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RE: Advice on building a gravel parking pad

We built a parking area about 7 years ago. Pretty similar to what you're doing. It's next to our driveway and the ground sloped down quite a bit. Had fill dirt brought in to make a level area. Packed down with small dozer. A load of crushed rock on top, not sure the exact depth, around 4". I bordered it with treated 2 x 6's. I could use another load of crushed rock. Our driveway slopes towards it so in heavy rains it gets a lot of water. Like you plan, we park the MH on it and when ready to leave we drive away. It's worked well for us.
Hank MI 07/26/17 06:28am General RVing Issues
RE: Hooking up to house sepitc

I tied into the septic at our cottage. Our house has 2 1,000 gallon tanks. Many newer systems use a single 1,500 gallon tank. If both holding tanks total 100 gallons do you really think that's a huge impact on 1,500 or 2,000 gallons of holding tank, I don't.
Hank MI 07/25/17 06:09am Beginning RVing
RE: cleaning white molding on an rv

You can apply a nano wax that will seal the surface. ProtectAll is one that can be applied to most any surface. I used Goof Off to clean the rubber/vinyl trim around the door on our previous MH. I believe it was the heavy duty or pro version not the standard stuff. A little bit of work but it did the job.
Hank MI 07/19/17 04:48pm General RVing Issues
RE: two water lines

May be low point drains, one each for hot and cold water lines. Do you have any valves in a compartment for low point drains? One of the valves may be leaking.
Hank MI 07/19/17 06:14am Tech Issues
RE: 50 amp MH, plugged into 30 amp, ok to run 2 ac units??

...I have run two 13,500 BTU 13.5 Amp A/Cs on 30 amp, With the batteries fully charged and no other loads. Measured draw 27 amps As a TEST... And what were your results? Did the breaker trip? If not why do you not recommend it? The breaker is rated for 30 amps and you think 27 amps is too much. I guess I'm missing something. Seems some are looking at the NEC spec related to continuous loads and applying it to all branch circuits. Also, I don't care where the breaker was made. If a 30 amp breaker trips at 27 amps it needs to be replaced. What amperage would you suggest, apparently you feel 27 amps is too much? Maybe 25 amps or say 24 which would meet the NEC spec for continuous loads. What if it's a cheap Chinese made breaker and trips at 24 amps or 20 amps? What do you do then, limit your load to 19 amps. If a 30 amp breaker can't handle 30 amps there's something wrong with it. Now I'm not talking about continuous loads as described in the NEC spec, I'm referring to our RVs or homes.
Hank MI 07/18/17 06:24pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Fiberglass Roof Work...

waxing before taping???????????? bumpy Do you want the Eternabond to stick to the wax or the fiberglass roof? I'd opt for the fiberglass. Pretty sure it will hold up longer than the wax.
Hank MI 07/18/17 03:08pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: 50 amp MH, plugged into 30 amp, ok to run 2 ac units??

For ScottG. I looked up the breaker info at work from the NEC. Doug Circuit Breaker Ampere Ratings Circuit breakers have an ampere rating (typically marked on the end of the operating handle). This is the maximum continuous current that the breaker can carry without exceeding its rating. As a general rule the circuit breaker’s ampere rating should be the same as the conductor’s ampacity. Circuit breakers are designed to handle their rated current indefinitely at an ambient temperature of 104 degrees in open surroundings if manufactured to meet UL standard 489. Breakers are seldom mounted in open air. Mount it in a breaker panel with a cover, surrounded by other breakers generating heat and everything changes. Hence the NEC 80% load rating for continuous loads. Now an RV is not considered a continuous load. It's expected that A/C compressors, fridges, water heaters will cycle on and off. Certainly in hot weather 2 A/C compressors may run continuously for more than 3 hours. Does that mean the breaker will pop, maybe, maybe not. You have to account for the other factors. Temp, other breakers in the panel and what their load factor is and the type of enclosure. So you can't make a blanket statement that a breaker can only be loaded to 80% of it's rated capacity because it's just not true. If you run at full capacity and exceed the '3 hour continuous load' does that mean the breaker will trip? Again, maybe, maybe not.
Hank MI 07/18/17 02:04pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Craziness at the gas pump

Been there done that. Pulled in behind a van filling up. I couldn't get in far enough to use the 1st pump, he was at the 2nd. So I waited. He finished filling up. Went inside and God knows what he was doing in there while we waited. When he finally came out he fiddled around in the rear seat for awhile, I'm still waiting. Finally gets in the van and it's another 5 minutes before he moves on. I'm buying a cow pusher for the front of the MH.
Hank MI 07/17/17 05:43pm General RVing Issues
RE: 50 amp MH, plugged into 30 amp, ok to run 2 ac units??

