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RE: Enough Horsepower?

Yes torque moves the world but the MB lacks both torque and HP when compared to the V-10. My 2011 V-10 makes max torque (420#), at 3,250 rpm, Not at 4,500. The V-10 makes its max HP of 305 at 4,250 rpm. It will pull our E-350 fully loaded, with the 960# bike/trailer, up just about any 6% grade in 4th turning around 3,000. The MB cannot touch the V-10 for torque or HP. If you are going to run heavy, near your GVWR and or tow anything get the V-10 or a Chevy V-8. :C
Desert Captain 09/04/15 08:31am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Ford E-450 suspension upgrade suggestions

Bigjgc, While they may be fine your tires need to be inflated to the Michelin specs based upon the load they carry. Ford knows squat when it comes to tires vs Michelin. I add in a 10 - 20% fudge factor just to be safe. :C Apparently Michelin knows squat about tires because you add 10 - 20% to their spec. By using the numbers from Michelin I know I will not come up short on load capacity. Adding a little fudge factor works for me. Sometimes you can find yourself heavier than you used to be... If you think the weight of your rig never changes, think again. Dump station out of order or backed up and need to go home with full tanks, loaded some extra fire wood etc.. My way you are still covered and your tires are never over loaded. :C
Desert Captain 09/03/15 11:27am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Ford E-450 suspension upgrade suggestions

Bigjgc, While they may be fine your tires need to be inflated to the Michelin specs based upon the load they carry. Ford knows squat when it comes to tires vs Michelin. I add in a 10 - 20% fudge factor just to be safe. The new shocks are all my coach is going to need for a long time. It tracks straight as an arrow, smooth and steady. I could not be happier with the ride and handling. The E-450 does have a stiffer suspension to begin with but new shocks can work miracles as the Bilsteins are so much better than the originals. :C
Desert Captain 09/03/15 08:59am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Ford E-450 suspension upgrade suggestions

The first thing you need to do is add more pressure to your tires. Even empty, and you never are, 50 psi is far too low. Get your coach weighed and then air up pursuant to the Michilin load tables. Our E-350 weighs 11,300 (Gvwr of 11,500), and I tow a 960# trailer (motorcycle). I run the rears at 70 and the fronts at 65. You would probably need more than that but a trip to the scale will tell the tale. After 33,000 miles I was exprriencing the same rough ride you describe. I too had my Michelin's replaced on the recall and love the LTX M/S 2's. I just replaced the original shocks with a set of Bilsteins and went up one model to a slightly stiffer set. The difference is off the charts. The ride, while never terrible, has gotten soooo much better. The set of Bilsteins came to $396, no tax, no freight to my door in 5 days. The install took 3 hours and cost $267. We are in Northern California after an 1,000 + mile drive from Tucson. Crossed lots of hot desert and very tall mountains to get here and had the best ride we have ever experienced! Get weighed, pumped and replace those shocks and you will be amazed. :C
Desert Captain 09/03/15 08:06am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Planning a trip to Quartzite for the RV show

HOT HOT NOT NOT... In the last 4 years we have yet to encounter hot weather. It is highly unlikely in January. The Q is waaay too much fun though we find that 2 days/nights are plenty. Can't wait to go back next January for our fifth trip. :C
Desert Captain 09/01/15 07:53pm Roads and Routes
RE: Blue Ridge Parkway start to end

If you have to drive over the double yellow line at any time, for any reason you should NOT be on that road! To do so is stupid, dangerous and illegal. Much of the BRP is not engineered for large RV's.... Get over it (and yourself), and drive/enjoy it safely from your Toad. :S Get over it (and yourself)? What kind of STUPID response is that? I am asking PRIOR to my trip so that I will know what to do & avoid. I did not ask for smart a$$ responses. That post was not directed at you. Others advised driving large rigs and crossing the double yellow. This has come up before from the BRP to Highway 1. A large motor home cannot be driven on the BRP without doing so and it remains stupid dangerous and illegal. Crossing a double yellow line into potentially on coming traffic is insane. Why not drive it safely from a smaller coach or Toad? Sorry you missed my point and were offended, not my intention. :C
Desert Captain 08/31/15 07:56pm Roads and Routes
RE: Blue Ridge Parkway start to end

If anyone has to drive over the double yellow line at any time, for any reason they should NOT be on that road! To do so is stupid, dangerous and illegal. Much of the BRP is not engineered for large RV's.... 40' of RV cannot be kept in its lane on much of The BRP. (Edited for clarity/civility.)
Desert Captain 08/31/15 06:55pm Roads and Routes
RE: cochise stronghold

