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I just added a 50 amp supply to my trailer

We have a brand new 40 foot long Forest River trailer that only has a thirty amp 120 volt supply. It has a 15,000 BTU AC unit and a residential refrigerator. Three different times the 30 amp breaker would pop and I couldn't quite figure out why Then after doing some figuring I found out that if the AC unit came on at the exact same time the refrigerator's compressor came on and at the same time the electric water heater was on. the In-rush current was way over the limit of the 30 amp breaker, (they all could run together if they had come on at different times, but not all at once) With that said; I Left the 30 amp supply and panel completely alone but added a 100 amp 220 volt panel and new 50 amp cord and plug. I changed the main 100 amp 2 p0le breaker out to a 50 amp one. Then I disconnected the air conditioning feed cable from the 30 amp panel and rerouted it via a junction box to a new 20 amp single pole breaker in the new panel. I now have the problem solved and have plenty of capacity for a future washer and dryer if I want. Total cost for the entire project materials was less than $150 and the panel even came with a 2 pole 30 amp breaker, (think clothes dryer) and two 20 amp single pole breakers. If they can't get it right at the factory we need to do it ourselves ! jackL
NanciL 02/04/17 04:13am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: 1950's Nostalgia

Memories: I graduated from high school in 1954. My first car was a beat up 49 Chevy convertible. All four tires on it were snow tires, and I used to drive into a gas station to check the brake fluid rather then get gas. I had Bermuda bells in it and every time I would pass some cute little teeny bopper I would clang the bell. I remember driving around Boston Christmas Eve with the top down in a near blizzard with a gang of friends singing Christmas carols. I remember snuggling up with my now wife (married 59 years this coming July) at the drive in theater. I never did go there to watch the movie On the old land line; I remember listening in to one of the other three parties conversations until my father would yell at me That chutes and ladders game was during our kids era I better stop, the nostalgia is getting too much ! jack L
NanciL 02/02/17 05:28pm Around the Campfire
RE: Question about stabilizing 40' trailer with cement clocks

I just finished doing the exact same thing to our new 40 footer. What I did after I had the frame on the piers was to use a Camco stabilizer jack under each shakle of each wheel axel. that will keep the axels exactly in the same place and then just forget about the wheels. As the tires lose air pressure over time, they will have no affect on the rest of your system. Once my warrantee is off the trailer, I will probably leave the slides out permanently and block them also jack L
NanciL 02/02/17 03:57am Travel Trailers
RE: Home Base for Winter or Summer

My wife and I, (retired for a while now), have our home in the North Carolina Mountains at elevation 3200 feet, and we summer there from mid April to October. Then we winter in our RV on our own lot in in a RV/condominium Park Key Largo, FL from October to April. As far as we are concerned it doesn't get any better then that! Jack L
NanciL 02/01/17 09:52am Snowbirds
RE: Where to go for wildlife photography?

My wife and I plan and do our own canoe and kayak trips into the wilderness, and one place that we would love to get to would be the Galapagos. It is on our bucket list, and you might want to do that, or a trip down the Amazon, or The Great Barrier Reef in Australia If you want wildlife, check out the Anhinga Trail in the Everglades National Park. jack L
NanciL 02/01/17 09:42am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Our Lemon Forest River just squeezed some more juice

I'm just wondering. Did you energize all systems before signing on the line and paying for it? I see to many people complain when in fact its on them as they didn't check it all out before paying. That's when the dealer is paying the most attention as they can small the money, but you have just one more question. Regarding the broken pipe, did you use a restrictor on your garden hose to limit water pressure? Full house pressure can rupture plastic pipe. FR is a good brand but quality control today on everything isn't good. So perhaps one slipped through. Its up to the consumer to fully check everything out today, not believe the seller before buying anything. Just my 2c Really people have a right to complain when they find flaws in their units and as loudly as they want regardless of what level of PDI they performed. The units aren't sold with "Some Assembly Required" stickers. They're sold as complete and functioning so that's what should be delivered to the dealer's lot. I understand stuff happens. It's a man made item so things will slip through the cracks and parts fail. However, the dealer and the end user really should not be the quality control department for the manufacturer. We have to change our way of thinking because that way of thinking really that just contributes to the delinquency of the industry. Thank you ! My thinking exactly! We pay 40 K for a new vehicle and fully expect that all will be perfect unless we get a recall. Yet many above have paid good money for their "new" RV and are completely willing to accept all kinds of broken fixtures, cabinets and other items. My warning was for newbies that are looking at 2017 Forest Rivers Jack L
NanciL 01/31/17 01:43pm Travel Trailers
RE: dust off and dewinterize your RV's........

And all this time I thought summer was here for the past five months ! Jack L (from sunny Key Largo, FL)
NanciL 01/31/17 04:04am General RVing Issues
RE: Why hardly any posts?

