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RE: Interesting thing we saw in Yuma. Two burnt 5th wheels

We took our new trailer out for its shakedown trip two weekends ago and had a propane leak in the drivers side tank compartment. It was so bad I could hear the hissing from the leak. Dont know when it started but that compartment isnt far from the heater. Got me thinking of the ‘what ifs’ while we were sleeping the night before. We took delivery of a fifth wheel a few years ago and before leaving the dealership early that morning the dealer filled both 30lb tanks. When we arrived home a couple hours later the temperature had increased and one tank had apparently been overfilled because it started to vent. There was no way to stop it!!!!!!! The heat of the day had made the propane expand I suppose. I carefully removed the venting tank and took it to a vacant field near my home. It continued to vent for a few minutes before stopping. I called the dealer and he said the OPD system inside the tank was apparently defective and allowed the tank ton be overfilled. He graciously offered to give me another new tank and I accepted. So.......these tanks can be overfilled even though they are new style OPD. Never have a tank filled to capacity.
Likes to tow 05/02/18 07:16pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: nev-r-lube bearings

Always remember that marketing hype exceeds common sense sometimes. Anything easy or maintenance free has got to be a disaster in the making at some point. Bearing and wheel maintenance in general is just another part of the RV experience. If the salesman can tell you part of it is no longer required it will make you want to buy the product. If I had never lube bearings on a trailer I would replace them about every few years or so depending on miles towed. Remember, you are the one beside the road with smoke coming from an axle, not the salesman or engineer!!!
Likes to tow 04/30/18 03:53am Fifth-Wheels
RE: nev-r-lube bearings

My cousin had never lube bearings on his trailer and after several thousand miles and a few trips into the West he had catastrophic failure in Colorado. He pulled the wheel and somehow tied the axle up as high as he could get it before limping several miles to the nearest town. A new bearing was very hard to find and then he realized a new problem. How to press the bearing into the hub?? It seems this bearing is pressed so tightly that it is impossible to do it without a hydraulic press!!! He was very lucky to have realized the bearing failed and pulled the wheel before it ruined the spindle on the axle. They were stranded for two days and ended up driving many miles to first find a bearing and then finding a shop with a hydraulic press. After his return home he replaced the other three bearings and bought a spare wheel and bearing assembly. He said he would never again run with sealed bearings because the heat generated by the trailer brakes can eventually destroy the seals on sealed bearings and it happens so slowly that you do not realize it. The ability to pull the wheels, replace seals and inspect or repack bearings is critical!!! Sealed bearings are used on cars and trucks all the time and rarely fail. Apparently on trailers these bearings are smaller and unable to hold up to the heat of braking.
Likes to tow 04/28/18 04:17am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Anybody maxing out an F150, by J2807?

Before you downsize your tow vehicle you need to think about how much you tow, distances, the type of grades and elevation encountered, and the amount of non towing miles you may drive. Remember, ECOBOOST is great but it can only do two things...Eco (economy mpg) and boost..(delivering torque). It cannot do both at the same time!!! I know people who tow with the F150 EcoBoost and get 8mpg towing!! Yes they may get 20mpg non towing in flat country with light throttle but not anywhere near that if they are towing or into the "boost mode." The new F250's and 2500 series Ram or Chevrolet cannot deliver that kind of mpg non towing but towing their mpg numbers may be better than a little EcoBoost screaming along in "boost mode." Plus there is no doubt a 3/4 ton truck can handle your payload. We pull a fifth wheel about the weight and size of yours with a Ram Cummins and I cannot imagine pulling this thing in the mountains with an F150.
Likes to tow 04/19/18 05:05am Fifth-Wheels
RE: First 5th Wheel--Bad Braking???

From my experiences, I would never dig into a brake controller or wiring issue until I had pulled my brake drums and checked for grease on the brake shoes and checked the adjustment.........just my personal opinion for what it's worth!!
Likes to tow 04/16/18 02:02pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: First 5th Wheel--Bad Braking???

