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RE: Ohio River Rt.52 or Rt.23?

Rt 23 on the Kentucky side would give you more views of the Ohio River although they are mostly limited. I can think of one place or two where elevation gives you a decent view for a while. If you cross the Greenup Dam Bridge there is a parking area on the Ohio Side which has an observation deck and nice views of the dam and locks. I would then stay on that side and follow Rt 52 on into Portmouth. There is a nice view of the river near the railroad bridge in New Boston Ohio.
Likes to tow 04/09/14 07:08pm Roads and Routes
RE: Nice safety feature from the new Ford tailgates

And I thought people bought the Ram because of the Cummins........
Likes to tow 04/06/14 06:34am Tow Vehicles
RE: Fifth wheel hitch theft

Theft is becoming a problem in many areas due to the drug culture we live in today. I would suggest locks on a hitch costing this much. Pulling pins and taking it in two sections like my Reese would be easy. I also highly recommmend using a lock on the release handle. We saw two pinheads pull a release lever on a hitch at a fuel station once and then walk away to watch the results when the driver returned from paying for his fuel. They were able to pull the latch handle because an 18 wheeler had blocked their view. I quickly alerted the driver of the danger and tragedy was averted. The pinheads wearing their trousers halfway down their butts could hardly run with the crotch of their pants at knee level. What is wrong with today's youth!
Likes to tow 04/06/14 06:21am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Windows 8

I laugh at all the Windows 8 naysayers. I am an IT guy for a living and run 8.1 myself and recently switched my non techie wife over and have no issues. I use windows 7 on my work laptop and have a Linux machine here at home too. I think the biggest issue is just the change in desktop. 8.1 allows a point half way between 7 and 8. Get used to a few tiles or setup your desktop icons and shortcuts on the taskbar and you won't hardly notice the difference. I know the other issue is most don't have the IT support but unfortunately you miss out on using a modern system that is more the standard or of the future. XP is being worked out and changes will have to be made as costly or pain staking as it may be even if MS has to do some back pedalling to please customers. Here is where you have a significant advantage over everyone else. You deal with technology every waking hour of your life........I don't. The people who design and promote all the new toys have no idea how hard it is for someone who has other intersts in life and does not sit in front of a keyboard all day to use the new "improvements" to software.
Likes to tow 03/19/14 06:32am Technology Corner
RE: Windows 8

Good luck with Windows 8. I've had it over a year now and still get problems I cannot resolve easily. Many things I used to do easily are now impossible. Wish I could go back to Windows xp!!!
Likes to tow 03/18/14 08:19pm Technology Corner
RE: Cooling your brakes

Shift into a lower gear at the top, this will help. But the way you use brakes has a lot to do with heat generation. If you continually hold pedal pressure on to slow you down it does not take long to notice a fading effect and then soon you have to apply more pressure to gain the same amount of braking, then very soon you will have no brakes no matter how hard you push on the pedal. If you can get stopped you will have a funny odor and possibly smoke!! The secret is to prevent overheating by applying brakes hard for a couple of seconds or so, bleed off 10 mph, then let it coast back up to the speed you want. Never give it any gas, just let it coast back up to speed. It will take a few seconds to regain that 10 mph speed and the brakes can cool down some. Keep doing this until you arrive at the bottom. Some traffic behind you will not like you speeding up then slowing down 10 mph but that is just too bad! There is no reason why you even have to travel the speedlimit when starting down. If it's 55mph and a long grade, just start out at 45. I have used this method of not ridding the brake pedal and made it down some really steep grades in the West and along the East.
Likes to tow 03/18/14 05:55am Tow Vehicles
RE: Ky, through Canada to Glacier National park

