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RE: rugged trailer

My Komfort 21T came with shock absorbers . And foam insulation And a 7300# GVW versus a 4800 # empty weight . Also made in Oregon . It's an availability of public lands free boondock camping thing .......
Lowsuv 08/24/15 07:19am Travel Trailers
RE: Factory Decal Removal

I was able to remove mine without chemicals . I went slowly so as not to leave glue . I worked on them over several different times when it was warm out . The hair drier method worked the best . I did use a razor knife to get to the edge of each decal . I just pulled each off slowly . I then used a cleaner / polish / wax on the affected area . Patience was my friend .
Lowsuv 04/16/15 07:38am Travel Trailers
RE: Leaking Batteries

beemerphile 1 is correct. AGM = Absorbed Glass Mat They are not gel It has been a while since I made the switch to the Exide Edge AGM batteries . When I was making the switch out of the conventional lead acid batteries I was a student of the different battery choices . Low Suv regrets the error . The AGM batteries solved my leakage problem . No more conventional batteries for me in the cars, boat , or trailer.
Lowsuv 04/16/15 07:19am Travel Trailers
RE: Where would you love to camp?

Mayport Naval Station RV Park near JAX . Just a short hop from Bend Oregon .
Lowsuv 04/14/15 06:02pm Travel Trailers
RE: Leaking Batteries

My Remedy : AGM Batteries These are the kind that you can mount sideways because they are gel . AGM construction batteries on my trailer and my truck . I paid $ 140 each for exide edge AGM batteries at bimart / Oregon . Do a google " AGM " for the reasons to do AGM . AGM are maintenance free , do not leak , do not off gas , have faster recharge , will take more abusive deep discharging than conventional battery construction . My main reason for switching was the acid leakage from my conventional lead acid batteries . EXIDE EDGE AGM batteries are made in the Carolinas USA as I recall .
Lowsuv 04/14/15 05:52pm Travel Trailers
RE: I know, I know...Tires again

if you actually want to get the highest load rated tire the answer is clear : Goodyear Cargo G26 size : 225/70 R 15 Rated at 2470 # load on the LT rating scale Not the 15 % wimpier ST rating scale . Speed rating is 106 mph . This tire weighs 33 # . Load range D means you only inflate to 65 psi to get your max weight rating . It fits on most 15 inch rv steel wheels without issues . The typical Maxxis (and other ) ST 225/75R15 weighs about 29 # . The Cargo G26 is made for European passenger vans such as the Mercedes Sprinter Vans . readily available on tire rack and every goodyear dealer . go here for complete specs : http://www.tirerack.com/tires/tires.jsp?tireMake=Goodyear&tireModel=Cargo+G26&sidewall=Blackwall&partnum=27R5G26&tab=Sizes
Lowsuv 04/13/15 09:42pm Travel Trailers
RE: light weight options/specs

I also have a 10 x 10 garage door . Looking around the lance 1575 will fit . an airstream ( bambi ) will fit . certain airstreams double axle will fit .
Lowsuv 04/13/15 09:32pm Travel Trailers
Osoyoos to Kamloops ; best route please ?

Osoyoos to Kamloops ; best route please ? is it through Princeton ? Is it through Vernon ? Or should I go to Kelowna and take the route over to Nicola ?
Lowsuv 04/06/15 07:04am Roads and Routes
Campgrounds Ellensburg WA to Kamloops BC

We are starting in Bend , OR and our destination is Kamloops , BC . Are there open campgrounds along this route . I would prefer state , county, or federal campgrounds if possible . I just need a place to rest , maybe get a shower , for the enroute trip . I think I will go via hwy 97 rather than do the I-5 from Portland to Vancouver , BC . Unless there are more open campsites using the Portland Seattle corridor . Possibly the stretch between Ellensburg WA to Princeton BC is of the most interest . Can anybody help ?
Lowsuv 04/02/15 10:26pm Roads and Routes
RE: Duramax Issue

Has anybody got a correlation between injector failure and the number of miles towing ? Or is there a correlation regarding water in the fuel ? Has anyone determined a correlation to towing very heavy RV's versus a lighter RV ? My 2002 duramax has not had injector failure yet . I have only had one issue with water in the fuel about 8 years ago . I tow a relatively light weight TT or a lightweight boat . Any input is welcomed .
Lowsuv 11/17/14 07:58pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Tires