For the west stronghold area you really need 4 X 4 and while not essential it is a good idea for the east stronghold as well. Gorgeous area with lots of history (and ghosts). Small rigs only is my advice as the roads and many streams you will have to cross can be a challenge. For those with larger rigs I suggest you park them in or around Tombstone and drive your 4 X 4 in for the day. :C
Desert Captain 08/31/15 05:20pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Firearms in RV's

Aside from the fact that an unloaded gun is at best a poorly balanced club, close to totally useless... compliance with the applicable laws is always a good idea. In most states when traveling in any vehicle the gun must be stored, unloaded in a secure area separate from the ammunition... unless you have a concealed carry permit recognized by that state. Semi auto's work best as a full magazine that is separate from the pistol can easily and very quickly be inserted and a round chambered in an emergency {though a revolver with a speed loader can accomplish much the same result}. When in a state, such as California, where my carry permit does not have reciprocity the pistol is kept locked (unloaded) in our digital safe. In an emergency it can be retrieved by my bride in mere seconds and the full magazine resides in my door pocket. The safe also provides secure storage for lots of other things, cash, credit cards, meds etc.. Fort Knox it ain't but it will deter or at least slow down a snatch and grab burglar. As always.... Opinions and YMMV. :C
Desert Captain 08/29/15 09:41am Class A Motorhomes
RV Service in Tucson

I've found a great shop for RV service. Southwest Truck Service, aka Silver Eagle Express (Truck Repair Service). They are just off of I-10 near the major RV dealerships and CW at 3225 East 48th street/520 867-5501. The owner, Steve Cunningham, is just about the nicest, most knowledgeable guy I've ever met. His facility is huge and caters to 18 wheel trucks but he also does a lot of RV repair business. I had them install a set of Bilstein shocks on my E-350 and they did a great job. While I was there my insurance company had sent an independent claims adjuster to check on some minor fiberglass damage to the rear of the coach. He pulled me aside and said that this shop was the best in town for just about anything. La Mesa RV had "Guesstimated" the repair at over $1,000 and of course I would be eating the first $500 deductible and would have a claim in my file. I asked Steve if he could make the repair and he just laughed, said sure and when they finished the shocks install had his guy go to work. We didn't have time to completely finish but they got the damage repaired, sealed and painted. The total charge was $225. Other then the white being a little off from the back the coach it is perfect and Steve assures me he can color match it when we return from our upcoming trip. Bottom line, good guys, great service at very fair prices. Here is a shot of our little 24' C next to a fully loaded 18 wheeler. I am parked over the "Pit" for the shock install. Note the Gorilla tape patch (to keep moisture out pending the repair) on the rear of the coach {while loading my motorcycle the pin securing the hitch to the ball failed and the tongue of the trailer jumped up and forward punching a small hole in the rear of the coach....:S } http://i549.photobucket.com/albums/ii362/Captottersea/IMG_0832_zps2fmiy2gx.jpg Here is a shot of the nearly completed repair as he prepares for painting: http://i549.photobucket.com/albums/ii362/Captottersea/IMG_0834_zpsuej0awuh.jpg :B
Desert Captain 08/28/15 02:50pm General RVing Issues
RE: What did you do to your Class C MH today???

Got my new Bilstein shocks installed. I ordered them online from Shock Warehouse and got the heavy duty set for $396 (no tax or freight), delivered from Florida to Tucson {Fed EX}, in 5 days. I took the coach down to Southwest Truck Service here in Tucson and had them do the install. Glad I did as watching them struggle to get them installed convinced me it was nothing I could have ever attempted. It took most of 3 hours for one guy and he had help for the last hour. Was charged $89 an hour for 3 hours and had no problem with that ($267). The 40 mile ride home gave me a pretty good road test though the coach was was running fairly light. The ride and handling have always been good but after 32,000 miles the OEM's were getting a little tired and you could feel the ride getting harsher, especially when we were loaded heavy and towing the motorcycle. Bilstein/Shock Warehouse both recommended going with the heavier duty models since we run near GVWR and often tow a 1,000# bike and trailer and I am glad I did. I think when we load out the improvement will be even more dramatic. I'll know on Monday as we are leaving for a 3,000 mile run up to northern California, across Nevada and through the canyon parks of Utah. :C
Desert Captain 08/28/15 02:33pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: What did you do to your Class C MH today???

