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RE: We're going camping!

This is camping nirvana! It'll be the best time of you life and the memories will be precious! Enjoy, the time goes by real fast. When our twin boys were in high school in the early nineties, we traveled all over the state of Washington taking them to baseball and tennis tournaments. A couple of summers we even took them to an expensive tennis learning camp in Sun Valley Idaho and saved money by staying in campgrounds nearby. We visited college campus's, staying in campgrounds nearby.
LVJJJ 05/20/16 08:51am Travel Trailers
RE: Chattering trailer brakes

For those of you who have been eagerly anticipating the solution to this problem, here it is! After pre-diagnosing the problem as absolutely electrical, it turned out that it was simply out-of-round brake drums. Apparently overheated them at some point. Got them turned, repacked the bearings and life has returned to normal.
LVJJJ 05/17/16 10:10am Travel Trailers

Used to have the under-tongue spare mount on my 2000 Trailite, at some point it scraped on a driveway and scraped the sidewall off. Didn't notice it till we needed it. Now have an '04 Tahoe Lite. It does not have the 4" square hollow back bumper, so the upper spare tire rack mount is a carriage bolt that comes thru from the inside 2x2 bed support. The bottom rack mount is bolted to the little 3" "c" channel bumper. Works good.
LVJJJ 05/17/16 09:58am Travel Trailers
RE: Really a lively area you have here.

Welcome to the site. Keep posting pictures and your progress, love to see someone restoring our history. Had an '85 Wilderness 22 footer, except for the rotten bathroom floor (which I replaced) it was in pristine condition. Unfortunately the floor plan didn't work for us so had to sell it. Was so clean and so cool, sold the first day to the first caller (we priced it pretty high too). The upside to these older TT's? All USA or Canadian parts.
LVJJJ 05/15/16 03:32pm Travel Trailers
RE: Best towing vehicles for best MPGs

Been towing since 1988. Got 10 mpg with 1965 Chevy Van (292 inline 6) up and down. Got 7-8 with '88 454 Suburban, and today gets 9-10 with '04 Envoy 4.2 inline 6. Finally learned to never look at the numbers on the gas pump. Miles per gallon, gallons per mile, if you want to enjoy RV'ing, it don't matter.
LVJJJ 05/15/16 03:20pm Travel Trailers
RE: Can I tow this TT?

Looks like you'll be real close if not over the max GVWR of your TV. Bear in mind that the UVW is the weight the TT leaves the factory, usually with no options or any extra weight in it. Manufacturers tend to lie about their weights, but I have heard that they actually weigh them today rather than guessing (I won't buy new anymore). Most of us tend to underestimate the actual weight of the items we install and load into the TV and TT. So, weight builds up quickly. We bought a used '04 Tahoe "Lite" that was supposed to weight 2900 lbs empty. With propane, A/C, some provisions (no water) it weighed 4300 lbs. we were shocked. We had purchased an '04 GMC Envoy SLT 4.2 6ci(with a 10,000 lb total weight capacity) to tow our "Lite" TT. However it turned out with the 4300 lb TT combined with the surprising 4900 lb weight of the midsize Envoy put us right at max capacity. We are now looking for an older Chevy Tahoe or GMC Yukon with a 350 to replace the Envoy. I'd recommend looking for a much lighter TT.
LVJJJ 05/15/16 08:51am Travel Trailers
RE: Chattering trailer brakes

Sheesh. Climbed under the TT to check wiring and found that I had failed to connect the ground pigtail to anything, so haven't had a good ground for anything for a year. All other wiring looks great, all brake wires look good, are good grommets where wires go thru axle and no wire looks chafed. As I mentioned earlier, the backing plate, drums, springs, magnets, shoes are great and look fairly new. No grease anywhere inside. Haven't towed it yet with ground fixed. While not glad to hear others have had the same problem, at least I'm not alone.
LVJJJ 05/11/16 11:07am Travel Trailers
RE: Chattering trailer brakes

