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RE: Kitchen Faucet leak.. What if???

I would do exactly what you are thinking of doing. Man that was a stupid design from the factory! Jack L
NanciL 03/20/16 04:32am Tech Issues
RE: How do I remove my AC/heating thermostat cover

pull foward from the top down Thanks, Ours gave us fits all day yesterday, and would go on and off, and we had to keep lowering the temp setting. Today it is working fine, (as it is supposed to) the next time it screws up, I'll try it that way Jack L
NanciL 03/18/16 04:29pm Travel Trailers
RE: Palms

I'm growing palms in little pots. Does that count. I have eighteen Christmas palms that we grew from the little inch in diameter nuts/seeds. They now are about seven inches tall and many have two fronds. We are bringing them home as Florida souviners for our children and and grandchildren. They can repot them as they grow, put them outdoors in the summer and when they reach the ceiling cut them up for fire wood. Jack L
NanciL 03/18/16 08:50am Snowbirds
RE: Any hints on releasing the TT tongue from the ball???

Simple solution that works for me. I never had a problem with my first trailer, but with my second one I had the exact same problem. Prior to raising it to take it off, just remove the safety pin and the large pin that holds the hitch to the receiver. Then as you raise it, this allows the hitch to slide back enough to release the pressure that is holding it and it will come right off. I always leave one of the safety chains attached to the TV, until it is up and off the ball, and then I chock it and remove the safety chain. Guy Same here. I got that idea from here about three or four years ago, and now I do it every time and it works perfectly. Jack L
NanciL 03/18/16 08:38am Travel Trailers
RE: First trip south for winter.

If you want warm weather every day you need to go to the Keys. Plain and simple, no matter what anyone else tells you. Even then there will be some days that you'll need a coat Jack L
NanciL 03/17/16 04:46am Snowbirds
RE: Collier Seminole SP. and Koresean SP improvements

Jack is wrong. New utilities (W&E) to sites. Interior roads regraded. As of yesterday, they are about 60% done with new gravel on all sites. Restroom bldg not yet done but anticipated to be finished by mid April. Jack says "CS is no farther along then it was a year ago." A year ago the campground was open at this time and no improvements had even been started. Hyperbole at best. I certainly would agree that FL does not have its act together as it respects construction planning for this park. It was two years ago that the park stopped taking reservations because "construction would start anytime now" and they didn't want to cancel folk's reservations. So it was first come, first serve. And so it has been a bit over 2 yrs since this park has taken reservations and it has been completely closed for camping since late summer 2015. While to snowbirds, it might seem strange that the campground would be closed during the snowbird season, there are people who come to FL at other times as well and the native FL population gets to use the public and private cgs, restaurants etc. during the summertime when the state otherwise empties out. OK, my first statement should have read, "they should have been finished a year ago, and they should be ashamed for dragging their feet as they have been doing" Hope that will make you feel a little better. jack L
NanciL 03/09/16 02:40pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Stephen Foster Folk Culture Center state park Fla

We love Stephen Foster Folk Cultural SP, and stay there every October for the annual Suwannee River Canoe race that we do. It is a beautiful well kept park with a laid back atmosphere. The museum will take you back in time with neat diaramas (spell)of the various songs that Stephen foster wrote. With that said, the park itself is a nice place for a walk, but if you are looking for some longer distance biking, you might be disappointed. It is fun to bike around the park. If you are into canoeing or kayaking there is an outfitter right there in town where you can rent canoes or kayaks and arrange a shuttle jack L
NanciL 03/08/16 04:39am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Forest river heritage glen 272RL

