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RE: Repaired Samlex inverter not working at night

More info please. Is there a possibility of the batteries being under charged or that there one bad apple in the bunch. It wouldn't show as easy with the solar holding it up.
JiminDenver 10/21/14 11:01pm Tech Issues
RE: Amerilite 21ft (gulfstrem)

Congrats on the Ameri-lite. We have had ours for four seasons and it's been perfect. We we suppose to get a 21MB when we bought but decided to sleep on it as it was closing time, or so they told us. They sold two of them after that and we ended up getting the 25BH.
JiminDenver 10/21/14 08:51pm Travel Trailers
RE: The 12V power source solar panel

I am just glad that like solar, there are a lot of people using a variety of batteries successfully because they know the care and feeding. By the time my current batteries need to be replaced, I'll know what will fit my needs best.
JiminDenver 10/21/14 07:27pm Tech Issues
RE: The 12V power source solar panel

I'd lower the voltage and let the solar help the battery run the inverter. The volts will come down either way.
JiminDenver 10/21/14 05:22pm Tech Issues
RE: The 12V power source solar panel

But that is one of the advantages of the portables. I get my sun early on, then clouds. Those clouds may come in banks with spots of sun in between. No matter the time of day, I can get the max possible when the sun does show it's face. Getting to float in two or three hours may be the same as getting to float with a generator, but that's not a 100%. That takes hours at float. You can always set the panels out when you get back.
JiminDenver 10/21/14 02:26pm Tech Issues
RE: Solar and battery help

I have the Interstate grp 27 and it's 95 ah new and fully charged.
JiminDenver 10/21/14 10:53am Tech Issues
RE: The 12V power source solar panel

Hmmmm How to put this nicely.... You aint gonna get squat. Even the 24v 230w poly only got 4a under heavy clouds on a cold, cloudy, fall day. That barely did more than stretch our grp 27 for a day and a half before the sun came out. We were down to 12.3v and would have had to charge up that day even with the panel. (40 daytime high, 20s at night) It just wouldn't have taken another full day and night with the stat set at 74F. Adding the twin 245w systems wouldn't have helped either. They are mono's and would have been asleep under those conditions. They would have kicked some tail when the sun came back. :)
JiminDenver 10/21/14 10:49am Tech Issues
RE: Solar and battery help

Lots needs to be considered to properly set up solar for your rig. You can base it on how much power you use. How much battery you have. What kind of conditions you are in. Honestly though, it's a combination of all of them. A properly balanced system starts with you knowing how much power you use daily. You need enough battery to support that use for X amount of days. I say X because it is affected by room and budget. Once you know how much battery to have, get enough solar to get them back up quickly after a few days of clouds. A prudent thing to have is a back up means of charging for when MR sun doesn't play nice for too long. Now that you know how much solar to get, balanced with amount of room on the roof and budget, you can start thinking about which panel/s fit your needs and conditions the best. The most efficient panel in bright sun sucks in lower light. The panel that can provide in lower light is huge in foot print for the watts it produces. The choice is a balance of room, budget and production. In the end you may have to compromise. One thing I have learned about batteries from the forum is that some of the cooler ones are just a PITA to keep charged up. I have the same grp 27 as you and it is easy to keep up. I would have to replace my charge controllers and converter to switch to fancy AGM batteries. Again, making sure al of the components work well together is part of the balance. You asked about the watt vs AH ratio. We have 720w of panel for 345 ah of battery. That gets the batteries up fast when we have limited sun and keeps them in float all day unless we run a big load like the microwave. Even then the recovery is very quick and the batts are always fully charged by night fall. Loads that are smaller than the output of the panels are not seen by the battery at all. The TV/sat runs all day and never has a effect. next year I'll run a 5000 BTU AC unit and if it doesn't run straight off the panel, what comes out of the battery will be very little. My panels are huge and not 12v, so I'll let others advise you on the proper set up.
JiminDenver 10/21/14 09:52am Tech Issues
RE: Dual Trojans and furnace