Yes, I've had this issue with our own Coachmen and it was none of the above suggestions. Chattering brakes is a mechanical issue and the solution is to chamfer the leading edge of each brake pad, problem solved completely. :B This makes a lot of sense cause you can see that the shoes are making intermittent contact with the drum so the surface of the drum isn't uniformly smooth.
LVJJJ 05/11/16 07:42am Travel Trailers
RE: Chattering trailer brakes

good point Wayne. When I was fixing things underneath I did pay a lot of attention to the grounds which are very important. Didn't think about the wires going thru the axles tho, I'll take a look. On my last TT I ran 12 gage individual wires from the TV-TT hook-up point back to each brake, maybe should do it on this one.
LVJJJ 05/10/16 10:40pm Travel Trailers
Chattering trailer brakes

Been towing for years, but first time I've run into this. When applying TV brakes, the TT brakes chatter when coming to a stop. Essentially they are quickly applying, letting loose, applying, etc. Feels like a bad ABS problem on a car. It's done it with 3 different TV's and with a replacement Prodigy P-2, so its the trailer. It's an '04 Tahoe Lite 22CB. Brakes are like new, lots of shoe, smooth magnets and drums, wiring looks good going into the backing plates. So, somehow the electrical current going to the brakes is getting interrupted, but it doesn't do it everytime, just most of the time. It gets worse the harder the brake pedal is pressed and also does it when using manual control. Anybody else had this problem? (Note - we've had this TT for a year and it's our ideal floor plan so we really like it but there are some strange things about it. This year, 2004, Tahoe of Calfornia trailers have a very bad reputation and this one did have problems, but they have been fixed. It must have leaked a lot under and onto the floor as the entire floor has been replaced. The front window leaked and some framing has been replaced. There have been no leaks from the roof, side or rear walls. I removed the underneath fabric cause it was holding water and replaced it with foam insulation and lots of caulking. The axles, brakes, and bearings look brand new, so the axles must have been replaced also. I rerouted some of the wiring underneath so might have knocked something loose).
LVJJJ 05/10/16 10:22pm Travel Trailers
RE: Here we go again....6.0 liter a good TV?

Fantastic engine. I towed with a 454 for years, thought there was no substitute for cubic inches, not so anymore. 454 couldn't match the 6.0 (366 cu) Had an '05 Roadtrek based on Chevy Express van w/6.0, 3.42 gears. Roadtrek weighed 8,000 lbs. No problem, even got 17mph. Then started towing a 5500 lbs Rainer travel trailer, no problem still, got 11 mpg and go as fast as I wanted. Ran in cruise all the time except the steeper passes. Oh yeah, always ran in tow/haul mode when towing. Also towed my Chevy car on a U-Haul car hauler trailer, so that was probably even heavier than the TT. I was absolutely amazed at how much power that 366 had.
LVJJJ 03/27/16 11:18am Tow Vehicles
RE: Sick to my stomach!

As you can see you is not alone. I'm 70 and still doing that kind of stuff, seems like I should have figured it out by now. My dumb move: Bought a new TT in Las Vegas, towed to a paved casino campground to try it out on a nice clear, calm sunny day. Put the awning out (kind of a necessity in Las Vegas to reduce sun stroke), couldn't stake it down on the asphalt, but was no wind so didn't worry. Headed into the casino for dinner (we don't gamble). Came out and awning was on top of trailer. A rogue wind had come along and flipped it up and over. Didn't damage much and was able to fix it myself. DW wasn't pleased. Then there was the time in Las Vegas where we stored the trailer for a month and forgot to unload the fridge.
LVJJJ 03/27/16 10:36am Travel Trailers
RE: Need help - problem with water heater

First, it's an Atwood so not working right is normal. (Their furnaces sound like an F-18 taking off from an aircraft carrier). This from 27 years of TT experience. The last trailer I had had a replacement Atwood HWT that kept going out, turns out that the curved burner tube was too short and didn't go into the unit far enough. Real poor quality product. Replace with a Suburban.
LVJJJ 03/27/16 08:46am Travel Trailers
Fastway Hitch

