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RE: Great deal on solar panels in Denver

I'm glad you got some, especially before he raised his price. Good luck with the controller. I was interested but not as brave. The four new AGM 6v listed now would make a nice inverter bank but first I need a new generator. One thing I learned is the Bosch panel are mono, not poly. I think the Ajio panels were the polys. Oh well I'm still thrilled to have a matched set to mount.
JiminDenver 04/19/14 11:28pm Tech Issues
RE: Great deal on solar panels in Denver

Stolen ?Jim got a similar deal in 2012, and we asked then if they were stolen. Answer was no. I don't know how he does it! How do I do it? by checking craigslist often and having the time to jump on a deal when it shows up. You would be shocked at the deals on solar, batteries, inverters, and generators that happen all the time. On the other hand there are people pricing things over new price and scamming too. This guy buys storage units, auction lots, etc. He had a bit of everything including a lot of old electronics that he has to pay to be recycled. BTW He has raised the priced to $125. lol
JiminDenver 04/18/14 05:51pm Tech Issues
RE: Great deal on solar panels in Denver

He is near Quebec and Iliff. Those are streets? Yes Anyone from here knows the area.
JiminDenver 04/18/14 01:01pm Tech Issues
RE: Solar Panels: Mono vs Poly

I saw 180w panels (30v Voc) that were close to 32 inches this morning. In a situation where you may have different sized panels filling spaces on the roof, I think PWM is the better way to go. Different wattages in high voltage panels means different Voc's and that can mess with a MPPT controller ability to track. 12v panels are 12v panel no matter if they are 80w or 150w.
JiminDenver 04/18/14 11:11am Tech Issues
RE: Great deal on solar panels in Denver

Thanks West. I had a BFL moment with one of the Eco-w so now I get to pick out a big boy controller that will handle them both. :)
JiminDenver 04/18/14 10:41am Tech Issues
Great deal on solar panels in Denver

Now I can mount my panels. I've been searching for a Match to my 230w poly since I bought my panels. Today I picked up 2 poly 245w Bosch panels for $85 each. Never mounted, the leads were still taped to the backs and they tested out on the MM meter fine. I should have bought a third but Honey was already worried about where I was putting them. The guy has a stack of panels, mostly Bosch and Aleo (sp) with watts ranging from 180-245. I was in a hurry so I didn't inspect them all but I'm sure I saw some Monos in there too. No connection but if anyone here is interested call Paul at 720 982 6030 or you can PM me for his email and address. He is near Quebec and Iliff. Or go on craigslist and you will see his ad there. Another sale has a TS MPPT 60 for $220 but with no display I'm not sure how I would test it.
JiminDenver 04/18/14 10:05am Tech Issues
RE: How do dealers deal with this? (flooding issues inside)

They are junk, but I highly doubt they will be scrapped. Insurance company will sell them at auction. During the floods here last year, several dealerships north of here got flooded. My neighbor went up there looking for a good deal and was told they were all heading to auction.
JiminDenver 04/16/14 02:14pm Travel Trailers
RE: As seen on TV

The Gator grip socket.
JiminDenver 04/16/14 06:50am General RVing Issues
RE: led bulbs

I rep;aced all the lights in my trailer with Chinese LEDs and have had one pigtail come loose in three years.
JiminDenver 04/15/14 10:03pm Travel Trailers
RE: Stanley Cup playoffs 2014

Nice write up Sue. The Wings even making the layoffs this year is quite accomplishment considering a good number of their stars have been injured. They had to win late in the season to get in and did so with their youth from the minors. Some of those proved to be star material and win or lose, it's been great seeing the Wings future play today.
JiminDenver 04/15/14 03:47pm Around the Campfire
RE: newbie trying to build solar system on a budget

That's the idea. My 230w panel will produce 9a direct and 16a in MPPT.
JiminDenver 04/15/14 12:25pm Tech Issues
RE: PV solar system charging voltage low

The OP hasn't mentioned just how far down his batteries were discharged. Amps out have to be replaced. I took a 250 ah bank down to 12.1v resting and put a 220w system on it for the 5 hours the sun was out that day. After 5 hours the voltage of the battery had only made it up to 13v while charging even though the system was putting out 12a. I had removed around 120 ah and even without losses the system had only replaced 60 at best. It would need at least 15 hours of direct sunlight if not more to be in float. On the other hand, I've had my 95 ah grp 27 down to 12.1v and put my 230w system on it pumping out 15a and in 3 hours it was back in float. The system had no problems replacing the 45 ah needed. So if you have a 440 ah bank down 220 ah and want to get the voltage up fast, you will need to be putting 45-60 a back in and that's a big system. 3 or 4 of my 230w panel for 690-920w would do it.
JiminDenver 04/15/14 12:22pm Tech Issues
RE: Question for those who store their RV in a storage lot

