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RE: Spam/Junk/Mail

Here is another question for you: Outlook allows one to mark as "phishing" or "block". Supposedly either will prevent that web site from sending further messages Not that it matters, because the results are the same, but I don't think this is quit correct. I don't think an email spam blocker can prevent a web site from sending out its spam. What happens, I believe, is your emails spam function either doesn't allow it to be received or receives it and dumps it into the trash unopened. Let me know if I'm wrong on this so that I learn more. Again, I'm sort of nit picking something here. Bill Clicking on the "gear" when Outlook mail is open and under "Options" for Outlook their is a link for "blocked" senders that says: If you don't want to receive an email from a sender or domain, enter the address to the box below, click the (+) then save. AND a "safe mailing list" that says: Messages with mailing lists often have an address other than your address on the To line. If you want to receive email from a mailing list, add the address you trust in the box below. Click the (=) then save. AND "safe senders" that says: If you want to receive emails from a sender or domain, add the address to the box below, click the (+) sign and save. Don't know how well that works when there are many spam messages with different addresses but I have added many and it doesn't appear to make much difference. Trackrig: When my mail is open I have several options PRIOR to clicking on the link that says" "New" "Delete" "Archive" "Not Junk", "Move to" etc. The "Not Junk" has a drop down box that says "Not Junk "Phishing Scam" "My friends been hacked". If I select "Phishing' I get the message: Thanks for reporting. Reporting phishing scams help keep your information and others information safe" AND a "Block" option. Don't know what happens when sent there as the email disappears and I get no further info.
Charlie D. 02/16/17 07:25am Technology Corner
RE: Spam/Junk/Mail

Here is another question for you: Outlook allows one to mark as "phishing" or "block". Supposedly either will prevent that web site from sending further messages/ I have found an occasional site, when I try to block, that says I can not block "myself". When I hover the mouse over the "button" the email address shows to be mine. I also sometimes receive the message that I can not block because it is an invalid email address. When I hover over the button a different email address will show. I have moved a lot of those email messages to the blocked senders option. I suspect programs have been developed that make up addresses in the hope of being successful in reaching someone? I know gmail is better at catching spam/junk mail that others-very few go into my Outlook junk mail box-but what difference does it make if there is no way to prevent them in the first place. I do,rarely, find a legit. email in the junk box. Frustrated,
Charlie D. 02/15/17 05:38pm Technology Corner
RE: Bagman Is Angry With ESPN!.

Don't worry about those rankings. I see my LSU Tigers are ranked #6. New coach, no proven improvement at QB and Fornette is gone. I do believe they have a strong position at RB but,as the last 2 years show, without a passing game LSU has been shutdown. I believe 2017 LSU will continue to rank as the best place for developing DB's.
Charlie D. 02/15/17 08:04am Around the Campfire
RE: pellet BBQ's

Friend had one. The biggest issue he had was keeping the pellets dry. Did not work so well when left outside.
Charlie D. 02/15/17 07:29am Around the Campfire
RE: Bitdefender Free Antivirus

Time Warner (Spectrum) provides a free McAfee virus. Any good? It does not provide me any info. on potential, found or existing threats. It just says "You are secure"
Charlie D. 02/14/17 09:03am Technology Corner
RE: Wheel Assembly Advice

The area in red is part of the original forging that did not clean up from machining. Nothing to worry about. IMO, the small end of the spindle has slight wear that may be caused by a slightly loose bearing turning on that end. Ideally the inside diameter of the bearing should not turn. I would continue to use that spindle. Again, IMO, if that spindle is as old as you say then I think that original installation was just about perfect. One does not often see a spindle of that age in that good of condition.
Charlie D. 02/14/17 08:55am Tech Issues

I am being unindated with Spam and working through several ways to limit it. I get some legitimate emails that allow me to "unsubscribe" and do so. I have read that one should NOT use the "unsubscribe" option on emails, Anyone have an opinion"
Charlie D. 02/13/17 01:55pm Technology Corner
RE: Curt fifth wheel hitch

When I checked out the lighter duty Curt sliders I found the head tilts left to right while the king pin jaws do not tilt. Cheap design! I could have got a good deal on one as our son is a wholesale dealer for the product. I choose to spend more and get an American made product. Chris :h My Q16 tilts for and aft as well as side to side. look at the A16 When the OP posted his question about the A16 I could not find one but looking again I see it and its design. I can not see any difference-I am sometimes a little slow minded-between it and the Q16. Both have the same rubber/torsion between the frame and head that the Q16 has. I am able to rock mine-not a lot-but have had no issues. I certainly would not pay the kind of money that the Curt website has for a MSRP. The hitch video shows a fore and aft movement.
Charlie D. 02/04/17 11:18am Fifth-Wheels
RE: NFL Sunday - My Picks/Your Pics.....

