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RE: Any issues with front storage when traveling?

Here is my setup. I added some home made brackets to the front tow hooks to stabilize the box. Made it out of used pickup box and parts of the aluminum carrier Harbor Freight sells. http://www.jebs-stuff.com/F250/Ft-Box.jpg The straps hook into the top of the bumper and into the tow hook brackets.
JimBollman 06/21/16 06:55pm Truck Campers
RE: Mosquitos

Road sign to watch out for while in the Carolinas. http://www.jebs-stuff.com/Misc/Mosquitos.jpg
JimBollman 06/13/16 06:26pm General RVing Issues
RE: Slideouts @ WalMart Redux

If the trip is the vacation we stay at campgrounds (if available), if the vacation is at the destination we stay where it is convenient till we get there. We don't stay at Walmart's often but our experience has been good when we have.
JimBollman 05/30/16 06:27pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Date on Propane Tanks

I try to watch the dates and when they get close or the tank looks a little nasty I go for an exchange tank and pay a little extra than just refilling. Check the date on the one you are exchanging for that it has a few years on it, I have seen expired dates in the rack.
JimBollman 05/22/16 06:17pm Tech Issues
RE: making reservations

Compromise, agree that after lunch sometime you will call and make reservations where you think you will be when you're ready to stop for the night. We do this when we are on a road trip for weekend stops. Don't bother during the week.
JimBollman 05/10/16 06:00pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Question re: Pop up Truck Camper

If your friend wants lightweight but better than sleeping in a tent on the ground the QuickSilver is a good choice. A friend has one and it rides below the cab height and is light enough that 3 strong people can slide it on an off onto a stand.
JimBollman 05/09/16 05:39pm Truck Campers
RE: Using camper energy savings ideas (LED) in your house?

The problem I had with CFLs that last as long as they were suppose to, is they kept getting dimmer. I have moved a lot of CFLs to places that didn't need as much light.
JimBollman 05/09/16 05:27pm Truck Campers
RE: Using camper energy savings ideas (LED) in your house?

When I add new lights I go with LED fixtures because they are not that much more expensive anymore when you include the bulbs you have to buy for the non LED fixtures and then you have the operating savings over their whole life. I also have replaced bulbs in fixtures I use all the time and for long periods to LED. The rest I will replace as needed. Obviously bulbs that don't get used much, unless hard to get to, will stay with cheap tungsten. I will not buy any more CFLs but I will repurpose ones that I have replaced with LED. I did this with some can fixtures in the ceiling of our porch, the CFLs took too long to reach full light output in cold weather and they tended to be left on long hours when we are coming back after dark. I have also converted about half the outside floods that get left on when we are out for the evening or expecting company. I have lots of 4 ft fluorescent fixtures in my shop that will be replaced with LED as the ballast fail because a new LED fixtures are only slightly more than a ballast.
JimBollman 05/08/16 07:34pm Truck Campers
RE: stabil gas treatment vs seafoam for storage

Since I only use my Honda 2000 for emergency power during power outages: I want it to start easily, not require a lot of unneeded running just to be sure it will start, and in a normal year I don't use much gas so price is not an object. I switched to 100LL av gas about 6 years ago. Premium price, smells like gas did in the 60s, has a storage life without additives North of 3 years according to an airport manager I talked to. I drain the gas from the carb after every use and refill the tank and put it on the shelf till needed next, sometimes close to a year. Starts easily and runs smooth. I normally keep 15 gallons or so in tightly sealed jerry cans in the shed. I try to rotate at least 5 gallons a year if not in the generator I dump it in a tractor or lawnmower. I'm also a fan of Stabil, Seafoam and Marvel Mystery, I use them all from time to time in my old cars, lawmower and tractors, most of which I use E0 fuel. A dose of MM at least once a year, Stabil before storage, Seafoam if they are sounding a little rough.
JimBollman 05/06/16 06:06pm Tech Issues
RE: Tie downs for a flatbed

I have used something called Bed Bolts on a flatbed I have to tire down a small tractor. The eyes are removable for when I want them out of the way. The large ones are rated around 2500 lbs each. You have to put reinforcing underneath if you are not going into a heavy structural support. http://www.jebs-stuff.com/F1/BB_Installed-1.jpg Jim...
JimBollman 05/05/16 07:05pm Truck Campers
RE: Fighting off boredom on the road

I think most of our methods have been covered - All our audio sources of entertainment have been converted to MP3 and put on thumb drives since our two travel vehicles both will handle thumb drives now. Thumb drives are cheap enough we split stuff into categories. We do audio books, Old TIme Radio and Podcasts. I download a bunch of interesting Podcasts when they get released and stack them up for future trips. When all that fails and we haven't stopped at something interesting along the way we talk to our GPS. We switched to GPS that you can give vocal commands to about 7 years ago and would never own one without that feature now. The voice recognition is ok but it makes lots of mistakes so we ask it to find things and see how it screws up the names. You'd be surprised at how long you can laugh at a GPS. Our is called Veronica.
JimBollman 05/03/16 07:08pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Best length for a TC?

