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RE: Morningstar, Outback, Midnite, which to choose.

The plan is to wire for parallel and run test in both. In parallel I gain the advantages of tolerance if shade is on one panel, better efficiency from a lower Voc to 12v and less heat at the controller. Switching to series in extended lower light situations may prove better then.
JiminDenver 03/29/15 06:22pm Tech Issues
RE: Air conditioning on solar

Today it was 78 f out and I wanted to test the new panel vs the old and play with the air conditioner again. Using the 245w Bosch mono and the 250w Navajo poly with a pair of Eco-w's on the combined 345 Ah bank I was able to run the window shaker for four hours. http://i78.photobucket.com/albums/j114/Jimindenver/P1018043.jpg~original The draw was higher than before once it got the pressure up but no higher than it's rating. I kept it in the sun to keep the compressor on. Watts http://i78.photobucket.com/albums/j114/Jimindenver/P1018045.jpg~original Volt amps http://i78.photobucket.com/albums/j114/Jimindenver/P1018046.jpg~original The inverter was pulling 35a and under meaning the two panels tracking was almost keeping up. Once the voltage dropped a bit the controllers cranked it up to 200w + and I saw the occasion 17.75a each on the controllers. http://i78.photobucket.com/albums/j114/Jimindenver/P1018040.jpg~original Like I said the panels were almost enough and the bank was ever so slightly lossing the battle. After four hours the voltage under load did get below 12v after sitting just above 12v for a hour. http://i78.photobucket.com/albums/j114/Jimindenver/P1018048.jpg~original If I can do this for the limited times we need it with three panels flat, I will be thrilled. We don't need the trailer to be a ice box, just below 80f is nice. Now I have to find out where to send the Power verter because it's as squirrely as the last one.
JiminDenver 03/28/15 06:33pm Tech Issues
RE: 400 Watts of Solar for $37 ?

Anything come of this?
JiminDenver 03/28/15 06:12pm Tech Issues
RE: Morningstar, Outback, Midnite, which to choose.

All of them are huge compared to the Eco-w. The Outback is over 12 pounds so I guess it could be a boat anchor.
JiminDenver 03/28/15 06:11pm Tech Issues
RE: Morningstar, Outback, Midnite, which to choose.

The controller will have to go inside be it in a compartment or not. Some one also mentioned to me the abuse it will take on the wash boards and rough trails we use. Then again it may be quiet enough not to be heard and the Classic has a 5 year warranty.... I'm beginning to understand why people just want to take their rig someplace to have it done for them.
JiminDenver 03/28/15 07:58am Tech Issues
RE: Morningstar, Outback, Midnite, which to choose.

Hi Don The Midnite is the newest and I like the Wizbang BUT it does have a fan that may not like the rough travel we do. Plus, noise and solar should not be spoken of together. lol Gator How loud is the fan? BFL Someone told me you CAN"T have too much solar. lol If fans rull out the big boys and the TS-MPPT-45 being too small, it really only leaves the TS-MPPT-60 which is where I started.
JiminDenver 03/27/15 07:53pm Tech Issues
RE: Morningstar, Outback, Midnite, which to choose.

If I knew I would stick to 3 panels the TS-MPPT-45 would probably be fine as I think I would only exceed 15a per flat panel mid day if I were pulling a load. Even then I would only loose 5 or 6 amps off of peak. I'd better do a flat test considering I'm basing this off of my 230w that saw 15a flat at altitude.
JiminDenver 03/27/15 10:22am Tech Issues
RE: Morningstar, Outback, Midnite, which to choose.

I wish you could fit these panels on your roof Roy, I think you would love the output. I was pulling 16a yesterday off of one with a very thin veal of clouds. As for me choosing, the blind leading the blind comes to mind. lol
JiminDenver 03/27/15 09:30am Tech Issues
RE: Morningstar, Outback, Midnite, which to choose.

Another one? Man it's going to be a long weekend. I will say there are a number of lessor known controllers I considered. Most if you dug deep enough had something in their specs that disqualified them.
JiminDenver 03/27/15 08:53am Tech Issues
Morningstar, Outback, Midnite, which to choose.

Well it is time to pick out a respectable controller since Eco-worthy doesn't build 60a model. Of the larger MPPT controllers the three listed are all in the same general price range. The Morningstar TS-MPPT-60 is the smallest and least expensive until you add a $100 display. I could add a forth panel but it would be clipping at times. The Outback Flexmax is 80a and falls between the display and no display price of the Morningstar. The Midnite Classic is as much as the Morningstar and display but also has the wizbang that can be ordered free. (probably with shipping and handling) So what is the best bang for the buck here? I'm using the three 250w panels, possibly four if I can.
JiminDenver 03/27/15 07:57am Tech Issues
RE: victron views on MPPT

So I called the guy with my new panels and asked that since they can make them any color, does a lighter color produce less heat. He said no and the only difference they noticed is the very dark colors like purple or dark green produced less power but that was all. So getting custom white panels will not help with the heat issues.
JiminDenver 03/26/15 08:28am Tech Issues
RE: 750w of solar for $525 in Denver.

