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RE: Cougar landing gear fuse.

When you find it, if it is a standard fuse replace it with an automatic reset fuse. Less than $5.
ICamel 08/26/15 11:23am Fifth-Wheels
RE: cookware

Yes, Farberware is a very good brand(or at least used to be). We received a set as a wedding present almost 44 years ago(close to half a century:)), and have been our household "daily users" ever since. We subsequently also bought some "open stock" Farberware pots that reside in the RV. Is Farberware a good brand? Will it last a good while? I don't need it to last a half century, ha ha.
ICamel 04/15/15 02:13pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Any info on the Prowler P22.....

It is essentially the same as our Elkridge E22. We have been very happy with our Heartland 5r. We did change the mattress to a more robust product(memory foam from lastingimpressionsfoamdotcom) and all 3 faucets(kitchen, bathroom, outdoor camp kitchen).
ICamel 04/14/15 10:51am Fifth-Wheels

The "R" value of the insulation of the Elkridge line and Elkridge Xtreme Lite lineup is identical (Wall = R11, Roof & Floor = R14). The Xtreme Lite will likely not have a Coroplast liner on the undercarriage. The other main difference between the two is the Elkridge 5r's will have 6,000 pound axles while the Xtreme Lite units will have 4,400 pound axles. In general "Lite" trailers have thin walls.
ICamel 02/28/15 01:34pm Fifth-Wheels

Elkridge "Lite" models have been sold for at least 5 years. Before being renamed as Extreme Lite, they were called Elkridge Express.
ICamel 02/26/15 09:16pm Fifth-Wheels

Tare weight on my 5 gallon propane tank is 18# Tare weight on my 7.5 gallon tank is 24.5# Tare weight on my 1.0 gallon tank is 9.4#
ICamel 02/10/15 12:15am General RVing Issues
RE: Butane lighters

I have tried many butane lighters over the years. The best one I have found is made by Bernzomatic. I get them at Home Depot. http://www.homedepot.com/p/Bernzomatic-BZLTR200-Flex-Stem-Utility-Lighter-328643/203696836
ICamel 01/18/15 06:58pm Tech Issues
RE: Catalytic Heater Install

I'm going to be installing a Wave 8 catalytic heater in my fifth wheel and am aware of concerns and cautions concerning oxygen depletion, moisture condensation, propane leaks, and the need to protect the catalyst pad from dust. The heater will be portable, that is not attached to a wall. I have questions in three areas: 1) I would supply propane to the heater via a flexible hose. I'd like to have a quick connect fitting at each end of the hose. Is there any reason this connection method is not a good idea? Is there one type or brand of quick connect fitting that is best - that is, more durable or less prone to leaking? Is there one type or brand of propane supply hose that is best - more flexible, resistant to damage? I have a quick connect on the propane supply side of the hose, but the propane tank is located on the ground outside of the RV. I just use a small wrench to disconnect at the heater. 2) Can the heater be moved when it is on? Is there a grab handle on it of some sort? Yes you can move it while it is on, but you need to keep it stable so the tip over switch is not activated. There is a handle at the top back side of the heater, but it will be hot. An oven mitt will keep you from too much heat while handling. I just grab hold of a leg on the bottom and use the oven mitt at the back topside. 3) Any vital piece of information about catalytic heaters that I need to know? Mice have been known to pirate the burner mat material for nest makings, so you will want to secure it somehow. Olympian/Camco makes a dust cover that is a good investment. Since you will be using it as a portable unit, they make legs for it that will provide a more stable setting. I have the cover for my Wave-6 and bought a roll of 2 sided Velcro that I use to secure the cover at the bottom where critters might be inclined to get in. While traveling and in storage the heater is placed face down(after cooling) on the couch with the cover on and the front legs fitting down in the space between the back and seat of the couch. It has never moved during travel, and I have been over some pretty rough road surfaces. Thanks for all replies.
ICamel 12/19/14 11:32pm Tech Issues
RE: Had sleep study last night: calling all auto cpap users!

