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RE: Nexus RV - honest mistake or something else?

We need more info here. Did you buy the "2015" from Nexus? If so when and was it sold as a used unit or a new 2015? Model years vary with every manufacturer. Often the chassis and the RV model year can vary. Our 2012 Nexus 23P is on a 2011 Ford Chassis which I clearly understood from day one, we bought it used. But, our registration/title shows we own a 2012 coach. Chassis' have to be built first and if you bought a "New 2015" then all of the paperwork should support that but again the chassis could easily be a 2014 which does not preclude the coach legally being a 2015. It is kind of late in the game to notice that is not the case. Did you not read what you were signing? Changes to what you signed after you signed {without your acknowledgement as in at least initials}, are not valid. I am a huge fan of Nexus given the amazing quality and service we have received from them {even though we bought used and not from Nexus}, but if you bought a new 2015 from them they have some serious "esplainin" to do {as Ricky Ricardo would say}. You need to speak directly with Dave Middleton at Nexus. I'm sure they will make things right. :C
Desert Captain 01/19/17 06:41pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Typical Class C GAS mileage

Regardless of the gear ration {4:56 or 4:10}, Tow Haul still needs to be engaged unless you are running well under GVWR. I cannot understand why folks are reluctant to properly use their engine/drive trains. :h As noted the owners manual contains a wealth of information on the proper use of TH. The engineers at Ford have been successfully designing and building these systems for a very long time. Another benefit of proper TH use is the engine braking on long down hills. Properly engaged you can descend long {as in 10 - 12 mile}, steep {6 - 8 percent}, grades without touching your brakes and you won't burn a drop of fuel.... what's not to love? :C
Desert Captain 01/18/17 01:44pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Typical Class C GAS mileage

We drive by the tach, with the 6 speed tranny, 2,200 RPM gets us about 58 MPH, and 11.2 MPG. We never have to use tow/haul anymore, since we got the V10 / 6 speed combination. If you are not using Tow haul you are slowly but surely cooking your transmission. Engaging TH even on relatively minor grades will drop your trans fluid temps by 12 - 14 degrees. Not much of an issue now but come summer.... Not only does the use of TH provide for a cooler running trans it also makes it much more efficient. Tow Haul is there for a number of very good reasons and should be used most of the time the exception being if you are running nearly empty, well under your GVWR. Add a Scan Gauge {or comparable display}, and start monitoring your trans fluid temps and you will quickly see the damage you have been doing by leaving TH off. Your owners manual will have additional TH usage tips was well. :C
Desert Captain 01/18/17 08:39am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Is a visit to Quartzsite worth our time

Quartzsite is a basic rite of passage for any serious RV'er. You don't have to go twice but ya gotta go at least once. :S We are headed back for the 6th year in a row on the 21st for our usual 2 day - 2 night visit.... for us, 2 days is plenty. Shopping at the Q is great... as long as you don't buy anything. The sales tax in Quartzsite is something north of 10 per cent, the local politicians are idiots. We usually manage to pick up a couple of small items but big purchases are better left to Amazon after you check the products out at the Q. We always have waaaay too much fun, 25 cent coffee and $2 cinnamon rolls to start our mornings off right {you gotta know where to dine}. We always head someplace else fun after the Q, this year it will be Laughlin with a side trips up to the Flamingo in Vegas and out to Oatman on my Harley. :C
Desert Captain 01/15/17 08:09am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Typical Class C GAS mileage

"With $20T in national debt, too bad the feds don't have a Scanguage-II type of devise to help them spend smarter." What he said.... Good call Ron, I cannot imagine any RV'er running without a Scan Gauge {or comparable device}. I run with real time and average MPG along with coolant and trans fluid temps as my primary displays. The information provided by the Scan Gauge makes you a smarter, better informed, more efficient driver and who does not seek that? :S
Desert Captain 01/15/17 07:58am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Typical Class C GAS mileage

