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RE: Exit Stratagy

We put all of the money from the sale of house away and paid cash from savings for the motor home. We were lucky enough to sell the house in early 2003 near the peak of housing value in the area. After 12 years on the road we executed our exit plan and bought a house in western CO. We have close friends that did not have the financial resources to formulate an exit strategy but wanted to full time so much that they said to heck with it and went ahead. After 13 years on the road health issues forced them to stop. They declared bankruptcy and let the motor home be repossessed - they owed much more on it than it was worth. They now live in two rooms of an apartment they share with their daughter and her husband. They pay half the rent. They really miss full timing and are not happy with the current arrangement after the years of freedom but they have some happy years to look back on.
Clay L 09/22/14 12:03pm Full-time RVing
RE: Stumped by Generator

You might want to make sure that the battery disconnect switch hasn't been accidentally activated. Winnebago uses the house battery circuit to start the generator and if the batteries are disconnected and you are connected to shore power the solenoid will click but the converter can't supply enough current to turn the starter.
Clay L 09/22/14 11:44am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Questions Re: DirecTv Transponder Signals

A couple of things come to mind. The output power levels may vary due to individual transponder characteristics. Since each transponder transmits on a different frequency and the passband gain of the receiver may not be completely linear, there could be variations because of that.
Clay L 09/20/14 11:26am Technology Corner
RE: preparing to full time

If you need the money from the house sale to buy the RV then you'll go the opposite way. I must be missing something here? If a retired person sells his house to pay for his RV what does he do 15 years down the road when he can no longer travel, the RV is worthless and housing costs have doubled? Your point is well taken even if housing prices haven't doubled. We have friends that had to stop full timing last year due to health issues. After 12 years they still owed much more on their motor home than it was worth. They ended up declaring bankruptcy and letting the motor home be repossessed. They moved into two rooms of an apartment they share with their daughter and her husband. They did not have an exit strategy because they did not have the financial resources to create one. They had decided that their dream of full timing was more important to them than anything else and they enjoyed it as long as they could.
Clay L 09/20/14 11:14am Full-time RVing
RE: Mail Forwarding and Home Base

Any recommendations for someone who is not a full-timer, but needs a mail service as they plan to be on the road for several months at a stretch? That will be out situation next year after retiring in April. We won't need to establish a new 'home base', but will need to have access to our mail while on the road. Is there any one provider that is better than another, or for that matter, any provider that we should stay away from? Any thoughts, suggestions, whatever would be much appreciated. A lot of folks use a UPS Store.There are quite a few of them around the country. Just make sure you do a temporary forwarding not a permanent one. The temporary one is good for six months (or less if you want) and I think can be extended.We did that for two winters and it worked well.
Clay L 09/18/14 11:18am Full-time RVing
RE: 'On the Go' water softening device- orange granules

Flopur recommends storing the water softener with the regenerating salt solution in place. Did that for two summers and it worked okay. After rinsing a little longer than I usually do it was put back in service and the time between regenerations did not change.
Clay L 09/18/14 10:16am Tech Issues
RE: Advice removing water stains on front curtains

We washed ours using a mild detergent and Oxyclean. They were not pleated so we didn't have to deal with that though.
Clay L 09/17/14 11:46am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Evaporative Cooler on the Roof??

great that will knock the temp down to 85. bumpy The one on my house here in this CO high (5000 ft high) desert valley will keep the house at 76 to 78 when the outside temp is about 100 degrees.
Clay L 09/17/14 11:44am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Best place to winter?

Thanks for the input everybody......Believe me I know alot about Fl and the areas....Remember in my OP I said I am a native Floridian. Yes it's always been a very popular....let's say "the place for people from the north to spent the winter." Now it's my turn and I want new experiences. Is the Az. corridor over run with MH in winter? That depends on where you are. Around Phoenix there are a lot of RVers and a lot more snowbirds staying in park models and small homes. Yuma gets it's share of both. Over by Quartzsite in December there are a lot of RVs boondocking out on the BLM land in the desert. RV parks used to start filling up in December when the RV show opens, but for the last few years there have a lot fewer people. In Quartzsite RV parks that used to be full were maybe 2/3 full last winter. There are some snowbirds folks living in park models and small homes but a lot more RVers. Q is a busy place in December but not so much the rest of the winter.
Clay L 09/16/14 10:27am Full-time RVing
RE: 'On the Go' water softening device- orange granules

A teaspoon is not enough to worry about. Refills from WaterPur were $35 the last time I checked.
Clay L 09/15/14 10:28am Tech Issues
RE: Best place to winter?

We spent winters or part of winters in a number of places - FL, TX, MS coast and AZ. We ended up spending winters in Bouse AZ (25 miles from Quartzsite). Coyote Ridge RV park,$160 per month plus electricity (about $60 per month more)
Clay L 09/15/14 10:17am Full-time RVing
RE: Why did you go the 'full-timing' route...

