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RE: Need for pads/blocks with hydrolic levelers?

You shouldn't need them for additional lift. If you need that much first try to reposition the coach. What many will use pads for is to make a bigger foot print and spread the weight of the coach out. You want to avoid leaving makes in hard surfaces of an improved campsite or have to climb under the coach to assist a jack that has sunk into the ground and won't retract. Simplest, lowest cost jack pad is to head on down to your local big box store and pick out a fairly straight 2" x 12" x 8' plank and have them cut it into 12" lengths. The wood might split with use but being dry makes for great kindling if you slit it some more. The more purpose made pads you can buy can cost anywhere from a few dollars to over $25 each. Long term low cost landing pads are 2" x 6" lumber sandwiched between 1/4" or so plywood. Even if the 2 x 6 splits the ply holds everything together. Saw one owner who actually urethane sealed the pads. And a little light reading - Motorhome Magazine
Dale.Traveling 04/19/18 12:32pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: F53 Horsepower rating

Thanks Dale! For sure I'm not up on F53 as much as I once was:)! And re-reading my post I was not clear on a few of my comments. Appreciate you updating with more accurate info.,,, Not a problem. I was afraid that even after editing the post a few times I was still a bit too harsh. The F53 has changed a bit since last century and who knows what Ford has in story for the future RV owner. There's speculation the V10 might not be the future engine considering the power Ford has been achieving with the smaller V8. Regarding beefier suspension components, it's a bit rare for a house builder to make changes to the chassis beyond rear extension and house mounts. I would expect the same for the DP owners. I would suspect there might be a question regarding who is now responsible for warranty repairs. A confused owner who keeps getting push between OEMs regarding warranty repairs is not going to be a satisfied customer. Chassis length to wheelbase and the overhang will drive a potential owner nuts trying to balance everything out. What might be acceptable to me could be a walk away from a potential sale to another owner. I have one of those large overhang rigs with a 1/3 of my overall length behind the axle and all of my liquid loading. Certainly not the best configuration but the coach has never let me down and suits my needs both going down the road and after arriving at the campsite. Regardless the chassis, just like it's bigger brothers with a rear diesel power plant, will get an owner and all their stuff anywhere in North America on improved roads as long as it's properly maintained and operated within Ford published guidelines.
Dale.Traveling 04/18/18 04:56am Class A Motorhomes
RE: F53 Horsepower rating

Also many times a manufacture will request a lower HP engine, for their entry to mid entry RV's. Saving the higher HP for their higher end RV's. (Much more so in the DP side of things...). The F53 comes in different weights, as well as different levels of suspension components. Look at some of the entry Class A's on the F53 on shorter wheel bases... Easy to spot with the large 'Tail wagging the dawg.' overhang:)!. Some Entry level coaches with the F52 will not have rear pan hard bars, and or smaller, or even no, sway bars. It's all about marketing, and hitting price points. Can't say if the lower HP is part of this or not, as I was not even aware that the V10 came in different HP levels within the same engine year:)! Best, Smitty Not sure where to start. 1. Ford does not offer the F53 chassis with different V10 rated engines to the house builders. All, within a model year, have the same power specifications. 2. Regardless of wheel base or weight capacity Ford supplies ALL F53's with the same rear overhang length, 105.8". The house builder will add extensions of various lengths as needed for house design. The perceived value of the coach has no relation to overhang. Easy enough to compare a Thor Ace 27.2 to a Fleetwood Bounder 36H to a Tiffin 36UA with regard to rear overhang and it is pretty apparent the Ace has the smallest overhang ratio, smallest wheelbase and the lowest price. 3. Since 1999 Ford has NEVER supplied a rear trac or pan head bar on the F53 chassis and ALL have been supplied with front AND rear sway bars. 4. There are no engine model years only chassis and not every calendar year has a new chassis. 5. Since Ford has never published a torque or a horsepower curve for the V10 engine comparing the different published performance capabilities is difficult. The latest numbers are the fourth revision since 1999 when the V10 showed up in the F53. Why the change? Who knows. CAFE standards, EPA, lower top gear ratio of six speed transmission along with the rev limiter settings, and the list goes on. Regardless, the chassis will get the house built on it and all its occupants anywhere in North America on improved roads as long as it is operated within the limits Ford provides. You want to take a logging trail or fire road to "The Spot", you're on your own.
Dale.Traveling 04/15/18 05:06pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: House battery charging problem...

