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RE: Cleaning my grill - Help!

Put a heavy piece of aluminum foil to cover the grill crate completely and place some rocks on top of the foil to prevent the foil from floating then turn on the BBQ to high temp and close the lid. Wait 3-5 mins should be lots of smoke and check grill should be a grey powdery film on it, if not continue for a few minutes more. When done turn off BBQ roll up the foil into a ball and scrub the grill using the foil, voila a nice clean grill. It's like using a self clean oven same principle. X2 and if your bride is still squeemish soak it down with Muriatic acid, a throw away paintbrush (not foam), works well. It will bubble and hiss a bit and take the grill right down to the bare metal. A thorough rinse and you are good to go. :C
Desert Captain 02/04/16 01:37pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Looking for Nexus Class Viper & Phantom Owners

I'm guessing you are the same Doug (Baker?), that is on the Nexus owners group e mail. If so I just sent an e mail extolling the virtues of our 2012 Phantom 23P which we absolutely love. Feel free to PM through this Forum or ask specific questions and I will be happy to address them. Steve
Desert Captain 02/04/16 08:05am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Arizona, here i come!

You like curvy roads (I do) try AZ hiway 191 from Alpine to Morenci or 3 way. Across 78 into NM where you pick up 180 for the trip back to Alpine. Fuel every major stop because there's not many gas stations but lots of curves. That's the curviest road in the country, called the Devils highway. 191 Used to be route 666 in the old days. Enjoy Dave X2 great road but watch out for all of the deer and cattle that like to dart out or just stand in the middle of the road. Road it on fathers day last year on my BMW. Awesome! :B
Desert Captain 02/03/16 07:51am Roads and Routes
RE: Way too much fun in Quartzite

"The OP did a commendable job in his post of giving some info, but is clearly writing for an audience of those who already know Q'site." OP here (again).. Actually my post was largely intended for those who have not been to the Q. I tried to share a few things that work for us that first timers might want to adopt. If we had had any negative experiences I would have been happy to share them as well but happily we did (and have not), had any. Perhaps the fact that we find 2 days and nights enough each year (see my reference to "moderation" in the original post), is the secret to our success. :h The Q is a truly unique experience and certainly not for everyone but I stand by my opinion that everyone should visit the Q at least once and can then form their own opinions. If on your first visit you find it not to your liking... well most of us have those round things on our rigs that will take you right on down the road. As always.... Opinions and YMMV. :C
Desert Captain 01/31/16 01:31pm General RVing Issues
RE: Way too much fun in Quartzite

For us RV rookies can you tell us more about this, when, what, etc? Thanks Google: "Quartzsite" Here's a Link to one of the many web sites for "Quartzsite"...:) (BTW - The OP left out the "S" - in "QuartzSite")...:W ~ Yep, My bad the "s" belongs (but not in caps), should have read: "Quartzsite" This is what happens when you spend too much time at Beer Belly's (also probably spelled wrong), Adult Day Care... :B:B:B
Desert Captain 01/30/16 06:11pm General RVing Issues
RE: Quality of Lance Trailers?

I've never owned one but have toured a number of them. The quality of Lance is some of the best in the industry. From their construction techniques (like the use of Azdell instead of Luan), to the fit and finish, Lance builds a quality product at a reasonable price point. :C
Desert Captain 01/30/16 07:02am Travel Trailers
RE: Best Small RV Can Only Pull 3500lbs

I have a 2013 Lexus RX 350 FWD with towing package. WEIGHTS AND CAPACITIES Curb Weight 4,340 lbs. (FWD) GVWR 5,560 lbs. (FWD) Max Towing Capacity 3,500 lbs. Fuel Capacity 19.2 gal. Will be using TT mostly for local river and park camping in FL. Assuming a 3,500# fully loaded TT you would have approximately 665# of remaining payload, (passengers and gear), after deducting the tongue and hitch weight. Not a lot but possibly sufficient if you do not load the SUV too heavily. The fact that you will be using it primarily in (flat), Florida helps a lot as well. That your SUV is a high quality (Lexus), is just another positive. Sounds doable to me. I didn't mean to be the voice of doom and gloom but of caution, as running over limits is never a good idea. :C
Desert Captain 01/23/16 08:57pm Beginning RVing
RE: Best Small RV Can Only Pull 3500lbs

