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RE: New to researching Rvs

Brands do make a difference. For an older model, a Winnebago/Itasca is great because the website has old brochures, wiring and plumbing diagrams to help you learn about the RV. Winnies also have the fiberglass roof. If you are only spending $5000 or so it will be more difficult to find one that is in usable condition. I agree that the 24' length is the way to go for 4 or 5 people. Look for one with an overhead, a couch and a dinette if possible. We are traveling right now with the grandkids and I love our length (22') but it is a little tight. We have had 2 couples and 2 kids in it though and as long as you are friendly it is doable. The dinette, the jack-knife couch and the overhead queen makes sleeping for that many possible even in just a 22' rig. NADA on ours used is around $15,000 to $18,000 mostly because it has about 40,000 miles. Everything in our works great but it is starting to look ragged on the outside. I have put Enternabond tape on the edges and roof to keep it from leaking and the tape is getting ragged looking. The decals are peeling etc. We are DIYers so we have made some upgrades and we take care of it because we love using it. It is very easy to drive being so short, we have never upgraded the shocks or any suspension. The Ford V 10 engine is very reliable after about 2000. I knew nothing about RV's when I started researching. I found looking at photos and floorplans on PPL and watching their selling prices helped. They don't have much in the 24' size now but the site is PPL Class C Motorhomes.
EMD360 06/26/14 07:57am Class C Motorhomes
RE: water pump replacement, Q's

I just replaced ours this spring. First I bought a new pressure switch for the old pump and it worked for 5 minutes then would not pump again. So spent the $$ on this pump: Shurflo Revolution I installed it over a piece of heavy Styrofoam and also installed a larger pressure tank (even though the pump states a tank is not necessary.) This was an upgrade I'd been wanting to do for awhile. The 2 gallon pressure tank lets us flush a couple of times in the night without the pump coming on. The new pump didn't seem quieter until we put the closet floor back in and the stuff in the closet and now we can hardly hear it. The old pump didn't go out all at once. It seemed to come on without turning on the water sometimes and it also seemed to get louder the season before it went out.
EMD360 06/25/14 09:30pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: A Funny Problem With Our Stove

The problem is not that the griddle is too big, it is that the stove top is too small. :-) Get a new stovetop? Just kidding. Ebay advertises metal knobs that might work. Metal stove knobhttp://i.ebayimg.com/00/s/NDI5WDUwMA==/z/oYEAAOxyUylTP0mp/$_1.JPG width=200 But with metal knobs that can take the heat, you might have to be careful not to burn your fingers turning it off. Or try to find or make a silicone cover for the plastic knobs? I have a silicone mat that I use in the sink to insulate a 12 volt crock pot.
EMD360 06/18/14 12:47pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Need Awning Advice

Well, had to give up for now. My "clever" fix was not that clever. I cut off the top portion of the awning and thought I would use eternabond to tape the awning over the poly rope and reuse the bottom portion. I got it threaded on the RV just fine but I left it open in only a slight breeze and the tape tore right off. I guess it is just as well. Now I need to actually order new awning fabric but will wait until after our camping trips this summer. Thanks for the advice. Now I know how to get it done.
EMD360 06/17/14 04:35pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Need Awning Advice

Watch this Youtube video on the subject....excellent http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zD0w1GoTzVk I watched a different video and this one was much more helpful. I thought the job could be done without taking off both arms. While I watched this I kept thinking that he was stepping on the top step of a short ladder. Finally he says he knows..funny. Listening to Brown Eyed Girl in the background and then his phone tips in the wind. But this guy has a can do attitude. Just be careful not to kill yourself. His vice grips even let go and you can see he forgot to put the cam on roll up mode. Thanks for the link! Awning replacement video
EMD360 06/17/14 10:10am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Need Awning Advice

On page 7--you will find the recommended number of turns when awning is opened or closed. Please be careful doing this task. Thanks for the manual--very useful. The chart includes the number of turns for both vertical and extended position. It is double, or 12 turns instead of 6 for our awning.
EMD360 06/17/14 10:06am Class C Motorhomes
RE: What to do about peeling decal?