From the OP: Although likely not the problem of 'dead batteries', I found that the on/off switch for the house batteries was stuck in the 'on' position and would not turn off (per little green light). So, decided to take it in to CW for (likely) a new switch and to locate cause of batteries draining. Thanks for comments... If the coach is plugged into shore power (or the generator is running) and the AC-DC converter/charger is energized the light will not go out since the converter is providing DC power to the coach. Similarly when converter is producing DC power you can not tell the state of the disconnect in since the light will not change. You may think the batteries are connected and getting a maintenance charge but they may not be and with time will self discharge. Maybe the this is what caused the initial problem? Additionally, even though the coach is new the batteries could be on their last leg. Very rare for a dealership to plug a coach in to maintain a good charge level. Also manufactures don't always install ture deep cycle batteries for the coach side. Add the two together and throw in a couple to deep discharge/charge cycles while waiting on the sales lot and your batteries may be at their end of useful life.
Dale.Traveling 04/05/18 04:34am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Flushing tanks

If I'm at a dump station on a Sunday late morning with a line of fellow campers waiting their turn I'll pass on the flush to expedite the activity. I do, from time to time instead of flushing, add a third valve and back flush gray into the black which will flush out a lot of the heavier stuff that wasn't cleared out the on the initial draining.
Dale.Traveling 04/02/18 04:51am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Detailing an older motorhome

Bucket and brush. Dish soap in warm water. If I'm stripping old wax I'll pretreat with Dollar Store LA Awesome mixed up in a garden pump sprayer. Heavy stains I'll use liquid Bar Keeper's Friend. For a wax pick one. If you want to attempt a power washer use a wide spray and a couple of feet distance between the nozzle and the coach. Get aggressive with a high pressure sprayer and you can create water leaks. Magic Eraser does quick work cleaning the awning.
Dale.Traveling 04/02/18 04:27am Class A Motorhomes
RE: No AC power when connected to shore power.

,,, I started the generator, and the batteries are charging and all the 12 volt times are working, as well as the 110 volt heat pump, but there is no power to any of the 110 volt outlets. If the outlets are dead but the roof A/C works then the whole house inverter is the problem. A/C's take too much power to run off batteries and are rarely connected to the inverter. Any idea of the make/model inverter?
Dale.Traveling 04/01/18 06:51pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Little air at bedroom vent

Don't forget to clean the fins in the A/C unit from time to time. Not the fins up on the roof, although they also need work on occasion, but down in the lower half of the unit. The air filters help but a lot of stuff will get by and start to limit airflow.
Dale.Traveling 04/01/18 06:44pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: 2013 Daybreak 32H

Used units are CONDITION, CONDITION, CONDITION. If it meets your expectations, offer what you are willing to pay. If they say "no" walk away. There are more out there Can't argue with that. Considering how many V10 are on the road, don't forget E and F series trucks and Excursions, the engine appears to be pretty reliable piece of hardware. Maybe not to the point of the old VW air cooled flat 4 but nowhere even close to the rolling disaster that GM attempted in late 1970's with a V8 diesel. Make an offer and see if they'll either counter or accept. If the offer is refuse leave your contact info and tell sales staff you're ready to negotiate when they are.
Dale.Traveling 04/01/18 06:37pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: 2013 Daybreak 32H

RV Trader Listings Rather than using NADA search what other's are asking for with the same coach. If you narrow the search parameters on RV Trader there are currently 17 2013 Daybreak 32H models listed for sale with a price range from $85,900 to $53,995 with an average asking price of $69,608. That's asking price not what the coach may finally sell at which in most cases will be less. Find the add with a coach that matches what the dealer has that is more along the lines of what you're will to pay and see if they will meet the price. I would start at $68,000 and be willing to go as high as maybe $72,000 but sight unseen the price is a very big WAG. For $81K it would have to be one perfect coach. Plus depending on the color pattern the Daybreak came with full body paint so pushing up the used price isn't something I would accept. Regardless of final price I would include a demand that the sale is contingent on a mechanical inspection, that you will pay for. Unless the new engine was installed by a Ford Commercial Truck Service Center, for that matter even if it was, I would want to know it was performed correctly and no short cuts were taken. And who is the warranty with, the selling dealer or Ford? If the dealer tell them to keep the warranty and drop the price. Won't do you much good 3000 miles from home if the engine blows a second time which would a pretty rare event. 2013 Daybreak Brochure PDF
Dale.Traveling 03/30/18 02:59pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: "Tuner" for a V-10

Being RV owners we all have a few unusual ideas concerning our rigs from the perspective of someone who doesn't enjoy this passion but to intentional change the engine program to such an extend as to require the use of fuel that will increase the cost per mile by 20% might be considered something beyond our special madness. And that would be on top of paying a couple of hundred dollars for the tuner. Definitely not something that would make a coach more marketable as part of an owner self sale.
Dale.Traveling 03/30/18 02:10pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: "Tuner" for a V-10

You have to use premium fuel. Why? Premium or high octane fuel is needed for high compression engines and at 9.2:1 the Ford 6.8L V10 isn't. A very custom tune with a heavily modified fuel injector duration pulse might need it but you'll probably either blow a head gasket or burn a valve pretty quickly changing the much from the original Ford program. Bolt on a turbo, super charger, change out the cam, shave the heads and so on maybe. But an aftermarket tuner specific for an RV application, not likely.
Dale.Traveling 03/29/18 09:54am Class A Motorhomes
RE: "Tuner" for a V-10

