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RE: coffee maker?

We have a #4 Melitta funnel. The funnel, a ziplock bag of filters for a couple of weeks worth of coffee, an Insulated carafe and a small container of coffee good for 5 or 6 pots all fit in a plastic carry box we picked up somewhere. Works great for us, if it is cool/cold I make it inside the camper first thing in the morning and the heating of kettle of water takes the chill of the camper. If it is hot I make it outside on a camp stove. Also works when we visit my Mother who doesn't drink coffee, we just pack it in the trunk when we visit. As a bonus we bought an electric coffee maker for home that takes same filter so we always have a supply on hand.
JimBollman 04/14/14 07:26pm General RVing Issues
RE: Best Vent Fan

Thanks for the noise info on the Maxxair. I think all being equal in the noise department, I will order a Maxxair for the features. Most of the time we will be running it on a lower speed just to move the air a little. We have done without a fan for years so it will be an improvement. We have a popup Shadow Cruiser so when we open all the upper windows it doesn't take much to get a breeze going. I read on the web page that it can be run with the vent closed, which will help distribute the heat better for our late season trips.
JimBollman 04/14/14 03:49pm Truck Campers
RE: Best Vent Fan

Going by he general subject of Best Vent Fan, how does the Maxxair compared to the Fantastic as far as noise level at any given speed? Was thinking of going with the Fantastic but I like the collapsible lid and runnable in the rain ability of the Maxxair.
JimBollman 04/13/14 07:31pm Truck Campers
RE: New Computer

Also a happy user of Libre Office for many years.
JimBollman 04/08/14 05:24pm Technology Corner
RE: Do many campgrounds discriminate against TC's...?

Topic only came up once in all my years of truck camping. The fellow at the desk was being super nice signing me in and then asked what camper we had and I pointed out the window. He said the owner really didn't allow truck campers but there were lots of empty spots. Said if we stayed out of the higher (better view) spots, he didn't think anyone would complain. Started driving us around in his golf cart and I asked if he any spots with shade since we didn't have AC, turned out the only open spot with shade was an area that they reserved for employee camping. Told him it didn't bother us so that's the spot we picked. He was very apologetic and told us to please use the health spa and all the other things they had to offer.
JimBollman 04/08/14 05:18pm Truck Campers
RE: Mt Rushmore CG's

Not a fan of KOA but we stayed at the closes KOA (don't remember the location) because they had a shuttle bus to Mt Rushmore. We could then set up our truck camper and leave it, since we wanted to go late in the afternoon and stay to see it with the lights on. Turned out to be a good move because it was a dark and stormy night and I was glad to leave the return trip driving to the bus driver. Since we were small and self contained they let us use a tent site to save a few bucks (had electric) and it was still one of the more expensive campgrounds we stayed at. Was nice.
JimBollman 03/31/14 04:27pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Fender well storage box?

My previous camper had doors behind and in front of the wheel on the driverside that had access through fairly large inside doors. I used the large square plastic boxes like kitty litter comes in, probably around 5 Gal. They had watertight lid (if you didn't submerge them). I would put one forward and one back plus other items that didn't need to be kept dry. The new camper has access to both sides in the front from inside the camper but only the drivers side is big enough for these plastic containers to fit through so I put two in the front plus extra stuff and smaller things on the passenger side front that don't have to be kept dry. The back is accessible from outside doors in the back of the camper but they are narrow and I haven't found the best way to use that space yet. I did make some free standing racks so I could haul long poles or our awning on the passenger side, over the top of the wheelwell.
JimBollman 03/29/14 09:06pm Truck Campers
RE: Breakdown

Been lucky that I have never had more than a half day break down in 40 years of RVing. I like the idea someone said about bring the title along, I may have to consider that. I always figured if I have a breakdown that was not fixable or to expensive, I would get rid of the equipment and find a substitute or rent a vehicle and either finish the trip in motels or head home. The two worst break downs I personally know about happened to friends. One was a transmission. They were close to where they were going (meeting us) when the transmission died. They had it towed to a transmission shop, rented a van and loaded what camping gear a such they could and met us. Bit rougher camping than planned but 3 days later they got the call that is was done and retrieved it and finished their stay, a few thousand dollars poorer. The other was a bigger break down, a friend of my parents had a big diesel pusher bus conversion and blew the engine. They located a place that would rebuild it but that is a multi week job between getting it scheduled, getting parts and rebuilding. They rented a car and drove home, then flew back a month or so later and paid an even bigger bill and drove home. Jim...
JimBollman 03/27/14 07:29pm Good Sam Roadside Assistance
RE: Spare tire age

Last flat I had, was the first time I had the spare down since I bought the truck used. I called AAA since I was on a 4 lane that I didn't want to try and change it on and told them to bring air because it might be flat, it was low. When we got it down it turned out to be D rated and I had E on the truck and it didn't look great age wise. Instead of trying to find a replacement in a strange area I went to state roads and kept the speed down and limped home since I was only about 200 miles in to a weekend trip. I had two new tires put on the truck and put the good take off on as the spare. Now whenever I get new tires the best of the take offs go on as a spare, that makes sure the spare doesn't get to old. Considering that is only the second time I have had a flat on the truck while on a trip in 40 years of hauling a camper around I don't consider having a perfect spare worth the cost, if I have a flat a long way from home I will find a tire store. In fact the first time I trusted the spare but didn't want to be without a spare for the rest of the trip so I stopped and bought a tire for a spare. Jim...
JimBollman 03/25/14 08:21pm Truck Campers

