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RE: Goodyear Endurance

I was in my local Good Year dealer last week having a set of LT tires installed on my newest horse trailer. Talking to the owner of the store, and the subject of the Endurance tire came up. At the end of the short conversation, his comment was, "it's still just an ST tire". From that comment, I take it that he too is withholding judgement until more time has passed and the tires have a history. Maybe they will work out well. I'm like a few others here though, I have found what works for me, so I see no need to do beta testing for the tire companies. yes it sorta still is an ST tire. However it is N (87mph) speed rated without derating the load capacity. Many other ST tire mfg do indicate going above 65mph is possible if you derate the load. So.... in theory goodyear has at least designed the tire to pass the much more stringent speed rating tests than the pretty easy to pass ST 65mph test. Now I have no intention of towing my trailer at anything close to 87 mph. But it is good to know the tires in theory are designed to handle the load at that high a speed. We've put about 1500 miles on our goodyear endurance. The previous Maxxis went about 20K before needing to be replaced, no failures. Also, the endurance took way smaller weights to balance than the Maxxis did. And the Maxxis took less weight than the Towmax that they replaced. Time will tell, but it looks to me like Goodyear is trying to address some or all of the issues with ST tires.I am not certain that an ST tire with a higher speed rating has to pass any of the govt. mandated performance specs. Just having the ST designation may exempt it from those requirements. It may be that the only testing that will be done is in house testing by goodyear. Don't laugh. OSHA has been doing this sort of thing for years. We have an outside contractor bring in propane floor cleaning equipment at my work. Often they belch a lot of smoke/noise and awful smells. I filed an OSHA complaint once. OSHA announced in advance to the company when they would be doing their inspection (as a courtesy I was told) On the agreed upon date a brand new buffer showed up with all the latest noise reduction and smog equipment. It was so quiet and smell free that you could stand by it and hardly tell it was running. After they passed the inspection, that buffer disappeared and old smokey came back. After some more conversations with OSHA, I found that it is a rigged system. The contractor company is required for their machines to pass annual tests.... But they are permitted to self test. Guess how often they fail.
Huntindog 10/23/17 10:51am Travel Trailers
RE: Goodyear Endurance

The only tire failure I've had was with a Maxxis tire. Had a steel belt separate. Fortunately I noticed the deformed tread while stopped. Otherwise it would have let go while at highway speed. So even Maxxis is not 100% pure. I was considering the Endurance but went with the Maxxis. Will see in 5 years how the Endurance tires are doing for the first set of people that tried them. Even my Chinese tires lasted a year...year is not enough time to know how the Endurance tires will survive.Exactly my point. The Maxxis enjoyed a honeymoon of a few years... Then failures started popping up. Now Maxxis has upgraded SOME of their ST tires sizes.... Some people here are giving them another go.. The new Carlise. Well it seems to have been OK so far. It is still in the honeymoon stage though. I will no longer be a beta tester for these companies.
Huntindog 10/23/17 07:58am Travel Trailers
RE: Goodyear Endurance

I just put 4 new tires on my tow vehicle this past Saturday. While I was at the tire dealer we started talking about TT tires. I told him I wanted to change out my existing TT tires with Carlisle’s. He started to tell me about the Endurance tires and what a good tire they were but like others, since they are so new and have no history yet, I’m somewhat hesitant to get a set.Well the Carlise have a bad record... So do want the devil you know, or the devil that might turn out alright? I get it. Many new ST tires have been introduced to great fanfare. TT owners rushed out to buy them... A few years later, many of them are not happy, and rushing for the next new tire in hopes it will really be the answer. Maybe these new Goodyears will pass the test of time. Maybe not. I will just point out that all of these new tires are made by the same companies that told us how great their last tires were. You could get out of the ST tire shell game and go to LTs. It is what I did in 2006. I am never going back to STs. Depending your TT specifics the swap may be easy, or difficult. But IMO, it is worth it no matter what it takes.
Huntindog 10/23/17 07:12am Travel Trailers
RE: How to make the most of 30 amps

