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Advent Air Conditioners

our 13 year old Dometic A/C don't work so good anymore. I've noticed on line that there is a product I haven't seen before called Advent Air Conditioners that are cheaper than Dometic. Anybody know if they are any good? (I probably already know the answer but I want to ask anyway).
LVJJJ 05/21/18 02:47pm Travel Trailers
RE: Tire replacement before trip, would you?

LVJJJ 05/12/18 07:39pm Travel Trailers
RE: Advice on needed tow capacity for new pickup truck

I just scanned this post so not sure if this has been mentioned, but one problem towing that heavy of a TT with a 1/2 ton is that the running gear components wear out a lot quicker. I'm towing with a 1/2 ton '94 k-1500 Suburban. Bought it about 2 years ago. Was a one owner, always garaged 130,000 mile cream puff. Good and complete maintenance records. It was never used to tow although it has the tow package and all the options. After towing for those 2 years and about 10,000 miles the rear pumpkin began making noise and had to have the rear bearings and seals replaced, then the front diff started making noise and had to have the same repair. The well experienced mechanic said the differentials would probably have lasted almost forever, but the towing took them out as they were not heavy duty. Our TT is only about 5500 lbs loaded so it was well within capacities. So bypass the 1500 and get the 2500 ton and save money in the long run (not a Ford fan so bypass the F150 too). My son had a similar thing happen to his 1/2 ton '05 Dodge Hemi, and his trailer is lighter than mine. We towed for several years with a '88 3/4 ton 454 Suburban and never had a single running gear problem.
LVJJJ 05/12/18 07:37pm Travel Trailers
RE: Rust protection

Spray cans of liquid rubber. Or spray undercoat. Both readily available. Well maybe not in Kalifornia. Yeah, handling the can causes cancer, almost as bad here in the Pacific Left Coast , can't have plastic straws or plastic grocery bags, but can have weed.
LVJJJ 05/07/18 09:18pm Travel Trailers
RE: Replacement Tires

I just can't figure what some RV'ers do to their tires to have blow outs. Been towing since '88, never had a blow out, only one flat tire from a nail. Most of the tires have been Chinese, don't like it but that's what Les Schwab sell, and the replace every 5-7 years is hogwash, manufacturers sure have figured out a sneaky way to get us to spend more money. I think blowouts must happen for three reasons, TT overloaded, tires under/over inflated and driving too fast particularly in hot weather. I always check the pressure before starting on a trip, 50-55 lbs cold. Had an '85 Wilderness with 10 year old Chinese 13" tires, towed for about 2000 miles before replacing cause tread was getting thin, no problems. Recently bought a '05 TrailCruiser. The seller said he had had two blowouts that had damaged some of the undercarraige, but had been fixed. It had decent tires with about 60% tread left. Got it home and when checked the pressure all tires had 35 lbs. Called the seller and asked him if he always ran his tires at 35, he said yes, told him that's why he had the blow outs, should have been running 50 lbs as listed on tire.
LVJJJ 05/07/18 09:14pm Travel Trailers
RE: Dexter EZ Lubes, use or not?

gotta agree with azdryheat, too much attention to bearings, although I'm one of the over attention payers. Had a real nice condition 1985 Wilderness TT for a while (had to replace back bathroom floor due to a real slow leak over time), but rest of TT was pristine. As has been my custom first pulled a wheel and drum and found bearings with real old grease that was a little solidified. However, wheels still turned easy and the bearings were in perfect shape. Looked like the original grease and brake components were still on it. It had sat in on RV park for a long time but had been towed a lot too. So, '85 bearings still being good in '15, not bad. Bearings were not Chinese were good ol' 'Merican. Actually what was cool that nothing on it was Chinese, all original USA parts.
LVJJJ 05/07/18 08:59pm Travel Trailers
RE: Reduce Sway

Just get an Equal-I-zer hitch and you'll be fine. I don't go for this "your truck is too small, too weak, etc." I've been towing for 30 years much of it with a 65 Chevy Van (292 6ci) 24' TT's, had sway problems till I got the Equal-I-zer, no more sway. The van didn't have the capacity ratings in those days for the TT's I was towing, its a half ton and has passenger car tires. 90,000 miles, not a ticket, no accidents, no blown tires. Also used hitch with '88 3/4 ton Suburban 454 pulling a 30' Arctic Fox double slide. Now towing 27' Trail Cruiser with '94 Suburban K-1500 with the old Equal-I-zer, nary a sway. If the hitch is set up right, have good tires, keep them at right pressure, don't drive too fast and drive real careful, you be fine. So you slow down to 45 on mountain passes, big deal, you'll get back up to speed faster on the downhill side.
LVJJJ 04/30/18 01:56pm Travel Trailers
RE: The future ..down the road ????

