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RE: campgrounds in North or South Carolinia

Myrtle Beach Travel Park, North Myrtle Beach, Camp Hatteras, OBX (Rodanthe), Cape Hatteras KOA (Rodanthe). Be prepared for sticker shock but well worth it. I have never stayed at Ocean Waves on OBX but have never heard anything bad about it. It doesn't have a lot of amenities but is much less expensive.
Crowe 04/25/15 06:35pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: When and where to find Rhododendrons

If you are ever in Massachusetts, Heritage Museum and Gardens in Sandwich, MA, has phenomenal rhododendron gardens.
Crowe 04/25/15 06:29pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Texas to Portland, ME

I prefer I78 from just north of Harrisburg to 287 to 87 to 84 or 90. This is the route we take if we go south and take 87/84/90. Going straight up to 90 on 87 is a little longer but less stressful. In all honesty, though, if you want to avoid wild and crazy drivers the northeast isn't the place for you! We like Poland Spring campground, but it's about 35 miles outside the city, and the last time we were there, not completely big rig friendly. However, they were working on upgrading some sites near the main road to allow for some larger units. We were able to get our Endura in there without much difficulty.
Crowe 04/25/15 09:37am Roads and Routes
RE: RIP Sunny

Tough decision as always. But you have to do what's best for everyone, and you did. My condolences.
Crowe 04/25/15 09:32am RV Pet Stop
RE: What % of income for monthly payment consider okay

But if the shoe fits........... Nice snipe before you are "done". My point is you shouldn't try to make someone feel bad over decisions they make-it's no one else's place to decide for them, nor judge, like them or not. The OP asked a very valid question IMHO. Hopefully through all of this he found the answers he was looking for. It all boils down to what one is comfortable with, regardless of other's perceptions. Had he titled the post "Am I Crazy?" no doubt the answers would have been different. To each their own. Happy trails.
Crowe 04/25/15 09:30am Beginning RVing
RE: Maggie RIP

So sorry for your loss of Maggie. She's in a better place.
Crowe 04/25/15 07:31am RV Pet Stop
Didja ever Part Deux: The Fix

OK, so now that the second coat is on the bathroom walls, it's not quite so obnoxious. We went out and bought curtains and towels. Originally though we'd like gray as the floor is gray, so that's what we bought, along with navy as the upstairs bathroom will be light blue or gray. However, the navy looks absolutely smashing! No pics yet as we want to put up a border as well, but as soon as it's done I'll post some.
Crowe 04/24/15 07:20pm Around the Campfire
RE: What % of income for monthly payment consider okay

I resent the implication that you know ANYTHING about how I lived or enjoyed my life. Let them spend themselves into abject poverty, lose their home and job and be out on the street. I don't think you are listening to yourself. You are not listening to yourself, either. First you say I don't know anything about you. Then you say you know these people are going to "spend themselves into abject poverty." It can't be both ways. You advocate teaching people how to be responsible. So, I'm quite sure, do the rest of us. However, despite all of this, you still feel that YOU have the right to dictate how others live. You don't. Nor do I. The OP asked for opinions. They were given yet you feel that your "opinion" trumps all it should be taken for fact. It's not. It's an opinion. So if hamburger and tea is enough to make you happy, more power to you. If someone else chooses to take some risk to enjoy life a little more, more power to them. If someone is willing to take a huge risk, well that's his business ONLY because there's no guarantee that YOU will always be solvent, no matter what "good decisions" you make along the way. Illness, job loss, accidents and unforeseen circumstances all play a part. You live your way, I live mine. And neither of us has the right to judge.
Crowe 04/24/15 07:14pm Beginning RVing
RE: How do you know it's Time?

Like others have said, you will know. It's hard to explain, but mostly it's that sixth sense you've developed being a pet owner and after having one for so long. A good exam is in order-I would suggest a feline specialist rather than a general vet. Good luck.
Crowe 04/24/15 11:03am RV Pet Stop
RE: What % of income for monthly payment consider okay

.except that he has to ask someone else how to determine if he can afford his new toy Wrong again. He's not asking what he can afford, he's asking what others consider when making a decision. Real life experiences can be as valuable or more valuable than a financial planner. What society thinks matters......because those who become old and infirm and are BROKE become burdens on society. THAT is a statement of fact by the way it is written. Judge lest ye be judged.
Crowe 04/23/15 07:27pm Beginning RVing
RE: Texas to Portland, ME

