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RE: Free ride mods - results after a long trip.

Some relevant factors that need to be considered when evaluating tire pressure/temperature changes are not only the ambient temperature changes as we travel, but also the cooling effect of a tire traveling down the road at 65 MPH or so. Also, it must be considered that externally mounted TPMS sensors do not accurately read the internal tire temperature, but rather a relative temperature that's still very useful in determining potential problems. Are all of the tire temps pretty equal? Good... Is one tire temp reading significantly higher than the others? Not so good...
Dutch_12078 04/23/14 08:50am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Anyone use LogMeIn or other remote access programs?

I use ShowMyPC. It's very easy to use. I didn't see any free option on their site. Did I miss it? The free TeamViewer has worked well for me in helping multiple people, but I'm always open to something better coming along.
Dutch_12078 04/22/14 03:22pm Technology Corner
RE: Winegard G2 Antenna security

The worst theft I've seen in 70 plus years of camping/RV'ing is kids occasionally stealing beer out of an unattended cooler. Not counting critter thefts of course. Dang raccoons!!!
Dutch_12078 04/22/14 08:24am Technology Corner
RE: Sell it then promise to fix it....seriously

Consignments? Maintenance? Sheeesh! The OP was looking at NEW units folks, not used trade-ins.
Dutch_12078 04/22/14 05:41am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Am I the only one?

You may want to check where the Coopers were manufactured. Cooper owns plants in many countries and some Cooper tires sold in North America are manufactured in China. There is a portion of the DOT code that identifies the manufacturing location. A Google search will provide a chart and explain how to read the code. Not knocking Chinese tires as I run them myself (Hercules - owned by Cooper) The "Mesa" brand tires I bought from Tire Kingdom have "Made in USA" molded into the sidewalls and the molded in DOT manufacturer/plant code is "UP", which the NHTSA lookup site lists as Cooper Tire, Findlay, Ohio.
Dutch_12078 04/21/14 06:49pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Out of level campsite pads

Adding a set of hydraulic automatic leveling jacks would probably make your life a lot easier in most parks. They're not cheap though...
Dutch_12078 04/21/14 08:50am General RVing Issues
RE: hot water dispenser

It might be the most common water heater "drippage" problem around, that of the air space in the tank being absorbed, causing the expanding water to push out the relief valve. A simple drain and refill will cure that problem.
Dutch_12078 04/21/14 08:18am Tech Issues
RE: Am I the only one?

I was planning to replace the "Runway" brand Chinese made tires that were installed on our coach in 2008 this year, due to tread wear and age, and was considering another set of Runways for the price and satisfaction with them. On our trip north from Florida however, I had to replace two tires in Georgia on a Sunday afternoon after getting caught up in the debris from an accident that blew one tire and badly cut another. A helpful tow truck driver that stopped by while I was changing the blown tire made a couple of phone calls and directed me to a Tire Kingdom store nearby that had two of the right size tires in stock, and was able to mount them as soon as we got there. The tires they installed were "Mesa" brand, made by Cooper in Ohio with "4913" date codes, and my out the door cost with mounting, taxes, etc., was just about the same as the Chinese made Runways with shipping, mounting, etc. The only downside, sort of, is that the nearest Tire Kingdom store where we are now in upstate NY is in Williston, VT, about 4 hours away. I say "sort of", because we've already decided to make a 3-4 day trip of it, and stay at a nice campground about 20 minutes away from the tire store while we get the other tires replaced and tour the area. At least I won't have to worry about riding on "China Bombs" anymore... Oh wait, I haven't been worrying about it, they've served us well...
Dutch_12078 04/21/14 06:18am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Generator year.

Customer demand drives what equipment is offered on RV's at what cost. If there was enough demand for so called "eco-mode" generators in RV's they would be offered, at least as an option. For me personally, I find it much more annoying to listen to a generator throttling up from idle every time the load changes than listening to the low rumble of my 7KW Onan's near constant 1800 RPM.
Dutch_12078 04/20/14 01:46pm General RVing Issues
RE: Bathroom Door Lock?

The simple answer is that some manufacturers don't use a locking latch set because there isn't enough customer demand for it. The fix though, is as simple as a trip to the hardware store for an appropriate lockset or a simple hook and eye, whichever works better for you.
Dutch_12078 04/19/14 05:49pm General RVing Issues
RE: dish which one to buy

ok looks straight forward, thanks for the input. Anyone use dishpointer app on your smartphone The app doesn't work on my phone, but I do use the dishpointer.com website to get my settings and azimuth view.
Dutch_12078 04/19/14 04:57pm Technology Corner
RE: dish which one to buy

Dutch, do you ever cover any two of your LNBF wave guides with aluminum foil and zero in on one particular satellite with the third one? I read where one person did this to simplify the aiming setup. I did that at one time when I was using a cheap analog signal meter on the eastern arc, but since I switched to a meter that identifies the satellites, I haven't needed to.
Dutch_12078 04/19/14 04:54pm Technology Corner
RE: dish which one to buy

