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RE: NorthStar hard side owners- What would you change?

I would definitely get the pass through window. The main advantage is being able to heat or cool the camper from the truck while driving. If you travel in freezing or very hot weather, you will greatly appreciate the difference. I think Northstars are well made but my 2005 Igloo had a few issues. The paneling is really poor. The surface can easily abrade and wear. I do not know if they offer any options. We had problems with our counter top. The substrate is pressboard that is not water resistant. There was a 45 degree bevel on the joints that exposed the substrate. With very little use, the water dampened the substrate and caused serious damage. Ask about getting a marine plywood countertop. Next, I would look at the storage area under the sink. There is a fair amount of space but poorly laid out and hard to use. Using this for storage is risky because of exposed wiring, plumbing lines and pump and the need to keep open the electronic ventilation and fan. Lines from the bottom of the water tank and the drain cock are also unprotected. Also think about the TV. We have never tried to use ours and rarely camp where there is a signal. Without the TV, there would be space for additional clothing storage.
JimK-NY 04/19/14 09:52am Truck Campers
RE: Day 16 on the road

You are just getting started. You are still thinking about going back home. After 3 months or so, your RV will seem like home. The idea of driving back to the house will seem strange.
JimK-NY 04/04/14 10:04am RV Lifestyle
RE: Ordering New Dodge

As soon as you mention gas or diesel, the debates will start. I have a diesel and love it, but my truck is basically dedicated to hauling an RV. If you want to replace the truck at 100,000 miles then gas seems like the best choice at least for costs. If you do short trips and often are not hauling, then gas is also the best choice. Sounds like you have put a lot of thought into this purchase. Best of luck.
JimK-NY 04/03/14 06:14am Truck Campers
RE: Do You Use a Cassette Toilet

I camped full time for 2 years in a truck camper with a cassette toilet. On a few occasions I wished I had a large black tank and could go a long time between dumps. On way more occasions I was happy I had the cassette toilet. On the downside I need to dump every 2-3 days, but dumping is easy. I try to avoid dumping at crowded public restrooms. I would never abuse the privilege of overnight Walmart parking by bringing the cassette into the store. I have dumped in outhouses pretty frequently. I have used side entrance gas station toilets on rare occasions. In some States I have found rest stops with free dump stations. Most often I just use campground dump stations. Only once was I in the middle of nowhere and had to improvise by digging a hole. Whether cassette or black tank, dumping is no fun. At least with the cassette it is quick. Also no disgusting contaminated dump hose to deal with.
JimK-NY 03/25/14 10:59am General RVing Issues
RE: CR1110 Refrigerator install in my TC

I have a NovaKool compressor fridge. I think it is about 4.5 cu ft. It runs on a Danfoss BD35 compressor. These compressors can be set up for different ampere pulls but typically pull about 2.3 amps. Under about 75 degrees, the unit runs pretty efficiently...maybe about 30-40% cycle time. Above 80 or 85 the unit runs a lot...probably 75% of the time or more. That is about 40 amp-hrs. I opted for a much bigger solar system. There are plenty of cloudy days or days that I am parked in the woods.
JimK-NY 01/04/14 10:10am Truck Campers
RE: pass through window use?

We used it for our cats. They could travel with us or decide they wanted peace and quiet. The most important reason has already been mentioned. When it is very cold or very hot outside, the pass through window done a lot to achieve a reasonable temperature in the camper. Also I like to leave the doors open for visibility. The sliding glass on the truck has a very dark tint. I have a Fresnel lens on the back of the camper and like to watch the traffic behind me.
JimK-NY 01/01/14 01:17pm Truck Campers
RE: Laundry?

Going to the Laundromat on a frequent basis is a real nuisance. Before starting out as a fulltimer, I accumulated over 30 sets of underwear and socks. I also have a large number of T shirts. My wife and I usually hit the Laundromat every 3-4 weeks. In a pinch, I might have to rinse out a few items but can push it to 5-6 weeks. At that point we also have a couple of sets of bedsheets and towels. Every other trip we also launder the dinette cushion covers and the cat bed. It does not seem to matter how much we have it always takes about 2 1/2 hours. Costs are usually about $20 for the whole pile. Big deal.
JimK-NY 12/17/13 07:28pm Full-time RVing
RE: Dream TC Camp Spot

Little or no shade for me. I want the sun and so does my solar system. I want bright sunny skies with great sunsets, moderate temperatures, little rain, little wind and great scenery.
JimK-NY 11/28/13 09:49am Truck Campers
RE: How much solar?

