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RE: Shore power

Definitely sounds like you lost a leg of the 50 amp power. Problem is where? Multiple possibilities - 1. Camp ground breaker 2. Camp ground power outlet 3. Your power cord 4. Your shore power/generator transfer switch 5. Your coach wiring to breaker panel 6. Your coach 50 amp breaker and panel First thing to try is your generator. If power is restored with the generator running you just eliminated 1/2 the list starting at part of the transfer switch (#4) and working going down on the list. The switch could still be the problem but you know it will pass the generator power. Another easy try is if you have a surge protector on the end of the power cord. Try plugging in without it. Going deeper you digging into 120VAC power distribution and if your skills are not up to it I would advise calling for an assist. Many camp grounds keep phone numbers for mobile techs in the area. Getting bit by 120VAC will not make for a pleasant camp trip. Good luck and tell us what you find.
Dale.Traveling 09/23/16 10:45am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Outside tv

Vizio E280i-B1. Move between the home bedroom to the coach where it moves between the outside mount and the bedroom. http://i32.photobucket.com/albums/d39/sweetbriarmanor/20160502_195038%202_zpsd6wqliyi.jpg height=298 width=531 http://i32.photobucket.com/albums/d39/sweetbriarmanor/20160502_195048%202_zpsvjnqufre.jpg height=298 width=531
Dale.Traveling 09/21/16 04:13am Class A Motorhomes
RE: soap spray leak detection

The company that makes the blower is called SealTech and they maintain a map of service providers. Click Here for their web site map. There are four testers in the northern Indiana area.
Dale.Traveling 09/17/16 05:37am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Does tire pressure drastically affect crosswind stability?

Have you weighed it? I have experimented with pressures from 75 to 100 and get the most stability at 80. Same tire size. Load inflation chart says 75 for my weight. Lower pressure it slows the response to steering inputs. Higher gets more reactive to road imperfections and skittish as the contact patch shrinks. YMMVSame experience with the same size tires but I air to 85. I played around increasing pressure. Once I hit 90-95 PSI it took a lot of concentration just to keep the coach in the lane on calm days in addition to the increasingly harsh ride of over inflated tires. What has helped the most for me was adding a rear track bar in addition to the CHF of the Ford chassis. I still get pushed some during heavy wind events but the steering response to such and the speed coach reacts to steering inputs has improved greatly. I get little if any movement from passing vehicles. The geometry of various rigs (wheel base to overall coach length), loading and balance of the load, towing, road conditions and such may effect how coach A drives as compared to coach B. In other words what worked for me might not solve your problem or concern.
Dale.Traveling 09/16/16 05:13am Class A Motorhomes
RE: AC in hot days

Reflectix over the windows helps a lot for the level of effort and cost. The three bedroom windows in my coach pretty much stay covered year round unless the view is something worth looking at. Ceiling vents and shower skylight are also covered with Reflectix. A solar screen for the windshield will help a lot over the interior curtin. I normally run the bedroom A/C as cold as it will go and use a box fan to push the air forward while the front A/C set to higher temp and cycles as needed. Night time we swap back to front. Moves the noise of the blowers. The only change I make between parked and moving is the windshield screen. Over night I try and cool down the coach as much as possible, within limits of comfort, to gain on the heat of the day. Clean the air filters, the blowers and the heat exchanger fins both in the condenser (the one that gets hot) and the evaporator (the one that gets cold) will go along way to improving the limited efficient of the unit. If the fins on the heat exchanges are bent or damaged do your best to straighten them back to original position. Check the ducting where you can see or touch it. Air leaks or loose fitting duct work will reduce the system capacity. Seal where you can. Treat the coach the same as you homestead as far as improving efficient of the system. Clean and seal where possible.
Dale.Traveling 09/13/16 04:36am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Visiting NYC

Liberty Harbor RV Park Isn't much more than a parking lot with power and water hookups but does one visit NYC for the camp ground amenities? Haven't been there myself but planning on a Fall 2017 trip.
Dale.Traveling 09/12/16 04:32am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Dash Camera / Video recommendation

Skip anything with IR illumination. It the camera lens isn't shielded or against the windshield it will glare off the glass. To get any usable range a dash cam would need 30+. Short recording files work best for documentation purposes unless you want to make home movies of the drive. HD recording is nice if you're making You Tube videos but the file size will consume the SD memory. Same with GPS. Nice feature but you can live without it. A GoPro works very well as a dash cam in an RV considering the size of the windshield it won't block you view. Plus it will have other uses where the dash came does one thing. Plus the video editing software that comes free works pretty well. GoPro Dash Cam Viedo
Dale.Traveling 09/12/16 04:19am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Tire Pressure Monitoring System or not!

