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RE: Chevy super bowl commercial

Made me want to buy a dodge :) Yea not even as good as a Tundra, a single steer in an aluminum stock trailer, is not much of a load!. They should have brought a load of Heifers to the steer! It doesn't hold a light to this 2013 Ram ad! American Farmer A steer? You don't know anything about cattle ranching, or bulls for sire do you? ........I see you drive a Dodge........never mind. I don't think it's an aluminum trailer either. Looks like a painted gray steel trailer to me.
DodgeVoltage 02/03/14 08:15pm Tow Vehicles
RE: on star

If it called me every time the check engine light came on I would be in trouble. The light on my 2004 Chevy pickup has been on for 40000 miles. I've paid to have it fixed twice and both times the light popped back on within 30 miles. I put a piece of tape over the light. It doesn't call you, you push the button and call them for them to run diagnostics when you get a light.
DodgeVoltage 01/30/14 04:55pm General RVing Issues
RE: on star

All I can say is OnStar doesn't even compare to Ford's Sync if anyone tries to sell you that Ford has the same thing. We lived in Alaska for a number of years and went to some very remote locations and for giggles we would call OnStar just to see if we could contact. It never failed to reach an operator. We had NO cell service where we were on our cell phones. Sync wouldn't hold a candle to OnStar and has no capabilities like OnStar. It's a bluetooth extension of your phones voice control capability and if your phone battery is dead, you forget your phone at home or you are in a no cell service area, your Sync service is GONE. It uses your phones browser to locate things like restaurants and such. I know this wasn't even asked, but someone did mention sync earlier in the discussion. Again, no comparison. My wife uses our OnStar all the time. They find her hotel rooms as we travel and connect us to the front desk. They give us directions to the nearest "fill in the blank whatever we are looking for". They diagnose a check engine light and let us know if we should keep driving or find a dealer (which they make the appointment and we get priority when we get there). They have unlocked our doors many times and that is huge if your car is still running. They have set up roadside assistance for us when we have had flats. I love the service. It's like a concierge for whatever you need. I have peace of mind when my wife goes alone halfway across the country because I know she always has a way to reach someone if needed.
DodgeVoltage 01/30/14 04:04pm General RVing Issues
RE: Military/DoD Are you active duty, retired or a veteran?

Active Duty US Air Force 1996-2011 and full time Air National Guard 2011-present Stationed at Tyndall AFB, FL, Tinker AFB, OK (3 times), McConnell AFB, KS, Elmendorf AFB, AK, and Bolling AFB, DC. Aviation 15 years. Will retire in 2 1/2 years if all goes as planned settling back in central Kansas on the farm.
DodgeVoltage 12/10/13 01:26am General RVing Issues
RE: Skylight above shower

Ok..PB is back up..this is a pic of the one on the toy hauler I replaced about a month ago. It was clear when I bought it and used the same Gloss White Krylon paint that I used on my 5er. http://i1209.photobucket.com/albums/cc390/golfmedik/ToyHauler/IMG_20130822_121617_zpsbb63c33a.jpg If you look to the right of the MaxxAir vent I put on the camper, you can see the dome of the skylight. http://i1209.photobucket.com/albums/cc390/golfmedik/Camper/IMG_20130215_140746_zps705bf431.jpg That is what it looks like from the outside. And this is what it looks like looking up on a hot August day. http://i1209.photobucket.com/albums/cc390/golfmedik/IMG_20120723_095253.jpg I hope this gives you an idea. Sorry about not having a close up pic of it after I did it. Next time I cleaning it I'll try to take a better pic for folks. Monty Looks good, I may have to try that! I just bought a can of bright white plastic spray paint yesterday to do the yellowing plastic on the sides. Can't believe someone hasn't come up with a non-yellowing plastic by now...
DodgeVoltage 11/05/13 05:50pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: 5th Wheelers in Australia slowly getting accepted

When you say "Horse Float" I think of scoop of horse poop in a glass with root beer. A Travel Trailer brings up images of people sitting on a flatbed trucks ,trailer. A trailer only refers to transport for goods and livestock here. And this is a Caravan... http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/5/53/3rd_Dodge_Caravan.jpg
DodgeVoltage 11/05/13 04:23pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Skylight above shower

Painted it with White Krylon Plastic paint. Lets in the light, but not the heat. This is painting the outside(top) of the skylight after cleaning it. http://i1209.photobucket.com/albums/cc390/golfmedik/IMG_20120723_095309.jpg Do you have any pics from the topside? Seems to me the paint would black it out from the inside. Must be a fine coating. Mine is starting to yellow and I want to make it look better.
DodgeVoltage 11/05/13 07:41am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Now towing with a HDT, why didn't I do this years ago