I had this same problem with my second 5th wheel a few years ago. We purchased it slightly used from a dealer. The brakes did not feel like they did much. I was pulling with a Ram 2500 Cummins with no exhaust brake so I noticed quickly that this 5th wheel was either significantly heavier than 5th wheel number one or there was something wrong with the brakes. I replaced my controller and saw no change. I ran a heavier wire from the controller to the connector in the bed of the truck and saw no change. The dealer claimed he had checked the brakes before I picked it up and there was no problem. He also said the previous owner did not tow much and it was just short distances to the lake where he camped. So what was the problem? I pulled the brake drum to inspect for myself and found the brake shoes covered in grease!! The previous owner apparently used the "easy lube" grease fitting on the axle and had pumped huge amounts of grease before each trip. The grease seal could not hold it and so the brakes were covered. I was out of the 30 day warranty provided by the dealer so I tackled the job myself. I removed the brake shoes, soaked and cleaned them in gasoline and lacquer thinner to remove all the grease....or so I thought. I did this on all four wheels. After reinstalling and adjusting the brakes they were great!!! Then after a few trips I started to notice the brakes seemed less effective again. So again I pulled a wheel and could tell there was an oily residue on the shoes. My new grease seals were fine. Apparently the residue was coming out of the brake shoe. I cleaned all of them again. This helped again. Then several months later same issue!! So the bottom line is this. Always hand pack bearing and do not use the easy lube feature. If you have grease on your brake shoes then REPLACE THEM WITH NEW ONES. You cannot get all the grease out of a contaminated brake shoe. After replacing my shoes i was able to lock up all four wheels by using the manual lever on the controller.
Likes to tow 04/15/18 05:47am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Towing In The Wind

While traveling Interstate 70 in Utah last Summer we encountered very high winds pulling our 31' fifth wheel. When I was checking out of the campground in Grand Junction Colorado the lady told us to beware of the wind. I had no idea what she was talking about. The sky was blue, the wind was not blowing and we had anticipated a good travel day. After driving about 50 miles into Utah the wind all of a sudden picked up. The velocity was really strong and it was coming out of the South hitting our 5th wheel broadside. This 80 mile stretch of interstate is VERY desolate with NO services, stores or anything. It looks like being on the moon. The wind was howling, dust was so thick I could see only a short distance and I had both hands on the wheel with sweaty palms. The entrance steps on the opposite side from where the wind was blowing kept unfolding. I would stop and put them back up only to have them blown out again. I finally stopped the 4th time and tied them in the closed position. I could only drive 35 to 45 mph and was very uncomfortable with the situation!!! It seemed like hours before the wind settled down. I've never seen anything like this. Our 5th wheel, other than having the steps unfold, never wavered and performed very well. We made it safely without any incident. I can tell you 5th wheel trailers do well in high winds! However you should slow down. Later that evening while watching the evening news from our camp in Panguitch we heard about two 18 wheelers near Salt Lake City that were blown over in the high winds!!!!!
Likes to tow 04/14/18 05:25am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Power Cord Question

A 50a power cord is VERY heavy. You need a 90 degree adapter to reduce the downward pull.
Likes to tow 04/09/18 04:36am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Backing-In from SINGLE Lane Road

Well backing a 5th wheel is very different from a bumper pull model. They react slower to steering wheel input. I had the same problem with backing in my driveway when I purchased my first 5th wheel. I had previously owned many boats and took pride in the fact I could back in the boat on the first try without getting in the grass. When I brought the fifth wheel home I had traffic backed up in both directions and the yard got hammered. Then after several trips and some experience I have it improved quite a bit. I'm now on my third fifth wheel. First, do not be ashamed or afraid to pull forward a bit to correct your approach. If the trailer is not tracking good in the desired angle, it is very doubtful it will be correctable by turning the steering wheel while continuing to back up.....they react slower to steering wheel inputs. The pivot point is half way in the bed of the truck, not on on the bumper. Try to get your trailer as close as possible to the drive way and then pull forward some like in the video. An "S" move is good to set up the attack like in the video. But if you feel you cannot make it and have to correct, pull forward a couple of feet while straightening the truck angle. I have a similar situation where I live, a narrow two lane road with a sharp drop off to a railroad track so I am very limited as to how much I can use the edge of the road to correct.
Likes to tow 04/08/18 04:03pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Exhaust brake thoughts

Some of you installed the Pac Brake yourself ?? Was this difficult? A local shop quoted me $650 labor charge and I don't know if it's worth this much to have it done. I'm not helpless or clueless when it comes to mechanical and electrical issues and may just do it myself. Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.
Likes to tow 04/06/18 05:42am Fifth-Wheels
Exhaust brake thoughts

Anybody using an aftermarket exhaust brake on their third generation Ram Cummins? I'm considering having one installed on my 05. Are there any specific brands that are the best. Any issues with transmission?
Likes to tow 04/05/18 04:14am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Replace never lube bearing with traditional bearings

Have a cousin with a horrible experience with never lube bearings on his trailer. Ruined a trip for him to Colorado. Spent two days trying to get it repaired. I like pack yourself bearings because I can replace seals and hand pack.........never failed me!!
Likes to tow 04/01/18 06:21am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Fifth Wheel Lube Plate -- Who uses one?