Glacier is the most beautiful place we have visited. May I suggest traveling out on one route and returning on another. This way you see more country by making a big loop. I'm not sure how scenic southern Canada is. Someone else may be more experienced at that. I can tell you we visited the Glacier Park that extends into Alberta and visited the Prince William Hotel. We made this a day trip from our base camp in Glacier on the US side. It was well worth the effort to visit this historic place. Be sure you visit all the hotels in the Glacier area. The lobbies are very beautiful. Plus you can have lunch and shop some. Another word of caution, beware of forest fires. If we have a dry summer and fires become widespread in the park it can ruin your visit. Smoke filled vistas make horrible memories and pictures! We have been in the area three times and on two of those forest fires and smoke became a significant issue. One other time we were headed to Glacier and actually turned south to visit Yellowstone instead. Fires had all but closed Glacier National Park!!! It's a long trip to Montana from Kentucky. To have it ruined by smoke is a horrible thing. Also under no circumstances do you carry a firearm into Canada. I've heard they have zero tolarance for guns, even in your camper. You are in for a wonderful trip.
Likes to tow 03/12/14 06:43am Roads and Routes
RE: Rear Window Water Leaks

I had exactly the same problem with my 2006 Crossroads 5th wheel. The rear windows which were fixed and would not open had a channel that would fill up with water and on extreme conditions would run down to the carpet. I fixed this problem myself with the help of some black silicone. I simply ran a bead of the silicone all around the outside edge of the window where it meets the rubber gasket. I was careful not to use too much silicone and then gently smoothed it down with my finger. This was a few years ago and I have never had another leak no mater how much rain falls. The black silicone and black rubber match and unless you look really close you cannot see this simple fix!!
Likes to tow 03/07/14 07:49pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: 2015 powerstroke 440hp/860tq

But it is not a Cummins!
Likes to tow 03/05/14 05:56am Tow Vehicles
RE: bulge in potable water tank

Same thing with ours, it bulged down on either side of a single channel iron support. After inspecting the support I realized it was held in place by self threading bolts into the frame. What if they failed!! I purchased two pieces of 3 inch angle iron and bolted them on either side of the factory support with grade 5 bolts with lock washers and nuts. Now the tank does not sag even when full. It seems all trailers are now made quickly with little thought as to how they will hold up. Just get them out the door, get the check and good luck to all. Also since weight has become a large consideration in today's products, the extra pounds from extra iron would be unacceptable to a designer.
Likes to tow 02/26/14 06:29am Tech Issues
RE: Diesel prices

I know what you mean about speed!! I find that people run 10 or more miles per hour over the limit and nobody cares. They only clamp down on a section of highway if there are fatalities. Here near Huntington, West Virginia we have a major construction area where it is upgraded from two to three lanes in each direction. It has concrete barriers on each side and no shoulder area for about 3 miles. The posted speed limit is 50 with NO LANE CHANGES. Since this construction has been in progress for over a year with about a year to go, motorist and commercial 18 wheelers are now running 65/70 + in this section with constant lane changes. Law enforcement now has given up and there continues to be some motorist risking everything just to shave 30 seconds off their commute time.
Likes to tow 02/24/14 05:37am Tow Vehicles
RE: Best Route - Charleston WV to Indy

35 is a good road now and for the most part I believe it is 4 lane divided highway. You would pick it up just west of Charleston from I-64 and it takes you through some beautiful farm country. I would pick up I-70 in Dayton and this takes you straight in to Indy. Beware of speed limits in Ohio, they don't tolerate speeding. It has been 10 years since I traveled Rt 35 now that I'm retired. Through the years they made constant upgrades to that route. It would be your closest route for sure. They have upgraded the speed limits also to reflect the modern design.
Likes to tow 02/24/14 05:25am Roads and Routes
RE: E-Z lube axles

I used them on a 5ver -once. Never again. Called Dexter about this, they said they wish RV manufacturers would not use them. They are intended for use only on trailers that get the axles submerged in water, such as a boat trailer. I replaced the seal I blew out using the hand-pump-and-spin method, and hand-packed them after that experience. This is exactly right. They are great on boat trailers that get submerged in water. Unless the seals are new, you spin the wheel as you slowly add grease and nothing else goes wrong........they work on Campers. However most people feel that hand packing is very sufficient. How often do you pack the bearings on your tow vehicle??? Same principle as campers. They don't need constant greasing!!!
Likes to tow 02/23/14 06:18pm Tech Issues
RE: 5th Wheel vs Travel Trailer Towing/Backing Difference

