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RE: e-book basic questions...

I actually like the Kindle App interface on my iPhone and iPad better than my Kindle PaperWhite reader but I like that I can read books when camping for a couple of weeks between charging and in the sun with the PaperWhite instead of daily or more charging the iPhone. When WiFi is available to sync I use both iPhone and PaperWhite depending where I am.
JimBollman 07/07/14 06:55pm Technology Corner
RE: Funny things we see at the CG w/pics

Saw this a few weeks ago. Follow the 2X4 down and you will see the bottom is sitting on a cement block. http://www.jebs-stuff.com/Camping/AC-Prop.jpg
JimBollman 07/07/14 06:49pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Women and truck campers

A female friend does solo camping on a motorcycle. She does carry a cute little Walther .32 semi. Never has had any problems. Just curious... is it she has never had any problems... or is it that she has had to use her pistol to keep from having problems? One way says it's pretty safe for someone to camp alone... the other says... it's dangerous unless you wave your gun around. BTW... I've been a Life Member of the NTA since 1970 so I'm not fussing about the gun. She has never had any problems. She just likes having a little extra security.
JimBollman 07/04/14 07:41pm Truck Campers
RE: Beehive in hookup. Typical?

I had beehives in three boxes in one campgrounds before finding one that both had ac and no wasps. I think I checked and passed on 4 spots total, then had to use 3 layers of 2X8 lumber to level in the 5th spot. Owner just kept telling me to move till I found a good one. Not a place I would go back to. Was 4 star rated but had changed owners a couple of years before.
JimBollman 07/03/14 07:18pm General RVing Issues
RE: Women and truck campers

A female friend does solo camping on a motorcycle. She does carry a cute little Walther .32 semi. Never has had any problems.
JimBollman 07/03/14 06:01pm Truck Campers
RE: Looking for a "soft" rubber truck bed mat

How long did it live as a bed mat? Mine has about 15 months on it and going strong. I think if I get 5 years out of it, I'll buy another. Beers ago, I used a similar mat for the just about completely rusted out floorpan of a '77 Toyota pick-up. A friend gave it to me and called it "Mining Belt", from his Father's coal mining endeavor. Really tough stuff. Before I threw screws in it, you got wet when it rained from the water splashing up and forcing the mat to move when I hit a big puddle. The passenger had to remember to hold their cigarette up. Ahh. Good times. Mine's on my 3rd truck, over 20 years old.
JimBollman 06/30/14 06:19pm Truck Campers
RE: Battery Hold Downs

I cut a board to match the contour of the bed so the battery sits flat, put it in a battery box with a cable to plug into the side of the camper where I mounted a plug and sat it in the right spot be for loading the camper. No hold down, where is it going to go. If I flip the truck I have more problems than a little battery acid. I have baskets that fit in the wheel well also and that doesn't allow it to slide much. I used a 4 pin connector and used 2 connectors for each side of the battery and 12g wire, largest the connector would take. Since the connector was keyed it shouldn't be plugged in rotated 180 degrees but I discovered it could be if you didn't pay attention. I used the diagonal connectors so no matter which way it was plugged in nothing would be shorted or reversed.
JimBollman 06/23/14 05:15pm Truck Campers
RE: Adding fan to outside fridge compartment. Where to buy?

I have had fans on my last two campers and they really help. robatthelake says they draw very little power and that is true if you pick the right fan. My last camper I replaced the one that was installed by the camper builder with 3 low power fans with more than double the air flow and less total current than the previous. Mine have a thermal switch which sometimes actually shuts off the fan when not needed but I wired up the 3 fans so I could have the middle one on only, the two outer or all 3 so I could fine tune my current use when camping off the grid. Also helps with noise, not all fans are created equal and this allowed me to run no fan or just one at night when I usually didn't need as much air flow. I needed them most when I had to park or drive where the sun hitting the frig side of the camper. I try to park so that side is in the shade as much as possible.
JimBollman 05/31/14 06:12pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: i pad2

Well the fellow that Bill Gates hired from Xerox came up with MS Word. I was using an internal to Xerox word processor written by the same fellow, lots of similarities, back before he left for Microsoft. As far as the iPad or iPhone tag line I modified mine to be more unique but left it. Tends to be an excuse for short messages and the occasional auto correct spelling.
JimBollman 05/31/14 05:58pm Technology Corner
RE: Retirement

i started my SS when I hit 62. Never looked back. Why wait and take a chance on never collecting anything. B.O. It all depends on cash flow, I don't necessarily need to get the total max I can out of SS, I do want to get the highest monthly checks when I really needed it, like an annuity that I have already paid for that grows by 8% a year till I need to start using it. That and living into late 80s and 90s run on both my side and my wifes.
JimBollman 05/30/14 06:50pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Looking at Truck Camper for Retirement

Examine what you plan to do with your truck camper in retirement. One of our goals was to pretty much treat it like a car and go anywhere they can (accept parking garages). This means we have a little less room inside to keep the total length down to something we can park in a standard parking place at any stop. Our travel is primarily traveling and we spend as much time outside as possible. The camper is the place to sleep. If the weather is bad we are a little cramped. We don't park in the same place for days. What I described will not even bring your 3500 down to it's overload springs and you will not even know it is there. If you want a small house on the back of your 3500 better listen to Buzzcut.
JimBollman 05/30/14 06:04pm Truck Campers
RE: Boot Scrubbers?

