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RE: new life

I retired at 58 and enjoyed the first several years of travel. One thing not mentioned is the reality of older life. Taking care of aging parents or older family members, kid problems, health issues as we age that require Dr. visits, grand kids that wife does not want to leave for long all may restrict your travel plans. Depending on you situation some of these may interfere.
Gjac 12/20/14 08:32am RV Lifestyle
RE: Buying a used Fleetwood Flair 22' .....NADA ...low?

Good luck with your new MH. I would check the ride height in the front and post the results here, that can tell you if there is a problem. Weight the MH at least front and back to see what the weight distribution is. Replace you bushings with polyurethane bushings. Have the front end checked and aligned. Look at your tires for unusual wear and check pressure. If you remove the doghouse you can listen with a tube along the exhaust manifold to see if the ticking you are hearing is a manifold leak, if so I would be a good excuse to replace the leaking manifolds with Thorley headers. Your MH will have about 300 HP and at 28 ft will pass most DP's on hills. You will have to fix things so don't get discuraged when you have to spent more money than you planned because with $15,000 invested or less you will have a nice MH that won't depreciate like a newer one. Good luck.
Gjac 12/19/14 07:34am Class A Motorhomes
RE: The death of a motorhome

In my travels somewhere down south on a lake I saw new life for these kind of MH's. What the people did was to tow these leaking, non functional MH's to a nice park on a lake and built a roof over them to stop the leaking and just used them for permanent trailers. Several I saw had wood siding added which actually looked OK. As long as the rest of the systems functioned the MH's became trailers for the rest of their lives.
Gjac 12/18/14 08:22am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Norcold 6062

Sounds like you have 2 problems both are an easy fix. A blocked burner or rusted out burner on the gas side. Start by cleaning the burner and see if any of the slots are rusted out if so it will need to be replaced. The GFI tripping as others have said requires a new heating element which is probably rusted in place and will require long needle nose pliers to wiggle it back and forth to remove it. Good luck.
Gjac 12/15/14 09:15am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Buying a used Fleetwood Flair 22' .....NADA ...low?

The MH looks like it is in good shape and well cared for from the photos. Having an 18 year old MH the things I would look at is leaking exhaust manifolds you don't say if it is a Ford or Chevy but both are prone to leaking. This not only creates excessive heat in the eng compartment but can the life of the transmission also. If it had headers installed this would be a plus and I would be worth a premium to me. Look at the ride height in the front springs if it is a Chevy chassis, if low HD springs would be in order. Also check rear suspension, front end parts and tire wear that would indicate front end problems. As others have said check for leaks and delaminations(coin tap suspected areas). Be prepared to spent another $5000 to upgrade,modify, and fix after you buy it. All the other systems can be fixed of replaced. It is a short MH so I would check how it rides, many caution about poor rides in a short MH. If every thing checks out this could be a good MH for you with only 45k on the OD you can easily double that. Good luck with your search.
Gjac 12/15/14 09:06am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Opinion Requested

At first impression the Kountry Star looks nicer, however the Rexhall is a DP with an unloaded weight of 18,000 lbs. I don't see the weight of the gas MH but I would compare the HP of the 8.1 to its wt. and the HP of the DP maybe 300 hp to its weight. If a DP was important to you with this weight it might be a good overall MH for performance, fuel economy and cost. It is several thousand dollars cheaper and says make offer which says to me at least $5,000 cheaper and only a year older. I would look and drive both.
Gjac 12/15/14 08:30am Class A Motorhomes
RE: kwikee step issues

Sorry to get to this subject so late but I'm looking for the replacement control unit for the orange 9009513 28 series step for my 99 Windsor. can any one here help me on this subject Power Gear is such a pain to work with. They no longer make and have not made for over 10 years. You have to purchase a complete retrofit kit. This kit includes the control module, the motor, and the linkage. You also will have the door switch magnet included to change it out also. Doug This is what I was told also my steps were a 1996 vintage. However when I removed the control box there are about 6 screws to take the cover off I noticed that there are 2 relays inside, one was burned. I replaced it for about $3.00 and all was well again.
Gjac 12/14/14 12:55pm Tech Issues
RE: Best material to park a 33 ft RV on grass area over winter?

