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RE: What do you do about dirty clothes?

I'm a single male RVer. My wardrobe consists of jeans and colored T shirts for a load of colors and white socks and underwear for a load of whites. I buy a book that I want to read before leaving home, and read while I'm in the Laundromat. Works for me.
Jim Shoe 06/26/16 09:31am Class C Motorhomes
RE: so is 29 ft the cutoff for not towing a toad ?

As a single RVer, my first one was a Class B. I fell in love with everything doing double duty. But it turned out that I'm a visitor as much as a camper. If I was in a CG and left to explore, I often came back to see my spot taken. And going into a town to shop, I was too long for a single metered parking space on the street, and too tall for a garage. So I swapped for a 'C' with a full time bed and I pull a Jeep Wrangler toad four down. I got the Jeep really cheap. The original owner drove it back and forth several miles to work every day and wore out his leg shifting. The first thing I did was remove the rear seat. Lots of storage for things like cases of beer and soft drinks. And I can park it almost anywhere. And its fun to drive.
Jim Shoe 06/22/16 07:09am Beginning RVing
RE: Just how much stuff?

At first, I packed all kinds of stuff, most of which I never used or wore. Granted that I'm a single male RVer. So clothing consists of jeans and pocket T Shirts. One load at the Laundromat. Next, the full set of metric tools. Not a single metric bolt or nut in the RV. Then I removed any tools that I don't know how to use. There are many. So the tools were reduced to screwdrivers, wrenches, a cell phone and a credit card. Now, there's plenty of room for more beer. BTW, carry your beer cans with the tops facing up unless you want your storage compartment full of foam. I noticed this when I walked by a beer truck to see how they avoided the problem.
Jim Shoe 06/22/16 06:30am General RVing Issues
RE: Keep Wipers Over or Under Windshield Cover ?

Wish I could remember where I got it, but I found a cover that fit over the sun visors on the inside of my 'C' and tucked in at the bottom of the windshield. Not only can you cover the windshield if its raining when you stop, you can also check out a strange noise in front of the RV without unlocking the door. Handy when you're camping out in the woods.
Jim Shoe 06/22/16 05:57am General RVing Issues
RE: Joke of the day...

Well, I'm 70 now and I still smoke, although not nearly as much as I used to. I learned from my parents. They both smoked - Phillip Morris non-filtered as I recall. Lots of people smoked back then. Cigarette commercials were on TV all the time. If you're old enough, you may remember the "Call for Phillip Morris" commercials on TV, made by Johnny Roventini as the bell hop. My Dad quit when he was no longer allowed to smoke at work. He took over a department that converted natural gas to propane, so open flames were a no-no. He never told my Mom until somebody offered him one at a party and he said that he didn't smoke. She never noticed, since there were still butts in the ash trays. I took up serious smoking when I went in the Navy. At sea, cigarettes were a dollar a carton when we were out past the 3 mile limit (no taxes) and they announced it over the 1MC (shipboard public address system). "The smoking lamp is lit throughout the ship". Even in Sick Bay, where I was a Hospital Corpsman. The only place where smoking was banned was on the flight deck, but only when planes were refueling, which makes sense. Open flames where you could smell aviation fuel were a no-no.
Jim Shoe 06/21/16 07:06am Around the Campfire
RE: Rapid city SD to Cody WY

16 is, by far, the easiest of the three routes. But you will see signs indicating that a pull out to check your brakes is ahead. Don't miss the opportunity. Don't ride your brakes. If you do, the heat will eventually boil the brake fluid and the bubbles will make you a coaster. Better to coast for awhile, then brake hard to well below the speed limit. Then continue on. I drove 14A once, but I was driving my Jeep Wrangler toad. I wouldn't want to drive that route in anything heavier, like a MH.
Jim Shoe 06/18/16 10:37am Roads and Routes
RE: My friend calls me crazy!

I spent my working years traveling for the company and staying in highly rated hotels. And all I had to put up with was drunks in the hallway at 2AM, having to wear my shoes until bedtime so my socks didn't stick to the carpet, dealing with yesterday's top sheet being today's bottom sheet with a clean top sheet, a TV with 20 or more stations that were of no interest to me and eating food in the restaurant that may have died of old age. No, thank you.
Jim Shoe 06/17/16 06:11pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: "Don't Scare The Tourists"

When I was a little kid, about 6 years old, my Dad and I were in the Atlantic. He was less than knee deep and I was up to my chest. Something under the surface brushed across both of us. My Dad grabbed me, jerked me out of the water and then walked the few steps to shore. Never did know what it was. It could have been a chunk of seaweed, I suppose, but he didn't take any chances. I served aboard an aircraft carrier in the Navy. It was common practice to dump garbage from the mess hall over the rear of the flight deck. Looking down from there, it wasn't unusual to see lots of sharks following us for their next meal, and barracuda trailing behind them for the scraps. Sharks are messy eaters. Until such time as I grow gills, I'll stay on the beach. The scenery is better, anyway.
Jim Shoe 06/17/16 08:12am Around the Campfire
RE: dumb question about RV ovens

I took a different approach. I store little used kitchen stuff in the oven. I bought a Cuisinart toaster/oven/broiler. It sits on the counter when I'm stopped, and on the floor when I'm moving. As a single RVer, its big enough for my needs. I'm a FHU camper anyway, so there's always a place to plug in.
Jim Shoe 06/15/16 01:49pm General RVing Issues
RE: Garage sale find

I have two cast iron skillets that belonged to my grandmother. I don't know how old they are as my grandmother died when I was three and I'm 70 now. They're perfectly seasoned. Even eggs don't stick. They also had a "summer kitchen". It was located across the porch and kept the heat out of the living space in the summer. Grandpa never finished the inside of the house, so the studs were visible inside. I drove by it recently and it still stands. Sadly, the barns are crumbling. I could barely make out the "Mail Pouch Tobacco" signs painted on the sides. They painted the whole barns in return for the free advertising.
Jim Shoe 06/14/16 05:44am Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Serial killers don't just limit themselves to cities.

