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RE: Gas vs Diesel

I usually don't respond to these gas vs diesel discussion's. But I feel several key thoughts have not been discussed for the OP to make an informed decision. You said in your OP most trips will be 5-7 hrs away and you would tow a Jeep. Not mentioned is what size MH do you want. Do you want a short MH to get into SP cg's, do you want a longer MH to live in or extended trips out west? This does not fit your OP of 5-7 hrs away from TN. To me if you want a small MH(24-32ft) look at Gas, 37-45 ft look at DP's, in between the decision is harder. Not mentioned is the performance of Gas MH's vs diesel MH's, a 30ft gas MH will have 362 HP and weight 15k lbs a 40 ft DP might have 380-400 hp and weight twice that. The 30 ft gas will have in general better performance not because the gas eng is better but because of the huge weight difference of the DP. Remember as the DP becomes shorter the HP is decreased. A 38 ft gas MH will have the same 362 HP but much heavier weight to pull, much less performance but 5-7 hrs from TN would still work towing your Jeep. Read the sticky from Johnny T about Gas vs Diesel for a better understanding and good luck on you search.
Gjac 05/29/16 09:20am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Connecticut to New York - Liberty Harbor Marina New Jersey

Will there be signs that you can't tow on the parkways? The signs say "No commercial vehicles" in large letters, underneath it says no vehicles over 7000 lbs which is hard to see if you are not familiar with the area and are moving fast. I would take the GWB and stay on I 95 as that is the most direct route with no tolls from CT to where you are going. You have to get there by 6-6:30 am to avoid the rush hr traffic, or travel on a Sat or Sun morning. If you can't meet these conditions take the Tappenzee.
Gjac 05/29/16 07:30am Roads and Routes
RE: Fishing on the Road while staying in a RV (help)

My wife bought a reinforced inflatable raft 11 years ago for me when I retired at Costco. I have fished from it all over Canada and Alaska from Lakes to rivers. As someone said licenses can get expensive, but if you stay a while like Alaska the license was about $140/yr but I fished for 2 mos. Texas SP's if I remember correctly were free. Glacier NP was free, and YS NP was about $7. I have a kayak, rubber raft, and a boat and I think the raft is the most practical if you are traveling and occasionally want to fish, takes about 5 mins to inflate. Also look for states that have reciprocity with your home state. My license is free because I am over 65 and it is good in the adjacent state.
Gjac 05/28/16 08:50am RV Lifestyle
RE: 12 volt plugs

Usually your fuse panel for 12v is in the rear of the MH. You can run wires from the panel through your bedroom floor next to your bed and secure an outlet. Use a heaveier gage wire based on the amp draw of your device you want to run.
Gjac 05/28/16 07:09am Tech Issues
RE: Motorhome steps

Start with posting the type of steps you have. If they are Kwickee steps you can go to there web site and they show you step by step how to trouble shoot this problem. It could be motor, linkage binding, wiring(no voltage getting to motor, mag switch, bad grounds, or control board. The web site shows you how to determine what is bad. If you tell us what you find you will get more detail help.
Gjac 05/25/16 06:43am Class A Motorhomes
RE: MH Rubber Roof Repair? (pics now)

I would wash the roof well with a stiff brush to remove the loose flaky coating or use a power washer carefully to clean that loose stuff off the roof. I don't know how well liquid rubber which is EPDM will adhere to the acrylic coating. If you can't remove all of it I would apply another acrylic coating like Cool Seal, Bus Coat, Henry's etc. I don't know how bad the rest off your roof is, maybe you can post some photos of the top that show how bad the tears are, and you will get more detailed answers to your issues.
Gjac 05/23/16 04:53am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Kitchen Bouquet Question

I watched my wife's mother make turkey gravy 50 years ago using Kitchen Bouquet. My wife nor her older sister never learned how to make the gravy, so every holiday I make the gravy. Not only does it add flavor, the more you use the darker the gravy becomes.
Gjac 05/23/16 04:34am Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Generator Fuel System '95 Rexhall Vision

What did you do to get spark back? After you crank the engine and look at the plugs are they wet or dry?
Gjac 05/22/16 09:15am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Can i buy this stuff ("counter molding")?

