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RE: Black & Grey tank chemicals - What do you use ?

Dakzuki 08/25/14 11:12am General RVing Issues
RE: Progressive Insurance

Thanks for the info. I won't use them but also because of the political views of the owner /person running the company. Why do you think they call it Progressive? Today's world economy is too complex to even attempt to base purchases on the socio-political opinions of suppliers of goods or services. Shouldn't buy goods from red China. (The goal of communist countries is to defeat democracies). Shouldn't buy Arab oil. (Muslims hate infadels). Somebody likes gays, someone else hates them. Someone dislikes birth control, someone else favors it. Someone favors legalizing pot, someone else uses it legal or not. I'm purchasing a good or service from the source that does the best job of providing it, not from the source that votes as I do. Water bug I'm afraid I disagree with your position. In the case of Progressive I choose not to consider them in my insurance buying needs. Based strictly on their major support of far left issues. There are many more options available. I buy American made and my fuel from Sinclair (North American Crude)My trucks are from American companies. ( yes I realize much is made over seas ) My trucks were assembled in Kansas city and Michigan truck. Just my opinion. Must be tough finding an airplane to fly on.
Dakzuki 08/25/14 10:35am General RVing Issues
RE: Winnebago / Mercedes Issues 2015 Navion 24G

If you get over to the View Navion group and mention this it would be most informative for those intending to purchase. I have heard that Lichtsinn and WGO lurk on the forum too. You might get a little more love too as they don't need the bad press.
Dakzuki 08/24/14 09:08pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Winter Mildew Prevention in Cold Northern Climes

I keep it buttoned up tight with dehumidifier or Dry Z Air. During the winter here it is damp all the time. Venting will just allow moisture in.
Dakzuki 08/24/14 03:24pm General RVing Issues
RE: Looking for class c stuff

I know this is not the site for buying or selling, but I'm trying to find websites that I buy or sell used stuff for my Winnebago View. I just bought it new and I'm making changes to personalize it. I've looked on Craigslist and ebay, but does anyone have any suggestions? Rv clubs, any help would be appreciated. I'm sure that other rv owners are in the same pickle that I am in. Thanks Best resource for View/Navion stuff is here. There are also two associated sites for Mods and Tech. The mods site has all kinds of info on improvements to make. All the way from easy stuff to very serious.
Dakzuki 08/24/14 02:35pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Looking for class c stuff

Why change something new that you just bought? Why not buy something that meets your needs right now first? As Cousin Eddie mentioned, start making drastic changes and you might have a hard time with a warranty. Or you could end up screwing something up that's gonna cost ya. I understand after a number of years. But, not new. You could of ordered it with the changes you want. Many manufacturers will work with you like that. Did you leave your house alone after you bought it or did you make improvements? Same deal. I started doing mods to my RV as soon as I bought it new. Lots of stuff the manufacturers/dealers have never even thought of and things I am perfectly capable of doing.
Dakzuki 08/24/14 02:33pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Winnebago / Mercedes Issues 2015 Navion 24G

If I recall Winnebago taps into the passenger door circuit for the electric lock on the coach door. I am almost certain this will be a Winnebago issue. I have called WGO directly before and they have been helpful with tech issues. Keep trying with them. You might ask here too.
Dakzuki 08/24/14 01:00pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: inspection before trips

Before for I move the RV even 6 inches I do a thorough walk around to make sure I am not going to run over anything, yank an umbilical, hit a tree limb, dump the contents of an open bin, etc. Look UNDER the RV for stuff that has migrated there....it happens. I'm in aviation too and we take our preflight checks seriously. You can do a lot of damage to an RV through inattention or being in a rush. Speaking of not rushing things, hooking up the toad is something that should be done with utmost care and concentration. I have had folks come up and talk to me while I'm setting up the toad and I end up going through the checks from start to finish again after a distraction. I've read of guys destroying toad engines by towing them in gear, steering locked, etc. I don't want to be that guy.
Dakzuki 08/23/14 11:49am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Progressive Insurance

I've had two claims with them on my car. Once after hitting a deer and once when I was backed into. No issues both times. Biggest issue I had was with the quality of work (I chose the body shop the dealership owned after being backed into...big mistake). My car had to go back twice and they managed to add damage once.
Dakzuki 08/23/14 11:33am General RVing Issues
RE: Tips on Keeping Motorhome Cooler

There is another thing that helps. Get acclimated so you are used to the heat. If you are living in an air conditioned environment you will have issues when exposed to heat. We rarely have the cab AC on when driving and even less frequently use the house AC. We wear less/lighter clothing and have sheepskin seat covers that make life easier in the cab. Usually I will turn on the house AC in the evening to cool things down before bed and then shut it down. This works for us up to about 100F during the day. We don't have to deal with humidity out here so that's a different story.
Dakzuki 08/22/14 09:56am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Adventure of a Lifetime

Good luck Eric and enjoy the ride. If I stumble into you on the road, I'll buy you a beer for sure.
Dakzuki 08/22/14 09:47am Class C Motorhomes
RE: California Sighting--cool old RV

