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RE: OK... full-timers ! question about solar !

We don't full time yet but I'm setting up for at least snowbirding. We have 750w that will be mounted and 675 Ah of battery and we are pigs with the power. lol On good days the system will run a small air conditioner while the batteries are in float. We boondock for up to two weeks at a time high in the Rockies so the need for A/C is limited. The rest of the time we use up to 200 Ah a day cooking and watching Tv and such. The power lets us use the trailer more like a cabin. Most of the time it is cloudy by mid day so the system can deal with short sun hours and even cloudy weather where it can pull down up to 25 Ah at mid day. That and the bank will cover us for quite a cloudy spell. Even longer if we cut back on some of the big loads. I'd rather have the furnace running than the coffee maker.
JiminDenver 09/03/15 09:19pm Full-time RVing
RE: my brand new TT falling apart...

There needs to be a law that if the cost to warranty a new rig is above a certain percentage, they have to replace the rig. That just might get their attention that quality like this is unacceptable.
JiminDenver 09/02/15 10:04pm Travel Trailers
RE: DC Air conditioner worth it?

Swamp coolers have their advantages. We had one on our last house for 12 years. The upside is that they use less energy to run and can cool a place down fast within their abilities. The downsides are the size needed for area cooled. The amount of water they go through. (something to consider as a boondocker) It feels great when you first turn it on and stand in front of it but since it evaporates water to create the cooling, the house would become humid and and even though the temperature was lower, the added humidity counteracted it some. Over the years we noticed that the house and everything in it was absorbing that humidity and suffering from it. When it is hot out those wet batts tend to grow fungus and eventually the house smelt musty in between uses. Last thing is they have limitations as far as how hot it can be and still provide acceptable cooling. Even when it is very dry you don't get much in the 90's and in the 100's you are just pumping hot humid air. When it is humid they are better off as just a fan. So just as I'll make sure you know how expensive and heavy it is to run a A/C, I think you should have your eyes open with swamp coolers too. In our case we are limited to 60 gallons of water but the power just keeps coming.
JiminDenver 09/02/15 01:23pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: DC Air conditioner worth it?

Setting up the solar and batteries JUST to have A/C is impractical. Setting up your rig with solar and because of it being able to run a A/C is not. We do much more with the power than just run the A/C occasionally. We use it for cooking, water heating, cooling, TV/sat, etc, etc. it also is enough power and battery to keep us going for a week of bad weather while on the road. So if you are installing solar and want to be able to do things, keep that in mind while you design it. even if someone says you can't,
JiminDenver 09/02/15 10:03am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: DC Air conditioner worth it?

One thing to consider is how much CCC do you have. My batteries weigh close to a quarter of a ton. Add in the solar, wiring, controller and inverter PLUS our 60 gallon of water and we have used up half of our 3000 lb CCC.
JiminDenver 09/02/15 07:34am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: DC Air conditioner worth it?

It's not impossible, it's just that everyone has been told they can't so don't even consider it. ;) With a bank like yours and 750w of solar I can run a 5000 BTU window A/C mid day while the batteries sit in float. Get serious and a 9000 BTU mini split uses 600w. I have run it while it's cloudy for four hours. We never need it over night. The secret to doing a lot with solar is having a lot of solar to do it with.
JiminDenver 09/02/15 06:38am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: my brand new TT falling apart...

I was going to mention that if the issue are not major, take pictures and alert the dealership. They may not be able to get you in right away but they will know of the issues under warranty and you can use it until they can take it in after the season. It's how our dealer handled it when they were backed up.
JiminDenver 09/01/15 07:26pm Travel Trailers
RE: my brand new TT falling apart...

We have been fortunate in that we haven't had any major issues in 5 seasons. Just getting a rig in for service has been interesting with all of the hail storms the last few years. It took a month to get mine checked out after last years big storm. The snow will start up where we go in October and that's when we put her to bed for the season. I can't get in or out of the areas if I can't see the trails we are on. The first year we were up there we happened to turn on the weather radio and caught a forecast for a foot of snow that night. Neither of us said a thing, just started packing. We were gone a hour later.
JiminDenver 09/01/15 07:21pm Travel Trailers
RE: "8 D Battery" Anyone ever use one for house batt?

From what I understand, my Lifeline 8-d AGM's will likely outlast our trailer. Thank goodness because the only thought worse than buying a new set is moving them.
JiminDenver 09/01/15 12:31am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Allowing my SO to take our unit for the weekend ?

