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RE: Dual wheel valve extenders

I think you want these:Dually valve kits. I had 4 of them put on my class c several years back. I was very pleased with them. I recall it was about $150.00 including parts. That is what I used. They make it very easy to add air and check the pressure. They come with rubber stabilizers that fit in the hand hole. I have PressurePro pressure sensors on mine and the stabilizers do a good job of keeping the sensors/stems from moving.
Clay L 04/20/14 10:34am Class A Motorhomes
RE: water pump silencing kits - do they work

Winnebago installed a thick felt like pad under the pump and used the flexible lines. That helped but did not eliminate the noise. Some of the noise comes from the PEX lines going to the faucets and vibrating against things it contacts under the floors and inside walls. I don't have room for an accumulator tank but I bet that having one would make big improvement.
Clay L 04/19/14 10:40am Tech Issues
RE: turning off 7345 converter

Winnebago often wires the refrigerator and converter on the same circuit breaker. That worked good for me since my 600 watt true sine converter won't handle the current the refrigerator requires. Before I turn the inverter on I flip the breakers for two ACs, the microwave and the converter/refrigerator. I have an automatic transfer switch that switches the inverter to the service panel when it sees power from the inverter. You can download wiring diagrams for your rig HERE to see how they wired yours.
Clay L 04/19/14 10:34am Tech Issues
RE: Day/night shades

We also went with the MCD American Duo shades throughout the motor home including motorized ones in front of the windshield. For those unfamiliar with them they are a high tech version of the old pull shades. There are two, one behind the other. One is a day shade and the other is a night shade. If you pull down slightly and let go they slowly raise up. They do a super job of providing privacy day and night. The day shades also reduce the amount of heat getting in during the day and the night shades reduce it getting in/out day or night See MCD Posted above by another poster and repeated here for convenience.
Clay L 04/19/14 10:15am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Gray water dump

We don't just dump the gray water on the ground, but in two places do leave the valve open so it can run out on the ground. There is absolutely no odor. The two places where we do this are - a farm in WV owned by my daughter and her husband and my graveled side lot in CO. In years past there were towns in northern CA that required/allowed residential gray water to be separate from the black water system and it was used to water plants and grass. I think (as I recall) Walnut Creek was one such town.
Clay L 04/19/14 10:01am Class A Motorhomes
RE: kwikee step

Unless you can tell exactly when the steps have reached their full in or out extension you will draw a lot of current when they reach the stops. I suppose you could rig a couple of micro switches at the stops to interrupt the current. A diode in series with each micro switch would also be needed so that the opened switch would not be bypassed by the closed one. i have read posts by other people that have done what you are talking about and they didn't mention using micro switches and diodes so maybe that isn't a problem. If it's like ours the motor has a thermal switch inside of it, that's what cuts power to the motor when it hits the limit. The controller senses the lack of current flow and shuts the power off. Now leaving the switch on for an extended period could cause a problem, the thermal switch will cool, the motor will try to turn and the thermal switch will open again. This cycle will continue until the power is switched off. A DPDT momentary switch would be best. Let go when the steps reach their limit, you can't leave the switch in an on position. All of the Kwikee steps that I have seen manuals for use a current sense circuit in the control board to sense the current rise when the motor stalls and use that to cut the current to the motor.
Clay L 04/19/14 08:38am Tech Issues
RE: kwikee step

Unless you can tell exactly when the steps have reached their full in or out extension you will draw a lot of current when they reach the stops. I suppose you could rig a couple of micro switches at the stops to interrupt the current. A diode in series with each micro switch would also be needed so that the opened switch would not be bypassed by the closed one. i have read posts by other people that have done what you are talking about and they didn't mention using micro switches and diodes so maybe that isn't a problem.
Clay L 04/17/14 10:54am Tech Issues
RE: Lost my awning on the highway - high wind

Our friends lost their awning in similar fashion. After that, we took a long velcro strap and put it around the awning arms about half way up so they can't come open on their own. It has worked for a number of years now. Easy to remove and put back on when needed. It has "worked" because they haven't had enough wind from the side. The wind comes up under the awning and unfurls the fabric by striping the ratchet that holds the awning rolled up. The arms are still locked. To do the job the roller tube has to be locked in place somehow.
Clay L 04/16/14 10:18am General RVing Issues
RE: Need new captain chairs

We found it was cheaper to reupholster them but we did the work ourselves. Brad and Hall in Elkhart IN sells a lot of Flexsteel seats. See HERE We stopped at their showroom/shop and they have a lot of stock. They will remove and replace the seats in their shop.
Clay L 04/16/14 10:02am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Home sprinklers.. busted

We have a home security system with freeze and flood sensors along with the usual door and window sensors. We leave the heat set at 50 degrees. The system uses the Verizon data network to notify us and the monitoring company of any issues. The only notification email we got was for a one hour power outage. When we got home a week ago the batteries in two of the three thermostats were dead.It appears that the units held the 50 degrees though since it got down to minus 19 or so and I don't think the one zone with good batteries would have heated the whole house. I replaced all the batteries with new date codes before we left and they are supposed to be good for three years or so. They held up fine the winter before so I guess I got a bad lot of batteries.
Clay L 04/15/14 11:03am Snowbirds
RE: Coaxial TV cable getting hot / Need wiring diagram