I agree with everyone who says a 5th wheel is harder to back. I have pulled boats and campers all my adult life and I can tell you it takes some getting used to!! It can be done, but it will take some practice. You can swing the back of the tow vehicle and see an immediate movement in a conventional trailer....not so with a 5th wheel. I used to pride myself in backing in my driveway without having to pull forward and correct. Not so with the 5th wheel. I just stop and pull foward a foot or so anytimne I think I need to. This seems to work well in correcting my direction with the trailer. Don't be afraid to move into a 5th wheel but just be aware they track differently backing up and going forward. They will start to turn quicker going forward and not necessarily follow the tracks of the tow vehicle. However, they are an absolute dream to pull at highway speeds. So stable and no fishtailing!!!
Likes to tow 02/22/14 05:46pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Diesel prices

I sold my 7.3L F250 back in 2008 due to diesel being around $4.75/gal. I didn't "need" a diesel then or now, but I'd likely still have it if fuel prices weren't utterly ridiculous. I couldn't justify 15mpg at that price since the need wasn't there. I think fuel prices keep a lot more people out of diesel than may be realized. If you don't need a diesel then don't buy it! They are a pure joy to tow heavy loads with but not worth the extra cost of fuel and possible repair costs to the average daily driver. I know many people who have diesel 4X4's and tow absolutely nothing. Why??
Likes to tow 02/22/14 05:14am Tow Vehicles
RE: Diesel prices

Here's an interesting article on the cost of diesel fuel: Diesel costs Thanks for this article. It is worth reading!! I just hope prices fall below $4 after old man winter goes back into his "globial warming" mode.
Likes to tow 02/22/14 04:59am Tow Vehicles
Diesel prices

So what's up with the price of diesel fuel? In my area it goes up each day and today I saw $4.45 a gallon. I don't believe I have ever seen it much higher than this!!! It's practically one dollar more per gallon than regular unleaded.
Likes to tow 02/20/14 05:58pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Blue Ridge Parkway/skyline drive

Meadows of Dan is an exceptional nice park. full hookups, big rig friendly with plenty of space.
Likes to tow 02/11/14 04:27am Roads and Routes
RE: How big can you be and still rustic camp

Traveling with a 5th wheel vs a truck camper is very different. I've had both and I can tell you travel with a 5th wheel requires more planing. Keep your truck camper, they will only give you pennies on the dollar for it in a trade anyway. I would love to have one of my 4 truck campers back to use on special trips into special parks. There is no law that says you can't own both and the loss you experience with truck campers on a trade is profane!!!
Likes to tow 02/03/14 01:36pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Watoga State Park, WVa

I've been camping at Watoga for over 50 years. This park was built by the CCC in the 1930's. I can remember tent camping with my parents and occasionally we would see a trailer 14 to 16 feet in length. The roads and campsites handled this size very well. In the last few years it seems RV's are now nearly as big as a house. The roads were not designed for this length and thus everyone has trouble getting in and out of a park designed in the 30's. Actually this park is basically the same now as it was in 1959 when I first saw it. West Virginia added a new campground on the Western side of the park boundry beside the Greenbrier River. This park is very large rig friendly but the road off 219 into the park is narrow with a couple of real sharp turns. It is still accessible with a large rig. We pull our 31' 5th wheel in and out with no trouble. What a shame Seneca Rocks was shut down because it is really a nice big rig park. Another nice big rig park in West Virginia is Pipestem just off Interstate 77. I had truck campers for many years and upon retirement we purchased a 5th wheel. It requires considerably more planning to travel with a large rig.
Likes to tow 02/03/14 05:56am Roads and Routes
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