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RE: Towing at night in hot weather

We live just outside of Tucson (year round), so +10 on adding a Scan Gauge (or comparable display). As noted Ford (and most other manufacturers), install dash gauges that tell you what you think you want to hear/see. I always run with my SC displaying coolant and trans fluid temps along with average and real time mpg. The dash gauges may be right in the middle but the SC will tell a much different story. When the trans fluid temps begin to climb it is time to engage the Tow Haul (or turn off the O/D), to enhance cooling. Doing so can lower that temp by 10 got 20 degrees in just a couple of miles. I have seen the temps of 110 to 115 in June - August but that does not happen until the late afternoon which is always the hottest part of the day. I can't begin to imagine just how hot the asphalt gets. :E We like to get out early when the temps are more reasonable and as we rarely drive more than 6 hours an 0600-0700 departure will assure us of reasonable temps even in the Arizona summer. Works for me. :C
Desert Captain 03/24/15 11:39am General RVing Issues
RE: Blue Ridge Pkwy

Do you remember what campgrounds you used? How long you stayed at each campgroumd? Thanks for the input. Mitchell Mountain SP about 40 miles north of Asheville was one of our favorites, spent two nights there. It is a couple of miles down a tight dirt road but drop dead gorgeous on a nice flowing stream. Had a close encounter with a hungry black bear, nose to nose through the window at O' dark thirty. Not sure who jumped the highest, him or me. :E There were several other CG's just off of the BRP that we enjoyed but I'll have to wait until my bride returns and can check her journals for the names. The CG's in Shenandoah NP were very nice as well but no hook ups (they did have dump stations). :C
Desert Captain 03/14/15 10:32am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Blue Ridge Pkwy

I have driven the entire BRP many times, and always find it compelling. To dispute a previous post, every tunnel is high enough for any vehicle, just remember that they are arched, so at the edges the clearance may be too low for many vehicles, but just stay towards the center (you will not have to cross the center line) and you will be fine. I always stayed at the Park Services campgrounds and found them to be completely adequate. Be sure to stop at every museum and wayside store. My previous post: "We were in our 24' Class C which was fine but much of the parkway is not engineered for large RV's. " is accurate. I never said tunnel height was the issue though there are three near the south end that have minimum clearances of between 10' 6" and 11' 3" which will require larger rigs to straddle the centerline. Much of the BRP has no shoulder whatsoever and the lanes are narrow. You are constantly climbing/descending with many very tight turns and switchbacks. If you are in any RV 36' or larger, especially with a toad you will not be able to drive the BRP without crossing the double yellow lines on a regular basis. Some folks do but that does not mean it is a good idea much less safe or legal. Should you have any sort of a breakdown it may be a couple of miles before you can get far enough off of the road to keep from blocking the lane. The BRP is like much of Highway one in California Highway, drop dead gorgeous but not engineered for large RV's. If you have a large rig do yourself and everyone else a favor.... enjoy the BRP from your Toad. As always.... Opinions and YMMV. :C
Desert Captain 03/14/15 09:14am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Blue Ridge Pkwy

We spent a week on the BRP and Shenandoah National Park last (early) May. It was a great time to be there as not many other folks were. We too stayed at the CG's just off the parkway as the parkway CG's don't open until the middle of May. Traffic was almost non existent and as noted you will rarely be traveling at the 45 mph max speed limit. In Shenandoah NP the limit is 35 and 25 is more appropriate for most of the park. We were in our 24' Class C which was fine but much of the parkway is not engineered for large RV's. Those with large fivers/TT's and Class A's will have a better time parking the rig and utilizing their toads to experience the best of the Parkway. We found Asheville NC to be an ideal place to enter the Parkway as just south (of Asheville) are several very restricted bridges and tunnels that even our C could not navigate. When we exited Shenandoah NP at the north end it was a short drive into Washington DC. if you are ever going to be in this part of the country I highly recommend you spend some time on the BRP and in Shenandoah NP. :B
Desert Captain 03/13/15 09:10pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Payson, AZ area...snow covered or bare ??

