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RE: Tires - Load Range D vs E

I have ended up with LREs on all of my TTs (3 so far) As far as I can tell, there is no difference in the ride ( I inflate to 80) Even if run at reduced pressure, an E will have superior puncture resistance. I can see no reason to shy away from Es. In fact I no longer will use anything but LREs.
Huntindog 05/21/17 07:32pm Travel Trailers
RE: Upgraded tires - air pressure?

One thing to consider, especially for ST tires which generally have a bad reputation for reliability... In the case of a blowout, If you only have 65 psi in the tires, the remaining tire will most likely be severely overloaded. To the point that it should be considered damaged and replaced along with the blowout. If 80 psi is used, the overload (if any) will be a lot less. In my case, I would take it out of service, but use it for a spare. Blowouts on TTs are problematic. Often they go unnoticed for many miles. The TT usually doesn't tow much different. So lots of damage can be done. Both to a remaining overloaded tire, and to the TT from the steel belts whipping around acting like a chainsaw on the TT. This why I use Michelin XPS RIBS. Very expensive, and VERY reliable.
Huntindog 05/18/17 06:52pm Travel Trailers
RE: hitch stop

A longer shank will greatly improve or eliminate the problem.
Huntindog 05/18/17 03:07am Travel Trailers
RE: Beating a Dead horse...Roof Cleaner\Conditioner

My owner's manual says I don't need to do anything. I don't consider this a conspiracy to make my roof degrade faster. This is exactly correct. The EPDM roofing material "sheds" as it is exposed to UV light. That material "shed" from the roof actually shields the remaining material from the UV light and prolongs the life of the roof. EPDM roofing material is widely used in commercial applications, primarily on flat roofs such as warehouses and factories, and those roofs are never washed and coated with a "protectant".We have a winner! The roofing material is actually made by Carlise for the commercial building roofing market. Carlise is the largest supplier of this product, and they also manufacture it for Dicor. Carlise doesn't condone washing the material.. They state that the white roofing may be washed occasionally, ONLY to maintain it's reflective properties if so desired... But washing is not required for warranty purposes. Dicor USED to mirror what Carlise says. But they got so many questions from RVers on how to wash their roofs, that they saw a buck to be made. They started making roof cleaning products, and now recommend frequent washing. My roof gets washed when it rains, same as my house.:B
Huntindog 05/17/17 06:05pm Travel Trailers
RE: 16 oz propane refill

Those that get all riled up usually do not understand exactly how it works, and how to do it safely. Or they understand exactly how it works...And are not confident in their ability to do it correctly... Certain activities leave zero margin for error... Those are not the ones for everyone to do.
Huntindog 05/17/17 01:42pm Tech Issues
RE: 16 oz propane refill

Anything about propane gets some all riled up about safety... It is the same about any dangerous activity. Guns and electrical wiring are others. Those that get all riled up usually do not understand exactly how it works, and how to do it safely. They are correct about one thing: THEY should not do it. That said, I have been doing the propane refills for 25 years. A complete fill is easier if you freeze the bottles for a few hours. You can actually over fill them this way. You should really let some out if that happens.. Mainly because the pressure relief may kick it and vent some if conditions change, such as traveling to higher altitude with an over filled bottle... This is why the law says that disposable bottles are not to be transported IF refilled.
Huntindog 05/17/17 04:30am Tech Issues
RE: Golf Cart battery sizes... Decisions, decisions

Hi wa8yxm, The locks have a hardened steel rod that is loose inside the center of the pin. When you try to use a cut off wheel the rod just spins. I think it is too tough for a bolt cutter as well. That leaves a torch as the only solution for the lock part. https://www.wayfair.ca/Master-Lock-Armorlock-Padlock-37D-L3333-K~YG2605.html?refid=GX77818329407-YG2605&device=c&ptid=74402319076&targetid=pla-74402319076 https://secure.img1-fg.wfcdn.com/lf/50/hash/755/6805042/1/Master-Lock-Company-Armorlock-Padlock.jpg width=350 My new generator clam shell rack will have two of them, and dual receiver locks with the same technology. Of course it only slows down a determined thief, but it may be noisy and time consuming. They can move on to the next RV instead.Ummm. Having extensive cutoff wheel experience.... I would not use the wheel on the rod. I would just cut the body of the lock, or whatever it is attached to. Noisy, yes. But very fast.
Huntindog 05/15/17 01:19am Tech Issues
RE: Anti-Sway Broken--How Serious? Need Help!

Sway controls are like seat belts and airbags. Totally useless unless you need them. To the OP. I wouldn't worry too much about a short tow to get it fixed. Slow down, and be careful. The odds of needing in a short slow careful one time trip are very low. I do disagree with those that make a habit of not using anything though.
Huntindog 05/14/17 01:14pm Travel Trailers
RE: Big Fees to buy at Camping World?

Some years back, I bought a couple of quads about a week apart. They charged me 95.00 in document fees... Told me that included the plates. When I got the plates for the first one, I noticed it was only 5.00 (much cheaper than we pay for autos) I called them to complain about their excessive fees... Naturally, they explained that the 90.00 was for them doing ALL of the legwork to get me my plates... Seeing as how that consisted of putting a form in an envelope and a stamp... I thought that was excessive, but accepted it. A few more weeks went by, and the plate for the second quad had not arrived. So I called the dealer to inquire about it. They told me that I had to go to DMV to file for a duplicate plate (DMV is a nightmare. A great way to waste a whole day in non moving lines). I replied that I would not do that... That I paid them 95.00 for a 5.00 plate, so that they would do all of the legwork to get me my plate.... I think she remembered our previous conversation at that point. She said she understood where i was coming from and would handle it. The plate arrived a couple of weeks later. 95.00 well spent. :B
Huntindog 05/13/17 04:02pm Travel Trailers
RE: opinion please

