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RE: Magnetic dipstick for generator

Hi, Ummm most of the generator dip sticks are plastic...... You can magnetize your dip stick by sliding a magnet across the tip multiple times. I did this on my 54 Ford in high school it works but a magnetized drain plug or a magnetic on the outside of the oil pan will work better. Mine is steel but it is old.
Gjac 02/24/18 12:58pm Tech Issues
RE: Older DP's with drum brakes

Don't over the road trucks have drum brakes? Most of those are more than twice the weight of the MH you are looking at. I would think that it is the surface area, friction material on the brake and the pressure applied that would determine how the MH would stop. I am sure the designers take this all into consideration when designing brake systems on trucks as well as MH's.
Gjac 02/24/18 08:43am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Magnetic dipstick for generator

You can magnetize your dip stick by sliding a magnet across the tip multiple times. I did this on my 54 Ford in high school it works but a magnetized drain plug or a magnetic on the outside of the oil pan will work better.
Gjac 02/24/18 07:29am Tech Issues
RE: Fiberglass vs. Aluminum

I think the more important question is how the sidewalls are constructed whether they are bonded panels or hung walls. I would choose the later either FG or Al because they can't delaminate.
Gjac 02/22/18 07:10am General RVing Issues
RE: Tow Bar Receommendation

Every choice is a trade off, so the strength of the tow bar would be more important to me than weight, therefore I chose the Demco steel tow bar rated at 10500 lbs over the lower rated aluminum version. This bar is 16 years old and has 100k miles of towing. I took it apart twice to clean it since new and has always locked for me. If you require tow brakes and don't already have them I would go with the Ready Brake system.
Gjac 02/22/18 07:00am Dinghy Towing
RE: Have a J.C. Penney Battery, Need warranty replacement!

I wonder about Sears Hand tools, is the lifetime warranty still good ? They sold the tool division to Ace Hardware (I think it was Ace. I just took my 3/8 in socket wrench in last month for a replacement because the ratchet mechanism no longer worked. The wrench was probably 50 years old and they replaced the ratchet mechanism at no charge. They would have replaced with a new wrench if they had one in stock but I did not want to wait for one to come in.
Gjac 02/19/18 08:53am General RVing Issues
RE: Gas Chassis battery

As Ron and Dutch already said I buy Walmart batteries for the MH and Tow car because they are all over the US. Twice I replaced my starting battery for free under a 5 year warranty, once I replaced it in a Walmart parking lot while overnighting there. Having said that when I replaced the battery in my wife's car I found that Costco was $69 for the battery and Walmart was $101 so I bought Costco. I don't think it makes any difference as far as quality only convenience to stores when under warranty.
Gjac 02/18/18 10:38am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Onan Generator

I would check the simple things first if you haven't already. Does it have spark when you crank it over? Is fuel coming out of fuel pump when you disconnect it from carb and hit the start button? Are you batteries fully charged?
Gjac 02/18/18 10:24am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Best multimeter

out of curiosity, what normal reading related to RV maintenance really requires a precise reading? ego, rocket science? or dueling meters, "My meter is bigger than yours?" I'm trying to find that 480 volt source in my TT and can't locate it. bumpy Well said! I have installed meters to tell me what the battery voltage and converter voltage is, and what the current from/to the battery is. Why do I need an expensive multimeter? If I drop it on the floor, which I haven't, there goes $5. I have dropped one on the floor, left one outside in the rain, and ruined another with gas while checking my fuel pump on my generator. They were all free HF meters, I would have been very upset if I paid $250 for a fluke meter and ruined it. Talked to one guy who backed up over his when he was working on his tail lights and another that left his on a stump at a campsite. For the average non electrician Rver these meters are good enough. If you want more accuracy there is a pot inside than can be adjusted to a known good meter like a Fluke, they will hold that accuracy until the battery gets low and they will read higher.
Gjac 02/11/18 08:35am Tech Issues
RE: Auto park brake

Yes,unfortunately I have had this happen several times. Beside the relay failure the is a green pressure switch which leaks and allows the brake to come on. I you look inside the autopark box you can locate the switch and remove the electrical connector to see if it is leaking. If the leak is bad you can see it without removing it. If that does not fix it you can contact Roger on this forum he has helped many of us with this system. You can find him under Oldusedbear in author search.
Gjac 02/05/18 08:29am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Progressive Insurance questions

I have had Progressive for 16 years now, and went with them also because they were substantially cheaper. Rates have not gone up much, and have had mixed results with 2 claims. The first was handled very well in Ohio and the agent was very helpful getting the MH into a repair facility and fixed within a week. The second claim which happened in Montana last summer took 3 months to get the MH fixed and back home. The agent was not very helpful or knowledgeable which contributed to the problem.
Gjac 02/03/18 01:52pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: 1998 Allegro Bus Kwikee steps

