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RE: Bearing packing drama

The washer is not keyed. My only concern is after I preloaded the bearings and spun the hub several times I backed it off to where I could get the cotter pin in. The nut is loose enough that I can slightly turn it with my fingers due to the difference in size between the cotter pin and castles. Here is a parts diagram: http://www.lci1.com/assets/content/support/complists/5200-Spring.pdf This is not my first time packing bearings. I did it several times in my old trailer and grew up doing it with my dad. I guess I am just paranoid now after reading so many cases of bearing failure! Bearings are supposed to run at zero clearance when at temp. That means when cold they NEED to have a few thousands clearance. Often there is a spec listed for this, and it CAN be measured with a dial indicator setup.. But it is not necessary if the instructions are followed precisely. Follow the procedure, and the clearance will fall into spec. There should be NO preload on the bearings when the adjustment procedure is finished.. If there is then the bearings will tighten up as they heat up, and fail.
Huntindog 04/25/16 07:17pm Travel Trailers
RE: After oil change tapping noise

Single overhead cam applies to each head separately. There can be a V6 with one cam per head (SOHC) or two cams (DOHC). Or no cam in the head for that matter. Marketing of course could have different names for all this... OK. Do you know of any such motors off hand?
Huntindog 04/24/16 05:46pm Tech Issues
RE: After oil change tapping noise

Correct me if I'm wrong... But the honda 3.5l v6 does not have lifters . It's a dual overhead cam engine..... No lifters solid or hydraulic... Now that's funny. Clicky Like I said "correct me if I'm wrong".... OK... It's SOHC not a DOHC...... Answer me one question.... Where are the hydraulic lifters?It is a V6... That means two heads... I can't picture a way for it to be a SOHC.:h
Huntindog 04/24/16 01:59pm Tech Issues
RE: How often do yall sanitize your fresh water tank?

I only do mine after fillingh up in Flint.:B Seriously, if you are putting good water in all the time, then there is no need, unless you don't use it for a long time.
Huntindog 04/24/16 01:53pm Travel Trailers
RE: New truck, New trailer, TONS of sway!

I am sure I could get that combo to tow OK with it's present equiptment... But I wouldn't, and here are some reasons why. First it will need to be dialed in pretty close to perfect, and kept that way. This can be a lot harder than it seems. A TT is a lot different than most any other type of trailer out there. It is a house rolling down the road. It has a large sail area to catch wind from all directions. Since it is a mini house, normal living activities will change the weight distribution. Food gets eaten and goes from the cupboards and fridge to the black tank. FW gets used and goes to the black and grey tanks. Propane gets used and disappears. Clean clothes get dirty and end up in the hamper,,, and countless other items may change as well. Depending on your TTs layout and your way of living in it,, this can be a little or a lot, and it can vary from trip to trip by a lot as well. Suddenly your perfectly dialed in setup isn't very good at all. Sure there are work arounds. If you are a campgroung user, you may be able to dump your tanks there, that will help. I even read from time to time here of those that tow their TT empty to their campsite, then run to the store to buy provisions for it.. Certain mods may help. But I'm gussing that since you bought such a large TT that you want to enjoy it. All that room and storage that it has is useless if it is unable to be towed with it filled with the niceties one likes to have. A bigger truck with some extra capacity will let you use the TT the way you want to, rather that trying to constantly to keep it dialed in. It will be more reliable and comfortable to tow with as well.
Huntindog 04/22/16 03:59pm Travel Trailers
RE: Charge Batteries by Idling Tow Vehicle?

It is even less effective than what many have posted. I tried it once and only got a 1.8 amp charge.... That tapered as it charged. Best to use a generator powering your convertor for a reasonable charge time.
Huntindog 04/19/16 04:37pm Tech Issues
RE: Can Iinstall an electric ignitor for oven

So, the Char-Broil unit I picked up is too big to fit under the Magic Chef stove top, it also only came with 2 ignition wires :( I searched high and low for this one, anyone have a link to one that may work for me?If room is a problem, the igniter can be mounted next to the stove. There was a pic posted here once of someone who did it that way.
Huntindog 04/19/16 03:01am Travel Trailers
RE: Watch your step!!!!

