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RE: Your Thoughts About Denver Mattress

They right here in Denver :) close to Innomax who makes the air beds for Winnebago.
Mile High 10/13/16 08:42am Class A Motorhomes
RE: He doesn't care about us

So as Marcus gobbles up every Dealer he possibly can to make him feel good - just imagine yourself.......You drop $600K, $700K, for a nice Grand Tour or Cornerstone, or maybe over $1M for a Prevost, and you need warranty work like a loose fitting cabinet door, an aqua hot that doesn't act right, or maybe even a sticky transmission shift. Instead of handing the keys to Dave, your trusted long time service man at the ACME dealer that represented your manufacturer for decades, you are going to hand them to a red shirt guy with a Camping World logo that normally drives a Pontiac Grand Am to work, and who remember, doesn't want to work on your motorhome because he would rather install awnings, and his CEO hates that he even had to sell it to you because he was only after the profit off of the extended warranty and financing. Not a pretty picture but fact for many. Why do you think everyone is more than happy to just drive their investment back to the factory, even if its 2,000 miles away!
Mile High 10/12/16 09:15am Camping World RV Sales
RE: He doesn't care about us

He is a business man and a CEO. Business men, particularly corporate officers, take on the ethic of the corporate entity which is amoral. These people would set babies and kittens on fire if they thought they could get another nickle in revenue. Chose who you do business with wisely. pure hogwash (at best) there very well could be some like that but one cant paint every CO out there with the same brush You said you own a Dealership - I'm betting it is a CW, or you really are hoping to be one because you sure stand up for the guy! I hadn't heard if canuck's are part of his pursuit of happiness plan but I'm sure he'll get there.
Mile High 10/12/16 08:47am Camping World RV Sales
RE: Your Thoughts About Denver Mattress

We had a Denver mattress at home - not real impressed. $750 is still a cheap mattress in reality.
Mile High 10/11/16 08:48pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: He doesn't care about us

I look at Bill Gates with far more admiration - he got to the top and still had compassion for what he did. His vision was all about how his product would improve the quality of life. Part of what is wrong with the USA is businessmen overcome by greed and lose site with what they actually contribute. Your legacy is never about your wealth. Marcus's smug attitude actually makes me sorry I ever gave him business. I can't even stand to watch him on his show.
Mile High 10/11/16 03:17pm Camping World RV Sales
RE: What your opinion of buying a MV from camping World?

Some folks were talking previously about Tom Johnson Camping in NC, and how they are now owned by Camping World, and how they've gone downhill as a result: I have to chime in on that. We have known Tom Johnson for years, we live not far from there. Yes, they HAD a great reputation, and we loved doing business with them. Service, parts was always great, and we almost bought an RV from them a few times. But, we too, have personally witnessed how they went downhill fast after CW took them over. Just a few weeks ago, I had to replace the motor on my A&E power awning on our RV. Called them up, gave them the information about the awning, asked if they could get the replacement motor for me. They get the info, get my # and say they'll research and call me back. I get a call 10 minutes later, and their parts person tells me that my awning, and its motor, are OBSOLETE, and can not be purchased ANYWHERE, anymore!! A&E quit making them, I'm just out of luck and have to buy an entire new awning, can't get just the motor assembly! I told her, Ummmmm....You do know this is the exact same awning that A&E is STILL making and putting on brand new RVs, and you have a whole lot full of RVs with the exact same awning on it, right? And, that I can name off a half dozen other RV parts retailers that I've already talked to that have this motor, right? And, I've also already talked to A&E, and they have this motor, too, and are willing to sell me one also, right? Are you still going to sit there and tell me the part is obsolete, or would you like to go back and actually research it this time instead of taking the lazy way out? Well, she stuck to her line of total bull. I told her, that I think its a crying shame what CW has done to your dealership, and ended that call. Ordered the motor from another RV parts retailer (Bill's RV appliance out of Indiana), had it at our doorstep in a few days. We are sooooooo done with that place, CW has ruined them like they have so many other RV dealers. And I won't even get into the horrible experience my brother in law had a few years ago when he made the mistake of buying his 5th wheel RV from another CW location. Similar experience on ours. The Dealership used be a K&C RV and we loved their massive parts department, and they were a reputable Dealer. Now that CW has taken over, I think some of the salesman are still around, but the parts department and service bays have been taken over by the rental RV side of CW and CW came in with their own parts system based on their traditional accessories store. One of our ceiling fans did not come on when we purchased, and that was on the hit list to fix. I got a call that said the fan is obsolete (ours is a 2013) and they can't get them anymore and that we will need to install a new Fantastic Fan instead. I thought it odd, but told them to go ahead. I got a new fan with a remote - great, but I also have a switch that doesn't do anything now and they installed the fan but put lap sealant around the maxicover instead of the fan! Fortunately I replaced the fan covers shortly after we bought it and noticed the mess they made, and then I find out the factory fans are available through the Winnebago store - on Amazon even. I would have much preferred the factory fan rather than the retrofit mess they did. One of the many issues I had with them, and for this one I felt I was really handed a line of bull, because it's easier for them to fill the role as CW accessory store than to be a real manufacturer rep they should be.
Mile High 10/11/16 12:45pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: What your opinion of buying a MV from camping World?

