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RE: Do you carry a spare tire?

someone may have said it already ... but "yes, I do, but I am dieting" ... so enough of the fat jokes, ok? LOL :D Oh come on man... just a few more(courtesy of my rather large SIL): She was so fat she stepped on her dog's tail.... and he died. The buffet's make her wait until they can lay down speed bumps. Went to Sea World and saw Shamoo, when asked what she thought she said "Does it come with fries? :B
Desert Captain 07/29/14 08:33pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Secure generator compartment door

Maybe I missed something but it sure sounded like the OP was describing a built in generator. He wrote: "I know I can change the lock on my "generator compartment door" to make it more secure." No mention of a storage compartment where he just happens to have a portable generator. If I am right who is going to steel a bolted down/installed genny? Sounds like a lot more of a job than any thief is going to have time for. Hence my response to simply not worry about it. :h
Desert Captain 07/29/14 08:29pm Truck Campers
RE: Secure generator compartment door

"Or don't worry about it and just go camping???? " That is what I do. My generator door does have the usual flimsy lock but I really don't care enough to change it out. What is anyone going to do once they have access to the genny? I doubt they are going to unbolt it and walk off, vandalism of some sort perhaps.... but I doubt it. :C
Desert Captain 07/29/14 04:57pm Truck Campers
RE: Eastern Az. Summer

Hey Desert Captain, when you go up to Lakeside/Pinetop do you run up through the Salt Rive Canyon? How's it with an RV? Haven't been up that way in a lot of years but thinking about running up through there in the near future. Thanks Keith We go through the SRC if we are heeded to the east of Show Low and drive up through Payson if we will be out on the Rim to the west. both are steep but very doable grades. As noted the SRC is mostly 30 to 35 mph and there are multiple passing lanes. My only regret is that I cannot enjoy the view as watching the road is job one. :B
Desert Captain 07/29/14 07:01am General RVing Issues
RE: Which site? Fools Hollow Lake, Show Low AZ!

Go on line and check out the sites carefully. All of the sites at Fool Hollow are very tight/close together. Most of the improved sites are doubles so you will have neighbors just a couple of feet away. The best views of the lake are found in the unimproved loop but most of those would be too tight for your rig. If you can find one of the few single sites, #19 on the Ruddy Duck loop is one as are 6 thru 11 on the Mallard loop, you will have a little more room and privacy. Reservations are a must and the sooner the better as it is a very popular CG. :C
Desert Captain 07/28/14 07:35pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Eastern Az. Summer

We spend a lot of time in the White Mountains escaping the warmer days of the Tucson summer. The White Mountains offer nearly limitless camping at whatever level of amenities you desire. Most of the area is national forrest so geezer cards get you in for half price. Lots of good fishing and unlimited hiking abounds. For us it is a 3.5 to 4.5 hour drive and worth every minute. To the west of Show Low on and/or around the Mogollon Rim are some of our favorite CG's. There are a number of dispersed camping areas if you want to boon dock. Canyon Point is our favorite but make reservations as it stays full for a lot of very good reasons. Located at 7,700' it is cool, the sites large with nice amenities. There are number of nearby CG's as you continue west dropping down off of the Rim. Just returned from Sharp Creek and enjoy Christopher Creek and Ponderosa as well. There are several gorgeous alpine lakes in the area most with adjacent CG's. Fool's Hollow Lake SP in Show low is very nice but the sites are rather small and very close together. East from show Low there are lots of good boon docking areas and Hawley Lake (8,400'), is beautiful/inexpensive(we love watching the wild horses). We like the Hoyer CG just outside of Greer (also 8,400'), and the Big Lake CG sits at 9,200'. There is a large cg at the foot of the Sunrise ski resort and like the Rim this area is dotted with lovely lakes most with a cg. Feel free to PM me if you would like more info. :B
Desert Captain 07/28/14 01:45pm General RVing Issues
RE: Was I Wrong? (Long Story)

I think the OP's response was appropriate, he showed more restraint than the chucklehead deserved. Once you walk away from a confrontation and the other party continues to pursue the issue, especially if they do so in your face all of the platitudes about let it go are worth squat. Everyone is responsible for their actions but suffering fools gladly is not part of my equation. As Always.... Opinions and YMMV. :R
Desert Captain 07/28/14 01:24pm General RVing Issues
RE: National Interstate (RV) insurance... Comments?

