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RE: Back and forth between F250/Ram 2500

I had bought four new Ford trucks and considered nothing but Ford until the horrible reputation of the Ford 6.0 diesel entered the picture. It was time to move from gas into diesel because of the 5th wheel my wife wanted. Thankfully a massive 6 month research on the forums and Internet yielded too much information against the Ford diesel for me to go ahead with my order. The Cummins seemed like the best choice and went ahead with my purchase. I have been very pleased with not only the Cummins but also the truck in general!! If I were to return to buying another gasser I would definitely consider Ram. It has been that good. I believe if buying a Ram with the Cummins I would get the 3500 series because it has rear leaf springs instead of coil. Just a preference and personal opinion. There is not a lot of difference between the 2500 & 3500 other than springs. I believe Ram to be the best looking of the new trucks but that again is just my taste. I was also very nervous about the Dodge product because of a horrible experience I had with Chrysler auto several years ago. That is all in the past and I have great confidence in Ram trucks. Also I have never owned a 4WD so cannot speak for the reliability of a Ram in that application.
Likes to tow 02/09/16 06:39am Tow Vehicles
RE: truck and trailer total loss due to black ice

Gee so many different opinions about 4WD. I think there is a misconception about the benefits of it and a great deal of that comes from "marketing strategy" from the auto makers. Here's my opinion, for what it's worth, and I might add that I have only owned one vehicle with it. Actually it was AWD and there is a difference!! AWD is full time, 4WD is selected. Keep in mind that when on a wet or ice surface and you are up to speed.....all vehicles are dead equal.........they all have 4WB. That's four wheel brakes!! True 4 wheel drive will only allow you to gain traction and gain movement on slick surfaces. After you are up to speed you are the same as any other vehicle. Now try to stop! AWD may offer some hokus pocus skid control by alternately apply power to alternate slipping wheels thus it has some benefit on ice but it's not a cure. True 4WD on pickups, with the switch on the dash, is not designed for dry pavement or worse yet highway speeds! That's why you have the switch!! Think about it. My cousin bought his wife a new 4WD Chevy Blazer a few years ago when she completed nursing school. Her commute to work at the local hospital required about 15 miles of Interstate driving and he wanted her to be "safe" and be able to go to work. Yep, first morning of really bad snow/ice storm she had the thing upside down in the median. Flipped that puppy right over after slamming the guardrail. Lost control because she said "Honey I was doing the speed limit and had the 4WD on!" Many guys want 4WD and think it's macho. I overheard a fellow at the local RV dealership trying to make a deal on a very large and heavy slide in truck camper. It had a floor length of 11 feet, it was heavy!! His truck was a 2500 series Chevy without dual wheels. When the salesman ask him if his truck was rated to carry this weight he said yes...."and it's four wheel drive." What the **** difference does that make????!!!! Actually 4WD trucks are rated to tow less than 2WD with comparable options because of the weight of the extra hardware...transfer case, differential, etc. So there is a big misunderstanding about 4WD and it's helped along by the auto industry and salesmen wanting the extra $4000 option. There is no substitute for a slower speed. Everything becomes more complicated and dangerous the faster you go on dry pavement, wet pavement or slick pavement. I try to pull my 5th wheel at a speed that does not cause me to be a problem to other motorist but at anything above 60 I try to find a way into the right lane and a slow trucker to follow. We are all pulling RV's on China made tires and they are not rated for practically any speed!! Many posts on this and other forums about "China bombs." Slower speeds give you more reaction time and less chance of damage on impact. You cannot always follow the lead of commercial truckers. If they are running faster than you it's because they are significantly heaver with tires that are very good plus THEY ARE PAID BY THE MILE. They take risks to make a buck. Some are dangerous and can cause horrendous damage to other motorist. Watch your windshield wipers and door mirrors. If they even get one ice crystal on them the road could have black ice. Slow down or find a rest area or parking lot to sit in for a while to figure out conditions.
Likes to tow 02/03/16 03:21am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Calling all RAM 2500 fiver owners

Do the Dodge/Ram trucks still get the "death wobble?" I think that was primarily a 4X4 problem. My 4X2 2005 has never had it happen....yet
Likes to tow 01/14/16 04:05am Tow Vehicles
RE: .88 diesel

Folks this is an election year. Don't get all excited about low gas prices. Can't you see what is happening? We were told a number of things after 2008 that explained why oil prices suddenly went through the roof. Aren't all those things still in place? Has gas come down in price around the world? Have new refineries come online? Do we have the pipe line? Think!! It ain't going to last much beyond early 2017.
Likes to tow 01/14/16 04:03am Tow Vehicles
RE: 5th wheel insurence

The value of RV's decreases very rapidly each year. Try to trade one in or sell it! You should be able to find the "true market value" of yours by asking a dealer and insure for only that amount. If you paid say $50k for it new then why should you be insuring it for that 5 years down the road when it's actual value would be say $25k. If it becomes destroyed the insurance company will try to give you $20k!!!!
Likes to tow 01/05/16 06:41am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Greaseable Wheel Bearings?

