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RE: Snow Day

OMG, he's TOOOOOO cute! We got about 8 inches today (although the first 5 compacted when it rained/iced) and it was wet and sticky stuff. Jesse and Jake had a blast. Looks like both of us may be headed for up to two feet on Tuesday. The dogs should love that! p.s. Am I crazy or is your rig pic upsidedown?
Crowe 01/24/15 07:56pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Go Patriots !!!

Jackson has since stated that he never said that. It was made up by the media. He gave the ball to the equipment manager because he wanted a souvenir of his first interception in a post season game. You beat me to it! What's unknown is this a recant of his story or was the original story fabricated by the sportscaster who first reported it? Saving balls is not unusual. But here we sit, with the NFL still dragging their feet, the "Belichick will always be a cheater" camp against the "I smell a rat" camp, physicists (including one from my son's college!) and engineers from both camps saying "yes it could happen" and "no it couldn't happen", all because it's no longer a sport but a business. That's what I find saddest of all.
Crowe 01/24/15 07:52pm Around the Campfire
RE: Woot! Just paid the last tuition payment!

That will be us in about a year and a half....... That year and a half will go by faster than you think. This is year 5 because our son was in WPI's 5 year program for his Master's. The minute you realize you've hit the financial point where tuition isn't hanging over your head, it feels like a big weight has been lifted off. Time to buy a rv. Still torn between that and a cabin up in Maine. Son will still be traveling with us for a while. We did go to the Boston show and the Class B styles have caught our eye. We're still in a state of flux right now.
Crowe 01/24/15 07:44pm Around the Campfire
RE: Joint and Fish Oil Supplements

Thanks again!
Crowe 01/24/15 01:38pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Joint and Fish Oil Supplements

Thanks Dr. Doug. What would be an appropriate dose for dogs that are 50 & 62 lbs?
Crowe 01/24/15 09:32am RV Pet Stop
Joint and Fish Oil Supplements

Our vet has recommended that Jake be put on glucosamine supplements for potential hip issues and Jesse be put on fish oil supplements for his skin issues. Suggestions on brand/type for both? Thanks.
Crowe 01/24/15 07:58am RV Pet Stop
RE: Really angry. . .

Sue, please don't hurt yourself when you fall off your high horse. From by products from animals processed for FOOD for human consumption. Dogs are NOT food for humans. So this inference is it's OK to be cruel to livestock. Read between the lines. Terryallen is referring to leather, in case you need it spelled out. And yes dogs ARE fit for human consumption. Not in our country but in others. We find it offensive, but then when you are enjoying a big, juicy steak or a hamburger remember where it came from, and remember someone who follows the Hindu faith would think you are the scum of the earth. Read Terryallen's post again. Comments are spot on. And there is a statement about not being cruel to animals. Dogs are dogs. Humans are humans. They are NOT on the same level. I am not advocating negligence, cruelty or anything of that nature. The daughter bought the dogs as a business venture. Somewhat misguided, agreed, but none-the-less even REAL breeders divest themselves of animals that don't produce. And yes, sometimes it takes a few tries for a good breeder to get it right.
Crowe 01/24/15 05:54am RV Pet Stop
RE: lucky to be alive

Glad you're OK. My MIL would agree with you wholeheartedly about growing old, but you've still got a lot of hutzpah left in you so carry on!
Crowe 01/24/15 05:44am Around the Campfire
Woot! Just paid the last tuition payment!

Yee haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw! Just paid the last grad school tuition payment. A few more months of rent and daily expenses and that's it! AND we even have money left over! WOOOOOOOOOOOT!
Crowe 01/23/15 02:27pm Around the Campfire
RE: Really angry. . .

For those who think this person is being a good business person, think about it this way: She has defective merchandize and is selling it off to an unsuspecting customer. THIS customer is going to be buying the dogs as pets (since they are not capable of breeding) and they are quite likely going to have a pet(s) with serious health concerns (if the dog has a uterine infection, this is going to just get worse with time left untreated). From a BUSINESS standpoint, in their minds, it IS a logical decision. Nowhere did I infer it was ethical. I think we all get the fact they aren't good breeders. I'm just offering an explanation as to why someone would do that, not that I agree with it.
Crowe 01/23/15 10:11am RV Pet Stop
RE: Go Patriots !!!