Currently there is a similar thread in the Towing section : http://www.rv.net/forum/index.cfm/fuseaction/thread/tid/28026787.cfm
Lowsuv 10/28/14 07:31pm Travel Trailers
RE: Didn't Believe about the Chinese Tires

The bottom line is : The LT standard is 10-20 % tougher than the ST standard . This has been proven repeatedly . And discussed at length on this forum . One indicator is that there is a report of an ST tire failing on this forum on average every week or so . That includes a Maxxis ( Chang Shin Rubber Co of Taiwan ) about once per month on average over the last couple of years . There is a report of an LT tire failing maybe once a year ( or less ) .
Lowsuv 10/27/14 07:35am Travel Trailers
RE: Which tires to replace original TE 225/75/R15/C

You probably do not need to replace your wheels. I don't know what brand Seri06 is so I am not looking at their website . What the charts often say is : "1820 # at 50 psi " What this means is you need to inflate to 50 psi to get the 1820 # rating . That means that 45 psi does not get the maximum 1820 # rating . Your best bet is to email the wheel manufacturer and ask them the exact specific question such as : " I want to install a load range D 225/70R15 tire on this Seri06 wheel and inflate it to 65 psi to utilize the maximum weight capacity of the tire . " Many on this site have mistaken the charts to limit psi . Further , CapriRacer has posted on this forum that he would consider inflation to 80 psi to get the most safety from a load range E tire even if a wheel is a 65 psi wheel . The tire is the weakest link . The wheel has been engineered to withstand high load and sideload weights and psi is a minor consideration to those engineering standards . A wheel does not fail catastrophically due to psi . The wheel can develop a hairline crack due to whatever abuse and will simply leak out the air . That air loss may make the tire overheat and blow out . But too much psi does not create the hairline crack . A wheel does fail catastrophically due to curbing , high side loads , or other abuse .
Lowsuv 10/27/14 07:07am Towing
RE: Which tires to replace original TE 225/75/R15/C

The Goodyear Cargo G26 225/70R15 LRD is really the best 15 inch tire to insure no mishaps . Next to that there is a Pirelli Scorpion ATR LT235/75R15 load range D tire placarded at 2335 # on the LT scale . It is slightly larger than your ST225/75R15 . The Scorpion ATR is 28.9" diameter and has a section width of 9.4 " . The G26 is 27.4" diameter by 9 " section width . The G26 is placarded at 2470 # . Both only need 65 psi to get their rating . Both are a better tire than the ST225/75R15 LRE . The advantage of too much tire capacity is that you won't have a blowout in 115 degree heat in the Arizona desert where SprinklerMan resides . Re aluminum wheels : Pull one off and look for a wheel load rating stamped inside the wheel . Some aluminum wheels have a weight rating . Maybe 5 % will also have a psi rating . The G26 and Scorpion ATR are 65 psi tires and that is another reason why they are a better option than the ST tire LRE which need 80 psi to get their max rating .
Lowsuv 10/26/14 07:50pm Towing
RE: Which tires to replace original TE 225/75/R15/C

Marty I am a Michelin man . I just bought a new set of Michelin LT 265/75R16 LRE for my duramax to replace the same size Michelins that went 60,000 miles and were not quite to the wear bars . The P rated tires are derated by 10 % load rating for light truck load ratings . So the 2183 # rating is 1964 # on an LT scale . Still , Michelin has consistently made the best tires available for decades . The G26 load index is 112 / 108R . The second number 108R is for dual rear wheel rating , the first number 112 is single tire rating .
Lowsuv 10/26/14 10:41am Towing
RE: Which tires to replace original TE 225/75/R15/C

There is a better LT tire option : Goodyear Cargo G26 size 225 /70R15 load range D . It is placarded at 2470 # on the LT scale at 65 psi It fits every wheel that your current ST 225/75r15 load range C fits without modification . It is made in Germany or France . It weighs about 33 # The G26 is widely available from Goodyear stores and Tire Rack . This is not to be confused with a Marathon Radial ST tire . G26 Speed rating is 106 mph , not 65 mph like your current ST tire . It is a myth that RV steel wheels will not take 80 psi according to Dexstar . The G26 is a 65 psi tire .
Lowsuv 10/26/14 10:11am Towing
RE: Didn't Believe about the Chinese Tires

