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RE: A bear decides to roll himself down a hill at Denali

Bears are very curious and fun loving. If you go to Brooks Lodge in Alaska, you can't put a backpack, coat or anything on the ground as the bears will treat it as a toy. Great video!
Crowe 08/29/15 08:01pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Robbed in Seattle

Seattle is a sanctuary city, nuff said. Sorry to burst your bubble but per the police it's local Seattleites looking for quick drug money. Please don't let this thread degenerate into a hate-mongering thread. I just posted to get myself a small pity party and to give others a head's up to be VERY wary. I believe we were lulled into a false sense of security because not once in 4 days of walking around day or night did we ever feel at risk.
Crowe 08/29/15 11:57am Around the Campfire
RE: Nuu Hampshure weather

Howdy. Haven't moved yet-probably next spring. Same preps as I do here-PRAY it doesn't snow!
Crowe 08/29/15 09:53am Around the Campfire
Robbed in Seattle

I am so upset I can hardly function. We've spent the last two weeks doing a loop in the Pacific NW-we started in Seattle, went to Olympic NP, then Victoria, BC, then Vancouver, BC. We had a red-eye out of Seattle last night, so we took our time driving down, went to the EMP Museum, then stopped at a restaurant in the Belltown area that we had eaten at previously and really enjoyed. We parked in a well-lit, well-traveled city parking lot on a main road. After dinner we went back to the car, grabbed a jacket, then went for a walk. In a 30 minute time frame someone smashed the window of the rental car, took our 3 backpacks with all of our camera gear, laptops, my cell phone, passports, and meds. They also took my entire suitcase so now I have to replace pretty much all of my casual wardrobe and then some. They also took one raincoat that was in the car. Everything was covered under coats but they must have been watching. The Seattle PD was as helpful as they could have been but we are not holding out much hope. Normally we wouldn't have passports with us or would have them on our person but we put them in a backpack after the border crossing so they wouldn't get lost in the car. It's just so disheartening that some people have so little respect for others.
Crowe 08/29/15 09:50am Around the Campfire
RE: Acadia in September, dinner places?

We love Blaze but they don't always have lobster. Personally I'd avoid Stewman's like the plague. Reading Room is up and down. Our personal favorite is the Maine Luau-they go by another name now. Casual but the best BBQ and lobster around.
Crowe 08/27/15 09:51am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Avoid Certain Areas

Having done some research like that myself, take all of that information with a grain of salt. Much of it is based on more psuedo-statistical evidence than reality. Gbopp said it best. And also keep in mind that you can never stop a professional.
Crowe 08/24/15 10:32pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Looking for attractions on I90 from Minn to Mass

re-created 1840 1830s. I had to look it up, though! :B
Crowe 08/18/15 10:58pm Roads and Routes
RE: Boston

If you want to do historical things, skip Boston altogether. From Littleton you can access Lexington and Concord quite easily with your own vehicle. There's Minuteman Historical Park (Lexington), National Heritage Museum (Lexington) Lexington Green, the Old North Bridge (Concord), the Concord Museum (Concord) and a multitude of historical houses/buildings in the area. This keeps you out of the city but allows you to visit some of the most historical areas in the country.
Crowe 08/18/15 10:53pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: What is the odds ?

Yup, it has happened, but the cg verified an address. Glad the cg stepped up to the plate for your. They erred by not confirming more than just the last name.
Crowe 08/17/15 09:41pm General RVing Issues
RE: Laundry room ethics

When the machine shuts off...... Rude. Cut people some slack-they could be on their way or something could have delayed them. That's like sitting down at a restaurant table before the other party finishes getting up. 5-10 minutes, then move it. Being a little courteous won't hurt you and may make a situation less confrontational. There's so much talk on here about lack of common sense, respect, etc., yet taking someone's laundry out immediately is being very pushy. Yes, common sense dictates you should probably wait for your laundry rather than leave, but common sense also dictates that not everything in life goes as planned. Lighten up. It's LAUNDRY.
Crowe 08/17/15 06:30pm RV Lifestyle
RE: D.C., New York area airports put flights on hold