OP here, first of all a very sincere thank you to one and all for the timely, completely positive responses. Thanks to your input I am completely comfortable making a change. I just completed switching from Farmers to National Interstate working with Becky at Explorer RV. The coverage on the new policy has the same dollar amounts as the old policy and came in at $524 + a one time policy fee of $25, total of $568 which is $127 less than I was paying (including the policy fee). One additional feature that Nation Interstate brings to the equation is their replacement coverage. For 10 years they will pay the full amount we paid for the coach should it be totaled (for whatever reason - fire, theft, collision etc.). While I remain happy with my Farmers agent and will continue to be insured by them on our car and home they were just not competitive on the motorhome. Ironically I had gotten got a quote from Good Sam and it came in roughly the same as Farmer's. This Forum is amazing, thanks again! :B
Desert Captain 07/28/14 01:01pm General RVing Issues
RE: Sometimes camping just isn't fun as it should be

Everyone has to decide how best to deal with any situation and then be prepared to live with that decision. Rude obnoxious neighbors are probably best dealt with by moving, it may be a Pita but but it precludes potential escalation. When it comes to issues of safety I will not hesitate to speak up. Folks speeding through the cg will be asked nicely, once, to slow down. Failing at that I go straight to the hosts and or rangers with my concerns and have gotten results every time. At a large RV park in Pennsylvania several unsupervised young (5 to 8 year old), girls thought the mens restroom was a playground running in and out screaming at the top of their lungs. Beyond the fact that there was no way I was going to use the facilities while this went on I was very concerned for their safety. I notified the staff reminding them that very bad things can happen to little girls in such an environment. The park manager came to our site shortly thereafter, profusely apologized and assured us it would not happen again. He then had lengthy chat with mom and dad. Another safety issue we have had to deal with are unattended campfires. On more than one occasion I have had to knock down or drown out an unattended fire or call up on the host/rangers to do so. The point is there are worse things than loud obnoxious drunks and barking dogs but that does not make them any more tolerable. It is not my job to enforce the rules of the cg but I have no problem brings safety issues to the attention of those whose job it is. As always.... Opinions and YMMV :C
Desert Captain 07/28/14 09:47am General RVing Issues
RE: Tow/Haul

Yep, you gotta love the Tow Haul. Another reason to use it often, even on seemingly slight grades, is to reduce your transmission temps. By engaging the TH you can reduce your trans fluid temps by as much as 10 degrees as it will not only be working more efficiently (for the load on it), it will be cooling more efficiently. Just another very good reason to get a Scan Gauge or similar display. Being able to see a digital read out of trans and coolant temps is a real eye opener. Ford "gauges" aren't really gauges. The display leaps up to the mid point and stays there until until excessively high then moves quickly to the max. I have seen 224 degrees of coolant temp while the gauge had not moved from the midpoint and not many, if any, fords I have seen come with a display for trans fluid temp despite the ECM having that data available through the OBD port. On long down hills the TH really shines. I can run down a 12 mile 6% grade with the TH engaged and virtually never have to touch the brake pedal. It will hold me at 50-55 in fourth gear and a single tap of the brake pedal will drop it down in to third for increased braking (control) should the grade get steeper. The best part is you are not burning a drop of fuel all the way to the bottom. If you don't have TH you can get similar results by locking out O/D. Works for me. :B
Desert Captain 07/28/14 08:40am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Sometimes camping just isn't fun as it should be

Anytime we roll into a CG and it is obvious that sites are available(and ours not reserved) we only pay for one night. We have until checkout the next day to pay for the next, and so on. By paying up front for 3, 4 or more nights and you leave yourself open to the the kind of nonsense described by the OP. This strategy has served us well over the years. We have only needed to bail out early once up at Blue Water Lake south of I-40 east of Gallup. The first couple of days were ideal and then.... "they" arrived. Screaming kids, about 5, barking dogs, several, loud obnoxious drunks partying into the wee hours. We just laughed and hooked up our trailer and rolled out "very" early the next morning.... making sure to generate just enough noise to wake them. Guess they were just not "morning" people. :B
Desert Captain 07/27/14 08:01am General RVing Issues
RE: Ever lost a mirror to a two lane road?

Yes passenger side while passing a truck going the same direction on a narrow bridge under construction. Hmm, what is wrong with this picture??? :h :S
Desert Captain 07/26/14 04:52pm General RVing Issues
RE: Brand quality. Winnebago a clear winner for class C and A?

