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RE: What are your Top 6 Favorite Class A's. By brand plus Model

What size MH do you want to purchase? Most are assuming you want a 40 ft MH if you want a 30 -34 ft MH you will get different answers.
Gjac 09/18/17 09:08am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Delamination remediation

Make sure the substrate is dry before bonding. Several things you can do, one is to put wedges between the outer Filon skin and the debonded substrate and park it is the sun for several days, use a hair dryer, or put some acetone in the area it will aid it drying the area as the solvent flashes off. If you use a polyurethane adhesive like Gorilla glue it is much more forgiving than epoxy when it comes to moisture because water will activate it. A lot of moisture will really activate it and it will foam rapidly causing large bubbles leaving a weaker bond. I said all this because when I fixed mine I could not get all the moisture out and used the polyurethane adhesive . It held for about 5 or 6 years and the disbonding came back. The other side held for about 9 years. Epoxy will be a stronger bond but too much moisture will weaken or prevent a good bond. I think HD sells a moisture meter that will give you a reading of the moisture content. Good luck on your project.
Gjac 09/16/17 09:48am Tech Issues
RE: Interior engine cover

What does the latching mechanism look like? A picture or at least a description would help. Mine has two adjustable latches that you can screw a bolt in to make it tighter to eliminate the gap. I doubt that your cover warped unless your engine runs extremely hot. Did you have an exhaust manifold leak? Another thing to look at is the supporting structure underneath if it is bent somehow the cover wont fit properly. Did your buy it like that or did it all of a sudden develop a gap?
Gjac 09/16/17 09:15am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Ford Fiesta ruined transmission questions

The same thing happened to a friend with his Fiesta, Ford would not cover it even thought the manual states that the auto is towable. Claimed it was operator error, his insurance ended up paying for the repairs.
Gjac 09/15/17 06:57am Dinghy Towing
RE: 2 Scams

There are some new ones that I have gotten that are more deceptive. I just ordered something from Amazon and a few days later I get an Email saying my order was canceled call this number or click here. Two days later my order came in I get another email saying the same thing. How did they even know I ordered something from Amazon? I ordered another part for the MH from Ebay and got a similar email. The other ones I have gotten were free $50 gift cards from Walmart and other companies with an egg with $50 click here. I also get notices from Fedex saying we have a package that we could not deliver for you then a final notice one comes the following week.
Gjac 09/11/17 01:05pm Around the Campfire
RE: Odd 12V Intermittent Failure

I had a similar one that Darbsen1 posted from HF, what happened is the black knob vibrated loose on two occasions and cause arching between the contacts causing me the same problems. The first time I cleaned the contact surfaces and all was well for a year or so the second time it happened I removed it and now just disconnect the neg battery terminal.
Gjac 09/08/17 08:01am Tech Issues
RE: Your connection is not private

The www.rv.net SSL certificate expired 9/4. It's not the date on anyone's computer, they didn't renew it in time. It will effect everyone, no need to post "I see it, too." If you're not getting a warning, you're probably not going to the secure URI - https://www.rv.net/ If your browser won't let you bypass the warning, get a different browser, the one you have is defective.. I tried a different browser (internet explorer) but get a similar message.
Gjac 09/05/17 06:58am Forum Technical Support
Your connection is not private

This topic has been moved to another forum. You can read it here: 29414776
Gjac 09/05/17 05:44am Technology Corner
Your connection is not private

When I tried to log into RV.net this morning I got the above error message it further states attackers might be trying to steal your information from Wwwrv.net. When I logged on with my I pad a different warning came up saying that a certificate expired on 9/4/2 017. Does anyone know what all this means?
Gjac 09/05/17 05:44am Forum Technical Support
RE: Accelerometer St.exe-System Error

Thanks guys it worked no more error message.
Gjac 09/02/17 10:05pm Technology Corner
Accelerometer St.exe-System Error

I recently updated my windows 10 system on my HP laptop and I get the above error code. In the box below the code it says "The code execution cannot proceed because VCRUNTIME140.dll was not found. Reinstalling the program may fix this problem." Does anyone know what this is about? When it x out this error code my laptop it goes away and the laptop seems to work as usual. When I restart the computer the code comes up again until I X it out. I also get a message from HP Action Center that says your computer needs to be restarted in order to set up device. Any help would be appreciated.
Gjac 09/02/17 10:22am Technology Corner
RE: F53 chassis hanling in the wind

Is your Vista 26 26 ft long? If there abouts what is your wheel base? A shorter MH with a short wheelbase to length may be your problem. Some on here responding have 36-38 ft MH's with longer WB/L which mke for a better ride. As Gary mentioned increasing your tow in may help. Do know what your 4 corner weight is? Or at least front and back weight is? Trying to evenly distribute the weight may also help.
Gjac 09/02/17 08:22am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Recent Banks Power Pack install?

No question headers work, it is just hard to quantify performance increases especially with the newer engines which is what the OP asked. For my older stock 454 it took 19 secs to go from 40-60 mph, after headers, FF muffler, CAI and advanced timing it took 12 sec. That is a 37% improvement in performance. For me it was worth the cost. I don't think the newer 3 valve 362 HP engines will see that much increase. It would be nice to see the before and after increases from actual users. It would probably cost about $3000 or more to buy and install the Banks system and I'm not sure I would pay that much to shave 3 secs of my 0-60 MPH times. Do you know what the performance increase was with the 5 star tuning? People that have installed this and other computer chips seem to like the performance increase on the newer V-10's, but none that I talked to could really quantify the increase except by "seat of pants dyno."
Gjac 09/02/17 07:57am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Recent Banks Power Pack install?

