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RE: Highway 50 followup...

We did not find it scary at all, just a great road that was definitely the loneliest road we had ever driven. When you drive 45 minutes and never see another vehicle in either direction, which happened a number of times, you are out in the boonies to be sure. The road itself was fine though a decent shoulder was a rare event indeed. Don't expect much in the way of amenities at either Eureka or Austin and drive on the top half of the tank unless you have a very large tank. Cell coverage is spotty at best and can easily disappear with no warning. Outside of Austin we pulled onto the shoulder to consult our GPS for campgrounds and the rapping knuckles on my window that startled me belonged to the Nevada Highway Patrol Officer who had stopped just to make sure we were alright. I thanked him profusely for his concern and he recommended a campground we had had passed by and ultimately returned to for a nice nights stay. If you are properly prepared and equipped 50 will hold no terror... if not you probably should find a new hobby. :B
Desert Captain 09/24/16 09:13pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Highway 50 followup...

That is a nice pan of gold. We stayed in the Escapees park in Congress AZ for a week last winter. Many of the seasonal campers are into prospecting. The typical daily haul is less than what you have in that pan. Good to hear from you again. We assume we'll never get rich but really enjoy doing the mining {digging, slucing, panning}. It is so unbelievably beautiful down on the creek and we always have it all to ourselves. Here is a shot of the sluce: http://i549.photobucket.com/albums/ii362/Captottersea/IMG_1259_zpssddn81xw.jpg We do however hold out hope that some day we will turn over the right rock and find the elusive nuggets. Deer Creek, which was the biggest gold strike in California runs right through my buddies property and every year we manage to take a little out but someday... :B
Desert Captain 09/24/16 06:31pm Class C Motorhomes
Highway 50 followup...

After our adventure driving Highway 50 {the loneliest road in America}, across Nevada we picked up I-80 just east of Reno and continued west up and over the Donner pass dropping down highway 20 into Grass Valley. This was our 4th annual visit to friends who have 6 gorgeous acres out side of GV and we stayed for 8 days before continuing west over to the coast but not before taking little gold out of the creek. Here is a shot of one of our better pans: http://i549.photobucket.com/albums/ii362/Captottersea/IMG_1269_zpssbqmndpo.jpg Our 4 day stay at the Olema CG to attend the wedding of my best friends daughter was awesome. We drove south across the Golden Gate and found ourselves forced to drive the streets of San Francisco through downtown to reconnect with 101. Doable in a 24' C but in anything larger or towing... not so much. :W While not a particular fan of KOA's we had a very nice experience at their Moss Landing park. It is small and reservations are a must this time of the year {and probably most of the year}. The park, while smallish, is immaculate. With no reservation we were informed that they were full up {and had been for 3 months}. Then a gentleman, seeing the size of our C offered me the "overflow site". While a little tight it came with full hook ups and was priced at $54 {vs $68 for a regular site though not much larger}. http://i549.photobucket.com/albums/ii362/Captottersea/IMG_1296_zpshlvfktse.jpg There is lots to see and do all easy walking distance from the park. Phil's Fish House is a must visit but be prepared to stand in line for lunch or dinner. Our 1:30 arrival kept the wait down to 15 minutes {plan on at least and hour or more earlier or later but still worth the wait}, and the food is amazing with huge portions. If seafood is not your thing there are at least half a dozen other restaurants within a a couple of blocks. Driving from Monterey down Big Sur's Highway One is a must do but not necessarily for the faint of heart or large of rig. If you have anything over 30' and towing nothing by all means go for it but if not you will have a lot more fun in your truck or toad. Going south {vs north}, is a much better view with easier/safer access to the many pullout and overlooks many of which drop nearly 1,000' straight down into the breaking surf. http://i549.photobucket.com/albums/ii362/Captottersea/IMG_1298_zpsg7ctrtmw.jpg Morro Bay has always been one of my favorite stops and the State Park was fine for our last night on the coast but $35 for dry camping is a tad pricey for us Zonies. :E Check the Roads and Routes Forum for the tale of our trip across California to and through Bakersfield and Barstow on Highway 58. :B
Desert Captain 09/23/16 08:18pm Class C Motorhomes
Highway 58, San Luis Obispo to Barstow