My one flat was a slow leak when the seal on the valve stem seal failed and the right front tire. A TPMS would have warned me of the problem early, and saved the tire, rather than when the steering started to get heavy and the coach pulling to the right. Tire was a year and a week old. The side the road replacement was $500. The TPMS was $300. If the stem seal on one of the rear duals had failed I would never have know until the second tire of the dual failed, probably catastrophically. Get a flat on a toad and you'll never know it until you stop and look. By then no telling how much extra damage has occurred. Probably more than the cost of the TPMS.
Dale.Traveling 09/09/16 11:00am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Tire temp and pressure

Myself I set the low pressure warning at 5 PSI below suggest pressure for my weight but I also run 5 PSI above recommended. High temp I have set to 140 degrees. No science in the numbers but a bit of trial and error concerning false alarms. An over night cold snap will cause a few degrees of pressure change that can trigger an alarm, usually around 3AM. A hot road on a sunny afternoon could trigger a high temp alarm on the sunny side of the coach.
Dale.Traveling 09/07/16 11:56am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Answered: How Much Does a Class A DP Cost?

Yes a coach, any coach be it my 10 year old entry level budget gas powered Hurricane to a top of the line Prevost, and every rig in between, losses value each and every day. We buy at retail but sell at whole sale. If you buy today and sell in two weeks, two months, two or twenty years you will take a cost differential hit. Do it with a new coach, new to you coach or when the regional economy is questionable and the sting will turn into a multiple root canal. The OP should have stuck it out a bit longer. Stuff breaks but usually once fixed, correctly, it will be trouble free moving forward. He spent a lot the first two years on maintenance and such but by the third, fourth, fifth and so on those cost in all likelihood would start decreasing. Also some of his costs if averaged out to the expected life of the item would have reduced his two year paper cost. I track pretty much every dollar associated with my coach. Fuel, CG fees, insurance, scheduled maintenance material, sat service,,,. Quicken makes it pretty easy to do. So far I've averaged $5.5K a year over the past five for my gas coach. I've also spent $4.2K on gasoline and CG costs while adding 36.5K miles, 251 total nights acquired on 125 trips away from home. If I were to add my labor costs (coach has yet to be in any repair center, house or chassis) I would probably catching to the OP's. Then again probably 50% or more of what I spent was updates, upgrades and just plain bling that the coach would have been fine without. After all my work, time and material costs the coach is exactly how I want it to be and my yearly costs should drop significantly moving forward as his would, practically if he took on some of the scheduled maintenance items and low priority repairs himself or shopped around for a better price for the service provided. My total numbers - borrowed $40,000 in April 2011 for the coach. Since then it has cost me $49,465 for EVERTHING. Insurance, taxes, sat TV, tires, CGs, fuel, interested on the loan, upgrades, repairs,,,,. Would buy again if I had a do-over? No hesitation, yes.
Dale.Traveling 09/06/16 05:55pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: something was wrong

Almost sounds like and over temp limp mode but that would show on the dash gauges and fault lights. Next chance you get have the power train codes pulled. You could have had a problem that didn't show up on the dash but there could be a code in memory. Just don't disconnect the chassis battery or any codes could be cleared.
Dale.Traveling 09/06/16 05:16pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: ROOF REPAIR: Calk then roof coat??