Coincidently, we were just in our brand new Forest River Heritage Glen 36BHBS which is still at the dealers today taking measurements and looking at the quality. We right now are in a 2007 Pioneer 25 footer which we bought new and never had any problems Most if not all of the appliances are pretty much standard in almost ever make trailer, except this new one has a full size house refrigerator I was comparing the construction of supporting frames for the various dinette benches and cabinets with our Pioneer, and the wood in the Forest River was much thicker and better put together. The drawer slides are much better. I have built two houses from the ground up and realize that the trailer manufacturers have to make things as light as possible therefore cannot make them like a stick built house, but I was quite impressed when I compared it with my Pioneer, and some other brands. Naturally only time will tell. But it appears to me I made the right decision, and hopefully you did too. jack L
NanciL 03/07/16 11:40am Travel Trailers
RE: Collier Seminole SP. and Koresean SP improvements

Collier Seminole is no farther along then it was a year ago. They cut down a bunch of trees. The are attempting to build a new rest room building (several years under construction now) a lot of grading, and that is it. If I was a Florida resident, I would be questioning where the kick backs are going ??? Jack L
NanciL 03/06/16 06:42pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Florida Keys @ Christmas 2016

Some thoughts: We live in the NC mountains and have wintered in the Florida Keys for many years Our distance is just about the same as yours to get to Key Largo which is the first of the Keys. We take two days to get there and naturally two to get back. The Keys are great for only four things: 1. Warm weather in the winter 2. Kayaking or other forms of boating 3. Fishing 4. Drinking and partying We are hard core kayakers and explorers so we winter there for numbers 1 and 2 If you are expecting beaches like you have along the NC coast or any others along the Atlantic don't waste your time. Even Bahia Honda which has the best beach in the Keys is a zero compared to those along the east and west coasts of Florida or NC. Key West (the tourist trap) is good for a once in a life time day trip unless you enjoy NO.4 There are a few places like the "Dolphin Research Center" where you can pay an arm and a leg to get in the water with one, but I have yet to figure out what kind of research they do accept collect money from tourists. Jack L
NanciL 03/06/16 04:24am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: RV Insurance for my new Keystone Bullet Travel Trailer

You didn't say what type insurance they were quoting. I am guessing that it might be full coverage including hurricane loss jack L
NanciL 03/04/16 05:06pm General RVing Issues
RE: Forest River Surveyor vs The Field

If they want 27K for it, you can probably get it for under 20. I just bought a new Forest river 36 footer, and paid 23 K for it after bickering back and forth. It was listed up in the 30's. jack L
NanciL 03/03/16 05:41am Travel Trailers
RE: Florida Keys in May

Boyds is a nice park and very convenient to Key West but keep in mind that it is in close proximity to the Naval Air Station so if the jet noise will be bothersome to you maybe another park would be better. Completely agree ! We winter in the Keys and are hard core kayakers, and I wouldn't want to be in any rv park or condo south of Cudjo Key. The noise from the navy jets on Boca Chica is deafening almost all day long every day. For the past three days we have been launching at Geiger Key, and every time they go over we can't even hear each other talking. Not sure about May, but I know it is continuous from October through March. Jack L
NanciL 03/02/16 04:19am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Converting from 30 Amp to 50 amp ?

Your buying a new 50 amp cord. Just run a 50 amp cord and barker box and keep 30 amp cord as is. if park has 50 amp plug is will have 30 amp. Please don't do what (it appears to me that) this is suggesting. You should never ever have two inlet cords connected together; you must have some sort of a transfer switch arrangement that positively eliminates any possibility of one cord being energized from the other when one is plugged in. If you have the 30A and 50A cords both connected to the same main breaker (or some similar arrangement), the unplugged end of the cord not in use will be hot and be a shock hazard. If both are plugged into a power box and the phases happen to be right, you can get a dead short between the two legs through the cords; in that case, one very much hopes that the breakers for the power post are working properly! It would be safe, though rather unnecessarily complicated in my opinion, to have a 30A circuit off of the 50A panel feeding a 30A receptacle to plug the 30A shore power cord into, somewhat like how some RVs hook up a generator with a socket to plug the shore cord into. In this case, the 50A panel and circuits would be completely separated from the 30A panel and circuits aside from plugging into the new 30A receptacle. Don't worry; I dismissed that the minute I read it ! jack L
NanciL 02/28/16 04:59am General RVing Issues
RE: Converting from 30 Amp to 50 amp ?