Never heard a peep about Highway 58 but was looking to get east out of Morro Bay and there it was. We took the short drive out of MB to SLO and went north on 101 for just 8 miles before exiting east onto 58. The first thing you encounter is a large sign stating: Vehicles with trailers NOT{my emphasis}, advised. There are a number of very good reasons for this warning... If twisty, narrow two lane blacktop is your thing you will love 58. The second sign we saw stated "next services 82 miles" and they are 82 spectacular miles to be sure. Our Nexus Class C at just under 25' overall was a pleasure to drive but I cannot imagine larger rigs having any fun at all. The 36' fiver I managed to squeeze by on one of the very few passible stretches had no, zip, zero, NADA business being on this road and proved it by taking the double yellow as a mere suggestion at best... :S When we finally dropped down 4,000' on the backside of the coastal range west of Bakersfield we saw as many tight curves as we had encountered driving Monterey, down through Big Sur to Morro Bay. While Bakersfield and Barstow are nothing to write home about, getting to and through them on 58 was never dull though we did have to endure some stop and go city traffic for a while. The climb out of Bakersfield up and over the Tehachapi pass is awesome with hundreds {thousands?}, of windmills lining the pass and they were all cranking full tilt. My only regret was that I had left my Harley at home as 58 has got to be one of the ultimate motorcycle roads in America and I promised myself I would be back, next time on two wheels. :B
Desert Captain 09/23/16 07:50pm Roads and Routes
Loneliest road in America....Highway 50 across Nevada

Always wanted to drive Highway 50 and finally got er done. Traveling from Tucson to northern California we went north through Flagstaff on I-17 and then 89 to 89A to Jacob Lake - 47 miles north of the North Rim. The CG there is nice and only $9 a night with our Geezer card. Day two took us west to I-15 and then north to Cedar City where we picked up 56 west which connected with 93. 93 this time of year could nearly match 50 for the title of loneliest road, we drove for nearly 100 miles and only saw few vehicles in either direction, good road but much of a shoulder. Connected with 50 and headed west with a brief stop for fuel at Ely. Made it to Austin after passing through Eureka, which are just about the only towns for hundreds of miles. We covered just under 500 miles and the road is spectacular.... but very, very empty. On 50 you climb and drop over and over again crossing numerous mountain ranges. The passes are usually around 7,500' followed by long stretches of laser straight flat land mostly at or above 6,000'. I wouldn't recommend attempting this drive in the winter. Drive on the top half of the tank wherever possible but our 55 gallons of fuel made this a non issue. The so called RV parks are pretty low end and we stopped at small campground just east of Austin, $5 a night. Day three was an easy drive through Reno and finally up and over the Donner pass to our friends home outside of Grass Valley. Spent 12 days with our friends on their 6+ acres and had a blast... hard to beat the Friends and Family RV Park. Panned for gold, and yes we got some, from Deer Creek that runs through his property. Got in a couple of rounds of golf and did some target shooting as well. We drove the 160 miles out to the coast to the Olema CG, a very nice CG with full and partial hookups. We are here meeting friends and will be attending their daughters wedding tomorrow before heading down Highway 1 to Moss Landing and then down through Big Sur, Morro Bay and ultimately to Pismo Beach before turning east back towards Arizona. It's been a fantastic trip so far and are looking forward to more spectacular miles. I'll post some pics when we return. Our Nexus Phantom 23P has been its usual perfect in every way. Should be close to a month and 3,000 miles by the time we get home... for a week before heading up to Angel Fire in northeastern NM for a week with more friends. Life is good! :B
Desert Captain 09/17/16 10:58am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Rv surge protector

Don't waste your money on a "surge protector". Spend a little more and get a Progressive Industries Electrical Management System. Works great and is a great company that stands behind their product. X2 Best $300 I ever spent for our rig.
Desert Captain 09/17/16 09:43am General RVing Issues
RE: Great difficulty changing Front Sway Bar

What makes you think it needs replacing? If there is a problem in the ride and handling, did it just show up after one year? Was there a problem during the test drive? :h Before spending inordinate amounts of money on after market gear perhaps all that is needed is to weigh the rig an inflate your tires to the proper psi... which can be much cheaper than searching for a solution for which there is no real problem (the government does this a lot).
Desert Captain 09/11/16 09:11pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Why Does B+ Cost More Than Std. C?