4500# and 29 ft does not compute. If Scout dad was to fill out his profile, and/or tell us what his TT is... The answers could be based on facts, rather than generalities of what is normal. IOW, I am not say it isn't possible that his TT only weighs 4500#, just that it would be very unusual. As an aside, I am not sure I would want a 29' that light. It wouldn't take much side wind to affect its tracking.
Huntindog 05/13/17 06:40am Towing
RE: Onboard Fresh Water System

First fill the tank completely so you can be sure it is getting water. If still not working, find the pump. Most of them have a screen/filter on the inlet. Running the tank low may have allowed it to suck some debri out of it and block the screen. The ones I have seen can be cleaned out. Other that that, it may be an air leak somewhere in the suction line. Check all fittings etc. This can be hard to fine, as it may not leak any water... BTDT
Huntindog 05/13/17 01:46am Tech Issues
RE: Buying New at Used Prices?? Yep, through Costco!

I drove 2 thousand miles round trip to Wisconsin to save myself 5-6K dollars versus what dealers in my state were selling the Aliner Expedition for. While it was a hard trip (I was reminded I ain't as young as I used to be) I don't have one regret. X2 While my trip was more than double yours, I also saved twice as much. When I first saw the possibilty, I asked my brother if he was up for a road trip, with my picking up all expenses. H readily agreed, so I set the wheels in motion for the purchase. We drove straight thru fro Phoenix AZ to Sylvania Ohio. IIRC is was about 32 hours. We took turns driving while the other one slept. We got to tour the plant and see my model being built. The pics I took that day have been a valuable resource as I did mods over the years. We camped our way home, stopping to see some sights. My brother still talks about what a great trip it was. He may just be buttering me up for when it is his turn to go get a new RV.:B
Huntindog 05/12/17 06:16pm Travel Trailers
RE: Can a WDH be overrated for a TT?

The correct answer is yes. A WDH can be too strong for a TT. My first new TT stated this in the manual. It actually listed the different frames sizes they used, and how heavy a bar could be used with each size.
Huntindog 05/12/17 04:23pm Towing
RE: How can i test the power output of my Honda 2000i?

All generators have limits. You have found yours. It is operating normally. If you want more power.... You need to pair another 2000 with it, or get a bigger one.
Huntindog 05/12/17 01:16am Tech Issues
RE: Jayco 28bhbe or 29bhdb

Does everyone believe my truck can handle these campers comfortably? I have an equalizer hitch already that I will be keeping.A qualified yes. So long as you don't go crazy loading the bed.
Huntindog 05/11/17 04:13pm Travel Trailers
RE: Emergency Brake Cable

CAUTION!! I have seen the breakaway switch fail several times. I think it is because it's location means it is subject to a lot of road rash. They tend to seize up, and become VERY difficult to pull. Often if you get them pulled, the switch falls apart. Using a clip for conveinence will mean that the switch will rarely or never be tested. I pull my cable every time I hook up. I then wrap the cable thru the hookup point, and then thru the loop on the cable, and plug it in to the switch
Huntindog 05/10/17 01:22pm Travel Trailers
RE: Question from Ron Gratz post in a sticky

The only comment I have: If your TV is so close to capacity that 300# is important.... Perhaps a bigger TV or a smaller trailer is the best solution. My reasoning is simple. With that small a margin, you will at some point find yourself over. Probably sooner and by more than you can imagine.
Huntindog 05/10/17 12:06pm Towing
RE: Jayco 28bhbe or 29bhdb

I have two bathrooms in my TT. It is one of those things that once you have it, you won't ever want to be without. They are somewhat rare though. I am glad to see someone else making one. Maybe there will be several to choose from when it is time for my next TT. I have 2 baths and my problem is not with the layout or the bath itself. My issue is with the additional holding tanks. The additional tank maintenance and sewer hose connecting is simply not worth it for me. Instead of having one 1/2 full black tank. You have 2-1/4 full tanks. All of this just for the kids to have their own bath :S. The 2nd bath is a no go for me. I removed the toilet and now have a great closet with exterior access. WE have no problem managing with one bathroom. It's just DW and I and the Brittanys. Still, it is amazing how often we both use them at the same time. VERY convienient and a time saver. And it is the only way I would consider a mid bath right next to the big bed. One of us can use the rear bath without offending the other in bed. And then there is the holding tank capacity. That was huge for us... and the reason I drove from Phoenix AZ to Sylvania OH to get it. We do not frequent campgrounds unless we absolutely have to. We much prefer the solitude of being off by ourselves. Remote back country boondocking is our primary way of camping. Some of our trips will see us tucked away far from civilization for 3 weeks straight. With 84 gallons of Black and 84 gallons of grey, we can do it comfortably.... That is us, The other side of the coin is I know of people that NEVER use their bathroom... Only the campground facility.. Showers as well.. Kinda makes me wonder why they have a TT,,,, But it's a free country.
Huntindog 05/10/17 07:13am Travel Trailers
RE: Jayco 28bhbe or 29bhdb

I have two bathrooms in my TT. It is one of those things that once you have it, you won't ever want to be without. They are somewhat rare though. I am glad to see someone else making one. Maybe there will be several to choose from when it is time for my next TT.
Huntindog 05/10/17 04:14am Travel Trailers
RE: Best brake pads for a tow vehicle?

So you are saying that the only proper way to fix my brake problem is to go out and buy a 3/4 ton truck to tow my 4,400lb camper? Sounds like an expensive fix...No. reread my entire post. I am of the opinion that there is nothing wrong with your brakes.
Huntindog 05/09/17 12:26pm Tow Vehicles
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