1) Keep trying different masks until you find one that works for you. 2) Read different CPAP Forums. You will find other people that experience the same or similar problems you do. Let their experiences help to guide your decisions. Going on my 8th year of CPAP therapy, and have only missed 3 nights usage(which is another story). Have my CPAP now for 3 yrs this month. Originally had full mask at sleep study but ended up taking it off cause it made me claustrophobic. Close quarters didn't bother me till I hit 60 yo. Have nasal pillows which seem to work OK but I still have a problem putting the pillows with harness on each night. Most of the time I don't use machine due to uncomfortable feeling from the entire apparatus. Am a light sleeper. Do feel better when using it but cannot shake the feeling. Any recommendations?
ICamel 12/19/14 10:59pm RVing with Disabilities and General Health Issues
RE: Tailgater Problem

Going to throw the BS flag on what they told you. I have a Tailgater and I installed a connector where the cable goes from outside the trailer to inside(dedicated satellite connection). Works fine with the 50' cable that came with the Tailgater to the outside/inside connector + 15' cable from the inside to the wall connector and also with a 135' longer cable that I purchased. You either have a bad connector or bad cable, or possibly a di-pole splitter which will also not work. Called Dish, after much "hold please", talking to lower level help then finally a real technician, he said there cannot be any connectors between the Tailgater and receiver, just one straight coax. Didn't believe him but tried running one straight coax through an open window and it worked perfectly. Problem now, how to use one coax without an open window or door. Tried closing the door on the coax which worked for a while until it damaged the coax. Any one else have this problem? How did you solve it? Any suggestions?
ICamel 12/01/14 12:31am Tech Issues
RE: cold weather camping

Virtually every early spring and late fall here in Oregon. Icicles hanging off the sides of the trailer. Frozen rivulets down the sides from the windows. Only one time did I have frozen lines, and never any damage.
ICamel 11/19/14 10:56pm General RVing Issues
RE: USB 120 volt outlet

Found this neat little wall plate adapter at Wally World yesterday. Only downside is that one USB port is listed as for Apple "I" products and the other listed for Android products. http://www.p4c.philips.com/cgi-bin/dcbint/cpindex.pl?slg=en&scy=us&ctn=SPP3038A/17
ICamel 10/31/14 12:39pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Crock Pot Pulled Pork

I tried your recipe today and it is delicious. Bought a small boneless pork roast that already had a dry rub applied. Since the roast was smaller it only took two 12 ounce cans of Root Beer. Thank you for this excellent addition to our recipe list! I just made this for a get together my daughter was having and thought I would share it with you all. One large pork butt roast (bone in) Crock Pot large enough to hold roast 2 liter bottle of Regular Root Beer Your Favorite pork rub Sweet Baby Ray's Barb B Que sauce I apply a generous amount of the rub to entire roast and place in crock pot. Pour root beer in careful not to wash off the rub. Fill so that roast is almost covered. Turn on crock pot to high and cook for 5 to 6 hours. I do flip the roast once halfway through. You will know its done as roast starts to fall apart. Drain liquid and remove bone. The bone pulls right out. I use my hands (clean of course) and pull apart the meat. Once "shredded" I add the Sweet Baby Ray's to taste and keep crock pot on warm. Serve with a side of cole slaw and it goes over great! Enjoy!
ICamel 10/06/14 08:57pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Entry door lock replacement

Or you could go whole hog and replace the door lock with one from Fastec. http://www.rvlocksandmore.com/Global-Link-and-Fastec-FIC-Brand-RV-Locks-and-Keys/Outside-RV#.VDDXCxaKVOM And then you can replace all your outside slam baggage doors with a lock cylinder that is keyed the same as your door lock. http://www.rvlocksandmore.com/Global-Link-and-Fastec-FIC-Brand-RV-Locks-and-Keys/Global-Link-RV-Locks-and-Keys/CLB-Cam-Lock-Barrel#.VDDYLxaKVOM Just order the same code for the cam locks as your door lock.
ICamel 10/04/14 11:35pm Tech Issues
RE: Range venthood light fix

