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RE: A Few Repairs of Possible Interest

My stove is probably older as I have the push button with the spark in the middle with three tubes going out from the middle. What I have noticed is when I perk coffee it sometimes boils over and gets under the spark bracket in the middle. I have had to remove the sht mtl bracket and clean under the there to get the spark working again. For the day/night shade my string broke also I tied it back with a square knot and glued the eye back with super glue. Also learned that if you put too many turns on the string to keep the shade from vibrating down that will cause the string to break also.
Gjac 08/20/14 01:03pm Tech Issues
RE: Another Alaska Question.....What do do with the fish?

Is this your first trip to Alaska? Are you traveling with anyone else? I went with my wife and another couple in 2006. The other couple did not fish. This was my first time up so wife and other couple wanted to sight see, I like to fish but also wanted to see the sights. I fished from Glacier NP, Muncho lake, Kulane NP all across Alaska where ever we stoped to camp for the night. Ate fresh fish 3 days a week, lake trout, rainbows, dolly varden, grayling and salmon. We met 2 other couples in the Yukon that we traveled with us to Alaska. They fished also but caught very little so my catch went to feed them also. It was a great trip. I have wanted to go back and do more fishing but do to heath, and family situations have not made it back. I found being my first trip and wanting to see Alaska the rainbow fishing was fantastic, few fished for them because most wanted salmon. When up on the Russian river met several guys that carried freezers in there Class A's. If I ever make it back to do more fishing I would just eat what I caught and give the rest away to others in the camp ground. I do have a smoker and may take that to smoke some fish and Ninichik clams.
Gjac 08/20/14 12:19pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Cold Air Intake

I have a 1996 Class A with a 454 with Thorley headers, FF muffler sans cat and the CAI. The CAI I made from flex Al tubing. Did some experiments with using a 4 in Dia can vs a 12x8 rectangular opening trying for a ram air effect. Saw no difference in performance. I think you need speeds over 90 mph to see any improvement. So I would just bring the intake right up to opening of your front cap. The complete set of mods added a lot of performance. My 40-60 mph time went from 19 secs to 12 secs. This equated to a lot less downshifting on hills, less engine heat, about 80 more HP, but no increase in MPG.
Gjac 08/20/14 11:07am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Campgrounds in White Mountain National Forest NH

Now you've got me wondering too. I'll be up there next month and always go to Settlers Green and park the camper up by the Kitchen Collection store.I was supposed to be up there this week but hurt my knee and could not walk while in route. Went to ER in VT and returned home in bed for the last 2 days wait to see an orthopedic Dr. When you park in the back parking lot and walk to the stores you will see a road to the right that runs in back of the stores it is narrow and there are no signs until you get in about 100 ft or so. I have been camping up there since 1968 but only found this place about 10 years ago, it is not easy to see and not advertised.
Gjac 08/20/14 07:00am Truck Campers
RE: Roof damage on new RV

That is not just a crack in the gel coat that was caused by some sort of structural damage, tree limb falling etc. The right way to repair is with tapered overlapping FG plies or a complete new roof. How thick is that roof? From the photos it looks less than .050 in.
Gjac 08/19/14 06:06pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Issues preventing camping.

Boy, do I know where you are coming from, After a 3 hour drive not sure whether I will be able to get out of the truck. Don I have had knee arthritis since 52 but I have learned to work around it. Have raised my seat and installed a heel rest to keep my leg straighter when driving. Don't run anymore(except to the bathroom) its the unexpected things that I don't know how to plan for that get me thinking. I don't mind limping getting out of the MH after a long ride as I watch my wife limping also(hips)I said to her last year at least we can limp some of our friends never got the chance.
Gjac 08/19/14 03:07pm RVing with Disabilities and General Health Issues
Issues preventing camping.

