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RE: Solar plan

I don't believe in sacrificing either after roughing it for 20 years. That doesn't mean I can't save power with LEDs, lower power TV, fans, etc. The batteries will have shallower cycles normally and last longer in the not so wonderful times. So I'm covering the roof and filling the battery bay. I'll make the panels tiltable if I have to but I hope to avoid it. I think I'd rather put out a portable than climb the roof. With as much solar as you have planned you will find out as I have that it will act like a micro generator. We don't have any huge loads over night so the batteries hit float early and stay there unless we run a big load. Those are short so what isn't covered by the solar is replaced quickly. My system was designed to be able to run a small air conditioner directly and have the batteries stay in float. I too have done the cardboard thing, have the panels and controller. Am still working out the batteries and wiring but hope to mount it all soon.
JiminDenver 04/25/15 03:19pm Tech Issues
RE: High altitude & cloud-free camping in mid-August?

In the Rockies it just depends on if we are in a wet or dry cycle. Dry years bring the clearest skies and the wet ones bring a different type of light show. I know because I have to get up and sit with the dogs after a big boomer shakes the trailer. Either way it is spectacular. Good luck
JiminDenver 04/25/15 08:45am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Solar panel on roof?

I'll be mounting my solar here soon I hope. I'll squeezed three big panels on the roof trying to avoid the need for tilting.
JiminDenver 04/25/15 08:05am Tech Issues
RE: In the course of RVing...

Years ago friends asked us to go camping, we had no gear so we threw what we could in the van and went. For the first meal we wrapped potatoes and corn on the cob and tossed them in the coals while we caught/ cleaned a mess of trout. We wrapped those too and it all came together perfect. Good food, good friends and the perfect start to a life camping together. The other meal that stands out is equally as boring. I had started the fire on a freezing night while Honey finished up squash chili and brought it to me on a tin plate. That hot plate felt wonderful as we soaked up the silence between the popping and hissing of the fire. I thought to myself this is camping. This is why we go through the hassle and spend the money to be here and do this.
JiminDenver 04/25/15 12:33am RV Lifestyle
RE: Please help me with solar setup

The only reason I mention the altitude is because I tend to see higher numbers here. The thin air, extremely low humidity and off the chart UV rating tend to off set any heat issues. The difference I see between hot and cold is a quarter to a half a amp per 24v panel. I am expecting 55 amps plus at peak tracking out of the three of them. (then again I haven't seen my poly's in freezing cold, only the mon's and they don't have the same oomph)
JiminDenver 04/24/15 10:35pm Tech Issues
RE: Please help me with solar setup

You don't have to go 24v to use a 24v panel. A mppt controller will take the 8 amps isc and excess voltage and turn it into 17 or 18 amas at 12v. Using the $100 Eco worthy MPPT 20 Amp controller I am seeing 18.5a off of a 250 watt 24v panel at a mile high of altitude and expect even more where we camp at 10000 ft. You could get all the features and MPPT for under $200 with the newer Tracer MPPT controller.
JiminDenver 04/24/15 05:54pm Tech Issues
RE: Efficiency Test Results -MPPT Controller (Eco-Worthy) UPDATE

Thanks BFL. It's nice to see the numbers for the Eco-w. It proves effective can be affordable, durable and simple to use.
JiminDenver 04/23/15 06:43am Tech Issues
RE: Please help me with solar setup

He can go fishing early on when the battery is limiting the voltage due to the PWM. He will have them back, cleaned and in a pan before he has to worry about getting to 15v. It is a point though. Understanding the features that you get in any controller is important. When they are not present, you become the feature. No temp compensation means you have too change the float voltage in extremes. I don't need it while camping but in storage the rig will see -20 to 105f. I am sure the C35 is a good PWM controller but for the money spent, there are options to be checked out.
JiminDenver 04/22/15 08:12am Tech Issues
RE: Please help me with solar setup

I have to admit that you have to build in a cushion to play were I do. I have heard of someone frying their controller just going over a 12,000 ft pass on a clear cold day. I'm seeing 18a+ each out of the new 250w poly's at 5000 ft, I can't wait to get them up to 10. :)
JiminDenver 04/21/15 11:34pm Tech Issues
RE: Please help me with solar setup

Even with new 24v panels my MPPT systems come in under $500. He wants 2*12V panels, these small systems are more expensive per watt. Yes, it is possible to source the components - some old, some new, with some compromises in performance and wiring under $500 for 2*24 panels. Your latest TS60 system is probably over $1,200. BFL - there is nothing about Absorption in the P30L manual. My new system isn't much larger than the three smaller systems were, 720w vs 750w. I would have mounted the twin 245w mono's but they showed their true colors when the clouds rolled in so I decided to get three polys and fill the roof. Now when I said you wouldn't get enough difference to spend the money on MPPT, I was talking the difference between the small PWM and the Eco-W, not some aging big brand PWM vs other MPPT in that price range. The newer Tracer MPPTs compete with that price, are completely adjustable and have both remote display and temperature compensation. Even the Eco-w could handle the two 140w panels in series but without the remotes. I know of one running two 150w panels long term, it hasn't died yet. I don't have any "do this" answers, just options. It took me three years to work it all out, twice I thought I had it but I wanted to do things people said I couldn't. Now I can.
JiminDenver 04/21/15 07:30pm Tech Issues
RE: Please help me with solar setup

