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RE: Re-stringing the day/night shade

There are people who will re-string the shades for you. I was successful on the larger side window shade but it was not easy and was confusing with all the long strings, requires some ingenuity, masking tape, long piece of stiff wire, etc. I laid the shade on the bed while working on it. I had the luxury of a kitchen table in the S & B. But I also used stiff wire which I thought made stringing much easier. No tape though, maybe this time. :) I didn't find it particularly difficult--I'm pretty patient, but did not realize the importance of two little knots! As a DIY I hardly ever "do it once, do it right" but my ego is not deterred.
EMD360 03/24/15 10:00am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Re-stringing the day/night shade

Tie the strings to the spring. Do not loop them through the spring. You should have 4 separate strings. 2 on each side of the spring. Center the spring in the top "rail" then follow stringing diagram. You could loop them through the spring but tie them so they do not slip. They need to be fixed to the spring. So NOT magic. I didn't tie them and don't relish the idea of taking it all apart to "fix" again. Is this what I get for not watching YouTube? I am so old I would rather read--isn't that humbling? Especially since I skipped the knot part? So now my brain doesn't hold the WHOLE ENCHILADA either? I wonder if the strings in the set are not the same length though? And why would only one string slip? If not Magic still a Mystery...at least to me. Thanks...
EMD360 03/24/15 09:56am Class C Motorhomes
Re-stringing the day/night shade

I bought a kit at Camping World today to restring the shade I had "fixed" last summer. I just shortened the cord to bypass a broken area, but it broke in a different place last trip so I bought the new string and springs etc. I followed the instructions on the internet including a set from Winnebago. But I think I may have gotten something wrong. I never read that the shade required one longer and one shorter string and I can't see why it would. Also when I pull on the string on one side, the other side gets shorter and that shouldn't happen looking at the drawing. At least I don't think so. I used two strings of the same size from the kit, and doubled them to loop through each side of the spring. I restrung as directed with the outer strings crossing over and threading through the inner day shade holes and the inner strings crossing over and threading through the outer holes, and after reassembling the day shade to the night shade and putting the pull bar back on, I tried to even up the cords to tie them. The result is that one string is definitely shorter than the other one by several feet. AND pulling on one side shortens it on the other. Why? I have not rehung the blind yet but I hope the shorter string will be long enough to do the job. I wonder if I got the strings "crossed" somehow inside? Maybe when I was putting on the bottom pull--I had all the strings to one side until I slid it mostly across. Maybe I pulled out the wrong two strings at the bottom. But still can't see why four separate strings should somehow connect at the bottom??? Maybe at the spring, the string is slipping through the loop? Magic. http://i911.photobucket.com/albums/ac316/EMD360/Four%20String%20Shade%20Restring_zpss3kzo5kq.jpg width=600
EMD360 03/23/15 10:50pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: So many parts. So little space.

Mostly US sockets and a small metric set. I have a bunch of stuff I've added due to posts like these. Why does everyone carry a serpentine belt? Do those break a lot? The darned extra oil got punctured in the rear compartment and I still haven't gotten it out of the carpet lining. I now put it under the bathroom sink instead. I have the scissor jacks and tire changing stuff. Hope I never have to use them. Also a tire patch kit and the DeWalt compressor. Two water hoses, 30 amp extension cord as well as a 20 amp outdoor cord. I have a charger that does not have an internal battery and no jumper cables but it will jump start plugged in with the generator running. I bought extra tools for the RV--screwdrivers, pliers, vise grips, hammer and a plastic weighted mallet, etc. and I have a large plastic tool box that goes under the dinette seat. I have been glad I have them many times, just for small stuff mostly that would not interrupt the trip but nice to be able to take care of right away. I carry an 18 volt system--drill, vacuum, lantern with a couple extra batteries and a charger. Use them regularly too. I also have a hand winch from Harbor Freight and I think I have a chain in there. For winter I bought tire chains too since we moved to Colorado. I have several small plastic drawers (two sets) in one overhead cabinet with "stuff". Fuses, electrical connecters with shrink wrap, crimp rings, spare pex parts including end caps and--can't have everything. I had the plumbing under the sink break once and had enough to stop the leak until we got home. Tapes, eternabond, scissors, pens, pencils, sharpener, note paper, matches, lighters, assorted screws and nails, 3m hooks and velcro, string, flashlight. All kinds of odds and ends including a killawatt and the multimeter--could be overkill, but I like being prepared. The tools are part of RV fever too. I bought the socket for the drill that raises and lowers the scissor jacks for instance--have used it once since we don't stabilize much anymore--don't stop long enough for most trips. I have an extra awning pull since I thought I lost ours. I have a bunch of water stuff, like a "cheater" that uses a rubber end for water spigots that don't have threads--also used that once. I have a drill pump since once we were at a park (Arches) that had some kind of spigot that would not take back pressure from a hose and we ended up having to drive 40 miles round trip to get water. Interesting how much or little people carry. I also have the credit card and road emergency service. I forgot the air tools--an impact wrench in case we do have to get a tire off, and a blower/duster that I have altered to use for the connection between the compressor and a fitting to blow air through the plumbing system. I'm sure there is more too if I actually cataloged every "tool" in the rig.
EMD360 03/23/15 09:55pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: What did you do to your Class C MH today???

