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RE: Best route: Chicago to Newfoundland

No I'd drive to see the west coast of Lake Michigan to Sault Ste. Marie, Ottawa area, Montreal, Quebec City, Gaspe, and over. 1000 km from eastern side of Quebec to ferry at N. Sydney, NS, but you can see lots of interesting places along the way. Very nice route. It is definitely longer but seems much more enjoyable... Is west coast of lake michigan worth the detour or should i just take I75 up? I have been to milwaukee and dont recall the drive being anything special along the lake. Any issues with a tall and heavy MH on the roads past Sault Ste. Marie? I cannot even find a road on google maps. maybe i need to just wing it when I get there. If we want to come back through Quebec, go to maine, niagra falls -- any recommendations on where in maine to stop and visit or the route to take? not sure if vermont has anything worth stopping by to see? I was through there last summer, Sault to Ottawa, with a one day detour down to Manitoulin Is. They have changed a lot of it since 2004, (worked that area in the 70s). Many fewer towns to drive through, thus, in some ways less scenic. Much of Manitoulin was very like it was in the 70s. BTW member, Canadian Campers, live in that part of the world. Re. west side of lake Michigan last passed through in 2004. But ye know, I've this online rv friend who puts his camper van on GPS outfit which shows the shortest route. He says he likes to take those routes, they may be more winding, but they are always interesting. Is Vermont like to have anything to see. Me son, is sure does. Vermont and New Hampshire have Appalachian mountains. Give yourself a day on foot at some place the current locals suggest. Part of Maine I loved when living in Montreal, road called 'Aaron Burr Trail'. That coast north of Ellsworth is slow, but relaxing. Lots of rocky shores and fishing centers. Mainland is Maine, offshore islands are New Brunswick. Campobello, Deer Is., Grand Manan. Grand Manan population more than doubles in the summer. Fundy tides. Report back, s.v.p. Ferry to NL reservation, call them and ask what's going, but maybe a week ahead July, Aug. More of a must for public holidays, ie., July 1, 1st weekend in Aug., Labour Day..... CA TKSgiving. :B
Little Kopit 05/30/16 07:18am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Where do u get class A oil change in Canada?

Now, I may have a TC, but still for ye olde oil change and repair of 'park'*, I went to Canadian Tire. & I paid for the work with my credited Canadian Tire money, which I had saved for that trip. *I you want an interesting night, try being safe with a 'park' that doesn't hold. After trying several places where the cops didn't want me, I asked and found the Canadian Tire. I put myself where the rig would stop at a curb, if it moved too much. The last cop to wake me said, 'smart'. And the CT manager stopped and spoke to me in the waiting room. ;)
Little Kopit 05/30/16 07:02am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Are we too long to enter Canada?

& I'd bet you will find some differences in each province,............... :C
Little Kopit 05/29/16 04:58pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Best route: Chicago to Newfoundland

I avoid Quebec since my last experience there. If you don't speak French you are despised in many places. S'il vous plait, Take an interest and the Quebecois won't think you such a snob!!!!!!!! I've been treated as if I am God's gift to Canada by les Quebecois, and I can assure you that it is because I speak some French. I don't pretend to know it all, but I ask about what I need to know and I do so with what French I have. As I said this shows I have made an effort to learn. For example, when I did my trans Labrador and Quebec highway 389 trip and I took the tours of the hydro electric dams, Manic V and Manic II, les Quebecois came to me and asked me 'could we manage to go to Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, etc. and get by everywhere, not just the French speaking areas'? :C
Little Kopit 05/29/16 11:47am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Penalties for Under Declaring

Tarheel, you're reminding me of the time I came back into Canada with the TC up. "Did you buy anything while you were in the States" (I was on day 8 of crossing into US). I reached back and patted the camper, said 'this'. & went in and paid the GST, which was much less for staying in US a week. :W
Little Kopit 05/28/16 08:41pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Best route: Chicago to Newfoundland