Maybe he was referring to "Cereal" killers and was just out looking for some milk for his Wheaties. :)
Jim Shoe 06/05/16 05:26am RV Lifestyle

I've never experienced this. And here's one possible reason. I stay at privately owned RV parks where the owners live there. For them, it isn't a job. Its their livelihood. And their campground's reputation. I watched a drunk guy in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina get the boot. He was escorted out by the local police.
Jim Shoe 06/03/16 11:42am General RVing Issues
RE: Ketchum to Jackson

Ketchum, ID. is at 5,800 ft. altitude. Jackson, WY. is 6,200 ft. altitude. The pass is 8,400 ft. Altitude. There are twists and turns. Roads tend to go around mountains instead of over them out west. I've driven it in a 'C' pulling a Jeep, but its been too long ago to remember details. You certainly want to drive through the parks, assuming you will have a National Parks pass. If you don't, get one. It will save you money. Even though YNP and GTNP are next to each other, they're different. Be sure to drive your toad to the top of signal mountain in the Tetons. There's a viewing platform at the top and you can see several states from there. There's a map at the top so you'll know what you're looking at. Don't try to walk up unless you enjoy pain. Very steep. Suggestion: Use the two letter state designations. There are four states with a "Ketchum". Twenty states with a "Jackson".
Jim Shoe 06/03/16 07:54am Roads and Routes
RE: Another Incident at Yellowstone

I'm constantly amazed by the number of Yellowstone visitors that think its a petting zoo. I watched a guy walk up to the south end of a north facing male elk with a full rack of horns, and slap him on the rump so he could get a picture of the elk's head. The elk just started grazing again. Earlier in the day, I watched a young lady attempt to drive through a herd of Bison as they were crossing the road to a different pasture. She was complaining to a ranger because one of the bison head butted her driver's side door. BIG dent. I don't think I could be a ranger there without punching somebody's lights out nearly every day.
Jim Shoe 06/02/16 04:23pm General RVing Issues
RE: Bad Back part 2

I don't know either but Here's a list of 250 cures. My guess is that all of them helped some people and some of them didn't help anybody. Good luck.
Jim Shoe 06/02/16 03:43pm Around the Campfire
RE: Snakes

I have an irrational fear of snakes. From garter snakes to anacondas. I don't know why, I've never been close enough to see or hear one except in zoos, and then I have nightmares. If I'm walking in the woods and hear or see anything that could be a snake, I do a one eighty and get out of there. So I made a deal with all the snakes in the world (they have a union) that I won't hang around where they live, and they don't hang around where I live. So far, its working.
Jim Shoe 06/02/16 07:20am RV Lifestyle
RE: Fishing on the Road while staying in a RV (help)

I tried bass fishing - once. There are people that just can't fish, and I'm one of them. A couple of buddies took me out in a fishing lake near home, baited my hook, set the bobber just like theirs, and had me drop my line between them. I sat there, watching them reel in one bass after another while I caught nothing. I finally reeled in, and had half a bass on my hook. The bottom half had been bitten off by something and I didn't feel a thing. So when I want fish, I go to a store. Those fish are ready to cook.
Jim Shoe 06/02/16 07:01am RV Lifestyle
RE: Newby recommendation - safety conference

I knew how to drive when I bought my 'C', new. But my training was a short course on how tall it was. Twelve feet with the in motion satellite dome mounted on top. There are a couple of tunnels on the Blue Ridge Parkway that are lower than that. There may be others around the country that I'm not familiar with. Since I'm not in the market for a convertible, I have a Brother P Touch label on the dashboard - just in case.
Jim Shoe 05/30/16 09:32am Beginning RVing
RE: Short Queen bed length too short!

My 'C' had a full size queen in it when I bought it. It was also the same length as the space for it. That meant making the bed while I was in it. It was also a cheap mattress - cheaply made. So I had a Short Queen made by "The Original Mattress Factory" near my home so that I could walk around it. Same firmness as the one I had made for my home. And no more expensive than a standard queen. Unfortunately for some, their stores are all located in the east. Minnesota is as far west as they go.
Jim Shoe 05/30/16 08:44am General RVing Issues
RE: Hydraulic Levelers

I have the semi-automatic HWH Levelers on my 'C'. Because my RV is pretty close to the ground, I bought the kick down type. All four go from horizontal to vertical at once. Then a screen that I can see from the driver's seat lights up a button for either front, rear, left or right pair. I push the button that's lit until the light goes out. Then it usually lights up a different light and I repeat the process. When all the lights are out, I'm level. Expensive, but they sure are handy when its raining or cold outside.
Jim Shoe 05/30/16 07:45am General RVing Issues
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