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RE: Best fuel economy speed

59 MPH is where I get the best gas milage in my Winnebago gasser.
J-Rooster 04/26/16 10:09pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: class a with a rubber, fiberglas or aluminum roof

My last coach a Fleetwood had a rubber roof it was O.K. my current coach a Winnebago that I bought new in 2004 has a fiberglass roof and is much easier to clean than the rubber roof. I sprang my first leak 9 years later around the Sat. Dish I recaulked around it and the leak stopped.
J-Rooster 04/25/16 08:52pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Theft: the bad, the bad, and the really bad

I've been RVing since 1976 with no problems so far I keep everything locked up especially the coach I keep a hand gun inside.
J-Rooster 04/25/16 07:39pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Crater Lake

I'm glad we are waiting to go until September I was told today by a gentleman that Crater Lake is over 7,000 feet in elevation. I did not know that when I headed up there last week.
J-Rooster 04/25/16 07:36pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Crater Lake

We had the same experience at Crater Lake our first time in 2007. We were driving up from California to pick up our new Dynasty in Coburg, OR. What an exciting trip! The lower elevations were clear, once we drove up to Crater Lake, the snow was so high we also couldn't see the lake. But, the snow was beautiful. A few years later, we were able to hit the area during the summer to see the lake clear and calm. The Lodge is also very nice. MM. Mark, the man that was greasing the boom of the excavator said they had very little snow up there last year at this time.
J-Rooster 04/24/16 01:00am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Crater Lake

Did you notice the altitude?? spring comes late that high. Yes, when I was getting ready to leave I had a hard time breathing! It was very scary to me not being able to get air. I was just surprised because it was 89 degrees when we left the RV Park. And, yes your correct Spring comes late and I have very little experience in the high country.
J-Rooster 04/24/16 12:57am Class A Motorhomes
Crater Lake

I went to Crater Lake last weekend for the first time and was very surprised by all the snow up there. All the roads in and out of there are bare and dry (no chains needed). When we got up to the Lodge (which is open) we couldn't see the Lake there was 25' snow drifts at the lodge. The Park Service had a Hydraulic Excavator up there and it pushed the snow away in a couple of places where we were able to climb a 10' snow bank to take a picture of the Lake. Blue sky sunshine 35* and the wind was howling. After we left we headed North to Diamond Lake, which was frozen and the Diamond Lake viewpoint road had too much snow on it so it was closed. All the other roads were bare and dry. We made a great choice by taking from I-5 the South Fork of the Umpqua River up most of the way up to the Lakes and we took the North Fork of the Umpqua River back to I-5 at Roseburg. We stayed at the RV Park in Canyonville, Oregon which set all time heat records for most of the time that we were there mid to high 80*s. None of that heat traveled East up toward the Lakes. Had fun except for all the ticks (are small dog got 5 ticks during are stay there) and the shooting range West of the RV Park which scared one of our dogs.
J-Rooster 04/23/16 07:47pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Beware Fleetwood

Fleetwood was originally founded by John Crean in the fifties as Fleetwood Enterprises. Sometime around 2000 he left the board of directors due to differences in company direction. He was a simple conservative man and ran his company that way. After he left the company tried to expand too fast taking on debt. When the recession started in 2008 many companies including Fleetwood went under and the remnants were later purchased by another company. That company did honor some of the original companies customers warranty work and was of a select few who did. For a very interesting and informative read obtain a copy of "The Wheel And I", an autobiography of Mr. John Crean. I received my treasured copy, signed by Mrs. Crean, many years ago. The book was sent to me by my co-moderator Eric (96Bounder30E). Dick thanks for the hard hitting post about Fleetwood! Some people think were just complaining, but when you buy a brand new coach and have problem after problem it's disturbing to say the least! Crean had Fleetwood heading in the right direction when the bean counters over took him at a Corporate meeting and all they cared about was getting as many unit's out the door as possible! They wanted quantity instead of quality and it cost them to go out of business!
J-Rooster 04/23/16 07:25pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Adco tire/wheel covers

Gee.... I wish I lived close enough to come over and smell you. :W No complaints from the neighbors so far!
J-Rooster 04/23/16 02:01pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Bad Gas I should of known better!

My old 1994 PaceArrow with a tbi 454 sat for almost two years as life got busy. When time came to take it out not one problem. Good report Mike it gives me hope and I think I lucked out! Next trip fuel filter change and another round of Sea Foam. Sea Foam worked, I just didn't like the smell of it coming out of the exhaust smelled like rotten eggs.
J-Rooster 04/23/16 01:46pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Bad Gas I should of known better!

Doubt if new plugs will do much. More likely the fuel filter. You said bad gas, is this just from sitting or do you think you pumped some into the rig. Yellow light, is it the engine check light? If so stop by an O'Reilly's or Auto-zone and have them read the code. I'll take your advice on the plugs and thanks for the info on Auto Zone and O'Reilly's that they did that.
J-Rooster 04/23/16 01:43pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Bad Gas I should of known better!

forget the plugs if its running smooth, I,d put sea foam in a few more times, that stuff will clean up everything. and consider yourself one lucky guy ,it could have ruined all fuel systems .I carry a can all the time. Thanks for the suggestion I'll do it!
J-Rooster 04/23/16 01:40pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Bad Gas I should of known better!