I guess having an older body is like having an older MH. Each trip I make something breaks or malfunctions and I fix it thinking everything is good until the next time something else breaks. I think I am relatively healthy for being here 67 years but it is the unexpected heath issues and Dr visits that have kept me from camping. Last month a small scaly spot turned into cancer and a 6 in scar from Mohs surgery on my back. I was all set to leave weeks later and my tooth cracked in half which required multiple visits and finally oral surgery to remove the tooth. In May Xrays showed no cavities. That was last week this week I got all packed up for a weeks trip up to the White Mts in NH with my wife's family I stopped at a rest stop and ran to the bathroom and all of a sudden there was an excruciating pain in my left knee. Had to be helped back to the MH. Thinking the knee would be better by the time it got up to NH I continued on only to go to the emergency room in VT. Xrays and an exam showed no structural damage but drove back home with 3 other vehicles. Now I am not complaining about my problems as a matter of fact I was just thankful it happened in the rest area and not on top of a mountain on on some trail deep in the woods with my Mtn Bike. But as I lay here in bed I was just wondering how many of you have these kind of issues that keep you from using the MH? Just fixed the HWH, replaced the burner tube in refer and switch in HWH jacks everything now works in my old MH. Hope to get knee diagnosed and fixed for trip to RI the following week.
Gjac 08/19/14 10:36am RVing with Disabilities and General Health Issues
RE: Airbags for my 84 Allegro

I am assuming this is for a P-30 chassis. It is an easy job as others have said once you heat the bag, roll it up, and jack up the front to stretch the springs. Before you buy the bags I would check the ride height with the jacks up and see if your springs are shot first. On an 84 they are likely to be worn depending mileage on the weight of the chassis. There should be about 1 3/4 ins depending on what chassis you have. if you do not have the correct ride height I would just replace the front springs with HD springs and eliminate the bags completely. I replaced mine with the springs from Henderson, but Stengler and others make a good HD spring.
Gjac 08/19/14 09:44am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Campgrounds in White Mountain National Forest NH

gjac,where is the dump station in NC? That could come in handy... Tx, BIn back of the outlets in Settlers green. Any more details? That's kind of a big area... Near N/S road? I will look around next time we are up there...maybe next week! Tx, B It is directly in back of the Kitchen Collection store as Tiki 2 said. There is no charge to dump. You have to back into dump station, even though the sign says do not enter. I would walk it first. It is not the easiest dump station to get into. If staying up there more than one week I will use it. I rarely stay more than one week so I find it easier to use the dump station at exit 14 of I 91.
Gjac 08/19/14 07:39am Truck Campers
RE: Why should I switch to golf cart 6v batteries

Am I the only one that has been down both roads,....and more than once ? If you are an average dry camper like I am, (except we do winter at least 3 months off grid in AZ) you will not notice a dimes worth of difference in performance between 2 6'ers @ 230 AHs, and 2 group 27 12'ers @ 230 AHs. (2 group 24a......a whole nother story) Amp hrs are amp hrs, no matter how you make them up. As far as longevity, in my experience the 6'ers were very good. But I believe the 12'ers I have now, given the same care and maintence, will last a long time too. I can't go by the short lived 12'ers I had in the fixed voltage Magnatek days, because we murdered the batteries then, they didn't just die. On the other hand, if you are a batt fanatic, and are one to babysit your batteries 18 hrs a day, and sleep w/ a hydrometer under your pillow so you can check SG twice before the sun comes up, then I don't know,....all bets are off. But I promise you, a normal person won't notice any difference in performance tween 6 and 12v Isn't the main difference cost. I paid $74 each for my Sams Club 6 v GC batteries. I have not been able to find the 12 GC batteries close to that price.
Gjac 08/19/14 07:11am Tech Issues

Do you have 12 v at the pump itself?
Gjac 08/19/14 05:48am Beginning RVing
RE: Campgrounds in White Mountain National Forest NH

gjac,where is the dump station in NC? That could come in handy... Tx, BIn back of the outlets in Settlers green.
Gjac 08/18/14 04:00pm Truck Campers
RE: Campgrounds in White Mountain National Forest NH

Some erroneous information in this thread. There are lots of dispersed camping areas in the Whites. Cherry Mountain. I have stayed there. Haystack Road. Gale River. Also the Tripoli Road area. Also off route 3 just past the presidential cabins. You need the senior pass to camp there or other parking pass. No water but there is a dump station in North Conway.
Gjac 08/17/14 06:49am Truck Campers
RE: Class A - Diesel versus Gas

What size MH to you want to down size to? What would be some off your other requirements? What kind of camping are you planning on doing? This info would help the discussion.
Gjac 08/16/14 09:37pm Class A Motorhomes

