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RE: GFI issue in bathroom -trips 3 recptaces - will not reset

Try ScottG suggestion first and let us know how that works for you.
Gjac 03/28/17 02:41pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Spare Parts To Carry

Really it's more about the tools. Keep reasonable tools around. Parts vary so much and today's belts are more reliable than times past. Get very good glues and tape though. :). Your right, I forgot to mention glues and tape, I carry Shoe Goo, two part epoxy and Gorrila tape. I fixed a lot of things with the Shoe Goo. Gorilla tape fixed a torn awning.
Gjac 03/28/17 02:25pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Spare Parts To Carry

How do you work the magic for codes with a paper clip? I carry tools to make repairs along the way which I have used every trip. These include a tire plug kit for the MH and car and a 12 v compressor. The only spare parts I carry is a green and gray switch for the auto park system and an old serpentine belt that I replace 10 years ago. With a paper clip I can retrieve any engine codes and there are Napas everywhere for everything else.. I have the the OBD1 system and the service light blinks indicating what the trouble code is, I used it many times. I bend the paper clip into a u and connect A anB port and the computer will blink long and short blinks, I have a sheet of paper which tells me what each code means.
Gjac 03/28/17 12:07pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: side fiberglass and thinking zep

I used 4 coats of Zeps and it still looks good and has not yellowed after 5 or 6 years. The front cap due to cleaning off bugs I had to reapply.
Gjac 03/28/17 12:04pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Spare Parts To Carry

I carry tools to make repairs along the way which I have used every trip. These include a tire plug kit for the MH and car and a 12 v compressor. The only spare parts I carry is a green and gray switch for the auto park system and an old serpentine belt that I replace 10 years ago. With a paper clip I can retrieve any engine codes and there are Napas everywhere for everything else.
Gjac 03/28/17 11:38am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Rubber Roof Life

So other than Liquid Roof, what would be the "other coatings" that work? Acrylic and latex coatings like Kool Coat, Bus Cote, Heng's, Dicor, Henry's to name a few. EPDM like Liquid Roof would be the most expensive.
Gjac 03/24/17 09:15pm Tech Issues
RE: Insulation under the bed

We have storage under our bed, so the extra sheets, blankets, some off season clothing etc all act as an insulation. I store all my blankets and stuff on top of the generator cover under my bed, not to keep the bed warmer but to insulate the generator from noise. My wife put a 3 in foam mattress topper on top of the 6 in thick mattress so I can't see how another 1/2 in layer of anything is going to make any difference in warmth.
Gjac 03/24/17 04:26pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Rubber Roof Life

It really depends on the age of your RV and its value and how long do you plan to keep it, recoating it is the cheapest way and works good but if you plan to keep it for many more years than full replacement might be best. A good recoat job can last years. This is very true .A friend and I both own 1996 MH's with a rubber roof. I re coated mine in 2006 with 1 coat of Kool Seal given to me by another friend because he bought a new MH with a FG roof. That one coat is now almost worn off after 10 years. My other friend has never coated his and his roof is entirely black but still does not leak. There is about an .030 thick top coat of white EPDM that sloughs off with weather and time. The coatings applied either acrylic, latex or EPDM with slow down this process and keep your MH much cooler in the summer than a totally black roof. Knowing what I know now I would give it 2 coats of one of these coatings as soon as the black spots start to show through that top white surface. My roof is now 21 years old and still does not leak and has never been stored inside.
Gjac 03/24/17 04:15pm Tech Issues
RE: Class A body roll

You can install after market four corner air bags, with a dash control to inflate them. If the body roll from winds or trucks passing is bothering you, all you have to do is inflate them to stiffen up the suspension. When the winds subside and you are on back roads, you deflate the air bags and you have the same smooth ride as before. I would think this option would give you the best of both worlds. Sumo springs or any other spring that would make the spring stiffer would help but would give you a stiffer ride all the time. A lot of people prefer the softer Monroe shocks over the Koni's for this reason. I like the above solution because you can adjust it to your needs and road condition. I don't know the cost of this system compared to adding Sumo springs and Koni shocks.
Gjac 03/22/17 10:11am Class A Motorhomes
RE: EPDM Roof Repair

