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RE: Advice on buying a travel trailer for lakeside site

Looks like you have all the bases covered. One suggestion would be to go to the Toronto RV show in the spring. Even though you are not intending to buy new, it would be a good opportunity to see the various types of trailers and if one type of layout is suitable for you. You could then have an idea when searching for used ones in your price range. Good luck.
GLaidlaw 01/07/14 07:57pm Travel Trailers
RE: Advice on buying a travel trailer for lakeside site

Before purchasing a trailer, I would suggest you check into zoning requirements in Haliburton re trailer placement on a lot. Some municipalities in Haliburton county are becoming strict. Of course, if this lot is in an RV park or other area approved for this use, then this would not apply. Waste disposal is almost more of a problem than no water since you could pump from the lake and bring in drinking water. Septic systems can be expensive in that area of the Province. Check into the local Health regulations re disposal. In some areas outhouses may be prohibited and dumping waste on the land could be a big problem, even more so if near a lake. The MNR and Fisheries Dept. can be nasty to deal with if there is a problem. If you have checked into all of this or it does not apply, then go ahead. Buying a trailer and finding out later that there are problems could be expensive. Municipalities in Haliburton are even becoming strict re year round living in RV parks since they are only zoned for seasonal use.
GLaidlaw 01/07/14 07:33am Travel Trailers
RE: star choice tv

OK If they have the same lnbf as you -this is critical- if it is a new system it will probably be a triple, (if theirs is different from yours you can't check doing this method)try connecting your receiver to their dish. If it works, then your dish is the problem. If it does not then your receiver may need a refresh. Their are extra posts to connect to at the dish- just need coax and a power source for the receiver. By the way- which receiver are you using- a 600 series? You could also connect their receiver to your dish and see if it works. Again, if it does then it is your receiver. Just try different strategies to eliminate possibilities. If this system worked last year, then I feel it is either: misaligned dish- they can be tricky- post must be vertical and receiver on the right channel- I think 252 for a triple- I don't use this since I use a First Strike meter which does identify the satellite. receiver has lost its program and needs a hit. The big difference from Shaw to Bell is that the lnbf is matched to the receiver by Shaw sending the correct mapping info to the receiver. Different lnbf's need different codes. They sell you a matched system. The problem arises when you try to hook up a receiver to an older dish with a different lnbf. Also - using the receiver to align the dish is a snap with Bell- much more challenging with Shaw- it will work but needs patience. This is why I bought the meter- takes about 3 minutes to find the sat. If you use a generic meter- you could be on the wrong sat as well. Keep trying. There is a learning curve but worth it when it works. I practised at home before I left to make sure I could do it. good luck. Hope this makes sense.
GLaidlaw 01/05/14 02:05pm Technology Corner
RE: star choice tv

Another thing to try- look around the area for a Shaw dish on another site and ask for help. I helped a few people set up their dish since I have a meter when I used to go down. Most people who have used Shaw for awhile are fairly adept at setting up their systems. Right now I am up in On where we have snow and expected freezing rain. This after the major one over Xmas. Enjoy the RGV. If you have the auto systems on the top of a motorhome- I can't help since I have no knowledge on those systems. I have only used the manual setup with a tripod.
GLaidlaw 01/05/14 09:05am Technology Corner
RE: star choice tv

On re-reading your post- Did you leave the dish in the RGV? If so it is probably ok unless it got moved slightly. Was the receiver disconnected while you were in Canada. If so it has definitely lost its authorization. Did you reactivate your programming before heading south since you use Bell up here. If so, it may just need a rehit to activate your programming.- you can use the internet- I believe. Check the Shaw site for this. Again- Shaw is now unable to help you if you are in the USA. This has changed since last year when they were very helpful.
GLaidlaw 01/05/14 08:57am Technology Corner
RE: star choice tv

If you call them, you must figure out some way that they do not realize you are in the USA. If so, they will not help or so I am told. Is your program package activated all year long or do you activate it before heading south? I still do not have enough information. Did you bring the entire system with you- receiver, dish etc. Did you set it up yourself? Do you get the green light on the receiver when hooked up to the dish or is it red? Green means it sees the satellite- red is not good- no satellite seen- usually a dish out of alignment. I believe that if you get a green light- it is software problem if no picture.
GLaidlaw 01/05/14 08:51am Technology Corner
RE: What effect does an electric heater have?

To keep it simple, a 1500 watt heater will take half of your electric capability. When running, you must remember to use no other heavy use appliance that plugs in. Your microwave is on a separate circuit so it will probably work but that maxes out your power. You also have other phantom power users such as the converter, TV, etc. so this could impact as well on your power available. When we used a portable heater, we simply unplugged it when using other appliances. It was a problem to remember and we blew a few circuit breakers when we forgot, but no permanent damage. Hope this helps.
GLaidlaw 01/05/14 07:39am Tech Issues
RE: star choice tv

In order for Shaw to work you need: -exactly the same lnbf as the one you use at home as your receiver is set up for that. If you have the new triple head at home and the older dual in Texas- it will not work. Shaw used to allow you to reprogram your receiver but that is proabably not so anymore if you are in the USA. -the other possibility is that the dish is not pointed correctly. You will need to provide much more information for a correct diagnosis. -do you receive Shaw at home? -did you upgrade to the triple head at home? -is the present dish left in the USA or in the RV unused while at home? -is it using the older dual head? -did you bring the receiver which was working in Canada with you and is it the receiver presently not working? According to others, Shaw does work in the south- but you will not receive the new G satellite with all its programming as its footprint does not cover the States. You will receive the older 2 satellites as in the past. M guess is that either the dish is not pointed correctly or you have a mismatched lnbf. Hope this gives you a direction for diagnosis. Good luck.
GLaidlaw 01/05/14 07:28am Technology Corner
RE: Canadians in the states about your Shaw account on line

As someone new to satellite TV, I would search the internet for forums dealing with the Shaw system- it will be confusing at first with different viewpoints etc, but eventually you will learn enough to make sense of it- there is a definite learning curve. You will also have to learn how to set up a dish to get a signal- this also takes practice- a good meter helps but there is also a learning curve there too for the good ones.You will have to get a system at home- set up by a Shaw tech and then take that system with you when you travel- don't mention that you will be traveling with it. Times have changed. It used to be easy to get a second dish but not now. Shaw used to be real helpful- but not any more- you will have to learn to do it yourself- especially if out of Canada. Good luck. Most RVers have learned how to set up these dishes and are very helpful- if in a park down south- just look for a Shaw dish and ask. Good luck
GLaidlaw 10/31/13 07:28am Snowbirds
RE: I75 south..mountains?

We have found that the I75 route is the best winter route from Toronto (compared to the centre or eastern route)- have used it many times. The highway is relatively flat with only the one mountain and that is usually south of the snow area- although you can get snow and ice if the conditions are right. I would not consider this mountain a problem for either the ascent or descent compared to other mountains. Simply gear down and practise the proper braking technique (don't ride the brakes- slow right down and then let the vehicle run until the speed builds up and then repeat) and you should have no problems. Your vehicle should have no issues with this area. Heavy trailers with inadequate tow vehicles could have a problem, but this is not relevant to your situation. Just relax, take your time and enjoy the view. If you want to be entertained along the route, buy the "Along the Interstate 75" by Dave Hunter. It gives you mile by mile information on the highway, proper lane position, fuel locations and brand, hotels, restaurants, and nearby attractions. We still enjoy using our old copy even though we have driven the route many times.
GLaidlaw 10/25/13 07:23am Snowbirds
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