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Organic Tomatoes

I just ate an organic tomato with my dinner. That's what the package said. I'm just wondering what an inorganic tomato tastes like? Or do organic tomatoes just cost more?
Jim Shoe 04/30/16 06:10pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Vonage phone service ?

I took a different approach. I have a set of four vtech phones in different rooms. I can enter the names and numbers of those that I want or need to talk to. When the phone rings, it shows me who's calling IF I've entered them in my directory. Otherwise it shows "unknown caller". In that case, I can hit the "answer" and "off" buttons in less than a second. If I'm not home, it shows a list of missed calls with the name and number or "unknown caller". I can delete the "unknown callers" in a few seconds and return the calls of the people I know.
Jim Shoe 04/30/16 10:18am Around the Campfire
RE: Hill City, SD to Fishing Bridge in Yellowstone in mid-June

Over the years, I've driven from Buffalo, WY. on 16 and 14 in a 'C' pulling a Jeep Wrangler four down. 16 is the easiest, but even 16 has pullouts to check your brakes. Not mandatory but highly recommended. Remember that going UP is just slow, but going DOWN is an adventure. If you ride your brakes, you can boil your brake fluid. Then you're a coaster. I drove 14A in just my Jeep Wrangler once to see how it was. I swear there were turns where I could see my own rear license plate through my front window. (slight exaggeration). But I'm older and wiser, and also not in such a hurry. I now stay on I-90 all the way to Bozeman, MT, then south to the entrance at West Yellowstone, MT. and stay at Grizzly RV park during my visit. FHUs and lots of space between sites. Only a 1/2 mile to the park entrance every day. If you hit the entrance in the early morning, there's no line to get in. New arrivals don't get to the gate until later in the day. Certainly, its more expensive than inside the park, but West Yellowstone has a couple of grocery stores and gas stations that compete. You can also visit the Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center in West Yellowstone. A private operation, but that's as close to either animal than you ever want to be.
Jim Shoe 04/29/16 06:51pm Roads and Routes
RE: leak over cab Window?????

Take this for what its worth. I bought my 'C' new. They required several days to get it ready to roll. One of the things that they showed me was the marker lights on the cabover. They had removed the chrome covers and were in the process of caulking around the lights. They explained to me that when they are built in the factory, they install the trim rings with high power screwdrivers and sometimes crack the underlying fiberglass that gets covered up by the trim rings. Mine was OK. Might be worth a look.
Jim Shoe 04/27/16 07:55am Class C Motorhomes
RE: first timer

Full timing isn't for everyone. If I were you, I'd wait a while before I cut the cord. Start by camping close to home for awhile. Bring a notepad so you can make two lists. One for things you brought along and didn't need and another for things that you didn't bring and wish you had. And that's especially important when it comes to clothing. Remember that you will be using Laundromats. See how long each of you can go with one load of whites and one load of colors. Start saving quarters now. And forget about dry cleaning. That takes days in one place. When I had roommates in college, each of us had a "Clean" pile and a "Dirty" pile. It was amazing how often the dirty pile magically became the clean pile without ever visiting the Laundromat. :)
Jim Shoe 04/27/16 07:23am RV Lifestyle
RE: Class C temp parking

If there's a 24 hour Walmart nearby, park it in the back of the parking lot for a couple of days and you can buy stuff you need for your trip while you're there. Just be sure that its open 24 hours, so there's traffic and potential witnesses.
Jim Shoe 04/26/16 08:56am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Fighting off boredom on the road

I have an XM/SKYFI Radio that fits in a holster and plays through my existing radio speakers. I have holsters for the unit in my RV, Jeep Toad and Daily driver. Lots of stations to pick from just by pushing a single button, and since its satellite radio, you don't have to search for a new station every 50 miles. Or listen to mouthy DJs talk between songs if you just want music. The biggest bonus - I bought it when they first hit the market years ago and opted for a lifetime subscription. They don't sell those anymore. I've certainly gotten my money's worth.
Jim Shoe 04/26/16 08:24am RV Lifestyle
RE: Gas mileage E450

I actually get better gas mileage on my 'C' than I did on my 'B'. The 'B' was on a Dodge chassis and horribly underpowered so it rarely reached overdrive and downshifted on a barely noticeable uphill grade.
Jim Shoe 04/24/16 03:58pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Classes for total newbies?

The dealer where I bought my 'C', (new) scheduled a complete walk through to show me how every thing worked, and more importantly, where everything was. I was trading in a class 'B' at the time. They also gave me a free "new RVer package." Among other things a set of short queen sheets, a stove top coffee pot, and other things not generally available in stores. They have a well stocked RV store on the premises. I still buy gadgets there.
Jim Shoe 04/24/16 03:47pm Beginning RVing
RE: the size of Yellowstone

Times two on Grizzly. Great folks running it and only two blocks from the west gate. Free coffee in the mornings when I was there. If you get to the west gate early in the morning, you'll miss the folks just arriving throughout the day. You're a half mile from the west gate and another 14 miles to the Grand Loop. But you're not in a tunnel. One spring morning, I saw a pair of eagles feeding their chicks, a fox nursing her kits, and a herd of bison taking their own sweet time crossing into the valley. And a man that walked up behind a male moose with an impressive rack of horns to get a better picture. Yellowstone isn't a petting zoo.
Jim Shoe 04/24/16 03:10pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: You can't fix stupid

