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RE: Domestic door awning gas strut

This kind of gas strut? Gas struts...
Jim@HiTek 08/31/15 10:24am Class A Motorhomes
RE: rusting out cargo bins

There is a $3 per quart chemical you can get at hardware stores that converts rust back into metal. It's the stuff that the expensive products are based on. Phosphoric acid. It does work. It's not alchemy. You don't end up with the same strength metal though. I use Jasco brand. Your propane tank is very thick metal. It'll take a hundred years or so for it to rust through. Just give it an acid bath and repainting.
Jim@HiTek 08/27/15 08:31pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Cable hookup on Rv

Pretty common. I ran into it at 3 RV parks just in the last couple months. Note, I'm a full timer and in the last few months I traveled from Florida to Oregon/Washington.
Jim@HiTek 08/24/15 03:03pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: 2 Options for Yellowstone Trip

FYI, everyone, have a friend there at Yellowstone right now and she says it's 30's°F at night, but warms up quickly during the day. Right now it's 69°F there. Kinda neat that in August you'd want to take a coat with you on a hike there.
Jim@HiTek 08/23/15 03:51pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Cable hookup on Rv

Ahh, if only it were true. But it's not. I was in a RV park just yesterday, a big one in a metropolitan area, where I had to put a deposit on a Comcast cable box with remote. Than hook it to the parks cable connection and to my 'Smart' TV. As you drive around the country, like I do, you'll find all sorts of setups. The easiest just require you to connect to the parks cable connector at the power tower and the set the switches on your routing box, than set the TV to scan cable. Others require a separate box they get from the cable company for their area. Sometimes you have to rent that box, other times, just put a deposit down on it. Some of these boxes are proprietary digital, others are old fashioned analog and your TV finds the signal on analog channel 3 or 4. It's a mishmash.
Jim@HiTek 08/23/15 02:23pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: 2 Options for Yellowstone Trip

No deadline sounds the best, so, option #2.
Jim@HiTek 08/23/15 02:16pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: 8R19.5

$400 each!!! You are being ripped off. $250 each, mounted and balanced is the most I'd pay anywhere in the US. Try a different shop. But yes, you can replace the FRONT TWO with the 225/75R19.5...dunno about the 187's. Move the fronts to the rear and put the wider tires on the front. The problem is the width. You'd want to find a tire of the same width so the flexing as you're driving won't make the tires rub together on the dulies. Which is why you'd usually put them on the front. PS You can't tell if the dualies will rub together just sitting on the pavement. It's when you're rolling and hit a bump that compression makes the sidewalls pooch out that they rub together.
Jim@HiTek 08/21/15 12:14pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: CheapHeat Add on for Propane Furnace

Didn't read every post so sorry if this is a duplicate. What I'd do is try to find a kerosene dealer nearby. See if they'll deliver. Or if you could come up with a way to carry bulk quantities of kerosene yourself (assuming you have a truck). Get a couple upright kerosene heaters. These are rated for indoor use. If you have a 55 gallon drum of kerosene and a pump setup, you could fill your own heaters every 2-3 days without too much trouble. Then perhaps buy a couple upright electric oil-filled heaters. You'd want to do lots of insulating around, under, and throughout your RV of course.
Jim@HiTek 08/06/15 09:51pm Full-time RVing
RE: Park Power Pole Problems

Your Progressive Ind. EMS (Electrical Management System) can be at fault of course. If you call Progressive tomorrow they'll have a test or two for you to do I'd imagine (since you have a Fluke), but I'd bet they'll send you another unit free, then you can send the bad one back. They're pretty good with the warranty. Replace lots of stuff free from what I read. Replaced a readout box for my system along with the cable for free.
Jim@HiTek 08/02/15 02:16pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Park Power Pole Problems

I agree with parkmanaa. Also agree with Kayteg1. If I couldn't get the owner interested in doing something, and I planned on being there for a week or more, I'd look into rewiring the power pedestal.
Jim@HiTek 08/02/15 10:54am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Motorhome weighed today. - Need input

100 PSI sounds perfect, but won't hurt to run up to 110 either. You should only use your own manufacturer's chart. No one elses. Other manufacturer's charts do not apply in any way. You are good to go. IMO only of course.
Jim@HiTek 07/30/15 03:10pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Snobbish RV resorts with ownerships

