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RE: LTV unity twin bed

If my ship ever comes in to port AND if I'm not waiting at the Airport, the twin bed Unity is what we will get. We are partial to "B's" but the Unity fills the bill for all our camping needs. Small size and yet enough room for two to live in for an extended stay Plus it is strong enough to tow a Wrangler HT. I want to get a wrangler to replace my BAJA. Oh and the completely across outside storage is the cats MEOW for our Surf rods and other fishing gear. I think this is truly in the class of "B" plus.:)
Horizon170 04/23/14 07:39pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: My home Dish Receiver w/ DVR full, can I play in MH?

I have recordings on my Dish VIP 612 DVR and I can watch the recordings when the antenna is completely disconnected. That is one feature we use for overnight stops when I don't hone in on a Satellite.
Horizon170 04/22/14 05:19pm Technology Corner
RE: Electrical Shock!!

Start here with this. You have an open ground somewhere AND you or a family member will become the ground. Fix asap. http://i51.tinypic.com/2co084p.jpg I plug this in 'first' to the shore station before I plug my RV in. You'd would be amazed just how many CG shore stations have an open ground.:R I have two of these in my RV, one backup, plus a volt meter. Volt meter A bad ground can cause serious personal injury.
Horizon170 04/22/14 01:55pm General RVing Issues
RE: Trouble bleeding brakes

Here is a great aid to one man bleeding. Just place a short hose on it and run the hose into a container. Then open the valve and pump brakes. I have them on one vehicle. I also make a note of what color fluid is in the system and change colors on the new fluid. That way I know when the switch is complete. Clicky Here is a Hydro boost writeup------scroll down on the article. Hydro boost
Horizon170 04/22/14 11:40am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Which way to lean a shock

It seems to me that if you are installing for the first time the shock should be with the top leaning slightly rearward so that when the spring gets compressed the shock gets more perpendicular to the line of vehicle travel. JMO as I'm not an engineer and I haven't been in a Holiday Inn lately. :)
Horizon170 04/21/14 09:26pm Tech Issues
RE: Communicator Recommendation?

Perhaps utilizing an old, highly effective, proven system should be considered for your needs. This particular system is the choice for all truckers and large equipment movers. Its simple, easily understood, quickly learned. Yes, I'm recommending you & wife start using hand signals. From the Amen section, AMEN, that is what the wife and I use when hooking up to a tag along trailer. We tried those walkie talkies and were not satisfied. If we are separated we have CB radios in the Van RV and the Toad plus we have a small hand held CB in the Toad. Never needed anything but my mirrors for parking except at night and I try not to have to do that.
Horizon170 04/20/14 10:50am Technology Corner
RE: 30 Amp Confusion

Hipy chik----------May I suggest one of these. You won't have to get ouside to change plugs. Just crank your generator and it is done automatically. An electrician or qualified handy man/woman will be needed for the install. Clicky
Horizon170 04/19/14 09:21pm Tech Issues
RE: Keyboard Woes

I have two older Toshiba's and never had a problem. I do have a problem with a floating cursor on my Aspire laptop. I'll be typing along and it will jump the middle of an above sentence for no reason.
Horizon170 04/19/14 09:09pm Technology Corner
RE: dish which one to buy

Thanks, Dutch, looks like I will have to spring for the 60 dollar one and sell my 20 dollar one at a yard sale.:)
Horizon170 04/19/14 09:03pm Technology Corner
RE: The GPS Got Me

Always have a plan B, i.e. map printout, maps, etc. GPS units will get you close to the destination in most cases. I absolutely dread trying to find the CG at night.
Horizon170 04/19/14 09:00pm Technology Corner
RE: 3rd Party inspections. Sellers invovlement?

Unless you are in a bind to sell, I would forget them OR tell them this: 1. You are welcome to have someone come here and look at it and test drive. 2. Here is what I'm asking for it. State the asking price 3. I will be happy to give you camping lessons at the rate of $50.00/hour. 4. I will hold it for you for $500.00 for one week and no refund on the $500.00 if you decide not to buy. 5. The Vehicle condition is AS IS. The newbies obviously want a new condition RV for a used price.
Horizon170 04/19/14 08:46pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Too good to be true?

I've been shopping for class c's for about a month now. Haven't found much that fits my criteria. I came across this one on craigslist. It seems much cheaper than all the similar models I've seen before. I emailed the owner to schedule a time too see it. Does it seem too cheap to you guys? http://sarasota.craigslist.org/rvs/4409023625.html Here ya go.Clicky
Horizon170 04/19/14 08:35pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: dish which one to buy

Dutch, do you ever cover any two of your LNBF wave guides with aluminum foil and zero in on one particular satellite with the third one? I read where one person did this to simplify the aiming setup.
Horizon170 04/19/14 03:51pm Technology Corner
RE: dish which one to buy

I've never done an antenna setup and used the 2 different arm/LNB setup so we will have to wait to hear from Dutch to see what needs to be done. Both my arms are the same length but I find it easier to reach to change arms rather than change LNB on one arm. Personal preference I guess. http://i938.photobucket.com/albums/ad222/GA_Boy/Van%20RV/MVC-079F_zpsc6430ea8.jpg]Dish arms
Horizon170 04/19/14 02:04pm Technology Corner
RE: dish which one to buy

THanks, so I need to get the 1000.4 I also see a 1000.4 turbo whats that? Lastly what are you using to find the sats? Thanks Scroll down to 1000.4 Western arc or Eastern arc. Clicky
Horizon170 04/19/14 01:58pm Technology Corner
RE: dish which one to buy

Dutch X2, I have almost the same arrangement except my antenna is mounted on the rear of my "B". If on a long tour I will take my tripod and extra RG6U. I don't have Hopper and Joey though as they are of no benefit to us. 1000.4 with both LNB is my choice.
Horizon170 04/19/14 12:06pm Technology Corner
RE: would you sacrifice drivability for more livability?

I looked at their site and that is a very nice RV. Just wondering if you could get one with single beds down each side that could be left made up all the time? Maybe eliminate the bathroom vanity on one side and the computer work station on the other. If you have the horseshoe couch how long is the side space for beds on each side? Thanks PS, you did good on the price.:) PPS, I don't think the driving is much different on a narrower one, at least for me it wouldn't matter.
Horizon170 04/19/14 10:19am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: New life for old XP

Or you can buy an external DVD burner for around 30$. Thanks, I just want to try LINUX on that computer since I'm almost ready to junk it.
Horizon170 04/18/14 01:36pm Technology Corner
RE: RV Parks w/older RV restrictions

Their property, their rules to make. They don't want my 2002 coach, I don't want to give them my money. That means we are both happy. I have been lucky, I guess, I have never encountered such an RV park. But then, I only go to places that identify themselves as a "campground" or "RV park". If it says it is a "resort" or "gated community", I figure they aren't my kind of people. I try to stay with the sirloin steak, baked potato, and Budweiser crowd, and avoid the Filet Mignon, caviar, and champagne bunch. AMEN to that, I have never been asked in my 1988 although it stays clean and waxed.
Horizon170 04/16/14 04:32pm General RVing Issues
RE: LED light bulbs and electricity savings question

Since we don't do a lot of boondocking I can't justify the price of LED's for every application. I wouldn't mind trying a couple though, if they are priced right and bright enough.
Horizon170 04/16/14 03:38pm General RVing Issues
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