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RE: Innsurance Preimum TRIPLED for one ticket.

I've been thinking about personal responsibility kcmoedoe. I researched the circumstances and believe that we were wrongly ticketed. But we paid the fine and did not contest--perhaps a bigger mistake than falling in the ditch. I should know better than to defend myself against criticism, however, reckless driving was too harsh a ticket for the circumstances. Not careless driving, reckless driving with "reckless disregard for people or property". Because it was promptly paid, no points were issued against the license, but we did not realize there would still be a record. There was probably no way that charge could have been proven in court but we didn't know enough about insurance consequences to not pay the fine. Our letters were to try to help someone else by fixing the problem but nobody would take responsibility for the dangerous drive. Fortunately we found an insurance company that did not consider us such a risk after that incident.
EMD360 02/04/15 02:08am Good Sam Insurance
RE: Innsurance Preimum TRIPLED for one ticket.

We had the same situation. GS tried to help but could not find a policy for us that was anywhere close to last year's cost. We went to a local independent agency who shopped for us and found Safeco at about what we paid last year. We had a totally bogus "reckless driving" ticket in a rental moving truck in Pueblo, CO in April. Also no tickets for over 30 years. We were trying to get around an illegally parked semi in a gas station that had a huge unguarded, unlighted ditch next to its driveway. One wheel of the rear of the truck fell into the ditch and because the truck was stuck partly on the side road in the turning lane we called 911 to inform them. I guess the gas station also called. I think every cop in Pueblo showed up, including one guy with two women civilians in his car who laughed uproariously at our predicament, and the chief of the dept. arrived but didn't think to deal with his own officer. We must have talked to at least 4 different cops and given license and registration etc. There was a cement sewer or water device in the ditch and they called the head of Public Service out to look at it to see if we were liable for damage to public property. Felt like Alice's Restaurant littering criminals. Then when we thought it was all over and the tow truck had pulled the truck out of the ditch, yet ANOTHER cop decided to issue a reckless driving ticket. REALLY? Of course when traveling it is impossible to go back and fight the ticket so we were out $90. Not terrible until we got the insurance bill! Yes over $3000 more for the same insurance and will will carry this strike against us for 3 years. (36 months) Apparently reckless driving is as bad as a DUI. Does there seem to be something wrong with this picture? So we wrote the station and said it was a problem and could they put up a light and guard rail and they wrote back and said it was the city's problem. Wrote the city and asked if they would look into the dangerous spot and they wrote back and said it was a state problem! Wrote the state and never heard anything back--probably couldn't decide how to blame it on the feds.
EMD360 01/29/15 07:59pm Good Sam Insurance
RE: Dollar store Awesome

Yeah, and Big Lots sells it if you have one in your area. I use it like I would use Formula 409 or another spray cleaner. Haven't noticed it was better or worse but it IS cheaper.
EMD360 01/29/15 07:31pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: cant seem to find a clas C under 29ft reasonable

Yeah, with the rear walk around bed you will have to go above 24ft. Some of the shorter RV's have a slide and a side bed not walk around. I think it is easier to find 27' and above than the shorter rigs. Keep looking and good luck!
EMD360 01/29/15 07:21pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: cant seem to find a clas C under 29ft reasonable

Same here, recommending ours. If you are will to go 10 years old or more (2002-2004) you can find one in the $20,000 range. Something like this Four Winds. In Arizona
EMD360 01/28/15 07:46pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: explain to me

I just read this Buying a used RV post where someone mentions an extra cost tacked on for that pdi or whatever. It appears he left the deal at that point. I think a private seller who is really interested in selling and is not trying to get out from under a loan for that $80,000 unit that they hardly use, is better than facing any salespeople in an RV lot. I just don't like someone telling me nonsense while I'm looking to buy. Even if you don't know anything you can tell that there is nonsense coming from the salesperson. At the time we were looking the lot prices were double the private seller prices. Now I see private sellers asking for almost new pricing--think that is what they still owe?
EMD360 01/27/15 09:16pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Do you exercise your generator in the winter?

