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RE: Canada road atlas

Nothing, but nothin' beats the provincial road maps. No commercially prepared atlas ever gives you the info of a provincial map. Granted you have to organize. .......as to how to get those maps prepared by said provincial governments, go to www.google.ca and search "name of province + tourism". Call or use online options. Me, I like to talk to said province then I can ask about my special interests. ;)
Little Kopit 06/26/16 06:58am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Boatahome??

So, if you have a Boatahome, here's a job for you: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/nova-scotia/unmanned-robot-ship-drifting-off-nova-scotia-1.3648107 .............ah, providing your insurance includes jaunts on salt water. :W
Little Kopit 06/25/16 04:33am General RVing Issues
RE: Treaters ptg or gag Dave Crocket

English = table top grill. Otherwise, BBQ. bbq ia in the language. ptg is NOT at all meaningfull. :)
Little Kopit 06/20/16 12:09am Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Treaters ptg or gag Dave Crocket

Given that I haven't a clue what your words mean, you'd best give us a picture, or link, or just plain spell the words out. & always make sure every single person will understand your subject line. :h
Little Kopit 06/19/16 10:03pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Question about taking pets into Ontario

Going either way border guards can confiscate pet food. So, keep your ears to the ground for things like 'bird flu in....' If something like that is going on, they will ask for your dog food. I make sure to keep my dogs on a reputable dog food that you can find in just about every grocery or convenience store on either side of the border. I have been ask for that pet food. I have also had to pass over the paper work I have for my pets. Rarely, but it has happened. :C
Little Kopit 06/18/16 05:19pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Weird question re: emergency procedures while driving

ro_sie, having been a widow since 1970 and had 3 travel jobs, I say you should go get a travel job. Then let DH do his own cooking. Maybe you should buy him a Dutch Oven, then he can become a specialty cook. Oh and yes, suggest he be the one to make the kitchen and the bedroom pretty. After all, with your travel job, you have 300 miles to drive today,'k! :W
Little Kopit 06/14/16 03:25pm General RVing Issues
RE: Deleting a post

Actually, no. Send message to moderator. Or just delete everything except for one period, '.' . :W
Little Kopit 06/11/16 08:46am Forum Technical Support
RE: personal medications into and out of Canada

When I went to Australia, I got my pharmacist to give me a one page list of my prescription medications. They were carried in my day-pack or carry on luggage. That's all you need crossing any boundaries. :C
Little Kopit 06/11/16 08:43am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Weird question re: emergency procedures while driving

Emergencies can happen at any time. My sister-in-law died yesterday. The doctors were going to this, the doctors were going to do that and suddenly in 15 minutes she was gone. Much better if you can share driving. I know couples where both are good drivers, but for some reason when both are in the vehicle, the husband thinks he should drive. Frankly, I think it would be best to try on a small open vehicle ----- small farm tractor, even lawn tractor, where the newbie can see what happens when shifting gears, using steering wheel, etc......... granted I started driving said farm tractor at age 8. Then, well, widowed in 1970, never met anyone I wanted to share the same roof with. I liked it when working that I traveled with co-workers and we shifted drivers. Can you get someone else to be with the non-driver for one slow time around a parking lot? & once that is done have said non-driver sit in seat of rv. Keep trying. :C
Little Kopit 06/10/16 04:53pm General RVing Issues
RE: Food recommendations for chemo patient.

When in doubt, google. Really, recently I've tried several of the topics raised here on google and come up with quite the variety of positive options. For this one topic search words: chemotherapy diet chart, seem to bring up the widest variety of ideas. Re. lots of things, listen to your tummy. :C
Little Kopit 06/10/16 08:39am Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: First time to Nova Scotia

When I was getting ready to move across The Gulf, Newfoundland still had the best coverage and towers for cell phone with Telus. :C
Little Kopit 06/09/16 04:51pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Motorhome trip Toronto-Vancouver in mid-June

Moose Range Map Black Bear Range Map Wolf Range Map Coyote Range Map pre 1985 Coyotes moved into Newfoundland while I was there, ie. 1985. Deer Range Map Deer in very populous part of Nova Scotia this weekend. Every one of these can do in a car just by location and speed of impact. Most I have seen in person. Others will be better than me re. entertaining children. I've only raised fur kids. :C
Little Kopit 06/06/16 02:00pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Motorhome trip Toronto-Vancouver in mid-June

Little Kopit 06/06/16 01:52pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Motorhome trip Toronto-Vancouver in mid-June

Having lived in Newfoundland for 24.5 years, I've coped with the idea of sharing the road with moose. So, if traffic is low, keep your speed down, no more than 80 km to give you reaction time for a moose coming up out of the ditch. When transport trucks are numerous, get between them and stay at their speed. That's the best time to drive at night. Generally, stay away from night driving and competing with wild life. & keep your camera handy for day time photos of those wild life. Shorten your children's exercise time in the day and increase it in the early evening. Daylight should last quite awhile for playing after you're off the road. :C
Little Kopit 06/06/16 02:14am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Motorhome trip Toronto-Vancouver in mid-June

