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RE: Short cut winterizing

I have the same forecast here, except the low is supposed to be 21. I am going to pump the pink stuff through. It only takes a little over a gallon and ten minutes of time I never use an air compressor . It is a waste of time Jack L
NanciL 04/14/14 03:47am Travel Trailers
RE: Putting Kayaks on a truck roof

Yakama makes what is called "Landing Pads" and they have towers and bars for them. They also have a toggle bolt like thing (forgot what it is called)that you mount the landing pads directly to your roof and the under part stays between the outer roof and the headliner, I have that set up on my 2006 Ford F-150 and I just installed it on my new 2014 Dodge. You need to install them as close to the side solid supports as possible, and you might need to drop the head liner to make sure you won't drill into any air bag, (I had to do that on my new Dodge) I also have a set on my fiberglass top. (on both trucks) They are mounted directly through the top with a large round nut on the under part. All of the above are water tight, etc. The first hole you drill hurts the worst ! I carry two 18 foot long sea kayaks, and a 17 foot canoe all at the same time. Just got back from a 2000 mile trip with them on the new dodge, and every other year I did the same with the Ford
NanciL 04/08/14 02:58am Travel Trailers
RE: I am looking for a certain PEX piping connector

Thanks everyone That "Flair it" is just what I am looking for. I need other fittings too, but couldn't find that one. Now I know what to ask for Jack L
NanciL 04/07/14 04:41am Tech Issues
RE: Stabilizer question UPDATE

I read him your response, Old-Biscuit, and he said that is what he was doing. He said any pressure on the stabilizer jacks at all caused them to fold up. I wasn't very clear in my post I guess. Husband has been towing boats and trailers for more than 30 years, I just let him do all the work and I read the forums and ask questions. lol. Pressure on the stabilizers should not cause them to "fold up". they are made to stabilize and there should be enough pressure on each to do just that without folding up. Something must be wrong with them Jack L
NanciL 04/07/14 04:29am Travel Trailers
RE: I am looking for a certain PEX piping connector

There are many Pex Fittings and Connectors available. Thanks, that last one looks like what I am looking for except, I don't need it as an elbow, so I am sure they must have it as a straight connector. jack L
NanciL 04/06/14 05:23pm Tech Issues
I am looking for a certain PEX piping connector

I need a connector for 1/2 " PEX piping that one end will be female threads to connect to an existing male threaded nipple, and the other end to be the easy connector to PEX pipe, (not compression. Does such a fitting exist? I just spent a long time on line looking, and couldn't find any thing like it Jack L
NanciL 04/06/14 03:30pm Tech Issues
RE: Water heater check valve question

Well I got the guts out after much anguish, using a drill with various bits, tiny needle nose pliars, forceps, and a paint can opener. The white plastic valve and stem broke loose and came out, and the spring is in the tank. Hopefully there are no other parts that might float, and the spring will live happily ever after at the bottom of the tank. My plan now is to put a female thread PEX connector to the male threads of the check valve housing. Then add a shutoff valve to that. I'll also have to put an elbow before the shutoff , since I don't think I have the space to put it right after the initial connection. Since I live so far from any place that sells the fittings and PEX, it will be a while before I get it all back together, but when I do and it hopefully all works good, I'll report back. Jack L
NanciL 04/05/14 01:26pm Tech Issues
RE: Stuck in the Mud

My four wheel drive saved the day for me yesterday. Just arrived home from snow birding, and I have to back the TT up an incline, and from all the rain and snow, one side of the trailer sunk about six or eight inches into the ground. The 4 x4 saved the day Jack L
NanciL 04/05/14 01:13pm General RVing Issues
RE: Teflon tape - - - well, of course !!

I don't leave home without it. It is a must when you have metal threads against metal threads Jack L
NanciL 04/05/14 01:07pm Beginning RVing
RE: Adding a photo to a post

It's not that hard. You 1st need to join Photobucket.com Load your pics onto Photobucket You need to make sure they're in a 640x480 format. When posting a pic on here (and this is just me) you need to click on the Reply To Topic spot that's located at the bottom and top of the page on the left hand side. Next find the pic in Photobucket you want. Open it up and on the right hand side of the pic will be a box. It will say 'Links to share this photo'. Left click in the IMG box. A brief image saying 'copied' will appear then disappear. Now go back to the box where you are replying and copy and paste it there. I don't use the little image box that's above the reply box. I used to, but this works well for me. Keep trying, once you get the hang of it it's pretty simple. Many thanks, Jack L
NanciL 04/05/14 03:56am General RVing Issues
RE: Water heater check valve question

