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RE: Windshield washer fluid in low temps?

Thanks for the reminder. Nothing worse than finding that the windshield washer fluid that you thought had deicer in it is just plain washer fluid, turning a few snowflakes into a surface you can't see through at all. I hate surprises like that.
Jim Shoe 10/31/14 04:27am General RVing Issues
Just a Reminder...

Halloween! Tonight's the night. Please be careful if you're driving tonight. Its getting dark early, and the kids will be dressed in costumes with masks that hinder their eyesight as they run from house to house to get their treats. And that includes running across as well as in the streets. And buy plenty of candy. Remember, you get the leftovers guilt free!
Jim Shoe 10/31/14 03:49am Around the Campfire
RE: Who provides service ?

The dealer where I bought my 'C' no longer sells MHs due to a territory dispute, but they continue to work on MHs because they still have the heavy duty equipment, lifts and mechanics needed. They may not be able to do warranty work, but I'm outside that envelope anyway.
Jim Shoe 10/30/14 11:23pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Bathroom Remodel Question ~> Full size tub/shower combo?

I'd be concerned about the weight. Not of the plastic tub, the water. At 8.3 pounds per gallon, you could wind up soaking under your RV instead of in it. That's not only expensive, its embarrassing. :) My parents were RVers. After many years and miles, they decided to swap their 'C' for a park model in Florida. They're designed to support a shower/tub combo because they sit on a concrete slab and have a full size water heater. Sure made my Mom happy.
Jim Shoe 10/30/14 10:54pm Beginning RVing
DST ends on Nov 2nd

One of the country's dumbest mistakes rears its ugly head again this Sunday, Nov 2nd. I refer, of course, to the invention of Daylight Savings Time. Supposedly to help the farmers. But they work from sunrise to sunset anyway. They only need a watch to know what time to come in for a meal. We have been a 24/7/365 country for a long time, and changing the clocks twice a year creates real problems for shift workers with no apparent benefit. 90% of clocks and watches only move in one direction, so in either spring or fall you have to raise blisters on your fingers for 11 laps around the dial. And almost everybody misses a reset someplace. So why can't our congress drag itself into the 21st century and get rid of it? Just vote for one or the other and then leave it alone!
Jim Shoe 10/30/14 05:22am Around the Campfire
RE: Dishes for the motorhome

I use cheap paper plates - between each one of the Corelle plates to keep them from rattling. I also use These. They're easy to clean, unbreakable and even have a spot for your silverware if you want to sit outside when eating. They're really plastic prison trays. Combined with Tervis Tumblers to keep hot beverages hot or cold beverages cold, its an unbeatable combination. These and many other one of a kind products are sold by Sporty's Pilot Shop, a small local airport that has branched out into selling products that travelers find useful. Check it out.
Jim Shoe 10/30/14 04:20am Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: All I wanna know...

Abbott and Costello did a routine about buying a computer??? I guess I'm not old enough to remember that. No. this was just an imaginary skit as if they were still alive today. Here's the link. Pretty funny.
Jim Shoe 10/29/14 10:13pm Around the Campfire
RE: miles driven per day?

I did the Cincinnati to Fairbanks trip over 10 years ago, crossing into Alberta, Canada at Sweetgrass, MT. Expect potholes. A little crack turns into a big crack when the crack fills with water and freezes. The traffic turns the big crack into a pothole and the road crews spend the short summer temporarily fixing them. Fact of life. If you expect hookups, better do your homework first. CGs with utilities are rarer than in the states once you get past Edmonton. Such a short camping season. Oddly, I found some CGs with just 20A and 50A. No 30A. So take dogbones if you run on 30A. Miles/Kilometers per hour are on your speedometer, but bridge clearances are in Meters. Make a cheat sheet, or at least know how high your rig is in Meters. Convert some $US to $CN at your bank before leaving home. Once you're a couple hundred miles north of the border, don't expect businesses to know the conversions. Tim Horton's is the Canadian Starbucks, and they're everywhere. Don't worry about gas even though its sold in Liters per $CN. They pump the gas for you - no choice. I walked into a deli to buy some lunchmeat and it was priced in $CN per gram. So I just ordered 8 slices, but that's a nice cheat sheet to have as well. Finally, read the customs regulations before you leave home. Example: No handguns - period. Same thing returning, except its food items. Mostly fresh fruit. Do not lie to the customs officials as you cross the border. I saw some poor soul taking everything that wasn't permanently attached to his RV and spreading it out on the ground. The Canadian customs official asked me if I'd ever been fingerprinted. I told him maybe when I went in the Navy, but I wasn't sure. My index fingerprint was on the passport - duh. OTOH, clearing customs into AK and back into CN, I barely had to slow down before being waved thru. Same returning to the US at Sweetgrass. But don't count on it. Be prepared. One other thing. Once I got past Edmonton, there were days where the only thing I saw on the road were animals. Alive, but in no hurry to cross. Trip of a lifetime.
Jim Shoe 10/29/14 10:02pm Roads and Routes
RE: South Carolina I95 northbound

More than 30 years ago, I used to do a golf trip to Myrtle Beach with 11 other buddies. One of the guys was a highway engineer. He told me back then that many interstates were never designed to support the weights and amounts of semis using the interstates. No doubt that without the semis, the interstates would last forever, but we'd all be growing our own veggies and slaughtering our own cows and hogs for meat. And you can't permanently fix the problem by adding another layer on top. The road beds need to be deeper, and its too late for that. So we patch. And cuss.
Jim Shoe 10/29/14 08:52pm Roads and Routes
RE: All I wanna know...

