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RE: Ford ElDorado 460 1986 model vs. 1984 Toyota Sunrader

Fuel costs are going to be the least of your worries concerning a 30 year old coach. A small light weight towable might be a better choice. Just finding someone who knows how to repair an engine that old is going to be a challenge. If a class A or C is your plan up your spending budget to twice what you are willing to spend on the initial purchase. Save the additional money for initial repairs such as tires, batteries, brakes and such. You probably won't need that much but anything left over can be banked for future expenses. Learn how to inspect a coach or hire someone who does. Concerning an older coach initial construction quality has some effect but owner maintenance is a major concern. Anything that has been sitting unused for the past couple of years could have hidden problems from roof leaks to frozen brakes. Don't buy sight unseen no matter how good the deal sounds. Your plan is certainly doable but starting out with a reliable and safe to operate coach is going to have huge long term effects. Good luck.
Dale.Traveling 09/01/15 04:41am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Electrical Issue 30 vs 50 Amps

Did anything else 120AC powered in the coach quite? Water heater, one of the A/C's, a couple of wall outlets and such. Might be a long shot but I wonder if you might have only been powering half of the breaker box and the inverter was on the unpowered half but if that was the case you might also have lost a few other AC powered items. Did the camp site power panel have two 30 amp outlets? If not I think the adaptor you have might not be optimum for your needs since without the second 30 amp outlet you'll only have one hot leg of the two needed for your coach. What was your monitor reporting as volts on L2? If zero then your problem was the missing second hot.
Dale.Traveling 08/31/15 12:16pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: what coaches have plastic/fiberglass storage bins?

06 Hurricane plastic bins, bottom - sides - back.
Dale.Traveling 08/30/15 07:07pm Class A Motorhomes

Water pumps can demand a lot of more amps that a switch circuit might have the capacity to handle. As such you might have a relay somewhere that actually powers the pump, not to be confused with the internal pump shut off pressure switch. Check with the coach manufacture if it has such and where it might be. Also check the ground wire coming from the pump. It might need attention if it is grounded to the chassis and exposed to the elements.
Dale.Traveling 08/26/15 10:11am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Looking At First Class A Purchase

At this point focus your attention not so much what's under the floor but above the floor as in the floor plan. A diesel brings a lot of desirable qualities but you might be able to get by with a gas coach. Based on your long range plan a 40' rear diesel might be best but you really need to get out to the shows this winter and walk thru both to give you an idea of what suits you wants and needs. Floor plans are somewhat static so even though what you'll be seeing at shows are new models you'll get a feel for which general lay out works best for you that you should be able to easily find several years old in the used market. Once you have that nailed down set your budget and see what fits, be it gas or diesel. The coach builder will size the generator based on the electrical load on the coach. For a gas coach 5KW can be expected while a diesel they normally start at 7KW but can go big enough that you could almost power everything in your brick and mortar house during an electrical outage. Normally the generator fuel type will be the same as the chassis power train and will pull fuel from the main fuel tank. The exception would be an older diesel which could have a propane fueled generator. In general you want at least 5KW to keep the two AC's going should you find yourself in Death Valley in July. Solar is a good option if you plan to hit the great outdoors off the electrical grid. Really depends on how you plan to use the coach but at this time I would classify solar as a want rather than a need. Satellite about the same. Again the need will dictate where you plan to camp. Local free to air TV is usually available unless you're really out in the sticks. If you find a coach with a roof dish great but I wouldn't walk away from a coach that doesn't have one. Easy to add later. I would go with a tow car over a golf cart. Golf carts are nice in a camp ground that allow them but not much help if you need to head out on a food restock run or sightseeing. The other downside you might run into restrictions in government parks. A small size SUV has the most flexibility. Honda CRV's or Jeeps have been past favorites. What you have in the driveway now is always best if it can be towed. What you have to watch is the tow car weight and how much available capacity you have with the coach. Just because the coach has a 5K hitch doesn't always mean you can tow 5K. Keeping your travel costs under control takes some planning. Camp grounds can get expensive depending on where you stay. Demand drives the price. Key West during Christmas is going to be a lot more than a stay on the Gulf Coast of Mississippi. Research work camping options such as camp hosting. Normally as a host it's a month commitment with a free full hook up site for the time you are there. Some camp grounds will also pay for your time. I've read blogs of full time campers getting into an Amazon shipping center during the holiday rush. Pay along with a free camp site but long hours (mandatory overtime, 6 day work weeks) with a lot of physical activity but they end up making enough to support themselves for several months. Read thru the Class A Frequently Asked Questions and First Time Buy topics. You may find answers to questions you didn't even know to ask there. Good luck with your search for THE coach.
Dale.Traveling 08/26/15 09:42am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Leveling Jacks Do's and Don'ts