Well, it is posts like these that make me run out and exercise the darned Onan generator, about which I have no complaints. Also ran the RV engine for an hour to recharge the battery. If I didn't have the cover on it, I would have taken it somewhere today...Gorgeous day, sunny in the 60's in January, in Colorado. Weather makes us just want to hop in and drive away. I suppose I have exercised it about once a month during breaks of warmer weather. I am loving having a good quality cover over it though. The wind here is gale force but the cover is doing fine. It flaps but doesn't look like it is scratching anywhere.
EMD360 01/27/15 05:00pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Buying a used RV

One thought is that the RV came from Las Vegas, not Colorado, not Northern California--some places are just better to find a used RV than others. The market is more active, the owners less likely to be underwater. El Monte can find RV's in other areas of the country, as well as Cruise America. You might pay a premium for the service of maintenance records and for higher mileage, but you have a reasonable expectation that you can get a few years out of the machine without major expenses--if you know to ask for batteries, tires, etc. On the other hand, dealers do seem to think all their customers are rich and will pay over book prices with fees for delivery etc. thrown in. I don't know what to do about that. Car dealers are difficult too. I guess we can just be glad we don't have to buy everyday items like we have to buy cars--we would never get out of the grocery store. There is a lot to be said for a sales staff that meets their promises, gives attention after the sale, and does not find reasons to charge extra before the deal is signed. Glad to hear such staff do exist somewhere.
EMD360 01/27/15 02:01pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: experiences and thoughts for a new guy in training

Here was our experience in 1990 with three kids and our "see the USA" vacation. We had a wonderful time. Kids were 12, 9 and 4 and we rented a Chevy mini van locally for a very reasonable price for 3 weeks. I think it was about $1200. We had a large (10 x 10) family dome tent and typical family camping gear. We packed camping stuff in those large rubbermaid containers and stored in the rear of the van. Part of the time we had the rear seats folded down so the kids and an adult could nap--we had an old station wagon vinyl covered mattress--no seatbelts with the seats down though. It was back before kids couldn't ride in the front seat. Started in Indiana and stopped in Missouri for the George Washington Carver site, someplace that had red dirt that got everywhere for an overnight in Oklahoma (Red Rock State Park), stopped at Bandelier in New Mexico, Los Alamos, Santa Fe and on to Arizona and the Grand Canyon, up to Las Vegas, and yes it was the kids favorite place--stayed at Circus Circus one night for about $25--crazy. Then to Yosemite and on to San Francisco--my sister lives near there. Through the redwoods and up the coast to the Columbia River and Dalles Dam (homage to Woody Guthrie) and briefly into Washington to say we had been there. Back across to Yellowstone, so impressive, then to Mt. Rushmore and through the sand hills of South Dakota (that was a long drive) we stayed in Valentine, NE in the free city camping park--we decided we loved Valentine. Finally through Iowa and home to Indiana. I used a lap top and some Rand McNally software to plan the trip and the travel times. Ancient technology now. We also got a triptik from AAA. It is more than doable to "see the USA" or at least some of its major sites in 3 weeks and our kids did get tired of travel but we read aloud and sang songs together. I'm so glad we did it. We would have been more comfortable in an RV but it was not necessary or affordable for us at the time. Do it and make your memories. They are irreplacable.
EMD360 01/25/15 12:34pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: How Small A Self Contained Class C Can Be Made