Not from Payson but have been through there many times. Given the warm dry winter we are enjoying here throughout Arizona I seriously doubt you could find any snow near Payson (6,000'). Might be some up on the Mogollon Rim as that is 7,000'+ but not likely. :C
Desert Captain 03/10/15 02:11pm General RVing Issues
RE: A Chevy guy bought a Ford V-10, got any tips?

Max HP/Torque varies with the model year. My 2011 V-10 makes max HP - 305@ 4,250 RPM and max Torque - 420@ 3,250. These numbers came from the Ford website. Our Nexus Phantom 23P Class C will climb just about any (length), 6% grade at 55 mph while doing 3,250 rpm in 4th gear. If I ever need more speed or power there is plenty on tap. Just have to put my foot down and the downshift to third will jump the rpm up over 4,000 and it will continue to wind out without complaint {for as long as I keep my foot down}. However, doing so will cause the fuel consumption displayed on the Scan Gauge to fall about as fast as the rpm climb. I have yet to see, much less exceed, 4,500. :C
Desert Captain 03/10/15 10:26am Class A Motorhomes
RE: A Chevy guy bought a Ford V-10, got any tips?

If the prior owner "never" took it out of O/D {:S} I would get the transmission inspected, flushed and switch to pure synthetic fluid. No telling what sort of damage may be lurking from that sort of abuse. I highly recommend getting a Scan Gauge. On Fords they can be programmed to display trans fluid temperature which provides tremendous insight into the proper operation of the transmission. Even on seemingly slight, albeit long grades the trans will temp will creep up until you take it out of O/D or engage Tow Haul which will quickly drop the temps back into a better (cooler), working range. :C
Desert Captain 03/10/15 08:25am Class A Motorhomes
RE: How fast should one drive a "C"?

Class C's (like most RV's) are an aerodynamic nightmare that were never intended for high speed operation. Can they be driven at 75+? You betcha. Is it a good idea? Not so much. :R Every time I am passed by a Class C doing 75+ (and it happens a lot), it is a rental. Sadly these are the least experienced operators out there. I'm just saying.... :S For the record I cruise at 55 to 62 but will push it up to 65 on a high speed interstate. :C
Desert Captain 03/09/15 10:12am Class C Motorhomes
RE: to toad or not how about you?

toedtoes... Very well put, I could not agree more. It always comes down to how you use your rig and what works for you. Lots of folks buy into the myth that everyone needs a toad but not having one simply does not have to be a problem and often works better for some. :C
Desert Captain 03/08/15 03:18pm General RVing Issues
RE: Reflections on 6 Months of RV Research! ;)

I agree with Pgh Bob, any MB chassis is going to be light on OCCC and for two adults and a couple of teens far too small for anything beyond a quick overnight. We looked at several Villagio's a couple weeks ago and was dumbfounded at what passes for a kitchen. They all had a tiny 2 burner stove top that only had room for one medium pan at a time. The Hood/vent above the stove is so low that you cannot see the cooking surface while standing at the stove unless you bend down. The microwave/convection oven is just a little bigger than a shoe box and the frig/freezer is the smallest I have seen in any 25ish coach. Check the dimensions of the rear bed on the RBS model. As I recall it was very narrow. I was impressed with the fit and finish of the Villagio's but it should be for something north of $125,000 for a 24' coach. :E
Desert Captain 03/07/15 07:41am Class C Motorhomes
RE: RV Buyer's Broker?

Who will pay this broker? In realestate the buyer's broker takes a % of the sales commission. I don't think that RV dealers will be willing to share their profits. If you pay the broker, how do you know that he saved you more than he cost. The buyer always pays the commission in real estate (boats too), transactions. The Realtors would have you believe the seller pays the commission, as an inducement to use their services, but the only person putting money into the deal is the buyer. The seller determines how much they will walk away with and that will always include commission and other miscellaneous costs which ultimately are paid in full buy the buyer. :C
Desert Captain 03/06/15 08:36am General RVing Issues
RE: to toad or not how about you?

