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RE: Can my garage roof (truss system) hold a camper shell?

I worked for years in the retail and contractor home center business. The company I worked for also manufactured wood roof and floor trusses. These trusses were supplied for regular homes, commercial buildings, municipal buildings, large apartment complexes etc. Each truss is designed for an intended load with specified bracing points to make the truss system work as one unit. If a truss is not designed for a specific load to be hanging from it, then you are taking a real chance at a failure of the entire roof . When a roof truss has a load on it, ex: snow, the webs in those trusses push down against the bottom cord and then back up to the top to balance or absorb the load. Hanging something not planned for on the bottom chord could cause failure of the entire system because if the plates on one truss becomes comprised, it can affect all the trusses. Joe
GMCPU53 05/30/14 04:59pm Truck Campers
RE: No RV parking signs

Our TC does not require a registration...so our truck has the only plate. In Yellowstone, there were many side roads that restricted RV's...I started to enter one (it was a tight/twisty road) the Ranger just waved...after that we drove on any road we wanted and were never questioned. OTH, we parked in "RV' spots at many NP's...so the TC was the best of both worlds. I actually felt bad (not TOO bad) for the difficulty Folks in Class A/C's had trying to find parking in the NP's. The TC was so easy...we could fit anywhere. Twice we have pulled into to State beaches here on the East Coast, that said "No RV's", the attendants never batted an eye...they charged us the automobile rate and in we went. We have camped in "tent sites" at NP's, NF's, etc with the Rangers permission, if there were no RV sites. We take only 1 parking space, same as a tent camper... As noted, I guess it depends who is posting the signs and why. If you are not registered as an RV, you could always point that out to who ever asks. Ask nice, explain you only need a single space. We have never had a problem. Bill p.s. we even squeezed through here; https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-KIOeVcJFHrw/TphX2AddmwI/AAAAAAAAC1k/8s5YNsSOjBQ/s640/Needles%25203.JPG Can anyone guess the location? Yup ! Real easy ... you're in that famous hole in the wall place under that giant boulder. My brain is starting to fade so I can't remember which state it's in, but I think I have it narrowed down to the lower 48. That makes me the closest without going over. When do I get my prize ? Joe
GMCPU53 05/16/14 05:26pm Truck Campers
RE: Strange energy field around a RV?

So the answer to your question is "yes," but it's worse than you know. The only way I know to counteract that energy field is to present your rig as the most terrifying spot on the 500 acre field. Fly a giant skull & crossbones pirate flag, or a confederate flag, scatter empty beer cans liberally around, fire a shotgun wildly in the air when you see 'em comin', and chase your SO, around the RV several laps, both of you nearly naked and screaming at the top of your lungs. And if you can have 3 or 4 pitbulls barking loudly in the scrum, that will help, too. You'd better be careful ! A spectacle like that might seem real inviting to some of us Redneck Truck Camper people ! Just like being at home..... we'll even bring Cousin Eddie with us !
GMCPU53 04/02/14 07:59pm General RVing Issues
RE: Couldn't take it anymore...

How much snow do you have on it ? If it is a large amount, ( in excess of 6 " ) ,you might consider adding airbags to support the added weight, or sumos, or timbrens, or supersprings, or extra leafs etc. ( don't forget to check the shocks also !) Glad I was able to help, if you need further assistance I would recommend doing a search for snow weight on a dually , lots of good answers available. Joe
GMCPU53 03/25/14 06:12pm Truck Campers
RE: Bigfoot Camper is Hurting Tonight!!

That really stinks ! Hopefully the damage is very minimal. keep us informed as to what the outcome is. Joe
GMCPU53 03/12/14 03:34pm Truck Campers
RE: .

I just figured it out !!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's not a period, it's a DOT ! Sleepy has sent us a cryptic message to let us know he's being held captive by the D.O.T. who apparently think his rig is overweight. What can any of us do to help him ?????? ( please don't worry about me, I'm Wayyyy beyond help, just go and save Sleepy) Joe
GMCPU53 02/28/14 03:39pm Truck Campers
RE: S & S Campers still in business?

I had a question about my S&S and called them last week because their website has said under construction for a few months. I believe it was Doug that I spoke to and he said they have been busy doing just about all commercial or govt special orders, and would probably not have the website back up until he can make some TC's to sell . So , it appears they are still in business, just limited to another direction right now. If you ever do get a chance to buy an S&S, especially a new one, you will be very satisfied. Well made unit. Joe
GMCPU53 02/27/14 05:50pm Truck Campers
RE: .

FINALLY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A post that makes perfect sense to me...... I finally get the point of this forum. Joe
GMCPU53 02/27/14 10:42am Truck Campers
RE: but can you do this with a TC?

This pic was posted last week on the general rv'ing issues forum. forum member loulou57 in responding to the post said : "This happened in south Saskatchewan last may. The same week, in Saskatchewan a small car was spotted with an atv strapped to the roof. : " Another forum member said it had already been posted last May and the topic went to 10 pages, I never saw it back then, glad it was reposted Joe
GMCPU53 02/24/14 06:39pm Truck Campers
RE: Whazoo's "It's not a trip report" trip report

Thanks for a great "not a trip report " , ( for clarification : was it the trip that didn't happen, or the report that didn't happen ? ) In either case I didn't see the report either about the trip you might not have taken. Great pics and puns as usual, good to see you back. I will be praying for your granddaughters continued improvement. As others have already said, it won't be long before you will be introducing the grand kids to the TC excursions. Joe
GMCPU53 02/14/14 06:36pm Truck Campers
RE: locking up a progressive ems pt30c

I put mine inside the TC, right by the access door, I connect a 50' 30 amp cord from the Progressive unit to the pedestal. The door is way too small for someone to get it out of the camper. Progressive unit cost a lot more than the extension cord. Joe
GMCPU53 01/17/14 06:07pm Tech Issues
RE: New Member from Alaska, Hello from the Kenai!