Start to finish, this thread has been a hoot. Thank you.
JiminDenver 08/31/15 06:32pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: 3 way to compressor refrigerator fitment guide

After throwing out a fridge full of food two trips ago I was taking measurements and checking prices. It was a easy fix and the fridge has been running at 35* since, so it has been given a reprieve...for now. Had it required any major spending, it would have been outta there. I'd replace it now for the faster cooling except for that I know how little propane and power it needs to keep it going. As a boondocker that hates generators, that can be important.
JiminDenver 08/31/15 10:33am Tech Issues
RE: Solar or Genny

So of the three options, alternator, generator or solar, two will require a inverter and enough battery to run a microwave. The generator wont but it will have to be gassed, started and plugged in.
JiminDenver 08/29/15 10:56am Fifth-Wheels
RE: FEMA Trailers...from Katrina to Bakken Oil Boom

Someone in the storage lot we use has one. Came in as a blank white box and they have added a Cavalier decal to the front and some wavy strips. Another visit and I notice a set of dump valves for added tanks. They must have it usable because it's gone every so often. I know that our trailer gets so hot that we can't leave any food, meds, even tubes or bottles of spray in it. They make a mess when they expand and rupture. I can imagine opening up a FEMA trailer after sitting in that heat closed up would be quite a snoot full.
JiminDenver 08/29/15 10:25am Travel Trailers
RE: Solar or Genny

Look on craigslist here and be patient if you can, you will find Honda EU3000is used for pretty decent prices. $12-1500 for a nice unit/ no scam. Occasionally lower. Honda 2000s are not that good of a deal. I have only seen a few Champion 3100i that were listed at $700.
JiminDenver 08/29/15 12:45am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Solar or Genny

being here in Colorado, you need to know that at higher elevations the generators lose power. On a hot day at 10,000 ft a generator can lose as much as 40%, so a 2000w may not run your microwave.
JiminDenver 08/28/15 02:18pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Solar or Genny

Solar is great but you have to have a back up means of charging when the sun doesn't play well. That could be as simple as a pair of jumper cables or a generator. We don't take ours on shorter trips but I wouldn't hit the road without it. Leaving the batteries discharged for too long or take them down too far waiting for the sun may damage them. To run a microwave off of battery even for a few minutes requires at least two batteries if not four, plus a inverter big enough to run it. It all cost money but then again quiet inverter generators are not free either. I would think a Champion 2000i inverter generator would be the least expensive way to go.
JiminDenver 08/28/15 12:33pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Generator output and rv

There is also a not- so- small "noise issue" with the "other" generator choices big enough to run an air conditioner at high altitudes. Sadly the Champs are the quietest thing that will run a roof air at those altitudes, well short of a inverter generator so big I'd need to bring the pick up along to carry it. That's why I built the solar system to run an A/C even though we camp alone. I can't stand the sound of it or a Honda 3000is. As an emergency back up in a noise vs cost basis, the Champ is fine. Be running it day in and out next to someone in a campground is a different story. There are many other solutions that are quieter if that is the case and I've never said the 3500/4000 was one of them.
JiminDenver 08/28/15 12:18pm Tech Issues
RE: Generator output and rv

The Champs start with one pull, maybe two so the remote start isn't a big issue there. What is nice is not having to go out and plug in or unplug the cord every time you start or stop it. It automatically starts the load after the unit is running and stops it before it shuts down. The downside is it adds about 20 pounds to the weight.
JiminDenver 08/28/15 11:57am Tech Issues
RE: Solar suggestions

Would two 160 watt panels work with the eco-worthy controller? I can fit the two panels on the back part of the camper. Two 160 watt panels tracking the sun is above the specs of the Eco-worthy. However flat mounted is not going to see 320 watts but you would be pushing the limits if you were in bulk charging mid day. Personally I would not want to run a controller close to it's limits all the time. A single 250w panel tracking can produce 18.5 amps on the Eco-W. I would think a pair of 140's or 150's flat would be a better choice if going with 12v panels. I like the big panels if you have the room to mount one because they cost less per watt, less work to mount, thinner wire down and paired with the Eco-W create a simple, dependable, inexpensive solution IF it fit your needs.
JiminDenver 08/28/15 10:38am Tech Issues
RE: RV and Camping interest is rising

What I can add is the lack of storage lots out here. I was speaking with the owner of the lot we use and he wishes he had bought land in the slow down to put in another 400 spaces.
JiminDenver 08/28/15 07:59am General RVing Issues
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