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RE: Trailer buying - need good resale value

Kind of an odd way to look at TTs. No matter what, it is how you spend money, not how you earn it. Getting something that may not be the best fit for how you will use it looking only at resale, will detract from your enjoyment while you are using it. That said, you want what is popular. That means yes to slides. Also, a popular floorplan will always be a best seller. You can determine this by surfing all of the manufacturers websites. If a floorplan is popular, everyone will be making one. BUT.... Just because it is popular doesn't mean it will be the best for you.
Huntindog 01/20/17 07:30pm Travel Trailers
RE: Dexter Axle moved?

XPS RIBs and be happy for evermore. Been running them HARD for over 11 years now with no problems of any kind. With STs, I never had any reach the 2 year mark.
Huntindog 01/20/17 07:21pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Carbon Fiber TT

I did not realize so many would get bent out of shape over a post. Guess I won't be posting to this forum anytime soon. Good by and good luck.Thanks. I think just about everyone here would need a lot of luck to amass enough spare change to plunk down 3/4 million on a TT.
Huntindog 01/20/17 03:17am Travel Trailers
RE: 7.3 no start

I had 2 97's NRALIFR probably has the right answer. Ford has a fix for it that doesnt require replacing the whole wiring under the valve cover. If the guy doesnt want to spend any money then he could disable the glow plugs completely and give it a shot of ether.He's been using ether
Huntindog 01/19/17 08:25am Tow Vehicles
RE: Tire rateings and trailer bounce?

The difference in ride is not the reason it is falling apart. I have LRE, and 80 psi on my last two TTs. 28K is much more than the average user will tow. I am probably are in your class mileage wise. This is not the first time you have posted about your rough ride. I would suggest that with your usage, some suspension upgrades would be money well spent. I would start with one of the rubber shocked equalizers... The brand of your choice. They are a cost effective way of making a dramatic improvement. FWIW: My TT has been upgraded from 5200# axles/springs to 7000# axles/springs. And the tires from LRD to LRE. These mods were made to improve on the factory equipment, as I realize that my usage is much more severe than average.
Huntindog 01/19/17 03:46am Travel Trailers
RE: Best hitch

First, I am sorry if this has been asked a lot before but I would like up to date information. My daughter and son-in-law just purchased a new travel trailer. Is there a hitch that controls sway on bridges and when semi's go by better than other hitches?The best one for me, may not be the best one for you. Different designs have different advantages, and disadvantages.
Huntindog 01/18/17 07:30pm Travel Trailers
RE: Dexter Axle moved?

You had a couple of plastic bushings worn out? The ones on the spring hangar end? If that is correct, it is not normal for those to wear out first. I have ALWAYS had the equalizer bushings wear out first. This makes sense as the equalizer carries a lot more load. Did the shop check them all? In any case, I don't get to concerned about the measurement between the tires as it is constantly changing. Now other things such as one tire wearing bad etc. will get my attention.
Huntindog 01/18/17 04:34am Tow Vehicles
RE: 7.3 no start

He just spent 500.00 last week getting the glow plug relay replaced. That is how he got it started to get here. He is considering getting it replaced again. While I do think the it is possible that the compression may be OK.... With that mileage, I would check that before throwing more money at other things... IOW, there my be several things wrong.... Why bother with them if the basic motor is shot. I don't know the year, but it appears to me to be one of the newer ones. It is a long way into town for more popcorn. Sigh.:B
Huntindog 01/18/17 12:33am Tow Vehicles
RE: 7.3 no start

OP here. I purposely did not state my opinion here as to not color the responses. He had the glow plug relay replaced before arriving here. I told him that with 479,000 miles I would not spend any money on it until the compression was checked first... He thinks that a 7.3 will never wear out....:S I told him that it is a great motor... But that it still has pistons, rings and valves just like any other motor... And that they all wear out at some point. He now has a new 200 amp charger in camp and has been charging and trying to start it all day. This has been going on since Thursday. I am almost out of popcorn.:B
Huntindog 01/17/17 07:29pm Tow Vehicles
7.3 no start

Got a fella in camp with a 7.3 that has 479,000 miles. It won't start. It smokes out the pipe when he cranks it. I have already talked to him about my opinion. He disagrees. He just keeps charging the battery with a generator and continuing to crank it more. Says he just needs to give it a good 30 second crank to get it to fire up. I don't see it happening. Any thoughts?
Huntindog 01/17/17 04:33am Tow Vehicles
RE: Thoughts on the different suspension systems for TT's?

Dexter has a comparison between the three here. That is hilarious. I bet Lippert or any of the others can or have done a comparison between themselves and the competition as well. None of them are worth a grain of salt. FWIW, I have never read here of any bad reviews from those that actually have any of them here. I happen to have the Lippert system. But I made my choice on price, and size availability. And that is what I recommend others do as well. They all do the same thing, and the theory of operation is pretty much the same.
Huntindog 01/15/17 10:44pm Travel Trailers
RE: Best place to buy A&E awning tube with fabric?

