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RE: Blue Ridge Parkway...first two weeks of April

Many roads giving you access to the Parkway are very steep and some are very curvy. Choose your route carefully. Your rig is not small but you can still make the trip. Meadows of Dan is a great campground just off the Parkway at the same elevation. Other campgrounds near the parkway require a steep decline. Buck Creek near Marion NC is one of our favorites but we always make it a base camp and drive up onto the Parkway from camp without our 5th wheel. The parkway speed is also rather slow, posted limits of no more than 45 MPH. It takes a while to drive it. This is a beautiful drive!!!
Likes to tow 02/25/17 07:07pm Roads and Routes
RE: possible danger with wires ran inside axle to other side

You do realize that the tube is just a tube, and only the drum rotates? Has nothing to do with that, take 8 feet of wire and try and use it like a jump rope. This is what happens going down the road. That wire bounces around inside the tube. While this is true I don't lend much to this explanation on this problem. It looks more like chafing during the install to me. I have seen many many trailers that have never had this issue and that goes for the 3 campers and multiple utility trailers I have owned. Chris The thin rubber grommet entering and exiting the axle tube will also wear with all the bouncing of the wire inside. Keep this in mind also. Since we do not know the condition of smoothness inside the axle I'm not comfortable with my wires in there bouncing. My friend had his trip to Yellowstone nearly ruined by this intermittant problem. He thought it was his brake controller and stopped by two different Ford dealers only to be told it was functioning properly. Had it not been for the nice fellow at the campground who suggested to remove the wire inside the axle they would have turned around at the end of the second day and returned home!! This video I have posted at the beginning of this thread and the opinions of those who have contributed look pretty darned conclusive that the wire inside bouncing could put you along side the road somewhere in the mountains. This would especially be true on trailers with lots of miles on them.
Likes to tow 02/12/17 07:14am Fifth-Wheels
RE: What do you recommend?

I tried some 3M 5200 marine caulk and it seems to work very well. They make a quick dry 5200 also. The regular 5200 takes a long time to set up. The product is for the marine environment and stays flexible. Also a recommendation about using masking tape along the joints. This keeps the caulk confined to a narrow area and an neater job. After you get done you just pull off the tape. I've seen some folks caulk and use their finger to smooth it out. This leaves a very wide unprofessional looking job. Use masking tape!
Likes to tow 02/12/17 07:03am Fifth-Wheels
RE: possible danger with wires ran inside axle to other side

That wire is probably safer than it would be outside the axle. I'm not going to run out and rewire my brakes any time soon. And it is about as likely that they scraped that wire pulling it through at the factory, as having worn through. Good to know that it can happen, although fairly obvious that if you have a short, it could be inside the axle tube. As the wires bounce around inside the axle the intermittent short is nearly impossible to trace. This drives the brake controller crazy and gives false errors. If there is one thing I can do while at my residence to prevent problems on the road I will do it.
Likes to tow 02/11/17 05:42am Fifth-Wheels
possible danger with wires ran inside axle to other side

This happened to a friend a few years ago and was very hard to find. It was very intermittent and without the suggestion of some experienced camper at a campground he may never have found the problem. Check out this video. I'm pulling mine out of the axle today on the new 5th wheel I just purchased. You can run small plastic conduit or water pipe to the other side rather than use them as manufactured....inside the axle. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=21QFaEw3NCE
Likes to tow 02/10/17 07:17am Fifth-Wheels
RE: How to measure length of fifth wheel unit

It's a marketing tool. People will more likely buy the shorter unit if the floor plan suits their needs. One manufacturer started this and all rest followed soon thereafter. Oh look, all this room and closet space and it's under 30' when in reality it's over 32'. Our first 5th wheel was a 28RL and it was exactly 28 feet from the bumper to the king pin. Of course this was many years ago.
Likes to tow 02/05/17 05:54am Fifth-Wheels
Interstate 70 through Denver

This topic has been moved to another forum. You can read it here: 29176873
Likes to tow 02/03/17 02:28pm Fifth-Wheels
Interstate 70 through Denver

Any recommendations on Interstate 70 through Denver? Anything to be aware of? Best time of day to do it?
Likes to tow 02/03/17 02:28pm Roads and Routes
RE: Grand Design

We bought a Grand Design 27 RL Reflection last October and have been very pleased with it. The customer support is superb. Ours was part of the leaky grease seal issue Lippert has caused and Grand Design immediately took care of our problem with no questions ask. You will find most brands of RV trailers have Lippert frames and axles. They build so many that like anything mass produced you will occasionally get something bad. Anyone with a new trailer of any brand should check their brakes for grease!!
Likes to tow 02/02/17 04:35am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Best wheel bearing grease

I don't think the problem is the grease they use but the way they put the grease in. They probably use a air/hydraulic grease gun and put the grease in so fast it blows past any seal. If you hand pack them or use a manual grease gun and go slow while turning the hub the grease won't go past the seal. As many others have said, to use the zerk and fill the entire hub with grease is just inviting trouble. There is no way for the front bearing to get grease unless the cavity is filled. As the grease gets hot from using the brakes a lot, the grease expands and blows past the seals. Easy lube hubs with the grease fitting are great for boat trailers or on those trailers without brake shoes.
Likes to tow 01/28/17 04:13am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Best wheel bearing grease

Lippert says to use a lithium-based grease. They have a PDF with grease specs and recommended greases that don't appear to be synthetic. Lippert also says to coat the outside of bearings with a Permatex sealant. Approved Greases: Mobil Oil - Mobilgrease HP Exxon/Standard - Ronex MP Kendal Refining Co. - Kendall L-427 Ashland Oil Co. - Valvoline Val-plex EP Grease Pennzoil Prod. Co. - Premium Wheel Bearing Grease 707L I hope you mean coat the outside of the seal where it meets the drum with Permatex. I don't want permatex on my bearing surface.
Likes to tow 01/27/17 11:07am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Best wheel bearing grease

