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RE: newbie here looking for help

I would agree bikendan said it best. I would add the we tow are HTT on long trips 6+ hours and have no problems. We even turtle it on trips that take more than one day with out using the bunks with no issues as well. At least with mine I can sleep two adults and two kids with out putting out the bunks. Yes its a tighter space but to stop for one night to get a few hours sleep its not bad.
Jayco25E 05/14/14 10:34am Hybrid Travel Trailers
RE: Bunk door seals

You might try UniGrip. They have aftermarket seals and are an OEM supplier. Click for Catalog Thanks they look like they will have what I need.
Jayco25E 04/25/14 06:20am Hybrid Travel Trailers
RE: Bunk door seals

Yes I know they can be different. I also know that some years the seal was on the door like mine is and some years had the seal on the camper itself. It is a round type seal but looks a little bigger than what you would find on a car. Plus the seal on mine is white in color.
Jayco25E 04/24/14 05:42pm Hybrid Travel Trailers
Bunk door seals

I want to replace the bunk door seals on my Jayco 25E. Does anyone know of any aftermarket seals that you can buy? I can order it from a local Jayco dealer but they said it would take 2-3 weeks to get. Thanks
Jayco25E 04/24/14 09:37am Hybrid Travel Trailers
RE: Less than 2 months!

Just got back from camping a week at the beach on Jekyll island.
Jayco25E 04/03/14 02:28pm Hybrid Travel Trailers
RE: Found it! But CCC looks awful low?

The tb engine was fine. The gear ratio 3.42, frontal area. I would tow a 3000lb pup on some of those 15% grades at 15mph, and have the chevy screamimg. NEPA is not southeast, PA or similar to any terrain south of 78. Yes thats a higher gear ratio than my Avalanche. I know all about the hills in northern PA. I have towed our HTT up to NY through northern PA. NY has some good hills to test your TV as well.
Jayco25E 03/12/14 08:10pm Hybrid Travel Trailers
RE: traveling with firearms

so no one here but a few belives in the laws of the land the constution and does anyone know what infringed upion mean or are they just words instead of being judgmental, maybe you could explain the meaning for those of us not so well informed… but you need to also be able to define Arms as referenced in the 2nd Amendment by its authors … or what they could have possibly envisioned as Arms, 200 hundred+ years later… you might also enlighten us on why the 2nd amendment was thought to be needed in the first place, and why it mentions security of a free state, and what is meant by that… when written did the 2nd amendment cover all Americans, and which American people’s right to bear Arms shall not be infringed upon at the time of passage… while the 2nd amendment is short, and I agree with the individual right to bear Arms it guarantees, its explanations and history might not be so short and straight forward… that may mean the intent was not as short or as straight forward as the amendment either… if I might ask what is your source of information or expertise on the subject??? unfortunately I am not as well versed as many or as well as I should be… . Since this thread has already got out of hand I am going to add to it. Its been proven that a well armed PUBLIC is a well behaved PUBLIC. And my view on it is my RV is my second home. And just like my first home I have the right to protect my home and family with a gun. So why should my second home be any different just because it has wheels.
Jayco25E 03/12/14 10:51am General RVing Issues
RE: how to find a small leak

this is the main company and their dealers/shops, that do the pressure test for leaks. SealTech Manuf. This is why I love this web site. No matter how long you have been Rving you still always learn things. I never new you could have your RV pressure tested. Very cool and well worth a $100 if thats what they charge to do it. But a lot of units you probably would need a lot of soapy water. :B
Jayco25E 03/12/14 07:11am Hybrid Travel Trailers
RE: Found it! But CCC looks awful low?

i have towed our 21ft bh with 5.3v8 trailblazer. It could not do 60mph downhill highway grade 4%. the tongue weight is 650lbs.......fully loaded (5000lbs) There was either something wrong with your TrailBlazer or you had extremely unrealistic expectations... I agree. Although a TrailBlazer is not a full size TV but with the 5.3V8 it should pull a 21' HTT with out any issues. I have the same enigine in my Avalanche and I can pull my 26' HTT 60mph uphill at a 4% grade. Unless it has really high rear end gears. Which could be the case. Sorry got off topic. To the OP I would recommend getting a better TV. One with a V8 that has more towing power. Then like others have said you have more choices in HTT's or TT's
Jayco25E 03/12/14 06:59am Hybrid Travel Trailers
RE: Another Bonehead Manouever!!

