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RE: Nitty gritty about traveling Blue ridge Pkwy in a Class C

Draw the attention of the locals? Not sure what you mean. Like they won't want me to hang around for an overnight? I thought the age of my old girl would be an issue back when I first began, and was dumb enough to ask campgrounds if they had an age restriction. None of them say they do on their websites but all of them say they do if you ask them. If you just drive in and get a site, no one says a thing. Live and learn. She does need an intensive bath, though. ;) No offense intended but if you think you can just park a 30+ year old RV in town and spend the night.... well good luck with that. Most municipalities have restrictions {laws}, that prohibit that sort of thing. Just find a legitimate campground or a Walmart that isn't prohibited from offering their parking lot, check in and comply with their restrictions and you will be fine. As noted above you cannot spend the night in any of the pull outs the parkway. Sadly there are a lot of folks in older RV's who, through their actions ruin it for others who are just legitimate gypsies/road warriors. Ah, reality.... what a concept. Good luck. :C
Desert Captain 03/22/17 08:17pm Roads and Routes
RE: Nitty gritty about traveling Blue ridge Pkwy in a Class C

Please do not listen to anyone who recommends straddling/crossing the double yellow lines. They are there for a number of very good reasons and should never be crossed. Oncoming traffic, especially motorcycles, can come out of the suns glare in a heartbeat and they have every right to expect their lane won't be encroached upon by other vehicles. You didn't set out your heights but from your profile pic I doubt many of the tunnels would be an issue. The two lowest are south of Asheville and can easily be avoided. You will probably draw the attention of the locals given that your coach is 30+ years old but there are lots of campgrounds on or near the Parkway.
Desert Captain 03/22/17 03:52pm Roads and Routes
RE: 2016 F150 Questions about Towing and Travel Trailer

The 5L is plenty of motor for what you have in mind but the 3:31 rear end is far from ideal and will dramatically reduce your real world towing comfort level. I would keep the trailers GVWR at 6 to 7,000# or less {ignore all dry weights as they are a joke}. Your payload is good at 1780# but keep in mind even a 6,000# trailer will put 780# + another 100# for the WD hitch - a 7,000# trailer will bump that up to over 1,000#. More than likely your truck has P rated tires which are inappropriate for towing. Moving up to LT tires will make for a huge improvement whatever you buy. As always.... Opinions and YMMV :C
Desert Captain 03/22/17 10:45am Travel Trailers
RE: New RV somewhere

The dealer is lying and hiding a major problem. Clearly they cannot be trusted. "Run Forrest run", to a competent lawyer and get the purchase contract canceled. Good luck. :C
Desert Captain 03/20/17 07:26pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Anyone haul an enduro bike with their class C?

While not an Enduro I often tow my Harley Dyna Super Glide on a Kendon single trailer behind my 24' Class C. Bike and trailer weigh about 900# and I cannot feel them back there. The trailer is low and easy to load/unload. Have logged about 6,000 miles towing in the last 2 years including 3 weeks in the Rockies and another 3 week trip to northern California among others. http://i549.photobucket.com/albums/ii362/Captottersea/IMG_1229_zpsrduhm6jq.jpg :C
Desert Captain 03/19/17 09:10pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Tornadoes while RVing

We went coast to coast in our 24' Class C crossing Tornado Alley (I-40}, in early May and returning {by a slightly different route}, the end of June. I constantly monitored several different weather sites on the internet and was able to dodge a number of severe storms. Sometimes we had to re route to stay out of harms way and no we were not always 100 per cent successful. I worry about hail damage almost as much as tornados as it is much more prevalent. Always know where the nearest shelter is and have escape routes pre loaded into your GPS. :C
Desert Captain 03/19/17 08:47am General RVing Issues
RE: Mountain Towing Experiences with 1/2 ton & TT

