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RE: Front Airbags not filling at idle??

Maybe a sticky gauge if mechanical or the pressure transducer if electronic?
Dale.Traveling 12/18/14 03:21pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: I'm amazed

The OTA digital signal quality is great but there are times I wish for the days of video snow as compared to image freeze and the dreaded 'Lost Signal' message. Digital TV version of the PC blue screen of death.
Dale.Traveling 12/18/14 03:58am Class A Motorhomes
RE: ABS Light

You'll need someone with a better code reader capable of interfacing with the ABS controller to find the problem. Usually, as most posts have stated, a wheel sensor has failed but which one since there are three or maybe four. Not difficult to replace but you will need a bit of physical flexibility to reach the sensors and associated connectors. Give Freightliner (assuming the they are the chassis builder) a call so they can direct you to a local chassis service center with the capabilities of testing the system. They might charge you a bit to run the test but will save you lots of time, effort and frustration swapping out good sensors.
Dale.Traveling 12/18/14 03:49am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Slide issues

I'm with Wayne on this. You might want to consider a different chassis in particular with consideration of your desire to tow a heavy vehicle. The Freightliner chassis the Palazzo is built on utilizes a Cummins ISB engine paired with an Allison 2500MH transmission. Although adequate for the size coach the Allison has a gross weight limit of 33,000 Lbs. I don't know how much an empty Palazzo weights but you really don't want to over stress the transmission. Over heat it a few times with a heavy load and you might be facing an expensive rebuild. If you can find a coach within your budget with an ISC version engine and 3000MH transmission I think you might be a bit happier. Just because the builder installed a 10K hitch doesn't mean you are good to that weight. Run the numbers to ensure you will be within all the various limits. I am a bit surprised Thor installed a hitch of that size. Most rigs built on this chassis have a 5K hitch such as a Tiffin Red or a Coachman Cross Country.
Dale.Traveling 12/18/14 03:10am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Help deciding between 2 motorhomes

I'd go with the Newmar. Never like the outside storage configuration on the Fleetwoods.
Dale.Traveling 12/16/14 04:42pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: massive 12 volt battery issues

Sounds like a blown fuse for the battery disconnect circuit based on the what isn't working and DC volts at the disconnect terminal. If necessary you can use a jumper cables or other heavy wire on the solenoid terminals to bypass the disconnect and get the house systems working enough to get the coach to a service center. Once you get the coach to a drivable state best to remove the jumper. But before you jump the circuit triple check your battery configuration with the two 6VDC batteries. You really need a meter rather than a circuit tester to be absolutely sure. If somehow you have them connected wrong and send incorrect power to the house equipment (fridge, furnace, water pump and such) you're likely to allow a lot of magic smoke out of various appliances. Getting the smoke back in can be expensive. A bit like plugging the couch into a stick and brick electric dryer outlet for AC power. Works great for about 10 seconds. Ensure the door is closed and the step switch is off so the steps will retract before jumping the circuit.
Dale.Traveling 12/16/14 07:34am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Looking for center console for Class A

Just make sure that what ever you install, you can turn and get your legs past it when you exit. Don's suggestion is spot on plus don't forget the dog house needs to be removable for top end engine service. Pick one form the images dahkota shared and head out to your local custom cabinet shop for a build out.
Dale.Traveling 12/15/14 07:29pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Generator Won't Start

Two questions. Are you sure that your generator is fueled by propane? Most MHs on gasoline chassis come with a gasoline powered generator. The new Baystar units come with the Onan/Cummins 4000 unit which is gas fueled. How much gasoline in the MH? 1/4 tank or less and the generator pickup is out of the fuel/gasoline supply. This is to ensure the engine will have fuel to leave, rather than the generator using it all. KenI had the same first thought. Would expect a 2013 gas chassis rig to have a gas generator.
Dale.Traveling 12/14/14 06:57pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Buying a used Fleetwood Flair 22' .....NADA ...low?

Had used car dealership do the same thing with their $500 processing and what not fee. I said $10K out the door but they just couldn't understand the meaning of out the door. Month later found a better example of the same car at $10K, out the door. If the deal isn't right just walk away.
Dale.Traveling 12/12/14 08:19pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Buying a used Fleetwood Flair 22' .....NADA ...low?

20 years is a pretty far reach back to determine a value for a car, nearly impossible for an RV. Be careful using NADA as a standard, better as a rough budget guide. There just isn't much in the way of sales data reported to determine an average with current late models much less something 20 years old. A bit surprising a dealership even has one that old on the lot. Figured they would have sent it out to an auction yard. Also at that age depreciation has pretty much bottomed out to something less than 1% a year. Might even be increasing a bit at this point.
Dale.Traveling 12/11/14 11:36am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Replacing 4 6 volt batteries

My Sam's Club Duracell GC2 are going strong at two years. A few nights boon docking in parking lots since install but overall limited time unplugged. They also gave me $15 core refund on the two 12V batteries I exchanged. The price back then was $79.88 - the core refund.
Dale.Traveling 12/10/14 05:48pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: refinancing company's

The rates are variable based on a number of factors and what might hurt you a bit is the coach age. Lenders consider the age of the coach as part of the risk factor. Anyway, give USAA a call. They financed my purchase back in 2011. Looked at NFCU but their rates were a bit higher than I liked at the time.
Dale.Traveling 12/10/14 01:38pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Charging systems

As per Old-Biscuit's post it's going to depend on the controller for your charge solenoid, also known as isolation relay or aux start solenoid. Quick test is with a volt meter measuring battery voltage. When charging you'll see 13.2 VDC or more at a battery. When using the generator or shore power you would expect to see that level at the coach batteries and if the charge solenoid closes you'll find that level also at the chassis battery. Same for the engine alternator but chassis first then coach battery. My Battery Control Center is the controller but will not tie the two batteries together until the primary battery (coach when using shore/battery power, chassis when the engine is running) until it senses a full charge. It will also disconnect the batteries if it senses a discharge to prevent both batteries from going flat. So it's possible yours could do the same.
Dale.Traveling 12/10/14 12:15pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: clooged sink