Depends where you go. Last year we took the blue highways from Blaine WA to Arches NP in Utah, crowded, further south was Monument Park, lots of room. We stopped in places like Wells NV, no prob getting a site, can't remember the name but along the blue highway in NE NV, sign said golf course RV camp, mile and a half later, a beautiful RV park only half full. Stay off the beaten path, we usually don't make reservations, we always find something, never WalMart. Goldfield NV is a run down old mining town, many RV parks, few in them, we camped in one that had four spaces, us and one other. We don't like crowds or neighbors, and don't seem to have problems finding that.
LVJJJ 04/23/18 08:16am Travel Trailers
RE: R-Vision Trail Lite TCLE-29BHSS

Soundguy, Don't want be disrespectful or start any angry arguments, but until you've towed with my rig you really can't make that statement that its an old wives tail. Since I've towed with a 1965 Chevy Van flat front for many years, I have become an aerodynamic semi-expert. After trying rooftop air deflectors on the old van I discovered that its the shape of the rear of the trailer that makes the most difference. So, whenever I owned one of those stupid flat back trailers (terrible design), I always used a rear air foil at the back of the roof to direct the air off of the roof down the back of the TT to break up the vacuum created by the air flow that is trying to break loose of the trailer. The vacuum actually is pulling you backwards. That always helped a lot, I could really feel the difference when towing with the van because it was very sensitive to air flow. If I didn't have the aerodynamics right, I could feel the headwinds and rear vacuum pulling me back. Google "flat back vehicles" and you'll find a lot of info how to over come the vacuum. Also, note which end of an airplane is skinniest, the rear comes to a point. The statements regarding differences in towing with a pick-up or Suburban make sense. It would seem that air coming off of the cab of a pick-up would dive down then have to go back up over the trailer. Air coming off of the long roof Suburban doesn't have a lot of room to dive down when leaving the Suburban. So that may make a difference in our towing experiences, never thought of that since I've never had a pick-up. The 2000 30' Trail Lite we had was the easiest towing TT I'd ever had. So this time we wanted to find a Trail Lite or Cruiser that had the floor plan we needed. So, after months of looking we found one. It weighs about 700 lbs more than the 22' Tahoe we had. However, it towed a lot easier than the flat back Tahoe. The Trail Cruisers have a curved roof radius at the back and the lower back angles back toward the front around the tail lites. The upper radius allows the air to slip off of the roof a little easier than from the abrupt edge of a flat back. The lower angled back allows the smooth air coming up from under the smooth underbelly to be angled up to help break up the vacuum. (Notice how semi's now have side panels underneath angling from front out to the wheels to deflect air from under the tractor to minimize turbulence, some also have rear deflectors). As the black and grey tanks are tucked up underneath so they don't hang down, the only disruption are the two narrow axles running across the TT. It's got that rubber suspension so the axle pipe have a small diameter. Of course the very slippery front end doesn't hurt, it has no flat surfaces and it slants back at a very steep angle to the top. R-Vision even used jacks that tuck up underneath instead of those heavy x shaped jacks that hang down, stupid design. A trailer with many things hanging down and lots of pipes going across underneath creates much turbulence that affects aerodynamics and makes it more susceptible to sway. Again, I have learned these things by first hand experience over the last 30 years of towing. We've probably had 20 trailers over those years, some towed decent, some were awful. The Trail Cruiser is a delight. We are currently towing with a 1994 GMC Surburban K-1500 in pristine shape but with a weak engine, so like the van, it is sensitive to trailer aerodynamics and weight. Aerodynamics trumps weight, up to a certain extent. Anyway SoundGuy, just wanted to explain why my earlier post is correct. The problem with the RV industry is that towability and aerodynamics are usually the last thing they think about. I guess the only thing that can TRUMP aerodynamics is the almighty profit dollar. Darn, have to edit again, keep forgetting things. The last thing I care about is gas mileage. I've never notice much difference in gas mileage with all these different trailers and aerodynamics. The van got 10 mpg up, down and level. The 94 Suburban gets 9-10 all the time. If I get 10 mpg, I'm happy. I've also come to the realization that if I worry about gas mileage and gas prices, I'm not having fun RV'ing, that's just part of the expense that I'm willing to pay. Don't even look at the gas pump anymore while filling up.
LVJJJ 04/14/18 01:17pm Travel Trailers
RE: R-Vision Trail Lite TCLE-29BHSS

