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RE: Any one pulling a small pop up with a small truck?

Double post, sorry
NanciL 05/03/17 09:35am Folding Trailers
RE: Any one pulling a small pop up with a small truck?

I towed my '79 Starcraft PU with an '87 Mazda pickup for a good number of years. I had a canopy on that truck and we were usually filled up pretty good and had two daughters in the jump seats in the cab. We didn't have any trouble. Drove all the way to Banff and then to Yellowstone and lots of places in between. We kept up with traffic and I don't remember ever holding traffic back to any extent. I did NOT like coming down the big hills though, almost no engine braking. We ended up selling the Mazda because the girls were getting big and they needed more space. Yes, you can do it. A larger engine would be nice but you can pull a small PU with a 4 cylinder. Thank you Jack L
NanciL 05/03/17 09:34am Folding Trailers
Talk to me ablout small pick up trucks

I want to get rid of my 2014 humongous Dodge Ram pick up and get a baby pick up that both my wife and I can drive. I want zero bells and whistles and as little electronics as possible Here are my specs: - I don't want a fob to start it - a plain old key - It has to be a 4 x 4 (we live in the mountains) - I want a back seat - it can be four or six cylinder - I want the cheapest stripped model that I can find Who has what and is happy with it? Jack L
NanciL 05/02/17 05:03pm Around the Campfire
This snow bird is late heading home

We are leaving Thursday and making three stops on the way home and should be up in the high country of NC late Sunday. Anyone else leaving now ? Jack L
NanciL 05/02/17 12:07pm Snowbirds
RE: T T Decision Time

We bought a new (last year 2016), 37 foot Forest River and I would never buy another. Thank goodness we have it on a permanent site and will never be towing it. My guess is it would fall apart after several hundred miles. Their workmanship is atrocious. I have fixed most of the stuff myself but we have had seven pipes come apart at the connections at seven different times. The tech said every one of them was under stress due to the way they were installed, and two of them were installed over the frame and then the trailer was installed on top of them. When we first got it on site the bathroom door wouldn't close because it was hitting the door frame at the bottom. I gentle pulled the frame out to see how far up it needed glue. It came out all the way to the latch striker plate, so I removed the two screws holding the plate. The whole side piece fell down, and it was holding the overhead piece up which also fell down. Every single bottom shelf in the entire trailer had no support in the back and collapsed if weight was put on them. I could go on with a list that would fill several pages (defective water pump, valves and more) This is our third trailer and each one has been larger than the first, so I am very familiar with the various features. We were caught up in the floor plan which is exactly what we wanted and should have paid more attention to the construction and quality. Good luck on your decision Jack L
NanciL 05/02/17 11:52am Travel Trailers
RE: Medicare Supplemental Insurance

ALL of the Medicare Supplement Plans are standardized and vary only by the premium amount.What is a premium range for these plans? It goes according to you age and it raises each year. I am 81 and mine is $1800 for the year. That is for 100 percent coverage with a $ 150 per year deductable. My wife is 79 and hers is $1600 But if you search around each year for the ones that are in your state, you can change and get the one with lowest cost. As someone said above the coverage is governed by the Feds, so with it you can't go wrong. A few years ago when it made its annual jump we changed insurers to a lower cost one and it went back $ 200. I think since we both started with it we have been able to keep it quite low by bouncing back and forth between three or four insurers jack L
NanciL 05/02/17 04:30am RV Lifestyle
RE: Came out of coma

I have been married for 59 years and I honestly wouldn't have known what the "W" meant ! Jack L
NanciL 05/01/17 04:31am Around the Campfire
RE: Taken all the steps to prevent sway. Still swaying. Help!

Right away I picked up: "I am loading the trailer with as much of the weight low and forward" That could be your problem. Your trailer should be balanced with most of the weight over the wheels, (not forward). Once you are hooked up to your truck, stand back and see if it is level on the same plane as your truck. If it is down at the front, that is probably your problem. Good luck Jack L
NanciL 05/01/17 04:20am Travel Trailers
RE: Problem with new trailer, or is it the grandson?

