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RE: AT&T Unlimited LTE Hotspot $20 without AT&T phones

It is possible to get a good signal to a congested tower for terrible results. I have all four carriers, it happens to the best of them. (yes even Verizon)
JiminDenver 08/10/17 12:12am Technology Corner
RE: AT&T Unlimited LTE Hotspot $20 without AT&T phones

HSPA+ is not all that slow. I don't know its limits but I use to see near 7 Mbps down in a very challenging area of Denver. A boosted signal doesn't always fix everything either. My Mobley is on 4G from some far off tower while remote boondocking in the Rockies. All the booster does is keep it connected when that far off tower becomes congested at 9 am everyday. It can be slow but without the booster and directional antenna, it is nothing. Sprint and T-mobile are often like that. Show no signal until they hit the cradle.
JiminDenver 07/19/17 05:44pm Technology Corner
RE: 12 Volt freezer? Is this an option?

I have a Engel MT 45, a 40 quart 12v freezer or fridge. It wasn't cheap at $669 but turned all the way down it will keep your stuff at -10 F.
JiminDenver 07/13/17 12:13am Tech Issues
RE: AT&T Unlimited LTE Hotspot $20 without AT&T phones

When I check my credit report it shows one hard inquiry from AT&T
JiminDenver 06/29/17 12:10am Technology Corner
RE: 921 Base LED's That Will Last

Not that I could say where to get them today but 5 years ago I had a thread about the panels and cobs I installed in my trailer. To this date the only failures have been one pigtail needing to be resoldered on a panel and one emitter started blinking on one of the cobs a few weeks ago. I have had to replace the big 120 cob in the porch light, it gets left on a lot and went out during a week of heavy rain. https://www.rv.net/forum/index.cfm/fuseaction/thread/tid/26129367.cfm
JiminDenver 06/28/17 09:55am Tech Issues
RE: AT&T Unlimited LTE Hotspot $20 without AT&T phones

I asked about roaming in the chat box on the AT&T site, they said it is included.
JiminDenver 06/27/17 09:48am Technology Corner
RE: AT&T Unlimited LTE Hotspot $20 without AT&T phones

I wonder if the Mobley roams. I had the same at the grand canyon with Crickey and my Freedompop AT&T device not connecting, not my TMO or Sprint but all are MNVO's. My Verizon 3g hotspot worked but Verizon owns a tower there. The rest are rebroadcast on someone else tower.
JiminDenver 06/26/17 09:02pm Technology Corner
RE: AT&T Unlimited LTE Hotspot $20 without AT&T phones

I took my friend to the AT&T authorized dealer in Flagstaff Saturday to order his. They told him it would be in early July. He had a email it had been shipped the next day and it is sitting in the store waiting to be picked up today.
JiminDenver 06/21/17 09:16pm Technology Corner
RE: Portable (suitcase) solar "install" question

Each 80w panel is rated for 4.89a Isc.
JiminDenver 06/21/17 09:13pm Tech Issues
RE: Portable (suitcase) solar "install" question

A friend that camps with me on and off ordered the Solarblvd portable after having his grp 24 get down to 11.2v when running the generator for a hour daily. first we used my trailer as shore power and allowed his 45a dumb converter run all day. Then we did it again until the battery was up to 13.6v, then switched to a Meanwell 30a powersource to take it up to 14.4v for 3 hours, and then equalized it at 15v for the rest of the day. The next morning he saw 12.6v resting. We both ordered the 160w portable and we set his up, mine is still in the box for demonstration use next year. I also ordered a new Eco-worthy 20 MPPT to be able to show the differences between it and the PWM controller that comes with the portable. The first thing I'll say is my friend has not ran his generator since getting his. The second thing is the POS controller is glued to the back of the panel and can't be moved near the battery. Setting it is a pain and it resets when he unhooks it. The third thing is there is no cords for between the portable and the battery. My friend is thrilled as he can use the limited amount of power he does and the portable keeps up even with the cheap controller on the panels and the extension cord he is using to connect it. He asked about upgrading and I told him he could buy a inexpensive PWM controller and mount it nearer to the battery. He could buy a third panel which would do more for him than going MPPT with the two panels he has. Even the cheap controller would handle the third panel. As it is he is wondering if he even needs to upgrade the solar or battery at this point. He has a built in generator for the microwave, A/C and boosting the battery early when it's cloudy for too long allowing the solar to take over afterwards. In his case it is perfect but with the low prices I have seen on 12v panels I wonder if making your own with a few hinges and a set of legs may not be better considering the cheap controller and the fact that it can't be taken off to be put by the battery as well as the lack of cables/fuse. Aside from demonstration purposes at a talk I agreed to give next year mine will be used to keep the trucks battery as well as a small battery I use for a portable water pump up when I sit long term. It is not worth adding it into the house systems even if it does bring my total up to 1345w. I will try to remember to check the Isc of his tomorrow, the rating does seem low.
JiminDenver 06/21/17 07:56pm Tech Issues
RE: AT&T Unlimited LTE Hotspot $20 without AT&T phones