Never again. Just too much hassle. No more than getting stranded on a highway because of a breakdown, sitting in traffic for hours on end, or any of the other issues that hit RVers. Too much of this country to see. Not all of us have the luxury of endless time off.
Crowe 08/16/15 06:14pm Around the Campfire
RE: Why I Love JetBlue Airlines

I am glad you like it but Jet Blue routes do not go to or from anywhere I want to fly. The places they do go require me to fly to one of their hubs and then fly via a route that adds 4-6 hours to the trip. They aren't alone. American and United have been that way for quite a while. What's funny is from up here Southwest doesn't go a lot of the places I would like to go and if they do, I still have to connect through Boston.
Crowe 08/13/15 03:18pm Around the Campfire
RE: My new car has everthing

Yup-I had 4x35 a/c-four windows down, 35 mph!
Crowe 08/13/15 10:27am Around the Campfire
RE: Parking near Boston

Every time there's a post about Boston, I start to unconsciously hum "Charlie and the MTA" by the Kingston Trio. GREAT song! Brings back memories of the days when the Ground Round had live music. One of our favorite bands played this and we all used to dance around the restaurant.
Crowe 08/13/15 06:22am Roads and Routes
RE: Parking near Boston

Glad you have it resolved. Enjoy Boston!
Crowe 08/12/15 06:04pm Roads and Routes
RE: Parking near Boston

Or you could probably just park on street in the seaport/world trade center area. You can't be serious about that. Parking in that area is challenging at best-a truck and trailer for someone who might not be experienced in that area is not a good idea. I believe his line of thinking is to NOT drag the trailer into Boston. Yes, people do it especially when it's back-to-college time but it doesn't make for a fun time. Of course your rig won't be much bigger than the u-haul/ryder truck rentals that get double parked all over town before labor day, so you might be able to just blend in. You're not suggesting he double-park, are you? Great way to get towed and make more problems. I think the OP could find a Walmart,supermarket,mall parking lot, with access to the the T, and be good to go. This is probably the best thing to do. Again, if we know how the OP is passing Boston, that would help.
Crowe 08/12/15 03:45pm Roads and Routes
RE: Stealth Camping

Simple questions for a simple man (me) and they are answered. I swear my head is going to explode over what "this" means and what "that" means. LOL! This is why some of the topics get so heated. "That's not what I meant" and "This is how I interpret that" can cause some angst. But if you truly look at the two questions and answer them as asked, they are, indeed, very simple questions.
Crowe 08/12/15 03:39pm General RVing Issues
RE: Stealth Camping

The OP is assuming or speculating nothing. If you reread his post he is asking a question as to the frequency of "no pays." Being VERY literal, you, too, are "speculating", assuming that he's referring to "no pays". He's only asking if anyone's witnessed people coming late and leaving early, and whether it's considered rare or common, no more, no less. It's TWO straightforward questions each of which only requires a one word answer: Yes/No or Rare/Common. The INFERENCE is he's wondering if people are leaving with out paying, but it's not the question. However, I do agree that anyone "reading between the lines" can reasonably assume he's wondering if people are camping without paying.
Crowe 08/12/15 08:42am General RVing Issues
RE: Parking near Boston

I believe the commuter boats are no longer running from Quincy Per the Massport website supplied above they are still running. However, if the OP is heading to/from the Cape, Hingham may be a better option. Again, a quick phone call to Massport can answer the question.
Crowe 08/12/15 06:17am Roads and Routes
RE: Trade In question

There is one up side to trading even though you might take a loss-liability. Once the RV dealer takes it, you are off the hook. If you don't take too much of a bath, having some peace of mind may outweigh the monetary consideration.
Crowe 08/12/15 06:10am Beginning RVing
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