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RE: Dinette Storage Drawers

good job. I bet there are many of us who have wondered why they don't do this in the factory for us. They did for me, both seats have slide out drawers. No door, built like a cabinet drawer where the front of the drawer is the door/face. We store pots, pans and misc in them. You may want to install a lock on the slide so it wont fly out while traveling. Ours will if we forget to lock them.
Hank MI 01/25/15 06:16am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Leaving seat while driving

DW gets up to use the toilet or get a snack/drinks for us while underway but, otherwise, stays seated. What he said.
Hank MI 01/24/15 06:22am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Front Window Privacy Curtain

It has a small I beam track and I don't know where I would get hardware that would attach curtain to track? Sounds like ours, 2 nylon rollers that slide along the i-beam. We ordered the curtain and new hardware from CW. Of course it wasn't until a few days later that they notified us the hardware wasn't available. So we had to order that from another RV supplier and pay additional shipping costs. Anyway, the curtains are generic, ours fit just fine. All the suppliers carry the same curtain and hardware. So it's just a matter of who has it in stock and how much it costs.
Hank MI 01/24/15 06:19am Class A Motorhomes
RE: What Time delay switch/relay/breaker for portable genset?

What size gen? They make outdoor remote control power outlets. Like for controlling outside Christmas lights. Hit the remote to start the gen, wait a minute, hit the remote to turn on the power outlet. Assuming your coffee pot is already plugged in and turned on, it starts brewing. You don't even have to get out of bed until the coffee is ready. Of course there's still that bonded neutral/ground issue. An 8' copper glad ground rod should take care of that. Sorry, don't know any way to drive that sucker in the ground remotely.
Hank MI 01/23/15 04:14pm Tech Issues
RE: Furnace Pilot Light Burns Out overnight

Built in energy conserving device? Seriously, how big is the pilot flame? Is the thermocouple positioned with the tip centered in the flame? Just guessing, it's colder at night, if right on the edge of keeping it lit in the evening maybe you go over the edge when temps drop. Or maybe the thermocouple is going.
Hank MI 01/23/15 03:59pm Tech Issues
RE: OK, I was stupid. FINE !

We all learn from our mistakes... If only that were true. It is for most us, I hope, but there are some that never learn.
Hank MI 01/23/15 03:53pm Tech Issues
RE: How to avoid FL Toll Roads

I go N & S from South Miami twice a year in my MH pulling a toad. I never pay any tolls. Coming S on I75 take exit 329(Wildwood) SR44E 15 miles to US27S Take US27S all the way to 953S just North of the Airport on East side. Follow signs for airport. No tolls and US27 is 4 lane all the way. I took that route south last year to just north of Homestead, won't do it again. US27 from Wildwood to Lake Okeechobee area was nothing but stop and go through a bunch of small towns. Stop lights every 1/4 mile or less. In a MH pulling a toad it was no fun at all. I'm sure the trip would be a lot nicer in a car, you do get to see more things and US27 is a pretty good road.
Hank MI 01/20/15 11:54am Roads and Routes
RE: help me choose new towbar

I installed a BlueOx base plate on our 07 Malibu. It obviously is a unibody but required no reinforcing, did have to drill a couple of holes. The attachment points are under bumper through the small lower grill. Not noticeable with the inserts removed. We have a BlueOx Aladdin tow bar rated for 7,500 lbs. BlueOx prices have gone up considerably since we bought ours, dealers can no longer sell below a minimum price set by BlueOx so other brands can be had for less.
Hank MI 01/20/15 11:41am Dinghy Towing
RE: How to avoid FL Toll Roads

Toll by plate includes an admin fee. Cheaper tolls with sunpass. I just looked it up. You get a monthly bill for your tolls with a $2.50 administration fee. That's not bad. If you don't plan on returning to FL in the near future it's better than buying a transponder.
Hank MI 01/20/15 08:01am Roads and Routes
RE: How to avoid FL Toll Roads

Many of the toll booths are now transponder or toll by plate, no cash. A stick on transponder is $5 and are for sale all over in FL. If you can pick one up, go online to register and put some cash on it, that's the way to. If not, toll by plate is the only other option. I-75 will take you down the other side of the state and add to the miles. When you get near Ft Lauderdale and Miami, however you get there, the toll roads are your best bet. Unless of course you like sitting in traffic with a bunch of crazy drivers that learned to drive in another country. Just my .02. Go to sunpass.com. They have a toll calculator, you put in your starting and ending points, number of axles and it will tell you what the total cost is. If toll by plate you'll have to add the that cost. Don't recall what it is , check the sunpass site.
Hank MI 01/20/15 07:34am Roads and Routes
RE: Auto battery problem

Have you had the charging system checked? With a shorted diode in the alternator it can will still work, just not at full capacity and will drain the battery when the engine is not running. As for passive drains on newer cars, I experienced that last year. I hooked up a 2 amp battery maintainer to our 2013 Malibu a few days before we were heading to FL. There was so much drain on the battery the maintainer went into check mode, defective battery. After several attempts I finally disconnected the battery and hooked the maintainer directly to it. On a side note, you may not be able to use a power outlet/charger port to plug in a battery maintainer. On some new cars they're disconnected when the car is off. So don't leave your phone in the console thinking it's being charged when the car is off. Another thing I discovered with the new car last year. The TOAD, a few years older, does not disconnect the power outlets.
Hank MI 01/20/15 06:59am General RVing Issues
RE: setting five months run the engine or not?