I'm sorry to hear about the health issues but it just goes to show how situations can change at any point in time. You didn't mention if you used any fuel stabilizer when you first parked your coach. Like you, I love the GM 8.1L engine and after 90,000 miles I find it a pretty bullet proof engine with minimal amount of care necessary. The fact that the engine ran at all with two year old gas is pretty impressive. Glad everything worked out OK with running a few cans of Seafoam through the system. I also would forget about the spark plugs if it is running smooth. Be sure to check all over the coach for any possible rodent damage that may have occurred during the time it was setting. It's good to hear that you are back on the road. Ronnie after the first year sitting I put a bottle of Marine Stay-bil in. And thanks for your good wishes I'm battling Blood cancer I was giving 2 to 7 years to live two years ago. I just don't give it any power! I know I have to die someday of something so I just keep putting one foot in front of the other and onward I travel.
J-Rooster 04/23/16 01:39pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Beware Fleetwood

I bought a 99 Fleetwood brand new off the showroom and had many of the same problem as your having. First rain storm that we were in the roof was leaking water. Fleetwood never tested my coach for leaks when it left the factory! The engine was a Ford V-10 and the spark plugs were blowing out of the block, slide out problems and more? Fleetwood repaired everything every time with a apology so I commend them for that. After 4 years, I just couldn't trust taking this coach out again and traded it in on another Winnebago. Sorry to hear about about the problems with your coach and I feel sorry for the next person who owns it after you trade it in!
J-Rooster 04/23/16 02:06am Class A Motorhomes
RE: What are dealer labor rates in your area.

I take mine to a local garage! The owners son now runs the business and his Dad has the same coach that I have so he has a lot of knowledge on Winnebagos and charges me $50.00 per hour shop work and $25.00 for a oil change.
J-Rooster 04/23/16 01:54am Class A Motorhomes
Bad Gas I should of known better!

I just got back from a 2 week vacation in Southern Oregon! As some of you know I've had health problems! Two years ago the RV was packed and ready to go to Lake Havasu City, AZ. I filled the tanks up the day before we were going to leave. Anyway, I was sick most of the Winter and the following Spring and Summer! Fall came and we were ready to head out to Lake Havasu City again! Debbie's Mom fell ill just before we were going to leave. Debbie's Mom was in bad shape and sick thru the Fall, Winter and died this Spring (a month ago). Itching to get out we decided to take a trip to Southern Oregon for 2 weeks ago. So I headed out! I drove from Port Orchard, Washington State to Coberg, Oregon my first fuel stop. My coach a gas powered (Chevy 8.1) top of the line 04 Winnebago ran fine at highway speeds and a little rough between 35-45 MPH. I only had a 1/4 tank of bad gas left in the gas tank when I fueled up with new gas. I was going down I-5 about 5 miles South of Coberg when a orange fuel light appeared on the dashboard. I pulled off of I-5 safely and got my trouble shooting Winnebago manuel out and I read what the orange engine light means. The manuel said it was a emissions problem and that I could still run the coach but watch the exhaust and the orange engine light. The manuel said if the orange engine on the dash starts blinking/flashing to pull over and shut the coach engine off to prevent engine damage. I had 76 miles to go to get to the RV Park so I started out again. I was nervous one time I-5 was down to a single lane for several miles (road construction) and if that orange light started flashing I had all of Southbound I-5 blocked. We made it to the RV Park with no problems. The next morning Debbie wanted me to call a RV repair shop (Workhorse) so I called Guaranty RV in Junction City, Oregon. The Workhorse mechanic told me that he thought it was a burned out OT sensor (emissions) and it would be a simple fix on my way back home to call ahead and stop by. I didn't think about the engine again until the day we left! When it was time to head home I started the coach up and the orange engine light did not come on? I went to the nearest fuel station bought 3 cans of Sea Foam (that treats 50 gallons of gas) and filled the tanks with 92 octane of gas (I usually run 87 octane). My coach ran like a top all the way home! I'm going to have the fuel filter changed and new spark plugs put in next week. I love big block Chevy engines and I'm rethinking my position about fueling up the day I leave instead of the day before!
J-Rooster 04/23/16 01:49am Class A Motorhomes
Adco tire/wheel covers

Mine were looking pretty grody so I threw them in the wash machine. Didn't hurt them at all and they look near new! I had the washer half full of water and when I was loading the wheel covers inside the washer. I accidentally spilled the laundry pods inside the machine. About 8 pods! I walk around my coach and it smells like I'm in a laundry mat!
J-Rooster 04/23/16 01:07am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Arm & Hammer Toothpaste

Wouldn't that taste terrible?:B NO, it is called Truly Radiant by Arm & Hammer. It has a mint flavor in it. I really like how it cleans your teeth. X-2, this is what I used mint flavor! I knew if it wouldn't work at least the front of my coach would smell good! The rest of you posters thanks for your humor!
J-Rooster 04/23/16 01:00am Class A Motorhomes
Arm & Hammer Toothpaste

The headlights on my Winnebago were hazed over so bad that soap and water would not get them clean and clear. A poster on RV.Net suggested that I use the A & M Toothpaste with baking soda to clean them. I kind of shrug it off, but gave in and tried it and it worked. I used one of those magic erasers to take the dried up toothpaste off. Whomever you are Thank You for the tip!
J-Rooster 04/21/16 04:15pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: New to RVing and Cold Weather Use

I don't know what type of coach you own! I researched this when I bought new and bought a Winnebago top of the line gas coach which is winterized. Very good insulation, heat goes to all under storage bays.
J-Rooster 04/09/16 09:28pm Class A Motorhomes
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