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RE: solar sail cloth

I think it would be great as a add on to the roof system. My thought is they would be starting at the bottom of the efficiency range again when more mature technologies are producing more in one ridged panel than your whole roof top. How long before we start seeing 500 or 600w per panel.
JiminDenver 03/12/17 05:40pm Tech Issues
RE: Champion 2800/3100 Invertor Generator

So I guess that brings up the question then. Has anyone worn out their Champion 3100 yet?
JiminDenver 03/08/17 07:55am Tech Issues
RE: Need to up my solar to do some serious charging

Does it matter whether the panels are mono or polycrystalline? Few here have been able to actually test monos vs polys side by side in various conditions like I have. monos have a slight advantage in bright sunlight. Polys have a huge advantage in anything else. I went with polys because the sun doesn't always shine but I always use power.
JiminDenver 03/07/17 10:48pm Tech Issues
RE: T Mobile coverage

I have a TMO hotspot with band 12. I have to tell you that as far as coverage goes, my Cricket phone on AT&T gets much better coverage. Generally if I am close enough to a larger city to get good TMO service, then I also have Sprint. It's not always the case, sometime one or the other has service. Verizon almost always has service and I have only seen a few spots out in the boonies that Cricket did not. So look real hard at where you will be and the coverage they offer before switching. Quartzsite as a example was barren for TMO but Sprint had at least 3G. Cricket was fine but Verizon overloaded one night when the big tent opened.
JiminDenver 03/02/17 10:03am Technology Corner
RE: Campfires for Dummies

Yeesh All it takes is a few shots of RC airplane glo fuel. That's alcohol, castor oil and nitro. 25% nitro works best. ;)
JiminDenver 02/28/17 07:57pm General RVing Issues
RE: Birth Of The Gigawatt

Gee Mex, sounds like the Lifelines might not chew it up and spit it out quite as easy as they did the first time. I have a 30 amp version from the other company but haven't even thought of wiring it up since the 435w portable has the heavy lifting done by the time the roof system even has a chance to get going.
JiminDenver 02/26/17 10:57pm Tech Issues
RE: Fixed or portable solar?

For years I used the larger panels portable and there is just nothing like catching the earliest rays of the day and getting full power until the sun goes down. That said, I dreamed of the day I could get my panels mounted and not deal with it. The thing is after watching the effect of being able to track the sun early and late, it is almost painful to know the light is there but the roof system isn't going to really get going for hours after sun rise. So now I have a roof system AND a portable as well. My portable is mounted onto the roof of the truck and tilts. I can move the truck to keep it lined up during the day, it isn't going to blow over or walk away and I don't have to lift it or store it where it will interfere with using the trailer. It also charges the batteries as I am on the road. It really is the best of both types.
JiminDenver 02/23/17 07:44pm Travel Trailers
RE: Home brew hybred inverter generator set up

Soft start was what I was thinking for mine, I tend to get them mixed up. I am also thinking of looking for something larger as this unit was fine for 10,000 ft and dry conditions. Here in the southwest with 40% humidity it is a bit overwhelmed trying to cool the trailer.
JiminDenver 02/20/17 10:56am Tech Issues
RE: Home brew hybred inverter generator set up

I have seen a you tube on adding a hard start to I believe the same little A/C so that a Honda 1000 would run it, it may be possible with the Sportsman too.
JiminDenver 02/20/17 12:27am Tech Issues
RE: Home brew hybred inverter generator set up

Wonderful inverter even if they have gone up in price since I got mine for $200.
JiminDenver 02/19/17 10:10pm Tech Issues
RE: Home brew hybred inverter generator set up

The little A/C is plugged into the inverter
JiminDenver 02/19/17 07:59pm Tech Issues
RE: Home brew hybred inverter generator set up

Opps, good catch BFL. I'll edit that. I meant plug the shore cord into the inverter generator, not the trailer. Usually I have the shore cord plugged into the inverter for boondocking.
JiminDenver 02/19/17 06:13pm Tech Issues
Home brew hybred inverter generator set up

Home Depot had the tiny Sportsman 800/1000w inverter generator on sale for $157 right before I left Denver. Normally I'd stick to one of the big three but at that price I took the chance. I broke it in at home up to the point it could handle a 600w heater at 5000 ft, a friend at a rally finished the job using it to run a work light while he outfitted his box truck in Quartzsite. I knew better than to think it could handle starting the little 5000 BTU A/C and sure enough it couldn't. My solution was to plug the shore cord into the generator with the converter on, and then plug the A/C into the inverter. That way the batteries took the surge and the generator then had no issues with the 450w running load. Normally I run the A/C off of the solar and batteries but it's nice to know I can use the generator should the need come up. I know it will be asked. Noise wise the Sportsmans eco mode is barely quieter than not having it on. Under load it is comparable to the Honda 2000 under load that was in the next site.
JiminDenver 02/19/17 01:21pm Tech Issues
RE: Hey Boondockers; what TT do you have?

