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RE: Foldable furniture

I like the LGM bed with shelves and doors. If it could take the weight, could store plenty on the shelves, and then turn that towards the wall to get the bed out. But I bet those are pretty heavy machinery and wonder if they could hold up to motion in an RV! Thanks for sharing--fun to watch.
EMD360 09/08/15 07:49am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Always Something--Hot water clog UPDATE

I just have to add that I hooked up the water, filled the hot water heater and tried the hot water taps and THEY DIDN'T WORK! I was trying to figure out what I did wrong, could I have a valve in backwards? So the in valve was working just fine, the water heater filled with water. I just let out part of the water with the pressure relief valve and then undid the top valve. A small piece of the broken valve had fallen into the water heater and when I refilled the heater, the piece got lodged in the upper valve! So I removed it and reconnected and finally the problem was fixed. Just thought it was another typical fix. If at first you don't succeed...
EMD360 08/30/15 09:03pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Questions before I take the plunge.

If you are agile enough I'd recommend a 24' or shorter RV with only a cabover and pull out couch. Lots of room without the bed and without the need for a slide out. Also shop for a 2005+ model with a budget of about $20-$25000. We don't have a slide and we are happy in our 22 footer with the cab over. We use the couch and the dinette when the grand kids travel with us. It is close quarters for all of us, but we also use the outdoors when we camp. :-) Our F350 has a 5000# hitch and could probably tow at least 3000# and stay below our total weight rating. I think F450's can tow more but they are harder to find in a shorter RV. Good luck, you came to a good place for the been there done that info.
EMD360 08/24/15 11:12pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Always Something--Hot water clog UPDATE

I found the new valves on ebay and they were listed by zorotools.com Here is the item I bought--SMC CHK BRS 810-8M8M-F, Piston Spring Check Valve,Brass,1/2" The total cost for the two valves was $41.32. I saved the shipping charge by adding another small item to my order. But they charged me shipping on both and I had to ask for a refund. They were super nice about it though and refunded both shipping charges.
EMD360 08/24/15 10:55pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Always Something--Hot water clog UPDATE

I put the new spring check valves on the hot water heater today. I drained the water heater for the task. Thought I would post some pics. The new check valves have brass inserts--here is one compared to the broken plastic valve that was causing the trouble. http://i911.photobucket.com/albums/ac316/EMD360/Spring%20Check%20Valves%20for%20Hot%20Water%20Tank/IMG_2542_zpsk5qogzpz.jpg width=600 One of the old check valves had the plastic gasket from the plastic plumbing connection stuck to it. I reused this gasket in the new connection. http://i911.photobucket.com/albums/ac316/EMD360/Spring%20Check%20Valves%20for%20Hot%20Water%20Tank/IMG_2544_zpspyw1x6ch.jpg width=600 Here are both new valves installed. You can see the hot water shutoff on the bottom pipe in the background. http://i911.photobucket.com/albums/ac316/EMD360/Spring%20Check%20Valves%20for%20Hot%20Water%20Tank/IMG_2545_zpstglnwals.jpg width=600 Of course I ran out of time and did not refill the hot water tank to test these new valves yet. Hope there is not a problem.
EMD360 08/24/15 10:43pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Sidewall Tire Repair

We just used a spare under our Ford 250 while repairing one of the tires, and the undermount was a bear. Our RV spare is mounted on the back, but still was difficult to remove after sitting there immobile for 10 years or so. I think an older spare is just not that big of a risk, but then again I take risks other would not. You never know when you will need a lot of things, but we have roadside service and probably would replace our tire before we used the spare very long. It is truly just an emergency measure. YRMV as they say. Then again what is another $250 when you are out spending money right?
EMD360 08/22/15 12:40pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Sidewall Tire Repair

I've read every one of these replies and feel kind of sorry for this newbie OP. Walking into this forum asking if old cracked tires can be saved is scary business. EVERY newbie is told to check and change the tires. Help with suggestions for new tires is great because there are many choices out there and some RV's have under rated tires on them. Always use at least load range E. We have never used the spare, thank goodness, so we updated the old one with a tire that we replaced new. So it is a bit older than 7 years but it is a spare, only for temporary use in an emergency. So you might save by keeping the best of your tires for a spare. Our spare was probably original to the RV, under a cover and looked brand new but we replaced it with a used tire that matched the set we have on it. Have fun with that RV and use the advice here with a bit of salt. Just because something can happen doesn't mean that it will. On the other hand, be forewarned, almost every awful thing has happened to somebody and it could happen to you! :-)
EMD360 08/21/15 01:53pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Better gas mileage

