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RE: 5 star tune on F-53 chasis (V-10)

Great write up Dale. Thank you. I agree, when the tranny downshifts and the motor sounds like its gonna explode drives me crazy while going up an incline with a toad. We just got home yesterday from a 1250 mile drive from SW Fla to our home in S Jersey with our Jeep toad and I'm seriously considering this upgrade. I'm gonna stay tuned for your report after your trip with the toad. Bob Made it up I40 thru NC and could not be happier with the tuner. I drive by RPM and set the cruise for 2500 which sets my speed at around 65. Good speed for reasonable fuel mileage without impeding others too much. Most of the the drive the coach stayed in O/D with occasional downshifts to fifth thru the rolling hills of the NC Piedmont. Never dropping to third and 4000 RPM as before. Once past Hickory NC and climbing into the Smokey Morticians the fun began. There's a short hard climb west of Hickory that the coach didn't like (lots of up and down shifting) so I manually down shifted to hold third gear and 40 MPH. Beyond that the tuner pretty much as expected and I did not see a downshift below fourth or an RPM of over 4000 on the other minor climbs. No more shifts to fifth for a few seconds followed by the dramatic down shift to third and 4000+ RPM. My opinion of the tuner, it's an excellent option available to the an owner. The Ford programming worked OK but wasn't optimum for the end application of an RV, or at least my RV with how I load the the chassis. I do like the change and if an owner has the RV budget to buy it I would encourage such. Bringing fourth gear back into the shift pattern made a big change, and is in my opinion, the most dramatic change to the power train.
Dale.Traveling 04/22/17 03:18pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Stolen tow bars

Why not just remove the tow bar when you're not towing? Easy enough to keep it the trunk of the toad when camped or in the house or coach when back at home. If you're going to leave it installed on an unattended coach might as well put a sign on it "Take Me".
Dale.Traveling 04/20/17 07:06pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Car towing system for my new Class A

The Ford published owner's manual does provide instruction for recreational four down towing so you don't not need to modify the powertrain in any manner. But without adding a base plate your options are a dolly, trailer or find a beater to modify and tow four down. Looking at the installation instructions for a Blue Ox base plate I'm at a loss to find anything that might impact the mechanical systems of the vehicle. Pretty much any based plate is going to involve disassembly of the front end clip and some modification of the structure behind the clip. Installation isn't difficult for a confident mechanic or body tech but any shop is going to charge several hundred to do the work for the labor time. The Blue Ox recommended power for brake, turn and driving lights from the coach is diode based and although involves splicing into the wires at the lights I can't see how it could be a warranty issue also considering it will be very easy to remove and return the circuit to original if necessary. You could bypass the mod by using magnetic lights on the trunk lid. Up to you as the owner. If the warranty issue is flashing in your eyes then find a dolly and hit the road.
Dale.Traveling 04/20/17 06:55pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Zep floor finish

Great results on my 11 year worn gel coated fiberglass coach. If your coach has full body paint I would not attempt. Stick with products formulated for use on painted vehicles.
Dale.Traveling 04/19/17 08:43pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Overdrive Switch?

As time2roll stated if the transmission starts shifting in and out of OD a lot disable OD by using the switch.
Dale.Traveling 04/17/17 04:15am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Couch out the door

Loveseat sleeper bed when out and dual recliner went in. Back came off the loveseat and I also took the frame for the bed out to lighten it up. The dual reclined also had removable backs and fit thru the 22" door to my coach. Easy swap.
Dale.Traveling 04/15/17 08:35pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Koni fsd rear shocks

Caught my attention also but I've gone a year (7000 miles) now without problems.
Dale.Traveling 04/15/17 08:24am Class A Motorhomes
RE: How to run 2 ac units on one genset

HOW large is the present Gen set. If 3000/3500 then you can try , start the first one and let it settle down then start the second one with the thermostat set at a lower or higher setting. Nothing else can be on AC with both running. We ran several years that way, only issue, no other AC appliance could be turn on.Pretty much what I do to get by with a 3KW generator and 2 13.5k BTU roof A/C's. No microwave, electric water heater, hair dryers or coffee pots.
Dale.Traveling 04/13/17 11:56am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Towing a CRV

