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RE: I Phone 6 Reviews

I just ordered an iPhone 6 Plus 128GB model from Apple. It was unavailable for pickup in Apple stores at this time and they say 3-4 weeks with free shipping. I had an order in with Target from the first week available but it seems all they ever have are 16GB models and they couldn't tell me if and when they would ever get in what I wanted. Their website says available in store only yet when I check availability no Minnesota store had them. So I gave up on them. Too bad for me though, because I do get a 10% retiree discount on top of a 5% Target Redcard discount if I bought through them. :( I'm amazed at the demand for iPhones. I thought after a month everything would have died down. I went to the Apple Store yesterday Friday at 2 PM in the afternoon and it was packed with people. They had a sign placard set up to order iPhones and there were a half dozen people standing in line waiting to place orders. So, I asked. They were sold out of every type of iPhone. They suggested I just order it online. They said when they did get shipments in (every day) they have been snapped up almost immediately. I've gotten by with a 32GB 4S but I am thinking with slow motion video and all that I will probably eat up a lot more gigabytes now. 32GB was already requiring me to edit out my photos, videos and apps that I didn't use so I figured 64GB might not be enough.
Davydd 10/25/14 08:28am Technology Corner
RE: Tiny house crossover to RV?

I've never had a cable lock for my many laptops. I've always thought that might have been a college student essential thing and computers didn't even exist when I was a college student. :) However, we are getting a safe installed in our new B that will be big enough to hold a couple of laptop computers and more.
Davydd 10/25/14 08:08am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Tiny house crossover to RV?

Our van type RVs have an insulation limitation in that the ribbing is only about 1-1/2" think in which to insulate and they have a lot of metal heat transfer as well through the ribbing. Tiny homes can easily be super insulated with stress skin panels if desired with no through heat loss and R values as high as 30 or so vs a Class B at 4.5 at best (a generous estimate, IMO). I think an Advanced RV is being built with a composting toilet (not mine). You would still have to have a grey water tank to dump. I don't know much about composting toilets but I am assuming you would not be wasting your fresh water with them thus allowing more water for other things. I also don't know how long you would have to go between dumps. I just haven't investigated them. I have researched and specified the original "Clivus Multrum" composting toilets in homes. To me that was a good citizen desire on the owner's part. I should see if they have any advantages in an RV. All my computing is sitting in a lounger chair with a laptop now. I have gotten pretty good with a touch pad so no longer use a mouse. I can even do CAD drawing pretty well with a touch pad.
Davydd 10/24/14 02:17pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Six months full-timing in the Winnebago Travato

I would guess if your fresh water tank is inside your Travato that most all your water lines would be as well. So if you can keep your inside above freezing you will be OK. About the only thing you would have to do is periodically put pink anti-freeze in your floor waste trap (after use) and maybe add some in your grey and black water tank. If your daytime temperatures go above freezing I would think you would have no problem with dumping. Of course, staying ahead of the cold weather seeking warm climes is what full-timing would be about I would think. :) I wouldn't winterize the traditional way such as emptying tanks unless you plan to deliberately stay in or travel through all day below freezing weather. If you want to see how one couple remodeled their B for cold weather camping and get their ideas, read the blog, The Fit RV. They insulated water lines, routed heat next to them, put heating pads on under floor waste tanks and heating on the discharge waste pipes to keep them from freezing up. We don't heat our B overnight other than to keep it above freezing. Then we open cabinet and bathroom doors to put what little heat we have in those areas. We use sleeping bags good down to 20F. We have camped in overnight temps as low as 18F but would plan to avoid anything colder. It is hard not to avoid that situation in the high elevation Rocky Mountains in September.
Davydd 10/23/14 08:09am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: GPS App ?

If you are already familiar with TomTom you can get the app for Android. The beauty of it is it has its own map base built in and doesn't rely on the Internet cell towers. That means it will work in the wilderness. It got me through Canada on my way to Alaska where I had my cell connection turned off. It is pretty much the same as a standalone TomTom unit. I have it on my iPhone and iPad. Map and data updates come quarterly. It will however work with the Internet in search for things that are not in their stored database.
Davydd 10/22/14 06:17pm Technology Corner
RE: Tardis Encounters Van Conversion

I tried zooming in but you are right that the plate can't be read. Don't you wonder how they can zoom in on TV shows and do that from cheap security cameras? :D
Davydd 10/22/14 04:44pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Tiny house crossover to RV?

I haven't watched the Tiny House series. Is it on cable? I have watched the tree house cable show a few times. I do follow Tiny House Talk on the Internet.
Davydd 10/22/14 04:38pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Tiny house crossover to RV?

