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RE: DST ends on Nov 2nd

I once knew a guy who insisted he lost an hour of sleep every night all summer long due to the time change. THAT meets the definition of "stupid"! How did he deal with leap years? That must have REALLY thrown him off! some recent studies have suggested that (plug in your argement here) No need to be snitty.
Crowe 10/31/14 12:00pm Around the Campfire
RE: DST ends on Nov 2nd

"constant clock changing"!!?? Twice a year is constant clock changing? The studies were conducted over a period of time, not just one year.
Crowe 10/31/14 06:10am Around the Campfire
RE: DST ends on Nov 2nd

You tell em mowermech. I could never understand why twice a year folks start wailing and whining over such a non event. What REAL difference and strife does it cause in your life? Of course I can't find it now, but some recent studies have suggested that the constant clock changing throws off circadian rhythms in some people and increases physical and psychological illness in some. Some pilots have issues related to constantly changing time zones. I just think the whole thing is stupid. You might gain the hour of daylight in the a.m. but you lose it in the p.m. and still have to burn the candles or lights!
Crowe 10/30/14 03:33pm Around the Campfire
RE: My daughter's senior picture test run

Great pics! She is adorable. Son's high school would not accept pics from other than their hired photographic studio. We almost didn't do it because it was so expensive, but you've got to have the pics.
Crowe 10/30/14 03:28pm Around the Campfire
RE: Universities & Colleges Rated By Ave. SAT Score!

Even though my own kids have stellar SAT scores (significantly higher than those of the average Georgia Tech student listed above), I don't find SAT results to be a good measurement of an individual student's likelihood of college success or overall intelligence. Agreed. My son's were significantly higher but one of his roommates were not. WPI offers another "path" to get in that isn't based on scores alone. His roommate did extremely well and landed a great job upon graduation. The scores listed are joke scores compared to the averages at many of the high schools in this area. And didn't UNC or one of other big basketball schools have their athletes admit they didn't even have to go to class? Besides, it's just sports. Most won't even come close to the big leagues. I personally don't understand what all the hoopla is about.
Crowe 10/29/14 03:39pm Around the Campfire
RE: Best time or best way around Washington Beltway?

Just be careful, don't get flustered, and have fun! Best advice yet. Our experience with the Beltway coming from the north or south is it hit it Sunday a.m. before 8. Not sure if that timing works for you but we've never had an issue and have done it numerous times. My "traffic tolerance" so-to-speak is very high due to living just outside Boston, so not getting flustered is easier for me, I think, than a lot of people. Just accept the fact it might be a slow haul and get into that mindset-it makes the trip around there a lot easier.
Crowe 10/29/14 06:11am Roads and Routes
RE: Murphy's Law is winning!

Re Power block for Laptop: UPS overnight Was easier to drive an hour than fight with UPS plus he needed it that night. LOL on the rest!
Crowe 10/28/14 03:30pm Around the Campfire
RE: Forum buddies list ?

I use it. Makes it much easier to contact someone that I may have corresponded with in the past and want to make contact with again.
Crowe 10/27/14 07:41pm General RVing Issues
Murphy's Law is winning!

Had a great vacation in Gettysburg and the surrounding area last week. There are various routes we can take home once we hit the NJ/NY area. Hubby decided to take 95 to 91 as 84 can be very heavy with traffic. Of course it turned out to be the wrong choice. There was a serious accident on 91 that closed the road. Fortunately the detour didn't cost us that much time. Got back to work today and had to undo the messes the temp that covered for me made. Called the town to see what was needed for a set-back to build the shed we had on order. 20 feet. No can do because of strange property lines (mind you I live on almost 2 acres). Used to be 10 feet. OK, can we cancel shed? Yes, thankfully, check will be sent out tomorrow. So now what? Still have frame for shelter that was up. We'll just get a new canvas. Maybe. Doesn't look like they sell it any more-company was bought out. Hubby will call tomorrow. Head up to PD to pick up replacement LTC (wallet still not found). Along the way phone pings to indicate text. Pull into PD parking lot, it's from my son, it says "arrived". Cool, he's back at school. 2nd ping. He forgot his power block for his laptop so can we bring it out to him. He had commitments so he couldn't come home and get it. Means about an hour out and an hour back after dinner. Not a big deal, just a pain. Head home, read my email, and gun club newsletter is there. We missed last week's meeting because we were away so I'm reading away and get to the attendance prize winner. Every meeting (2/month) we draw a name and if that person isn't there they add $10 to the pool. It's up to $410. Yup, you guessed it, they drew MY name and I wasn't there so I lost out on $410! Oy. On the up side, a week's vacation with my son and hubby definitely trumps the $410 but really? I haven't missed a meeting in months. It figures. Nothing major thankfully but I'm hoping Murphy will leave me alone for a while!
Crowe 10/27/14 07:36pm Around the Campfire
RE: Stinky dog