I found it made hitching up harder. The square front plate on the fifth wheel hits the hitch and aligns or cams it to the level position so the pin goes in easity. With the rounded front on lube plate this action never happened and I noticed the pin going in to an unlevel hitch. Took it off, problem went away. May I ask what hitch you are using? Reese 15K about 15 years old
Likes to tow 03/07/18 03:57am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Fifth Wheel Lube Plate -- Who uses one?

I found it made hitching up harder. The square front plate on the fifth wheel hits the hitch and aligns or cams it to the level position so the pin goes in easity. With the rounded front on lube plate this action never happened and I noticed the pin going in to an unlevel hitch. Took it off, problem went away.
Likes to tow 03/06/18 05:47am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Zion in May '18

We made the KOA in Panguitch our base camp for the 5th wheel and drove to all the beautiful places. Bryce, Red Canyon, Cedar Breaks Nat Monument and Zion are all just a short drive. The folks who own the KOA live on the property and it is secure and safe. You will enjoy the scenery on the drives to the parks.
Likes to tow 03/03/18 03:24pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Broke down in Foley Alabama Transmission Trouble

If their guy is on "light duty" and can't get to your problem soon i would not let them touch it. What if he gets on sick leave right after they drop your transmission?? Will you sit there for days for weeks waiting on his return? Get to a reputable shop, rent a car and get r done right. Most generally mechanics like to take advantage of a guy on the road with an RV!! They know your options are limited and you are desperate. If you can, leave the trailer where it is and limp to another dealer. Don't mention having a 5th wheel nearby that you need to tow home. They will still have dollar signs in their eyes when they see your license plate.
Likes to tow 03/02/18 06:03am Fifth-Wheels
Interesting thought on Ford's Eco Boost engines

I own a Ram Cummins but found this video interesting because it parallels what we have noticed about our new Ford Escape with Eco Boost. This little 1.5 has unbelievable power....when called for..and good economy...when conditions are right. I believe all those folks I have talked to about pulling a trailer with an F150 Eco Boost experience the same thing. Watch this short video, interesting observation!! It won't do both. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PmVVqr5xS8s
Likes to tow 02/07/18 05:57am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Typical electrical usage

Looks like you will have other issues through the coming years with this mother in law to be!! I would not let the sun set until I had purchased a meter as suggested in this forum. I had no idea they were available or were that cheap. If you are powering the 5th wheel with a cord plugged into a standard outlet then this meter could be plugged in at the outlet and every drop of watts would be recorded. The local power company publishes their rates and you could do the math. This would put her in her place rather quickly and permanently. I don't like issues to fester and meet them head on. But however on a positive note, if you and this guy spend your lives together you can at least have a hand in picking her nursing home someday.
Likes to tow 02/07/18 05:39am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Need advice 5th wheel size

We tent camped in the early years with our son. When the daughter came along we got a truck camper and had 4 of them during the next few years. When I retired we traded for a 24' fifth wheel. It wasn't long before we wanted a larger 5th wheel and traded for a 31 used model that was in great shape. Last year we traded for a new 31' fifth wheel. My reflections on a life of camping is this, don't think you have to be in a palace. Closet space, floor space is nice but at what cost? It's not your home. It will be sitting unoccupied 90% of the time or more especially if you are young and still working. You move from a tent into a camper to make things more comfortable during inclement weather. You don't need a palace. You are camping to be in nature or to travel. If all you want to do is sit inside in air conditioning and watch tv stay home. Buy something you can comfortably tow or handle. Another thing.....campers depreciate at a profane rate when you buy them new!!! They aren't designed with much quality and require maintenance. There are countless two and three year old units available if you look and there is lots of money to be saved especially if you make the purchase at the end of camping season. Spring is a bad time to buy any recreational product like a boat or camper. Enjoy your hunt and remember you are rarely going to find the perfect layout or floor plan. Learn to adjust to what you find because as humans we are rarely satisfied for very long with anything. By holding out for an exact floor plan or size you will find reasons in a couple of seasons to trade or sell it. At this point you will get a fraction of what you paid !!! So go small and go for a good deal. Never buy new!! I've owned 7 campers and none were perfect after a while. Only 3 were brand new. The best part was being comfortable and being in nature.
Likes to tow 01/30/18 05:03am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Finally!!!!

We have the Reflection 27RL and think it is the perfect size. I don't understand why Grand Design discontinued this model. Ours is a 2017 and right after ours was built they stopped production. It has enough room to have overnight guests but for two people it is perfect. We traveled from WV to southwest Utah last June and had no problem in the Rockies. The say this is half ton towable but that hopefully is on local flat country trips. We pull with a 2500 Ram Cummins and it is no problem.
Likes to tow 12/18/17 05:06am Fifth-Wheels
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