Restocked my spare parts locker, the filters I had ordered came in. I now have spare fuel, air and oil filters and have recently changed out all three. Had the oil changed on the coach (pure synthetic), and had them top up all of my tires - 65 in front and 70 in the rears. Added two new Maxxis' to the utility/motorcycle trailer I tow. in addition I now also have two new spares to back up the Maxis'. (Later that day...) Just finished adding an other mount for my second spare in the right rear corner of the trailer. The first spare mounts in the triangle space forward of the trailers interior. We depart next week for a 3 week trip, first to northern California then across Nevada on highway 50 to Utah followed by a week to 10 days exploring the canyon parks. Hopefully the temps and fires will be laying down. A new set of Bilsteins is in route and should be delivered tomorrow and then it is down to SW Truck Service to have them installed. At that point I think it will be time to load and get the hell out of Dodge (Tucson). :C
Desert Captain 08/25/15 01:10pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Tire speed ratings

Only thing i can find about Maxxis M8008 is that its Speed rating is R which is 106mph. Good to go :) Everything I have seen regarding the Maxis' 8008's is that they have a max speed rating of 65 as do most, not all, of the ST's out there. Either way my experience is that the Maxis' represent the best of ST tires. My max towing speed is 60 so it doesn't mater in my case. :C
Desert Captain 08/23/15 08:17pm General RVing Issues
ST tire speed ratings

On our last trip near the end I checked the (bias ply), tires on the utility/motorcycle trailer while fueling and discovered one had suddenly developed serious cupping issue and the other now sported a bald section. No idea as to how many miles were on them beyond the 2,500 I had recently added but they had both looked OK the day before. :h (definitely time to check the axles alignment). http://i549.photobucket.com/albums/ii362/Captottersea/IMG_0491_zpshcjuxfqo.jpg It was Saturday afternoon In Socorro NM and none of the three local tire shops had my size. The spare that came with the trailer was brand new but unfortunately the wrong size for the allegedly upgraded tires that were now failing {my bad for not being aware of that} :S I remembered that some Wal Marts have a tire department or least sell trailer tires mounted on a rim so off to Truth Or Consequences, 60 miles down the road we went. The Walmart did have a tire shop but it was completely backed up late on Saturday afternoon so I bought two on rims off the shelf for $97 a piece. No doubt they are China bombs but were fairly new according to the DOT dates. I carry all of the requisite tools so changing them out in our site at Elephant Butte SP was no problem. I torqued them to 70# each which a later re torque confirmed was holding just fine. Now I have two extra rims, albeit with crappy tires on them and a worthless spare. Decided to carry two spares from now on and the Wally World off the shelf tires will fill that niche... once I have them properly balanced. I am buying a pair of Maxis' for the original wheels and I've ben shopping on line and then this morning at a couple of tire stores and got a bit of an education. It seems the old rule that ST tires are speed rated to a max of 65 mph is no longer necessarily true. Carlisle RH Radials and a few others I checked are rated for 87 mph. The Maxis' are still rated for 65 but since I never tow that fast and given their history of reliable performance (put a set on our 22' TT several years ago with great results), I elected to stay with the Maxis'. My trailer takes a 175 80 (D), 13" which is well above the mere 960# the Cat Scale showed for the loaded trailer weight and trailer capacity is 1,600#. Thought about replacing with LT's but they don't make them that small. My local tire shop (Fletcher Tires), will be putting them on onTuesday and as a courtesy balancing the two from Wal Mart. The OTD price was $189 ($43 less than Discount Tire). :C
Desert Captain 08/22/15 01:24pm Towing
RE: Generator service in Tucson

Did you post it on Rvservicereviews.com? :) Good Idea, I can do that. :C
Desert Captain 08/21/15 09:04am General RVing Issues
RE: What did you do to your Class C MH today???

Why they used those stupid square headed screws (I carry a square headed screw driver), I'll never know much less understand... but I digress. :h All that info and I'm going to pick on this nit... :) Square Drive screws (aka Robertson) are superior to Phillips and slotted. They don't cam out and you can stick the screw onto the driver and it'll usually stick. I think Robertson is pretty much standard fair in Canada. Here, I first tried square drive screws from McFeely's. And have never gone back. ;) Oh - nice job getting rid of the squeeks! Makes sense but do they come in stainless steel?
Desert Captain 08/21/15 09:03am Class C Motorhomes
RE: What did you do to your Class C MH today???