Getting ready for an end of week spring break trip with the grandkids. Last time out the door to the bathroom was bent inward from a fall--getting clumsy in our old age. We were stopped too! The trim popped off inside and the hinges bent. So I tacked the trim back on and took the hinges off and straightened and rearranged them. Door seems like it is back to normal.
EMD360 03/23/15 09:10pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Just purchased my first RV! Tell me what you think.

Well that RV was made the year my oldest child was born! I still think of her as a youngster though. Amazing that you have found it in good shape. Good for the former owners. It is a bit hard to spot rot if you are a newbie, but you can just be sure it is buttoned up with caulk and eternabond and prevent any from happening on your watch. In the meantime, can't think of a more fun hobby! Congratulations!
EMD360 03/23/15 08:56pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Rest area dump stations

I have the Next Exit book and it shows which rest stops have dump stations as well as the flying J's that have them and which exits have propane etc. Only good for major highways though. You can buy the info yearly online too but don't think they have an app--yet. https://www.thenextexit.com/
EMD360 03/23/15 08:51pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Buying/shopping advice

It is not easy to find a good used rv at a reasonable cost, but it is also not impossible. You are in a good area--Las Vegas has a ton of dealers, Phoenix is not too far away and there are usually a lot for sale on CR in that town, plus we bought ours in Tucson. Retired lifestyles especially can change quickly through illness or moving from a starter smaller RV to something larger--also the opposite. So places where people retire, like Florida, Texas and Arizona and to a lesser extent Nevada, Utah, etc. are good hunting grounds. There is a lot to say for a Lazy Daze and I looked for one, but settled for a Winnebago that has been great for just two of us along with grandkids sometimes. The parents will join us but sleep in a tent. They like getting away...:) With our jackknife couch and fold down dinette across from each other we can make one big bed by using foldable tables in between and cushioning that with pillows and a comfort camping rollup self inflating air mattress (I'm being specific because I hate those inflatable air mattresses!) Then it is a huge sleeping area that can easily fit two kids and two adults. Plus the cabover bed for two more. So we have more room than most small RV's just because of the layout. I wouldn't look at anything older than 2005 right now and expect to pay at least in the high $20,000 range. If you are looking at something in the early 2000's you could stay under your limit but you would expect more damage and appliances with less life in them. The only thing I can think of that you can't easily add is an oven. Newer RV's often don't have ovens, just convection microwaves and stove tops. With a family you might want one.
EMD360 03/19/15 05:00pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Loaded Question: "How easy is it...?"

If you are not keen on replacing it, let DW know that lots of folks don't drink from their RV plumbing system. Even with bleach treatment and a filter, we are not sure of the quality of the water system so we have a 3 gallon water bottle with one of these on top that sits under the kitchen sink for drinking/cooking water. http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41BGQXqJTQL.jpg width=400 We bought the bottle at a water store so initially it was filled, we refill from our tap water although we have refilled at campsites--we think the bottle is less likely to harbor yuck and we also clean it with bleach occasionally.
EMD360 03/18/15 10:34am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Our first RV - now what?!

