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RE: low pressure in kit sink

We spent winters in an AZ RV park where the water pressure varied a lot depending on how many people were using it and whether the well pump had just reached the high cut off pressure or was approaching the low start up pressure. We always left the pump on and kept water in the tank. That way when the pressure went down, the pump kicked on and brought the pressure back up with water from the tank. Nothing wrong with using water from your tank and I never blew a fuse.
Clay L 10/22/14 09:19am Class A Motorhomes
RE: New Onan 5500 gen - oil change and air filter questions

Note that the last of the two quarts of oil takes a long time to pour in. In order to speed it up some, I fill the filter before I screw it on. I also screw the dip stick back in and turn the engine over for a 10 seconds or so. This seems to pump some oil into the engine and speeds up the fill process for a while. I usually have to do that two or three times. I used 30 weight oil in it for years but when I switched to Mobile One synthetic 10W30 oil in my 8.1L engine I started using it in the Onan also.
Clay L 10/18/14 11:39am Tech Issues
RE: How you heatin?

To see if it is cheaper to use electricity or propane,if you go HERE you can download a small program that will make the simple calculation for you. It allows you to enter the appliance efficiency. According to an email to me from engineering at Suburban Manufacturing, the efficiency of RV furnaces ranges from 70 to 80 percent. Water heaters are 70 percent on gas. Electric heaters are real close to 100% Note: If you want to use the help function, because Microsoft in their infinite wisdom didn't include the software to support the older help file formats, for Windows Vista and higher you will need to download and install a Microsoft program that allows you to use help files with the "hlp" extension for whatever operating system you are using. You can download it here Microsoft Knowledge Base. Scroll down to select your operating system.
Clay L 10/13/14 12:04pm Full-time RVing
RE: Gasser rides like lumber wagon

Why not? Harold the "P" Chassis is Ford not Workhorse! The Ford chassis is an F. The P chassis series was Chevy. See HERE and scroll down to item 5.
Clay L 10/13/14 11:33am Class A Motorhomes
RE: wailing water!

Winnebago uses two check valves - one on the inlet and one on the outlet. One of mine started making noise last winter but the valves are such a bear to get to that I just let it go. Then after about a month it stopped making noise.
Clay L 10/10/14 11:12am Tech Issues
RE: RV antifreeze

Clay L 10/08/14 11:30am Beginning RVing
RE: New England (Cape Cod)to Florida in Feb

If you are planning on staying in an RV park/campground be aware that almost all are closed in Feb. NORMANDY FARMS used to be open all winter but someone posted a while back that they don't now. You might want to call them. They are in Foxboro which is a ways from Cape Cod. I don't know of any others that are open.
Clay L 10/05/14 11:42am General RVing Issues
RE: Denver to Utah in January ??

I read the rules about chains. Is it mandatory that you have them with you when going over the pass if the road is dry? No. You only have to have and use them when chain law is in effect. RV Ranch in Clifton (abuts Grand Junction) is open year round. RV RANCH
Clay L 10/04/14 10:05am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Oil Change

Once reset it will give the the change oil message again in 3000 miles. I'm not too sure about that. A lady engineer at GM developed a way to monitor all the engine parameters and the change oil message will come on based on your driving. For example, if your engine is running a lot by idling it will require oil changes at less mileage whereas if you are out on the freeway all the time it will go further before a need to change. I have seen mine go over 5,000 miles before the change oil message, although I don't use that message for my change interval. I'm pretty much in the 3,000 to 4,000 area. Not on the 2004/2005 models. The data may be in the engine computer but it wasn't used by the Actia instrument cluster back then. According to Workhorse when I talked to them back in 2005 the oil change interval was based strictly on mileage. My manual says to change oil every 7000 miles unless you are pulling a trailer then at 3000 miles. I figured pulling a car is about the same as pulling a trailer so I changed as close to 3000 miles as practical. I saw the light come on a few times when I forgot to reset it after I changed the oil but never checked to see how many miles were involved.
Clay L 10/03/14 12:55pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Venting cooking steam outside

The wall beams/studs are extruded aluminum (except in the cabin area - that is steel). There is wiring in some places that runs in channels cut in the styrofoam in the walls. I asked Winnebago about where some of the aluminum plates are that they put in the walls where cabinets and the like are screwed to and they emailed me drawings of the side walls showing where stuff was. You might want to give them a call.
Clay L 10/02/14 12:24pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Full time clay shooters / reloaders.

