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RE: towing a car

I four down tow a 1998 Accord Coupe. Four cylinder engine with an automatic transmission. Owner's manual has procedures to shift thru the range of gears to ensure it is in a true neutral. You'll need a base plate, tow bar, and a (highly recommended) brake system. Also rear lights on the Accord for brakes, turn signals and night time running lights. I use a Ready Brute Elite tow bar with a Demco base plate. For lights I used a diode based system that uses the existing tail lights. All up budget around $1800 for planning purposes but add a couple hundred if you cannot install the base plate or lights yourself. Costs add up quick which can make a used dolly a good bargain but a dolly will require a bit more effort when using. https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-3wieoT5VDMc/USAhKoFcJlI/AAAAAAAATAU/Vo8XaePIjmg/s640/DSC00135.JPG
Dale.Traveling 01/28/15 08:24am Class A Motorhomes

I replace the bat wing with a jack antenna a few years ago. Cracked the amplifier housing and the amp got wet allowing the magic smoke out. No new channels I never saw before but the jack doesn't appear to be as directional sensitive as the bat wing. I'm not having to re-aim the antenna as much after changing channels. Also the jack has an LED on the bottom of the antenna so I can see that the amplifier has power easily. I only got the antenna head piece that working with the crank up bat wing rig which only set me back about $40 or so.
Dale.Traveling 01/27/15 04:02pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Satalite question

The dish antenna must be directly connected to the receiver. If there is anything device between the two such as a RF splitter or AV switch matrix the set up probably will not work. The coax provides two way data. Pointing commands and such from the receiver and the down link TV signal and such from the antenna. You might get lucky with an A/B switch but I was never sucessful. What I do when the roof antenna is blocked (last owner installed) and I need to use the carry out I'll plug into the park cable outlet on the side of the coach but I'll also disconnect the coax for park cable from the AV switch matrix and connect it directly to the satellite receiver in place of the coax from the roof antenna. Actually I've never used park cable since I have a satellite subscription.
Dale.Traveling 01/27/15 01:02pm Class A Motorhomes

Senior Chief, the switch box is one way power the antenna via the coax. The ON/OFF switch on the switch box is what kills power to a amplifier built into the antenna. The other way coach builders power the antenna is the wall plate others have mentioned. Might look something like THIS or THIS. If you have some free time and a multimeter you can verify power by disconnecting the coax at the antenna and checking for 12VDC between the center conductor and the connector of the coax. If power is missing something is wrong and the antenna's performance is going to be very limited.
Dale.Traveling 01/27/15 09:09am Class A Motorhomes
RE: How wide is your driveway ?

you might get it in there???? but your not going to be able to open the door to get out.My thought also. I'm constantly in and out of the coach and exterior storage compartments which won't be an option with the tight fit. If the photo is looking from the rear towards the street and your next rig has a drivers side door then you might have a working option. Back the rig in but leave the front 10 feet or so sticking out.
Dale.Traveling 01/25/15 07:02am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Inexpensive places to summer over in WI, MI, or MN

Since you're not looking for amenities try the state or federal parks. You stay time might be limited to 2 or 3 weeks but your per night costs will be much less.
Dale.Traveling 01/24/15 09:24am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Leaving seat while driving

For the most part my Navigator stays belted in. Bathroom breaks, a soda or bag of chips from time to time. No meal preps while in motion. Just too difficult with the coach moving down the road. Our schedules are pretty loose so pulling over to make and eat isn't a problem.
Dale.Traveling 01/24/15 09:17am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Refrigerator freezing

Most common would be a bad Temp Thermister OR the Temp Thermister is NOT mounted on the evaporator fins. Doug Agree. Easy to swap if it has failed.
Dale.Traveling 01/23/15 02:39pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Passenger side, stair slide

Certainly sound like the solenoid has a failed seal but the rear question is does Amazon have it and is it Prime eligible.
Dale.Traveling 01/23/15 02:35pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: 50% less from what you paid

When you hit about $5000 in value or right about the time a 15 year loan is paid off on time.
Dale.Traveling 01/23/15 04:45am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Passenger side, stair slide

Plug the open port and see what happens. Also can you see the retract air motor? Might be the one open port is where the air line to the motor is suppose to be.
Dale.Traveling 01/22/15 03:28pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Best ways to keep RV cool inside in desert climate

Do the same as stated, Reflectix between the window glass and the blinds. When actually moving down the road and not wanting to run the generator you can add a curtin between the driver/passenger seats and the rest of the coach. Dash A/C sometimes can't keep up with the heat load. As far as the roof units, no idea other than finding shade when parked.
Dale.Traveling 01/22/15 10:16am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Best RV loan rates?