Never thought about building them into our camper entrance, but for 30+ years I have had two of the wood backed scrub brushes you would scrub a floor with screwed with bristles up to the bottom step going into the house. They are off to the side where you will not trip on them and it is amazing the amount of dirt that piles up around them. Only on the second set in all these years. Very cheap solution if you have somewhere to mount them.
JimBollman 05/29/14 05:59pm General RVing Issues
RE: Small Pickups Coming Back?

Bring back small Pickups http://crosleyautoclub.com/13Nationals/3-Saturday/Images/IMG_6515.jpg
JimBollman 05/29/14 05:36pm General RVing Issues
RE: What to stock

Lots of good ideas, here are a couple I didn't see listed that I have needed in the past. Disposable razors and shaving cream, small packets 1 to 5, be surprised how many places have the large packs that I don't want to haul. Found a place that carried 5 packs and bought and later found a place that repacked the large packs into one packs. An assortment of nuts. bolts and screws - always something to fix. Ball bungees and regular buggies.
JimBollman 05/28/14 07:13pm General RVing Issues
RE: Handy Hints, Gadgets, Products & Gizmos

I installed a console vault/safe this past week in my F250 so we have a place reasonably secure to lock up things while traveling. It has a very heavy top and anchor solidly to existing bolts in the floor. Since it isn't a full steel box it isn't top security but it would slow someone down since they would have to cut through the side of the console in cramped quarters. Not as fast to install as the 10 minutes they say when you have to work through a small hole to put all the bolts and screws in but did go in without much problem in less than 30 minutes. http://www.pickupspecialties.com/Consoles/Console_Vault/CV1017.jpg Available from lots of online places this is where I bought it and they shipped for free and fast. http://www.pickupspecialties.com/Consoles/Console_Vault/truck_and_suv_auto_console_vault.htm
JimBollman 05/25/14 06:01pm General RVing Issues
RE: Finally got my camper popped-up! Good News/Bad News

The little flip down hook was on the drivers side on my 98.
JimBollman 05/20/14 07:13pm Truck Campers
RE: Finally got my camper popped-up! Good News/Bad News

Can't give you any advise on the under bed area but I had a 1998 Palomino up to last summer. I like the camper and was almost ready to buy another one when I fell into a very clean Shadow Cruiser. Check the front edge of the roof and the front edge of the bed. I replaced the top front board twice. The first time with a strip of marine plywood, no one told me MP wasn't waterproof. Next time I ran pressure treated through planner to get the right thickness, much better. The reason I started looking for a replacement was the lower edge was going and I didn't feel like getting into it. Also check the bottom part of the door, mine was completely rotted out, I cleaned it out and put pressure treated insert in there to. I have been told that until they changed the way the roof came down over the door in the early 2000s that most have the door problem because of the way the water sheds down the back. I got a spray mildew killer that I think is mostly clorax that worked like magic taking mildew off, don't remember the brand. Just sprayed it on let it sit for awhile wipe it off and it was mostly gone, just had to redo a couple of spots that I didn't get enough on the first time.
JimBollman 05/19/14 03:59pm Truck Campers
RE: Retirement

You may want to look into your specfic Social Security account. If you have enough money from other sources that you really don't need SS right away you can still wait, not continue working and your SS payments will go up roughly 8%/year till you are 70.5 years old. That is my plan unless I start running out of money. The other advantage to this, depending on your wifes SS account, she gets yours or hers if she survives you which can make a big difference.
JimBollman 05/18/14 04:58pm RV Lifestyle
RE: My lawn looks terrible!

We live back in the woods and accept the grass along the driveway no one can see the lawn unless they drive down 500 feet of drive. With woods all around what yard we have and I don't like lawn work I have let it go as natural as possible. This time of year I only spot mowing as needed because most of the yard has wildflowers blooming, moss, with a few ferns and other interesting things growing in the yard. I take maybe 10 minutes once or twice in May then expand to more of the yard as the blossoms die back. By July I'm up to 40 minutes of mowing every 2 or 3 weeks. I often skip August if it is a dry year. My neighbors mow once or more a week, I brag that I only used 3-4 gallons of gas for the whole season. I mow on the highest setting and if the mower can get through it can probably go another week :-)
JimBollman 05/17/14 08:07pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Maxxaire vs Fantastic fans

Just this Spring I installed a MaxxFan. No experience comparing noise other than comments from a few people that said they were about the same. I was going for Fantastic till I saw how the MaxxFan opens when you want to use it and it can be run in the rain. Since a lot of the time I will want to use it is those hot mid west rainy nights. When it is down it is almost as low as a standard vent so I have lower clearance than running a fix storm cover. My thread is here.
JimBollman 05/13/14 03:33pm General RVing Issues
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