I would replace it with caulking as others have suggested or put a 1/4 round molding in there to match the door trim in your photo.
Gjac 05/21/16 09:29pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Generator Fuel System '95 Rexhall Vision

I would check the coil before you hire a mechanic.
Gjac 05/21/16 09:25pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: our fridge quit

If I understand your post it does not work on electric and will not work on propane either if you put it on auto? is that correct? Does it try to light on propane do you hear a clicking see a flame then it goes out? What model Norcold do you have? Is there any cooling in the freezer section? Are you getting 110v where the Norcold plugs in? I would bypass the control board and connect the heater element directly to 110v and see if it gets cold. If it does you know your cooling unit still works and the problem is in the electric circuits or the control board which would be cheaper to fix than buying a new cooling unit. It might be as simple as a bad connection in the circuits from the controls to the board itself.
Gjac 05/21/16 07:52am Tech Issues
RE: MH Rubber Roof Repair? (pics now)

From the pictures it looks like the PO applied some acrylic coating and that is what is peeling off. I have seen EPDM sluff off/wear off but not peel like that. When the top layer wears off, you start to see black spots until it wears off entirely.
Gjac 05/21/16 07:22am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Converter problem?

What type of RV and model do you have? Do you have a battery disconnect switch?
Gjac 05/17/16 08:35am Tech Issues
RE: Winnebago Motoraid

I think this system in a gas MH acts like a separate heat exchanger that not only heats your water but provides some additional engine cooling for hill climbing. I would use it especially in the summer out west.
Gjac 05/17/16 08:29am Class A Motorhomes
RE: What is this bracket for?

It is a top bracket for an add on screen room. I have the same bracket on mine along with some other twist look things. The PO had a screen room.
Gjac 05/17/16 08:17am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Battery disconnect or isolation solenoid? HELP!

In your picture you can see 2 large nuts and two small nuts, there should be 12+v across the two large nuts if it is working if only 12+v on one lug it is not engaging. Also check the voltage on the small nuts one should have a 12 v input to the solenoid. You can always jumper the 2 large connection to use the MH for your trip until you get a new solenoid. Is this the right part to replace if my house batteries are NOT charging from the alternator and if I don't hear any click when I push the battery boost button on the dash of the coach? Every MH is set up differently. So you need to look at your manual if you have one. On mine I have 3 solenoids/relays(I never know what to call them) If yours is not charging that would be the charge solenoid which can look different on each MH. My battery disconnect looks like the one in your picture, the charge solenoid is the hi tower one in Chris's picture. I replaced both of these from Napa. In either case if they are working they should read 12+ v on either side of the of the large nuts( across large nuts is bad wording). If you are getting the alternator voltage on one side and not the other then the contacts are probably corroded and need to be replaced. Mine were mounted on the firewall in the same box as the disconnect solenoid. If you measure the voltage on these nuts with the engine running and post them here it would help to solve your problem.
Gjac 05/16/16 01:16pm Tech Issues
RE: Dash A/C ---**** UPDATE ****

Before you take it in, see if you see any oily spots at switches, or line junctions. When mine failed I ended up replacing a trinary switch and just added 134 from an auto parts store. Good Luck.
Gjac 05/16/16 12:47pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Generator Fuel System '95 Rexhall Vision

I know ho you feel I have a 1996 MH and want to sell it with these type of problems, but once fixed I think it will last longer than me. I have change the fuel pump, coil, and control board on mine to keep it running over the years.
Gjac 05/16/16 12:36pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: What is this on my batteries (and second question)

Do you have an inverter? That breaker might be for it.
Gjac 05/16/16 09:13am Tech Issues
RE: Battery disconnect or isolation solenoid? HELP!

In your picture you can see 2 large nuts and two small nuts, there should be 12+v across the two large nuts if it is working if only 12+v on one lug it is not engaging. Also check the voltage on the small nuts one should have a 12 v input to the solenoid. You can always jumper the 2 large connection to use the MH for your trip until you get a new solenoid.
Gjac 05/16/16 09:10am Tech Issues
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