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RE: Long grades in the Appalachian's

I've done this highway many times pulling my 31' 5th wheel with an 05 Dodge Cummins with no exhaust brake. I just start at the top by reducing to about 50 to 55 mph and then as speed starts to go beyond that I brake rather hard to bleed off about 10 mph then get off the brakes until speed picks back up to about 50. By "braking hard" then "coasting to cool" I have traveled many roads without incident. There have been many recorded incidents by 18 wheelers on this road but I personally believe it is because many commercial drivers today are not experienced or even trained properly and should not even have a CDL. Many trucking companies just want "meat in the seat" and allow incompetent people to drive. A couple of years ago we witnessed a trucker obviously from Mexico who stopped at a rest stop. He went around and opened the passenger door to help his very pregnut wife and 4 little ones out of the cab. A guy this young with his family in tow has no business with a CDL. But like too many things in today's world, laws are in the books but not enforced.
Likes to tow 12/28/14 04:48am Roads and Routes
RE: Mountain Driving in West Virginia

A good place to stop for a rest is Tamarack near Beckly exit. They even allow overnights in a safe well guarded area. It's on the hill overlooking the truck stop and has great big rig parking on the lower level just below the main building with orange roof tops. Great shopping on crafts from West Virginia artisans and great food prepared by the Greenbrier folks.
Likes to tow 12/15/14 05:50pm Roads and Routes
RE: Water in Diesel Fuel from Flying J Pilot Knoxville, Tn

I have a really deep distrust in anyone servicing anything I own! My entire working life (40 years) was in service, I know the games and tricks some of them play. If I go to a garage I always stay within sight of my vehicle and watch every move they make. They made some really big money on you and that amount of water in fuel is just hard to believe. You may have been snookered !! Older folks who look like they have more money to spend because of the big rigs we travel in can be taken advantage of really easy. There was a segment a few years ago which aired on 20/20 TV. Somewhere in the mid west a couple of guys running a garage were trolling the Interstate for motorhomes. When they saw an older couple tooling along they pulled up beside them and frantically flagged them to the side of the road. They would then say that smoke was coming from the rear differential and it was obviously overheating. They would then crawl under there and make like hot oil was everywhere. A tow truck would be called and the rig was towed to their garage where they would immediately remove the differential. Then they "would make fake calls to distributors" and just so happens they had one in stock..... but it was a couple of thousand dollars EXCHANGE for the old one. They would leave to pick it up, somewhere stop and clean up the old one and box it as new, and return to the garage to get the "gratefull old couple on their way." Repair bill was thousands of dollars but the trip was not ruined because of these two mechanics who just happened along at the right time. These guys were eventually prosecuted. You run 25 miles with two gallon of water in the tank is just hard to believe!!
Likes to tow 12/12/14 06:18am Tech Issues
RE: Was Ready to Buy Truck Camper

Another issue we experienced while having truck campers was many campgrounds will let you set up somewhere if you arrive late and they are full. I remember many times being told there were no available spots and then when I told them I had a truck camper they said "oh, in that case just pull over here next to the building and plug in with the coke machine."
Likes to tow 11/04/14 06:13pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Was Ready to Buy Truck Camper

Right now I have a 9 1/2 ft. pickup camper and a 28ft. 5er. We use both of them during the year depending on where we are going and how long we will be there. We have had 4 different PU campers and two fifth wheels. Did not trade in the pick up camper on the first 5er as they would not give me anything for it and I am glad I kept it. My first 5er was 32 ft. and we traded that in for the 28 ft. as we like to go to state and national parks and the 28 ft. is easier. I can switch between units in less than 45 minutes. Small world as they say. We had 4 truck campers also, two Skamper soft side models and two hard side. The last one was a Starcraft 10' that we bought new and only used 4 seasons. Had it from Maine to Montana with no issues. Traded it for a 25' 5th wheel and got half of the price we paid for it. Big mistake!! We traded the 25' 5th wheel 5 years later for a 31' that we currently own. I'm having a hard time getting my wife to look at truck campers again. You know how women look at the world through "available closet space" mindset! One camper will not do everything and there are many advantages to having two different sizes. This is why I have two different size boats!
Likes to tow 11/04/14 05:18am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Was Ready to Buy Truck Camper

I owned 4 truck campers before moving to 5th wheels. Wish I had kept the last one and just bought the 5th wheel out straight without trading in the truck camper. Truck campers offer complete comfort with no stess driving anywhere you go!! Your only restriction is being vigilant of height restrictions. You can go anywhere or park anywhere that you can drive a pick up. Buying fuel, parking at tourist stops, driving in small towns with sharp 90 degree turns at intersections, going up narrow two lane roads both paved and unpaved is a breeze. All of these situations can cause you problems when pulling a large trailer. We like our 5th wheel and the comfort it affords us, but boy do I miss the utility of truck camping. It would also be nice if I could take the boat with me now instead of making two 90 mile trips, one with the camper and one for the boat. For the long trips where we sit down for a week or so, the 5th wheel is nice. For simply running new roads and routes where you are uncertain about your destination or route, nothing is better than a truck camper! On the down side, when you trade in a truck camper they give you very little for it "because truck campers are unpopular and hard to resell."
Likes to tow 11/03/14 04:36am Fifth-Wheels
RE: First time 5er needs advice

