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Rather than try to repost everything from my other discussions, I will put a link here to try to tie in everything that is happening. I have been spending more time on the second Scenicruiser and that has prevented me from updating this thread as much as I would like. But, I will try to keep things tied together a little better. Also, ended up with a third bus, 1959 4104 that is still set up as a passenger bus. Not sure what the future holds for that one, but it is almost as neat as the first two buses. Anyhow here is a link to the thread I maintain for the build of the second Scenicruiser. PD 4501 472 Scenicruiser 472 buildup
Mighty Thor 01/06/15 05:07pm Class A Motorhomes

Anyone see the Future Liner that was just restored on one of the car shows on The Velocity Channel? turned out real nice! Or the one that is set to be auctioned off at the January Barret Jackson auction?
Mighty Thor 01/06/15 04:53pm Class A Motorhomes

We worked all summer getting the little things done so that we could move the Second bus home. We had to build an independent light system rather than depend on the factory system. Also had to repair some of the air system for the warning light and the front leveler. Once we had the bus ready it took a little while to get our crew all lined up. Finally the day arrived and we took off. The trip itself was fairly uneventful. We did get a little video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=0_Y3nx4FygY https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=cCe0lnIVrVY
Mighty Thor 11/23/14 09:45am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Climbing over the Rockies

The other thing to know is that the folks here abouts already know that climbing one of these hills takes a little time and sometimes you have to rest a little in the middle. Our Montana passes all have turnouts so you can take a snack if you need to. No one expects you to climb the hill at 50, but we do expect you to pull over at the top and let 5 or 6 of us go by as you prepare for the downhill leg.
Mighty Thor 08/16/14 09:27am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Toilet recomendations

Right, as stated in my first post, I am building the bath from scratch so I will not have to worry about fit or plumbing issues cause I am going to put the toilet in first and design around it. Just wanted to make sure that the leak issue I heard about was fixed. Do I understand that the weeping for the 310 is inside the bowl? Does it overflow or just collect a little more water after the flush due to water in the passages coming out?
Mighty Thor 08/11/14 02:29pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: 1996 Georgie boy cruisemaster 34'

If it is blowing the Switch fuse it is probably an issue between the switch and the fuse block. Most of the rest of the items are fused separately and you should be blowing the individual fuses long before you blow a 60 amp fuse. I think one of the previous poster suggested that you pull the switch and test the lines to determine which one has the bad leg. You may have to trace a couple of junctions if it off your accessory leg. I have had similar issues with various vehicles over the years and most turned out to be a pinched or abraded wire under the dash, several but not all were steering column pinches.
Mighty Thor 08/11/14 02:15pm Class A Motorhomes
Toilet recomendations

I will be building a bathroom from scratch and have started researching toilets. I have had both plastic and porcelain in past RV's and I kind of prefer the porcelain. Been reading various reviews, but most of them are from several years ago and I wonder if they are outdated. In particular, the Dometic 310 had mixed reviews with some comments about about leaks that occurred in non serviceable areas of the unit. I would hope that by now those issues have been addressed by the manufacturer. Any other recommendations or reviews?
Mighty Thor 08/08/14 03:54pm Class A Motorhomes