My E-Zpass was unreliable (worked about 75% of the time) with my slide in aluminum camper loaded till I lowered it about 2 inches on the windshield. Sometimes the photo system would correct the problem sometimes I had to call the 800 number. All but one states just took my word for it and adjust the tolls. PA on the other hand, for a 50 cent adjustment in the toll, sent me a multipage form to fill out. Just for fun I sent it back. A month later I got another letter from them saying I needed to include a copy of the invoice. Of course the invoice was only available online for 30 days and I hadn't printed it out so I couldn't send them a copy. Don't you love it, bureaucracy at it's finest. Jim...
JimBollman 03/20/14 07:45pm Truck Campers
RE: A Camper Window with a View 3

Keep the thread going and I'll add to it in a couple of months. Right now if I could even get to the camper you would see the side of my enclosed trailer out one window, a wall out the other side and back, probably a boat out the front. I'm one of the early ones to be put in the storage barn and the owner fills all the nooks and crannies with assorted Summer toys for his customers. Being one of the first in I get a good spot but will be one of the last out. Jim...
JimBollman 03/19/14 03:34pm Truck Campers
RE: iPhone app for state laws-recommended

I use "CCW Concealed Carry 50 States". They have frequent in app updates to stay current, and it is easy to use.
JimBollman 03/17/14 08:19pm Technology Corner
RE: Driving Tunes

No music for us while packing either. We primarily do audio books on the road, makes the miles go faster, mostly mysteries. I have a radio that has in addition to CD and regular and HD radio takes thumb drives and SD cards. I keep an SD card in all the time full of fast Bluegrass picking always good when your getting a little sleepy. Then I have an array of choices on thumb drive from oldies rock to comedy sketches depending on our mood if we don't want to do a book or we finished one with a few more miles to go for the day. I check out audio books from the library and rip them to the computer then copy them to a single MP3 CD or a thumb drive so we don't have to juggle CDs every hour.
JimBollman 03/09/14 06:12pm RV Lifestyle
RE: So WHY ain't it on the website? (Verizon rant!)

Bluetooth keyboard built into aftermarket case. We have one and it doesn't add a lot of bulk to the phone but we also never use it so I can't vouch for reliability.
JimBollman 03/05/14 06:24pm Technology Corner
RE: No contract cell phone service

I use an ATT reseller called H20 that has plans as cheap as $10 every 3 months. Customer service is not great but I haven't had to use that much. I have had them for almost 3 years. I went with the $100/year because I wanted some network connectivity but for just very limited phone the $10/3 months is a good deal. My wife uses PagePlus that is a reseller for Verizon. We actually use a reseller of the reseller called Kitty Wireless because of some extra services. They have a terrible website but seems to work well, we have used them for a few months now. You can get by for $10/3 months there also. My wife uses that $12/month plan to get a little internet and more minutes. Wife had a TracPhone for many years, worked fine but she wanted a smart phone, we can use out of contract smart phones on H20 and PagePlus so we switched.
JimBollman 03/03/14 06:54pm Technology Corner
RE: Would you buy a truck on ebay?

I have bought 3 antique trucks on eBay over the years, 2 were a little over sold and one was a great deal, still have that one. I also bought my 2000 F250 diesel on the internet but not eBay, bought it from a dealer 1500 miles away. Talked to them on the phone and they sent additional photos. I sent a down payment with their assurance I would get a refund if it wasn't as advertised. A few items that were either not fixed as promised or didn't show up in the photos were used to negotiate a reduction in price. They picked me up at the airport and I was heading back home with temporary tags in about 2 hours. Jim...
JimBollman 02/27/14 07:08pm Truck Campers
RE: Wireless fridge/freezer thermometer

I use an indoor/outdoor wireless thermometer I picked up for under $20 and it works all the way up in the cab of the truck, but tends not to be very accurate. It does give me a warning if the pilot blows out or I need to turn on the cooling fan. I like the Acu-Rite, I may upgrade. Jim...
JimBollman 02/27/14 06:51pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Questions on an enclosed trailer

I have a 12 foot open and a 12 foot V nose enclosed trailer, both have double 12 foot E-Track installed. Best add on I made to the trailers. I used stainless bolts and nuts with surface washers on the bottom so I had maximum strength for the attachments so I didn't have any localized loading problem that might pull out a wood/metal screw. I put them every foot or so making sure I hit all the frame supports underneath. I am using it to tie down fairly heavy loads at times is why I over did it. I was going to ad it to the walls also, a friend did and it works well but I decided I wouldn't use it enough to bother and instead added some tie down rings up high on the wall every 3 feet or so and a few lower where I needed them to tie specific things.
JimBollman 02/25/14 06:27pm Truck Campers
RE: USB outlets in faceplate fed w/ 12v?

I have the Blue Seas USB Plug also and love it. I mounted it near the bed so if I want to use my iPhone to read in bed I can be charging it. You don't need any special box or anything just drill the right size hole and run large enough wires. The current 12 volt plug probably has large enough wire, the Blue Seas is rated a max of 2.1 amps at 5 volts. You don't need to use the square mounting flange if you drill the right size hole.
JimBollman 02/16/14 07:54pm Tech Issues
RE: Another Frig Fan Question

I don't see anything wrong running when it isn't needed but by installing it in the stack, it will cause some obstruction when it isn't running, so hot nights might be a problem. You may want to add a switched battery assist for those few times that you may needed it.
JimBollman 01/30/14 06:37pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
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