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RE: Acceptable humidity level inside TT for winter storage?

I live just across the border from you in Blaine. I've used 2 " Air Dryer" brand heaters. They are kind of a flat pancake heater, a flat sheet of metal covered with a plastic dome with lots of holes to let the heat out. They don't get hot, but keeps the damp out and most of the winter keep it at about 50 degrees in our 27' trailer. They do need shore power to work. I think they use the same about of electricty as a 100 watt bulb I got mine several years ago for about $50 each, I think they are quite a bit more now, but worth it. Those dessicants just don't work in our damp, rainy stinky area (why do we live here)?
LVJJJ 12/14/17 03:36pm Travel Trailers
RE: Need lid for propane tanks

After the first couple of covers on different trailers kept blowing off, quit using them. They are a hassle anyway when checking levels and removing tanks to get them filled. Plus, if it flies off and hits someone and causes an accident I'd be liable. Also, being very aerodynamically sensitive, the cover presents a wide flat surface to block air flow while the air can curve easily around the two round tanks.
LVJJJ 12/13/17 07:23am Travel Trailers
RE: propane 2017/2018

just under $2.00 here in Blaine WA at the Northwest Propane fuel depot. Never buy at gas stations if I can help it.
LVJJJ 12/11/17 05:37pm Travel Trailers
RE: Frontal Sq'

If there were a shape or gizmo that made enough of a mileage difference without effecting the utility of a TT, it would be standard on every semi on the road. There are a few items that help but nothing that amounts to a major break through; except perhaps for an electric or hybrid powered pick up. Some semis have air foil extensions at the rear, on the top and sides that angle in to help it break out of the air stream. And I've mentioned before that many have the long under side panels directing the air flow out in front of the tires to control turbulence.
LVJJJ 12/10/17 07:05pm Travel Trailers
RE: Rubber piece on gutter rail came off???

after several years in the weather, the vinyl hardens and cracks, probably that's what happened to yours. I can always find a roll of it at my local dealer. I'm now replacing all the vinyl on my '05 Trail Cruiser, top rail and corner trim. Whenever I do that, I get new whitehead, square drive screws, coat them with caulk and replace each (usually) rusted screw with them. Once the vinyl starts crackin and breaking I think water can follow the screw into the trailer.
LVJJJ 12/10/17 06:56pm Travel Trailers
RE: Frontal Sq'

I could care less about any savings in mileage (I still say if you're worried about gas mileage, you'll not have much fun RV'ing, towing sucks up gas). What the aerodynamics of the Trail Cruiser does for me is allows me to tow a larger heavier trailer with my anemic low compression engined '94 GMC Suburban. Used to towed a 22' '04 Tahoe Lite (yeah right) with a front profile that was flat at the bottom 18" or so then sloped steeply back to the roof, and had the poorest design feature ever, a flat back. weighed about 5000 loaded. The Trail Cruiser is 26' 11" long, weighs 4800 (certified scale) lightly loaded and is much easier to pull. Probably 5500+ loaded. When we decided we didn't like the 48" wide double bed, underneath a bunk (hard to get in and out with bad knees, shoulders, etc., and since we had had a 30' Trail Lite a few years ago, we decided that we had to find a certain Trail Lite or Cruiser with a queen bed and couch slide. Took about a year, with 700 mile trips to see junk, finally found one 35 miles away.
LVJJJ 12/09/17 07:46am Travel Trailers
RE: New owner questions

The best sensors are 1. water backed up in the shower 2. a flashlight with eyeballs looking down the open toilet hole. Those sensors are a joke.
LVJJJ 12/08/17 07:32am Travel Trailers
RE: Stabilizers lube

Aero Kroil with silicone
LVJJJ 12/08/17 07:27am Travel Trailers
RE: Frontal Sq'

You're all worried about the wrong end of the TT. If the TT is a flatback the vacuum created by them acutally tries to suck the TT backwards, so, as I did, install an air deflector to direct the air flow down the back of the TT in order to help it detach itself from the air stream, that's where the major drag is. Some TT's like the Trail Lites and Cruisers are rounded down at the back top, and the bottom is angled in so air coming off of the smooth bottom is deflected up at an angle helping it break out of the air stream. Airplanes are big in the front (although streamlined) and taper to a point for a reason, even though it seems like it would be better if the point was in front for no frontal air pressure.
LVJJJ 12/08/17 07:17am Travel Trailers
RE: Do mods void trailer warrenty?

