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RE: New to dinghy TOAD towing

When towing for an extended period of time, start the vehicle as often as possible and allow it to run for five minutes to prevent battery drain. Well that depends on a lot of variables. I tow an 07 Malibu, lights are hooked up through a diode block. Pull the fuse the owners manual says to, actually I installed a switch, and there is no battery drain. Well no more than if it were sitting in the driveway so there is no need to start it. If you have a brake system that runs off the toad battery that can drain the battery but you should hookup a charge line from the MH in that case. BTW: 5 minutes of run time will do little to nothing in the way of charging the battery.
Hank MI 01/20/17 04:57pm Dinghy Towing
RE: water pump

If you really want to use a pressure regulator than get an adjustable one. Crank the pressure up to where it matches the output of the pump, your plumbing can obviously handle more than 40 psi. I've used a 40 psi regulator, actually more than 1 now in the trash. Put it on, seems okay and in very short time seems like the pressure has dropped in half.
Hank MI 01/13/17 07:08am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Generator Power Question - Might be a silly one

Hey folks, Might be a really silly question...here's the situation. Generator powers up no problem. Haven't found how to get the power out of the outlets once it's running. Here's my question. Doesn't the shoreline cable backfeed out the plug? There's another outlet in my shoreline cable storage unit. Do I plug that cable into it in order to get the generator power while it's running? Fire up the genny, Unplug the shore power, tell us what happens? Since he said he has no power to outlets I would assume he's not plugged in to shore power. If he was then he has other problems. He also said there is another outlet in the electrical bay so I say that there is no transfer switch and the cord from the gen needs to be plugged in.
Hank MI 01/12/17 03:35pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: One 110 outlet reading low

And we go back to my reply, the 3rd one in this thread. Measure voltage at the pedestal while under load. With no load the worst corroded connections will read 120v. Under load the voltage will drop considerably.
Hank MI 01/11/17 04:53pm Tech Issues
RE: One 110 outlet reading low

Metering at the pedestal with no load says the source voltage is okay. It doesn't tell you if the wiring and outlet are okay. There is no voltage drop when there is no load. It may be hard to do but you need to verify pedestal voltage while under load. You may be able to back the plug out a little, enough to get some meter leads in and check the voltage when running the normal appliances in the MH.
Hank MI 01/11/17 07:08am Tech Issues
RE: Awning Help

Yes, basically. You'll need to slide it and the torsion assembly out of the roller tube, just enough so the endcap is free of the roller tube. Then rotate and push it back on. As I recall there are some 'stops' on the inside of the endcap that will keep it from rotating when it's all the way on. That's from what I can remember, if I'm wrong someone please correct me..
Hank MI 01/09/17 06:25am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Driving Yellowstone

Yes but it won't be a fun drive. Quite a few hairpin turns and grades. We came in east entrance and stayed at Fishing Bridge. 35' pulling a toad so as I said you can but it will be pretty slow in spots.
Hank MI 01/07/17 01:22pm Roads and Routes
RE: 2007 Winnie Adventurer 38j - remove screens

Is it a flat disc with a crank handle? If it's like the ones we have in the bedroom you have to remove that disc/handle. Small screw in the center of the disc. Be careful, there is a small washer behind the disc, you don't want to lose it. Once the disc is off you can remove the screen, kind of a pain but not that hard.
Hank MI 01/07/17 06:39am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Exercising your RV while at campsite

Starting the motorhome, gas or diesel not recommended. Onboard generators, it is recommended. Not to exercise the engine but to warm up the gen, dry it out and remove any corrosion from the brushes. It's almost impossible to heat the crankcase oil up to operating temp by idling the engine. The coolant will heat up but without a load on the engine the oil won't. The oil typically get's hotter than the coolant when the engine is under load and that dries out any moisture. At idle it just doesn't happen and you just add more moisture.
Hank MI 01/05/17 02:54pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Keeping Jacks Down for Storage to reduce tire flat spots

Firstly, automobile tires are not subjected to the weight that motorhome tires are, while they're sitting around for months at a time and collecting sunshine in the process. Automobile tires are not designed to hold the weight of a motorhome. Motorhomes tires are. I keep covers on my tires so they don't sit around collecting sunshine.
Hank MI 01/05/17 06:20am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Awning Help

FWIW, rotating the rear end cap is trivial- there is no spring tension on the cap itself. Rotating the front one can be a pain on A&E. You are correct. I misspoke when I mentioned using vice grips to rotate the end cap. That's only required when adjusting tension or removing torsion assembly.
Hank MI 01/04/17 03:27pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Keeping Jacks Down for Storage to reduce tire flat spots

I have 3 cars, they all sit on the tires year around. One, a 1970 Chevelle only gets a few thousand miles a year on it so it sits most of the time. Flat spots, yes it happens but usually works out of the tires after a few miles. Leaving the jacks down? Assuming hydraulic jacks the pistons are exposed to the elements. The hydraulic lines are also under constant pressure. Supposedly they're designed for that but your tires and chassis springs are also designed to support the weight of the vehicle all the time. I leave mine on the tires and jacks up 'most' of the time. I say most because the jacks are down when we're using it or if I need to put the slides out to clean or work inside it. Oh, according to some tire experts on the forums you should replace your tires every 3 years because somebody had a blowout on a 4 year old tire. I hope nobody reports a blowout on a 2 year old tire or we'll have to replace our tires every year.
Hank MI 01/04/17 03:13pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Awning Help

