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RE: WFCO Please Describe The Operational Malfunctions

My WFCO 55 amp does work like the manual... Starts at 13.6, 72 hrs later 13.2 volts, then every 25(?) hours checks for voltage and may go to 14.4 for 1 hour depending what the voltage drops to when it turns the charging off for a few minutes during the test to check voltage. Then the 25(?) hour cycle repeats. The only time I have been able to get it to go straight to 14.4 volts, was by placing a 60 amp batter tester on the converter terminals as an experiment,, then turning on the power to the converter with the load in place to make it see the low voltage to trigger the 14.4 mode. So yes, the problem is it is reading voltage at the converter not the battery
Learjet 09/20/14 05:58pm Tech Issues
RE: iPhone 6

USE CAUTION opening the Iphone 6 box, my wife just did this, I saw this on TV and called to warn her...too late just opened and had her new phone fall on the wooden floor. No damage, luckly... Iphone 6 drop when opening box...
Learjet 09/19/14 06:37pm Technology Corner
RE: iPhone 6

Our two new Iphone 6 will be here friday. Also, just updated my IOS on my 4s to IOS 8. Take that you Iphone haters :)
Learjet 09/17/14 05:44pm Technology Corner
RE: iPhone 6

The store resets everything to factory settings and wipes the memory while you watch. It's part of transferring your apps and data to the new phone. are you can do it yourself if your read the easy instructions :S
Learjet 09/14/14 06:03pm Technology Corner
RE: ford break line hose

make sure you are looking for Brake and not "Break" :)
Learjet 09/14/14 08:46am Tech Issues

The capacitor is for the compressor, not the fan. Wrong!
Learjet 09/13/14 02:05pm Tech Issues
RE: Upper Fridge vent blocked off...Why?

Some fridges actually require a narrower space versus wide open to optimize the chimney effect. correct, if you look at the installation manual for your frig, you will see the requirments for this.
Learjet 09/09/14 07:32pm Travel Trailers
RE: Quality Pure Sine Inverters 300-600 Watts

happy samlex PSW 300 user here for several years now.
Learjet 09/04/14 08:51am Tech Issues
RE: New F350, Dually, Black and Gold stolen last night !

got some more info... While the police were taking the report at the location of the stolen truck, a credit card was being used down the street...wife had some cards in the truck...Police said nothing we can do about it...here is your paperwork. Sad!
Learjet 08/25/14 07:59pm Tow Vehicles
RE: New F350, Dually, Black and Gold stolen last night !

Get a dually. They don't like the duallys. Ken It was a dually that was stolen
Learjet 08/24/14 05:06pm Tow Vehicles
RE: New F350, Dually, Black and Gold stolen last night !

did you call onsta...oh, nevermind Nice :(
Learjet 08/24/14 10:35am Tow Vehicles
New F350, Dually, Black and Gold stolen last night !

My friend had his brand new, less than one month, Black with gold bottom F350, 6.7, Dually, Lariat stolen around Jackson, MS last night. F#$%&*#& criminals! Please if anyone has info ??
Learjet 08/24/14 09:13am Tow Vehicles
RE: Help with trailer brakes

stupid question, but you do have your Ford brake controller set for electric brakes, not EOH ?
Learjet 08/18/14 01:26pm Tech Issues
RE: cell phone booster

talk to these folks http://3gstore.com/manufacturer/11_wilson_electronics.html they can answer your questions
Learjet 08/17/14 03:40pm Tech Issues
RE: YAMAHA Propane Generator

I thought the 2,000 watt unit in tha tline was an EF-2400i, but.. I won't discount the posibilty of a 2800. That is an excellent generator, Though I have not used one myself I have seen them and looked at them, IF I were to purchase a portable the EF-2400i (Gasoline) would be my #1 choice. As for propane v/s Gasoline,, Propane should make it a bit less noisy (And this is a generator that is already less noisy) and easier to start since unlike gas Propane does not "Go bad" In short, I think you have a great generator there. NOW.. the only "Problem" IT may suck a LOT of propane... I mean a 20 pound bottle is what 4 gallons when filled (about) to the cut off point... and that's perhaps 3.5 gallons of Gasoline equivlent. So you may need to refill the propane tank a bit more often than you are used to. But I sure would not turn down one of those. EF2800i link............ I see it does have the smart throttle, which I would guess has to be turned off when running on propane/NG.
Learjet 08/13/14 03:55pm Tech Issues
RE: YAMAHA Propane Generator

Your 2800 watt generator will make about 2500 watts using propane. I had a propane Onan generator for 9 years and never experienced the problems that "mexicowander" describes. It was trouble free all of these years. This is a typical quote often repeated. I can tell you first hand from test that I can produce full power from my Yamaha on Natural Gas and Propane. The small Yamaha generators have enough excess HP to over come the lost of power. I suggest you go here, these folks are approved by Yamaha to convert their generators link................ From their FAQ section: " Is there any power loss when operating on alternative fuels? No, we have never had a single unit show a loss of power on alternate fuel. Though lower gallon-to-gallon in BTU content, sometimes they perform even better than running on gasoline (see also fuel consumption). The engine regulator we install has an external fuel mixture adjuster that can be turned with your fingers and can be fine-tuned to your elevation and to the fuel supply connected. That's why we include the Engine Hour/Tachometer Meter with every generator. You can watch the engine rpm output while turning the mixture adjuster for peak performance and high efficiency. This allows full control over the fuel mixture no matter what elevation. Unlike operating on gasoline where the carburetor is a fixed jet and it can not be adjusted only replaced. This is a big advantage that allows the engine to be reset at anytime. Engines would not use the same fuel mixture in different areas especially as diverse as say Florida would be to Colorado. Unlike gasoline, setting the mixture lean on alternative fuel is cool running, clean burning and efficient."
Learjet 08/13/14 01:23pm Tech Issues
RE: YAMAHA Propane Generator

It sounds like a nightmare to me. Inverter generators are very sensitive with several mechanical and electrical feedback mechanisms working all the time. Adding propane to the mix will be very difficult to control. I wish you the very best luck. MM49 What?? do you know anything first hand about that generator? like it might be a constant speed generator? I have the EF2600 and it runs great on propane, natural gas or Gasoline. I have used all three for over 250 hrs. I would think that generator is a tri-fuel conversion, unless someone did the bi-fuel conversion.
Learjet 08/12/14 07:04pm Tech Issues
RE: 3,500 pound Dexter axle bearing pre-load?

When you are all done grab the wheel on the top and bottom and try to rock it. You should "feel" a tiny bit of play but not see any. Perfect!That's how I check it out. If there's no clink-clink when cold, it's too tight. I agree, if no end play I go one click to have the smallest amount of end play. Of course, this is after I seat the bearing, then loosen the nut.
Learjet 08/10/14 05:55pm Tech Issues
RE: Millenicom

I've had Millenicom for 1 year now, we use 15-17 gigs per month. Perfect for us at home and on the road, not many options where I live.
Learjet 08/03/14 08:59am Technology Corner
RE: Hooked up to 220v on accident

I always say " put a piece of wire in a guys hands and right away they think they are electricians" Your ac may not work because the transformer 120/12 volts in the AC my be shot. The AC runs on 120 volts but the thermostat is 12 volt DC so there is a relay in there somewhere. I can hear mine clicking the the AC. Or there may not be a transformer but just a relay. I don't know but the thermo controls it so it just might be a relay only I doubt if the ac is shot. Too d**m bad people can't read. It says right on the outlet the voltage and amperage Normally the house 12 volt system provides the DC for the thermostat control.
Learjet 07/25/14 01:48pm Tech Issues
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