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RE: Tires

You might be told by some tire dealers that the Michelin size on your RV doesn't have a cross. That's not strictly true. Tire Size Calculator I owned a 19.5" tired RV for years...I like Toyo & Bridgestone. But I've also gotten good life and miles out of Double Coin, and I'm now trying a set of 22.5" RoadLux steer tires from Amazon (Free shipping with prime...saving $80 to $100 PER TIRE shipping costs when bought online). My tires mileage out rather than age out though I do have some Michelin drive tires that are 7 years old and have lots of side wall cracking. Just bought this used Journey last February and it has 22.5" tires. I'm not a big Michelin fan either. That tires size calculator is really handy when checking different sizes.
Jim@HiTek 01/19/17 11:22am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Ok to get on roof?

What I did up in Alaska when there was 14" of snow on the roof was to take my phone with me in case I fell, a 2'X 1' x 3/4" piece of plywood that was kind a scruffy on one side so it wouldn't slip too much on snow. And wore a pair of knee protectors. Climbed up the ladder with a broom a swept off the powdery snow as much as I could from the ladder. Then brought the plywood up. Climbed up the rest of the way with the snow shovel. Then kneeled on the plywood for most of the work basically pushing a shovel full at a time off the nearest edge. Move the plywood every once in awhile to reach new areas of course. In the very middle of the RV, I'd just stand...wearing waffle soled boots. I've also tried sweeping it off from a ladder on the side of the RV and that sucks. Pretty much have to climb onto the roof to get the majority of snow off anyway. Just work slowly and realize that every flake doesn't need to be removed.
Jim@HiTek 01/19/17 11:13am Class A Motorhomes
RE: this is wierd! black tank senor problem

There's the Geo Method... I tried that a couple times and it worked, for a short period. But to me, all these cleaning methods are merely a short term fix. I really object to the 'flush and fill 4-5 times' in nearly all portions of the country that are experiencing 5 year or longer droughts. Our recent string of massive storms seem to have alleviated the worst of it, but it'll be back. So I don't recommend wasting water like that as a general rule. What I do is simple. I tape a piece of paper on the wall and keep count of the days between dumps. And I know when it's time to dump when water starts filling the tub or shower stall and/or when the toilet begins to smell. I test this two three times over a long period and shorten the time between dumps to avoid the filled shower or smelly toilet. Once I've zeroed in on my usage and fill patterns, which by the way, was 2 weeks between dumps in my Bounder, and 1 week between dumps in my Journey, I just keep a chart on the wall and enter the date when I dump. I've found that just keeping track of the grey water is fine. I always keep the valves closed until time to dump. And use Calgon and Dawn occasionally in between RV park hops with 2/3rds of a full tank to help wash things. Used ice 2-3 times but it never helped. When I have a guest, I just shorten by half the time between dumps. So, for the last 10 years of full timing, I rarely pay attention to the LED lights because they lie.
Jim@HiTek 01/17/17 08:09pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: World of tires info..

I've not heard of them but thousands of independent tire dealers getting a call from them with payment for installing the tires they ship them on your vehicle would get their interest. Not an unusual arrangement at all. They're actually doing the legwork for you because there are many tire shops that can't balance a large RV tire...they try to sell you beads instead.
Jim@HiTek 01/16/17 10:06pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: TV Mount

I mounted 3/8" plywood with long hinges over the holes vacated by the old tube TVs. Using the existing trim as part of the assembly. The trim became a door after the addition of the plywood. Originally, there was a 19" in the LR, and a 12" in the bedroom. The plywood gave a strong backboard for the articulated arms I bought. I did find that over time the weight of the extended TV slowly displaced the plywood door a bit on the LED TV. When driving, I just bungied the TVs.
Jim@HiTek 01/15/17 02:24pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Inverter and charging

Yeah, modern electronic devices, especially those designed mainly for the RV market, are optimised for low operating current. So, you're good.
Jim@HiTek 01/14/17 07:51pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: The PROFIT needs to check his own backyard

Dang. I feel for this guy really. I just bought a used 91 class A and between the neglect of the previous owner and the original poor construction to begin with, i wanted to laugh and cry all at the same time. Wow, you are in for some fun. I bought a '94 Bounder diesel and had to fix nearly every major appliance the first two years. BUT, boy did I have fun...traveling and fixing things. I love fixing things. You might find some help on my repair blog...Here...
Jim@HiTek 01/14/17 07:43pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Kentucky Horse Farm

Watch where you step.
Jim@HiTek 01/14/17 07:40pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: The PROFIT needs to check his own backyard

Maybe there is an opportunity here - - - - I hear a lot of horror stories about RVs, especially new ones. Maybe some of y'all experienced and mechanical types should start a service. Say, $100 for a complete and thorough inspection - road test, walk-around, and overnight at a campground. This service would include a complete, comprehensive report. Just a thought - - - - Joe T. There is already such a service. And has been for decades. It's the same kind of thing that there is for boats. And it's around $300 for a thorough inspection of an RV.
Jim@HiTek 01/14/17 07:13pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Kwikee electric steps

