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RE: Parts fee?

Actually I have taken care of peoples cars, homes and what not for 30 years. When I tell them it will cost this much to have their car fixed, that's what they expect to write the check for. We have never tried to slip a "fee" in because our customers would see it just as I do. Any part needed for a job is listed on the invoice so I don't need to charge every customer $20 in case I need a nut for one. They are happy to pay what they owe but try to get away with something and they will find someone else. Want to charge a disposal fee, have something to dispose of. Want to charge me for a part, I want to know what it is and how much it is costing me. Want to pad the bill I want to know before I decide to use your service. I am just as harsh on customers that what a bid and then try to add to the job after the fact. Neither is honorable.
JiminDenver 10/04/15 05:21pm Camping World Service and Installation
RE: Alternator Charging ? Again

I would think if the battery/alt could cover the load easily the voltage would be higher. What you are seeing is what I saw when I ran the A/C off of two panels that almost covered the load. It took hours to get the voltage down but it did come down ever so slowly. Taking a break and getting the voltage of the starting battery back up would be multiple cycles vs one deep cycle. Multiple cycles will shorten its life, too deep of one may kill it.
JiminDenver 10/04/15 02:50pm Tech Issues
RE: Alternator Charging ? Again

Thank you for the link. I just hadn't gone back far enough in your post to find it. .8 is one of the lower draws I have seen and I shouldn't be surprised that it ran under that considering the little A/C is listed at 3.9a and runs around 33a 12vDc. Mex I have only used the alternator one trip and it was nothing fancy. What got me looking at the alternators was seeing a 250a alternator listed in the specs for the new Expedition. My 03 likely has a 110a but I wouldn't upgrade it unless there was a real reason to.
JiminDenver 10/04/15 10:44am Tech Issues
RE: Alternator Charging ? Again

4-5 amps DC is pretty good actually. Nothing like the 12v compressor units but for the money they hold a tiny amount of food. If you could, list the unit you have as well as link your fridge thread. Thanks
JiminDenver 10/04/15 09:43am Tech Issues
RE: Parts fee?

Parts fees, disposal fees, recycle fees, all add on for pure profit. I went round and round with one dealership because the fees would be added on after the fact and you only knew of them when trying to pick up your car. In one instance they wanted a disposal fee when there was nothing to get rid of. They finally said the mechanic had to wash his hands, that's what the fee covered and I wasn't getting out of there with out paying it this time. I made a quick call to the AG's office and they asked if I had the estimate and were the fees included. No I said. Are there any signage saying you will be charged, again no. They said you don't have to pay it and asked to speak to the service manager. I didn't pay the fees and the next time I went in there were big signs saying such and such fees were added to EVERY ticket.
JiminDenver 10/04/15 09:14am Camping World Service and Installation
RE: Alternator Charging ? Again

I was reading through the thread because I found out I could get a 350a alternator for the Expy and the info may come in handy someday. What I can add is that I have been looking to add the second fridge next year for extended trips and am going through the same process that I did with the little A/C. I have found that most 1 ft cube fridges pull the same 1.3-1.5a as the larger 2 and 3 foot units. oddly you can find 10 ft units that use little more even though they are 10x the space. The least draw I have found has been the Edgestar 3.1 two door. It pulls .64a which is only .04a more than a Grape 5 ft 12v fridge. Adding insulation can drop the daily draw down 40%.
JiminDenver 10/04/15 08:47am Tech Issues
RE: Full sized SUV or Truck

I've towed with vans, pick ups and SUVs, each has ups and downs. Pick ups are nice for the ability to store things like generators and gas that you just don't want inside. On the comfort side of things as a daily driver, it is a pick up after all. Our Expeditions hold quite a bit and their payloads easily exceed our F 150. The ride with or without the trailer is car like and when the going gets rough, a push of a button and you just keep going. The thing is a new one cost more than some motor homes. I do agree with rent, borrow or start small and cheap until you know it's a road you both want to go down. At least attend a RV show or two to see how your wife feels about different layouts and expenditures. Other things to consider are insurance, storage, up keep, where will you take it, how much are the daily fees, are those park nice, spacious and quiet or cramped, noisy and smoky. The last thing is if you really enjoy camping, it doesn't matter what you do it in. Were we to lose our trailer tomorrow, we would go back to the tent without much thought.
JiminDenver 10/02/15 09:33am Beginning RVing
RE: Generator question.... (leaving in less than two weeks)