Great on boat trailers that get submerged under water. Terrible idea for rv type trailers. You will destroy your brakes using this method if not done properly and sparingly. RV Trailer bearings don't need constant attention like boat trailers anyway! How often do you pack the wheel bearings on your tow vehicle? What's the difference??
Likes to tow 12/31/15 08:12pm Tech Issues
RE: Cheap Import Bearings

I don't know what is happening to this world. It is getting harder to find good quality products anymore. Just when you search and think you found a good one the words MADE IN CHINA appear. I bought new leaf springs through E-TRAILER.com and when they arrived they were made in china. I had to install them so far no problems except the bolt holes were not perfectly round and had to drill them open to accept the hanger bolts. Good luck on trying to find USA made bearings. you might have a job on your hands. Here is something even worse. Look on ANY frozen fish products in any major grocery store and the package will say "Product of China." You cannot buy fish from Alaska, Canada, or USA anymore. If we get into a war with China we will not be able to feed ourselves let alone build weapons. Ross Perot was right when talking about NAFTA legislation many years ago. It has now happened!!
Likes to tow 12/30/15 08:11pm Tech Issues
RE: Generator clicks once instead of starting

If battery is known to be good then the most likely problem is the solenoid.
Likes to tow 12/24/15 04:25am Tech Issues
RE: Gatlinburg, TN

Ripplin Waters Campground is where we have stayed on all of our Smoky Mt trips since 2001. The park is just south of Interstate 40. Easy access and pull through sites make this one of the most uncomplicated places to stay. You will be north of the traffic jams of Pigeon Forge!!!
Likes to tow 11/21/15 04:45am Roads and Routes
RE: Question on Maintenance

Other than cleaning filters in the furnace (if they are even present) is the only thing I can think of. I have never performed any furnace preventative maintenance on any camper I've owned. The fridge may require some burner cleaning to remove rust which can cause flame issues. Most older units have rust on the shelving....removing it early and repainting may keep it from getting larger. Cleaning the fridge after each trip is a high priority with my wife. She leaves both doors slightly open to allow air flow while in storage.
Likes to tow 11/16/15 05:29am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Deadly Interstates

No attempt is made to control traffic speed on 285. The last time I was on it the speed limit signs said 55 and traffic was running 75. This was 12 years ago. If you did not run 75 you were ran over. Some drivers were doing 80+. Lane changes pulling a 5th wheel were impossible. For this reason we always bypass Atlanta at any cost! Choose another route even if it means more miles. I'm not sure what the posted limit is now but you can be assured law enforcement has no presence in the area.
Likes to tow 11/13/15 06:22am Roads and Routes
RE: Wheel Bearing Maintenance

Every other year for me also. I replace the seals about every 4 years. Never do I use the grease fitting!! This is great for boat trailers that get submerged in water but it will hose down your brake shoes if the seal is not 100%. Why would you go thru the trouble of repacking the bearings and not replace the seals? The seal has to be removed to remove the inner seal anyway and they don't cost much. Just curious. I don't actually pull the inside bearing out to pack in more grease. I only visually inspect and feel for the amount of grease it has, then grab some more grease with two fingers, go through the seal and pull the grease off my fingers as I withdraw my hand. I do this several times. I wipe some of the excess off with a clean towel. The outside bearing is of course removed when I pull the hub and I go through the routine of packing it with "grease in the palm of hand" method. In pulling boat trailers for over 50 years...I have never lost a bearing. I only pull my 5th wheel about 2000 miles a year. Every other year seems to work good on the bearings and every 4 years on the seals. The seals never show leakage. If I pulled more miles I would step up the schedule.
Likes to tow 10/23/15 05:49am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Wheel Bearing Maintenance

Every other year for me also. I replace the seals about every 4 years. Never do I use the grease fitting!! This is great for boat trailers that get submerged in water but it will hose down your brake shoes if the seal is not 100%.
Likes to tow 10/21/15 04:08pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Trailer Brake Problem- sorry long post.