Dont forget .........never .........ever cleaning bugs from the front cap again Just try to reach the top of that tall truck cab. Much worse than the front cap! I don't enjoy cleaning ours.http://www.facebook.com/marc.schuessler/photos#!/photo.php?fbid=1021683378738&set=a.1021680658670.2004387.1124815354&type=3&theater Hood up, stand on cylinder head, long handle brush. paint is Imron and in excellent shape. Not ever very much on the sleeper maybe because of the shape of it ? most bugs are on the windshield and visor . Never used a pressure washer on it,might be even easier . I do that too with a long handle brush, but also have to lean a ladder on the backside of the sleeper and reach over the top to reach the top two feet. I'm 6 ft 1 in tall too. You're right though, not as many bugs up higher on the slope. Wind is moving faster up there I guess. Pressure washer is just a mist by the time it hits the top. No pressure to do much good. Tried a few times.
DodgeVoltage 11/04/13 02:18am Tow Vehicles
RE: Now towing with a HDT, why didn't I do this years ago

Dont forget .........never .........ever cleaning bugs from the front cap again Just try to reach the top of that tall truck cab. Much worse than the front cap! I don't enjoy cleaning ours.http://www.facebook.com/marc.schuessler/photos#!/photo.php?fbid=1021683378738&set=a.1021680658670.2004387.1124815354&type=3&theater
DodgeVoltage 11/03/13 05:58pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 5th Wheelers in Australia slowly getting accepted

These interiors remind me of a hospital room- cold and sterile. I definitely prefer the warm, inviting, less contemporary darker woods we use in the states even if they are cheaply built. Now if we could just get the best of both worlds- quality and warm.
DodgeVoltage 11/03/13 05:11pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Ford Recall for Ambulances Only

Just be sure to ask the 911 operator to make sure they send a non-Ford ambulance!
DodgeVoltage 11/01/13 07:27pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Lawsuit against Chrysler on 2007 Dodge 6.7l Diesel

Makes me happy that I spent hours & hours checking zip then dealer inventory for a new 5.9 back in Sept. of 07 while working in Memphis. Found a 4X4 in Kansas, wife said not climbing up into, a 6 speed stick in Dallas she has bad knees, then in St. Louis found our new 07 5.9 RWD DRW Mega Cab Dodge just what I was looking for. We worked on the road & I was told buy at least 3 general managers to get a 5.9 & not a 6.7. As I would be trading a troubled 05 F350 6.0 for a troubled 3500 6.7 Dodge. Very happy with my 07 5.9 have 135K on it & looking to get 400/500K. So far at little over 80K had a wheel bearing or what ever they call them cost $650 on the road. Then last year lost second gear, dealer did not tight up the band when had fluid changed tightened it up good to go. Like I said happy happy happy I took the time back in 07 to find one of the last 5.9's out there & did not trade a bad 6.0 for a bad 6.7. red Valley Center huh? I'm from Sedgwick. Our farm has a VC address.
DodgeVoltage 10/23/13 03:24pm Tow Vehicles

Reading all these posts about newbies, and some not so newbies, pulling massive trailers and not knowing how to makes me nervous to be on the roads at the same time. I guess all this hitching, towing, and backing comes too natural to me. I would never own some of these hitches people pull with. Seems to me they are just time bombs waiting to kill someone. It also boggles my mind how many campers come over to me asking how I just managed to back my camper up so easily. These are basic skills that should be mastered before you get out of town for safety reasons. Not intending to be mean here, but if you can't back your rig up, take it to a parking lot before you pull it across the country and practice. I was in an Alaskan RV park once while we lived up there and had a Canadian couple come up to me after I backed into a dump station to dump asking me to give them some backing tips. I had to wait on them about 30 minutes to get backed into their site before I could get by to dump. I watched him twist the wheel every direction but the direction he wanted to go. He pulled up 10 or 11 times. She was throwing her arms around trying to get him to move over. It was comical, but at the same time pretty annoying. After talking to them a little while, I had found that they towed most of the way across Canada to get there. They were avoiding situations where they had to back up. I told them they were going to have to get it figured out. They were extremely nice, but had bitten off more than they could chew. Maybe a Class B would have been a better choice. This was in 2010 and I'm certain they have probably dropped their camper on their bed by now. I understand everyone needs to start somewhere.
DodgeVoltage 10/23/13 10:10am Fifth-Wheels
RE: The DC Beltway shu down this weekend = Real or hoax?

