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RE: Onan Generator Trouble - Won't Run With Load

Skip the local RV service center and call someone who works on generators. Just because it's bolted to an RV doesn't mean an RV service center is the only one who can work on it. Bet thier labor rates will be less and they will do house calls.
Dale.Traveling 07/29/15 09:59am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Surge Protector or Power Monitor

I have a cord end surge protector that also monitors for low/high voltage open ground and other such potential problems. I have also installed analog meters to measure voltage levels and current coach current consumption. I have experienced low voltage in the heat of summer that could have effected the conditioner motors, missing legs of two phase power, what should have been two phase power wasn't. The power failures have been relatively rare considering the 102 times I have plugged the coach in somewhere away from home. Call it insurance, reducing hazards, labor of love or just something to lighten the wallet on. How did you work around 220 VAC 50 Hz power over seas?
Dale.Traveling 07/28/15 07:24pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Cheasapeake Bay Bridge tunnel

Live in the area an use the tunnel often. Two axle coach with a CRV will run you $31 in tolls. Keep the CRV connected. Will actually cost you a few dollars more to disconnect and drive separately. EZ Pass will pay it if you have one in the coach. Be sure to remove the EZ Pass in the CRV and wrap in foil or you could be double charged. Use the far right lane as mentioned as they will ask about propane. Never had them verify, yet. When you head out of Norfolk towards Williamsburg on I64 the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel also has an inspection stop before the bridge and they will verify the valve is closed. Miss the inspection and they will stop all traffic and pull you out to inspect. Same with I664 if you choose to loop around Norfolk. Much better drive down US13 than heading east on US50 thru Annapolis which is your alternative. South on US301 out of Annapolis has a toll bridge over the Potomac River. One lane in each direction for about 2 miles. Much worse than the two tunnels.
Dale.Traveling 07/27/15 04:55am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Would you buy this?

Considering towing would cost more than the fridge is worth, if that even works, I would pass.
Dale.Traveling 07/27/15 04:38am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Ford 5 speed Tranny fluid. Mercon SP or Mercon VL ?

You can probably mix the different fluids but I would stick with what's in the transmission.
Dale.Traveling 07/26/15 03:38am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Tire question

My guess is you're at the mercy of the mobile service. I did not know there were RV and non-RV tires.I'm thinking the same thing. I paid $500 on the side on the interstate for a Goodyear 245/70R 19.5 three years ago. Looks like prices have increased a bit.
Dale.Traveling 07/25/15 07:01pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Given choice gas or diesel powered fill time coach

Which and why if given choice gas or diesel powered (36 - 40 foot) coach with 2500 - 3500 lbs toad attached for fill time usage? Thank-youFor full time I would rather have a rear engine diesel chassis under the house and I would rather have a 40'. I'm not much of a minimalists and would want the two under floor storage compartments that a long wheel base allows. Also in the 40' range the living area opens up a bit more with the option of two full length sofas and a bit more kitchen counter space. I currently own a 32' gas coach that serves us well as weekend vacationers but our long range goal is part timing in a 40' DP.
Dale.Traveling 07/25/15 06:15pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: gray water tank

An 18 gallon block of sludge? If you have a clothes washer there have been a few instances of postings regarding problems with tank possibly related to fabric softener and cloths lint along with other item washed down a drain. Doesn't happen very often. If you can get to the tank measure it (length, width, height) to determine the volume. Fleetwood has on paper what should be there but verify it yourself. If the numbers match might be best to have a plumber run a fiber optic camera up the dump line, down the roof vent or a drain to see what's going on and determine the best course of action to take rather than stabbing in the dark.
Dale.Traveling 07/22/15 12:34pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: how to keep tow car cleaner

Really isn't much to stop the road dirt and dust the coach will pick up other than a box trailer. Rain and snow make it even worse. The partial vacuum behind a coach the tow is riding in is the problem. It will pull any dust and dirt the coach stirs up and deposit it on the tow. If you are asking about rocks and other such heavy items that can damage the car there are a bunch of add on items that will help but road dirt, not much you can do.
Dale.Traveling 07/22/15 04:51am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Core Value of Old Tires

Craig's list is you best bet since the prospective buyer will be local and can pick up rather than pay shipping. Used 22.5 tires with low miles will fit a lot of commercial trucks from dump trucks to the regional haulers and I would expect them to go quickly if priced right. Start at $100 each and if you don't get calls drop the price until they are gone then go camping with the extra funds.
Dale.Traveling 07/22/15 04:40am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Chicago to Upper state New York and beyond questions....

We did the reverse last July but took the northern route thru the UP into Canada and around Lake Huron down to Niagra. Stayed at JW Wells State park outside Escanaba, Pan Cake Bay in Canada on Lake Superior, Craigleith Provincial Park on Lake Huron and Four Mile Creek State park on Lake Onterio. The drive between the two parks in Canada was a bit long at 440 miles but had great road conditions, no traffic to speak of and views out the window were worth the drive. https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-MpckfrLmnL8/U88WlKmTm8I/AAAAAAAAUWo/6_fpjdyVR2Y/s640-Ic42/DSC01053.JPG Trans Canada Highway https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-ijNlZ-2I-Ms/U88W_2IF2oI/AAAAAAAAUWo/7_1YGM8JqPw/s640-Ic42/DSC01068.JPG Pan Cake Bay https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-Ny1LEYiiBQQ/U88Tbqi-_1I/AAAAAAAAWQQ/geg3abrqFe0/s640-Ic42/DSC01027.JPG Craigleith Provincial Park https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-JstgZ-jlHig/U88WthQ3uEI/AAAAAAAAUWo/dR891uaTG_s/s640-Ic42/DSC01059.JPG Just watch out for the local wildlife along the way.
Dale.Traveling 07/21/15 11:27am Class A Motorhomes
Norfolk VA Propane Tunnel Inspection

