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John Pennekamp, SP (Florida) - Suggestions?

My DW & I are traveling to John Pennekamp for spring break this year the first week of April. We've never traveled to the keys and would appreciate any suggeted must-do activities and/or must-see attractions. We're in our mid-40s, some-what active/adventurous, and have no medical limitations. I will be carrying the motorcycle along and plan to get some riding in. My DW will spend time on the beach in the sun. I'll carry along my snorkel/mask/fins. We also plan to take the glass-bottom boat ride offered. I've reviewed the site information/ammenities and it looks pretty standard for SPs we frequent... it's kinda small, but has sewer hook-up at the site. Is there anything out of the ordinary we should plan to bring with us (or leave behind)? Also, could someone provide a report of cell/4G coverage in the area for AT&T? Happy Camping! John.
MegaJohn 03/16/14 08:40am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Need options - carrying motorcycle with TT

I found this YouTube video... video link. From the video's comments, it seems this is a homemade gadget. I thought I'd seen a commercially available product like this. Happy Camping! John.
MegaJohn 10/29/13 01:52pm Travel Trailers
RE: Need options - carrying motorcycle with TT

With your bike at an angle in the bed how much of the rear would hang over with no tailgate? Remove the tailgate and get a 4x8x1/2" plywood cut appropriately to make it just long enough to hold the rear tire of the bike. Then are you able to tow your TT? I would have to check the measurements... I think the rear tire will rest squarely on the opened tailgate. I've not looked into loading the bike from corner to corner... that *might* work. Happy Camping! John.
MegaJohn 10/29/13 01:43pm Travel Trailers
Need options - carrying motorcycle with TT

Greetings! I know this subject has been covered previously, but I can’t find the thread I've read on it. I recently purchased a motorcycle and would like to bring it along while traveling/camping. We pull our camper with a 2006 Dodge 3500, dually, 5.9L, short wheel base (70” bed, approximately)… the combined weight is about 16K pounds. The truck has a GCVR of like 24K. I’m not sure what the cargo rating or weight of our current setup is. The camper weighs 8,000lbs… I expect the tongue weight to be in the neighborhood of 800-1200lbs. The motorcycle weighs about 800lbs. I’ve looked into loading the motorcycle into the truck bed, but taking measurements of the bed and motorcycle, it seems the motorcycle’s rear tire would have to rest on the opened tailgate. I cannot tow our camper with the tailgate down… it only barely clears the camper’s jack and would not allow for turning. Without buying a long bed pickup or a toy hauler, what are my options for bringing the motorcycle along? Is there a receiver extension that would support the WDS hitch and allow me to tow with the tailgate down? I’ve seen a motorcycle/boat lift that allowed a boat trailer or motorcycle to be loaded pointing up above the cab of the truck, but can’t find the site right now. I expect the cost is more than I’m willing to pay, but it may be less than a new truck or camper. What have others in this predicament done? Happy Camping! John.
MegaJohn 10/29/13 01:16pm Travel Trailers
RE: Brake controller Problem

I had a similar problem with our brake controller last fall. Check all the wires you can see for cracks and wear. If there is truly a short, it could be anywhere in the system... where the wires go into the axle tubes, inside the brake drums, at the connector, break-away switch, in the truck's wiring, etc. For my situation... it was the controller. If you have another or a friend has one installed, try it out. In my search, I tried isolating each axle/drum (by cutting the wires at the axle) and testing it out with my controller. Unfortunately, my short was intermittent and this test didn't get me anywhere. I didn't found a short at the axle tubes as others suggested. I pulled each drum to inspect the wires & magnet for wear... nada. Finally, in frustration I bought another controller... problem solved. Happy Camping! John.
MegaJohn 10/22/13 09:05am Travel Trailers
RE: Advice finetuning generator exhaust noise

The best way to quiet this machine is to install solar and hit the off switch. Great Idea. How many solar panels and batteries would it take to keep a 15k air conditioner running around the clock? http://homeguides.sfgate.com/DM-Resize/photos.demandstudios.com/getty/article/58/182/dv791033.jpg?w=600&h=600&keep_ratio=1 You guys crack me up... too funny! Happy Camping! John.
MegaJohn 08/05/13 10:22am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Exterior speakers and selector switches

