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RE: Shoes for RVing

Having been a runner before arthritis set in I have a number of fabric inserts with foam on the bottom from running sneakers, the top fabric reduces the sweat inside when worn without socks. I alternate these inserts and wash when needed. Spenco inserts work well also. Theses are worn inside Sperry topsiders or other loafers type shoes. I also travel with sandals and hiking sneakers. The sandals do get dirty and sweaty but I use them to walk into the water while fishing, swimming in and around water so the get washed frequently. I don't like dirty socks hanging around while camping. I always drive in shorts so I can rub Tiger balm or Biofreeze on my knees and slip my shoes off so my feet don't sweat.
Gjac 05/26/17 06:43am General RVing Issues
RE: wipers

Sounds like the bump knocked one of your leads in the back of your switch off and is touching the other. Do you have a push button type switch on the dash? If so remove it and test it with an ohm meter across the two leads, it may have failed internally also.
Gjac 05/24/17 07:04am Tech Issues
RE: class a motorhomes

Yes Workhorse with the Chevy eng and Allison transmission stopped making MH chassis about that time frame.
Gjac 05/24/17 06:57am Class A Motorhomes
RE: class a motorhomes

The Ford chassis is the Triton V-10. What year are you looking at. If 2011 or newer all gas chassis will be the Ford.
Gjac 05/24/17 06:42am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Painting roof What to use?

You know I saw when the thread was first posted and I said "what the heck?" Now I understand, thanks for your update. It has always been my opinion that liquid roof was overkill, now it also looks like it's not a 10-20 year fix either. IMHO, you got a mess on your hands now. No way to fix that alligator roof without scrapping it off or replacing the whole thing. I paint my older 5'ver with that Heng's stuff. Lasts about 3-5 years then repeat. Not perfect, but seems to work. Thanks for the update and the pictures. It really helps others when people do that. Two thumbs up. This is my experience also. A friend bought a MH with a FG roof so he gave me a gallon of Kool Coat he had left over which is an acrylic like Heng's it looked good for about 3-4 years. I only had enough for 1 coat. I should have re coated it after 4 years but it is just getting to the point where I can see the primer and has worn off pretty evenly. I was going to re coat with Henry's Dura-White acrylic( has anyone tried Henry's). I coated it in 2006 so I think this extended the life of my roof for at least 11 years it may take another 5 years to completely wear off. But I think the right process is coat every 4 to 5 years to keep the roof white and prevent the top layer of EPDM from sloughing off. I have a friend with the same age roof that is completely black because he never coated it.
Gjac 05/23/17 08:34pm General RVing Issues
RE: Thetford Aria Deluxe

When you put it on a flat surface how much is it bowed? 1/4in or so?. As I remember mine it was not a composite meaning resin and fibers, it just looked like pure cast thermoplastic. It any case if it bent out of flat do to an incorrect install, I would lag the flange down to a flat work bench over night an see if the bow comes out. If it does it will be flat when you install it. You could also use a heat gun on low if you want to soften it a bit and get rid of the pre load on the flange.
Gjac 05/20/17 03:04pm Tech Issues
RE: Protecting new vent covers.

It really depends on where you live and how much UV light from the sun that you get. A practical and low cost approach to protect them is with paint. I cracked my AC covers several years ago from trying to remove snow also. I repaired both my AC covers and just repainted them with white paint. One of them is 21 years old but I live up north. My 2 vent covers are the max air and still look good. My electric fan vent cover looks ABS and is original also along with the refer vent .
Gjac 05/19/17 02:22pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Compression Latches

I have those same kind of latches and several have broken over the years. They are only made from that cast pot metal and are brittle. I did not want to replace them with the same type and have them fail also. I ended up removing the broken section inserted a 5/16 allen key into the hex hole. I had to grind the key down to the right size and it works fine. I think I contributed to the latch breaking because several doors leaked and I tightened them the adjusting bolt. The new ones are steel and will never break.
Gjac 05/19/17 02:04pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: 12 volt or low wattage vacuum cleaner

I haven't see a 12v or cordless vacuum that works as well as a 120v one. You said you have an inverter I would just plug your 120v vacuum into it. After fooling around with several 12 volt vacuums I found the inverter was a lot more effective.
Gjac 05/18/17 06:37am General RVing Issues
RE: Sumos on Front

