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RE: Question....about retirement...

Come on over and visit. Bring your camper. I have full hookups and after a few days both of us can hit the road. We enjoy ourselves but it is always so much better when you have friends to travel with. I just read some of your posts. We came back home today from visiting friends in Crosby and went through Liberty. I have family in Kaplan and attended school in Abbeville and Kaplan in the early 60's
Charlie D. 07/29/16 04:02pm Around the Campfire
RE: Problem with Rubber Roof

Sounds like the glue holding the membrane to the roof underlayment has been compromised. Without the glue holding the membrane to the underlayment, any repairs will be temporary at best, and ultimately, the membrane will work loose again. Or never glued down originally. I would repair it as suggested with Eternabond but I would also glue/reglue the membrane. Last year I saw a brand new first time out camper in the parking lot of a Buckee's east of Houston with the wife and son trying to put that same area down with Gorilla tape so they could continue their trip. It did not look like it had been glued down and came out from under the seam running across between the membrane and front cap. OP-no harm in calling the manufacturer and explaining you problem. Maybe they will step up or give you ideas on how to repair.
Charlie D. 07/29/16 03:55pm Tech Issues
RE: Honoring warranty work between dealerships

Since you are posting in the tow vehicle forum I assume you are speaking of your tow vehicle. Extended warranties of vehicles are a different animal than warranties by manufacturers. The Big 3 have a vested interest in keeping warranty costs down and may pay a different interest in repeat work. Not so much on extended warranties. Call the warranty company for help. Rv's-not so much. Manufacturers could care less. Get them out the door and wait until the warranty is over. We see the same issues everyday with RV dealers failing the buyers.
Charlie D. 07/28/16 06:34am Tow Vehicles
RE: 2017 Ford Super Duty Tech and Specs Revealed

How is this different in thread specs to other one re HP specs?!?!?!? Marty Agree. Why is it necessary to continue to increase the torque and HP on vehicles that have more than enough for the average owner? Being the big boy on the block has become a game of one upmanship. I would like for some of the money spent on these items to reflect a lower cost. Pricing has become insane. The small guy is being driven out of the market and buying these vehicles has become an attempt to sooth egos.
Charlie D. 07/28/16 06:28am Tow Vehicles
RE: Tablet, IPad, Notebook?

and most of the new ones come with a micro USB or even std USB so in fact Sunday i ordered a new convertible table Android lolipop RCA Maven Pro, 11.6" touch screen with removable keyboard use as tablet or laptop/notebook 32gig internal storage under $100 on Amazon brand new, not refurb Maven at NewEgg Keyboard detaches and reattaches in numerous positions/configurations Thanks for the link Mr. Wizard. Interesting and looks like it would fit my needs. Some have posted that they do not like the Kindle Fire but I just looked at the wife's and it has a built in key board and I browsed around and opened the MSN website which is what I use. It does not have a slot for a card to increase capacity and size are the 2 drawbacks I saw. I asked about the removable key board because I do not like typing on smaller screens or my smart phone. Good reviews on Amazon. Edited to ask: What is the advantage of Windows based vs. Android. I am terribly illiterate. I am familiar with Windows but know nothing about Android except for my Smart phone and can not tell a difference.
Charlie D. 07/26/16 11:08am Technology Corner
RE: Strange Kitchen Sink Problem

How would you know it suddenly drains out unless you sit there and watch it? I must be missing something. Mine drains about as fast as you add water. When removing drain plug it drains in a few seconds. No need to stand and watch it.
Charlie D. 07/23/16 05:30pm Fifth-Wheels
Tablet, IPad, Notebook?

One of the lap tops is on it's last leg. Considering buying one of the above but don't know which one. Looking for something that will let me use Wi-Fi, download and read books, do mail checking and social media. I need a key board (I think) Large fingers and problems such as spelling mistakes, etc. What recommendations?. Wife has a Kindle Fire but have not used it and not sure if it is what I need. Don't need a large screen but something 8-10"?
Charlie D. 07/23/16 03:00pm Technology Corner
RE: Crusader - problem with a drain pipe leaking.

Can't help without a picture but my crusader have 1 read for draining hot water side. Next to it is a white line to drain cold water side. Additional white line under the front basement. All have valves. White is usually cold water. My previous rig had an open end for overflow when filling fresh water tank.
Charlie D. 07/17/16 12:00pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Question....about retirement...

If you work for a sizeable company, sic the HR dept on him for that comment. Workplace hostility, age discrimination etc. You have nothing to lose and large employers are petrified of EEOC cases. If nothing else it will be a favor to his future subordinates. Interesting.... I'll talk to the other guy. If he worded it the way you said one would probably not have a case to pursue. Does not sound as if there is anything related to age, disabilities, race. More like a blanket statement. Has he said the same or similar things, etc. to others of different age, race or disabilities?
Charlie D. 07/12/16 07:17am Around the Campfire
RE: Looking for suggestions regarding Shingles..