All motorhomes have their share of squeaks and groans but towards the end of our last trip the squeaks, particularly early in the day and worse after a rain had become annoying. Today was fix the squeak day. I disassembled the cabover berth and stripped off the plastic covers off of the seam between cabover and cab. Why they used those stupid square headed screws (I carry a square headed screw driver), I'll never know much less understand... but I digress. :h Now over the last 2 years and 26,000 miles I think we have hit every pothole in North America...TWICE! Suffice it to say America's roads need work and we have in the course of our coast to coast travels subjected our Nexus to more abuse than we should. I found 6 of the screws that secure the cabover to the cab sheared off and a dozen more that had loosened up to the point of being nearly useless. I re caulked all of the seams and let it cure before replacing and/or adding 15 new SS screws (with SS washers), going up a size from the originals. Also used an aerosol "Dry Lube" that goes on wet but quickly dries to a light powdery residue. I was able to squirt this into every opening and then just wiped away any overspray. The whole project took several hours but only cost about $10 and I have lots of spray lube left for future projects. {I did half of the work while having my Generac Generator serviced at Simonsen Generator Service (see the Generator Service in Tucson Post in General RVing )Bottom line it was a huge success. The squeaks are gone and I now have a far stronger bond between cab and cabover. PS: A tip learned in my boating days... Anytime you are using caulk/bedding compound or even the dreaded Silicone, always let it cure. Tighten your screws/bolts just enough to hold everything where you want it and wait for the cure. Once cured then torque everything down. Your goal is to build a gasket and that is not going to happen if you crank everything down while the caulk is soft/uncured squeezing it out from where you want it. Disclaimer: {When you get free advice you get what you paid for} :B
Desert Captain 08/20/15 08:43pm Class C Motorhomes
Generator service in Tucson

If you are in the Tucson area and need generator service I am happy to recommend Simonsen Generator Service (520 889-9581). Our Generac QP 40 (4Kw), has given excellent service (though we haven't put many hours on it, over the last 2 years and 26,000 miles), but began to run rough, especially at the higher altitudes we experienced on our last trip. It became hard to start and once running would load up and die when the heavier loads like AC, Microwave or water heater were applied. I had used Simonsen for parts/spares in the past but had never taken the rig in for service. I called and booked an appointment, their labor rate is a reasonable $90 an hour. After discussing the symptoms with their staff we all concluded the obvious, probable clogged/dirty fuel filter. They replaced the filter and pulled the carb off, disassembled and we found fine gritty sand like material in the bottom of the bowl. They used a healthy dose of carb cleaner, blew everything out with compressed air, put it all back together and it ran like it should (and always has). I ordered a pair of extra oil, air and fuel filters for my spares locker but they could not be had same day. Generac parts are notoriously hard to come by, hence my buying 2 of each. They should be in by Monday. The bill came to $190 including 2 hours of labor, a new fuel filter and shop supplies. Simonsen is located on the south side of Tucson just a short drive from CW and most of the large RV dealers and a number of RV parks. Good guys, good service. :B
Desert Captain 08/20/15 08:21pm General RVing Issues
RE: Awnings...how windy is too windy?

The problems arise when the wind suddenly, usually without warning, increases dramatically. I think the Latin term is "Gustus, oh my Godus". :B Seriously, you just never know when 5 to 10 mph day can suddenly flare up into a 50+ gust that will do serious damage and can be potentially lethal once that awning and its poles start flailing around. If a front is moving through your area be especially cautious of the leading and trailing edges as that is where the most erratic winds will usually be found. We NEVER leave our site or go to bed with the awning up. It is just too easy to take 30 seconds and push the button (ya gotta love the new electric models), and roll it up. :C
Desert Captain 08/19/15 12:08pm Travel Trailers
RE: Beating the heat trip - 2,500 miles, 18 days

DC, I'm curious ... which of those high routes and passes were taken with your Class C ... versus the BMW? P.S. Great trip report! All of those passes listed in OP were taken in the C, towing the BMW. The V-10/5 speed Torque Shift trans is an awesome combination. We ran on 85 octane throughout most of Colorado.. Did one ride on the bike north of Angel Fire over a 9,600' pass before you drop down into Red River. The bike did not like the high elevations and was hard to start as it ran very rich but once started it moved right out without complaint. Here is a shot taken about half way up the Independence Pass at one of the narrower stretches. At least this section had a guard rail, most of it does not. Note the bicyclist with a serious death wish, we encountered dozens of them on this road: http://i549.photobucket.com/albums/ii362/Captottersea/IMG_5869_zpsmhf1s9p1.jpg :B
Desert Captain 08/19/15 11:47am General RVing Issues
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