Desert Captain....Yes I did read your post and I didn't attack you or your RV, even though you found it necessary to attack mine. I said I disagreed with your assumptions. And yes, you're type of camping is in the minority and that's why you're post is so different than the rest. I had a truck camper for 8 years and a Class C for 14. I know what campgrounds look like, how they work and what is often needed when you get there. I've also seen a lot of people, with rigs just like yours, pulling up stakes and trying to drive them around a National Park. It's a pain! I didn't just start camping yesterday. You're idea of camping and using the RV as a daily sightseer is not the norm, yet you want to tell us how well it works....If it worked so well, everyone would be doing it. Don, if you consider my calling your rig "Big and beautiful" an attack I can't help you. Assuming your signature pic has not been photoshopped I stand by that assessment. Where did I say you must be new to camping or lacked experience? :h Not many folks start out with a coach like yours. For the record my coach is only 2' longer than your "Toad" and will probably fit just fine anywhere you park. I wanted to point out how well our use works for us and dispel some of the myths about going toadless because the OP asked me to. :S Our RV usage, that you are in denial (not just a river in Egypt), about sounds like what the OP is planning which makes my input relevant. Most of the national parks discourage folks from driving around them as it only exacerbates the crowded roads and pollution. National Park gridlock, especially in high season is all too common. This is why so many of them provide and encourage folks to use their shuttle services. If you want to talk about a "minority" start counting the number of sites that will accommodate a 60'+ rig.... especially in the National and State parks. and as always.... Opinions and YMMV. :C
Desert Captain 03/06/15 07:36am General RVing Issues
RE: to toad or not how about you?

Desert Captain....Your type of camping may work for you, but I'll completely disagree with some of your assumptions. Everywhere we camp, there has always been room for our toad. Even in the smaller sites, there is room for a toad. I can only think of maybe one spot in 30 years that didn't have room. We just parked in a stall instead. You also need to qualify your statement about pulling out quicker in your motor home than a toad. For that to be true, you would have to have no slides out and only a power cord attached. It would also mean that my toad would have to be hooked to my coach still. If we're both in the same campground for three days, I start my truck and drive away, even if you only had a power cord out I would still beat you. If you tell me that you only camp with a power cord connected, then you're not really talking about camping as most do. Let's take your RV and my RV and toad to a National Park, like Yellowstone. I will then challenge you to go see all of the various attractions. You'll spend hours circling parking lots, even with a smaller RV, looking for a place to park. With all that said, everyone camps differently. As others stated, we often just use the campground as a base for sightseeing in the area. I certainly would not want to come back each evening, level, put slides out and make connections. We don't disconnect and connect the toad everyday, only travel days. You might want to go back and read my post one more time keeping in mind the following: First of all this thread is about the OP going to a Class C and contemplating the pro's and cons of a toad. This presupposes that he is contemplating a smallish C. It has nothing whatsoever with folks like you who have huge tag axle DP's. Misdemeanor thread drift aside.... I have to agree that anywhere that will accommodate your rig will in all probability have room for your toad. Alas very few public campgrounds will have sites large enough for your rig much less with the pull throughs favored by most folks with a rig like yours. What I said was I can get underway from any campsite faster than someone with a toad can unhook and that is simply a fact. I can also get underway faster than you can hook up as there is in both cases, less to do and nothing to move. As I noted all I have to do is unplug the power cord (if there even is one), turn the key and drive. Every time you stop for the night you need at least a 60'+ site and will be spending time hooking/unhooking if you need to go any where or are unable to find a pull through. Your assertion that I do not camp like most do is wrong since we spend the majority of our "camping" in actual campgrounds without hook ups. Traveling in your big beautiful rig is hardly what most folks would consider "camping" but each to his own. I have been to many, many CG's where there was not enough room for a motorhome, even a small one like mine and a toad. A couple of weeks ago we were in Joshua Tree NP where 90% of the sites at indian Cove fall into this category and this is far from rare. Also I noted that most of our "camping" does not involve having hook ups and when we have them, usually just water and electric, there is simply no need to stay "hooked up" when you are only going to be there for a a couple of days or less. I also pointed out that we do not have (nor need), slides but for those that do if they will not retract in under a minute they need some serious maintenance. I don't have (or need), automatic levelers which is just another benefit of having a small coach. A couple of Leggo blocks,never have needed more than two, take all of about one minute to deploy. If I leave the site I just drive off of them and back up onto them when I return. Lastly as I noted "Opinions and YMMV." Unfortunately the vast differences between your style of RV'ing and the OP's (and mine) render your opinions just a tad irrelevant to this particular discussion. :C
Desert Captain 03/05/15 04:13pm General RVing Issues
RE: to toad or not how about you?