Below is a picture of what John described. The DC line is fused and I don't think there could be enough current getting to the park cable to get it warm much less melt. Unless your cable shield is somehow shorted to 120 vac the problem just about has to be with the cable coming from the park. There is supposed to be a small capacitor in the feed from the park amplifier/distribution box to the pedestal and there should be no measurable dc or ac voltage on it. The same is true of your cable. The only instance where a dc voltage should appear on your cable is if you have a satellite receiver connected. That voltage would be 13 to 18 volts and is a high impedance source with current limited to a very small amount and could not cause any heating if shorted. Since you don't have a satellite receiver connected that is a moot point anyway. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v425/ClayL/Winegardwallplatebackside.jpg
Clay L 04/15/14 10:39am Technology Corner
RE: DirectTV / Wineguard

OK , great ....I might call my installers whose numbers I still have. Thanks ! If you are close to Palisade CO (abuts Grand Junction) I have an 18 inch dish and tripod you can have for free if you pick it up. Sorry - not interested in shipping it.
Clay L 04/14/14 11:55am Technology Corner
RE: towing 4 down question

This is from the Blue Ox web site. "Blue Ox's recommendation is that the receiver hitch of the motorhome should never be more than 4 inches higher than the baseplate attachment points. Four inches or less keeps the tow bar level with the ground or slightly angled up towards the coach from the car. The tow bar should never be angled "up" towards the car from the coach." HERE
Clay L 04/14/14 11:37am Class A Motorhomes
Reboot TV?

This topic has been moved to another forum. You can read it here: 27647544
Clay L 04/12/14 09:54am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
Reboot TV?

We got back from our winter stay in AZ couple of weeks ago. A couple of days ago I bought an indoor antenna to pick up OTA TV stations. We bought the TV two summers ago and used it last summer for the first time. We have Direct TV and hadn't bothered with local stations until now. The menu item that allows a change from the Direct TV HDMI input to an OTA antenna was grayed out and clicking on it yielded a "Not Available" message. I called the Samsung customer service line and within a minute or so was connected to "Max". He was in MN and spoke English. What a pleasant surprise! As a first step he had me do something that had not occurred to me - unplug the TV for a full minute to reset it. I did that and as he was telling me what to do next the call was dropped. I was far enough along to see that the grayed out items were now accessible so I changed the input to the antenna and did a station search - picked up five channels. One was a VHF that was 27 miles away and another was a UHF channel 27 miles away. I got all five channels the two locating sites that I use say I should get. I guess the cheap un-amplified antenna will suffice. After I completed the OTA setup Max called me back to continue helping me. That was also a pleasant surprise. The point of this post was that it probably should have but did not occur to me to reset/reboot my TV. Computers yes, TVs no. Will keep it in mind for the future for sure. Moved to Technology forum from DIY
Clay L 04/12/14 09:54am Technology Corner
RE: Can you jump the coach to chassi batteries to charge

While parked at at RV park my chassis battery will discharge in about three weeks due to keep alive currents required by the engine/transmission computers and probably other stuff. I have used a BatteryMinder Plus for many years to keep the battery charged. It has a de-sulphate feature. See BatteryMinder It will handle up to four batteries at one time and we used one for many years at a CO commercial peach orchard to keep equipment batteries charged during winter months.
Clay L 04/08/14 11:19am Class A Motorhomes

We carry a 12' telescoping ladder that does everything we need. You only need to extend it as much as you need and when collapsed, it lays flat, is about 3" high and is less than 36" long. They are made out of aluminum and can be found for less than $100. http://ts3.mm.bing.net/th?id=HN.608036381305406517&w=100&h=176&c=7&rs=1&pid=1.7 That is the one I have.
Clay L 04/08/14 11:05am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Mineral Water Stains on Smooth Fiberglass Exterior

Try using CLR; http://www.jelmar.com/CLRbasic.htm That is what I use. I apply it with a nylon mesh covered foam pad.
Clay L 04/07/14 10:29am General RVing Issues
RE: Portable Ice Makers

Had 2 of them. El cheapo kind (about $100). One lasted a year almost to the date, and the other lasted about 2 years. I loved having them, as I like a lot of ice in my sweet tea, however, I'm saving up to get a better one. I would buy on price. I don't think the more expensive ones are any better than the less expensive ones. They all appear to be made by the same company in China with cosmetic changes as specified by the company selling them. I have worked on several over the years and they all had the same compressor and other parts. The first one I had died in six months and the replacement in about 14 months. I repaired the second with parts from the first and it has been working for about five years now.
Clay L 04/07/14 10:26am General RVing Issues
RE: 10th time across USA need ideas

NH is a good place to spend a week or more and take day trips. The tram ride through Boston. The Boston Science Museum. Sturbridge Village west of Boston. Strawberry Banke in Portsmouth NH - 10 or so acre open air museum with 250 year old houses containing exhibits showing colonial life. Queeche Gorge NH - huge building with tons of real old stuff - kitchen implements, tools - bottles, containers, furniture, etc etc. L.L. Bean, Freeport Maine
Clay L 04/06/14 12:50pm General RVing Issues
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