I want my total rig to be no longer than 20 feet so I can park anywhere a full size car can park. The total length is key, we can adapt to the space. My secondary preference is the camper does not extend beyond the bed but if I had a short bed pickup I would probably accept that as long as we stayed under 20 feet. I had an 8.5' for awhile and it was a pain having an extra set of taillights to keep working. I eventually modified the back so the truck lights could be seen. Our previous camper was just short enough we could leave the tailgate on and shut it. That was nice because we had a built in back porch. Current one we have to leave the tailgate at home. We don't spend much time in the camper we sleep and cook in it and that is about it.
JimBollman 04/30/16 06:58pm Truck Campers
RE: Slow down and smell the roses directions

Sounds like a great trip. When we vacation we always stay on state and US highways as much as possible and don't over plan. We never get campground reservations more than a few hours before we arrive if at all. Only got shut out once and had to get a motel room because we didn't want to go any further and almost stayed in the camper instead of the room just so we didn't have to haul stuff in. By not having reservations we are free to change routes, make extra stops, etc.
JimBollman 04/30/16 06:19pm Truck Campers
RE: Best campers for seniors?

Friends have a Class B based on a Dodge Sprinter van. Diesel that gets around 20mpg, 2 steps up from the ground, 20 feet long park anywhere. A used one might fit your budget. I believe there bed has storage under it so you don't have to tear down the bed all the time.
JimBollman 04/30/16 06:08pm Truck Campers
RE: Cicadas invasion

Either Cicadas take turns on their 17 year cycle or other varieties are on a different cycle because we hear some every year just more some years. About 6 years ago we were camped close to where we ended up moving to last year (when we first fell in love with East TN), and they were deafening. In less than a minute after sundown the woods went silent, it was like a switch was thrown. Very peaceful sleep.
JimBollman 04/16/16 08:31pm General RVing Issues
RE: Travels With Charlie, something many do not know

If you're into Travels with Charley you may want to look into Dogging Steinbeck: Discovering America and Exposing the Truth about 'Travels With Charley'. Kind of exposes Steinbeck book as really a work of mostly fiction. Good read. You can get the gist of the book doing a Google search and read some of the stuff written about the book. http://www.amazon.com/Dogging-Steinbeck-Discovering-America-Exposing-ebook/dp/B00A6X9ZR0/ref=sr_1_2?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1460251564&sr=1-2&keywords=travels+with+charley Jim...
JimBollman 04/09/16 07:32pm Truck Campers
RE: Bad Fuel Disposal

Been a few years so if it is also a bad thing to do I'll plead stupidity. I had a couple of gallons of bad gas to get rid of so after having it around for awhile I used a heavy open top can that held probably 4 gallons I dumped in about 2 gallons of bad gas and set it out in an open space away from everything and pitched a burning piece of paper in it and let it burn. Burned for a long time and removed all the paint from the can but it got rid of all the gas. In the case of the OP I'm not sure what you do with the water that is left but it may just evaporate.
JimBollman 03/23/16 07:55pm Tech Issues
RE: First website is 25 yrs old

Working in high tech at the time I was also an early adapter. Went to an internal seminar on the web in early 90s and a few weeks later I wrote my first web page for the intranet we were running in the building. No one outside of the company could get to it but it was kind fun to have my own private Home page with my favorite links on it. Taught my Son how to write simple html to create his own local Home page in early 93 (High School Senior). He works in internet service now for a big IT company that bought his small IT company a few years ago. Back then there was a web site that listed all the new websites that came online each day/week. Can you imagine that those numbers were so low that you could scan through them every once in awhile to see if anything interesting had been added. JIm...
JimBollman 03/13/16 06:31pm Technology Corner
RE: Second battery

I added a second battery (in a box) in the wheel well that plugs into the side of the camper and wired into the main battery box. I added a switch that allows Bat 1, Bat 2, Bat 1 + Bat 2 & off. wasn't very expensive off eBay and now I have all options. My batteries are currently mismatched so I run one at a time. I may not even switch to parallel when I eventually get matched batteries since switching batteries gives me a good indication when I have used roughly half my power. I usually run off the old weaker battery first. When I'm on the road and plugged in every night I switch between the batteries every few days just to keep them both topped off. Same time I put in the battery switch I added a meter beside the switch so I could quickly decide if I needed to switch batteries.
JimBollman 02/29/16 06:07pm Truck Campers
RE: Carrying chairs without a ladder

Not an outside storage but what works for us is the back side of the dinette. We don't sit back there any way so I put tie down loops on the far ends of that area and sit the chairs on end against the outside wall and run a bungie between the loops to hold the chairs against the wall.
JimBollman 02/18/16 05:53pm General RVing Issues
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