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RE: Solar Water Heaters for RV's!

Sure you can, it just gets more complicated when you have to deal with freezing temperatures. Then you have to have a fluid that wont freeze and use a heat exchanger in the tank.
JiminDenver 07/30/14 06:54pm Tech Issues
RE: Heat 1, MPPT 0--More on That

Bfl Are you running a load when you get these numbers or is it charging only? I ask because I rarely charge while it's hot, only recovering from a a heavy load like running the microwave. When just charging, I rarely see the 16-17a I know the 245's are good for. Put a big load on the system and I get the max no matter what time of day and it will stay that way until the bank returns to float. Now I know nothing of PWM but from what I've read you lose watts early on when the batteries voltage is low. I'd rather have the effect of heat after the batteries are in float at mid day than when I really needed full power in the morning when the batteries are low. One way or another it is a compromise.
JiminDenver 07/30/14 05:06pm Tech Issues
RE: LED Lighting questions

The panels we use are the same westend does. Almost identical to color and brightness as the original bulbs. I did try some of the 10 for $17.99, now those had a yellowish tint to them.
JiminDenver 07/30/14 04:56pm Tech Issues
RE: Solar Water Heaters for RV's!

In the 70s we designed systems not only to heat the water but the home too. Now you can find dual purpose solar panels with PV on top and passive on the bottom. Some even use a heater element powered by the excess from the PV to do it but they all have the same issue of providing hot water early on. I thought about doing the diversified load but in the end it would cost a lot to run the wires, fuses and get the 12v element for hot water when I didn't need it. The same money will fill the propane tanks many times and we have hot water when we want it.
JiminDenver 07/30/14 10:12am Tech Issues
RE: Solar System Advice/Feedback for new Truck Camper

It's probably best to say this is my system that does this for me in these situations. I did it this way because........ There are so many different different components that can be arranged in different ways filling individual needs in different situations that there is no one perfect solution for everyone. Argue one system from the ground up could take days and many many pages. A few years ago I felt like most newbys in solar. I posted that I had found those panels cheap and all of a sudden there were components and formulas and concepts that I had no idea of flying around. It did not take long for the eyes to glaze over from overload. We had only been out in the rig a few times so I barely had a idea of what kind of power we used or would be using. Had I set up a system for what I thought we needed then, it would be terribly undersized today. Now a few years down the road I'm ready to build my big boy system and get my toys off the ground. We may never camp in sub zero temps full time but once mounted, my batteries will. They will see from -20 to 105 f ( that's really cold and hot in C ;))in the storage lot and there will be no more coddling in the temperate garage between trips with the plug in chargers. The Eco's have served me well and I never thought I'd see them become a recommended controller, unfortunately they don't have the features to support the batteries going full time. It would only be snobbery if I didn't need those features and upgraded just because I could.
JiminDenver 07/30/14 09:57am Tech Issues
RE: Solar System Advice/Feedback for new Truck Camper

Oh great I lose some amps in low light having mono instead of poly. I lose a few amps when it's hot because I have MPPT instead of PWM. I can imagine all of the cheap ebay gear is costing me too. I guess I'd better spend another $102 and run 720w instead of 490w like planned. I'd hate to miss a amp at noon when I'm in float anyways. :)
JiminDenver 07/30/14 08:32am Tech Issues
RE: Solar System Advice/Feedback for new Truck Camper

The most important thing is to fill your needs and it doesn't matter what it takes to do it. The person that requires more features on a expensive controller has nothing more than the one that can get away with a ebay special. Each has a system that takes care of them and that's all that matters. Mike I think you can see by now the inexpensive portable are a good way to get started. To truly design a system requires a lot more than slapping some parts together. The portable will give you power now while you figure it all out. Believe me that one trip seeing how the solar deals with your needs, in your conditions will make you see these discussions differently. Use it for a season and give yourself time to understand more and you will tell us what will fill your needs. I'm on my second season and I'm getting there.
JiminDenver 07/28/14 11:13pm Tech Issues
RE: 100 watt solar panel

There is a difference between is what you are getting a good deal, is it enough and ultimately if done right, is solar something you would be willing pay for to get a need filled. For us it is priceless to be able to be out in the middle of no where and camp comfortably without worrying about the batteries, listen to a generator or use the trailer like a tent. It's our rolling cabin and we use everything but the roof top air. We do have five times as solar as you are looking at and have yet to spend as much, but it gives you a idea of what can be done. So what were you planning on using the solar for?
JiminDenver 07/28/14 10:09pm Tech Issues
RE: Newbie looking for lightweight TT for living/traveling

Winter in Colorado? Man I hope you don't get cabin fever easy because it gets well below 0 here at times and I'm not talking about the mountains either.
JiminDenver 07/28/14 05:41pm Travel Trailers
RE: Solar System Advice/Feedback for new Truck Camper

How much room does a TC have up there?
JiminDenver 07/28/14 05:09pm Tech Issues
RE: Solar System Advice/Feedback for new Truck Camper

I checked our 120v Rival auto drip coffee maker and it is rated for 900w. The 12v auto drip is 200w. We use a 3000w PSW to power the larger items.
JiminDenver 07/28/14 04:15pm Tech Issues
RE: How big of a TT can an Expedition safely handle?

