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RE: recommendation on new tires for my f150

IMHO: You can't do any better than the Michelin LTX M/S 2's. I put a set on my F-150 SCAB when we were towing our 22', 5,000# TT and smooth ride and great handling was off the chart. They come with a 70,000 mile warranty and if you shop around cost little more than the junk that is also out there. Almost there years ago sold the truck and TT and moved up to a 24' Class C. It came with the old Michelin M/S and our 2012 coach ended up being right in the middle of the big Michelin recall. Got 6 brand new LTX M/S 2's {balanced and mounted}, for free. Michelin always stands behind their product. I have about 20,000 miles on this set and they look like new. Adding a new set of shocks will also make a world of difference. Recently {at 33,000 miles}, replaced the originals on the motorhome with a set of heavy duty Bilstein's and they are amazing. When I had the F-150 I replaced with a set of Monroe's and again the difference was huge. Day to day you tend to not notice that your shocks are wearing out but add a new set of quality units and the improvement will blow your mind. Tires and shocks are just about the best way to insure a safe, quality ride. Always money well spent. As always.... Opinions and YMMV. :C
Desert Captain 06/26/16 09:49am Towing
RE: Monument Valley

I agree the Gouldings is the way to go if you have to have hookups. They are pricey but it is a nice facility with lots of amenities but as noted reservations are a must. If you have at least a truck or 4 wheel drive {ground clearance is more important than 4X4}, skip the overpriced tours and just drive the valley yourself. My 2 wheel drive F-150 Scab did just fine as long as you stay out of the deep sand - not hard to do just follow the existing tire tracks. This way you can stop when and where you want for as long as you like. In late September a couple of years ago we got up early to catch the sunrise from the valley, definitely worth your time. We drove over to the valley road entrance only to find the bar across the road (chained up). Not happy campers at 0530 but.... About this time and elderly Navajo gentleman drove up in a stake bed truck with a load of hay and a 100 gallons of water for the horses down in the valley. He laughed and said he forgot they lock this gate but he knew a back way in and offered to let us follow him. Back to the main road and then after a couple of hundred yards he hung a hard right through the brush coming out on a well worn two track. He knew the road like the back of his hand we dropped back a quarter of mile to stay out of his dust cloud following the water trail in the dust where is tank kept slopping over on the bumpy road. Probably 2 of the most gorgeous hours of our lives as we rolled through the valley reveling in a spectacular sunrise in the cloud streaked sky. Even the water droplet on the lense can't ruin this pic taken that morning. This was where our Navajo friend was off loading the hay and water: http://i549.photobucket.com/albums/ii362/Captottersea/CIMG2015-1_zpsd4a67f11.jpg :C
Desert Captain 06/22/16 01:47pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Campgrounds Etiquette

Most of the CG's we visit have a map of the facility on one side of the standard handout and the rules on the other. It is very simple... The rules = the requirements for staying there. If you are unable/unwilling to abide by them just roll on down the road. It is however incumbent on the staff to politely, but firmly enforce the rules and then everybody wins with no rude surprises. :C
Desert Captain 06/19/16 01:12pm General RVing Issues
RE: Class C under 30 ft. with gas engine

Whatever you select be sure it fits the way you intend to use it. Many of the diesel (MBZ), Class C's have limited payload and or towing ability for the real world. If you plan on towing (or loading heavily), look to Ford and Chevy for the large V-8 or V-10's. As noted, Ford and Chevy will be far easier and cheaper to service. :C
Desert Captain 06/17/16 08:35am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Semi truck drivers..lack of concern ??

Solution is to drive the center-most lane, 55 max, and get over far enough to keep anyone, especially trucks, from trying to get by on the right. Makes a lot of people mad, but so what... I get across the bridge. Others can be AH is little cars, i can be one in a big rig. They do things that make me mad also. And, high flyovers with low sidewalls??? You don't want to be behind me. As far as I am concerned, My lane has a white line right down the middle to help me drive. I try to plan my route far enough ahead to avoid such situations, but sometimes, it happens. I drove that bridge a couple of years ago in our 24' - 101" wide class C... and had no, zip, zero, nada, problems staying in my lane while others happily drove me in theirs. Your post scares me to death. :S You advocate staying in the middle lane but "over far enough to keep anyone, especially trucks, from trying to get by on the right"??? Got news for you, that is not only felony stupid it is also a felony: Reckless/aggressive driving". Your next comment: "Makes a lot of people mad, but so what... I get across the bridge." speaks for itself... and not in a good way. Then you follow up with: " As far as I am concerned, My lane has a white line right down the middle to help me drive. " So you drive down the lane straddling the white line{s}? Are you freaking kidding??? :h Your post rambles and makes little sense so perhaps I misunderstood.... at least I hope so. :R
Desert Captain 06/14/16 06:33pm Travel Trailers
RE: Ordering parts... careful what you wish for

