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RE: Are there a lot of jobs

Pigeon Forge area is similar with wages between 9 and 15/hr. If you are not working then you don't want to work. Jobs are plentiful. The state of TN as a whole has a good employment environment. Many workers out there but not so many willing to take on some lower paying job and improve skills to making more money. IMO,There is a close relationship with low paying jobs and entitlements. My suggestion if for government to subsidize low paying jobs with enough money to improve one to a wage where one can live a descent life. Many refuse to work because entitlements allows them to exist without working. The system is broken.
Charlie D. 03/28/17 06:33pm Around the Campfire
RE: RV Battery

?? A Marine/RV battery are starting batteries, not deep cycle batteries! They are designed for boats, and class C RV's which require starting batteries. If the battery your buying has a CCA, Cold Crank Amperage, rating it is not for you! I don't believe that is true. I have looked at a lot of batteries the last few days. ALL have CCA and reserve capacity. Also true with AGM batteries. I have found that most batteries fall into 3 groups. Automotive that are used for starting Marine/dual purpose-Used for starting,trolling motors, RV and occasional discharge Marine/RV Deep cycle. Used for starting and deep discharges without damage An AGM battery is not needed in for my use and an unnecessary cost.
Charlie D. 03/23/17 05:36pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: RV Battery

Picked up a Group 27 deep cycle from Sam's, Don't like the 1 year warranty but what's a fellow gonna do?
Charlie D. 03/22/17 01:56pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: RV Battery

Look on Amazon and search for 12 volt deep cycle battery. There are several available. Also check with NAPA. This type of battery should be better than the Interstate marine battery you have. Nothing on Amazon that would work on an Rv. I read once that many buyers of batteries from Amazon were unhappy because batteries arrived with low acid levels. The assumption was that they were shipped that way to prevent leaks. Also saw some posts that acid was shipped separately. Saw deep cycle batteries on a recent ad from Tractor Supply. They are Exides. Will take a look at them today and I am also making a run to Sam's today so will look at theirs. Because of my needs I don't think 2 6 volts is justified. Someone correct me if my belief is wrong but I understand that for an RV a battery supplies 12 volt to items that need 12 volt and helps smooth out the supply. It is continually being charged when hooked up to shore power or the tow vehicle. I ass um e that a battery can be bad but continues to do it's job if hooked up to a charge source? I had been meaning to take a closer look at my existing battery and never got around to it until Monday when I found what appears to me a worn out battery. Reason for my original post was because I always have a charge source and thought that a standard battery would fulfill my needs. My biggest concern is to always have needed voltage should I become unhooked why towing. Anyone have a source of a display that shows a true condition of battery? Something that would tell someone if the battery is fully functional regardless of whether there is a charge source or not?
Charlie D. 03/22/17 07:36am Fifth-Wheels
RE: High School Football Advice

South Louisiana is a hot bed for college recruits. IMO. he has decent size. Having lived south of Baton Rouge for 30 years have seen many many HS kids going to college with a scholarship. Good luck to him.
Charlie D. 03/21/17 06:51pm Around the Campfire
RE: To tape or not to tape

Wouldn't hurt to use a tiny bit of anti-seize on the threads.
Charlie D. 03/21/17 06:09pm Tech Issues
RE: Wal Mart's Super Tech DEF?

No end to what low lifes will do to save a buck. It happens AND I have been a victim of buying new oil in the 10 quart bottle and when opened found that it was used.
Charlie D. 03/21/17 05:37pm Tow Vehicles
RE: RV Battery

Never without shore power. No boon docking, no WalMart, Either hooked to truck or 120V at all times
Charlie D. 03/21/17 11:10am Fifth-Wheels
RV Battery

I have a 5 year old Interstate battery that needs replacing on my 5er. I suspect that it has been failing for a while. Plugged to 120 V it showed 4 circles. Removed the 120 V power and the RV battery monitor showed 3 of 4 circles. Pulled the emergency lanyard and it immediately dropped to 1 circle which I believe meant that their was little or no power to the brakes. Searching for a new battery I find that the Marine/RV batteries have a 1 year warranty. It is a group 24. Trailer, when not hooked up for towing, is always hooked up to 120v power. Is there any reason to continue with an RV battery or will one of the same size work for my needs?
Charlie D. 03/21/17 10:55am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Dexter Axle wheel studs

I know you have probably checked, but maybe a double check to make sure the lug nuts match the profile of your wheels' lug nut openings. Maybe somebody screwed up somewhere and they mismatched the wheels/hubs. Maybe your wheels are lug centric and your hubs are hub centric. OP pay attention to this. Some rims have deeper recesses than others. The taper of the lug nut must be the same as the rim AND be sure the corners of the lug nuts do not contact the rim. Only the seat. I have several studs break and found that the seats did not contact because those corners on the long acorn nuts made contact before seating. everything was tight and torqued properly but after a few miles down the road the rims came loose.
Charlie D. 03/07/17 09:36am Tech Issues
RE: Duramax L5P is here

What I said has NOTHING to do with performance 0-60 or climbing the mountain. When they have to be able to start out with over 30K in tow on a very steep grade several times in a row I am guessing they could not do it. The trans is the weak link in the SAE testing IMHO. Why would they need to do that other than for bragging rights. To quote Bionic Man:"Sounds like a very nice truck. And I would venture to say that the vast majority of truck buyers don't care if it is rated to tow 23k or 30k. My question:"who among those on this forum tows 30K?
Charlie D. 02/27/17 06:47pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Sailums again!

