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RE: Winnebago ERA 70C

The couch can't be any wider. It has to fit the cut out where a sliding door would go on the driver's side.
Davydd 08/19/14 03:39pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Winter Storage

I'm pretty sure we have colder or as cold of weather in Minnesota as border land Ontario. We leave our B outside with it it plugged in to a 30 amp service. We leave the battery in. It doesn't freeze and we periodically start the engine and idle it but don't drive it and we periodically run the propane generator. Both have started up at around 0 degrees F. I do diligently shovel the snow around and away from the B and also brush the snow off the B after every snow fall. We had over 2 feet of accumulated compacted snow on the ground last winter at one time so it is important to keep it off or it would overtake you.
Davydd 08/16/14 01:36pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Running engine when stopped

Morden, You have two house batteries so are well covered for lights, TV and furnace use overnight. It might help if you said what Class B you have as I suspect if it is only a year old it may already have LED lighting and all these suggestions may not be necessary. Regardless, if you don't have LED lights, with two house batteries, changing them out would only be a slight bonus. We still have halogen ceiling lights. Just practice conservative use. Don't leave lights on unnecessarily. For sleeping you don't have to run a furnace all night long or you can lower the temperature setting to as low as you can tolerate with the sleeping blankets you have. We use sleeping bags rated down to 20F so never turn our furnace on until just before climbing out of bed in the morning. You only need to turn on your hot water about 20 minutes before using it. Don't leave it on constantly. One thing you didn't mention was your refrigerator. If it is a three-way then simply run it on propane. With our current 2011 Great West Van Legend we have two house batteries and a generator, but over 4 years and 65,000 miles we have but 14 hours on it. We have dry camped up to 5 straight days several times. Our generator use has never been to charge our batteries. It has been mostly for testing and exercising before trips and to brew coffee in the morning. Unfortunately, unless you have a large inverter you will not be brewing coffee by running your engine. Since you mentioned truck stop, that implies to me you will be driving that day you stop and when you get up in the morning. Driving will more than charge your batteries. I guess what I am saying is, bottom line, you should never have to idle your engine to charge batteries while stopped. You will learn that with experience.
Davydd 08/15/14 07:15am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: What Did You Do To Your Class B Today ?

Our Great West Van Legend is completely emptied out now. It seemed as if the stuff never stopped coming out. Who knew we had a golf umbrella tucked away? :) So today the detailing begins. My wife announced her chore today was to furniture polish all the cabinets and scrub the front cab rubber floor. I'll detail the exterior storage box and fiber glass cover lids and put a new 3" dump cap on. Soon I'll have to do an extra cleaning of the exterior. It is is top notch condition only we recently discovered the air conditioning compressor is not kicking in and it just blows air. So we will take it in for repairs on Tuesday. I'm not sure what that will mean yet but it has to be fixed to sell. It is not fuse or breaker related.
Davydd 08/15/14 06:44am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: What Did You Do To Your Class B Today ?

I put my B up for sale. So did I. It is advertised in a few places.
Davydd 08/14/14 11:19am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Solar Panels - worth it?

I should add in regard to what I said about solar taking care of the necessary charging for battery drain that is going to occur if you did nothing. The major reason I want solar for dry camping situations is to have the ability to still have full use of all my electrical AC outlets, microwave and coffee maker without having to resort to running a generator. Air conditioning is a very low priority but since we are adding solar, large battery bank and high wattage inverter/charger we do want that little extra capacity to run an air conditioner for a one to two hour stop during the day (lunch, hiking, shopping, touring, etc,) and leave a pet in the van. If the climate were so adverse to need air conditioning we would simply seek an electrical hookup campground. For a dry camping situation in a forest wilderness I would want neither a generator or an air conditioner running. As I have said in the past, we have managed for most of a decade to effectively plan and follow the climate and seasons without needing air conditioning in our Class Bs. Part of that has been the use of effective screening on the back doors and huge opening side sliding door as well as five operable windows. That is what few Class Bs have had but are just now waking up to the idea and no Class Cs I am aware of can accomplish to equalize inside temperatures with the outside.
Davydd 08/13/14 07:38am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: A macerating toilet

I've looked at this macerator toilet as well as a composting toilet someone else suggested to me. I guess I still like old fashioned tried and true gravity. :) The macerating toilet looks rather complex. What happens with an electrical failure or a blade clog? The only plus I see is the ability to place it anywhere you want away from a tank. In a Class B that is not all that critical at least in the Sprinter. I'd still want a separate black tank from a grey tank mainly for clean sanitation in dumping. I will get a macerator but will have the option to do the standard 3" slinky hose two valve (grey and black) gravity dump. My black tank will be 18 gallons which is an increase from my Great West Van Legend 10 gallon tank. We go about 4 days between dumps now with our 10 gallon and it is coupled with grey tank fill and fresh water fill fairly well. So all three are usually taken care of on the same day at a campground. My fresh water will increase from 29 gallons to 40 gallons and my grey will increase from 20 to 28 in our ordered Advanced RV Sprinter. I think that all will increase dumping chores to weekly. The composting toilet seems like an extra maintenance chore. Where do you get coconut fiber and where do you easily get peat? Where do you dispose of compost on the road? You still have grey water and fresh water chores and they don't seem to be in synch with composting chores. Back to square one. I like to take care of all three at the same time at a planned stop.
Davydd 08/13/14 07:18am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: A macerating toilet

I'm on an iPhone with limited Internet in a country where you don't put toilet paper in the toilet even In the best hotels. Dominican Republic.
Davydd 08/10/14 12:42pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Buying a newer B

