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RE: Bad year ahead for Yosemite National Park

That is sad. We've been out to SD/WY during fire season where we've had to say prepared to bug out as well as when the weather has been "normal". The parks may look different but you will see things you had never noticed before. Up here we're all wondering if cg openings will be delayed due to too much snow and mud. If we could only ship some of our moisture west!
Crowe 03/31/15 01:13pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Roadmaster Guardian vs Tow Defender

I can't comment on which would be better for your application, but I will say that Roadmaster has one of THE BEST customer service departments/attitudes I have ever had to deal with. Long story short, our tow bar broke on our way down to OBX. Not only did they ship us a new bar to the campground, they upgraded us to the next level at no charge.
Crowe 03/31/15 01:09pm General RVing Issues
RE: Dogs that go outide at night,suggestions

General rule is: You take the dog out on a leash and stay with it while it does its business. If the business is done within your own space, you might be OK leaving it a couple hours until light and then cleaning it up. However, if the business is done anywhere else, clean it up immediately. RV Parks are too close of quarters to let your dog outside by itself. All it takes is for the dog to walk onto someone else's space and pee and you could face eviction. Or the dog might see a smaller creature and take off after it, etc. X2. We camped with the dogs for the first time when Jesse was only 5 months old and although pretty much housebroken, the change threw him off a little bit. Make sure the dogs get plenty of exercise as well. Exercise combined with fresh air often helps them sleep better.
Crowe 03/28/15 06:41pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Who caught what

On our last trip to Alaska, the three of us took home 242 lbs of salmon, halibut, and salt-water best. We left 150 lbs or so at the lodge. Biggest halibut was 75 lbs, caught by my hubby. It was more the quantity than size. Truth be told, the biggest thing I've caught in fresh water was a turtle! :B
Crowe 03/28/15 06:34pm Around the Campfire
RE: Have you meet someone like this?

How do you know he's not already there. Good point! I don't! Pitch, I've read all the responses to the OPs post and what a bunch of tolerant, calm, understanding and proper people. I've been waiting for one person that thinks the same way I do. Theres no way, no how, I could calmly sit there and be insulted with mindless dribble. I would do exactly as you stated. There is one thing that my older age has taught me-people such as what the OP described are not worth the energy it takes to get angry or spiteful. I gain nothing by being as much of a jerk as the other guy. It only makes me as small-minded as he is. In the great walk of life, he's a bump in the road to step over, not a barrier to drive through.
Crowe 03/28/15 06:31pm Around the Campfire
I pays to check/bundle your insurance policies!

Long story short, I recently discovered we were being taken for a ride on our homeowner's policy. At the same time the company that has our automobile polices did a cold call and said we could save money on the auto policies if we "bundled" with the homeowner's policy. Normally I wouldn't bother but figured why not. I'm glad I did. The new policy with the same coverage is $1500 less than our current policy! We will also get further discounts with our auto polices. Our insurance is paid through our mortgage company (for convenience more than anything) and it took a new escrow analysis to realize how we were being ripped off. When I called our broker I was told that solely because it was a standalone policy they put us into a different tier. We've only had 1 claim in 30 years with this company. Moral of the story-pay attention to your insurance costs. Have your mortgage company run an escrow analysis more than once a year to keep a handle on what's being put into the escrow account. And bundle your polices where you can. This message brought to you by Public Service of the Crowe Household. :B
Crowe 03/28/15 10:47am Around the Campfire
RE: Have you meet someone like this?

Honestly I just don't have the temperament to be around people like this anymore. It's best that I just disengage the conversation and move on. Agree. I usually just shrug my shoulders as say "we agree to disagree" and that's it. Or send him to the Tow Vehicle forum-he'd have a blast there! :B
Crowe 03/28/15 10:24am Around the Campfire
RE: Looking for somewhere to go

Hi, Magilla, At this juncture finding a campground may be tough since MDW is less than two months away, but I'd recommend somewhere in Maine. Acadia/Bar Harbor would be my first thought. The campgrounds aren't within walking distance of town, but there's a shuttle bus that goes to the park and into town. You could also try the southern Maine beach area (Wells/York/Ogunquit). There's always the Cape, too, but I don't know what campgrounds are within walking distance of things to do.
Crowe 03/26/15 06:12am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: some people's kids

LOL! What a bunch of suckers! Now, if Old Guy had titled the thread "Idiot In Passing Lane Going Slow" or something of that nature, how many would have NOT clicked on it? BUT since it was about "KIDS" all of you clicked! :B
Crowe 03/25/15 05:45am General RVing Issues
RE: The ten richest Americans

