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RE: Aden and Jake's RV Adventure

Mod notified as this may violate policy. Honestly if you think you can get enough work, why are you begging for money?
Crowe 04/29/16 03:02pm Beginning RVing
RE: Very poor customer service (rant)

But the next best thing in this situation would have been 2 word: UPS or FedEx. About all that will gain you is better tracking. In my many years of dealing with shipping items, I have had as many issues with Fed Ex and UPS. I must be a golden child-the USPS have never let me down.
Crowe 04/29/16 03:00pm Around the Campfire
RE: What would you do?

First of all, I would NEVER bring a child home to a drunk parent. At least he had the common sense to say he wouldn't drive. That said, it's time you put your foot down and "just say no". Write out a contract and have him sign it if necessary. Explain to him the strain it's putting on your husband and flat out tell him you will no longer be taken advantage of. It may be time to get the wife involved as well. Make sure you explain to Jack that you do love him but you and Grampa get tired. I would also give the stepson a warning that if the drinking continues to the point he is unable or unwilling to watch his own child there could be repercussions.
Crowe 04/29/16 02:56pm Around the Campfire
RE: Song Titles - Part Deux

NOWHERE Man - The Beatles
Crowe 04/28/16 03:23pm Around the Campfire
RE: The RV Life and the environment

Last I heard this is still a free country. I'll do what I want, when I want Sir, you are a FINE example of the ENTITLED ME generation! Congratulations!:R X2 but I don't think we're allowed to believe that. I'm only asking you to be respectful of others and our environment. It's not about paying for it because you can afford it or want to do it, it's about making sure all resources are used wisely. No one's asking you to take just two sips of water-we're only asking that you don't take five and throw three away.
Crowe 04/28/16 10:42am General RVing Issues
RE: The RV Life and the environment

Let's not forget the water does not disappear we still have the exact same amount as ever! Well, yes, but... http://voices.nationalgeographic.com/2012/03/14/are-we-running-out-of-water/ So it's in our best interest to still use it wisely.
Crowe 04/28/16 08:11am General RVing Issues
RE: The RV Life and the environment

NOW, take the time and post all THOSE egregious affects on our planet. An RV/RV'ing is a gnat in the sand compared to that. Whoa, sweet pea, take a breath! My point was RVing is NOT as innocuous as some think-there's still an environmental impact and much of it gets shifted so it's not noticed. I did NOT say that it's impact was as great as building. My plane comments come from published research. Regarding trees, etc.-no research needed. It's pretty obvious when you go to an RV park where they've nuked the land that there's been an impact on the surrounding environment. And that includes the wildlife. So please put the hairs on your neck down-it was not a personal affront to RVing, it was just a reminder that EVERYTHING we do has an impact and yes, it does get shifted unless you stay 7x24 in your RV and do not go elsewhere. For those of you with the "I pay for it therefore I get to use it how I want", I can only say SHAME ON YOU!!! I don't listen the tree-hugging Prius drivers, either, but I listen to my SON. He wants his kids when he has them to have energy sources available, a clean environment, open space and clean water. Not much to ask. It is up to US to preserve that environment and many of us do so regardless of the RV lifestyle.
Crowe 04/28/16 06:29am General RVing Issues
RE: The RV Life and the environment

Living in an RV is substantially "greener" than living in a 4,000 square feet McMansion. Beg to differ, sir. If you live in that McMansion but don't travel a lot then your gas consumption is considerably less and quite possibly in a far more fuel-efficient vehicle. Many new houses are extremely efficient when it comes to energy consumption. As to those jets-it's somewhat more complex with many variables, including fuel efficiency of vehicles compared as well as occupancy of both. But let's look at the larger picture. How many trees have been cut down to make room for the campground you are staying in? It's no different than the development of land for a house. What about the roads that have to be made to get there? The wildlife that is disturbed in the process? Energy to heat bath houses, pools and other facilities? What about the materials used to construct the amenities such as play grounds? Do the materials used to construct an RV go back to nature like the wood in a house? How long does that RV last versus a house? I could go on but I think you get my drift. Part of the reason why some may feel living in a RV is much "greener" is they fail to realize many of the impacts the lifestyle has. Yes, maybe you only fill your water tank occasionally but if you are out exploring the water you didn't use in the RV to flush or get a drink is consumed elsewhere. Some of the issues of consumption are merely shifted, not done away with. Just sayin'.
Crowe 04/27/16 06:34pm General RVing Issues
RE: Spring