I wired our front speaker output to the factory installed inside speakers and the rear output to the outside speakers. I use a remote volume controls for the inside/outside speakers... the inside volume control is conveniently mounted inside, the outside control is inside a door accessible from the outside. If I don't want to hear one set, I turn it down all the way. Happy Camping! John.
MegaJohn 07/29/13 12:07pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Streaming Movies

Our TV at home has internet capability (as well as our blueray player, Tivo, & Wii)... at home we use those to connect to Netflix or YouTube to watch video. While camping we can (though normally don't) watch videos over cell by connecting my cell phone (Motorola Atrix) to the TV via HDMI. This is not practical for watching too much video, but for an hour or two a couple times a month it works with our data plan. Our cable service (ComCast) also has an Android app which allows us to watch some video through our phones... not too much is available though. If you subscribe to movie channels, there are more video selections available. Happy Camping! John.
MegaJohn 07/22/13 02:15pm Technology Corner
RE: Thetford totes

Don't forget your 90 degree sewer connection. My first time, I traveled kind of far to the dump station (at 5 mph) waited On line... Then realized I forgot the connection. I had to go back to get it and wait on line again. But I have the 32 gallon thetford, it is nice to have. When we bought our Thetford the salesperson suggested drilling a small hole in the handle of the trap-door thing that holds the hose in place then connect a bungee between the hose and the handle (not the hinged handle, but the place it's connected). I wrapped the bungee around the handle side and closed the hook onto the cord so it is permanently installed. He suggested this as the trap-door for the hose might open and drag... damaging the trap-door. I use this bungee to store my 90 degree elbow... just slide the bungee through the connector and connect the bungee to the hole in the trap-door's handle. So, everything is always with the tote... well, except my gloves. ;) Happy Camping! John.
MegaJohn 07/22/13 01:40pm Travel Trailers
RE: Thetford totes

We have the big Thetford tank... I think it's 35 gallons. We've had it for about 5 years. It works great when needed. We dump both black & grey water in ours and store it under our camper on a platform we added. It goes everywhere we go. ;) As for the Barker... I think it has a side dump valve which would be nice, but then you have to carry the hose with you (as others noted). It's a trade off I guess... both will surely do the job equally as well. Happy Camping! John.
MegaJohn 07/22/13 01:25pm Travel Trailers
RE: need help with gulf trip

We've stayed at St Andrews in Panama City Beach & Ft Pickens in Pensacola. Both have nice beaches within the park. We've driven through Top Sail, Henderson, & Grayton. They're all very nice. Top Sail has a lot of really nice grassy sites compared to the others... and a pool, I think. Top Sail has access to the beach, but you cannot drive to it. You can ride the shuttle, bike or walk. Our favorite is Ft Pickens (Loop A). It's a short walk to the beach across the street and the beach is not crowded. We returned Sunday and all last week there were typically no more than 6 or so groups on the beach. Ft Pickens also has the old fort to explore and the Naval Air Station has a very nice aviation museum... and the price (free) is right too! Happy Camping! John.
MegaJohn 06/26/13 02:38pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: A Pilgrim-Hideout showdown

I'm not familiar with the particular Pilgrim you reference, but we have enjoyed ours! Our 2006 Pilgrim has not given us any problems... it's even had two large pine trees land on the front which was easily repaired and still in service with no issues 2+ years later. Happy Camping! John.
MegaJohn 06/25/13 01:14pm Travel Trailers
RE: 4th of July at Ft Pickens

We are making our third trip to Ft Pickens... leaving this evening. We love the CG and the area. We really like Loop A. There are lots of really good restaraunts... Landry's, Hemmingway's, Crab's, The Fish House, Flounder's. We'll have to look for Joe Patti's next week. ;) We've been to the Naval Aviation Museum a few times... it's a really big place with lots of stuff to see. The lighthouse is just down the road... another great place to visit. Unfortunately, the Blue Angels' practice sessions are cancelled this season... we were really looking forward to seeing them this year since last year we visited during Memorial Day week and discovered they do not practice that week. Happy Camping! John.
MegaJohn 06/12/13 12:50pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Looking for CG in Georgia

