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RE: Lake camping in Florida

Myakka River SP Good heavens ! Myakka river SP has more alligators than any place we have ever been, and we have been to hundreds of lakes and rivers in Florida. jack L
NanciL 03/30/18 08:59am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Why is that ?

Every time someone posts with a question abut a person, place or thing, the first five or six responses will give all kinds of useless advice, but never answer the simple question that was asked ? Jack L I used to tell my wife "Every" is a big word. It's like "all" or "none" or "never" or "always". I've started a lot of threads that got some good answers within the first five or six responses. It helps to ask you question clearly and a good title helps, too. A title like "Why is it?" doesn't attract as many posters with the necessary information to share. That is why I used "that" instead of "it" Notice, the word with two letters more than "it" now has seven pages jack L
NanciL 03/30/18 04:37am General RVing Issues
RE: Why is that ?

Stick to kayaking or by a new one I'm getting a Epic 18 carbon fiber since my QCC 700 is so old and beat up. Where are you from -Williamstown, Adams, North Adams, Savoy ? My old childhood stomping grounds. Jack L
NanciL 03/29/18 12:08pm General RVing Issues
RE: Outside Shower

We have a new 2018 Forest River trailer that has an outside shower. We have been snow birding in the trailer for the past six months and I still haven't even unlocked it's compartment to see it. We have no use for it and will never use it. When I see where it is located I think the designer must have been out of his mind. You would have to stand with your legs straddling the sewer hose. Not only that, but the 50 amp cable entrance is right there also. Jack L
NanciL 03/28/18 08:24am Travel Trailers
RE: Should they fix it?

What's the point of them, in any case? Just cosmetic to help keep the water from leaving dirt tracks down the side of the RV? I can't see that not having them would help prevents leaks or anything... They are specifically placed to drip on you when you are breaking camp and are getting into the pass through or putting up the rear stabilizer. Or they will let you know which side of your trailer is low when you have the AC on Jack L
NanciL 03/25/18 08:29am Travel Trailers
RE: Dometic thermostat temp change

We have a new trailer with the Dometic digital one, and it works perfect on both air and heat. I am guessing yours must be defective jack L
NanciL 03/25/18 03:26am Travel Trailers
RE: Stupidity at its finest

I don't know about double towing with cars, but just about every day here in the Florida Keys, we see a truck towing a fifth wheel with a boat on a trailer behind it A friend of ours snowbirds here and comes from Wisconsin every year towing a fifth wheel with his motor boat on a trailer behind it. Might want to be careful before you say that it is "stupid" ! Jack L
NanciL 03/24/18 09:43am General RVing Issues
RE: Should they fix it?

I can't visualize putting on or taking a cover off a trailer without harming the extended rain gutter. My guess is the dealer will blame you. I would fix it myself. If you don't fix it or get it fixed, you'll have stains coming down that corner of your new trailer Jack L
NanciL 03/23/18 01:34pm Travel Trailers
RE: Question on auto antifreeze ?

Vegetable oil works just fine. I've been doing vegetable oil over the seal for years in trailers. Even after sitting for months I've never came back to something that looks like gear oil. The oil does go rancid, but I don't don't plan on cooking with it. After months of sitting you get a bit of a rancid smell if you stick your nose in the bowl, but the odor isn't strong enough to foul up the rest of the trailer. Never said it would look like "gear oil". However, when vegy oil breaks down over time it LEAVES A STICKY RESIDUE behind on any surface it touched. While YOU may think that is fine and good, it WILL build up and eventually can cause the blade to stick and dislodge the seal, or cause other "stuff" to stick and not clear the seal.. Use oils at your own risk, it won't be me needing to replace parts on my toilet.. If you don't understand the issue with vegy oils, then perhaps you need to go check out what happens at restaurants that use friers.. Granted, the oil there gets airborn via heat but every surface that the airborn oil lands on gets a coating of near impossible to remove greasy build up.. Takes a lot of hard work to cleanup vegy oils residue.. Imagine scrubbing that greasy build up out of your toilet blade and seal (yuck)!!! I can't figure out why it is so "important" to put ANYTHING in the toilet bowl while not in use or in storage.. I have been allowing mine to dryout over the last 18 yrs and those toilets have NEVER developed leaking issues with the seals. The RV toilet manufacturers SHIP the toilets with no liquids, those toilets sit for long periods of time in warehouses which often are not climate controlled before being installed in a RV.. Trailer manufacturers ship the trailers with the toilet bowl empty and these trailers often sit on dealers lots for months to even a year or so with EMPTY BOWLS.. RV toilets are not the same as home toilets, the blade/seal take place of the "trap" in a home toilet.. Home toilets MUST have water in the bowl in order to fill the trap and prevent sewer gasses from getting into the home.. RV toilets, no water needed for a trap. Do yourself a favor, just leave the bowl empty when storing.. You are wrong ! Read the manual. They are supposed to have a cover of water over the blade to complete the seal. If that dries out you are subject to sewer gas Jack L
NanciL 03/22/18 04:50pm Travel Trailers
RE: Waiting for the other shoe to drop