I'd fix it myself too, but probably should notify the dealer and factory of the defect,, to get it on record.
LVJJJ 12/01/17 06:46am Travel Trailers
RE: Carrying spare bearing question

I always do my own bearing and brake work. Also remove all of those stupid little hubcaps, particularly the ones that slide thru the wheel from the back so I can check the bearings without removing the wheel. Just pop the bearing cap open and take a look. Just buy four new bearing caps so the wheel and tire looks decent.
LVJJJ 11/29/17 08:21am Travel Trailers
RE: Rewiring trailer brakes, best place to ground them?

When I rewired my brakes I ran a pair of 10 AWG wires from the pin box back to a busbar that I placed near the axles. From there I ran individual pairs to each drum. Did that on my '85 Wilderness. Was really surprised to find that the single wire running thru the axle feeding the other two brakes was only 18 or 20 gage, the rubber insulation was hardened and cracked and the wire was turning black. Grounding is so important, a poor ground causes many electrical problems and seems to be the last place we look to solve the problem, it should be the first thing you check. Had a Chevy Corisca once, and one time it wouldn't start. So started checking all the wiring, spark plug wires, etc. etc., happened to notice a connection block with black wires going to it that seemed to be a bit corroded, sprayed some Aero Kroil on it, started right up.
LVJJJ 11/29/17 08:14am Travel Trailers
RE: Covered vs Uncovered Underbelly

as many has mentioned, I've had both. The covered was a 2000 Trail Lite. It was very aerodynamic and I do think the smooth under belly helped. Didn't like it cause would have to cut the material to fix stuff. My current TT, a '05 Trail Cruiser doesn't have enclosed underside but us very smooth under there, just a waterproof membrane glued to the laminated panels the whole trailer is made of. The grey and black tanks are wide and shallow so don't hang down much, and it has the Dexter torsion suspension so there are just two skinny "axles" going across. I have to disagree with the poster that said smooth under bellies won't help aerodynamics, this definitely does. It's part of the whole Trail Cruiser design that gives it a very aerodynamic shape and even though it weighs more than my old Tahoe, it tows much easier, as wind pressure is more of a negative than weight. A bunch of stuff hanging down on the under side creates a turbulence that prevents the trailer from easily separating from the air stream. Notice a lot of semi's have long plastic panels underneath beginning close together at the front of the trailer and widening out to just in front of the back wheels. This prevents the wind from flowing under the trailer where it would create turbulence.
LVJJJ 11/28/17 08:10am Travel Trailers
RE: Suburban dilemma

Suburban's forever. Love 'em. My "new" 94 developed a noise we thought was in the front 4wd pumpkin, but turned out it was worn bearings in the rear, got bearings and seals repaced $400, quiet now. Gears were fine, has only 142,000 on it. I'm not sure I'd buy a former governemtn vehicle, too many things coulda been done to it. Driver's of it woulda had no pride of ownership, who knows how and where the drove it.
LVJJJ 11/25/17 03:27pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Really Important truck features. :-)

Looks like the radio in my '94 GMC Suburban would be hard to change out, but, it's coupled with a cassette deck with a 5-band equalizer!!!!!!!,,, so don't need to change it out. Being really old-school (towed with a '65 Chevy Van with an 8-track for years), I have lots of cassettes.
LVJJJ 11/24/17 08:05am Tow Vehicles
RE: Preparing to sell camper

We've sold a few TT's. First we clean it inside and out, and take EVERYTHNG out of it, all of the shelves we installed, the do-dads on the walls, the toothbrush holder, thermometers, etc. Don't worry about the holes left in the walls, used trailer buyers expect that. We of course leave the awning wand, jack wrench, spare tire, etc. In other words, we leave it just like it would be when you would bring home a new trailer from the dealer, unadorned and ready for personalizing it. Most people love to head to an RV store and buy new things to fix up their "new" TT, I know we do. Everytime we've bought a used TT, we end up taking all of the stuff the previous owner(s) had installed and throw it away (except for the candy bars and change), cause we want it set up our way. Even if its clean, the wife will clean it herownself. I'll pull the wheels and drums, take a look at the bearings and brakes. Always keep your WD hitch, cause its fitted to your truck, not the trailer. Keep your sewer hose (I wouldn't want somebody elses sewage), water hose and all the little things it takes to hook everything up. Clean out your cubby where you keep your outdoor hook up items, you'll be surprised how much you've got in there you forgot you had.
LVJJJ 11/23/17 09:36am Travel Trailers
RE: Heavy Duty / Super Duty Truck as Daily Driver

