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RE: winnebago 2002 adventurer (30y)

Ours is an 03, only one cable to coach batteries. Converter doesn't connect directly to batteries, it's on the other side of the disconnect solenoid. Go Winnebago website and you can download electrical wiring diagrams for your coach. A friend of mine said maybe I accidentally hit the "kill" switch for 12v to the coach (by the step) and it discharged because of that. I've owned the coach for fifteen years, so I guess i should know this, but, is that a "plausible" theory? That's possible but your converter shouldn't be charging your chassis battery. It should be charging the coach batteries. Is it possible you swapped the main positive cables for coach and chassis batteries? As mentioned 4 6v batteries in series is 24 volts. You should have 2 in series paralleled to another bank of 2 in series. Make sure switch is on to connect the batteries. Disconnect the positive cable from the coach batteries. Disconnect shore power cable. Do you have interior lights? If so you swapped the cables and the lights are running off of chassis battery. A volt meter sure would come in handy.
Hank MI 11/24/17 07:05am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Fresh Water Tank Question

As designed? Assuming a 90 gallon tank they could have designed it with a 60 gallon tank and the pickup in the right location. The technicians "as designed" statement is one used 'as designed' to make you go away... A little off topic but I took our car in under warranty. It was blowing water vapor from the vents in hot humid weather with the A/C on. Obviously evaporator drain was plugged. They checked it out and service tech said "Nothing wrong, all vehicles do that." I said "Really, been driving air conditioned cars since the 1970's and never had one do that." Worst part, GM had already issued a Tech Bulletin stating the drain tube could have been pinched during assembly.
Hank MI 11/22/17 05:52pm General RVing Issues
RE: winnebago 2002 adventurer (30y)

Ours is an 03, only one cable to coach batteries. Converter doesn't connect directly to batteries, it's on the other side of the disconnect solenoid. Go Winnebago website and you can download electrical wiring diagrams for your coach.
Hank MI 11/21/17 05:49am Class A Motorhomes
RE: junk phone calls

The do not call list definitely helps but only if the company chooses to follow the law. My cell phone has a blocking feature. I just purchased a set of land line phone that has a block feature on it. I have not hooked it up yet, but will soon. Hopefully this will put a stop to these calls. Blocking a particular number has limited affect. We get calls all the time from 'Credit Card Services'. Problem is the number they call from changes all the time. I'm sure they pay someone to use a computer and prepaid mobile phone to initiate the calls.
Hank MI 11/17/17 05:54am Around the Campfire
RE: Fiberglass Roof

Do you guys think Decor is better than Tomsen water seal. Kenny You mean Thompson's Water Seal, it's oil based. Not sure I would want that I my roof. I applied Mop & Glow in the summer of last year, 2016, still looks pretty good and washes up clean. Probably time for another coat. Cheap, simple to apply and it cleans while applying it.
Hank MI 11/16/17 05:10pm Tech Issues
RE: American Tire

Some tire stores, like Discount Tire, will sell you the tires but have them delivered to a truck tire center. Most tire stores don't have the equipment to dismount/mount tires on 19.5" or 22.5" rims. Also don't have lifts to pick up a MH.
Hank MI 11/16/17 05:00pm General RVing Issues
RE: 2003-2008 Gas Motorhome: Chevy service problems?

I personally would stick to the W series Workhorse chassis rather than the lighter P series Workhorse chassis. This will avoid the autopark brake which has had issues and will get you much stronger brakes with the W20-22-24 chassis. It will also get you the Allison transmission, instead of the GM transmission on the lighter P series chassis. The Ford chassis have had some handling issues that can be corrected and the best you can do is get a Ford transmission, which Ford claims is almost as good as an Allison transmission. In reality, you were given the best advice which is to find a floor plan that works and any of the chassis will get you to the top of the mountain and down the other side. Thanks for this information re looking for the W series Workhorse. Are you saying that all of the P series had the GM transmission, so if it has an Allison transmission it will be on the W20-22-24 chassis? Again, thanks for the reply! You definitely want a W series chassis over the P series, I've had both. The Workhorse will have an Allison trans, arguably the best auto trans made. Take a quick look under the front end, if it's a solid front axle with leaf springs as opposed to independent front suspension with coil springs it's a W series chassis. The VIN will tell you as well but a quick look is easy.
Hank MI 11/14/17 06:14pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: A class batteries

A class Dolphin 535. I have 3 batteries,, Replaced the 1 for the engine ,,, guessing ,, lol ,,, Have 2 other batteries next to it .. Figuring its for the 12v system. Replacement for Interstate U2300 Battery states 6v. wish i could post a picture ... The cost for 1 batt. is $175.00 ... Just want to make sure its a 6v ... Yes I checked the labels and didnt see 6 or 12 ... a U2300 is a real HD 6 volt and there expensive;; much better quality and amperage and warranty than costco however they should be available for much less than $175 Iam thinking in the 145$ range new number is GC2-XHD-UTL If your going to do any amount of boon docking buy these ones over the cheapo Costco ones On the other hand if you normally camp with shore power you don't really need the best batteries. Two cheaper 6v or even 2 12v batteries may meet your needs, depends on how you use them.
Hank MI 11/14/17 06:06pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Couple of questions...