Ok...looks like it’s a control problem. I have removed it and need to replace it as it is a solid piece. I see no way to replace relays. The model is 909513. It was installed in 1997. I understand I may have trouble finding one. When you say solid piece do you mean it is a potted board where the components are encased in a resin and you can't get at them? The ones I am talking about have a translucent plastic cover with a circuit board that slides out after you remove about 6 screws on the end.
Gjac 02/01/18 06:22am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Class A of the choice

Too much $$$ but here is one 2002 32'CC intrigue 350hp That is a nice MH, but I think $120K is too much for a 16 year old MH. Nada guides show $46k for ave retail. I'm sure it could sell for more because they are hard to find. I agree bit too much for 12yrs old ... anyway i am now looking at Holiday Rambler Vacationer LX 32A that so far looks as best choice for us, but we will see ;-)That is a nice floor plan, I think it has a drop down bed also. Check the storage for any pass trus.
Gjac 02/01/18 06:16am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Class A of the choice

Too much $$$ but here is one 2002 32'CC intrigue 350hp That is a nice MH, but I think $120K is too much for a 16 year old MH. Nada guides show $46k for ave retail. I'm sure it could sell for more because they are hard to find.
Gjac 01/31/18 11:57am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Class A of the choice

I am on rvtrader permanently for last 3 weeks since we started to search. :-) So anyway to round this up, you guys would still go older 2010 - 2018 DP even though the most of the DP's on the market are 36'+ Isn't this the division there that gassers are smaller up to 35' and thats their sweetspot and then DP's are the big boys ? I believe you are right in your observation. It is very hard to find a 30 to 34 ft DP. If you do find one it is not likely to have pass thru bay storage or a decent sized engine. I looked at a nice Winnebago 34 T with 350 HP cat engine but had no pass thru storage bays. CC makes a short Allure and Intrigue and are nice but very hard to find. Some of the older Monaco's and HR's in the 32 -34 ft range have a full wall slides with 2 pass thru storage bays, hung walls and are very nice. You may have to go a little older to find what you are looking for.
Gjac 01/31/18 05:25am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Wind Generator?

I don't like to camp in the wind or sun, much prefer a shaded forested site in the summer. Maybe another option to put back some amps is a roof mounted turbine type system that will generate higher amps when traveling to your next camp site at 45-60 mpg.
Gjac 01/30/18 07:45am Technology Corner
RE: Class A of the choice

If you want to stay short and boondock, water and storage will be important. Of the 4 MH's you listed I would go with the Newmar Baystar because I think it will have full basement storage and hung side walls . Check the FW capacity you will need a minimum of 60 gals for two people for a weeks stay. I would also look at others like the Damon Daybreak,some models have full basement storage plus a large rear pass tru storage bay that goes under the rear bed and 80-100 gals of FW.
Gjac 01/30/18 06:34am Class A Motorhomes
RE: 1998 Allegro Bus Kwikee steps

Kwikee has an excellent troubleshooting manual online, and with a multi meter you can check the switch, motor and control box. You said that the switch is good, you can run 12v directly to your motor to see if that works, if so that leaves the control box. Being a 1998 you probably won't find a replacement at a dealer if so the tech will say you need to buy a whole step unit. The control box has 2 relays inside if you look closely and see a burned relay you know what the problem is.The relay is less than $4.00 at Digi-Key. Hope this helps,let us know how you make out.
Gjac 01/29/18 09:54pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Gas or Diesel?? which is better

I don't think the question of "Gas or Diesel which is better" should be the first question you ask. Before you can answer this question, ask yourself how do you plan on using the MH and where do you want to camp with it. If you want to "travel extensively" like as in full timing or 6 mos out of the year you might want a larger MH, so a DP may be a better choice. If on the other hand coming from a travel trailer you might like to visit National Parks, State Parks NFS or COE type CG's a shorter Class A may be a better solution. There are fewer sites that will accommodate a 40-45 ft DP in these kind of CG's, there are a lot more sites that will be available to a 30 -35 ft MH. A 30 ft gas MH with a 340 or 362 HP engine will have a much better performance than most DPs up mountainous roads. Remember a 40 ft DP will weight over 30k lbs and have 330-400 HP depending on age or size while a 30 ft gas MH will be less than half the weight with 362 HP. With out getting into a Torque vs HP debate, under FAQS read Johnny T's excellent sticky on Gas vs Diesel. This question that gets asked a lot on this forum and he does an excellent job explaining it based on facts. This will help you make a informed decision.
Gjac 01/29/18 09:35pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Towing a Toyota Corolla

I tow a 2002 Corolla and turn the key to ACC, I think most manuals are towed this way. It does not run down the battery. The only problem I had was with my radio that has a removable face when hitting a bump sometimes turned the radio on. When towing now I just remove the face.You should not have a problem with running your battery down as long as everything is turned off. I would buy another one as a tow car if I did not have knee arthritis.
Gjac 01/27/18 07:39am Dinghy Towing
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