Not sure why anyone is lecturing someone trying to find a way to use all of the 30 amps available to him when someone with a 50 amp rig will be using 3 times as much and no one who think twice about it.You are making some assumptions. This campground may not have 50 amp pedestals. And if they do, they may well charge more for that feature. That is common practice. The point is that the park owner has a reasonable expectation that the pedestal will be used to power the RV.... Not any thing and everything the OP can dream up to suck more power out of it. Heating a green house is crossing the line. If the owner finds out about it, he would be justified in kicking her out of the park.
Huntindog 10/23/17 05:33am Tech Issues
RE: need opinions on tire pressures

I do not own the Endurance tires. I won't ever own ST tires again. But I do not think that this is an Endurance tire issue. I have been running LRE tires on my TTs that were factory equipped with LRC, and LRD since at least 2005. Maybe a year or two longer. I have always run 80 PSI in them. Since 2006, I have used Michelin XPS RIBs. 80 PSI has not caused any issues for me in all that time. I see no negatives in doing so, and some positives. In the event of a flat or loss of a tire on a dual axle TT, the remaining tire stands a fighting chance of not sustaining damage like it would if inflated just barely enough for the load. And higher pressure will always mean more resistance to sway. Treadwear is a non issue as the tires age out LONG before the tread wears out.
Huntindog 10/23/17 01:59am Travel Trailers
RE: How to make the most of 30 amps

I really don't see any problem with using all of the FREE electricity you can to power your RV... It was a choice the owner made. But powering a heater for a green house is definantly pushing beyond what the owner likely anticipated. I think that is wrong. I mean what else do you want to power... Some welders, and compressors for mechanical work? After all, the electricity is free from the pedestal, right? Taking advantage of a "good deal" is fine, so long as you do not cross the line of abusing it. You ma'm are crossing the line. I expect you will now block me... I am totally OK with that.
Huntindog 10/22/17 09:08pm Tech Issues
RE: Greasing LCI SuperLube Axles

2016 Forest River Stealth WA2916 Toy Hauler. I have towed total 3500 miles in the 2 years I’ve owned it. I decided to follow the LCI video (https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=s34pBejcQn0) and grease these bad boys up. I was planning to add grease until the old grease came out. I was surprised how much grease it took. Almost 1/3 of a tube before I saw any coming out. I then went to about 1/2 totalto squeeze out some old grease. I wiped it all clean and repeated the other 4. Is this typical? I expected a few pumps thinking that they’d have more in them. Also, I used Lucas Oil - Red & Tacky #2. It doesn’t say RV or trailer but it has a high drop point and good reviews. That sound ok? Lucas Oil 10005 Red 'N' Tacky Grease - 14 oz. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B000ARPVO8/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_eJq7zbZKNV5RVHere is the facts on how this works. The zerk feeds a hole that will attempt to grease the inner bearing. How well this will work depends on the condition of the seal/hub interface, and the skill of the person doing it. He needs to slowly turn the wheel while steadyling pumping the grease... It is working blind as you cannot see what is really going on in there. Is the fresh grease getting evenly distributed in the bearing? Or are spots being missed/skipped? Is the seal really in good shape? or is grease seeping past it onto the brakes? One simply cannot be sure. All seals age and leak at some point. Sometimes a brand new seal is nicked during installation... Without superman vision, one cannot know. But the potential problems don't stop there. In order to grease the outer bearing, the grease must travel thru the inner bearing, and the hub cavity to the inside of the outer bearing. This takes a considerable amount of grease... Several tubes each time for a dual axle TT... That's right EACH TIME... The video on Dexters (Both the Dexter and Lippert systems work the same) site is misleading. The dirty grease that they show exiting the hub is only from the outer bearing. The dirty grease from the larger inner bearing is still in there some where.... Some of it may have even made it to the inside of the outer bearing!! Without xray vision, one cannot know exactly where it is... So one must keep pumping and pumping and pumping,, until a second section of dirty grease emerges. Even then one cannot know if all the dirty grease is purged. It is a long trip for the grease, and it probably will not travel evenly around the hub.. With all of the pumping that must be done, a compromised seal will likely fail greasing the brakes... But hey, I hear that well greased brakes never wear out.:B So you see it is not as simple as the marketing makes it out to be. Now knowing all of the facts, if one still wants to use this "feature" I wish them well.
Huntindog 10/22/17 06:30pm Tech Issues
RE: How much can a bumper support

