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Always Something--Hot water clog UPDATE

About mid trip, at a campsite with a direct water hookup, our hot water lost pressure. I'm pretty sure it is clogged at the one way spring valve on the water heater. I already bought two new ones because they were making a strange noise a couple of years ago now but that seemed to just stop so I never installed them. Maybe when the water pressure increased during the direct hookup, the valve stuck closed. I tried popping the pressure relief valve to be sure water was running into the heater and tried shutting off the water with an open water spigot like the manual directs to recreate the air bubble at the top of the heater, but neither tactic worked. I wanted to take it apart right then but we decided we could live without hot water for a couple of days until we returned to home base to work on it. The valves were expensive, I sure hope I know where I put them. Not in the RV of course so taking it apart would not have helped unless it was not the valve. On a shelf somewhere...:h
EMD360 08/13/15 05:14pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: What did you do to your Class C MH today???

Brought it home, unpacking and cleaning after a week tooling around southern Colorado with grandkids--beautiful country. Our steps have been bent and realigned a few times--accidents happen--once they didn't pull up automatically like they were supposed to, other times it was on rough back roads. We replaced them once too though. We also used a jack and a comealong to pull them back into place. So glad they are sturdy metal.
EMD360 08/13/15 04:10pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Walmart Battery

I agree about the "true" deep cell vs. the Marine DC, and the crazy way the Walmart batteries are rated--per minute instead of per hour. But with my old converter--I thought seriously about the upgrade but have not done it. At $300 plus it almost seems like overkill on a 15 year old RV. I'm going to try disconnecting--on our list now and see if that helps. Maybe keep it on a solar trickle charger--I got one for my birthday. I brought the old one inside for winter, don't know if that helps or not. I think it is just too easy to run them down more than 50% and have them on the charger "too long". These are sealed, right? I don't check the water levels as they are not openable. I liked our Group 27 Deep Cycle Interstates, I think they had more power, but they are very expensive, something like $250 each. Again vs. $90, even if the battery lasts 3 years instead of 6.
EMD360 08/13/15 03:58pm Class C Motorhomes
Walmart Battery

I have decided since I can't keep from inadvertently running down the house battery too far and destroying them, I will just use Walmart batteries. At least they are not that expensive to replace. I bought a Group 29 DC on the road today having them test my old battery from 5/13 as dead as a doornail. Kind of easy to find a Walmart these days. They don't always have stock but I guess I was lucky. I was worried about the battery before we left, but when it didn't even turn over the generator after driving 4 hours, I knew it was toast. On the way to the Great Sand Dunes, I stopped at the Salida Walmart and got a new battery. It is working great. But I know it will only last a couple of years with my use. Maybe I should put in a disconnect as I think there are loads from the propane alarm etc. that drain it totally when I don't have it plugged in, or maybe my original equipment converter is destroying the battery while charging it. This is my third Walmart battery in about 4 years, the first one replaced while still under warranty. Before that I had used AGM's and before that two Interstates that came with the RV. Some folks have only had one battery in all that time! Oh well.
EMD360 08/07/15 09:10pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: RV Transport for Elderly Mom

Last year took the train to CA from Denver and it was 8 hours late. They said that commercial traffic is up so much that passenger traffic often just has to wait for the track. I like travel in general--but will have a conversation with Mom about what she thinks will work best. She is reasonably mobile and we already talked to her doctor about the move. Just have to figure out the details. Thanks for all your input, as usual very valuable.
EMD360 08/07/15 08:46pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: RV Transport for Elderly Mom

Thanks for your quick input. I had not thought of the train. I know the airports were difficult for her in the past, even with a companion. I can get her up the steps and into the bathroom in our RV as I can do it in a small bathroom, but the length of the drive is questionable. Right about in and out of sleep. That is typical for her but probably not a problem. What if she gets really uncomfortable and I CANT change transportation methods? But that is true no matter what we choose. I've taken the train to Chicago in a bunk room and it was reasonably comfortable, although we had to go to the dining car for meals, maybe handicapped will bring meals though. I'll take more advice before I decide and of course see if she thinks the train is an option. She seems game for the RV, she had ridden in it before but only on short trips and before she broke her leg.
EMD360 08/06/15 08:31am Class C Motorhomes
RV Transport for Elderly Mom