Welcome to the TC Forum. Great looking setup and it sounds like you've been able to put in some time camping with it. The kids must really love it. Have a great time building some memories. Joe
GMCPU53 01/15/14 06:25pm Truck Campers
RE: Progressive Industries Electrical Management System

While preparing for my cross country trek, purchased the Progressive Industries EMS to protect against power surges and low voltage situations. I also got a dog bone to plug in a 50amp pedestal outlet and then plug my shore power cable into the other end of the dog bone. Hope this question doesn't sound too stupid, but does the use of the dog bone from 50 to 30 amp, give fewer problems, or more consistent power ? I have a progressive unit also, and had one time it kept kicking out at a Campground due to faulty ground issue. Have a dogbone on hand , and will use it if it improves things, thanks Joe
GMCPU53 01/14/14 08:39pm Tech Issues
RE: What are your high wind stories?

The worst wind I ever experienced was a couple of years ago, while driving my TC thru Washington DC. My rig was almost blown over by a wind so fierce that it could not be measured by any means known to man. It was just a constant blow at several hundred miles an hour at least. Glad I had a Chevy to withstand the extreme conditions. Then Congress adjourned for the day, and all the wind went away. The End ( OK, How long before this gets deleted or modicated ?) Joe
GMCPU53 01/13/14 07:44pm Truck Campers
RE: new years

Happy New Year to All ! Hope everyone has a year of good health , and many trips out in their TC's Joe
GMCPU53 01/01/14 04:59pm Truck Campers
RE: reflection - a short blog trip report link

Thanks for the report. It's great that both of you were able to get away for the Holiday. Looks like it was a relaxing time, a chance to recharge your system. Joe
GMCPU53 01/01/14 04:54pm Truck Campers
RE: Low Forum Activity?

Speaking of Nitwits : I did a search ( which I always do before starting a new thread), (or responding to a post ), and found the following info, the results of which were apparently not generally released to the RV Net membership, but I did find it by doing a Search , which if others had done, it might have eliminated the need for this topic being posted in the first place , but it's ok that it was because we were getting low on posts anyway. It refers to a comprehensive survey done at this time last year regarding the same topic being discussed in this post : The perceived lower volume of posts on the RV Net forums at this time each year. The survey was sent out to over 4000 forum members and the results shown below were compiled from the answers received from all 6 members who responded. I hope that this will clear up the mystery once and for all, and eliminate the continued discussion of this topic each fall. The responses are from actual members who wish to remain anonymous. Why are there fewer posts in the fall/ winter than in the summer 1. Most of the posts aren't visible in the winter because the snow is too deep on the fences 2 Old People don't trust young people and young people don't trust old people , middle age people are neutral on the whole subject 3. Most members post several new topics each day, but there is some kind of conspiracy going on , the moderators are deleting 99% of the posts before anyone can read them. 4 The spell check feature doesn't work , so if a word is misspellled, the entire post is vaporized by the system. 5. The proliferation of surveys like this one are causing members minds to vaporize. 6. TC'ers who have smaller rigs and limited space use smaller computers and see fewer posts visible on the screen. 7. Tc'ers who have larger rigs and more space use a larger font size on the screen , filling up the screen faster and allowing fewer posts to be seen. 8. If all the forum members were busy working on writing a post at the same time, nobody would be available to read them. Most members are being polite and waiting. 9. Post counts are down 432% due to the disappearance of Slack R Crusty 10. Members have more eyesight problems, making it painful for them to sit at a computer typing a post, it is believed to be caused by increased smoke pollution from campfires. Hope this helps, Joe
GMCPU53 11/20/13 06:28pm Truck Campers
RE: Campfire Starters

I also highly recommend the Diamond STRIKE-A-FIRE fire starters. About 9 bucks for a box of 48 at Wally World. 2 or 3 start a campfire with minimal or no kindling. They last about 10 or 12 minutes. I would light a campfire with paper and scraps of forest by products, but if it smoked even a little bit, someone might post a comment on the forum about how inconsiderate I am, and I'm trying to keep a low profile, so I use the fire sticks. Joe
GMCPU53 11/18/13 05:54pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Poking fun at other complainers...

Rule 477 : Do not post lists of rules in excess of 6 rules , it gives me a headache Rule 478 : Members who create posts like this one , and those who respond to said posts , are in need of help, and need to get out camping right away. I really don't get the tongue in cheek thing. I've always kept my tongue in my mouth next to my cheek, and that doesn't get me into any trouble, unless I open my mouth. I only have a problem when I use my fingers to type stuff , because nobody really understands me . I did get quite a compliment last year though, another member called me a TWIT ! I was quite impressed that all my ideas and opinions were finally recognized. Joe That gives me a great idea for another rule. Rule 479 : For your own sanity ...Do not camp near me
GMCPU53 11/17/13 07:54pm General RVing Issues
RE: Where to get list of RV friendly events

Fryeburg Fair in Maine. I was told this year that they are the second largest campgound in North America. X2 on this one. For the past few years we have stayed 2 nights during the week when it is a little slower. Great old time agricultural fair, with lots to see and do, and the premises are kept exceptionally clean, with well maintained buildings. Joe
GMCPU53 11/17/13 07:31pm Rallies, Shows and Gatherings
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