The rates posted will give a potential buyer an idea of what an owner was able to negotiate with a particular lender but until the buyer actually applies for a loan stating the make, model, and year AND the bank reviews the buyers credit history AND the value of the coach AND buyers requested loan term AND loan to item value,,,, in nailing down a rate is a moving target.
Dale.Traveling 01/22/15 08:33am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Sudden drop on MPG causes?

If you have an OBD code reader what you might have seen was excessive short and long term fuel trim percentages. My daily driver is a 98 Honda Accord with 212,000 miles that still has the original O2 sensors. Fuel Trim should only be a few points while I getting in excess of 15% which is causing a rich fuel/air ratio. I'm down about 2 MPG from historical numbers and replacing the sensors is on my to do list for next oil change. Worn sensors won't trip a fault code, as in my case on the Honda, but will effect fuel usage and maybe engine idle performance. Code readers make a great Father's Day or Birthday gift and thanks for the update.
Dale.Traveling 01/21/15 08:10am Class A Motorhomes
RE: 2015 Tiffin Allegro Red - Question

The Red comes standard with the conventional RV style propane/120VAC fridge. There is the option for a true residential 120VAC only fridge but since they described it as running off both gas and electric I would suspect they have a RV fridge with ammonia based cooling. Ask your friend where is the freezer? Top or bottom of the fridge? Top = RV fridge, bottom = residential. I think because of how an ammonia base cooling works a bottom freezer isn't possible.
Dale.Traveling 01/20/15 09:22am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Tire Temperatures

I currently have five Kelly and one Goodyear due to an valve stem failure. The one Goodyear always runs hotter by a couple of degrees. Doesn't matter where it's installed. Even through Kelly is part of Goodyear I would guess that the difference in ply material, rubber formula, tread design and such will have a direct effect on rolling temperatures.
Dale.Traveling 01/19/15 05:56pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: New buyer....probably same old questions.

As noted lot of variation in price across the country with dealers and don't forget MSRP is a 'suggested' retail price. Depending on the volume a dealer sells and their affiliation with the builder the dealers cost can be heavily discounted which allows the dealer more room to negotiate and still make a profit. Also there are potential builder to dealer bonuses based on volume so dealers may risk selling at minimal up front profit making it up later. Depreciation is a used buyers best friend and a sellers worst enemy but is also a difficult target to lock on to. If you do enough searching you'll generally come up with a bell curve range of prices. If you're willing to wait and maybe travel for that one seller who is killing the curve it is possible to save thousands. Going with a small DP doesn't ensure a high towing capacity. Do your research and educate yourself. A good example is a 36' Tiffin Red compared to a 36' Tiffin Phaeton. Same chassis but the Red has a smaller engine/transmission to keep the price down which has an effect on available towing capacity. You have to dig into the numbers to find the true limits.
Dale.Traveling 01/19/15 08:18am Class A Motorhomes
RE: How do they do that?

Noel's (Johno02) post is right on target. Depends on what is available behind the original TV. My coach was built with a lot of aluminum framing to hold the old TV in place which gave me a very solid structure to work with. Made my own mount. Took a few photos as I replaced the original with a Vizio that was larger than the outside cabinet. Came out really well IMHO. TV Upgrade Photos
Dale.Traveling 01/19/15 07:54am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Levelers/Stablizers

Yes you will feel the coach moving on the suspension when someone is moving around in the coach. The mover won't feel it but everyone else will. You can level with various methods under the wheels but without something directly supporting the chassis frame to the ground the coach will bounce on the suspension. I'm the second owner of my coach which came from the factory without jacks, levelers or other type of stabilization hardware. First two years of ownership if I was parked for more than three nights I would use 12 ton jack stands and a matching bottle jack to level and stabilize the coach. Have since add a four point hydraulic system.
Dale.Traveling 01/19/15 07:46am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Might buy new so you don't have to.

In no particular order. 1. After market hydraulic jacks. Coach came without. 2. Double front slides to increase the living area. Spend 95% of awake time up front and having a larger area makes the coach a bit more comfortable. 3. Satellite TV for those days that the weather didn't get the memo concerning my travel plans. 4. Second AC the former owner installed. Really helps on those 90 degree midsummer days. 5. Extend-a-stay propane adaptor to allow a propane grill rather than charcoal. Still carry some for Dutch oven cooking but not nearly as much. For the OP, good luck with your shopping adventure. Take your time and I would expend your search circle to something like a day drive from home base.
Dale.Traveling 01/18/15 05:05pm Class A Motorhomes
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