How do the Sumo Springs work to soften the ride? They look like they would add spring rate because they are always in contact with the frame. I added the Henderson Springs as Wolf posted and it reduced the dips and bottoming out over pot holes but the ride was firmer.
Gjac 05/18/17 06:26am Class A Motorhomes
RE: leaning to the right

How bad is the lean? Is your driveway perfectly level? I would take it to a level parking lot and measure the ride height from left to right front to back and see if it is within spec. If not then get all 4 corners weighed and if you have more weight on one side shift some to the other side, if not then beef up the leaf springs.
Gjac 05/18/17 06:04am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Shout out for Roadmaster

Nice to hear good reports about suppliers.
Gjac 05/18/17 05:58am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Replacing chassis battery with group 27 batteries

How old are the batteries? If your charger has these functions I would equalize then desulfate and see if that makes a difference. You can also take your batteries to Walmart or most auto parts store and they will run a load test to tell you of the condition of the batteries. You need a certain minimum CCA to turn your eng over which is higher than a gas engine. Someone with a DP can tell you that. For example my 454 needed 700 CCA to start it was turning over slowly and when I load tested it it had 500 CCA, so it was replaced with a battery that had 810 CCA.
Gjac 05/18/17 05:53am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Banging noise in front end

Good thought John, but I did find the problem it was loose brake pads that were making the clunking noise. Compressing the ears on the fixed pad and bending the anti rattle spring on the piston side fixed the problem.
Gjac 05/16/17 07:09pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Banging noise in front end

Been there done that with rattles and bumps, it sure is a LOT nicer driving not having to worry about,"what's that noise".. Especially when we had an accident 2 years ago when the banging noise turned into a broken ball joint because it was the wrong one. See Mikes post above. I stopped at a front end shop in Wy. because I could not figure it out. He charged me $ 375 and told me it was just the coil spring which he reseated and told me the rest of the front end parts were good. 1000 miles later the ball joint broke when I was rounding a curve to get on the hwy. I am just glad it did not fail coming out of the mountains of Colorado. So that is why I am sensitive to noises and am wary of front end shops.
Gjac 05/16/17 01:53pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Banging noise in front end

Let your wife out of dog house. Actually I have been driving this thing with out the dog house on to try to hear where this banging is coming from. After a week of checking, tightening a loose shock mount, removing the shock, fixing a loose caliper, checking the front end parts I finally found the problem. The brake shoes were loose in the caliper mounting slots. The fixed pad has ears that fit on the caliper which I had to bend together in a vise. The movable pad had a spring clip that I had to bend about an 1/8 in. Took it for a test ride and no more banging, I want to thank everyone for all their ideas.
Gjac 05/15/17 08:39pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: fiberglass crack repair

I would use the 3M 5200,4200, Marine Tex, gel coat or Geocel caulk, it will lay flatter than the Eternabond tape. When you drill your holes at either end of the crack I would put a small pick in there to see if the outer layer of FG is cracked through. I can't see why a FG crack would appear in a flat side other than when laminating the FG wall there was a butt splice in the outer layer and not an overlap. Gel coat cracks usually occur when the gel coat is put on too thick. Good luck with your repair.
Gjac 05/15/17 08:25am Tech Issues
RE: fiberglass crack repair

It sounds like the crack is only in the gel coat and not through the FG laminate it self. If so I would leave it alone or put a decal over it if it bothers you. I agree with you, I would not do an extensive repair. Usually stress cracks in the gel coat show up in corners or radius of FG structures, yours is in the middle of the slide out. Is there any attachments on the inside that would induce a load in that area?
Gjac 05/15/17 07:13am Tech Issues
RE: Test drove 2017 Tiffin Allegro

Do the new Allegro's come are with the Sumo springs now or was that an option?
Gjac 05/14/17 02:57pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Any specific time to replace Batteries?

It really depends on how you maintain them. My two Sam's Club 6v GC batteries are 10 years old and I dry camp 95 percent of the time. I usually don't stay more than 3-4 days in anyone spot and have minimal 12v requirements so they may be at 70 or 80 percent SOC. Once maybe twice a year I stay for a week and they are at 50 percent SOC. I always charge to full within a week. Also equalize and desulfate several time a year. My Walmart starting battery was just replaced and was 10 years old also, I charged it along with my house batteries but it was a sealed battery so I could not equalize it. My first set were Trojan 105's which only lasted 4 years because I did not know at the time how to maintain them. I never got more than about 4 years out of my cars because the just get charged by the alternator. If you fulltime your 12v requirements will be much higher.
Gjac 05/14/17 10:08am Tech Issues
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