While I agree that fuel economy and RV's are oxymorons it is foolish {fuelish?}, to not consistently check your mileage. Knowing your mileage is like taking the pulse of your engine and drive train. If something is starting to go wrong often it will show up in a significant decrease in your mileage. Since it requires all of about 20 seconds to do the math or simply look at your DIC why would anyone not bother to check mpg? :h
Desert Captain 01/14/17 09:06pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Creature Comforts Advice Wanted

No trip will be much fun if you are not eating well. Set up your kitchen with quality cookware, storage containers, utensils etc.. Plan delicious, reasonably simple meals {to prepare and clean up}, and save yourself a fortune vs eating out. If you are eating Dinty Moore or beans and wienies camping will get old real fast. A decent bottle of wine or your favorite cocktail is also a nice touch. Most RV's enable you to cook on the road much like you do at home. Works for us! :C
Desert Captain 01/14/17 11:01am Travel Trailers
RE: Cooler in Arizona this year?

We are near Tucson and it has been a very mild, as in warmer than usual, winter. Most of our lows have been in the mid to upper 40's and the days are often in the low 70's. Not much rain though some is predicted for this weekend. We too will be in Quartzsite for the big RV show but the extended forecast doesn't reach quite that far out.... yet. :C
Desert Captain 01/12/17 02:17pm Snowbirds
RE: Ford E450 vs E350 under a Class C

For most folks with a 25' or less class C the E-350 V -10 is plenty and the E-450 borders on over kill. It all comes down to how you are going to use it. If towing is in your future the 450 might be the better fit. The 450 has a stiffer ride and worse mileage but like the differences in chassis and brakes the differences are relatively minor. If I were towing heavy, say pulling a 4,500# Jeep, the 450 would be my choice As noted above you MUST look at specific years and systems to even begin to compare apples to apples was there has been a lot of variation especially over the past 5 years. My 2012 Nexus 24' C {on a 2011 E-350 chassis}, has the 5 speed Torque shift transmission and came with a GVWR of 11,500# where the 2012 chassis bumped up to 12,500#. We run close to our GVWR as I carry a lot of tools and toys and often tow my Harley Super Glide {bike and trailer are just under 1,000#}. The ride is smoother and having the same engine and trans as a comparable 450 {with far less weight}, I have more power and better mileage. Moving to a 450 would hold absolutely no benefit for me and the way we use our coach. Phil will be along shortly to extoll the virtues of E 450 25' C... we have had this discussion a lot. :B
Desert Captain 01/08/17 03:22pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Rv surge protector

Like many here I am a huge fan of the PI EMS. For those, like myself, who prefer the portable PI EMS it is nice to have a simple analog or digital voltage meter at a convenient location inside the rig. Mine is analog and plugs into any AC outlet and cost less than $15. This enables me to see precisely what the voltage currently is as I engage different AC loads (microwave, water heater, AC etc.}. :C
Desert Captain 01/07/17 07:32am General RVing Issues
RE: Typical Class C GAS mileage

"We plan to stay no more than one or two nights in any one spot. Most likely many nights will be spent at Truck stops, WalMart, etc., in addition to the parks. So simple setup and takedown are very important (LEVELERS and any other suggestions are appreciated)." Using levelers when parked at a Walmart, Cracker Barrel etc., is considered poor form. Hot asphalt parking lots do not take very well to levelers and often damage to the parking surface can result. Extending slides, awnings and setting up camp with chairs BBQ's etc., is also frowned upon. As noted watch the CCC/OCCC {depending on the year}, as Class C's in the size you are seeking are notoriously low in payload and exceeding it is not a good option. Mileage with a V-10, 30 something Class C will be a lot closer to 8 than 10 and probably less than that if you pull a TOAD. We run our 24' C {V-10}, with no more than 1/3 of tank of fresh water and have never run out/failed to find more. Filling the water tanks of a 30'+ Class C will seriously exacerbate your over weight tendencies. A good portable filter should be used anytime you are adding to the tank. :C
Desert Captain 01/03/17 06:29pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Broken in to. Better locks?

