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RE: New Gen. F150 owners, how many problems

Your problems are why I have preferred Toyota cars and trucks over the years. I have never had to do anything other than scheduled maintenance with the 4 Toyota trucks and 3 Toyota cars and put more than a million combined miles on them. I cannot say this about the Chevy, Dodge, and Ford trucks and SUV's that I have owned. Even minor problems required leaving the truck off at the dealer and sometimes multiple trips for the same problem. A while back I read about Jeep Cherokee owners having to make on average 8 trips to the dealers for repairs during the first year of ownership. The Toyota trucks have been rated number one in this area for the last 5 years in a row by JD Powers. My current truck is a GM diesel but if Toyota sold a full size diesel powered truck I would have bought instead without a second thought. I see. We have a 2007 Toyota Matrix, bought new. Lot's of issues... electronic, sensors, etc...ie: ECM replaced among other items. Waiting for the recall notices right now...for the airbag issue and the electrical fault in the electric window opener switch. Are you saying with your million combined miles you've never...ever had any issues. What about all the Toyota recalls ?
Lessmore 04/18/14 03:14pm Tow Vehicles
RE: New Gen. F150 owners, how many problems

No real issues here with my 2011 Eco. Except the drive shudders at full throttle from a dead stop. And smoke from the rear when doing that. And wear on the RR tire. Sounds like you have a problem with the nut behind the steering wheel. :B It is nice to have power though.
Lessmore 04/18/14 02:41pm Tow Vehicles
RE: New Gen. F150 owners, how many problems

I know a couple of guys with newer F 150's...5 liter V8's...so far so good. I also know some guys with newer Dodge and GM trucks..so far so good. Think you got the odd one..that has an issue. Back in the '70's I used to work for a trucking company. They bought a new Ford E 300 cargo van...302 V8, auto transmission. It was the truck from hell...the downtime was horrible...engine, transmission work...always seemed to have one issue or the other. They traded in...after a year +... on a new E 350 dually, cab and chassis..think it had either a 16 or 18 foot insulated box...460 V8, C6 AT. I thought they were nuts...getting another Ford. But this E 350 was one of the best vehicles I ever used. Robust, tough, ran like a Swiss watch..durable, no problems. They also had a couple of E 300 commercial vans...300 I six....tough as nails, totally reliable. So...sometimes the luck of the draw.
Lessmore 04/18/14 02:39pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 2011-12 Ford Escape ...opinions

Thank you for the info.
Lessmore 04/14/14 08:33pm Tow Vehicles
2011-12 Ford Escape ...opinions

My son is looking at trading in his 2008 Chevy Colorado Z 71, with the 5 cylinder engine, AT. It's been a good truck, has about 130kms (about 80,000 miles or so) on it, no major troubles....will need brakes and tires soon...but that's about it. The Chevy has been maintained by the book, since new. He's looking at the 2011-12 4 X 4, Ford Escapes. I don't know much about them, think they came with a 4 cylinder or a V6. Doubt if he would tow anymore than about 3000 lb.....trailer, more likely 1500-2000 lbs. trailer...would be max. Anyone know anything about Ford Escape insofar as reliability, durability, trouble areas, comfort, noise, etc. ? Are they good or bad vehicles ? Any big recalls ? How is good is Ford when it comes to backing up warranty ? Any other issues ? What would you check out with this or any used vehicle ? We've never had a 4 WD vehicle before and that concerns me in a used vehicle. How would you check out the 4WD system...what common issues would there be to check out on the 4WD system ? How much maintenance/cost is there with a 4WD system ? I don't know what kind of 4WD system a 2011/12 Escape has ? Thanks in advance.
Lessmore 04/13/14 10:29pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Michelin LTX M/S

I had 12 Michelin LTX M/S tires over the years on my tow vehicle. Never, ever saw cracking like this. Wonder what age the tires were when you got them. I buy from a heavy volume large tire company...that usually brings new tires in from the manufacturers distribution centre. I would call Michelin. I generally replace all my factory tires with Michelin. Excellent product in my experience.
Lessmore 04/13/14 08:28pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Only 2 of the 9 SUV's passed the safety crash tests

What gets me is that you can see that most of those lifted trucks have never been offroad. When I was younger I was an avid fisherman. All I had were two vehicles. One an '89 Cavalier wagon with a 2.8 V6, HD suspension ....the other a '76 Impala. A fishing buddy used to say that I took my vehicles in rougher areas than 95 % of 4WD trucks had ever been. But you use what you have, drive cautiously over more rugged terrain and it's surprising where just a regular vehicle will take you. Of course, I always made sure I had lot's of non fishing tackle too...jacks, traction bridges, etc....in case they were needed. And I always checked out the road...or non road conditions...before I ventured on them.
Lessmore 04/13/14 06:05pm Tow Vehicles
RE: The disaster ready... Discussion

Nope. Here's why. Back in the late '50's and early '60's my dad had the escape route, the supply loaded trailer and the plan...in case of a nuclear war. But after awhile he realized that the roads would be so clogged, etc....people would be scrambling like mad...that chances are....we'd be stuck in grid lock on any road outside our middle sized city.
Lessmore 04/13/14 12:50pm Around the Campfire
RE: Ford Ecoboost gas mileage and reliability???