We love our "small" RV, however it is not small compared to these. My favorite tiny RV is the Airstream Westfalia, the older James Cook edition. This one with the yellow was manufactured in 2006, only a few of these were imported. This streamlined interior is my top choice so far for a small RV. It has the Sprinter Chassis which is not my preference but supposedly gets good mileage. The newer models have the toilet room on the side--I prefer the rear in this older model. I like the way the sleeping and kitchen areas are separated too. And I think the storage solutions are small but clever. The fridge is probably thermoelectric and tinier than a cooler but it fits so well in this configuration that I like it. Hope you like the photos. I took these from Flickr. http://i911.photobucket.com/albums/ac316/EMD360/Other%20RVs/James%20Cook/James%20Cook%20Floorplan_zpsrbpxmupe.jpg width=600 http://i911.photobucket.com/albums/ac316/EMD360/Other%20RVs/James%20Cook/James%20Cook%20Full%20View_zpsdn6rctlj.jpg width=600 http://i911.photobucket.com/albums/ac316/EMD360/Other%20RVs/James%20Cook/James%20Cook%20open%20slide%20out%20bed_zpsb7q7hgsm.jpg width=600http://i911.photobucket.com/albums/ac316/EMD360/Other%20RVs/James%20Cook/James%20Cook%20Slide%20out%20bed_zpsgz5iw5d6.jpg width=600http://i911.photobucket.com/albums/ac316/EMD360/Other%20RVs/James%20Cook/James%20Cook%20Interior%20looking%20forward_zpsseoaxe0p.jpg width=600 http://i911.photobucket.com/albums/ac316/EMD360/Other%20RVs/James%20Cook/James%20Cook%20Dinette%20above_zpshlb6a8vy.jpg width=600 http://i911.photobucket.com/albums/ac316/EMD360/Other%20RVs/James%20Cook/Jame%20Cook%20Dinette%20Folded%20Down_zpsljqb5uqd.jpg width=600 http://i911.photobucket.com/albums/ac316/EMD360/Other%20RVs/James%20Cook/James%20Cook%20rear%20Storage_Cassette_zpshwsvwfyi.jpg width=600http://i911.photobucket.com/albums/ac316/EMD360/Other%20RVs/James%20Cook/James%20Cook%20Stove_Sink_zpsvlhilspa.jpg width=600 http://i911.photobucket.com/albums/ac316/EMD360/Other%20RVs/James%20Cook/James%20Cook%20Fridge_zpsjnbnpju1.jpg width=600 http://i911.photobucket.com/albums/ac316/EMD360/Other%20RVs/James%20Cook/James%20Cook%20Wet%20Bath_zps5ohuiuka.jpg width=600 http://i911.photobucket.com/albums/ac316/EMD360/Other%20RVs/James%20Cook/James%20Cook%20Ceiling%20Storage_zpsxvnknf7e.jpg width=600 http://i911.photobucket.com/albums/ac316/EMD360/Other%20RVs/James%20Cook/James%20Cook%20Rear_zpstylacczk.jpg width=600 My second favorite small RV is the Toyota--especially the one with the rear bath, couch dinette (single) and overhead bed. Also hard to find and older.
EMD360 01/25/15 11:28am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Out with ZEP, but what for best protection and looks?

Not sure I can install new decals--not that patient or detail oriented. I have not tried acetone but know ammonia streaks it. I used the stripper but although it runs, it is not much different from the Zep itself. I need to work on it this spring. That is one thing about living in a winter climate--such work is best done in Arizona's winter while here in Colorado it requires waiting for warmer weather. The cover seems to be holding up well though and I hope that we have success with the leaks too.
EMD360 01/03/15 06:47pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Out with ZEP, but what for best protection and looks?

I also heard that tire cleaner will work! Cleaning the windows with ammonia based cleaner definitely leaves streaks in the finish too. Actually I didn't mind removing it after 2 years and reapplying. I used the stripper and just went over it well, like the original preparation. Didn't notice any staining of our concrete driveway though. Then I redid the prep but didn't have to scrub black stuff off the filon--guess gunk doesn't stick with the RMP on. I notice that I don't have the chalking we experienced with just wax either. I did have trouble working on the overhead and noticed some uneven patches there on the second application. Maybe I didn't get all the stripper rinsed off well. The finish definitely yellowed a bit over a couple of years, but it stayed slick and easy to clean. All surface wax is a pain to remove isn't it? I bought some Zep last fall because my RMP was empty and hope to redo it again this spring. But I'm seriously thinking of just removing most of the cracked decals. My complaint was that it didn't seem to protect the decals at all. The process is LOTS easier and longer lasting than a good wax job, especially for an older RV that needs to be brought back from fading and chalking. As far as asking the manufacturer--I wonder what Bounce manufacturers would say about using their product to remove bug goo or whatever else RVers use it for? Although not the original intention for the product, people use it in lots of ways. If the manufacturer said yes, go ahead, would they get sued if someone felt their product rubbed off the finish?
EMD360 01/03/15 09:24am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Just purchased a 2014 Thor Four Winds 22E