What to see. My most MUST: Royal Tyrell Museum, dinosaurs Drumheller, AB I strongly prefer to drive in areas where side roads get you to some destination, rather than heavily trafficed 4-lane or twinned highways. These will give you and the children more to see as you drive. Two weeks is a very short time. I did The Maritimes to Skagway, AK and back in about 6 weeks last year. I did a lot less walking than I had expected. Minimum of 10 days each way!! Where to sleep. Where you can park. I ddn't try stopping on the side of the road if I was very tired because I had heard you can't do that out there. But anywhere you can park can mean the parking lot of something like Tim Hortons, Wallmart, if they agree. Some will include hospital parking and church parking. I'd rather be with woods around me, because I have dogs. I only used about 5 campgrounds on the whole trip. Cash, yes, you need some of that in your stuff. Some campgrounds only take cash and have no connections to pay by plastic. Carry at least $100.00 at all times. Sort out a route 1 way going and another route (way or path) returning. That will make the trip more interesting to all of your party. Enjoy. :B
Little Kopit 06/04/16 06:44am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Sault Ste Marie camping

There are some cgs in Sault St, Marie, ON. Also Batchewana Bay and St. Joseph Island. Google. I`d do St. Joes, nice island. Some remains of defensive thing, when being out in the waterway was a thing to protect. Lots to check out around `The Sault. :B
Little Kopit 06/02/16 04:15pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Well, that wasn't very pleasant.

Re. `border crossing is terrible types`, another really significant thing. After Sept 11, air crashes into World Trade Center et al, for years, yes years*, more than one USA source `claimed` that the pilots for those planes got into The States through Canada. They did so even after the facts were proven to be otherwise. In effect they were claiming those border crossings are not secure enough. * I heard a tv `news` report claiming this in 2004, 3 years after those attacks, when I was down there. :R
Little Kopit 06/02/16 01:32pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Well, that wasn't very pleasant.

Whenever I get the urge to travel in Canada, I suppress it by reminding myself of the border hassles others have experienced. I am a CCW permit holder, so I would probably be flagged. Although I would never intentionally try to enter Canada with a non-permitted firearm (permits are obtainable for long guns), what if I accidentally had one stray bullet lost in the bottom of a bag or in a deep recess of the camper? Once found, I would be up the proverbial creek without a paddle. No way do I want to take the chance, when an honest mistake can cost thousands of dollars plus maybe time behind bars. No tourist dollars for Canada from this traveler. It just seems too risky to me. Plenty to see and do in the USA anyway. I agree completely! We are going to drive to Alaska but when I started seeing some of the border crossing horror stories I decided to take the ferry instead of the drive through Canada. None of my money going there either. And how many countries are there in this world?????? To say, you think only your country has anything to see is being a very pathetic something. & are your ancestors from this continent? Or? & do you take pride in your ancestry. Go visit whatever that is!!!! :R
Little Kopit 06/02/16 12:41pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Well, that wasn't very pleasant.

Do you in fact own firearms? Is there a computer record somewhere re. that ownership of those items? I know full well that once I cross the border with a new to me vehicle, it is that vehicle which is in the border computer files re . me. So, the thought that comes to me, there is something on file somewhere that made the suggestion to really check these people thoroughly re. firearms. :C
Little Kopit 06/02/16 06:27am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Best route: Chicago to Newfoundland

No I'd drive to see the west coast of Lake Michigan to Sault Ste. Marie, Ottawa area, Montreal, Quebec City, Gaspe, and over. 1000 km from eastern side of Quebec to ferry at N. Sydney, NS, but you can see lots of interesting places along the way. Very nice route. It is definitely longer but seems much more enjoyable... Is west coast of lake michigan worth the detour or should i just take I75 up? I have been to milwaukee and dont recall the drive being anything special along the lake. Any issues with a tall and heavy MH on the roads past Sault Ste. Marie? I cannot even find a road on google maps. maybe i need to just wing it when I get there. If we want to come back through Quebec, go to maine, niagra falls -- any recommendations on where in maine to stop and visit or the route to take? not sure if vermont has anything worth stopping by to see? I was through there last summer, Sault to Ottawa, with a one day detour down to Manitoulin Is. They have changed a lot of it since 2004, (worked that area in the 70s). Many fewer towns to drive through, thus, in some ways less scenic. Much of Manitoulin was very like it was in the 70s. BTW member, Canadian Campers, live in that part of the world. Re. west side of lake Michigan last passed through in 2004. But ye know, I've this online rv friend who puts his camper van on GPS outfit which shows the shortest route. He says he likes to take those routes, they may be more winding, but they are always interesting. Is Vermont like to have anything to see. Me son, is sure does. Vermont and New Hampshire have Appalachian mountains. Give yourself a day on foot at some place the current locals suggest. Part of Maine I loved when living in Montreal, road called 'Aaron Burr Trail'. That coast north of Ellsworth is slow, but relaxing. Lots of rocky shores and fishing centers. Mainland is Maine, offshore islands are New Brunswick. Campobello, Deer Is., Grand Manan. Grand Manan population more than doubles in the summer. Fundy tides. Report back, s.v.p. Ferry to NL reservation, call them and ask what's going, but maybe a week ahead July, Aug. More of a must for public holidays, ie., July 1, 1st weekend in Aug., Labour Day..... CA TKSgiving. :B
Little Kopit 05/30/16 07:18am RVing in Canada and Alaska
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