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RE: How Many RV'ers are also Nautical Buffs Too?

When I retired I wanted to move to Fla with all the "pensioners" and have a condo on the water and a boat to travel to the islands to scuba dive and fish. My wife did not like my idea so we bought a MH instead. My 18 ft boat sat in the garage and I never used it in 8 years so I gave it to my DD and SIL. I carry a rubber raft with me in the MH and have used it all over up to Alaska all the way down to Fla. to fish. With a MH I had not had time to maintain a use a boat and have not scuba dived since retiring. I do carry my mask, snorkel and fins and free dive the springs in Fla, clean lakes and seashores across the US.
Gjac 09/19/14 06:53pm General RVing Issues
RE: tires out of round because of bent wheels

You have 2 pgs off folks saying get a second option which is good advice. What I would do first is to jack up the front of the MH first and put a flat piece of wood under the tire and then rotate it and you will be able to see if tires are out of round and how much. For your tires to bounce do to being out of round you should see 1/4 in or more.
Gjac 09/19/14 06:37pm General RVing Issues
RE: Newbie looking to buy first....well I'm not sure

With 2 adults and 2 boys and a dog I think a MH would be more comfortable to travel in than an SUV or truck. Secondly determine if you are travelers( stay one or two days then move on) or campers( stay a week or more in one place). If you are travelers then look at the MH. Thirdly don't but 2 or three RV's to determine what you like, determine how you will use it and what kind of users your family will be and buy once either a MH or TT that is not to say in 5 years you will not upgrade but it will be the same type if you think this through and buy right.
Gjac 09/19/14 06:05pm Beginning RVing
RE: What to you mount your inverter on?

I think it is more important to mount it close to the batteries with very thick cables.My 1000 watt inverter is mounted right above my batteries under the dinette seat with 1 ft of 1 gauge cables. It has a fan and will shut off and emit a sound if load or heat is too great.
Gjac 09/19/14 09:43am Tech Issues
RE: Dry ice and Dometic fridge

If you can get the dry ice for free I would wrap it in layers of news paper and put it on one of your shelves. The paper will prevent it from freezing anything inside and make the dry ice cool longer. If you have to buy it I would pass and just use frozen water bottles.
Gjac 09/19/14 08:13am General RVing Issues
RE: supersteer springs

Glad your happy with the springs, am thinking they are like the safety steer spring kit, trying to keep you on the road ? When I bought my MC7, it had that junk installed, I removed it, rebuilt the front end back to new, meaning new everything from the king pins, tie rod ends, drag link ends, new steering gear without the hydraulic assist, new bushings on all rod ends. The funny thing happened, it drove and handled like a dream. As for airbags, agree, some builders use air bags who have zero clue as to what works. The finest handling coach I have played was the outside the wheel 10 bag design with a tag. very stable & secure, no leaning and very stable in large gusty winds. But as the saying goes, it your happy, I am delighted. Dave M Yes I replaced the main springs with super steer and I also have the safety steer springs your talking about also . The last owner had them installed . so I left them on . there $$ front blow out would be nasty .. Itasca55I kept mine there also. I never had the wandering but felt every pot hole and road joint until the SS were installed. You could see shiny spots on the bottom of the upper A arm where the rubber bumper was hitting with the bags fully inflated. I drive the MH with one hand just like a car even with passing trucks I feel no wander.
Gjac 09/18/14 08:04am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Using a stand alone smart phone as a GPS

X2! Waze is terrific. Google Maps isn't far behind. I use Waze on my iPhone and get turn by turn directions by voice, plus any live updates on traffic conditions as I go. The gps of the phone is very accurate. I went to the WAZE web site but could not see if you could put in the size and ht of your RV. I assume that you don't have that option is that correct?
Gjac 09/17/14 09:06am Technology Corner
RE: Which one to buy? 2006 Damon Daybreak or 2007 Mirada

I think the Daybreak may be 32 ft and the Mirada 35 ft 3276BH vs 350DS that is why the wheel base is shorter on the Daybreak. Does the Mirada have the full basement storage? Some do and some had the small cutout doors. Some Daybreak and Mirada's had the large door and pass through in the rear under the bed and you can store 2 bikes and more in there. Not every model had this. I would check the weight of each MH and the CCC of each. I would check the size of the FW tanks if you plan on doing any dry camping. Does each have the same AC setup 2 AC's. Are the batteries easily accessible? Some battery trays are on a slide out some are under the stair way and you can fill and test them easily. Do either have any header mods or ECM performance chips. Do both have 2 slides? Do either have a refer in a slide? Any suspension Mods on either MH? If all things are fairly equal I would choose the one with the most CCC, largest FW tank, most cooling, most storage and best performance. If the Daybreak is 32 ft it should be lighter and have a little better performance. Hope this helps.
Gjac 09/16/14 05:57pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Banks Power System?