That is an exciting plan! Especially if you are going to be on the road a lot--think storage. There are several great ideas on rvnet and we have adopted many of them. 1. We use plastic drawer sets both in the closet and smaller sets in the overhead compartments and plastic containers with covers that stack in most of the cabinets. (Plastic storage is reasonable at Big Lots.) Toiletries, meds, first aid, some food items etc. all organize easier in boxes than loose on the shelves. 2. We use the overhead bed to sleep in but our 22E is actually 22 ft. and does not have the rear side bed. We also use the jackknife bed in the couch for guests and the dining area for both meals and lounging--with a couple of pillows it can be more comfortable for reading etc. than as a table and benches and we don't mind folding it up and down. 3. We put a self inflating double mattress on the couch (rolls up quite small and fits in the overhead) which makes it comfortable enough. A memory foam topper also adds comfort to our overhead bed. We don't store anything up there but our pillows and bedding and there is room for clothing duffel bags at the head and foot of the bed. 4. I have LOTS of lightweight camping equipment--such as folding chairs and tables, screen tent and a hammock and we can set up a complete kitchen and living area outside although if you are planning to spend more time in cities--you might not need these items. 5. We also use an aluminum rack on the trailer hitch in back with a large tool/storage box for our grill, local firewood, leveling ramps etc. and we used to carry a 5 gallon plastic water can there too. (We need a new one though and we don't boondock as much as we used to.) 6. I keep a stocked toolbox and camping equipment under the dinette benches and we also have storage under the couch for a small air compressor (haven't really needed that though) and the water hoses etc. We even have an extra lightweight aluminum folding ladder behind the back of the couch under the window. I also carry an 18 volt drill and bits, spot light, hand vac set in an overhead compartment. 7. Our closet is deeper and wider than the drawers so we have the screen tent, an outdoor mat, some folding chairs, the hammock etc. in the closet beside and behind the drawer set. There is still room for hanging clothes over the drawers. 8. I have an extra shower curtain rod in the middle of the shower (ours had grooves for one) and cover that with foam pipe insulation so the hangers stay on during travel if we need extra hanging space. Not hard to lift the jackets etc. out if we need the shower. Soiled clothes go into mesh bags that either hang on the bathroom door or go into a Rubbermaid storage tub in the shower. I have read you can wash your clothes by putting water and detergent into a tub like this and driving with the lid on it. I've yet to try that though! 9. We have stabilizing screw jacks in our rear outside compartment that we don't use much for short stays but are nice for longer term camping--keeps the rear end from rocking so much when we climb in and out of the RV. Could be used to change a tire if we were too far from civilization for Good Sam service. 10. We kept a little extra oil and automotive stuff in that compartment but ended up piercing a plastic oil bottle and got it all over the compartment--yuck--so be careful with such fluids--now I put them under the bathroom sink. Also have an outdoor mat out there. 11. There is room in our sewer hold for a small basket with a couple connectors, gloves, spray cleaner etc. 12. If you are changing the interior, sometimes there are "dead" spots of paneling that can be turned into storage space but yours looks so nice--I would not reupholster it until it wore out! 13. Lots of people use their ovens for pots and pans. But we actually have few and room for them in the cabinet over the sink. Under the kitchen sink we carry a 3 gallon water bottle with a hand pump for drinking water, cheaper than bottles and takes up less space. Also cleaning bucket and rags and bottles of soda or beer if we have too many for the fridge. 14. We have Lexan lightweight camping dishes and utensils and two drawers full of cooking accessories and lighters matches etc. We also have drawer dividers to keep everything in its place. 15. We have a narrow pantry that is convenient for canned foods and boxes of prepared foods, teas etc. We use a lot of zip lock type bags instead of storage containers for food and leftovers and have a supply in the pantry. We have a pop a bag holder for grocery bags that come in handy for trash--in fact we line a small file box that has a locking lid with a grocery bag for trash and empty it often. It "rides" next to the toilet in the bathroom but is usually in the kitchen when parked. Fitting the stuff you appreciate on the road into the RV and not being overweight can be like a jigsaw puzzle and a fun challenge. We have not been away yet for trips over two or three weeks long but hope to leave for 4-6 weeks later this winter now that we are in our second year of retirement. I can't wait! We have found our little RV to be just perfect. You will have a great time with yours.
EMD360 01/02/15 09:56pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: How long do you drive in a day?