A champion 2000i inverter generator would do it all but the AC and do it as quiet as the other two options do it, just less expensive. Get lucky and you can find them on craigslist for $3-400 and supergen usually has refurbished for $499. As far as Champion being junk, what about dependable, easy starting, quieter than other open frames makes them junk? I've had a 3500/4000 for years. it can run our AC 2000 ft higher than a Honda 3000is, starts in any weather with one pull, and be as quiet as a Honda Handi with a sound tent. The best part is that by NOT wasting my money on a pretty generator that can't at altitude, I used it to buy the solar and batteries that allow us to leave the generator at home while still having all the comforts of hook ups. The dirty little secret of all of this is that you can buy the quietest generator made or like us go solar and be silent only to have the neighbor pull out the loudest open frame or think that his Honda is SOOO quiet that it is ok to run it 24/7. So with that thought in mind I can tell you that our Champion 3500/4000 has never been heard even when we did use it. We only boondock and we can barely hear it inside with the TV and AC going. Outside I'd want a good 100 feet or better to drop it to just annoying. No generator is quiet enough for close quarters.
JiminDenver 09/30/15 08:43am General RVing Issues
RE: Quick solar question

For such a small level of use I would think that 200w on the roof and a few batteries in the bank would have you good to go pretty much forever. Going on bank alone is very doable at low levels. With no high power inverter loads I would think a pair of golf cart batteries would be a good choice. You will need to have them connected to the truck systems or have a generator for when they do need to be brought back up with out hook ups. Higher voltage for less drop is a good idea for a portable but I can tell you that if you move often, a big panel would get to be a hassle fast. You can get the higher voltage desired by running a hinged pair of smaller panels in series.
JiminDenver 09/30/15 08:00am Truck Campers
RE: I screwed up!

Every trip I think the bathroom lights are out until I remember that they are on a wall switch too.
JiminDenver 09/29/15 11:56pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Midrange propane griddle

How about this click
JiminDenver 09/29/15 09:41am Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Measuring Your Solar Needs – An Easy and Low Cost Method

I think the traditional approach of making sure you had enough battery and solar to cover your needs was largely because it was so expensive. You see a lot more people building larger systems simply because we can afford them. 24v panels are inexpensive per watt, telecom batteries are everywhere and some of those no name MPPT chargers are holding their own. You don't have to JUST get by anymore if you are lucky and have access to the gear. The gear also weighs so you might stay mindful of your CCC.
JiminDenver 09/28/15 09:46pm Tech Issues
RE: Measuring Your Solar Needs – An Easy and Low Cost Method

Interesting approach but I'd want to run the test on a cold rainy day with the lights, furnace and TV running. Even then I would double it for bad weather and the fact that once you have solar, you tend to relax and use more power. I feel the same about the battery, the freedom the excess gives you makes it easier to keep it in balance. The other thing is it takes a while to get your routine down to the point that you know how much power you use daily like Roy does. It took a few years of boondocking and paying attention to the morning resting voltage to get a handle on how much power just the trailer uses. That's nothing compared to the inverter, it really sucks the power. Our day to day changes a lot. Run the little AC and it spikes that day, use the pie irons instead of the cook top and it slumps. So we generally use up to 200 Ah a day but that's growing still.
JiminDenver 09/27/15 06:38pm Tech Issues
RE: General Purpose Cleaner

I use Greased lightning
JiminDenver 09/25/15 10:08pm General RVing Issues
RE: Refrigerator temp adjust?

Do not let that come loose from the fin or holder. Mine did and it caused the fridge to short cycle.
JiminDenver 09/25/15 08:32pm Tech Issues
RE: Does DEKA make a good UPS battery?

There are a bunch of those on sale here for $100 each.
JiminDenver 09/25/15 06:17pm Tech Issues
RE: Quick solar question

Never had a big critter get to them but I do have to watch that the dog doesn't lift his leg. ;)
JiminDenver 09/25/15 04:11pm Truck Campers
RE: Quick solar question

I've run a portable set up for three seasons/ Everything they say is true, they are a pain to store, there is no charging in storage or on the road, they could grow legs and it does take a few minutes to set them up and seconds to adjust them. This year I have been testing what will be my mounted system portable and I have kept them flat like they will be mounted to get use to the output. My, my, my, I just never knew how addictive that early morning sun is. My smallest portable, a 230w panel tracking the early sun can kick my 750w system flat for hours before the sun gets high enough for the flat system to really get going. The same is true for the late afternoon sun while you are trying to replace the power used for dinner. Having the big system flat cost me about 10a at peak as flat mounted is never really lined up. So for us, the answer is both a mounted system and a light weight portable.
JiminDenver 09/25/15 10:11am Truck Campers
RE: Battery replacement. Standard 12volt or upgrade?

I would figure out WHY battery went bad in such a short time............otherwise the NEW battery (or batteries) could end up same! Overcharging Drawing voltage WAY down before recharging Not maintaining water levels Ignoring any maintenance WHY :H I have to agree. My original Interstate grp 27 is four season old.
JiminDenver 09/25/15 08:58am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Trojan t-1275 vs Signature series J150 RE

I think it's a marketing ploy to attract solar users with names and terminology to match. Someday we will see a argument because one has renewable energy batteries and the other doesn't. lol
JiminDenver 09/25/15 07:18am Tech Issues
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