I have the Banks Power Pack on my 95 Ford 460. Installed it over 8 years ago. I really enjoy the performance improvement and it has been trouble free. No gain in fuel mileage. By "is it worth it", do you mean payback in $$? NO pay back. If you see the big ol grin on my face when I throttle-up, then it's worth it! The newer engines get about the same gain in performance as my old 460. See Banks dyno results for yourself. Not sure why all the nay Sayers down play Banks on the newer engines. The dyno doesn't lie. Richard I think what folks are saying is that the older 460's would get 85 HP increase and the newer 30 valve V-10's would only get get 56 HP increase.
Gjac 09/16/14 12:14pm Tech Issues
RE: Using a stand alone smart phone as a GPS

A lot of bad info posted here by people who don't know what they are talking about. I don't need or use a cell phone I bought my Nokia 520 just for the GPS. For less than $100 I got a GPS that is more accurate than my Garmin and boots up a lot quicker. From the product description... GPS feature: Cellular and Wi-Fi network positioning, A-GPS, A-GLONASS GLONASS is the Russian version of GPS with its own satellite network, makes for a super accurate positional fix. My cheap little 520 has GPS, 5MP camera, MP3 player, true FM radio (no internet needed) and a phone I never use. Have you downloaded an App like Copilot or do you use the just what came with the phone? Is the phone mounted on the dash and can you read it or is it hand held? Do all of the newer phones like I phones have these features that you mentioned?
Gjac 09/16/14 07:38am Technology Corner
RE: Used Class A Low Mileage

I think the Daybreak has a lot more than the other entry level models such as the ACE or FR3. A lot more storage and much larger FW tanks. If the PO exercised the genset an hr per mo under load, 100 hrs sounds about right. I would give this MH a serious look after checking all fluids for rust. Then check all the other things that previous posters suggested. Don't under estimate damage from rodents, look in every cabinet pull out bottom drawers look for droppings chew insulation etc. You may have a real nice MH. Is it a Ford or WH?
Gjac 09/16/14 06:30am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Should I wax the fiberglass roof?

I had a Hi top van(class B) with a FG roof. I was too high to reach so as it got older I just did the sides. First the clear coat peeled then it started to develop cracks. It is now 20 years, old gave it to my son and looks terrible. I would wax it like Fireup did if I had a FG roof or a least park it in the shade when not in use.
Gjac 09/15/14 06:41pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Diverticulosis

Gjac, I just had an awful time with cramping and the worst pain I could imagine. It happened every morning for about 7 hours. I let it happen the second day and had to go to the doc. She prescribed the 500 mg of Cipro and Flagyl. Took them for 7 days. The 3rd dose helped the pain. I up until now wasn't sure what the pain was as I have been diagnosed with gastritis and diverticulitis. She did no blood work because I just got a knee replacement 9 weeks ago and felt I had been through enough, She said that the antibiotics will get rid of anything. I have never had this sort of horrible pain before. I have been off of them for a week and still have a metallic taste in my mouth among other thing. It can be very painful when the infection goes away the pain subsides. These antibiotics also have side effects they also soften you joint cartilage. I found this out the hard way after I tore my rotator cuffs while taking these antibiotics.
Gjac 09/15/14 06:15pm RVing with Disabilities and General Health Issues
RE: Used Class A Low Mileage

Those who mention seals drying out and leaking, do you have any personal experience with that actually happening in the last 25 years or so? Seals were made of leather, cork and oil impregnated ropey materials years ago and did dry out and sometimes leak. Those materials have been gone for years and the newer materials don't seem to experience the drying effect and only leak when improper installation or damage is a factor in my experience. I wish I did not have experience with leaking seals but the main seal on my eng was leaking when I bought the MH it sat for a while without use. Once I started putting miles on it the leak went a way. I notice a small leak even after sitting over a 5 mo. period of non use.
Gjac 09/15/14 06:04pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Used Class A Low Mileage