Having been full timing for 11 years now, I've run into most of the issues you all have mentioned in those fancy parks where they sell lots. And there's one thing I've learned, the older parks where there are more rental lots then purchased lots seem to be the better places for me anyway. Friendly people with a live and let live attitude. Rules of course, but gently and sanely enforced. I decided long ago that I wouldn't ever buy one of those lots and be tied down to one place forever. Get itchy feet too often.
Jim@HiTek 07/27/15 06:01pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: 19.5 versus 22.5 tires

I don't know about Ohio, but many states allow you to do that at the weigh stations. They leave the electronics on 24/7 so if they aren't open you can still use the platforms. Then many state officials allow you to weigh your rig if they are open but not busy. It's a SAFETY issue and they shouldn't object in any event. In Florida, you can go to a police station and get 4-corner weighings (if they have the equipment), or they'll send someone to you. Need to call to set up an appointment. Here's phone numbers for Ohio, give them a call and ask: Ohio weight stations... In Oregon, they are left on, and OFTEN but not always, depending on the design of the platform, I can do a four corner weighing by driving two on, than one off, front and rear. And subtracting.
Jim@HiTek 07/25/15 01:23pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Propane issues in 2015 forest river Georgetown

Hadn't heard that. Even so, worth a check. Some manufacturers go against the trends sometimes.
Jim@HiTek 07/25/15 01:11pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Propane issues in 2015 forest river Georgetown

Down near the floor in the kitchen is an electronic propane gas detector. If it's turned off, like if someone clipped the Off/On switch with the vacuum cleaner for instance, you won't have gas. As others have said, make sure the tank valve is on too. And that there's propane in there.
Jim@HiTek 07/25/15 11:37am Class A Motorhomes
RE: 19.5 versus 22.5 tires

Your first step should probably be to get your four corners weighed. Once you have those numbers, there's two things to do: 1) If one corner or side has more than the RV manufacturer's recommended 'differential' in weight one side to the other, then you need to rearrange your things to try to balance the weight on that axle. (I believe this number is 10% of the RV's total weight...for example, if the RV weighs 25,000 lbs, then the differential should be less than 250 lbs, don't quote me though...check your manual). There are cases where the house manufacturer did a poor job getting this differential low in the design, and that's when all those add on products for 'stability' come in. 2) Go to the tire manufacturer's website and air up the tires to their specs for the weight. And, the advice given earlier about setting each tire to the pressure suggested for the weight at that corner is incorrect. Set the pressure to the highest weight setting across the AXLE. So all tires on that axle have the same pressure, based on the highest weight. Once that's done, test drive on a road where you can drive in the fast lane a few miles rather than the truck lane. This avoids the ruts caused by 10's of thousands of trucks traveling that road. Rut tracking has often caused folks to think they need an alignment when actually, it's a tire, tire pressure, or balance problem. Perhaps you do have an alignment problem, but you should at least check these other simple things first by getting four corner weights. Usually, you can do that on a weekend at a state weigh station. They leave the equipment on even when they are closed. Many states will allow you to get weighed when they're open too. Some aren't designed for 4-corner weighing though.
Jim@HiTek 07/25/15 11:01am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Air filter inlet coupler ideas

Sure think it might be repairable. I'd clean it up real well, then I'd cut a strip of Eternabond to wrap around the exterior making a brand new surface. That covers the crack of course. Might give 10 more years of life to the coupler. Who knows? That's how I'd do it until I could find the right coupler.
Jim@HiTek 07/21/15 10:47pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Excessive battery corrosion

Sounds like something going on there isn't normal. But, whatever, one way to reduce the corrosion is to put 2 oz of 3-in-1 oil (mineral oil) in each cell. That keeps the 'bubbles' that boil off the plates from casting acid into the air space above the liquid level, and escaping out of the vents. Tada! No corrosion.
Jim@HiTek 07/21/15 08:55pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Progressive lowered rate $600 for year

Boy, I don't know, RV Daytrader. Don't think it has a 'special' name. I filled out the online form and it asked what value to put on it. After the paint job, the insurance expired while I wasn't paying attention so filled out the form again, same VIN and all, but $4,000 more value. (Nada didn't really come into it that I recall). They didn't object. So... Naturally, I'd expect them to deny a full value cash payment over high book if it's totalled, even if I'd set the 'fair market value' thousands over.
Jim@HiTek 07/21/15 01:56pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: 99 Holiday rambler Endeavor,.. First DP?

Ask yourself...if the engine blew, and had to be rebuilt, and you put in $10,000 for just that job alone, would you still like the rig? That's all that's really important. If you'd like it as much after putting that much more money into it. These rigs aren't an investment. They're a lifestyle.
Jim@HiTek 07/21/15 11:41am Class A Motorhomes
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