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RE: The Eco-w's new VOC limit

I think it has to get pretty hot before it clips. The only time it has been obvious for me was when the controller was exposed to the sun and dropped from over 12a to under 6a quickly. I do know it would have shut down had I left it there. I'll has to see if I can get the controller to warm up in the shade by pushing 16+ amps for a few hours and then see if cooling it has a affect. Not as hot as it got in the sun but still pretty warm. I'll keep track of the temps so that if it is changed, I'll know how hot it has to get before any clipping happens. I suspect it wont happen unless I don't allow the back side to get ventilation. I've seen 15-17a for hours at a time and haven't had it overheat yet. BTW no response yet but it is the weekend, even in China.
JiminDenver 09/21/14 10:31am Tech Issues
RE: loud generators

I'm thinking of getting this generator. Mike That's the generator we have and I have to tell you, I'd rather listen to it for a few hours a day than a "quieter" generator all day long. Someday I might even take ours with us camping.
JiminDenver 09/21/14 09:22am Travel Trailers
RE: Which Generator? Need Your Opinions

I'll be going for a Champion 3100 inverter generator--which is comparable to the Honda EU3000 unit. But at $850 @ Overstock.com, they're far, far less in price to the Honda or Yamaha. I've heard nothing but good review about the product and the company behind them. I'd like to have a little more watts, however a much larger generator is just so much more expensive to run. With 3000 watts, I might have to cut the a/c to run the microwave--a small penalty to pay for the low price. The newer Champion 3100i can be paralleled with another. Also I wouldn't say the Champ is comparable to the EV3000is, that's considerable quieter. It is nearly identical to the Honda Handi though.
JiminDenver 09/21/14 09:11am General RVing Issues
RE: The Eco-w's new VOC limit

My understanding of temperature compensation is that it changes the voltages depending on conditions. Higher voltage for cold, lower for hot. The Eco-W clips amps when it is hot, not voltage. It's too bad too because looking at the one I have opened up on my desk, the sensor is on two small wires and could easily be extended to the batteries.
JiminDenver 09/21/14 09:02am Tech Issues
RE: Converter/ solar feasibility question.

RJ It is just a feasibility question and I wouldn't be creating a loop. Having the solar on one bank with a big inverter and it would see the converter charging a smaller bank as just another load. there would be losses and it wouldn't be the best way to keep the trailers battery up as it wouldn't get back to full daily. So feasible? Yes Will I ever do it, probably not. Now to get back to figuring out how to run a small air conditioner off of the solar. ;)
JiminDenver 09/21/14 08:46am Tech Issues
RE: loud generators

Hey if you want to be "that guy" that inspired the start of this thread, than so be it.... Again the whole point is to make folks aware. Just because you can doesn't mean you should. You still think it's the color of the generator that makes someone "that guy" Give "that guy" a Honda EU3000is and he will run it 24/7 or feel that because you don't have to scream to talk near it that it isn't annoying. Those can be the worse "that guys" there are.
JiminDenver 09/21/14 07:20am Travel Trailers
RE: The Eco-w's new VOC limit

I have to agree with you on the temperature differences, I was disappointed when I didn't see 17a readings in July when it was 24-27C/75-80F. Saturday morning everything was frosted and it took a while to warm up. Had I thought to wipe down the panels after the frost melted I probably would have seen more. We never saw frost again or 17a. High 16's though. As for the Eco-w being affected by temperature. I've seen asked if it has TC on you tube and the person that responds as Eco-worthy said no. I've seen it respond to high heat by clipping amps and I get higher readings when it's cold out. Yet you didn't change it with a Ice pack, so the difference has to be the panel unless the controller gets really warm. It's possible it clips amps then as a self preservation act to keep from burning up.
JiminDenver 09/20/14 11:27pm Tech Issues
RE: loud generators

So what happens if you return from dictating to others what they are allowed to do and you find someone tapping their fingers on your Honda? Do you think the people that spent buttloads of money on solar or battery banks did it to listen to your "quieter" generator? Spend some of that cash and put some panels up and get back to nature. The tenter in the next site will thank you. The reality is that if you are going to put yourself in close proximity to others, it requires consideration and tolerance. We rarely use campgrounds but when we do we know they will be noisy, even the ones with electric. There will always be something to complain about if you are into that sort of thing. OTOH if you want some real peace and quiet, you can stop fake camping in the storage lots, turn on the four wheel drive and follow me. I'll make sure you don't have to listen to another generator or anything else for that matter. Your tires may get nicked and your rig scuffed a bit but that's the price we pay for quiet, or in your case, quieter. Afterwards we will continue on because I ain't listening to a generator.
JiminDenver 09/20/14 09:13pm Travel Trailers
RE: The Eco-w's new VOC limit

I have no idea why they made the changes. I follow two people on you tube that use the ECO-W. Both use 2 150w panels, one in series, the other in parallel. The person using them in parallel had over heating issue but not the other. He has had his Eco-W pass 20a at times. I can say that I had already decided that 270w would have to be my limit due to the boost I get at altitude. I've seen over 17a off of the 245w panels and that was a clear sky too, no cloud effect. Another 30w should push it to 19a or so with just a bit of leeway. Now here is a question. Is 275w a limit for the rating of the panel or actual production? The 245w panels are doing good to produce 220w each, the 230 212w. When I talked to Marc at Rogue he was fine with putting more than you would think would be ok because he didn't expect to see actual watts above the controllers limits. I would expect it would just shed excess amps if it did. MorningStar even promotes over paneling. I'll add that question when they respond.
JiminDenver 09/20/14 04:44pm Tech Issues
RE: The Eco-w's new VOC limit

I've sent the message about the change in the VOC limit but didn't think to ask if it applies to the older ones. I'll ask when they reply. Another difference from the manual to the box is the watt rating has dropped from 300/600 to 275/550.
JiminDenver 09/20/14 02:25pm Tech Issues
The Eco-w's new VOC limit

The last Eco-w 20a controller came while we we camping. The first thing I noticed was it now comes in a printed box with graphics and the info on it. The second thing I noticed is on the box the VOC limit is now 45v, not 42v. The printed pamphlet inside still has 42v as the limit so I would double check with Eco-worthy before depending on it running a pair of 12v panels in series.
JiminDenver 09/20/14 09:06am Tech Issues
RE: Converter/ solar feasibility question.