You may want to read your manual about operation of slides and jacks.Reading the literature is your first homework assignment. The jacks will be interlocked with various chassis functions such as engine running, e-Brake on and such. Know what you presets are and the sequence of operation the coach builder recommends. Level then extend or extend then level. Same for when it's time to break camp. The jacks are not maintenance free. Know proper care and feeding. Know how to recalibrate the auto level sensor and find the various fuses and DC circuit breakers providing power. Know what hydraulic oil is used. Add cycling the jacks to your monthly storage maintenance items. Add checking oil level as the next step after checking battery water level to your check list. Before moving the coach always check that the jacks al fully retracted. Include as part of your pre-departure walk around. Use pads on grass/dirt and asphalt to prevent pads from sinking. Also use pads in cold weather to prevent the pads from freezing to the ground. Repositioning within the camp site rather than using more jack is always best practice. Lifting both rears off the ground will negate the parking brake and the coach could shift on the jacks. You risk bending the jack cylinders. Left to right partial level is also important. Rise the curb side too much and that last step out the door can be a big drop. Find a new camp site if needed. You don't want the coach looking like it's on stilts. You don't need a perfect level for proper fridge operation. If you feel comfortable with how close the coach is to level the fridge will be happy also. A little high on the passenger side will help drain any water on the roof, such as the AC condensate, away from the activity side of the campsite and not hurt the fridge.
Dale.Traveling 08/26/15 04:30am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Advantages and Disadvantages of Portable Sewage Disposal

Easier to drive. The advantage of a class A. Unhook power & water, bring in the slides and roll up the awning and your headed to the dump station. The big downside of a portable is how do you get it to the dump station. If you have a toad easy if not,,, well 20-30 gallons of water can get a bit heavy and the station has away of getting further away with each step you make.
Dale.Traveling 08/24/15 07:46am Class A Motorhomes
RE: RV fire, propane and Tunnel - he got off lucky

The fire and resulting damage along with the cost to repair coming back on the driver isn't anything different here in the USA. This is why we have property damage as part of our insurance. Blow a tire and take out 50' of guard rail and the state will send you a bill. For this owner call it bad timing when the rig went up in a tunnel. Probably a few minutes earlier or later and he might have cleared the tunnel and this would have been a side note to summer traffic jams. Excessive propane, well call that one poor judgment and an expensive lesson learned. We should all do a bit of research before hitting the road. Between underwater tunnels, excessive tolls or even high traffic areas know where you are going. With the internet the information is available. As with rekoj71 I live in the Norfolk area and the tunnel check points are well marker, even with a propane tank outline. Don't stop and they may shut down tunnel traffic to pull you out to inspect. I95 thru Baltimore has a total HAZMAT restriction with includes RV's with propane tanks. Not that ever plan to do it but does the tunnels into Manhattan Island have restrictions?
Dale.Traveling 08/24/15 04:58am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Oil Changes and Overheating- A Cautionary Tale

Try adding 3 gallons of transmission oil, one quart at a time, on a Ford chassis coach. Coolant isn't much better. 12VDC pump is the best option to keep it in the engine and not on the driveway.
Dale.Traveling 08/24/15 04:18am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Thor Vegas wiper hits windshield pillar.?