OP here, A late followup... I received my refund check for $123.90 from Nexus for the UPS shipping charges. Jennifer at Nexus was instrumental in following up to insure I got the refund. It seems that in the 21 days that my crate was rattling around the ozone in a spaceship with Jimmy's Hoffa's body, somewhere in the greater Tucson area UPS managed to destroy the original crate as what was delivered was not what Nexus shipped. In the process two additional pieces disappeared but luckily I did not need them. The delay, while annoying, was not the end of the world as we were not sitting in some campsite awaiting critical parts. The repair is complete and came out pretty well albeit a month later than planned. Since UPS stepped up and honored their commitment to refund the entire shipping bill I am satisfied. :C
Desert Captain 06/14/16 02:05pm General RVing Issues
RE: Starting over

That sounds high to me. The fact that that is the payoff is irrelevant - sellers problem not yours. With a unit that old, with that few miles you can assume that most of the systems have had little regular use and that is never a good thing. Generators, furnaces, refrigerators, AC's, pumps etc., do better with regular use and maintenance. Also as noted the tires are probably shot/timed out and that is another $1,500 to factor in. As always.... Opinions and YMMV. :C
Desert Captain 06/05/16 04:39pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Total knee replacement

While most folks come through a total replacement very well a word of caution... Find out before your surgery what type of replacement knee they will be putting in and make sure your doctor has you checked for any possible allergic reaction. While rare it does happen and if it happens to you, "totally screwed" doesn't quite describe your situation. :S Turns out I am allergic to Cobalt and Nickel, both found in the Chromium knee the VA put in. My body was rejecting that knee before I was off of the operating table. After 17 days in the hospital and 6 agonizing months working my butt off in physical therapy, I finally gave up and fired my surgeon ("Oh just keep doing your PT and it will be fine..."). The new surgeon saw the problem immediately and 8 months after the first surgery they cut my leg off a second time, called a "Revision" {Doctor speak for the first one failed}, the second knee is ceramic and I only had to spend 14 days in the hospital this time. The double layer of scar tissue that I will have forever precludes it from working well but it is better than the first one. :M The key to a successful recovery is to work, work, work your butt off in physical therapy. Expect lots of pain and hopefully you will be pleasantly surprised if it does not come. Ice is your friend and know that "PT" does not stand for "Physical Therapist".... they are "Physical Terrorists!" :B
Desert Captain 06/05/16 11:00am RVing with Disabilities and General Health Issues
RE: Nexus Phantom 32 SC

Some of the allegations posted above are a bit hard to swallow... Nexus, like all manufacturers certainly has had some customer service issues due largely to personnel issues/changes but my experience has been nothing but excellent. We bought our 2012 Phantom 23P with just 6,205 miles on it nearly three years ago from the La Mesa RV here in Tucson. At the time I was actively negotiating with Dave Middleton on the purchase of a new Phantom. Simply could not pass up the deal on our coach as we saved about $15,000 and a couple of trips to Elkhart. When I called Dave and told him what we had bought he was a gentleman. He congratulated me on a great deal, welcomed me to the "Nexus Family" and immediately asked if there was anything he/Nexus could do for us. I requested the specs from the original sale and had them in my in box the next day. When we passed through Elkhart a year later I had Nexus install a custom spare tire mount under the rear of our coach along with another seat belt. Their labor rate was a very reasonable $75 an hour. I also had a constant problem with fueling, the hose kept burping off and it could take 20 minutes to fill the 55 gallon tank. I put them on the clock with instruction to find and fix the problem. After an hour and a half they had the cure. Seems Ford twisted the fill hose which pinched down and restricted the flow. Nexus reinstalled it, added 5 gallons of gas to be sure it was working and despite my not being the original owner and the coach being 18 months out of warranty there was no charge. Their explanation: We build a better coach than that and should have caught it. I recently needed to order some plastic molding for the interior and Jennifer in Customer Service was wonderful to work with. Always promptly returned my calls/E mails and when UPS lost/destroyed the shipment she was instrumental in ultimately getting it to me and facilitated getting UPS to refund my entire $123.90 freight charge as well. There are always two sides to every complaint and sadly here we usually only hear one. My Nexus experience has been nothing short of awesome from day one. Sure seems odd that they would treat me {who did not even buy from them}, so well and treat others so poorly. :h IMHO: Nexus builds some of the finest quality coaches on the market at an excellent price point. Buying builder direct has some financial advantages along with the ability to truly customize your coach but it requires a more knowledgeable, sophisticated buyer who is will to make at least two trips {repurchase and delivery}, to Elkhart. If you are unwilling/unable to be that buyer perhaps Nexus is not the company for you. As always.... Opinions and YMMV :C
Desert Captain 06/03/16 08:25am Class C Motorhomes
RE: License tags in state of AZ