Back a few years ago, you were going to take a long extended trip or something like that and were looking for ideas. We never heard the results. Is the house taking a back seat to that, or is that still on the horizon ? Jack L
NanciL 03/22/18 09:36am Around the Campfire
RE: Wood blocks, storage and jack

At a campground it makes quite a bit of difference on stability if your tongue block is up on a good size block. I made a square one out of treated 2" x 10"s with a 3/4" top. and spray painted it black. At home when it is in storage, I just use a some scrap lumber to keep the plate off the ground. I also have smaller boxes that I made for each stabilizer, also painted black. When I am traveling I just put them in the back of the truck. At home I store them in the garage. Once a year I clean them and repaint them. They have served me well through two trailers. Jack L
NanciL 03/22/18 09:25am Travel Trailers
RE: Why is that ?

Now I know why that is, but need to know when it will stop ? Jack L
NanciL 03/21/18 01:41pm General RVing Issues
RE: flordia snow birds heading north

No way are we leaving paradise now when we can go out in 77 degree water in a natural Jacuzzi in the middle of the mangroves with a natural sand bottom and a crystal clear tide flowing through. Maybe April 18 if we feel like it. Jack L
NanciL 03/20/18 03:45pm Snowbirds
RE: De winterize ?

I don't quite understand your problem if your lines are still full of antifreeze ! Just leave the antifreeze as is and when you get to the campground, hookup tp the water and run it through the system which will purge the lines of the antifreeze. Then if it is cold there, turn on your heat. No one blows out their lines once they have antifreeze in them. You let the fresh water clear them. Jack L
NanciL 03/20/18 04:10am Travel Trailers
Why is that ?

Every time someone posts with a question abut a person, place or thing, the first five or six responses will give all kinds of useless advice, but never answer the simple question that was asked ? Jack L
NanciL 03/19/18 05:12pm General RVing Issues
RE: Question on auto antifreeze ?

Prestone will not hurt the toilet. I actually use some mineral oil from the hardware store. Thanks, I am glad someone answered the question I asked ! Jack L
NanciL 03/19/18 02:29pm Travel Trailers
RE: Everyone is getting old.

Not "everyone" and not me at 82 or my beautiful wife of 80. Just yesterday we paddled our sea kayaks 17 miles way off shore in the Florida Keys. We launched from "Tea table Relief" paddled west passing Lignumvitae Key, The three Peterson Keys, The Buchanan Keys and then to Barnes Key. We circled Barnes where we passed by and over many Lemon, Bonnett Head and Nurse Sharks before returning On the way back in shallows just a foot or so deep, we passed over 5 beautiful Cushion sea stars and a weird looking Doctor Suiss creature called a Sea Cucumber all of who we picked up and took pictures and then gently put them back. life is good as long as we wake up each morning and take advantage of what the day has to offer. jack L
NanciL 03/19/18 04:33am Around the Campfire
RE: Problem with waxing our new trailer

Yep you can’t wax the lower portion. It won’t weather. I haven’t waxed the textued portion since 07 on mine and it looks good. I do wax the rest of the trailer at least once a year. Twice if I have time! Thanks, I kind of figured that, but wandered what people with the same did. I can tell by some of the answers above that they don't have a clue about the material I have. I'll follow in your foot steps! Jack L
NanciL 03/19/18 04:06am Travel Trailers
RE: Do you prefer to "CampOUT" or "Socialize"

We snow bird for two reasons. One is naturally to get away from the cold and snow, and the other is for our favorite hobby which is exploring by kayak or canoe or paddle board. We have neighbors on both sides and across the street and know many people in the park all of whom we are friendly with and will stop and talk with, but as far as socializing, we are usually too tired at the end of the day, so after our glass of wine or Margarita, we keep away from the bingo, pot luck diners, etc , etc Some people seem to crave the social scene, but we just crave each other and are very happy in our ways On other occasions when we are camping for a week or two, we will say hello to the neighbors, but generally keep to ourselves Jack L
NanciL 03/17/18 04:32pm General RVing Issues
RE: Tools

As a very minimum: two pairs of adjustable pliars (for water connections), vice grips, a screw driver that has a variety of tips including the star ones and the square head ones, a diagonal cutter, (wire cutter) and a adjustable wrench. I bring whole work shop full, but the above is good for starters. Jack L
NanciL 03/17/18 03:25am General RVing Issues
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