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RE: Seat heater-->Tank heater

Hmm. Does that work? Doesn't hot water freeze faster than cold? Thanks for the ideas for enclosing the tanks. I'm going to use leftover pieces of polyiso from our house remodel and I was planning to buy a piece of 4 x8 sheet plastic to cover that. I could do a layer of reflectix too. Was going to hang the insulated boxes from the steel holders for the tanks. But might not get to it until next year. Don't have the handlebar heaters yet. May not make it until January! That is a lot longer than from an ebay seller.
EMD360 12/09/14 01:38pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: The $29.95 motorhome for Christmas

I bought this for my grandson a couple of months ago and helped him put it together. He did the whole thing himself, (5 years old) I just organized the parts for him. It is pretty cool, the driver has a coffee cup at the helm and there is a little table in back with another cup and a TV (sticker) inside too.
EMD360 12/08/14 09:31pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: What did you do to your Class C MH today???

Planning a winter trip to include a stop at Truth or Consequences for the hot springs. We are also at the other end with our great little RV. Looking forward to a month long trip back to AZ in February.
EMD360 12/08/14 08:47am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Seat heater-->Tank heater

The switch is "continuously variable" although I have only used it on high. It also clicks off. The amber light goes off but the green light stays on as long as it has power. This pic is what the switch looks like but it is not my photo. I found this pic through Google images and that led me to the information about the wiring. http://i911.photobucket.com/albums/ac316/EMD360/Tank%20Heater/Controlforseatheater_zpsecc7d3ab.jpg width=400 In this pic you can see both lights on the switch. http://i911.photobucket.com/albums/ac316/EMD360/Tank%20Heater/IMG_6254_zpsb3b3ef1d.jpg width=400
EMD360 12/06/14 05:09pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: calking job question

Sikaflex is preferred on several websites for caulking, (Some prefer Dicor) but removing the old caulking and cleaning the area is also recommended. Maybe you should have done it yourself! :)
EMD360 12/06/14 10:15am Tech Issues
RE: Seat heater-->Tank heater

If you look at the thermostat specs for this heater it shows degrees centigrade which is obviously incorrect. Thermostat 65 +10/-5? The sizes etc. are translated into inches but I think they forgot to change the label to fahrenheit.
EMD360 12/06/14 10:12am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Seat heater-->Tank heater

Yes, and I'm not sure the 70 degrees will be enough without an insulation enclosure on the tanks too. I bought the seat heater on ebay and it shipped from China. Seat Heater The question I asked was did the heater include 2 SETS and one control, i.e. for two seats. The answer was yes, but the language was an issue--so I asked them to update their site, and they did! It is now much clearer that you are getting a set of two pads for one seat. But for my trouble, they sent me a second set. It is not obvious, but the switch on this set is not only is variable for temperature (the 70 degrees was on HIGH), but it also turns off the heater. It does not come with any wiring diagrams etc. but the three color leads are for three different functions, ON is red, and yellow and green are the amber and green lights that show the switch has power or that it is on. I tried to put another switch on the system until I found an explanation of the wiring online. I'm currently waiting for the motorcycle handlebar heaters for the valves. I bought those from amazon, but it is another China supplier. Cost was something like $4.62 with shipping though.
EMD360 12/06/14 10:03am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Seat heater-->Tank heater

Oh, I know that UHaul place--I returned a trailer there after our cross country move. The guy was really nice. I didn't see the propane there, maybe it is new. Glad to know they have propane too. Thanks! I was at the new Camping World store. They don't have a dump station but the website says they have propane too.
EMD360 12/05/14 08:47pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Seat heater-->Tank heater

Prospect RV Park 11600 W 44th Ave, Wheat Ridge is open and Clear Creek RV park 1400 10th St, Golden. Thanks for the dump station info! I have used Prospect and they were nice--cost $10 I think. But no rinse water is available. Would be great if Camping World had a dump station. I think I have been to their new site--the old one was right on 70, right? And this one is a bit further away. But I wasn't that familiar with the roads and may be wrong about that. I'm surprised the truck station on 44th doesn't have propane. The only place I found it now that Ace has closed is UHaul. Arvada Rentals fills tanks but not RV's.
EMD360 12/04/14 10:03pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Seat heater-->Tank heater

Ah cold storage, that is interesting. I'm assuming it should be disconnected though. I have not paid much attention to being in a winter climate for my poor RV. Sure would be a challenge to face -37 and be using it. I saw that little pad too so good to know that it might be enough watts for a plug in type of situation.
EMD360 12/04/14 09:59pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: I thought I decided on a TT, Now studying Class C

I started by looking at TT's and then went to van campers. Finally felt we had found the right "feel" with a short class C. We didn't have a tow vehicle so that entered into our decision. We have been super happy with what we ended up with. I felt the TT's were pretty expensive for just the house and not the truck part. Truck plus TT would have cost more than our C. 32' might be the limit on size in your price range. The larger Class C's are on bigger frames called Super C's and pretty pricey.
EMD360 12/04/14 09:52pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Seat heater-->Tank heater

