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RE: RV disposal...

I sold my parents 78 prowler with no fridge, lots of leaks and a floor I was worried about walking on for $500 as a hunters special on craigslist. It sold in a day and the guy drove 8 hours to get it.
JiminDenver 12/18/14 07:24pm Beginning RVing
RE: Cleaning out camper

It seems like every time I head out to the trailer there is a box waiting to go out with me. Last year we had to completely unload the trailer to take it to the shop and wow, the pile filled half of our two car garage. We never have hook ups but had a bunch of electric items for if we did. We also had the original roughing it gear and we never use it either so all of that went on a shelf in the garage in case we decide to camp either ways. Now it takes much less time to find things in the trailer and I now have room to put in some batteries.
JiminDenver 12/18/14 07:20am RV Lifestyle
RE: Camping? When did you start.

My first camping was with the folks in a canvas tent when I was around five or six. Then it was a pop up for a number of years until they bought a 21 ft trailer in the 70s. By that time my brother and I had our own tent which was better than the stuffy trailer with my dad snoring. Honey and I started camping together in the mid 80s when a few friends asked us to go with them. We had no gear so we tossed a futon in the back of the van and scrounged up what supplies we could. The van worked out so we put a Jon boat on top or pulled a boat behind but we went fishing all over. For awhile we had a 62 Cree 13 ft trailer that a customer had redone. We drug that thing all over the Rockies including some 4x4 trails but it had no amenities like tanks or a heater. I also couldn't stand up or lay out on the bed so we sold it for what we paid 5 years earlier and bought a BIG tent. The tent is 10x20 and has a 8 1/2 ft ceiling, so there was lots of room for me. One of the rooms had a king sized inflatable mattress, the other end was the porta potty and storage while the middle was the seating area and kitchen on less than perfect trips. One weekend it rained and we never had to leave the tent. It was kinda eery when we did finally come out to see everyone else had left. We took a break in the late 90s due to our business getting too big. We spent 13 years traveling abroad on more normal vacations. Three years ago I decided to semi retire and trimmed the business back to do so. Now that we had time again we decided to get back to camping. We set the tent up in the yard just to see how the dogs would handle it but the old mattress leaked and I could barely walk the next day. I started looking at campers as I had my coffee that morning and a month later we had the trailer we do today.
JiminDenver 12/18/14 07:07am RV Lifestyle
RE: quality gone down hill.

One of the reasons we did not upgrade when we had the chance was the trailer that fit us and our trucks the best was brand getting a lot of quality complaints recently. A paid off, dimpled, trouble free trailer was better than taking the chance again. Roy Nice set up but where I go if you try to go fast enough that it would make a difference, you, your truck and your trailer are going to get beat all to heck. I can say that having our trailer weigh less because it is shorter and narrower than most 25 ft has become an advantage on those rougher back trails. It's also better knowing where the weight reduction comes from rather than normal sized and having it come out of the frame.
JiminDenver 12/16/14 08:07pm Travel Trailers
RE: 12v inverter draw on batteries with microwave

We have run our 900w ( pulling 1375w) microwave for 10 minutes off of a 250 Ah battery but it was being fed by 490w of solar putting out 34a. Without the solar a few minutes was all the battery could handle by its self.
JiminDenver 12/16/14 02:54pm Tech Issues
RE: Making toast

This is what we have used since the 80's. A little slow and you have to rotate on both sides to get a even toasting. My pop use have a coffee can with both end open and wire crisscrossed on one to set the bread on. One piece at a time but faster.
JiminDenver 12/15/14 06:14pm Truck Campers
RE: Question on solar controller hook up?

If your controller is like mine, it gets its power from the battery bank. Just connecting it could cause a small spark.
JiminDenver 12/13/14 02:04pm Tech Issues
RE: More Solar for "Us"

From what I can gather, in the real world, amorphous perform the best, followed by poly, followed by mono, despite what is said about monos being more efficient than poly's. Best is subjective. What is best for your scenario would be a better way of putting it. Be in a normally sunny area and Mono's have the smallest footprint meaning you may get more watts on the roof. Amorphous are the low light kings but can you get enough on the roof to cover your needs. Polys are right in the middle with a slightly bigger foot print and not quite as much production in low light. In our situation, we are right in the middle too with both intensely sunny mornings and cloudy afternoons being the norm. When the monsoon comes I don't think even amorphous would cover our needs but may stretch the battery a bit longer. We'd have the Champ if we were camping then so it wouldn't make a huge difference. (charge early and see if the panels couldn't hold float for the rest)
JiminDenver 12/13/14 02:02pm Tech Issues
RE: More Solar for "Us"

I've seen tracking systems from Eco-worthy and others. We just need to adapt them to RV's. Maybe a hinged boom set up like the TV antenna that would have the panel flat until lifted where the tracker could move it.
JiminDenver 12/13/14 10:08am Tech Issues
RE: securing a genny ??