I pulled a 5,600# 22' TT for 4+ years with my 2006 F-150 SCab with the 5.4L all over the western states including a lot of serious mountain driving. If you keep your trailers gross weight at or under 6,000# you should be fine. Ignore your towing capacity as it is a joke. You will run out of payload way before you get anywhere near its rated tow capacity. Lock out Overdrive whenever you are towing. It will save your brakes going down and your transmission going up. Make sure you have LT tires, P's are NOT for towing. I had and continue to have {on my 24' Class C}, great results with the Michelin LTX M/S 2's. Air them according to the manufacturers inflation tables based upon your actual load weights - yep load the truck and trailer as you would for an actual trip and get on down to the CAT scales. We loved our TT {Fleetwood Pioneer Spirit}, but the Class C works better for the long {cross country}, trips we like to do now. good luck! :C
Desert Captain 03/18/17 12:13pm Travel Trailers
RE: Just Rented Forester 2016 3171ds for two week - Any advice?

Spend some serious time reading the owners manual and use the tow haul mode all of the time. That is a large heavy Class C and the rental outfits never explain/advise on the use of TH. With TH engaged long down hills will be a piece cake with little or no use of the brakes required and you won't burn a drop of fuel. You will also get better shift points especially when climbing. :C
Desert Captain 03/17/17 07:29am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Best place to buy tires ?

Discount tires has the best marketing and their after sales service is good but.... If you ever bought tires from Discount and did not do your homework, as in getting quotes from a number of other retailers you got screwed. On several occasions while shopping for tires for my TV, RV and trailers I would go to Discount and ask a simple question. What is your best out the door price on tire "X'. Every single time they came in hundreds of dollars higher than other quotes. I would simply say thank you for the quote and start to walk out the door while the salesman went apoplectic. "Wait, where are you going we have the best prices in town" they would always exclaim. No you don't I would explain citing the much better quotes I had from somewhere else. "We will match that quote" was always his immediate response. I then would point out that I did not ask for the highest price you thought you could get me to pay, I asked for your best out the door price and you did not provide it. Buh bye! I will not do business, any business with a firm that will not be straight with me about their best price... up front! I like the fact that they have lots of stores in many locations, that their after sales service is good but I am not willing to overpay to gain those benefits that many other retailers provide. Their business model is based upon the gullibility of uninformed shoppers and that just does not work for me. As always.... Opinions and YMMV. :C
Desert Captain 03/15/17 05:13pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Dash mounted aftermarket GPS

Our Rand McNally does just fine suction cupped to the windshield beneath our very large cabover {2012 nexus Phantom 23P}. I doubt if any C out there is going to interfere with normal GPS operations. We love the RM by the way, feature rich, simple stupid with a great 7" touch screen. :C
Desert Captain 03/12/17 01:37pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: which hwy from apache junction

There is a lot of construction on 60 east that starts just west of Superior {just got back from a nice motorcycle ride after having lunch in Superior}. Very narrow and 25 mph through the lengthy construction zone. Further north, near Top of the World, there is another major construction project. It will be slow, single lane and the pavement is seriously torn up in places. There are often long delays depending on what they are trying to accomplish on any given day. Check with ADOT for daily updates, sometimes they leave it open on the weekends but I think you will be a lot happier on 87. Lots of serious hills, especially up the grade into Payson and of course the Mogollon Rim but if you have enough truck 87 is enough road. :C
Desert Captain 03/09/17 04:37pm Roads and Routes
RE: To Slide or Not

May I offer an alternate opinion on slides... For me slides offer lots of potential for problems and only one small benefit, that being a little extra room. The bigger the slide the bigger the possible problems. As noted they add weight that comes right off of your OCCC, tend to leak hot air or cold not to mention water. A slide failure is usually a serious problem. Since the OP is looking at B+/C's that would tend to indicate a smaller coach. Finding a floor plan you can live with is the most important factor and will often eliminate the need for a slide. We spend about 12 hours a day outside of our 24' C and since it is 101" wide with a full 7' of headroom throughout we just don't need one but it is just my bride and I (and hopefully another doggie someday... sigh}. The OP should consider where and how he will use the coach the most and perhaps the need will not be there. If you travel with kid(s) then the extra space, particularly in areas of frequent inclement weather, that a slide adds may be worth it. For those that have them preventive maintenance is the key to heading off problems. IMHO: There are two types of slide owners.... Those that have had a problem and those that will. As always.... Opinions and YMMV. :C
Desert Captain 03/08/17 02:34pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Tire inflation

