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RE: ReserveAmerica Amex Trick

If there is only room to list 3 cards, certainly the more expensive one for the merchant is not going to be there. This is why many businesses no longer take AMEX-their fees are very high. I agree that the option is not being hidden but is the less preferred. Why would any business willingly take money out of their profit margin?
Crowe 07/02/15 04:50pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: what is best dog for us

To answer the questions from Pawz4me- probably prefer under 25 lbs so the dog can be carried on an airplane. Shedding - less is better. Look at a Havanese.
Crowe 07/02/15 02:50pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Fastest route through Seattle??

I've been reading this with interest as well. Although we won't have an RV, we will be in Seattle in August for a few days and I'm trying to get a handle on potential traffic issues. Having dealt with Boston and the surrounding area's traffic issues for so long I'm curious as to a comparison but it sounds pretty similar-very small window of opportunity mid-day to maybe miss the worst of it!
Crowe 07/02/15 10:31am Roads and Routes
RE: All time record high June temps in the Northwest !

I know people who will tell you "There is no scientific evidence of Global Warming or Climate Change" I am not among them.. Having seen said evidence WITH MY OWN EYES. And Boston had record lows in June, evidenced by my GAS BILL and the fact I had to wear a coat. We won't discuss that the polar ice caps have been advancing. But that's another discussion altogether. Love the cartoon, especially the small sign about Tim Horton's. I think you guys love your Horton's like we love our Dunkin'!
Crowe 07/02/15 06:16am Around the Campfire
RE: SE New England to Charlotte, NC (Carowinds)

We also avoid 95 like the plague and take 84 (you can also take 91 through CT). From 84 go to 287 over the Tappan Zee, down 287 to 78 to 81. From there I'm not sure because we always went to the coast. It does take you through some of the major cities in CT-they aren't that difficult to navigate but there can be traffic. You also go through Harrisburg, also fairly easy to get through. Going that route takes you right by Cabela's in Hamburg, PA. There are two places you can stop-Cherry Hill Park in College Park, MD, but that means some time on the Beltway in MD. Not a big deal at non-peak times. The other is Pine Hill campground in Kutztown, PA on 78. Inexpensive pull-through sites, very clean, great staff and lots of fireflies! Bare-bones but perfect for just an over-nighter.
Crowe 07/01/15 07:07pm Roads and Routes
RE: what is best dog for us

No matter what breed you choose: Adopt....Don't shop. Buy from wherever you want as long as you vett any breeder thoroughly. There are pros and cons to both but don't let yourself be guilted into buying from one place over another. There's nothing wrong with buying a well-bred dog, especially if you are looking for certain characteristics or to use it for a specific purpose. 'll be the contrary voice and say that I don't like online breed selectors. Me, too. Buying the right dog is not black and white. You need to base it on any number of factors such as size, demeanor, social ability, personality style (i.e., laid back or bouncy), etc. I've had 3 Gordon setters, 1 bluetick coonhound, 1 bloodhound, and now two Springers. Loved them all in different ways. Right now the Springers are perfect but who knows what we'll pick next time around. Labs are one of the best all-around breeds IMHO. Adaptable, loveable, friendly, usually good with all kinds of people, kids and other animals and usually easy to train. Some run very large, some not so big. Springers are great if you want a high-energy dog that's devoted and clingy. All dogs have inherent personality traits but almost any dog can be "molded" to some extent, especially if you get them at a young age. Go to a dog show and check out various breeds and see if one strikes your fancy. Can't decide? Go to a local shelter and look. Keep all of your options open.
Crowe 07/01/15 06:51pm RV Pet Stop
RE: think I would mess my drawers

Bears have an excellent sense of smell. Just about anything will attract them - gum, toothpaste, tampons, lipgloss. It doesn't have to be food. X 2. Cooking smells are a big attractor so it's recommended that you change before you go to bed if you've been cooking. In my case I was stupid-back then strawberry scented shampoo was all the rage. I had very long, thick hair and yup, I used strawberry scented shampoo. But no worries-the park ranger had a rifle with a tranquilizer dart POINTED AT MY TENT! I was more afraid of the ranger than I was the bear!
Crowe 07/01/15 06:40pm General RVing Issues
RE: First of the month exercise "club"

Durn-we don't have a generator any more!
Crowe 07/01/15 06:34pm Beginning RVing
RE: Happy July 1st

Happy Canada Day to all our Canadian friends, both two-footed and 4-footed!
Crowe 07/01/15 10:33am RV Pet Stop
RE: think I would mess my drawers

http://www.msn.com/en-ca/news/offbeat/banff-campground-closed-after-bear-rips-through-tent-trailer/ar-AAciN4J?ocid=iehp Above should be a clicky. Had a bear literally bounce it's nose off my head through the tent wall while camping in Shenandoah National Park. Not a comfy feeling!
Crowe 07/01/15 10:31am General RVing Issues
RE: All time record high June temps in the Northwest !

