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RE: I 75 road construction

What about Detroit to Flint? I need to drive up tomorrow for a last minute trip home.
JiminDenver 10/27/14 03:40pm Roads and Routes
RE: Don't idle your loud diesel at 5am for so long!!

We have a neighbor here at the house that warms up his truck for 20-30 mins at 6:30 am every morning without fail. He got a newer one and I thought he wouldn't need to anymore or at least not as long. Nope, every morning without fail. I can make it to work in the time it takes him to warm up.
JiminDenver 10/27/14 10:33am General RVing Issues
RE: Wind power

I can understand using the wind power to run things at night. We do that with our solar when the sun shines. That leaves us with a limitation though. Our banks can't handle the big loads like the microwave without the solar boost. So when it is cloudy we either don't use the big items or need the generator. So if you are going to NEED the wind power to make it through the night, you are going to run out of power when it is calm. I agree with more battery and let the solar recharge it during the day. Adding wind power may be beneficial but I wouldn't depend on it.
JiminDenver 10/27/14 10:25am Tech Issues
RE: Solar Air Conditioner

This is the you tube about the bucket evaporator cooler. Click
JiminDenver 10/27/14 09:35am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Propane furnace battery usage

Andy, that is great and it makes a lot of dry campgrounds usable for you. The next step is boondocking and not even paying for the site. :)
JiminDenver 10/27/14 09:25am Beginning RVing
RE: Wind power

As long as the controllers can be set alike, there should be no issues. I run up to to 3 identical controllers and others have run two different controllers with matching settings. Wind power can be fairly noisy. What system are you looking at?
JiminDenver 10/27/14 09:16am Tech Issues
RE: New to dry camping, questions?

Niner You got it backwards. You can dry camp and not boondock. You can't boondock and not dry camp. rbpru Unless you are disconnecting your battery once you get to your camp site, you are running on electricity too. A solar system, generator or even jumper cables to the truck is only replacing the electricity taken out of that battery over time. We can easily go 3 days without charging, we have to be able to using a solar system in case of bad weather. I also have a generator as we stay out anywahere from one to two weeks. I don't believe in letting the batteries get low and leaving them that way. I'd rather listen to the generator than replace my banks. That said, we haven't used the generator in years.
JiminDenver 10/27/14 09:13am Travel Trailers
RE: New to dry camping, questions?

Delphi, that collapsible drip basket is a great idea! I use a "redneck" version of the same thing -- I use an ordinary plastic basket from a broken Mr. Coffee machine (and you know those machines break all the time). I then put a paper filter in it and stick the whole thing on top of an insulated carafe. I pour the hot water onto the grounds in the filter basket, and voila! When I am done, I dump the filter in the trash -- nothing to rinse, unlike a french press or a percolator. I started doing this while camping, and now that is what I do at home, too. The local coffee shop calls this "artisanal pour over brew" and charges four dollars a cup. When I stopped being able to find the filters for our cone filter, I did the same thing with a old Bunn filter basket. Works great. The only reason we use the auto drip now is sunshine is free. Why waste the propane.
JiminDenver 10/27/14 08:54am Travel Trailers
RE: Solar Air Conditioner

I am not saying this will work for anyone else, may not even work for us. Who knows? This Window shaker uses 3.9a/ 446w on high and we have 720w of solar tracking the sun. A 8-D will take the surge of start up and I am hoping the solar will run it and leave the battery in float. At peak the array can produce 50a/ 650w. Luckily at 10,000 ft when the sun hides behind a cloud, the temps drops quickly. So no sun means no air needed. Now being a dry state like Colorado is, swamp coolers work great up to a certain degree/ humidity. There is a you tube of a bucket swamp cooler that probably would do well for us if we had a larger supply of water. I can produce the electricity to run the A/C, I can't make water. Edit fixed the link.
JiminDenver 10/27/14 08:33am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Dish Tailgater

I use a 100 ft cable on a spool with ours. Unroll enough to get to where it needs to be and hook the pigtail to the Tailgater. The other end has to connect directly to the receiver, I can't use the cable/antenna connections on the trailer. As a app I found AR satellite finder for free.
JiminDenver 10/27/14 08:05am General RVing Issues
RE: New to dry camping, questions?

