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RE: Wheel covers

I took mine off. I hated the creaking and squeaking.
Dakzuki 10/27/14 10:24pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: DEF addative

You DO know that DEF is NOT a fuel additive.....right? In fact, it's not even an additive as you don't add it to anything. It is used just as it comes out of the jug. I get mine at Walmart for a little less than $12 for 2 1/2 gallons. My DEF tank holds 13 gallons and I'll usually wait until it gets down to about a half tank (approx 6 1/2 gallons) and I'll buy two of the Walmart boxes (5 gals). I can get about 100 miles to a gallon of DEF. Don't confuse this DEF with a fuel additive. It does NOT go into the fuel tank as it has its own. The fluid is used in the catalytic converter to increase the temperatures so that it will burn any unburnt fuel in the exhaust system. After 7000 miles, I can run my finger around the "inside" of my tail pipe and my finger comes out perfectly clean. No soot or carbon what so ever. Ron That's not the DEF making your pipe sootless, it's your DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter)
Dakzuki 10/26/14 12:14pm General RVing Issues
RE: DEF addative

Info here: DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid)
Dakzuki 10/26/14 12:12pm General RVing Issues
RE: bubble on over hang class c

Yes, you should be concerned.
Dakzuki 10/22/14 11:44am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Can tow or Can't tow?? So confused.

All the earlier View/Navions are rated to tow 3500 lbs. Later models are rated for 5000 but usually end up limited to about 4000 due to combined weight rating. Your very experienced RV person is misinformed but don't listen to us. Winnebago is the final arbiter as to what you can tow. Go to their web site or call them directly. The best source for things View/Navion is here Skinnie Winnie Yahoo Group
Dakzuki 10/21/14 12:11pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Batteries: Two-6V In Series, or Two-12V In Parallel ???

Ron, What kind of converter do you have? Is it a multi-stage charging unit? If it isn't I highly recommend you change over to one. They are not inexpensive.I believe our inverter has a 3 stage charger so I think I'm good there. It seems the Interstate battery is a bit better than the equivalent Duracell, but I may get the Duracell anyway to avoid traveling so far to get them, and the Duracell are $50 cheaper for the pair. I seem to recall the Interstate is 474ah and the Duracell is 448ah at whatever the measurement. If I have a problem with the Sam's Club Duracell under warranty, I should be able to replace them on the road much easier. That should have said not expensive, BTW. A PD4645 (which is what I replaced mine with) can be had for under $200 from Amazon. It would be a good idea to confirm your converter is a multi-stage unit. The benefits are considerable.
Dakzuki 10/19/14 11:46am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Batteries: Two-6V In Series, or Two-12V In Parallel ???

Ron, What kind of converter do you have? Is it a multi-stage charging unit? If it isn't I highly recommend you change over to one. They are not expensive.
Dakzuki 10/18/14 10:45am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Who pulls what toad behind their class C?

2000 Tracker 4x4.
Dakzuki 10/16/14 09:32am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Batteries: Two-6V In Series, or Two-12V In Parallel ???

Good battery info here: 12 Volt Side of Life Part 1
Dakzuki 10/13/14 01:30pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Batteries: Two-6V In Series, or Two-12V In Parallel ???

True deep cycle 12 volt batteries are few and far between. 6 volt golf cart batteries are relatively inexpensive and will outperform your typical 12 volt battery for the same footprint. Dimensions are available on most battery manufacturers' web sites. Charging times will be the same unless you go AGM which will charge faster if your charging system has the capability. Of course if you add more capacity, you can use more power which means a longer charge time. If you don't have a multi stage charging converter, now is the time to do it. Your batteries will charge faster and last longer. I converted over to 6 volt Lifeline AGMs (GPL-4CT) a year ago. They are awesome compared to the OE 12 volt group 24s that came with the RV. I also have a Progressive Dynamics multi stage converter. The "best" batteries for lead are AGMs hands down and Lifeline is near the top of the AGM list (if not the top). Optimas (a popular automotive and marine AGM) aren't really suitable for RVs so pass on them. The down side? They cost me $600 for the pair.
Dakzuki 10/13/14 12:40pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Can RV anti freeze be re-used?

Just be careful when purchasing "cheap" anti-freeze - review the contents.... Not all RV Antifreeze the same From the link: "That other antifreeze contender, propylene glycol, is also an alcohol of sorts. Technically a “double alcohol,” this is not like a “double shot.” But like grain alcohol, it also raises the freezing point of water." That makes zero sense. The intent is to LOWER the freezing point, not raise it.
Dakzuki 10/11/14 11:33am General RVing Issues
RE: Who provides service ?

