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RE: DEF fuel additive for diesel Sprinter

We just bought a LTV Unity MB with the diesel Mercedes Sprinter. Can anyone tell me how often I would need to top off the DEF--or how long I should expect the tank to last? We are planning a rather lengthy road trip next month...and I would rather not carry the 2+ gallon if I don't need it. The vehicle will give you ample warning if you need to reload the DEF. See your MB owners manual for the specifics....don't listen to us. You can get some while on the road if you need it. Lots of diesel vehicles use it now so it's easy to find. Just make sure you know where to put it before you need to find out on a dark night.
Dakzuki 05/25/15 09:21pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Newbie, looking at 28-30' rigs

There is a thing called OCCC. That is the weight of stuff and people you can put in an RV and stay below it's max gross weight. If you are shopping new you will see a sticker on the RV indicating it. Regarding the brands, one of them has a fiberglass roof and the others are rubber. You can decide which you want
Dakzuki 05/25/15 08:00pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Towing a 2 horse trailer

You will likely have better luck with a class A. Most class Cs are not rated to tow that weight. Shopping class As will give you many more choices.
Dakzuki 05/25/15 07:30pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Illegal GPS mounting

Yea, illegal anywhere on the windshield in CA too. What is ridiculous is if it is physically mounted somewhere else (dash, mirror, overhead) but obscuring the same piece of windshield it is perfectly legal.
Dakzuki 05/25/15 05:34pm General RVing Issues
RE: Looking at Winnebago View

QUOTE Our HWH levelers are automatic. Push a button to deploy and level and push a button to retract. They level the MH but do not reduce ground clearance. The HWH levelers on our larger MH were air levelers on the wheels and did not have jacks. You could reduce ground clearance on those. Cost for the View was $4700 but in my opinion well worth it. But as I said before and also someone else, go to the HWH factory in Iowa to have them installed. Great people and know what they are doing.UNQUOTE Do the HWH levelers void the warranty of the Sprinter Chassis? The only way a warranty would be voided is if the modification materially affected the chassis and there was a failure due to the modification.
Dakzuki 05/25/15 11:37am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Automatic leveling system on Mercedes Sprinter 3500 chassis

With the limited weight capacity of the Sprinter 3500 RV most people don't add 400+ lbs. in a leveling system. Four Andersen Levelers cost $160, work very well, and weigh about 380 lbs. less. https://www.andersenhitches.com/Products/3604--camper-leveler.aspx HWH levelers for a Sprinter most certainly do not weigh 400+ lbs. Closer to two than four.
Dakzuki 05/23/15 09:27pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Looking at Winnebago View

We (two of us) did just that two years ago......a month off and toured western national parks. We pulled a small 4x4 toad (with two bikes hanging on it) which was very useful for getting to hiking spots and getting around Yellowstone (we drove 100 miles in one day at Yellowstone). Our only regret was not taking two months off. We never felt cramped in the RV. We loaded up heavily on food we pre-fabricated and froze (pre-cooked our bacon, etc) so we made the most of the space available and minimized grocery stops. We have no problem with storage in the Navion. We did carry some stuff in the toad (like a 20 lb LP tank). We are much more outdoors oriented so we almost always cook outdoors and the TV goes unused. We had laptops and used iphones for hotspots for internet.
Dakzuki 05/23/15 12:20pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: real world fuel mileage

Is it just me or do you all experience nature's head wind regardless of direction? I'll look out a side window at tall grass far from the road and the wind always leans it into the direction we are coming from. We head west to go on vacation and we have a head wind. Weeks later we are going back home and sure enough, we have a head wind again. Murphy's Law! :( Probably partly because side winds are not good for fuel economy either (love that feeling of the steering cranked into the wind :E). Odds are we're getting unfavorable wind direction. It has to be a nearly pure tailwind to help us along. Correct. If you are having to correct the steering for a crosswind component you are scuffing the tires which is friction. I've driven with a good tailwind and the mileage increase can be epic...like 2 MPG for me for a good stiff tailwind.
Dakzuki 05/22/15 08:24pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: real world fuel mileage

