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RE: Taking to the friendly skies......

I used to fly private planes when I was much younger. Usually a Cessna 172. Not too bad if I stuck to the smaller airports, but one time I was diverted to Hartsfield in Atlanta due to weather at the smaller airports. When I checked into approach control I was told to climb to the top of a stack of small planes flying in circles and waiting to land. Each time one of the small planes was cleared to land, everybody dropped down about 1,000 feet in the stack. When I got to the bottom of the stack, I was still directly over the approach end of the runway and running on fumes when I was cleared to land and I took it. When I finally touched down, I wasn't more than a quarter mile down the runway and a LONG way from a turnout. Since the controller didn't want both of us to panic, he just suggested that I "move to the first exit ramp without delay". Since the airliner was lighting up my cockpit with his landing light, I took his advice. That is still the fastest heartbeat I've ever experienced. And I haven't been in an airplane of any kind since then. If I can't drive to it, I don't go.
Jim Shoe 05/22/16 03:22pm Around the Campfire
RE: South Myrtle Wally World overnight

Since you have a paid reservation, I'd give them a call when you're a couple of hours away to tell them where you are and when you'll be there. That time of year, most anything will be booked. The beach is a big draw, but so are all the golf courses. A group of us (16) used to hit MB every year for seven days of golf. 3 that we'd already played and liked, and 4 new ones. It took us several years to play them all. Hotels, motels and CGs were booked solid (and expensive).
Jim Shoe 05/22/16 10:07am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: WHEW! Thankful for sure

I replaced the useless mirrors on my 'C' with trucker's mirrors so that I could see along either side of the 'C' from the driver's seat. And I stay in the right hand lane, so anyone trying to pass me on the right would have to do it on the gravel berm. I also set the speed control 5 MPH below the max speed limit and let everybody pass me. I wave to them as they pass me, and sometimes, they return the wave, only some don't use all the fingers on their hand. I also limit my driving to after morning rush hour and before evening rush hour. That also gets me into a FHU RV park early enough to pick my site. Being retired helps a lot.
Jim Shoe 05/22/16 09:04am Roads and Routes
RE: I-75 From Cincinnati to Port Charlotte Fl.

I'm a native Cincinnatian. I will never drive thru Atlanta again. Why? Atlanta is under construction - always. Also, the right lane is exit only. If you happen to find someone to let you over, you're in the NEW right hand lane and it exits. I now take I-65 south to Mobile, AL. and then I-10 east to pick up I-75 in Florida if I'm headed for the Gulf coast or I-95 if I'm headed for the Atlantic coast. My blood pressure thanks me.
Jim Shoe 05/14/16 06:35am Roads and Routes
RE: leak over cab Window?????

Something else to consider. I ordered my 'C' new at a local dealer. When it came in, they invited me in for orientation. One of the things they showed me was the marker lights in the cabover. They removed the chrome covers to show me that there were no cracks in the underlying fiberglass. The covers are installed at the factory with high speed screwdrivers. If they over tighten, it can crack the fiberglass, creating a potential water leak that you'd never look there for. Mine was fine.
Jim Shoe 05/07/16 08:09pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: When is your RV to big

Never had one too big, but I sure had one that was too small. My first RV was a class B Roadtrek. When I bought it, I had no idea how I'd use it. I'm a single RVer and the 'B' seemed to be O.K. I fell in love with everything doing double duty. But it turned out that I was more of a "visitor" to places that I wanted to spend some time in. Since it was my only vehicle, I found that the 'B' was too tall for a parking garage and too long for a single metered space on the street. I also found that if I stayed in an RV park for several days to explore, I often came back to a parking space that someone else had parked in. And the double duty was a real pain. The dinette was also the bed (with adjustments). The toilet and the cloths closet were in the same space. (closet on top). And worst of all, the kitchen floor and the shower drain used the same space. I'm sure it was perfect for some, but not for me. Swapped for a 32' 'C' and pull a Jeep Wrangler Toad. I still have the same setup, but with a full time queen bed, full time shower and bathroom and a full time dinette. Since nobody sleeps in the cabover, its set up for storage boxes for extra bedding, extra shelf stable food and extra clothing. NOW I'm a happy camper.
Jim Shoe 05/07/16 07:53pm Beginning RVing
RE: Why I'm glad I own an RV - Dirty Hotel Rooms

When I was still working for a living, I traveled for the company and stayed in nice (expensive) hotels. In some of them, I had to wear shoes so that my socks wouldn't stick to the carpet. Between that and dealing with last night's top sheet becoming the next night's bottom sheet with a clean top sheet, I swore that I'd never stay in a hotel again. And I haven't. I know exactly who slept in my bed last night.
Jim Shoe 05/07/16 06:49pm General RVing Issues
RE: Madison CG/Yellowstone/ Site #s

Here's the link to Madison CG in YNP.
Jim Shoe 05/07/16 02:34pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Dislike of 'Reservation Only' camping

If a CG allows reservations, I make one if I intend to be there more than one night. Especially if there's a three day weekend involved. I've never run into a problem, but then I use FHU campgrounds. I need electric for medical equipment and prefer water and sewer as well. When I'm between destinations, I look for a KOA. So many people hate them (at least on this forum) that there is usually an opening for an overnight if I stop by 3PM. I'm a solo RVer and 5 or 6 hours on the road is enough for one day.
Jim Shoe 05/07/16 12:44pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Small class c and no car?