Construction of 70's houseboxes was even more leak prone and weighed a lot more than current methods and materials which taxed the smaller carbureted engines and brake systems. We once owned a 23-foot 79 Higgins Delta that weighed a lot, overheated, crawled up grades, rode hard and was not much fun to drive even after installing air bags, Bilsteins. etc. Appreciate your recent lighter, safer, and higher powered rig. Our family had a 72 Chinook on a Chev. It was awesome and stayed in the family for nearly 30 years. The only issue is it was geared pretty low and at 60 MPH the engine was revving pretty good with no OD. It flat hauled ass up grades with that 350 four bolt and a big 4 barrel. Never had any leak issues of the main structure. The rear door rotted out eventually as did the metal of the Chev (they were prone to it).
Dakzuki 08/21/14 12:05pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Minnie Winnie 25B Sale Price

Hi All, The Minnie Winnie 25B has a MSRP of 65,642. From what I've read on the forums one should expect to pay 25% to 32% off MSRP. Is that applicable to new WInnebago as well? That would put our expected price to pay between 44,636 and 49,231. BTW, the other MH we're looking at is the Coachmen Freelander 26QB. We thought that given the popularity and reputation of Winnebago's, the dealer pricing may not be as flexible. And thank you to all for the great advice on this forum. This site has been the best source of information on our search for a MH. I look forward to becoming an active member once we get up and running with our rig. Thanks, Jason Jason, When I ordered mine (factory order through dealer) I got 26% off MSRP. Get a build sheet for the RV you are interested in, total up the RV with all the options you want and go shopping. Get price quotes from Lichtsinn in Iowa and Lewis RV in Ohio and be prepared to go on a trip to get an RV if your local dealer won't get close. I was but when my local dealer came in with their second offer less than a thousand dollars more I elected to stay local.
Dakzuki 08/21/14 09:01am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Lifeline L16 AGM?

I replaced my OE 12 volt "semi" deep cycle batteries with two 6 volt Lifeline GPL-4CTs. I can now go 3 days on a full charge (to 50% level, 12.2V). My old batteries couldn't even hope to pull that off. No more cleaning in the battery compartment and not more corrosion in there. They were $300 each when I bought them last year. I intend to add solar to the mix.
Dakzuki 08/20/14 10:54am General RVing Issues
RE: Do Ice Cubes in the Black Tank Really Work?

Been working for us for 5yrs now. And it's all happy camping Rubbing my tummy counter clockwise keeps the elephants away. Been doing it for years and have yet to see an elephant around my camp site.
Dakzuki 08/20/14 10:46am General RVing Issues
RE: Mercedes sprinter code

A CEL will not necessarily cause it to shut down or go into limp mode. The engine will have to sense a serious problem and an NOx sensor likely isn't one of them. That is smog stuff and will be a warranty issue.
Dakzuki 08/20/14 10:25am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Need some common sense.

Criteria when we purchased was no bigger than 25 feet for the noted reason by the OP of getting into smaller National Park/Forest Service sites. We don't do RV parks (unless we have to). There is one site overlooking a bay we stayed in that I had to jog to get into but get into it I did and we set up camp with a beautiful view.
Dakzuki 08/20/14 09:26am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Cold Air Intake

Be prepared for an increase in intake noise when you install it. Not sure if it applies as much to the E series but I had one on my F250 and it was significantly louder than stock. The up side is it was a pleasant sound for a motorhead like me.
Dakzuki 08/20/14 09:17am Class C Motorhomes
RE: 2013 Winnebago 188hp Mercedes 24ft

I' m thinking of buying the above RV. How reliable are the engines, etc. appreciate any info you can give me. The engine will only last several hundred thousand miles. It's a Benz diesel. Go figure. The best resource for Winnie/Itasca Sprinter class Cs is here
Dakzuki 08/19/14 12:19pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: 2013 Winnebago 188hp Mercedes 24ft

I have a similar class C, a Prism on a Mercedes 3500 chassis. I have just finished a 100 day trip to Alaska and back to Florida. I am very pleased with the performance of my Sprinter engine and chassis. Like any other engine you must pay attention to insure cooling systems, air filters, and engine oil are changed and maintained on a proper basis. We were very pleased with having oil and filter changes at Jiffy Lube. The engine takes 13 quarts of oil and we use synthetic as we did a lot of grade climbing. The engine and transmission system makes this coach climb like a goat. I am a believer in the system and would say go for it. Ketchan, I hope the guys at JL are using the correct oil. If it is a V6 it has to meet the 229.51 spec and not many oils do. It needs to be that (low ash) spec or you are setting yourself up for a premature DPF failure. Just using syn is not good enough. Lots of places are not familiar with this. 13 qts of 229.51 every 10K miles. Personally I wouldn't let JL near my engine. I used to work at an independent VW/Porsche/Audi shop and we repaired their work more than once.
Dakzuki 08/19/14 12:17pm Class C Motorhomes
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