With 4000 miles I would be more concerned that the seals dried out in the eng, trans or Genset. How many hrs on the genset? Condensation also is a concern in the fluids also as well as the wiring in the genset. It maybe a real gem or have the above problems and I would expect more than 30% off MRP for an 8 year old MH. What are the asking fror the MH? I would check for leaks and look for evidence of rust ion the dipsticks. Start the genset and make sure it starts and runs without surging and it runs the AC and other appliances.
Gjac 09/15/14 01:25pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: L480E Transmission

Are you seeing any eng codes? What year is your MH? I thaught he was talking about a transmission I have the same trans on an ODBI and it includes transmission codes also.
Gjac 09/15/14 01:11pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Diverticulosis

I think 50% of folks over 60 have diverticulitis which are pockets in the colon. When food gets trapped in the pockets and it get infected it turns into the "itis " accompanied with fever and chills meaning infection. Cipro and Flagel(antibiotics) are usually prescribed to treat the infection. My first attack was in 2003 and have had at least one a year until 2009 when I had 18 ins of my colon removed. All was well until last week and had another attack. According to my Dr what ever the underlying things that cause the pockets in the first place are still there and it can occur again over time. I have been taking fiber supplements once a day for 15 years. Most Drs now say anything can get trapped in the pockets not just seeds or nuts. I don't want to go through another colon resection.
Gjac 09/15/14 12:08pm RVing with Disabilities and General Health Issues
RE: How close is too close

It is a shame that Thorley & Gibson don't address those issues. Yes it is important that you relocate and insulate to protect those items. Banks does address those very issues with their exhaust enhancement items. You may also want to consider a heat shield for your starter. Richard How did Banks address these issues? By supplying heat shields or by re routing trans and brake lines? Sorry about the later response. Been a little busy. In my case (95 F53 460) Banks supplied a heat shield for the left frame rail to protect fuel and brake lines, emergency brake, shift cables and wiring. Banks also supplied insulation for the cables where they left the frame. A heat shield was also supplied for the starter. I spent considerable more for Banks , but the system has been trouble free for over 8 years. Richard Thanks for the update Richard. I haven't had any problem with my brakes yet but add a heat shield on the LH side for MC and brake lines . I was more concerned about the transmission lines on the RH side and insulated them with FG. Sounds like Banks did not see a need to insulate or shield the trans lines?
Gjac 09/15/14 11:34am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Ladder stand offs

Thanks for the link westend. I watched a video there that describes exactly what Gjak explained. I was thinking along these lines, except I was thinking I'd epoxy ss "T" nuts inside the flange that screws to the camper, and, if I could find them, longer ss screws or bolts. The barb connectors don't really add anything structural, and only serve as connectors. Given the total upfront cost of these ladders, it's just another on the list that could have had so much more longevity if they'd have just used ss to begin with. Then, on the other hand, a collapsible is a darn good idea. I might just fix the existing ladder and use it to tie a collapsible to. Anyway, I don't know why, but every time I'd search for anything related to this, I got a blank. Anyway, Thanks to everyone. The epoxied SS T nuts would would not hold very good even though they would not rust. As soon as you apply tension to the bold the epoxy bond will fail. If you cant find the long SS bolts or connectors another fix that I first thought of is peening over the end of threaded rod(all thread) to form a head for MH side and using an acorn nut for the outside of the ladder.
Gjac 09/15/14 10:54am General RVing Issues
RE: new place to boondock?

I have never thought of overnighting at one of these places, but if you are a Silver Sneakers member(65 or older) these places are all over the country and free of charge. Some require registration first to get a card to get in after dark. I have used Anytime fitness in Fla and Az, YMCA's and a few others. All of the ones that I have used are not in cities and are convenient to use when traveling. I have only used the tow car to get to them and I have noticed only parking for cars but can't see why if you get there later why you can't stay overnight unless there is a sign or town ordinance.
Gjac 09/14/14 10:44am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
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