Recently bought a 2005 Trail Cruiser 26CBQ, supposed to be around 3,000 dry, its the kind with the laminated panels with insulation in between. Weighed it with probably 3/4 of our junk in it and it was 4800 lbs. We don't have 1800 lbs in it. In 2000, we had a 30' long Trail Lite and it was light, couldn't feel it behind our 454 Suburban. The best thing about the Trail Lites-Cruisers is the aerodynamics, they cut thru the wind and as the undersides are enclosed or smooth, there is little turbulence. The TC is heavier than the Tahoe Lite we got rid of, but its easier to tow cause the design is slipperier
LVJJJ 04/11/18 04:32pm Travel Trailers
RE: Securing batteries in RV storage

if you leave the batteries in storage for a long time they'll go dead. You should be taking them home and keep them on a trickle charger. Then someone would have to break into your garage to steal them.
LVJJJ 04/11/18 04:22pm Travel Trailers
RE: Cracks in siding above door

I have never ever seen anything like those cracks and I've had way too many trailers since 1988. Kinda looks serious. How do you crack aluminum?
LVJJJ 04/07/18 05:45pm Travel Trailers
RE: First Timer - Water tank reading empty after pump turned on

When I get bored, I push the monitor buttons to watch the light show. No, I don't have a life. The black water is full when you get splash back while flushing, so soothing. The grey water is full when water starts running over the side of the tub or shower.
LVJJJ 04/03/18 08:56pm Travel Trailers
RE: best fresh water hose

I use the new Apex Zero G hose, rolls up into a small box (actually just folds up), no kinks, ends are very high tech and high quality. Got real tired of rolling up a cold, stiff hose dripping water all over my shoes. Zero G takes care of that.
LVJJJ 04/03/18 08:42pm Travel Trailers
RE: Loose coroplast

I had some of that under the slide out on a 2000 Trail Lite, water would get into the channels and drip on the floor when slid in. Now that was a leak that was real hard to diagnose.
LVJJJ 04/03/18 08:35pm Travel Trailers
RE: Question about propane water heater?

If you have close neighbors, please turn off your gas WH at night. They're very loud. Take your shower at night before bed. That way you don't go to bed with the day's dirt on you, you'll sleep better, and your sheets will stay clean longer. Particularly if you have an Atwood HWT, those things sound like a 787 taking off, I unfortuneately have one so I do turn it off at nite.
LVJJJ 03/29/18 05:12pm Travel Trailers
RE: Might have needed a WDH ?

Doesn't look like there was any damage.
LVJJJ 03/29/18 05:10pm Travel Trailers
RE: Outside Shower

we never use ours, its too cold up here in the Pac NW. I disconnected them all and used the area for storage. Plus they are too easy to forget when you are using the blow out method of winterizing. They create a worthless hole in the side of the TT.
LVJJJ 03/29/18 05:07pm Travel Trailers
RE: Should they fix it?

eventually they all snap off, easy to put back on.
LVJJJ 03/25/18 09:44pm Travel Trailers
RE: Wood blocks, storage and jack

Wood blocks are waaaayyyy too heavy. Use plastic (prefer the yellow flat top ones) for all jacks. Never ever clean them, the different dirts on them bring back memories of places we've camped. they'd just get dirty again anyhow. No way I'd ever put them in a tote or their original bag, way too much hassle to get them out.
LVJJJ 03/25/18 09:38pm Travel Trailers
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