All Nexus' have one piece fiberglass roof's with one piece fiberglass end caps. This is a far better design than any rubber roof. Isn't it fair to say all roof systems fail (leak) in the same manner - at the caulk around openinga and at the membrane perimeter? Hardly... Rubber roofs are inherently more failure prone, most antiquated technology tends to be that way. If you have a better design and clearly Nexus does, which includes the proper application of the correct sealants, the chances of any type of failure are greatly reduced. Rubber roofs cannot compete with fiberglass which is why any decent builder is going with fiberglass vs the 20+ year old technology that rubber roofs represent. The question is not why does Nexus build a better product, they do. The question is why don't more builders get with the program and stop sacrificing quality for profit. As always.... Opinions and YMMV. :C
Desert Captain 09/06/16 07:33pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Why Does B+ Cost More Than Std. C?

Where can I locate the following info for Nexus RV's. I'm primarily interested in B+, but might consider a C. OCCC type of roof (fiberglass cap vs rubberized coating?) typical mpg for the various chassis lengths. I read all info I could find at the Nexus website and searched this Forum and could not locate any info on these subjects. Nexus utilizes the Ford E-350/450 chassis' on their Class C (B+'s). I would just call them for the OCCC numbers on any specific model you are interested in. It can vary a lot depending on the options. Slides and auto levelers eat up (as in waste), a lot of payload on any RV. IMHO: Any Class C without at least 2,000# of payload is a joke. All Nexus' have one piece fiberglass roof's with one piece fiberglass end caps. This is a far better design than any rubber roof. As far as mpg the V-10 will generally get you 8 - 10 depending on how heavy you load, what if anything you tow and how heavy your right foot tends to be. For the record we are enjoying our first night of a month long trip 425 miles from home at Jacob Lake (47 miles north of the North Rim of the Grand Canyon). Headed to Northern California across Nevada's highway 50 (the so called loneliest road in America), can't wait to roll out in the morning. :C
Desert Captain 09/05/16 08:58pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Why Does B+ Cost More Than Std. C?

The short answer is that they should not but the reality is yes they do. B+'s are no more expensive to build and equip than any other coach. The industry has created the B+ niche with clever marketing, blue smoke and mirrors. The prices of the so called "B+'s", {they are just Class C coaches}, are absurd but folks pay it. In a B+ you get less space, storage, payload and room in general vs a conventional C and of course you pay lot more for all that "less". Most are somewhat limited in their towing capabilities. Though some are rated to tow up to 5,000# many don't do it very well vs the V-10 and big block V-8's that are available in conventional Class C's. The kitchens in particular are a joke. You get a tiny two burner stove that only holds one pan at a time. The microwave is the size of a shoebox and the frig not much bigger. Typically the hood over the burners is so low you have to bend down to even see what you are cooking. Don't forget that in many B+'s you get to make up your bed every night before retiring {many only sleep 2}. Some are Murphy beds, some have rear slide outs and others you get to assemble like a big jigsaw puzzle. My personal favorites are the ones that drop down out of the overhead (again, before you make them up). Yes, many of the B+'s are a bit fancier than the run of the mil C's but I have yet to see any that were any nicer than our Nexus - Born Free, Coachhouse, Phoenix Cruiser etc., are all fine Class C's but priced just like the B+'s we'll north of $100,000 with many approaching $200,000. My 24' Phantom has 7' of interior head room throughout the coach, is 101" wide {simply does not need any slide(s), 3,363# of payload, 55 gallon fuel tank, heated tanks, electric awning, 35,000 BTU furnace, three burner stove with an oven + a full sized microwave. It is framed in steel {72% stronger than conventional aluminum/wood framing} and contains no plywood or particle board whatsoever. One piece fiberglass roof with solid one piece fiberglass end caps. Power drivers seat, innerspring mattress, heated mirrors and it sleeps 4 adults without having to make up a bed at night, 6 if you utilize the dinette. Nexus will sell you one {factory direct}, for around $64,000, nicely equipped and you can customize it to your hearts content. Pretty much twice the coach for half the money compared to much of the so called competition. After 3+ years and 31,000 trouble free miles from coast to coast... it works for me! As always.... Opinions and YMMV :)
Desert Captain 09/03/16 01:33pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Towing Rating Confusion