https://dhh6pa.bn1301.livefilestore.com/y2pEmq-pbpwubLI-mPf-KqXk0uDToh8xOB4cPX0HeqcexDJjUMfA5qOHIZs2xLwsc3LgML8S0Igon-VkrB3VPZhRS-YrXuESkz3_FIohuTWQu4/0513141427.jpg?psid=1 OK, So thinking that one bus was not enough, I bought a second scenicruiser and I will relay that story elsewhere. But it got me inspired to get back to work on 149. One issue that I knew we had was a locked up brake on the tag axle. First step, remove the rearmost wheels on the driver's side. One of the inner stud/nuts was rounded off so I went to get a new one and luckily I took the old one with me because the parts store wanted to sell me a left hand thread when the one I took off was right hand thread. After some discussion, I got one like I had, and then went back to the bus. Folks in the know suggested that I should check all the wheels on the bus because the left side should have left hand threads. Sure enough, someone has swapped all of the rear hubs on the bus side for side. so now I have to switch them back. As for the brake issue, I had a little difficulty removing the straight slot screws that hold the brake drum to the hub because someone had previously dimpled the snot out of them, presumably to keep them from coming loose. After braking one impact driver bit, I headed for the local tool supply store to get the big boy set of straight bits. After some generous whacks I got the screws out but I will not be putting the messed up ones back in. I hope to find replacements that are torx or something. With the brake drum off I found that the rear brake pad was missing, except for a few pieces that had jammed between the drum and some of the brake hardware. Rivets are all gone too. Just a bare shoe. The front pad appeared to be new but was coated in goo that resembled roofing tar. That same goo also covers virtually everything else on that side of the axle. I thought I would check the inside of the hub and started to remove the cover bolts but the first one I touched fell out in my hand the second I turned it with a wrench. It had been glued in place with RTV because the bolt was broken inside the hub. (crap) Most of the rest of the bolts were stripped or just hanging on by a thread or two. Looks like I will be investing in some machine work before I get this issue resolved. Since I will be working on a similar issue on the other bus very soon I decided to leave the hub problem for another day.
Mighty Thor 05/16/14 03:36pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Fridge repaired and works good.

Nice work, I've never even heard of repairing a valve like that! Scott You can rebuild but NO shop or service center ever would. Liability and the fact that Gas valves are NOT to be repaired- replace only. But, if you want, like the OP, rebuild it. Just understand the risks. I would never allow a friend or family to use a rebuilt gas valve. I value them. Doug I have to respectfully disagree. First, if it was not meant to be rebuilt they would have constructed it in such a way that it could not be easily disassembled. Also, If your not supposed to rebuild them why do they sell the grease to do it with. Once the grease is in place assuming the valve is not damaged it works very simply. turned one way the gas flows through the holes turned the other way the gas does not pass through. This is on the low pressure side of everything, and assuming that you check for leaks, as I did periodically) there is little or no danger. This valve is not like on a stove where it is used often and in multiple positions. On the fridge, it is on or off. But, If you have a couple of grand for a new fridge, you might want to replace rather than repair.
Mighty Thor 05/09/14 05:24pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: 5th wheel with front living area

We have an old Jayco with the front living room and picked it for that very reason. Our front is lower profile so it tows nice but at 6'4" I do have to duck down when moving about in the front room. For my wife and most others it is NP. On the other hand, we don't do that much standing in the living room, so it suits me fine. Kitchen and dining are full height. In the back bedroom we have plenty of inside storage and I can stand up to get dressed and undressed in the bedroom. I have tent camped enough to know that I prefer to stand while getting dressed.
Mighty Thor 05/08/14 11:54am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Fridge repaired and works good.

I got my cooling unit from Arcticold Refrigeration on EBAY and I was very satisfied with the system. It looks well built and they provided all the screws and the special mastic sealant that you need to put the new cooling unit in place and useable instructions. I also got plenty of help from watching the videos that are out on the internet. There were a couple of minor fitment issues with screw holes not lining up, but considering the age of this fridge and everything else, I have no complaints. Compared to the price of a replacement refrigerator this was a real bargain.
Mighty Thor 05/08/14 11:43am Fifth-Wheels
Fridge repaired and works good.

The fridge in my Jayco never worked and we have used the trailer for several years with the fridge sitting in the garage and plastic taped over the openings in the trailer. I finally bit the bullet and ordered a replacement cooling unit. The install went smooth and the electric heating worked perfectly, but when I hooked up the gas I had major leaks from the main gas valve. When I went to replace it I found out you can't get there from here. They haven't made that valve in 20 years. Took some thinking but after reading about folks here doing repair to the valves on their stoves, I decided I would try to rebuild the fridge gas valve. turned out to be fairly simple. The valve is a brass cone that fits into a brass block with the reverse cone in it. The valve is held in by a spring that helps hold pressure on the mating surface of the two parts. The sealing grease in my valve was stiffer than frozen butter. I was able to order some stove grease online (holy cow is that stuff expensive) and after cleaning away the old grease I put a generous amount of new grease on both parts of the valve and presto... no more leak. Fridge works great and cost about $600 in total parts.
Mighty Thor 05/07/14 07:17pm Fifth-Wheels
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