I started out with a 230w 24v panel that I picked up cheap on craigslist, they sell for as low as $130-140 plus shipping from solarbld.com. I added a pair of 50 foot of 10 AWG MC4 cables that I get off of ebay for $50 shipped and a Eco-worthy 20a MPPT controller that runs $102 shipped. I never mounted it, instead used it on the ground to get a feel for what it would do for us and what we wanted out of the solar. Roughly it is the same set up and BFL uses and a few others. Even left flat it was more than we could use without a huge inverter.
JiminDenver 04/21/15 09:42am Tech Issues
RE: Please help me with solar setup

What a waste Almot. Even with new 24v panels my MPPT systems come in under $500. No remote display or temp but fully adjustable and with a display. It's been what 3 or 4 years now that they have been tested by multiple people here and 260w isn't going to even get close to pushing it. They even sell well enough to stay in business, that can't be said for all controllers can it now.
JiminDenver 04/21/15 06:02am Tech Issues
RE: Please help me with solar setup

For some, the kit will be good enough. It will produce enough to cover their needs and they will neither know or care that it could be built better and produce more. They get a great deal. Others will buy it, find it less than they need and will replace everything but the panels to get what they need. They spend a lot of time and extra money that a little knowledge would have saved. There is a lot of knowledge here, you just have to provide the numbers and believe me, these guys like to spend your money. You may be back to the drawing board, but at least this time you have chalk and an idea of what to start writing.
JiminDenver 04/20/15 11:11pm Tech Issues
RE: Cold Weather Challenge

Sounds like spring and fall for us. Even in a 3 season trailer we have no issues.
JiminDenver 04/20/15 05:20pm General RVing Issues
RE: Unique Solar Question

Turn the converter off and you will have two systems, 12v and 120v. The 120v will run the outlets when plugged into shore power, AC and all. A transfer switch could let you wire up the inverter so it would power the outlets unless you were on shore power. I haven't gotten to that point yet. I plug the shore power cord into my big inverter while we dry camp. We turn that on and off as needed to run larger loads while the TV/sat/ phone is plugged into a small inverter that is always on. It can use less to run them than my last big inverter used just being on. I suppose you could have the air conditioner wired so only it was on the shore cord but you would lose the ability to use shore power for the rest of the rig if you needed it. You would have to have a second box with a breaker to the AC and another to the power center to use them separately.
JiminDenver 04/19/15 04:10pm Tech Issues
RE: Sealed FLA batteries and venting

Almot At best, the tongue can take a pair of 6v space wise. Maybe a new deep cycle 8-D but neither are really enough power for the inverter. The 6v's will balk and it's hard on a 8-D even if it is charged right away. In any event it isn't enough storage capacity. The Expedition also has a tongue weight limit. I would prefer to move the bank back over the axles or at least under the sofa father away from the tongue. I'll just have to install a nice clean looking vent. On the plus side is it is closer to the fridge vent and power center, less voltage drop and expense.
JiminDenver 04/19/15 03:50pm Tech Issues
RE: Sealed FLA batteries and venting

Thank you all. Need it less is still needs to be vented. Even with 750w the solar can't really take advantage of AGM's ability to be charged faster and I don't plan on mounting them on their side. So for me there is no real advantage to spend the big bux on them. And here I thought it was getting easier once I picked out the controller. lol
JiminDenver 04/19/15 12:57pm Tech Issues
RE: Solar Installation – Flying High and Far Away

Last night I was watching you tube videos on MSView. It is probably know but once connected to the net you can type in TSMPPT and your serial number into the address bar and it will open a web page displaying your controller. It's called live data and is more basic than MSView. MSView and live data
JiminDenver 04/19/15 10:27am Tech Issues
Sealed FLA batteries and venting

Sealed FLA batteries like Lifeline need to be ventilated correct?
JiminDenver 04/19/15 09:53am Tech Issues
RE: Stealth camping

On cheaprvliving.com you can find many people doing this. Interesting but I'g go stir crazy in my trailer, a van is out of the question. What's funny is how other perceive them while getting irate if someone tells them that they are homeless, not just full timers going from one boondocking area to another. Recently I read a article about the NFS cracking down on people abusing the forest by living in them. The rule works out to if you don't have a residential address that you can't spend even a night in a NF because it is illegal to live in them. You must be living there since you have no other home and it applies to even the big rigs since they full time. So the next time a ranger ask where you live and you proudly say your shiny motor home, you may be ticketed and asked to leave.
JiminDenver 04/19/15 09:29am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
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