I greatly appreciate having the Mobley as my Cricket phone does not roam. This has only been a real issue a few times out west but it is noticeable. I have seen one instance north of Flagstaff that the Mobley connected even without the booster while my Verizon was useless even in the booster with the directional antenna. Even here west of Flagstaff the Mobley is doing great while those with Verizon are walking to the top of hills looking for a usable signal. Having multiple devices means I can rotate those getting usable signals and avoid hitting any limits or having one device on all of the time. Today it is the Mobley, tomorrow it will be Sprint and the day after Verizon. T-mobile has been the least usable out here even though they advertise how great their coverage is. A few times I have run the Mobley only for streaming and then switch to another device that is running slower for basic internet where it doesn't matter. I haven't seen deprioritizing yet and there is no reason to push it. In the end I think it is better if it looks like the Mobley isn't on all the time.
JiminDenver 06/09/17 11:48am Technology Corner
RE: AThought For A Sunday Morning...

They also have to pay for R&D but not the research and development into the product as you would think. It research how much crude the can dump on you and still get you to pay for it.
JiminDenver 05/08/17 09:23am Tech Issues
RE: My Wilson Sleek makes data download speed WORSE

Sleek is an old product, perhaps not suited for today's technology. Get a WeBoost. The weBoost is just a repackaged Sleek. It covers the exact same frequencies as it did before.
JiminDenver 05/06/17 07:58pm Technology Corner
RE: AT&T Unlimited LTE Hotspot $20 without AT&T phones

I got my first bill which included the activation fee and $2.01 in taxes and fees. I also noticed I had used 33 gigs of data but I haven't noticed any slow downs yet.
JiminDenver 05/06/17 07:50pm Technology Corner
RE: P4400 'KILL-A-WATT' Meter

I monitor my usage to know that the devices I chose stay within the output of my solar system and under the radar of the battery bank.
JiminDenver 04/27/17 12:41pm Technology Corner
RE: Old Wilson 801201 cell booster

I have devices on all four carriers and they all have LTE.
JiminDenver 04/27/17 01:18am Technology Corner
RE: AT&T Unlimited LTE Hotspot $20 without AT&T phones

Well I know where there is one extra Mobley since the Corporate store in Phoenix said they would let me know IF they could get one in and then didn't let me know until it arrived two weeks later after I had gone a different route.
JiminDenver 04/26/17 10:33pm Technology Corner
RE: AT&T Unlimited LTE Hotspot $20 without AT&T phones

There is a power save timer also. Mine was turning off every 30 minutes. I set it to never to stop that. Yes that's right, I finally got mine after weeks of trying to get it, diving to Prescott to order it, convincing the guy it could be done, driving back to Cottonwood to pick it up only to not be able to activate it. He didn't tell me the passcode to the account, attached my email to the order but not the account, had a clerk in Flagstaff not guessed it was a default I would be driving to Glendale to get it fixed. Now it's up and running, loves the Wilson Sleek/ directional antenna combo and is streaming fine in the hills above Flagstaff on 180. All of the devices have a full signal except the Sprint LTE with 2 bars. That's still enough to stream with.
JiminDenver 04/24/17 08:37am Technology Corner
RE: Is your favorite OTA TV Station going away ?

I know T-mobile has been involved with stations that use their Band 12.
JiminDenver 04/16/17 06:40pm Technology Corner
RE: AT&T ZTE Mobley - *NO* grief - availability & sign-up! FYI

I tried ordering it twice online with AT&T only to have the orders cancelled because they could not verify who I was. Tried to order it online at Best buy but could not. Called Best buy and was told I could order it at one store because they were out of stock and have it shipped to the store where I would be next. Tried this and they could not do it. Went to a AT&T store and had to order it as none near here have it. Had to convince sales person it could be done with out a AT&T account to connect it too by having him go through the online order system. Went through the verification and it is being sent no money down, no cost for the device and no set up fee. The sales person thanked me many times for bringing the deal to his attention and showing him how to get it. Had to have it sent to a shipper I use that will forward it where I will be next. I have already received the adapter off of ebay so my cost so far are $47. What a ordeal but worth it for the $20 unlimited data.
JiminDenver 04/16/17 12:29pm Technology Corner
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