PapPappy, The backyard tiny house is hit or miss in communities in regard to allowing them. It is an interesting dynamic. A lot of inner city neighborhoods have a problem with them because it brings more density and more auto parking problems in some 1/8th acre lot neighborhoods. At the same time those neighborhoods battle with the tear down and build McMansions that overshadow the smaller neighborhood homes. mlts22, One of the biggest reasons so many tiny houses are on wheels is the get around building codes. I think what you want, at least in urban areas, has been zoned out. That is probably the major reason you don't see much development in livability in the smallest size possible. Even in multifamily apartments it is rare to find cities that allow anything less than 500 sf but there is a movement to approve such. One basic problem is allocated square feet. The minimum size bedroom for instance by code is usually 80 square feet or a minimum dimension of 8 feet clear. Right there if you were trying to build a tiny house it would have to exceed the maximum road width of 8'-6". So the tiny houses on wheels would not be permanently allowed. One can dig and dig into the codes but I think would quickly find there would be a no man's land of building feasibility between 400 sf and probably around 800 sf. as a minimum. But once you get above 800 sf it seems the tiny house infatuation ends. Thus not much interest with the exception of the vacation cabin second home. There are probably a myriad of other reasons of why it just doesn't seem to happen. Well anyway, we have used our Class B as a tiny house in some ways. We have used ours with visiting guests in our driveway. And of course, it has been our home on the road for as much as a third of a year and there are some full-timers out there in Bs. We B vanners have some experience with "tiny houses". :)
Davydd 10/22/14 04:27pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: I Phone 6 Reviews

I still don't have an iPhone 6 Plus but did make a mock up from a cedar shingle that I have carried around, handled, tested pockets, etc. I ordered from Target because I will save on a discount but am starting to get a bit impatient. :( The optical image stabilization and larger screen for post photo editing are the two biggest reasons I want it. I use an iPhone more as a camera and Internet device than a phone. The mock up next to my iPhone 4S http://i91.photobucket.com/albums/k309/Davydd_2006/iPhone6Plusand4S.jpg
Davydd 10/22/14 02:37pm Technology Corner
RE: Tiny house crossover to RV?

Many of the tiny houses are long and narrow because they build them on wheels. So many are really nothing but trailers or park homes which by regulation are under 400 sf. Because of the trailer like constraints, surprisingly, innovation, creativity, that square design mentioned, are mostly lacking. As an architect I have always had a curiosity about tiny homes. It is in my mind pretty much a boutique experience for a short term period. They really don't solve much in regard to housing since they are cost inefficient and material heavy use compared to multi-housing solutions. Other than the occasional backyard "mother-in-law" shelter they waste a lot of space when you find them pictured in the countryside 5 acre plus land plots. The tiniest of homes seem to always have loft sleeping. That narrows the market to young people for the most part. Do we have much to learn from them for an RV? I dunno. They are as I originally said mostly RVs themselves. They could learn a lot from the Class B motorhome market. I'm generally a little more interested in real solutions for families similar to the post WWII 832 sf. home I grew up in as a kid. We quickly, as a nation grew away from that with 1,200 sf the average size home in 1950 to about 2,400 sf today.
Davydd 10/22/14 02:17pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions

Those are specific to an air conditioner to my knowledge has not been installed by any Class B converter that I know of. It is a non-issue with the available Class Bs.
Davydd 10/15/14 02:19pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Cracked windshield on Airstream Interstate

Chipped windows can be repaired somewhat successfully with a filler but if it is cracked as in a line crack or even a chipped star crack it would have to be replaced. The crack will always grow. Fortunately in Minnesota the law requires insurance to cover windshield repair 100% so our deductible doesn't kick in. So, getting it done is no question for us. I've had full replacement windshields and I have had chips repaired with our B Sprinters.
Davydd 10/12/14 10:30am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Twelfth Annual RV.net Class B Rally (B12)

Anne and dick, Huh? Harold: Anne is bumping up the B-12 Rally thread to the top of the RV.net Rallies forum by making a generic post. It's all good... ...sort of like "creative accounting magic." :W - LJZ Otherwise no B owner would know this rally exists even if they bothered to browse the Rally forum. Looking at the list of mostly veteran attendees it appears few new people know about the rally.
Davydd 10/09/14 10:36am Rallies, Shows and Gatherings
RE: Where to "dump" when not at campgrounds?