When you can run a generator, plug the trailer into it and you will have charging and/or run your appliances. Should a appliance be too much while you are charging, turn the breaker off to the converter while you use the appliance. So you should have no issues with the coffee maker or hair dryer. Now if you use a auto drip and don't want to use the generator, put the filter and coffee in, heat the water on the stove and pour it over the grounds. It's the same as the cone filter we used for 25 years. Now if you like dry camping, there are many ways to make it so you don't have to have the generator or use your rig like a tent. We only dry camp, haven't run a generator in a few years and still use a auto drip coffee maker, the microwave, a hair dryer, ect. We do it with a solar system, extra battery and a inverter. Next year we will even have a 5000 btu A/C that will run off of the solar. I don't suggest it for the occasional dry camper, it's too involved for that. Just saying that you don't have to run your trailer like a tent just because it's not plugged in. The other side of dry camping is frsh water and waste tanks. How are you set up for that?
JiminDenver 10/26/14 11:01am Travel Trailers
RE: good buy on camera

Bumpy What do you like to shoot? Most any camera system is going to be up to snuff anymore. Some may have a advantage in say sports shooting or have a better selection of lenses to choose from. Just make sure to get the features and can get the glass you want. You can find out about any camera at dpreview.com. There is a forum for every camera maker and the users pick them apart. They know the good bad and ugly because they use them. I use Olympus gear and have glass that allows me to shoot the lens in a bugs eye or take a near full frame shot of the moon. Last winter I started shooting snowflakes. http://i78.photobucket.com/albums/j114/Jimindenver/snowflakes/da2a8b2d-643b-43e1-bbe1-85c1ecf8e873.jpg~original width=600
JiminDenver 10/25/14 07:45am Around the Campfire
RE: Dish Tailgater

We got one this season, it never blew over. I do plan on getting the window mount for it.
JiminDenver 10/25/14 01:03am General RVing Issues
RE: Competition Solar 145 watt with controller for $125

145w with a controller and shipping for $125. Can't beat that with a stick. I'd like to see more on the panel specs and about the controller. Then again if the controller is junk, you can replace it for very little with a known unit.
JiminDenver 10/24/14 08:35pm Tech Issues
RE: Need two X 24 volt 10 - 20 watt panel with blocking diodes.

I've not seen them that small above 12v. Two 12v in series wouldn't do it either. It would take three panels in series and a PWM controller.
JiminDenver 10/24/14 05:17pm Tech Issues
RE: Solar Panel Purchase

A pair of those to go with my Schottpoly....sigh I just got a email that they have Amerisolar 230w Polys for $149.50 click
JiminDenver 10/24/14 01:15pm Tech Issues
RE: Solar Panel Purchase

I envy you guys being able to do that. I'd sell my mono's in heart beat if I could walk in there and pick up a pair of the low priced poly's.
JiminDenver 10/24/14 12:54pm Tech Issues
RE: quick safety question

I wouldn't recommend it. What about trying Command hooks to hold the rope light. They come right off if they don't work out.
JiminDenver 10/24/14 12:50pm Tech Issues
RE: Charging 4 12-volt house batteries with portable charger

Honestly, we could easily tell people to buy a list of stuff and it would work well for them. BUT, they wouldn't learn anything and the personalization would not be there. They'd have to use it as is for the most part. This is my point. Even without the list it seems like the same things are suggested before the OP usually knows what they need. Sometimes finding that out is hard because if a person knows what they need, finding the solution isn't all that hard. That takes effort on their part and after owning a personal services and home management service for 29 years, I can tell that people think I can read their minds. So I have nothing but respect for those here that take the time to help and figure out what someone really needs. One thing I'd like to see is not just the up side of a suggestion or description of a system, but some discussion of the downsides in the same post. That way if someone does point out a downside it isn't seen as an attack. It's no hair off my back if while I say how wonderful having 720w of solar tracking is to include that I can't wait to get at least some of it mounted and not deal with the storing and handling of three huge panels. That while my affordable generator is dependable, that it is too noisy to use around others. The Eco-worthy that is a nice controller IF it fits your needs should have it's limitations noted. It would give the people looking a chance at making a better choice.
JiminDenver 10/24/14 12:47pm Tech Issues
RE: Charging 4 12-volt house batteries with portable charger

Yes, I had read your screwy 31 thread... rather enlightening for sure. that would be a understatement.
JiminDenver 10/24/14 10:04am Tech Issues
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