I wouldn't go MudChucker's route, never in a 100 million years. Too heavily populated that way, much to heavy. No I'd drive to see the west coast of Lake Michigan to Sault Ste. Marie, Ottawa area, Montreal, Quebec City, Gaspe, and over. 1000 km from eastern side of Quebec to ferry at N. Sydney, NS, but you can see lots of interesting places along the way. Then coming back you take the ferry across to Blanc Sablon and across Labrador then down Quebec, 389 see links in my signature for my Labrador trip. The difference is that the Trans Labrador Highway was completed in 2009. Then you go along the north shore of the St. Lawrence See, there are 2 sides to the St. Lawrence River. & BTW Gros Morne National Park in comparison to Cabot Trail is 1000 to 1. You did say you have lovely amounts of time didn't you? So much to see and do. :B & btw, did cross continent last late summer to early fall and picked up t'other sea at Skagway, AK. One route going, ie. up by Saguenay then to Timmons and over to Thunder Bay and worked north so as to pick up Hay River, NWT then back and over to Yukon. Yeah, a bit north. Had Tyrrell Dinosaur Museum as MUST SEE. Right about that. Lots more, 'course. Don't let anyone say Canadian side has more expensive gas. When are you likely to have the chance? Haven't finished photos... drat.
Little Kopit 05/28/16 08:22pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: First time to Nova Scotia

Thanks for all the NS travel tips, folks! Yes, the firearms thing is a bit of a sticky wicket. But, we will be camping in a number of eastern US states before Canada, and none of them have reciprocal concealed carry agreements with Florida, so we will be depending on something other than firearms both there, and in Canada. That is with the exception of the Dragon missile launchers and 30 mm Gatling guns built into the RV. They are just too darned much work to remove for a couple month's vacation. We watched a video of the Zodiac boat rides and mud sliding in the tidal bore. My wife votes NO on both, but she is bringing her golf clubs, so we will visit the course at Truro (I'm the caddy). Bob EEEEEK!!!! I trust your joking. Like, ah, store your firearms in a US facility. & go talk to the zodiac folks, and the tidal bore locations. The above says you aren't interested in what makes that area really special. There is no other happening like the tidal bore on planet Earth. Try Louisbourg Fortress, eh! :C
Little Kopit 05/28/16 10:45am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Nova Scotia in July without reservations?

Agree, if you're willing to ramble the varied roads, there are good places to boondock. I too have a TC. :C
Little Kopit 05/26/16 01:32am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Advise on Traveling to Nova Scotia from the Maine Area?

Yes, CC you've named just a few. Cape Breton, top of that island, Meat Cove. What is outside the Cape Breton Highlands National Park is far more pleasing, IMHO, than that in it. Cgs in that park are far tooooooooooo squish. Give yourself something like 2 1/2 days for Fortress Louisbourg, there are many things to try to take in carefully in that rebuilt town/fortress. Different types of eateries of the historical era, ie. the ordinary for the labourer, and the the more posh for the officers. Still you can dress as casual as you like for either. Whycogamagh Farmer's Daughter store and eatery Getting there: drive by road or ferry across to Yarmouth. IMHO drive. But you might want to drive from Lubec, ME to Campobello Is, then boat to Deer Is., NB, and on to Grand Manan, NB before going across to the mainland of NB. Of course, you miss Calais, ME and St. Stephen, NB going that route. Maybe go up one way and come back another. NB Mactaquac, Acadienne Historical Village, Kings Landing, Hartland Covered Bridge (longest covered bridge on the blue planet), Saint John City Market.... NS mainland, Historic Properties, Halifax, Ovens, Yarmouth Museum, 5 Islands Prov. Park..... PEI: take ferry to, leave by Bridge - pay on leaving, bridge costs less. BEST LOBSTER meal in all Atlantic Canada (meaning NL too), New Glasgow Lobster Suppers, Orwell Corner living history village, Sir Andrew MacPhail Estate (tea room), Charlottetown Farmer's Market go with empty fridge and empty tummies, and crafts. & beaches if you like. :B
Little Kopit 05/21/16 06:16pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Penalties for Under Declaring

Last year we went through US and Canadian customs a total of 6 times. Every crossing was different and of course different people. You cannot keep up with the changes, they don't post them. The rules can change at any moment. and you are also at the mercy of whether the person had burnt toast that morning or it's a day that ends in Y. I have been going through customs in various countries for 50 plus years, most recently Mexico.I never volunteer information, I only answer the question asked, no embellishments, always respectful. It's a **** shoot every time you pass through. They can if they want to search, or not. Give you the 3rd degree or pass you through with a smile. I have never had knowingly anything that wasn't okay. But, they took my tomatoes going into Alaska from the Yukon(salad Day), They took a lime, 1/2 of a lemon and 1 squash coming back to the US at Oroville, WA , they weren't on the current listing but what could I say. So go in peace, and have fun. If it's salad day at the border, oh well! Canadian gov. webpages are in sticky threads at the top of this section. Of course, being Canadian I find our webpages on what to do at the border easier to understand than the US gov. ones. Granted there was a time when I took the time/trouble to call through to a section of the relevant government offices near the border where I planned to cross. Yep, your right, they can change the regulations and put them into effect as soon as border guards have been informed. In these days, that's an online notice, rather than a fax or a telephone call. For example, how fast do you think the regulations changed on September 11, 2001? That morning, more or less 9:30 Newfoundland time, aka 8 am EST. That's one of the times when I was going to cross the border and thought it worth the time and effort to get through to talk directly to customs agents. And you know just where you were when the first planes flew into the World Trade Center. Or sometimes a border guard can change the regulations because of circumstances. Best one of that kind I heard from my father. Place Canadian side of International Bridge from Lubec, ME to Campobello Is, NB. Border guard note in log: "Admitted one skunk, no questions asked." :C
Little Kopit 05/20/16 11:28am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Credit card/cash questions for travel in Canada

