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RE: Have to decide if selling private is better or dealer

It is much more hassle to sell on your own but you're likely to get quite a bit more for it. We sold our Class A ourselves about $15,000 over what a dealer offered us but it took about 5 months, a 100 emails, 50 phone calls & 10 lookers before we did. Sorry for your mishap but glad you weren't hurt.
KarenS144 12/14/14 03:34pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Cancel my Membership

Paragraphs are helpful. ;) Sorry about the ordeal. Being "stuck in traffic" for that long seems unlikely and I hope GS crosses them off their call list. One would think that GS would have ways to check the companies they use. It certainly doesn't reflect well on them to call unreliable service.
KarenS144 12/10/14 06:52pm Good Sam Roadside Assistance
RE: don't understand DP steps

With our gasser, we used a separate step probably 99% of the time. We have a DP now (and we aren't squires!) but seldom use the extra step. It depends on how level the site is but when we dump the air bags, it does sit a little lower. We have 2 outside & 3 in.
KarenS144 12/06/14 06:08pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Winterizing a Residential Refrigerator

I know a lot people use air to blow out the lines but we've never done it. When we winterized our Newmar Ventana, we made slushies 2X instead of ice cubes. We left the filters in and will make 2 or more batches of real ice before we actually use any. The washer was run on both hot and cold water until the pink stuff was seen in the tub and then drained. Our Ventana has a toilet spray, outside shower and a drinking water faucet next to the kitchen faucet. Not sure about yours but don't forget them if you do! Ours is plugged in which should keep the house batteries charged but we're not sure about the chassis battery and need to investigate that further. Winterizing is SO depressing!
KarenS144 12/06/14 05:48pm Tech Issues
RE: Purchasing a new class A

There are a lot of options for you. Look at all of the online sale sites. Some of them let you filter by budget and you can chose gas or diesel & a lot of other options. Most will show floor plans but if not, you should be able to see floor plans on the manufacturers site. As mentioned, floor plans are so very important and making sure it fits with your style. If you like to enjoy watching TV in the evenings, having a TV located where it can be seen comfortably is really important. Having room for your pups is a must too. One of the reasons we chose the coach we did was because of the room up front. Plenty of room for the boxer beds and still be able to move around. Of course, most of the time, they're piled up on the couch & not on their beds. Our new to us coach has a residential fridge with ice maker & I don't know how we managed without it. I gave up my gas oven which I NEVER turned on in the 3 years we had our gasser and don't miss it. I do the majority of cooking outside when we're camping (not traveling...there's a difference ya know!) either with the tripod & grate or a dutch oven or both but you may prefer an oven. You will need to be conscious of weight and how much you can put in a gasser. They usually do not have the CCC that a diesel has and being overweight an happen pretty quickly. Once you zero in on a manufacturer/model then you can do a more extensive search for reviews and known issues. Good luck with your search and keep us posted!
KarenS144 12/05/14 10:01am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Purchasing a new class A

We have 2 boxers that travel with us & have no issues with leather either in the coach or the S&B. The couple that we bought our DP from traveled with at least one dog and the leather is fine.
KarenS144 12/04/14 06:57pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Internal Organs pushed towards spine

Fourteen is old for just about any dog but especially a boxer. Boxers are such wonderful companions and I'm sorry your girl is having problems. We had a boxer that had seizures and was on phenobarbital. I also had a syringe of valium to give him anally when he had a seizure. That was supposed to help calm him afterwards since he got so anxious and unsettled. The pheno did make him even more wobbly than he already was for a few days (he had DM symptoms too) but he adjusted. I took him to Purdue to be evaluated and their conclusion was the same as my vets. He probably had a brain tumor. We opted not to continue with further tests or exploratory surgery. Even with the pheno, Schuller had a seizure about every 4-5 days until I started him on melatonin which I did because he was restless at night. He was seizure free for almost 6 weeks when he was taking the melatonin. Some studies support the thought that melatonin suppresses the growth of tumors which may explain why Schu's seizures stopped for a while. I also tried the holistic route with Chinese meds & acupuncture and he did seem better after the acupuncture sessions. He was 10.5 when we helped him to the Bridge. Sending lots of good thoughts and vibes...
KarenS144 12/04/14 06:47pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Purchasing a new class A

There are so many choices out there. research. Research. RESEARCH. Gas or diesel? What length? What options? Are you towing another vehicle? Are you full timing, a weekend warrior or somewhere in between? What sort of camping do you want to do & where? How many people will stay with you? Do you have pets? How much will what you put in it weigh? Think cargo capacity. What is your budget? You can usually buy a better quality used motor home for the same or less than a new one. Now..with all that typed out... The Thor Palazzo is one that gets a lot of complaints. I have no personal knowledge about them though. What models are you looking at?
KarenS144 12/04/14 01:31pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Hot kitchen cabinets

That happened to us too. The cabinets were warm and it sounded like there was coffee perking in the vents. It drove me nuts after we bought our new-to-us coach. I finally called Newmar and they solved the mystery.
KarenS144 11/25/14 07:10pm General RVing Issues
RE: What slide design do you prefer