Thanks guys This was just a question of feasibility and I know it isn't efficient. We have a Parallax 7300 series converter that even powered by the generator isn't the best way to get a charge. The Eco-W treats the batteries better with it's 3 stage charging and adjustable voltage. I have been following BFL's lead and keep the float voltage up while camping and the batteries seem to be fine with it. Why would I do it outside of pure laziness, the only reason is if I had to leave the trailer and didn't want Honey to have to mess with the panels. There would be other ways to handle it but this would be just one scenario that would be possible. Thanks to BFL13's testing I know it is feasible, just not the best way to deal with it.
JiminDenver 09/20/14 08:59am Tech Issues
Converter/ solar feasibility question.

I didn't want to hijack Muddys thread so here it is. I accidentally left the converter on when I hooked up the systems this trip and it got me thinking. Since the trailer is plugged into the big inverter and the solar, could the converter be used a few hours a day to keep the trailers battery up instead of switching the panels around? Now I know that even all 3 of my system for 50a wouldn't cover, at least at first. The 8-D would have to help out. The trailers battery never gets that low and on a day like Saturday when we had 12 hours of brilliant sun, the 8-D would have time to recover. Soooo if I am just to lazy to switch the systems around, is it feasible?
JiminDenver 09/19/14 11:20pm Tech Issues
RE: WFCO Please Describe The Operational Malfunctions

At least yours might go into boost, my converter is 13.6 only and in hot weather it will cook your battery.
JiminDenver 09/19/14 10:08pm Tech Issues
RE: Portable generator

No worries, I know the Champ is loud. You will never see me suggest it or any other generator be run around others. By yourself out in the sticks is up to what each person can tolerate themselves. At least I can get a enclosure tent and knock the noise down to the level of a Honda Handi. As far as solar goes, it isn't for everyone. Those it is for are the lucky ones. It doesn't have to be expensive if done right. Our panels are on 50 foot tethers so we can park where we want although at those elevations having the sun warm the trailer is a good thing most of the time. There were a few times we could have used the air for a few hours this year had we taken the Champ, as it was a few fans did the trick.
JiminDenver 09/19/14 05:21pm Travel Trailers
RE: Portable generator

This summer as i sat outside my camper enjoying the view and the cool weather ,did i hear birds singing no all i heard were inverters and or generators. running. We use solar so the red ones are just as annoying to me as the other ones are to red inverter owners. So unless you can camp without running your inverters maybe red inverter owners should cut the others some slack. This is just my opinion. I couldn't agree with you more. People that can't afford the best but are willing to spend what they can to get the quietest they can afford should be applauded not chastised. Also considering Honda doesn't seem interested in getting quieter with their last effort the Handi being louder, they may have to deal with one of the lessor companies coming up with something even quieter. Will Honda owners dump the red or will a few DB louder all of a sudden become acceptable? A funny story. When I was setting up this trailer a member here suggested I keep our cheap generator, ( we boondock alone) get a extra battery, ( I got a 250 ah 8-D) and spend $500 on solar. ( the way I do it got us 490w for under $500) When I mentioned this plan on the forum a Honda owner keyed in on our Champ saying if we parked next to him, that he would come over and tell me to not run it. My response was that he missed the solar part and I may come ask him to shut off his Honda. He wasn't amused. lol Last fall the situation nearly came true as we were in a dry CG and some fool was so proud of his EU3000is that he ran it 24/7. The Champ was silent and has been since the solar was plugged in. I didn't say anything about it but when he asked about the solar, I made sure he knew he wouldn't have needed the buzz box 24/7. Since then Honey will not even consider a CG.
JiminDenver 09/19/14 09:39am Travel Trailers
RE: Windynation solar kit install and performance.

Looking good MD. I have to tell you though, the same thing happened when I first got my solar going, Cloudy cloudy cloudy.
JiminDenver 09/19/14 08:34am Tech Issues
RE: Your Favorite Boondocking Pics

This was our camp site last week. The leaves are changing as fast as you can look around. http://i78.photobucket.com/albums/j114/Jimindenver/2014%20camping/P1010253.jpg width=600
JiminDenver 09/18/14 11:03pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: origin of Boondock

There are remote places, you just have to look for them. This was our camp site last week, on the way out we drove for miles before we saw someone else. http://i78.photobucket.com/albums/j114/Jimindenver/2014%20camping/P1010253.jpg width=600
JiminDenver 09/18/14 10:31pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Dry ice and Dometic fridge

We precool our fridge with gallon and half gallon jugs of frozen water. I stop at the trailer, turn on the fridge and put in the jugs. Go to the store for the food, pick up honey and the dogs, by then the jugs have the interior cool and we pack the food in around them. the fridge acts like a cooler until it gets caught up.
JiminDenver 09/18/14 07:56pm General RVing Issues
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