Drive the coach a few thousand miles before doing anything to either the power train or the suspension. I have the basic Ford F53 5 Star firmware modification to the ECU. My desire was to change the transmission shift pattern associated with my 2006 model year chassis and the 5 speed transmission which the firmware did. No perceived gain in performance or fuel economy. A 2016 model year or newer chassis is going to be different particularly concerning the 6 speed transmission. What has worked for me might not work as well for you. Drive it before you start spending money in search of improvements.
Dale.Traveling 03/28/18 04:56am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Consignment insurance

,,, all the vehicles on consignment instantly became the property of all the lien holders on the business. It didn't matter that the owner had the title, because in the agreement,,, They can have my vehicle title when they pry it from my cold dead fingers. Seriously for the OP, contact your insurance provider. Potentially a change in coverage might be needed just as 2gypsies discovered. Don't fully trust the dealer's coverage to make you whole if something happens.
Dale.Traveling 03/16/18 11:23am Class A Motorhomes
RE: 1993 Bounder with broken axle twice in 2000 miles

How much weight is on the axle?
Dale.Traveling 03/11/18 10:23am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Paying dealer prep on a used motorhome?

For a used coach, (and maybe a new one) unless the dealer prep includes bumper to bumper 12 month/12,000 mile warranty, full fuel tank, full propane tank, 12 month roadside emergency assistance and a $100 Amazon Gift Card I would instruct them to drop it or I walk.
Dale.Traveling 03/11/18 10:22am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Bounder 1995 34A Gas

Aged fuel may limit performance under load but you should still have a reasonable idle. Try the generator. If it runs with a high electrical load then old gasoline is not the problem. Fuel filter is a bit of a long shot but an easy an inexpensive fix. A partially clogged filter will allow a good idle but the engine will stumble when a higher rate of fuel is needed such as acceleration or a high climb. A sudden fully clogged filter can happen but is a bit rare as compared to a partial blockage occurring first. I'm thinking you have a dead fuel pump or fuel pressure regulator. Easy to test with a pressure test kit you get as loaner for an auto parts store. Not sure what your pressures should be for throttle body injection 460 V8 but I would expect to see nothing less than may 30 PSI at the injector feed.
Dale.Traveling 03/04/18 08:34am Class A Motorhomes
RE: 2003 Coachmen Mirada 30Q for $27K - ok deal for newbie?

$27K CND ($21K for those of us in the warmer half of North America) for the Coachmen seems a reasonable asking price but see if you can get a the price down a few thousand. Set aside a few thousand to cover initial expenses such as getting the coach maintenance back on schedule if necessary. Learn how to read tire manufacture date codes. RV tires don't normally wear out but will age out. Also either learn how to spot water damage or have a coach you have your eye on inspected. Both groups, class A or C, have pros and cons. Class A will have a bit more storage and weight capacity while the C has more mattress square footage. Performance when on the move is an important aspect of a coach but you might want to place floor plan a bit higher on the priority list. You'll spent a lot more time in a camp ground then moving down the road so getting a floor plan the fits your needs should be high on the list on needs and wants. While on the road you really want to keep movement to a minimum and everyone seat belted. Think of it in the same light as flying. The ride can go from smooth and comfortable to a nightmare with no warning. I've thrown the dog around enough that he pretty much finds his spot, passenger side front corner, and stays there when on the go.
Dale.Traveling 03/01/18 04:54am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Automatic Digital HVAC Thermostats

Since my coach uses a single thermostat controlling a roof A/C and a propane furnace changing out the original Coleman for a residential automatic change over was pretty easy. Honeywell RTH5100B Powered by 2 AAA batteries that last a year. Non programmable but will do auto change over for heating and cooling. In auto mode the preset heat and cooling temps must be separated by 3 degrees. No over lap. High temp for heat of 68 and a low temp for cooling of 71 as an example. I have mine set to 68 and 78 which has worked well. Any owner considering the option will need to dig deep into the capabilities and limitations of any thermostat they are considering and the need to match it to the HVAC hardware installed in the coach.
Dale.Traveling 02/25/18 08:12am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Gifted Class A

As other have mentioned first check the integrity of the house before you start putting money into the chassis to safety make the drive home. If the roof has been leaking you could be looking at a major restoration work which might not be worth the effort or the cost. Spending $2000 for tires only to find out the roof and walls are rotted would be a bitter pill to take. More coaches die each year due to water leaks than engine failure. Work with the camp ground regarding getting the coach road worthy. Check everything particular the brake calibers. Sitting than long the caliber pistons may have rusted in place or the master cylinder seals are leaking. And start shopping for a road side emergency service contract before making the drive in a rig that hasn't seen the road in a while. Good luck and I hope you have a diamond in the ruff that just needs some TLC.
Dale.Traveling 02/19/18 10:30am Class A Motorhomes
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