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RE: Asking for help

I participate in a number of special interest forums, but have to take a break from any of them sometimes if it becomes too serious. Life is too short for needless aggravation, so just chime in whenever you feel like it and leave it alone when it's a bother. That's my .02
Ductape 09/18/14 05:25pm Tech Issues
RE: Seeking advice on 12v upgrade- Ch. 2: Bulk charger

Yes, we mostly prefer to boondock. My thinking is to cram some bulk amps in over breakfast and then solar can top off while we are out and about during the days.
Ductape 09/18/14 06:30am Tech Issues
RE: Good Tire Shop in Central Florida

It's a bit south of you, but I've had good experiences at Big T in Avon Park.
Ductape 09/17/14 05:08pm General RVing Issues
RE: Seeking advice on 12v upgrade- Ch. 2: Bulk charger

Mena, sorry if I wasn't clear; it's just an inverter only model, not the inverter / charger combo device. We don't really need a bigger / better inverter, but like I said I can be sold. I'm listening... twist my arm.
Ductape 09/17/14 05:03pm Tech Issues
Seeking advice on 12v upgrade- Ch. 2: Bulk charger

Hello, all it's me again. :) Previously I asked your advice on the batteries, and in the end selected four Lifeline GPL-6CT which will give me a total of 600 AH. That thread here:Battery Thread I'll run them in two paired banks so I can maintain one pair while running on the other. We'll mainly be boondocking, and will do solar in the next thread, but today's mission is to figure out the best solution for bulk charging. Seems from my studies on here the ideal is to cram as many amps as possible so we're making efficient use of generator time and fuel. Even at the expense of “mistreating” the batteries a bit, although it appears that the Lifelines have the ability to readily accept high current. So, the coach has a 5500 watt Onan, and I have both a PD9245 and a PD9280 on hand. My first thought was to swap in the 9280. But maybe to install them both would be a benefit? Or should I ditch them for something even better... or build my own like Mex? We already have a Magnum inverter installed, and don't see any near term desire to upgrade that to a bigger inverter / charger, but I could be convinced. I love tech. Thanks again for sharing your expertise!
Ductape 09/17/14 04:12pm Tech Issues
RE: Brake inspection and cleaning

Taking them apart and cleaning could have some value IF you were having a mechanical problem, which you're not. What you have is an electronic problem.
Ductape 09/15/14 06:15pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Brake inspection and cleaning

It's entirely plausible to have ABS malfunction while the service brakes work perfectly. It's likely to be a sensor or just a loose wiring plug somewhere. Worst case it's the ABS pump or controller. Don't use the second shop, because cleaning the calipers will do nothing for an ABS malfunction indication. If your brakes were sticking or pulling to one side, maybe, but that's not your issue from your description.
Ductape 09/15/14 04:37pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: How loud are 2?

We have a pair of Hondas and I can state from experience that 2 running the a/c in parallel is a lot easier on the ears than 1 running flat out.
Ductape 09/14/14 06:48pm Tech Issues
RE: Why?

Actually it's a status symbol. Those with ladders look down on those without them.
Ductape 09/10/14 04:58pm General RVing Issues
RE: Overcharge really tears it for me !

So you shopped, received your items, and were pleased for weeks. Nothing has changed but your perception. Life is too short to get wound up every time you find out you could have paid less.
Ductape 09/10/14 04:53pm Camping World Accessories
RE: Aux. brake control

The vacuum is not necessary; car braking systems are designed to operate without boost if necessary. The braking units have plenty of force. I chose the RVi system because you can monitor, adjust and control it from the driver's seat of the MH.
Ductape 09/10/14 04:37pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Seeking advice on 12v upgrade- Ch. 1: Batteries

Do I need to ask vendors about date codes before ordering from websites? I would not like to end up with batteries that were 2 years on the shelf. Searched and did not find any discussions about this. Maybe it's not an issue with this brand.
Ductape 09/07/14 09:50am Tech Issues
RE: Seeking advice on 12v upgrade- Ch. 1: Batteries

I will use a marine A-Both-B-Off battery switch for the feed to the chassis. For the solar side I'll need to study up on and select a solar controller, and see what it will take to switch the temperature sensors, since I'll have two of those and I want one switch to handle the current and the sensor. Outcome is I'll have the same switching options for the solar. May have to buy a configurable industrial switch, I don't know yet on that. Any problems with that setup?
Ductape 09/06/14 04:47pm Tech Issues
RE: More battery/converter/inverter questions

Ditto on the marine components. I use them on all my vehicular projects. Do it once, do it right. I really hate warranty repairs, especially on my own work.
Ductape 09/06/14 11:34am Tech Issues
RE: Seeking advice on 12v upgrade- Ch. 1: Batteries

Thank you everyone for your advice. I'm a bit slow to reply since work has demanded my full attention lately. :) I've decided to go with four of the GPL-6CT. Two under the hood as one bank and two in the basement as a second bank. That will give me 600 AH in total, and if I need more I can always add another pair in a third location. I thought it best to keep all the batteries the same size, that way as they age and ultimately fail, I can mix and match between the two banks to keep similarly aged batteries in pairs. If they were dissimilar sizes then one bad battery in each bank would force me to replace all four.
Ductape 09/06/14 11:11am Tech Issues
RE: RV vs Truck tires.

