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RE: Class B "sweet spot"-priced campgrounds, 2 adults

What you describe begs for public campgrounds such as state parks, county parks and COE. If you really need electrical then national forests and national parks rarely provide it. Public campgrounds often have much better public bath facilities than private. Public campgrounds often provide a range of campsites knowing tent campers don't usually need hookups at all. You can avail yourself of those sites if fairly level parking. Big rigs will not often fit. Public campgrounds seldom provide sanitary dumps at the campsite but often provide water. Electrical is usually a $3 to $5 premium. They also buffer each site better with trees and landscaping away from your neighbors. The "resort" facilities are elsewhere in the parks and are more adult if you like nature. Private campgrounds if they are decent usually provide full hookups and have sites way bigger than you need for parking but skimp on overall space. In other words you neighbor's rig could be 10 feet away and their picnic bench right next to your rig. They provide the community facilities but since most campsites are meant for big RVs they actually skimp on the public bath facilities. In other words they cater to totally self contained units. Cheaper private campgrounds that can compete in price with public are often temporary worker ghettos of semi full-timers. Many private campgrounds also have seasonal by the month or winter retiree campers that settle in to live not camp per se. Those types of campgrounds usually have less desirable sites for RV tourers looking for a short stay. A third option is building an RV that is self-sustaining so you can camp anywhere or boondock, dry camp or off grid camp. A Class B is ideal in that it can take advantage of the many national forests campgrounds that were originally never intended for motorized RV camping. So many of them have a 22-26 foot limit and they ain't lying when they say that. In our upper Midwest of Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan they are the best campgrounds for quiet getaways. The best time to tour is spring and fall. Then private campgrounds may be amenable to desiring you with plenty of space available at a reduced rate.
Davydd 07/05/15 03:21pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Reverse Alert Warning brake and Alarm

You occasionally hear some of the bigger motorhomes with beep alerts in campgrounds. I don't think I recall a Class B with the feature. Better is that you can get active alerts for the driver if there is an obstacle in the way.
Davydd 06/25/15 07:18am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Thirteenth Annual RV.net Class B Rally (B13)

Attendee meaning I didn't create the criteria and was just reporting as I understood it. AsheGuy you hit the nail on the head. It would quickly become a Class C group by numbers default and there would be a fight as to whether a Thor Citation 32 footer was a B or not. LTV has pretty much gone over to the C only in what they build. Pleasure-way seems to be focusing more and more in that direction. The B criteria is old definition. I believe Jackie Delk tried to resolve the issue with RVIA and really did not get any support that a Class B is strictly a van origin. They don't even use Class anymore. It is Type B and their current descriptions are kind of murky and wishy washy in my opinion. RVIA is an industry association. They represent the builders/sellers not the buyer/users. It is similar to the NFL representing owners and not the players. RVIA is not going to tell a manufacturer he can't call a small C a B. Margie, There are other social and rally groups with looser criteria. The manufacturers of course accept all their brands at rallies. My brand, Advanced RV, holds Advanced Fest and has put no restrictions on brand or type, but of course, the focus is on their product. The BEE Social Group sprang from the B-Rally mainly because some people wanting to still get together had moved on to Class C, Class As and trailers. The group is still primarily Bs, but it is a much looser organization. It does not satisfy sponsors, carry a treasury, charge fees or have criteria and rules. Someone just has to pick a location, make arrangements with a campground if necessary, pick a date and announce it. Nothing is provided budget wise. There have been fairly large gatherings such as 20 or more RVs or some very small gatherings of as few as 4 RVs. I am not aware of any other active groups that are B focused. This RV.net forum seems to have a lot of different kinds of RV rallies. I rarely check it. That is why I subscribe to these B Rally threads when they first start rather than check the board periodically.
Davydd 06/17/15 12:58pm Rallies, Shows and Gatherings
RE: Thirteenth Annual RV.net Class B Rally (B13)

In the past the Thor Citation would not have been accepted at the B Rally. It is a Class C by definition and remains a Class C under the guidelines of the B-Rally group. That has been consistently clear over the years. B by the rally definition must spring from a true van body in its conversion. Whether it is a camper van, motor home or whatever after that has been loosely applied and accepted. That's my take anyway. I'm just an attendee.
Davydd 06/17/15 09:16am Rallies, Shows and Gatherings
RE: I started a new Facebook group

"It will be nice to have an unbiased group that focuses on Class B!" Huh? There are no humans on facebook. Bud Not unbiased in our individual views but unbiased in that it is not dedicated to one brand as so many of the Facebook groups are. It is only biased in regard that it is truly a Class B Camper Van group so small Cs, B+s and even non-van Bs if you want to call them that are not the focus of the group. That is until Wincrasher goes out and buys a Trend. ;) :D
Davydd 06/12/15 10:12am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Those of you with older Roadtreks...

