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RE: RV Parks around Moab and Kanab Utah

We did 5 days at the Spanish Trail RV Park last April and thoroughly enjoyed it. It is just a couple of miles south of downtown Moab right on 191 with all of the amenities you seek. There is a good restaurant right across the highway, you can easily walk over and the food was excellent though the name escapes me. :h Keep in mind that reservations are always a good idea in Moab. Sounds like a great trip, enjoy! :C Would agree with the Spanish Trail experience. Is the restaurant you mention Susie's Branding Iron (http://www.susiesbrandingiron.com/)? That sounds about right. It was straight across 191 from Spanish Trail, be very careful and then hurry when you cross. :E
Desert Captain 01/16/18 03:10pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Rte 93 in Arizona

One definitely needs a bit of thick skin on these internet forums but like I always point out "Opinions ... and YMMV. Having driven 93 at least a dozen times in the last few years I'll admit that while not bad road it is hardly what most folks would call scenic. It can be dangerous as there are lots of morons trying their best to get arrested for reckless driving, excessive speeding and worst of all passing like an a$$ hat. If you are not speeding {and if you are while RVing you are an idiot but I digress} you just have to watch out for all of the fools passing by. Yep, lots of Law enforcement and as far as I am concerned that is a good thing! The best thing about 93 is that it comes about as close to being a straight line to Vegas as you will ever get. Just finished loading our Class C to include my Harley on its trailer as we are leaving in the morning for 5 days at the Lake Havasu Balloon Festival and then a few days down at Quartzsite for the big RV show. We'll be riding the bike up to Kingman and then back down Route 66 through Oatman and of course over to Laughlin. Should be a great trip but we won't see 93 this time. As always... opinions and YMMV. :)
Desert Captain 01/16/18 03:07pm Roads and Routes
RE: Best route from Wichita Ks, to San Diego Ca

Get online immediately and see if you can get a reservation for the Watchman campground which is actually in Zion, next to the visitors center/tram station. I think you can book up to 6 months out and it is a large campground so you have a decent shot. Some of the sites are right on the river and they have a wide range of pull throughs and back ins in a variety of sizes. Last time we were there it was $18 a night {$9 for us Geezers} for 30 amp electric which is a smoking good deal given the location. No sewer but there is a nice two lane dump station right there. The RV parks near Zion {in Springdale} have a checkered history of problems and are very pricey. If I could not get into Watchman I simply would not go, returning another time. Good luck! :C
Desert Captain 01/16/18 02:52pm Roads and Routes
RE: Best route from Wichita Ks, to San Diego Ca

"we are thinking of taking this route? 8 to 78 to 10 to 40, OR 15 to 10 to 95 to 40.....whats your opinion? Leaving San Diego to The Grand Canyon" Sorry for my confusion but 8 does not connect with 78 {which runs from Ramona east through Julian and down to Ocotillo Wells which is a great motorcycle road but not so much for anyone pulling a large RV - extremely twisty and steep} nor does 10 connect with 40. :h You can easily take 15 north to 10, pick up 95 to 40 which is all pretty good road. Eastbound 40 gets you to Williams where you can access the Grand Canyon just a short ride to the north. I-40 from Williams, as I noted, is poor road until you get well east of Flagstaff but dodging the potholes is doable, just not much fun. Skipping Zion, which is my favorite place on the planet, in June is probably a good call. It will be hot and very crowded. Zion in late April through early May or mid-September through October is about as good as it gets. Thanksgiving week we had highs in the mid-thirties and much colder at night, June got us 100+ all day every day. You can beat the summer heat somewhat by moving up to Bryce where the higher elevation will bring cooler temps. Fortunately, you have lots of options and most of them are great. Good luck. :C
Desert Captain 01/15/18 06:58pm Roads and Routes
RE: Best route from Wichita Ks, to San Diego Ca

I-40 and I-17 in and around Flagstaff are terrible roads. Lots of potholes, poorly patched at best. East of Flagstaff or west of Williams the road surface gets better. As noted there are several steep grades between Flagstaff and Phoenix. Also, note that the climb up and out of Albuquerque on eastbound I-40 is a long, very steep climb. Not a problem for 24' C but you folks hauling large trailers/fivers will have your work cut out for you. Also be aware/prepared for seriously hot weather in June, Zion {and much of the rest of your route} could easily be triple digits. Enjoy! :C
Desert Captain 01/15/18 02:47pm Roads and Routes
RE: RV Parks around Moab and Kanab Utah

We did 5 days at the Spanish Trail RV Park last April and thoroughly enjoyed it. It is just a couple of miles south of downtown Moab right on 191 with all of the amenities you seek. There is a good restaurant right across the highway, you can easily walk over and the food was excellent though the name escapes me. :h Keep in mind that reservations are always a good idea in Moab. Sounds like a great trip, enjoy! :C
Desert Captain 01/15/18 12:35pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: In the market !!

