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RE: With Record Rv Sales 2 years in a row, we'll need more sites

Haven't seen that sort of problem here in the west. From the Canadian border in Washington state, to the Baja. Only problem I've had is making reservations along the total eclipse corridor.
Jim@HiTek 06/21/17 08:51pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Gen set running for 4 days in a row

My coach exhausts the generator to the rear of the coach. If you are there, I must apologize in advance. You are going to get gassed! I do what I can but I am not buying an special hardware to mitigate the problem. If you are parked in a 24/7 generator area you are going to have to assume that folks are going to run their generator A LOT and few (if any) are going to do any special to deal with the fumes. Are you seriously saying you will do nothing about an invisible gas you're outputting that kills people? And it's on them to recognize that you don't have proper safety concerns? Can't you just talk to your neighbors and let them know, or anything? Really? How about if you arrive late? I'm sorry, but this kind of attitude is why I've avoided those big RV gatherings. I always tried my best to park far away from others when I'd use the genset but sometimes they'd end up crowded around and I'd just shut it off. There was one time when I ended up being surrounded with big RVs gassing my RV and I just left early. The headache was a motivator.
Jim@HiTek 06/19/17 08:36pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Gen set running for 4 days in a row

Another suggestion that you pay particular attention to where you park and how close to someone you park. It was what, just 4 years ago a family of 4 was killed when a late arrival pulled up next to them and ran his genset all night right next to their rig? The guy drove off never knowing he'd just killed several people. So if you have a genturi device, good for your neighbors, if your neighbor has one, good for you. The expected lifetime before major overhaul of the typical RV genset, at least Onan, is 10,000 hours.
Jim@HiTek 06/19/17 08:19am Class A Motorhomes
RE: 1980 Allegro Class A restoration project

Would love to follow along on your project...could you post some pictures, please? Good luck!
Jim@HiTek 06/19/17 08:08am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Class A tires

You'll find that there are many good 19.5 tires available. Toyo, Bridgestone, Cooper, Double Coin, etc.,etc.. Where I get my tires these days is from Amazon. I'm a prime member and the tires are shipped free, than I have them installed at a Love's tire shop at their truck stop shop. Here's how to compare sizes: Compare Tire Sizes Amazon has a Double Coin in the size you mention for under $200: 245/70R19.5 Over 13 years of full timing, I've used several different brands and they've all been good. Probably because they've been commercial truck tires not specific RV tires. I don't care for the Michelin tire line because they're just too soft I guess, and start developing sidewall cracking very quickly. None of the Toyo's, Double Coin, or Bridgestone truck tires, (and now Roadlux 22.5 on my current bus) I've ever bought have had excessive sidewall cracking.
Jim@HiTek 06/19/17 07:44am Class A Motorhomes
RE: :h - TOOL's Let's talk TOOL's - :@

I don't have any Monaco or RV specific tools. I will need tools in the Motorhome, as well as tools at the house. Exciting and scared... This will be my first RV/Coach. Heck, I don't even have the Rig yet, I'm flying out to pick it up this Friday! I hope the only tool I need is the Gas pump on the drive home... :D Recommend that when you pick up your coach, you head for the nearest large empty parking lot and practice driving. Put vinyl tape on the window where the lanes are, lock all the basement compartments, measure the oil level, etc... In other words, learn your vehicle before taking a long trip. What I did for weeks before I bought, was to watch semi trucks and buses in traffic to see how they turned and when they started pressing on the brake pedal, etc. Really helped when I drove my very first Class A RV. Not the first RV I'd ever been inside, but certainly the first I'd ever driven. My family wasn't a big rig sort of family either so I had no expirience.
Jim@HiTek 06/18/17 09:00pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: :h - TOOL's Let's talk TOOL's - :@

I carry the top section of my former roll around tool cabinet filled with tools. But the tools I use the most are the Lithium battery powered screwdriver, magnetic screwdriver, my digital multimeter, and the CC.
Jim@HiTek 06/18/17 04:44pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: New AC installed by mobile guy. What did I pay?

My two Coleman 13,500BTU units in my '94 Bounder were working after 22 years. The rear never had a problem and I'd use it as a backup when the front unit went a bit squirrely. And that happened if it wasn't run until it was already hot. Then it would trip out on one of the limit disks. If instead of starting it up after it was hot, I started running it early in the day, it would run fine all day and into the night... My '02 Winnie with the basement heatpump unit has worked fine since I bought it last year, and it's also a Coleman. 15 years so far on that one. Fingers crossed for another 10 years out of it.
Jim@HiTek 06/16/17 02:37pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Hot

It's 37F here at Lake Tahoe. At 6200 feet though. Over & down hill in Reno, it's 56F now, and suppose to be getting back up to 93F by Friday.
Jim@HiTek 06/11/17 10:07pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: coach running bad

My 7500 watt Onan ran between 0.6 and 0.8 gallons per hour. The manual showed that 0.8 gph was about right with one AC load. In any event, it's possible you ran the genset long enough (70 hours!) to have nearly depleted your tank so you may have sucked up some crud from the bottom of the tank that made it's way up to a filter somewhere.
Jim@HiTek 06/11/17 09:34pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Steering problem

The Hydrobooster has a large screen in it that can become gummed up with debris. But, it can be cleaned out too. But then the question is, where did the debris come from? I have also heard the screens can break up from age. There are also 3 large 'O' rings that can need replacement. It's not at all difficult to work on, but put a catch tub under it if you pull it apart. I left mine in position mounted on the frame, removed the MC, and then pulled out the guts.
Jim@HiTek 06/07/17 06:17pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Brake Lights