Check the position of the drive arm at the wiper motor and at the based of the wiper for possible adjustment. The position of the arms with respect to the center pivot point establishes the total swing of the wiper. Closer to the center is less swing. I suspect the with the OP's coach the offending side either wasn't set correctly during installation or has slipped. Once the swing angle is reestablished you might need to pull the arm as Bill described to reestablish the off or stow position. If one side is off but the other is good duplicate the position of the good side by measuring the distance from the centers of the pivot and the drive arm. The trick is the amount of room to access the wiper motor and the base of the wiper arms.
Dale.Traveling 08/21/15 04:33am Class A Motorhomes
RE: How many GAS coaches out there with "50 amp service"?

My 2006 gas coach was factory build with 50 amp service and room for multiple batteries. I have 2 GC2 batteries for the occasional need when off the grid but I could fit four if I reconfigure the battery tray. The demand for front and rear AC is driving the 50 amp need. The rear AC in my coach the first owner installed. I don't recall seeing a gas rig with a residential fridge which would drive a need for a bigger bank but I haven't been looking either. For the past couple of years Ford has been using 22.5" tires on the 22, 24 and 26K lbs. GVWR chassis. Leaves 16, 18 and 20.5 lbs. chassis with 19.5" tires. Suspect the size increase wasn't so much consumer demand but to better match the load capacity of the axles. My 18K GVWR chassis has more load capacity in the 19.5" tires than the axles.
Dale.Traveling 08/21/15 03:56am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Toad vehicle turn signals not working

Not sure what is meant by in sync. Left turn on the coach but right turn on the CRV? Is the CRV configured with extra lights that are only used for towing or is the vehicle configured with diodes? What has changed since the last time the lights were verified? If the CRV is wired up to use diodes rather than retrofitting extra towing lights the configuration can be tricky and require an extra item to make it work correctly which could be the source of the problem. Since I went the diode route I also had to use one of THSES with my CRV to get everything to work correctly.
Dale.Traveling 08/19/15 12:24pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: How is the Ford (Class A) chassis supposed to handle?

I've done several modification to my coach in search of the perfect ride and at this point in time looking back the lowest cost stuff made the biggest difference. Coach weight and proper tire pressure, replaced worn out rear sway bar bushings, replaced worn shocks and moving the end links on the sway bar (aka cheep handling fix). Last owner insulated the engine cover so heat and noise are no worse than my Honda Accord. The coach tracks well, it response to steering input and wind sway from passing vehicles is easy to feel coming on and to correct for. I think having stuff in the coach that makes a lot of noise when moving, mainly dishes, pots, pans and such, the effect of poorly maintained roads are amplified by the noise when compared to my daily driver. Also since I only have a few feet within my lane to move around a lot of the time I have no choice but to take the hit rather than avoid. Over all I would call the performance of the chassis with my coach fairly stable and predictable with one down check being weather related wind gusts. With trucks I know it's coming and can be ready for it. Not so much with weather. Steady wind you can deal with but the rouge gust will push you around. I've come close to getting pushed out of my lane but not quite.
Dale.Traveling 08/17/15 09:25am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Motorhome on beach

I've camped AT the beach just not ON THE BEACH. Stay on established road ways and such might be best. If you do wish to try driving on the beach walk your intended route first. You want hard packed sand. If you have to cross a dune watch the incline at the top and both bottoms. You don't get caught at the top (remember Robin Williams in the movie) or have to plow thru at the bottoms. Plan how you'll go in and out. You might not have an option of a turn around which will require a back out. Plan the drive and drive the plan. Know the limitations of your emergency road service should you get stuck. Most will not pay for a tow if you are too far off established road ways. They will assist and getting someone out to help but you'll be footing the bill. Bring a vacuum to help keep the amount of sand inside the coach to a minimum. A foot wash tub at the door will help. Unless your down in the surf the salt spray shouldn't be too bad but still give the coach a wash once you get home. Keep you awning rolled up whenever you leave the coach and at night. There's pretty much a continuous on or off shore breeze going that could without warning gust a bit and collapse the awing rails. If you have levelers, not sure how well the they will work in softer sand but I would treat them no different than camping on soft dirt. We're in hurricane season and the storms coming off Cape Verde and out of the Caribbean Sea are starting to grow so keep an eye on what's happening thousands of miles away. The storms can roll up the coast quick so get out early if possible. Not all storms come from the sea side so watch their forecaste track. They won't be hurricanes by the time they reach the cape, either by sea or land, but they still have a lot of water and wind energy. Good luck and have fun. Post an update when you get back. The Cape is on my bucket list.
Dale.Traveling 08/17/15 07:25am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Towing without a car braking system??