I would encourage you to take your time looking at the market in your area and viewing lots of units online. PPL website is great for this. They always have a floorplan although they have few $10,000 units. I would not take $10,000 for ours and it is almost 13 years old. Most that I see in my area are only less than $10,000 if they are 70's to 80's. That is an old machine due for lots of trouble. If you have a fund for repairs, I suggest you increase your baseline price to at least $15,000. We didn't even put tires on ours for the first year we owned it. So our expenses were spread out a bit. From what I have read, I don't get much better mileage than the longer units. We say 9 on a good day. I also have a scangauge and I love it. They say if you watch it and try to keep your current mpg higher than your average, you will get the best mileage. But as others say, we hardly worry about mileage at all since we are out to have fun. After you pay your airfare, do you worry about that cost the whole trip? I must stay that RV'ing is a great activity for retirement. We also bought ours a few years before and had fun learning its ins and outs and doing some repairs, some that were the result of our learning curve! Good luck.
EMD360 08/20/15 05:16pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Dometic Microwave fell off wall while driving!

Our microwave didn't fall off, but our stove hood did. Luckily right in the driveway as we returned from a trip. The mistake was in the mounting, they missed the framed area on one side and it was just screwed to the thin plywood. It was not difficult to fix, I just put screws in that actually met the wood framing. I used cardboard boxes to hold it up while I was screwing it back in. But there was no warning, I never noticed it was loose until it fell off!
EMD360 08/17/15 05:51pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: New owner here

Many of us have 4x4 RV envy. You will have to make us even more jealous with your surf experiences. Welcome to the forum--I have found it invaluable.
EMD360 08/14/15 11:37pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Don't Understand Value Of 3-Valve Hot Water Bypass

So I have a one valve system and a bad check valve that I'm going to replace. I have already taken one apart and then reassembled. That is when I bought another one. I was not clever enough to think of taking out the spring mechanism and just adding another valve. So next time it goes bad I won't buy another but will just add a valve and make a note in the owners manual! Since I moved to Colorado I have both emptied the lines and pumped the pink stuff through. I even pumped it through before I closed the low point drains, leaving lots of antifreeze in my driveway and little in the pipes. At least I knew to close the water heater by pass valve. I found that snow and ice can leak through seams in the coach that hard rains do not seem to penetrate. So I re-caulked and also bought a cover for the RV, but leaving heaters on inside actually seemed to make the problem worse in the overhead and cost plenty in electricity. I bought more eternabond to cover the front seams entirely and put in new stainless screws and trim vinyl, but it became another project that went on the back burner when the leak went away after I re-caulked the seams. In the winter maybe because of the cover, in the summer nothing even in the wildest of winds and downpours. In Arizona the very hot temps inside are probably as bad as the very cold temps in Colorado--if not worse. I don't have to remove anything that will melt in the heat now, just anything that will freeze in the cold!
EMD360 08/14/15 11:30pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Walmart Battery

Yeah for the responsible owner the expensive deep cycle batteries do make sense. But do you just feel worse if you accidentally discharge them all the way or have some other battery killing incident? I had to shop for a converter conversion again at Best Converters and still decided to hold off. Kind of like if it ain't broke philosophy. If I had done it five years ago...maybe I'd still have my Interstate batteries or my AGM's!
EMD360 08/14/15 11:13pm Class C Motorhomes
Always Something--Hot water clog UPDATE

About mid trip, at a campsite with a direct water hookup, our hot water lost pressure. I'm pretty sure it is clogged at the one way spring valve on the water heater. I already bought two new ones because they were making a strange noise a couple of years ago now but that seemed to just stop so I never installed them. Maybe when the water pressure increased during the direct hookup, the valve stuck closed. I tried popping the pressure relief valve to be sure water was running into the heater and tried shutting off the water with an open water spigot like the manual directs to recreate the air bubble at the top of the heater, but neither tactic worked. I wanted to take it apart right then but we decided we could live without hot water for a couple of days until we returned to home base to work on it. The valves were expensive, I sure hope I know where I put them. Not in the RV of course so taking it apart would not have helped unless it was not the valve. On a shelf somewhere...:h
EMD360 08/13/15 05:14pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: What did you do to your Class C MH today???