Heck no. As a long time RV'er, I've learned not to worry about gas mileage at all, takes all the fun out of it. I've always used my TV as a daily driver. the 65 Chevy Van got 13 mpg running solo and 10 towing. My current TV, a 94 GMC Suburban k1500 4wd that weighs 6,000 lbs gets 13 mpg solo, and 9.5 towing. I think its better to drive the RV regularly cause vehicles begin to deteriorate when they just sit around. I'd much rather drive it instead of our '08 HHR that gets over 25 mpg, although I do love the little Suburban.
LVJJJ 11/23/17 09:02am Travel Trailers
RE: Happy Thanksgiving !

Just wanted to wish y'all a Happy Thanksgiving. I hope you have a great, safe and blessed day. I appreciate y'all and the conversations we have here. Take a moment today to remeber all the things you have to be thankful for. There's a lot when you stop to think about it. If your camping this Thanksgiving, that's great and I'm jealous. Haha. God's blessings on you, Greg CG (just commented in your maintenance thread). Thanksgiving greetings back to you. We do camp on every other Thanksgiving, when the big family gathering isn't on (it is this year). Here in the rain (Pacific NW) its usually fairly mild in the winter. So we usually go down to our favorite campground right on the water (Puget Sound). One of my two sons and his wife joins us (only 75 miles away) for a turkey dinner in the TT. Has been a great new tradition for us. A chance for us to bond with one of the twins alone (identical twin boys, except they're 39 now). Growing up we always did everything together. The wife and I are Christian musicians and I really appreciate your verse. Love this season cause we're preparing a lot of Christmas music for the Sunday's in December. Not difficult for us to get in the spirit. Godbless!!
LVJJJ 11/23/17 08:53am Travel Trailers
RE: Maintenance, you vs. the dealership..

Take heart Camper G. I'm dern near 72, had both knees replaced a couple or 3 years ago and was back doing my own maintenance 3 months after. Used to be a building contractor and worked in a few gas stations (back when we pumped the gas and washed the windshields) In the past 5 years I've rebuilt the entire rear bathroom floor in a 85 Wilderness, resealed underside and rebuilt front wall of a '04 Tahoe, currently removing silicone caulking and re-caulking a 05 Trail Cruiser with Sikaflex 221, and up and down ladders. I do go up on the roof, very carefully. Plan to install a lot of insulation in the Cruiser, it has lots of wasted area under the bathroom area that lets a lot of cold in. I love the challenge of a difficult repair. Replaced a fridge, furnace etc. etc. Maintain own brakes and bearings, fix every little thing on my "honey do" list, come up with novel new ways to do things and fix poor work and design by the manufacturer. I figure I'm going to fix it a lot better than any repair store cause its mine and I have to live with it. As for the TV, I used to tow with a 1965 Chevy van into which I installed a 292 inline 6. After a friend removed the old 230 and dropped in the 292 with his cherry picker (which I don't have) done everything myself. Now tow with 94 Suburban 4wd. Never had a 4wd so had to have drive line specialist replace bearings and seals in both pumpkins and replace both front hubs. for tires & alignment just drop it off at the local Les Schwab. Do my own fluid changes except transmission. Because I can't really kneel on my knees yet, to get on the creeper I have lean down and get my hands on the ground, then flip over onto the creeper. To get off I have to roll off the creeper and then do a push up to get back up. I will always figure out a way to do things when it seems impossible. I think the only thing I had my local dealer do is replace the awning on the Tahoe. Too heavy for one guy and dealing with that stiff rewind spring scared me a bit, I'm also musician (cello, bass) and I am always worried about hurting my fingers. As someone else said, trying to see things under the TT with bifocals is a pain, having to move head around to the right angle to see what I'm looking at.
LVJJJ 11/23/17 08:37am Travel Trailers
RE: rvwholesalers.com

we've never had a problem selling a used TT on Craig's list. I think it's important to make sure its really clean, shiney on outside and clean on the inside (my wife makes sure of that even when we're camping). We've gone thru about 4 used TT's in the past 4 years and each one sold within 3 weeks of posting the ad, one of them within one week, and got asking price. I'm always surprised cause I figure it'll never sell. Also never had a problem with a local dealer working on my unit even though I didn't buy it there. If they give you good service they figure you might buy your next one there.
LVJJJ 11/22/17 07:02am Travel Trailers
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