Yes, this seems like a good pad for 120 volt. Doesn't require the pet to sit on it to make it warm up--doesn't have a timer to auto off. Like the heating pads that pianotuna uses. Also it seems to heat up more than the seat heater I installed--says it goes to 95 degrees. These little pads seem to make sense for winter camping or even storage purposes. I have to go out and get the battery and bring it inside for the winter. I did that last winter and it survived while the coach battery had to be replaced in the spring. A little heating pad might have made the difference.
EMD360 12/03/14 07:34pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Mystery antenna

We have an extra antenna near the refrigerator vent too. I thought maybe it was for the weather radio in the cab--that might need a separate antenna? We also had an outdoor radio but it was broken and I have never replaced it. I doubt that it is for an old mobile phone in a 2003 model.
EMD360 12/02/14 08:44pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: recommend a decent cover

How much more are you willing to pay? Did you see my post with photos of the Classic Accessories PermaPro cover. It is there high end cover but bought at a discount on Amazon. It has a 4 year warranty. I taped old pool bubble cover over the sharp edges. Perma Pro cover post There are custom fit covers that are over $1000 but made of the best outdoor material (Sunbrella) that would probably last longer and do less damage to the RV since they are custom fit.
EMD360 12/01/14 09:30am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Classic Accessories PermaPro RV Cover

That is the difference between a custom fit and an off the shelf cover! Beautiful. I tightened the front end a bit to be more like this picture. Thanks for posting! There are loops every 2 ft or so in addition to the straps that go underneath. I think they are to hold the sides when they are rolled up as there are short straps underneath. But I could add extra guy lines if it seems like they are needed. Actually the sides and back don't appear to billow in the wind, but the extra material in the front end does. I miscounted the side zippers, there are five, not four on each side and the straps are about 4 ft. apart.
EMD360 11/30/14 10:51pm Class C Motorhomes
Classic Accessories PermaPro RV Cover

We put on the new RV cover today--good that there were two of us. It had been a pretty calm day until we started to unfurl the cover, then the wind kicked up! After it was on, the wind died down again. Hows that for fortune? http://i911.photobucket.com/albums/ac316/EMD360/RV%20Cover/IMG_6273_zps52d5acae.jpg width=400 I didn't get a photo of the prep work I did on the roof. I put a styrofoam packing box around the swivel vent and covered that with another piece of styrofoam to stabilize the top and taped that to the roof. I had some old pool cover heavy duty bubble wrap and I used that to cushion the antenna with the Jack antenna on it, and the radio antenna, I think it is for the weather radio. I put another piece over the ladder to cover the sharp sides of the steps and the top and bottom of the awning arms--the awning is currently off. I also taped the sharper edges at the bottom where the cover tucked under the RV. http://i911.photobucket.com/albums/ac316/EMD360/RV%20Cover/IMG_6272_zps6db478b8.jpg width=400 The cover has elastic in the corners so that it grips the underside of the RV. It is made like a nice quality tent--you can kind of see the polyester is rip stop--about 1/4" cross hatching, and the underside is a smooth polyethylene type coating. We started to unroll the RV cover as in the directions but soon found we had to turn it over and over to get it to separate from side to side. Of course exactly then is when it got windy! There were many folds in the material and it was folded in half and then in sections instead of some kind of accordion fold that would just release to go down the sides. One of us was holding the front and the other opening and smoothing it down from front to back so we were able to get it on despite the wind. We have a 22 ft. 2 in. RV and the cover was for 20' to 23'. I would say it was a pretty tight fit, more like an exact fit, don't think 23' would get under this one with the corners straight. But there is a lot of extra material in the front. http://i911.photobucket.com/albums/ac316/EMD360/RV%20Cover/IMG_6269_zps8b230167.jpg width=400 While it is pretty fitted in the rear. http://i911.photobucket.com/albums/ac316/EMD360/RV%20Cover/IMG_6271_zpsff978134.jpg width=600 I really like the way the strap clasps have triangles of reinforced material where the clasps are and that the top is fitted with a double row of stitching at the corners of the roof. There are four full length zippers to a side, one at the front corner, the cab door, the rear door and the back corners on each side. The cabover material is somewhat fitted too although it kind of hangs down in front under the strap and clasp. It might billow a bit too much in the front and I will have to add some guy lines to cinch it down a bit more. There are extra plastic belt type loops but the instructions don't point out how to use them. It has a four year warranty and is supposed to stand up to winter conditions. I really like the cover and hope it will last. And hope it keeps possible leaks in the cabover from letting water into the RV over the winter.
EMD360 11/28/14 08:39pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Broken Compressor Regulator

