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RE: RV sitting for over 2 years - recommendations

Option #2 is you most prudent choice. Two years isn't all that long and I would suspect the various systems should be OK. Get the maintenance back on schedule based on the OEM recommended service intervals and if the owner has service records. Once all fluids are changed, including coolant, start giving attention to other areas such of hydraulics, air, belts and hoses as time and budget allow. Tires are probably around the age of collecting a pension so get them replaced first and don't forget the various lubrication points on the suspension.
Dale.Traveling 06/26/16 05:09am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Suggestions for making my F53 a little easier to drive

,,, I was told the Cheap quick fix "can" break the links, has anyone had that problem? 25,000 miles in four years up and down the eastern sea board and excursions west to the Mississippi and no problems related to the CHF. Coach weight and tire pressures set accordingly, alignment checked and set, rear poly sway bar bushings, CHF, Koni shocks on all four corners and a rear track bar, installed in listed order. Also replaced the front axle frame bumpers not for any potential improvement but because the originals were crumbling. Installed air bags on all four corners but the improvement was marginal for the cost and effort. Correct tire pressure, CHF and the rear track bar has the greatest effect on sway, wander and general straight line performance. Koni shocks helped with taming poor road surfaces. The coach is still a general purpose truck chassis but much better than the day I drove it home for the first time. I'm pretty much done with suspension mods.
Dale.Traveling 06/23/16 04:36am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Dash air vs generator

For my configuration it's a wash on fuel consumption while the roof air wins in over all cooling capacity. Normally I'll run the dash air as long as I can before bringing the generator on line.
Dale.Traveling 06/22/16 05:45pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Do not use awnings in heavy rain?????? Really???

Camping one year in eastern Tenseness mid July. Manual awning out and level end to end, as in no tilt to one side. Went out sight seeing and a brief but heavy thunderstorm rolled thru the camp ground area. Came back to the coach awning full of water but didn't collapse or the material didn't tear somehow. Must have been 15 gallons of water in it. Did bend the 18' roller tube which cost me $200 to replace. Shipping was almost as much as the tube. Note to self, keep one end lower than the other for water drainage or have a replacement part dealer on speed dial.
Dale.Traveling 06/22/16 04:41am Class A Motorhomes
RE: A Full time rear View Color camers set up??

The Voyager systems are nice but my RV budget wouldn't support. Replaced the single camera CRT based monitor and associated B/W camera with a color system I got from Amazon for less that $100.
Dale.Traveling 06/19/16 06:17am Class A Motorhomes
RE: black tank odors solved

Can I steal this subject??? I get the black tank odor only when my class C is being driven and the toilet is flushed. NEVER happens when used while stopped. Is blockage in vent pipe a likely cause?? Since venting appears to works properly when parked I would say the vent is open but suspect the problem is air pressure in the tank or a negative pressure in the coach when moving. You can somewhat simulate a negative coach pressure (or positive tank pressure) next time your parked by closing all the windows and doors and turning on all the roofs fans to high exhaust. The fans are going to pull air from somewhere and when flushing you'll have an unrestricted direct line from the roof vent into the tank and up into the coach.
Dale.Traveling 06/17/16 07:55am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Do you carry fire wood in a storage bin?

I 'm not much a camp fire fan during heat of summer so no I don't carry wood. Spring and fall when the evening temps make a fire a bit more enjoyable I'll buy local or camp ground wood.
Dale.Traveling 06/17/16 04:35am Class A Motorhomes
RE: would ya/could ya use Flexseal on the roof??

Fiberglass or aluminum, maybe. A soft material roof, never. I have concerns about material compatibility.
Dale.Traveling 06/17/16 04:17am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Diesel puller class A

The Tiffin Open Road (FRED) coach was a nice set up but never really caught on. Tiffin dropped the model when they started their Red line of rear engine diesels around 2010 or so. The house side was pretty much the same as their gas powered models they offered but the diesel power train had a higher initial cost. The gain of the front diesel over gas is better fuel mileage and enough of an increase to make up for the fuel cost difference with gasoline. Towing was still limited to 5K Lbs. Great engine/transmission set up that will easily outlive the house side but the rest of the chassis was nearly identical with the gas chassis available at the time so the overall gain wasn't enough for most potential buyers to get past the initial increased cost. If the coach you're looking at is priced right for the general sub-class and a test drive is satisfactory concerning performance and such associated with a front engine no real reason to walk away.
Dale.Traveling 06/16/16 05:13am Class A Motorhomes
RE: ? help on a 2006 Winne Sunova 26p

Internet search "Workhorse Brake Recall" which will get you details of what is involved. You'll need the chassis VIN to find out if the recall is needed and if the service has been performed.
Dale.Traveling 06/16/16 04:57am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Painting stripes on motor home or replace decals?

