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RE: Winnebago - Defective and Deceptive

Or just go direct to the drawings! 2014 Wiring Winnebago !Love that Winnebago does that!
Mile High 05/14/16 08:48am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Entry level Newmar, Tiffin and Winnebago. Are they equal?

We shopped for a while (over a year) and you start to go dizzy :) I won't try to compare as this is only our second MH, but I would agree Newmar and Tiffen are nice coaches even at entry level. I will put in a plug for Winne in that I was impressed everything had a part number (even the pillows) and you can go online and find parts, construction drawings, even manuals. I'm sure its similar with other manufacturers such as Tiffen, but I also liked the fact almost all of the parts are manufactured in the factory in the US, rather than the factory just being an assembly house of overseas parts. Ironically, every problem we have had so far relates to the few Lippert components they elected to use.
Mile High 05/13/16 08:23am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Winnebago Products windsheild cracking

Winnebago has been gluing their windshields into the steel frame the same way for over 25 years without any changes to the process. Yes, leaks, rust, and cracks are out there... Well I guess the Blah - Blah I got was from a salesman :) I really don't know.
Mile High 05/12/16 12:18pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: King Dome to Trav'ler

ya I'm concerned about the wire size as well, and once I see it that will determine whether I move forward or not with it.
Mile High 05/12/16 08:06am Technology Corner
RE: King Dome to Trav'ler

I need to disagree - The switches do much more than turn it on and off, they communicate with the dome itself. From the switches you select stationary or motion, you enter sequences to select Direct TV or Dish, Western Arc, Eastern Arc, etc. I count 3 pair of conductors coming from the switches and 1 pair from the power and ground based on this pic of a 9702 http://pic100.picturetrail.com/VOL1523/6528899/12657597/412488292.jpg That would be a lot of wasted hardware for power and ground! Besides, its clear in the drawing that the power source and control wires combine into the same cable that goes up to the dome, so obviously there are more than just the power and ground conductors. http://pic100.picturetrail.com/VOL1523/6528899/24438720/412488295.jpg I think I'll just leave it that you don't know as much as you let on, and I seem to be learning a lot more from trying to prove you wrong than I am from listening to you, and I'm really getting annoyed at having to educate those that do this for a living, so I think you should go back to blocking me because I'm probably going to prove you wrong Saturday and you probably don't want to see it when I do.
Mile High 05/11/16 08:56pm Technology Corner
RE: Tyron Rings

Ooooh BAD Camping World! I refused the Tyron Rings so they took them out of the deal. Low and behold, there is a Tyron Ring wrench in the bag from the original owner. The original owner bought it at the same Camping World. So.....moral of the story is, sell the Tyron Rings to every buyer, even if the coach already has them, or just don't install them at all like one of the other posts, and if the owner finds out give him back his money. What a scam. Not saying the product is bad, but when you give the job to finance to upsell them, everything gets sour.
Mile High 05/11/16 04:49pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: King Dome to Trav'ler

The coach has the factory Winnebago King install, so nothing bizarre. Beyond the 12V supply, there is a set of wires coming out of the toggle switches that are bundled in with the 12v supply wires going up to the dome. I'm hoping there are enough conductors in that. There has to be some way for the King control switches to communicate with the dome other than just 12V, and it can't be the coax because there is no interface between the switches and the coax. The switches aren't just switches, there is a circuit board behind them and indicators that show when the dome is locked on to satellite or if there is a fault. I'll post exactly what I find Saturday. I have no reason to embellish my findings and I'll be the first to admit that I'm wrong.
Mile High 05/11/16 04:37pm Technology Corner
RE: Winnebago Products windsheild cracking

There must have been an issue before, because that was a big selling point on my 2013. They gave me a whole presentation on how the windshield is mounted the same as a new auto with the glass floating and glue on the side. I don't know when the redesign occurred. I heard Tiffen had a similar issue, but came up with a different fix.
Mile High 05/11/16 03:50pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: King Dome to Trav'ler

Wow, that's terse. Usually help is a bit more... um, how should I put it... helpful. Anyway... I've been thinking of getting the same unit. When you say "control cable" do you mean the coax or something else? I've looked over the SK-1000 manual and there's no mention of a "control cable". ya, Winegard isn't real clear in their manuals, but its the cable illustrated here between the antenna on the roof and the interface box inside. http://pic100.picturetrail.com/VOL1523/6528899/12657597/412487469.jpg My King Dome has similar and appears to be a 6 conductor which is why I posted the question. I know the ends of the cable aren't the same, but if the wire size is the same and number of conductors, there is no reason I couldn't use what is already routed to the roof instead of the mess of pulling new cable. http://pic100.picturetrail.com/VOL1523/6528899/12657597/412487473.jpg If I'm wrong I'm wrong, but worth a try.
Mile High 05/11/16 03:45pm Technology Corner
RE: Ultra Vent Covers