I'd like your thoughts on bringing my mom from Chicago to Denver in our small Class C. She is 94 and in assisted living. Recovering from a broken leg, the cast is off, but her mobility is still limited. We are moving her to an assisted living home here in Arvada and I thought the most comfortable travel for her would be in the RV. Door to Door instead of trying to get through the airport and onto a plane. It is a 15 hour trip and I thought we would stop when she needed the bathroom etc. but otherwise drive straight through with 2 drivers. Her basic health is quite good so no worries about a heart attack or any major health issues on the road. I'm thinking she would be on the jackknife bed with a camping mattress to make her more comfortable and pillows to sit up when she wants. Is this a crazy plan? She can't believe I am planning for her to travel again!
EMD360 08/06/15 06:49am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Waterpump replacement

I bought a repair kit for my old pump but it didn't help--so money down the drain. Then I bought the new pump close to the same size and amp usage from Amazon and I replaced the old tiny accumulator tank with a 2 gallon metal one from Home Depot. The new pump said it did not need an accumulator tank but I put one in anyway and it does seem to keep the pump from running for nighttime flushings. I installed it right side up and when I winterized, I just ran pink stuff in the system until it came out the faucets, no special work for the accumulator tank. There are some photos here..
EMD360 08/05/15 03:19pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Class C boondocking

Our Class C can't handle 4 x 4 roads in Colorado--they are worse that backroads in Arizona. So it depends on where you camp. We have taken the RV on some great boondocking trips though with nobody else around us. Used 4 x 4 RV's are difficult to find. I look for them all the time and have seem only a handful--most older and more miles than ours. We like to camp as close as possible to a wildlife preserve and hike there where bicycles, guns, horses, ATV's etc. are not allowed. But now that we have grandkids we often use parks with electrical hookups for their comfort. If your wife's needs are changing how many creature comforts are needed? If a bed in the back is what you need, you probably won't be in back country much, but if a fold old or upper bunk bed is good enough, you can find something smaller that will be more versitile.
EMD360 08/04/15 12:56pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: What did you do to your Class C MH today???

Getting ready to explore our new home state with the grandkids for a week just before their new school year starts. Florissant Fossil Beds, Royal Gorge, Great Sand Dunes Nat Park, Chimney Rock, Navajo state park, Curecanti Nat Rec at Gunnison, so many things to do and see.
EMD360 08/04/15 12:06pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Ordered new class C 28ft, campsite length issues???

That is a fantastic list of features. I also was looking at the new ones and could not find the dinette on the passenger side in one of the shorter lengths. I agree with your wife on the levelers, doesn't always take a lot of time to level but when it does it can be a headache. Even though they add weight they seems like a luxury that should be worth it. Plenty of water, electric, etc. Sounds like a winner. Does the Forester have a fiberglass roof? I'm also sad about the decals--never did order new ones. I think we should just take them off but the spirit has not moved me yet!
EMD360 06/29/15 07:36am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Ordered new class C 28ft, campsite length issues???

I am excited that you ordered a new rig. Think we are spoiled by the short RV but on the other hand 28 is not that much longer for the luxury of separate spaces. I look at the bigger ones and feel there is a lot of compromise in newer models. On the other hand, as the machine ages more and more will crop up for maintenance and when you are working on it more than using it, time to look for something else. You will love having a new rig, getting used to it and taking it far and wide while you can rely on the warranty and the newness of everything. Good luck and have fun.
EMD360 06/28/15 05:21pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Another thing I love about our 24' C

We are missing that Arizona camping. As you have, we went up to the Rim to escape the valley heat and down to the Sonoran and Organ Pipe to escape "winter". Visits to the Grand Canyon and even up to Utah's spectacular sites. So much open space to boondock and comparatively so few campers-- although more four wheelers and shooters. Colorado is full of campers and access to boondocking is much further from the city. Campgrounds are booked every weekend for months in advance. But it is beautiful and we don't blame our neighbors for enjoying camping as much as we do!
EMD360 06/17/15 09:27am Class C Motorhomes
RE: CL scams

Horror stories run our lives. Several years ago an older lady in Phoenix was selling a very nice RV after her husband died. A couple came and wanted a test drive and she went with them. They drove away, ended up murdering her and left with the RV. Talk about horrible. Don't think it was craigslist though, just a classified ad. Remember those? Caution must be taken in life but can't let it determine all our actions--we would never do anything or go anywhere.
EMD360 06/09/15 08:53am Class C Motorhomes
RE: What was your first newbie moment?

