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RE: Holy sagging water tanks, Batman!

I see two things here. One I see no reason whatever to haul a trailer around with any of the tanks full or even at 1/2. Empty them. I always travel with empty tanks. I just make it easy on myself and travel with empty tanks. My guess is these designs were never intended for travel full.Go camping where I do..... And you won't have any water. These tanks SHOULD be designed to travel full.. Otherwise there isn't a point in having a self contained RV.
Huntindog 04/30/15 07:35pm Travel Trailers
RE: Replacing Awning Fabric

I did it. It really is best done with 3 people, and they all gotta be on the same page. Removing the remanents of the old one is pretty staight forward. If your roller endcaps do not have the slot in them that matches up with the roller, you can make it with a dremel and a drill. You will need a ladder person to feed the fabric into the top slot, and another ladder person to pull it along, and he has to keep repositioning the ladder as the fabric advances. The lower person can walk back and forth pretty easy. The goal is to feed the fabric into the upper wall track/slot at the same rate as the lower/roller side, It must be fed at the same rate, and care must be taken to make sure it enters the upper track smoothly. Getting off kilter will result in the new fabric snaging and tearing on the edge of the upper track.
Huntindog 04/30/15 07:19pm Travel Trailers
RE: Towing above 65

HMMM! Whats a synonym for synonym? Why do you old folks repeat every thing others say? If you are talking about using the "quote" function, like I just did here... It is so others know what comment we are responding to. Think of this as a conversation with many people. Only we are not all here at the same time, to respond immeadiatly to anothers statement. It is a common feature found on most if not all boards. If you are not talking about the quotes, then it is because just as in a real multiple person conversation, there may be several people with the same view. It has nothing to do with age.
Huntindog 04/26/15 02:55am Travel Trailers
RE: Towing above 65

I heard the semi was going slow up the hill holding up traffic. When the other vehicle attempted to pass the semi sped up and didn't let the passing vehicle merge back in safely. Where in the world did you here that? That is funny. They were going down hill when the wreck occurred! You heard.. From whom? I am positive it was in the report you posted. Right after the part that talked about how fast the TT was going.:S:B
Huntindog 04/24/15 04:11pm Travel Trailers
RE: Towing above 65

This just proves that even when you get jello nailed to the tree..... It won't stay there. This "story" about the pic has been convuleted so much as the poster of it trys to eveade the questions.. That it is hard to see the fire for the smoke. Since the picture poster was supposedly trying to make a point by posting the pic... It is up to him to make said point by stopping the evasion dance, and actually answering the questions that are being asked. HERE IT IS IN PLAIN ENGLISH: HOW FAST WAS THE TT GOING? and WHAT DID THAT HAVE TO DO WITH HIM MERGING INTO THE SEMI?
Huntindog 04/24/15 09:33am Travel Trailers
RE: Towing above 65

No no no. :B What's not okay is to discard what witness's said/the truck driver and what the driver told the first ones there just because it wasn't in the report. That is calling first responders liars without having been there.. Guessing, not factual in any way. I was told by first responders (firefighter extraction) what happened and what the driver said, those calling foul for whatever reason prove that wasn't the case. I know the area and that exact location, those crying have never been there or probably have never been to Central Idaho so... Drum roll.... They don't have a fricken clue! I could really go into detail about the wreck/the carnage the difficulty life flight had landing in that terrain the victim that was transported to the local hospital and comments made to the EMT.. But I won't....It is perfectly OK to be skeptical of things that are posted on the net. Anyone with a keyboard and an agenda can be or say anything they want. You are the one that posted the picture, and then the report. Neither of which back up what you are saying. So all we really have is you saying that it is the truth... And you were not even there in person. So it is a case of I knew a guy who had an uncle that had a teacher that talked to..... Give it up.:B
Huntindog 04/24/15 07:12am Travel Trailers
RE: Towing above 65