Running the generator once a month is different than running the engine. The gen needs to be exercised under load to dry out and remove and corrosion buildup on the brushes. If not the buildup can get to the point where the gen won't produce any electricity then it won't stay running. I have a 70 Chevelle SS that sits in the garage all winter. No way I'm driving it around in the winter in MI so it doesn't get started. I know dozens of other guys that do the same with there cars. No ill affects. Due to extended circumstances our MH sat for several years without being started. Only issue was lousy gas mileage until we burned up the old gas and filled it with fresh. As you can see I don't believe letting it sit for months causes any harm. If you must start it, idling is not the same as driving it. It may get hot enough to dry out any moisture created but how can you be sure. Especially in the exhaust system. At idle you're not pushing enough heat through to dry out the entire system. Takes a lot of hot gases to fully heat up and dry out 20 some feet of exhaust.
Hank MI 01/20/15 06:19am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Looking for stops in route

If you go the I65/231 route thru Alabama, we always stop at Deer Run CG near Troy, AL and de-winterize there. It's a very nice place and very convenient for that route. We stopped there on our return trip last year.
Hank MI 01/19/15 02:35pm Snowbirds
RE: sticky awning

My manual awning would hang up because fabric had shifted on roller. This would cause awning to roll up cockeyed and sometimes it would not stow properly and sometimes it would not release and extend properly. Fabric in top rail is held in place by screw at each end of material into track......no shifting. But on roller no such screws so fabric can move inside grove on roller. I repositioned awning material so that edge of fabric was same distance from end of roller tube. Then installed a short shelf tapping screw right at edge of fabric into roller grove. Haven't had an awning stowing/extending issue since. Ours stuck on the left side too before replacing the awning fabric. Look at the arms on the left side, is the outer/bottom arm rubbing against the upper arm when closing. As mentioned shifted fabric will do it. Ours works perfect since we replaced the fabric.
Hank MI 01/19/15 07:08am Tech Issues
RE: Looking for stops in route

Last year we left from Brighton, Mi, I-96, I-69, I-65. We stopped at a campground just inside Kentucky. Only thing we hooked up was electric because it was still pretty cold there. We were in a MH so that's a little different, it was already warm inside when we stopped. Starting from Cheboygan and a late start you probably wouldn't make it that far. The 2nd night we were near Montgomery and de-winterized there. Your 2nd night should definitely get you to an area with open campgrounds. I'm just throwing this out as an option. If you really want to stop at a motel I can't help. When we have stopped at hotel we get out the AAA books and start calling ahead to see what's available. Do the same with campgrounds.
Hank MI 01/19/15 06:58am Snowbirds
RE: How do they do that?

I mounted a bracket to the base of the cabinet. For travel I rotate the TV 90* and it will fold up and into the cabinet. For viewing I pull it out, rotate it to the correct angle and pull it down in front of cabinet. It's not the typical installation but it brings the TV down to a better viewing angle. I always hated having to look up to watch the old TV.
Hank MI 01/19/15 05:48am Class A Motorhomes
RE: OK to run furnace while traveling?

We have found that our electric heat doesn't work below 50 degrees. You guys that are saying OK to run your furnace but turn it off when you re-fuel - are you turning off the propane tank itself or just turning off the heat with the thermostat? (When we refill the propane tank, the attendant doesn't even turn off the propane before he fills it.) As mentioned you can leave the propane on when refueling just make certain that the furnace, fridge and water heater are turned off. Should any of them decide it's time to fire up while refueling the spark of the ignition can ignite any gas fumes. Turning off the propane but leaving those things on won't do it. They may try to fire up because they don't know the propane supply has been cutoff. When I have the propane tank filled they always close the tank valve before filling. Don't know if that's required but it sure sounds like a good idea. He has no idea if you have a major leak somewhere and propane will come spewing out. Close the valve, fill it and then it's your problem after you leave.
Hank MI 01/18/15 04:09pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: OK to run furnace while traveling?

Only if you are well insured and plan on collecting. Why do you think you have to shut OFF the gas to travel in Ferrys and can't even travel in tunnels even with the gas shut off. Bob Stuff Happens Seriously? So you can't run your fridge while traveling either I guess. You need to turn these devices off before refueling and at other times but that doesn't mean you can't use them while driving down the road. The 75 gallons of gasoline I carry is just as big a bomb as the propane.
Hank MI 01/18/15 06:31am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Looking for first RV

We started with a pop-up, then TT, then a summer home, now a Class A. It's older but we only use it once a year, Michigan to Florida and back. You have a decent tow vehicle so that's a plus for going with a TT, less outlay to start. You also don't need to tow another vehicle so you can do some site seeing. Personally, I think that's where the advantages of a TT end. As mentioned, a motorhome doesn't require any setup if you're just stopping for the night or the weather is bad. If the weather is cold, the MH is already warm when you stop, hot weather it's already cool. No waiting for it to get comfortable. Traveling, the wife can grab me a cold bottle of water from the fridge, make a sandwich, use the bathroom without stopping. Is there more maintenance to a MH, sure. It's another drivetrain plus license/registration, insurance. Is that added cost worth it, that's up to you and how you'll use it. For me it was but I do almost all my own maintenance, I'm retired so I have the time.
Hank MI 01/17/15 04:40pm Beginning RVing
RE: Gas question

...Gas is not cheap because the oil companies want it that way. It's called supply and demand, it's a basic economic principle. Correct, the U.S. is now a net exporter of refined crude. OPEC wanted to cut production to get the price of a barrel of crude back up. The Saudi's said no. I believe they want to put the U.S. producers out of business. Saudi Arabia can make a profit on crude at $15 a barrel and they have the largest known reserves. U.S. producers need at least $55 a barrel to remain profitable, fracking is not cheap.
Hank MI 01/17/15 06:52am Tech Issues
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