PLEASE let this be over by August! We'll be up there for the last two weeks of the month and I pray I don't have to deal with that kind of heat, especially since we were just notified the condo we are renting will not have a/c. Oy!
Crowe 06/30/15 06:28pm Around the Campfire
RE: The Value of a Friendly Staff - V 2.0

Customer service does go a long way, but as another poster said it still can't make a lousy campground a good campground. And vice-versa, lousy customer service can make a good campground, well, lousy! Small transgressions can be overlooked if handled properly-large ones are a little more difficult. However, I wonder how much our perception of a campground changes due to our initial greeting? For example, you pull into the cg of your dreams, price is right, everything looks perfect but the front desk clerk is snippy. Does that trigger us to look for imperfections? Flip slide-campground isn't that great but staff is exceptional. Does our mind tell us it's not that bad? As the old Head and Shoulders ad says: "You only have one time to make a first impression". How much does that first impression alter our perception of the campground I wonder.
Crowe 06/30/15 10:39am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Internet bug on .Net?

Love Malware Bytes. It's free and prevents everything from latching on.
Crowe 06/30/15 06:07am General RVing Issues
RE: What would you do?

I'd have reported it to. It's not normal and it's not OK. Again I ask why? Is it "not normal" that a dad wants/needs to help his kids? Just wondering where you're coming from, that's all. As I stated earlier if he just charged in to ogle I'd be much more concerned, but a dad helping his kids doesn't sound very sinister to me.
Crowe 06/29/15 11:21am RV Lifestyle
RE: What would you do?

I'd report it to the park staff. Why? There's nothing to "report". OP stated she responded and he apparently didn't hear. Sounds like he didn't venture far into the building, either, just enough to help out. It wasn't like he barged in and started looking into stalls or anything.
Crowe 06/29/15 08:18am RV Lifestyle
RE: What would you do?

Hope you're coping with your health challenges; Thanks-fortunately the heart issue has pretty much resolved itself with some good meds and a careful diet. At 54 the other stuff isn't relevant any more! :B As far as whether or not there are unisex restrooms in Europe, yes there are. Have been in unisex showers in the US, although access to the showers themselves was outside only.
Crowe 06/29/15 06:13am RV Lifestyle
RE: What would you do?

Agree that the sun will come up tomorrow yada yada but it was a new situation for me in a campground. Oh, I get it, don't worry about that! 25 years ago I would have probably freaked out. Now-oh, well, just another one of life's things that make you go "hmmm"!
Crowe 06/28/15 06:38pm RV Lifestyle
RE: The Value of a Friendly Staff

We had a similar experience at American Heritage RV Park in Williamsburg, VA. It had been a long trip down due to traffic and it was unbearably hot. Being the pasty white Yankee I am, my heat tolerance is ZERO. The site they originally put us on was a bit tight and the park was not very busy, so we asked if we could be moved. While in the office I commented (well, complained actually!) that it was so hot and they IMMEDIATELY put us on a site underneath the trees. These were premium sites designed for huge Class A rigs, but they wanted me to be as comfortable as possible. And they never once stopped smiling, never made me feel like I inconvenienced them, and when ANY staff member saw me they checked to make sure I was OK.
Crowe 06/28/15 05:29pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: What would you do?

Helping them do what? Wash up or use the rest room? If mom was in the shower and one of the kids had to go NOW then he may have had no choice. If it was just washing them up then he probably should have waited until mom was available. I personally wouldn't care-after having a miscarriage and the necessary procedure afterwards, giving birth, 2 heart caths, a 9 day stay in a teaching hospital and multiple other tests, a man walking into a ladies restroom to help his two kids is the least of my worries. The gym I go to only has male cleaning staff-they post a sign on the door if he's in there and send a female front desk employee through to ask each person if they are OK with it. I figure if some poor young man sees me in my birthday suit then he's far more likely to be scarred for life than I am going to be embarrassed!
Crowe 06/28/15 05:22pm RV Lifestyle
RE: House Keeping

Used Oxyclean as well only on a carpeted ceiling. Worked very well and only had to towel dry the spot.
Crowe 06/28/15 05:14pm Beginning RVing
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