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RE: Mt. Pleasant KOA information

I've stayed at that KOA before. Nice folks running it. They even asked me if I wanted to be near the water. I was sitting on the porch talking to the lady when I guy pulled in, came in the office and said, "I don't care where you put me, I just need to sleep and I'm in a hurry". He got a spot under the trees. And the squirrels pounded his roof with acorns all night. There's spots and then there are spots. Not a good idea to be surly with the person assigning them.
Jim Shoe 02/06/16 03:56pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Let's talk trash

I buy 33 gallon bags for paper trash and 13 gallon bags for wet garbage and food waste. I have frames they fit into. All at Sam's Club. The wet garbage always goes in the dumpster to keep the animals from getting into it. The paper garbage bags also go in the dumpster if there's room, but I can take it with me to the next stop if needed. Its just paper trash and it lives in the Jeep toad when I'm moving. I always stay at FHU CGs, so I've never encountered a problem.
Jim Shoe 02/06/16 01:21pm General RVing Issues
RE: 2016 Driving Playlist

When Sirius first came out, they offered a lifetime subscription and I bought it. It only works on the one unit, but I have holsters for the unit in the RV, toad, my daily driver and a boom box. All three vehicles also have CD players built into the radios. I haven't listened to a commercial or a mouthy DJ for years.
Jim Shoe 02/06/16 12:54pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Perking coffee -- how long?

Pour the coffee in a mug. Stick a spoon in it. If it stands straight up on its own, its ready to drink. :)
Jim Shoe 02/06/16 12:41pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Place to park - Boston Ideas??

Its been a long time, (like 40 years ago) but I was in the Navy aboard a ship for about 4 months at Boston's south annex. We got around on the subway/rail system (now the MBTA). Most of the stations had parking lots for folks that commuted. Crowe may be able to get you headed in the right direction. My memories from back then are foggy, but I remember that parking downtown was impossible. I don't imagine that its gotten any better. You may be able to commute from the RV park to downtown and back on the MBTA. If you're staying in a downtown hotel for the conference, you only have to make the trip once in each direction. Driving in downtown Boston isn't for rookies.
Jim Shoe 02/06/16 12:28pm Roads and Routes
RE: Nascar 20 minute cautions

You guys have all missed the point. The drivers are aging, and they need more frequent potty breaks. :)
Jim Shoe 02/06/16 11:12am Around the Campfire
RE: Entry Step for class C, Issues

I ran into the same problem on unlevel ground because there's only one outside handle on the latch side and no way to pull myself up into the 'C'. At first, I got in and out from the driver's seat, but that has its own problems getting out of the seat with the doghouse in the way. But the back of the dinette seat is directly even with the hinge side of the door. So I attached a metal handle to the back of the dinette next to the door. Now I can use both hands to help me up, and if my hands are full, I can put what I'm carrying on the floor inside before I start.
Jim Shoe 02/06/16 07:42am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Gasoline Prices

If you want to travel, your choices are by air, by car or by RV. By air, you have to pay for the flight, rent a car from the airport and a room at a hotel/motel. By car you still have to rent a hotel/motel. By RV, The mileage isn't great, but you can avoid restaurant meals and sleeping in a bed where yesterday's top sheet is today's bottom sheet with a clean top sheet. And you don't have to wear shoes in the room to keep your feet from sticking to the carpet. This from someone who traveled extensively for the company he worked for.
Jim Shoe 02/06/16 07:09am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Replacing our television

Just be sure that you don't turn it on while traveling down the road. If you hit a big bump, all the pixels on the screen will fall to the bottom. :)
Jim Shoe 02/06/16 06:40am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Gas Prices in Canada for US travellers

