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RE: Great r\Roadside Service

You ask if this great service is normal, the answer is no, it varies all over the place as does any business that depends on subcontracted service. I have been with AAA at one level or another for over 20 years and have used it several times. I have had service just as great as yours, some ok service and one really bad. The really bad left me sitting on the side of I-81 in PA for over 2 hours with a promise of under an hour. I had a flat and very little road edge. I also had not checked my spare in a long time so suspected it was low. I told them I had an F250 with slide in popup camper, kind of the minimum for the the RV service I pay for. When the fellow showed up he had what looked like a Harbor Freight jack that would not lift the truck camper combination. We ended up using his jack to lift the truck body up as far as he could and my Ford standard issue jack to lift the axle. Ok so we got it up. Pulled out the spare which was very low, he pulled out a little plug in to the cigarette lighter powered air compressor (probably also Harbor Freight) and it pumped for about 20 minutes and blew it's overload thermo breaker. It was sitting at 30lbs, he said close enough, I said not even close to the 80lbs I need. He said that was to much pressure that was probably why I had a blow out. We limped to the first exit and pushed a bunch of quarters into an air pump at a convenience store and decided to take the slow road home instead of finding a tire and continuing since it was only a 3 day weekend trip and we had just lost most of the first day and would loose the rest trying to find a replacement tire. Still renew every year, because when you need it you have one number to call no trying to figure out who to call and they are usually ok to great.
JimBollman 10/01/15 07:10pm General RVing Issues
RE: Simple truck camper

When I saw this I thought it would only be worth while if they made it into a popup so it would be about cab height when down. Also needed to be lighter. Then it would be a nice minimalist camper for travelers that just want a place to sleep and make an occasional meal.
JimBollman 09/30/15 07:34pm Truck Campers
RE: Remote thermostat control?

Not exactly what you are asking for, but it is cheap. We depend on the bedding to keep us warm at night but don't like to get up in the cold. I took the existing thermostat a part and attached wires inside to the on/off switch contacts and ran them to a spot I could reach from bed and installed a mini-toggle switch. The wires can be very thin not much current flowing. I leave the thermostat set to a reasonable temperature and the on/off switch set to off. Now I wake up and if it feels a little cold, I just reach out and flip the toggle switch and take a short nap till the temperature is about right.
JimBollman 09/22/15 08:07pm Tech Issues
RE: Recommend me a tool?

I have this Makita set, no need for the old heavy drill anymore. If you want to go light leave one at home and since the battery will last a long time for your limited use leave the charger home to.
JimBollman 08/23/15 08:18pm Tech Issues
RE: Look Ma, no Jacks !!

Leave mine at home. Since it is a popup the few times I have needed service I found places that could do it without unloading. We moved to a new state this summer and I left the jacks on for the move since they needed to go anyway. Really don't like them on, blocks my rear view as well as the width problem.
JimBollman 08/12/15 08:24pm Truck Campers
RE: Hotspot Overage

I use Chrome almost exclusively and I run AdBlock, AdBlock Plus and Ghostery extension. I really "diss". Almost completely blocks ads and tracking. I do have to turn one or more off for some sites that have wired interconnections with things to block content if you block one or more things. You can whitelist sites for these extensions if you go to them a lot.
JimBollman 08/04/15 07:17pm Technology Corner
RE: Connect to Cell Phone

Verizon and ATT both have a Home Cell Phone that plugs in. After you disconnect the house from the wired line coming in just plug the house into the new box. Now all your house phones including wireless phones can be used just like you had a wired line. My Verizon version costs me about $25/month for unlimited calls in USA. It runs on a 12 volt wall wart so we take it along on vacation and plug it into the campers 12 volts with a homemade cord. You can also forward it to a cell phone if your not going to be home. Had ours for about 5 years now. We recently moved to a different state and are debating if we should keep the number from our old address so we don't have to change numbers everywhere or stop confusing the locals and switch it to a local number.
JimBollman 07/05/15 04:23pm Technology Corner
RE: Upgrade trailer tongue lock? Chain through the wheels?

I normally don't secure my trailer hitch but when the trailer is going to be unattended for a few days or more I put the light weight yellow one above on and then a case harden pad lock on the hitch so if they popped off the first line of defence the hitch would still have a ball inside it and they would have to cut the lock off to. I figure visually that gets the majority of the bad guys to look for different low hanging fruit. Also in my case it is a tag along trailer with my toys inside, they can easily cut a hole in the thin aluminum skin to see if it is worth their trouble.
JimBollman 06/05/15 08:08pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: I need an Ereader.

