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RE: Beach Driving

My one experience I got stuck in Baja . I was lucky . My best buddy and I both had new 4 x 4 2500 Silverados and my yellow tow strap . If I were to attempt it again I would want 2 buddies with 4 x 4 3 /4 tons and 2 tow straps . Apparently not all sand has the same properties .
Lowsuv 04/24/14 07:19pm Travel Trailers
RE: Beach Driving

My one experience I got stuck in Baja . I was lucky . My best buddy and I both had new 4 x 4 2500 Silverados and my yellow tow strap . If I were to attempt it again I would want 2 buddies with 4 x 4 3 /4 tons and 2 tow straps . Apparently not all sand has the same properties .
Lowsuv 04/24/14 07:19pm Travel Trailers
RE: Greenfield Village - How Many Days?

We spent one full day . I did not find a need to do a second day .
Lowsuv 04/23/14 08:34pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: seeking recomendations for a towing vehicle that will seat 7

Ram MegaCab with a Cummins diesel ? I am a duramax owner but my friend has one of the CTD powered MegaCab . The back seat has another 15 ? inches of extra leg room . He still has the short box to carry heavy stuff like firewood and soda pop coolers . And he still has payload left over to pull a very heavy tongue weight trailer . We all use a snugtop lockable canopy to prevent theft and protect the gear inside . That new Ram CTD is very quiet inside .
Lowsuv 04/23/14 06:04pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Boondocking in Montana

Since you are going to be in the area for a while : You can search around town for a Dry Camping spot . Some Ideas for any smallish town : Abandoned Former Government Leased Buildings : Such as former National Forest Service Buildings . Former DOT , DEQ , BLM, NPS lots . The government loves to get a developer to build them a new building and lease it for 5 to 10 years . Then when the lease is up the government loves to move into a brand new shiny building with a 5 or 10 year lease . The sap who built the building 10 to 20 years ago is left with an oversized abandoned building that is not suitable for manufacturing or glossy enough for the High Tech crowd . Hence , abandoned buildings with HUGE parking . This works all over the USA especially for a 3 day stay if you are not setting up various tables , chairs, bbqs, and so forth . If you are an experienced boondocker you already know how to find a good spot in the woods .
Lowsuv 04/21/14 09:28pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Tire question

Good Year cargo G26 might be a good choice for you. LR D, in two different 15" sizes available. It would be good to know the width of your rims. http://www.tirerack.com/tires/tires.jsp?tireMake=Goodyear&tireModel=Cargo+G26&sidewall=Blackwall&partnum=97R5G26&tab=Sizes After much debate and research and endless rehash of the tire choice threads : If you want the best and safest 15 inch tire for a travel trailer regardless of cost it is: Goodyear Cargo G26 in a 225/70R16 load range D tire . It fits everywhere a 15 inch ST tire size 225/75R15C fits . It has an 2470 # rating on the toughest scale the LT scale . The ST scale is a less stringent scale . The G26 is speed rated at 106 mph . Any ST is only 65 mph . The G26 is not made in asia . All ST tires originate in Asia . A 225/70R15 G26 is simply more tire than any ST225/75R15 tire . And you don't have to buy new wheels .
Lowsuv 04/21/14 08:43pm Towing
RE: Repairing Damage from a Blowout

double post - somehow ? I can do the repair but my computer skills are suspect ..
Lowsuv 04/21/14 07:41pm General RVing Issues
RE: Repairing Damage from a Blowout

roof flashing works great and can be rolled into shape if needed using a metal pipe. no need to pay crazy prices rv suppliers want for fender trim You can purchase 12 inch wide aluminum flashing material . It is maybe 1 /64" thick . Trim with tin snips . Flexible so you can make your 90 degree bend to create a box . Sheet metal screws to hold it in place . Anybody , ( even an old hot rodder ) , can do a credible repair with minimal tools ....
Lowsuv 04/21/14 07:40pm General RVing Issues
RE: Dirty roof-what are you guys using to clean?