My bench reloading setup (RCBS mostly) was left in storage when we went full timing. I bought a revolver - Ruger SP101 .357 mag - a couple of years later to have with us. I bought a LEE hand loading setup, a digital scale and necessary accessories. Everything fit in a plastic box that I kept under the bed. It was a lot slower than the bench set up but I had a lot of time anyway. My friend Bud (he has the same model revolver) and I would go out in the AZ desert and shoot 50 rounds or so each and then sit out under the awning and reload the next day. I had a decent sized folding plastic table that we put everything on.
Clay L 10/02/14 12:12pm Full-time RVing
RE: Cleaning grey tank sensors

It isn't the sensors, it is crudded up tank walls that fool the sensors. Any thing that cleans the tank walls might help. I have the TrueLevel non-contact system that Winnebago went standard with in 2005 (right after I bought mine of course so I had to add it) and right now my black tank reads full all the time. The gray started reading 2/3 full all the time few months after I installed the system. I have pressure washed the black tank wall twice and it worked okay for a while then started reading full all the time. In my years of trying all of the things people recommend I have not found anything that keeps the tank walls clean enough. Last summer the rig sat unused next to the house all summer with the gray tank valve open and a hose that drained into a stone filled hole. When we got ready to head south and ran some water, a bunch of dried crud that had been on the side of the tank ran out. Since then (including all last winter) the gray water level has been accurate. Some people have reported that the HORST MIRACLE PROBES work well. They shield and move the sensors out from the tank walls so the gunk doesn't fool them.
Clay L 10/02/14 11:50am General RVing Issues
RE: Oil Change

Turn the ignition key to RUN (don't start engine) Press the accelerator pedal to the floor three times. Turn key off.
Clay L 10/02/14 11:33am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Portable Ice Maker

We used one for seven or eight years and wouldn't be without it. Note that it doesn't refrigerate the ice but relies on insulation to keep it. The first machine we got died before the warranty was up and they replaced it with a new one. The control board in the second one failed during warranty. It is still working. I don't hear much about them failing now so maybe they have a handle on quality now. Since we are going to sell the rig now that we have settled down in one spot we gave ours to my wifes sister and her husband. I have worked on several of them and looked at a bunch of others. The were all made and private labeled by the same Chinese manufacturer. The differences between brands and model appears to be all cosmetic. If I were going to buy a new one I would shop by price and features not brand. I have seen them on sale at Target for under $100.
Clay L 10/01/14 01:37pm General RVing Issues
RE: Water Heater Question

Usually it means it will run on propane and/or 120 vac. In both cases 12 vdc will bwe needed for the control board. The EI stands for electronic ignition - no pilot.
Clay L 09/28/14 01:52pm Beginning RVing
RE: Pictures on walls

Ours had velcro on the bottom corners but a small metal piece with a V slot was fixed to the wall where the top center of the picture went. There was a piece on the top of the picture frame that fit into the metal piece on the wall. I had to pull out at the bottom on the frame to release it from the velcro and then lift up.
Clay L 09/28/14 01:47pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Generator runs but no power?

.........snip.......... My other problem is I can start the generator but get no power to the RV? With the cord plugged in to the gen.......snip...... Question from the I-don't-have-one peanut gallery: Is plugging the shorepower cord into the onboard generator standard operating procedure? I've always (mistakenly?) thought there was already some direct connection to the RV systems-? Some RVs don't have an automatic transfer switch. In that case the shore power cable is plugged into the generator outlet. The Onans I am familiar with will not run if no power is being produced. The rotor is flashed with 12 volts by the control board to start the generating process but must start producing power so that when the start switch is released it will use voltage from the generator voltage regulator to keep current going into the rotor and producing power. I mention that since the generator runs it sure sounds like the generator breakers or main panel breakers are tripped. Note that to check them you must cycle the breaker all the way off and back on.
Clay L 09/28/14 01:33pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Long Trips - S&B Shutdown

I've seen articles online that say you should cover toilet with plastic wrap b/c bugs can use the pipes as a super highway into your house. There are photos online, but I've personally never known anyone to have done this... however it seems to make sense and is cheap/easy to do. I do it so the water won't evaporate. Some folks pour some cooking oil in the bowl for the same reason. I like the wrap better though.
Clay L 09/28/14 10:15am General RVing Issues
RE: Uses for old Magnetek converter/charger

The 6000 series requires a battery connection. The 7000 series doesn't. I saved my 7345 unit when I replaced it with a Progressive Dynamics 3 stage unit because I thought someone might want it as a power supply for their macerator that pulls 20 amps. I already had a linear 9 to 15 volt 20 amp supply for my macerator so haven't used the 7300 yet but don't see why it wouldn't work. (I used the linear supply rather than running heavy gauge wires from the batteries)
Clay L 09/24/14 11:45am Tech Issues
RE: Window woes

Isn't CLR made for that purpose? bumpyYes - works well too. That is what I use. I had spots that vinegar didn't remove and CLR did - with very little effort.
Clay L 09/24/14 11:29am General RVing Issues
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