Pulling For Atlanta. I recently read that the Patriots are the most hated team. Belichek, IMO, is and will eventually become known as the greatest coach in football. Wonder how much of the hate is because of their success? Two years ago everyone of us watching the Superbowl was pulling for the Pats.(lesser of two evils) and until the interception on the last play of the game gave the Pats the win thought we were rooting for the loosing team.Seattle called the predictable play but Belichek had told the defense where to look for the ball. Brilliant interception.
Charlie D. 02/04/17 09:27am Around the Campfire
RE: Curt fifth wheel hitch

When I checked out the lighter duty Curt sliders I found the head tilts left to right while the king pin jaws do not tilt. Cheap design! I could have got a good deal on one as our son is a wholesale dealer for the product. I choose to spend more and get an American made product. Chris :h My Q16 tilts for and aft as well as side to side.
Charlie D. 02/04/17 09:18am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Primetime Fifth wheel 315 RST Crusader

Check out Arctic Fox ....sub flooring is marine ply vs particle board construction....They are heavy solid units with a sturdy custom frame designed to withstand Alaska roads. Marine plywood would be superior to any other type plywood but I am unaware of any flooring using particle board. Many us OSB which is a step down from marine or conventional plywood but a step up from particle board.
Charlie D. 02/04/17 08:51am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Curt fifth wheel hitch

Here is a comment regarding a B&W hitch. Everyone on here knows that Cummins has a high regard for his hitch but they are not perfect either. Below is a review on Amazon. Amazon review I have this hitch which so far I have loved for pulling but the unhitch part has been a pain in the arse the 3 times I have used it there has been no release from my kingpin, which requires me to remove the pins on the upper carrier assembly and raise it above the base so it finally releases as I said a big pain. I thought maybe this is just a break-in period and it will loosen up but after 3 long pulls on a 34 ft rv it still hasn't performed as stated in the instructions, which even state that this hitch will release even under strained conditions well mine doesn't I will still say it is a great hitch I think I just got the Monday or Friday made model... I will contact the dealer I purchased from to find out what my options are... That's very clearly operator error. He's raising he camper too high before releasing and biding up the hitch. When raising your camper you can clearly see the pin release to a neutral position for disconnecting. As it can be with any hitch or mechanical device. No issues with my Curt and I had a Reese prior to this one. If equipment was trouble free we would have little need for this forum. How many times have there been questions on this forum when it is obvious that instructions were never read? Neither do I need to bash others when I try to justify a high priced item to make myself feel better.
Charlie D. 02/03/17 08:23am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Curt fifth wheel hitch

Could not find a Curt A16. Did E16. Have the Curt Q16.. I like it. Best ricing I have found is on Ebay
Charlie D. 01/31/17 06:37pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Flex Mend Belly Repair tape

Anyone tried Flex Mend Belly Repair tape? This repair is under a slide has nothing to do with roof. Thanks for answers I see you have a Crusader. Well know issues with the Darco wrap being damaged on the under side of slide. Have you joined the Forest River Primetime Crusader forum? Lots of information there and their is a kit for repair. I haven't had any issues with my main slides but the rollers on my bedroom Swintek slide has damaged the Darco on the bottom of the slide. I cut the bottom of a piece of PVC gutter and used double sided tape to hold in place. Flex Mend belly tape will stick BUT it will also become damaged and has a tendency to bunch up creating more problems.
Charlie D. 01/30/17 09:11am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Primetime Fifth wheel 315 RST Crusader

Go to the Forest River web site and they have a separate form for Prime Time and the Crusader. Check the underside of the slides. If there is a fabric like material there it is subject to tear and exposing the under side.
Charlie D. 01/30/17 08:57am Fifth-Wheels
RE: New Orleans Area

It really depends how much money and how conveniently located you want to be. The state park is the most cost effective but on the other side of the river from the French Quarter and only about $25 per night. The French Quarter RV Park is just a couple of blocks walk to the French Quarter but costs about $100 a night. During my travels I have stayed at parks with no wifi, advertised but nonexistent wifi, wifi that cost extra, wifi that costs extra but is very poor but Louisiana state parks have free wifi. Usually pretty good.:)
Charlie D. 01/28/17 05:58pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Trip from Louisiana to Montana.

Likely to still be cool in some areas at that time of the year. Took a 5 week trip thru Colorado, Wyoming and Montana a few years ago. Don't know if you are going to Glacier but we were in the east side late June. They had just opened the Road to the Sun to Logan's Pass. Some area of that road still had ice and one lane was closed in some areas. Had to alternate traffic. When we moved to the west side the temps. were warmer and wore a light jacket at Yellowstone.
Charlie D. 01/28/17 08:05am Roads and Routes
RE: New Orleans Area

Going to N.O. you gotta go to the Central Market and get a Muffelata. Originated there and near the French Market and Cafe DuMonde
Charlie D. 01/28/17 07:59am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Cola soda in holding tanks?

... I don't subscribe to the Coke theory. Never saw it clean anything very well.... May be a limited case, but pour Coca Cola on the corroded terminal posts of an auto battery and watch it do its work. Agreed that it may be limited but why pour an extremely mild acid on an acid? Limited chemistry experience but I would assume one needs something to neutralize the acid. If so, a neutral or soda ash would be needed. A product with caustic would be needed if trying to neutralize acid.
Charlie D. 01/28/17 07:54am Tech Issues
RE: Cola soda in holding tanks?

double post
Charlie D. 01/28/17 07:50am Tech Issues
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