Kindle Paper White is my primary for all the reasons stated by other owners and I keep my books synced with my iPhone Kindle app for those times you just get stuck waiting. Amazing how much you read in a day if your current book is always in your pocket and synced to the book you read at home. Also a fan of eReaderIQ you can tag authors or books for when the price drops and you can sign up for a custom daily mailing of free and reduced price books that match your profile. They also have an add on for Chrome to make it easy to tag books and check past pricing.
JimBollman 06/05/15 07:54pm Technology Corner
RE: Travel souveniers

My Mother collected rocks on their trips, my Dad always complained about what she wanted to haul home. They all ended up in boxes in their basement. Probably should ask her sometime when we are visiting if she wants me to bring them upstairs so she can reminisce. :-) Probably a bushel or two of memories.
JimBollman 05/03/15 03:54pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Travel souveniers

I often find some unique tool to add to my toolbox. Everytime I use one of the tools I remember where I was when I bought it.
JimBollman 05/01/15 05:55pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Boondocking really exists?

Recently saw reference to free camping in selective area in the Tennessee Valley Authority. Was thinking of checking them out this Summer. Has anyone tried camping in any of the TVA areas?
JimBollman 03/31/15 06:05pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Who Leaves the on-demand Pump On

I fall in the camp of shut off when we are not around because of possible leaks. Ours didn't have an on indicator and I wanted a low power light by the sink so we didn't have to turn on bright lights just to use the sink so I mounted a very low draw (40ma) LED light that is shaded so it points down at the sink and connected to the pump switch. Now it is obvious when it is on and we have low level evening lighting if we are sitting around reading on iPads or Kindles.
JimBollman 03/27/15 07:13pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: netflixs

I agree that streaming Netflix at a campgrounds is not a good idea, but I just found out something a few weeks ago that may make it possible on better CG networks (I think I have seen 2 or 3 good networks in the last 5 years). If you go into your Netflix account setting you can change the quality of your download and use as little as 1/20th of the bandwidth depending on what you are currently set at. I experimented at home and could barely tell the difference from best to worse setting on a 40" flat screen. I can believe you could see the difference on a bigger screen but it would still be very acceptable.
JimBollman 03/18/15 06:53pm Technology Corner
RE: Bedbugs!

Another tool you might look into is an ozone generators. In high concentrations it kills all kind of bugs, maybe in combination with some of the other suggestions it would do the trick. They can be bought or rented. A friend has a large one that I have borrowed a couple of times, it also kills mildew and mold. Just make sure you ventilate completely before you go back in, bad headaches or worse if you breath too much ozone.
JimBollman 03/17/15 07:18pm General RVing Issues
RE: It must be a sign

I guess the geese must be the problem with our weather. We have a flock of several hundred that Winter over in a large swampy pond about a half a mile from my house. They go up flying around anytime the weather gets close to freezing. They have been doing it for years.
JimBollman 03/13/15 05:32pm Truck Campers
RE: Road Service Wonder

I have had AAA Plus with RV rider for 20 years and have only needed to use it a few times, but they have always towed where I asked them to. One time they towed me twice on the same problem. It was on a Sunday no garages open so to a shopping area with an auto supply that was open, I thought I could fix the problem, he suggested the location. It was within walking distance of a motel. The next day he towed me to a Ford garage that said they would get me right in. All paid for.
JimBollman 03/01/15 06:28pm General RVing Issues
RE: Home internet

I have never tried any of them but I have seen programs for recording what is showing on your computer screen. Assuming they don't have a time limit on recording you could record a movie while you sleep, or in the case of a series, Netflix can be set to auto start the next episode after a few seconds. Quality will probably be lower but it might work.
JimBollman 03/01/15 04:19pm Technology Corner
RE: Home internet

We are thinking of relocating to the same part of TN and several of the houses we looked at have had a similar problem to what you are having so I have been looking into other options. Most of the Satellite network solutions looked a bit limiting for the cost but I found one that I will look into if we end up with a place with no broadband options. Exede has ok rates compared to others but does have unlimited use in the middle of the night. I figured I could use the free times for some of the bigger scheduled downloads. Other thing I discovered in some areas to my surprise was Century Link, very fast fiber optic phone and internet.
JimBollman 02/28/15 07:15pm Technology Corner
RE: Maps Alternative

So what happens when you don't have cell service? I have an ipad. Then I bought a gps puck that works with apples version of Bluetooth. Theres an app.. I think called galeleo for a few dollars.. You download all the maps of the states onto your ipad. they are resident on your ipad. so if you don't have cell service, they are still there. Pocket Earth, CoPilot and several others have the maps local (if you have the space) and do not need cell service or WiFi after the maps are loaded, only the GPS.
JimBollman 02/06/15 07:05pm Technology Corner
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