So whats the deal ? When I bought the RV I was told that ANY Chevy dealer will handle service and warranty issues with the engine... Does anyone have / had any similar experiences and how did they deal with warranty issues ? ( related to the engine ) Who told you that....the RV dealer that sold it to you? It is pretty typical that you need a dealer that is willing to work on trucks and that's a subset of all dealers.
Dakzuki 10/08/14 01:38pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Towing capacity of Sprinter motorhome

I'm looking for a toad for our View, so these comments are greatly appreciated. Also I'm trying to learn about the various brake controllers and how they actually work. On the passing issue, CA requires slow vehicles to pull over when 5 or more are following. I do it when 2 are following. They are happy, I'm happy. I remember a court case from years ago regarding a slow vehicle on the freeway. Turns out CA CVC specifies 15 MPH as the minimum. Strange, isn't it? Sometimes I use the HOV lane, going 65 MPH. Mostly no problems, but there is the occasional jerk that opines the HOV lane being the Hammer Lane and resents being held up. Particularly, the southbound 57 freeway is such a fast runner that motorcycles are in danger of being run over by those who feel they own the road. It's 5 vehicles in my state too. There is the caveat that one find a safe place to pull over. I get out of the way any time I can even if it's one vehicle. I know what it's like to be on an epic nice twisty road in a sports car only to come up to a lumbering RV or truck that won't make room to pass.
Dakzuki 10/06/14 09:58am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Forest River Solera advice

Be sure to look in the places that you don't normally look....inside cabinets and under the seats/bed. Look at the wiring, and plumbing and compare both brands build quality. Also compare the OCCC ratings of the different products.
Dakzuki 10/06/14 09:52am Class C Motorhomes
RE: How to remove gasoline contamination in freshwater tank

If my previous post came across as snarky or accusatory I apologize. What I really wanted to know is the exact set of circumstances that caused the tank contamination. The intent was to be a learning moment for all on this forum. If it was containers mislabeled or re-purposing it is a valuable thing to be passed along. I am in aviation (flight testing) and we are always trying to learn from error (often fatal). The toughest thing I have ever seen is a presentation by people that had their coworkers killed by a mistake...for the sake of others to not screw up.
Dakzuki 10/05/14 08:34pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: How to remove gasoline contamination in freshwater tank

...and the gasoline got in there how?
Dakzuki 10/05/14 12:34pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: deep cycle battery... trickle or not to???

Not trickle. The correct term is battery maintainer. There are a number of good ones out there and they will extend the life of your batteries. Battery Tender and Battery Minder are two common reputable types. A muliti-stage power converter like those available from Progressive Dynamics will accomplish the same task. If you install a Trik-L-Start, it will keep the engine battery up whenever the house batteries are charging. Parasitic loads will kill a connected engine battery in storage.
Dakzuki 10/05/14 11:12am General RVing Issues
RE: Tips for Tailswing while turning in Traffic?

Item #1 will get you rear ended and YOU will be at fault for not maintaining lane Uh, no. It is common practice for large vehicles to take up two lanes before making a turn. It is legal too.
Dakzuki 10/04/14 12:57pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Winnebago vs Itasca (View vs. Navion)

I certainly plan on giving the local dealer a chance. Even if he is say $1000 more, it is likely worth it to me to not have to find a way to drive a unit half or even full way across the country. I'm not going to pay 10k more. I have a feeling that one issue is the dealers trying to make more sell units with more options. I am not at all sure I need Aluminum wheels or full body paint. Those options may well be more lucrative for the dealer ... Steve I was willing to give up a couple of grand to stay home too. Initially my local dealer was more than 10 grand more expensive which was a non starter. The aluminum wheels are waaaay more expensive than you can buy them aftermarket. There is a place in Texas that sells them much cheaper. The inner dual remains a steel wheel as the studs are not long enough for two aluminum wheels on the rear. They are Alcoas. The hubcap/wheel simulators on mine were very noisy (squeaking and clicking) so I took them off and now have just the steel wheels.
Dakzuki 10/04/14 12:21pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Mercedes Sprinter dually tire pressure

I have yet to hear of anyone having air loss issues with Borg/Tire Man metal stems.I've had multiple problems, not with the stems but with the installation. At my tire place the young adults that do the work are fine people who do the standard stuff well. Hand them the nonstandard stems and they don't have a clue what do do with them. Thread locker? Deer-in-headlights stare. Torque to xx inch pounds? Deer in headlights stare. I have to take one of my leaky stems in soon for the 3rd try. Carried the AC powered air compressor on my last trip and had to use it every day on the one wheel. You can't blame the product due to lack of competence of the installer. This is not rocket science.
Dakzuki 10/04/14 12:18pm Class C Motorhomes
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