Looks legit. We'll see. I have to work all three days in DC. Can't wait to see it if it's true. https://www.facebook.com/ridefortheconstitution
DodgeVoltage 10/09/13 04:41pm General RVing Issues
RE: Tractor

Kubota or New Holland. I have a New Holland 45 horsepower, 4x4, hydrostatic transmission with a loader. It is the Cadillac of compacts. I have ballast in the rear tires and use it a lot around the acreage. Don't spend the money for a backhoe unless you can see a lot of uses for it. I don't have one, but have had many friends get talked into buying them only to use them once. That's thousands of dollars wasted. If you have the grass, buy a nice finish mower or bush hog. I have a post hole driller that I use a lot for building sheds and fences. Get a diesel as they are quiet and efficient. I can run mine for many, many hours on a tank of fuel. I use the loader bucket to get under trailer hitches and shove them around all the time. Works great if the tractor is heavy enough. PS- had to laugh at someone calling 3 acres a ranch. Where I'm from (not MD), that's a city lot and 1000+ acres is a ranch. That is where you would need our other tractor... https://scontent-a-lga.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-frc3/305863_2167624186542_1929839798_n.jpg https://scontent-a-lga.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-frc1/263703_1853844222239_3533457_n.jpg
DodgeVoltage 10/09/13 03:34pm General RVing Issues
RE: Question? Fueling with Refrigerator or Furnace Running

News article from 2010 That's the first actual account of that potentially happening I have ever heard of. But the firechief and station owner aren't completely convinced it happened that way. This is also a motorhome with the fridge vent apparently right next to the gas tank fill (stupid design) and even then it took another event (hose spilling gas) to maybe cause this to happen. Certainly adds some credibility to the urban legend but really sounds more like a freak accident than anything likely to happen. That's the main vehicle for a gas station fire....spillage which gets a lot of evaporated gasoline into the air. I've never heard of a cigarette starting a fire at the pumps but you are not supposed to smoke there either. I have seen people smoking at gas pumps too....nobody blew up. It will only take once to make them regret that stupidity. I've seen them smoke at pumps too and I can't bite my tongue. I let them know to get away from me. A buddy of mine decided to use gasoline to help start a brush pile on fire once. He ringed the pile with gas (which was about 5 years old in a jug). He then dumped a stream of it out about 30 feet from the pile. Before he could light the match and drop it, the fumes ignited and the pile was ablaze. Gas is nothing to mess with near fire.
DodgeVoltage 10/06/13 02:25pm General RVing Issues
RE: Question? Fueling with Refrigerator or Furnace Running

I was near an explosion once, but it wasn't gasoline or diesel. A motorhome was being filled with propane. The owners were elderly. The man was outside with the station attendant while he filled the tanks. Either the furnace or fridge kicked on and some propane fumes blew that motorhome to pieces. We were in a camper about 20 yards from there. It knocked the windows out and melted the siding on ours. I thought ours was going to go on it's side the way it rocked. Woke us all up on that Sunday morning. The woman inside died and burned with the MH. The man and attendant were blown clear but had injuries. The large bulk propane tank was knocked off it's stand. Like I said, this was propane. I won't ever mess with that stuff after seeing that. I do however fill my truck with diesel and don't worry about what is on or off. I can hold a lighter to diesel fuel and it won't ignite.
DodgeVoltage 10/06/13 01:44pm General RVing Issues
RE: has anyone tried these convection cooktops as advertised

If you are talking about the Nuwave, we have two- one for house and one for camper. We love them. You can cook quickly and the plus side is they don't heat up the house or camper like a regular cooktop or camper propane stove. They also don't take up much space. I highly recommend them.
DodgeVoltage 10/04/13 02:51pm General RVing Issues
RE: Only ford in the lot

Seems to be very regional. In this area Ford far outnumbers the other 2, especially in the 250/2500 and 350/3500. And as mentioned above, check regularly. There are days when I see more GMs and/or Rams on the road and you may get the impression they may be the leader, but over the long haul there will be far more Fords seen in this area. When I travel down I-10 I notice Ford Super Duty's outnumber the GM and RAM trucks hands down. Heck I still see more 6.0 psd powered trucks than the '10-current RAMs. In addition I seen last year (3) 6.7 RAMs broke down (2) on I-10 with 5vers and (1) in Bass Pro parking lot with coolant dripping down side of the engine. It all depends on what your looking for. Heck, I was on I-10 thru Louisiana and Texas to Houston a month ago and all I saw was Dodges (all years). Even saw a beat up '80s Dodge dually pulling a travel trailer. Maybe there were Fords, but since I can't stand them, I wasn't looking for them. I think any of these "scientific" findings are skewed.
DodgeVoltage 10/03/13 08:34am Tow Vehicles
RE: Cyclone 4100 King and B&W companion

I have a pretty equivalent Voltage and it works fine. Not at all concerned.
DodgeVoltage 09/29/13 08:47am Toy Haulers
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