I had the same issue with the cover having a hole melted in it. I cut the rectangular bottom portion of the cover out and then cut a piece of clear Lexan material to the same size as the cut out and glued it in place. Then replaced the bulb with an LED 921/T15. Much brighter than the OEM and not anywhere near as hot.
ICamel 09/26/14 09:19pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Big Buddy Heater

Hi Don! Me again! Been using my Oly Cat for two years now for comfort heating all night while camping in our 5'r (a week every third week) and still alive. I even bought an RV specific CO monitor with readout and it usually records 0ppm of carbon monoxide(CO). Occasionally it has recorded up to 20ppm on a trip which is technically negligible, but could be attributed to the oven, cooktop, fridge, water heater, or outside generator in addition to the catalytic heater. We have had this conversation before. These appliances are safe to use as Bull Rider stated when "they are in good condition and you follow the safety guidelines". If a person feels that they don't wish to use one, then that is their decision. You are entitled to your opinion, and your efforts to inform others is commendable but please realize there are literally thousands of RV'rs that don't necessarily share your view. Respectfully, ICamel Hi Bull Rider, My daughter is a CO survivor. There was no permanent damage thank goodness. If you wish to "gamble" go ahead. But to advise others to gamble is just not a good idea. There is no way that a Buddy heater is as safe as the RV furnace, RV fridge, and RV water heater. Saying so is misleading and just plain wrong. If you want a safe heater get a Platinum Cat. Some folks don't feel that it is perfectly safe, either, but it is a LOT better than a Buddy. Hi, No, they are not. They are as safe as any other propane appliance as long as they are in good condition and you follow the safety guidelines. Pianotuna. Great response, which adds nothing to the discussion. But hey, you have a keyboard so go crazy. Maybe some members will actually buy your deep, comprehensive opinions.
ICamel 09/04/14 11:13pm Tech Issues
RE: egg ring?

I cook all of my egg sandwich makings in the microwave. Spray a Pyrex custard cup with non stick coating. Put 1 tablespoon of water in custard cup. Add 1/4 teaspoon of margarine or butter. Add any desired shredded cheese. Add crumbled cooked sausage or cut up cooked bacon bits. Season to taste (salt, pepper, seasoned salt, ect.). Whip up one egg and pour it into the custard cup. Microwave on high for 45 seconds and then on medium for 1 minute. If the egg is still runny in the middle cook on high at 15 second intervals until fully cooked in the middle. Put the egg between a biscuit or muffin and enjoy. Cooking times will vary based on the rated output of your microwave. You can freeze the cooked egg portion and heat it up in the oven or microwave for breakfast/lunch/dinner/snack. Experiment with the recipe!
ICamel 09/04/14 10:45pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Remove Fitth Wheel Hitch By Leaving On Camper?

It is easy to reinstall the hitch as there are typically no impediments to reaching the pins. I typically have camping equipment stored in the bed of the truck upon arrival at the destination, and reaching the forward pins(closest to truck cab) has to wait until items stored have been removed from the bed and they can be accessed. The rear pins are usually easily removed. I have a conventional bar hitch(not jaws) and cannot release the bar while the hitch hangs from the kingpin. No way, no how....and I have tried. Have to lower the front of the 5'r with the jacks until the hitch is sitting in the bed of the truck to release it. I don't have a problem removing the hitch by hand, and have tried both methods. Six of one, half a dozen of the other. Take your choice. Question I see is, for those with conventional rails in the bed, isn't it a pain to get to the 4 rail pins? Both to remove and to replace?
ICamel 09/04/14 03:58pm Fifth-Wheels
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