The photo is just an illustration. My ramps are long enough to get the quad in the back just fine with no high centering issue at all. I've loaded the quad many times prior. I've also had the quad in the back and on the ramps and there will be plenty of room. The plywood will not shoot out the way I am designing it. My only concern right now is the weight on the bumper WHILE i load it. Payload wise the truck can handle 1550 lbs in the back of the truck. I'm not planning on towing so I'll be completely fine. Even if I did eventually tow my travel trailer I'd still be within limits, its small and I've already done the calculations. Again my only concern is that 500 lb max tongue rating on the bumper and if it would hold the quad while I load it. I have always loaded with the ramps on the back of the box or on the tailgate, not on the bumper itself.The term "payload" is being misunderstood here. Payload is NOT the amount that the back, or bed of the truck can handle. It is the total weight that can be added to the truck... Options, tools, bedliners, passengers etc....
Huntindog 10/22/17 04:25am Tow Vehicles
RE: Flipping axle mounts

Wet bolts are $4 each and you need 4 for a single axle. Much cheaper to buy them separately than in a kit. I replaced my springs at the same time so didn't need bushings. Did your new springs come with metal bushings or the usual cheap plastic ones?I hope not. Plastic bushings and wet bolts do not play nice together.
Huntindog 10/22/17 02:54am Travel Trailers
RE: Pull through tight spot please help

Another vote for a front mounted hitch. It makes difficult situations super easy.
Huntindog 10/22/17 02:51am Travel Trailers
RE: Best propane conversion for Honda EU2000

Gas going bad is the ONLY logical reason to make the conversion. That is your opinion. What is best for you is not necessarily what is best for others. Please allow me to decide what is best for me. Although your post contributed little, still, thank you for playing. (You did point out some of the downsides for people who haven't researched as much as I have.) BTW, you DO realize this is a tri-fuel conversion and the generator will still work just fine on gasoline?Yes I saw that. You did not share you logic/reasons for this, so I did not comment, other than some general generator operating principles. Which were not really intended for you, but for others that are/may be considering following in your footsteps.
Huntindog 10/20/17 07:03pm Travel Trailers
RE: Weight distribution hitch question

How much did it weigh? The Keystone Passport hitch weight?......600lbs ...dry/no battery/no propane/no options.....Brochure states 395lbs...lol. EDIT...oh ya...to be fair...The propane tanks were in the storage compartment up front....Empty though. I'm just stating the facts here...I sold Keystone for years back in the day and really like their product from what I've seen and heard...Ya, there's issues, but grading on a curve I've seen great things(Over 8 years ago I was in the industry for a long time) I know opinions vary but it's tough seeing the blatant discrepancy from a company I had grown to respect, but facts are facts....It is not surprising to me that it came in heavier than the brochure weight. Most do. But that is pretty far off the mark.
Huntindog 10/20/17 06:55pm Travel Trailers
RE: Best propane conversion for Honda EU2000

Wow the stuff you can learn here. I didn't know that that was possible, never really thought about it I guess. I just bought that Honda. I might look interesting a switch of fuels too eliminate the bad gas problem. I used to switch over wind machine to lpg when I was in the vineyard business. Rick. Gas going bad is the ONLY logical reason to make the conversion. Generators get worse economy and put out less power when run on propane. Gas is also much easier to get, when off the beaten path. I would only recommend those that are light generator users make the conversion. If you are a heavy user (I am) then the bad gas issue is moot. Still, many people only use their TTs 2-3 times a year, for short trips... It can make sense for them, so long as they are aware of the downsides.
Huntindog 10/20/17 03:29pm Travel Trailers
RE: Weight distribution hitch question