Since I'm single, I figured a 'B' would be fine for me. And it was fine size-wise. And it would have been fine if the CG was the destination. But I'm more of a visitor/tourist. If I left the CG to explore, I often came back to find somebody in my spot. I even tried putting an orange highway cone in my place while I was gone and sometimes found it moved out of the way and the spot taken by somebody else. So I traded my 'B' for a 'C' and added a Jeep Wrangler toad. The 'C' stays in the CG, hooked up, and I do my exploring in the Jeep. Bonus: The 'C' has a full time queen bed unlike the uncomfortable bed/sofa in the 'B'. And the Jeep is just plain fun to drive.
Jim Shoe 05/07/16 05:43am Class C Motorhomes
RE: FL panhandle

One of the nicest things about the Naval Aviation Museum - if you have children, they won't be bored. Especially the Blue Angels if they're in town. I spent two years in Pensacola aboard the USS Lexington (CVT-16) when stationed there. A WWII era aircraft carrier. We trained new pilots. Not easy to land on a flat surface that moves up and down with the waves. Especially if its your first time. One day, they asked if anyone would like to fly second seat and I jumped at the chance. Takeoff was great. The flight was great. Hitting the "three wire" (retaining cable) when landing took my breath away - literally. I couldn't draw a breath for a few seconds due to the sudden stop. Was it fun? Yep. Would I do it again? Nope.
Jim Shoe 05/06/16 06:35pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Favorite Eastern Seaboad and such destinations?

One of my favorites on the east coast is Colonial Williamsburg. If you're at all interested in history, that's the place. I always stay at American Heritage RV Park. I drive to the parking area in Williamsburg and buy my ticket. The multi day ticket is the best deal and you'll need it. So much to see and do. The interpreters don't lecture. They ask questions of the visitors that lead them to the answer on their own. Then I hop on one of their shuttle busses (included in the price) and hop on and off as I please. The one ticket works for Colonial Williamsburg, Historic Jamestowne and the Yorktown Victory Center. The Colonial Parkway is 15 miles long. I've visited several times, and always learn something new. Hint: Wear comfortable shoes. Even with the shuttle bus, there's lots of walking to be done.
Jim Shoe 05/05/16 07:50am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Exchanging currency

On my trip the other direction from the U.S. through Canada to Alaska and back, I exchanged $US for $CN at a local American Express office in Cincinnati, OH. But I wasn't in need of nearly that much and I think they needed a couple of days notice. If there's an AMEX office nearby, it might be worth checking it out.
Jim Shoe 05/05/16 06:55am Around the Campfire
RE: Colter Bay and Gros Ventre

When I was there several years ago there was Colter Bay CG with no hookups and Colter Bay RV Park with hookups next to each other. I was just passing through TNP so I didn't get a good look at the sites. I was pulling a Jeep Wrangler toad behind my 'C', so it stayed at the Virginian in town with FHUs while I visited in the Jeep. LOVE the Tetons. There's something very calming about the place.
Jim Shoe 05/04/16 08:00pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Traditional, "Old Time," and Bluegrass Music Journeys

I used to cross the Ohio River from Cincinnati to listen to the "Rabbit Hash Ramblers" when they were playing at local bars in Northern Kentucky. Those guys were good. At the time, they were older than I was. If they're still alive, they would be older than 70.
Jim Shoe 05/04/16 08:18am Roads and Routes
RE: Bypassing Atlanta

My experience driving through Atlanta from Cincinnati on I-75 has been less than successful. I drive a 'C' and pull a Jeep four down. Maybe its changed, but when I would get settled in the right lane, it would exit and a new lane on the far left would appear. Nobody driving a car wanted to let me merge. (I don't blame them) If I was able to move over, I was again in the exit lane. I even drove thru in the middle of the night once - and got stuck in a traffic jam. I finally arrived at the problem. A guy in a car got stuck in traffic in the far left lane. He'd been there so long that he fell asleep. People in the next lane were letting other drivers merge in front of them and nobody was blowing their horn. Heck, he may still be there. Now, I take I-65 south to the Gulf and I-10 east to pick up either I-75 on the Gulf side or I-95 on the Atlantic side. Its a longer drive, but nobody has to pry my fingers off of the steering wheel when I get there.
Jim Shoe 05/04/16 08:02am Roads and Routes
RE: Wildfire!!!

This is Mother Nature at her worst. Little or no warning, and no reliable information as to its path or how fast its moving. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you.
Jim Shoe 05/04/16 07:00am Around the Campfire
RE: Vonage phone service ?

M. Mama, Yes, I have caller ID through my provider, Cincinnati Bell. But if I don't have them listed in my personal directory, it just shows "unknown caller" on the screen and the phone number they're calling from. Its up to me to keep my personal directory current.
Jim Shoe 05/03/16 03:08pm Around the Campfire
RE: Getting RV sites on the road

A couple of things are in my favor. First I seek out FHU RV parks. WIFI and cable are a bonus. Second, I'm a retired solo RVer. So I stop at my next planned stop no later than 3PM. That's enough driving for me in a day. I've only been faced with a "Full" sign once and that was for a group that had the RV park reserved. I had a secondary CG already picked out and was able to get a spot there.
Jim Shoe 05/02/16 05:40pm Beginning RVing
RE: Advice on Western Route thru Canada

When I drove my RV to Alaska, I crossed the border into Canada at Sweetgrass, MT. At the time, you could buy a U.S./Canada pass but a regular passport wasn't much more expensive than the pass and lasted longer. I got mine at a local American Express office before leaving home in Cincinnati. Don't wait until the last minute. It takes awhile for approval. And while you're at the American Express office, exchange some $US for $CN. Once you are several miles from the border, don't expect CGs, restaurants, groceries, etc. to know the current exchange rates. National U.S. banks can do the same thing, but it takes longer. Also, when I drove through Canada the Starbucks equivalent was Tim Horton's, but Starbucks purchased them a few years ago, so your caffeine fix is available throughout Canada. But learn the Starbucks lingo before you leave so you don't sound like a newbie. :)
Jim Shoe 05/02/16 03:20pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
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