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RE: Amazon hydraulic crimper

yeah i think he got confused 16 ton was Tennessee Ernie Ford right fist of iron, left one of steel You are correct, it was TN Ernie. My goof but I'm old as dirt. :)
Horizon170 07/05/15 05:35pm Tech Issues
RE: Transferring water

An extra 12v DC rv water pump...roughly $65 for one via PPL some tubing and and wiring with alligator clips This is a simple solution. I had an extra 12v pump. I use a 12v jump starter, with attached small battery cables, to power it. I had both already, so just purchased an inexpensive white water hose, cut the ends off, cut refill hose in half, v-notched the end that goes in water jug, works great. Jerry That is what I did to have a short hose to pull the pink antifreeze from a gallon jug and pump through the system for winterizing. I usually don't need to add to my fresh water tank but one more tee and cutoff and I could refill potable tank.
Horizon170 07/05/15 05:10pm General RVing Issues
RE: Amazon hydraulic crimper

I got my HF crimper several years ago, IIRC it was listed at 5 ton Others have posted 7 ton, this was adv as 10 ton? They all look the same size, can't be that much difference in the hydraulic cylinder No matter what it truly is, I know it works, it does the job I need it to do. Hee,hee, mine looks the same from HF and is advertized as 16 Ton. Makes me think of Johny Cash. :)
Horizon170 07/04/15 04:45pm Tech Issues
RE: Brake Problem....your thoughts....SOLVED !!!

Its outta fluid. That is the very first thing you should have checked before even asking here. When was it last checked ? Why are you scolding me? Thirteen (13) years and you don't check all fluid levels? At least have someone check them for you if you aren't able or don't know how. I would hate for you to be following down the road when the traffic came to an abrupt stop. Not scolding, just wondering.
Horizon170 07/03/15 02:49pm Tech Issues
RE: Brake Problem....your thoughts....SOLVED !!!

There are 3 diferent brake systems used on Gassers depending on age Drumb (All wheels) Front Disc (rear Drum) All Wheel Disc Brakes Based on the 1996 build date I will guess you have one of the first two. Have your brake man mic (measure with a Micrometer) the drums. Took me 3 trips to the dealer on my 1992 Lumina (Mini-Van) before I put my mind to the task and figured that out.. 10 minutes at the tire store (They do breaks as well, I'd given up on the dealer) and we had the answer. One would think the dealer's brake man could have figured it out but in truth.. He should have ask his dad (The dealer fired him). So many shops don't have qualfied help.
Horizon170 07/03/15 02:44pm Tech Issues
RE: CLOCKS Are You A Digital Or Analog Sort Of Person?

Analog mostly for me and most run off 1 AAA battery. Alarm by the bed is Digital. I use a 120 V analog in conjunction with a stop watch to check the Frequency of my generators. Marvin
Horizon170 07/02/15 08:28pm Tech Issues
RE: CFL bulbs

What is the cost of a 60 watt equivalent for the CFL vs LED. Honestly I have not seen any 120 volt LED's. Maybe I need to upgrade my Cave. LOL Thanks, Marvin
Horizon170 06/28/15 09:03pm Tech Issues
RE: A/C started making rough noises today. What should I check?

One thing about this Forum is that if I do make a Boo-Boo and post something that isn't right there will be several that will correct me in a civil manner. I depend on "Open Roads" for the proper information. Marvin PS, I know it wasn't the OP's problem but Dirt Dobers and bird nest can cause problems. :)
Horizon170 06/28/15 06:32pm Tech Issues
RE: Flashlight for camping needed

ego rather than need spurs the purchase of many of these items. IMHO a flashlight for general use is basically a disposable item. I will lose it or have the batteries corrode it before it is worn out. bumpy3 You are correct-I get mine free or for 3.99 at Harbor Freight. These are for the occasional use If I cant illuminate with vehicle lights. I also have a HF 1,000,000 watt (Edit for mistake---I meant candlepower, not watt.) for around 20 bucks and can be recharged in vehicle. For true emergencies I have several hand crank ones. Marvin PS, I also keep s few of the solar and a few of the shaker type on hand. I keep a small key chain in my pocket 27/7. I haven't spent $114.00 on flashlights in the last 15 years probably and between the wife and I we have about 30 in house and Camper.
Horizon170 06/28/15 05:40pm General RVing Issues
RE: Using ethanol free gas.

There is a RaceTrac (sp) near me (Commerce, GA) and 100% gas is around $.85 more than E10. I use 100% in my Honda 2K and Weed eater only. No way at those prices is it cost effective to use 100% in my vehicle. Marvin
Horizon170 06/27/15 08:37pm General RVing Issues
RE: Using ethanol free gas.