If I had the time I'd be planning a trip south and get the whole coach done. I only replaced the black decals with paint a few years ago. Did the work myself using spray can enamel. The lighter color decals are holding up well going into year 10. The coach is out in the weather 24/7 facing south east so driver's side gets morning sun and the passenger side gets evening. Long story short the paint is fading at different rates based on the fiberglass base. Hit up a local Sherwin-Williams auto paint store for high quality paint and slowly repainting the stripes. A quart of single stage paint (no second coat of clear required) ran a bit over $100. Reasonable quality paint gun $50 and probably another $30 for tape, paper to mask and other stuff. Hardest part is I need near perfect weather conditions for a driveway paint day. Low winds, reasonable humidity and 24 hours no rain so the rework is dragging a bit. Image is dated Sept 2014 and has gotten worse since. Notice how the paint color is different on different surfaces. Front, slide, door and such. https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/--gCI930tzsI/VWR4bmG7FbI/AAAAAAAAZWA/7RbQCcUU7Jw6npIPePudaJ0ZVRpcNzKjACCo/s640/20140920_160104.jpg Two weeks ago. https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-OmF0X1wHjHA/V2KAVQ8it9I/AAAAAAAAaPU/YxdO08lXgJUsmOsZsICDgPw4EiuW6kILwCCo/s640/20160604_154309.jpg
Dale.Traveling 06/16/16 04:37am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Inconsiderate Drivers

A couple of times I gave serious thought to air horns. Something along the lines of this set up - You-Tube
Dale.Traveling 06/14/16 06:39pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: ? help on a 2006 Winne Sunova 26p

The older, as in last century chassis, maybe, and that's a big maybe. Brake recall is a big item you should verify before moving forward. I don't think the recall has an expiration date just incase the seller did not have the service performed. The price is OK for the year/model but should you buy it the first stop is to replace the 10 year old tires. Maybe you can use the tire age as a bargaining chip to get the price down a bit.
Dale.Traveling 06/14/16 04:51am Class A Motorhomes
RE: What do you use to raise the MH to work underneath?

Having a gas coach, nothing. Can go anywhere under it on a creeper. If I need to pull a wheel I use the installed jacks to get it lifted then 12 ton jacks stands to insure it's stays lifted.
Dale.Traveling 06/13/16 09:49am Class A Motorhomes
RE: I'm New and have questions

Never heard of a generator automatically starting when the batteries get low.Auto Generator Start (AGS) are becoming more common. After market version are coming down in price that makes retro fit more attractive. It can also be triggered to kick on the AC if the thermostat calls for cooling. One Example
Dale.Traveling 06/10/16 01:19pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: I'm New and have questions

Dingy or Dolly. You're right on the flexibility of a dolly verses four down and you only pay for the dolly once and can switch out front wheel drive vehicles with ease. Four down is convenient with quick set up and take down but if you change cars often you'll also need a new base plate each time. With a dolly you'll need a plan on what to do with it at home and when at a camp site. Skip the washer/dryer. With a family of five you'll be running a lot of cycles to keep up. RV W/D are a bit small and take up room that can be better used for other items. Since the coach is prepped for it you can always change your mind and install a set later. Prior owner install an motion sat. Works well on the road but trees, over passes, mountains, buildings and such will kick it off line. Short losses such as an overpass the dish will regain signal quickly but for something like a mountain if will cycle back into search mode which can take a few minutes to require a signal. I also a carry out that gets used more than the roof and costs a lot less. DVD's and a DVR are a good option over in motion. Concerning special costs, no different than your TT for the house side of the coach. Winterize just the same but don't forget the fridge ice maker and if you get the W/D if will need attention also. The modern V10 will take the coach with a car attached anywhere there are improved roads in North America. Now if your asking about logging trails or fire roads into a secret site only you know about, well you're on your own in more ways then one. When we take bikes they hang on a hitch mounted rack on the coach or the toad when its along for the ride. The fridge will need attention, actually battery power levels, if your outings are off gird. A residential fridge doesn't use much energy but you will need to run the generator maybe once or twice a day to recharge. Going down the road the engine alternator should be keeping the house batteries charge which will maintain the fridge. Everything will fade with the sun given enough time. My coach is white with decals and the black decals lasted 6 years before they sun stroked. Have since replaced the black with painted red. No problems with the white surfaces or the lighter colored decals. After market warranties are a personal choice and reflects your own risk tolerance. You can find coverage for just the house side, just the chassis side, both or something in between. Myself I self insure. Anything beyond a total engine failure I feel confident I can handle both the repairs and the cost. Oil changes can be a challenge if you don't do it yourself. The coach has the same engine as your Excursion so same filter and oil amount are the same. The problem is finding someone with a shop big enough to do it. Your local Ford dealer probably won't. If you have a Ford commercial truck service center near by they probably will. Don't forget the independent shops. Good luck.
Dale.Traveling 06/09/16 03:42pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Nail in Tire - Need Advice