We prefer state and COE parks and have visited quite a few in the area. Lake Lanier is south of Gainsville and has several COE parks... which offer a really nice discount (50%) to senior pass holders (if you qualify). I'm surprised no one has mentioned Unicoi (Helen, GA) & Vogel (Blairsville, GA) State Parks. Both are really nice. There are several private parks in the area also. I don't think you would like driving the MH up to the Amicalola Falls SP campground... it's a bit steap and the sites are small. The park is great and worth the trip... just not in the MH. Enjoy your stay in our great state... We're traveling to yours this week. ;) Happy Camping! John.
MegaJohn 06/12/13 12:41pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Need help identifying an electrical part

Painting your tongue . . .will that be latex or oil base? Rust-Oleum Professional enamel spray paint. Painting your tongue? Say "aaahhhhh....." Glad folks were able to help you identify the part. Happy Camping! John.
MegaJohn 06/12/13 12:19pm Tech Issues
RE: Water tank fell out.

What makes and models are people having issues with? I expect there are many makes & models with similar setups. It would probably be best to crawl under your camper and have a look at what is under there. Then make changes as needed. Our camper (2006 Pilgrim International) has a support frame made from angled steel. Then there's a sheet of OSB covered with a vapor barrier type fabric between the tank & support to protect the bottom of the tank from damage and distribute the weight. The support frame is attached to the trailer frame rails over our axles. Our support frame was fastened together with relatively small self-tapping screws which snapped over time. The screws were really not a good choice for the stress applied to the structure. I removed all the screws, drilled out the holes, and installed galvanized 3/8" carriage bolts. Some of the carriage bolts were a pain to get in place, but with a little grunting they are in there. I also used the same carriage bolts to attach the support to the camper's frame rails. I don't think any modification would be fail-proof... that's a lot of weight to support. Inspecting the structure should be part of everyone’s regularly inspection. Happy Camping! John.
MegaJohn 06/11/13 08:58am Tech Issues

Does the Walmart on Blue Angel Blvd and the road to Perdido Key still permit overnights? I don't know about the one on Blue Angel Blvd, but we've overnighted at the WalMart Supercenter on Gulf Breeze Pkwy (Gulf Breeze Marketplace) once and had no problems... of course we arrived after mid-night and pulled out before 9 the next morning. The parking lot at the Walmart Neighborhood Market on Gulf Breeze Pkwy seemed kind of small for us to overnight. Happy Camping! John.
MegaJohn 06/10/13 02:27pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Water tank fell out.

I noticed last spring our rails/support were fastened with self tapping screws. Many of the screws had broken and the rails were bowed... some of the crossmembers were held in by only the weight of the tank! Before ours was dropped, I removed all the self tapping screws, drilled holes and installed 3/8" galvanized bolts to hold the supports/rails together. Some locations were a bit tough to get into, but in the end all were replaced. This seems to have taken care of our problems. We don't usually travel with fresh water on board. When we do, I keep an eye on it now. Happy Camping! John.
MegaJohn 06/07/13 03:04pm Tech Issues
RE: Vent crank not working

I'm not sure I follow what you're describing or having trouble with, but I'll try to help. From the inside, our vents have a plastic frame held by 4 screws... pretty straightforward to remove. As I recall, the screen is held in place by two recessed screws which are accessed from the inside. A long philips screwdriver is required. Of course the handle needs to be removed also. It sounds like your gear mechanism is not functioning correctly... you should be able to find replacement parts if needed. After removing the frame & screen, you should be able to reach everything. You should not have to go up top to access the crank. Happy Camping! John.
MegaJohn 06/06/13 12:20pm Travel Trailers
RE: Brake Controller Showing Short in the System

After much frustration and checking the wires in each hub (no issues found), we purchased another controller. About 450 miles later, we've had no problems with shorts. Thank you to all who responded. Happy Camping! John.
MegaJohn 06/05/13 04:58pm Travel Trailers
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