Yep big first step might not be so high if/when the stabilizers holding the rear up give outThere is no more weight on them than normal.The TJ determines the front to rear attitude of the TT. The rear stabilizers are not under any more strain than usual. I have had to dig out under my toungue to make it level on occasion.
Huntindog 04/18/16 01:40pm Travel Trailers
RE: Generac IQ2000 (Long winded report)

We had a thread not too long ago where some were raving about these Generators being a much better deal than the Hondas.... But they are only a couple hundred cheaper... Try to sell a used one.. Used Hondas are in DEMAND and sell quickly.. This thread is a testimony as to why that is. Pay more once, cry once. Pay less once, and cry many times.
Huntindog 04/15/16 06:25pm Tech Issues
RE: a reminder to be careful out there

Dudes, that is a Suburban, not a Tahoe. Its not short wheel based.LMAO. I wasn't going to say anything till more armchair experts had chimed in.. Reading comprehension is often lacking as some rush to judgement on these kinds of incidents. He had a catastrophic blowout, (I blew up the pic) and probably a wind gust at the same time. Sometimes you just have a bad day
Huntindog 04/15/16 03:33pm Travel Trailers
RE: Hope 2-waste tank purchase was a good idea...

The problem I see is that only emptying 6 gallons of black at a time may cause the Black tank not to dump properly and stop it up. The macerator idea may be of help here.
Huntindog 04/13/16 04:04pm Travel Trailers
RE: Stopping to gas up

Truck stops, and more importantly, shop for ease of access, NOT price.
Huntindog 04/12/16 06:26am Travel Trailers
RE: Awning Fabric Replacement

I have done my own replacement on two TTs. The first was a manual awning, and I pretty much followed what Cloud Driver posted (except the nail), and it turned out great. Last year I did a power awning. It has some differences, and I did a write up on it here:Power awning fabric replacement
Huntindog 04/10/16 07:08am Tech Issues
RE: Batteries and acid shipped in different containers?

I agree that pouring acid from one container to another can be kind of intimidating....requiring absolute concentration, but that is the way, at least for motorcycle batteries forever. I might guess batteries for ATVs, etc., are the same. Be careful and don't get distracted...you'll be OKThe last few that I have bought came with the vial system that the OP described. No more single container of acid that has to be poured into the cells one at a time. It is premeasured and every cell gets the exact same amount. It is about as safe and fool proof as it can be. It is also available in the AGMs
Huntindog 04/09/16 05:43am Tech Issues
RE: Battery box/upgrade questions.

I don't usually recommend AGM batteries. Yes they have some advantages but I just don't think it justifies the higher price. But this situation cries out for AGMs. No box needed, no corrosion and no work/expense making a custom box. That is what I would do.
Huntindog 04/09/16 05:28am Travel Trailers
RE: Super Ike Gauntlet

Looking forward to it as well... Something tells me some people are going to be a little disappointed in their J standard towing claims.Agreed. Since some of the trucks have already been tested at close to their max ratings, we have a pretty good idea how they will fare. The one truck with a huge number has never been tested at any where near that number.(by a publication) So it is a safe bet that it will do much worse than it has in the previous tests.
Huntindog 04/09/16 03:26am Tow Vehicles
RE: Batteries and acid shipped in different containers?

