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RE: Win 8.1 Wake-up screen

This will affect all accounts on this PC. Must be administrator to do this. Bring up charms Select settings At bottom of screen select change pc settings On left select accounts On left select sign-in options Last item on right side "Password policy" click Change Should change to "password is not required when waking this pc from sleep" Exit screen - this should now wake up to the last screen that you used.
LScamper 05/15/15 12:13pm Technology Corner
RE: Satellite Question

Try a new cable. Make sure connections are clean.
LScamper 04/02/15 09:27am Technology Corner
RE: Show Your Age!

Drove to high school 1960 in 1939 Caddy. http://i.imgur.com/HGCAyY9l.jpg "border=0" http://bit.ly/1CIRlV8 Gas wars 1970. http://i.imgur.com/egsqc4nl.jpg "border=0" http://bit.ly/1CIRlV8 My shop when I was about 16. http://i.imgur.com/snwVHwcl.jpg "border=0" http://bit.ly/1CIRlV8 Old way to print a picture 1973. http://i.imgur.com/NtWoaRKl.jpg "border=0" http://bit.ly/1CIRlV8 Data Acquisition system 1970. http://i.imgur.com/dMM6YU7l.jpg "border=0" http://bit.ly/1CIRlV8
LScamper 02/05/15 03:59pm Tech Issues
RE: Paralleling 3 batteries in a balanced setup

Just an interesting bit of information. With three batteries wired as they normally are, that is equal jumpers from pos to pos to pos and neg to neg to neg with output from opposite ends, as the batteries become better the middle battery supplies less of the total current. That is as the battery resistance decreases the middle battery supplies less of the total current. As the battery resistance approaches zero (I know it can never reach zero) the middle battery current approaches zero! If they are wired in a balanced manner all three will provide equal current. While this can not happen it shows that as batteries become better (lithium ion)balance becomes much more important.
LScamper 01/12/15 09:35am Tech Issues
RE: Paralleling 3 batteries in a balanced setup

lenr wrote: " If the analysis is for fun then more information is needed for electrical engineering nodal analysis." It is fun but also useful for those that want balanced wiring. What other information is needed for a complete analysis. Seems that all need information is there. doughere wrote: "This is not actually balanced, and is used usually as it is a pretty good system. If you want to perfectly balance it, double the length of cable between the jumpers farthest form the power take-off, or increase the wire size of the cables closest to the take-off." That is exactly what I'm saying! The easiest way to increase the wire size of the cables closest to the take-off point is to put another cable of the same length and size in parallel with it. To balance the resistance of the cables closest to the take-off point needs to be 1/2 the resistance the cables farthest from the take-off point.
LScamper 01/12/15 09:10am Tech Issues
RE: Paralleling 3 batteries in a balanced setup

Bumpyroad wrote: “I thought that the "best" would be to hook all +s to a large buss bar with as short a cable as possible of equal lengths and do the same for the -s. your first diagram seems to mimic that.” First diagram does mimic that. It is balanced. I'm saying that the second diagram is also balanced. Bumpyroad wrote: “don't know what advantage your second diagram gives other than makes it look more complex.” 12thgenusa wrote: “If one were to assume you could wire as in method 2 with equal length wire, what would be the reason for doing so over the much simpler method 1?” piantuna wrote: “Even if the second way were balanced what would be the benefit?” smkettner wrote: “^^^ and no mention of bus bar. Just attach at each end of the stack.” And smkettner wins the gold star! Diagram 2 really is simpler to implement. With diagram 1 you need a connection point for all the cables from the + battery outputs and a connection point for all the – battery outputs. These connections are sometimes done using bus bar, not so easy to implement. With diagram 2 you wire them as doughere writes: “Jumper the 3 pos together (one to the next to the next), jumper the 3 neg together (one to the next to the next). Take pos from one end of string, take neg from opposite end of string.” This is the most common way to wire them. However they are not balanced (if you are into balanced wiring). To balance the wiring all that is need is to add another cable of equal length and size across the cable already there from battery one to battery two + connections. Also another cable from battery two to battery three negative connection. You can use the same bolts so there are no more connections needed to balance three batteries. VintageRacer – I don't agree with your analysis. You may be correct, that is why I started this thread, to get feedback and discuss it. wa8yxm wrote: “-GC2+-GC2+ = 3 group 24 in parallel That said, Balancing is a tad over rated” Agreed balancing is over rated! But if you want balance what if you have six GC2 batteries? hershey wrote: “Is there really a "real world" need to go to such an extreme to balance the setup?” I don't think so but a lot of others do so I'm trying to make it easier. MEXICOWANDER wrote: “Of course with the slightest bit of infintesimal corrosion all this theory turns to mouse-milk.” One star for that, it is true. Could have been two stars if you mentioned that is a problem no matter what method you use to connect batteries. I'm disappointed that with your experience and knowledge that you choose not to give a more useful critique. Still need more useful feedback on method 1 vs method 2.
LScamper 01/11/15 06:08pm Tech Issues
Paralleling 3 batteries in a balanced setup