Last summer we planned to drive for 5 hours and 300-350 miles each day but we drove about 65 mph on the highway, maybe even 70 when the speed limit was 75. I used the Good Sam trip planner because it marks the campgrounds along the way. We made reservations on the way out because we had kids with us and didn't want to be stranded without a camp site when we arrived. I thought we could fit in some sightseeing with that much driving but I was wrong. We were too tired of driving and just wanted to stop and rest. The days were not too hard on the kids though--they were good travelers. (5 and 3 years old). We traveled from Denver to Indianapolis/Chicago and back to Denver. Three days out and two back--figured if we didn't have energy to do anything when we stopped we could at least drive further each day on the way back. We didn't have a reservation mid-week on the way back but it was not a holiday week. Maybe you will decide whether you want to get where you are going quickly or if you want to sight see along the way. Have to have more energy than we did to do both!
EMD360 01/02/15 03:24pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: cabover water damage

This is the eternabonded corner five years after I applied it. http://i911.photobucket.com/albums/ac316/EMD360/Rear%20Repair/Eternabond/IMG_0006_zpsdb59e18a.jpg width=600 The bottom was repaired twice so the tape is wider and the metal is bent but it won't leak which is the important thing. I used two strips of 2" tape and wrapped one over the edge and then the other over that. I also did the roof seams and all the lights including those pesky overhead lights. So that the only opening to the inside was for the wires and those are on the upper side so water would drip down and out. I think eternabond is great stuff. It flexes enough so that no future cracks are possible and keeps the water out. But it takes some time to apply. I have to do the front edges and unfortunately I put off the job long enough that I found water inside after the snow and ice of November.
EMD360 12/28/14 08:56am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Class C overhead movement causing seal failure

More than likely your side walls look like this, which is on a 2001 Itasca Sundancer 31C Yikes--that rig is really rotted and it has no front window. Guess that isn't the preventative some hope for. Could you tell if the rot was a result of failed side seams or roof seams?
EMD360 12/27/14 10:36am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Sealant for fiberglass roof - water intrusion in cabover.

I removed the existing sealant to install eternabond (although it was not silicone)and cleaned the area well, even using the eternabond pre-treatment--to remove the existing sealant, I mostly scraped it off with a plastic scraper. I bought the metal roller to press the tape into position. I still had a few bird's mouths and wrinkles so had to slit them and retape in places. I did the roof and the rear seams and all the lights. Eternabond is available on Amazon as are the caulks. I used 4" and 2" and double sided for some of the lights. I bought the materials originally from a roofing supply company and they called it "miracle" rv tape. It has a finished top, there is also a tape that has a paintable top which I used for our awning. But the repair didn't last because the awning just tore elsewhere. I have not heard of eternacaulk but would like a way to seal the edges. The tape does pick up dirt, but it also cleans reasonably well with a little scrubbing. I would rather have unsightly tape than a leaky RV. I have used sikaflex and dicor but don't have much insight into the differences. Also used ProFlex but it hardens in the tube easily and has to be used all at once. Good luck with your repairs! It does seem like your rig is young and shows how any RV can get leaky even with lots of attention.
EMD360 12/27/14 10:21am Class C Motorhomes
RE: cabover water damage

I have to hope we don't have rot. I had not noticed a leak from rain, but the first cold/snowy weather we had, I was running heaters inside because I hadn't winterized yet and the front had lots of icicles that hung off the cabover until it warmed up. I was removing the bedding and noticed the wetness. Just in the corner on the floor--the sheets were wet there and the corner was black already--so I assumed it was the edge caulking. I put on some new caulking--I had some sikaflex left over, but still thought all winter without a thorough sealing would be a problem, so I bought a cover rated for snow and wind and put that on until spring. I'm going to remove the metal edges and put eternabond on the corners. Then reinstall the edging with stainless steel screws and install some new trim. That is what I did to the two rear seams and it appears to work well. I also redid all the roof seams and openings with eternabond. I had bought the supplies for the cabover seams but didn't get to the project last summer. Good luck with your repairs.
EMD360 12/27/14 10:04am Class C Motorhomes
RE: cleaning the top of your class c

I use the ladder to climb on top, and have scrubbed it by hand but we also have a great RV/truck space at a local car wash with a platform on each side to get above the roof and I have sprayed it all over with detergent and rinse with no problems. Not sure how much I could reach from underneath--maybe just enough to get off some dust? Have not tried that.
EMD360 12/27/14 09:56am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Has anyone on here tried this?

Oh yeah, we at C and B have been using Red Max Pro and Zep for our older RV's. Do a search and you'll find a ton of info about what and how. Recently I read concrete sealer does the same thing.
EMD360 12/20/14 10:15pm Class A Motorhomes
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