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RE: How bad is Verizon 3G?

Thank you all. I think I will go for it even if it wont last forever. The TMO never gives me better than 3G speeds with a tower 15 blocks from the house and is useless at rush hour. It's a cheap plan but only if it's usable.
JiminDenver 02/08/16 11:14am Technology Corner
RE: How bad is Verizon 3G?

Thank you all. I was hoping that it would be fast enough but I knew the Sprint 3G is different than the TMO so I had to ask. As long as most stuff loads normal, unlimited is unlimited. From looking at our previous spots on the coverage maps I can tell you that it will take AT&T, TMO and Verizon to have coverage at all of them.
JiminDenver 02/07/16 04:13pm Technology Corner
How bad is Verizon 3G?

The Verizon in the area we camp in is 3G only. I can pick up a hotspot with unlimited Verizon 3g for $5 a month. Is it usable? We don't stream, just don't want to have to go get a cup of coffee after I click waiting for a page to load. When it comes to Sprint and TMO 3G, a strong 3G signal will be faster and more stable than a weak LTE signal. They max out much slower but more than fast enough for the forums and such. I think I have read that Verizon 3G maxes at 1 Mbps and that should be fast enough. Search Verizon 3G unlimited on ebay to see a number of hotspots with the $5 a month plan.
JiminDenver 02/07/16 11:10am Technology Corner
RE: Cell carrier report on coverage and speed.

The sticks here means the mountains and with Verizon that means very slow 3G. T-Mobile promises LTE with it's band 12 but those towers cover massive areas. otherwise it's turn on the different devices and hope one of them catches a signal.
JiminDenver 02/03/16 07:37pm Technology Corner
RE: Cable and Internet Availability

We camp where there is nothing, sometimes not even roads. Even with having three out of the four carriers on hotspots or phones, the only guaranteed connection is our Dish Tailgater portable satellite. Were I to go the more expensive but convenient route I would have one of the phones on a big AT&T plan, the other on Verison. Satellite internet is a option but low grade service for big bucks.
JiminDenver 01/28/16 08:52am Beginning RVing
RE: Smart phone use as a wi-fi "hot spot"

We have two phones with hotspots, a phone that only tethers, a air card that plugs right into the computer and two hotspots. Except that they are on diffeent carriers, you can't tell the difference in use. Now it's harder to put the aircard or tethered phone any distance away where it may get a better signal. On the other hand they have no wireless to be hacked into either.
JiminDenver 01/28/16 08:33am Technology Corner
RE: Chevy Volt as toad and battery system for RV

I would think pulling it charging the battery like that would kill your MPG.
JiminDenver 01/27/16 07:30am Dinghy Towing
RE: Generator or Inverter

I have the 3500/4000 and would go for the 3800 they have now just for the head room. That said we are Boondockers and would never run the beast where others could hear it. It's not the loudest until it's not yours. lol
JiminDenver 01/26/16 05:25pm Travel Trailers
RE: Remember

Our weather man was named Stormy and by the time he was done drawing in the fronts, clouds, sun and what not, it always came out looking like a cartoon strip. Too cold to go out? Ha! That would mean it was too cold to shovel and that never happened. Being cold when cutting firewood meant you were not doing enough or now you know to dress warmer.
JiminDenver 01/25/16 02:19pm Around the Campfire
RE: New Golf Cart Batteries, Died quicker than anticipated...

Our 8-D Lifelines are 225 Ah and 12v, you could get four 6v for the money.
JiminDenver 01/25/16 08:26am Fifth-Wheels
RE: The next chapter for Karma's unlimited hotspot.

Maybe if Sprint does move some towers to public lands, I'll get some coverage where I need it. As for the sharing part, xfinity has that on my modem and it creeps me out when strangers pull up in front of the house and just sit in their cars. They say my side is protected and unaffected but things really slow down when it happens. No worries. Unplug modem and use hotspot until they go away. :)
JiminDenver 01/21/16 06:39pm Technology Corner
RE: How to stream video while on the road

Verizon is the last feather in the cap for us but I'll wait until we are ready to hit the road to switch one of the Cricket phones over cus the big V isn't cheap.
JiminDenver 01/19/16 02:44pm Technology Corner
RE: How to stream video while on the road

I asked 4GAS if Binge On continues to run at it's normal speed after I hit my data cap and am throttled. They said throttling will have no effect on the streaming at all. So I can use the 5 gigs the first day and still stream the other 29.
JiminDenver 01/19/16 11:03am Technology Corner
RE: How to stream video while on the road

