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There are directions in the Sprinter's Operator's Manual. I did it and had no problems doing so. Since you are dealing with plastic spring tabs it is best to do so in warm weather. Cold makes things brittle. I changed my left tail light last year. On our current trip the right tail light warning came on and then went off. So I may have a loose connection. I'm just hoping for a false reading but I have the second bulb ready and waiting and I keep a spare torx screw driver in the back door utility compartment so I don't have to hunt for it.
Davydd 04/02/14 03:42pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Eleventh Annual RV.net Class B Rally (B11)

Carb Day at the Indy 500, the one I mentioned earlier with all 33 cars practicing for an hour, the Hoosier 100 Indy Lites Race and the pit stop competition will also have live music with rock and roll hall of famer Sammy Hagar and reggae trio of Sublime. $30 gets you in to all of this at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway the Friday after the rally if anyone is hanging around after in Indiana. I just received email for this and the webpage is here. Carb Day That's my busy day as I cap the day with a reunion in the back room at Grindstone Charley's on Crawfordsville Road in Speedway where they serve a breaded pork tenderloin named after me. ;)
Davydd 03/18/14 01:52pm Rallies, Shows and Gatherings
RE: Eleventh Annual RV.net Class B Rally (B11)

I don't believe that's David. I think it's a cardboard likeness......:) It's me. One of these days I will have to digitize my video of me going down the straightaway at 200 mph fist pumping. That was 11 years ago already back when they first started giving two seat rides on the Indianapolis Motor Speedway track. It wasn't cheap back then but is cheaper now. I had to read 14 pages of legal size fine print and sign to ride. Basically it said if you crashed, tough luck. You wear a complete fire suit right down to the socks and shoes. Davey Hamilton was my driver. He was attempting to make an Indy comeback after a ferocious crash the year before that broke both his legs. It wasn't until I got back to my sisters house after the ride that I read the newspaper with a feature article on Hamilton. He said his feet still bothered him and after about 100 laps they would get numb. I calculated I was the start of his 112th lap or so that day based on my waiting position. :E Hopefully he meant continuous laps and not the stop and start he was doing that day. It wasn't quite what I imagined. First I thought it would be a gradual start and build up in speed. No, it was a drag race start only on a flat apron curve through turns 1 and 2 to hit the backstretch at around 180 mph. Needless to say I was holding my breath as we went into turn 3. Turn 4 was the scary one. You could actually feel the race car drifting toward the concrete retainer wall and we came close enough that I could have reached out and touched it. But I didn't of course as I still have my hand. ;) Once it hit the main straightaway I let my breath out and then it got kind of euphoric for two more laps. At end there was a tremendous let down that it was over. 7.5 miles in a little over 2 minutes. They promised 180 mph average laps (faster than NASCAR on that track) and a top speed of 200. At that speed the 9 degree banked track seemed a lot flatter. This is still something you can look into doing if going to the RV.net Rally. :) Indy Racing Experience
Davydd 03/10/14 09:47am Rallies, Shows and Gatherings
Apple Announces CarPlay

Apple announced CarPlay which integrates the iPhone with your dash. It will first come out on selected 2014 cars (Mercedes Benz and Volvo) and will expand to other manufacturers. Here is Apple's official webpage on it. CarPlay I will be interested if they include in on MB Sprinters soon.
Davydd 03/03/14 08:52am Technology Corner
RE: Eleventh Annual RV.net Class B Rally (B11)

I hate to put a damper on the Indy 500 qualifications but I'm old school back in the day when every year they had "A new track record!" in speed and there were enough car entries to create a lot of drama as to who got in the race and who got bumped out. Over 100,000 people would attend those qualifications. It's an all day affair with a lot of boring stretches now. I don't know if one would want to leave the rally for a full day. What I would recommend is going to a practice day before the qualifications. You should be able to see the cars running and be able to walk around the track area. Also, the museum at the Indy 500 is well worth going to and is open every day. They have a mix of old race cars and some vintage, classic sports and road luxury cars. That can be done on the way to the Rally. If you hang around Indiana after the Rally the Wednesday Community Day would be a good visit. They allow you to walk through the garage area, drivers are around for autographs, there is music entertainment, they bring out more old race cars and put on pit row to look at, you can take a lap around the track in your car (get there early enough), the museum is open, concession stands of course, and you can walk around everywhere. It is kind of like going to a fair. Friday after the Rally (and before the Indy 500) is one of my favorite days. The one hour final practice with all 33 cars on the track is as close as you get with seeing what the race is like. Then the Indy Lites 100 race the past couple of years has been one of the most exciting races I've watched. It's a 40 lap race and ended last year with a four cars abreast photo finish. I culminate the day with my annual Speedway High School reunion down the road at Grindstone Charley's Restaurant. OK, I admit it. I'm an Indy 500 junkie. ;) http://i91.photobucket.com/albums/k309/Davydd_2006/Indianapolis%20Motor%20Speedway/DSIndy2Seater.jpg Besides the few laps I've taken on Community Day at 30 mph in my own vehicles, I took a few laps faster than NASCAR can go around that track in this two seater with Davey Hamilton. 180 mph average and over 200 on the straightaways.
Davydd 02/24/14 07:44am Rallies, Shows and Gatherings
RE: Iphone and Mac security issue