Usually the folks with a better lock do not get hit. The thieves are looking for the easiest targets and won't waste time on a tougher rig to break in. Both deadbolts on my Class C door are always engaged and the cab doors are locked and the alarm on anytime we are not present. Additionally I have a smallish safe that is through bolted and any items of value not on my person are secured there. Could someone get it out.... perhaps but it will take more time and tools than most of these pieces of garbage have to spend. Don't be the soft target... IMHO: If you make it easier to rip someone else off you have done about all you can do but caving in to the low life's by letting them dictate your behavior {taking any/everything of value out of your rig every time}... is simply enabling/encouraging that sort of behavior. As always.... Opinions and YMMV. :C
Desert Captain 01/03/17 05:05pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Propane Fire Pits

We have had one for almost 2 years. Got it in Nevada at Lowes for $99. Love it. No smell, no smoke, no firewood, and can use it during a burn ban. Best thing, is when you turn it off, it's off. No embers. Go inside to eat dinner and turn it off. Gives out an amazing amount of heat for its size. A 20lb or 5 gal lasts usually lasts us a week of nightly use. It depends how high you turn it, and how long you use it a night. We have several people a week comment about getting one, and they come over and share our fire sometimes over cocktails. One of the best investments we have made since we left for fulltiming almost 3 years ago. We get propane for under $2 a gal, so for us, it's a no brainer. X2 It doesn't matter what brand you buy, they are all simple and efficient. If any of you are going to be in Quartzsite for the big RV show later this month you can get a deal.... I think. Every year for the last 4 or 5 there has been a guy just inside the big tent. He sells the factory returns for the "Campfire in a can" for $75 vs about $150 new. Most are sold "as new in the box". We got ours 3 years ago and the only defect was one rock log that was cracked in half. It works great and as noted they put out a lot of heat for not a lot of propane. Especially nice when you encounter a Red Flag restriction, you can still have a nice little fire. Most RV parks are not set up for a real wood fires and prohibit them outright but I have never seen one that restricted the use of the propane fire pits. IMHO: Camping without a fire {of some sort}, just ain't the same.... :S
Desert Captain 01/03/17 04:55pm General RVing Issues
No need to camp to see critters...

We frequently get a variety of critters visiting our yard but our favorites are the Bobcats{we also get Mule Deer, Coyotes, Hawks and Owl's as well}. Momma and the twins have been visiting on a regular basis, often spending hours in our back yard. We can watch without disturbing through our sliding glass doors though it does degrade the photo quality a bit. The games played by the twins often mimic real world hunting skills such as stalking. Mom typically brings the family a fresh killed rabbit and when lunch is through there never so much as a scrap before mom sets out on another hunt leaving the kids to play at our place. Even when she is gone for hours the Kitt's remain right where she left them. http://i549.photobucket.com/albums/ii362/Captottersea/fullsizeoutput_1d0d_zpsyvnvawzo.jpeg http://i549.photobucket.com/albums/ii362/Captottersea/fullsizeoutput_1d12_zpspzooaaze.jpeg :B
Desert Captain 01/02/17 11:29am General RVing Issues
RE: Rv surge protector

Most of the pedestals I've encountered have a hole in the lid that lines up with the box allowing for the use of a padlock. Absent this set up a short piece of heavy chain or a cable, with a decent lock, will discourage most thieves but as noted if I am home the immediate loss of AC power is going to get noticed.... and not in a good way. :M
Desert Captain 01/01/17 12:13pm General RVing Issues
RE: KOA disappoints.... again!

I have dealt with the KOA website dozens of times making reservations and have never had a problem. Never purchased a gift card though. Makes me wonder why you got your friends a KOA gift certificate when you seem to hate KOA so much. My friends have a 40' DP and like the full hook ups. My dislike of KOA relates to their high pricing and usual locations alongside busy/loud highways, often with an active railroad line adjacent. We don't travel with children which is often a draw for KOA fans but a CG full of kids is not what we are looking for. For us in a 24' Class C, I just have no need for what they offer. :C
Desert Captain 12/30/16 11:21am General RVing Issues
RE: Spare Tire Mount..Rear Bumper Best Location?

