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RE: Coleman Mach 8 Low Profile 9,200 BTU Review

When I ran the 5000 BTU window A/C test running off of the 750w solar system, it started out with the 25 ft trailer already heat loaded from sitting in the lot closed up. It was already above 80 inside and out when we started and climbed to 96F. Even with everything working against it, the A/C kept the temp at 81-82f all day when the trailer would have been well over 100f just sitting in the sun like that. The next day it was 96f inside when it was only 84f outside. Believe me, our entry lever, 3 season trailer is NOT well insulated. Controlling the heat coming in was a biggy. I could feel the heat radiating out of the vents until I stuffed them with the foam insert. The window on the door has no curtain so covering it also helped. The same 1/2 inch foam covers I am making for the windows when it gets cold out will be a big help when it is hot too. Last thing is it would have been a lot different had we been camping, had the trailer opened up and cooled down before the heat hit and been able to open the vents to pull the heat off of the ceiling. Next time I am on the roof I am pulling the screens out of the max airs, they is too restrictive and the heat build up in them terrible. The biggest thing that will help is not mounting the unit in the bunk area in the back of the trailer where the air flow was restricted.
JiminDenver 07/01/15 09:42am Truck Campers
RE: Leaking Duracells

I pull batteries out of just about anything you can imagine for my customers, they all leak but the cheapies are more likely too. The best thing to do is keep them out of the device if you don't use it on a regular basis, change the remote batteries and such when you do your smoke alarms.
JiminDenver 06/30/15 06:26pm Tech Issues
RE: YQK crimping tool

I picked up the HF 10" cable cutters today. They were on sale for a bit under $6. As I paid for them the cashier told me that they have a lifetime warranty so just bring them back if any thing goes wrong. They will replace them, no receipt needed. They went thru the 1/0 with very little effort and a nice clean cut too. I'm thrilled and if they dull, I'll trade them in. :)
JiminDenver 06/30/15 06:19pm Tech Issues
RE: Hitch mount for Pole to mount solar panel

One of the posters here uses the hitch to hold his panels, just not raised. I'd love to do a pole mount on the tongue of my trailer but it would have to be as sturdy as regular ground mounts. I don't see a flag pole cutting it.
JiminDenver 06/30/15 05:45pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: YQK crimping tool

Unh unh. A GREENLEE ratchet cutter costs 700 dollars. The image shows cutters that will slice 2/0 but dull after a hundred cuts. Need fairly strong hands. Let's see if I can find the ratchet cutter... 100 cuts are more than I'll need for install. I'll give em a shot for $5.
JiminDenver 06/27/15 08:04pm Tech Issues
RE: mean well combo unit

It's PWM.
JiminDenver 06/27/15 01:45pm Tech Issues
RE: YQK crimping tool

Well 1/2 inch pipe wont do, too much material to get crimped down to 1/0. 3/8's ID might work but until then I got 17 1/0 lugs off ebay for $25. ($3 each at HD) Along with not having a tool to crimp 1/0, I guess I also don't have a tool to cut it. HF has a 10" pair that is suppose to be good up to 2/0 for under $10. A 28" set that would be a lot less effort for $19. Anything at HD is twice the cost.
JiminDenver 06/27/15 01:42pm Tech Issues
RE: YQK crimping tool

This tool is cumbersome to use. It weighs 9 pounds and trying to use it free hand takes some getting use to. I found it was easiest to kneel on the ground and with one handle in my lap, hold what I was crimping in one hand and pump with the other. Next time I'll put in the vise of clamp it to the bench, there has to be a better way.
JiminDenver 06/26/15 09:50pm Tech Issues
RE: YQK crimping tool

I looked at the 2 gauge starter cables from Walmart that I use on the inverter, they have ears. Go figure. The seller of the tool is glad I don't want to exchange it but they do want pics of the tool and the shipping label. I assume someone will be getting chewed out for send the more expensive tool. Unfortunately they also don't have the die sets separately. I could make them but it would be cheaper just to buy a smaller tool.
JiminDenver 06/25/15 06:59am Tech Issues
RE: Adding Solar.

The renogy link is of a older Tracer model. There is a new version out now being tested by one of the members.
JiminDenver 06/24/15 01:03pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Refrigerator Problems At High Altitude

HMMMM our fridge works great at 10,000 ft but then again buying the rig here may have meant things were changed knowing it would be used at higher elevations.
JiminDenver 06/24/15 12:50pm Tech Issues
RE: Anybody using Micro Inverters on their solar?