Same setup as the OP but an older CRV and a gas coach. The only problems I have had with the bar were self induced and quickly corrected. Quick and easy setup and very reliable. With a downhill run I'll get an indication of the brake application only if I am on the coach brakes or a quick flash when I down downshift the transmission. No braking action when the coach is holding a steady or slow speed reduction such as coasting to a stop light. About the only time I see the brake indication on the CRV is when I'm actively braking the coach. The bar has a heavy spring that first must be overcome before the system becomes effective. Slow speed reductions is not enough momentum to activate the system. Rather than using the braking action switch built into the bar I wired the dash indicator into the brake light switch at the CRV brake pedal. The connection point is before the tail light diodes so the dash indicator lights with the CRV brake lights rather than when the tow bar is active. Brake light signal from the coach to the CRV lights does not light the indicator. Brake cable routing was simple. The bumper end is just below the front licence plate so I tuck the loop behind the plate when not in use. From there I routed the cable along the left side of the engine compartment under the battery and other such to a spot at the fire wall below the steering shaft. Plenty of room for the bends. With everything connected and the towbar arms locked the cable from the bar to the toad should have a bit of slack. You don't want guitar string tight. Easy slack setup is when the arms are unlock and fully compressed you should have just enough slack to disconnect the bar cable from the toad. For more info they have a YouTube video detailing installation on a 2014 CRV. Click HERE to view.
Dale.Traveling 04/13/17 05:00am Dinghy Towing
RE: Would You Purchase?

Looks in pretty good condition for a 20 year old coach. Really need to see in person. What sometimes peaks my questioning sense is a coach licensed in one state but for sale in another. In this case Ohio and Florida. Could be nothing and just a retiree who moved south and no long needs to drive to get away from the cold winters. Dale..........don't really see anything in the advertisement that indicates anything to do with Ohio? Can you advise further. Maybe my old eyes are failing me. Before the seller pulled it the license plates were Ohio plus a rear bumper sticker supporting the Bengals.
Dale.Traveling 04/12/17 11:59am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Would You Purchase?

Looks in pretty good condition for a 20 year old coach. Really need to see in person. What sometimes peaks my questioning sense is a coach licensed in one state but for sale in another. In this case Ohio and Florida. Could be nothing and just a retiree who moved south and no long needs to drive to get away from the cold winters.
Dale.Traveling 04/12/17 04:17am Class A Motorhomes
RE: 5 star tune on F-53 chasis (V-10)

2006 F53 with the 3 valve engine, 5 speed OD transmission, 18,000 lbs. chassis. Normal rolling weight is around 16,000 lbs. Installed last week and went out on our the first weekend trip thru the rolling hills of central Virginia east of the Blue Ridge. Did not take the toad along. Power and throttle response felt improved but the real change was the transmission shift points and the gain of fourth gear. Up shifts happened at lower RPM during moderate acceleration at around 2750 and dropped the RPM down to around 2250 for each shift from third up into OD. Hardly felt the shifts. Smooth and smoother. Picking up fourth made for a very smooth acceleration to interstate speed. With cruise control engaged the coach pretty much stayed in overdrive all the time. My usual pace is to drive at 2500 RPM which is around 63 MPH. The before shift pattern that used to cause a downshift from OD into fifth for a few seconds then the screaming 4000 RPM drop to third never occurred. Much quieter and smoother without the prior downshifts when encounter a moderate hill or overpass. Coach did appear to hold set speed much closer than before. Much less loss of speed and the associated downshifts. With hard acceleration performance was a bit improved but now with gain of fourth gear the up shifts were not as dramatic as before with the prior third to fifth shift. In tow/haul the shift points do appear to be a touch later as they were before 5 Star. Downshifts in tow/haul also behaved as before with hard downshifts when approaching a stop. Fuel mileage gain will need a couple of trips and I don't fully believe what Scan Gauge reports. The trip out to the campsite was 7.2 MPG while the drive home via a different route Scan was reporting 8.5 MPG average. Way too much of a gain for a single trip to be accepted as what the new normal might be. Coolant and transmission temps appeared unchanged. Engine hovered around 200 degrees and the transmission at 160 with the early spring cool air temperatures. We're heading out in two weeks for a week long 1450 mile trip taking us thru the Smokies Mountains and across the coastal plain of the mid Atlantic which will be a better scenario to judge the changes. What I'm looking forward to is the drive up I40 into the Smokies of western NC pulling the toad. Never used this route in the past but did drive I64 thru West Virginia last summer. Did most of the drive in what felt like third gear and 4000 + RPM climbing thru the Allegheny Mountains. Overall the changes are a definite benefit. If I can pick up a couple of tenths of improved fuel mileage it might even pay for itself in 30,000 miles or so. For more information and the group buy discount CLICK HERE.
Dale.Traveling 04/09/17 05:38pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: TV and Internet