MHs are like tennis shoes - most mfgs sell a variety from cheap to expensive as they try to cover all of the market. I'm not a fan of the "you get what you pay for" statement (look at the Michelin tires that people are having problems with), but it's good general statement. Bill A little thread drift here but you started it... :B IMHO: Michelin is an excellent example of you get what you pay for. When they encountered problems with the 20 year old design found in their M/S LT tires what did they do? They recalled 1.6 million tires replacing everyone of them for free with the new LTX M/S 2's. I got 6 brand new tires, mounted and balanced for free (that's $1,500 worth of tires). Michelin has not only produced quality tires for decades they stand behind them. As far as you get what you pay for in a MH I cannot think of a truer statement. Look at the so called "entry level" units and then take a look at Lazy Day's, Winnebago/Itasca, Phoenix Cruiser, Coach House and yes Nexus. The differences are huge and very obvious. From quality construction/materials to top of the line appliances and internal systems time and time again you really do get what you pay for. As always.... Opinions and YMMV. :C
Desert Captain 07/26/14 04:48pm General RVing Issues
RE: Campground pricing.

Over the last 5+ years we've averaged $10 to $15 a night usually with water and electric and often with full hook ups though we prefer campgrounds. Avoid KOA's like the plague. They will always be the most expensive, full of kids and usually alongside a busy highway and or rail line. We have never spent the night at Walmart, Cracker Barrel or any rest stops. Get a Passport America membership, it will pay for itself the second time you use it(typically a nice site with hook ups for$15-$20 (Sunday through Thursday but many parks honor it 7 days a week). If you are 62 or older a Golden America (Geezer Pass), gets you half price at all national forrest CG's and free admission to the national parks and often a discount at State Parks. The Good Sam camping discount can help a little but 10% off of the rack rate is not much of a discount. Stay with family/friends on their property every chance you get, might not be hook ups but a free night with friends and relatives is usually a lot of fun (though pretty tough to do with a large rig). We just finished a 61 day/60 night cross country trip and spent less than $600 on CG's and RV parks. Works for us (24' Class C, see sig). :B
Desert Captain 07/25/14 08:12pm General RVing Issues
RE: Do you carry a spare tire?

For me not carrying a spare is akin to no surge protection, fire extinguishers, proper first aid kit etc., etc.. Hope I never have to change a flat myself but if Coach Net can't get to me in a timely manner (it happens with all ERS providers), I can and will do it myself. The thought of having to buy a tire 40 miles from East Treestump on a Saturday night gives me the willies. :E
Desert Captain 07/25/14 06:29pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Ford E350 V10 shifting

I have a 2011 chassis E-350 with the V-10 and have encountered none of the"issues" you described. I can assure you Ford did not program the their computer to skip 4th gear. I think you may have been able to achieve the exact same results by simply having the local Ford dealer reflash your computer. Sometimes they get out of wack and a reflash can work wonders. The early versions of the V-10 have a reputation for premature shifting and 5 Star tuning makes a good business correcting that but the later models, 2009-2014 are not known to have that issue. Perhaps there is a big difference between your 2010 and my 2011 V-10 but it seems unlikely. You don't mention mileage and I'd be curious to hear what it was before and after. :h
Desert Captain 07/25/14 05:59pm Class C Motorhomes
National Interstate (RV) insurance... Comments?

Got a solicitation through Coach Net for National Interstate Insurance. I'm not familiar with them but they seem to check out OK on an internet search. In a recent thread we discussed coverages and prices and frankly these folks are pretty aggressive on price point for coverage comparable to what I currently carry. Does anyone have any experience/comments good or bad with this company? :h
Desert Captain 07/25/14 02:22pm General RVing Issues
RE: Class C towing

I don't think there is an E-450 chassis out there that can safely drag more than 5,000# around. It's probably not the E450 chassis per se with it's 4:56 rear differential, large diameter driveshaft, and 5-speed (6 speeds internal) transmission ... as delivered by Ford that presents the problems. The problems are more likely the sturdiness and length of the frame extensions that Class C motorhome manufacturers weld onto the Ford OEM frame ... plus the issue that many Class C motorhome owners have with a truck engine that is designed for, and requires, high RPM travel up grades in order to tap the necessary (V10's) horsepower. ;) Ah the ever present irony... A 24' Class C doesn't have any frame extensions, rarely causes the engine to "scream", 4,000 rpm is no problem and certainly no screaming/roaring but.... with a 24' Class you C you have no need/reason to pull a toad. :S :B
Desert Captain 07/25/14 01:10pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Newbie Question

If you buy a 22 footer it will be 24'. if you want a 22' C you have to buy a 19.... just saying. :B
Desert Captain 07/25/14 07:17am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Class C towing

Unless you move up to a Super C you will find most C's towing capacity limited to 5,000# or less. This includes the 30 - 32 footers as well. :C
Desert Captain 07/24/14 03:07pm Class C Motorhomes
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