If he were to fill up the sink and then pull the dump value, would that reveal whether this is indeed a venting issue (providing he has someone to see how well or poorly the sink drained with the dump valve pulled)? Not likely unless the roof vent is also blocked. If that was the case the suction or vacuum created by the tank draining may actually pull water from the sink AND all the drain traps in the coach. While a quick way to remove the water from the traps when winterizing without the water in the traps fumes and orders from the tank will back up into the coach.
Dale.Traveling 12/09/14 12:56pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: clooged sink

Is it a slow drain or a full backup and nothing drains? When it was draining did it ever gurgle or burp as it drained? Snake it again but this time have someone close by the gray tank and listen for the snake bottoming out in the tank. 6' should have you in the tank, but verify just to be sure. If the snake is at the tank and the line is clear as you suspect then you might have a situation with the under sink air vent and draining is creating a vacuum. Look under the sink for one of THESE or something similar. It's going to all the way in the back of the cabinet up behind the sink. Just follow the drain line to the Tee and go up. It should be just slipped into the drain pipe and not glued so you can remove it and test the drain. There should be one for all the drains. Vanity, shower, clothes washer and such. Anyplace there's a trap will have the vent close by. You won't find many of these in older domestic plumbing systems due to the multiple roof vents that were used in the past. RV's they are pretty common with the actual roof vent is to vent the tank and not the individual interior drains. Good luck.
Dale.Traveling 12/09/14 07:51am Class A Motorhomes
RE: dolly vs flat

Four down is easier. Two pins, two safety cables, power cables for lights, car in neutral and maybe pull a fuse and you're ready to go. That's me about 3 minutes to connect or disconnect. The down side is you'll need a car that has a transmission that allows plus a mounting bracket installed on that car. Total cost can add up quickly for a tow bar, brackets (aka base plate), may be a braking system, lighting circuits and such. Throw in the cost of buying a vehicle just for the purpose, $$$$$. Dolly towing is a bit less expensive and just about any conventional front wheel drive car can be towed. Down side is messing with the dolly at home and at the camp site. A hitch on the toad will help to move the dolly around. Getting the car on the dolly is a bit more work and you'll need to watch the tie down straps. You could have your state of residence plating requirements, inspection and yearly tax with a dolly also. I tow four down only because I already had a compatible car in the drive way when I started. I probably would have gone with a dolly rather than buying something at that time just so I could tow four down. If my one car that is configured for towing breaks down of is no longer usable I'll need to spend a few $$$ to get the second vehicle we having in the driveway ready for four down towing. If I had a dolly no such cost.
Dale.Traveling 12/08/14 04:35pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Engine starting battery being charged while parked?

My 2006 Hurricane will charge all the batteries from all power sources, shore thru the converter, generator thru the converter and engine from the alternator. Once the primary battery (house when using shore/generator or chassis when the engine is running) reaches 13.2 VDC the Battery Control Center will close the Aux Start solenoid and tie the two banks together and charge all. If the BCC senses a voltage drop on either bank it will open the solenoid and protect the banks from each other and a possible complete discharge of both. There is a down side to this. My house batteries are golf cart deep cell while the chassis is a standard start battery. When on shore/generator the converter will go thru a three stage charge of both banks. Not sure what the long term effect this has on starting batteries. I could just activate the chassis battery disconnect to prevent.
Dale.Traveling 12/08/14 04:18pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Thinking about a mounted satellite dish

Personally I would pass on the roof mounted dish and get a carryout. The former owner of my coach installed the roof dish on my coach and more time then not the line of sight to the service provider satellites is blocked by trees, hills or other objects. A carry out is much less in cost and gives you the flexibility of placing the antenna in an area that allows a clear view of the satellites. We prefer the subscription service over CG cable. Known channel line up, on screen guide and the DVR capability. Also most of our stops are in government parks that don't offer cable.
Dale.Traveling 12/06/14 05:27pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Fumoto / V-10

I have an oversize drain pan/tube plus I cut the bottom off a gallon milk jug as an improvised funnel. Loosen up the filter and hold the improvised funnel under it as I unscrew and let it fall into the tunnel. I also use the tunnel when draining the engine.
Dale.Traveling 12/05/14 02:59pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Looking for first DP

Your search criteria is a bit similar to mine except I'm not retiring any time soon. Two items on you list, separate washer and dryer and the TV's, caught my attention. You need to focus your search no older than 2008. Pre 2008 the TV's were analog and it appears the combo washer/dryer were common items. Also for model years of 2011 and beyond there was a big price jump due to the new EPA requirements on the power train and the inclusion of DEF. The TV opposite the coach is going to hard to find unless you jump into 2012 and beyond. The are a couple with the TV in a book case/cabinet with a electric fire place. All the brands you listed are solid rigs. Shop floor plans first builder second and chassis third. Although they may look the same small differences such as kitchen on the curb or driver's side as an example, can really change how livable to you and the DW the coach feels. Seen a couple with a retrofit residential fridge also. You can tell by the exterior fridge vents but there's a stainless steel model in the coach. My search is focused on Tiffin Phaeton line. Prefer a 36' but 40' is within my budget but I'm at least a year out before I buy something. A couple of really good buys popped up after Labor Day but not so much at the moment. Maybe come Spring there might be another sell off so be ready to jump if 'The Coach' pops up. Good luck with your search.
Dale.Traveling 12/04/14 06:37pm Class A Motorhomes
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