Interesting responses--thanks so much. I am a directions reader so do open the air release after each use. I've checked out several of the regulators online and I'm wondering if a similar plastic model for a Black and Decker or DeWalt would have the same inside parts. That would be better than trying to rebuild the manifold which I could see doing with some pipe tees etc. Everything screws into this manifold except the regulator which is built into the manifold. I have a larger Harbor Freight compressor which is one reason I have not used the smaller one very often. I really don't want to trash this one--it is practically brand new. This is kind of a rant too regarding the lack of individual inside parts for this regulator. Since the regulator itself is not replaceable. Would be a pretty inexpensive kit and obviously they break often. In the meantime I CAN use the compressor with the plugged stem piece. Just don't feel like I can rely on it in the field especially.
EMD360 11/28/14 10:56am Class C Motorhomes
Broken Compressor Regulator

I hope its OK to post this in Class C's. It is a followup to the air compressor discussions on this forum. I've posted before that I bought the small form factor DeWalt 135 PSI compressor to take in the RV. I had returned the leaky Black and Decker for the DeWalt--only to find they are the exact same machine. It is only about 2 years old and I've used it literally a handful of times. I just took it out this week as I'm cleaning up the RV for winter. I tried to use it on an inside project and it was leaking like crazy. Pretty disappointing to have a broken $120 compressor. Now this model costs $154 on Amazon. Turns out the regulator is "built to break" in these things and there is no replacement kit! I could buy a whole new manifold for $55, but not the little plastic parts that go in the regulator. http://i911.photobucket.com/albums/ac316/EMD360/CompressorRegulator_zpsd3132578.jpg width=200 Following instruction on the Internet, I took it all apart and greased the o-rings but it still leaked. I tried using pipe dope on the little screw in piece, but it still leaked. I tried leaving the cap off (no pressure on the spring) and it built up pressure but didn't fill the tank. Pushing down on the stem piece let out a stream of air. I didn't know how the regulator actually worked, so I looked up a lot of information about them and learned a bit. Actually cool little devices. My dad used to refer to poppets and never really understood what he was talking about--now I know. Here is the best illustration that I found. http://i911.photobucket.com/albums/ac316/EMD360/SimpleAirRegulator_zpsae424d2a.gif width=200 So I thought I could just plug the middle of the stem part and block the air--I used some sikaflex caulk that I had out for the RV and let it dry a day or two before I tried it. Seemed to fix the leak too. I'm not sure how much air pressure the caulk can take before it starts to leak again. I can't imagine how many of these are ending up in landfills due to a tiny plastic piece that cannot be replaced. Who designed this thing? Who decided not to offer the regulator kit as a $5 replacement?
EMD360 11/26/14 09:04pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Violent front end shaking

This happened to me in our 2006 Ford F250. Scared me pretty good. I was driving about 50 going downhill and braking on a curve. The truck shook like crazy as if the brakes had seized up. I took it in and got a complete brake job--new rotors etc. Then I got a letter from Ford saying be careful, this can happen, we don't have a fix. I just filed it in the round file. Love the big truck, its a workhorse and hopefully it won't happen again.
EMD360 11/26/14 07:27pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Cover for 32'9" Class C

I'm impressed so far with the Perma Pro cover that I ordered from Amazon and arrived today. It takes a few extra days to ship some of the sizes. I ordered it on the 22nd though so that was only 3 days instead of 2. Not bad. I did some internet research comparing the various brands of covers and found that this cover was closer to the higher end--most expensive are the Calmark sunbrella covers--but the PermaPro is in the same ball park--for much less money. I found this comparison helpful. When you think that a good family tent can cost upwards of $500, the PermaPro cover seems like a bargain. It is similar to good tent material, ripstop polyester and warrantied for 4 years. Has the zippers to allow the doors to open and a "throw bag" to get the tie down straps across the rig underneath for cinching it on. The instructions say to cover sharp areas on the RV with tape and I'm thinking of using some extra bubble wrap. The sides are specially constructed so that the mirrors don't have to be folded in. Every tent should come with one of these extendable zippered bags! You have to throw away the bag for most tents or use it for a smaller one, and buy a stuff sack big enough to fit in the tent after it has been unrolled once! I extended the zipper first thing because I thought it was so cool. http://i911.photobucket.com/albums/ac316/EMD360/RV%20Cover/IMG_6267_zpsc705c2fb.jpg width=400 It was windy today and tomorrow is the holiday so I hope to get this on Friday--the weather is supposed to still be warm. I decided to get the cover because I had a cabover leak after the last frigid and snowy spell and someone said snow and ice will leak into even the smallest crack when rain does not seem to. SOOO I'll cover it this year because I can't be sure about my caulking job and I bet I'll wish I had covered it earlier.
EMD360 11/26/14 07:18pm Class C Motorhomes
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