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RE: delete

I thought the no propane frig models used compressor style refrigerators that were a lot more efficient and ran directly on 12 volts.
JimBollman 10/20/17 06:16pm Tech Issues
RE: Battery disconnect

I added a shut off switch to mine and decided to add one that supported two batteries and added a second battery in a battery box in the wheel well. Since I don't have matched batteries I use one battery till it starts to get low and then switch to the other. I never run them in parallel but could if I ever replace both batteries at the same time. I would still probably use them one at a time since I know how much reserve I have left when I switch batteries.
JimBollman 10/18/17 08:13pm Truck Campers
RE: Rusty hitch ball vs stainless -- worthwhile?

Light grease as needed. As soon as I uncouple the trailer I put a plastic bag over the ball and pull the hitch. It gets dropped into a denim bag and put behind the seat or in the trailer. No greasy pants, no banged shins, no ugly ball.
JimBollman 10/11/17 06:00pm Tech Issues
RE: Truck camper alternatives

I can't tell you how well it will work yet but we decided it was time to switch from our popup truck 8' camper on a standard cab F250, 20' long and 7.5' tall. It still fits our needs as far as size but the wife is starting to have knee and hip problems and the end of getting in the upper bunk is coming. We will be going Class B. We are travellers more than campers so we want 20' or less and standard van Class B not the so called B+ (really a C-) so it can be parked in any standard parking spot. I would also like 9' tall or less so it will fit in our car port. Jim...
JimBollman 10/11/17 05:43pm Truck Campers
RE: Toll By Plate - A Unique Challenge for RVers!

I resisted getting an EzPass for a long time. What convinced me was one trip when I stopped to pay and it was pouring down rain. The water was draining off the top of my truck camper and the wind was blowing it in my window. I stopped and signed up on the way home.
JimBollman 09/26/17 07:19pm General RVing Issues
RE: Toll By Plate - A Unique Challenge for RVers!

NY has EZ-Pass will issue multiple boxes on one account and issue to out of state users. I may have paid for each unit, been to long, but there is no monthly fee and they put $25 in the shared account from your CC. When it gets below $10 they put in another $25, so worse case you have $34.99 in the account doing nothing. They send you an eMail each month if there has been activity telling you to log in for your statement listing all the tolls. You can register more plates than you have boxes and move them around if you want. After moving out of NY it was 2 years before it was used again and I was nervous if it still worked, but it did. We also skip interstates in general when we are on vacation or not in a hurry. We also skip the OH Turnpike if we are pulling a trailer, the extra charge gets it over 10 cents a mile and with the construction that is usually going on you can go faster on state roads.
JimBollman 09/19/17 06:17pm General RVing Issues
RE: Tow Capacity of Mercedes 2.7 Liter 5 Cylinder Diesel

Normally I only tow on one big trip a year and maybe a few local trips. The once a year trip is normally around 1000 miles but this year was 1700. Our normal trailer trip is driving out of the mountains so less than half the trip is hilly. The rest of the time we leave the trailer at home. Very early in the learning curve. Currently have slide in 8' popup camper on a F250 with 7.3l diesel so no problem towing now. Problem is as my wife's knees gets worse she doesn't think she will be able to get into the overhead bed. Being happy in an 8' popup truck camper should make it easy to move to a smaller B. Had 65 Ford van in the early 70s with pop up top before we moved to truck campers. It had been a commercially conversion but had been wrecked before we got it so we started with an empty shell after it got out of the body shop. Was crude when I did the conversion but served us well for many years.
JimBollman 08/31/17 07:25pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Tow Capacity of Mercedes 2.7 Liter 5 Cylinder Diesel

Thanks AsheGuy. Good to know it could do the towing. The height would be a problem because the carport that it would live under is only 9'6". I had already figured that a B Sprinter with roof air might be to high, now I know. Jim...
JimBollman 08/31/17 03:54pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
Tow Capacity of Mercedes 2.7 Liter 5 Cylinder Diesel