I've been toying with the idea of removing the cracked decals. I also trimmed them with a razor blade a couple of years ago and covered them with Zep when I shined the fiberglass but they have aged considerably since then despite the floor finish. Thought I might take off a few and see how it looks. Was going to try using a heat gun and plastic scraper.
EMD360 06/16/14 09:35pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: cast iron cookware

I agree you don't need a "set". We carry two of our antique cast iron pans--a griddle and a fry pan. Both have been with us for years and handed down one way or another. We have used them on a wood cook stove and on a restaurant gas stove and on a modern day smooth top electric range besides the RV. Where ever and forever they are wonderful. But there is a knack to them. My sister is a great cook but her scrambled eggs stuck in the pan while they never do for me. She stirred them too much--even well-seasoned cast iron is not the same as non-stick. We only have one griddle so that will go back and forth to the RV but we have more than one fry pan. We typically would not use a whole "set" because we don't have a large variety of meal types. The pans are in the RV cupboard over the sink--no special storage area. BTW, one of our most prized possessions is a cast iron waffle iron. It is beautiful as well as useful. It was handed down to my father from my great grandfather. We don't take that camping though. They are still available in the style that we have too. Although our handles are cast iron, not wood. http://www.wisementrading.com/outdoorcooking/log_cabin_waffle.jpeg width=200
EMD360 06/16/14 09:19pm Class C Motorhomes
Need Awning Advice

I am reinstalling our awning fabric and can't seem to get the tension to work. Have the arms out and turned the cams on each side 6 times as required. Bolted them in and the awning just sits there. I rolled it up by hand with the lever on roll up, it clicked all the way up but when I moved the lever to unroll it just let the spring loose and rolled out all at once. Could the springs be broken? It has been sitting almost a year in the garage. I didn't think the tension had to be set with the arms all the way vertical because I read about people setting the tension while winding the entire leg attached to the cam. I'm sure I'm winding it in the direction indicated on the cap ends. What am I doing wrong?
EMD360 06/16/14 08:44pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Battery Compatability

Also the Walmart battery is not actually 110 ah. It is more like 73 if I remember right. They rate their batteries in amp minutes not hours and I figured out the conversion after I bought it.
EMD360 05/24/14 12:44am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Battery Compatability

I bought the same Walmart DC battery to replace a dead marine battery. It appears to be a good battery for the money. I also experimented with two used AGM's and separated them from a different marine battery with a Blue Sea switch. I like the switch because even though the AGM's eventually died, (using an older Magnetek converter that I have not updated) I can disconnect the house battery from inside using the switch. I have toyed with the idea of replacing the AGM's but we are not boondocking as much here in Colorado as in Arizona. Maybe next winter if we take an extended trip. The nice thing about AGM batteries is that they don't have to be vented and they can be mounted in almost any position. http://i911.photobucket.com/albums/ac316/EMD360/Electrical%20System/file-18.jpg width=600 This dinette bench is directly above the battery compartment. a hole was drilled through the floor and the cables were run through a short piece of pvc pipe. You can see the Blue Sea switch mounted inside too. I could use all the batteries together if the converter was not running but charge them one type at a time when it was. I am not sure if the setup killed the AGM's prematurely since they were used when I bought them. But each of them started showing an error code when I tried to charge them with a smart vector charger and no amount of turning them upside down or other tricks worked to get them to charge again. The switch was not too expensive and allowed me to use both types of batteries independently.
EMD360 05/24/14 12:39am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Got it down to two

PPL is great for shopping for the type of RV you might want. They have the floorplans and good photos and the data such as mileage, no stupid photos of the tire tread! (Outdated tires can have lots of tread but still need to be replaced.) If you are going to be in Arizona with it you might try shopping on the Phoenix, Prescott and Tucson craigslists. There are many RV's for sale in the area and I think the prices might be a bit less than the consignments at PPL. Of course any used RV must be thoroughly checked for leaks before purchase. Fixing rotted walls is not pleasant and is too time consuming for a working person. We have the 2003 Ford based Itasca and love it. Short and sweet. Easy to get around town with no toad. Easy to drive with no special shocks or stabilizers. Buffets in the wind a bit in places like Utah that can be gusty, but stays true to the highway with enough attention to the driving. Could not have made a better choice for our first RV, even though many will tell you that a rear bed is essential for an older couple, we are OK with the overhead. Still it is a matter of fitness and choice. Have fun choosing!
EMD360 05/24/14 12:05am Class C Motorhomes
RE: dutchman express (chevy) cigarette lighter doesn't work

Happened to us. It was the fuse box under the dash on our Ford and a mini fuse. I found the "right" fuse by checking the truck user manual.
EMD360 05/23/14 11:51pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: air compressor