Mile High I assume you are talking about me - a guy who actually bought a MH through them, and you are judging my judgment because you bought a few things out of their catalog. A praise for them gets a "good fair post" from you. A complaint about them gets "few sour grapes". Well read on friend, I'm not the only sour grape out there. It's people like you that make the forums pretty useless sometimes. It empowers anyone to flap their jaws. In the short time you've been on here, you've proved to be kind of a Type A yourself, but different A than you might be talking about. Ahh very classy post I guess no one is allowed to disagree with you? is that the message. You say and I quote:It empowers anyone to flap their jaws. well that's obvious because that's exactly what you are doing with this ridiculous rant of yours above I think you went a little beyond disagreeing with me! Calling me out as Type A sour grapes - but it doesn't matter, I have my experience and I couldn't care less how it impacts you - in fact nothing would give me more joy than to have you sucker in to CW yourself so you can get an opinion of your own that actually has a basis.
Mile High 10/11/16 10:23am Class A Motorhomes
RE: dish receiver vip211k

They get terrible hot for some reason, but not has hot as the Hopper! I think it is pretty normal. I notice my factory AV cabinet from Winnebago is fully ventilated. There is a new one out - wally something - than is slimmer and replaces the 211. Maybe that one is better.
Mile High 10/11/16 09:35am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Help with entry level diesel pushers

My thanks to all of you for your comments. It looks to me the roof problem with Winnebago is a serious one. Such a problem could literally destroy your motorhome. An that its most likely out of warranty by that time could be financially catastrophic, or am I overstating things? You mentioned the seal, is this something you can reasonable check on your own? And if so is it something you can fix on your own? How often should something like this be checked, every 5 years, 10 years, what? Can I assume this is all Winnebago's and not just the entry level Forza? Is the a deal breaker? I can't think of many things worse than a faulty roof! I can understand slide problems etc, but a roof, Not Good! I did a Google search for "trouble with Winnebago roofs" and was surprised to find very little on the subject! Has Winnebago commented on it anywhere and what their doing about it? Mile High gave a great explanation and illustration of the issue. Maintenance/inspection is required every 6 months I believe. The Itasca (Winnie twin) we owned was built before they went to this terrible design. For me it would be a deal breaker. As for the repair, well...do you know anyone other than the factory that can change that roof? I sure don't. As to cost, I disagree with Mile High on that one. I currently have a 35' 5th wheel in my garage - I'm helping a friend replace his rubber roof. It's basically done, he has roughly $800 in materials. He went with the Alpha system, it's pretty nice. A few years back I put an EPDM rubber roof on our TT, I had about $300 in that job. Any shop can do a "rubber" roof, I don't know of one that could do a full fiberglass roof replacement - other than the factory. I'm not saying "rubber" is better, I AM saying some fiberglass just isn't too good. For the record, ours has a BriteTek roof, which is a modified rubber. It's our 3rd one with this system and I absolutely love it. MMM - not really fair to talk about costs doing a roof yourself in the garage. My comparison was based on the typical rubber roof replacement on a 40' fifth wheel at $6,000 - real dollars based on an Alpha Roof. Alpha may be an improved material over other rubber roofs, but is very thin by the way - not the best roof out there for resistance to branches or screws coming up through the bottom. I'm actually going to call a Dealer today to see how they would handle a fiberglass roof. Other than shipping, I don't see a high skill set required to install it. I'd be VERY interested to hear what they have to say. On my post I was making 2 points; 1) any shop any where can do a "rubber" roof and 2) if you're fairly handy and don't mind a little hard work you can do it yourself and save a bunch of $$$. With a full fiberglass roof you do not have that option. Now having said that, if it was a decent quality fiberglass roof I could fix that too, as long as it was still there to work with. I would agree with your two points. Definitely something that could be done with some help. My daughter did her pickup camper - she did good for having to do it outside. I'll let you know what the Dealer says, because now I'm real curious how they would get the material there. Maybe the flat stock Winnebago uses wouldn't be that hard (maybe it can be rolled I don't know) but the J-hook formed type like Entegra uses would have to be shipped as they are.
Mile High 10/11/16 09:29am Class A Motorhomes
RE: What your opinion of buying a MV from camping World?