Lessee... Not flooded fortunately as we live on a river Removed old shutters Installed new shutters 3 weekends of cleaning up storm damage Cut down multiple damaged trees into logs for the outdoor fire pit Cleaned out the garage loft (still have more to go) Mulched around the bushes and in the gardens Raked leaves twice Getting ready to dethatch and reseed entire yard-we have just under two acres but only about 1/2 acre needs to be done Can't plant yet because we are still getting thick frosts. Yup, can't wait until summer and we can use the heat as an excuse to rest!
Crowe 04/27/16 06:17pm Around the Campfire
RE: Trip Expectations

f you don't have the time, wait until you do. No timetable is the only way to go. Great philosophy but not practical. Some may never make it to "no timetable" or for other reasons may never have the time to "stroll". I'd rather see a place briefly than not see it at all. One of my favorite trips was 7500 miles in three weeks when I used to tent. Did I spend as much time as I wanted to at the places I saw-absolutely not-but I've got one helluva war story, some of the best memories EVER and would never want to change the experience. Now I do things much slower than I did back then and spend time revisiting some of the old places with a new appreciation. It's all in what you make of it.
Crowe 04/26/16 12:04pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Campground tourists?

A full campground is the best RV show you can go to, and it doesn't cost anything. I like to walk and look at other folks rigs, ask how they like a particular brand I might not be familiar with, or just be neighborly. Best answer yet.
Crowe 04/26/16 11:56am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Which part of campground should I park in

The big pull through 50 amp spots are usually pretty boring, mostly older people that never go outside. Not my experience in the least. Have made as many friends there as in other areas. also which are more wilder,tents or big class A If you want "wild" as in the natural sense then the smaller sites designed for smaller rigs usually have more trees. If you want "wild" in the party sense, then go some place where you won't disturb others. Many campgrounds decide where they want you. I never liked taking a site that would accommodate a larger rig if we had an alternative-felt it was a bit unfair to the larger rig, but that's just me. Go where you feel comfortable if the cg allows it but just be respectful of personal boundaries including things like noise and light emissions.
Crowe 04/26/16 11:48am Beginning RVing
RE: New England trip in July

Trents Lobsta Pound Do you mean Trenton Lobster Pound? That's the one right on the causeway.
Crowe 04/25/16 03:35pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Slobber britches

These dogs have learned that behaviors their owners really don't like (slobbering on clothes) will always get their owner's attention where other behaviors they have tested were ignored by their owners. Is this the sign of a dumb dog? LOL! Let me give you my primary example. Jake does all basic obedience, hugs on command, stays by my side when walking (even on the beach), knows which door to go to when I say "X" is home (hubby comes in through garage, son via front door), and is otherwise very responsive to all commands. Except "paw". He WILL NOT give his paw. He will tap you on the shoulder with his paw if HE wants a hug, but if you do the standard command he looks at you with this blank look and won't lift his paw. Ever. We withhold any reward if he doesn't respond so we aren't rewarding bad behavior. Maybe in his mind he feels he "wins" on this one!
Crowe 04/25/16 03:30pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Fighting off boredom on the road

Too funny. Must be the Irish in us but I don't think hubby and I EVER run out of stuff to talk about! With weather, politics, families, and just inane tidbits there's plenty. Plan what you would do if you won Powerball or what you'd do if you were president. Otherwise we just enjoy the quiet and the fact we are together.
Crowe 04/25/16 03:18pm RV Lifestyle
RE: 4th of July STOP from Ontario, Canada, to Mt. Rushmnore

Can we please not turn this into a thread about the merits or not of having a firearm for whatever reason and stick to the OP's questions?
Crowe 04/25/16 10:15am Roads and Routes
RE: 4th of July STOP from Ontario, Canada, to Mt. Rushmnore

Something many forget about visiting the White House is the process to be allowed to do so. Here is the link on how to get access: https://www.whitehouse.gov/participate/tours-and-events Ask the first FFL dealer to ship to another FFL dealer near your second entry point to arrive on/near your re-entry date.
Crowe 04/25/16 06:16am Roads and Routes
RE: Electronic dog fence

X4 with Old Biscuit.
Crowe 04/25/16 06:10am RV Pet Stop
RE: I am a grandpa!

Congrats! Love the name!
Crowe 04/25/16 06:06am Around the Campfire
RE: Big Tom

Sorry about the cat. Yes, I believe there is a cat heaven. For those that love them I believe they bring the same joy as dogs. Sorry, no bear up for adoption!
Crowe 04/23/16 07:01pm RV Pet Stop
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