I'm just curious here and not trying to start a China tire war. Where did this age old wisdom of a tire must be replaced after 5 years come from? Was it a tire manufacturer or just some people decided you should buy new ones? There are a bunch of tires out there that run a lot more years than that. Where was something credible in print? I own 6 tandem axle trailers and 2 single axle trailers ( including my TT), with spares thats 36 tires . Am I replacing them every 5 years , no way , thats why I run LT tires on the heavy tandems that see highway miles , on the local light weight ( dont carry anywhere their capacity ) I run passenger tires . The trailers that go to the landfill get the ST tires . ( they are the sacrifical tires). I replace tires when they are either worn out or are showing a problem . Sprinklerman knows his stuff because he has to . There are way too many folks on here praising their brand new Maxxis tires from Chang-Shin Rubber of Taiwan . These guys are slapping each other on the back yet they fail to understand that the single best thing to do at replacement time is to make an actual upgrade to LT rated tires . There are frequent posts about ST tire failures but next to none about LT tire failures . About one/two maxxis / Chang-Shin failure reported per month for the last couple of years . Thanks to Sprinklerman for some common sense gained by experience . LT tires prevent failure when you need it most : on vacation !
Lowsuv 10/22/14 08:03pm Travel Trailers
RE: Check your valve stems!

There are two types of rubber snap in valves...standard and high pressure. That is my understanding also . There are rubber high pressure stems . They can be identified by their length because they are 1 /4 inch longer .
Lowsuv 10/19/14 10:34am Travel Trailers
RE: Goodyear G614 Tires

JMO of course, but I would think that wider tires, like the LT 5/75R16, would scrub more in sharper turns and put a bit more stress on wheel bearings, axles, and spring shackles. I've just not seen many tires wider than the 235 series tires on trailers. This seems like on of those "wider isn't better" situations. JMO of course. It is more important to have the carrying capacity of the LT 265/75 tire at 55 to 106 MPH rather than the lesser ST 235/80 at highway speeds ( 65 mph max on the ST ) . Everyone on this board has had their tandem axle tires twisted beyond comprehension while backing in to that impossible spot at a 90 degree angle in tight quarters . I have NEVER seen a post on this forum where a tire was twisted off the wheel in those 90 degree tight angle situations . The deflection of the LT265 is the same as the ST235 . The LT265 chords and rubber are more significant ( 47 # vs 37 # ) and the LT 265 carcass will take more abuse . Even if there is a low speed disadvantage to the LT265 the high speed advantage is more important . Hence the regular threads about ST tire failure and virtually none about LT tire failure .
Lowsuv 10/19/14 10:14am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Goodyear G614 Tires

If you have room , you could consider an LT 265/75R16 load range E tire . They have a 3415 # sidewall rating at 80 psi . On the 15 % tougher LT rating scale . Rated for 106 mph . You can choose from many brands . I just paid $ 789 to Costco minus a $ 60 rebate for 4 Michelin highway , mounted . LTX MS2 hwy all season Around here about 40 - 60 % of the 1996 to 2005 vintage GM and Dodge pickups are running this tire on the factory 6.5 " wide wheel without mishap . An RV wheel is only 6 inch wide but the advantage of using an LT tire is more important . Plus that 265/75 size is very widely available from every manufacturer at reasonable prices due to it being a high volume size . LT265/LRE Tire weight is 47 # , diameter is 31.7 " , section width is 10.5 " An ST235/80r16 is 30.8 " diameter , weighs 37 # , has a section width of 9.3" , but is placarded at 3620 # on the 15 % weaker ST rating scale . Side by side the ST tire is wimpy , wimpy ........... GM and Dodge have shipped a couple of million pickups with a 245/75R16 tire on a 6.5" width wheel . Out west most customers replace that wimpy tire with the 265/75R16 size .
Lowsuv 10/17/14 05:24pm Fifth-Wheels
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