Ah, good catch Sandia Man, I didn't see that in the video.
Mile High 05/11/16 03:09pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: King Dome to Trav'ler

The control cable is a 6-wire 10(ish) gauge cable. Exactly - which I believe is also what King uses, given the control cable on the dome has 6 conductors in the plug, 2 of which are connected to 12v and ground that I would need to disconnect down below). All I'm trying to do is salvage the cable and I can add anyone's plug to the cable as long as the size is the same (10-ish as you put it). The King Dome does not have ANY wiring that is compatible with the Winegard Trav'ler's control cable and that is indisputable. If I'm successful I'll post pictures when I get done so you can educate yourself outside of your Winegard box (of course you would have to temporarily unblock me). Not sure what the heck is wrong with Mile High but I guess selling and installing the Winegard products for 12 years and then spending another 2 1/2 years training RV techs throughout the Western US has forced me to respond to someone who was looking for an answer he didn't ask. And you also have seemed to cop the same attitude most satellite tech people have, including Dish and DirecTV, where your intake is plugged and exhaust comes out both the top and bottom!
Mile High 05/11/16 03:05pm Technology Corner
RE: Ultra Vent Covers

I put two of them over our Fantastic vents and wouldn't get rid of them. The vents are rarely closed now, even in the rain. And everything on the fan stays cleaner too. BTW I tried all the others before the Max 2 Did you try that Ultra Breeze?
Mile High 05/11/16 11:30am Class A Motorhomes
Ultra Vent Covers

I've never used vent covers before, but this rig came with the Maxair II covers. I'm trying to like them, but other then they are white and I would have preferred black, they seem to really cut down the flow over what I'm used to without them. Before I toss them in favor of the Fantastik Ultra as shown in this video, any testimonials out there for them? Ultra test
Mile High 05/11/16 10:46am Class A Motorhomes
RE: King Dome to Trav'ler

Sorry that you don't like getting the correct answer as quickly as you did. The answer was accurate and indisputable. No matter where you get the control cable from, using anything other than the Winegard designated control cable will void your warranty. What you do from there is really of no consequence to me. hahahaha - a warranty worrier! Thanks for giving me the actual shallow basis for your accurate and indisputable answer! I don't remember saying anything about giving a "Rats" about a warranty on a 4 year old antenna that is warranted for 2 years. I also don't recall worrying about if anything I did was of "consequence" to you either! :) Now if anyone has an actual technical answer - I'm open.
Mile High 05/11/16 10:04am Technology Corner
RE: King Dome to Trav'ler

Given the "control cable included with the Trav'ler" is still in the 5th wheel I sold, I guess I'm already in "exception" space before I even asked :) I found one on Amazon, so I'm at least in "or equivalent" space.
Mile High 05/10/16 08:42am Technology Corner
RE: King Dome to Trav'ler

They do not. Please read my last post. :C Oh I did, it just sounded kind of snippy! I prefer to understand the basis rather than get talked down to. In fact, I pretty much do what I want, without exception!
Mile High 05/10/16 07:53am Technology Corner
RE: King Dome to Trav'ler

You will need to install the control cable included with the Trav'ler. No exceptions. What do you mean "no exceptions"? Does that mean if I find the King cable and Winegard cable have the same number of conductors I can't splice it in?
Mile High 05/09/16 09:54pm Technology Corner
King Dome to Trav'ler

Our Meridian came with a King Dome and I was intrigued with the ability to have in motion video, but it turns out its a stationary (9704) dome AND it has a technical issue that is going to cost to repair. I think I'm going to replace it with the SK-1000 dish trav'ler we removed from our 5th wheel and just go with our Hopper/Joey system. Question is - will the King Dome control cable serve the Trav'ler? or do I need to pull new control cable?
Mile High 05/09/16 11:24am Technology Corner
RE: Inverter usage while underway

Out of curiosity, why are you doing all of this when you have a dual power refer that can run on propane? You're really wasting a lot of money and energy for a system that's going to be problematic with just one battery. There is ABSOLUTELY nothing unsafe about running your refer on propane while driving.....that's what it was designed to do. X3
Mile High 05/02/16 09:29pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: towed vehicle choce

I tow a TJ 4 down. I even towed it behind our 5th wheel. Does great, but I would rather tow our Expedition if I could. I don't see where that is going to happen.
Mile High 05/02/16 04:30pm Class A Motorhomes
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