Thanks for the heads up on this! To get the update on my iPhone and iPad, I had to go to Settings > General > Software Update. It did not appear as an update in my App Store. Thanks for the suggestion. Worked perfectly, I don't recall iOS system updates ever coming through the App Store in a notification. Generally you'll get a message or email notification and there will be an update number imposed on the Settings app icon as a reminder notification.
Davydd 02/22/14 03:06pm Technology Corner
RE: Eleventh Annual RV.net Class B Rally (B11)

Qualifying at the Indy 500 is a two day affair. Saturday the 17th is Pole Day and that will be when most of the action occurs. Sunday is Bump Day when they fill out the field and if there are more than 33 entrants then someone could get bumped out of the race. In recent years there haven't been enough entrants to make bump day all that interesting. Cost to get in each day is $20/person. I'm not all that interested in qualifications. On the 10th they will have the first Indianapolis Grand Prix race with Indy Cars and we have seats on the upper deck at the top of the Northwest Vista which I think are the best seats in the house to watch the road course. We will attend the race of course and the Indy Lites 100 race (feeder league) on Carb Day (Friday before the Indy 500). That is also the last day of practice and all 33 cars will be on the track at the same time for an hour. It is not a race but it gives you the feel of the race. Another day we often go is the Wednesday before the Indy 500 which is Community Day. That's the day you can take a lap around the track like this. http://i91.photobucket.com/albums/k309/Davydd_2006/Class%20B%20RV%20Camper%20Van/2011IndyLap640x426.jpg Here is the Indy 500 Schedule
Davydd 02/22/14 03:00pm Rallies, Shows and Gatherings
RE: Iphone and Mac security issue

As the second article mentions there is already an update to iOS to address this. It is iOS 7.0.6 and has been out a few days. What I have found is I suspect they parcel out notifications to iPhone and iPad users I'm guessing to not overload the servers. I first noticed that in previous updates that my wife's iPhone and my iPhone did not get notifications at the same time. Just go to Settings app > General > Software Updates and it will be there even if you haven't been notified.
Davydd 02/22/14 08:05am Technology Corner
RE: Eleventh Annual RV.net Class B Rally (B11)

We registered but I forgot to ask what site. I guess it doesn't matter. We will be in Indiana for the Indianapolis Grand Prix the weekend before an the Indy 500 the weekend after. We have lots of friends in Indy and southern Indiana to catch up with. And of course it is BPT heaven there. I'll be bringing my camera so can take the photos.
Davydd 02/19/14 04:22pm Rallies, Shows and Gatherings
RE: Google and Picasa

You can edit photos online with Flickr and Photobucket that I use but I suspect most photo library websites have adequate tools to do basic editing. Editing on the digital camera is difficult because the tools are clunky and the LCD screens on most are not the greatest to judge results. Smartphone cameras and tablets are better because their screens are a lot better and there are a wealth of apps you can use. But the best editing comes on a computer. On my MacBook Pro with Retina display I rarely have to go much beyond just using the Apple software iPhoto to fix and improve a photo.
Davydd 02/09/14 08:41am Technology Corner
RE: Eleventh Annual RV.net Class B Rally (B11)

Everyone seems to be getting the itch to hit the road again. Last year when we headed out we had to drive two days in the snow before we could get to warm camping weather.
Davydd 01/15/14 09:37am Rallies, Shows and Gatherings
RE: Eleventh Annual RV.net Class B Rally (B11)

I didn't even think to ask. At the last B rally we just pulled in and grabbed a site.
Davydd 12/18/13 02:32pm Rallies, Shows and Gatherings
RE: Eleventh Annual RV.net Class B Rally (B11)

I finally got registered at the Campground. I'm such a procrastinator. ;) It is going to be a busy month in May in Indiana for us with so much to do.
Davydd 12/18/13 09:14am Rallies, Shows and Gatherings
RE: Photo Websites for making photo books

If you have a Mac the easiest might be directly from and using iPhoto which is a basic app on all Macs. You have to have a wifi connection to send and make the transaction.
Davydd 12/16/13 06:08pm Technology Corner
RE: Cheap ipad at Wal Mart