You need to get exact specs. I'm pretty sure tow rating on Class C's with Ford chassis were 5,000 lb's until 2015 or so when it bumped to 7,500. There is already a lot of weight with the RV which reduces your tow capacity. X2 I own a 2011 E-350, 24' Class C with a GVWR of 11,500#, V-10 that is rated to tow a max of 5,000#. The motor is a beast and will tow your Jeep just fine but.... Even the E-450's are rated for a max tow of 5,000# and unless you tow the Jeep 4 down the Jeep and trailer together, will be well over the hitch rating/tow capacity. Take the curb weight of the coach you want and add 1500# to account for normal loading keeping in mind many folks load much more than that. This will give you a rough idea of the weights you will be dealing with since going to the scale prior to purchase is probably not an option. :C
Desert Captain 09/03/16 07:49am Towing
RE: Our new Nexus Ghost has come home

Gorgeous rig, congratulations. If you folks are half as happy with your Nexus as we have been with ours {3 + years and 31,000 miles}, you will indeed be "Happy Campers!" :C
Desert Captain 09/01/16 04:47pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: RV Fuel Issues & Prices - Post 'Em Here!

OK folks lets focus... What in the heck do the last 4 posts have to do with fuel prices? Everyone is entitled to their political opinion but not here. It's a shame we don't have moderators to muzzle the thread hijackers For the record, regular here in Tucson is $1.89. :R
Desert Captain 08/30/16 09:01pm General RVing Issues
RE: What did you do to your Class C MH today???

We are headed out on our {4th}, annual northern California adventure on Monday {we like to depart on Labor day as everyone else is headed home}. Plan on being gone about a month and doing around 2,500 miles. Will visit friends in Nevada City/Grass Valley, relatives down the road in Penn Valley and attend my best friends daughters wedding out near Pt Reyes before heading back down the California coast. Took the Nexus down the road to the local Jiffy Lube this morning and had them change the oil {7,000 miles and 10 months since the last change}, I always use pure synthetic and had them replace the original differential fluid {36,000 miles on the coach}, again with pure synthetic. Also had them drain, flush and replace the coolant. Five years of mostly southwest cruising takes its toll on coolant. Aired up the fronts to 60 and the rears to 65 and was good to go. Using a couple of coupons and showing up early I was the first and only customer. With three guys working while I watched {supervised?}, they got it all done in about 40 minutes and was out the door for $265. On the ride home I stopped at O'Reilly's auto parts and put in a new engine battery for the V-10. The old one at 5 years was the original and it was definitely time to replace. They had the original Motor Craft as a replacement for $156 with a nice long warranty {I replaced the two group 27 house batteries, also 5 years old last month}. Can't wait to get back out on the open road for a good long trip. We plan on heading up through Flagstaff continuing on up to Jacob Lake for our first stop. Day two will find us west and north bound up into Utah where we will pick up "The loneliest road in America", highway 50, to cross Nevada. Day three will see us through Reno and up over the Donner Pass dropping down into Nevada City/Grass Valley where the fun really begins... :B
Desert Captain 08/29/16 02:15pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Using tire air inflation charts vs side wall markings