If we take a generator, it sits just inside the trailers door for the trip. Once there it gets chained to the tongue or bumper unless in use. I have used our old beat up open frame in a attempt to scare off clearing crasher, part of me worries that if they see mine, they will think theirs is ok.
JiminDenver 12/13/14 09:23am Travel Trailers
RE: is this big enough??

At normal altitudes it would be more than enough for what you ask. It is the same size as the Honda and Yamaha 2800w inverter generators but is a bit louder.
JiminDenver 12/13/14 09:07am Tech Issues
RE: More Solar for "Us"

Even with my panels being portable and tracking, each trip I find a way to set them flat to get a idea of how they will be once mounted. For summer use with decent weather, (our usual half days of sun), the 230w poly flat was more than enough for the trailer functions and even some inverter use in a more traditional manner of use the battery, charge the battery. The 245w monos flat are late sleepers. The level of light needed to wake them up is more intense than the poly and they stay groggy until the sun is at a better angle to them. Tracking they were fine as they would kick out about 26a as soon as the sun was on them. That's why Mr wizards panels do well for him is because they require the least amount of light to get them going. He may not be getting barn burner amounts of power but it is something. Our poly putting out 4a on a cold, cloudy weekend kept us off the generator until the sun came out a few days later. The monos would have never produced enough to wake up the controllers.
JiminDenver 12/13/14 08:48am Tech Issues
RE: Solar Performance LUX Measurement

I have a free light meter on my phone and plan on the same thing. Like the sound meter I have no idea how accurate but it gives me a base that I can tell when things go up and down. I believe this is the one I have. Free light meter
JiminDenver 12/12/14 11:39am Tech Issues
RE: Geminid meteors Fri and Sat -- head for the boonies!

Not even sure I can get to our boonies right now.
JiminDenver 12/11/14 06:31pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: What RV Goodies Ya Getting For Christmas?

Already got the new inverter and if the 8-D doesn't do any better on the next test, a new inverter bank too.
JiminDenver 12/10/14 08:20pm Tech Issues
RE: How many hours on your Generator ?

We got a new one this spring and between breaking it in and exercising it, there is around ten hours on it. Haven't needed it camping yet with the solar.
JiminDenver 12/09/14 08:58pm General RVing Issues
RE: Go ahead...be jealous

Long ago when we were freezing our butts off in a tent, I would have been envious.
JiminDenver 12/09/14 08:54pm General RVing Issues
RE: Ford or...?

I've had all the big three over the years, mostly Fords. I liked the Econolines over the other two vans and you just couldn't kill a 300 in line. We have the Expeditions because we moved to the edge of the plains and the first year had a snow storm that was too much for the van and a set of chains. As I was digging it out a Expedition passed by like it was nothing and shrugged off a three foot drift before pulling into their driveway. We traded in our Van and Cougar on a pair of Expys that week. I do have a F 150 but honestly it was suppose to be a work truck and I went to Chevy first. All of my family has worked for GM and I was suppose to be able to get a deal. What they told me was I'd be better walking in off the street as there was a set price they would have to charge me. For what they wanted for a bare bones two wheel drive half ton, I went to Ford and got a 4x4 with stereo/CD, bed liner, Chrome rims and Air. It really wasn't a contest as the F 150 was also more stylish, comfortable, quieter and had a better ride.
JiminDenver 12/09/14 08:42pm Travel Trailers
RE: Harbor Freight 45w Solar for $139

The little portables from SolarBlvd, Eco-worthy or Windynation are great for getting your feet wet in solar. Taking the time to understand enough to build a simple portable may mean a better match for your needs as well as better components where they would benefit you the most.
JiminDenver 12/07/14 09:08am Tech Issues
RE: Harbor Freight 45w Solar for $139

For the money I would spend a few more bucks and go for the 120w kits available.
JiminDenver 12/06/14 09:38am Tech Issues
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