Most of the responses have been from the "just got to have a toad" crowd so how about a little different perspective? If your Class C is 25' or less none of the objections to going toadless need apply. The costs and complexities that come with a toad, be it dolly, trailer or 4 down are many. Lots of sites, particularly in the older cg's and parks, will have room for your coach but not necessarily the additional space to park your toad and or trailer. I can get underway from any campsite faster than the toad folks can hook or un hook. We are not restricted as to where we can go or fit being 24' 6" vs 35' to 40' {which pretty much negates most of the benefits of a smaller rig}. Most of our stops are in campgrounds without hook ups and when they are available the only connection is the power cord. No need to stay hooked up to water and/or sewer. As far as needing milk, bread, beer whatever... how difficult is it to carry what you need? Pretty hard not pass a number of stores on your way in to any campground. If we do just have to have something there is no need to "break camp", just unplug the power cord (if any, and drive out of the site. When we get back I just back right back up onto any leveling blocks that may have been in use and outdoor rug and the chairs provide nice landmarks. Sight seeing, shopping and parking in general have never been a challenge much less a problem in 22,000 miles of touring the good ole US of A. The awning is electric and smoothly retracts ready for the road in about 30 seconds. Don't need or want slides so no issues there but even if you have them they too should be fully retractable in under a minute. We keep in the interior of our coach clutter free so getting it road ready is a snap. I understand the folks who full time or go to destinations for extended stays wanting a toad, makes sense to me but like the OP we usually are at a location no more than a few days and then move on. It really comes down to how you use your rig and most of the responses seen here ignored the OP stated use. As always.... Opinions and YMMV. :C
Desert Captain 03/05/15 12:37pm General RVing Issues
RE: Legalities regarding firearms for bear safety in wilderness?

"40 caliber magnum ss pistol" What the heck is this? I believe that he is referring to a 40 caliber magnum, stainless steel (ss), pistol which would be a very poor choice when confronted by an angry bear. Much more likely to p*$$ him off then incapacitate. {Hard to imagine a worse scenario than an angry and wounded bear.} :S If you have any hope of stopping a charging bear you had better have at least a 44 Magnum with the appropriate load, the 305 grain Buffalo Bore slugs come to mind. A much better plan (you do have a plan when bear country, right?), would be to avoid them at all costs. Properly store your food, safely travel (as in loudly), through their turf and discreetly withdraw at the first sign of bear in the area. :C
Desert Captain 03/02/15 05:45pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Whats the best restaurant .....