The OP does not identify his SUV but merely states that he can only tow 3,500#. I have to question that number in the absence of more specific info. If his SUV has a "Tow rating" of 3,500# he quite likely cannot safely tow nearly that much. Manufacturer's tow ratings are at best fanciful and often downright misleading/dangerous in the real world. Most tow vehicles run out of payload long before they reach their theoretical tow capacity. I had a great F-150 5.4L SCab that had an 8,600# tow rating. The 5,600# GVWR TT I towed put the truck within 200# of the its GVWR despite being 3,000# under its tow rating. Most folks load even a smallish TT with far more than 600# of "stuff", 1,000 to 1,200# is a much more likely real world number. Exceeding the GVWR of the tow vehicle is simply a recipe for disaster. IMHO: If the OP would get back to us with the specs of his SUV (GVWR, GCWR etc.), along with more info about where and how he plans to use his new trailer then the rest of us could contribute more accurate opinions as to what will work well and above all, safely for he and his family. Lastly I would caution the OP to IGNORE any and all so called "Dry" weights, especially dry tongue weights as they are at best a dangerous joke useful only to unscrupulous salesmen. Even a 3,500# TT (fully loaded), is going to generate 455# of tongue weight + another 100# for the weight of the hitch. Subtract that from the (probably low), payload available with his SUV and there won't be much left for mom, the kids and their stuff. As always.... Opinions and YMMV. :C
Desert Captain 01/23/16 07:17pm Beginning RVing
RE: Way too much fun in Quartzite

Made it finally! Went thru big tent and saw a booth warning that many of us have the same outside compartment key CH751. They wanted $100 for 7 new locks and keys that have the cylinder type key.. Anyone have there changed? Every RV initially has the same "751" key'd storage bays. You can go to Home Depot (or wherever), and buy new locks keyed the same for about $5 a piece. The clowns at the show use the shock and fear factor to try and sell you ridiculously overpriced replacement key'd locks. I replaced the locks on my two storage bays, the battery and generator compartments. I did not bother with the dump station or electrical cord doors and do NOT key lock the propane tank access door - dangerous and illegal. Bottom line any low life with a screw driver can get into your storage bays but like the old saying goes "You can keep the honest folks honest" by re keying. :C
Desert Captain 01/23/16 07:00pm General RVing Issues
RE: Yuma AZ to ?? Long Beach/San Diego area ?

Most folks enjoy Santee Lakes which is about 15 miles inland from the ocean in San Diego. If you want to be right on the water Silver Strand State Beach, San Elijo and Carlsbad State Beach are the choices but all are pricey and crowded. Check them out on line and plan on making reservations. :C
Desert Captain 01/23/16 07:41am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Way too much fun in Quartzite

So, is any planning required or can a guy just hop in his RV, point it in the direction of Quartzsite, and enjoy a couple days walking around the area? OP here: As long as you are prepared to dry camp, be it on the free BLM land or in an RV Park (like Rice Ranch where it costs $7 a night), you can in fact just hop in and go. If you just "have" to have full hook ups then reservations are a very good idea. Just about anything you might need (and forgot to bring), will be readily available. A little on line research (like right here), will help first timers find their way. Go for it! :C
Desert Captain 01/22/16 06:04pm General RVing Issues
Way too much fun in Quartzite

Just returned from your 5th consecutive annual trip to Quartzite. We had even more fun than the previous trips, which was hard to do. Permit me to share a few tips that have worked well for us. Timing: Every year we drive over on the Monday morning following the opening weekend. We are lucky to be just 250 miles away so 4.5 hours makes for an easy drive. The usually huge opening weekend crowd is thinning out and you can find a spot just about anywhere. Location: While we stayed out on the BLM land at Sadden Wash when we had our TT, utilizing the truck to drive into town where we always found plenty of parking, now with our Class C we have spent the last three years at the Rice Ranch RV Park. Now the term RV Park is a bit of a stretch... just a dirt/gravel lot where full hook ups go for $35 a night but we prefer to dry camp for $7 a night ($15.85 including tax for two nights). By their own admission the one and only thing they have going is "location" as they are on the southeast corner of Kuehn and 95 making the big tent a short walk of just a few hundred yards. We fired up our trusty Campfire in a can and soon had 4 neighbors joining us on both nights. The weather was spectacular with highs around 68 - lows around 46. You can still get a great breakfast at Bad Boys Cafe but by 0800 the line was out the door. Selling a good cup of coffee for 25 cents will do that. You can also get a cup of joe for a quarter next door at The Sweet Shop and try their cinnamon rolls for $3.75 Moderation: Everyone there is mellow but we find that after 2 days and nights we have seen all there is to see, completed our shopping and enjoyed a couple of afternoon brewskis at Beer Belly's Adult Care and it is time to get on down the road. We usually head up towards Lake Havesu but his year had commitments back home so we cut this trip shorter than most. Nothing but nice folks: In five years we have never even seen an armed member of the law enforcement community (through I am told La Paz County Sheriff's have a large undercover presence to keep an eye on things) nor have we ever seen the need. Everyone is friendly and polite, no harsh words or even loud voices to be found. About half of the folks there have their dog(s) with them and even the pooches are on their best behavior. The Big Tent: Seemed less congested than past years with a larger percentage of actual RV related items. Going shortly after 9 (when it opens), seems to be an ideal time in terms of the crowd but by mid afternoon things usually thin out as well. Said before and will say it again... everyone should go to Quartzite at least once. For many that will be enough but rest assured we will be back for all the fun again next year. :B
Desert Captain 01/20/16 01:28pm General RVing Issues
RE: Quartzite "where to park my truck"

There is lots of parking adjacent the tent but it goes pretty quick. So long as you arrive by 10 or so (the big tent opens at 9), you should have no problem getting a spot. Once that fills up folks just park across the street, down the washes, out in the weeds... wherever. :B
Desert Captain 01/17/16 06:36pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: What did you do to your Class C MH today???