1.Pulled away with TT once with it still plugged in. At least I saw it before I left the driveway and didn't get all the way to destination with no cord. 2. Unhooked TT and drove to friends house about a mile away. On the return trip- SCORE I found a set of leveling bars in the road and coincidentally were the same brand and model as mine. Imagine that some bonehead forgot to remove them from his hitch. Good thing I found them because mine were missing when I got home. :B LOL
Jayco25E 03/10/14 10:56am General RVing Issues
RE: Anyone in getting ready for an early trip?

I guess it depends on what you mean by early. My wife is a CPA so April 16 is early. We have a trip planned in May. I guess it depends on your location. Here in the northeast I would consider Late Feb. through early April as a early trip.
Jayco25E 03/09/14 08:31am General RVing Issues
Anyone in getting ready for an early trip?

For us that have been snowed in all winter anyone trying to get ready for an early trip? I am going to Jekylle Island at the end of March and have a hole list of things to do to get ready but the cold and snow has put a damper on getting things done. Normally I am all about the snow as I love to snowmobile but even I am ready for spring. :)
Jayco25E 03/06/14 11:20am General RVing Issues
RE: How big can I tow?

Crusher, suggest you go over to the Hybrid Forum if you have questions about them. since i have one, let me give you a warning. most hybrid owners, were former popup owners and want to continue the "tent" feel that a hybrid gives you but with more amenities and less setup hassle. we know the few negatives that come with the canvas ends but are willing to put up with them, in order keep sleeping under canvas. we love the experience. but many buy a hybrid just because it offers a lot of sleeping space in a small and lighter package. but they don't take into consideration the extra work/care/maintenance that's required. they end up selling the hybrid because of failing to think about that. those of us in the hybrid community often state: "If you don't love the idea of sleeping under canvas, DON'T buy a hybrid". if this idea appeals to you and your family, you might be a good candidate for owning a hybrid travel trailer.:B after over 7 years, we still love ours. X's 2 on what he said. We too love our HTT. And you could tow any HTT with a Durango like yours. I think the longest of the HTT's is about 26' Still would need the WDH and brake controller.
Jayco25E 03/04/14 11:01am Towing
RE: RV Financing..

On that amount most banks will only go 6 years max. If you are talking 20-50k then you can find banks that would go 10 years maybe more.
Jayco25E 03/03/14 11:03am General RVing Issues
RE: How big can I tow?

I towed for years with my Durango with the smaller 5.3 and my camper is 26' with a GVWR of 4800lbs. Had plenty of power to pull which most Durangos can pull a lot of weight but you have to keep in mind they are a smaller mid size SUV. The longer the TT the more wind area you have. I can say that the bigger full frame of my Avalanche is much more stable while towing. It comes down to CAN YOU or SHOULD YOU.
Jayco25E 03/02/14 06:02pm Towing
RE: Towing in the Heat

If it does not already have one an external transmission cooler on the TV
Jayco25E 03/02/14 02:53pm Towing
RE: Shower Rod/Curtain

http://www.rv.net/forum/index.cfm/fuseaction/thread/tid/27549132.cfm I just installed one in my RV. Here is the link to the post in the DYI section.
Jayco25E 02/28/14 03:15pm General RVing Issues
RE: Seasonal Camping roof protection

I would not leave the tent ends out when not using it. But thats just me. Even with a second roof.
Jayco25E 02/28/14 03:09pm Hybrid Travel Trailers
RE: Comparing Jayco X18D to Roo/Shamrock 183 and Starcraft 187TB

Ground clearance on the Jaycos has always been a problem not noted on the Roos. -- Chuck Ground clearance is not an issue on Jayco's. Yes some set lower than others. I prefer the lower ground clearance. One is it makes it easier for my dogs to get in and out. Second it has less wind resistance going down the road. So do not listen to all the na Sayers that think it’s better to have their HTT jacked up in the air. You can compare and make your own decision. My comment about the step really wasn't about ground clearance. My sisters Jayco and our Roo are about the same from floor to ground. Our Roo, however has 2 steps to enter the door whereas my sisters Jayco has only one, and it is a big step to climb in. The steps are bolt on and am sure a dealer could change them. I was merely pointing out the differences. No your commemt was good information for the OP to compare. And its also ok to say that different makes might have different ground clearance. And the OP can take all the info into account. But I and other Jayco owners get irritated when someone says ground clearance is a problem on a make that he does not own.
Jayco25E 02/25/14 08:00am Hybrid Travel Trailers
RE: Shower bar upgrade

That is a tub and not a shower pan, correct? Yes mine is a tub. I would think it would work for a pan as well just would need the full lenght of the curtain.
Jayco25E 02/24/14 07:20pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
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