When I was investigating headers about 12 years ago Banks would advertise about 80 HP gains for the older 460's and 454's. If I remember correctly on the newer V-10's it was about half that. I just looked at their website and could not find that number. I would call them and ask about your year V-10 and ask what the HP gains would be. When you ask the question ask them about the rpm that you drive at, most of the marketing data is at WOT and not many of us drive our MH's at that RPM.
Gjac 09/01/17 10:02am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Gas or DP

One thing to keep in mind is a short gas MH with 362 HP and weights 16,000 lbs will have a higher HP/wt ratio than a 300 or 340 HP DP that is closer to 30,000 lbs. Gas MH's have the same engine whether it is 28 ft or 38 ft. DP's HP go up as the length and weight go up. True, with possibly one *. In the diesel world torque is the better number to look at. There is a big difference between a Cummins ISB rated at 300HP/600# torque and a Cummins ISC rated at 300HP/950 # torque. HP sells stuff, torque is what gets the work done. Seeing as the new Ford V10 is rated at 320HP/460# torque and the lowest rated ISB today has 660# torque, it's something that needs to be considered. With that said, I'd still lean towards a diesel, there are just too many other benefits other than the engine. I would lean towards a DP if I wanted 40 ft MH but in the shorter sizes they are hard to find. Saw a nice winabago 32t with a 350 HP engine but it had no pass thru storage. The CC allures and Intrigues are nice but they are hard to find. I don't want to start a torque vs HP debate but from a pure performance stand point I don't think a MH that weighs 30,000 lbs with 300 HP will out perform a 15,000 lb MH that has 362 HP. The gas engine may sound like it is going to come apart at 4500 RPMs and the diesal is just chugging along at 1400 RPMs but that is all in the design. The increased torque may be better from a stand still but if each approaches a hill at 40 mpg I think the one with the highest HP/ WT ratio will be at the top sooner.
Gjac 08/30/17 08:16pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Water Heater Issue

You said the unit was new and makes hot water but the water under the tank is cold that sounds like a leak in the cold water line coming into the WH. Put a piece of toilet paper under the fitting or just wipe the fitting and see if the paper is wet. Make sure its not rain water as someone else said. I doubt that your tank is leaking.
Gjac 08/30/17 10:06am Tech Issues
RE: Gas or DP

I am looking to go back to a MH, I want spend $70K -100K. It appears I could get a 3-4 old gas or a 8-10 year DP. I like the idea of a DP but wonder if the life is used up on a 10 year old DP and I how much $$ to update on one. I have had a gas before and I know they are slow and noisy in the Rockies. Any thoughts. Only you will Know the right unit for You - Floor plan and Level of Fit and finish will likely be the deciding factors. IMHO, the older diesel will give you more of what you are looking for. Comfort - Ride - Build level - just a better House. Just a guess but I think you have a strong lean for the Diesel. Have you narrowed down the list to a Manufacturer, or two? Think that will help. In all honesty the size limit you have will tend to be very limited in the used market, and as you know there are just so many more 40' Coaches. So, if I were you, figure out the Type - Diesel or Gas - ID your level of Finish (Not just on the surface) - Narrow down to couple of Manufacturers - Search till you drop. Then run the heck out of it, see the rest of the Country, Now ----- what will be the Toad?????????????? Be sure the selected Coach can pull it where you will travel. A 400HP non DEF should be possible, and would be my preference Keep us all in the Loop as this will be FUN to watch as it evolves. Best of Luck, ps. as I've read many or your posts over the last few years - you have a strong knowledge of your needs and what will work - my story is I had a gas unit that just could not handle Colorado so I had a Diesel Build - we selected a Hydro Hot because we use it in the winter - This is a BIG DEAL - so just keep that in mind - Insulation is also Critical if you use it in the Fall/Spring/Winter. Colorado is hard on gassers going up the hills at 35MPH and 4500rpm slow and noisy Been there done that but then again I don't know if a 300-340 HP dp is much better One thing to keep in mind is a short gas MH with 362 HP and weights 16,000 lbs will have a higher HP/wt ratio than a 300 or 340 HP DP that is closer to 30,000 lbs. Gas MH's have the same engine whether it is 28 ft or 38 ft. DP's HP go up as the length and weight go up.
Gjac 08/30/17 09:30am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Gas or DP

At the 34 ft range I would look at a newer gas MH. Look at the storage, CCC, FW grey and black capacities. At 36-38 ft it is kind of a toss up.
Gjac 08/30/17 08:01am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Gas or DP

What size MH are you looking to buy? Are you looking for 38-40 ft to full time or part time in RV resorts? Or are you looking to dry camp in a 30-34 ft to camp in SP's,NP's or NFS CG. I think if you can answer these questions it will help you find the right MH for your needs and camping preferences.
Gjac 08/29/17 09:44am Class A Motorhomes
RE: 1.5 year update on my DIY home refer install...reorganized

Nice write up, if I understand your post you added 4 AGM batteries, was that to support your residential refer only? Or your entire MH needs?
Gjac 08/28/17 01:15pm Class A Motorhomes
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