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RE: Fortunately, I did not have a pair of 6v batteries

Not sure what the point is.. You had to go to the parts store to get up and running... The same as if you had 6 volts. You just would've been buying a different part.
Huntindog 07/23/14 05:18pm Tech Issues
RE: Payload an issue?

You are smart to figure on 15% TW. What most seem to forget is that TW can change quite a bit in the course of a trip. You may start with full propane tanks, full FW, and empty waste tanks, as well as a full fridge and pantry. On the return trip, all of those weights will have moved.. Where to and how much is hard to say. Every TT is different and so is everyones usage. Best to have a truck that can handle a worst case scenario.
Huntindog 07/23/14 05:09pm Travel Trailers
RE: Going out on a limb here... drop spare tire, add genset?

I installed a Onan 4.0 Microquiet underneath my 2001 Fleetwood Wilderness 26H. I had a stainless steel 26 gallon gas tank made to go under there as well, right behind the tongue A frame. It had a sart switch inside just like a MH. It was a really slick setup. Not sure about doing this on a pickup though.. The road debri wasn't bad on my TT, but on a pickup that is driven all the time, it would be a lot worse.
Huntindog 07/22/14 07:19pm Tech Issues
RE: Wind generators not common?

I can not imagine intentionally wanting to camp in high winds. Here are a few reasons: Deer season, Elk Season, Turkey season, Dog Trials. These are SCHEDULED events that take place no matter what mother nature is doing... If you are gonna do it, It's time to put on your big boy pants as you gotta be prepared for anything. I on the other hand cannot imagine going camping just to sit in my chair if the weather is nice.. I can do that at home a lot more comfortably and cheaper.
Huntindog 07/22/14 06:28pm Tech Issues
RE: Not to toot my own horn, but I am!

My 2011 is capable of about 20MPG... But the stars gotta align just right. If it has just finished a complete regen before filling it up, and then I take it on the open road at 60-65... It is possible to burn that entire tank without a regen. That will get me over the 20 mark. It hasn't happened yet.
Huntindog 07/22/14 04:28pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Wind generators not common?

I don't know about you, but I am heading for SAFER shelter if I have constant wind speeds of 15MPH or better!Oh cmon! There's nothing dangerous about 15 mph wind speeds. If you lived in my area you'd be scared to death everyday if that was the case. Nearly EVERY evening the winds reach 15-20 mph in the warmer months here. My and everyone elses RV's do quite well. We drive in it, tow in it, I see hundreds of people going up and down the freeway in their rigs.X2 I have a TT so I can be out and about in bad weather. Wind, rain, snow... Bring it on. At 45 MPH, I do store the winegard traveler satellite dish though... Then I'm roughing it!!:B If the weather was always nice, I wouldn't even need a tent. Just a cot and sleep under the stars.:B I pulled into a dog trial once in NM, on one of Ted Turners ranches, to find that all the trailers already there were parked rather oddly. Upon getting out of the truck, we found it difficult to stand. Talking was impossible. Had to shout in each others ears. It seems the winds had hit 110 MPH. Everyone there had moved their rigs to face into the wind. No dish HD that night.:(
Huntindog 07/22/14 04:04pm Tech Issues
RE: Upgrading tire rims

Also, my question on the difference between a 15 and 16 E rated tire. Lots of people "know" What they don't "know" is just what tire you want to put on said rim. The answer is easy if you know what SIZE tire you are mounting on the rim. There are MANY sizes and load ratings that will fit on a 16" (or other size) rim. Pick your size and look it up on the manufacturers website.
Huntindog 07/22/14 02:03pm Travel Trailers
RE: Upgrading tire rims

But so far I haven't been given a good answer as to why people change. Also, my question on the difference between a 15 and 16 E rated tire. Seems no one knows the answer. I probably will change next year because I have too much invested in new tires right now.You have received very good answers. They just are not the ones that you want to hear. I am not going to try and convince you of the merits of LTs vs. STs here. That wasn't your original question, and you already have your mind made up on that issue. Happy camping
Huntindog 07/22/14 04:17am Travel Trailers
RE: Upgrading tire rims

Your TT likely has ST tires on it. STs have a bad reputation, which I assume is why you are considering a change. An LT tire is considered by many, including some TT manufactuers to be an upgrade. But there are not too many LT tires made in 15". In 16" there are tons to choose from. This is because that size is stock on many pickups. BTW, 4" wheel well clearance is workable, depending on what total diameter is on your TT now. You can basically go to a tire that is 2" taller than what you now have.
Huntindog 07/21/14 06:39pm Travel Trailers
RE: Upgrading tire rims

So what is the weight differnce between a 15" E and a 16" E? i am running 15" E 10 plys and will I get better wear and tear by going up to 16s? I have a Winnie One 29L Are we talking about a TT or a MH? On a TT the big advantage of 16s is that you can choose from many LT tires, and not saddled with ST tires and all of their issues.
Huntindog 07/21/14 04:43pm Travel Trailers
RE: Upgrading tire rims