Would like to open a discussion on paralleling 3 batteries in a balanced method. There seems to be only one option that is mentioned on the forum. I have suggested a second method that may be easier in some applications. Seems that I'm the only one that thinks it will work. Would like comments from people that understand such things, not just repeating what they hear on the forum. Will it work? Is it the same as the other method? Is it a better method? Standard method: http://i.imgur.com/zp1DBE8l.jpg Other method: http://i.imgur.com/vl0rNA8l.jpg
LScamper 01/10/15 08:19pm Tech Issues
Picture test

This is a picture test. http://i.imgur.com/6MHkdF8l.jpg Test over.
LScamper 01/10/15 07:51pm Forum Technical Support
RE: Led lights

RV Buzz wrote: "I checked the voltage at the socket while the genny's running and it's 15.5 volts." Why do you have 15.5V at the socket, bad convertor? Way to high and may be doing damage to LEDs and other RV electronics!
LScamper 12/28/14 09:16am Tech Issues
RE: finding a outside beam on a trailer????

OK I'll take a stab at it. I had to do something like that on my travel trailer. The aluminum siding was bowing out as I was going down the road. I wanted to put some screws into the studs to hold the siding on. I removed the inside window trim from a window near where I needed to find the studs. After removing the window trim I could see the studs. I found the center of the studs and made a line up to the window. I put a mark on the inside of the window for the studs I could see. I was able to use a tape measure and slip it under the paneling to measure to the next stud that I could not see. From the outside I dropped a line from the mark on the window down to the bottom of the trailer. If things are square the line will be in the middle of the stud. I was able to hit five of five studs the first try! It can be done. If there is no window where you want to mount things try to use a stud finder on the inside paneling and measure to some reference point that you can get to from inside and outside. You may be able to remove a cover like the power cord cover or a water inlet cover and see a stud. It takes some careful measuring but possible. Good luck!
LScamper 12/02/14 10:27pm Tech Issues
RE: More MPPT Confusion and Question

The controller will look at the voltage at the controller input and the current at the controller input. The controller will multiply this current times this voltage to determine Watts. It will keep doing this at different volts and until it sees a maximum at the controller input. This is the voltage it will run at. It will keep checking this at what ever rate the designer programmed into it.
LScamper 12/01/14 07:17pm Tech Issues
RE: Paralleling Power Supply Units Made Easy ???

ken white "You do whatever you want, but my comments are for the general case and not a CV supply operating in current limit mode..." All convertors and power supplies talked about here have a constant voltage set point! A true constant current supply operating into an open will have infinite voltage!!
LScamper 12/01/14 07:09pm Tech Issues
RE: Astable 555 Timer (Recommended Resistors Are NUTS!)

Can not get there without more stuff with a 555 timer as others have said. If you want to use a 555 make sure it is a cmos version, they can use much higher value resistors in the timing circuit. Still can not do it with just a 555. Arduino is a very good choice for doing almost anything you can think of. If you get China knock off it is very cheap. The software is free open source. You can find a program on the WEB to do almost anything you want and down load it for free. Programming it yourself is easy if you know some basic programming, if not it will take some learning! It is worth learning. Another option might be this or something like it. http://smile.amazon.com/Intermatic-TN311-Heavy-Grounded-Timer/dp/B005MMSTNG/ref=sr_1_6?ie=UTF8&qid=1417482365&sr=8-6&keywords=timer+3+times
LScamper 12/01/14 06:20pm Tech Issues
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