I found a nice metal plate above my 2 step welded to the frame. But the bolts holding the steps to that plate had rusted out. Replacing them stopped the sag. In your case, perhaps that plate needs to be re-welded to the frame? Also how rusty was the mount plate? My entire undercarriage was covered in rust. But there weren't any rust throughs on that plate. The holes were still usable. The welds were still fine. If needed I would have painted it with Jasco Rust Restorative but it wasn't that bad. The bolts were all rusted out though so put in all new ones. My Bounder had a mud flap just ahead of the steps so they and the step assembly stayed relatively clean when traveling.
Jim@HiTek 01/14/17 02:31pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Kwikee electric steps

I found a nice metal plate above my 2 step welded to the frame. But the bolts holding the steps to that plate had rusted out. Replacing them stopped the sag. In your case, perhaps that plate needs to be re-welded to the frame?
Jim@HiTek 01/14/17 12:06pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Headlights 2002 Winnebago Sightseer

Don't forget the ground connection near the headlights. They need to be cleaned periodically...especially in a salted roads area if it's driven or high moisture area if it isn't.
Jim@HiTek 01/14/17 12:02pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: The PROFIT needs to check his own backyard

Interesting. He suggests people do their homework, but obviously didn't himself. Twelve years ago I spent a solid year researching RVs online before ever committing to one of the three brands I'd narrowed it down to (Fleetwood Bounder on a Freightliner chassis, diesel). Thor didn't make the cut. Also joined iRV2 and this forum lurking & learning over that time. All the while running my own business. So it's not like I had all the time in the world to research. Did learn before purchase that Camping World is never to be trusted for service ever. And not the best place to buy because of the the poor service. So yes, I agree, you should do your homework before purchase. One easy trick you can use these days is go to google and just type in "Complaints about Thor ACE", which just now brought up a link with 144 complaints. A good read for someone considering the product (I use it for nearly all purchases over $100). It gives an idea of the types of problems certain brands have and if they're willing and able to handle the typical problems the brand has on the road. Everyone needs a little luck with these big machines but doing your homework is the best way to avoid most common problems.
Jim@HiTek 01/14/17 11:48am Class A Motorhomes
RE: how did you start your travel blog

I have used Bluehost as my host for many years. With WordPress. I have used others and I can tell you that they change over time. Once they get to a certain size, they become difficult to deal with. Not listening to their clients usually, which allow errors to creep in. So I'm always ready to bail and move on. One to stay away from is GoDaddy. They charge for everything every step of the process and are a very persistent UPGRADE SALES organization. Even calling you multiple times trying to upsell. The two years I spent with them were troubling and expensive. Unfortunately, there are many others that are now copying the GoDaddy framework so you have to do your research and only sign up for a minimum period. Bluehost is a month2month. After nearly 13 years of blogging, I'm happy using Bluehost and WordPress.
Jim@HiTek 01/08/17 07:33pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Electronic Climate Control

Chattering coming from a controller is often the sound a relay makes when it's being switched on and off rapidly. This usually is caused by a problem with the control circuit for the relay, not the relay itself. This is not a good sound at all and you should take pains to minimize the times it's doing that while you try to find a service tech.
Jim@HiTek 01/04/17 07:46pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Buying a used tire to carry as a spare?

While traveling the hinterlands of Canada, note that it's possible to go 200 odd miles without any towns, meaning services are few and far between. So, keep an eye out for road hazards. Miles of gravel instead of blacktop is possible. Depressions in the roads are common, and you hit one of those at 55 the compression can separate tread enough to cause a leak and blowout so drive conservatively. The other advice is in the northern part of Canada, the roads have hundreds of frost heaves crossing the road. Where the blacktop is pushed up and peaks. Hitting those at speed is dangerous. But the road service up there puts these little orange triangular flags on either side of the road shortly before the heave so you can slow down in time. RV parks are usually a leisurely day's drive apart. You get in a big hurry, you'll likely not have a good time. Have fun up there.
Jim@HiTek 01/04/17 07:35pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Magnum inverter/charger not charging batteries

If your batteries are only a few years old, they'll be fine. The acid prevents freezing. If you're not living in the RV, just disconnect their ground wires. You've got plenty of time to work on the converter issue.
Jim@HiTek 01/04/17 06:33pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Gotta love Mexico...

Maybe the title should be "for those that didn't make enough money in their own country to afford a lifestyle they could enjoy, Mexico may provide you an alternative." Too long. Need something shorter. And there are many reasons to love Mexico. Probably why I've been hanging out here.
Jim@HiTek 01/01/17 07:50am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Transferring gas

They also make inexpensive syphon pumps for fuel. Plastic. With one-way valves. Add some clear plastic pipe and a fuel filter between the two vehicles. Get the flow started with the hand pump, and then just let syphoning do it's job while you enjoy a nice beverage. No dangerous electric around causing sparks.
Jim@HiTek 12/31/16 05:55pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Class A body roll

Something else that might help the roll situation, especially if it's mostly wind related, are these air tabs. I'm planning on getting them myself soon. I've been reading about them for a while and I'm really intrigued. V-Spoilers
Jim@HiTek 12/31/16 08:09am Class A Motorhomes
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