Caulk then recoat. The original roof coating under the old caulk will be in very good condition and if you use correct caulk made for sealing an RV roof the coating will stick to the caulk.
Dale.Traveling 09/03/16 03:30am Class A Motorhomes
RE: 2007 thor hurricane 31h, need advise

4 1/2 hour drive to look, not bad. I did 8 hours, each way, three times but got a very good deal on an 2006 31D. The low mileage can be a red flag. My concern would be the owners used it one season, put in outside storage and there it has been sitting ever since untouched. At 9 years old the roof seals are a big concern. If the coach has a musty smell you'll need to look deeper for potential water leaks from failed roof seals. A hair line crack in a dried out seal will let a lot of water in. Check for delamination around the below floor storage compartment doors. If the fiberglass is soft, flexible, bubbled or has a hollow sound when tapped you might want to look elsewhere. Check the windshield curtain for water stains also. Lack of chassis continuous maintenance is a concern but recoverable. Same with the generator. Tires, if original, will needed to be replaced. If the coach has been stored inside it should be OK concerning water leaks but not for long if you make the purchase. Use the cost of tire replacement and catching up on missed maintenance to your advantage with a price offer, maybe $40K or so, and let them counter. If the coach has had water leaks you might want to move on.
Dale.Traveling 09/03/16 02:57am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Electrical Problem

Power distribution to outlets is usually daisy chained from the breaker out to the multiple outlets. A loose hot or neutral at an outlet will dump power to anything further down stream just like a GFI loop. I would start pulling outlets and check the hardware for a tight fit. Also check the neutral line. You actually could have power present but if the neutral is open you won't have current flow so be careful you don't become the return path. Also check the neutral hardware in the breaker panel. A very useful tool that will help speed your efforts is a non-contact voltage tester. Won't tell you how much power is present only that something is there. $15 or so at you favorite big box store.
Dale.Traveling 08/26/16 04:31am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Rust-oleum paint roll on rv

I rattle can repainted the sun stroked black graphics with Rust-oleum. Lasted two years before the color started fading and changing color tone. Repainted again this spring with real automotive paint. Paint was $125 and the sprayer was $50. Roller paint, well hope you like the coach. http://i32.photobucket.com/albums/d39/sweetbriarmanor/20140920_160112_zps0ptaak5i.jpg
Dale.Traveling 08/22/16 08:33pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Short Queen Mattress

Found mine on Amazon. Very comfortable and much better the Elkhart Blue Bed of Nails that came with the coach. Was compressed and rolled into a 12" or so tube for shipping. Don't cut the straps until you have it in the coach on the bed. Takes a few minutes to reform. Amazon Short Queen
Dale.Traveling 08/22/16 05:35am Class A Motorhomes
RE: 86 outside - 82 inside - AC running all day?

Definitely not right. One A/C should have at least held the temp steady two should have cooled the coach down. Check the temperature difference between the air entering the units and what is being chilled. There are a few variables but I would expect to see maybe a 10 degree difference. With the normally high humidity of the mid Atlantic coast you should have an almost constant draining from the units. I was up the road in Va Beach this weekend and two 13.5 roof units kept my 32' comfortable all weekend.
Dale.Traveling 08/22/16 05:16am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Need Help Choosing a Class A - Does This Model Exist?

Bath and a half along with bunk beds will be a show stopper. Closest I found is a Hurricane/Windsport 34J. Bunk beds, exterior kitchen, exterior TV. Also has the full size bed on a lift over the driver's seat and a sleeper sofa. Sleeps 8 adults. Hurricane Class A
Dale.Traveling 08/21/16 02:04pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Carrying Portable Waste Tank

Another vote for small, 15 gal or so, tank. I have a hanger for lawn chairs on the coach ladder that will also hold a tank along with a ratchet strap but most of the time I put in the toad.
Dale.Traveling 08/13/16 08:23am Class A Motorhomes
RE: HELP (Where do you stay in Pittsburgh area)!

South western PA isn't much on camp grounds. If you're willing to boon dock and live off the coach generator and tanks your options will open up. Lots of churches, fraternal organization and such that will allow you to do a weekend for free or a small donation. Mom lives in the southern suburbs of Pittsburgh and not much available inside of 50 miles from the Golden Triangle. My coach fits down the drive with about an inch to spare between the house and my side view mirror.
Dale.Traveling 08/11/16 08:17pm Class A Motorhomes
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