Who says you have to deflate your tires to 18 PSI "to get to the beach" ??? Second questions, why? At 18 psi you can easily damage your tires as they are still carrying the full load of your coach. I'm guessing that when re inflating your tires it will make no difference which tire you do first. For the record the air from your compressor is 78 percent nitrogen. You will likely have more of a problem with the corrosion from the sand/salt encountered on the beach. Hopefully you will be able to thoroughly fresh water flush the undercarriage of your coach when this adventure concludes. Good luck. :S
Desert Captain 03/07/17 05:30pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: AZ weather

OK, one more... sometimes we actually do get winter here... http://i549.photobucket.com/albums/ii362/Captottersea/IMG_0060_zpsfc8fcd36.jpg width=640 That's my front yard a couple of years ago, 1 to 4" drops almost every winter at least once. Moderator edit to re-size picture to forum recommended limit of 640px maximum width.
Desert Captain 03/06/17 02:36pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: RV insurance

Another vote for National Interstate. They know and specialize in RV coverage. For a few dollars extra I got full replacement coverage - the rig gets totaled and I get back every penny paid for it {including g the sales tax}, not many firms can offer that. Their premiums have been in line with most of the other companies out there and their customer service was excellent. :C
Desert Captain 03/06/17 09:30am Class C Motorhomes
RE: AZ weather

The latest forecast is for 87 on Wednesday, 86 on Thursday, 87 on Friday and 85 for Saturday with mid 80's thorough the middle of next week. Nope, no rain in our future. These brutal Tucson winters are tough. Must be time to go camping but might have to hit the higher elevations to beat the heat.... OK, I'll stop now. :B
Desert Captain 03/06/17 08:28am Fifth-Wheels
RE: AZ weather

So how were the temps today :) Currently 74, partly cloudy with southwesterlies at 15 to 20 {yesterday was 81}. Just got back from a 120 mile motorcycle ride. Did a photo shoot in Saguaro National Park for a friend who manufacturers cycle accessories {tank bags, phone bags/holders etc.}. A little breezy coming back into Tucson from the east on I-10 but not too bad. :B
Desert Captain 03/05/17 01:29pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: So about the puppies

Yup, I must be a liar Not necessarily, not my intention to so imply... but you might just have a dog dumber than my last, a Greyhound rescue. If brains were gun powder she could not blow her nose. Point is the bitter apple is some nasty (non toxic), stuff and if you doubt it go ahead and imbibe. Be sure to get back to us with details of your taste test. :C
Desert Captain 03/03/17 04:45pm RV Pet Stop
RE: So about the puppies

"So we can assume you didn't..... resist, that is." Nope, mom didn't raise that big of a fool. The guy convinced me I did not want to go down that road and I did not. Suffice it to say I believed him and am simply sharing that knowledge to save someone else from a very rude surprise/experience. For the record I have a very hard time believing any dog would willingly/repeatedly lick this stuff. I've owned some stupid dogs in my life but none that dumb. As always.... Opinions and YMMV. :C
Desert Captain 03/03/17 03:07pm RV Pet Stop
RE: 2nd battery

"All of which is to say that the water pump does need a non-trivial amount of current, but since it's only on sporadically for short periods of time, it doesn't consume a lot of the charge stored in the battery. " Excuse me but isn't that basically what I posted? :h "The water pump may be a "significant" drain but it is only on for very brief periods of time. They typically draw 5 - 6 amps {but that's per hour}. A 10 minute shower is about 1 amp. You will run out of water waaaay before you drain your batteries." It's nice that we agree but the point we both made is exactly the same.... water pumps do not drain your battery bank. :B
Desert Captain 03/03/17 03:01pm Class C Motorhomes
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