Thanks for the info. I have a roofer friend who does houses, but he mentioned he had done several motor home roofs with cool seal. Said his crew would clean, calk and put new seal on my roof. I am leaning towards liquid roof for RVs. He will apply whatever I want so I might go that way. I have read several articles where someone has used cool seal on RVs and it seemed okay. Will report what I decide and how that works when I get the job done. Thanks again, Arnold It is a matter of price, liquid rubber being more expensive. The white EPDM rubber sloughs off with time and weather, eventually the top .030 or so wears off leaving black EPDM showing. It will just make the MH hotter in the summer. Case in point my friend also has a 1996 MH also which was never coated his roof is entirely black but still does not leak. The coating will add life to your roof and reflect the sun keeping your MH cooler in the summer.
Gjac 03/22/17 09:42am Class A Motorhomes
RE: alternator exchange or rebuild

My alternator went out on the first trip I made 12 years ago. I think the OEM one was 110 AMPS. The shop by the CG I was staying at could not find a replacement so they installed a rewound 180 AMP alternator, and still charges at 14.1 volts 12 years and 80 k miles later.
Gjac 03/21/17 09:22pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: How old is too old?

A well maintained 20 year old MH with 35k miles for $12k could be a good MH. Just look for maintenance records, if a 454 or 460 see if exhaust manifolds leak. Headers fixed that problem. Look at caulking on the roof was it maintained or is it cracked. Is there any I looked at two 2009 MH's where the owner was never up on the roof, both had bad leaks because the caulking was cracked. Have the control boards on the refer,WH, genset ever been changed? Do all appliances work? I would choose a well maintained low mileage older MH over a newer non maintained MH.
Gjac 03/21/17 10:25am Class A Motorhomes
RE: EPDM Roof Repair

KoolSeal is silicon based if I'm not mistaking. That's a no-no on EPDM. As time (and sun) goes on, silicon will not stick. KoolSeal makes both acrylic and silicone based products. I used the acrylic based one and it looked good for about 4 years. I friend of mine gave it to me and no longer needed it because his new MH had a FG roof. I only had enough to apply one coat. I would use it again. I think the other brands of acrylic are similar Henry's, Heng's, Bus Cote, etc. The Kool Seal silicone based coating says it it for EPDM roofs also. The silicone based ones seem to have a longer life than the acrylic or latex based ones if you look at their spec sheets. Remember they are not pure silicone.
Gjac 03/21/17 08:27am Class A Motorhomes
RE: I think we are done

This has been a thoughtful thread. The only thing I would add is that I have found I can only do one hobby at a time. When I bought the MH 12 years ago my boat sat in my garage for 10 years unused because the MH took so much of my effort to fix and maintain it. I finally gave it to my daughter and son in law 10 years ago. They sold it I bought them another one and it stays over their house and I use it when I want. We used to go on a dive vacation every year and have not gone since buying the MH. Now my wife says we are too old to go. What I have learned is "every thing you own owns you" you have to maintain it, it water, it feed it etc. As I get older health and family issues are more of a problem than money lost to depreciation or maintenance. As others have said things that were easy in your 40's get harder in your 70's. Having said that my GS is living with us now and wants to go to Alaska this summer so that will add a new motivation for us. So I am not ready to throw in the towel yet. Seeing him enjoy the trip will make us happy.
Gjac 03/21/17 08:05am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Tow Bar Failure

Demco has a Limited Lifetime warranty, I would call them and let them know what happened. Does anyone know if any other company has this kind of warranty? They seemed to have the highest rated and best warranty when I bought mine 12 years ago.
Gjac 03/19/17 01:01pm Dinghy Towing
RE: 2017 Honda HR-V Not listed

Even though your OM says you can tow it flat, check with the base plate suppliers like Demco before you buy the car, I did not see them listed for any 2017 Honda. I have found this same problem in other tow cars I was researching.
Gjac 03/18/17 01:01pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Any tips on re-carpeting doghouse?