If you are trying to protect your tires from moisture, a material that does not absorb water is best. If you are trying to prevent the tires from sinking into the wet grass any material like wood , concrete, metal will work. I used 3/4 nylon 12"x 12" for the front and 12"x 24" for the rear tires, that act as a moisture barrier to preserve the rubber and also distribute the load so the tires don't sink into the grass.
Gjac 12/14/14 11:35am Beginning RVing
RE: Norcold refrig lights all flash

Bummer took ohm reading on heater coil and it says it is close to what it is supposed to be. Should be 40.3 ohms and reads 39.8 ohms. Not sure if it makes a difference if it is hot or cold. Running on gas so the tube is hot. Might go to take a reading on new one prior to buying. Mine tested good also but was causing my GFI to trip. I replaced it based on advice from others on this forum and it fixed the problem. It was hard to remove because it was rusted in place. I had to use a long set of needle nose pliers and move it back and forth an 1/8 inch at a time while pulling up on it. It came out after awhile. After cleaning the rust out of the slot the new one slipped right in while wiggling it back and forth. If you plug the heating element directly into 120 volts and it does not get hot you know it is the heating element.
Gjac 12/13/14 08:56am Tech Issues
RE: Duracell Golf Cart Batteries

When I bought the MH it had 2 12v batteries that did not hold a charge. I replaced them with 2 6v Trojans that only lasted 4 years. Had to modify the storage area as Desert Captain said but well worth it. I replaced the Trojans with the 6 v GC batteries from Sams Club, they are 7 years old and still going strong. 95% of the camping I do is dry camping. I would buy these again as they are in the $80 range. Maintenance is key to extending the life of these batteries.
Gjac 12/13/14 08:42am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Wiper size - Advice please

I had 22 in blades on it when I bought the MH I replaced them with 24 in and then 26 or 28 in blades. The longer blades work good when raining but if I use them to just clean the windshield they do not return to the original position with the window dry because of more surface drag on the blade. Not a big problem to me but it might bother some.
Gjac 12/09/14 08:28am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Sound Proof Dog House

THIS is what I used on ours and it worked quite well. I used this from HD. I bonded this to the original layer with Weldwood contact ahesive. It was cheap and reduced the heat and sound greatly. You can spend a lot of money for Dynamat, Acousticore, and other products but the jute felt and Al barrier works good for what it costs. For sound deadening the best product is .050 lead sht that it bonded to the inside of the dog house(you mentioned sound proofing in your original post and not heat reduction).
Gjac 12/09/14 08:13am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Cruise Control Downshifting

My MH would do this at the slightest hill or over pass when I first bought it. Adding headers, FF mufflers, CAI (about 80 more HP) fixed this problem. Another thing that helped which is cheap is adding a vacuum gauge, when I see a hill or mountain in my case I accelerate before hitting the incline and watch the vacuum gauge I slowly take my foot off the gas maintaining the vacuum above the sift point of the transmission and it will stay in high gear without down shifting.
Gjac 12/06/14 08:18am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Purchasing a new class A

