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RE: Fishing Bridge Yellowstone

For starters, nothing in YNP is "centrally located" except Norris Canyon Road which cuts across the middle of the park east/west. Everything else is on the "Grand Loop" road. So there is some other point on the Grand Loop that's as far away as you can get from Fishing Bridge without leaving the park. Fishing Bridge was retro fitted for hookups. YNP was created in 1872. The Model T was created in 1908. If you're looking for FHUs including WIFI and Cable, Grizzly is two blocks from Yellowstone's west gate and 14 miles from the Grand Loop. But those 14 miles aren't in a tunnel. You're in the park and can enjoy the "Buffalo Jams" as they cross the road every morning. (Don't try to drive through them. They have skulls as hard as concrete and brains the size of a pea.) One morning on the way in, I saw a young lady with a severely dented car door complaining to a ranger. Buffalo don't carry collision insurance. And if you go while schools are in session, crowds will be smaller. Before the middle of June or after Labor Day. And be advised that YNP is 8,000 ft. above sea level, so bring a light jacket or sweater. You'll need it when the sun is rising or setting. Finally, when you're that close, you also have to visit Grand Teton NP. Its directly south of YNP but completely different. Even wildlife. Moose and elk are abundant, but no buffalo unless one gets lost. There are two side roads you need to explore. Signal Mountain Road goes all the way to the top of Signal Mountain, and there's a viewing platform at the top where you can see for miles. I saw a hot air balloon floating by below me. And the Jenny Lake Loop road has a small turnout that holds about six cars. Sit on one of the rocks next to the lake and feel your blood pressure drop about 30 points. Humans could not possibly create something that beautiful. Then drive into Jackson. Stop in at the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar. Most of the bar stools are saddles, so saddle up and order a burger and a beer.
Jim Shoe 09/05/15 08:00am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Winter in Arizona or Texas?

Check out Weatherbase. It won't tell you what the weather will be like when you go, but it will tell you what the weather has been, by city within state, by month over the last X years. On the first page, be sure to click on "F" or "C" depending on whether you want Centigrade or Fahrenheit. If you save it in your favorites, you won't have to change it again. I've found that altitude above sea level has a far greater effect on temperatures than the time of year. BTW, its free.
Jim Shoe 09/05/15 05:44am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Why bother with National Parks?

Some things to consider: In the summer when school is out, so are families with kids. These same people can't very well leave their kids at home and in school, so they go during June - August. If you want to avoid big crowds (like me) travel when schools are in session. Sounds like you would prefer commercial parks that offer water, electric and sewer connections. Many, if not most of them also offer cable TV and WIFI connections. And they're located next to things that you might want to see. Example: When I visit Yellowstone, I stay at Grizzly RV Park. Its two blocks outside the West gate, has full hookups and free coffee every morning. And West Yellowstone has grocery stores that compete on price. Still not cheap, but cheaper than if there was only one. And because I'm a visitor to these places, I stay more than one night, taking my time before I move on. But traveling the way I do pretty much requires pulling another vehicle, a "towed" to see the sights while your 'C' stays in the campground. If you're just starting, Enterprise rents cars near the big attractions and they'll deliver one to you at the CG and drive you back to the CG when you're ready to drop it off. But if you're dead set on not doing something that you know nothing about, there's not much any of us can say or do to change your mind.
Jim Shoe 09/04/15 05:59pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Bad Gramer

My parents were both from neighboring small towns near Cincinnati. My Mom loved writing and thought it was important. When my Dad was promoted to one of the managers at a large company, he asked my Mom to help him. The boys at the school he attended thought that good grammar and penmanship were for "sissies". He was always grateful for the help. If your grammar, spelling and penmanship are bad, then you are depending on the reader to ignore it. If it's a pet peeve of the reader, you'll never get the promotion and you'll never know why.
Jim Shoe 09/04/15 03:33pm Around the Campfire
RE: Comfortaire Mattress - Camping World

Never tried that. I do dimly remember having a water bed at one time. Every time I had a slight cough, I had to deal with getting seasick from the wave motion.
Jim Shoe 09/04/15 07:43am General RVing Issues
RE: Mac & Cheese Burger

OOH. I can hear my arteries slamming shut just looking at that picture. :)
Jim Shoe 09/04/15 07:35am Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: mapping software

I'm still waiting for Microsoft to sell the rights to Streets & Trips. MS doesn't seem to be interested selling software that doesn't need to be updated every year - for a price.
Jim Shoe 09/04/15 06:56am Roads and Routes
RE: Yellowstone Nat'l Park

Not normal, but not impossible either. YNP is at 9,000 ft. ASL. I drove into the park in June one time and found snow covering the ground but not the roads. Expect the best, but plan for the worst.
Jim Shoe 09/04/15 04:33am General RVing Issues
RE: Where to RV in Ohio?