The fact remains that he was going faster than he should have been infact in this case even faster might have helped. Nowhere have you said just how fast he was going. Your report doesn't say anything about it as well. But in your mind, you have been consistant up to now on blaming excess speed.... Now you state that more speed may have helped. I will agree on one point. Speed is involved in most all accidents. It is pretty hard to crash while parked. But if he was passing the semi and clipped him with his TT when changing lanes as your report states, then the "excact speed" has nothing to do with your picture and report. The outcome in that area would've been pretty much the same no matter how fast he was going. BTW, I think the jello has beeen nailed to the tree pretty good. If I was you, I would delete that pic to keep from using it again in a weak moment.. But that's just me.:B
Huntindog 04/24/15 03:50am Travel Trailers
RE: Towing above 65

You don't know the speed, I don't know the speed. I The truck driver knows the speed for sure and what he said at the scene would be here say to you. No proof.. Heck, you would probably arrest the first responders/firefighters for listening to the trucker before you arrived :B So just where is the truck drivers statement? The truck driver could've been going really slow like 35 or so.. Yes I know he was on a "downgrade" but having just topped a climb, he may well have been going that slow. We have some areas like that in my neck of the woods.
Huntindog 04/23/15 05:30pm Travel Trailers
RE: Towing above 65

By the way, that picture you posted seems to show it is a 2 lane highway, one lane each direction. Is that accurate? Did the pickup driver cross a double yellow line to die? If you read back in my post you will see I said that coming up the hill that both came up just prior to the accident, there was a passing lane aka two lanes going the same direction. The scene is just out of the two lanes where the travel trailer was trying to pass an excellent ting semi truck,in other words, shortly before the accident the travel trailer was in a two lane road then tried to pass in which he would have to excellerate with everything that pickup had to make it. He was in a two lane in the beginning then ran out of two lanes to a single lane on a steep downgrade.I don't see that anywhere in the incident report you posted. You can disagree all you want, there is absolutely no way that what the travel trailer guy was trying to do without speeding. I've been on that stretch hundreds of times, heck, I live 14 miles from the scene.
Huntindog 04/23/15 05:25pm Travel Trailers
RE: Towing above 65

I am surprised none of The folks in favor of towing at 80 mph said "see if Mr. Barnes had been towing his trailer just a little bit faster, he would have cleared the tractor before he had to change back into the northbound lane. See, speed doesn't kill, it could save your life!" Of course I don't mean to make humor out of some families unfortunate situation. regardless of what caused the accident, some fellow camper is now deceased prematurely, and his family and friends have suffered a loss. May all of you have a safe and happy upcoming season Everyone is making an ASS UMPTION, that he had to merge back into his lane... Perhaps he simply misjudged where the semi was in relation to his TT. That would mean that the trucker wasn't being mean by not letting him in, and that speed wasn't the cause of the crash.
Huntindog 04/23/15 01:25pm Travel Trailers
RE: Towing above 65

CB has asked numerous times for the road and the date so we can look up the report. Please supply both so we can read the report ourselves. Why don't you supply it? :B
Huntindog 04/23/15 03:15am Travel Trailers
RE: Towing above 65

CB has asked numerous times for the road and the date so we can look up the report. Please supply both so we can read the report ourselves. Why don't you supply it?:B
Huntindog 04/23/15 03:14am Travel Trailers
RE: Another Tire Question

My wife and I are looking at purchasing a new Keystone Cougar 24SABWE. After being on this forum for awhile, I am assuming that the standard tires that come with this trailer are junk. If so, what are your recommendations for replacement tires? We are looking at a long road trip to the Grand Canyon this summer and prefer not to have a tire failure in the middle of nowhere. Thanks!Since you haven't bought it yet, you are in a very good position. Make sure it has 6 lug rims. That will make going to 16" rims easy. They can do this for you as part of the sale... Or go all the way and insist on 16" tires upfront. Expect to pay some more though as they are not cheap
Huntindog 04/22/15 04:14am Travel Trailers
RE: Tire blow out trailer

Yup the old ST vs LT vs P debate. Kind of like talking to the dog. You can go with what the people who design these thing for a living say or you can use you own self appointed expertise. What ever make you sleep best. Now that right thar is FUNNY!! I don't care who you are. Many Many threads on how bad the quality is in the RV industry.. In ALL areas, not just tires. Yes I use my own common sense,,,err expertise.... And I sleep quite well... Thank you for caring.:B
Huntindog 04/22/15 02:54am Travel Trailers
RE: Microwave that a Honda EU1000i will run