If it's a skunk-like smell then it's the anal glands. As stated, they may occasionally need to be expressed. It happens to our ESPs sometimes if they get really stressed or constipated.
Crowe 10/23/14 08:16pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Our Prayers to Our Canadian brothers

Please also remember to say prayers for the two soldiers and their families who were purposely struck by a vehicle in Quebec, one of whom was killed.
Crowe 10/22/14 08:12pm Around the Campfire
RE: vet bill

Jake cost us about a grand a few weeks back when he had the swollen throat issue. Still don't know what caused it, but he's fine now. Our bloodhound cost us THOUSANDS with everything he did! But ya love 'em any way.
Crowe 10/19/14 08:24pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Travel during the Fall on the East Coast

Tornadoes are very rare, not really something to worry about. I'm not trying to cause you undo concern, but t-storms up here can be something to be reckoned with. This time of year they are less common but and fall tornadoes are rare, but there was one a week or so again in western MA The problem we have up here is we can't always see them coming because they are hidden in rain walls and such, therefore sometimes there is no warning. Some of the "cool thunderstorms" contain microbursts and straight-line winds, which do similar damage to tornadoes. These also come without warning. In short, most of the time you'll be OK in your rig but if the cg says take shelter inside the building then do so. More often than not it's not necessary but the weather here is extremely unpredictable and sometimes these things spring up out of seemingly nowhere.
Crowe 10/18/14 07:20am Roads and Routes
RE: just hard to get a RV dealer to take your money

Why would you want to give this dealer your money? The minute they said "give me" before they'd turn anything on I would have been out the door. You don't give a car dealer any money before you turn the key-why would an RV be any different? They are playing with your emotion and hoping you'll let your heart overrule your head. RUN.
Crowe 10/17/14 02:20pm Beginning RVing
RE: Question for the planners?

Yes, we push on, usually because we have no choice. If we go through high traffic areas such as DC we plan accordingly and cut down the miles for the day. Regrettably "rigid schedule" is our middle name!
Crowe 10/16/14 10:46am General RVing Issues
RE: Travel during the Fall on the East Coast

If you can do it, start in Maine about the middle of August, then follow the color change southward. Take your time, enjoy the small unique wineries, and take lots of pictures! Good advice except you'll have to plan on spending at least a couple of weeks there until the leaves really start to turn. Today it's going to be in the 70s with heavy rain. Last Saturday it was 45 and raining in the a.m. then 50ish and damp in the p.m. Sunday was bright sunshine and 60. Monday & Tuesday were partly sunny and 80. In other words, take your pick. Oh, and we had hard frosts both Saturday and Sunday a.m. Weather, like the leaves, is hard to predict. Many of the campgrounds do close Columbus Day weekend but one of the most overlooked and beautiful places for foliage is the Cape. Some of the campgrounds there stay open until the end of October and there's 1 or 2 that stay open year round.
Crowe 10/16/14 06:21am Roads and Routes
RE: Women purchasing RV's

I assume this is not a good time to mention anything about pregnant in the summer and barefoot in the winter, is it? Ummm, no. :B
Crowe 10/15/14 12:50pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Women purchasing RV's

So my advise to you...and I hate to even say it, is: Bring a Man with you when shopping. Seriously? So, as women, we can help the neanderthals continue their bigotry? Not on your life. That comment is incomprehensible coming from a woman. Why am I starting to smell a rat here?
Crowe 10/15/14 10:40am RV Lifestyle
RE: Finding a campground

I've used both RVNet and RV Park Reviews. TripAdvisor also has campground listings. I always throw out at least one glowing review and one bad review. I also look at what people complain about-is it they charge 50 cents for a shower or is it the fact the cg is located right next to train tracks? Raw number ratings don't tell the whole story-try to find comments and analyze them for yourself.
Crowe 10/13/14 06:16pm Beginning RVing
RE: Stuff to do while camping.

Sightsee, explore history, play golf or something, go to the ocean, museums, amusement parks, zoos, etc. Think back to when you first met-what did you do then? (Keep it clean!)
Crowe 10/13/14 04:01pm General RVing Issues
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