coaching can do. Orgeron has them playing at high level and hoping this will continue. The remaining schedule will be brutal and to get through that will be a great challenge. I finally saw the receivers get good separation. Orgeron continues to tweak the game plans and not introduce large mid-season changes. 'Bama continues to win and their QB manages games well. Sabin continues to prove he is the best. He is so intense and reacts to every little mistake. Wondering if he will every blow a gasket on the sideline.
Charlie D. 10/16/16 06:55am Around the Campfire
RE: Good Sam ERS Surprise

$95 to fix a flat !!!!! :E Outrageous. A tubeless tire should have just been plugged & re-inflated, 20 min tops. Unless it was other than a simple puncture. Should have just taken the tire to a local gas station, around here, they'll fix a tire for $10, (which is also too much) but, times have changed. If GS paid to change the tire with the spare, did they in fact repair the original tire & put it back on? Around here plugging a tire is no longer done and documentation to that effect is hanging on all the walls. There are also pictures of acceptable damage that will be repaired. All require a dismount and a plug installed from the inside and then a patch over that repair. Regardless, that tire is not repairable because of its location even if there is no belt desperation or other damage.
Charlie D. 10/15/16 05:49pm General RVing Issues
RE: Tire Issue

One last problem, the tires require 110psi my compressor which is rated for 125psi would only get the tires to 100psi. Anyone have a suggestion on a good air compressor that will give me the 110psi I need. I would prefer one as small as I get get, as I will be taking it on the road when we travel. Here is my take on carrying a compressor. When I first started RVing I felt I needed everything possible. Bought a Craftsman compressor in 2007. Since then I have used it a couple of times to top off the 2-3 pounds air loss after many months. It sits in the front bay of my camper taking up roof. Tires don't seem to loose air and if they did I would be looking for the source of loss not topping off.
Charlie D. 10/14/16 06:56am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Eco Diesel New Oil Spec. with Explanation

If you were talking about all Rams then you should have stated that then. Don Don, you are correct. I could have worded it better but I thought-and still think-GordonThree was referring to all 2016 Rams being difficult to find and no Eco's at all in his search. Regardless, I have taken this post too far off topic and apologize to everyone for it. Will not happen any further.
Charlie D. 10/12/16 06:46am Tow Vehicles
RE: Eco Diesel New Oil Spec. with Explanation

Dodgeboy-I still stand by my response that he was referring to all Rams-not just the EcoDiesel. Ram did have a good month. Better sales and reduction of inventory. In reference to you reminding me that the topic was EcoDiesels, yes it drifted off as most all posts.:)
Charlie D. 10/11/16 04:19pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Eco Diesel New Oil Spec. with Explanation

Are there that many unsold 16 still on the lots? Only 3 within 50 miles according to the inventory search for my area. None are eco diesel either. They are out there somewhere. As of 9/1 they had a 102 day supply. With $7,000+ incentives (the most of any manufacturer) they are down to 91 days. Would love to see you post any Eco-D with $7,000+ incentives! The best I could find was a lift over 2016 at a dealer in S.Cal with the dealer giving $2,500 with FCA giving $2,500. Locally the most off on 2016 (two of them) have $5,000 total incentives or rebates. Now non Eco-D's is another story but we are talking about the Eco-D on this post! If I could find a 2017 with $7,000+ and my employee discount I would sell my 2015 and buy a new truck tomorrow! See what you can find for me would ya, Laramie loaded up 3.92 gears 4x4 crew cab and in the long bed with the four corner air suspension would work! Don Read GordonThree post again. "Are there that many unsold 16 still on the lots? Only 3 within 50 miles according to the inventory search for my area. None are eco diesel either." Yes, the original post is about the EcoDiesel but I understand his comment to say that he could find only 3 Rams within 50 miles and none were EcoDiesels!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Charlie D. 10/11/16 07:18am Tow Vehicles

Edited to say: 4 years old and has original Dometic digital thermostat.Is the fan set to automatic? I have a Dometic single station digital and when the air conditioner switches from low to high or high to low fan speed it does seem to turn off and back on within a brief moment. I believe above 3 to 5 degrees of the set point the air runs on hi and as it approaches the set point will switch to low. I have also experienced it when it will cycle up and down a bit before it decides to stay hi or stay low. I am calling normal even if a bit quirky. Set to AUTO. Yes, supposed to run high when temps are hot and then switch to low. Next time I turn it on I will set to HI to see if it will run without the sudden change. I have also heard the fan shut down for several seconds and the compressor continue to run which I believe is the change in speeds. Turned it on and after about 15 minutes the fan seemed to hesitate. If it actually stopped and restarted I was unable to tell. It then ran for another 2 hours without any hesitation. I was unable to tell if the compressor cycled but I definitely heard the fan cycle over a split second. Does anyone know if a run capacitor would allow that to happen? I checked all connections and the capacitors looked fine.
Charlie D. 10/10/16 04:26pm Tech Issues

How would one determine if the run capacitor is functioning properly. Would replacement be an advantage?
Charlie D. 10/10/16 12:42pm Tech Issues
RE: Eco Diesel New Oil Spec. with Explanation

Are there that many unsold 16 still on the lots? Only 3 within 50 miles according to the inventory search for my area. None are eco diesel either. They are out there somewhere. As of 9/1 they had a 102 day supply. With $7,000+ incentives (the most of any manufacturer) they are down to 91 days.
Charlie D. 10/09/16 06:58pm Tow Vehicles

Doug-I removed "after a couple of minutes". In a few occasions the fan has continued to run, compressor drops off and then several minutes later it will restart without the fan ever shutting off and the thermostat fan speed set to Auto.. Upon starting the AC after it has been off the fan will come on, run for a short time before compressor comes on and remaining on after the compressor has satisfied the thermostat then shut off. The instructions say that is normal.
Charlie D. 10/08/16 12:00pm Tech Issues

Dometic 15000 BTU. When running the compressor will drop off line. Sometimes after dropping off it will instantly come back on. This happened on a trip a few weeks ago and then quit cooling. I do not know if the compressor was running when it quit cooling but I don't think it was. I normally run the fan on auto but changed it to High just to see if the coils perhaps iced up. Getting late so I shut it off for the night. Next morning started it up and it ran normally for a few hours while breaking down to move. Just started it up in the driveway and it sounded fine. Ran it a couple of minutes the compressor dropped off and then instantly restarted. Turned unit off. Thirty minutes later I restarted and it is running fine after 45 minutes. Amp on wires running to the compressor. Red-5.3 White-8.7 Blue 10.7 Voltage is good and steady at campground and home. Motor start capacitor has a square device plugged onto it that says: "Motor starter WSX-7" Compressor is quite, discharge line cold and sweaty but no ice. Ideas? Edited to say: 4 years old and has original Dometic digital thermostat.
Charlie D. 10/08/16 11:31am Tech Issues
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