Pulled it out of storage and back to the house after fueling up ($1.73 for regular). Topped up the water tank and plugged in to chill down the frig. Will stock it up tomorrow as we leave for our annual Quartzsite run on Monday. Always too much fun and just a 4.5 hour ride. :B
Desert Captain 01/16/16 02:17pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: A cell phone request

As a fellow veteran with a service connected hearing disability I can relate to both sides of this discussion. For the record most of the newer hearing aids come with Bluetooth capability where incoming phone conversation comes directly into your hearing aids(assuming you are not a fool that has them and simply does not wear them). With this feature you can also get a transmitter that will broadcast TV/music directly to your hearing aids eliminating the need for a excessive volume. Your spouse will love this feature more than you will ever know. By hearing clearly through your hearing aids your need/tendency to speak with excessive volume will be greatly reduced. About the only folks that can truly appreciate the frustration/aggravation of being hearing impaired is the spouse/significant other. It is a handicap and like most handicaps, one that I would not wish on anyone. It is nice when folks cut us a little slack as annoying someone else is simply not what we were intending to do. As always.... Opinions and YMMV :C
Desert Captain 01/12/16 08:52pm General RVing Issues
RE: Is this truck and trailer combo safe??

"if you like a buck board ride, the illusion of safety or you know more than the TV designers than indeed LTs may be for you." LMAO, if you have a buck board ride you bought the wrong tires or need new shocks. :S If you believe upgrading to tires designed and built for enhanced towing performance gives you the "illusion of safety" you are delusional. Vehicles that are intended for serious towing come with LT's, name one 3/4 or one ton truck that doesn't. Yes, some half tons come with P's but most are built to be grocery getters and not serious towing platforms (check their payloads for a clue as to which category they fall into). One of the most common and cost effective upgrades for a marginal tow vehicle equipped with P's is to simply upgrade to LT's. :R
Desert Captain 01/12/16 08:38pm Travel Trailers
RE: Is this truck and trailer combo safe??

Get the E rated LT tires. P's are not designed/built for the additional loads imposed by towing. No downside to getting the LT's as the performance difference when towing is amazing and they ride just fine without the tow. I have had particularly good results with the Michelin M/S 2's both towing my 5,000# TT with an F-150 Scab 5.4L and now on my 11,500# V-10 6.8L Class C. Few things matter more in terms of safety and performance than tires... why skimp just to save a couple of bucks? :h As always.... Opinions and YMMV :C
Desert Captain 01/12/16 02:58pm Travel Trailers
RE: Coming for a research about Quartzsite!

We will be at the Rice Ranch RV park (just a dirt/gravel lot on the southeast corner of 95 and Kuehn - center of town), on Monday and Tuesday (the 18th-19th), if you see our rig: http://i549.photobucket.com/albums/ii362/Captottersea/13073faf-466a-4dab-8e5d-4107c29b52fc_zpscfbfebee.jpg Stop by for a cold one and we'll be happy to chat about our experiences over the last 5 years of attending Quartzite. :B
Desert Captain 01/11/16 04:46pm Rallies, Shows and Gatherings
RE: Is this truck and trailer combo safe??

Ignore dry weights, they are nothing but a dangerous joke. Your numbers sound fine to me but know that your actual tongue weight will be around 700#. Deduct that from the trucks payload and know that what is left is all you can load. Very few trucks can actually tow their "rated" tow capacity, like dry weights, they are also a dangerous joke. Most trucks run out of payload long before reaching their tow rating but you seem to be well within limits. Enjoy! PS: I think Lance makes some of the finest trailers out there. :C
Desert Captain 01/11/16 04:37pm Travel Trailers
RE: Help us plan our trip! Zion NP

Be aware that Zion in July will likely have triple digit temps (we saw 105 every day in the middle of June). It will be a little cooler up at Bryce due to the increased elevation. If you can live with less than FHU's the best deal is the Watchman CG which is actually in Zion NP. For $18 a night ($9 with a Geezer card), you get 30 amps and there is a nice two lane dump station with water throughout the CG. Some of the sites are actually on the Virgin River. Watchman is just a few hundred yards from the visitors center and the free trams that run throughout the park. Reservations are a must and can be made up to 6 months in advance. Bryce is an easy day trip as are many of the other CG's and attractions. :C
Desert Captain 12/26/15 01:19pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
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