I can sure remember the feeling of not knowing where to start with our new RV. I read the stickies here and watched a few YouTube vids too. Stayed in the driveway a few times. Learned to level it and found out how important that is to keep the refrigerator working. I flushed the coolant and changed the oil--using synthetic as most people recommend it. Had the brakes checked. Bought new tires. Luckily they were replaced in full under warranty and I have new tires again! I have a complete list of purchases from the first 3 or so years. I must confess I love RV stuff and seem to have a lot. But most of the stuff is very light weight--and foldable to fit in our little RV. This is the first page of the 9 page list--the rest is on photobucket in the same folder. http://i911.photobucket.com/albums/ac316/EMD360/Essentials/RV%20List%201_zpsk96rjhvo.jpg width=600 Hope it helps you get started!
EMD360 03/15/15 03:54pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Class C Cabover Rebuild

Upload the photos to a public photo site, like photobucket. Then to attach pics you link to them using the add photo icon--in the advanced editor. That shows the pics in the post. I think DIY has a stickie about photos. Would like to see your rebuild pics!
EMD360 03/09/15 09:58pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: ? about Itasca 24v 2004

Seems a little high to me too. But it depends on the market. I'd say about $5000 less would be more reasonable. Does it have something expensive like hydraulic levelers, or specialized suspension besides the new tires? Does it have extra or AGM house batteries and a solar array and inverter? Does it have a fantastic temperature controlled vent fan? These might add to the bottom line but if it is stock, that is not something to pay more for low mileage. If you do think you like it and want to deal, would he let you get it leak tested? An RV that old without leaks is desirable.
EMD360 03/09/15 09:52pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: How fast should one drive a "C"?

I've been surprised that our RV sometimes gets better mileage when going faster than 60 or so. I find it difficult to drive too much slower than the speed limit and the rest of traffic unless the road is empty. So I do about 70 to even 75 on most interstates that have limits that high but I don't use cruise control because it seems to labor at those speeds. I doubt if I'd feel comfortable going 80 or 85 though even if surrounding traffic was going that or faster. So it must be somewhat of a comfort decision as well as safety.
EMD360 03/09/15 09:45pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Water in Cabover!

Those blower door photos are great! I wonder if they had the door all the way up to 50 pascals difference between inside and outside? That is what they use in the house and they say it is about a 20 mph wind! But I think most of the fans can be set to 25 pascals or lower too. You would only need enough pressure to force air out of the leaks.
EMD360 03/05/15 06:26am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Cell phone booster

I have the Wilson wireless and a trucker antenna. Trucker antennas are about $40 so don't break the bank. I bought the wireless from a seller on ebay for about half price at the time and it works to boost cell phone reception but as said above about 35 db at the best performance and it is not always that good--I have my phone set to show numbers instead of bars. When I had a Verizon hot spot I thought it boosted that too, but switched to an iphone with internal hot spot and T Mobile unlimited wireless and I noticed during much of our travels in New Mexico we had only E (EDGE about modem speed) connection to the internet which is very slow by today's standards and won't support hot spot for my computer. (I read that turning on and off airplane mode helps to reset the connection while traveling--to find a better signal if it is available.) Since we sometimes travel off road, my trucker antenna is mounted to the ladder where I can turn it down below the top of the RV to protect it, and I brought the wire through the floor at the rear gas pipe under the stove. I put in an extra 12 volt outlet next to the kitchen sink for its power. The inside wireless antenna is mounted above the dinette. It is a flat oval disc that sticks to the wall. I think the expense, given that we use internet a lot was worth it. Some folks who travel full time and work on the road get satellite internet. That will work while parked much better. I have not seen in motion satellite internet but it must exist now. Last I looked the satellite subscriptions were about $79 a month but you had to buy the gear too.
EMD360 03/05/15 06:09am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Cost to install a new awning.