Here are the three 250w panels I picked up. ( I was so tempted to take a 280w poly just to play with) http://i78.photobucket.com/albums/j114/Jimindenver/P1018035.jpg~original width=600 Here is there label http://i78.photobucket.com/albums/j114/Jimindenver/P1018036.jpg~original width=600 When I picked them up I was able to have a nice long chat with the guy. I said they did installation but what I didn't realize is they own the manufacturing too. These panels are new and warrantied, not some left overs. I almost forgot that while i was out I picked up three MC4 cables totaling 190 ft for $30. :) In the hour I talked to him I learned a fair amount about the manufacturing and the issues they are having getting raw materials largely due to the tariff which doesn't affect just panels. he also explained that they xray each panel for faults and even showed me the cross section of the frames as well as why they are making polys instead of mono's. I also had a Eco-W in the truck and he was very interested in it and my portables. He said that the price on it would be going up as it will be affected by the tariff but since I have a contact inside of Eco-w wants to buy me lunch and discuss some things because they want to get into making systems like mine. He said they can make the glass on a panel any color including camouflage or purple. I did ask if the black frame would add heat to the glass and he said no. Hopefully this weekend I will have a chance to do some side by sides with the other three makes of panel I have. The most important is how they compare to the mono's in cloud cover.
JiminDenver 03/24/15 01:14pm Tech Issues
RE: 750w of solar for $525 in Denver.

M&P I'll send the number via PM. I can tell you he is a installer and has a regular supply of panels so hopefully he will have what you need. He did have 280w polys but they were 72 cell and 6 foot long. They also had a high Voc, around 42v I believe.
JiminDenver 03/24/15 08:43am Tech Issues
RE: interest rates and max. term on used 5e rt.h

The longer he term the higher the rate. In our case the difference in rate meant that the shorter term loan, lower interest rate loan cost us half as much in the long run as the longer term, higher interest loan would have. We were well on the way of paying even the shorter term loan off when it was totaled by hail. We had paid it down enough that we got both the trailer and a check back. had we been on the longer term loan we would have owed the bank money after the insurance paid off.
JiminDenver 03/23/15 09:45pm Beginning RVing
RE: jayco vs keystone vs gulf stream

We are going on our fifth season with our Gulfstream Ameri-lite. Owning one teaches you that it isn't just the pretty things in life that matter. A plastic sink holds water as well as any and the OSB cabinets haven't fallen apart yet, what matters is the frame that take light 4x4 trails for miles, a real wood floor that wont crush under my weight and the ability to handle the extreme weather here. We had a chance to trade it in when a hail storm got it and many others totaled. We looked but in the end a paid off, trouble free basic rig is better than taking a chance on a new one and making payments on something with a "real" sink. A camper that is paid for allows more $$ for camping & traveling. And, the less interest paid is better, especially if you can't beat the standard deduction on federal income taxes. Hence, our last pop-up was in use for ten years, our Sunline TT for ten years, and we'll see how many years we use the Minnie. Likewise, my Tundra should keep us truck payment free for quite a few years...I certainly hope! For us totaled really meant some dimples on the front cap, the rest of the damage was minor. I'd love more room, bigger tanks, etc. but I guess I have read too many "My brand new trailer leaks" threads. lol
JiminDenver 03/23/15 09:39pm Travel Trailers
RE: Opening Day Jitters

When we pack up everything goes back where it belongs. I'm a stickler for this because I hate digging for stuff. We also do the general housekeeping, strip the bed, etc. When we get home we pull up to the house and tale the dogs, food, meds and dirty laundry in. After that I take to the storage lot, drain the tanks, shut down the propane and pull the battery to be charged at home. Now it is ready for the next trip. The clothes and sheets will be washed, the food box restocked and what ever items on a list that the trailer needs will be done before we go out again. When it does start freezing in the fall it only takes minutes to winterize. It'll be a month or so before it stops snowing up at altitude. When it does we will bring the trailer home, give it a good deep cleaning inside and out. check all the systems, fill the propane, grease the bearings, dewinterize, sanitize, etc. The clean clothes and sheets will go back in and I'll look through each space to get reacquainted and then it goes back to the lot ready to go as we never ever bring it home right before a trip. The whole routine makes it for the least amount of effort to get going the next trip. We often decide on the spur of the moment and that doesn't play well if we need to spend a day getting it ready to go. We can usually be on the road a hour or two after deciding to go and that includes buying the fresh food to take. So you will get use to it. Not just throwing things in or leaving them till the next time helps.
JiminDenver 03/23/15 06:54pm Travel Trailers
RE: Getting hard water stains off window

Bon ami
JiminDenver 03/22/15 06:28pm Travel Trailers
RE: To sofa or no sofa

Having someplace comfortable to sit on those in door days makes such a huge difference. I can only sit in the dinette for so long and I am in pain, at least with the couch I can kick back while we watch TV or read. It's also nice to have place for the dogs to be up and out of the way while we do things in the trailer.
JiminDenver 03/22/15 03:00pm Travel Trailers
RE: Parallax series 7300 converter question

Well obviously when it's really hot, a few times more often than a few times a year.
JiminDenver 03/21/15 09:28am Tech Issues
RE: Expected Amps with MPPT

Awww that was just one of those days when I was sick of looking at controller specs. The thing is that we both know what the 230/Eco-w can do tracking and if I never wanted a mounted system, it would probably be enough to do most of what we did last year. Well ok maybe not run the little window shaker but I could easily have my pot of joe in the morning.
JiminDenver 03/20/15 08:43pm Tech Issues
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