Been towing for years (since 1988) with a '65 Chevy Van and the standard WD hitch has been working well. Recently bought an '04 GMC Envoy to tow 22' Tahoe TT, mainly cause it has A/C and the van don't. The old WD hitch doesn't seem to work as well with the new TV-TT combo so thought I'd get another Equal-I-zer (had one once and loved it). While looking around on the internet saw that there is a cheaper Fastway E2 hitch that uses the same anti-sway concept as the EQ. Anybody use these? Are they any good? Also, anyone else towing with a Trailblazer or Envoy?
LVJJJ 03/27/16 08:37am Travel Trailers
Trans cooler fliud route

Although I've been towing for years, and have always had a transmission cooler on every tow vehicle, I can't remember whether the fluid should come from the trans thru the cooler then to the rad and out back to the transmission, or vice versa? In other words before or after the the radiator? Recently purchased an '04 GMC Envoy to tow our 4000 TT, has tow package but no cooler. On the Trailvoy forum, there didn't seem to be a consensus as to which way it should be. Since those using their Trailblazer or Envoy for towing was a minority, I'm thinking us RV'ers here would know best. The climate you live in seems to be the reason for placing the cooler before or after?
LVJJJ 12/29/15 09:41am Tow Vehicles
RE: Chevy Trailblazer, good tow vehical?

Thanks much all. As usual the response is mixed, and that's what I hoped for to hear the good and bad. rjstractor hit it right on, the 292 is full of torque but light on HP. It's a remanufactured long block I installed in 1988 with a purpose built TH350 tranny. It does slow down on long hills, but just keeps pulling with no pinging all the way down to 40mph. The only time I have to shift into second is the 6% part of mountain passes. We've as far east as South Dakota and to Disneyland a couple of times. Never has broke down. The wheel base is only 90 inches but with special anti-sway WD bars I invented there is no sway whatsoever (eliminated the chains). It is a lot of work towing with it, brakes aren't real good even though they have been rebuilt, gotta pay close attention front and back and start stopping early. We usually take the blue highways and go 55 mph. That was the speed limit when I built it. But I love towing with it, we get lots of thumbs up and we are the center of attention at campgrounds. For a while had a 454 '88 Suburban we towed 30' TT's with and an '05 Roadtrek with 6.0 engine we towed with also. I actually prefer towing with the van. Sooo, almost anything will be easier to tow with. Don't mind slowing a bit on hills. Sounds to me like the Trailblazer will do us just fine cause I don't expect blazing speed and my antisway bars will keep it straight and level. Since some of you have been successful towing with it, that's good enough for me. Being a pretty good mechanic and maintenance freak, I should be able to keep it on the road for a while. I guess the one thing I worry about is will the engine and trans with over 100,000 miles typically be too worn out to tow well? (I know it depends a lot on maintenance). Is the 4.2 I6 considered a truck engine?
LVJJJ 12/15/15 10:21am Tow Vehicles
Chevy Trailblazer, good tow vehical?

Anybody tow with a 6 cyl. Chevy Trailblazer? (could get by with a V-8 if necessary, love 6's) We've got a 2004 22' Tahoe Lite we are currently towing with our 1965 Chevy Van w/292 inline 6. Been towing with it since 1988 all over western USA with no A/C. 25 years ago we could handle 100 degree temps. I still can but DW needs air. So, since the '65 is my daily driver and will never get rid of it (DW says she is going to bury me in it), we've thought of selling her car, an '08 HHR and buying a medium size SUV that could tow the 4,000 lb Tahoe and also be her daily driver. That's why I'm considering an early 2000's Trailblazer. If I can tear myself away from Chevys, maybe a Durango? (No fords or foreign cars).
LVJJJ 12/14/15 11:21am Tow Vehicles
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