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RE: E-Z Lube Axles

I would like to hear of one instance where someone had to replace a bearing or had a failure because all they used was the EZ lube method. In all my years here on RV.net, I have never heard of one Jack L
NanciL 06/08/14 07:27am General RVing Issues
RE: From Pa. to the Florida Keys

We always use New Green Acres in South Carolina. It is right off I-95. They have large pull through sites, and full hook ups Jack L
NanciL 06/08/14 05:21am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Minimalist married to clutter bug.

Simple : If you are still in love with her as much as you were on the day you got married, let her take all she wants. jack L
NanciL 06/08/14 05:15am RV Lifestyle
RE: E-Z Lube Axles

I love my EZ-lube axels ! Who ever says it does not save time and money has evidently never used them. I am on my second trailer with them, and grease them once a year. Saving time: I just jack each wheel and then squirt the grease in until the old stuff comes out. Saving money: one tube of grease will do more than four wheels: All I can say is HOGWASH I have used them and have even done a fairly good analysis and documentation of exactly what is involved ... something I doubt you have done. Just do a search on "E-Z Lube" and my username in posts over 12mo old to see my detailed posts and how these E-Z Lube hubs work and what is involved in using them properly. Unfortunately all the detailed pics I took aren't there since they were hosted on Webshots before that system was abandoned and I haven't seen a need to redo them in photobucket. I just peaked at my prior posts on this and I guess one clarification is that back in 2010 or so when I did my analysis I came up with about 1/3 of a tube per hub so it will take upwards of 2 tubes so I embellished the amount somewhat in my last post. I'm not one to adhere to the once a year inspection, but more along the line of around 3 to 4 years and a good hand pack of the bearings with a good quality Moly fortified grease doesn't require any additions like using the E-Z Lube option so THERE IS NO TIME SAVINGS and because of all the additional needed grease to fill the hub cavity is simply wasted grease AND WASTED MONEY .... Thus I content the FACT IS THERE IS NO TIME OR $$$$ SAVINGS in using the E-Z Lube option on our trailers ... end of story:p When and if I ever have a bearing failure, I'll come back and tell you, but the first trailer was five years old when I traded it, and this one is now six years old FWIW I owned my last trailer from 1982 to 2007 and now this one from 2007 and in those 32 years have done all my wheel bearing maintenance and have also never had a bearing failure. Jack L All I can say is I am glad you corrected yourself on the quantity of grease that you conveniently told wrong. and I'll gladly stick to my much easier and quicker method. Do you use that "hog wash" to clean your bearings too ! Cheers, Jack L
NanciL 06/06/14 06:50am General RVing Issues
RE: E-Z Lube Axles

I love my EZ-lube axels ! Who ever says it does not save time and money has evidently never used them. I am on my second trailer with them, and grease them once a year. Saving time: I just jack each wheel and then squirt the grease in until the old stuff comes out. Saving money: one tube of grease will do more than four wheels: When and if I ever have a bearing failure, I'll come back and tell you, but the first trailer was five years old when I traded it, and this one is now six years old Jack L
NanciL 06/06/14 04:13am General RVing Issues
RE: leaving house empty

if you have someone winterize home make sure they will be responsible for any freeze damage. our plumber said he wouldn't do dish washer or wasing machine-guess what dish washer didn't survive have to have repairmen come fix watwr valve & drain we did run machine w/water off & poured rv antifreeze in draain still froze haven't tried washing machine almost afraid to.we have done this 2 years & no problem till this year. we do turn heat completrlt off as i can't stomach 3-400 gas bill That is very odd. Our dishwasher is a Kenmore and our Washing Machine is a GE, and I know for a fact that they freeze and thaw constantly throughout the winter months while we are snow birding, but yet we never have had any damage in the past twelve years that we have been snow birding. We live in the high country of NC and this past winter broke all kinds of records for below zero weather, yet when we came home everything worked fine Jack L
NanciL 06/05/14 03:30am Snowbirds
RE: Have you removed your roof antennas?

Yes, I removed ours three or four years ago, just because of that and also because we don't use it. Jack L
NanciL 06/05/14 03:11am Travel Trailers
RE: Candles in RV?

We may be in the minority, but we burn candles like this real often. http://www.ourhns.com/12000s/12832.jpg width=300 If you are in a minority, we are in it with you. Our evening ritual prior to supper is some cheese and crackers or equal with a glass of wine. The candle going on the dinette table, with some good quiet music in the back ground while we rehash the fun we had during the day. The only difference is we use a three wick candle. If others frown upon it, that is their problem! Jack L
NanciL 06/04/14 02:14pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Removing the shake... suggestions?