If you'll be near Dayton, be sure to visit the Air Force Museum. Wear comfortable shoes. Inside, its a giant circle, starting with a full size mockup of the Wright Brothers plane, Flyer I, and ending with modern military aircraft.
Jim Shoe 09/03/15 07:53am Roads and Routes
RE: How Long Should my Class C Be?

Other's opinions may vary, but my first RV was a class 'B'. I figured that was all I needed since I'm single. Problems that I ran into: It was too long to fit in a single metered parking space in a town. It was too tall to fit in many parking garages. And if I wanted to see something in the area, I often came back to find that my CG space had been taken and I had to park in another - if there was another. If none of those things bother you, go for it. I traded for a 'C', pulling a Jeep Wrangler. The Jeep fits everyplace.
Jim Shoe 09/02/15 04:15pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: It's the most wonderful time ...

I'm a fan of college football as well. Seems to me that the college boys play the game because they love it, and the pros play for the money. But I do enjoy both.
Jim Shoe 09/02/15 03:51pm Around the Campfire
RE: what is the most miles you have driven...

10,000 miles round trip more or less. Cincinnati, OH to Cooper Landing, AK. with a few side trips. A friend had a summer place in Cooper Landing, AK. on the Kenai Peninsula. My Dad always wanted to visit Alaska, but didn't live long enough to do the trip. Somehow, I think he made it.
Jim Shoe 09/01/15 06:17pm Roads and Routes
RE: Blue Ridge Parkway start to end

Double post. Sorry.
Jim Shoe 09/01/15 08:00am Roads and Routes
RE: Blue Ridge Parkway start to end

I drove it once, but I wasn't in my 'C' pulling a Jeep Wrangler four down. I was driving my Mom in her Ford Taurus to Florida for the winter and flying home. I thought at the time that if I met another setup like mine in those tunnels, I would have to unhook the Jeep, back it out, then back the 'C' out, turn everything around and go back the way I came. Absolutely beautiful drive, however. I couldn't help but wonder how the first settlers in their horse drawn wagons ever got over those mountains.
Jim Shoe 09/01/15 07:59am Roads and Routes
RE: West Yellowstone to I-90

I've done both. Out the West gate, then north on 191 to I-90 when I was on my way west, and 89 north through the North gate when I was heading east on I-90. Lots of old barracks buildings used by the Army at one time, and Mammoth Hot Springs just before you get to the north gate.
Jim Shoe 09/01/15 07:36am Roads and Routes
RE: Sanitizing city water inlet

I used to go through that, but started to buy gallon jugs of distilled water for anything that goes inside of me, like coffee, cooking or soaking my teeth (in a cup). The outside of me is waterproof, so I just hook up the white hose.
Jim Shoe 08/31/15 07:00pm General RVing Issues
RE: What kind of RVer are you

My Dad loved to travel and my Mom put up with it. I'm retired (early) and single, but I inherited the "travel gene" from my Dad, so I go where I choose when I choose. Even had my home built with low point drains in the basement, and furnace settings to keep it just above freezing in the winter when and if I'm gone. They had a 'C' and pulled a VW. I drive a 'C' and pull a Jeep toad. I still haven't been in Washington or Oregon but they're on my list. I did make it to Alaska on one trip. That was for my Dad. He always wanted to go but didn't live long enough to make that trip. I even got pics of Denali on a rare day when the peak wasn't shrouded in clouds. He would have loved it.
Jim Shoe 08/31/15 06:52pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Good campgrounds Washington DC area

Just don't drive IN Washington, DC. You're a rookie and the people that live there can spot you a mile away. You're the one with both hands on the steering wheel. The people that live there drive with one hand on the wheel and one hand on the horn.
Jim Shoe 08/31/15 08:21am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Riding Mower

Just thinking outside the box... In early spring, buy a couple of calves. They'll keep the grass from getting out of hand all summer while you sit on the porch sipping a drink of your choice. As a bonus, in the fall, you can fill a couple freezers with steaks. A slaughter house will probably do it free for a percentage of the meat. Just be careful where you walk all summer. :)
Jim Shoe 08/31/15 07:39am Around the Campfire
RE: Campground Damage Deposit

I suspect that the residents of Louisiana that are paying for this public CG are tired of paying to clean up after both in and out of state slobs and/or drunks. If you clean up after yourself and don't tear things up to begin with, you get your money back. In private CGs, the cleanup cost is included in the higher prices whether you're a drunken slob or not. And once again, if you don't like the policy, your rig has wheels.
Jim Shoe 08/30/15 02:51pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
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