5500-6000 pounds dry and 7000 gross for a max tongue weight of 900 lbs. replace the P rated tires with LT's, use a good hitch/anti sway system especially for the upper limits. I would suggest a tranny sensor as well as additional cooling if you are going to push it hard all day. We tow our 25 ft ( not sure total length) 4200lb dry weight bunkhouse in the Rockies every trip which means a lot of steep climbs and descents. The 07 with it's better tranny is faster up the steepest stuff but on the open road both are so smooth that I tend to forget the trailer is back there and keep up with traffic. That is bad not just because of the trailer tires but also at those speeds, the MPG sucks. We use a basic bar and chain WDH and a single friction sway bar. Early on I felt the smallest amount of sway when trucks passed us or we were hit by a gust of wind. Once I got it dialed in it it was solid no matter what passed us. We have had a blast of wind move the whole set up sideways but it didn't wiggle. Our Expys have payloads of 1565 and 1745 lbs so we put the stuff in the trailer that can hold a additional 3000 lbs. No issues.
JiminDenver 07/28/14 02:10pm Travel Trailers
RE: We really need to thin out

Thank you Roy. We are told it will likely be totaled, the loan paid off and we will get a few grand on top. They may sell it back to us for under a grand and other than the dimples, I can fix the rest. In the end we will have a paid off 3 year old trailer with some dimples. I'll scrap it when we are done with it and use the 8 grand we saved as a down payment on the up grade. My plan is to shelve some of the plan A items (hard sided tent) and plan C items ( full hook ups) because it's rarely moderate enough for A and C requires us to be in a campground. We have done both and really prefer plan B which is out in the boonies with no noise or neighbors and enough solar to be comfortable but not unlimited. It's kind of the best of A and C without the downsides. Now I just have to convince Honey that we can leave some of it home. Hates the packing, set up and tear down but loves the what if we need it someday.
JiminDenver 07/28/14 09:02am General RVing Issues
RE: Generator

Do you need a genny for AC @ 8000 to 10000 ft? Not often at 10,000 ft but when it is over 100* at 5000 ft, it's 80 in the shade up there. The trailer isn't in the shade so the temp inside will start climbing fast if I don't turn on the air for a few hours mid day. I hate the noise of a generator but that is nothing compared to Honey whining that the dogs are hot. Drop a few thousand feet and it's even hotter. I spoke to a person selling off a near new Magnum 3000 inverter generator cheap because it couldn't start their air reliably at 8000 ft. He wanted just enough to cover the cost of the same 3500/4000 with remote that I use because as he put it, quieter is only good if it can do the job.
JiminDenver 07/28/14 07:55am Travel Trailers
RE: Solar System Advice/Feedback for new Truck Camper

If you are going to run 300w on the Eco-W MPPT, do it with two 150w panels in series. I've seen that configuration and it will push 20a on a good day. I have also seen 300w in parallel and he never gets 20a. (both set ups were in use over a year) Eco-Worthy does have PWM controllers. This one for $48 has a LCD display and a hook up for a remote temp sensor. This one for $56 has looks pretty basic but has the same metal body the MPPT controller does and it looks like you can hang some pretty healthy cables on it. Other than they exist I can't say anything about them. BFL would be the one to ask about ebay PWM, he seemed pretty happy with the last one he had.
JiminDenver 07/28/14 07:23am Tech Issues
RE: We really need to thin out

That's how we sold our last boat. I had all the stuff out on the lawn so the guy could get a good look at it when he asked what do you want for the extra stuff. I told him I want you to put it back in the boat before you leave.
JiminDenver 07/27/14 10:06pm General RVing Issues
We really need to thin out

Yesterday we took the trailer in to the shop to deal with the hail damage. They said to only take out the good stuff but considering the insurance may total it, we emptied it. What started out being a few boxes of our roughing it gear four seasons ago now covers half the floor in a two car garage. There are the things we use, the things we take in case, the things we use to use roughing it and the things we would have used in campgrounds with hook ups. Just getting rid of the last two will free up a lot of room but it wont last. I can't go out to the trailer without honey handing me a bag, a box or something to take with me. We will be back up to full capacity in no time. lol
JiminDenver 07/27/14 09:33pm General RVing Issues
RE: Solar System Advice/Feedback for new Truck Camper

yep those too. I really wish they still had the portables, I sent so many people there and they are really happy. Those were the first portable kits of a usable size that didn't come with the usual green, feel good advertizing and price. Now you can get close to the same on ebay but it's still hard to get the 160w kit. That's all we would really need without the big inverter.
JiminDenver 07/27/14 05:08pm Tech Issues
RE: Solar System Advice/Feedback for new Truck Camper

I can't speak for the little folding portables but I would imagine they are just as sturdy as my big panels that are 40x65 and ride face to face with a blanket in between either standing in the walkway, on the bed or strapped to the rack on the truck. The largest folding portable I can find is a 200w but it is $500. You could get the same without the hinges and legs for $300. ( I use pine slates and c-clamps) I am pretty sure folded it is 21x47x3. click This is a page of 200w kits without the hinges. click There are other options like Uni-solar rolls and thin panels too.
JiminDenver 07/27/14 01:22pm Tech Issues
RE: HD DVR dedicated inverter

That's a good thing for the rest of us as I'd never want the inverter being discussed.
JiminDenver 07/27/14 10:46am Tech Issues
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