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RE: mercedes or gas?pros and cons

Forget about the Mercedes Diesel. Buy the new Dodge (Fiat) chassis and you will get 17MPG AND Gas. Most RVs in Europe are based on it. You can't really compare the Promaster and the Mercedes Sprinter because they are not the same configuration or GVWR class. The Promaster shows promise as a small motorhome chassis but it's GVWR is only 9350 lbs. and the Sprinter is 11030. In the same sense you can't really accurately compare a Sprinter and an E450 because the E450 has much higher capacities. The closest direct comparison will be the Transit cab chassis and the Transit comes up 500 lbs less on payload.
Dakzuki 09/16/14 11:24am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Real world cost of owning a class c - ouch!

EMD360, Thanks a lot for your outstanding RV'ing cost summary above! I try to always read your posts whenever I run across them ... as it seems like you use your Itasca 22 footer similar to the way we use our Itasca 24 footer ... including daring to go off paved roads with it. We've also been living in ours now for about 2 1/2 months in the back yard while the house is being remodeled ... which is saving us a TON of motel and eat-out money. P.S. No, you're not the ony one having fun dumping money into an RV. We did, and do, the same. But if one thinks RVs cost a lot of $$$ - try a new kitchen, new windows, adding hardwood floors, and a new fireplace on for size. :( ...and then there's boats....or.... .........race cars. Want to know how to make a small fortune in auto racing? Start with a large fortune. We have a ton of fun with the RV and where it gets us. No regrets at all even given the pile of money involved.
Dakzuki 09/14/14 10:30pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Older Class C with 350 Chevy Engine?

Completely from experience-I have a theory called the tip of the iceberg effect. It applies to older automotive stuff and a lot more. Tip of the iceberg effect: Anything you notice on test drive and inspections, multiply it by about 10 and that will be the service required to bring it up to par. Actually maybe not quite that bad but close. Don't count on any real honesty from the seller-count on him seeing it through rose colored glasses. Not trying to discourage-just give a realistic base. You just can't see everything on typical buyer inspection. And lots of intermittent stuff doesn't show up. This stuff can be fun to fix, and I learned a ton that way over the years. Just don't expect easy or cheap. On a motorhome, the house can be more problematic than the driveline. What Tpi said. The 350 on a Turbo 400 is a pretty good machine. We had that setup on a 72 Chinook in the family. Ours had the nylon gears for the chain go bad but that was an age thing and the standard fix was a new chain with all steel sprockets. Other than that the Quadratoilet needed a rebuild but that was about it until the rear seal on the tranny started leaking...we got rid of her then to a friend, after nearly 30 years. Early 70s Chev Trucks had rust issues and ours was no different.
Dakzuki 09/14/14 10:20pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: mercedes or gas?pros and cons

Never having owned or driven a diesel powered RV, I shouldn't comment but I think that "prestige" plays a part in choice of RV power plants for many. The "clackety" sound and the smell of diesel powered vehicles, especially front-mounted ones, and owners leaving them running, has been a turnoff for me. You clearly haven't spent time around a V6 Sprinter. I test drove a Ford V10 back to back with a Sprinter and the Ford sounded like a jet turbine between us in the cab....it was about the size of one too between us. I put my face directly in front of the engine exhaust when leveling the RV. It's just hot air coming out. There is no smoke, even on startup. I am not one of those idiots that seems to think idling for protracted periods of time makes me cool, BUT the Benz idles quite quietly.
Dakzuki 09/13/14 11:39am Class C Motorhomes
RE: mercedes or gas?pros and cons

Fuel economy was pretty much last on the list when I bought mine. The biggest selling point for the Benz was driving it and what it was like to be in the cab. Coming up on 30K with no regrets. For a 25 foot RV we have bags of room inside with the slide out and the cab seats spun around. We have spent an entire weekend inside during storms and have been quite comfortable and not felt cramped. In nice weather we spend almost all our time outside. I don't know where you're getting your 17 MPG number but 15 is more reasonable for a V6 Sprinter class C at 60-65.
Dakzuki 09/13/14 11:34am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Class C bashing

i would not take a class c offroading i can just imagine the frame flex and all the breakage Pickup frames flex just as much. A C with comparable dimensions to a truck camper/truck combo should be just as capable. The difference is the TC is no bolted to the frame and the tie downs have a little flex allowing them to better absorb that twisting. Plus the base of the truck camper is about half the width of a MH, so a 5 degree frame twist puts double the movement on the outside of the MH shell. I was talking comparable size. My TC stayed flat on the bed and moved with the truck when tied down. The tie downs gave a preload but when the truck twisted so did the camper. I agree that the amount of "house" that is interfaced to the chassis is less but on the flip side the overhead on th etruck camper is cantelevered out. Many Cs have it integrated into the cab structure (not all).
Dakzuki 09/12/14 01:30pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Class C bashing

i would not take a class c offroading i can just imagine the frame flex and all the breakage Pickup frames flex just as much. A C with comparable dimensions to a truck camper/truck combo should be just as capable.
Dakzuki 09/12/14 11:14am Class C Motorhomes
RE: RV Broker came to our house

Your information probably got sold by someone. Could have been the RV dealer, insurance, bank, or if you purchased some other sort of supplies. Yep. When I bought mine I was all of a sudden getting calls/junk mail about memberships at campgrounds and all kinds of other stuff.
Dakzuki 09/10/14 01:03pm General RVing Issues
RE: Best Propane Portable Camp Fire.