Any one else want to chime in ? Do I or don't I try to break/pull the darn thing out? jack L
NanciL 04/04/14 05:11pm Tech Issues
RE: Adding a photo to a post

No offense, but that's why there are sticky posts: it saves rehashing the same questions over and over. And gives a set place for the answers to common questions. No offense, but I am not good at all this computer jargon I'll just forget about adding the picture and live happily ever after. If someone asks me a question, and I know the answer I'll gladly be polite and answer them. jack L
NanciL 04/04/14 05:05pm General RVing Issues
RE: Adding a photo to a post

Forum Tech support. Sticky post. It sure would be nice if someone here could explain how to do it, unless it is too complicated. It is a simple digital phot that I would like to attach to a post Jack L
NanciL 04/04/14 02:04pm General RVing Issues
Adding a photo to a post

How do I attach a photo to a post ? Jack L
NanciL 04/04/14 01:23pm General RVing Issues
Water heater check valve question

A while ago I asked a question in regards to a noise I had in my water heater, and the general concensus was it was the check valve. Now I want to remove it and replace it with a valve. My problem is getting it out. In my estimation the factory did a horrendous job in installing it and had a system that couldn't be taken apart with out cutting the pex. I thought I was going to break the whole water heater getting the connector from the check valve to the pex off, since they just used a pressure connecter from the pex to the end of the check valve connector, but I finally was able to turn it and get it off. Now I cannot budge the check valve from where it connects to the water heater. When I look into it, I can see what looks like a white nylon ring, and I am wondering if I can some how get some small needle noise pliars on and pull it out. I am afraid if I try to punch it into the water heater, I will end up with loose parts that might clog up the pipes at a later date. Any suggestions on either how to get it unscrewed from the water heater or removing the guts so I can just install my new connector and valve? Jack L
NanciL 04/04/14 01:03pm Tech Issues
RE: Sadly selling our TT this Saturday....

There is life after children. When our children, (all eight of them) were young we always went tent camping. As they got older and into the sports, bands and other high school interests, that went the way of all good things. Then one by one they graduated from college, got married and have their own families. After the last one left, we bought a small pop up and realized how much fun we were having so graduated to a 19 foot trailer. Now we have a 25 footer, snow bird in Florida and use it a few times here and there in the summer, and I think this is now the best times of our lives as much as we did enjoy raising a bunch of wonderful children. jack L
NanciL 04/04/14 04:48am RV Lifestyle
RE: New guy, not sure which tow vehicle to choose

For what it is worth: I had been towing a 25 foot, 5000 pound trailer loaded with another 500 or so pounds with a Ford F150( 5.4L 8 cylinders) with a cap completely filled with another 500 pounds, with two kayaks and a canoe on the roof I just upgraded to the new Dodge Ram Hemi 5.7L (with "tow haul") and just completed a 6000 mile trip with all the same weight and equipment and it tows with much less strain and better over the steep NC mountains plus I am getting 2MPG better Jack L
NanciL 04/04/14 04:35am Beginning RVing
RE: What is this tube??

It looks like the fresh water fill that has never been hooked up ??? Jack L
NanciL 04/04/14 04:21am Travel Trailers
RE: Newbie to towing with question

You won't be a happy camper Never pay any attention to what the vehicle specs say it can tow Jack L
NanciL 04/04/14 04:17am Travel Trailers
RE: Atwood gas water heater water connection question

I am pretty sure the check valve on my hot water outlet has gone bad and want to replace it, but it appears that the pex pipe is connected to it with a banded pressure fitting. I would like to change it out myself, but don't want to buy a special tool Questions: 1. If I change it, would it be better to just install a shut off valve rather than the check valve, since I already have two shutoff valves for winterizing and that is all the check valve is used for? Yes you can do that and that's how RV's used to be plumbed in the past - with multiple valves. 2. Are there fittings available for the pex so I could just cut off the pressed fitting and replace it with wrench or hand tightened ones ? Yes, you can remove the barbed fitting you have now and just install either a sharkbite that's threaded or a traditional fitting. Guy Thanks, Guy
NanciL 04/01/14 10:17am Tech Issues
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