A good point was mentioned about buying used so depreciation does not kill you as you upgrade and experiment with other units. I've had good luck with this through the years by buying used, doing good maintenance and storage under roof. Got almost all my money back out when sell time comes.
Likes to tow 10/20/14 01:25pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: First time 5er needs advice

We had truck campers prior to moving into our 5th wheel. The ability to find campsites and be accepted into parks was limitless. Once in Cody Wyoming we pulled into a private owned RV park on a weekend when the rodeo was in town. The registration clerk at the desk told us they were totally slammed full but since I had a truck camper he allowed us to park beside the building and use the 20a recepticle on the side of the building. 5th wheels take a little more thought and planning. Since you enjoy the NC mountains I'm sure you travel the Blue Ridge Parkway. Keep in mind some of the tunnels have height restrictions. Weekend trips don't require much but the toys you bring along mean everything. We find making reservations is almost a necessity sometimes. To maneuver into a back in site is a little tricky sometimes because parks don't allow enough room or other campers park their unhooked tow vehicles in the way, you can't swing wide enough. 5th wheels back up a little differently than pull trailers and this is not a problem once you get used to it and know how. You will be more thankful for the statement "pull through sites" available! State parks are sometimes simply not "big rig friendly" and you will have significant height restrictions with tree limbs and maneuvering around trees close to the access roads in parks don't allow much room for error. I've seen people do damage to their trailer in these places. Moving from a camper van into a 5th wheel may present new challenges for you so think this thing out carefully. Do you go to the same places all the time. Do you know what to expect in roads, parking, fuel stops, overhead clearance and unforseen issues? If I were you I would consider a 24 foot pull trailer. There are limited 5th wheel products now available in this length but they are available, do a search on the Internet. Since you a are used to a camper van, a 24' pull trailer will make you feel like you camping in a house!! Good luck with your decision. Upgrading slowly sometimes is the best route. People always want things bigger and more storage space. Think about the increase in comfort and liveability of even a 20' trailer over your current campervan! There are lots of good late model used products out there. Enjoy the search!!
Likes to tow 10/19/14 05:02am Fifth-Wheels
RE: looking at new trucks

I just came home from the dodge dealers today and I test drove the 3500 dodge truck with the 6.4 hemi and a 2500 short box with a diesel in it. both are real nice trucks and I am at a lose on which one to get. I am sure either one will pull my 35 ft TT quite well. one had leather seats, not real happy about leather again but not a deal breaker. I will have to get into the brochure and do some comparing tonight. then try to sell momma before I get too worked up over the new truck. So we start out with the above post....asking about RAM trucks, nothing more, nothing less and end up with them being "made in Mexico"...and rant's about that...When GM/Chevy trucks come up, it's talked about how they are "Government Motors" and how many recalls they've had....I guess a true American would only own a Ford?? I served in the military and fought in the Viet Nam war, born and raised here and signed on a dotted line that I'd give my life for my country...and I STILL would, Oh, and I love my country more than any other country on this planet... I'm as patriotic as they come, maybe more so....getting really old when it appears Ford is the only truck that one should buy when it comes to the big three's offerings because Ram trucks are built in Mexico and GM took all the bail out and have all the recalls and Ford is perfect.:R Probably main reason I've never owned one...I'm far from perfect, thus I couldn't do the Ford name justice by owning one..I'll leave that to the "true Americans":R Keep in mind that Ford 6.7 diesels are made in Chihuahua, Mexico!!!!!! The Ohio plant was not awarded this production and it all went south of the border. Most people are not aware of this and continue to think Ford's image is untarnished.
Likes to tow 10/17/14 04:50am Tow Vehicles
RE: Indianapolis to Outer Banks

The Outer Banks is my favorite place to go on the coast! There is so much to do there but be sure to see the visitors center at Kitty Hawk. They put on a great presentation. Most people do not know that a small piece of the Wright flyer (original) from Washington DC was taken to the moon on the first landing and left there by Neil Armstrong!!! A letter confirming this was signed by Armstrong and hangs in the visitors center. Our prefered route is down 77 from Huntington to Greensboro then on to Route 64 and Rocky Mount. We follow 64 to Manteo and hit the banks south of Nags Head. I'm not aware of any major traffic jams on 77. We were down this route and spent Labor Day week at Kitty Hawk, no problems with roads. On many trips we enter the banks at Kitty Hawk then take a two or three day leisure trip down to the end, catch the ferry at Ocracoke to Cedar Island and come home. The Outer Banks is a rare place of beauty where you can witness beautiful sunrises and sunsets!! You are in for a real treat.
Likes to tow 10/16/14 06:27pm Roads and Routes
RE: Midland Trail Route 60

Douthat is a nice place and not far from Interstate 64. The drive on Rt 60 to see beautiful sights is not what you think. The area around Lewisburg on 64 is some very pretty country!! Stop at Tamarack near Beckley for a wonderful lunch and shopping. Good RV friendly place with great parking on the hill under the main building.
Likes to tow 10/15/14 03:47pm Roads and Routes
RE: Midland Trail Route 60

I would not take Rt 60 unless your motorhome is small and nimble. There are some really beautiful sights along Interstate 64. You will get tired of the twisting curvey roads. Where in Virginia are you coming from??
Likes to tow 10/13/14 05:50pm Roads and Routes
RE: Brake Lines Blown While Towing with Toyota Tundra!!!!