When my brake lights went out, it turned out it was because the relay under the hood was in bad condition. The relay eventually failed outright but before that was a few weeks of intermittent craziness. Rust, corrosion, even a wire hanging by a thread seemed to have caused it. Once it was replaced and the corroded terminals replace with new, all returned to normal. It was giving odd symptoms that would change over time because of it's poor condition. Also have an auxiliary pump under the hood that creates a vacuum that operates the doors for the dash comfort vents. Heat, straight vent, AC...that sort of thing. Turns on and off at seemingly random times when there's a leak in one of the hoses.
Jim@HiTek 06/06/17 08:40am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Shore charging

Mine is stored by my house and plugged in 24/7. I check the 2 six volt house batteries about once a month and usually have to add some distilled water. Other than that everything else is fine. I'm surprised you have to add water so often. A '04 Class A, especially a Monaco, I'd have expected that you would have a smart charger system in your Converter. But, sounds like you have a plain old charger, and it's running high voltage so it's boiling out water. Couple things you could do...fully charge the batteries and then just disconnect the ground(s). They'll do fine (as long as they're healthy to begin with) over the winter, you won't even have to check them. You could disconnect from power. Or, if you prefer to remain powered, try this: Add 2oz of 3-in-1 oil to each battery cell. It's mineral oil, and it will keep the acid water inside the cell instead of it slowly bubbling out. So you won't need to add water as much, if at all. Also prevents corrosion buildup. Using mineral oil in flooded cell lead/acid batteries is a method used for over 100 years, even Edison recommended it.
Jim@HiTek 06/04/17 10:39pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Good Sams Insurance

Yes, you are right. I have my facts mixed up. Must have been a spoof article I read. First time I've been wrong in years. Harumpf. Well, apologize and move on my mom use to say...so, Sorry.
Jim@HiTek 06/02/17 06:09pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Good Sams Insurance

Remember that the Sam in Good Sam is Sam Walton. He was a lifelong camper and RV'er. But then think about how his main company is run, and how much he did to make it run that way. Remember that Walmart pays employees to call other employees and explain how they can get government assistance...because they pay so poorly and have such poor benefits. Than ask yourself if your trust them as your insurance provider in any capacity. He's dead, but his anti-consumer legacy lives on in his multiple companies. It's all about profits. Just sayin'. BTW, I joined this forum in '04, after lurking on it since '02 I think. And the original owners eventually sold it to Goodsam. So this site is another Walton profit venture. One thing that really grinds my gears is that they haven't improved this forum since they bought it. The same old glitches or old fashioned techniques are still alive and kicking here on RV net. For a brief time after they bought the site, I kind of expected some improvements, a bit of modernization. I was overly optimistic.
Jim@HiTek 06/02/17 05:13pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Good Sams Insurance

I wouldn't trust GS as far as I could throw them. BTW, you can stop all that junk mail you're going to be getting from them by stuffing it all in their prepaid envelopes and sending it all back to them with 'NO!' written on the sign up lines. Leave your name and address visible. Took two years of doing that to get them to stop sending me all their hundreds of offers. Many of them my RV was too old to take advantage of. Early on in my RVing, when I did use their roadside service, quickly found out they have no idea what they're doing on most calls. Switched to Coachnet. JMO.
Jim@HiTek 06/02/17 03:44pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Shore charging

Just charge them up and then disconnect the ground cables. They'll be fine until next spring. But, the refer should be plugged in. They last far longer when they are, around 7 years when not.
Jim@HiTek 06/02/17 02:40pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Unusual Occurrence

When you're traveling, and might need service, check RVServiceReviews.com in your area, or along your route. I'd take the reviews of owners of RVs about shops long before I'd take the opinion of someone at a dealership. I also check with RV park owners about who they recommend. And check them in the online reviews.
Jim@HiTek 06/02/17 02:36pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Engine surge tank

On my '02, rear rad, Cat 3126, Freightliner chassis, my tank is showing some spider cracks and I'm getting close to replacing it (I've owned the rig since Feb. '16). In the meantime, I used Eternabond tape to cover the cracking area to get a few more months out of it. This summer is the target replacement time thoughRad & Cooling Jim, if it really starts to leak with pressure behind it, I don't think the Eternabond will hold it. Bill I wondered about pressure too. But most owners who posted on various forums, said the tank began to 'weep' first so I didn't expect a catastrophic failure. I felt comfortable giving the Ebond a try. Incidently, I have a friend with an '04 Journey. Also has the same surge tank. Except her's was in pretty bad shape compared to mine. Was both spider cracked and crumbling like the plastic was rotten, but we were in Mexico and she wanted to wait until she got home to Vermont to fix it. So I did the Ebond patch on her tank and April '17 she drove from Baja to Vermont without a problem.
Jim@HiTek 05/31/17 08:10am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Engine surge tank

On my '02, rear rad, Cat 3126, Freightliner chassis, my tank is showing some spider cracks and I'm getting close to replacing it (I've owned the rig since Feb. '16). In the meantime, I used Eternabond tape to cover the cracking area to get a few more months out of it. This summer is the target replacement time though. I wrote up a blog post about it here which has some parts links and a users method of cutting the tank out easily so one guy can do it: Rad & Cooling
Jim@HiTek 05/30/17 10:33pm Class A Motorhomes
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