On the flip side .... ;) I've owned an EU2000i previously and now have another one ... before each purchase I too carefully examined whether I could get away with a lighter weight, somewhat less costly EU1000i and both times concluded the 2K made more sense. The 1K would likely have handled my battery recharging tasks but it won't run my wife's hairdryer, which I've been told is of "vital" importance. :R Aside from a 1K not being able to run the trailer's microwave oven it's also marginal for other appliances that we like to use even while dry camping - toaster, Tassimo coffee machine, etc. The 2K will handle all of these with no effort at all - I just plug the trailer into my EU2000i and while it's running the trailer behaves no differently than if it were plugged into shore power. Although I'm now quite a bit older than I used to be I'm not dead yet (at least I wasn't the last time I checked ;) ) so I'll happily lift a 50 lb EU2000i instead of a 30 lb EU1000i for the clear advantages it offers. To each his / her own. :BX2 Plus the cost difference between the 1K and 2 K isn't very much at all. With two 1Ks, you are still very limited as to what you can run. With two 2Ks, you have all the power that a typical TT will need in almost any situation. For me, this decision is a no brainer. Dual 2Ks and an extended run tank.:B My TT came with a lot of nice features and capabilities that I paid good money for. In order to actually use and enjoy it to the fullest extent.. It requires enough power. Without that, I might as well have bought a cargo TT and thrown a bed in it.
Huntindog 04/21/15 05:29pm Tech Issues
RE: Towing above 65

Closest town/route would help find the official report.You don't really think that will be provided, do you? It doesn't matter what the subject of debate is around here. Someone will invariably post a picture without any traceable info, and claim whatever to make their opinion seem to be more valuable then the others. They are depending on the shock value of the pic. I had a friend who knew someone that had a teacher that had a uncle that was an investigator....... Too funny, but knda sad at the same time.
Huntindog 04/21/15 05:08pm Travel Trailers
RE: New 29' travel trailer dog walking

In addition to what has alredy been mentioned, a dragging brake or a bearing problem could cause this. Bottom line: It's not good. I can't think of a reason for this that wouldn't result in bigger problems later on, if it's not fixed.
Huntindog 04/21/15 04:51pm Travel Trailers
RE: Any Reason To Get A WDH?

I am curious; if you add tongue weight to the back of a vehicle, you increase the weight on the rear axle and reduce the weight on the front axle. If you add air bags you raise the rear, the vehicle will sit level but do you still have the same amount of weight on the rear axle? We know a WD hitch transfers weight to the front axle and back to the trailer. So the question is do air assists act like a WD hitch or do they just mask the rear axle overload?You answered your own question.
Huntindog 04/20/15 02:15am Travel Trailers
RE: Towing above 65

15 pages. I'm not suprised. About half the people here seem to want to justify towing more weight than they are really rated for... But "it'll be OK, I 'll just not fill the water and pack light" And many extoll the virtues of ST tires as well... No wonder we have such a divide on this subject. I would suggest that many of those with a less than ideal TV and ST tires are in fact UNSAFE below 65 MPH.... I am of the belief that with the PROPER equipment, and experience, that higher speeds are not any more of an accident waiting to happen than lower speeds. Naturally it would be safest not to tow at all. Maybe Ralph Nader was onto something with the UNSAFE AT ANY SPEED thing.
Huntindog 04/19/15 01:28pm Travel Trailers
RE: Anti-Sway Friction Control

NO cams means that you don't have any sway control. It is just a regular garden variety WD hitch. Nothing wrong with that. It is the most commonly used hitch around. Now you do need some sway control. I would do one of two things. 1. Simply add a couple of friction sway controls to what you have. You do need two, as your TT is over 26'. 2. Sell what you have. Use the money towards the integreted hitch/sway control of your choice. There are several, and they all have their fans. They can all do the job too. And so can the friction controls. I had them early on, and they worked great. The only reason I now longer use it, is I wore it out. And at the time, it was more cost effective to get the EQUALIZER. I like it better for ease of use. But I would not hesitate to use friction controls again.
Huntindog 04/18/15 07:24pm Travel Trailers
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