There is no guarantee that so so brand is not going to give you problems. I have seen real expensive coaches that are a piece of trash, and then again I have seen entry level coaches that have come out to be pretty good coaches. So there is no real formula as to which is better then? Now there are some real nice coaches manufactured now days. They look nice and expensive, but it is mechanical and they do break down. If money is no object I will give you some brands that have a history of having a good reputation because of the owners to these companies. 1. Tiffin 2. Newmar 3. American coach lines (Fleetwood) 4. Foretravel 5. Monaco 6. Forest River 7. Thor Now these are not necessarily in order as to which is best because like I posted before that the best would be the one that does not give you much problems. Just about everybody here in this forum or any other forum will be biased towards what they own. So I would take their recommendation with a grain of salt. What I suggest is for you to do your own research and buy what you like, not what Joe wants you to buy. This post makes the most sense. You develop opinions base on what others are saying about the MH's or the problems they are having with the MH's which is very subjective. I don't see any objective postings that explain why one MH is better from an Engineering perspective. Does brand A have a better drive train? or better adhesive in the outer wall that won't delaminate? Does brand B use better tooling or NC equipment to make more repeatable parts,window apertures etc so they won't leak? Does brand C do a better job with weight distribution or suspension to give you a better ride? If you are looking at a gas MH between 30 and 35 ft the chassis will be the same the components will be the same. The discriminators will be what I mentioned above which are hard to find. I would rather be able to sit with a salesmen or go on their web site to understand how the MH is designed or the Mfg processes used rather that for them to show me a fireplace or outdoor TV.
Gjac 12/05/14 09:49am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Replace front air bags

They do have a lifetime warranty when mine leaked Air Lift sent me a replacement for free postage paid. I know you already ordered yours but anyone else following this thread may benefit. I eventually replaced both air bags with the HD springs from Henderson.
Gjac 12/05/14 09:14am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Taking off while the other occupants sleep

I think you have found a routine that will work for you and your family and you will refine it over the up coming trips. Maybe one of your kids will want to get up early to spend some time with Dad alone. What I did for years when the kids were small we drove to Fla to see family every year taking turns driving 4 hrs on and 4 hrs off with my wife. We would leave at 6:00 pm eat supper in the Hi top van (class B) and by 9:00 pm the kids were sleeping. I would sleep in the back with the kids while she drove and vice versa. Over time usually one of the kids would stay up with Mom or Dad and felt special doing that. Usually I would pull into a rest area about 4:00 am and sleep for 2 hrs, then drive until the kids would wake up, stop for breakfast at 8:00 am or so, then continue the 24 hr drive. Now that I am retired I don't mind spending 4 days of travel to make the trip because I have more than a two week vacation.
Gjac 12/05/14 08:55am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Time to bite the bullet on batteries

If you don't dry camp often I would try to equalize and desulfate them first before you replace them. How long will the hold a charge once fully charged with no load? Sounds like if you used FHU's most of the time your batteries were never really run down and may still get several more years out of them. I dry camp 95% of the time but never go below 50% SOC before I recharge and they are 7 years old but I equalize often.
Gjac 12/04/14 07:00am Class A Motorhomes
RE: What kind of log splitter to get ?

I am kind of in the same boat but go to Fla for the winter now so I don't burn as much wood as I used to. I have 2 repaired rotator cuffs but still split smaller logs with an axe 12 ins or less in dia. Last year I researched one for my BIL. The best one for the money was a 22 ton log splinter from Tractor Supply Stores. It seemed a little better than the ones at HD and Loews and was cheaper less than $1000. It works very well we are using it to split oak up to 3 ft in Dia. I just had $5000 of large oak trees cut down around my house. I'm 67 he is 72 and my other BIL is 82. It is still a lot of work rolling those big logs to the splinter . I notice what just a 5 year difference in age makes once you get into your late 60's and some arthritis sets in.
Gjac 12/04/14 06:36am Around the Campfire
RE: FMCA "Benefit" is back

Some medicare plans only cover you in your home state except for emergencies. Will this plan transport you back to your home state or just to the nearest facility that can treat you?
Gjac 11/30/14 09:10am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Battery Charger

Black & Decker and Stanley automotive chargers are now made by Baccus Global. The B&D VEC1093DBD has been discontinued. The web site does show a 25 amp charger Model #BC25BD. It appears that it is not yet available. When I bought mine several years ago I talked to the eng at Baccus and he told me the Stanley was about the same as the B&D only better(newer technology better charging algoriths). Walmart no longer sold the B&D so I was all set to buy the Stanley when I found a bunch of B&D 40 amp chargers at Big Lots for $50. So I bought it.
Gjac 11/29/14 09:18am Tech Issues
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