I highly recommend this mod. Clearance is the only issue that can be a problem. You need a minimum of 3" from the top of the tires to the wheel well, and 1" between the tires. If you are lacking in wheel well clearance, a lift of some sort, either a axle flip or lift blocks or a combination can be used. I have done all of this on different TTs. As for the 1" between the tires, that would be more difficult to fix. It would involve welding on new spring hangers and using longer springs. I would have really be in love with a TT to go that far... But I would for the right one. As for the 1" minimum... That is what Dexter recommends. I have gone right to that limit, though I don't see why it couldn't be fudged a little. As one wheel goes up the other goes down and that distance increases. So what ever clearance it has when level is the least it will ever have.
Huntindog 07/21/14 04:33pm Travel Trailers
RE: 2011 f250 screw lariat fx4 6.7psd... 98kmiles

Sorry, I have seen ricatic's comment on this subject so many times that it is a rant to me. If his warranty was wrongfully denied then why not take it to court. Think of how successful he would be at achieving his goal of reducing Ford truck sales if he would win a legal decision.Are you serious? The auto manufacturers have the deck stacked against the customers in regards to warranty claims... They have so much money and legal power that taking them on would be like pissing into a hurricane... Besides that, recommending legal action here on the forum is against the rules.
Huntindog 07/21/14 03:16am Tow Vehicles
RE: 2015 all Rams trucks will be J2807 compliant

Tundra went J2807 compliant in 2011. Just say-in :B Yes they did, they were the first and good for them! It's a shame the others had to play games, but with that said both Ram and GM/Chevy were going to do it until Ford said nope not ready yet. Had the other two went ahead they could have put that fact in their ads and most likely taken sales from Ford. But should'a, would'a, could'a but didn't and for that same on ALL of them! DonExcept that marketing matters. GM had it handed to them when they rated rated their 2011+ Dmax according SAE standards at 397/765.. And then Ford magically made theirs an "advertised" 400/800. It didn't matter that GM whipped Ford in virtually all of the tests after that... Ford had a higher number, and a lot of people "believed" the marketing hype. The sales numbers showed it. After that experience, there was no way GM was going to make the same mistake again... Though this time it would have been the 1/2 tons taking the majority of the hit.
Huntindog 07/19/14 01:50am Tow Vehicles
RE: Companies That Stand Behind Their Products

Costco. I bought a new laptop from Costco. In less than a month, it got a cup of coffee poured into it, which wasn't helpful. I took it back and told them what happened. They only had one question: "Do you want your money back or another computer?"Some companies believe that going above and beyond builds loyalty. I posted earlier about my experience with Leopold. They spend much less on advertising than their competiters, putting those funds into their legendary warranty policy.. The payoff for them is fanatical customers, many of whom, won't even look at another companys offerings.
Huntindog 07/18/14 04:59pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Tire blow out trailer

The sidewalls are meant to take the turning and flexing that towables are subject too that LT's can't handle Who told you that LTs can't handle it? I have never read that ANYWHERE. An awful lot of high end TTs come with LTs, and many of us have upgraded to them.... The ad propaganda from the ST tire makers are/is careful in their wording around this subject.... They NEVER state that LTs can't handle it.... They do imply that ST tires are especially good at it. That doesn't mean that LTs fall short of the job. Big difference. I often wonder how overtired some of these TTs that have LT tires are and if that compensates for the resistance to the flex and scrubbing issue. In other words how would a side to side comparision of say an LT tire with the same load capacity as an ST tire do on the same trailer. Larry If you were to read my history of ST tire use, you will find that I upgraded sizes and load ratings several times in an attempt to make STs work. I have much more experience with STs than LTs. I have owned more sets of ST tires than I care to remember. I am on my second set of LTs, having replaced the first set due to age.. Something that I never had to worry about with ST tires, as my TT was constantly sporting brand new STs. My LT experience started in 2006. Not a single failure since I made the swap. And I am much rougher on these tires, as I don't worry about them... No excuses. They just work.
Huntindog 07/18/14 04:06am Travel Trailers
RE: Tire blow out trailer

Most vehicles/trucks don't weigh as much as a loaded RV.And the point is?I don't know, I would think the point would be obvious. Guess not. Yep, me to.It is only obvious if you are of the belief that it can't be any better. I and many others EXPECT the TT tires to be as reliable as the TVs tires, under the same conditions. More weight? so what. Get a highr rated tire, and it should be reliable. If it's not,,, then there is a problem that needs fixing. I won't make excuses for tires. They either perform to my expectations, or they are gone.
Huntindog 07/18/14 03:21am Travel Trailers
RE: Tire blow out trailer