We have used one of these for the last few years. It works really well. We get about 3 nights on a 20 LP cylinder. Yes, they use a lot of LP. We prefer wood but sometimes when there's a burn ban on the only thing they'll let you use is LP. Sometimes (depending on the park) we may not be able to use the LP fire either. It has fooled many people that think it's a "real" campfire (including rangers). On our last trip the neighbors came over to ask how we made a fire that smoked to little.
Dakzuki 09/09/14 10:17am General RVing Issues
RE: Battery compartment limitations

Ended up getting the 2 6-volt golf cart batteries from Costco. Good call. Not sure what power converter you have but if it's a single stage, you really should upgrade to a multi-stage converter. Your batteries will charge faster and last longer.
Dakzuki 09/09/14 10:04am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Sprinter V6 RV Owners, NAPA Oil Sale, $5.99/Qt

Picked up this oil change yesterday . I think I may get more for the next at this price.
Dakzuki 09/09/14 09:24am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Engine diagnostic code scanner

I've got a hand held scanner but in the RV I have a Scangauge II mounted on the dash. Not only does it read codes but also gives me more information than the instruments on my dash can. I highly recommend it. I have Average fuel economy, % Load, boost, and coolant temp displayed on mine. I use the percent load function in the hills to set downshift points. Save your smart phone for doing phone stuff and go with a permanent mounted mounted Scangauge.
Dakzuki 09/08/14 09:31am Class C Motorhomes
Sprinter V6 RV Owners, NAPA Oil Sale, $5.99/Qt

229.51 Spec Mobil 1 ESP Formula M on sale at NAPA for 5.99/Qt. I just ordered my next oil change. NAPA part number is 105856 Such a deal you can't refuse.
Dakzuki 09/07/14 11:48am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Best way to winterize yet still use unit in winter?

EDIT: Side note, don't let the south fool you. We get below freezing very often. We thaw out during the day, but we freeze nearly every night. And 8 days of snow last year. Whoo hoo. But, it's not getting very far below freezing and as you pointed out, goes above freezing during the day. That may not even be enough to cause issues. If it sits unused for any length of time, just blow out the lines, pretty easy and quick, which will give peace of mind. That's pretty much what we do. We use the RV during the winter. When stored the the lines have been blown out with air. When we go to use it and it's going to get below freezing, I pre-charge the gray and black tanks with some pink stuff. I know lots of ski bum types and RV plumbing is pretty robust in the event of a freeze. I have had my fresh water lines freeze before with no harm done although I prefer to not let it happen.
Dakzuki 09/06/14 06:26pm Beginning RVing
RE: Do I have to take the dealer's word on the MSRP?

Get what is called a "build sheet" from the dealer. I you were ordering an RV, that's what you'd use to order the RV and options. It will have all MSRP numbers on it.
Dakzuki 09/06/14 06:15pm Beginning RVing
RE: gas price ripoff

gasbuddy.com is your friend! X2. It will help you plan refueling stops and avoid the ripoff stations. We use it all the time when on the road. As soon as I am 1/3 into a fuel load we are planning the next stop. In more remote areas we plan as soon as we have fueled.
Dakzuki 09/06/14 04:18pm General RVing Issues
RE: Triton V-10 Maintenance

When the PCV valve fails, it dumps oil into the coolant through the oil cooler. Until the coolant reservoir fills up and the pressure blows out the heater hose and PCV hose at the same time, making a mess so huge I though I blew the motor. Huh?
Dakzuki 09/05/14 04:38pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Fridge and slides

Our fridge is not on. Just wanted to know if it hurts the fridge to be un level when off? No. The previous posters seem to think your fridge is on. Correct. No need for leveling if the fridge is shut down.
Dakzuki 09/05/14 11:49am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Preferable Toad

Jeep seems to be the most popular 4 down toad. Works well for us. Just seems like a dolly would take up extra space when in an RV park. I know that about the dolly but it came with my motor home. Sell the dolly and put the money towards a 4 down towable vehicle.
Dakzuki 09/05/14 09:53am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Preferable Toad

Sell the dolly and buy a toad that can go 4 down if you don't have the toad yet. Only YOU can decide what you think you want a toad to do. Go off road? How much can you tow? Gas or diesel? 2 seats or 4 (or more)? The list is nearly endless. BTW, the best toad is whatever I have.
Dakzuki 09/02/14 07:44pm Class C Motorhomes
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