Just starting my search for a used class B. I see the Mercedes 2.7 Liter Turbo Charged 5 Cylinder Diesel in some of the units and wonder what is it's towing capability. On some of our trips I pull a 12 foot enclosed trailer that load is around 3000lbs. I don't need to pull this through the Rockies but do need to pull in the mountains in the East. I will be picking a B that is around 20' or less that isn't overly tall, I would like no more than 9' tall and would rather be down around 8'.
JimBollman 08/30/17 07:25pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Question on using a tailgate

My previous camper fit so I could leave the tailgate on and closed, loved having the back porch. Always worried about the same thing and was going to drill a hole through the hinge post and just drop a bolt in it. The casual person messing around would never see it if they were trying to lock you in. I instead wrapped a short ball bungie around the latch assembly so the tailgate wouldn't close the few times I was concerned that it might get shut.
JimBollman 08/29/17 06:54pm Truck Campers
RE: Best cell service providers, (areas covered)

My wife has Verizon and I have an ATT reseller. She use to use a Verizon reseller. We purposely went with two different carriers to improve our chances of always having one phone work. In real use from the Rockies to Maine to Florida I have had ATT service when she didn't have Verizon maybe 2 or 3 times. She has had service when I didn't more times than I can remember. Part of the problem may be the roaming thing since the resellers we were using didn't roam. Last time around my wife went with straight Verizon because with a plan that had an iPhone and an iPad it was only a bit more than having two plans with resellers and a lot easier. I plan to get a new phone soon and will add it to my wife's plan for an additional $20/month. If the resellers have plans that meet your needs you can save a lot of money. Check out PagePlus for Verizon and H20 for ATT. You can get as low as $80/year if you have simple needs. It is one plan per device and the yeary fee rolls over if you don't use it all. I have very limited needs and my roll over got to be over $200 and I switched to a $10/quarter plan to spend down the roll over.
JimBollman 08/19/17 05:54pm Technology Corner
RE: Buying a used Class B - what not to buy

Stay away from early Ford Chassis vans with the dual front I-beam suspension. (I believe '09 and earlier). Very unstable and wander badly. Be sure and test drive any van you get. If they don't track true they will miserable to drive. Most mechanics don't know it's a lack of caster issue that can supposedly be corrected by an upper offset bushing, but why take the chance. I have had several Twin I-Beam Ford trucks and liked them. Very durable front suspension. Only one I had some problems with was taken care of by a good front end shop. I agree not every place could adjust them but a shop that specialized in front end alignments had no problems. Of course now that they have been out of production for a while it may be harder to find a shop than before.
JimBollman 08/19/17 05:30pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Buying a used Class B - what not to buy

Some refer to those as Class B+, but that gets a lot of arguments started because that's not a recognized class by RIVA. Leisure Travel Van used to be a Class B manufacturer, but nowadays all they sell are what most would call a Class C. None of their models have anything overhanging the cab. I moved from a Roadtrek 210 Popular (Class B) to a Leisure Travel Van Unity (Class C). About 18" longer, a tad higher, but a whole lot more room. Plus it handles almost the same as the Roadtrek (in some cases even better), and gets much better mileage. I am looking for a similar vehicle as the Owinsmom and thought I knew what a class B was. Maybe we both need more education. Our needs differ from OP in that we have no pets, but add the restriction of being 20' long or shorter and under 9' and would like around 8' high max. Both restrictions so it can go most everywhere a normal size pickup could go, including my carport. We will be moving from a slide in 8' popup truck camper so the cramped space isn't a problem. We have done numerous 4-6 week trips in our truck camper with no marital problems. Our problem is my wife's bad knees are making it hard for her to handle the upper bunk area so we will need to do something in the next year or so. Not trying to highjack the thread, but will be watching for additional information to help us make a good choice since our needs are similar.
JimBollman 08/19/17 04:49pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Most Expensive Camp Site Ever

Yep I know I got a free water pump and belt. I just thought it was humors. I originally planned to spend the night a couple of hundred miles further down the road but it was far enough to make it home on Monday about 11:30pm, so same time table roughly. Felt very lucky, I almost went a different route and would have probably added a tow off the NY Thurway to the bill. Dennis, the Lost State of Franklin took in present day East TN. Was suppose to have been the 14th state.
JimBollman 07/23/17 05:52pm Truck Campers
Most Expensive Camp Site Ever