Most of Desert Captain's suggestions are worthy of consideration, even if one might reasonably disagree with their severity or importance, but I must very much disagree with this one: Look deep into lockers and behind drawers... find particle board/plywood? Run Forrest run! I rather doubt there is a class C made that does not use plywood or particle board for the basic cabinet carcasses, possibly covered with melamine or some similar surface. The only other options I know of for RVs is some sort of fiberglass, roto-molded plastic, or sheet metal structure, and I think those are only used for outside compartments or on molded fiberglass trailers ("egg trailers" like the Scamp, Casitas, etc.). Sheet metal would tend to be rather noisy when traveling, I suspect, acting something as a cymbal when going over bumps. Sometimes there is a framework of wood sticks with think plywood or some similar sheet goods for the wall panels, but that's still plywood/particle board. A plywood cabinet carcass, if well-made, is sturdy and dimensionally stable and a perfectly sound way of building things. Particle board and pressboard and similar products can also be sturdy and stable, but many disintegrate quite rapidly if they get at all wet, which is a distinct disadvantage. Like I said... opinions vary. There is no particle board, none, zip, nada anywhere in my Nexus. The use of particle board, for the very reason you pointed out, illustrates quite clearly a cheaply built rig. Nexus uses Azdell vs Luan {which is plywood} in its walls and roof. Google Azdell for the many advantages of utilizing this material. Most of the higher end coaches have finally followed Lance and Nexus down this manufacturing path. I have yet to find any plywood in my coach but rumor has it there may be a sheet under the rear queen though I have never had occasion to look. All of the cabinetry and drawers are made of solid wood, most of it handcrafted Maple {gotta love that Amish craftsmanship}. Despite all of the junk on the market, there are lots of quality built units to choose from. "Entry Level" is usually salesman speak for a poorly designed and built coach. Coach House, Phoenix Cruiser, Lazy Days, Nexus, Born Free and some of the higher end Winnebago's are just a few of the better-built coaches that can easily be found in the used marketplace where, IMHO, the best values exist. Find the floor plan that will work well for your intended usage in the best-built rig possible and you cannot go wrong. Once again... As always.... Opinions and YMMV. :C
Desert Captain 01/15/18 07:35am Class C Motorhomes
RE: In the market !!

Could not be happier with our 2012 nexus 23P (24') this after 4.5 years and 41,000+ trouble free miles. The power and reliability, not to mention serviceability of the V -10 powertrain is unmatched. Look long and hard at how you will actually use your coach and buy the rig that best meets that need. If you are ever going to tow anything get the V-10. Unless you are going to be in a full hook up site every night do not get an on-demand water heater. Spend time in any prospective unit pretending to be living in it. How's the headroom, storage, OCC??? Do you have to make up a bed every night? That will become a huge PITA on night two. Does the bed have a quality innerspring mattress? If not you will regret it. Can you see out? Many units have few and poorly located windows which quickly becomes dreary. How's the ventilation? Power fans, AC and how about the heater? How many BTU's does each put out? {My 24' Class C came with 13,500 BTU AC and a 35,000 BTU furnace both of which have had extensive use}. Check the galley thoroughly. Can you stand at the stove and actually see what you are cooking without bending over? You would be surprised at how many $150,000 rigs this is not possible and don't get me started on one tiny and one medium burner, no oven and a microwave the size of a shoe box...Arrrg! Power awning, seats, remote control mirrors are all very nice to have. Fuel, water, black and grey tank capacities need to be checked vs the GVWR of any unit. If you cannot run with full tanks and still be under GVWR it is the wrong coach. The absence of a one-piece fiberglass roof with solid end caps should be a serious deal breaker. Look deep into lockers and behind drawers... find particle board/plywood? Run Forrest run! Lots to consider I hope some of these suggestions are helpful and... As always.... Opinions and YMMV :C
Desert Captain 01/14/18 07:52pm Class C Motorhomes
Headed out for more winter fun...