Around 15 and with the toad take off about 1 mpg. The wind gets a huge vote.
Dakzuki 05/22/15 08:01pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Mud dauber/wasp screens

a doctor once told me once that all those warnings on all these products, medical or what ever, are to protect the manufactures back side in case something did happen I just had a doctor tell me the same thing. Yeah, that warning about removing it is strictly a liability thing done by their legal department. The furnace manufacturer will not approve it and the screen manufacturer cannot control what it it attached to.
Dakzuki 05/03/15 11:00am General RVing Issues
RE: gas stations

We use the Gas Buddy app and then look from above with Google maps to find stations with reasonably priced fuel and ease of access. We start planning the next fuel stop as soon as we have fueled and are back on the road.
Dakzuki 05/03/15 10:56am General RVing Issues
RE: Batteries: Two-6V In Series, or Two-12V In Parallel ???

My previous experience was that having the extra capacity to keep the coach heater going all night when boondocking would be worth the $400 expense. I'm scratching my head over your statement above about the coach heater requiring 6V batteries to go all night ... also kindof perplexed as to why Ron thought he had to go to 6V batteries in the first place in light of his willing to pay AGM money. :h If your PC motorhomes had room for a couple of 12V Group 27 or Group 29 or Group 31 12V batteries, and if either/both of you were willing to lay out the cash for AGM batteries, then a whole different 12V battery world opens to you. That world is the deep cycle world - in which there our plenty of true deep cycle 12V AGM battery makers and models available. My take on 95+% of all the "6V versus 12V" forum discussions usually boils down to - after several pages of words - what is getting compared is 6V true deep cycle (i.e. "Golf Cart") wet cell batteries to 12V wanna-be deep cycle (i.e. "Marine/Starting") wet cell batteries. The reason for this comparison being that 12V true deep cycle wet cell batteries are as rare as Chickens' Teeth to find, leaving 6V true deep cycle wet cell batteries of the commonly and cheaply available Golf Cart type as the final battery of choice for folks who didn't want to spend AGM money. Wanting deep cycle 6V AGM batteries over deep cycle 12V AGM batteries I don't get at all - especially of one had room for the 12 volters in the first place and so didn't need to spend money to make room for 6V golf cart batteries. :h Our two Group 29 true deep cycle 12 volt 100 amp hour AGM batteries easily power our propane furnace all night (it cycles - doesn't run continuously), plus another night, plus a non-steaming CPAP machine every night. Also, the argument that one can get a lot more amp hours of battery power from a couple of 6V golf cart batteries than from a couple of any common group size 12V true deep cycle AGM battery doesn't hold a whole lot of water either, anymore. For example, here's a (heavy, hence with a lot of lead) 12V Group 31 true deep cycle AGM battery that stores 115 amp hours - so a pair of them would be 230 amp hours - right up there in the ballpark with a couple of the common size 6V golf cart batteries: http://www.dcbattery.com/fullriver_dc115-12.html That was one of the better points made in this thread. If one has made the commitment to go AGM it then comes down to how much battery capacity is required and the space to put it. One can juggle the form factor of the various 6 and 12 volt AGM batteries (6 worked best for me) and not have to worry about the deep cycle discussion as Phil explained.
Dakzuki 05/03/15 10:29am Class C Motorhomes
RE: We payed the price for convenience

I have a 10 amp charger/maintainer mounted in the battery compartment. If the converter fails I still have limited capacity for 12 volt power until I can fix the converter.
Dakzuki 04/28/15 06:52am General RVing Issues
RE: RV parks with cable connection

I can count on one hand the number of times the TV in our RV has been turned on.
Dakzuki 04/24/15 10:07am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Brands with fiberglass roofs?

Any idea if mid-2000s TIOGA's had a fiberglass roofs? Fleetwood is pretty much a rubber roof company.
Dakzuki 04/23/15 09:44pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Iota transfer switch

I put a Progressive Dynamics transfer switch in mine (it didn't have one from the factory). This will be it's fourth season. So far, no issues. I went with PD's reputation for making a very good power converter (which I also have).
Dakzuki 04/20/15 05:34pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Frig does not get cold on electric?