Just a head's up on I290-it goes through the heart of the city of Worcester, has some fairly tight curves, and the road isn't always in the best of shape. Do NOT go through there at rush hour. You can stay on the Pike (I90) until it hits I495. It's a few extra miles, minimal extra in tolls, but is an easier drive. If you hit 290 at an odd hour, it's fairly easy to navigate with the caveat the lanes are a little narrow. Oh, one more thing to watch out for on 290-speed traps.
Crowe 04/23/15 04:10pm Roads and Routes
RE: What % of income for monthly payment consider okay

What society thinks matters......because those who become old and infirm and are BROKE become burdens on society. Sorry, but this has to be one of the most ridiculous statements on here. And possibly one of the most judgmental posts I've ever read. What society thinks does NOT matter. Personal decision, period, accompanied by personal responsibility. Where does it state the OP will become old and infirm? Any one of us could become dependent REGARDLESS of whether or not we spend money on an RV. Riddle me this, if you are financially stable, you buy said RV, have a major accident and suffer injuries that require 7x24 care, exhaust all your resources, then become one of those dependent "old and infirm" people you seem to abhor, should you have not bought the RV? Oh, you can't predict that? No kidding. Why should the OP NOT live life the way he wants to on an "if"?
Crowe 04/23/15 02:42pm Beginning RVing
RE: Bar Harbor

Bar Harbor KOA. Yes, ridiculously priced but worth it.
Crowe 04/23/15 10:30am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Insomnia-cures?

Try Melatonin and see how it works for you. My research indicates that Melatonin might not be as safe as first thought. I also have a heart issue that has to be taken into consideration. However, I will probably run it by my doc to see what he says. So does Benadryl. Doesn't even make me drowsy. I have a very strange body chemistry!
Crowe 04/22/15 06:43pm Around the Campfire
RE: Insomnia-cures?

sorry this got so long No need to apologize for offering so many suggestions. Besides, you have a SPRINGER named DOUGAL! :) Exercise does seem to help and we try to hit the gym 3 days a week plus be outside as much as we can, but sometimes that's just not possible. I did sleep last night but as usual it was very broken sleep from about midnight to 5 a.m. Part of the issue is just my age-it goes along with all the hormonal changes, etc. There's some stress, old bladder just like me, etc., all being dealt with as best as possible. And yes, getting older sux indeed!
Crowe 04/22/15 11:37am Around the Campfire
RE: It's Now or Never - 1 year country tour

Instead of looking at it from the standpoint of what you can't do, how about looking at it as a taste of what you want to do in the future? Each area will be a "taste test" to wet your appetite for a subsquent trip. It's a fantastic opportunity to "preview" what each area is like, rather than commit to one area for a week or two sight-unseen. Keep a separate journal of what you like/dislike in each area for future reference. Not spending time in the NE since it's easy access is also a smart idea. Go where you can't normally get to easily while you can.
Crowe 04/22/15 06:16am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Insomnia-cures?

How about trying a heavy long physical workout with the dear wife for about an hour.... that should put you to sleep. Just saying that would be more fun than all the rest of the suggestions. Ummm, that would be with "dear hubby" but I get your drift! ;) Some of the suggestions I've tried and just don't work. Some I haven't but will. And I thank you all! Keep the suggestions coming.
Crowe 04/21/15 07:20pm Around the Campfire

Go camping. Would love to but no longer have a camper. We are in a "transition" stage at this point in our lives. A change of scenery no doubt would do me a lot of good. We are going away for Memorial Day-hoteling it but that's fine.
Crowe 04/21/15 08:45am Around the Campfire
RE: Insomnia-cures?

Healthy people have healthy sleep-Unhealthy people have unhealthy sleep. Not always. Yes, I am a diabetic with a chronic heart condition, both of which are well under control but I've had insomnia since I was two. Comes and goes, stress is a definite factor, caffeine not an issue, I exercise, get off the laptop at least an hour before I go to bed, try to stick to a regular schedule, don't eat sugar, and have been checked repeatedly for physical causes. Other than the withdrawal from the anti-anxiety med, there does not appear to be a medical cause. I just don't sleep. As a child when I did sleep I had night terrors as well as sleep-walking issues. It's been a life-long battle that seems to have no cause and no cure. I suspect a new job might help but my age and occupation are working against me.
Crowe 04/21/15 08:42am Around the Campfire
RE: Didja ever...

LOL! I figured I wasn't alone and thought I'd get some good stories-and I did! Yup, next time around the sample cans are it. What started this is we will be selling house within the next year, and all walls are white. There's a lot of natural sunlight in the house so with white walls it's very bright. However, it sometimes looks a bit stark, henceforth the journey into colors. We MUST stop watching Fixer Upper!
Crowe 04/21/15 06:12am Around the Campfire
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