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RE: Adjusting a Magnatec 950 converter

The table in the owner's manual lists an amperage output of 8 amps. If that is all you can push to a discharged battery, it will be a long time to fully charge a battery. For float charging or maintaining, it may work well.. You are looking at AC input amps. Output is 50 amps. You're absolutely correct. I need a brush up course on reading comprehension. Sorry about the misinformation. My understanding is that 50 amp output goes to the house for the 2 A/C's, MW etc. but only 8 amps are available to the charge the battery. Am I not understanding this correctly?
Gjac 05/04/16 10:10am Tech Issues
RE: Adjusting a Magnatec 950 converter

Thanks Chris, I was hoping there was some kind of pot inside to adjust. Ferroresonant converters have the output voltage set by physical design, not by adjustment of a feedback circuit. It's a similar basic concept to what some inexpensive generators use for their voltage regulation. If you varied the input AC power frequency, you could adjust the output voltage rather handily. Your electric utility would probably not appreciate such tinkering. I noticed that last year when my frequency board went out on my generator and I bought a new one. Before I adjusted it the output of the converter was charging at 14 -15 volts. I suppose it would be nice to have such a device before the converter to increase the voltage to charge quicker or to equalize the batteries. My smart charger seems tapers too quickly.
Gjac 05/03/16 11:34am Tech Issues
RE: Adjusting a Magnatec 950 converter

You can try replacing the capacitors, though those are a bit hard to find. Pay attention to the voltage of the capacitors- they need to be rated for the high voltage, as the circuit in that converter is in the 5-600 volt range. Other than that, there is really no adjustment on the ferroresonant type like that one. Thanks for the Manual, under troubleshooting tips 3, "If the converter/charger does fail, the output voltage will either be cut in half (i.e. 6 VDC) or go to zero. This will cause your lights to be dim or not work at all. Please note that your battery will supply all DC voltage until it completely discharges." They failed to mention that capacitors somehow lose there "capacity" over time. I read some where that voltage can actually go up over time with these capacitors, not sure why.
Gjac 05/03/16 11:20am Tech Issues
RE: Inverter usage while underway

If only it were that simple. That would then fuel the need for a bigger converter/charger and bigger inverter. I prefer to make what I have work. It is not that simple. I have 2 6 V GC batteries(230 AH's) and installed a 1000 watt mod sine wave inverter 11 years ago when I first bought the MH after reading about propane safety, propane costs, and thinking the alternators output was free. After losing my stock alternator and replacing it with a 180amp one, I realized how much extra load it puts on the alternator. Every decision is a trade off but I agree with Don and HVAC it is not worth it.
Gjac 05/03/16 08:22am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Adjusting a Magnatec 950 converter

Thanks Chris, I was hoping there was some kind of pot inside to adjust.
Gjac 05/03/16 07:48am Tech Issues
Adjusting a Magnatec 950 converter

I have an old Magnatec 950 converter that is slowly losing its charging voltage. 11 years ago it used to charge at 13.6v or so and is now down to 13 v. can these old converters be adjusted? Manual says the failure mode is that it just stops charging altogether. I have a B&D 40 amp "smart charger" that I use to recharge batteries after dry camping then disconnect and float with the Magnatec. I don't think these smart chargers ever fully charge the batteries because I notice I get a few more days of dry camping when I float for a couple of days with the old Magnatec after B&D says full. I would just like to have it float a little higher.
Gjac 05/02/16 11:36am Tech Issues
RE: The truth about Boondocking

When I used to backpack in the White Mtn NF in NH there was always a discussion among the rangers about where to set up camp. Some felt that if you chose a new site every time the old sites had a chance to recover, and of course the other argument was using existing sites prevented new sites from being cleared. Either way was fine with the rangers legally as long as you were 1/4 mile from a road, and 200 ft away from a stream, river or lake. I preferred existing sites only because the were already cleared with a fire pit.
Gjac 04/30/16 08:50am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Can I insulate the engine shroud?

Any contact adhesive. I like Weldwood contact adhesive from Lowes, HD, or WM. Just brush both faying surfaces let dry and stick together.
Gjac 04/30/16 08:28am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: driving speed

A lot of folks post that speeds just under 65 gives them the best mpg. I would think that the best mpg is at what ever speed keeps you in the highest gear and at the lowest rpm would give you the best mpg. It will be different for each MH based on transmission gears, rear end gears, wt, and eng performance. For me with a 4 speed trans, 15k lbs wt, and 300HP, 45 mph is when it gets into high gear. So for me 50 to 55 mph is the best mpg(Slightly higher than 45 to keep it from downshifting into 3rd). I'm old so I still use a vacuum gage to know when the transmission is ready to down shift and I know if I keep it above 10 in of Hg I get my best MPG. If I drive secondary roads I will average 9-10MPG at this speed. My average at all speeds has been 8.7 mpg over 80k miles including generator usage. Headers, FF muffler, syn oil, advancing the timing,etc did not increase mpg at all. By installing a vacuum gage and using it my mpg increased by 10%.
Gjac 04/28/16 08:40am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Can I insulate the engine shroud?