We got one for our Death Valley trip. It was a recommended tool for that far away from civilization but turned out we didn't need it. Since we boondock much of the time, I still like having the small size compressor and carry it with for longer trips. It fits well even in our small C. I have an impact wrench, air blower, and chuck with gauge, all from Harbor Freight, but the compressor is this one. Dewalt 1 gallon compressor I returned the Porter Cable same sized air compressor because I could not get it to hold pressure. I guess it was common in that model. But here it is in the under couch compartment before I returned it. The replacement sits in the same area and I store the accessories in a small plastic toolbox. http://i911.photobucket.com/albums/ac316/EMD360/file-9.jpg width=400 The Dewalt was about $20 more expensive. We use it in the stick house too when we want something portable. I've had it about 2 years. I notice that sometimes it is difficult to close the release valve on the bottom and get it to pressurize after sitting for some time. I have to fiddle with it but so far it has worked every time eventually.
EMD360 05/23/14 11:46pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Water pump not shutting off--More dewinterizing saga

Oh, I thought the opposite. At any rate we had a successful camp out this weekend and the new pump/tank system worked great. Went all night without turning on the pump (maybe 4 quick flushes?) and the new pump IS much quieter with everything back in the closet. I didn't hear any noise from the water heater or the tank once it all pressurized completely. The pump noise is muted. Everything worked great and I learned something. Life is good.
EMD360 05/19/14 11:34am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Wireless Phone Booster

I have an older model cell only Wilson booster and on my second trucker antenna. (the first got ripped apart above the RV, now I run it under the top next to the ladder.) You have to be sure the booster is in the same range as your phone service. I got mine from ebay for about half price at the time that was $200 instead of $400 or so. I also put in another 12 volt outlet for the system and direct wired the antenna to the rear ladder. The booster I have is wireless so it amplifies more than one signal in the vehicle. Will also help keep signal longer when traveling in more remote areas between towers. Will not help with no antennas in the area. There is an android app called Antennas that will pick out those that are in your vicinity and my phone will actually display the increase in signal when I look at the settings. I have seen it go from one bar to four with the booster. All in all a very nice addition to your travel.
EMD360 05/18/14 02:04pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Water pump not shutting off--More dewinterizing saga

I think this is a bladder tank so the air is captive in the bladder, right? The older tanks had air in the tank itself, and sometimes they needed to be bled to maintain the air bubble. I had to take the water heater apart again. I found it had been leaking overnight so I just took out the leaking check valve and reseated it. Now I don't hear the chatter! So I ordered two expensive check valves and may not even need them. Doesn't a problem always wait to solve itself until AFTER something new is purchased? Maybe the pump would have magically started priming itself again if I had only waited long enough? I think I'm almost done with this project...
EMD360 05/15/14 03:02pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Water pump not shutting off--More dewinterizing saga

I took apart the water heater check valves yesterday and they seemed operational. I reinstalled them and flushed the hot water heater again. Ran lots of water through the heater then put the plug back in and ran lots of water through the faucets on hot to release any air in the system and to be sure the heater was full. Unfortunately the valves are still chattering/vibrating and making noise when the hot water faucets are on. Of course there are no spring check valves in the stores and none on Amazon so I ordered two from an ebay store, zorotools. Had to add a couple of small items to get "free shipping" but I was still charged $10 shipping so will have to call them again because the order was not on their computers yet. This appears to be the same check valves that are installed. It was difficult to find a male to male version. http://i.ebayimg.com/00/s/NTIzWDYwMA==/z/Tv4AAOxyHIlTaukC/$_12.JPG width=200 I keep sharing this stuff because when the problem is "new to you"it seems the "fix" is something that might interest others.
EMD360 05/15/14 10:48am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Fresh water tank

The couple of times we traveled with our tank close to empty, we had a heck of a time getting water. Should have known better in the southwest. We stopped at a gas station once and paid by quarters about $5 and once at an RV park that let us fill up for $3. But it was driving around finding these places that was the issue. In the RV park case we had a round trip of 40 miles from the park to get the water. I've since learned to carry "devices" to get water at various pressure less spigots, but I still prefer having the insurance of our own water. Our fresh water is 30 gallons, our black water is 30 gallons and our grey is 36. So we carry an extra plastic container of 5 gallons outside on the storage rack and a 3 gallon drinking container under the sink.
EMD360 05/14/14 08:06pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Water pump not shutting off--More dewinterizing saga

Received the new pump this morning with overnight shipping from Amazon and I installed it. It is not particularly quiet even with all my quieting efforts. The pump directions state it does not need an accumulator tank but I put in the 2.1 gallon anyway. It turns out I can flush two or three times and run water for washing hands without the pump coming on, but when it does come on it runs for some time after the faucet is off to refill the pressure tank. I can still hear some sloshing when it fills so sounds like some air is still in there. http://i911.photobucket.com/albums/ac316/EMD360/Pump%20and%20Accumulator%20Tank/IMG_5248_zps99d8072d.jpg width=600
EMD360 05/14/14 05:46pm Class C Motorhomes
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