How many posts said they went with the "truck" tire and would do so again based on their experience? How many reported they made a mistake and would go back to "RV" tires next time? In my reading I found a lot of one and not much (any?) of the other.
Ductape 09/02/14 06:28pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Seeking advice on 12v upgrade- Ch. 1: Batteries

Thank you all for the helpful advice. For some reason I had not thought of doing two banks :S but that is an obvious solution to the temperature and potentially size difference between the location in the engine bay and in the basement, yes? Just run a temperature sensor to each bank and a switch to select which bank the charge controller is monitoring. To clarify on the space, I *can* actually fit either the GPL-4 (220 AH) or the GPL-6 (300 AH) pair in the engine compartment. There is even space for the GPL-L16 pair up there with a slight mod of the rack, however IMO the 16's are tall enough that blocking air flow to the radiator is a concern. So I conclude that the 300 AH pair is the max for the OEM location. The storage bin has the converter and separate inverter in it now. There is adequate additional space for all the batteries mentioned, although if two 16's go in then I'll want a sliding tray to make it easy to roll them out to access the other equipment. I plan on making the solar inputs as large as reasonably feasible, within practical limits. This is a 30' roof and has a lot of penetrations now with dual air and satellite etc. And it will be flat fixed mounting. I don't want the remaining roof mounted equipment to be unserviceable... When we go FT I suppose a portable setup to supplement could be an option. I accept that the genset just has to make up any deficit, and I'm in full agreement with Mex, no generator loafing. So the 80 amp converter is not set in stone either. Based on what I am hearing sounds like the best solution is the two separate banks. Adds complexity, but with proper fusing and selection switches as suggested it will also pay for itself when (not if) a cell fails. Someone mentioned how long to keep the rig? We expect 10 years or so. Of course if that changes I can always transfer the gear to another rig. I'm a bit concerned about the floor of the storage bin. Probably need to reinforce and put in a sliding tray to support the 16's if I do that. A pair of those is 238 pounds. PS- 8D are a bit wider and don't fit either space. I have more height available but am width constrained in both spaces.
Ductape 09/02/14 05:02pm Tech Issues
Seeking advice on 12v upgrade- Ch. 1: Batteries

Hello all, I'm preparing to upgrade the power system in the coach, and I would really appreciate some advice from the tremendous well of 12 volt expertise on here. A bit about how we'll use it: right now we work and vacation, but we're getting set up for FT next year. We prefer to boondock, with occasional hookups just to dump etc. I estimate our consumption at around 35 AH minimum, 70 typical, and 125 if we pig out on power. We like shady campsites. Plan overall is to have enough battery to get us through 2-3 days between generator runs if we are too shaded, and enough solar to do the job for average consumption when we are in the sun. On a typical day we end up partially shaded and run the generator while doing breakfast, and get enough solar to do the rest while we are out and about. Starting for now with the battery question: plan is for Lifeline AGM. Expensive I know, but I hate battery maintenance, and some of these will end up in sealed compartments. First question is to settle what size, how many, and where to put them? Right now the coach has a rack in the front engine compartment, and there is a convenient space in the compartment behind the door where the converter and inverter are now. I would like to place 2 batteries in each space. Thinking at this time GPL-6CT, with 4 of those we'll have 600AH and it's a nice fit for the spaces. I could always go down to the GPL-4CT (220 AH), or I can fit 2 GPL-L16T (400 AH) in the storage bin. Question- will the temperature difference between the storage bin and the exposed batteries in the engine compartment be a significant concern? There is no room to put all 4 in either space. To put all 4 in the basement I'll need to move further to the rear, and I don't like moving weight front to rear. Q2- should I configure these as two separable banks, or just 1 big bank? Any other questions I have not thought of? For the other bits, which I'll ask about in subsequent posts (didn't want this to get too long), plan for now is to charge with a PD9280, and 300-500 w of solar. Thanks in advance for your help!
Ductape 09/01/14 09:22am Tech Issues
RE: 2014 Wrangler Requires battery disconnect - What do you use?

We've towed thousands of miles without disconnecting. Can't see any reason for it, the key is not on- there is no steering lock. Probably just out of date info in the manual.
Ductape 08/30/14 06:49pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Arrogance Personified

So was it you who he was talking to, or was it "someone" in a modest 28 foot rig? If you are actually that "someone" you probably should be aware that referring to yourself in the third person is about as arrogant as you can get. It is actually the definition of "Arrogance, personified" Nope, wasn't talking to me and nope, I wasn't "bothered" by it. Merely an observation and an opportunity to add to my "blocked" list here :) Let me help you with that. You should have titled it "Gossip exemplified".
Ductape 08/29/14 05:22pm General RVing Issues
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