Lowes sells a roll of insulating material with Al foil on one side about 1/2 in thick that was relatively cheap. Much cheaper than Dynamat or some of the other automotive or boat insulations. I added this to mine and it made a big difference in sound and heat reduction.
Gjac 04/27/16 06:47am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Generator has spark, then it's gone....?

Check your coil also.
Gjac 04/24/16 08:21am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Toilet not holding water

I found on mine it was hard mineral buildup that prevented the seal from holding water. When I removed the toilet to replace the seal I could see the buildup and a new seal would not work unless the build up was removed. After scraping the mineral deposits of the old seal worked fine.
Gjac 04/21/16 06:37am Tech Issues
RE: Mobile mechanic/ Workhorse

I would take it into an auto parts store and have them read the codes. they give you a computer print out of the codes and tell you what they mean. You can post them on here and someone with your chassis is probably familiar with them and can explain what happened. Also if it is a recurring code the computer is trying to tell you something.
Gjac 04/20/16 03:37pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Keys! Really People?

I have one key to start the eng, one for dead bolt, another for the regular door lock, one for baggage doors, one for gas cap, one for tow bar and a specialized key for hood and genset compartment. That is 7 keys. I always wondered what that weight does hanging off of your ignition switch.
Gjac 04/20/16 07:36am General RVing Issues
RE: Repair Tape

I have had good luck repairing plastics using Shoo Goo reinforced with fabric. I have used it with woven FG cloth and used a tongue depressor to wet out the cloth with the Shoo Goo. Goop would work also. I have also just used old bed sheets where strength was not important. Just sand area well wipe with acetone or alcohol and put one or 2 strips to cover the crack, let it cure overnight or until it gets hard before you use it.
Gjac 04/19/16 05:03pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Money and costs.

I have a way to measure time that is really scary. Go get your measuring tape and a pare of scissors...now pull out 85 inches of tape and lock it there. Now match your age in inches to the tape. (example if you are 65 years old mark the 65 inch mark) now take the scissors and cut the tape off at your age...and throw it away... what inches that are left is what the government says you have to live.... enjoy what inches you have remaining. That is a good word picture, but just remember in order for the gov't to come up with those actuarial tables(which are based on averages)some live longer and some live shorter the only problem is we don't know which path we are on.
Gjac 04/19/16 09:08am General RVing Issues
RE: water pump maintenance

Mine always makes more noise when the tank is near empty. They are simple to take apart and clean the rubber diaphragm inside. You can check the rubber mounting points also. Having let mine run out of water and left valves open slightly I like to be able to hear mine when it is running to alert me to turn things off.
Gjac 04/18/16 09:10am Tech Issues
RE: RV Gelcoat fix?

If the gel coat is dead, there is very little that you can do. You might try McGuires RV/Marine cleaner and a power buffer. You could also go the zep floor wax route on the back. Other than that, a strip and respray are your only choices. Where do you get this done? Most RV units are much taller than a typical passenger vehicle. Can any auto body shop do this repair? I don't want to hijack the thread, but have a similar issue with my gel coat. Dan You can do this yourself, I would not consider it a repair. You just need a low speed buffer and a polishing compound, you let the machine do the work. After the oxidation is removed a good wax can be applied using the buffer. The OP sounds like his only problem is on the rear cap and only in a few areas. Depending on the MH age and how bad the oxidation is and the age and condition of the person's shoulders the Zeps process may be a better option. I have done it both ways and I like the Zeps better only because I'm old with two repaired rotator cuffs and my MH is 20 years old.
Gjac 04/18/16 08:18am General RVing Issues
RE: steering stabalizers

You may find as you get used to driving a Class A the perceived handling issues will diminish.
Gjac 04/18/16 07:59am Class A Motorhomes
RE: 2000 HR Class A motorhome Generator and Jack problem

How old are the batteries? I would put them on a charger and see if the come back. If your charger can equalize I would do that after you charge them. Of course fill them(about 1/4 in from top) with distilled water before charging or equalizing. They may be alright. Check the resting voltage the following day after you remove the charger.
Gjac 04/17/16 04:00pm Class A Motorhomes
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