If you want a wide aisle Sprinter B that two people can pass by each other the Great West Van Legend is the widest at 26.5" at its narrowest point.
Davydd 08/07/14 05:35am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: one or two coach batterys

It seems most of the discussion is about one or two batteries. I was planning on four AGM 100AH batteries, with 400 watts solar, and wind power. Obviously I'm planning on mostly boondocking. The trip as planned is to circle the country in 15 months starting in Chicago in May, going counter clockwise. The only items running on AC will be the fridge, and recharging laptop. Am I overdoing the batteries? The OP's question was about adding a second battery to a space available. In a way that does not materially change how the B is used. Going four batteries with solar does materially change how the B could be used and probably a topic for another discussion. I plan to do the same with my next B.
Davydd 08/01/14 08:18am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: one or two coach batterys

Your frig is not going to last on DC with one or two batteries if you forget. I imagine a couple of hours at most before you get too low. You'll fast learn not to forget. :) What two batteries will do is give you some leeway and peace of mind. When I had one battery I was always cutting it close overnight, checking and worrying. Only one night did the low battery chirping wake me up at 4 AM. With two I can go through a night with confidence I will not have a problem. You just learn to battery manage with what you have.
Davydd 07/31/14 02:18pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Would you "do" a cassette toilet?

At the risk offending the 'thread police', I've always thought the ideal option for the true solo B'er (especially in a compact B or mini-CVC) would be to replace the front passenger seat with a well-anchored portapotti and a set of easy-close curtains. You could even have a fancy embroidered cover for it, or a little tabletop. Just be sure the passenger's side airbag is turned off.... ;) Jim, "Those lacking a sense of humor also often lack sense, period." LOL! Why not just replace both front seats? You could drive all day and not have to stop for potty breaks. That was my thought. My first image was the woman astronaut who drove with space diapers on non-stop to confront her rival. :)
Davydd 07/31/14 09:35am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Leisure Travel Vans, need second opinion before purchase.

Just so you know, the manufacturer says it's a B, the State of New Hampshire says it's a B, I'm guessing a judge would say it's a B. You can call it what ever you like. It means nothing. It's all about how you use it, not what it is. You could also call it an ice cream truck or an emergency response vehicle. :D
Davydd 07/31/14 09:31am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Leisure Travel Vans, need second opinion before purchase.

It is not B envy, it is B-ness envy. Here you can extoll big is better which seems to be the prime message by the C owners here. I suspect if they posted in the proper forum that was set up for them in the Class C forum B+ sub forum they might then suffer from C-ness envy in no longer having the biggest RV is better boast.
Davydd 07/31/14 08:28am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Leisure Travel Vans, need second opinion before purchase.

Dodge provided the body for the up to 06 Sprinters but the chassis is pure Mercedes Benz with the ESP etc as are the later models. With the longer Sprinters ie 22ft9ins they have dualies which theoretically provide more rear stability in cross winds. My 06 has single rear wheels and Firestone air bags at the rear which i keep at 60psi. I keep the front tires at 55psi and rears at 80 because that gives some understeer up front.At 60 or more up front oversteer happens. 35mph winds are substantial for an rv especially with an overhang bunk system up front. 2. The Ford front end geometry has been debated on the web and there are innumerable cases of 'loose' front ends. Could be a problem with tire pressures, driver traits, roads, strong winds,overloaded rvs, and lack of rear end stabilizers. I have driven chevs and found the front end characteristics ie Stabiltrak superior to Ford. Perhaps the wheel alignment might cure the problem but it didnt for my Trail-lite. The Winnebago Aspect wasnt much better. 3. If I were to buy an LTV and I like the company products, I would still prefer a rear single wheel system if possible. I find the MB chassis quite tight and vehicle tracks well, more like a car. Others with dualy models can weigh in on their reactions. I came back from Manitoba where I can park my 06 on city streets without getting a ticket. With dualies the parking cops are after you right away. AL Dodge provided nothing on the Sprinters but a cosmetic nameplate and grill. They did not provide the body. The Sprinters were always 100% Mercedes Benz. Daimler shed Chrysler Corporation in 2010 so there were also dually Dodge brands for a couple of years. Starting with the 2007 chassis redesign some converters attempted to build on the four wheel 2500 chassis like the previous model but quickly realized they had to go to a 3500 dually. The Sprinter duallies are not like truck duallies in that the extra wheels do not change the width of the van so I am not sure how you can conclude cops would ticket a Sprinter dually. No major North American converter builds off the 2500 single wheel Sprinter that I know of today in the standard and extended body length.
Davydd 07/30/14 01:30pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions

Davydd 07/27/14 03:30pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: morhead labs camper van

Oh...fudge cycles then while sitting on the John. ;) :D
Davydd 07/27/14 02:54pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: morhead labs camper van

The refrigerator is right next to the bathroom. I could put a tap through the wall. ;)
Davydd 07/27/14 07:55am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: morhead labs camper van

What can I say? Grab a beer while sitting on the John. :)
Davydd 07/26/14 02:34pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Weather Radio recomendations?

The free Weather Channel app on the iPhone will push weather alerts to you. The accuracy might be general in nature but I have still been woken up in the middle of the night with alerts. I pretty much just monitor weather apps hourly forecasts and especially radar on arriving at a campground or just before going to bed to have an idea what to expect. If the forecasts are dicey we will activate a little hand held Midland weather radio we picked up at a Cabelas as a backup.
Davydd 07/25/14 07:42am Technology Corner
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