I guess a drill, hacksaw, file and more rivets is one way to fix it or you could just do it right.
Hank MI 01/04/17 06:26am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Awning Help

No the end caps were NOT installed wrong. Common for end caps to be installed W/O opening lining up with grove in roller tube so awning stays secured. Get 1/4" drill bit and drill motor At one end of roller tube drill into grove at an angle making a slot to use for installation of Sun Screen Simple.....and not messing with end cap/awning springs etc needed I've replaced awning material on 2 different awnings. The left end cap only had one opening. This opening is meant to line up with the groove that the pull straps slides into. The other 2 grooves in the roller assembly are closed off by the end cap. I don't know what kind of awning he has but it's quite possible the end cap was installed in the wrong position. The 3 grooves in the roller tube on an A&E awning are not equally spaced and there is only one way to install it correctly. Both the torsion assembly and end cap can be installed in the wrong positions. In the wrong position the 3 arms on the torsion assembly don't all hit one of the grooves due to the unequal spacing. In the wrong position the opening in the end cap doesn't line up with the pull strap groove. Only way to correct it is drill out the rivets and with the use of vise grips rotate the end cap to the correct spot. I would also check that the torsion assembly is in the correct position. That requires unwinding the spring and pulling the torsion assembly out to the end to confirm that the 3 arms align with the 3 grooves in the roller tube. In the wrong position you may have only 1 or 2 of the arms hitting a goove instead of all 3.
Hank MI 01/03/17 07:24am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Tire pressures and axle weight

How did you get 95 for the rear? At 10,540 lbs on the rear that's 5,270 per axle end. With duals that's 2,635 per tire. Of course this assumes side to side weights are equal. Anyway you're at the minimum inflation of 80 psi recommended by Goodyear on all tires. Using Michelin charts puts you at 80 psi all tires as well.
Hank MI 01/01/17 07:03am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Should we turn off the water?

Two years ago our furnace failed while we were in Fl for a 2 months. We have a well and the pump was off. I didn't drain the plumbing and pipes burst in 3 places. The pressure tank emptied out whatever water was in it, quite a mess. We now have a Wifi thermostat so I'll get an email if the temp in the house drops. I also will open all faucets and the system drain into the laundry tub in the basement.
Hank MI 12/02/16 06:11am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Tire Pressure Actual vs Sticker

I assume you have the Michelin XRV tires, I have the same. According to there charts you could run 80 front and rear. That assumes you don't add any weight because the numbers are real close, 85 might be better. You'll definitely have a softer ride and more contact with the road as mentioned.
Hank MI 11/28/16 04:29pm Beginning RVing
RE: Bagman's Bucks vs.Michigan

Bags, best of luck with your health. Remember, it's only a game. I'll be rooting for Michigan but no matter the outcome, come Sunday my life will continue on pretty much the same. Can't wait for the game to begin though, I expect a good one. As you said they both have advantages in areas. Go Blue!
Hank MI 11/25/16 04:04pm Around the Campfire
RE: need help with toad battery disconnect

You're less likely to have a "battery accident" working on the negative side since it's grounded to the vehicle body. That's why we disconnect the negative cable first and keep it away from the battery terminal. Then, if the wrench on the positive touches the body, nothing shorts out since the body is no longer negative. Which is what I was trying to say in my previous post. I think you said it a little better.
Hank MI 11/25/16 06:38am Dinghy Towing
RE: need help with toad battery disconnect

I wouldn't use the positive side as a disconnect it may arc unless you remove the ground wire first. With todays sensitive electronics it may matter. When installing a battery or jump starting a vehicle always install the positive side first then the ground, this will eliminate arcing. If finished jump starting or removing a battery always remove the ground first , this will eliminate arcing. Really? If there's a voltage potential, a complete circuit, then there's a possibility of arcing. What makes you think that the negative cable and negative post on the battery can't create an arc? The electrons don't care where you complete the circuit. You remove the negative cable first because you're using a wrench to loosen the cables. If you hit a metal part of the car with the wrench while loosening the cable, no harm, the car is grounded to the negative. If you remove the positive first and touch a metal part of the car you create a short circuit through the wrench, not good. When jump starting a car you hook the positive cable to the battery first. No arcing because the negative cable isn't hooked up, not a complete circuit. You then hook the negative cable to a metal part of the car or engine not the battery. If it does cause an arc it's not near the battery and unlikely to ignite any gases coming from the it.. What's your point? Point, either cable is just as likely to arc when connecting or disconnecting. You seem to be saying only the positive cable can arc and that's just not true. My response was a general rule statement used in the automotive and trucking industry. Yours is based on a remote possibility not often experienced. Sure it could arc but less likely. Again, simply not true. Positive cable, negative cable or somewhere inbetween all have the same possibility of arcing. Arcing occurs because of the voltage potential, it doesn't care where you make or break the circuit. You seem to think there's something magical about the negative post that keeps it from arcing and that's not true.
Hank MI 11/25/16 06:36am Dinghy Towing
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