I know some folks have reported running two ACs on 30a. Perhaps their RVs have a load shedding feature. I have two 15k ACs and I've tried this summer to run both, and it ain't happening. If yours seems to be working, I say "carry on." We have a 50amp MH, 2 compressor A/C/Heat pumps, basement unit. We had a 30 amp site in FL. this spring. Fridge, water heater and A/C on all the time. The load shedding feature managed everything very well. I did turn off the breaker to the 2nd compressor near the end because the start cap blew but prior to that both compressors were online. I will add that with the basement unit ducted through ceiling vents 1 compressor did the job with temps in the upper 80's and the door open. Don't like to be closed in in a MH while camping. We were paying for electricity so that was one me, wasn't taking advantage of the park.
Hank MI 07/17/17 05:13pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: 50 amp MH, plugged into 30 amp, ok to run 2 ac units??

i haven't had a NEC code book in many years is that 'residential' or commercial/industrial ratings Pretty sure that applies to commercial/industrial wiring. I don't believe there is any such language in the NEC related to residential wiring. Normally with residential wiring AC compressors will cycle on and off. Electric water heater and fridge, same thing. Is it possible for both AC compressors to run continuously for 3 hours, yes but that is not typical in residential setting. Commercial/industrial wiring code is different. Interior lighting may remain on 24 hours a day. Air handlers of other equipment is also expected to run for extended periods. Hence the difference in the code between commercial/residential and residential. Monitoring the voltage is a different subject. NEC assumes the supply can handle the load without a voltage drop. We all know that may not be the case in many campgrounds so monitoring the voltage is a good idea.
Hank MI 07/17/17 06:57am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Leveler and slide out issue

Wouldn't hurt to check the fluid level in the pump reservoir. Check with jacks up and slides in. While it would not hurt, it is NOT the cause of the OP's problem. Low fluid or lack of fluid will not cause the pump to not operate. Doug It's probably not the problem but if he said the pump stopped running then I missed that.
Hank MI 07/13/17 11:08am Tech Issues
RE: Leveler and slide out issue

Wouldn't hurt to check the fluid level in the pump reservoir. Check with jacks up and slides in.
Hank MI 07/13/17 06:36am Tech Issues
RE: An lol (laughing out loud) for you

I have more small screws I can send you. And I have bigger screws if you want them.
Hank MI 07/10/17 02:42pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: No tension in awning spring

Those springs aren't bad I'm only 5'6" 120# and i can do it Get a couple of step ladders for supporting the tube And a bud to help you and it's a cake walk Do the rachet end with the lock first Then do the other end I'm not much bigger and I've had the springs out of 2 different awnings when I replaced the fabric. Extend the awning and rest one end on a step ladder. You should strap or tie it to the top of ladder so it doesn't slide off. A 2nd step ladder for you to stand on and it's a one man job. Now if you're removing the whole roller tube to replace the fabric then it becomes a 2 man job or it at least will be easier with 2 men. Not really anything to do for a 2nd man if you're just replacing the torsion assembly one side at a time.
Hank MI 07/09/17 01:09pm General RVing Issues
RE: 2005 Winnebago Adventurer 38J hwh leveling system

In our 2003 Adventurer it's in front of the engine towards the passenger side. Has a screw off cap on the top of the tank. As mentioned make sure jacks are up and slides in before adding any fluid.
Hank MI 07/09/17 12:54pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Trip to Mt Rushmore

Everybody said if you want to see buffalo go to Custer State Park. We drove up to Needles highway and across and did the outer loop. Didn't see one dang buffalo. Just prairie dogs and burros. Next day we went to Wind Cave National Park, just south of Custer State park and saw lot's of buffalo. Just a suggestion if you don't see them at Custer then take a drive through Wind Cave.
Hank MI 07/05/17 07:43am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Trip to Mt Rushmore

Rafter J is a nice park. Close to Mt Rushmore, Crazy Horse, Custer State Park, Wind Cave and Jewel Cave. It's also close enough to Sturgis and Deadwood for a day trip.
Hank MI 07/04/17 02:28pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Have Blue Ox hitch for toad

It's the base plate that's specific to a car not the tow bar. Only thing to consider is the weight of the toad and the weight capacity of the tow bar.
Hank MI 06/29/17 05:38am Dinghy Towing
RE: Fresh Water Pump-But No Water

You said you blew out the line to the fresh water tank then water came pouring out. That means there was **** plugging up the line. Most likely the **** got into the pump which has a filter screen on the input side. Usually, with pump off, you can twist the input cap off. You can then remove the filter screen inside that may be plugged up.
Hank MI 06/27/17 04:37pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Basement ac

Also, compressor 2 won't attempt to start with breaker to #1 off. #1 has to be up and running before control will try to start compressor 2. I ran for weeks in Florida on just #1. It did a good job of keeping things cool. Replaced the start caps when we got back home and now #2 works fine.
Hank MI 06/21/17 07:19am Class A Motorhomes
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