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fridge sensor up or down for colder?

I wasn't able to successfully search it and I'm in a spot where I only get access off and on. To bring the temperature down in the fridge do I move the sensor up or down on the evaporator? Logic say higher to read the higher temps.
JiminDenver 08/01/15 11:47am Tech Issues
RE: Coffe pot for boondocking

We used a cone filter for 20 years and then switched briefly to a Bunn filter basket when we couldn't buy the cone filters locally. Now that we have the solar system we use a auto drip not just for coffee but also like a insta hot so that we don't have to fire up the Hwh. To do dishes.
JiminDenver 07/31/15 01:46pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Honda EU3000is and Coleman A/C Won't Work

Now that's some problem solving if I ever saw any. lol Comgrats on the new rig.
JiminDenver 07/25/15 06:35am Travel Trailers
RE: Battery Solution

There are lots of AGM's that live at float in power supplies. You recondition them with top charging and equalization. I wouldn't want one that needed to be recovered.
JiminDenver 07/23/15 06:55pm Tech Issues
RE: Battery Solution

We have a guy here that sells batteries like that as well as older new ones. I nearly bought some Leoch 250 Ah 8-D AGM's with a years warranty for $370 each before the lifelines showed up. He also has a bunch of 139 and 149 Ah AGM's I think if you feel it's a good deal where you are and they come with a 6 month warranty, then get them. Give them a beating and see if they hold up, take the ones that don't back. Repeat.
JiminDenver 07/23/15 06:53pm Tech Issues
RE: Solar panels is this a good price?

They have the Amerisolar 250w for $170 or .68 a watt. One of those and a new and improved Eco-worthy 20a MPPT for $100 or less makes a nice starter system good for a peak of around 18a.
JiminDenver 07/23/15 08:34am Tech Issues
RE: Portable solar mounts

`It's probably a bit low brow but I use a couple of pine slates and a pair of C-clamps per panel.
JiminDenver 07/22/15 06:19pm Tech Issues
RE: QUESTION Audible Alarm For 120 VAC?

The best I have found was a page showing how to make a 120v under voltage alarm. click
JiminDenver 07/21/15 11:25am Tech Issues
RE: Solar Controller Wiring ?

If the controller is set up to do it that way, you will be fine. If they don't have a common negative and you connect them, you may be buying a new controller. I have one of each but it's my lower watt controller that separates the negatives.
JiminDenver 07/20/15 07:19pm Tech Issues
RE: Charging the Lifelines questions

I have the Megawatt wired up and set to 15.4v as the batteries have been in the lower to mid 80's as long as I keep the truck in the garage. The pot is certainly sensitive but usable. Conditioning charge is one thing, the voltages in recovery are nuts. What I really like is how small it is and between it and the solar system I should be able to hit the bank with 80 amps if need be. Right now my shoulder and neck are just glad that I don't have to haul the panels out again.
JiminDenver 07/20/15 04:54pm Tech Issues
Check those air conditioners

We noticed a drip coming from inside the A/C and went to tighten the gasket only to find two of the screws had not only worked themselves loose, they were a half inch off of the mounting plate. Luckily they were opposite corners or we may have had a problem. I admit we see more rough travel than most do and no doubt miles of washboards have had an effect. Still it would be worth checking because they could be more than just a little loose.
JiminDenver 07/20/15 04:24pm Tech Issues
RE: 70-amp adjustable PS

I have the S4, man does it get hot sometimes. Usually when I'm running the GPS or streaming a show.
JiminDenver 07/20/15 03:55pm Tech Issues
RE: Charging the Lifelines questions

Ok Mex, the Megawatt is here. Earlier you mentioned One Megawatt 36-ampere power supply adjusted to 14.4 volts would make a suitable charging source for each 8-D but one of the two polarity bridges would have to be opened to isolate the circuit for the sake of the Megawatts. and At conditioning values, the AGM will vent. No question. Use a SIX HUNDRED WATT rated DROK DC to DC booster as found on Amazon. Set the voltage while booster is connected to the Megawatt. The booster must have a fan played across the heatsink to endure this power level. You will have to explain the polarity bridge part and I am assuming I wont be able to get above 13.8v with it until I get the booster. Correct? Ok I see on the site that it's adjustable to 15.5v. I'll wire it up and see what' what.
JiminDenver 07/20/15 03:49pm Tech Issues
RE: 70-amp adjustable PS

A automatic charger would be fine if say Lifeline put one out that met their charging specs. Even better would be one that you could customize each parameter to meet your needs. I'll be able to set up the Morningstar to do it except at the temperature extremes because the temp compensation doesn't agree with Lifeline. I need the manual charger for times like now when I need specific charging and have no sun to work with.
JiminDenver 07/19/15 09:17am Tech Issues
RE: Charging the Lifelines questions

Well the sun only played nice for a half of a conditioning run on the weak 8-D but it did bring it up to 13v. Hopefully another 4 hours will bring it up to the other two at 13.1v and I can make the inter connects to hook them together. The last set of lugs I ordered did get delivered yesterday. The second set is in Oakland still and the first set is lost forever. Thank you Windynation for getting them here so fast and a good price too at 50 lugs for $35 shipped. Now if the Megawatt would get here I could stop trashing my neck and shoulder hauling the big panels in and out daily.
JiminDenver 07/19/15 07:54am Tech Issues
RE: YQK crimping tool

I saw some of the ratcheting shears at HD before going to HF. They wanted three times as much but they may be helpful if you have smaller or weak hands. Honeys hand are not nearly as big as mine so now we also have a 18" set of HF cable cutters. The 10 inch take little effort from my big hands, the 18 inch are like cutting through a stick of butter. (those were under $20)
JiminDenver 07/19/15 07:42am Tech Issues
RE: YQK crimping tool

Well Bob, you know what they say, it's not the size of your tool, it's how you use it. ;)
JiminDenver 07/18/15 09:54pm Tech Issues
RE: YQK crimping tool

I finally got some 1/0 lugs in, Thank you Windy nation for a great price and fast shipping. First thing is I was completely off base when I said the #50 was too small. I tried using a #70 first and it barely touched the lug. The #50 did a beautiful job without having to rotate the lug to avoid earing. With a light touch the $6 HR wire cutters strip the insulation off the 1/0 in a heartbeat. So even though I got the 16 ton tool by mistake, I'd have to believe the 12 ton I ordered would have done as well as it went up to #120. For under $40 it will make the numerous lugs I have crimp a lot easier.
JiminDenver 07/18/15 07:32pm Tech Issues
RE: Charging the Lifelines questions

The weaker 8-D was down to 12.99v over night so I started the conditioning this morning. I chose 15.4v since I expect the batteries to be around 80-85 F. The Eco-w is finishing the top charge on another 8-D. I really hope this brings up the third 8-D. There is only 2/10s of volt difference between it and the other two. I really don't want to have to run separate banks for the trailer and inverter again. The third set of lugs made it to Denver this morning, the second set is still in Oakland. I might get to start making wires Monday if I'm lucky. Mex Could you let me know specifically I need to hook up the Megawatt? I'd like to get it ordered and on the way. Remember that most of this stuff is above my pay grade so please take it easy on me. lol
JiminDenver 07/18/15 10:23am Tech Issues
RE: 70-amp adjustable PS

I just ordered the Megawatt too. Now I know what it's like to be a Iphone user.
JiminDenver 07/18/15 12:14am Tech Issues
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