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RE: GM Ignition Sensor Fuse

Thanks Hank & Teddy. That makes sense, and makes me feel better. I'll recheck what I did, but I'm pretty confident that it's correct. (Just noticed that I need to update my signature, and get rid of the '03 Cavalier - that's my grand-son's car now.) Sounds like you have it right. You'll notice you don't have the key buzzer, key in driver's door open, when switch is off. You should also see that turning key to ACC with switch off does not turn on accessories like radio, etc.
Hank MI 04/19/14 06:22am Dinghy Towing
RE: Stanley Cup playoffs 2014

I will go out on a limb! Wings will beat Boston. We had a championship winter (most snowfall ever)! It will carry over to spring hockey in Hockeytown! Coldest winter on record too! Go Wings!
Hank MI 04/18/14 03:13pm Around the Campfire
RE: kwikee step

Unless you can tell exactly when the steps have reached their full in or out extension you will draw a lot of current when they reach the stops. I suppose you could rig a couple of micro switches at the stops to interrupt the current. A diode in series with each micro switch would also be needed so that the opened switch would not be bypassed by the closed one. i have read posts by other people that have done what you are talking about and they didn't mention using micro switches and diodes so maybe that isn't a problem. If it's like ours the motor has a thermal switch inside of it, that's what cuts power to the motor when it hits the limit. The controller senses the lack of current flow and shuts the power off. Now leaving the switch on for an extended period could cause a problem, the thermal switch will cool, the motor will try to turn and the thermal switch will open again. This cycle will continue until the power is switched off. A DPDT momentary switch would be best. Let go when the steps reach their limit, you can't leave the switch in an on position.
Hank MI 04/18/14 03:03pm Tech Issues
RE: GM Ignition Sensor Fuse

I installed the switch on our 07 Malibu. It works the same way and that's how it's supposed to work. You have to put the key in and turn it at least to ACC position to shift out of park and into neutral. You can't remove the key until the trans is back in park. The switch or pulling the fuse disables the sensing of the key and disables the ACC position so the battery won't be drained while towing.
Hank MI 04/18/14 02:50pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Onan 4000 gen

As waterboy said you need 1/4 tank or more of fuel to feed the gen. Also on our Onan 4k holding the switch in the off position runs the pump to fill the fuel bowl before trying to start the engine. You have to hold it in the off position for a few seconds then you should hear the fuel pump start running. I have a full tank of gas and when I hold the switch to the off position it dose nothing? That's how ours works. Yours may be different or it's a symptom of the problem, fuel pump not working.
Hank MI 04/09/14 04:16pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Avoid breaker tripping

A loose connection can cause heat and even a fire but it also reduces current flow and can't cause an overload. I suspect the 30 amp breaker on the pedestal is getting week and will no longer handle a full 30 amps. Consider that you also have a 30 amp main breaker in your RV and it should trip if you exceed 30 amps.
Hank MI 04/09/14 10:46am Tech Issues
RE: Onan 4000 gen

As waterboy said you need 1/4 tank or more of fuel to feed the gen. Also on our Onan 4k holding the switch in the off position runs the pump to fill the fuel bowl before trying to start the engine. You have to hold it in the off position for a few seconds then you should hear the fuel pump start running.
Hank MI 04/09/14 10:32am Class A Motorhomes
RE: RV friendly diesel before the Keys

There are plenty of RV, big rig friendly stations on 997(Krome) from SW 88th(Kendal) all the way to Homestead. That is the Redland Agricultural Area with lots of semis hauling for the nurseries there.
Hank MI 04/08/14 07:17am Roads and Routes
RE: Onan 2.8 turns over, dies when start button released

Some of the things that can cause it to die when you release the botton. Low oil switch Bad brushes/slip rings Bad control board I'm not sure about the power source for the ignition system but I do not think the poster was correct on that one. I think it always either self-generates (Magneto) or burns battery power. There are advantages to both systems. The onan bypasses several fault sensors (like the low oil switch) when starting but when yor let go it checks them One of them is the output frequency and voltage... Unlike those el-cheapo "Contractor" generators. the Onan monitors itself, same as a Surge Guard monitors the park's shore power, and if the voltage or frequency are beyond what is is programmed to accept.. It shuts down A friend got that message when his did as yours.. and he had to do a brush replacement.. This happened when he was parked in the land of no shore power.. However lucky for him, there was a TT-30 outlet that was live at least part of the time near by (It is in one of my basement compartments in fact, he was next to me). Yup, low oil pressure, oil pressure switch or no output AC. All sensing is disabled while starting. Once started and switch is released the sensing kicks in and will shut it down if a problem is detected.
Hank MI 04/07/14 04:23pm Tech Issues
RE: Water hose diameter