Nobody has mentioned exchange rate. I check exchange rate with the Bank of Canada http://www.bankofcanada.ca/rates/exchange/ Scroll down to the table for today. Right now a US$ is worth more than $1.31 CA$. {{Or as long as your $ is that way I ain't buying Nodding from Cabelas, Land's End, etc.}} :p
Little Kopit 05/19/16 06:15pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
Penalties for Under Declaring

The article starts with someone bringing a large quantity of Mexican cheese to Saskatchewan border crossing and not declaring it. It goes on to mention other cases in varying types of goods from guns to rvs. http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/saskatchewan/border-seizures-cheese-1.3583591 Interesting .... :C
Little Kopit 05/16/16 06:38am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Question on frozen meat into Canada

Wood, a couple of members have commented that they had wood and it was taken. OF course, wood will always be taken. It always carries critters who can burrow into it. In fact some states and provinces are taking steps to restrict the movement of wood from section of their territory to another part of their territory. One of our municipalities spent mega $ recently to cut down trees seen to have Dutch Elm disease. This transporting of cut wood is one of the ways such diseases get spread. :C
Little Kopit 05/13/16 02:39pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Question on frozen meat into Canada

Well, my first thought is 'why try to take piles of food, why not sample local food?' Yes, they can take food not safely packaged. & labelling correctly is part of that safe packaging. They don't always confiscate though. I am more apt to take baked beans, stewed tomatoes or other vegetables I have grown myself, cooked myself and sealed in mason jars. With them the seal is visible to all. Plastic packaging carries less safety via a visible closure. :C
Little Kopit 05/12/16 09:27am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Fires in Canada

Check online at www.cbc.ca/news for updates and evaluations of what survived. The immediate report today is that media are being given a tour. & Alberta's Premier Grace Notley has been giving regular reports on many of these issues. Also, check on the Slave Lake Fire of 2011 https://www.google.ca/#q=slave+lake+fire+2011 gives several articles. Bad as that fire was it was small and slow compared to this one. For scope, remember this fire jumped a 1 kilometer wide river. :C
Little Kopit 05/09/16 03:14pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: I am starting to get sick of the snow...

Highway webcams in Labrador show some snow. & I'd bet parts of Yukon, Northwest Territories, Nunavut and Alaska also have snow. Let's see if I can get these images to come up. Crooks Lake: http://www.roads.gov.nl.ca/cameras/sites/crookslake/current.jpg width=400 Churchill Falls http://www.roads.gov.nl.ca/cameras/sites/churchillfalls/current.jpg width=400 :B :B They will show the image for the hour of the day when you are looking at them, I think.
Little Kopit 05/08/16 05:29pm General RVing Issues
RE: Fires in Canada

Thanks GM. If you have rain, drizzle and fog, day after day, be thankful. :C
Little Kopit 05/08/16 06:16am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Atlantic Canada 2016

There are rvs up here yessir. & http://www.icebergfinder.com/ has the icebergs up at the top of the Northern Peninsula of Newfoundland. Go to it. :B
Little Kopit 05/07/16 09:03pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Papers needed to cross into Canada with 2 dogs?

Every vet I've ever had has given me a signed certificate of good health, as well as the rabies certificate. Of course, this is just confirmation that your pet has had the annual check up. Carry pet food in the original container. Use a kind of pet food you can buy in either country. Both countries do confiscate your pet food, when they say conditions call for it. ie. bird flu or such. :C
Little Kopit 05/06/16 12:37pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Organic Tomatoes

That's my franglais version of merci beaucoup. :p
Little Kopit 05/03/16 07:16pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
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