Charging through the 7 pin is extremely limiting even if you have beefed up the line and installed a isolator. I have used the truck for charging but with a HD pair of jumper cables. Now 12.6v resting after a day of charging is pretty low to me, even with the 7 pin. Also just using a volt meter can be deceiving. I took a 8-d down to 12.1v and hit it with a 12a solar set up for 5 hours till the sun went behind the clouds. By the end the charging voltage was only 13.1v and after resting a hour was 12.7v. That was false because the system had returned at best 60 of the 120 ah removed. Even a light load would have exposed the truth that the battery was only 3/4 full. After that I plugged in a charger and finished the job. The solar may have finished the job the next day but I'm not leaving a battery half partially charged if I don't have to.
JiminDenver 10/21/14 09:28am Tech Issues
RE: Propane furnace battery usage

I would suggest some driveway camping. You really should know what you are up against before you find out the hard way. It is important that those batteries have a full charge before going. Even though I keep my batteries up between trips, I put a charger on them 3 days before we go. I will say these threads are interesting. What, you only have TWO batteries and you are going to try to run your furnace? YOU ARE GOING TO DIE!!!!! Our trailer has had the same 95 ah grp 27 that came with it for four seasons. Our night time temps are in the 30s mid summer and below freezing spring and fall. We run the furnace every night and after a long weekend the resting voltage was down to 12.3v. We were being extremely conservative not knowing what to expect. Now we have solar and are total pigs with the power. The battery is fully charged before sun down and reads 12.57v resting the next morning. We light the rig end to end with LEDs and set the stat ay a comfy 74F day and night. Next year I'll get a pair of 6v so that we can go more than a few days when it is cloudy. So every rig is different. Get those batteries charged up properly and see what YOURS can do for you. LEDs are inexpensive and make a huge difference.
JiminDenver 10/21/14 09:07am Beginning RVing
RE: Dual Trojans and furnace

Hmmm I know every rig is different in many ways but we ran our furnace for two nights when it was 26F and on the third day the resting voltage was 12.3v on a single grp 27. How did you make sure they were charged before the trip?
JiminDenver 10/21/14 08:26am Tech Issues
RE: The 12V power source solar panel

300W would be a nice portable. On MPPT should get you around 20a.
JiminDenver 10/20/14 08:12pm Tech Issues
RE: A dilapidated FEMA trailer - My first RV

I agree, quite the adventure.
JiminDenver 10/20/14 06:33pm Beginning RVing
RE: The 12V power source solar panel

Part of my equation for solar is what is available to you, so you did pretty well I'd say.
JiminDenver 10/20/14 05:49pm Tech Issues
RE: High Pointe Manual

That's the microwave we have in the rig. It's only been used a handful of times to warm stuff up or nuke a few taters. I had no idea it did all that.
JiminDenver 10/20/14 05:37pm Tech Issues
RE: Eco-Worthy 12v solar panels, Now drifting to... mono vs poly

Interesting idea. You wouldn't have to heat the water tank, you could heat tile or brick.
JiminDenver 10/20/14 12:51am Tech Issues
RE: Whoo oooh My storage place now has el hookups!!

What converter do you have. I wouldn't trust the cheap excuse for a converter in my trailer with my batteries all winter. As far as leaving it hooked up and charged, I can't see the difference in that or having a solar system running year round. As long as you have the proper converter/controller, your batteries should love it.
JiminDenver 10/20/14 12:32am General RVing Issues
RE: 100% electrical conversion?

Hi, Before I was full time I used to use my solar and battery bank to run the water heater, particularly when the battery bank was full for the day. Jim, the ten gallon water heater on mine is 1200 watts and takes 90 minutes to reach full temperature. After that it cycles about every four hours and draws power for 15 minutes. My guess is that a 600 watt heater would take about 180 minutes to get to the first cycle. Thank you.
JiminDenver 10/19/14 11:47pm Tech Issues
RE: Two of these and we could boondock for....

Where I camp it's a 100 mile round trip.
JiminDenver 10/19/14 10:24pm Tech Issues
RE: Eco-Worthy 12v solar panels, Now drifting to... mono vs poly

I keep saying the trailer IS my diversified load.
JiminDenver 10/19/14 07:14pm Tech Issues
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