How much did it weigh?
Huntindog 10/20/17 03:21pm Travel Trailers
RE: Generator

Really? There is no reason to have 50 amp service unless you are wanting two ACs... In fact it really would be a disadvantage for using a portable generator. I think it is a really safe bet, that MOST 50 amp rigs have two ACs.... I see from the responses that others are of the same opinion. Houston, Dallas, San Antonio and everywhere in between, we saw 50 amp trailers sitting on dealer lots with only one AC installed. I think I'll trust my own eyes over a random internet stranger's assumption. I don't get your point. I never said it was 100%..Just because you don't have 2 ACs with 50 amp, doesn't mean the majority do. I have been in my trade for 37 years. One constant during that time has been customers incorrect assumptions about products that have been discontinued. Without fail there will be one customer that liked the item and thinks it is the most popular thing ever...... And cannot fathom why he cannot buy it anymore.... I guess that is why it was discontinued then.... The company did not want to make money selling it anymore. More to the point. 50 amp service is a SERIOUS upgrade from 30 anp. 30 amp is approx 3300-3600 watts of 120 AC. 50 amp is 11000-12000 watts of 120 AC. That is serious overkill for only running one AC. With that you have to deal with a much thicker and harder to handle heavy shore power cord and in most cases special adaptors if you want to use a portable generator... In short, it's a big pain in the rear, with no benefit unless you need the power to run something like 2 or more ACs. For that reason, it is rare for trailers to have it. Usually it is a MH feature.
Huntindog 10/20/17 03:53am Travel Trailers
RE: $500 math question on extending ball mount shank

Is this for use with a WD hitch? If so, then it won't make any difference. We had a long thread on this a while back. A manufacturer (IIRCC, Torklift) and an engineer (Ron Gratz) were involved. The result was that when using WD, the effect is nil. If not, then derating comes into play. The hitch extension that was brought up earlier, is NOT for use with WD, so that would not apply. Happy reading
Huntindog 10/19/17 04:57pm Towing
RE: Switching from 15 to 16 inch tires

OP Here, Thanks to everyone who responded! The reason I am considering this upgrade is the selection of 15 inch Load Range E tires is limited. Only ST tires The 5th wheel has Westlake tires on it now and I have never heard of them before the purchase. I just think that a LT tire such as a Michelin Defender. I guess I am being proactive in that I want the best tire on the 5th wheel to eliminate any potential problems. Dave The best? Michelin XPS RIBS. They are not cheap. They are the only tire I will use on my TT.
Huntindog 10/19/17 04:35pm Tech Issues
RE: Generator

He has 50 amp service. hat almost always means 2 ACs It certainly does not. 50 amp service means that the trailer came equipped with 50 amp service. It may be equipped with a second AC or just prepped. Our own factory ordered trailer came with 50 amp service and only one AC. A factory installed 2nd AC wasn't even an option, only the prep. From what we've seen in lots across Texas, more often than not 50 amp trailers are equipped with one AC unless the customer decides to have the second AC installed.Really? There is no reason to have 50 amp service unless you are wanting two ACs... In fact it really would be a disadvantage for using a portable generator. I think it is a really safe bet, that MOST 50 amp rigs have two ACs.... I see from the responses that others are of the same opinion.
Huntindog 10/19/17 01:41pm Travel Trailers
RE: Generator

I have a 3650W / 4500w Champion that's served me well over the last couple of years. Normally they go for around $300. It's a little nosier than the quiet ones, but not nearly as load as a typical contractor style generator. For your planned purpose, it will work well sound and power wise. And no you don't need a 5500w generator to run a AC. My 3650w gen runs my 15k just fine. The time of year that NASCAR comes to Texas and Talladega, your AC demands probably won't be that great anyway.He has 50 amp service. hat almost always means 2 ACs
Huntindog 10/19/17 03:00am Travel Trailers
RE: Cleaning an epdm roof

John. as I stated from my post many many years ago, Dicors position on roof cleaning only changed after repeated customer requests on how to do this... Probably because of the harmless black streaks that some get. ( Here in AZ, it doesn't seem to be an issue). Dicor obviously saw a business opportunity, and created a line of roof cleaning products. Which they now naturally strongly recommend. As for different thicknesses. That may now be the case. But it doesn't change much. Likely the RV manufacturers asked for lighter material so they could reduce the weight of their units. Carlise says that the white material CAN be washed. Only to retain the reflectitiy of the material. But there is NO warranty requirement for it. AND the black material has NO washing recommendations. For those that want to wash your roof.. My recommendation stays the same. If it makes you feel good, do it. So long as it is done right, it won't hurt a thing.... But since I became the Safety Coordinator at my job about 5 years ago.... I must caution people on the dangers of doing so. A wet roof can be VERY slippery! The only safe way to do it would be with a catwalk scaffold system. Some dealers may have such a system. I know the manufacturer does, as I have seen it. A fall to the ground can SERIOUSLY cripple or kill. Be careful up there.
Huntindog 10/18/17 03:46am Travel Trailers
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