Here is what iPads Apple currently sells. I suspect if you saw an iPad with Retina display that it was probably the discontinued iPad 4th generation if it had OS 6 on it. The new iPad Air comes with OS 7. It would have not been a bad deal if available. It would be better than the iPad 2 they brought out without retina display to meet a cheaper price point. Upgrade to OS 7 is free and takes about 30 minutes or less with a reasonably fast wifi connection.
Davydd 12/13/13 02:05pm Technology Corner
RE: Cheap ipad at Wal Mart

You don't HAVE to activate it at all. So why even pay extra if you don't plan on using the cell capability? Will the Samsung galaxie S 4 phone I have work easily as a wifi hotspot?in my case i had to have the GPS chipset installed. It controls all my weather apps, traffic, TV and radio location, 'local' news, Microwave plotting, accurate sun position, airport closures, obviously self contained GPS, and the list goes on. If you want it for a reader, thats fine. But take a good look at the apps you have or might want before deciding to save $100, because this isnt an after sale add-on. For me it makes all the difference in the world. I wouldnt own it if GPS wern't there. The added cost besides making it cellular capable is that GPS chipset. There are alternative such as this Bad Elf GPS but note the added cost is the same and it ties up your lightning connector which you need to have plugged into power if you are going to use GPS for an extended period of time. The GPS chipset built into the iPad even though it is called assisted GPS by Apple is more than capable and functional for navigation apps without cellular. So, if you want to use an iPad for a GPS device EVERYWHERE get the cellular version whether you want it or not for cellular. You then have a choice. I have an ATT iPhone so got a Verizon iPad. Verizon (I haven't checked recently) had a better non-contract plan you could turn on and off on a monthly basis. The other reason (for Verizon) is if one service doesn't have coverage the other might. Often, deep in wilderness areas and traveling Canada, neither worked. You'd be surprised when you need cellular on a micro scale how many places ATT works over Verizon even though Verizon has the assumed wider coverage. It all just depends on where you frequently travel. Forget Sprint and T-Mobile for RV travel. Those two are urban centric. My wife's iPad is an ATT cellular that's never been activated. We still use it fully for GPS functions as SCVJeff mentions.
Davydd 12/13/13 08:10am Technology Corner
RE: I Pad GPS?

The iPad comes either wifi only capable or wifi + cellular capable. The GPS chip only comes with the wifi + cellular models. There are basically two types of navigation apps. Apple Maps, Google Maps, and many others work primarily from cellular to download information such as maps on the go (not stored in iPad) and satellite. Cell towers supposedly work faster in locking in a location. The GPS is considered an assist. You do need a cellular plan in order to use them for navigation but you can also use the maps to read and plan if you have a wifi location similar to the way you would on a computer at home. The other kind of navigation apps similar to stand alone units like TomTom, Garmin, Navigon, Magellan, etc. have their own data of maps in the iPad. They work without any cellular connection whatsoever and they work well. And you don't need cellular for location. The GPS can do it all without need of cell tower location or even a cellular plan. What it can't do without a cellular plan is access the Internet obviously for extended data some of the programs feature but you are no worse off than a standalone GPS unit you might buy. The standalone apps that can use the GPS unit without needing a cellular connection generally are not free and can generally cost from $30 to $60. But then you have everything a TomTom unit can do for that price if you already own a wifi + cellular iPad. Last year I drove from Minnesota to Alaska and all over Alaska. I never had cellular once I entered Canada for over 10,000 miles of driving and the TomTom North American app I bought for $30 never failed me. In some areas there were no cell towers for miles even if I desired to pay and use them. What you have to understand is some GPS apps can be used for navigation without a cellular data plan but cannot be used unless you own a wifi + cellular iPad because the GPS chip is only in those kind.
Davydd 12/08/13 08:19pm Technology Corner
RE: Idiot's Guide to Facebook

First rule about Facebook: Do not post anything there that you don't want your worst enemy or law enforcement to see. A few years back, I was browsing a humidor while killing time waiting for others who were shopping. A friend snapped a pic of me there and tossed it onto Facebook. A week later, my health insurance company called and demanded I either take a physical or have status changed to a smoker. You can also add co-workers, boss, employer and possible future employers to that see list.
Davydd 12/04/13 12:11pm Technology Corner
RE: using phone for internet finance safe?

I interrupted he was asking wifi vs cellular connection, not voice.
Davydd 12/02/13 05:43pm Technology Corner
RE: Eleventh Annual RV.net Class B Rally (B11)

I thought I was doing good registering and sending that money in this year. ;) I don't know if I made reservations with the campground or not. I don't have any email confirmations or credit card charges so I guess not. I think the November 30 date just totally passed me by. I'm just thinking of winter right now, not next May.
Davydd 11/30/13 06:51pm Rallies, Shows and Gatherings
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