I'm the opposite of most. Have Dish for the coach but when home and the service is active (we're month to month on the subscription) the receiver moves into the house and I'll use the antenna on the coach since where the coach is parked is about the only place in the yard with a clear line of sight to the satellites. Subscription cost about $50 a month for the package I selected. While on the road we use our cell service for most of our internet usage. We don't stream entertainment from the phones to save on bandwidth usage. CG internet can be a bit slow but works well for general use but I don't normally depend on it for streaming purposes. Between the Dish subscription and DVDs we don't really need to stream to the coach TV.
Dale.Traveling 04/06/17 05:16am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Utilization measure for class a use

I'm at $1.32 or so per mile and have enjoyed every mile and night in the coach. No regerts owning the coach.
Dale.Traveling 04/05/17 06:42pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Surge protector question

The surge protector will not pass power for multiple problem. Low or high volts, open neutral, open ground or a swap of one of the hot lines with either the neutral/ground are the bigs. As mentioned the protector just paid for itself and the CG needs to find a better electrician.
Dale.Traveling 04/03/17 04:19am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Motorhome ladder or towed bike rack

I use a receiver mount the bike sit in not hang from. When we take the toad the rack goes on the toad. This is my older set up and have since replaced the toad but shows what I use for a rack. There's a dual receiver adaptor in the image. Found the rack on eBay for around $50. Probably have 30,000 miles of travel with the setup and no problems. http://i32.photobucket.com/albums/d39/sweetbriarmanor/DSC00130_zpsd7lzjeix.jpg height=480 width=640
Dale.Traveling 03/28/17 04:53am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Satelite

Had an older inmotion roof mounted antenna and rarely used it. Between trees, mountains and other obstructions drop signal was pretty common when going down the road. Also since most of our outings are in forested state parks the static mounting on the roof was blocked most of the time. Replaced it with a carry out Winegard. Being potable finding a hole for a clear line of site isn't difficult but antenna can only track one satellite at a time which limits my viewing options with two receivers. Also the dome antennas can not decode HD channels with Direct subscription service.
Dale.Traveling 03/28/17 04:44am Class A Motorhomes
RE: no 12v in the coach

When the coach is plugged in or on the generator you're getting 12VDC from the converter. The problem could be a couple of things. First double and triple check your battery configuration particularly if you are using multiple batteries and since you have new batteries. If everything worked before the new batteries were installed then check what was the last thing touched. Easy to connect them incorrectly if it isn't something you do everyday. Next thing to try is the Aux Start switch with the coach unplugged and the generator off. Just turn on a convenient ceiling light and press the switch. If the light comes that confirm the storage or house battery disconnect set to distribute power to the house. I could be wrong on this one though. If will depend on how the DC power distribution network was designed. Next check the if you have a large amperage fuse between the batteries and the distribution network. You could also have a circuit breaker rather than a fuse that needs reset. Tells us what you find or if the suggestions don't help.
Dale.Traveling 03/24/17 04:31am Class A Motorhomes
RE: insurance

About $600 a year. 06 30' gas coach used on weekends and summer vacation.
Dale.Traveling 03/20/17 04:16am Class A Motorhomes
RE: insurance

Fifth wheel coverage, no idea since I own a Class A. Comparing Class A to a car will vary greatly and any numbers an owner posts will not be of much use without personal details such as - declared usage (full time, snowbird, weekender), estimate value of a coach, owner declared residents, drive record of principal and secondary drivers, coverage level selected, credit score of owner,,,. A better question to ask would be what company insures a rig and if you had a claim how was the customer service provided associated with the claim. You could have the lowest rates available but if a service provider takes months to process a claim is really worth the cost savings?
Dale.Traveling 03/19/17 06:45am Class A Motorhomes
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