I think back to the tv commercial when the big Toyota was first released. Remember this one, the truck runs up a fabricated ramp over a canyon and they apply the brakes.....the big new super brakes...and disaster was avoided because of the massive stopping power. Now I read of your unfortunate event with brakes. Glad you were not hurt. I've always thought Toyota was over rated anyway. A friend of mine who always had F150 trucks for his job bought one of the new Toyotas a few years back and about 18 months later traded it back for an F150.
Likes to tow 10/12/14 06:27am Tow Vehicles
RE: Moving a 5th/W

My cousins husband ask me to pull a 5th wheel home for him he had just bought. He did not have his 5th wheel hitch installed yet. I readily agreed but after arriving at the site where he bought it problems begin to surface. I got stuck up trying to move it onto the paved road. This took a couple of hours and lots of work to get it unstuck plus my truck was a mess. Then I noticed that the brakes apparently did not work on the trailer, it shoved me down the road on hills. Then just before we got it to his house, a tire blew out!! Upon closer examination I noticed all the other tires had sidewall cracks, I'm surprised we made it with only one blow out. So just be careful, know the shape of the unit you are pulling and realize the legal implications of an accident or other breakdown.
Likes to tow 10/10/14 02:29pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Moving a 5th/W

My cousins husband well ask me to pull a 5th wheel home for him he had just bought. He did not have his 5th wheel hitch installed yet. I readily agreed but after arriving at the site where he bought it problems begin to surface. I got stuck up trying to move it onto the paved road. This took a couple of hours and lots of work to get it unstuck plus my truck was a mess. Then I noticed that the brakes apparently did not work on the trailer, it shoved me down the road on hills. Then just before we got it to his house, a tire blew out!! Upon closer examination I noticed all the other tires had sidewall cracks, I'm surprised we made it with only one blow out. So just be careful, know the shape of the unit you are pulling and realize the legal implications of an accident or other breakdown.
Likes to tow 10/09/14 06:36am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Moving a 5th/W

Good points made about legal issues with insurance. If something happens and you are under hire offically then all sorts of litigation can commence. Just do it for a friend, then after it's over and safely tucked away he could shoot you some cash but don't take any money before hand !!
Likes to tow 10/08/14 06:56pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Blue Ridge Parkway hopscotching

If you decide to take your trailer on the parkway just remember there are many roads leading on and off that are not recomended for RV's. Some of these roads are very steep and curvey. If you get on at Ashville this is a very good place, the elevation is not much there. You can get off where it intersects Interstate 77. Here the elevation of the parkway and Interstate are practically the same. Hopscotching is a very good way to see the park with "day trips" from your base camp. I urge you to consider Buck Creek near Marion NC!
Likes to tow 10/05/14 07:50pm Roads and Routes
RE: Blue Ridge Parkway hopscotching

I've traveled the BRP many times from end to end. We enjoy staying at Buck Creek Rv Park near Marion NC. Buck Creek has easy access, a golf driving range and located just outside Marion where you can find about anything you want. While making Buck Creek your base camp you can drive into Ashville and tour the Biltmore home (well worth your time). You also have good access to the parkway on Route 80 I believe which takes you straight up the mountain where you hit the BRP and very close to Mt Mitchell,Linville Falls, Grandfather Mountain all very scienic and worth your time. The entire parkway is over 400 miles but the sections between mile markers 370 (near Ashville) and 290 (near Lenoir) has the most to see and do all within 80 miles. Moses Cone Memorial Park and the Linn Cove Viaduct both have visitors centers and short easy trails. The Blue Ridge Parkway is the best kept secret in the East. Careful planning and knowledge of weather will make your stay more pleasant. Early morning fog can ruin your views, especially in Fall. You are in for a real treat!!
Likes to tow 10/02/14 03:52pm Roads and Routes
RE: WV to Gatlinburg, TN

Interstate 64 to Interstate 75 and on to Knoxville is the way we always go to Pigeon Forge pulling our 31' 5th wheel. There are no issues with this route! Jellico Mountain is exactly like the previous post says, it's just a long grade that is not bad in either direction.
Likes to tow 09/08/14 05:45pm Roads and Routes
RE: Ram takes the lead.

We would all be better served if they stopped the torque/towing capacity race and concentrate on easily maintained dependable engines that a common middle class man could afford. $60 and $70k MSRP is a complete turn off for me!! I now use my 05 Ram Cummins for towing and heaving hauling only because it cost too much to replace. Profane prices for new diesels and trucks in general have caused me to rethink my daily driver requirements. At what price point is it no longer worth it? I think we are there now.
Likes to tow 08/26/14 06:32pm Tow Vehicles
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