The problem with being in the "full psi camp" is that chances are excellent that you are over inflating your tires. Snip... :C In fact, I believe just the opposite is true. I have always run my trailer tires at maximum sidewall pressure and have never had a single tire related problem. I have two main reasons for doing that. 1. Most trailer tires are just adequate for the load they are carrying. There is usually very little capability to spare. Many manufacturers depend on the trailers tongue weight or pin weight to allow the installed tires to not be overloaded. 2. The higher pressure will make the sidewalls stiffer which helps keep sway down and also helps keep the tire on the rim when doing tight turns that scuffs the tread along the road. This does not happen on single axle trailer but most travel trailers of any size have two or more axles and will scuff the tread when turning. The bigger the spread between the axles, the more scuffing will take place. Barney Your first statement is wrong and only proves that you have been lucky. There is no way you can know the proper psi without weighing the rig and consulting the manufacturers load/inflation table. Your second comment leads me to believe you are foolish if in fact you are running tires that are "just adequate" and compensating for that by inflating them to their max psi. Why not get tires that can actually do the job without being inflated to their Mac psi? What do you think happens to those tires when your trailer weight is increased? Ever have to drive home with full black and grey tanks due to the dump station bring out of order or just too crowded? Been there done that. It is never a good idea to operate anything from tires to toilets at its "maximum". If you want to be safe put on tires that can do the job (without being at their max psi), and then inflate to the proper psi for that job. This is why every tire manufacturer produces inflation/load data. :C
Desert Captain 08/23/16 01:28pm Beginning RVing
RE: Using tire air inflation charts vs side wall markings

The problem with being in the "full psi camp" is that chances are excellent that you are over inflating your tires. If by some miracle you are not and in fact max psi is what the load calls for you are screwed if your load increases at all. In short you have no room to haul any additional load. Add to this the fact that you are trashing your RV with every bump and road joint, why would you want to do that? :h If max psi is appropriate for your load you would be far better off getting a tire capable of carrying more rather than risk disaster due to being under inflated when your load increases. If your tires can run well under the max and be matched to your load you have a simple option when it comes to increasing your load... merely increase psi. In the real world very few people run lighter loads over time, quite the opposite. :C
Desert Captain 08/22/16 03:46pm Beginning RVing
RE: Using tire air inflation charts vs side wall markings

Taking blanket numbers like the max PSI on the sidewalls {which by the way is merely a statement of fact not an instruction to do so}, or the numbers posted inside the drivers door will often lead to bad results. Your tires should always be inflated to the proper psi for the load they are actually carrying. The chances that those fixed numbers which can not/do not take into consideration what loads are actually present have little chance of being correct. {Yep, even a broken clock is right twice a day .... but I digress...} Don't know what sort of rig you have but a trip to the local CAT scale is in order. I run my 24' Class C with E rated Michelin LTX M/S 2's at 60 on the fronts and 65 on the rears as this is the proper psi for the weight they are carrying. The ride is very smooth even with the heavy duty Bilsteins I run. If I inflated all 6 to the 80 psi max the ride would be insanely rough and the tires would wear out prematurely. As always.... Opinions and YMMV. :C
Desert Captain 08/22/16 12:51pm Beginning RVing
RE: First Time RV owner...need some advice please!

Don't let the "you gotta have a slide out(s) nonsense" get to you. Far more important {as previously noted}, is finding a floorpan that works for you and your family and that may or may not include slideout(s). A quality, well maintained coach is what you are seeking. Slide outs, particularly in the age coach you are considering, add weight taking away payload you can ill afford to lose. More than one slide out in a class C is absurd given the weight you will inherit. Slide outs also tend to be problematic... try finding a page or two in this Forum where someone is not having slide out issues and the older the coach the greater the likelihood of problems. They do add some useable space but be leery of galley slides that hold major appliances. As always.... Opinions and YMMV {Your Mileage May Vary} :B
Desert Captain 08/20/16 02:00pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Cab heat

Good info Phil, thanks. Frankly my days of driving down dusty roads in the C are down to just about zero. I can deal with the dust as you do but those damned washboards get old fast. :C
Desert Captain 08/20/16 01:45pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Bumper carrier fail..

If you think dodging road debris is scary in your RV think what it looks like to those of us riding motorcycles. A lot of bikers have ended up seriously dead as a result of these idiots improperly securing their loads. :M
Desert Captain 08/15/16 07:36am General RVing Issues
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