Time to replace; looking for the best place to buy an 18ft A&E awning tube with fabric. ThanksI got A&E factory fabric from Dyers for a little over 200.00 shipped. It is an easy project aith a couple of helpers
Huntindog 01/13/17 04:39am Travel Trailers
RE: Dish to Direct with a Traveler

So a Direct TV Traveler can convert to a Dish network, but not the other way around?
Huntindog 01/13/17 04:35am Technology Corner
Dish to Direct with a Traveler

I have a Winegard Traveler 1000, and Dish network. I would like to switch to Direct TV. Can my Traveler be changed over? Or would I need a entirely new setup?
Huntindog 01/12/17 07:21am Technology Corner
RE: Plastic interior door casing

I know exactly what you are talking about. I just had my trim off to install a magnetic door switch for my slide control switch. I noticed that it has become brittle with age. I was able to reuse mine, but I am positive that it is a generic part that most every trailer uses. I would think that it should be easy to get a new one. An air staple gun is the best way to install it. Call around and see what you can find. I have had very good luck with my manufacturer getting parts that I thought would be really expensive, but ended up being cheap. An RV parts supplier may have it as well. Good luck, and report back how it works out.
Huntindog 01/10/17 07:47am Travel Trailers
RE: All GM trucks combined sell more than Ford.

Perhaps the mods should move this thread to a more appropriate forum.
Huntindog 01/09/17 07:04pm Tow Vehicles
RE: GM pickups, no 2500HD or 3500 Markings????

Does that picture really say that the DRW is less expensive than the SRW? That's crazy. Wow, it does. That is weird. I took the screen shot myself from http://www.gmc.com/previous-year/sierra-3500-denali-hd-pickup-truck/build-and-price.html#/config.I am pretty sure that the reason for that is the SRWs have some equipment that the DRWs do not. I know for a fact that was the case when I bought mine.
Huntindog 01/09/17 12:55am Tow Vehicles
RE: Some thoughts

The newer trucks have deeper beds, That allows them to claim more cubic feet for payload. Most recommend at least 6" of clearance between the 5ver and the bed rail. So you need to fix this. Most will raise the 5ver to do it.
Huntindog 01/09/17 12:46am Tow Vehicles
RE: Running roof ac while driving

Thousands of animals ride in trailers everyday. Many of them are highly prized performance animals. National champions in their venues etc. For those of you that have trailers that have such rough rides, suspension upgrades can do a LOT about that. I have the Equalflex on my TT. Many times we have acciddently left an open can of soda etc. on the counter, and arrive at camp to find it still there, and not a drop spilled. And our trips always involve many miles of unimproved dirt roads to reach camp.
Huntindog 01/09/17 12:34am Travel Trailers
RE: 2017 GMC/Chevy DEF tank!

Personally, I'd rather see my truck use whatever amount of DEF is needed to keep the exhaust within spec's than EGR. Those are the only two viable options when it comes to reducing nitrogen oxide emissions in Diesel exhaust; either reduce the combustion temperature in the cylinders with EGR or use a SCR after-treatment. :):) The problem using too much def will cause the exhaust to clog up over time There's a downside to too much EGR too. Having previously owned one of the DEF-less 2010 Diesels, I can attest to the fact that relying totally on EGR is a poor design. It didn't work out for any of the Diesel engine mfg'ers that tried it. Those DPF's aren't cheap when you're out of warranty and your truck is cleaning every 60-70 miles because it's clogged. There's also the oil dilution problem those engines had that was excessive even when everything was working right. The way I see it is that all Diesels from each model year have to meet the same exhaust specs. The NO2 specs are currently being met with a mixture of "in cylinder treatment" (EGR) and "exhaust after treatment" (DEF). One brand's strategy may result in their engine using less DEF than another brand, but make no mistake if your not using as much DEF to meet specs you are using more EGR. I see no sense in worrying about how much DEF is being used when the cost per mile is as low as it is. I'm only referring to a properly working Diesel engine using the "right" amount of DEF for its design. :):) I agree too much EGR causes soot clogging issues and too much DEF will crystalize in the exhaust. It's a balance of the two that make the engine and exhaust for long term reliability.Ram had so much trouble with soot clogging in their pre DEF motors that it is highly likely they are gun shy and went with an aggressive DEF treatment and lower EGR usage as a result... I often see companies that have a big problem make a knee jerk correction, which many times is an over correction as a result. Time will tell if the RAMs are now using more DEF than is best... It is a fact that using that much DEF is not necessary as both Ford and GM have not had soot clogging issues using lower DEF consumption.
Huntindog 01/07/17 04:47am Tow Vehicles
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