First item: Check for AC voltage at the outlet the fridge is plugged into. It could be something as simple as a GFI popped. Get one of these and keep it in the RV.
Dakzuki 04/18/15 09:47am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Help Identify this Class A (Criminal Case)

Is it possible the OP is wanting to buy the MH when the county/state sells it after the condemnation hearing? The more information he has about the unit, the more he is able to figure out what it is worth. If it has had meth manufactured inside it, the state may require it be destroyed however. Not a chance. In good shape that RV is worth maybe 10 grand. I have a perfectly good 2011 Navion (and a well paying day job) and have no need for some 15 year old abused POS that has had been a doper crash pad. I presume that once they ID it and if it is determined to be stolen, it will go to impound and an insurance company (if it was insured) will have it hauled off to auction or if uninsured the owner will be contacted to collect it. Hopefully law enforcement can develop evidence for further charges now they know what they are looking at. The cops are trying to get him for everything they can. They even had Fish and Game in on the raid as there has been deer poaching happening in the area. I choose to be an active participant in my community and not phone in my citizenship just at election time. I (and others on this board) have helped the cops with a lead. Now it's up to them to develop a case if they can.
Dakzuki 04/13/15 05:26pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Help Identify this Class A (Criminal Case)

If you read what the op wrote, this was a narcotics search warrant. Narcotics cops tend to care mostly about narcotics and not stolen vehicles, but they will do a stolen vehicle case if it's an easy one. Sounds like the easy to find VIN's were removed from the vehicle. Also sounds like the vehicle is on private property. Also sounds like the search warrant was for drugs and not a stolen vehicle. So to impound this motorhome and start taking it apart to look for the hidden VIN's is likely going to require another warrant. Also looks to me like it is not going to be easy vehicle to tow and will potentially be very expensive to tow with the potential that the law enforcement agency may be paying for that tow. Yeah, they could get a warrant and send officers back out and look for VIN's on the scene, but that could be time consuming. Now if they can get a make and model and do some checking for similar stolen motorhomes maybe they can identify the motorhome as stolen and identify an insurance company that will pay for an impound, Now this is all just speculation on my part, but I am a retired cop and spent many years in investigations including time in both auto theft and narcotics, and I'm not willing to accuse the OP of being up to no good here. I can see how this can happen. Thanks. They had their vehicle guy trying to ID the vehicle and the closest they got was a date ID off the steering column....which was 1998 or so....Ford. They also had Fish and Game out trying to bag them on other charges. They are looking for everything they can get and if I could short cut the search process I was happy to help.....the help came from here. Direct quotes from my contact with KCSO: Me: "Gulfstream Sunsport. Mid 90s or so." Kojak: "Made by Gulfstream and Sunsport is the model? The Ford steering column is from 1998 so I think it is a 99 or 2000 vintage. Your associates on the RV website id’d it?" Me: Yep. RVer associate IDed it today. If column is original you are probably correct. Yes, Gulfstream is the manufacturer and Sunsport is the model. Kojak: Looking at google images as we speak. THANK YOU AND THE HORSE YOU RODE IN ON! Me to RV.Net right now: Thank you all.
Dakzuki 04/12/15 10:13pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Help Identify this Class A (Criminal Case)

He is currently in the KC jail on 20 grand bail awaiting trial. I wouldn't mind further charges and that number going up. I have zero interest in a crappy old class A beyond keeping the last occupant in prison for as long as possible. He's been in and out a bunch of times and he returns to his mom's place (the property in question) and starts over. This is the big chance to keep him in a while and the cops are looking for all the help they can get from the citizenry to make that happen. Get involved. Neighborhood security is a team sport. As far as me fearing retribution from the property owner, she has bigger problems with the county as they will be serving her abatement paperwork due to her kid's activities there. Fellow KC tax payer here....We had about the same problem with druggie neighbors. Cops would come over and within a month they were out of jail doing drugs again. Then after about 2 years KC board of health got involved...placed was closed down in about 1 month. No more problems. If we'd known about that angle would of saved everybody a lot of headaches. Do you know about http://ingress.kingcounty.gov/inmatelookup/ for looking them up in KC? Our old druggie neighbors had to move when their house was shut down. Maybe your new neighbors? I'm aware of it. I keep track of our local miscreants that way. The guy that hit me has been in 6 times since I was burglarized. It was me crowdsourcing info on FB that led to him being picked up and me getting my log splitter back. Cops admired my detective work.
Dakzuki 04/12/15 06:08pm Class A Motorhomes
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