Before I made my trip to Alaska, I did my homework, starting with the US Customs office in Cincinnati, where I live. I opted for the full passport rather than the US/Canada pass because I thought I might use it for other foreign travel, but I never did. I also got an American Express credit card, because its widely accepted around the world and the bill is automatically converted to US dollars. That took care of gasoline. They also let me convert some US dollars to Canadian dollars while I was there, pointing out that 100 miles north of the border, I shouldn't expect stores to know the current conversions. I still have a little bit left. The speedometer in my 'C' shows MPH as well as KPH so I was good to go - until I crossed the border in Sweetgrass, MT. and came to a bridge with a superstructure with the clearance clearly posted in meters. Pulled out my trusty laptop and found that I was good to go. The last thing that bit me was a grocery store meat counter. Everything was priced in grams. So I just ordered 8 slices, and I still don't know what that conversion is. That took care of everything but Starbucks coffee. And Tim Horton's took care of that for me. I see where Tim Horton's has started to invade in Ohio (several in Dayton) and probably other states. One more thing. Don't lie. If the border patrol agent asks a question, he probably already knows the answer. He asked me if I'd ever been fingerprinted. I said, maybe when I joined the Navy, but I don't remember. Good grief. My fingerprints were on my passport that he was holding. He let me pass. It took me awhile to figure out why I was just waved thru into Alaska, and back into Canada and the US heading home. Duh. Ohio has front license plates.
Jim Shoe 02/06/16 06:10am General RVing Issues
RE: Eating Out

My situation is a little different. I'm single. I rarely eat in a restaurant even when not on the road. A restaurant meal is mostly sitting by myself - waiting, and staring at a wall. Besides, I'm a pretty good cook and I enjoy cooking. I also know who washed their hands before they touched my food.
Jim Shoe 02/05/16 03:21pm General RVing Issues
Columbia Parkway in Cincinnati, Ohio

Don't know why anyone would be on Columbia Parkway headed to downtown Cincinnati, but a portion of the wall that keeps one of our seven hills from sliding into the Ohio River has collapsed, blocking all lanes. Its going to be some time before it reopens. Thankfully, no one was hurt.
Jim Shoe 02/05/16 06:15am Around the Campfire
RE: We're looking at "C"s and have Questions.

I had HWH Levelers installed on my 'C'. They extend in pairs, front pair, rear pair, left pair or right pair, depending on which button I push. That keeps the frame from twisting. There's a small display above the doghouse that shows which pair to move next. I hold the button until the light goes out, then the next button. When all the lights are out, I'm level. Sure is nice when its raining.
Jim Shoe 02/04/16 04:42pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Yellowstone NE entrance.

I've driven the Beartooth and the scenery is spectacular. But the MH was parked in Grizzly RV Park and I was driving the 4WD Jeep Wrangler toad. More importantly, I didn't have anybody riding shotgun. Big difference if you don't have personal control of the steering wheel and brakes. Rumor has it that there are places where you can see your own rear license plate thru the front windshield, and I think I did. Would I drive it again? No thank you.
Jim Shoe 02/03/16 07:10am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Spring is coming. Punxsutawney Phil

If Phil sees his shadow, we have six more weeks of winter. If he doesn't, we only have 42 more days of winter.
Jim Shoe 02/02/16 08:32am General RVing Issues
RE: Does anyone have an Instant Pot and if so do you like it

I'll be interested to see the answers. I'm a solo RVer. Seems like it would be good for chili and stews, as long as I had room in the freezer for single servings. Something that I could re-heat at the end of a long driving day. Probably more useful for an RVing family.
Jim Shoe 02/01/16 08:26am Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs

Political and religious posts, pictures, links, signatures etc. are not allowed in these forums and may be removed without notice or discussion.
Jim Shoe 02/01/16 05:14am Around the Campfire
RE: It's amazing how much water we use

I don't use a lot of water at home or in the RV. I learned to take Navy showers when (oddly enough) I was in the Navy. Water on, get wet, water off, soap up, water on, rinse, water off. I do this even when in a FHU CG. I can go quite awhile before emptying the gray tank.
Jim Shoe 01/31/16 05:07pm General RVing Issues
RE: Take it or leave it?

I have one appliance that goes with me from home. Its a Cuisinart toaster/oven that has settings for toast, bagel, bake, broil and warm. Not quite as good as individual appliances, but at 9" high by 16" wide by 12" deep, it takes up a lot less room. OTOH, I carry an old fashioned metal stove top coffee pot. I found one in a hardware store out in the country about 30 miles from home. No electric needed and no chance of breaking.
Jim Shoe 01/31/16 08:14am Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Force sells Camaro at Barrett Jackson for $300,000 !

I see that John Force still suffers from Dunlap disease. His belly "done lap" over his belt.
Jim Shoe 01/30/16 03:54pm Around the Campfire
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