We were sort of “accidental” full timers. We didn't intend to full time, just wanted to take a three to six month trip around the country visiting friends and family and then find some warmer, cheaper place to buy or build a house. At the time we had a 96 model year motor home with no slides. We threw away stuff, gave stuff to places that could make use of it and distributed as much as possible to our kids. We put all of the rest of our stuff in storage so we wouldn't have to go back to NH if the house sold quickly and it was still cold and yucky there. The house did sell quickly (in a month) and we found after about a year that we were having so much fun traveling and having no ties to a stick house that we decided to keep on full timing. We traded the 96 motor home in on a new 2004 with a lot more CCC, storage space and two slides. That was 12 years ago and so far we both love the life style. But health issues and sort of "having done it all" have intervened and after being snowbirds for a year we are now living in a home we bought in CO. It was a wonderful twelve years though.
Clay L 09/15/14 10:03am Class A Motorhomes
RE: A/C Not Working

If you have a 30 amp unit, Winnebago often has a switch that must be turned to "Generator" when on the gen. Mine is to the left of the switch panel and breakers. Maybe the switch is still in the shore power position. It switches the rear AC to the 20 amp output on the generator.
Clay L 09/07/14 03:14pm Tech Issues
RE: Leaky Water Pressure Reducer

Many of us went to Home Depot or Lowes and bought a Watts whole house regulator and necessary hose fittings. I set mine at 65 psi which is fine according to Winnebago customer service.
Clay L 09/07/14 02:55pm General RVing Issues
RE: Long Trips - S&B Shutdown

In addition to the usual things like turning the water off to the ice maker, washing machine,and all sinks/toilets and putting the water heater on "vacation", we set the heat to 50 degrees. We have baseboard hot water heat and were told that the water to the house should not be turned off. We put bowl cleaner in the toilets and cover the opening with plastic film. We do not flush the toilet after the water is turned off. Doing that caused the seals to dry out and required repairs when we got back. We got a seasonal insurance policy which was significantly more expensive than a regular policy. We also installed a GE wireless security system with very easy to install wireless sensors. If you have Internet while you are gone you can get a wireless camera you can access via your page on the security company's web site. The security company we use is FrontPoint Security If there is a power outage there is a 24 hour backup battery and an email is sent telling you when it went out and one when it came back on. If it is out for more than a specified time you will get a call. The system uses the Verizon data network to communicate with the monitoring company. It uses other providers like Sprint if there is no Verizon coverage. We have door/window sensors, motion detector, freeze detectors, and flood detectors. In exchange for a big discount on the sensors you have a 3 year contract for $35 to $50 per month - depending on the plan.
Clay L 09/06/14 12:06pm General RVing Issues
RE: Full timers MH ins

Progressive did offer full timers insurance back in 2002 until at least 2005. We had their coverage until we moved from NH to SD in 2005 and switched to GMAC because they were cheaper. In both cases we had one policy with two sections - one for the coach and one for the toad.
Clay L 09/06/14 11:51am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Bitdefender anti-virus

I have had a couple of experiences with not seeing the place to click to negate the auto renewal option. The good news is that I use a virtual credit card for all of my on-line purchases. It is called Shopsafe and is provided by Bank of America credit cards. I go the the BOA site sign in and get a number that is keyed to my actual number but can only be once and for a time I specify. It is also time limited. I usually specify two months. So if a company tries to auto renew they have to get in touch with me because the number is refused by BOA. CitiBank used to provide a similar service but I don't think they offer it now. As far as I know BOA is the only one offering it at this time.
Clay L 09/05/14 03:38pm Technology Corner
RE: Charles Schwab won't let us open an account

Snip It's the CIP (Customer Identification Program) rule (31 C.F.R. 103.121), which is the regulation implementing Section 326 of the USA PATRIOT Act that requires a financial institution to get the following customer information (bottom of page 480 from PDF above): (1) Name; (2) Date of birth, for an individual; (3) Address, which shall be: (i) For an individual, a residential or business street address; (ii) For an individual who does not have a residential or business street address, an Army Post Office (APO) or Fleet Post Office (FPO) box number, or the residential or business street address of next of kin or of another contact individual; While knowing all this might not get you anywhere with your brokerage, it might be worth a try if you don't mind using a relative's address. Great info. I would think the "another contact individual" could the mail forwarding service. But the bureaucrats at Schwab may be like bureaucrats everywhere - often unable (or unwilling) to think.
Clay L 09/05/14 03:22pm Full-time RVing
RE: Too much of a good thing? Retirement on the Road NYT

Regarding: Appreciation of house. Our property taxes the last year before we started full timing were over $10,000 and increased for a few years afterwards. We sold at near the property value peak and the property experienced a huge drop in the following years. The property tax savings for 12 years came close or maybe exceeded the appreciation of the property and the depreciation of the motor home. We never intended to full time the rest of our lives so full timing was just a part of our life not an either-or permanent thing. We always expected to settle down again and we did. Yard work. We had most of the new property in CO xeriscaped (desert landscaping). There is enough grass left so I did have to get a lawn mower. His name is Salvadore and he charges me $10 per week for about 24 weeks a year to mow and trim. The house has low maintenance vinyl siding so no painting. I am spending much less time on maintenance on the house and property than I did on the motor home. On the whole, full timing was a great adventure with a lot of positives but now settling down in a house also has a lot of positives. Sure glad we have been able to do both.
Clay L 09/05/14 02:59pm Full-time RVing
RE: Help me wrap my arms around the full time process

I am sure glad we did not follow the convectional advice and get rid of all of it. We have spent about $15,000 buying what we need for the house - stuff that we sold for maybe 10 percent of what it cost back then. You should have bought used not new. How much longer are you going to live in the "new" home?????? Who knows? I am 74 and my mother lived to 100 and my father to 88. My grand parents lived to their late eighties. My wifes parents lived even longer. Her father died at 101 and her mother is 98 and still lives alone -with some help cleaning and bathing. This is our last house. Used didn't seem like a good option and we could easily afford new stuff anyway.
Clay L 09/05/14 09:41am Full-time RVing
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