Call your emergency road side service and ask, based on your location and size of the tire, who they would call if you had a flat tire and need to replace the tire. Easy starting point to get a few leads to check out. Most of the mobile trucks are based out of a full service truck tire service location.
Dale.Traveling 06/09/16 03:40am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Dinghy and also best TV box to get

With the "Dish For My RV' program you are restricted to a specific receiver but can pick an antenna. The Dish pay-as-you-go "Flex" plan sold by Dish4MyRV is not restricted to any particular receiver. I previously had a VIP211k on my Flex account and then added a Hopper and Joey with no issues, and more recently added a second Hopper and sold the 211k. Not a peep out of Dish about the hardware changes, just the normal activation routines and rate adjustments. Dish4MyRV may only package their hardware with one receiver type, but that's not a Dish limitation at all. I originally set up my account through Dish4MyRV, but my equipment was all purchased separately from other sources. correct. we are pay-as-we-go on Dish and have a 422k dvr/receiver using a Winegard Trav'ler antenna. no issues setting it up and no issues with PAYG. when we're home I simply don't pay the bill for the upcoming month; when we're ready to hit the road I pay the bill. When I closed out my post paid account and initiated a Pay As You Go account last year they, both DISH and DISH4MyRv could not initialize my receiver. Took half a dozen phone calls before they finally got to the bottom of the problem. I had a VIP222K receiver with a DVR drive I used with the old account. Couldn't use it with a Pay As You Go account. DISH stated I could only use the 211Z receiver. If you guys got in with something other than the 211Z I think I call and see if I can swap out the receiver. During all the phone calls did find out something interesting about the pay as you go accounts. It a twist on the accounts they set up for people with poor credit and what DISH considers a risk of non-payment. Pre paid rather than post paid.
Dale.Traveling 06/07/16 09:53am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Mosquitos this year

No special plan this year than any other year. We're not planning and no one in the immediate family is planning to have children anytime soon so the concerned isn't that high. The risk of coming into contact with an infected mosquito is pretty low and the risk of developing symptoms of an infection is even lower. More likely to become a meal for chiggers around these parts.
Dale.Traveling 06/07/16 04:30am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Dinghy and also best TV box to get

With regards to the TV, Dish or Direct are pretty close in what they provide and cost. You'll need to review the packages and determine which provides the channels and packages you might like better. One down check for Direct, with a low cost dome based antenna you can not receive HD channels. You'll need either something along the line of a Winegarde Trav'ler or a manual aim dish. With the "Dish For My RV' program you are restricted to a specific receiver but can pick an antenna. Toad brakes, always get something, especially a break away system. The coach you have may have enough excessing braking capacity but think of it this way. If you could add 3K to 4K pounds of weight to a coach and not increase the stopping distance that would be a good thing, right? Total failure of a base plate, tow bar, or hitch is pretty rare but does happen. A break away system can also be the least expensive component of the setup. I'm partial to Honda's. A bit like a late 1960's VW. They just keep going and going and going. Drove and towed 98 Accord coupe into the ground at 250,000 miles. Working on a 2005 CRV these days. 130,000 miles and the only shop time was to replace the recalled airbag.
Dale.Traveling 06/06/16 08:43pm Class A Motorhomes
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