Bought a big tub of Pennzoil 707L about 15 years ago. Haven't used it all up yet and have never had a bearing failure or leaking seals, so I I'll just keep using it until it's gone and maybe buy some more. Don't know what that junk was that came in the Lippert axles on my Grand Design, but it wound up all over the brakes. Be aware that grease on brake shoes never goes away or burns off. You can wash it or soak it in various cleaners but it continues to seep out of the pores of the shoes. They have to be replaced. I fought this with my last 5th wheel. If you are still under warranty GD will contact Lippert and have new ones sent to you!!
Likes to tow 01/26/17 08:26pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Best wheel bearing grease

Pennzoil 707L is on the recommended list Dexter publishes. The dropping point of it is 500 degrees. Red N Tacky by Lucas has a dropping point of 540 degrees. Either one should be ok looks like to me.
Likes to tow 01/26/17 08:19pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Best wheel bearing grease

I avoid all synthetic greases. I've tried all the major brands (Amsoil, Mobile 1, etc) and they all separate and drool oil out of the joints. My mechanic buddy quit using it because of this issue. Good dino grease will work fine. And that drooling of oil is what I am trying to avoid! Most people do not know about a well documented problem with wheel bearing grease leaking past the seals and covering the brake shoes. This current problem is coming from Lippert who makes all of the frames and running gear on most current production trailers. There have been many theories of why this is happening. Some blame bad seals but my personal observation on my 2017 Grand Design Reflection points entirely to the grease used by Lippert. It is runny and thin. I think it has a very low "drop point" and when the brakes heat the drum the grease becomes oil and runs through the seal. They are replacing all of my brake cluster assemblies on my 2017 with only approximately 1200 miles on it. So when the new brakes arrive I want to totally wash out the old grease and go in with something that can withstand heat.
Likes to tow 01/26/17 07:12pm Fifth-Wheels
Best wheel bearing grease

How is Lucas Red N Tacky for wheel bearings?? The specs say the drop point is 540 degrees and this is above Dexters recommended range. Anyone know of a better type??
Likes to tow 01/26/17 06:10pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Protecting Power Cord from Theft

I have no idea of the current rates for copper. However it is a well known and published fact that thieves steal the copper wiring out of homes and recently two A/C units were stolen from a church nearby!! With the drug culture and dependency that is so common today in our society there is no way you cannot count on thieves upending your life. I also just upgraded to a 5th wheel with 50 amp service and was shocked at the size and weight of this cord!! My first thought was why steal the copper from the walls of a vacant home when you could just unplug this big cord and carry it away. We also have camped for more years than I care to admit and always bragged to non campers that we had never had anything stolen. However just last year while camping in Kentucky we had a Coleman stove taken while we were on the lake fishing. The people who run the state park we were at said there was a huge drug problem in the area and they believe this is fueling all the theft.
Likes to tow 01/25/17 06:32am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Fifth wheel backing

Once you have the 5th wheel turning don't be ashamed to pull forward a short bit to start correcting the turn. This was what made it hard for me. I too had always pulled bumper hitch trailers and would take pride in backing in my driveway with out having to pull forward to correct. My next door neighbor was a retired truck driver and I always thought he was watching me so I tried to show off a bit. When we brought our first 5th wheel home I made a total mess of the grass on each side of the concrete driveway!! I felt like a rookie. Once I realized how slow a 5th wheel reacts to steering wheel changes I begin to get better. This is why I say don't hesitate to pull forward a time or two for a couple of feet to make corrections. Making corrections while still backing is really difficult with a 5th wheel.
Likes to tow 01/21/17 04:58pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Jayco 28.5 RSTS

My experience with manufactures and their "published tow weight and height" is one of question and doubt. Our new Grand Design 27RL had a slip of paper in the document envelope that stated it's weight was 800 lbs more than was stated in the brochure. Height was also taller than stated. It's also amazing how much weight you add by packing food and clothing. Plus what ever you put in the basement storage. Water is very heavy and we always travel with empty holding tanks except for maybe 10 gallons for flushing toilet or emergency water. When you are packed for a trip, stop by a truck stop and weigh you rig, you will be shocked!!
Likes to tow 01/16/17 06:49am Fifth-Wheels
Keyless entry combination lock for door

Has anyone installed a V4 Keyless entry lock on their door?? Looks like it would be worth it since so many keys are floating around that can open a door on any RV. The V4 seems like the best according to the reviews on Amazon
Likes to tow 01/08/17 11:25am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Question about a light weight 5th Wheel

Be aware that manufacturers do not always represent the weight correctly. It all depends on features. The brochure for our 2017 Grand Design Reflection 27RL stated that it weighed 8150 lbs but I found a build sheet in the packet of info that came with our unit stated it weighed 8750.......600 lbs more that I thought. Also consider weight may not include propane or water plus all your personal things. Trailers get heavy quickly when you are loading them up for the road. Also many people think our 27RL is 27 feet long when actually it is 31'11" At any rate you should check out Grand Design Reflection before buying. These units seemed a grade above everything else we looked at and they claim to be half ton towable. They have a 26RL model that supposedly weighs 7998. So far we are very pleased with Grand Design and would recommend the Reflection line. We have owned 3 Fifth Wheels and consider this one to be top grade.
Likes to tow 12/28/16 06:52am Fifth-Wheels
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