Live in the Norfolk area of Virginia and got caught in traffic this morning when they stopped all tunnel traffic for a few minutes. A fellow owner didn't stop for the inspection station on the approach to the I664 tunnel heading south. They pulled him out of the lane at the tunnel entrance. Really bad place to try and reenter traffic with no room to accelerate into morning traffic. Not sure if the state troopers will site an RV or not. I'm pretty sure the commercial drives get to talk with someone behind a large desk wearing a black robe. Just something to be aware of when traveling. Propane restrictions in tunnels under water are pretty common here in the mid Atlantic. There are five tunnels around this area and all require an inspection stop. I95 under Baltimore Harbor has a total restriction. Study your route and if in doubt call the state DOT, state police or post the question concerning your route here on RV.NET. Safe travels.
Dale.Traveling 07/20/15 05:30pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Yes, another tire question...

You need to stay within specified cold pressures for your coach weight. With the average rig spending more time waiting for us to decide it's time to go, sitting on under inflated tires may cause unseen damage that could shorten the tires life with rather dramatic results. Tires will effect ride and control but there are other components also in play. Check your sway bar bushings particularly the rear. The original Ford installed material doesn't last very long. Have the alignment check by a heavy truck service center (not your local RV Service Center) with the coach loaded as close to your normal weight as possible. There are front and rear add on devices that will help calm the couch but at this point your starting to spend a bit of camping/fuel money. There are ways to calm a coach but reducing tire pressures below recommended is best avoided.
Dale.Traveling 07/20/15 04:38pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Tire Load and Inflation Table Questions

In my fifth year with the same coach, (make, model and year) plus my weights are also about the same. Our problem is we have more load capacity in the tires than what the axles can sustain and our weights are off the low end of the pressure charts. I played with pressures, never going below 80 PSI placard pressure, the first month I owned the coach with new tires installed. Above 95 or so the coach tracked poorly and was all over the road. Plus the ride was very harsh as pressures climbed above 90 PSI. Dropped to 85 all around and have been rolling at this pressure for a bit over 30,000 miles. Coach tracks and handles well. No unusual wear patterns, sidewall cracks or tire failures. Heat checks with an IR none contract thermometer show about 10 degrees above air temp. Rolling on Kelly KSR 245/70R 19.5 tires.
Dale.Traveling 07/19/15 09:57pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Replacement for Jensen Back up monitor

I over engineered my set up a bit. The dash monitor has dual inputs so I added a camera to the CRV along with a wireless video transmitter connected to the second input. The transmitter is powered by the coach using a six wire plug for tail lights rather than a four wire. The camera and transmitter are only active when towing and I can switch displays by hitting a button on the front of the monitor. I buried the transmitter in the rear door of the CRV while the receiver is in the dash of the coach. Even with the distance and a few obstructions between the two I still get a good image on the monitor. Gives me a different view while going down the road particularly when making lane changes but not so much when back since that's something I avoid when towing.
Dale.Traveling 07/02/15 06:44am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Moving Winguard Traveler

The Winegard came with two very long cables for the coax and the control so the extra is probably coiled up somewhere inside of your coach. I doubt if anyone cut the control cable since it has connectors on each end. If they did cut the coax, it would be easy to add an extension cable.Last owner had the sat antenna install on my coach and there's about 10' of coiled wire, coax and control, up behind the TV above the dash in the front cap.
Dale.Traveling 07/01/15 08:11pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Road surface transfer to steering wheel

A weight check and tire pressure adjust is cheap and easy so do that first. If the shocks are factory original it time. Hit all the front end grease fittings with a few strokes won't hurt either. A front end inspection, not an alignment, might be needed.
Dale.Traveling 07/01/15 08:06pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Leak around bathroom skylight; purchase or not?

I would pass unless the price was right as in a heavy discount reflecting potential repair costs.
Dale.Traveling 07/01/15 07:58pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: snake skin

I would not say anything unless I like solo glamping. The worry is snakes follow food. Don't know which would be the bigger problem, snake bait or the snake.
Dale.Traveling 07/01/15 07:53pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Replacement for Jensen Back up monitor

These are all good suggestions. How can I tell if the harness and wiring for the existing camera will work? I really don't want to chase new wires for a new camera. The camera itself is fine. Just the in-dash monitor needs replaced.I'll post an image of the camera and monitor connectors later tonight. I mixed and match my set up and the connectors all matched up male and female. https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-nI0Wgf5GNO4/VZSUsfo6v-I/AAAAAAAAWdo/AiVbvMqE_d0/s640/20150701_212834.jpg Cable from camera to monitor. https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-Gcsgdf1w0Gc/VZSUutzToXI/AAAAAAAAWdw/EBrUqoONu6k/s640/20150701_212707.jpg Cable from monitor to camera, side view. https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-oO3T-D4OQmA/VZSUwroY_SI/AAAAAAAAWd4/htOUWGQcFys/s640/20150701_212638.jpg Cable from monitor to camera, pin view.
Dale.Traveling 07/01/15 07:36pm Class A Motorhomes
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