My experience is that there is no substitute for frequent washing . After every trip I use my 9" wide x 3" deep soft bristle truck brush on a 6 foot handle . I lay down a stripe of Palmolive on the brush and wash the roof , corrugated aluminum siding , windows , awning , and door . I rinse the brush in a 5 gallon pail of HOT water . For the tight spots I lay a splash of Palmolive on a car wash mitt . Of course the ubiquitous 3 /4 " garden hose with a fireman's nozzle to rinse . I do this every time without exception . My 12 year old Komfort looks as good as when I picked her up a dozen years ago .
Lowsuv 04/21/14 07:31pm Travel Trailers
RE: Tow vehicle and everyday driveability question

Lots of good answers proposed . APT and Jeremiah make the most sense . If you have sway it is necessary to weigh all of your axles hooked up and not hooked up . You will be amazed at the shift of weight on each axle hooked up . Heavy tongue weight mitigates sway . A half ton will limit the tongue weight necessary to make your rig the safest . With a 12 % to 15% tongue weight you have more controlled weight between the hitch and the trailer axles . Commercial trucks have their axles at the ends of the trailer . Travel trailers have all of that uncontrolled weight behind the centered axles and that weight is on a lever . F250 for big brakes , heavier payload to take that GOOD heavy tongue weight . The heavy duty components of the F250 will last longer than the lighter weight components of the F150 assuming the same load usage . The scales are your friend . If you can adjust your tongue weight upward that would be safest at any speed .
Lowsuv 04/19/14 08:37am Travel Trailers
RE: Tires...To Shine or not to Shine??????

Add me to the group that uses frequent applications of tire dressings . The Michelin tires on my duramax , Mercedes , and Porsche have zero signs of cracking . I apply the dressing to my boat trailer tires and my travel trailer tires . Ooh Shiny ! Actually I go back over the tires with a blue cloth /paper shop towel to diminish the shine . It is the BLACK appearance that I prefer . I've been using armorall and others since the 1970's . I have never had a single problem from that . In recent years I have picked up 3 other brands when on sale . Some work better on plastic such as the plastic bumper tops on my duramax . It appears the folks that say that tire dressing is damaging to their tires do not have hand's on experience with the products . How would they know that tires develop cracking due to dressing applications ? I have mostly Michelins and Continentals with no adverse effects due to tire dressing .
Lowsuv 04/18/14 02:28am General RVing Issues
RE: Maxxis Tires c or d

There are no E rated 14 inch tires . The best you can do is a D rated tire . Steel RV wheels are not rated for maximum 50 psi . The wheels may be rated for 1820 # rating at 50 psi but that does not limit the use of a 65 psi tire which is a D rating . You create no problems by going to a 2271 # rated tire such as the Kumho 857 radial in a 205R14 load range D as long as you have clearance . Your carrying capacity is now limited by the wheel rating or the axle rating . The tire is the weakest link on OEM equipment . Compare the dimensions of your current tire to the 205R14 Kumho 857 . If you have clearance you are good to go . I put them on my boat trailer . I raised the boat trailer fenders by 1.5 inches . 2271 divided by 1760 pounds equals 129 % capacity in my trailer tires now . My spare has never seen the ground . There are several choices in a 15 inch with an E rating . The key is to go to a higher weight rating in pounds as displayed on the sidewall . Take a look at Goodyear Cargo G26 in a 225/70R15D on an LT scale of 2450 # weight rating . Made in the USA and is more tire than any ST made in Thailand or Asia or wherever all of these ST tires originate .
Lowsuv 04/17/14 06:00pm Travel Trailers
AGM Batteries

At the beginning of each season some of us realize that our tires or batteries should be replaced for peace of mind . Especially those of us that are dry campers who go down gravel roads and do not have hookups . Over time I have chosen to make the switch to AGM batteries instead of the conventional lead acid style . Advantages that I have found are that the AGM batteries : Do Not leak acid and corrode my battery tray . Do charge faster than conventional batts which is an advantage to us boondockers. Are more tolerant to deeper discharges than conventional batts . Do Not give off gases in the way that conventional batts do and can be installed within the living compartments if necessary to add an additional battery . AGM batteries have come down in price because they are becoming mainstream in new cars . At BiMart in Oregon I paid $ 140 each for exide edge agm batteries in a size group 78 ( GM side post ) and $ 188 for a group 49 size ( big momma ) . There is currently an online rebate of $20 for those exide edge agm . The warranty is 100 % replacement for 4 years for car/truck apps. These exide edge agm batteries are made in North Carolina . For more info about AGM style batteries a quick visit to Wikipedia gives more detail .
Lowsuv 04/16/14 11:56pm General RVing Issues
RE: DIY Teardrop Camper