I got my GY 17.5 wheels and tires from Scott over at Trailer Tires and Wheels... they are fantastic people to deal with... Same here. Fresh tires balanced at a good price. Ditto-Went from 15" to 16" and bought 5 new tires and rims mounted and balanced. Delivered to campground. Told Scott I wanted tires no older than 30 days. He delivered
Charlie D. 02/27/17 06:36pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Spam/Junk/Mail

Here is another question for you: Outlook allows one to mark as "phishing" or "block". Supposedly either will prevent that web site from sending further messages Not that it matters, because the results are the same, but I don't think this is quit correct. I don't think an email spam blocker can prevent a web site from sending out its spam. What happens, I believe, is your emails spam function either doesn't allow it to be received or receives it and dumps it into the trash unopened. Let me know if I'm wrong on this so that I learn more. Again, I'm sort of nit picking something here. Bill Clicking on the "gear" when Outlook mail is open and under "Options" for Outlook their is a link for "blocked" senders that says: If you don't want to receive an email from a sender or domain, enter the address to the box below, click the (+) then save. AND a "safe mailing list" that says: Messages with mailing lists often have an address other than your address on the To line. If you want to receive email from a mailing list, add the address you trust in the box below. Click the (=) then save. AND "safe senders" that says: If you want to receive emails from a sender or domain, add the address to the box below, click the (+) sign and save. Don't know how well that works when there are many spam messages with different addresses but I have added many and it doesn't appear to make much difference. Trackrig: When my mail is open I have several options PRIOR to clicking on the link that says" "New" "Delete" "Archive" "Not Junk", "Move to" etc. The "Not Junk" has a drop down box that says "Not Junk "Phishing Scam" "My friends been hacked". If I select "Phishing' I get the message: Thanks for reporting. Reporting phishing scams help keep your information and others information safe" AND a "Block" option. Don't know what happens when sent there as the email disappears and I get no further info.
Charlie D. 02/16/17 07:25am Technology Corner
RE: Spam/Junk/Mail

Here is another question for you: Outlook allows one to mark as "phishing" or "block". Supposedly either will prevent that web site from sending further messages/ I have found an occasional site, when I try to block, that says I can not block "myself". When I hover the mouse over the "button" the email address shows to be mine. I also sometimes receive the message that I can not block because it is an invalid email address. When I hover over the button a different email address will show. I have moved a lot of those email messages to the blocked senders option. I suspect programs have been developed that make up addresses in the hope of being successful in reaching someone? I know gmail is better at catching spam/junk mail that others-very few go into my Outlook junk mail box-but what difference does it make if there is no way to prevent them in the first place. I do,rarely, find a legit. email in the junk box. Frustrated,
Charlie D. 02/15/17 05:38pm Technology Corner
RE: Bagman Is Angry With ESPN!.

Don't worry about those rankings. I see my LSU Tigers are ranked #6. New coach, no proven improvement at QB and Fornette is gone. I do believe they have a strong position at RB but,as the last 2 years show, without a passing game LSU has been shutdown. I believe 2017 LSU will continue to rank as the best place for developing DB's.
Charlie D. 02/15/17 08:04am Around the Campfire
RE: pellet BBQ's

Friend had one. The biggest issue he had was keeping the pellets dry. Did not work so well when left outside.
Charlie D. 02/15/17 07:29am Around the Campfire
RE: Bitdefender Free Antivirus

Time Warner (Spectrum) provides a free McAfee virus. Any good? It does not provide me any info. on potential, found or existing threats. It just says "You are secure"
Charlie D. 02/14/17 09:03am Technology Corner
RE: Wheel Assembly Advice

The area in red is part of the original forging that did not clean up from machining. Nothing to worry about. IMO, the small end of the spindle has slight wear that may be caused by a slightly loose bearing turning on that end. Ideally the inside diameter of the bearing should not turn. I would continue to use that spindle. Again, IMO, if that spindle is as old as you say then I think that original installation was just about perfect. One does not often see a spindle of that age in that good of condition.
Charlie D. 02/14/17 08:55am Tech Issues

I am being unindated with Spam and working through several ways to limit it. I get some legitimate emails that allow me to "unsubscribe" and do so. I have read that one should NOT use the "unsubscribe" option on emails, Anyone have an opinion"
Charlie D. 02/13/17 01:55pm Technology Corner
RE: Curt fifth wheel hitch

When I checked out the lighter duty Curt sliders I found the head tilts left to right while the king pin jaws do not tilt. Cheap design! I could have got a good deal on one as our son is a wholesale dealer for the product. I choose to spend more and get an American made product. Chris :h My Q16 tilts for and aft as well as side to side. look at the A16 When the OP posted his question about the A16 I could not find one but looking again I see it and its design. I can not see any difference-I am sometimes a little slow minded-between it and the Q16. Both have the same rubber/torsion between the frame and head that the Q16 has. I am able to rock mine-not a lot-but have had no issues. I certainly would not pay the kind of money that the Curt website has for a MSRP. The hitch video shows a fore and aft movement.
Charlie D. 02/04/17 11:18am Fifth-Wheels
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