We keep some gallon and half gallon jugs filled with water in the bottom of the freezer at home. When we are ready to leave, we fire up the fridge, put the frozen jugs and food in there and go. The fridge acts like a cooler until it gets caught up and as the jugs thaw, we have ice water.
JiminDenver 04/15/14 08:31am General RVing Issues
RE: newbie trying to build solar system on a budget

Do you know the Voc of the 240w panels? You have to stay under 42v with the Eco-worthy. I got the Eco-worthy about a year and a half ago and besides testing at home, used it for a week to two weeks at a time while camping with a 230w panel. For that purpose I found it perfectly functional. It would be nicer to have more features if I full timed and relied on the solar to do more than just keep my batteries charged up. I liked it well enough to buy a second for my 220w panel.
JiminDenver 04/14/14 10:47pm Tech Issues
RE: newbie trying to build solar system on a budget

A Voc of 45v+ in terrible conditions makes it unusable with the Eco-worthy.
JiminDenver 04/14/14 06:51pm Tech Issues
RE: newbie trying to build solar system on a budget

What is the rated Voc for each panel? You can get the tracer 40a mppt for around $200 or so altho we still haven't seen any one actually successfully using that series of controllers yet. Temp sensing at the battery is important if you deal with excessive heat or cold. Some controllers like the Eco-worthy have the sensor inside of it so as long as it is in the same conditions as the batteries, the affect is the same. Most low end controllers have no sensor at all. There are advantages to both mounted and unmounted panels. Those with mounted tend to over emphasize the time and effort it takes to set them up (10 min) and turn them (5 seconds) and then discount the extra amps to be had early and late when mounted panels are barely putting anything out. In other words my single portable is worth both of yours mounted.
JiminDenver 04/14/14 03:43pm Tech Issues
RE: South west RVs are not nice

You should be thanking us for keeping it out here and saving you the trouble of dealing with it. Oh sure free camping with wonderful views and no neighbors sounds great but the generator, solar, batteries and inverter needed to make it happen are not cheap. Finding the spots takes word of mouth, exploring, forums or hours on Google earth. Find a few because there are no reservations. Getting to where we camp only takes a few hours of steep mountain travel on the interstate. You wont think it's too bad when you hit the foothills and only have to downshift once. Then as you hit the real climbs you will downshift a few more times as your truck revs higher and higher, it only gets worse as you climb in altitude where the air is thin. Once off the nice smooth paved roads you will hit the forest service roads. These are unmaintained single lane roads, sometimes just a pair of ruts with washboards, washouts, rocks and more. 4x4 and high clearance is a plus. Once at your site (if it's still open) you may notice you feel a bit off. Altitude sickness makes it hard to breath, hard to concentrate, leaves you light headed with head aches. Don't worry, you will feel better by the time you are ready to move on. The same lack of air that causes you and your truck to gasp will have the same affect on your generator. It will overload over and over as you try to get it to start your AC. Luckily that wont be a issue often as most of the time up there it is cooler during the day and down right cold at night. Make sure your furnace is tuned up because those cute Buddy heaters stop working around 7000 ft. The dry air sounds good when it does get hotter but with 5% humidity your skin turns scaly and your hair like straw. A nice long shower sounds good but refilling water is a 100 mile round trip so quick navy showers are the best you will get. Dry air means lots of dust inside and out. so dusty that a few small dogs on a walk look like a herd of buffalo crossing the plains with the cloud of dust they kick up. Leave said pets unattended too long and they can become snack crackers and cheese to the various critters in the area. Entertainment is like anything else up there, you bring it with you. Don't have a satellite, then bring lots of DVDs because there is no TV reception. In fact there is no cell phone, text or data connection either. It's pretty nice once you get your gear, find the spot, make the drive and get set up. that is until some jerk pulls his rig into your clearing, fires up a open frame generator 24/7 so they can watch Nascar while riding their ATVs. So while it all sounds fun you might want to stick to the nice flat paved highways, campgrounds with reservations, full hook ups and all the amenities. In the end it is easier and cheaper than those free spots out west. ;)
JiminDenver 04/13/14 01:21pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Champion Stand Alone Generator use in rainy Weather.

Which Champion generator are you talking about. A 2000i inverter cube would idle along at 53 db. My 3500/4000 on the other hand would wake the dead at 67 db. I have run it in the rain with a piece of carpet draped over it.
JiminDenver 04/13/14 07:39am General RVing Issues
RE: Opinion on portable/fixed solar panel for our rv?

Don I've always envied the amps you report in low light, watt vs watt yours is much better than my 230w poly. Foot print vs foot print however I think the poly could match those numbers and have the advantage of putting out 4x the power (60a+) in good light.
JiminDenver 04/13/14 07:28am Tech Issues
RE: Opinion on portable/fixed solar panel for our rv?

The Honda 3000 we heard wasn't 70 db, nor was it barely audible in the next site either. 50 ft away we could hear it inside the trailer with ease. Being in a dry campground I wasn't surprised or peeved that someone ran a generator, just at how long and often they did.
JiminDenver 04/12/14 08:56pm Tech Issues
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