I have two friends who bought new F 150 trucks. In both cases they chose the 5 liter Coyote DOHC V8. Both very happy with these trucks, no issues. Reason they opted for the base V8 and not the turbo V6 was that both of them keep their trucks for a long time. They were concerned about the...long term...reliability and more important....durability of a turbocharger. They're talking about not whether things will be fine within the warranty. But what about after the warranty...say 120,000 miles or so...7 years on the truck. It could very well be fine. But they felt that a non aspirated (non turbo) fuel injection V8....was the engine they would be more comfortable with in the long haul. As a result they went with the Ford V8. Another reason...there's nothing quite like the exhaust note of a V8. Both of them are hot rodders and many hot rodders like V8 power.
Lessmore 04/13/14 12:46pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Used motor oil alert.

Thanks for the reading the label link. I was aware of that information but still it was a good refresher to read. Sometimes what happens is that people have some older oil...say half used, in their personal garage that they use to top up an engine running a bit low...when the engine oil which has been changed maybe a month or so ago...using current manufactured oil. I printed the reading the label link and will tack up in my garage, just to remind myself about mixing older with newer oil. I do a basic check of 6 family vehicles...cars, trucks, etc. All are 2007-2010 models. Mostly domestic, one Japanese manufacture. I also do basic maintenance on two motorcycles (one Japanese, one English)along with an outboard, lawn mower, chain saw, snowblower etc. There are some different oil requirements, different brand preferences, different oil type requirements with these different internal combustion engines. Even though many of us here...do the same kind of basic maintenance and mechanical checks as I do...it's still good for an old dog to get a refresher.
Lessmore 04/12/14 01:44pm Around the Campfire
RE: Got News?

I don't think I could make as a TV personality. I've been told I have a radio face. :)
Lessmore 04/11/14 09:01pm Around the Campfire
RE: 2014 Power Wagon

I for one don't like decal packages. I think they ruin the lines of almost any vehicle. I would never get any vehicle with a decal package . Other than the decal or special paint job...whatever it is, I think this new Power Wagon looks pretty good. I also don't like dealership decals or badges. When I buy a new vehicle I tell the dealer I don't want any dealership decal or badge on it. If it is on the vehicle, it has to be removed before I accept delivery.
Lessmore 04/11/14 08:56pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Got News?

This site is unreal!! I watch the news every morning and early evening, yet many many times I read about a "breaking story" here first. Often by 10 hours or more! The latest was Colbert replacing Letterman when he retires. RV.net beat the "news" sources by at least 8 hours!! Maybe a new motto should be: "Read it here first!" That was me, that posted the Colbert replacing Letterman story. I like to be the firstest with the mostest. :D
Lessmore 04/11/14 04:04pm Around the Campfire
RE: Only 2 of the 9 SUV's passed the safety crash tests

Bigger is better. The more steel in it the safer I feel. But, there's always something bigger. What happens when a one ton dually hits a fully loaded Mack gravel truck head on...or a 3/4 ton pickup is involved in an accident with a locomotive. There's lots of real big stuff out there in this world.
Lessmore 04/10/14 10:23pm Tow Vehicles
Colbert replaces Letterman

Late night TV changes again. This time Colbert replaces Letterman. I don't mind Colbert...certainly better than some other candidates. But we'll see if he has the versatility to make the show work. Colbert replaces Letterman
Lessmore 04/10/14 11:12am Around the Campfire
RE: GM suspends two engineers in disciplinary action

How is an extra paid vacation considered a disciplinary action? They learned something from govt ownership I guess. I agree this doesn't belong in tow vehicles, but got slammed by the GM fanboys yesterday for saying an article about Buick/Cadillac didn't belong here either. Some would say, that post yesterday was of the fanboy variety. I don't think you were 'slammed'.... I would say you were merely 'corrected' by some, because some Buicks and Cadillac models are rated for and used for towing.
Lessmore 04/10/14 11:06am Tow Vehicles
RE: Cadillac, Buick top service satisfaction rankings

Wow, from a great car up to the 60's to the biggest POS ever made to a fair car and now the best. Way to go Caddie!!! :) I still remember the 8-6-4 years. :S Or the Caddie that Ziggs; LOL, they really did; zigg that is.............going down the road! I think Cadi hit an all time low when they tried to rebadge a Chevy Cavalier and called it a Cimarron. :E Or the Lincoln which was a rebadged Ford Crown Victoria. All manufacturers pretty well do this...economies of scale.
Lessmore 04/09/14 09:40pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Cadillac, Buick top service satisfaction rankings

BTW...Buick has been tied for top or near the top...in the JD Power quality assessment.... during a number of years. Not just this year. I have a 2007 Buick Lacrosse....bought new...great car.
Lessmore 04/09/14 12:33pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Cadillac, Buick top service satisfaction rankings

GM rah rah rah. What is a Caddy/Buick post doing in Tow Vehicles? The Buick Enclave has a tow rating of 5200 lbs. Tow quiet in pure luxury. What's with the GM rah, rah, rah bit ?
Lessmore 04/09/14 12:30pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Ordering from Factory or??

I ordered from the factory on two occasions. Both chevies. I went to four dealers...3 Chev, one GMC dealer. Told them exactly what I wanted. Told them that whichever dealer provided the best price...on this identically optioned, factory ordered to be... vehicle...would get the deal. The last vehicle listed for $ 31, 300...I had 4 bids, ranging from around 29,995 to $ 23,300. I went with the $ 23,300. This was in 1997, as you can see prices are different now. I used the tender method.
Lessmore 04/07/14 07:40pm Tow Vehicles
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