No matter how hard the Rangers try, you just can't convince some visitors that they aren't in a petting zoo. I've seen a guy in YNP standing 6 feet from the head of a standing buffalo so he could get a close up.
Jim Shoe 04/21/16 06:49am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Pill Bottles

One of the pills I take comes in an amber bottle that is just the right size to hold $10 worth of quarters. So I soak the labels off, add quarters, and then store them in the console of my car. Comes in handy at metered parking spots. The rest of my change lives in a 3 LB. empty coffee can. When it fills up, I take it to my bank. They have a machine that sorts and counts it. I just deposit the total in my checking account. Its like finding money on the ground.
Jim Shoe 04/21/16 06:08am Around the Campfire
RE: Buying fuel with credit card

I carry both a MC and a Visa. When I'm planning on a long trip in the MH, I call the number on the cards and tell them where I'm going (in general) and when I'll be home. The CC companies' computers spot unusually large purchases or locations far from home. That causes the "lost or stolen" warning light to come on. I have more trouble finding a gas station with the pump islands parallel to the store front so I can pull through without backing up. I drive a 'C' and pull a Jeep toad four down. I can't back up more than a foot or two before the Jeep's front wheels lock up left or right. I start looking at about a half tank of gas. And that's usually a FJ.
Jim Shoe 04/19/16 06:56am Roads and Routes
RE: Ok to move TV? On/off mount frequently

I have one TV and it stays inside all the time. My neighbors in the CG might not want to listen to what I'm watching.
Jim Shoe 04/17/16 08:44pm Beginning RVing
RE: How do you level a motorhome front to back?

One of the best things I added to my Fleetwood E-450 'C' was HWH kick down jacks. They deploy in pairs, front or back two, or left or right two. A display is mounted over the dog house showing which button to push until the light goes out. When they're all out, I'm level. Not cheap, but worth every penny when its pouring rain outside, and deploying in pairs keeps the frame from twisting. The 'C' came standard with a walk around short Queen platform bed. I bought a better mattress after the first road trip. MUCH better. Finally, I removed the so called mattress over the cab, lined it with rolls of the "sticky" stuff and plastic containers to keep things I don't use that often from bouncing off my head. Made plenty of room in the outside rear storage areas. Especially after I removed the entire set of metric tools that I bought. No metric bolts, you know. With the extra rear space I added another 30A electric cord, another stinky slinky, and another water hose. Haven't needed them often, but when you're one foot short...
Jim Shoe 04/17/16 06:17pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Day out and gathering places for men

I agree with the problem. But I found a solution many years ago. I never married. I go where I want, when I want, stay as long as I want, and buy what I want. I'm capable of stepping over something laying in the middle of the floor for several days before I pick it up. As a young man, I worked in the food and beverage industry. I'm a good cook and bartender, but I've been known to consider a six pack and a package of Twinkies a seven course meal. Finally, I rarely argue with myself, but if I do, I always win the argument. :)
Jim Shoe 04/13/16 06:09am Around the Campfire
RE: Florida panhandle

If you visit the National Aviation Museum (highly recommended) and happen to be there at the right time, there are stadium seats behind the museum where you can watch the Blue Angels practice their show if they're in town. And the museum itself is free. If you have kids, there are several things that they will enjoy as well. If I remember correctly, you do have to pay to park, but it isn't expensive. I was stationed in Pensacola for two years and never visited. I guess it was so close that I could go anytime. I also found that the Enlisted Men's Club served cold beer really cheap. :)
Jim Shoe 04/12/16 07:08am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Alberta Canadian Camping reservation Secrets for Americuns

Several years ago, I crossed the border into Canada at Sweetgrass, MT. on my way to Alaska. But I had applied for and received a full passport from the local American Express office at home, along with a list of things I couldn't take with me (like hand guns) and $500 Canadian dollars. Away from the border, Canadians won't know the exchange rate any more than I would know it in Cincinnati, Ohio where I live. A hint if you decide to go. If the border guard asks you a question, he already knows the answer, so don't lie. He asked me if I'd ever been fingerprinted. I said probably when I joined the Navy years before, but I couldn't remember. My fingerprints were in the passport. DUH. When entering Alaska, re-entering Canada and the U.S on the way home, I was waved on thru and wondered why until I realized that I had Ohio license plates front and rear. The biggest thrill was seeing all of Mt. McKinley (Denali). Normally, the peak is shrouded in clouds, but not the day that I went by. I got some great pictures. BTW, Starbucks is everywhere. In Canada, it was Tim Horton's when I drove thru Canada years ago, but its been gobbled up by Starbucks now.
Jim Shoe 04/09/16 08:19am General RVing Issues
RE: Mouse moat for RV's in storage

I own the all metal building where I keep my RV. I put mouse poison out in small trays. They seem to like it. I find the occasional dead mouse on the concrete floor, so I just sweep him up and dump him in a large metal garbage can. I rarely see a mouse or mouse poop anymore. Maybe a mouse was able to escape and tell his buddies with his dying breath.
Jim Shoe 04/09/16 06:45am General RVing Issues
RE: Storing travel trailer in a metal building

I bought the 60' x 60' metal building where I store my RV from the county's road equipment department. I got it for a song because it "rained" inside. It was actually condensation because the bozos were using gas space heaters that weren't vented. I replaced the four unvented ones with two gas furnaces that were vented to the outside. Dry as a bone now.
Jim Shoe 04/07/16 07:30am General RVing Issues
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