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RE: How much Eternabond and Dicor

Mike S and Jimnln, Thanks, I will Vacuum pak after opening in order for Sweetie to allow it in Fridge/Freezer. smiles Marvin
Horizon170 09/27/16 11:50am Tech Issues
RE: How much Eternabond and Dicor

OK, I'm all set on Eternabond--where to buy, how to use, etc, but now I need to know if I buy a tube of DICOR and use only a small amount, how long will the rest keep and how to store an opened tube. Thanks, Marvin
Horizon170 09/25/16 07:37pm Tech Issues
How much Eternabond and Dicor

Grainger Ind. Supply has the product. I see that they have rolls and also Kit a Kit which has 4" X 5'. I have never used it so I would like someone to explain the cleaning before application process. If I can clean with home products then I can get a larger roll rather than the Kit. That way I can have some spare for other emergencies. Thanks
Horizon170 09/24/16 03:16pm Tech Issues
RE: Filling potable water tank? SOLVED

The over flow worked great. Marvin
Horizon170 09/22/16 04:26pm Tech Issues
RE: Filling potable water tank? SOLVED

OK, I'll continue filling until water runs out somewhere. Thanks Fellow RV'ers Marvin
Horizon170 09/22/16 03:41pm Tech Issues
RE: Filling potable water tank? SOLVED

how do I know when to turn off the water as I don't want to burst a pipe inside? Also how do I know the water heater is full when I have the bypass in the correct position for getting hot water?When more water is spraying out of the fill tube than is going in the tank, it's full. Don't worry, pipes won't burst. Open a hw valve in a sink and wait. Pretty much same way as at home, if you have one. That is how my older rv's worked but I think mine is a closed system, hence, no overflow that I can see. I haqte to go off on a trip with less than a full tank. Marvin
Horizon170 09/22/16 03:31pm Tech Issues
RE: diesel fuel storage

I keep it in my p'up Aux. tank for a year or two if necessary. Just have a GOOD filter in case of water in fuel.
Horizon170 09/22/16 03:27pm General RVing Issues
Filling potable water tank? SOLVED

New to me Coachman (See signature) and I can't find how to tell when the tank is full. Yes I know about the inside gauge that shows levels of all tanks but when outside how do I know when to turn off the water as I don't want to burst a pipe inside? Also how do I know the water heater is full when I have the bypass in the correct position for getting hot water? I've been RV'ing half my life but this is the first time I've had a CLOSED system. All others had an overflow. Nothing in the Coachman book about it. Do I crack the sink faucets? Thanks for understanding. Marvin
Horizon170 09/22/16 03:22pm Tech Issues
RE: what is "glamping'?

Just another made up word for me to remember NOT to use.
Horizon170 09/20/16 11:32am General RVing Issues
RE: Is 70 the age to stop towing

Not a very smart statement expecting an answer.
Horizon170 09/20/16 11:26am General RVing Issues
RE: Which Class C Should we buy and why?

Linda VA2, you didn't mention what size you think you need. Full time or just some travel and camping? For us old folks Sleeping arrangements (We prefer 2 single beds) and Bathroom do you want? We have everything we need in a 22TB coachman and tow a vehicle 4 down. Way too much trouble towing a car hauling trailer for us. We got ours with 22,000 miles on the odometer for much less than your budget. Marvin
Horizon170 09/19/16 05:03pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Was retirement for you a good or not so good choice?

I retired at 46 but it didn't work out as I had planned so back to the grind. Retired again at 66 and that was almost 11 years ago. Worked out great this time and the Wife of 55 years and I still enjoy traveling some. The last 20 or so years before retirement we were on the road Working and living in RV full time, moving from job to job. If you love your job don't retire early. If you don't really care for your job retire as soon as practicable. Marvin
Horizon170 09/18/16 05:51pm General RVing Issues
RE: East Coast Gas Shortage

Diesel here is 10 cents cheaper ($2.29 gal) than gasoline. Dealers are using a broken gas line as an excuse to price gouge. The broken part of the line is supposed to be bypassed in a day or so. REAL shortage----NO. IMO Marvin
Horizon170 09/18/16 05:42pm General RVing Issues
RE: East Coast Gas Shortage

I paid $2.39 for regular this AM, however in some parts of Atlanta it went to over $4.00. What a rip off.
Horizon170 09/18/16 01:48pm General RVing Issues
RE: Where does the yellow marked COAX go? SOLVED

The BW coax goes to the Amp and from there one of outlets is connected to a Spliter. Marvin
Horizon170 09/13/16 04:02pm Technology Corner
RE: Removing Sprinter wheel covers

Are you asking about the small back plastic covers on the front wheels, or full-sized chrome covers? On mine, the full size covers came off with a pry bar, and are permanently vacationing in the garage. They are more trouble than they're worth. If there's a TPMS sender on the valve stem, the covers sometimes take the stem with them when they fly off on the road. The small black covers are part of the chassis, the larger ones are added by the coach builder, so there are different types. Wheel covers, not Hub caps.
Horizon170 09/10/16 10:02am Tech Issues
RE: Best way to find water?

I can't imagine leaving home without my potable tank FULL and the grey and black EMPTY. If I had to worry about weight or handling I would get another vehicle. I could be delayed at any point and need the facilities that my RV offers. Extra fuel cost makes me laugh--------------recreation isn't for the penny pincher. PS, the art of water witching has been around for thousands of years and Diviners have been very successful for as long. For the Debbie Doubters, remember that the world was thought to be FLAT once upon a time. Research is your friend.
Horizon170 09/07/16 07:42am General RVing Issues
RE: Towing Geo Tracker 2 WD 4 down

Remco, the tow experts, state that a 2001 manual transmission tracker can be towed 4 down without any modifications. Many people have towed these vehicles as I did for many years. Although the manual,may state something different and any deviation from the manual is at the owner's risk of damage, the decision to tow is a personal decision. This warning in the manual definitely applies to automatic transmissions.Check the Remco website. Remco -------I can't find information on '95 model--they list from 96 and newer. Also,they no longer sell driveshaft disconnects. Marvin
Horizon170 09/06/16 08:08am Dinghy Towing
RE: Towing Geo Tracker 2 WD 4 down

Remco drive shaft disconnect is one solution but costly and the two I had didn't always work with the pull cable. I thought of two more solutions but they are crazy. 1. Bolt the clutch pedal to the floor and tow in 5th gear. 2. Add a "ELL" pipe extension to the transmission filler and add extra fluid so it would reach the output shaft. Not sure about either of those. I can't believe the Guy I bought it from said it had many,many miles being towed. Marvin
Horizon170 09/04/16 05:31pm Dinghy Towing
RE: What do you leave in RV

Everything except perishables and things that will freeze and burst.
Horizon170 09/04/16 10:57am General RVing Issues
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