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RE: Winter Camping in a View or Navion

Plenty adequate. If we are plugged in we used a Delonghi mica space heater which is dead quiet. To conserve energy we made insulated window covers and a cover assembly that blocks the poorly insulated truck cab but still allows the used of the cab seats. If dry camping we use the furnace. Batteries need to be charged pretty much daily in that event. Gas doesn't seem to be a limiting factor.
Dakzuki 11/22/15 06:17pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Space Heater in Chinook RV

A 1500 watt heater will do the job in a Chinook easily even if in the 20s. We use on in our current RV. Take your pick as to which one. You can block the cab off with a blanket to conserve heat if you feel the need.
Dakzuki 11/21/15 03:02pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: diesel stations app

We use Gas Buddy to find reasonable price fuel and then Google maps/earth to see what the access to the station is like (especially when pulling the toad). As soon as we fill up we start planning the next fuel stop and adjust as needed.
Dakzuki 11/21/15 12:47pm General RVing Issues
RE: New Pro ECL Interstate batteries

Marine/RV means not a true deep cycle battery. The only true deep cycle 12 volt batteries I know of are AGMs. All others are a hybrid. True deep cycle flooded batteries come as 6 volt (golf cart batteries) and are quite affordable. The down side is you need room for two batteries.
Dakzuki 11/20/15 11:11am General RVing Issues
RE: Fleetwood or Winnebago?

I would never own a rubber roof on an RV so that decision was made for me when I was shopping.
Dakzuki 11/15/15 01:12pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Thor Compass Thor Gemini like Winnebago View Itasca Navion

https://thormotorcoach.com/image/cache/frontend/data/Motorhomes/RVs/Class-B-Plus-RV/2016-Compass-23TR-Waterscape-exterior-700x459.png width=500 diesel transit tows 5000# - winnie trend does 2000# a lot going on in this ruv concept. fwiw, this C is one of the more B-like B+ motorhomes out there. from the video, it seems kinda' cramped. if you want any daylight from the 4 rear windows, you must extend bed slide. tthere seems to be a lot of interior 'finishing' material, which adds to a sense of plushness. didn't see if cab seats swivel. coming from an A, the lack of a solid shower glass door may be an issue. the long wheelbase and close-to-ground door entry may cause some scrapes in urban curbed entryways and/or uneven cg sites. the unit looks fun, especially for a solo traveller. The Fuse (Transit based) does not tow 5000 lbs however. GVW is 10,400 (which is where you will be when loaded to travel) and GCWR is 12,000. That leaves room to tow 1600 lbs. The same calculation needs to be made with the Trend to find actual towing capacity. My Navion is rated to tow 5,000 lbs but I can't get there for the exact same reason. Fully laden, it is limited to about 4,000 lbs (assuming zero tongue weight). Tongue weight counts as vehicle cargo.
Dakzuki 11/15/15 11:39am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Thor Compass Thor Gemini like Winnebago View Itasca Navion

The Ford chassis has a gross weight more akin to the first generation of View/Navion and can tow much less. In either case be mindful of OCCC numbers if you are downsizing from a class A.
Dakzuki 11/14/15 12:08pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Rethinking our Toad plan

Only you ca decide what you want the toad to do. If that can be accomplished without pulling another vehicle, then so be it.
Dakzuki 11/08/15 09:11pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: water pressure regulater

What I did is get a Watts adjustable regulator from these guys LINK and hook it up to one of these LINK That I got cheap and replaced the crappy plastic faucet with a brass one. The whole assembly screws onto the campground outlet and I still have an outdoor faucet.
Dakzuki 11/07/15 09:45pm Beginning RVing
RE: Pay for parts up front?

I lost an awning this summer in a bad storm. My insurance is paying for it less my deductible. The repair shop wants me to pay for the awning up front before they'll order it. Is this a common practice? I manage a auto body shop and we always pay for parts and collect when the job is complete. just seems strange. I have heard of shops to want special order parts that they cannot return to be paid for up front but given that this is an insurance job, I'd just contact my insurance company and let it be handled from there. They may be able to convince the shop or provide one to work with.
Dakzuki 11/04/15 12:05pm General RVing Issues
RE: Oil pump removal. Help!

