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RE: Frozen pipes inWinnebago 36Y

Many Winnebago models have 3 or 4 inch diameter holes cut in the in-floor heating ducts that direct furnace air into the enclosed area that contains tanks.The service bay is open to that compartment. There is also a return air grill/opening so that the air can get back into the living space. Winnebago says you will be okay overnight down to 20 degrees F with the furnace set at 72 degrees F.
Clay L 02/13/16 10:55am Class A Motorhomes
RE: LPG assistance

An additional benefit of some models of the Extend a Stay, Stay a While, ect Tees is that they have an addition port/hose to connect a BBQ grill.
Clay L 02/13/16 10:42am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Long term battery storage.

This should work HERE I have a 12 volt model I used for 12 years and it worked great.
Clay L 02/09/16 02:00pm Tech Issues
RE: Windows 10 problems

That's odd - when I highlight a word and right click it I see "Search Bing for XXXXX" as one of the options.
Clay L 02/08/16 10:05am Technology Corner
RE: Sofa is getting soft

We reupholstered all of our furniture including the two captains chairs. We removed the fabric and used it as a pattern. We used Ultra Leather Plus to recover everything. We bought good quality high density foam and replaced the existing foam.
Clay L 02/08/16 10:02am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: How bad is Verizon 3G?

I used Verizon 3G from about the time it was added until we stopped full timing a couple of years ago. It wasn't bad at all - most web pages loaded fast enough that it wasn't a problem The only exception was when we were in an area where a lot of people were using a given tower at the same time - Quartzsite AZ during the RV show for example. It slowed down enough to be a bother then.
Clay L 02/07/16 11:34am Technology Corner
RE: One Piece Windshield Leaks At Top Quick Fix?

If this is a Class A ,Winnebago glues the windshield to the steel frame. The rubber molding is not for sealing and is strictly cosmetic. Winnebago has a known problem with the steel frame rusting which pushes the windshield out slightly causing leaks and cracking of the glass. I had to have both sides of mine replaced. I had Winnebago do it and they removed the rust and applied a rust converter/sealant to the frame. If that is your issue you need to get the rust taken care of before the frame is damaged too much. If bad enough that is an expensive thing to repair.
Clay L 02/07/16 10:54am Class A Motorhomes
RE: It's amazing how much water we use

I left the water running when tooth brushing because I rinsed the brush 3 or 4 times. With a new-fangled electric one I don't do that.Yeah, I've never understood why all RV manufacturers do NOT install shower heads which have a handy shut-off valve AT THE HEAD..Mine has that...I wasn't aware they weren't all like that. All of them that I have had and seen have the shut off. Even the multi spray pattern shower head on a hose in our bathrooms here in the house have a shut off. The also dribble just like the RV heads do when shut off.
Clay L 02/05/16 02:10pm General RVing Issues
RE: RV Battery question

Maybe the surface charge had not completely dissipated. That can take a couple of days if there isn't a load on the batteries.There is some measurement tolerance on meters also.
Clay L 02/05/16 01:40pm General RVing Issues
RE: Winnebago cold air leaks

Have you checked the firewall from the outside for gaps? I had a couple of gaps that could only be seen with the hood open.
Clay L 02/05/16 01:32pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: tank lights

Winnebago went standard with non-contact sensors on the outside of the tanks in 2005. The problem is wet gunk building up on the inside tank walls that fools the sensors. If you have black tank flushers make sure you use them each time you dump. Anything you can do to clean the tank walls can help. As a a full timer my tanks were used 24/7 and I did not have a flusher. I tried all of the fixes and products people recommend and nothing really worked. I even pressure washed the inside of the black tank twice. That worked for a while but then I started getting false readings again. Friends that were not full timers and used the tanks less seemed to have better luck with cleaners added to the tanks. I finally just gave up and learned how long to wait before dumping and quit worrying about it.
Clay L 02/05/16 01:26pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Looking for WASHABLE day/night shades

Before we installed MCD shades throughout the coach ,we took the pleated blinds like yours down and sprayed them with Scrubbing Bubbles. Let them sit in the shower for a while then sprayed/rinsed them with water. Then let them dry on a picnic table overnight while partially collapsed to preserve the pleats as they dried. They looked surprisingly good afterwards.
Clay L 02/05/16 11:34am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Great Video on Quartzsite

We spent part or all of 9 winters at an RV park in Bouse - about 25 miles from Q. Far enough to be away from the hustle and bustle of Q during January but close enough to drive over for dinner or lunch. From October through December there aren't any crowds to speak of but they start to build in January as the RV show date approaches. We were not boon dockers so stayed in the Coyote Ridge RV Park. $160 per month with full hookups. Electricity was metered and was an extra charge about $60 per month for us.
Clay L 02/04/16 10:26am General RVing Issues
RE: New Hampshire domicile / residency? (No S&B)

Exactly. $130k in truck+5er is upwards of $9000 in some states. Do you own S&B in NH? Yes I do own a house in NH. I live in one of the few low property tax towns. I wasn't so lucky. My property taxes the last year we had the house (2002) were $10,000. :( We lived in Bow.
Clay L 02/02/16 02:28pm Full-time RVing
RE: replacing carpeting in a motor home?