Could be Jackson was pressured into changing his statement? Possibly but why? He has nothing to win or lose either way, other than revenge for the Colts loss which by all accounts would have happened regardless.
Crowe 01/23/15 09:05am Around the Campfire
RE: Go Patriots !!!

OK, so now D'Qwell Jackson is claiming he didn't say what was attributed to him that started the whole thing. This just gets stranger. Too many unanswered questions. And where is the NFL? Have they made any more statements or concluded their investigation?
Crowe 01/23/15 08:15am Around the Campfire
RE: Really angry. . .

Selling a business venture that didn't materialize sounds logical as the dogs most likely weren't pets to begin with. X3. At least they had the decency to find a loving home for them. Some would have put the dogs down. If they were well-cared for in the breeder's home then my only complaint is they waited after multiple litters to realize there was a problem. Yes, pets are forever but these obviously weren't pets. Would you be as harsh on someone who had a circumstance change and gave their pet up for adoption? I doubt it.
Crowe 01/23/15 07:26am RV Pet Stop
RE: Go Patriots !!!

Belichick has categorically denied any involvement. Even more well-known and respected past and current players are in the Pats' court. I don't think this will ever be resolved-it will continue to be a he-said/she-said situation with neither side budging. What's truly sad if it was a fluke such as a bad pressure gauge or a strange weather situation this will hang over the Pats for a while.
Crowe 01/22/15 08:42am Around the Campfire
RE: Go Patriots !!!

Zebra and it's stripes/Leopard and it's spots...... I'm well aware of Spygate. He paid his fines and has been clean since. All the Pats haters have just been looking for a reason to villainize him regardless. Let's just wait to get all the final info before we condemn.
Crowe 01/22/15 06:20am Around the Campfire
RE: What if the Pats are found guilty in Deflategate?

I think the "Patriots" will be severely punished for deflating the footballs and that is what happens when one gets caught! Bags. The question still remains as to how the balls got deflated. There's a lot of attention now being placed on the refs. If the balls were truly 2 PSI below the min then why didn't they notice or say something? They have interviewed a number of technical types, some of whom have said it's entirely possible that the balls did decrease in pressure over time and temp changes as do car tires. It will be interesting to see what's said by the NFL, Belichick and Brady.
Crowe 01/22/15 06:17am Around the Campfire
RE: excited for our vacation.....bad sign?

We're in the beginning stages of THINKING about our vacation and already getting excited! We're hoping to fly to Alberta and BC (still no MH). It's not a bad sign to be excited as long as you don't have overly high expectations.
Crowe 01/21/15 07:03pm Around the Campfire
RE: Go Patriots !!!

I would like to see the facts from the NFL rather than the "trial by press". Me, too. I'm curious as to what Belichik is going to say tomorrow, and Brady on Friday. If he 'fesses up then I'll NEVER watch another Pats game again. I'll admit I'm not big into football but I can't respect people who cheat.
Crowe 01/21/15 06:59pm Around the Campfire
RE: What if the Pats are found guilty in Deflategate?

(apparently a reporter, not a player or coach). It was D'Qwell Jackson, who intercepted a pass by Brady in the 2nd quarter, who thought the ball was underinflated.
Crowe 01/20/15 10:32am Around the Campfire
RE: DC area

And the natives can smell a rookie a mile away. LOL! That we can and take advantage of it! Seriously, even as Boston drivers we don't tackle DC. Aside from traffic, parking is an issue. Cherry Hill will take you in on a bus tour or take you to the Metro, which is what I'd recommend. How long will you need? A lifetime and you won't see it all. Just like Disney, make a list of "must sees" and work from there. Air and Space museum is our favorite.
Crowe 01/20/15 09:00am Roads and Routes
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