Do the math and see how many miles per dollar you get and then you will know what is best on your wallet. Your vehicle is designed to run on gas with ethanol. Marvin
Horizon170 06/23/15 05:49pm General RVing Issues
RE: Leaving kids unattended in RV all day?

Unless there is some law being broken I would keep my nose out of other peoples business. Marvin
Horizon170 06/23/15 05:17pm General RVing Issues
RE: Flat tire repair kit

Pick up tire plug strips and plugging tools. Throw the goo in the trash. I have plugged many tubeless tires on the road. https://images.duckduckgo.com/iu/?u=http%3A%2F%2Fecx.images-amazon.com%2Fimages%2FI%2F41fZpcIcP6L.jpg&f=1 This is what I've used for many, many years and I use it a permanent fix and have NEVER had a problem until the tire wears thin/out. I also do not buy steel reinforced if at all possible. I have used this method on lawn mower tires up to 1100x22.5 truck tires. For safety reasons if I plug a front tire I move it to the rear asap. Marvin
Horizon170 06/20/15 09:23pm General RVing Issues
RE: Knee surgery

UPDATE I had them both done at the same time last July. Six weeks in rehab and now all is well. Like Dusty, I have trouble walking down hill or down steps. Level and uphill on our treadmill is fine. I am to the point that I can Almost do complete deep knee bends. Marvin -------------------- Thanks for the update. We are going to close this one now as it got completely sidetracked immediately after this post. We are glad it went well for you. :) (Mod)
Horizon170 06/17/15 04:54pm Around the Campfire
RE: Just wanted to say goodbye

Bill, thanks for helping me and others in the past. Merry Christmas to you and yours and have a Happy and rewarding New Year. Marvin
Horizon170 12/16/14 02:08pm Technology Corner
RE: Dish Network compatibility??????????

Your account has to be flagged for both EA and WA use. If you can't find a Dish CSR or TSR that understands how to do that, try contacting a DIRT (Dish Internet Support Team) rep on the Dish or SatelliteGuys forums. I often have the RV dish aimed at the western arc, while the dish at our upstate NY cottage is using the eastern arc. The only thing the cottage loses when were not there is the locals. We switch those to wherever we happen to be, but when our kids stop by the cottage they know they can still get them OTA anyway. Thank you Sir. Marvin
Horizon170 11/13/14 05:01pm Technology Corner
RE: Dish Network compatibility??????????

I discovered something that I don't remember seeing mentioned before. I had a good signal on 110 and 119 with the WA LNBF but couldn't get a picture. Finally I discovered that if my HOME receiver was on the EA the WA wouldn't work. They both have to be using the same LNBF. I switched to the EA in Florida and so far I have SAT.72. It got dark on me so I had to stop. Tomorrow I will fine tune. Maybe someone knows how to use both EA and WA on separate receivers with the same account. Marvin
Horizon170 11/12/14 04:18pm Technology Corner
RE: Dish Network compatibility??????????

I'm back. I had to put everything hold due to having both knees replaced and now I'm on the road in Florida and instal,led my Western Arc LNB and when I do a test switch it will Not recognize the WA. It shows the Eastern Arc Satellites. It never completed the test 4 of 4 and after an hour I shut it off and went to the Campgrounds Cable but I sure want my Dish Network. I also have a LNB for the EA but already had the WA LNB installed. Marvin
Horizon170 11/11/14 05:06pm Technology Corner
RE: How NOT to tow a 5er

Negative tongue weight. LOL Look at the rear pickup fender clearance above the rear tire. M
Horizon170 11/05/14 09:05pm General RVing Issues
RE: Scared -first time for everything

The sound of a REAL shotgun racking a shell is a huge deterrent. The psychological impact of you racking a shotgun will drive most perps away. Yeah, keep thinking this way and see how far it gets you. This is nothing but a myth brought about by people who watch too many Bruce Willis movies. And, just so you know, you don't rack a shell. You rack the forearm to chamber a shell. That is, if your shells are in the magazine and not in that box you mention. Bruce I agree. I'm an NRA instructor and believe the racking of a shotgun as a deterrent is a myth. By the time the shells make it from the box to the gun you could be in real trouble. If they hear that sound they know what you have and where you are and you're still in the dark. I'd prefer to keep quiet in the dark and wait for the door to open. Does anyone have a security camera system setup? It could be nice to monitor what's going on outside in that situation. That is the best advice I've read. Be very quiet and wait Have a plan "B" in case all heck breaks loose. This is based on the assumption that you have a loaded firearm in you hands, finger off the trigger until you have a target. :) Backup cameras are all I've seen on an RV. Marvin
Horizon170 11/05/14 08:51pm General RVing Issues
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