It looks like both are DPs which probably means the access to the engine is in the rear of the MH. If the bed is over the access door, it might make it more difficult (read costly) for repairs if needed. If the bed is in the slide, there is room between the bed & closet to access the engine. Another thing to consider is what closet or cabs are accessible with the slides in. Some beds in the slides don't have much room around them especially on one side so it's likely that someone will have to crawl or scoot to the end of the bed to get out or have to crawl over the other person. It is also challenging to get the bed made. Both of our Class A's have had beds in the slide. Our first was a gasser which had closets & drawers opposite the bed. Our current Class A is a DP and we have 2 slides in the bedroom with a W/D & closet in the back & drawers opposite the bed in the other slide. We enjoy the windows on either side of the bed and have enough room in the DP to get out of bed on the sides rather than on the end of the bed. I noticed the pics are from PPL. Have you been able to actually see units with the floor plans you posted? Seeing things on "paper" is a lot different the seeing them in 3D. Good luck with your decision! Please let us know which one wins.
KarenS144 11/25/14 07:09am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Easy Sparkling Potatoes - Dutch Oven

That sounds good!! I'll have to add that to my recipe box.
KarenS144 10/31/14 04:10pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: September in Washington (North Cascades & Olympics)

We're considering Washington as a destination for our trip next year! Thanks for sharing that beautiful part of the country.
KarenS144 10/27/14 06:21am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Microwave or Convection Microwave

I vote for the combo. We have our 1st convection/microwave in our coach and are still learning what to cook & how to cook it but I like having the option.
KarenS144 10/26/14 03:07pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Why Go To RV Shows?

We think it's fun! Not so sure it'd be as much fun if we had to battle the crowds like the OP. We tend to go during the week & fairly early in the day which eliminates those that are still working and the school aged group.
KarenS144 10/26/14 03:02pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: RV parks NO motorhomes over 10 years?

We've been asked our old our coach was when we've called to reserve an overnight spot.
KarenS144 10/25/14 05:24pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Do you use an outside TV?

We have an outside TV in our new-to-us coach and have used it more than I thought we would. We have DirecTV and listen to music channels more than watch TV although we did watch part of a football game last night. Prior to this coach, we hauled a TV from home occasionally and set it up if we were camping with friends to watch NASCAR.
KarenS144 10/19/14 07:42pm Technology Corner
RE: Are Most Class A Motorhome Owners Hermits?

Well...we have 4 slides but not 40'. We're outside more than in when we're camping. In fact, we just got back from a 4 night trip. Unfortunately, the weather sucked for 2 days so we did stay in much more than usual but still took the pups (NOT FOOFOO DAWGS, btw!) for walks. We have boxers! When we're traveling & just overnighting somewhere, we usually do stay in other than to walk the dogs. Most of the time, I'll cook inside, we eat inside and relax inside. Why drag all that stuff out to set up camp for 1 night? When we camp, it all comes out...the canopy, the gas stove, the tripod, the dutch oven, chairs, rugs, lights and campfires! Here's proof: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v239/PaintGal/Kendall101814_zps9793510f.jpg
KarenS144 10/19/14 07:32pm Technology Corner
RE: Finding a campground

I use the online reviews already mentioned, go to the websites & check out the campground on Google Earth. We've only stayed overnight in one place that made us uncomfortable. We prefer to stay in state or national parks, BLM or Nat. Forest CGs rather than private CGs but sometimes that's not possible. We've had good luck at Good Sam's & KOA CGs but I still read reviews and utilize Google Earth before deciding.
KarenS144 10/13/14 07:51pm Beginning RVing
RE: Women purchasing RV's

Not sure what the purpose of the post was but I think the mindset with most anything mechanical is that the "little woman" can't comprehend the complexity, can't make decisions on her own and has no money of her own. Salesmen see no reason to "waste" their time. On the Thor products... think long & hard and really LOOK at some in 3D. There are a lot of complaints about quality in Thor products and the one THOR motor home we considered had a multitude of fit & finish issues. Compare your RV to similar ones being sold on the online sales sites to get an idea of pricing. You will not get nearly the price from a dealer as you can selling it yourself but that presents it's own set of problems. Run a NADA report on your RV and figure the low end retail is about what it should be priced. Good luck!
KarenS144 10/13/14 07:16am RV Lifestyle
RE: Finding out how much we can tow

You might find info here: http://www.trailerlife.com/trailer-towing-guides/ http://www.ramtrucks.com/en/towing_guide/ Many times it's not the towing that's the problem. It's the stopping that sometimes doesn't workout so well. Your TV needs to have the weight & power to safely STOP whatever you're towing. You need to find the numbers on the trailer you're considering. They should be listed somewhere in the unit..maybe in a cabinet? This link will help you understand what all those weights mean: http://changingears.com/rv-sec-tow-vehicles-understand.shtml The truck should have a plate somewhere that tells you what it's limits are. Don't forget that you have to factor in EVERYTHING in the trailer when considering weights...food, bedding, water, personal items and you need to consider the same for the truck.
KarenS144 10/11/14 07:26am Towing
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