Got a very similar quote from our local Camping World for a new 13' unit installed. Larger awnings are more expensive. We are going to see if we can fix ours with new material.
EMD360 03/02/15 03:18pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Most durable cover against snow shovel damage

Covers are rated for snow and wind. We found ours on Amazon at $$ off the home site. It is rip stop nylon with several zippers and very light weight. We paid about $350 for a short rv. Classic Accessories PermaPro Heavy Duty RV Cover The only problem so far is that it can't be put on in the wind so we had to leave it off when we got home from a trip just before a snow storm. I read a lot about how a cover will damage the finish but leaks are worse and I noticed some water after our last ice storm. I will install eternabond on the front seams in the spring but for now a cover is the best I can do to protect it. I wrap extra bubble wrap and styrofoam around the vents and any sharp areas to keep the cover from chafing in the wind. We did get one hole where it hit the inside of the front fender to keep it from blowing so much we tucked it behind and didn't think of that sharp edge. Even though we have not had it a full season, I would recommend this cover for price and quality.
EMD360 02/22/15 06:26pm General RVing Issues
RE: Traveling With the Propane On

Would it really be 50/50? My guess is more like 80/20. With no "warning" in the RV manuals and without the enlightenment offered by the Internet or possibly local news, it seems most people who buy RV's wouldn't think that running the refrigerator while underway would be a potentially dangerous practice. We sure didn't and after running it without issue even on rough roads for some time, it would be difficult to convince us that we should no longer do it. So even with the benefit of these warnings and scenarios of doom, we probably will still keep running the fridge on propane while driving (even while getting gas which I have also read is a no-no.) So I kind of doubt that a high number of RV'ers really believe this is dangerous enough to change their behavior. Look at smokers--they know their behavior is dangerous but convincing a smoker to stop because of their health often takes more than the message itself. Human nature being what it is, some people are more cautious than others. Even we are cautious about some things and not at all cautious in other situations. We are illogical beings as Spock says. :-)
EMD360 02/22/15 06:14pm General RVing Issues
RE: Paint issue on aluminum siding.

I looked up the Monaco when you were asking about the model earlier and saw that they were indeed aluminum. I had thought only Lazy Days were aluminum. I didn't realize metal oxidized, but I guess the paint itself could. The contrast looks too dark to be Zep floor finish but a simple wipe with ammonia would tell you if it comes off like that wax does. Otherwise it seems more likely that it would be the paint itself--or clear coat as someone mentioned. The screws/rivets along the side look different from fiberglass siding which on my rig the fiberglass is secured at the trim pieces. http://i911.photobucket.com/albums/ac316/EMD360/Red%20MaxPro/file-4.jpg width=400 Seems like you could try a few removers in a small area away from the graphics which look really good for a 2003, and see if any of them whiten the surface. It also looks like there are gaps on your trim where the dark areas are in the photos that may need caulk.
EMD360 02/22/15 04:47pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Reflections on 6 Months of RV Research! ;)

Sounds like you are looking at new rigs and I understand how RV research and RV.net can be a great stress reliever too. With a new RV your criteria can be more specific. If you are looking for used, you will start with preferences but be most interested in a rig that is in good condition for the cost. If you are getting a loan, seems like buying new at the best possible discount is a reasonable choice, if paying cash, you are less likely to want to sink it into a new vehicle because of the immediate depreciation. Of course your idea of how you will use it now may change over time. That is, in established RV parks, state parks, nationals--those tend to have more primitive facilities--for long haul travel once or twice a year as a couple or with your grown kids etc. We wanted a used rig because we had set a lower cash budget, which we exceeded by a grand or so. Oh well. Not as disciplined as some I guess. But we had a bit of unexpected rot, not at the cabover as some do but at the rear panel below the floor level. I think the middle brake light was leaking. We rebuilt it for little money and we have had a few newbie driver "gotchas" that have banged us up a bit. So that might be a thought for you--do you want to subject a brand new RV to your learning curve? As pnichols says, we seem to have either been extremely lucky in our pick of RV or we are just able to be happy with what we ended up with. I look all the time for newer vehicles but have not found anything I like as much as ours. We are very comfortable in our small RV and don't have any problem getting up in the bunk or managing to be comfortable together even with a couple of grandkids along. But we lived for five years in a 400 square foot cabin with our two kids so maybe we are not typical! Enjoy your research and your search and get out on the road as soon as you can despite college tuition because you will not regret it. :-)
EMD360 02/22/15 04:19pm Class C Motorhomes
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