Wincrasher, This person uses two different hoses connected to the water source. One is used only for the the Sewer Solution and one is fresh water only. In this photo one of the water hoses was connected to the city water fill inlet and not to the fresh water tank. Unfortunately in this Pleasure-way Excel the city water inlet shares a utility cabinet with the dump station which is a 3" gravity dump. My city water inlet on my Great West Van Legend is in a separate cabinet shared with the fresh water tank fill and is away from the dump.
Davydd 10/09/14 10:31am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Any innovative solutions for adding more batteries?

Hi Davydd, I think Alvars recharge numbers are pretty high, particularly the 300 amps per hour from the extra alternator. A V-10 would be a better choice than the Sprinter diesel engine for idle based recharging. I can, in a pinch, use the v-10 with the oem alternator (130 amps) to recharge at up to 70 amps (perhaps higher--but my meter doesn't read above that number). Someday I'll have to try it while idling. So far I have only used it while driving at highway speeds. There is no choice in the engine if you want a Class B Sprinter. We are talking Sprinters and Class Bs here. 300 amp charge rate is in a Class B RV actual test. That you will have to ask ARV if you are curious. Keep in mind also the LFP batteries charge faster than lead-acid and don't go through a last 20% slow charge acceptance phase to top off. I love solar recharging but again their numbers are pretty much "summer time only". The flexible panels seem to have "come of age" now with excellent output per square foot. If you read the Advancing Alvar thread you will notice I have come to the conclusion that Solar is mostly just frosting on the cake based on my projected habits of driving a lot. Maybe if I park at Quartzite this winter for a week or two I'll appreciate it. Espar heating is a magnificent idea. Do they plan to use it for space heating too? The Espar hydronic diesel powered heater transfers heat into the B via a fan unit. The Espar heater switches to electrical when on shore power. There is also a heat exchanger for hot water. Glycol waste heat before it returns can also be channeled down a groove in the fresh water tank to keep that water from freezing in cold weather. The outback inverter is one of the ones I was considering--but I wanted hybrid technology. I'm often where I only have 15 amps to play with, so being able to draw from shore power and the battery bank at the same time is useful to me. They settled on the Outback and I can see no reason why I would have to draw on shore power and batteries at the same time. Have they considered going to 24 volts DC? Not to my knowledge. If you read that Technomadia blog and the Mar Azul blog I linked you will see the reasoning for the 12 volt LFP battery systems. From what I can tell ARV is very similar with those Elite Power System GBS LFP batteries those two blogs chose. I'm not sure why Roadtrek is hybridizing with 24 volt that eventually feeds out to 12 volt power. Probably cost and battery capacities of AGM I guess. We live in exciting times for new technology and RV's. In 1990 a 5000 watt grid tied inverter was about $50,000.00. It sure is going to be one nice Class B when they finish it off. I hope so. :) I have a few other things in my B under construction right now that are going to be of interest. Stay tuned.
Davydd 10/08/14 12:07pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Ford Transit Van

The Transit at 22' long in its maximum size is closer in size to the 21'-11" T1N 5 cylinder engine Sprinter of 2002-2006 sold in the US for Class Bs through about 2007. The newer Sprinters on the 170" wheelbase are 22'-9" and 24'-1" long and they have about a 600 lb. payload advantage.
Davydd 10/08/14 09:35am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Any innovative solutions for adding more batteries?

For what it is worth, I previously posted Advanced RV's going off-grid plans for electrical management earlier in this thread. This is my detailed plan that dovetails with what Advanced RV is doing. Advancing Alvar's Revised Electrical Requirements Short description solution - 600 ah lithium-ion battery bank, 450 watts solar, second alternator, 2800 watt inverter/charger, diesel powered hot water and heat, and no propane or Onan generator. This is something I could not cob together on my own and know over a year of development at Advanced RV has gone into making it happen. More details of similar efforts are here: Mar Azul DIY Adventures with Lithium-ion Batteries for Marine Applications Technomadia Lithium Ion Batteries for RVs
Davydd 10/08/14 09:20am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Any innovative solutions for adding more batteries?

LI appears to not do well in cold temperatures. Not only can you not charge them, you can't draw from them either. Wrong. They do better in cold weather than lead-acid batteries. What you cannot do is bulk charge them in below freezing weather. Solution. Insulated heated battery box. Besides, few Bs are designed for use in sustained over 24 hours below freezing temperatures and I doubt many use their Bs in sustained below freezing temperatures.
Davydd 10/07/14 05:47pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Any innovative solutions for adding more batteries?

Now that you have read the combined wisdom of all of us, have you given any thought of just asking Roadtrek? ;)
Davydd 10/07/14 09:07am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Where to "dump" when not at campgrounds?

I don't know if I would hear it. My wife gets on me because I can't hear the turn signal click and leave it on. ;)
Davydd 10/06/14 07:58am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
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