My doctor told me he had not know anyone who had the shot and still had shingles. Had it twice. As soon as I suspected it I got to my doctor who gave me a number of medicines and it was a light case. I am on a number of drugs for Rheumatoid Arthritis so maybe it helped but he was very aggressive with treatment so as to prevent/reduce chances of a flare up on the Arthritis. Second case was several months ago and also a light case. I had the shot several months before so maybe that helps? Each case only lasted a few days and little pain. Rubbing lightly on the second case helped and there was not driving need to scratch. If one has not had the shot I highly recommend it. Rheumatologist insists that I get Pneumonia and Shingles vaccination every 5 years
Charlie D. 07/11/16 08:58am RVing with Disabilities and General Health Issues
RE: Question....about retirement...

It has been increasingly difficult for some to retire because of costs. Where I live combined taxes is $4200.00 per year. Add insurance for RV, car, truck and home you look at another $3,000 then electricity, water sewer and garbage. I have Medicare and excellent health care through former employer but with wife we pay $475./month for both. Add all those up and they come to $1500-$1600 per month and then throw in fuel and camping expenses it sounds depressing but we are able to travel as much as we want. Don't forget IRS.
Charlie D. 07/11/16 08:45am Around the Campfire
RE: Loss of power on my 06 Sierra D/A

Go to Auto Zone and they will check codes for free. You can then Google the code before taking it in.
Charlie D. 07/11/16 08:18am Tow Vehicles
RE: Catastrophic tire/wheel failure, PLEASE READ!

Not all lug nuts have the same taper and some times the shoulder just above the taper is larger and does not allow the taper to contact the wheel. Results are that lug nuts are not tightened properly and eventually cause the lugs to break. Not sure of how to explain it but I have seen acorn nuts with a round shoulder between the taper and the hex. I have seen the round shoulder contact the taper of the wheel before the taper on the nut contacts its it.
Charlie D. 07/09/16 07:55am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Noisy rooftop ac

Dirt dauber nests will cause an imbalance and louder
Charlie D. 07/07/16 06:07pm Tech Issues
RE: 5th Wheel to Gooseneck Adapters

Check with the manufacturer of your unit NOT the manufacturer of the hitch OR the dealer. Son's neighbor bought a new fifth wheel and was not knowledgeable enough about buying and the dealer installed a goose neck and a pin box at a cost that was (in my opinion) excessive. He now has a standard hitch because the manufacturer would not O.K. it. New buyer that was depending too much on a dealer.
Charlie D. 07/07/16 04:08pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: goodbye my friend

I know how you feel. Lost my beloved Ouiser last Sept.after 15 1/2 years. My best friend and constant companion. I visit her every morning with my coffee, during the day and every night before dark. It still hurts.
Charlie D. 07/03/16 06:05pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Two Cycle oil

Or you could have used your American Express or Citibank Visa credit card for the extra 2-years on the warranty, and just bought 2-stroke oil at WalMart, LOL. Thanks Funny. Believe I will stay with Stihl.
Charlie D. 06/28/16 03:38pm Tech Issues
RE: Two Cycle oil

Anyone have an idea what the weight is for 2 cycle oil is? Bought a new Stihl weed eater and a 6 pack of Stihl synthetic. Oil was $15.99 plus tax. 6 pack was 4.6 ounces each and will make 6 gallons. Purchase of a 6 pack extends warranty by 2 years. My local Rental Center is an authorized Stihl Dealer. They've offered the same deal for a couple of years... actually extends warranty to two years total. Nope- All of the below items have a 2 year warranty" FS Trimmers, Brushcutters and Clearing Saws 2 years Flexible and solid drive cables on FS trimmers, brushcutters, clearing saws, FC edgers, HL hedge trimmers, KM and MM multi-task tools, KM attachments, and fixed length HT pole pruners will be covered by limited warranty to the original retail purchaser for as long as the appropriate spare part continues to remain available from STIHL. FSE 120 Volt A.C. Electric Trimmers FC Edgers HL Extended Reach Hedge Trimmers KM Multi-Task Tools & KM Attachments MM Multi-Task Tools & MM Attachments HT Pole Pruners Fixed Length Models HT Pole Pruners Telescoping Models 2 years HS Hedge Trimmers HSE 120 Volt A.C. Electric Hedge Trimmers BG Handheld Blowers BGE 120 Volt A.C. Electric Handheld Blowers SH Shredder Vac/Blowers BR Backpack Blowers SR Backpack Sprayers BT Augers & Drill SE Vacuum Cleaners AND: Double limited warranty protection applies to most STIHL gasoline-powered products purchased for personal non-income producing household purposes only. At the time of your equipment purchase, simply purchase a 6-pack of STIHL HP Ultra Oil (any size containers) or a minimum of 1-gallon of STIHL MotoMix® premixed fuel to qualify for the double limited warranty coverage. STIHL HP Ultra Oil and STIHL MotoMix® premixed fuel provide for improved engine longevity. Other restrictions apply. See Dealer for details.
Charlie D. 06/28/16 01:31pm Tech Issues
RE: Front fiberglass loose and dented

Filon is fiberglass.
Charlie D. 06/28/16 05:30am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Two Cycle oil

OOOPS The correct quantity is 2.6 oz. per gallon. I have used straight 30W for chain lube on my chain saws. The Stihl oil is synthetic and is thinner than the 2 cycle oil I have used in the past. Wizard made a good point that I had not thought of. Outboard 2 cycle oil, IIRC. was a thinner oil. Also I have read that the outboard oil should be low ash less for cleaner burning. I have also read that CJ-4 oil is low ash.
Charlie D. 06/27/16 11:19am Tech Issues
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