Several years ago we removed all carpet and replaced it with laminate flooring. We used Armstrong's best grade of laminate. We picked it based on some tests that Consumer Reports did that showed it had better wear and scratch resistance than Pergo. Its 3/8 inch thick. We were surprised to find that a Carpet Time store had much better prices on the best grade than Home Depot or Lowes had on the middle grade which is all they carried. The best grades were special order. We did the installation of our flooring ourselves. We couldn't find an installer willing to do the job. It took us about ten day’s altogether (we only worked about 4 hours a day though). It wasn't terribly difficult but did require a lot of cutting and trimming because of all of the corners. There were also some challenges at the front of the slides, around the stairs, and underneath the dinette. Before we did the installation we did a test by removing a square of carpet and making sure the slides would ride over a piece of T molding, laminate and underlayment. Some people try to cut the carpet back under the slide, but we cut the carpet in front of the slides leaving enough carpet to be stapled down. I was afraid the slides would catch the carpet when the slide went back out. A Tee molding or baseboard covers it so it doesn't show. If you do the job yourself I would recommend a few things to have: 1) table saw, 2) chop saw, 3) good saber saw, 4) Rotozip tool, 5) air slight head brad nailer, 6) air stapler, 7) utility knife and sharp hook blades. 5) A staple puller - looks like a flat blade screwdriver with a V cut into the bent end of the blade. 6) heat gun for a few places where the carpet was glued down (stairwell for example) There were two grades of the foam underlayment available. We used the best grade - more expensive but thicker and provides a moisture barrier. We also used a special waterproof joint glue in areas that are prone to getting wet - like in front of the sink, refrigerator, and around the stairwell. (This is used to glue the joints so spilled water can't get in the joints - not to glue the flooring to the subfloor). We also used silicon caulk to fill the 1/4 gap at the edges in those areas. The caulk and waterproof glue are both recommended in the instructions from Armstrong. We vacuum and mop carefully before we bring the slides in to avoid leaving anything on the floor that might scratch it. In spite of that over the years we have had some minor scratching in three or four places. One fairly deep place at the very beginning was due to our cat batting a couple of paper clips under the slide while we were working on the project. I stapled door sweep strips behind the base boards in front of the slides because of that. Even with the scratches it looks much better that the carpet did after only three or four years. In addition it is so much easier to keep clean.
Clay L 02/02/16 10:53am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: New Hampshire domicile / residency? (No S&B)

When we first started full timing we lived in NH. The cost for plates for our motor home and car was close to $2000 per year in 2004. They would not accept the street address of The UPS Store (our mail forwarding service) for drivers licences or registration . We had to use our daughters address. They taxed our dividend and interest income - we had to pay them even though we didn't have enough income to have to pay federal tax. If we had been called for jury duty we would had to go back even if it was in the winter. Also they reluctantly gave us a one or two month extension on inspection stickers for car and motor home but let us know that was not to be a regular thing. They expected us to come back to NH every year to get stickers. We moved to SD and the cost for plates for our motor home and car together was $186 per year. We were excused from jury duty and they accepted the street address of our mailing service for drivers licences and registration. No income tax at all. No inspection stickers required.
Clay L 02/02/16 10:37am Full-time RVing
RE: Who Would Have Thought?

Congrats !! My wife's family gave us a max of a year - we are at 54.
Clay L 01/30/16 01:19pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Annual Budgets?

With no debt we spent about $33,000 a year. We usually spent at least a month in any given RV park and never boondocked. While in transit from park to park we used Passport America member sites that were 1/2 price for PA members-. PA membership cost was about $45 per year.
Clay L 01/27/16 01:09pm Full-time RVing
RE: Alternator or isolator.?

Winnebago used a BIRD/BCC system in the Ultimate Advantage. It will charge the house batteries and engine battery from the converter and the engine battery and house battery from the alternator. The only model it was ever used on as far as I know. They usually use a continuous duty solenoid that is activated by the run terminal on the ignition switch to allow the alternator to charge the house batteries when the engine is running. With the standard/usual system the house converter does not charge the engine battery. I would call Winnebago and ask them about it.
Clay L 01/26/16 02:36pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Question on wire size for 30a

That will yield a 5% drop (to 114 vac) at the receptacle with a 30 amp load. If that is acceptable then 10 gauge is okay. 8 gauge will yield a 2.66% drop to 117 vac 6 gauge will yield a 2.2% drop to 118 vac
Clay L 01/25/16 09:56am Tech Issues
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