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RE: High School/College Picture Rant

Well, you just have to look at the bright side. At least the graduations are a one time, forever lasting, happy occasion. Well I'll have THREE of them with my son-high school (done), college (this May), grad school (next year). I just feel for parents who can't afford them. And it just aggravates the pants off me that they are so greedy.
Crowe 04/23/14 08:08pm Around the Campfire
RE: Thank you to my mother

I'm truly sorry for your loss. My mother passed away almost 23 years ago and left me an adventurous spirit. I'm happy to see you find comfort in her words. With Mother's Day fast approaching may we all remember those who paved the way for us to find our "open road" be it by example or by encouragement.
Crowe 04/23/14 07:39pm RV Lifestyle
High School/College Picture Rant

OK, so I'm on a tear tonight. Son reminded us we hadn't ordered his college pictures yet (he got a reminder). It's the same company that did his high school pics. I'd forgotten what a rip-off they are. The cheapest package they offer is $179 (which didn't even include an 8x10) and if you order a-la-carte it's absolutely mindboggling what they charge. Of course they know parents will pay the money for the "memory". Captive audience, tugging on heartstrings. And people talk about the oil industry being greedy! Rant over! On edit: $175 for two 5x7 and one 8x10, retouched, but no frames or anything.
Crowe 04/23/14 07:33pm Around the Campfire
RE: Trimming toe nails

We have trained both of ours to let us use my dremel on them. I make sure I don't "burn" the nail using too high a speed. I keep theirs trimmed based on how much I hear the clicking when they are walking across our hardwood floors especially our large one. X2. We have found that there is less bleeding if a mistake is made when using a Dremmel vs. clippers.
Crowe 04/23/14 02:42pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Disney yes program

I'd go to their website and look for the info there or call their customer service area for the most accurate information. There may be "gotchas" that people here haven't run into.
Crowe 04/22/14 05:48pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Diatomaceous Earth?

Tractor Supply has Red Lake brand. Hubby's thought was to use our seed spreader to distribute it. If anyone thinks using a spreader is a bad idea please let me know! Thanks!
Crowe 04/21/14 03:41pm RV Pet Stop
RE: "Dead" Dogs :-)

Same happens to my boys when we've had them outside all day while work in the yard, especially if we take them for a good walk. I love it when they are all warm and snuggly!
Crowe 04/21/14 03:22pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Loud Pickups

but I WOULD like to sleep a little longer Take comfort in the fact that if this stuff bothers you now that shortly you will probably be deaf and it won't matter. :B Until then foam ear plugs or white noise might help.
Crowe 04/21/14 03:19pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Easter Bunny - Male or Female ?

Not a prayer the Easter Bunny is male. There's NO WAY a male could find all the houses to deliver baskets to without asking directions nor multi-task to procure, decorate and hide all those Easter eggs! :B
Crowe 04/21/14 05:09am Around the Campfire
RE: Diatomaceous Earth?

Not sure about ticks but ants can not walk across it due to the sharp edges. From what I read it punctures the exoskeletons of various bugs and the ultimately dehydrate and die. My concern is killing "innocent" bugs and causing a ripple effect of some sort by disrupting the food chain. There's plenty of open space in my neighborhood where they can survive and I need to put my family's safety first but it's still something to think about.
Crowe 04/20/14 06:40pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Diatomaceous Earth?

I did a net search and it does appear that food grade diatomaceous earth does, indeed, kill ticks and is not harmful to animals. Found instructions on how to use it as well. We'll be heading to the local Tractor Supply Co to get some in the hopes we can rid the yard of ticks or at least cut down their numbers.
Crowe 04/20/14 05:34pm RV Pet Stop
Diatomaceous Earth?

I've heard that diatomaceous earth is a natural tick repellant and is safe around pets. Anyone had any experience with this? If so, what kind do you get? I've seen several, some of which are used as a diet supplement for livestock and pets.
Crowe 04/20/14 04:27pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Gulf Front

I'm guessing the issue most of the time is the AMEX. AMEX charges huge fees to companies for the "privilege" of taking it. One solution is to use a different credit card. If you are trying to rack up points you might want to weigh the reward of the points vs. the reward of being where you want to be.
Crowe 04/20/14 09:32am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Question re: Benedryl & dogs

Thanks, all. Jesse's already on a grain-free diet. Been to the vet numerous times. We have finally figured out that he "blossoms" exactly when the pollen starts in full force. I'd love to keep him in during peak pollen times, but that's when he gets out because both of us work during the day. Bedding does get washed but probably not often enough. We also treat topically. Dr. Doug, I had come across Apoquel when I was doing net research on causes/cures. Up until this year, he hadn't really be itchy. My vet also brought it up but he hadn't started the itchies yet. Will try 50mg of Benedryl twice a day to see if it helps. May also try the apple cider vinegar wash which has also been recommended. Will keep everyone posted!
Crowe 04/20/14 07:12am RV Pet Stop
RE: Question re: Benedryl & dogs

Bottle says to take every 4-6 hours so I'm assuming that's not time release.
Crowe 04/19/14 09:05pm RV Pet Stop
Question re: Benedryl & dogs

We've decided to try Jesse on Benedryl to see if it helps his skin issues as it's undoubtedly some form of allergic reaction (it went nuts when everything started to bloom this past Tuesday). He's 50 lbs so I know the dose would be 50 mg. We gave him 25 mg this morning just to make sure he would react badly or be to sleep. He tolerated it well. My question is would he get the same benefit if we give him 25 mg twice a day vs. 50 once a day? We're not even sure if it's going to help but since it won't hurt it's worth a shot.
Crowe 04/19/14 08:45pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Roads Most Traveled

Don't even have to draw the lines. Because of being in a polarized part of the country and having limited time off, our radius of travel via RV is somewhat small. And, yes, we take the same route every time. I don't like surprises, especially when I'm driving something 12 feet tall, 35 feet long, and dragging a car behind it all! There are states, especially in the northeast, where it's not necessary to spend the night in order to see a goodly chunk of the state, or even ALL of it. You can probably add Massachusetts to that list! Although the scenery, terrain and population vary greatly from one end to the other, in less that 3 hours on I90 you can pretty much see it all! The exception is Cape Cod because you have to drive south to get there.
Crowe 04/19/14 07:55pm Roads and Routes
RE: Sometimes, a dog is just a dog?

OMG is he cute! For years I disliked small dogs-for no real reason other than they were small, which was funny because I had a Schipperke growing up. Had big dogs up until we got Jesse & Jake 5 years ago. My turn around was when we started RVing. I got to meet so many of the smaller breeds and have grown to love and appreciate them more and more. If it were just me I'd most likely have something no more than 20 lbs. 10 years ago I would have told anyone they were NUTS if they thought I'd feel that way.
Crowe 04/19/14 07:51pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Sometimes, a dog is just a dog?

I should have put Jack down about 9 months ago, when the aggression first started and his bloodwork showed he was "normal". Never look back because it will keep you from moving forward. Seldom in life do we have all the info necessary to make a decision. Add a bit of emotion and all bets are off. "Normal" IMHO is not truly definable. Just because he fell within the 96% on the bell curve doesn't mean it was right for HIM.
Crowe 04/18/14 06:58pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Update on BenBen- still has more time in him

Yippee! Hugs and kisses for Ben Ben!
Crowe 04/18/14 06:54pm RV Pet Stop
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