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RE: 2011 Ram 3500 DRW Fuel Mileage When not Towing

So, not to nit-pick, but those are two completely different trucks. The 5.9 ceased production in 2007. 2007.5 changed to a different auto transmission, but also to the 6.7. The new engine had a higher output, but also significantly different (more restrictive) emissions equipment. So, your new truck has at least 25 more HP, close to 200 more lb/ft of torque, and runs clean enough that you no longer can smell the diesel when it is running. The mega cab is a larger cab, but only by a few inches than the new crew cab. And you gave up a 6'4" bed in favor of a 8' bed, picked up new fenders and two more wheels. The late year 5.9's were FANTASTIC engines for a balance of power and MPG. The 6.7 in the pre-def years is NOT known as a strong MPG engine. Just a long way of saying that with that many changes, it doesn't surprise me that you would have lower MPG. The trade off is a much improved cab, among other items. Don't get me wrong the newer Rams are much nicer on the inside than previous model we had. I have had this one since new and really like it except for the recall problems with the front tie rods, but that is better now. Mine is a year before DEF was needed, but I still do smell diesel in the cab if sitting at a light. I wasn't complaining, just wanted to know if I was in the norm with my fuel mileage.
JCGibson 02/17/15 07:00am Tow Vehicles
RE: 2011 Ram 3500 DRW Fuel Mileage When not Towing

Was your previous truck DRW? Previous was SRW, but it was a megacab so I believe weight was similar. However, it had the 5.9 Cummins vs the 6.7 Cummins. I have read 5.9 were better with the fuel economy. So I guess that is my reason then.
JCGibson 02/16/15 08:38am Tow Vehicles
2011 Ram 3500 DRW Fuel Mileage When not Towing

Hello All, I am wanting to get info from current owners about their highway fuel mileage while not towing. I get about 15MPG on average (with a tonneau cover) which I think isn't very good. My setup is Magnaflow exhaust, AFE air intake and most everything else is stock. I have about 38K miles and it really has gotten any better since day one of ownership. My previous truck was a 2008 Ram 3500 megacab and I got about 17MPG+ or so on the highway. I got similar mileage for both while towing a 15K 5th wheel. What does everyone else get?
JCGibson 02/15/15 08:35am Tow Vehicles
DP with only a 7000lb or less towing capacity...why?

In our research, we have seen a few DPs from the mid-2000s that only had a towing capacity of 7000lb or less (one was only 4000lb). The ones in particular were HR Vacationer, Cross Country, and Monaco LaPalma. Why is this? Is it a limitation of the chassis/engine/transmission, hitch, or a combination? Are all Roadmaster chassis' limited to this little? Thanks in advance. John
JCGibson 01/10/15 02:17pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Any Experience with these Brands/Makes?

Thank you everyone for the replies. Much appreciated! John
JCGibson 01/10/15 12:31pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Any Experience with these Brands/Makes?

This is about every manufacturer can you narrow your list down to 2-3 I am sure we will after we go to the shows. It isn't about every one, but it is close :D
JCGibson 01/09/15 10:25am Class A Motorhomes
Any Experience with these Brands/Makes?

We have narrowed it down to these new Gasser models and hopefully will be able to see these in person either at the Kansas City or St Louis Shows this month. Fleetwood Bounder & Southwind Tiffin Allegro Newmar Bay Star Winnebego Sightseer & Vista Forest River Georgetown XL Thor Challenger Holiday Rambler Vacationer We would like to hear your real world experience and insight for each of these models. On paper, they have similar chassis (22K or more) and 22.5" tires. Any likes or dislikes for your particular model, build quality and how is the company themselves? Thanks. John
JCGibson 01/09/15 09:15am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Why does a DP cost more to maintain than a Gasser?

DEF is an added expense, however it is only required on newer Diesels. My 2011 6.7L Cummins (pickup) doesn't need it, but the 2012 model and newer do. Is it required on older DPs?
JCGibson 01/09/15 08:58am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Class A Gasser and Mountain Travel

Thanks everyone for the responses. I was wondering about the tow-haul mode. I am glad that does help some. Really wouldn't want to have to use the Semi-truck runoff area. Thanks again! John
JCGibson 01/06/15 05:11pm Class A Motorhomes
Class A Gasser and Mountain Travel

Wanting to know from current or previous Class A gas owners on how their coach did going through the mountains and particularly descending grades. With my current setup, our Dodge pickup has an exhaust brake (I know DPs have them also), but does a gasser have anything similar or do you just downshift and brake? Thanks. John
JCGibson 01/06/15 03:13pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: How Long a Learning Curve Driving a Class A

Thanks again to everyone with your advice and comments. Great stuff as usual! We plan on going to a couple RV shows this month, one in Kansas City and one in St Louis. Mainly will be looking at gassers to get a feel for the brands and to sit in the drivers seat to get a feel of how it would be.
JCGibson 01/06/15 09:16am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Used DP Reliability

Brett's advice was what inspired me to do my own maintenance, aside from my just being a cheap-ass. His opinion counts. Matt B Doing it cheaper and not paying someone else for what I know I can do is my goal. I work on everything else I have; Corvette, Cobra replica, my wife's car and the Dodge pickup. One other thing. What is the slobber tube? I have read some comments about that, but have no idea what it is. Thank you both for the quick responses. John
JCGibson 01/05/15 12:39pm Class A Motorhomes
Used DP Reliability