When using the toilet the door is open and there is a privacy section that opens to block the view from the front. In older than 2010 Roadtreks there also had been a privacy door/curtain to block the back. That is not in my 2011 and if you stop on the road for a quick one, you need to close the curtains on the windows in the back or you are in full view. We made our own curtain to hang by magnets from the shower track to give privacy from the back windows. As to getting past the door - not only can't you get past the door but if someone is sitting in the front and watching TV (which is past the door) if one uses the toilet the person can no longer see the TV. Is this a deal breaker? - no. Getting past to walk to the back? Where would one go? If the bed is made up the bed starts at the end of the toilet cabinet. I still would not get the permanent bath. It is small inside and it is like closing yourself into a box going inside and shutting the door. Many that I have heard from just leave those doors (there are two) open when inside anyway. Deal breaker? Well you said it was a show stopper. ;) This reads that you are basically turning your whole B into a toilet room including the kitchen galley. Shower, one can deal with because I suspect most step out the door of a closed bathroom to dry off anyway, but to sit on a toilet open to the B makes it an unconfined toilet room. I suppose one can argue that most small RVs with bathroom doors often gapped for ventilation are really technically no better but I think this might be going too far in my mind. Yes, I know Roadtreks are vastly popular in the B world and so this is thus acceptable to many B vanners. You might look at it another way. The B vans are currently about 6% of the total motorhome market and less than 1% of the total RV market. With the Roadtrek being the best seller with this practice maybe they pose themselves as the number one turn off for Bs by the buying public. Maybe they kill way more sales than they get and take the whole B market down with it.
Davydd 06/12/15 06:53am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: I started a new Facebook group

Bud, It is mostly older folks on Facebook from my viewpoint. The only content I see is that of my family and friends of choosing and in the groups I have joined which are only of my interest. Type B owners are an older folks majority under that scenario. Everyone sees only what they want to see on Facebook and vice versa what you want others to see from you. You can unfriend anyone you might object to or you can simply keep them as a friend and check a box that you don't want to see their postings. Trust me. There are a lot of old folks on Facebook. Heck, I have reconnected with my many first cousins, aunts and uncles of who many I haven't seen for over 50 years. We all enjoy following each other especially our children, grandchildren and younger cousins we never knew we had.
Davydd 06/10/15 04:31pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: I started a new Facebook group

I think it is wise to have a closed group with approval. It keeps the sunglasses spammers and trolls at bay. Even an open Facebook group is subject to administrator approval to join. Friends can invite new members without administrator approval whether the group is open or closed. However, an administrator can boot anyone at will. In the group I administrate I ignore many people daily as I can spot them to determine if they are real people or not. Every once in a while I get fooled and have to delete a message selling sunglasses, cheap watches or something. Also, a spammer doesn't get a second chance or warning. Many forums have safeguards to keep fake people out. However, I am a member of some message board forums similar to RV.net that seemingly have an automated approval process because if I sign on in the wee hours of the morning I might see a dozen spam messages that some admin has to go in and delete almost on a daily basis. RV.net either has good safeguards or on top of it admins because I can't recall much if any spam here.
Davydd 06/10/15 02:44pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: I started a new Facebook group

What ennajean said. In a closed group any member of the group can add their friends. I believe closed also discouragers spammers on Facebook. On the other hand people cannot see the postings so can't make a decision if they want to bother to join or not. However, a simple search will show you the group and the name seems sufficient to attract interest for those truly interested. There are pluses and minuses obviously.
Davydd 06/10/15 10:23am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: I started a new Facebook group