I have a Ameri-lite 25 ft bunk house that I boondock in. The first 6 years was all up in the Rockies of Colorado and I went full time on the first of the year. It has been down trails that required 4x4 in the Rockies but I just haven't seen anything like it in the desert. Here the worse is washboards and I'd rather have the rocks honestly. I do have the axles flipped for clearance and it still takes forever to go a few miles over the real rough stuff. I have to pay attention to where both the wheels of the truck and trailer are, watch how far the trailer tilts and creeping along so slow the the speedometer doesn't move is the norm. I have also seen trails in the back country that would slow the truck to 15 MPH with switchbacks that wouldn't allow any faster. The Ameri-lite is about the cheapest thing new that I saw in that size. It has a 3000 pound CCC and the construction description and pictures are the same that Gulfstream uses for there other higher end units. Some of the differences like not being as wide or as tall work in my benefit as they allow me down tighter trails or under lower branches. It has gotten its share of pin stripping but that's not the trailers fault.:)
JiminDenver 02/16/17 12:12pm Travel Trailers
RE: Any fans of solar ovens out there.

I have a SOS sport oven, ( now owned by Salvador) and a Global sun oven ( the origninal version) of the American sun oven. The American is $329 with Amazon Pime, $305 plus shipping without Amazon Prime. It comes with all the pans, racks, thermometer, etc. included. They can get well over 400 degrees and you can cook about anything except frying and deep frying. I do breads, cakes, soups, stews, ribs, whole chickens, roast, potatoes, rice, and on and on. Somethings are better in the SOS, some others in the sun oven. That not to say one is better, they compliment each other. I started giving talks on solar cooking first at a rally I attended and now have campgrounds asking for them. You can make your own but it would be hard to match the performance. http://solarcooking.org/plans/
JiminDenver 02/14/17 01:49pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: So what are your plans for 2017?

Well I went full time 1/1 and had planned on doing the follow the 70's thing by heading south until it warmed up in the Colorado Rockies. Spend some time up there, then head east stopping in Michigan to see family before going on and eventually south again. On the way down to the Q I stopped in a full hook up park to de-winterize and ended up accepting a work camping gig for the owner that wants to travel. It looks like I'll be heading to San Antonio, NM next week. So much for retirement.
JiminDenver 02/12/17 02:00am RV Lifestyle
RE: My portable on steroids

Thanks but I can't take the credit for the install with my limitations. Just pulling it out of the trailer when I moved was really getting to my neck and back. I knew someone at Solar Bills from Colorado and had them do it. Pretty basic and I may upgrade over time but for now it functions. The 435w panel is 41 1/4x 81 3/8 inches and weighs 56 pounds I am told. Roy if you can fit that up top and then a smaller portable, you should be able to really cut your generator time. West, I haven't really used the A/C but a few days and am up against a hill that makes it so I don't see the sun for a hour or two after sun up. That said I turned it on at 9 am before it was hot in here and ran it till sun down, the excess 30 amps coming down had no issues bringing up the bank. In fact it was in float sometime after noon and stayed there until the sun really started getting too low for the roof system. http://i78.photobucket.com/albums/j114/Jimindenver/bracket%201.jpg~original http://i78.photobucket.com/albums/j114/Jimindenver/bracket%202.jpg~original http://i78.photobucket.com/albums/j114/Jimindenver/bracket%203.jpg~original
JiminDenver 02/11/17 07:27pm Tech Issues
My portable on steroids

I haven't been on much since going full time the first of the year. Some of that has been due to getting a puppy that never stops going or growing. In any event, on the way down to Quartzsite I picked up a 435w panel in Albuquerque and had it mounted on my Expedition so that it could tilt. A TS-MPPT-45 sits next to the TS-MPPT-60 for the trailers 750w system inside and a set of 8 gauge cables run to the nose of the trailer underneath. From there a set of 50 ft 10 gauge allow the truck plenty of movement to keep the panel lined up and avoiding shadows. Having it on the truck resolves a few issues with the old portables I had. It certainly isn't just walking away. Adjusting the angle is as easy as starting the Expy, cranking the wheel and moving a few feet. A shorter set of cables makes it so the portable keeps charging on the road and best of all, I don't have to store it in the trailer or move it except to tilt. Getting it lined up is easy even though I need a set of adjustable legs to get the tilt just right. That said it was kicking out 29 amps the first time I had it running and I saw 67 amps with the two systems combined today. The trailers system isn't running at full power due to lower winter sun as well as the panels have a slight negative tilt to the north as it sits right now. I should see 80 amps or so peak in the summer. That lets me start the little A/C earlier and run it later, good thing to since it has been very hot lately. http://i78.photobucket.com/albums/j114/Jimindenver/IMG_20170209_160712.jpg~original width=600
JiminDenver 02/10/17 08:16pm Tech Issues
RE: (Yawn) Another day in Quartzsite

Here now attending two rallys
JiminDenver 01/18/17 10:52pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Joining the ranks

I've been on the road since 1/1/17. I stayed at the rest stop just past Raton pass the first night. Stayed in Albuquerque the next to pick up a 435w panel and then went to the Bosque bird watchers RV park for dewinterizing after that. Decided to stay a few nights to decompress and then a few more just because I have never had full hook ups. While there the owner told me he wanted to sell the place and travel. I told him any number of people would trade a site to take care of the place. As I was getting ready to leave I stopped to tell him I was going and he made me a offer I couldn't refuse. I return after the beginning of the month to take over the place in a well paid position. So much for retirement. lol Right now I am in Quartzsite to attend two rallys where I will give a talk about solar cooking.
JiminDenver 01/17/17 12:49am Full-time RVing
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