You wont be able to form the new carpet over the doghouse be heating it. The best way is once you have the carpet removed use it as a template to cut the new carpet. Carpet can't be formed over compound curved sections only single curved or wrap sections. The original installers know this so they made the cuts in the right places.
Gjac 03/18/17 11:08am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Canada Trip Planning

We made that trip several times when we went to Lake Of The Woods from CT. If you have never been there before it is worth the trip. It is very wooded but flat. After a while it was pretty boring, no mtns until you get west of Ontario. The provincial parks were nice. I think there is a lot more to see just south of the border the UP of Mich is nice as well as the North shore of Minn. From Ottawa you could cross Canada to Sault St Marie through Sudsbury on the Trans Canada Hwy and travel through the wooded area and see a good part of Ontario then enter the US and see the UP and North shore. You will also bypass Chicago this way. Just fill you gas or diesel tanks before entering Canada because fuel is much more expensive. From Minn you could go up to Thunder Bay and on to Winnipeg or stay in the us and visit Voyagers NP in Minn then cross into Canada at international Falls then up to Winnipeg. If you like to fish, Lake of the woods at Sioux Narrows is the place for Walleye and big Pike. Good Luck on your trip.
Gjac 03/18/17 11:00am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Straight axle front ends

Gjac, total, about 4 years for us. It took us about 1.5 years to get our MH fully loaded. We went from a TT to the MH, and the small amount of equipment that we had in the TT, was nothing compared to what we carry now. The jarring ride seemed to start about 1 year after purchase. I checked to try and see what could be making the jarring, I checked the distance between the bump stops and the spring, and was surprised to find it had become about 1 inch. There seems to be a lack of understanding of this issue. I saw Monaco Monarch in Fla. that I liked and had the owner take a picture for me of the front springs and they were resting on the rubber stops. The owner thanked me took it to a spring shop for repair and after a lot of investigation came back with this response. "Hi Gary, Well I just returned from a 108 mile round trip to Tampa Spring in Ocala where I really learned a bit about springs, “bump-stops”, ride-height, and “load-cushions”. Wayne, the Ocala store manager, who has over 25 years in the repair of truck suspensions spent over two hours calling folks and getting “expert” opinions and advice. He called Alliance RV in Wildwood. They were the Monaco Florida facility for sales and repair of Monaco’s and the employees bought out the facility from Monaco when they “reorganized”. They weren’t much help and referred Wayne to the new parent company of Monaco, REV Recreation Group. Their tech support said they thought the “Load Cushions” (what you called “bump-stops”) were pre-loaded the just touch the springs. They referred Wayne to the manufacture of the load cushions, Ultra RV Products, 1-800-417-559, and after Wayne talked to Alan there, I spoke with him as well. Alan confirmed that on Workhorse Chassis, the Load Cushion was manufactured to be fastened to the undercarriage and “pre-loaded” to just touch the top of the spring. The thought behind touching the frame is to provide a smoother ride when the wheels hit a bump, there is something immediately to help absorb the shock along with the springs." So it sounds like some think it was designed to rest on the frame.
Gjac 03/18/17 09:32am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Straight axle front ends

My last MH, a 2001 Tropical 36 ft was 15 years old when I traded it. The front suspension worked just fine. Too many folks wind up their underwear in a knot over nothing. Did you have any gap between the rubber and frame or was the rubber resting on the frame? Ford used soft riding springs in the F53 chassis, because that is what the manufactures buying them wanted, a soft ride. New and empty, they had about 4" between the bump stops and springs, and rode great. Alas, adding things quickly causes the free board to disappear quickly. This is what causes the "jarring" ride the F53 is famous for. Replacing the bump stops with either Sumos or Tembren will cure the jarring and give an increase in ride height, back to near normal height. This also cures the lean, to the right most F53s get with time. You can also install air bags, but that cost will be about 3 times the cost of the other 2 mention. The fix for the F53 chassis is: Rear track bar, either purchased or DIY. CHF, spring help. Front track, if it does not have one. The last item should be a "steering stabilizer" if needed. This will not make it ride and drive like a DP, but it will make it more comfortable to ride in and easer to drive. This is interesting, how many miles did it take before that 4 in gap disappeared? Was most of the disappearance in your estimation caused by adding weight to the MH or just spring wear over time?
Gjac 03/17/17 02:33pm Class A Motorhomes
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