In our quest for a Class A our options are a used DP that is about 6 years old or older or a newer gasser. What I would like to know if how the used DP reliability would be. I know it would depend on how maintenance was performed and how often, but even with that systems can and will fail. These items I am most concerned about since I don't have experience with them: 1. How long will the air suspension last before it starts to have problems and what maintenance is necessary? 2. Air brake system. How long do the shoes typically last and are they like the old days when cars had drum brakes and they have to be adjusted periodically, unlike disc brakes? 3. Does the air suspension and brakes use the same compressor system? 4. I am familiar with Cummins since we have one in our Dodge pickup, but what things are there to look for with a Cat engine? 5. Does anyone know if the Cummins in a Class A has the same or similar maintenance requirements as the pickup version? 6. What required maintenance is necessary for the transmission and is there anything to look out for? 7. I usually do most of my maintenance work, is the engine area easily accessible within reason? 8. Is there a chassis/owners manual that has recommended maintenance schedule? 9. Are parts readily available if something needs to be repaired? 10. Anything else I should be concerned with or need to watch for? I know this is a quite lengthy list, but just want to be prepared. Thanks everyone. You have been very helpful so far. John
JCGibson 01/05/15 12:16pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Taking Kayaks

Thanks everyone for the inputs. I didn't think about the inflatable type kayak. That might be the ticket and then we can just leave our others at home and use them locally. Is there good back support in the inflatable kayaks especially the Sea Eagle 385 FT? We both have back problems and that is a must for us. Thanks again. John
JCGibson 01/04/15 10:27am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Taking Kayaks

Check my profile and you can see what we do. That picture was taken at Beaver Lake. I have done all the rivers in north AR. My favorite is the Buffalo. I have Kayaked it from end to end. We want to do the Buffalo sometime. Not far from us. How is the camping there? Did you stay in the national park?
JCGibson 01/04/15 10:26am Class A Motorhomes
RE: How Long a Learning Curve Driving a Class A

Thanks everyone for the great comments. They are very helpful and encouraging. Watching the Lazydays videos is an excellent resource. Thanks again as always! I appreciate it greatly. John
JCGibson 01/04/15 10:22am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Typical Fuel Mileage You Get With Your Gas or Diesel Class A

What we would like to know is how are your real world mileages for both Class A Gas and Diesel. We are still on the fence in choosing between a 2013-new Gasser or 2008/2009 Diesel Pusher with our $100K or less budget. Surely you're not making this decision based on fuel mileage, are you? I mean it's not even significant when you consider the overall costs involved between the two and most importantly the depreciation per mile, which is the real killer and why we all just have to chalk off that part for the hobby of it all. For getting off the fence as you put it, consider that the DP has already taken a lot more depreciation vs the 2013 model, but it will also cost more to own. Again, it's a toy and a hobby, along with being a depreciating asset and not an investment. If you go with the DP, your plans should be to drive it a lot and more than the average RV user, unless you just don't care about your costs per mile and have seen many luxury coaches of that age, with next to no mileage at all. Using it enough is our quandary. We only camp on average about 60 or so days a year since my wife is still teaching and the only real time we have is during the summers. Not sure if we went the diesel route that would be good for it, the lack of use. I really wouldn't want to have to sink money into it just because it doesn't get used enough. The depreciation value is another intriguing aspect. We only keep RVs or cars for that matter at most 3 years. So it might be best to go with the older DP since a lot of depreciation has already occurred. It is almost like we should just flip a coin and that will decide. :? :h
JCGibson 01/04/15 09:57am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Typical Fuel Mileage You Get With Your Gas or Diesel Class A

One to keep in mind is most of us with class A's tow a more economical vehicle that we do all our exploring and touristy things in. So while my 22K Dolphin averages around 7 the bmw I tow averages 22 exploring. What does your dually get when running naked? For most of us we spend more miles exploring than moving the house, avg. obviously some days the mileage is all house moving. When not towing with the dually I get around 14 or so in mixed driving. With the less than stellar mileage and then it being so big and not real fun to maneuver in downtown or metropolitan areas are the main reasons we want to go to a Class A and have a smaller toad. On a side note, how do you tow your BMW? I didn't think it could be towed with a dolly or four down since it is rear wheel drive.
JCGibson 01/04/15 09:47am Class A Motorhomes
Taking Kayaks

Does anyone take kayaks with them when traveling in a Class A? If so, where to you transport them? Currently, we have a rack on top of the truck. This is one of our favorite things to do when we are traveling across country or at the local lakes near Branson, Missouri. Thanks John
JCGibson 01/03/15 06:10pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Typical Fuel Mileage You Get With Your Gas or Diesel Class A

I average about 7 mpg towing or not. Tommy G is right, don't forget to factor in how much you drive around while you are at a campground. Thank you everyone for the responses. Once we get to a campground, I don't calculate that mileage. When not hooked up I get around 14MPG in mixed city/highway driving. With that and it being a big truck (not great for driving in busy metropolitan areas) are main reasons we want to go to Class A and toad. When we eventually get a Class A we have a toad that gets about 35-38 MPG, but we will have to use a tow dolly since it is front wheel drive and don't want to trade it since it is only a year old.
JCGibson 01/03/15 10:51am Class A Motorhomes
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