Worn out main bearings will give the same symptoms. Been there, done that. I doubt it's the pump. As others have said, check the pressure with a reliable gauge.
Dakzuki 11/02/15 12:11pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: New Winnebago on Ford Tansit

Only E-series vans have stopped. The cutaway chassis alone is still the 3rd top selling van chassis in the US. Cutaway has been committed through 2019. They did stop selling the lighter under 11,500 GVWR E350 DRWs as those overlapped the Transit offerings. I sure hope that Ford keeps offering the cutaway chassis versions of - and suppliers keep supplying parts for - at least the E450. A portion (how big?) of the U.S. Class C market really needs the current 14,500 GVWR of this chassis. Not all of us care for the new wave of somewhat cramped smallish Class C units that are only good for 2-3 days of non-hookup non-tank-emptying camping time. The E450 under our Class C just happens to drive smooth and rock solid. One hand on the steering wheel while cruising. We hope to be able to keep it several years yet with full support. Ford pretty much owns that market. There is no real competition and thus no reason to come up with something better than a decades old design. Support will still be around long after production ceases. That's not a worry.
Dakzuki 11/01/15 10:32am Class C Motorhomes
RE: wonder why the BF reorganizers didn't use the transit

The MB chassis has a higher payload capacity which could have driven BF's decision. The Ford 5 cylinder diesel will work just fine IMO. Lots of Sprinter based RVs running around with less power and just a 5 speed gearbox.
Dakzuki 11/01/15 10:26am Class C Motorhomes
RE: New Winnebago on Ford Tansit

Which is the same gross weight as the original View/Navions and they pulled it off. --- Really? Any real life, "loaded for the road", documented weight figures to back up this statement? Gross weight was 10,200 on the 5 cylinder View/Navions and they sold plenty of them. There are lots of them still on the road, so it apparently worked. I only know the OCCC numbers for my 2011 (higher gross weight but also higher unladen weight) which is about 1500 lbs. I can easily live within that number. The 5 cylinder Sprinter RVs were around before OCCC was standardized and I don't know how Winnebago calculated their numbers back then but I think they used the RVIA method of the day. Ask an owner of a 5 cylinder Sprinter RV.
Dakzuki 10/30/15 11:09am Class C Motorhomes
RE: New Winnebago on Ford Tansit

Keep in mind the Transit Cutaway is NOT available with the EcoBoost. The gas model will be the natural-aspirated 3.7L. Which has plenty of horsies, but won't have the down-low, never-need-to-downshift torque of the EcoBoost or Diesel. Which probably was the right decision. Full-profile motorhomes would take a lot more power all the time, putting the motor in boost more often than not. Once you apply a full-time big-block load, it gets full-time block gas mileage. Both Thor and Winnie are offering theirs with the diesel and a 6 speed transmission.
Dakzuki 10/30/15 10:23am Class C Motorhomes
RE: New Winnebago on Ford Tansit

As a few of you might recall, I am not a lover of slide outs. But that rear slide making a walk-around queen bed is quite nice, as long as the bed remains a bed when pulled in. I would want a real bed, not a couch bed back there. I might be persuaded to consider that. But the added weight is always concerning on the lighter rated chassis like the Transit, Sprinter, and E350. A short 24 footer with that rear slide out would put me at ease if it were built on the E450 chassis. Nothing less. Another up side of that slide is it doesn't stick into the street if you are curb camping (like I do). Down side is it sticks into your campsite. Looking forward to seeing some real numbers on this...like OCCC.
Dakzuki 10/30/15 10:11am Class C Motorhomes
RE: New Winnebago on Ford Tansit

It would be very interesting to *weigh* this thing as it comes off the line. The maximum GVWR of the 350HD DRW is only 10.360 lbs. Depending on how Winnebago jiggers the numbers, I suspect that the "Fuse" would be overweight before adding a can of beans. Which is the same gross weight as the original View/Navions and they pulled it off.
Dakzuki 10/30/15 10:03am Class C Motorhomes
RE: How do you see the sights without a toad?

Richy, This is so very dependent on how you travel, that there is no one good answer. We have a 23ft Class A. We had a towed. I just sold it. We have the bicycles that fold up and live under our dinette and they are almost as good for most things. If you are going to park a week in one place, that may be a reason for a towed. We don't. We used it and dragged it and is was all set up for use in every state. We didn't take it to Yellowstone because it was such a long run. We didn't miss it. I took me a while to figure out why people were getting out of their cars to see things. We could see just fine. If you are sight seeing in the west, the view is better than it is from a car. OK, the fuel will cost more, but you also don't have the chance to leave anything like the camera or binoculars or sun hat back at camp. If you are going to travel in a megopolis, either drag the towed or rent one there. This is very true on the East and West coasts. When you get within 100 miles of salt water, the whole place becomes anti-RV and it doesn't matter what kind of RV. Just make sure that your own insurance covers rental cars and don't pay for theirs. Matt When we went to Yellowstone the toad was invaluable. We put 100 miles on it in one day there and went places the RV could not go. Like you said, there is no one good answer.
Dakzuki 10/28/15 11:59am Class C Motorhomes
RE: View year and towing

See sig.
Dakzuki 10/27/15 11:10am Class C Motorhomes
RE: differing CCC & tow rating same manufacter same floor plan

Not sure what the problem is? One has a higher capacity hitch than the other (5K hitch vs. 7.5K hitch). The hitch capacity doesn't change any of the other numbers, it just tells you the capacity of the hitch. That's exactly what I noticed.
Dakzuki 10/27/15 09:33am Class C Motorhomes
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