Buddy's in Annapolis up on the second floor overlooking the harbor. Best seafood meal ever... we got the huge sampler plates, one steamed one fried and everything was awesome. A couple of cold Landshark Lagers to wash it all down also worked well. A very close second was the BBQ at Hodies in Dalhart Texas. Never had better, the entries were huge and what ever you a ordered came with: fries, beans, coleslaw, Texas Toast and cornbread. For about $12 lunch was easily two meals, one there and a big box of leftovers for the road. :B
Desert Captain 02/28/15 11:54am RV Lifestyle
RE: Newbie Curious About Owner's Experiences with Aliners

We had an A Liner Classic for a year and loved it. I bought it hoping to hook my bride on camping and it worked very well. It only weighed 995# and towed like a dream behind by V-6 F-150. The peak head room was over 8' and the bed in the rear was bigger than a queen. It stored easily in our garage and one person could grab the handles and push it around. The galley was somewhat limited, small AC/LP frig/freezer but it worked just fine. The sink and hand pump were small as was the fresh water tank, ten gallons or less as I recall. the two burner stove could be used inside or out and most of the time I cooked outdoors with it as there was an LP connection and mounting bracket on the curbside of the trailer. It had a side mounted air conditioner and I added a small Microwave. It came with a new (unused) portapotti that stored under the dinette which we never used. It had a single propane tank and battery which were more than enough. While they are not heavily built the fit and finish was good and we had no leaks. Raising or lowering the unit took all of about one minute or less and frequently drew a crowd with requests such as: "Can you do that again?" to which I was always happy to comply. Despite being a couple of years old (a 2008), it was in "as new" condition. I paid $7,000 and a year later when I put it up on Craigslist the phone rang off the hook. An out of state buyer sent his buddy to look at it and bought it after seeing a couple of digital pics and getting a very positive report from his friend.... for $6,700. The only reason I sold was that I had successfully hooked my bride on camping and we were ready for a few more amenities, she really wanted a rig with a full bathroom and I wanted a serious kitchen. I had traded the V-6 F-150 for an identical 5.4L V-8 SCab so we went with a 22' travel trailer that we kept for 5 years. http://i549.photobucket.com/albums/ii362/Captottersea/Roperlake008_zpsbadec645.jpg Hope this helps. :B
Desert Captain 02/28/15 08:17am Folding Trailers
RE: Tow Haul.......When?

You folks who wish more control of your tranny as this discussion is about...consider getting a manual tranny on your next vehicle I loved my 5 speed manual F-150 but my Torque Shift tranny is stronger than a clutch and manual transmissions usually equate to a lower towing capacity. This probably why it is getting hard to even find a manual. On many models it is no longer an option. :C Chicken or egg...meaning that I could not order a manual for my Sub because GM no longer offered it in their SUVs, but did offer it on their pickups Fashion statement crowd driven 'then' and still today Double, triple clutch disc is common on high end (exotics and performance 'cars') Why the chicken or egg...if more demand...the OEMs would put in double, triple, etc clutch disc to handle the higher torque of today's TV's Just not enough demand to warrant the R&D $$$$ Huh? :h Not sure what you're saying (do we agree or disagree?), but now I'm hungry and can't decide if I want the leftover fried chicken or a couple of eggs over easy.... decisions, decisions. :? LMAO. :B
Desert Captain 02/27/15 10:33am Tow Vehicles
RE: Tow Haul.......When?

You folks who wish more control of your tranny as this discussion is about...consider getting a manual tranny on your next vehicle I loved my 5 speed manual F-150 but my Torque Shift tranny is stronger than a clutch and manual transmissions usually equate to a lower towing capacity. This probably why it is getting hard to even find a manual. On many models it is no longer an option. :C
Desert Captain 02/27/15 10:02am Tow Vehicles
RE: Anything stolen from locked compartments.

It is easy and relatively cheap to replace your 751 keyed compartment locks. I went to home Depot and for about $5 a piece I got 4 new locks all keyed the same. Replaced the 751's on the two storage bays, the generator and battery compartments. Did not bother with the outside shower, access to the holding tank valves and the power cord access. Yes, anyone who wants to can use a pry bar, large screw driver etc. to break in but having my compartments not keyed in 751's keeps honest folks honest. There isn't a lot worth stealing in any of my locked compartments and anyone breaking into my coach should be a lot more worried about the owner vs the ease of access to my storage bays. :R
Desert Captain 02/26/15 07:25pm General RVing Issues
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