It could be because every time some one asks a question or gives a heads up on some item, there are people just waiting to give them a nasty remark or make fun of them, so they don't post any more. I know I am leery to because of that. Jack L
NanciL 01/30/17 02:22pm Snowbirds
RE: Our Lemon Forest River just squeezed some more juice

So have you towed it the 3 miles back to the dealer? :) Hi, most likely not. Three miles is much farther than a keyboard to complain on. :S I guess you can't read very well! If you looked at my answer you would have noted that I was warning new buyers to beware. It seems a shame when someone is trying to warn fellow RVr's and then one like you has to post a snide remark. jack L
NanciL 01/30/17 03:20am Travel Trailers
Question on Lippert motorized components

Has any one here used their slides, stabilizers, tongue jack, or awning with out having your battery connected. I am interested to know if they will operate with just the RV plugged into AC voltage I have an e-mail off to them asking them, but thought I might get some input from people who have them Jack L
NanciL 01/28/17 03:08am General RVing Issues
RE: Our Lemon Forest River just squeezed some more juice

In states where lemon laws apply to RVs as well as passenger vehicles, the laws normally only extend to motorhomes. Sometimes the law only applies to the motorized sections of the vehicles. Trailers are normally left out in the cold. I haven't followed the story closely, but, if you haven't done so already, send the trailer back to the dealer to have them resolve all issues. Request that they perform a thorough inspection on the trailer to find other potential problems. You never know where these things will lead so make sure you're following the warranty repair process correctly and documenting everything. When was the last time you sent a trailer back to the dealers to have him inspect everything to find "potential problems" You are dreaming ! jack l
NanciL 01/26/17 12:49pm Travel Trailers
RE: Half of my outlets not working

Have you checked the ground fault breakers on one of the outlets? Usually in the kitchen or bathroom. Don't forget the breakers in the electrical center. Yeah, I tried both of those. Could it possible be fuses? They are on opposite sides of the camper though. No, it wouldn't be fuses. Your outlets are 120 volts and protected by circuit breakers. Did you reset your ground fault receptacle ? 1. Hopefully you know that when a breaker trips it doesn't go all the way off. If not go back to the breakers and make sure to turn each one off, (completely) and then back on and then see if those outlets are not hot again. 2. If you are still in the same boat test every one of the breakers as follows: with the breaker turned on, put one lead of a test meter on the lug of the breaker that has the black wire on it and at the same time put the other lead of the meter on the neutral bus, (the silver bar with the white wires) - You should get a 120 volts. If not, you have a defective breaker and it needs to be replaced. 3. If all your breakers test good, you either have a broken/lose wire/bad receptacle on one of them or in between, and you need to do a bunch more trouble shooting. If you can't do it yourself, it is time to call an electrician Jack L
NanciL 01/26/17 12:42pm Travel Trailers
RE: Stock market hits all time high today !

On paper only. It doesn't mean spit until you can turn it into cash. My hunch is it is a short-lived jump and will go back to normal levels when all the election bruhaha dies down. It might not mean "spit to you" but if you had a proper 401 K when you were in the work force, like we did and then turned it into an IRA on retirement and then took your "MRD" amount out each year when it was at a high, you could live very happy off your social security each year and still see the balance stay up higher than when you first retired. Naturally this goes along with being debt free ! jack L
NanciL 01/26/17 03:41am Around the Campfire
RE: Our Lemon Forest River just squeezed some more juice

So have you towed it the 3 miles back to the dealer? If I towed it back and forth to the dealers every time something breaks or doesn't work, or a shelf falls down, I would be living on the street. I am posting here to alert other people that are looking at Forest River made trailers to be ready for trouble. Jack L
NanciL 01/26/17 03:26am Travel Trailers
Our Lemon Forest River just squeezed some more juice

I have been replying to various posts here with people asking about Forest River's quality and warning them how bad our brand new Wildwood is and once again last evening I heard water gushing out from under the trailer and I have another broken or disconnected water pipe. For what it is worth, we have only towed this trailer three miles from the dealer to our RV site. We bought it brand new in October. Is there such a thing as a Lemon Law for travel trailers ? Jack L
NanciL 01/24/17 03:28am Travel Trailers
Any body have a Flagstaff pop up ?

We are thinking of looking at a used one, (age unknown) and are wondering if anyone would care to tell us anything they can about their quality. Years ago we had a Coleman Taos and are wondering if the quality is about the same? What should we look for in particular that could be wrong with it? Jack L
NanciL 01/24/17 03:08am Folding Trailers
RE: Deck idea for seasonal site.

What Byrogie above says is the best and only way to go. I just finished a deck and stairs using those concrete blocks that are specifically made to receive a 4" x 4" and cross pieces of 2" stuff. It is as solid as a rock. I have had many comments from other lot owners that want me to help them build one similar. jack L
NanciL 01/23/17 05:20pm General RVing Issues
Any reason to keep the battery ?

We have a new trailer that we will be keeping permanently on our RV site and never moving it. We will just use it for snow birding six months each year. Is there any reason for maintaining and keeping the battery? I realize that if we lost the AC voltage for some reason it would be handy, but we wouldn't be staying in it for any length of time if that happened. I am mainly thinkin of April when we leave and head north, to just disconnect it and forget about it. jack L
NanciL 01/23/17 04:41am General RVing Issues
RE: Glass to metal seal on window

If it was me, I would use "Lexel" it is clear and comes in a tube like caulking, but cost twice as much. Clean the area first with alcohol Follow the directions on the tube, and keep mineral spirits and a rag handy for clean up But first practice on some old glass, etc. It can be very messy if you put too much on. jack L
NanciL 01/23/17 04:06am General RVing Issues
RE: A question for you electricians

With all the good answers I got here, it turns out I won't need to connect my number six wires in a junction box. I found out that I can locate my new load center close enough to them to just terminate them on the main breaker and busses in it. But thanks again to everyone for the new knowledge I learned. Jack L
NanciL 01/23/17 03:22am Around the Campfire
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