Brought it home, unpacking and cleaning after a week tooling around southern Colorado with grandkids--beautiful country. Our steps have been bent and realigned a few times--accidents happen--once they didn't pull up automatically like they were supposed to, other times it was on rough back roads. We replaced them once too though. We also used a jack and a comealong to pull them back into place. So glad they are sturdy metal.
EMD360 08/13/15 04:10pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Walmart Battery

I agree about the "true" deep cell vs. the Marine DC, and the crazy way the Walmart batteries are rated--per minute instead of per hour. But with my old converter--I thought seriously about the upgrade but have not done it. At $300 plus it almost seems like overkill on a 15 year old RV. I'm going to try disconnecting--on our list now and see if that helps. Maybe keep it on a solar trickle charger--I got one for my birthday. I brought the old one inside for winter, don't know if that helps or not. I think it is just too easy to run them down more than 50% and have them on the charger "too long". These are sealed, right? I don't check the water levels as they are not openable. I liked our Group 27 Deep Cycle Interstates, I think they had more power, but they are very expensive, something like $250 each. Again vs. $90, even if the battery lasts 3 years instead of 6.
EMD360 08/13/15 03:58pm Class C Motorhomes
Walmart Battery

I have decided since I can't keep from inadvertently running down the house battery too far and destroying them, I will just use Walmart batteries. At least they are not that expensive to replace. I bought a Group 29 DC on the road today having them test my old battery from 5/13 as dead as a doornail. Kind of easy to find a Walmart these days. They don't always have stock but I guess I was lucky. I was worried about the battery before we left, but when it didn't even turn over the generator after driving 4 hours, I knew it was toast. On the way to the Great Sand Dunes, I stopped at the Salida Walmart and got a new battery. It is working great. But I know it will only last a couple of years with my use. Maybe I should put in a disconnect as I think there are loads from the propane alarm etc. that drain it totally when I don't have it plugged in, or maybe my original equipment converter is destroying the battery while charging it. This is my third Walmart battery in about 4 years, the first one replaced while still under warranty. Before that I had used AGM's and before that two Interstates that came with the RV. Some folks have only had one battery in all that time! Oh well.
EMD360 08/07/15 09:10pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: RV Transport for Elderly Mom

Last year took the train to CA from Denver and it was 8 hours late. They said that commercial traffic is up so much that passenger traffic often just has to wait for the track. I like travel in general--but will have a conversation with Mom about what she thinks will work best. She is reasonably mobile and we already talked to her doctor about the move. Just have to figure out the details. Thanks for all your input, as usual very valuable.
EMD360 08/07/15 08:46pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: RV Transport for Elderly Mom

Thanks for your quick input. I had not thought of the train. I know the airports were difficult for her in the past, even with a companion. I can get her up the steps and into the bathroom in our RV as I can do it in a small bathroom, but the length of the drive is questionable. Right about in and out of sleep. That is typical for her but probably not a problem. What if she gets really uncomfortable and I CANT change transportation methods? But that is true no matter what we choose. I've taken the train to Chicago in a bunk room and it was reasonably comfortable, although we had to go to the dining car for meals, maybe handicapped will bring meals though. I'll take more advice before I decide and of course see if she thinks the train is an option. She seems game for the RV, she had ridden in it before but only on short trips and before she broke her leg.
EMD360 08/06/15 08:31am Class C Motorhomes
RV Transport for Elderly Mom

I'd like your thoughts on bringing my mom from Chicago to Denver in our small Class C. She is 94 and in assisted living. Recovering from a broken leg, the cast is off, but her mobility is still limited. We are moving her to an assisted living home here in Arvada and I thought the most comfortable travel for her would be in the RV. Door to Door instead of trying to get through the airport and onto a plane. It is a 15 hour trip and I thought we would stop when she needed the bathroom etc. but otherwise drive straight through with 2 drivers. Her basic health is quite good so no worries about a heart attack or any major health issues on the road. I'm thinking she would be on the jackknife bed with a camping mattress to make her more comfortable and pillows to sit up when she wants. Is this a crazy plan? She can't believe I am planning for her to travel again!
EMD360 08/06/15 06:49am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Waterpump replacement

I bought a repair kit for my old pump but it didn't help--so money down the drain. Then I bought the new pump close to the same size and amp usage from Amazon and I replaced the old tiny accumulator tank with a 2 gallon metal one from Home Depot. The new pump said it did not need an accumulator tank but I put one in anyway and it does seem to keep the pump from running for nighttime flushings. I installed it right side up and when I winterized, I just ran pink stuff in the system until it came out the faucets, no special work for the accumulator tank. There are some photos here..
EMD360 08/05/15 03:19pm Class C Motorhomes
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