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RE: Jayco 28.5 RSTS

My experience with manufactures and their "published tow weight and height" is one of question and doubt. Our new Grand Design 27RL had a slip of paper in the document envelope that stated it's weight was 800 lbs more than was stated in the brochure. Height was also taller than stated. It's also amazing how much weight you add by packing food and clothing. Plus what ever you put in the basement storage. Water is very heavy and we always travel with empty holding tanks except for maybe 10 gallons for flushing toilet or emergency water. When you are packed for a trip, stop by a truck stop and weigh you rig, you will be shocked!!
Likes to tow 01/16/17 06:49am Fifth-Wheels
Keyless entry combination lock for door

Has anyone installed a V4 Keyless entry lock on their door?? Looks like it would be worth it since so many keys are floating around that can open a door on any RV. The V4 seems like the best according to the reviews on Amazon
Likes to tow 01/08/17 11:25am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Question about a light weight 5th Wheel

Be aware that manufacturers do not always represent the weight correctly. It all depends on features. The brochure for our 2017 Grand Design Reflection 27RL stated that it weighed 8150 lbs but I found a build sheet in the packet of info that came with our unit stated it weighed 8750.......600 lbs more that I thought. Also consider weight may not include propane or water plus all your personal things. Trailers get heavy quickly when you are loading them up for the road. Also many people think our 27RL is 27 feet long when actually it is 31'11" At any rate you should check out Grand Design Reflection before buying. These units seemed a grade above everything else we looked at and they claim to be half ton towable. They have a 26RL model that supposedly weighs 7998. So far we are very pleased with Grand Design and would recommend the Reflection line. We have owned 3 Fifth Wheels and consider this one to be top grade.
Likes to tow 12/28/16 06:52am Fifth-Wheels
Utah in early May?

Planning a trip to Utah in early May end of April. What kind of weather conditions and crowds would we have in the southern part around Cedar City area. Our plans are to find a base camp for the 5th wheel and hit all the major National Parks in the area on day trips. Any suggestions on RV parks and conditions would be appreciated
Likes to tow 11/29/16 03:57pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Question about 50amp inlet plug

Very sad that we have to replace something on a new $40K unit that fails from day one. They could have invested another $150 and had a quality electrical hook up for us.
Likes to tow 11/19/16 03:44am Fifth-Wheels
Question about 50amp inlet plug

What is the deal with the plug on the side of my 5th wheel? There is no way to get the collar to tighten up or to keep it from going cross threaded !! The threads seem to be ok on both the recepticle and the 50 amp cord but after I push it in and twist lock it I can never get the collar to go on which would make it more water tight and help with the stain relief of the heavy cord. I have considered a right angle adapter which would possibly make it easier to start the threads, then plug the heavy cord into the adapter. Anyone done this? I'm sure some company makes a better quality plug. When I was in the Air Force we had heavy cables that connected two radar trailers together. They were made from metal and once tightened they were water tight and strong.
Likes to tow 11/15/16 06:15am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Should fresh water tank be patched or replaced?

I see a few replies where some think this is only a loose fitting on the tank and replacement may not be necessary. Possibly I have not made this problem clear. The fitting I see leaking is thermal welded into the side of the tank. This thermal welding is how they put fittings in this type of plastic. It is probably done on a bench before the tank is put into the frame work of the RV. This thermal welding and fitting is what is broken and what is leaking. I cannot give more information than this. It is not repairable without Epoxy or some type of adheasive which of course is a temporary fix. However I am very pleased to announce that my dealer has contacted me and Grand Design will be sending a new tank to the dealership. I'm pleased this will be resolved in a professional proper manner. I've heard nothing but good things about Grand Design in my search for a new 5th wheel and this proves they are a reputable company.
Likes to tow 11/11/16 03:51pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Should fresh water tank be patched or replaced?