The awning of course--and definitely help from a fellow camper--universal first and least damaging newbie experience for sure. I was trying to dump at home for the first time and could not get a decent downward flow--so I backed up on blocks which moved me right into the garage, breaking some roof tile, denting the flashing--and breaking the ladder that I had just fixed. The first probably was finding rot in the back panel of our new to us RV and figuring out how to fix it. We had looked for rot in all the places they recommend in buying a used RV--overheads, cabinets, etc. Nobody mentioned back rear panel! Then almost immediately catching the rear corner on I don't remember what and having to fix it again. Several little things--buying a ton of "stuff" to get started, some of which we no longer use. Also learning to caulk--still not very good at it. Going through batteries, it is way too easy to drain one all the way--repeatedly. Not putting down the antenna--another fellow camper support issue. Leaving the vent open in the rain before I put on vent covers. Not securing everything before leaving camp. Forgetting to plug the cord back into the generator. At least we never drove away connected--but some of these are not so much newbie as ongoing learning curve! Somehow after you do it once, you add it to the must do list and something else happens! We are six years and counting and loving every minute.
EMD360 06/09/15 08:45am Class C Motorhomes
RE: CL scams

Mostly nice folks using craigslist in my experience. Bought our RV from an ad. Always some scammers, right? That RV/car scam is several years old, and they don't have to get a "sale" to pick up plenty of info about you, email address first, then perhaps phone number etc. I have had a couple of times responding to an ad where I just didn't feel right about it. Three times I ask the same question with no response, just come look, or the location of the item changing. If it feels weird, no need to follow through, there are so many sellers to choose from. Craigslist now has the contact info "hidden" in the reply. Several folks still spell part of their phone numbers to avoid bots. I have an out of state area code and that will increase. Just didn't want everyone I know to lose my number. Keeping the same number was just easier. Good luck with your search, your perfect RV is just waiting to be found.
EMD360 06/07/15 10:53pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: How to remove state decals stuck all over the outside

I took off the peeling wallpaper trim in the kitchen area. It was not regular wallpaper paste but gooey like contact paper. I used goo gone and elbow grease but it was a huge chore. Fabric softener works on wallpaper paste but not on that gunk. I want to remove the cracking decals on our RV but waiting until I feel like it. ha ha. I am going to try that drill operated "eraser" though. Inside, ours had a map of the USA but the former owner trimmed out the wallpaper at that site and put up pictures. Just one of those quirky things about someone else's RV. Some folks find it fun to collect stickers, some prefer a more sedated appearance.
EMD360 06/06/15 10:36am Class C Motorhomes
RE: What did you do to your Class C MH today???

Cleaned (yesterday) and set up for extra house guests. Nice to have a couple extra sleeping spots. Luckily they are young adults and can climb up into the bunk though.
EMD360 06/06/15 07:53am Class C Motorhomes
RE: E350 Ford Chassis

We drive what I believe is a factory Itasca E350--have not replaced the shocks or added a stabilizer etc. at 39,000 miles approximately. It drives easily and we don't have issues except in high winds in Utah when it can be hard to drive anything. We think it is the best size vehicle for two and even with the grandkids. Nice that it is small and gets set up in a flash. Can't say enough good about the performance in the six years we have owned it. I would not hesitate to buy another.
EMD360 06/05/15 09:50pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Repair

I think you might be able to get by with a fiberglass repair instead of rebuilding the cabover. It depends on if you find rot in the cabover behind the split or even at the bottom where water may have found its way. Our RV came with a repair on the edge of the fiberglass roof that seems to have been done well. I believe it is done with fiberglass and resin and then sanded down. Or you might try using Eternabond roof tape for a bit uglier but still waterproof seal.
EMD360 05/12/15 10:11pm Class C Motorhomes
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