We bought ours from them, from the Hamburg, NY store. We've used them and the Rochester location for service, and had no issues with either of them. We would certainly consider CW again when we replace our current. good fair post. trust me if CW was even 1/2 as bad as a few sour grapes here contend they would be out of business the one poster reminds me of the A type people whom hate GM or ford and think because they had a bad experience in their mind everyone should believe them and shun GM and ford to appease them I assume you are talking about me - a guy who actually bought a MH through them, and you are judging my judgment because you bought a few things out of their catalog. A praise for them gets a "good fair post" from you. A complaint about them gets "few sour grapes". Well read on friend, I'm not the only sour grape out there. It's people like you that make the forums pretty useless sometimes. It empowers anyone to flap their jaws. In the short time you've been on here, you've proved to be kind of a Type A yourself, but different A than you might be talking about.
Mile High 10/11/16 09:21am Class A Motorhomes
Wireless Joey

Anyone using a Wireless Joey in the Motorhome? Does it work well? Can a wireless Joey be added to the standard hopper? I was thinking I would go with an outside TV - as mine doesn't have one.
Mile High 10/10/16 05:12pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: King Dome

I saw a link on another forum where Grand-daughter loved to watch TV down the road so Grandpa figured out a way to keep the King Dome and install the Travler as well. Thought about it myself, using just a 211 receiver separate from the hopper just for watching while traveling, but in the end our factory King Dome was only a stationary unit (Model 9704)
Mile High 10/10/16 05:07pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Awning put up in wind

So don't keep us in suspense. Tell us. Did it blow back over the camper? Did it tear it up? So far it's still there. It's not electric so there will be no automatic retracting. Getting dark so we'll see in the morning. Hosting summer before last (2015) our awning was up for Four months straight 24/7, only took down one day, due to forecast high winds, should have left it up never got very strong! This was the OEM awning on our 2005 Copper Caynon. Yes the wind blew a lot. That might work where you are, but it wouldn't last the weekend where we go on the plains.
Mile High 10/10/16 12:17pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Help with entry level diesel pushers

I will be forever amazed at how so many folks can jump into the RV Lifestyle and spend not just tens of thousands, but hundreds of thousands of dollars on something that they have not bothered to fully research. It's funny you say that! Last night I just couldn't bring myself to watch anymore of the debate so I randomly thumbed channels and hit the Big Time RV show where multiple couples come into LazyDays RV and get connected to a salesman to tour a few RVs and then make a decision. hahahaha - these people were dropping $600K in an afternoon after walking into 2 models and making a decision based on a few factors important to them such as size of bathroom and horsepower. Wow.....................
Mile High 10/10/16 12:12pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Help with entry level diesel pushers

I've been looking at a new Forest River Berkshire and Winnebago Forza. Since the thread was started based on our