I actually did find out exactly where the leak is before I took it to the dealer. Apparently the factory buys these tanks and then custom fits them into the RV. By this I mean they use thermo welding to fit a plumbing nipple into the bottom side of the tank depending on where the proper location is for that particular model. I could see where the crack is in the nipple right at the point of contact with the side of the tank. By using a small mirror I could see exactly where the water was coming from. The membrane covering on the bottom of the RV was actually peeled back with a knife and looked like some sealant or epoxy had been applied at the factory. They pushed it out the door with the intention of letting the dealer (or buyer) fix it properly. There was no sign of this caused by damage on the road from the factory. The memebrane had precise smooth cuts to expose the area where the leak was.
Likes to tow 11/11/16 06:15am Fifth-Wheels
Should fresh water tank be patched or replaced?

Getting ready for a big fight with dealer or factory! We took delivery of our new Grand Design Reflection 5th wheel and the next day started to prepare for our first trip. I usually like to travel with abbout 10 gallons of water in fresh tank. Immediately I noticed water dripping from under the trailer! Uppon closer inspection I realized the hose connection nipple on the bottom side of the tank was leaking. Apparently they install this outlet and did a poor job!! My dealer said to bring it in when I return from my trip and they would contact Grand Design to see what the "proper repair" would be. In other words they cannot authorize tank replacement with out Grand Design's blessing. Now here is my issue. From what I have read, tanks made from Low Density Polyethylene or LDPE which is the milky white plastic reject any repair from Topical Adhesives or otherwise known as Epoxies. Any repair like this is considered temporary since they will not permanently bond to LDPE. This is a 2017 unit. I do not want a temporary fix! I do not want to be on the road and suddenly cannot carry fresh water two years from now. I'm prepared to slug it out with them over this issue. Am I being overly cautious? Has anyone experienced issues with repair of LDPE tanks?? Appreciate any opinions.
Likes to tow 11/11/16 04:56am Fifth-Wheels
RE: black tank rinser

I keep my black valve closed and thus always have some water in the black holding tank. About every 4 or 5 days I open the black valve, dumping the tank. Then I hook up a seperate hose I use for black tank only and do a flush for about 5 minutes. Then I close the black valve again. These tanks are not designed to be drained all the time. If you do this you will get a poop pyramid at the bottom of your inlet from the toilet!! By keeping some water in the black tank all the time this will not happen. If you should close your black empty valve and leave the flush hose running, it will fill the tank and come up through your toilet and flood your trailer!! Be careful
Likes to tow 11/10/16 02:51pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Colorado in May?

As 36 year resident of Colorado's high country and a 30 year resident of Estes Park, I can tell you May can be a tough travel month. In Rocky, Trail Ridge Road in all likely hood will not be open. Traditional opening date is Memorial Day weekend. Can be a little earlier in a drought year. You did not mention what your activity expectations are. Bear Lake will have some leftover snow. Lakes above will probably be frozen or partially frozen. Trails will be icy in the morning and slushy in the afternoon. Or you can have a really warm May with many trails more accessible. If you are only a car tourist interested in scenery, May is ok. You will miss the summer crowds in places like Estes Park and Aspen. I remember a mid May storm in Estes Park that dumped almost 3' of snow with temps in the teens. I also remember a Memorial Day weekend storm with a couple feet of wet snow that shut down most roads. We called those storms "May dumps" then again it may not dump! I remember many beautiful warm and dry Mays. Snow storms that shut passes are not uncommon into early June. The bottom line is that May can be very unsettled. Bring shorts, heavy coats and everything in between. The good news at the storms are usually quick hitters with the snow melting in 24-48 hours. Just stay informed and be prepared to hang out. We are both 70, still fit and like to walk some. However hiking long distances at elevation is not an activity my wife will do. Mostly we want to see the Rockies and plan on sitting down at a nice lower elevation campsite with our 5th wheel then traveling around in the truck. Where would be a good place to make a base camp and have great views to enjoy within 100 miles for day trips???
Likes to tow 09/11/16 09:36am Roads and Routes
Colorado in May?