Outstanding Job ! I am envious of your adventure . What is the payload of your trailer frame ? What is the actual weight of your Teardrop so far ?
Lowsuv 04/16/14 08:25pm Travel Trailers
RE: Michelin LTX M/S

I have 60,000 miles in 6 years on my Michelin LT 265/75R16 E tires for my duramax . No cracking . I swap snow tires and wheels for the winter season so the Michelins are stacked in my garage for 4 months each year on their own wheels . At 60K they are not to the wear bars yet . The cracking in the pictures may be exaggerated because Michelin has SMOOTH SIDEWALLS unlike most of the other brands . The other brands have much " gingerbread " on the sidewalls so as to not show scuffing when being curbed . One thing I like about the Michelins with the smooth sidewall is that I can apply tire dressing with a very quick swipe . Applying the dressing to other brand tires takes more care due to the corrugated surface .
Lowsuv 04/15/14 12:17am Tow Vehicles
RE: Should I leave my Travel trailer plugged in or not?

Normally a 12 guage extension cord is all that is available readily . That is a 20 amp cord. 10 guage is 30 amp , 14 guage is 15 amp . In my garage I have a couple of 20 amp circuits . I have not tripped the 20 amp breaker with the AC . I use the same receptacle to run Christmas lights . If your electric panel is in the garage you might be able to add an 20 amp additional breaker and place a 20 amp receptacle at the panel . Or a 30 amp .
Lowsuv 04/14/14 09:46pm Travel Trailers
RE: Should I leave my Travel trailer plugged in or not?

For me when not using the trailer I disconnect the battery. I see no reason to run anything when it is not being used. That's the simple way I look at it also. That has been my plan for a dozen years also . The batteries have not discharged enough to freeze in the winter at 4100 feet ASL . We mostly camp without hookups and I really do not do anything special to charge the batteries other than hooking them up , connecting to 120V while we are packing , and of course driving down the road a couple of hours before camping . Over time I have converted to the AGM batteries , exide EDGE , which charge faster than conventional .
Lowsuv 04/14/14 09:40pm Travel Trailers
RE: any regrets with a longer TT?

We ordered a 21T Komfort a dozen years ago . We started with a 16 ' Nomad , then a 26' slide Fleetwood , then a 36 foot motorhome . We kept each of those less than 3 years . A Komfort is a little taller and heavier ( diesel TV ) than most . We have no desire to go bigger . We are set up to cover longer trips on the go . We seldom use an RV park . We dry camp without hookups 90% . I have been towing boats all of my life and don't mind that chore . But the smaller trailer is just plain easier to tow , back up , gas up , maneuver into the last NPS spot at Zero-Dark- Thirty . Plus it fits nicely into many roadside viewpoints for lunch or a nap .
Lowsuv 04/11/14 10:06pm Travel Trailers
RE: Lug Nut Concerns

different lug nuts have a different taper . is it possible that the taper of the lug nuts is incorrect for the wheel that is installed ? I change my truck and car wheels twice annually . I have snow tires mounted on different wheels . I actually have 2 sets of lug nuts for each car that matches the wheels in use . a good old fashioned T-Cross lug nut wrench is very handy when swapping out wheels . and because I have both the right and left arm involved I can get the lug nuts tight . I do have to go back a week after the changeover and retighten the lug nuts . there is often 1 that is looser than optimum .
Lowsuv 04/11/14 09:22pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Windshield Wipers

RAIN-X . Is your friend . The original kind that you apply to your windshield with a cloth . I use the common blue paper/cloth shop towels on a roll available everywhere to apply . I can drive in a heavy downpour without using the wipers as long as I keep the speed above 45 . The water runs off the windshield . I see the oncoming drivers with windshield wipers going full speed that have "streaky " windshields that cannot see . I can use the slowest intermittent setting and see much better . I know you need to fix your wipers but rain-x will work so well that it will lower the threshold as to how good your wipers are .
Lowsuv 04/11/14 05:10am General RVing Issues
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