Was heading home last Sunday with my 2000 F250 7.3L with 8 foot Shadow Cruiser Popup on the back pulling a 12 foot enclosed trailer. Was on the last leg of a 2+ week trip and heading down the new I-99 old Rt 15 in PA when I heard a strange noise coming from the engine compartment. Pulled into the PA Visitor Center and discovered the serpentine belt trying to self destruct. I trimmed some of the loose pieces that were swing around and hitting things but it didn't look like it would last the 500+ miles I still needed to go. I went into the visitor center and ask the fellow where the closest Ford garage was and he wiped out a small map of the Mansfield area and put an X on the map where the Ford garage was located. and told me about how far I needed to go. Made it to Mansfield and got off on the North side of town so I could go slower the last bit and scout out the area. Drove by a Walmart maybe 1/2 mile from the Ford garage that the visitor center guy thought allowed overnight camping. Drove to the Ford garage just to see where it was with the plan to loop back to Walmart for the night. Started to pulled into the Ford driveway to turn around and the belt snapped. Drove in about 30-40 feet and shut down and set up camp for the night. Was in easy walking distance of a dinner and a ice cream shop, we had emptied out most of our supplies and turned off the frig not intending to cook any more this trip. Was sitting by camper having coffee when they opened the doors Monday morning. They were great, told me where to drop the trailer and got it right in. Bad news the water pump had seized causing the belt to break. It probably was making noise earlier but the diesel noise masked it. Before noon we were on the way South again. Camping for the night a little over $700. Couldn't have pick a better place to break down. Ford of Mansfield PA was great.
JimBollman 07/20/17 05:40pm Truck Campers
RE: Your favorite driving music?

Mystery audiobooks most of the time. Fill in with my collection of 50s and 60s rock or bluegrass in between or short trips. Everything on USB thumb drives these days. Only turn on the radio if we need local weather or news for some reason.
JimBollman 06/25/17 07:12pm RV Lifestyle
RE: New definition of hot & cold

We were in AK Summer of 1993 and multiple locals complained about the heat and how they move to Alaska to get away from the heat. Most days were running in the mid 70s but apparently it was a heat wave.
JimBollman 06/25/17 06:54pm Truck Campers
RE: Reflective tape

I have it on all sides of my enclosed car trailer and below the tailgate on my truck. when the tailgate is on you can see it through the crack for a little more safety and when the slide in camper is on you see it under the back of the camper. It often is brighter than the taillights or running lights. When I started using it 3M was the best and that is always what I look for. 3M makes a lot of the tape other company markets under their name.
JimBollman 06/02/17 06:52pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: OhBoyOhBoyOhBoy! We're Leaving Soon!

We did two major bluegrass festival to anchor both ends and a few minor one day festivals on a trip back in 2012. We were on the road for a month in an 8 foot popup slide in camper. We covering the crooked road and all the way down to Cherokee NC. We had a great time and did another loop in 2014. We moved from Western NY to NE TN in 2015. This area is addictive. Was a great decision for us. Check for local music events, there are at least 4 places within 5-30 minutes to where we live that has a band or open stage every week but you have to ask when you are making stops to find them, only one advertises at all, they don't need to, they fill the space without even putting up a sign. All free. We try to make at least one a week in the summer time. They are not all on the weekends either. Lots of other paid events.
JimBollman 05/29/17 06:39pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Does a heavy load on front rack mess with your steering?

I carry a front storage box that loaded probably runs around 250-300lbs and don't notice it at all on my F250. I mounted it low enough not to block the grill. I would recommend putting markers of some kind that sticks up in the front corners so you can see where the front of your van really is. I used the orange fiberglass driveway markers cut off to stick up a little above the hood and made mounts on the front corners. I then wrapped some extra reflective tape on the top couple of inches. Even with the markers right in my face I have come close to running into light poles in parking lots when parking because I forgot it was up there.
JimBollman 05/05/17 04:42pm Tech Issues
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