Planing a trip for next year and just wonder how much of Colorado is usable and enjoyable in the first half of May? I would think some mountain passes would still be closed but how much of Rocky Mt National Park could we see? How about the Scenic Highway of Legends, Maroon Bells and other top attractions??
Likes to tow 09/11/16 05:27am Roads and Routes
RE: Pulling thru Gatlinburg

Try to avoid weekends starting on Friday evening through Sunday evening. Traffic is a problem all the time but especially on weekends. Veteran's Blvd is a real time saver, used very little!!
Likes to tow 09/11/16 05:03am Roads and Routes
New Garmin RV660LMT GPS

This topic has been moved to another forum. You can read it here: 29033172
Likes to tow 09/10/16 04:17pm Fifth-Wheels
New Garmin RV660LMT GPS

Just saw this new Garmin for RV travel and it looks like a great idea. Has anyone used it yet on mountain roads??
Likes to tow 09/10/16 04:17pm Technology Corner
RE: Sundance XLT vs, Cougar Lite

I have a Sundance XLT RK265. So far so good. Tows well and seems like pretty decent build. They are lighter and probably have less insulation in them compared to a "regular" trailer. I liked the feel of the Heartland better than the Cougar. Tried to buy a Cougar three times and ended up with the Sundance. We are at about 29' and a couple of inches for total length. I do like the gear drive on the slide better also. No hidden cables to stretch out or try and find. Good luck with your hunt for what fits you the best. Curly The specs on your RK 265 lists it at 28' 5" but you say it's 29-2 so this could be a problem if I cannot trust the specs from the factory in their sales brochures. I have a storage building for my current 5th wheel and it is 31'so I need one at least two feet shorter so I can add doors. Currently our 5th wheel sticks out too far to add doors.
Likes to tow 08/25/16 03:45pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Sundance XLT vs, Cougar Lite

Does anyone know how the cable system on the Cougar works?? What makes it go out?? It is obvious that the cables draw it back in but it must be under spring tension or hydraulic pressure to force the slide out.
Likes to tow 08/25/16 03:32pm Fifth-Wheels
Sundance XLT vs, Cougar Lite

Looking into buying another 5th wheel and trying to stay as much under 30' as possible but all brands in this range are marketed as a "LITE". I'm concerned about quality. What are they leaving out of it to make it a lite??? Cougar uses a cable system to pull the slide back in and this seems strange. What pushes it out? A cable cannot push it can only pull. The salesman had no clue!! Sundance uses gearing and track system, this seems less problematic to me. Cables will stretch Can anyone shed some knowledge or personal experience on either of these two models. We came close to buying a Sundance 9 years ago when we bought our slightly used Cruiser. It has held up reasonably well. I realize that all RV's require some maintenance and do not expect 8 years of trouble free use. However I would like some personal stories of owners of either of these models.
Likes to tow 08/25/16 06:38am Fifth-Wheels
Consider moving from a 5th wheel to a small class c

We owned 4 truck campers through the early years and loved the ability to take a boat or tour new places. When I retired 12 years ago we switched to a 5th wheel and have now owned two. When traveling to new destinations I find myself worrying about a suitable campsite. Can I get in and the problem of traveling back roads and small towns. Just thinking about moving back to a nimble class C under 24 feet. Has anybody done this?? What are your thoughts?? I want another truck camper but the price is profane for what you are getting and the wife is reluctant to give up her cabinet and storage space. Appreciate any opinions......
Likes to tow 08/09/16 07:28am Class C Motorhomes
RE: How much grease in the Ez lube?

Are you guys kidding me???? Is this post real???? For those who used several tubes to grease your bearings on an EZ Lube system I know where your grease went!! Pull the brake drums and look at your brake shoes. EZ Lube axles were primarily designed for boat trailers that get submerged in water. The RV industry picked up on this "easy care-free" idea as a marketing tool. You guys are in serious trouble when you need your brakes!!!!! You know nothing about where my grease went. I comes out the front of the hub just like it is supposed to do, just as shown in Dexter videos. Have used the EZ Lube system 3 times since new (8 yrs)and brakes still work like new, and no grease on them. Another one who simply does not know how the system works. Yes I know how the system works but keep in mind when the grease seals wear out or you do not jack up the trailer and spin the wheel as you shoot grease in as per the instructions from EZ lube you will be soaking the brake shoes!! Many folks on this and other forums do not like EZ lube hubs because of the tendency to have trouble.
Likes to tow 05/26/16 08:21pm Tech Issues
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