I have one via the surge system built in to my Ready Brake tow bar. Fully loaded with the toad I'm well under GCWR but I figure if I can add 3500 pounds of stuff to the coach weight and not effect the stopping distance that's a good thing. The big disks Ford uses on the F53 chassis work well but if I can help why not.
Dale.Traveling 08/14/15 05:01am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Dish Receiver Compatibilty with Pay As You Go

I have the Travler SK-1000 dish using the VIP211K. I want to get the Hopper with the built in DVR compatibilities. I know this combination works according to Dish, but my question is: 1) Is this still compatible with the Pay As You Go Service?For compatibles with Pay As You Go a Hopper receiver might not work. I used to have prepaid service and switch in June to Pay As You Go. I was using a ViP612 DVR with the post paid account and wanted to keep using in with the new account. When I switch and set up a new account with the Dish for my RV they could not activate the account with the ViP612 receiver and referred me to Dish tech support. Working with Dish they also were not able to activate the account also and after a few call transfers they determined that with Pay As You Go accounts only a DISH ViP 211z receiver is authorized. At least that's what happened to me. Best to call and Dish for my RV to find out. Same for switch local channels. I keep my line up as I have at home and just use the crank up roof antenna for locals. I did not utilize auto pay or any other such feature for billing and my service stopped on schedule a few weeks ago. No call required to pay and reactivate all I did was pay via the web site and the service came back in a few minutes.
Dale.Traveling 08/11/15 09:04am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Gas Coaches and air compressors

Dale.Traveling - Do you have a picture of your compressor mounted to the frame? I wouldn't mind seeing your set-up. DougOriginal install was for air bags. Haven't needed to add air to the coach tires but having easy access to compressed air in the driveway has been convenient rather than dragging hoses from the compressor in the back of the garage. https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-TqNFlCfu8G0/Va6xKaPUT1I/AAAAAAAAWv8/M2ZORBMmEGY/s640-Ic42/20150721_163113.jpg https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-XaffCe_coOc/Va6xN2aufaI/AAAAAAAAWv8/Grv1h8r-6Uw/s640-Ic42/20150721_163349.jpg
Dale.Traveling 08/11/15 04:41am Class A Motorhomes
RE: duncan RV replacement windshields opinions??

I wouldn't worry about it. They are only a distributor not a manufacturer. Where they get the glass, who knows? Excess inventory, left over after production ends, secondary manufacture, salvage,,,. As long as the glass is distortion and defect free which I would suspect it will be.
Dale.Traveling 08/11/15 04:37am Class A Motorhomes
RE: To Plan or not to plan campgrounds

Our on the road time is limited. Full time jobs have a way of limiting options. Pretty much every where we go are with reservations. I like knowing the place we want to go will have room when we get there. Summer vacation in particular. Already have next year planned and the calendar is marked when the various reservation windows open. We usually end up boon docking the first night of summer vacation. We'll leave after work and drive until we're tired to get a head start. Wally World isn't your only option. Cracker Barrel has been out lay over lot of choice but I'm thinking maybe Elk Lodges might be a good choice also.
Dale.Traveling 08/10/15 08:16pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Pittsburgh Parks

There's an Elk Lodge in Irwin Pa about 20 miles east of Downtown that has two sites with water/electric. Dump station on the property. They don't list how much but give them a call. Norwin Elks Lodge
Dale.Traveling 08/10/15 04:55pm Class A Motorhomes
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