This is a classic example of the widespread problem in society today. Boys will be boys, yes, absolutely. They will try stuff if they think they can get away with it. I got many a whack to the butt when I was a boy. And I learned discipline, manners and respect because my parents taught it to me. However, discipline and parenting skills are the whole root of the problem. Kids today are not taught to respect other people or their property. When a child is allowed to run amok as a general guideline they will see nothing wrong with climbing on someone's new RV. No respect has been taught. Pretty simple solution here. Take the child aside, teach him this is wrong. The swat on the behind and a short lecture should be all that's required, if the parents have any discipline habits with their son. This factor is an unknown. Too many people want to ignore the real problem, parenting and discipline, and blame the ladder for being there to climb. Why make the ladder inaccessible? Just teach the child not to do it! This is all too common today. They want to legislate everything and prevent people from a wide myriad of things instead of allowing common sense, cause and effect, action and consequences and the like, to prevail. X's two and perfectly worded ! Jack L
NanciL 04/30/17 08:08am Travel Trailers
Any one pulling a small pop up with a small truck?

I am wondering if it is doable with a 4 cylinder or if would have to be six? Jack L
NanciL 04/30/17 08:04am Folding Trailers
RE: Canadian Geese family

Great picture and video. Thanks for sharing! They mate for life as many other birds do Jack L
NanciL 04/30/17 04:50am Around the Campfire
RE: Camping with teen on crutches

I would seek out a lake with a campground on it that has a good place for launching a kayak, and then either rent him or buy him a sit on top kayak(easy to get in and out of), or a tandem canoe. Make sure he has and wears a good PFD. Jack L
NanciL 04/30/17 04:43am General RVing Issues
RE: Be Perpared to Pay if you want to Play

Pay 3 or 4 thousand dollars cash for a used pop up, the way many of us started, and then when and if you can afford it later on move up. In my estimation any one who finances "toys" is making a big mistake! Jack L
NanciL 04/30/17 04:33am Beginning RVing
RE: Problem with new trailer, or is it the grandson?

What his mom did should take care of it. If he was my son I would have done the same thing that she did. Jack L
NanciL 04/30/17 04:21am Travel Trailers
RE: Skirting

I just finished skirting mine, but I am in the Florida Keys and don't need insulation, so I just used treated 2" x 4"s for the framing and plastic lattice for the facing. It is a bear to get it level. I also put in three hinged doors made out of the same, (good storage under the trailer) If I was up north, I would frame it with treated 2" x 4"s, 16 " on center and then use either aluminum or plastic solid panels. Then use rolled fiberglass insulation on the inside. It would have to made so no critters could get on the inside, since cats and raccoons will pull down the insulation, unless you cover that with OSB which will be costly and a pain I made up my framing first and then fastened it, by drilling pilot holes in the bottom member for 60 penny spikes to be driven into the ground ever few feet. Then I screwed self tapping screws through the top member into the bottom of the curved aluminum trim on the sides, the bottom of the rear bumper and across the bottom of the front trim behind the tongue. I drilled pilot holes through the member, and then tiny pilot holes in the metal. After they were installed, I finished the face using screws through it to the members. Jack L
NanciL 04/08/17 02:11pm Travel Trailers
RE: Overflow In Fresh Water Tank

I had the same thing and it was a defective check valve in the water pump, allowing the water to flow back from your city water pipes. jack L In my case, since I don't use the fresh water tank, I disconnected the outgoing pipe from the water pump and installed a valve in it and then just keep the valve off. Since the trailer is still under warrantee, I brought the water pump into the dealer and told them the check valve in it was defective. Naturally they said they had no means to test it and would have to send it back to Forest river. Two weeks later they called and I now have a brand new replacement, that I will probably never hook up. Jck L
NanciL 04/08/17 09:54am General RVing Issues
Replacing the propane piping question

I just bought a small older model trailer that has copper tubing running from the regulator to a two burner stove and then to a fitting for an outside stove, and I would like to replace it all including the regulator with flexible tubing. How hard a job is it ? I have done lots of water piping (both threaded and glued), but never gas. Jack L
NanciL 04/08/17 09:10am Travel Trailers
RE: Overflow In Fresh Water Tank

I had the same thing and it was a defective check valve in the water pump, allowing the water to flow back from your city water pipes. jack L
NanciL 04/08/17 03:25am General RVing Issues
Tire pressure question

On a 12 inch tire if the sidewall has stamped "inflate to 80PSI -cold", do you go that high or lower ? Jack L
NanciL 04/07/17 04:55pm Travel Trailers
RE: Any salt water marine biologists here ?

OP: Did you hear back yet? I am interested to find out what they are. Jack L
NanciL 04/06/17 07:17am Around the Campfire
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