I have a small compressor fridge that pulls about 2.5 amps. On a hot day it can run almost full time during the day and maybe 2/3rd at night. Top consumption is probably about 48 AH/day. My wife also uses a CPAP that pulls about 25 AH/day. My lighting is all LED but I do have a 12 v charger for my laptop. Anyway, all together I probably use about twice the power that you plan to use. I have two type 31 HT AGM batteries for a total of 300 AH. I have 270 watts of solar. I would not want to have anything less. On sunny, summer days I have no problem keeping my batteries charged, but that changes in the winter months when the sun is low. It also changes on cloudy days and whenever I camp in the shade. As long as you are going through the expenses of installation and wiring and a controller don't skimp on the size of the panel. Also don't skimp on the gauge of the wiring. Use at least 8, or preferrably 6 gauge, wiring.
JimK-NY 06/13/13 08:01am Truck Campers
RE: Any Advice On This?

Traveling with a pet can be a major issue. I had close to a 200 mile round trip to get to a vet and then had to repeat that process a week later. Many campgrounds, including national parks, do not allow you to leave a pet alone. Often dogs left alone spend the day barking. Then there can be issues with temperatures. RVs can get really hot and I have been in plenty of places without hookups. BTW, I don't have a dog, but traveled with a cat.
JimK-NY 06/10/13 02:53pm General RVing Issues
RE: Biting midges or cedar gnats or no-see-ums

Last year I discovered a new torment. I was camping along the Colorado above Moab when some sort of Spring hatch occurred. Little gnats came through the screening by the thousands. I could not turn on any lights in the camper including a cell phone or computer screen. Fortunately they were gone in a week or so. The southwestern gnats are nothing compared with black flies. I used to canoe in southern Ontario...it was headnets only for the month of June.
JimK-NY 05/26/13 01:37pm Truck Campers
RE: Cold vs. hot tire pressure

I have a TPMS in my truck and was really surprised to see the magnitude of increases in pressure. I originally set my tires to 80 psi at ambient temps (about 70 degrees). After driving on the highway on an 80 degree day, I checked and found my rear tires were at 254 psi. It turns out that the TPMS only goes to 92 psi and after that the pressure reads at 254. I often go over the 92 psi limit on my rear tires. There is a lot less weight on the front tires and they are always under 90 psi. Actually now they are well under. I have the pressure set at 60 psi on the front tires and they end up at about 70 psi for highway driving.
JimK-NY 05/24/13 06:23pm Truck Campers
RE: S & S Manufaturing ?

I was also visited S&S last summer and actually had some repair work done on one of my Northstar happijacks. They really helped me. I was in Glacier when I damaged my jack. They had a new motor within 48 hrs and very promptly completed the repair. I am not sure they are doing any builds. There were a couple of campers in the parking lot, but the shop was empty except for a small repair area at the back of the store. It looked like there were maybe 3 or 4 employees working that day and only one was working in the shop. I think I was the only repair customer for the day. I think they built good units so it was sad to see another casualty of our bad economy.
JimK-NY 05/24/13 06:13pm Truck Campers
RE: Thinking about a Truck Fridge.

I have a NovaKool which I believe has a capacity of a little over 4 cuft. These and most other 12 v compressor fridges or freezers use the German built Danfoss compressors. The Engels uses a Japanese equivalent. With the Danfoss, the manufacturers can select the compressor size and they can alter the power consumption and output needed for the specific model. Most of the smaller units will run at about 2.5 amps @ 12 volts. On cool days most units are set to run about 30% of the time. Since the small units have a freezer compartment within the main unit, it is necessary for the unit to run frequently to keep the frozen food actually frozen. On a hot day the run time and power consumption increases rapidly and @ 90 oF the unit is likely to run constantly. That would result in power consumption of about 60 AH per day. Opening and closing the unit and adding warm beer to be cooled will also have a large effect on the efficiency. Plan on a couple of high capacity RV batteries and at least two solar panels in the 100 watt range. Note also that the proper installation is essential. The fridge will not run efficiently unless there is a lot of air flow around the compressor. The wiring is also very important. My fridge is on the opposite side of the camper in relation to the batteries. I needed close to 40' of wiring to reach the fridge and return to the battery bank. The dealer had installed 10 gauge wiring. The voltage drop and losses due to resistance were huge. I needed to go to 6 gauge wiring.
JimK-NY 05/10/13 08:48am Truck Campers
RE: In-Line Charcoal Water Filter for Under Sink

Over the years I bought several of those Pur filters that attach to the faucet. Never again. The quality is horrible. Everything is plastic and the housing tends to split after the filters are changed a few times. I switched at home and in the camper to a simple Brita filter. The cartridge lasts for a long time and is very efficient.
JimK-NY 05/10/13 08:19am Truck Campers
RE: Roof clearance

You want to keep the camper and center of gravity as low as possible without having the camper hit the truck. My bed mat must have compressed because the clearance dropped to about 1 1/4" and I started to bang the truck roof. I added 3/4" and am ok. So for me 2 1/2 is about right.
JimK-NY 05/03/13 01:09pm Truck Campers
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