All I do to change the LNBF's is remove the two self-tapping Phillips head screws that secure the LNBF to the arm adapter, unscrew the coax, and reverse the process with the other LNBF. After the change, it is necessary to run the "Check switch" utility on whichever receiver is being used, so it will pick up the new satellite info. The only tool I use for the 4-5 minute swap is a small pocket screwdriver. For dialing in the dish aiming, I use an SF-500 Digital Satellite Signal Meter. There are several vendors selling them, so this link may not be the best price. I particularly like the SF-500 because it identifies specific satellites, and sounds a tone when you have a signal lock. A compass and angle/elevation gauge are also handy tools for finding the right direction and holes through the trees when necessary. I haven't found eastern arc aiming to be much more difficult than western arc aiming using the meter.
Dutch_12078 04/19/14 03:30pm Technology Corner
RE: dish which one to buy

I use a Dish 1000.4 that I've modified for easier setup and aiming. As you can see in the photo below, I replaced most of the assembly and adjustment nuts with large or standard wing nuts, making it a no tools needed setup. https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-IwCe9ClKg6I/UupzH2C3jkI/AAAAAAAAo7g/FpzCMnmZCMQ/s512/2014-01-30%252009.48.56.jpg width=300 I also carry both eastern and western arc LNBF's with me for increased aiming and programming selection opportunities. For a tripod, I use a low cost roof mount tripod that I've modified for easy setup and leveling, using common hardware store items. The pictures below show the mods. https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-h6ZDRUdNZNk/Uif5c9pK68I/AAAAAAAAo7g/VQjRZomBM5w/s512/0831131334.jpg width=300 https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-owN4ZAxcN5U/Uif5cBellLI/AAAAAAAAo7g/im_Wi63ridM/s640/0831131326.jpg width=300 https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-TyK6v0ig5Vc/U1KwYIVruiI/AAAAAAAApEA/cQyU-zXHiSw/s640/2014-03-08%252014.11.11.jpg width=300 I'm currently using a VIP211k in the coach, but I have a Hopper and Joey running in our cottage that will be moving to the coach eventually. For your Hopper, you'll need a Dish Solo Node connected to two of the LNBF ports, either at the dish or by running two cables into your RV. If you install the Solo Node at the dish, then you'll only need a single RG6 run into the RV, with a Dish "Tap" on the inside to feed the Hopper. The unused client ports on the Solo Node and Tap should be fitted with 75 ohm terminators. I hope that's enough info to get you started, but ask away if you have any questions.
Dutch_12078 04/19/14 11:26am Technology Corner
RE: TV recepytiom

My personal favorite TV tower locator is "TVFool.com". I've found the data to be quite accurate, and the directional graphic to very helpful.
Dutch_12078 04/19/14 06:47am Tech Issues
RE: Removal of seatbelt bolts

The couch seatbelt bolts in my Coachmen have a large washer welded to the carriage bolt head. The washer has a small hole in it with a screw into the bay sheet metal. Removing the screws allows the bolts to pull through the floor.
Dutch_12078 04/19/14 06:26am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Installing Ready Brake in Ford C-Max Energi

Hi All, We have about decided to install the Ready Brake in our new toad. Definitely think it's a great option! We are not so excited about drilling a hole through our new motor home dashboard to install the monitor. When we talked to the Ready Brake tech he said we could "tape" the monitor to the dash instead. Am having a hard time visualizing how well this would work!! Could any of you who have installed this system please share how you dealt with the monitor? Thanks!! Also, did you have to cut the carpet in the toad. Feeling a little protective of my week old car!! :) Appreciate any feedback you can share! You could fabricate a small plastic or metal bracket to attach the LED under the dash where the screw holes would not be seen. In both of our RAV4 installations, I rolled back the carpeting to drill the hole and install the cable sheath. I then just punched a small hole through the carpet with a screwdriver for the cable to pass through. Once the cable is removed for vehicle resale, etc., the hole is invisible in the carpet nap. The hole in the firewall gets plugged of course.
Dutch_12078 04/18/14 06:10pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Tips on keeping mud daubers at bay!

Commercial screens are advertised as for " flying insects" because they don't stop the spiders from getting in. More problems are reported from cobwebs than wasps. "Mud Daubers" only eat spiders, one reason they get into vents-that's where the spiders are. Metal window screening circumvents these problems. Good Luck, Mike Since installing the commercial screens in 2008, I rarely see any cobwebs in any of the protected areas.
Dutch_12078 04/18/14 06:05pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: tow vehicle

The rubber smell has been noted for many years by many people towing vehicles, and the logical explanation is that the rubber particles that constantly wear off the thousands of tires that use the highways stick to your toad's exhaust system as it passes over them, likely stirred up by the coach. When the toad is then started, it takes a few minutes for the accumulated rubber to burn off. In normal operation, the particles burn off as fast as they hit the pipes, making any smell virtually unnoticeable. I've noticed the same smell over the years towing multiple vehicles, but I've also noticed that the smell rarely occurs when the bulk of the towing trip has been on wet roads during or right after a rain or snow storm.
Dutch_12078 04/18/14 12:43pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Reserve America - my problem or theirs?

I'm seeing the same thing here. Trying different browsers, and even different operating systems, made no difference.
Dutch_12078 04/18/14 10:50am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
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