On the panels I would go for the best bang for the buck unless there is a known issue with the less expensive one. The Midnite was a option for me as I might upgrade to four panels at some point. I didn't get it because of the fan although when I was looking they were sending the wizbang thingy with it for free. Now that I have ground tested my system a number of time I realize that with four panels flat that the TS-MPPT-60 controller wouldn't be clipping very often. Even when it did I wouldn't be losing a lot of amps.
JiminDenver 06/24/15 12:45pm Tech Issues
RE: YQK crimping tool

The mic is in a tool bag at work so I used a compass and ruler to measure, things might be a mm off. these are the dies that came with the 16 ton tool. The first number is the opening across the die, the second is the opening between the two dies closed. #240 1 inch by 13/16 #185 7/8 by 3/4 #150 27/32 by 11/16 #120 23/32 by 5/8 #95 5/8 by 17/32 #70 17/32 by 15/32 #50 7/16 by 3/8 #25 3/8 by 5/16 #16 1/4 by 1/4 One thing I did notice is with a few of the die sets I had to flip one over to get the dies to line up properly.
JiminDenver 06/24/15 12:28pm Tech Issues
RE: Anybody using Micro Inverters on their solar?

How many panels are you looking at? Last year I ran two 245w panels, each with a $100 Eco-worthy 20a MPPT controller. They worked great together and I even ran three of the systems on one bank to run the little air conditioner. Those were ran as portables and I switched to the single charge controller that would handle ll three panels simply because the wiring, switches and fuses for three separate systems would have been one big mess to mount. Series vs parallel I found that while in series it cost a few amps per panel and the controller can get really hot after a long run. Any one panel being shaded even partially seriously affected the whole array. So I will be running bigger wire down, going parallel and avoiding the disadvantages of series.
JiminDenver 06/24/15 12:02pm Tech Issues
RE: Anybody using Micro Inverters on their solar?

I thought micro inverters were for grid tied systems.
JiminDenver 06/24/15 11:36am Tech Issues
RE: YQK crimping tool

I'm thinking of going this route as just connecting the controller would take over $50 worth of lugs. I have the monster vise and a drill press. Do you tin before or after making them?
JiminDenver 06/24/15 11:31am Tech Issues
RE: YQK crimping tool

Mex The 12 ton is limited to 1/0, the 16 ton should handle 4/0 as there are three die sets beyond the 120 size needed of 1/0. The 240 die set is a inch across the opening and 13/16 between the two dies when closed. I'll dig up a mic and list the die sizes as they relate to inches/MMs. I did ask the seller if I could buy the smaller die sets even though I have smaller crimpers. One I found on ebay as a "vintage" crimping tool, lol click I really don't want to buy 1/0 lugs at $5 each to test, nor do I want to waste much of the wire. 3/8's copper tube might fit 1/0, if not 1/2 inch will. come to think of it, cut it, clean it, tin it and either flatten and drill the end or keep recrimping the end down to a 2 gauge size for the controller and I'd have lugs. The shipping weight of the tool is 9 pounds and the case is 3/4s of the size of the sawzall case. Here at the house the basement and garage are full of 30 years worth of tools and I have room. I wouldn't want to have to store two of these in a RV.
JiminDenver 06/24/15 09:16am Tech Issues
RE: Derating 24v Solar Panels?

Actually I tested one 250w panel tracking and got 18 amps. That would have been 54 amps for the three panels in parallel. When I connected them all in series I only got 48 amps. The heavier wiring is worth it for the extra amps and cooler controller in my opinion.
JiminDenver 06/23/15 06:05pm Tech Issues
YQK crimping tool

In another thread we were discussing crimping and I was to tell y'all about the YQK-120 12 ton crimping tool I bought off of ebay. First thing is they sent me the YQK 240 16 ton tool. Instead of the #10-120 dies, it has #16-240. I have anything under the #16 covered so it's all good I guess. This is what I ordered. YQK-120A This is what I got YQK-240A Second is I was right to order big. There is no way the #50 die will do a 1/0 sized crimp. The #120 that was the largest in the tool I ordered will if using the wire and it's coating as a size indicator is anything. The #95 was just the right size to crimp a 1/2 inch brass tube nice and pretty and the #25 did a right nice job on a 4 gauge lug I had. It crushed both down effortlessly, even when I recrimped them with the next size smaller die. I'll have to order some 1/0 lugs to play with. So for less than $40 I doubt I'll ever have a issue crimping anything ever again.
JiminDenver 06/23/15 05:28pm Tech Issues
RE: Derating 24v Solar Panels?

Are you saying you have some loads tied directly to the controller's 'load' terminals? No never have used the load terminals. The power just skates across the battery terminals to the inverter or any load. There are fan, pump and other systems that use no battery at all. When the sun shines they work.
JiminDenver 06/23/15 02:13pm Tech Issues
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