My standard Garmin is no longer standard because I have maybe over 800,000 POI's in it over and above what Garmin supplies. This includes POIs such as thousands of bridge clearances (with active warnings), commercial campgrounds, free public camping areas on public lands, and just about every body of water in the U.S. whether they have water in them full time or only part time from winter rains. I keep both it's Garmin-supplied and POI databases current. We travel all over with it - across the U.S. and into obscure off-highway boondocking areas. A standard Garmin (with enough memory) can be made way more powerful than how it's deliverd, but it takes some effort.From what I have read the downloaded POI's for bridges for example only warn you before you get to the bridge they will not route you around the low bridge like the Garmin 760( pick a route without the low bridge). Is this your experience?
Gjac 08/16/14 05:46pm RV Lifestyle
RE: thinking aobut going solo

I am thinking about going solo for a while and have some questions. I think a 25' RV is physically big enough for living but I think I want to take a small car with me. I know I will not need something over 30'. The car would be handy for side trips. Has anyone towed a small car with a 25'? is it too much of a strain? 1 buy a 30' class A or C so towing is OK 2 buy 25' with no car and call it a day phil To answer your question directly usually it is less of a strain on the MH drive train on a smaller Class A than a larger heaver one. If you think about it a 30 ft Class A has the same engine and transmission as a 38 ft one, only much lighter so your total weight is less pulling a hill. Most have hitches that will tow 5000 lbs. I would get a 30-32 ft class A with at least one or two slides or a full wall slide and a small tow car less than 3000 lbs. I think a 25 ft Class A would be too small for you. Also I would look for one with full basement storage (not the little cut out doors) and one with at least 80 gals of FW unless you plan on staying in FHU cg's every night.
Gjac 08/16/14 09:30am Beginning RVing

Thanks everyone for explaining this to me. I was planning on getting a smart phone and a Garmin 760 GPS but from what I learned here you can do both functions with the smart phone and the copilot app. Do you need the android system or can you use the I phone also with the copilot?
Gjac 08/16/14 09:18am Technology Corner
RE: Anyone ever go to Burning Man?

I would love to experience it, probably once. I was just a bit too young for the'60's, and burning man seems to represent the best of that movement. Sounds like Woodstock with dust instead of mud.
Gjac 08/16/14 09:01am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: generac help

My 18 year old Kolhar does the same thing, I just thought it to be normal as it has been doing it since I bought it.
Gjac 08/16/14 08:53am Tech Issues
RE: HWH levelers

Also may need to lube the cylinder shaft. ANY lube is a band aid for the real problem. HWH jacks are immersed in ATF when retracted. Lubing will help for a few weeks and then the seals still cause the problem. Doug Doug you have described many times how these seals go bad and need to be replaced. What actually happens, do the seals swell causing a tight condition preventing full retraction? What are the seals made from that cause this condition? Is there a different seal material that you know of that can be used to prevent this swelling if that is what is causing this problem? This seems to be more of a problem with the newer HWH systems I don't see this amount of posts on the older joy stick models. Where different seals used, or more clearance between the shaft and seals? The problem started about 10 years ago and took years to develope the problem(inner seals). Once HWH realized they had a problem with the seals(HWH DID back then recommended Lubing and such as they were not fully aware of the problem), they redesigned the seal material. BUT, for older than 5 year old jacks, the correct fix is either new cylinders or rebuild yours. It still happens occasionally under warranty or a few years out of warranty, but the repair and CORRECT fix is still the same---REPLACE or REBUILD the cylinder. You can continue to crawl under your RV every few months or so and hand wipe and use various lubricants to help free them up, but the problem remains. As I stated, about springs, yes the NEW style springs are tapered on the ends. If you have the old style springs it is best to replace all 8 of them with the newer stronger. BUT, NEW springs will NOT fix a sticking jack problem. They just retract quicker and are a tab bit stronger, but NOT strong enough to overcome sticking inner seals. The TEST for sticking inner seals is to extend the jacks for 24 hours THEN retract, If 1 or more do not fully retract within 5 minutes replace the cylinder. Just extending and THEN retracting, the inner seals will sometimes allow a full retract because you have just used them. Doug Doug I assume by your answer that you don't get into the actual seal engineering or seal material. I don't know if you or Pete can talk to the engineers at HWH and find out the mechanics of what is causing so many seals to fail. When the seal is replaced is HWH replacing it with the same seal? Or does the new seal have more clearance or made from a different material or a new design ? If it is the same seal won't this problem occur again?
Gjac 08/16/14 08:25am Class A Motorhomes
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