Leaving Tucson Wednesday bound for the Lake Havasu Balloon Festival in our 24' Nexus Class C towing my Harley Super Glide. We have reservations {make them early folks} at the dry campground out on the peninsula adjacent the Festival. Our 5 days stay, including wristbands to get into the festival and the free shuttle cost $140. It's 300 easy flat {mostly boring} miles to Havasu but then the fun really begins. Thursday we will ride the bike up I-40 to Kingman and then down old Route 66 to Oatman {to visit all of our Burro buddies} and of course on to Laughlin {Cha Ching!} before returning to camp. Havasu to Parker and back up 95 is another nice ride we intend to enjoy as well. Sunday after 5 days of motorcycle and balloon fun we will head back down the road to the big RV show in Quartzsite. This will be our 6th year in a row and we always have a blast. Two days and nights are usually enough so we will probably start working our way home on Tuesday/Wednesday. The weather looks to be mild, mid 60's with the nights down in the lower 50's with no rain in the extended forecast. It will be a full 8 days off the grid and that works just fine with our coach. I topped up the batteries and changed the oil and filters in the generator this week. Just need to add propane, fuel, and water then off we go. :B
Desert Captain 01/14/18 09:25am General RVing Issues
RE: Rte 93 in Arizona

When headed south from Wickenburg take the new 303 freeway south to I-10 to miss all of the stop and go {multiple lights} on 60. Beautiful, brand dandy new freeway with not much traffic... yet. Coming out of Phoenix it is also a great way to get from I-10 up to 60.
Desert Captain 01/14/18 07:44am Roads and Routes
RE: Water hose taste

A great little trick to flush your fresh water system with simple bleach... Trying to add bleach directly to the tank is a PITA. Assuming you have fairly new/recent - clean white freshwater hose, place one end into the water fill of your RV. The amount of beach required varies with the size of your fresh water tank but usually, about 1 cup per 20 gallons works well for maintenance purposes. Fill your tank half full then pour the bleach into the end of the hose and connect the hose to your fresh water supply and turn it on. The bleach will be delivered directly to your tank. Drive around for a few minutes allowing the water/bleach mixture to circulate and don't forget to run all of you fresh water outlets {sinks, showers etc.} which will carry the bleach water mix through all of your water lines. Let everything sit overnight and then drain your entire fresh water system. Refill, drive around a little and drain at least once more and you should have nice clean, drinkable, dare I say tasty, fresh water on demand. For us, this is just routine, yearly maintenance but it keeps everything from coffee to cocktails {ice} tasting just fine. This technique comes in handy if you ever take on a batch of bad water {it happens more than you might think}. To prevent this never allow water into your tank that has not passed through an external filter {they are cheap and easy to use}. To own an RV and not be willing to drink the water is like having a coach with a bathroom you won't use or a bed you won't sleep in. You might as well google Holiday Inn and get on down the road... :S As always... Opinions and YMMV. :B
Desert Captain 01/13/18 03:48pm General RVing Issues
RE: "Dry Weight" Questions

I think a lot of dealers list or emphasize the dry weight in order to fool the customer into thinking their tow vehicle is capable of towing that trailer. As others have said, go with the GVWR. x2 All dry weights are a joke and the joke is on you if you believe them. Only a salesman trying to get you into too much trailer will ever quote them. Go with the GVWR and you will probably be safely under that number. :C
Desert Captain 01/12/18 12:56pm Towing
RE: Alternatives to lack of storage space

I could very easily be wrong but seem to remember that swivel wheel units like those shown are not legal in every state. If someone knows for sure please jump in here. it would be a sad event to buy one only to find you were limited as to where you could go {not mention "why" it was not legal in a given state}. Putting that Harley on the rear end of the pick up truck looks like a fool's errand to me but what the hell... opinions vary. :h
Desert Captain 01/08/18 05:35pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Fiberglass front cap worth it?