Right after each other, both the recoil rope broke and the starter battery of my 3000 watt Yamaha generator died. Rather than disassemble the darn thing to get a new pull rope added, I went and replaced the battery with a Yamaha motorcycle battery, which fit in perfectly, and had the same amp-hours as the old one. Oddly enough, the box shipped with the battery, and a row of six vials of acid attached to each other. To get the acid in the battery, one pulled a sticker off the battery, turned the acid vials upside down, placed it over the row of holes on the battery, pressed to punch the foil seal on the vials, squeezed the bottles so the acid drained completely into the cells, then yanked off the row of vials, and then pressed a cap that spanned all six holes into place. Took a few minutes to do, and even though the operation was fairly safe, playing with battery acid in the middle of the woods isn't my idea of a good time, even with making sure I had access to water and was wearing eye protection. Is shipping acid separately from the battery something new that battery makers are doing? This is the first time I've seen this. This is pretty common. You can buy the ATV batteries dry or wet. When buying wet batteries the date of manufacture is very important as the battery starts to degrade from the day the acid is added. Dry batteries can be stored indefinantly. I carry spare dry ATV batteries with me.My ATV batteries have a nasty habit of failing on a trip. Since I am usually in a remote location when that occurs, having a new battery on hand at all times is the best solution for me.
Huntindog 04/09/16 03:15am Tech Issues
RE: Electric jack manual crank

Are these things for real? I've tried to use the manual crank on an electric tongue jack on two different trailers. Each crank handle has bent while trying to crank the tongue up or down. Last night I had to move my current camper, but I have the batteries stored inside. No problem, use the manual emergency crank right??? Nope. The crank would actually raise the tongue, but wouldn't lower it. Weird right? There is way more strain trying to lift the nose of the camper than lower it, yet I bent the stupid handle while trying to lower it. I ended up schlepping the 2 six volts out of the basement and hooked them up just so I could move the trailer 30'. If this jack goes out on me, I guess I'll be using the truck jack. Rant over...What were the power jack brand(s)?
Huntindog 04/08/16 07:59am Tech Issues
RE: Type of cables to use for connecting 6v batteries?

For such a short length, the standard Automotive 4 gauge cables from any Auto parts store will work fine. Even with the inverter the OP has. If it makes one feel good to make a tiny, barely measureable improvement, then heavier custom cables can certainly be used. But the cost is a lot higher for the tiny unnoticeable gain. I am not really a fan of solid connections. Though they are cheap and conduct well, the trade off (there always is one) is that they are not flexible. Road vibrations can cause stress on the battery posts. Over time this can cause problems such as a leak between the post and the battery case. IMO, a flexible connection such as a cable is the best for mobile applications. In fact a smaller gauge cable (so long as it is not too small) is slightly better in this regard as it will be more flexible than the expensive huge cables..
Huntindog 04/08/16 07:24am Tech Issues
RE: Keystone Customer Service Fail

I would say all we know is how the OP handled the whole thing. I would like to hear the dealers and Keystones side. Not the way the OP is interpreting it. Wouldn't deter me from a Keystone product. Every brand has a buyer that's been through the ringer over some issue. If we all decided on what unit to buy based on negative issues then we all would be staying in hotels for vacation. Keystone sells a bu!! load of RVs. They're bound to have a goof up.Exactly how the OP handled it is not the big thing here. We know that he reported the leak before the TT was in service for one year... Therefore his warranty should be good... There may be some technicalities with transfering it that were not handled correctly... If so, then that is the dealers fault, as a buyer would not know what needs to be done. And though the root cause of the leak wasn't found until the warranty was up,, that should not matter as it was reported under warranty. It is not the OPs job to diagnose the cause of the leak. It doesn't matter how long the dealer takes to correctly diagnose a problem... They need to get it fixed. If Keystone is in fact trying to weasel out of the warranty because of transfer paperwork not being done right... Shame on them. They very well may cost themselves new sales down the road... From the OP and others that he tells his experience to. If they are trying to weasel out based on the warranty period being over.... Shame on them again. The OP reported the leak within the warranty period... It needs to get fixed period. I for one want to know just what the end result of this is. I will be buying another new TT down the road. I want to know the good, the bad, and the ugly about all brands. BTW, my Sabre experience has been nothing short of excellent.. The only reason I would switch brands is because they do not currently offer what I think I will be wanting next time. Maybe they will in the future.
Huntindog 04/07/16 03:42pm Travel Trailers
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