I finally found a Hamilton Beach 12 cup drip machine on Amazon for $23. It takes the same cone shaped filters (I'm down to my last 1,000) that I already had. Water in the reservoir, coffee in the filter, hit the on/off switch. My main complaint is that companies are adding frills to simple machines so they can jack up the price. And it isn't just coffee makers. A few years back, I bought toaster with wider slots so I could toast a cut bagel. It works fine and has lasted a long time, but it has 5 buttons on it. Toast, A Bit More, Bagel, Defrost, and Lift and Look. Really?
Jim Shoe 10/29/14 08:23pm Around the Campfire
RE: Universities & Colleges Rated By Ave. SAT Score!

Top tier college football and basketball are the minor leagues for both sports at the pro level. A large percentage of the players never get their degrees because their free ride is over when their sports eligibility is over. Meanwhile, the colleges make big money on tickets and TV contracts. Everybody but the players make out like bandits.
Jim Shoe 10/29/14 08:41am Around the Campfire
RE: HOT SHOT cattle prod

Some folks are like that. If it isn't moving, you just gotta poke it. As a kid, I came across a snake that wasn't moving, so I poked it with a stick. It wasn't dead and didn't attempt to bite me, but I came really close to being the youngest person in town to die of a heart attack. The temptation is always there, but I've learned my lesson.
Jim Shoe 10/29/14 08:03am Around the Campfire
RE: I 75 road construction

Native Cincinnatian here. Thru on I-75 is 25 miles. Around on I-275 E is 40 miles. I-275 W is 48 miles. All three choices cross the Ohio River. Lots of truck traffic going thru on I-75. We're kind of the choke point for I-71, I-75 and I-74. I'd take I-275 E. Road construction? With all that truck traffic, always. 1 AM would be a great time. The bars are still open until 2:30, so fewer drunks. :)
Jim Shoe 10/29/14 05:41am Roads and Routes
RE: All I wanna know...

Success at last! I found an old Mr. Coffee that I'd forgotten I had. Nothing but an ON/OFF switch. No extra water reservoir. No Start time. So that's for when I want a whole pot. I have two of them, so one goes in the RV along with a thermos. And at Wally World, I found a Farberware Electric Kettle that just boils water for instant coffee, for those times when I just want a cup - not an entire pot. Does it taste as good? No, but with Taster's Choice or Folger's Crystals, it gets pretty close, and only takes a couple minutes. I'm no connoisseur of fine coffee. I used to drink Navy Coffee. Strong enough to melt the spoon.
Jim Shoe 10/28/14 04:09pm Around the Campfire
All I wanna know...

Are you old enough to remember the Abbott & Costello skit when Lou asks "all I wanna know is how much for the computer?" Well, I'm on a similar search. All I want is a drip coffee maker that just makes a pot of coffee. No bells, no whistles, no timer, no "start at" setting. Just an "On/Off" switch. Like my faithful Braun coffee maker. Filter in the basket, ground coffee in the filter, water in the reservoir, hit the "ON" button. Good, hot coffee in less than 10 minutes. Well, it finally broke. Braun doesn't make a US version anymore. They're all 220V/50Hz made for the European market. The US version probably doesn't break fast enough, needing to be replaced. So I headed to the stores. I finally found a BUNN. They're popular in coffee shops everywhere and the picture just showed an "ON/OFF" switch, so I bought it. Turns out that it has a water reservoir that holds two pots of water, one that's heated and ready to brew. So it must be plugged in all the time and sucks electricity 24/7. Perfect for the working stiffs, but I'm retired. So now, I'm down to instant (ugh), or a Mr. Coffee. Maybe I'll switch to beer for breakfast. :)
Jim Shoe 10/28/14 06:27am Around the Campfire
RE: Harvesting tails from road kill critters

Sorry but I have to ask: If you could easily cut and preserve the tails, what would you do with them? Curious minds want to know :) He's going to take a page out of Fess Parker's book and make coon skin caps, rabbit skin caps, fox skin caps, etc. Maybe a bear skin cap if he can find somebody with a REALLY big head. :)
Jim Shoe 10/27/14 06:05pm Around the Campfire
RE: RV Guide with rate information?

I suspect that most RV park owners are not also computer geeks. Paying somebody to build a web site is one thing. Paying someone to update it every time the season changes is something else. Even the prices paid by fellow campers on RV Park Reviews change a lot, depending on the season and possibly type of site (partial/full hookups, in/out of season, etc.)
Jim Shoe 10/27/14 02:26pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Tiny Homes?

Here's some examples I found on the internet. My first impression is that these look like they could be moved, but not easily, and certainly not from CG to CG. I'd think you'd need to own or have a long term lease on the property where they sit. Obviously, somebody buys them, but I wouldn't be interested.
Jim Shoe 10/27/14 02:03pm Around the Campfire
RE: wyoming trip

For your requirements (which are like mine), Grizzly RV park in West Yellowstone and the Virginian in Jackson. Both have full hookups including WIFI. And both towns have real grocery stores. Expensive, but not nearly as bad as in the park, and you have choices. And everything is a long drive. One lap of the grand loop in YNP is 140 slow miles. And its made slower by "Buffalo Jams". When the bison want to cross the road, they cross the road. DO NOT try to drive thru them. Their huge heads house a brain the size of a pea. The rest is thick bone. I have a picture somewhere of a young lady complaining to a trooper next to her severely dented car door. Hard to give a traffic ticket to a bison. (No pockets).
Jim Shoe 10/27/14 06:39am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: used RV - carfax shows driven 50,000 miles in one year

That works out to about 135 miles every day. Not much for a full timer.
Jim Shoe 10/26/14 06:15am Class C Motorhomes
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