Like I said, why should I have to expect less from a trailer tire when it travels the same road as the TV.Most vehicles/trucks don't weigh as much as a loaded RV. And the point is? A properly load rated quality tire on a TT will follow the TVs tires everywhere it goes at the same speed, just as reliably as the TVs tires. Sadly that is NOT the case for ST tires. We have people here making all sorts of excuses, for the poor abused ST tire. Make the jump to LTs and forget about excuses. For the OP. LT tires can be an option for most TTs. Some will be more difficult than others, depending on what you are starting with, but if you are serious about a solution, it probably can be done. The first and best option is to get 16" rims for the commonly used pickup LT tires. You will need 6 lug rims for this. If you already have them (they are a option on 3500# axles) great. The rest is easy. If you have 5 lugs, then a drum swap is needed. This is a lot cheaper than I thought it would be. Then you need to make sure that you have 3" of clearance from the top of the tire to the wheel well. If needed the TT can be raised to get the needed room. Really the limiting factor will be the 1" minimum clearance between the tires.. Even that can be changed, but is pretty involved, and is the one mod I haven't done to make LTs work... But if the TT in question was otherwise perfect for me, I would do whatever it takes to make it work.
Huntindog 07/17/14 07:17pm Travel Trailers
RE: Tire blow out trailer

An article in Trailer Life magazine on trailer tires, brands, differences between LT and ST, what each can handle etc. Very good article. Yes, they do imply that ST tires are especially good at it but as I stated, that's not to say LT's are bad, but ST's are made specifically to handle the flexing. Here's the article. What's missing from the hard copy is a chart comparing all the trailer tires out there - Goodyear, Maxxiss, Towmaxx, Carlisle, etc. I don’t know why, but on this subject everyone seems to have the need to embellish their story and overstate the problems and the solutions to bolster their point of view… I read all the horror stories about the ST tire just like everyone else, but most people I meet and talk to in the CG’s are completely unaware of the controversy… then there are many that have reported not having a problem with the ST tire… my own experience is the same, I have never had a ST tire failure even using them on dozens of trailers over many years, and very many tens of thousands of miles… While I have never owned a horse trailer, my son has had a few of them… I have had many RV’s, cargo trailers, utility trailers, equipment trailers and boat trailers all sporting ST tires and still not one highway tire failure on any of them… the only catastrophic tire failure I have had in the last 30 or so years was a LT tire on my TV… I DID have the OE tires that came on this trailer have three sidewalls fail but never while I was on the road and they all failed in the first few months after purchase and were replaced by the dealer at the dealers… Most of the vocal LT advocates argue they have had multiple ST failures and have since learned… I personally believe when one person has that many problems the problems are deeper than just the tire… Although if were to believe everything you read here, 100% of those that had a failure all religiously took good care of their tires, never over-loaded, never run under-inflated never exceeded the rated speed and are at a complete lose on what could be wrong… BULL… I am convinced that the failure rate for the ST tire is somewhere near 1% (and that is to high), and no I can’t prove that, it is solely based on my own research of the problem and is my own embellishment I guess… Great response from both of you. Way to take on the tire police :B I'm in the camp that if you take care of the tires, with proper inflation, lower speeds and replace when they become too old, regardless of appearance, goes a long way. I bet 70-80% of trailer owners at a campground do not know to keep there tire at max cold pressure and keep the speeds under 65 mph...I never thought of it as "tire police"... Unless the ST tire proponents are the police... Can we be good cops vs bad cops? I consider myself on the "good cop" side. If I can save even one person the time and expense that I went thru, when I tried to make ST tires work.... I don't care what anyone thinks. FYI.... At one time I was a very strong ST tire supporter.... I believed as many still do. I drank the kool aid about how it must be my fault, that the ST tires kept failing me. Search my old posts and see for yourself. I am now a convert. I am sometimes slow to learn, but I DO LEARN.
Huntindog 07/17/14 01:36pm Travel Trailers
RE: Honda Generator

If it was me I'd just idle my tow vehicle, for 15-30 minutes, while it was plugged into the trailer. Your alternator charged at ~100 amps. 100 amps will top off a battery quickly. -Tom, W3TLNThis won't work.
Huntindog 07/17/14 03:16am Tech Issues
RE: if trailer tires only good to 65mph, why not switch?

What I never see brought up in these how fast to tow debates is this: There is some pretty big differences in TV-TT lashups out there.. Just read the many threads of those that never carry water, and always pack light, as their TV is,,, well marginal at best. I would submit that some of them shouldn't tow at 60 MPH, let alone 70-75. These are of course the ones that must compromise, on the TV, because it is also their daily driver. OTOH, There are those that have very stout TVs.... It borders on silly to say that a SUV, that is barely within it's ratings (if it is) vs. a 1 ton dually crewcab, they has lots of reserve capacity should be held to the same speed standards, as many here seem to think.. Of course most of the barely able crowd actually think that there set ups are as good as it can possibly be... They don't know what they don't know.. Much like many of the ST proponent crowd, who having never used LTs, believe the marketing pushing the STs.
Huntindog 07/16/14 04:03pm Travel Trailers
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