Busskipper, I agree with much of what you said but not all, sorry. An out of balance tire can dinitely only show up at certain speeds. As far as advice on this forum, well many people here have more experience with a motorhome than most truck service centers. So some good advice is available. Such as tire pressure which is seldom set by the manufacturer or dealer at the right pressure. I do agree that the first step is going back to the dealer. Unfortunately most are not really geared to fixing chassis problems. Hopefully he can get them to send it somehwere that can address it. You didn't mention it but class a gasser or class c both have many of the same suspension and handling issues. So I don't see that posting it here is a big deal.
Hank MI 11/14/17 05:42pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Michigan to Key West

Go online and order a Sunpass and set it up. Will save you lots of time, and some money. Well worth the effort. Dean Definitely plan to do this, just not sure if I should get the transponder for $20 or just get the sticker for $5. Also need to figure out if I need one of the motorhome and the toad or if they will figure it out. Thanks to all those that responded, looks like we will definitely stick to 75. As mentioned I77 through W.V. with a toad is not a real fun drive depending on weather. You don't want 2 Sunpasses, one in MH and one toad. One in the MH is all you need. You can get the portable one if you think you'll want it in the toad at some point or get the stick on one and put it in the MH.
Hank MI 11/14/17 06:23am Roads and Routes
RE: 2003-2008 Gas Motorhome: Chevy service problems?

If it's a 2003-2008 then Chevy didn't build the chassis, Workhorse did. Workhorse bought the chassis business from Chevy, did continue using the GM 8.1L engine. We have a 2003 Winnebago Adventurer, Workhorse W22 chassis, GM 8.1L engine and Allison transmission. As mentioned parts are available and service is too.
Hank MI 11/14/17 06:09am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Winnie adventurer water tank

On our 03 the tanks are visible inside compartment behind entry door. Quarter turn ball valve at bottom of tank.
Hank MI 11/05/17 06:47pm Tech Issues
RE: 2 questions about using the pink stuff

I've never done anything with the city water inlet on either MH we've owned. On both it sat high enough that any water in it would drain into the tank.
Hank MI 11/05/17 06:42pm General RVing Issues
RE: Side window fogged up.

As mentioned it is or can be a DIY job. I repaired almost every window in our 1994 Bounder. Being retired I had the time and it only cost a couple hundred dollars to reseal them. I did replace a few panes that were too badly etched so that added to the cost. Still cheap compared to paying someone to repair 9 or 10 windows.
Hank MI 10/29/17 04:07pm Tech Issues
RE: Battery switch wiring on my 96 Bounder?

Hank, with Fleetwood products, if the batteries are disconnected, sometimes trying to re-close the disconnect switches does not work. Turning the key to Start seems to close the disconnect switches. I do not know why, but this has worked on numerous MHs. Yes, the OP is not clear as to what the problem is. Seems to be saying it works, but does not work? Well we had a 94 Bounder. Motor/ignition only worked with Main on. I had the Main disconnect solenoid fail and had to replace that. With no shore power and AUX off no lights or 12v to anything not running off ignition. Not sure off the purpose of the Main disconnect on his HM if the engine starts when it's off. Almost sounds like someone has made a few mods, maybe to work around a bad disconnect solenoid.
Hank MI 10/28/17 03:37pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Battery switch wiring on my 96 Bounder?

I'm a little confused about when they work and when they don't. It started and drove then you hit the 'main' switch? Shouldn't start with main disconnected/off. Then you connected AUX batteries and they didn't work. Was main still connected, was engine still running? Maybe you could explain it again. Engine alt should charge all batteries. If lights only work when engine is running it sounds like aux batteries may be dead. Have you plugged into shore power to see if lights work? Check voltage of AUX batteries.
Hank MI 10/28/17 05:55am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Can the height of Kwikee electric steps be adjusted?

Only way to change the height now is to limit how far the step comes down and out. That might give you height you want but the exposed step surface would also be smaller. To do it right would require removing the whole assembly and mounting it higher on the chassis. Not sure if that's possible.
Hank MI 10/21/17 02:59pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: 50 amp outlet

If your only service panel is 100amps and is going to supply your 50amp RV receptacle and the rest of the house combined then you may need to upgrade it to 200amps. If your 100amp garage service panel is a sub-panel of a larger capacity panel you are good to go. Not required. Upgrading the service is not a bad idea, it just can get very pricey very fast ! You can feed a sub-panel with half the current of the main panel. So if he's coming off a 100 amp main 50 amp sub is okay.
Hank MI 10/20/17 04:49pm Tech Issues
RE: Duo Pane

It takes a very sp ecial drill bit and a heck of a lot of luck to bore a hole in tempered glass. In european countries where a lot of homes have dual pane windows, drilling a hole at the bottom of the window to vent the moisture is common but not inautomobile wiindows. Theory is to drill through the spacer and seal between the 2 panes. Not to drill through the glass itself. As a note, tempered glass is not that hard. Break a glass bottle then take a sharp piece of it and you can easily scratch tempered glass. Tempering the glass does not make it hard. It allows the glass to flex without shattering and if it does break it doesn't break into a bunch of long sharp shards of glass. It breaks into smaller pieces that create a mess but aren't nearly as dangerous as untampered glass.
Hank MI 10/19/17 05:04pm General RVing Issues
RE: Duo Pane

Dehumidifier works wonders. Difference between inside and outside temps, people breathing and living in and cooking in such a small area creates a lot of moisture that has to go someplace. Drilling weap holes is not the best solution, dehunmidifying the air is the correct solution. Humidity inside or out should not cause condensation between the panes of glass. The seal has failed allowing outside or inside air between the 2 panes. Drilling a hole requires removing the glass and it's not a cure. Cure is to remove the window, separate the two panes and replacing the spacer/seal. Been there, done that. It can be a DIY job, I did ours, but it's not a simple task. There are companies that repair them.
Hank MI 10/19/17 04:56pm General RVing Issues
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