I bet many did not know that four inherited their fortune from Sam Walton. I disagree. This is a pretty savvy bunch.
Crowe 03/24/15 06:01pm Around the Campfire
RE: 411 number

anywho.com On edit: It has White Pages, Yellow Pages, and Reverse Look-Up.
Crowe 03/24/15 03:50pm General RVing Issues
RE: Iowa tries witty roadsigns to cut fatalities

Mass started those last year some time. "Turn on your blinkah" and "Your OMGs and LOLs can wait" are a couple. There was another that I can't remember that was downright hysterical.
Crowe 03/23/15 03:10pm Roads and Routes
RE: Whats a good Pistol to buy?

msmith, Once again, thank you. am1958, Your choice of weapon should be exactly what you have tried and found you are comfortable and effective with. Long gun or short is irrelevant if you understand their strengths and weakness'. You should have an understanding of the ballistic effects of what you choose but know that a trailer isn't exactly a bullet stopper and every round you fire could end up disaffecting someone other than your target. Buy a weapon that you have rented, fired several times, that you are accurate with and feel like it's pretty much part of you and easy to shoot. You'll know when you have it... Thanks for reiterating what many of us already said. We are informed. We are law enforcement, certified instructors, life-long gun owners and the like. Your diatribe is just that.
Crowe 03/21/15 07:32pm Around the Campfire
RE: Whats a good Pistol to buy?

In a motorhome a short barreled shotgun loaded with birdshot is about the safest firearm to have on hand. As an instructor certified in self-defense (among other areas) I agree for multiple reasons, with the number one reason being the close proximity of a campground neighbor and the high risk of missing and hitting them. Secondly, with a shotgun in hand you KNOW you've got something in your hand and it will require you to think about what you are doing. However, first things first. If you cannot absolutely, concretely and unequivocally say YES to the question "Can I take another person's life?" then find another means of protecting yourself. A can of mace, bug spray, hair spray or Lysol sprayed in a person's face can stop someone pretty quickly. Keep a baseball bat as a back-up. You'll present a lot less danger to innocents and you don't have to worry about locking them up. That said the best handgun is the one you are most proficient and comfortable with. Get trained, rent a few, and keep asking yourself the question I've already mentioned.
Crowe 03/20/15 07:10pm Around the Campfire
RE: It's that time of year!

That cartoon fits here more than there, I'll bet. Fits a lot of places this year. And around here, it's true. Spring arrives at 6:56 p.m. or so, right when the next snowstorm is scheduled to be in full swing. Seems the bulk of the storms that have hit here have targeted the Maritimes when they're done playing with us.
Crowe 03/20/15 10:34am RV Pet Stop
RE: Now, they're all gone

So sorry to hear. What a wonderful tribute. A friend of ours had English setters that he used for hunting. He devoted one hallway to pictures of each of them. It was very moving to walk through there. Just remember they are never totally gone as they stay in our hearts and in our memories.
Crowe 03/19/15 05:19pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Where to leave trailer for a day while traveling

Um... A campsite? If he's not going to spend the night in the area, why spend the money? Try any local Elks facility as well.
Crowe 03/19/15 05:16pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Can anyone share their experiences with Uber?

No background checks. No safety inspections. In Chicago numerous crimes by drivers. Ditto in Boston. Taxi drivers are licensed and vetted.
Crowe 03/19/15 05:14pm General RVing Issues
RE: Kayaks - Does size really matter?

OR the 12' model that will track better, require a way to haul it, etc... There are multiple ways to carry kayaks using a variety of racks designed for pick-up trucks. You don't say what kind of unit you have-you may be able to put racks on the top of that. If your primary is river running, then a longer boat is probably in order. However, keep in mind that a longer boat may be a little more difficult to control on the "ripples" and can be a bear on open water. Ours are a little of both. That said, there are two REI stores in Pittsburg. That would be where I'd start. Check their event calendar on-line and see what classes/events regarding boats they are offering. The majority of the staff are well-versed in the areas where they work, plus they do hire experts in the areas they teach. If you get a membership (it's a one-time fee), you will get a 10% dividend based on what you've spent during the previous year. No, I don't work there but shop there frequently as they stand behind their products.
Crowe 03/17/15 07:33pm General RVing Issues
RE: Crowe: Snow

My daughter picked this past year (July to July) to do a 1 year fellowship in Worchester, MA (just outside Boston). She is from TN, so is not used to snow. CHUCKLE! My son goes to college in Worcester (about an hour west of Boston) and he has told us that MANY of the kids who are not used to snow have been freaking out. He's a died-in-the-wool Yank and it's even been a bit much for him. He's wondering whatever possessed him to finish his Master's there and not somewhere warm! p.s. It's pronounced "Wister" or "Wistah" depending on how strong your Boston accent is!
Crowe 03/17/15 04:09pm General RVing Issues
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