I use home made wooden boxes under my stabilizers. The wider the stabilizers are spread, the less shake you will have. Jack L
NanciL 06/03/14 03:20pm Travel Trailers
RE: Back from our trip to St. John, USVI

We love Maho Bay - the echo tent cabins We have stayed there several times and kayaked just about the entire Island Jack L
NanciL 06/03/14 04:16am Around the Campfire
RE: leaving house empty

We have left ours empty for the past twelve years for four months every winter, and never have had a problem. I drain the water system, including the water heater and put pink stuff in all the traps and toilet. I shut off all the non essential circuit breakers We shut off the refrig, but leave the freezer turned on. I have asked one of my neighbors if they should happen to see a tree over on the house during their daily walk to give us a call. We live in the high country of NC where many days it is below zero, and I know that the sumps in the washing machine and dishwasher must freeze and thaw, but it never has hurt them Life is short ! go and don't worry about it Jack L
NanciL 06/03/14 04:11am Snowbirds
RE: Best AWD/4WD SUV around $30,000 or less

On the Subaru Forester AWD does it have an optional manual selector for the AWD instead of depending on the automatic sensors,modules? And, does it have a high and low gear ratio for the AWD? I love my 4x4 GMC Envoy, but it's no longer offerred (they quit making it in 2009). No it doesn't have a manual selector. Mine has a low if I am driving up a super steep rutted rocky driveway like I have, but if I am backing up it, I just keep it in reverse. Not sure on the transmission, but since I have had it, I have never felt it down shift or up shift, and that includes steep mountain tracks I am older then dirt, and have had Chevy, Fords, and dodges as well as jeeps, (all 4x4's) and right now with 12,000 miles on it, I absolutely love it. Time will tell though Jack L
NanciL 05/29/14 02:17pm Around the Campfire
RE: Best AWD/4WD SUV around $30,000 or less

For what it is worth: We had a 6 cyl. Ford Escape, and last fall decided to buy another one. When we priced it we were absolutely amazed at how much more expensive it was then similar vehicles. We never have had a Subaru, but heard good things about them, so we took a look and the Forester was $10,000 cheaper then the Escape. Where we live in the NC high country I absolutely must have a 4x4 and the Subaru people gave us one to try out. I have had true 4 X4 trucks and cars for the past forty years, and the Forester AWD is as good as any of my trucks and jeeps. We ended up getting a 2014 Forester and as of now it gets the best mileage of any vehicle I have ever owned. We just completed two round trips from NC to Mass and it averaged 32.3 MPG. I did another trip from NC to Virginia carrying a canoe on the roof and averaged 30. With my 6 cyl. Escape, I could never use the cruise control in the mountains. With the Forester's new transmission I can use it wherever I want to, and you never feel any shifting. Time will tell, but right now with 12,000 miles on it we really like it, and my oldest daughter is going to trade her CRV for a Forester Jack L
NanciL 05/28/14 02:50pm Around the Campfire
RE: Traveling with the propane on.

I don't and I won't I found there is no need to. Our refrig will keep things nice and cold until we are at our next camp site. My manual advises against it, and I'll go with that Jack L
NanciL 05/28/14 04:36am Travel Trailers
RE: Conflicting info on levelling with stabilizing jacks or not.

Never use the stabilizers to level a trailer. You are liable to bend the frame of the trailer. Get a couple of packages of the orange or yellow plastic blocks and use them as needed. I also made up four wooden boxes, that I put under my stabilizers. The more the stabilizers are spread out, the more stable your trailer will be Jack L
NanciL 05/27/14 04:49pm General RVing Issues
RE: extra water line?

Are you sure it is not a low point drain? Jack L
NanciL 05/27/14 04:40pm Travel Trailers
RE: Towing Help at freeway speeds - new owner

Too much trailer, not enough truck. I tow my camper with a Frontier ( nearly identical to a Tacoma ), and my camper is a lot lighter than yours. At right around 4000 pounds worth of total ready to camp weight, it's a good match. Much more, and it would not be. Never, ever believe what a salesman tells you. Ever. You need to do your own homework, so that when a salesman is speaking, you can just nod your head, and say.....hmmmm....yeah.....ok..... I agree Jack L
NanciL 05/26/14 02:28pm Travel Trailers
RE: My smoke dectector doesn't like bacon!

I keep the batteries out of mine. They constantly went off. Hopefully we never have a fire in the middle of the night Jack L
NanciL 05/24/14 06:11am RV Lifestyle
Don't use Bristol Sink basket strainers

I replaced the two basket strainers today in the kitchen sink and I will never use ones made by Bristal again. It took me longer to get the shrink wrap that seemed to be glued to them off then it did to do the whole job, and some of it on the underside would not come off at all. Then I had to reuse the large rubber washers that came with the original ones, since they didn't include them. I got this at Campers World, and if I hadn't already opened them up, I would have returned them. Jack L
NanciL 05/23/14 02:28pm Tech Issues
RE: For those who hate to mow the grass..

Love it ! Where do I get one ? Then I can get some tats on my arms and join the Hells angels lawn mowing club. jack L
NanciL 05/22/14 04:25pm Around the Campfire
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