We brought a rear bumper mount for our spare and after bouncing through just about every pot hole between Tucson and Maine it fractured leaving the spare hanging at a 45 degree angle. Fortunately our travels on that trip took us through Elkhart and we stopped at the factory and had Nexus custom install a mount up under the rear overhang. IMHO: Rear bumpers on most RV's are a very poor location to store anything heavy like a spare, bikes, generators etc., unless they have been seriously reinforced. :C
Desert Captain 12/30/16 08:43am Class C Motorhomes
RE: KOA disappoints.... again!

OP here with a few responses to the previous posts... The KOA website is not set up to allow you to send the gift certificate to yourself. It asks a for the recipients name, e mail and you get to put a brief message to them. When I called them back, for the fourth time, yesterday I spoke with the same woman and she knew immediately who I was and the problem I was having. She then issued the certificate sending it directly to me and lo and behold it is dated December 30th confirming that they had never sent it in the first place. If one had been previously sent they would have resent it so as to not have two separate certificates floating around out in cyberspace. I posted this experience to share with others and as a warning as to what you can expect if you try and deal with the KOA website. The pros and cons of staying in most KOA's has been beat to death on this Forum {and others}, and I feel no need to go there. The Moss Landing KOA {located between Santa Cruz and Monterey}, was very nice, great location and consequently very busy allegedly year round so reservations are a must. :C
Desert Captain 12/30/16 08:34am General RVing Issues
RE: KOA disappoints.... again!

No there are no variables that lets KOA off of the hook. The e mail address was correct and my friends checked their spam, deleted, trash folders several times. KOA sent nothing until my third request. I guess I should have known better than to try and do business with them after the phone rang off the hook every time I called. Then they ignored my e mail despite stating in writing that they would get back to me in 48 hours and did not. I said "again" as every experience I have had with KOA over the years, except the one night we spent at Moss Landing, has been a disaster. Absolutely no excuse to treat customers as I have been treated but I've learned my lesson and they will never see another dollar from me.
Desert Captain 12/29/16 08:21pm General RVing Issues
KOA disappoints.... again!

We wanted to surprise our best friends this Christmas with a special gift. While we have never been fans of KOA for a number of reasons {poor locations, exorbitant fees etc.}, our friends make an annual trip to Moss Landing where frankly, based upon their recommendation, we had a nice visit last September. On December 11th I went to the KOA website and purchased a gift certificate for our friends to use on their next KOA stay. My credit card was charged immediately. We waited anxiously to hear from our friends when they received the e mail from KOA with their gift certificate. By the 20th with no news I had to call them and ask them to check their e mail, spam accounts etc., in search of their Christmas surprise but alas nothing had been sent. On the 20th I called KOA, when I tried to reach their customer service number the phone rang about 30 times with no response but on the third call they finally answered. I explained the problem and expressed my frustration at KOA having ruined the Christmas surprise and asking that the gift certificate be sent. They assured me that it had been sent, it had not, and promised to send it immediately. I followed up with an e mail directly to KOA customer service and received an automated response assuring me I would hear back from them in no more than 2 business days. After nine days I had heard nothing from KOA. I continued to check with our friends but as of this morning, the 29th, they had received nothing from KOA. I called KOA again {another 30 rings before an answer}, was once again assured it had been sent but, they would "send it again". I asked them to send it directly to me this time so that I would verify delivery and lo and behold it magically appeared in my in box just a couple of minutes later. I forwarded it to our friends who were delighted but hardly surprised. A big fat thanks for nothing to KOA for ruining what we hoped would be a nice Christmas surprise. Note to KOA management: Taking money for goods and or services without providing the same constitutes fraud, pure and simple. Lying about it, repeatedly, just added to the aggravation. :M
Desert Captain 12/29/16 06:13pm General RVing Issues
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