Wow. Over 570 people clicked on this thread, but so few have joined the group. Why? Because you have to belong to Facebook to join. (not being snide--that is the reason in my case.) Same here. Bud Why? There are a lot of RV people especially wanna be RV people on Facebook than will ever visit here. 570 individual people have not clicked on here. That's hits and maybe a dozen of them might be mine. Wincrasher's Facebook page is turning out to be a winner. There is more message activity in the group going on in one hour vs a full day on most RV forums in regard to Type B RV discussion. He closed the group so that means you cannot read the content unless you join Facebook and then subsequently the group. So, if you are interested in Bs you have to have some incentive. I'm not a total fan of Facebook but the undeniable fact is it reaches more people than any other online social media. It is a private entity with a monetary purpose same as RV.net. However, it does allow its users to create groups for almost any purpose under the sun. I mean who would have thought pursuing pork tenderloin sandwiches would have 2400 enthusiasts? What I don't like about it is you can put in great effort with a group but have no ownership in it, the profit it might generate and you could lose all your effort overnight even if it just your hobby.
Davydd 06/10/15 08:27am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Locate RV Park Apps?

I use the iPhone app Ultimate CG. The long name is The Ultimate US Public Campground Project. Ultimatecampgrounds.com
Davydd 06/08/15 05:59pm Technology Corner
RE: Apple iPhone 6?

I use an app created by my bank. I have to believe they have a vested interest in its security. It is no more or less secure than any other method of online banking (computer) in my opinion. I am not going to give up the convenience I enjoy, especially when on the road in our RV, not to use my iPhone 6+ for banking.
Davydd 06/02/15 01:36pm Technology Corner
RE: Space is everything in a B

It is a opportune solution if you have the old adjustable paint roller, but as you say, space is everything. You now have two pieces to carry and keep track of when a telescoping broom handle would be much more compact. When the broom handle is telescoped closed the overall length is about 2 feet and stores away in many places. A two foot broom handle would be too short for indoor or outdoor use, IMO, but is a great space saver. There are probably more telescoping broom handles than what Camping World sells.
Davydd 06/01/15 04:16pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Rebadging from Dodge to Mercedes Sprinter

Rebadging was more popular with the T1N Sprinters. Back in the mid-2000s kits were going for about $300 and could be done DIY if you wanted to save money. My 2005 Pleasure-way was Freightliner badged and I actually preferred that grill over both Dodge and Mercedes.
Davydd 05/30/15 07:42am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: What emergency road equipment do you carry?

I think My Roadtrek is saying there wouldn't be a forum here to post in if Good Sam wasn't "serving enthusiasts of the open road" with this forum.
Davydd 05/29/15 08:59am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Space is everything in a B

Camping World has had several versions over the years.
Davydd 05/28/15 07:16am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Space is everything in a B

Camping World sells a nifty telescoping handle to get both a proper height to use and a short handle to make it easy to store in a B.
Davydd 05/27/15 04:23pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Sprinter 3500 chasis in cross winds and general stability

The 3500 Sprinter recommendation is to load all tires equally. Four tires on the back does not require loading to the max of 80 lbs.
Davydd 05/12/15 06:31am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Staying clean in camp showers

We inspect the showers when we arrive and make a decision. If they are not well maintained or if poorly designed we simply would not use them. Mud and dirt would be a major deterrent. Why use them? You can't get a high pressure long hot leisure shower in a B unless you have a city water and sewer hookup. Long time tent campers have inured us from fear of public showers.
Davydd 05/08/15 11:08am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Question to Class B manufacturers

Yes, I have had both the Great West Van Legend and the Advanced RV. I think I know well the differences. The Great West Van is a good Van. The screen door and tri-fold sofa were the innovations of the previous owner. The Espar diesel-fired heat and hot water didn't exist until Mike Neundorfer brought it to GWVan for his own personal RV. It then quickly became a standard. As I remember AGM batteries were first installed on Neundorfer's RV as it came almost right after mine. That was done all under the original ownership. GWVan was then and apparently still is a very small producers of Bs. I learned, though it was a dealer game, you had to lock in changes and improvements at the direct factory level. It wasn't easy for the average buyer. Advanced RV came about from that difficult experience. Neundorfer felt there had to be a better way. To say he just copied is not entirely correct. He and I evidently both agreed the plan created by the original ownership was the best on the market. I haven't seen much improvement from GWVan since and from what I saw last week at Advanced Fest was a mind boggling, jealous thoughts of why didn't I think of that, oh, I bought too soon of new things coming from them. Advanced is Neundorfer's passion. The name is apt.
Davydd 05/06/15 06:08pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
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