In Arizona the registration fees start out very high on a new unit but decrease every year. On a 2002 it shouldn't be that bad, probably down near the minimum. As noted just give them a call. Good luck. :C
Desert Captain 06/02/16 11:30am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Maxxis st tires

Most folks here, myself included have had excellent results with Maxis. After a China bomb blowout I replaced all 4 on my TT with Maxxis and never looked back. I am on my second motorcycle trailer with them as well since a blowout on a single axle is probably going to be a disaster and might cost me my bike. They are only a few bucks more than the China junk bombs and ride/wear very well. IMHO: Given the substantial damage that is often done during any blowout buying Maxxis is a no brainer. As always.... Opinions and YMMV. :C
Desert Captain 05/29/16 11:51am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Pulled the trigger

Hard to imagine a better quality trailer than Arctic For. Congratulations! :B
Desert Captain 05/28/16 11:51am Travel Trailers
RE: Spare Tire....How many of you carry one?

Our Class C is on the Ford E450 chassis and the spare is underneath in the rear aft of the gas tank, up out of the way taking up no storage space, and not mounted off the rear bumper. I've not heard anyone else in these forums ever mention that their spare was carried carried this way - I assume that's the place Ford intended for it to be on their E350 and E450 chassis. Does anyone else have their Class C spare in this place? Phil: "I initially used a bumper mount for our spare but after hitting every pothole between Tucson And Maine the bracket fractured. Fortunately we were passings through Elkhart a couple of weeks later and I stopped at the Nexus factory and had them install a custom mount, welded to the chassis, under the rear of the coach." This from the 3rd post above yours. :B
Desert Captain 05/28/16 10:21am Class C Motorhomes
RE: something ate my wiring

The local feed and grain stores usually carry a product that can help keep the critters from shewing your wiring. Comes under different names but "Bitter Apple" in a pint or quart spray bottle is what I bought. This stuff is so strong and bitter, they warned me not to even think about trying a tiny taste, that when spayed on your exposed wires no critter will touch them. I think it was only $5 for so and it is easy enough to squirt it on every couple of months. It's worked pretty well here in Arizona where pack rats can be a serious problem. Good luck! :C
Desert Captain 05/28/16 09:01am General RVing Issues
RE: Spare Tire....How many of you carry one?

I would not leave home without a spare and all of the requisite tools necessary to safely change it out (Bottle jack, jack stand, lug and torque wrenches, compressor etc.). The shoulder of an interstate or highway is just about the most dangerous place you will ever be. Cops refer to it as the "DeadZone" with good reason. When you have a flat/blowout even if you cannot change the tire yourself having that spare will enable the first responding tow truck or good samaritan to do so dramatically reducing your time in the "zone". If you have no spare ERS{when they finally arrive - it can be hours if at all}, will be happy to sell you one for a ridiculously inflated price, "if" they can find the right tire (think being in East Tree Stump, Iowa late on a Sunday afternoon). Meanwhile you will be sitting in the zone hoping no one plows into your rig. I initially used a bumper mount for our spare but after hitting every pothole between Tucson And Maine the bracket fractured. Fortunately we were passings through Elkhart a couple of weeks later and I stopped at the Nexus factory and had them install a custom mount, welded to the chassis, under the rear of the coach. As always.... Opinions and YMMV. :C
Desert Captain 05/28/16 08:54am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Las Vegas

As far as Las Vegas in July "hot" doesn't quite cover it. It will likely be something north of 110 and could be significantly higher. Expect your RV to get down no lower than 90 if you are lucky. We live just outside of Tucson so we're familiar with "hot". Hopefully your frig is on the same side as your awning and the winds are low enough to deploy it {not always the case}. Try and get a site with some sort of shade that might be available but there's not much to be found in most of the LV parks. Won a contest once and scored 3 free July days in Vegas... second prize was ten days. :B
Desert Captain 05/25/16 11:30am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Arizona campgrounds with electric hookups

Don't miss Patagonia Lake and Roper Lake State parks as well as all of those mentioned above. Cattail Cove, north of Buckskin Mountain SP is another option if you want to be up on the Colorado River. :C
Desert Captain 05/24/16 09:26pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Gauges or ScanGauge II or OBDII Wi-Fi or Bluetooth Readers?