An RV just doesn't have enough plumbing to make a difference. Most of my house which is considerable larger is only 1/2" copper. Water volume will be determined by the smallest diameter in the system between water source and the faucet. This. Bruce Not really true. It's not a case of "The weakest link". The longer the restriction, reduced diameter, the lower the flow. Each restriction you add even if they're all the same diameter will reduce the flow.
Hank MI 04/07/14 04:12pm General RVing Issues
RE: Patio awning question

As I recall on my A&E Awning each spring has a specific direction to wind it. One spring goes one way the other goes the opposite way. Once you figure out the direction of each spring, its not really that hard to rewind / tension. Just be careful when its under tension. Good Luck. Both turn the same way, if not they'd be fighting with each other. Direction to turn should be marked on the end cap of the arm.
Hank MI 04/07/14 02:44pm Beginning RVing
RE: outdoor rugs

We have the one from Walmart, woven plastic. It's easy to rinse clean, the water flows through it. Dries quickly because it doesn't absorb water. Folds up small and only weighs a couple of lbs. If you can't find room to carry it you're hauling way too much stuff.
Hank MI 04/07/14 02:41pm Beginning RVing
RE: Rubber Roof

His roof is probably a EDPM rubber roof. It's a sheet of rubber, black on the bottom with a white top layer. The sun and weather takes it's toll and the white layer wears away. Doesn't mean the roof is shot or that it will leak but it is getting old. If he's up to it search for Liquid Roof/Liquid Rubber. It's the same EDPM rubber as the original. A 2 part system you mix then apply to the old roof, after it's thoroughly cleaned. It's a messy job but not that hard. He'll end up with a brand new layer of rubber on top bonded to the hold roof. It comes in pure white, Liquid Rubber, and off white, Liquid Roof. They're identical compounds, Liquid Rubber marketed for commercial roofs, Liquid Roof for RV's.
Hank MI 04/07/14 02:24pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: creeping seals on windows AND windshield?

Somewhat unrelated: the left rear window on my Allegro is letting water inside. I noticed that the rubber seal on the outside has a "creeping" seal in the corner, where it is leaking (looks like a rubber gasket pressed into the frame, all around the window). Is this why it's leaking? Or is there some other seal or drain that I should be concerned with? May be the seal, pull it loose and fit it back into the corners. Also check the drain/weep holes in the bottom of the frame. They get plugged with dirt, bugs, etc. and won't drain. The water backs up and flows into the inside of the window.
Hank MI 04/06/14 03:25pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: creeping seals on windows AND windshield?

For dual pane windows with creeping seals Dave Root sells a kit Here I think you're talking about a different problem. I believe the OP is referring to the rubber seal on the outside of the window, particularly the sliding half. It's a press fit into the frame. They shrink with age and pull in at the corners. Pull the seal loose at the top where it ends and around the corners to the bottom. Then press it back in working your way from the bottom corner, to top corner and around. It may come up a little short at the top end but it's the side and bottom that you want sealed good.
Hank MI 04/06/14 03:22pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: So I weighed my coach today....

Your rear axle is at 8660 lbs. If the weight is even side to side that's 4330 per side. Use 4330 lbs do NOT divide that in half again as you did. They've already taken the duals into account, that's why they show the pressure for a single tire at a given weight and for duals at the same weight.
Hank MI 04/06/14 03:10pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Patio awning question

If it's an A&E(Dometic) both ends have springs. If the roller pin came out of one end then it no doubt unwound so you only have spring tension on one end to roll it up. The roller pin should be fastened to the end cap of the arm. It slides over and is pinned to the shaft that goes into the roller tube. It will have to be secured, not sure which end came loose on yours. Then have to remove end cap from arm and turn it to tighten spring inside roller tube.
Hank MI 04/03/14 11:23am Beginning RVing
RE: Decal Removal

Try Bar Keepers Friend, worked for mine; as well as other stains. I removed the peeling Bounder stickers on our MH. Used Bar Keepers Friend and scotch bright pad, equal to "0" steel wool. If you know where to look and look hard enough you can see a faint outline of the old sticker. Most people will never notice though. This is on fiber glass not a painted surface. I actually used the scotch bright and Bar Keepers Friend on the whole rig before applying Zep wet look floor polish.
Hank MI 03/27/14 11:14am Tech Issues
RE: Do all p30 chasis have auto park?

If you don't like the auto park system you can disable it. The manual pedal will still lock the brake drum on the end of the trans. You just have to remember to use it so you don't have a roll away rig.
Hank MI 03/27/14 10:39am Class A Motorhomes
RE: What did you do to your Class A MH today???

Tracked down an electrical problem, no AC to the fridge. All good now.
Hank MI 03/23/14 04:44pm Class A Motorhomes
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