For all intermittent or weird brake problems the first thing I would do (after all the easy obvious stuff is checked) is remove the brake wire from inside the axle where they route it to the other side. Factories drill a 3/8 hole in the axle on one side and run the wires through and come out the other side through a 3/8 hole. Where the wire enters or exits these small holes shorts will occur. Also where the wire lays inside the axle tube it will chafe.
Likes to tow 10/21/15 05:03am Towing
RE: Fixed my "Warm" hot water

Another thing that can cause luke warm water is an outside shower! If the valves are left on with the water cut off at the end of the hand held wand you can get a back feed through the plumbing system. Sounds crazy but that was my problem a few years ago. Saw a post on some forum site and checked mine. Sure enough, I had left both valves open during winterizing and had cut the water off by pushing the little off button at the end of the hose wand. This stopped the flow and I just failed to turn the main valves off.
Likes to tow 10/05/15 08:30am Tech Issues
RE: 6.4L Hemi mpg

My 05 Ram Cummins is always showing 1 to 2 mpg better than a hand calculation but my wife's 2013 Ford Edge shows 1 to 2 mpg worse than what we actually get doing a hand calcualation. Lie o meters are just that. I think it depends on how much starting and stopping of the engine that you do.
Likes to tow 07/07/15 08:17am Tow Vehicles
RE: Will a dirty magnet cause intermittent brakes?

Intermittent loss of brakes can be caused by the wiring on your axle!! Most common routing of the wires going from one side to the other is through the axle. Check and see if they drilled a small diameter hole in the axle to run the wires to the other side. After continuous bouncing, the insulation on the wiring will wear off even inside the axle tube where you can't see it. Eventually a bare wire will allow the brake voltage to "ground out" and no current is applied to the brakes!! When I heard of this common problem a few years ago I removed the wire inside the axle tube and tie wrapped it to the back side of the tube then reconnected the wires with solder. Agree with grease being on the brake shoes but in my experience this just causes a constant poor brake actuation. Sudden or intermittent loss of brakes is a poor connection or a chafed wire somewhere!!
Likes to tow 06/21/15 05:42am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Slop in the hitch

I have the Reese with a slider and have noticed the same thing. I did not notice any banging before I added the slider option. In other words, the initial Reese jaws and mechanism was quiet. After buying a new 5th wheel I decided to also purchase the slider bracket rails just in case. So far I have never had to use it. Wish I had not spent the money to convert my hitch to a slider because this is when I noticed the banging when stopping or starting. However I have solved this problem by experimenting with different thickness shims I have made from sheet metal. I put them on the 4 legs of the hitch and make them as thick as possible to still enable the 4 pins to go in tightly. Experiment with different thickness shims to find what one you need then make some spares to carry. They will eventually wear out and become thin which will make the banging return.
Likes to tow 05/03/15 05:57am Fifth-Wheels
RE: China bombs

China is going through the same cycle as Japan. Initially everything from Japan was junk. Now it seems to be the best. With China we'll just have to suffer through this transition phase and hope it's not too long. A well respected educated friend told me that China is committed to selling you something only once and at the very possible lowest price. They doubt your business will return and they don't care. They go to great lengths to copy a normally quality product in the cheapest way and sometimes will play around with the brand name. If you aren't careful you will think this "brand" is good but on close inspection you see it is spelled slightly different. This is why many American companies go to China for production. Cheap junk comes in as a result. They have an abundent cheap labor force with no EPA restrictions.
Likes to tow 04/06/15 04:04am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Propane fill question

When we brought our "new to us" two year old 5th wheel home from the dealer I noticed the smell propane very strong. Upon inspection of the two 30lb cylinders I noticed one was venting propane uncontrollably. I had the valve shut off. The dealer had topped both tanks before we left as part of the deal. Now what should I do? After a moment or two of panic, I disconnected the tank and carried it 100yds into an open hay field behind my house and just let it set there. Eventually it stopped venting and I brought it back near the house. I called the dealer on Monday morning and he said the OPD valve must have been defective allowing the tank to be overfilled !!!! He instructed me to return the tank in exchange for a new one. Now here is the problem I have with this. If the OPD valve can be "defective" who's to say this cannot happen to anyone anywhere? I don't trust the OPD to make the determination of how much it will hold. I fill my tanks to less than full always. Have the tanks weighed and determine how many gallons will take it to 3/4 full.
Likes to tow 04/03/15 05:37pm Tech Issues
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