I have had excellent results using the Scan Gauge. It simply plugs into the OBD port and mounting it on/in the dash is 5 minutes and couple of pieces of velcro. The Scan Gauge gives you so much data, trans fluid temp being number one on my list, and can display 4 different readouts simultaneously. You can scroll through a couple of dozen more depending on what you want to see. The trans fluid temp readout is great to remind you to shift into Tow Haul mode (where you should be most of the time). This will often drop your trans fluid temp 12 to 15 degrees in just a few miles. Without the Scan Gauge you will not be aware of the increasing temperature which can easily lead to damage or a catastrophic failure. In addition, the Scan Gauge functions as a built in code reader, very handy when your engine trips a trouble code. I initially installed it in my F-150 when I was towing our TT. When we upgraded to the Class C (6.8L v-10), I just reprogramed it for the larger engine and reinstalled it in the motorhome. Last time I looked the Scan Gauge goes for around $140 - $150 on Amazon. I can't imagine running a truck or RV without one. :C
Desert Captain 05/23/16 03:35pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Re securing the cab/cabover joint/seam

As a potential class C owner, I am interested in this repair as it seems to be a common problem. I see the washers and lock nuts sticking up on the upper side of the cabover. It looks like a very effective repair, but don't they damage the cushion that fits in the cabover? *just a little confused* Look closely at the last picture. The plastic molding slides over the top of the nuts and the cabover mattress lays on top of the plastic molding. Most Class C manufacturers use basically the same construction technique as Nexus, nothing unusual there. Here is another pic that may help.... http://i549.photobucket.com/albums/ii362/Captottersea/IMG_1120_zpsyikrursw.jpg As you can see the left piece of molding is in place with the decorative buttons covering the screws that secure it to the seam. The center piece of molding is overlapped by the left hand piece and has not been drilled (note the dimple on the left side), but both pieces are covering the nuts on top where the 2" bolts protrude. hope this clarifies. If you are wondering if you have some movement, and you probably do, place your hand firmly on the cabover while driving down the road. You may be surprised at how much the cabover moves. It is fairly easy to troubleshoot, you just have to strip away whatever covers the seam and then check the condition of the screws (loose, broken etc.), and then take the appropriate corrective action. As noted larger/longer screws tightened up is at best a temporary solution. Also when you open things up look closely for any evidence that water has gotten in/migrated and take the requisite corrective action there as well. I had zero water intrusion. Hoping that the use of through bolts, lock nuts and washers will solve the problem. :C
Desert Captain 05/21/16 07:10pm Class C Motorhomes
Re securing the cab/cabover joint/seam

Like most Class C 's manufacturers, Nexus uses screws to connect/secure the cabover to the top of the cab itself. The problem is that over time, miles and having hit just about every pothole between Arizona and Maine those screws tend to work loose or fracture. This leaves a bit of movement between the cabover and the cab. After a couple of years this movement became more pronounced so I pulled the plastic molding down and tightened every screw, replacing a few with larger and longer. This band aid solution worked for a year or so but was not the long term cure I needed. I ordered the three replacement plastic molding pieces from Nexus and ended up with three additional pieces that are enough to redo the entire cab (I'll save those for some future needs). About $40 worth of hardware and couple of additional tools and I was ready to go to work. Taking down the molding and opening up the seam/joint was straight forward enough and happily all of the existing screws came out without complaint. Using a Cobalt drill bit (which went through the steel like the proverbial hot knife through butter), I re drilled each hole going all the way through/out the top. I replaced every screw with a 2" #10/24 SS machine screw (with large round flat heads), and added flat washers and lock nuts to the top. http://i549.photobucket.com/albums/ii362/Captottersea/IMG_1115_zpsh3l0hvx5.jpg http://i549.photobucket.com/albums/ii362/Captottersea/IMG_1118_zpsb5omp3oa.jpg Before I could torque them down I had to place clamps on either side of the new bolt to tighten/flatten the steel top of the cab. I worked from back to front alternating from right side to left finishing in the center of the cab. Once they were all torqued down I used a hack saw to trim off the excess bolt right at the top of the nuts. The last step was to install the new molding and for good measure I replaced all of those screws as well. Buttoned everything up and took the coach for a test drive and Wow! what a difference. There is zip, zero, nada, no movement of the cabover with not a squeak top be heard. http://i549.photobucket.com/albums/ii362/Captottersea/IMG_1121_zpsryaq6xka.jpg Structurally this is a 1,000% improvement from the original, perpetually loosening screws. I know through bolting takes more time/money but it is definitely the right way to go and frankly I was disappointed that Nexus used screws in the first place. I can't see how those lock nutted bolts will ever loosen up but only time will tell.
Desert Captain 05/21/16 02:23pm Class C Motorhomes
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