If you have Binge on on a phone you can use a MHL adapter to send HDMI to a TV. I have one for my Galaxy S4 and it works great. ( a work around for those unlimited phone plans)
JiminDenver 01/19/16 10:24am Technology Corner
RE: How to stream video while on the road

Don I bought a Tablet last year and it has a mini HDMI port on it to send video to the TV. I haven't found the right cord to test it yet. Here is the page for 4GAS and the 5g with Binge on for $17 plus tax. ($19.71) 4GAS It says for business accounts and I called to find out what they wanted, he said just the name will do. 10 minutes later I was signed up with a hotspot on it's way. I bought mine from them because it will be ready to go when I get it with lifetime replacement. You can get a compatible hotspot from Bestbuy if you prefer.
JiminDenver 01/19/16 10:18am Technology Corner
RE: How to stream video while on the road

Ok so this probably sounds crazy but it's how I hope to work it out for us. I have envied the big unlimited plans but I know where we camp there may be AT&T service on one ridge and Verizon on the next. So one big plan just wont cut it so we have a little something on the different carriers. Cricket (AT&T) is my main phone and has a 10 gig limit and then unlimited data throttled to 128 kbps. ($65 a month) My Freedompop hotspot and RingPlus phone with hotspot are free month to month and provide a gig of data each on Sprint. ( $2.34 for taxes a month) On T-Mobile I have a hotspot through 4Gas with 5 gigs and then unlimited 128 kbps and Binge on. ($20 a month) So for me personally it's 17 gigs a month, unlimited 128 and Binge On between three carriers for under $80 a month. I still want to find a Verizon solution along the same lines so that we have the best chance of gaining a connection where ever we are. I'll add data to the service that does connect while we are there. ( I say me because Honey has a Cricket phone and FreedomPop hotspot too) The nice thing is I get coverage from all the carriers in Denver, so while home the combined plans are enough to replace our home ISP. So that's Jimmys crazy get on line any where plan. We don't use campgrounds with WiFi and such and will be lucky to get a signal strong enough to stream with. Usually we just turn on the satellite because honestly, streaming just doesn't compare to the quality, speed and connectivity of the tailgater. If you are in a area with T-Mobile coverage, a cheap plan with Binge on may be the ticket.
JiminDenver 01/19/16 09:33am Technology Corner
RE: Champion is a Champ

We have had a 3500/4000 for four years, well two actually. I gave the first to a neighbor and replaced it with the remote start model. We don't use it much due to the solar but that makes it the perfect inexpensive back up.
JiminDenver 01/19/16 09:01am Tech Issues
RE: The next chapter for Karma's unlimited hotspot.

My thought would have been to do a sliding speedometer. Low data users would enjoy unlimited data at the top speed but stream a movie and the speed starts dropping. It would come back up if you didn't stream another movie for a day or two and drop even farther if you did. Stream too much too often and you could end up at email only speeds for the rest of the month. That way the low and moderate users could keep the good speeds and high end users would look for a better option.
JiminDenver 01/18/16 11:03am Technology Corner
RE: The next chapter for Karma's unlimited hotspot.

Perhaps you can enlighten us about Karma should you have experience using them? Some aspects are not clear to me from their webpage? Is their hotspot WiFi connection non-secure? Not using an encrypted protocol such as as WPA2, etc which cannot be changed? Have you noticed if their free guest connection mode uses the existing 5Mbs bandwidth rate, effectively reducing your data rate? Or does it use its own bandwidth above your allotted 5Mbps? Personally used it? no but I do know a handful of users and researched it pretty heavily in my own preparations. Which ever plan you get with Karma, your hotspot is open for others to use. Like my xfinity wifi, the personal side of the hotspot is suppose to be separated from the sharing side. You get either free data or cash for allowing each person to connect. $1 or 100 MB's per connection. One person reported collecting more data than he was using. They say you will never notice someone using it but I have had my xfinity act up when people sat out front on their laptops. It gets kinda creepy after a while and I have been known to unplug the modem just to get them to move along.
JiminDenver 01/18/16 10:56am Technology Corner
The next chapter for Karma's unlimited hotspot.

A while back Karma introduced a hotspot plan that was unlimited data throttled to 5mbps for $50. Recently they tried to control the data hogs by throttling it even farther down to 1.5 download speeds and that didn't go over to well. This is the latest chapter. "Last week we announced that we were tes