The use of fiberglass one-piece front and rear end caps have been in play for a number of years. They all but eliminates the potential for most cabover leaks. I would hesitate to buy a class C without this level of construction but then I would not buy any C without a one piece fiberglass roof as well. As for payload, it usually begins to disappear quickly as C's approach 30' and most over 30' are even more limited. Slides and auto levelers add a lot of weight and will eat into available payload vs C's with neither. I am not a fan of buying a former rental as they take a lot of abuse by inexperienced operators {never met one yet who even had heard of Tow Haul}. As always.... Opinions and YMMV.
Desert Captain 01/08/18 11:02am Class C Motorhomes
RE: On-demand water heaters

The problem with the on demand water heaters is that they only work to capacity when you have full hook ups. There just is no free lunch here. Without water and electric you will quickly deplete you fresh water supply {and dent your battery bank} as that 6 amp+ an hour water pump runs and runs while you await a steady stream of hot water. At the same time, you are quickly filling your gray tank which, if you have a proper sewer hook up, will necessitate frequent trips out to the dump hose to open the valve and drain the tank. I doubt that these systems use significantly more propane {if any} than conventional water heaters but not having the electric option ultimately costs more over time {there are lots of CG's and RV Parks that provide electric even absent full hook ups. Additionally these are usually cheaper than the full hook up park down the road}. Off the grid, the performance issues noted by the OP seem to be common. On demand systems work well in residential applications but unless you always have full hookups they have their limitations in the RV world. My bride and I have no problem getting nearly instant hot water from our 6 gallon propane/electric water heater. It comes out of the galley faucet steaming hot in mere seconds {the water heater is located directly beneath the galley sink}. We can both take short but very hot showers back to back without exhausting our hot water. As always... Opinions and YMMV. :C
Desert Captain 01/05/18 10:22am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Large loop aroind the Grand Canyon

I agree completely that "The 12" is a spectacular road worth seeing but... did it on my Harley last April and at the top of the pass out of Torrey we had 4' of snow and it was 38 degrees. fortunately, the road was dry. IMHO: A large and/or lengthy RV {the op will be 42'+} will not enjoy that road. At the top of the Devils Backbone we encountered a warning sign that read: Warning 18 percent grade next 4 miles with steep curves. They put that sign there for a reason... Double yellow lines are, by law, inviolate and 40'+ rigs cannot negotiate those curves without crossing them... period. Like I said, spectacular road, worth your time, but not someone else's life. Flame away folks, you've been warned and my conscience is clear. BTW: there are a number of other much more RV user-friendly roads that will b get you to Capitol Reef NP from St George. :S
Desert Captain 01/04/18 05:25pm Roads and Routes
RE: Large loop aroind the Grand Canyon

We did most of this trip last April and it was amazing. As to #3, St George to Capitol Reef NP avoid "The 12" as it is a very narrow, tight and twisty road with some unbelievably steep sections near Escalante Staircase. Boulder to Torrey is also very tight. Capitol Reef is awesome and not to be missed, it's like Zion on steroids. Don't miss Arches and Canyonlands NP's when in Moab. All of the rest of the trip sounds good and you will have a blast but watch the weather carefully... as it can become extreme with heavy snow on very short notice that time of year. Got light snow as low as Kayenta to Mexican Water. Just to the north we barely got through Monticello ahead of a serious blizzard and the roads over the mountains to Colorado were closed except for vehicles with chains/4 X 4. Also, as noted above Dead Horse Ranch SP is a great stop for exploring Sedona, Jerome, Camp Verde etc. :C
Desert Captain 01/04/18 01:54pm Roads and Routes
RE: Automatic or manual leveling kits

As Ron noted above auto levelers add considerable weight that you may or may not have to spare. Secondly, they are expensive and about as problematic as slides and retracting steps. In a 24' coach using the yellow leggo blocks works just fine, been doing it for 4.5 years and still on the original set of blocks. Cheap and easy works for me. Also, take a walk around your CG or RV Park and count how many folks with auto levelers have them sitting on blocks... :S
Desert Captain 01/04/18 08:07am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Route from San Diego (CA) to Sedona (AZ)

"9 mpg, based on my experience, is probably rather on the high side to expect. I'd expect about 7.5 to 8 mpg (probably closer to 8 here), and let anything better be a nice surprise. " I have put 41,000 miles on ours from coast to coast over the last 4.5 years, often towing my Harley and consistently average 9.5 to include a little generator run time. I typically cruise at 60 - 63 and 65 max on the interstates. Keep in mind I have the E-350, GVWR 11,500 with the 4:10 differential which gives better mileage and smoother ride than the E-450. Under 25' the E-350 is the way to go unless you plan on loading and towing heavy. As always... Opinions and YMMV. :C
Desert Captain 01/02/18 08:10am Roads and Routes
RE: Show us your best stuck

The beauty of 4 X 4... it will get you stuck further from the highway. :S :B
Desert Captain 01/01/18 01:26pm General RVing Issues
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