Every state park I have stayed in in the past five years has 50 and 30 amp pedestals. I am putting this trailer on a permanent site that has 50, so that is not my concern jack L Well of course - that's your hard earned tax dollars at work in state parks... :W Not many private CGs like that. Wish they had memberships in state parks, they're typically very nice. If you are going to have 50 amps on a permanent site, then it makes sense to replace the old 30 amp panel with a new 50/60 amp 120/240 volt one in the same location. Pretty straightforward, esp. with a background in electrical work (same here). Depending on the panel location, may be a challenge to route the 50 amp cable to the new power inlet (or mouse hole). Not sure if a 2nd 30 amp panel would be any easier in the overall and could depend on your specific unit. Can't think of anything tricky in upgrading the panel. Make sure the neutral is not bonded to ground and that the ground to the frame is good. May want to balance the loads between each leg of the 120/240 volts? If following the NEC (art. 551) it specifies a power inlet to be on the left side within 15' of the rear, or on the rear (within 18" of left side). But you are allowed to install it farther away if the power cord is longer. So it looks like you could install the inlet anywhere you want if it makes it easier to get the new #6 cable to the new panel. art. 551 - interesting reading for those into electrical stuff... FWIW, in most cases, it is possible to run branch circuit wiring totally concealed. #14 & #12 romex can be run inside interior walls, dinette seating, under/around bathtub/shower, inside cabinetry, etc. and in the ceiling cavity. To run in the ceiling, remove speakers, AC trim, skylight bezel, lights, etc. for access points and use a fish tape to run from access point to access point. I've been able to run lots of wiring (romex, low voltage, coax) from the front of our unit to the rear all 100% concealed. Time consuming (and tricky in some spots) but can be done and makes for a better finished product. If an enclosed underbelly, can always run wiring there but it's a lot of work to re&re the coroplast. While in there, perhaps install a hard-wired EMS? Never thought of a hard wired EMS. That is a good point. I have a portable plug in one now at the pedestal and worry that it might walk! Jack L
NanciL 02/27/16 01:17pm General RVing Issues
RE: Converting from 30 Amp to 50 amp ?

Remove the 30 amp panel and insert 50 amp, tedious but not hard. New cord is easy, just money. The hard part is replacing the romex through hidden spaces from the cord entry to the electric panel. If you have access then it is a slam dunk. Why remove the 30 ? That would be stupid! All that is fed from that will just stay the exact same. The only thing that will change from it is, it's feed will be disconnected and it will now be sub fed from the new 50 amp panel If I removed the 30 amp panel, I would have to reconnect everything that is now fed from it to the new 50 amp one Jack L
NanciL 02/27/16 04:09am General RVing Issues
RE: Rockwood 2016 2906WS

So what did you pay for all of this. Just started shopping Jack L
NanciL 02/27/16 04:02am Travel Trailers
RE: Converting from 30 Amp to 50 amp ?

What is it that you want 50 amps for? A 2nd AC unit? More power for electric heat? If so, as mentioned above, a far simpler and cheaper method is installing a 20 amp power inlet on the side of your unit somewhere and plugging into the 20 amp recept. on the pedestal. You could even wire it up so that you can supply more than one load like AC & heating (a SPDT switch would be one way to do this). A 50 amp service may sound like a great idea but the 2014 NEC only requires 20 percent of an RV park to have 50 amp pedestals. Older editions of the NEC required far fewer - the '02 code for example only required 5 percent @ 50 amps. Unless you stay in a CG built after the 2014 edition, or at a CG/park where the owner went above min. code requirements, the chances of finding 50 amps can be slim to none in the high season. There will always be a 20 amp recept. by code. The NEC is way behind on the number of 50 amp RVs out there now. I've even seen a few high-end 50 amp MHs plugged into 30 amps with an adapter and then an extension cord hanging out a window and plugged into the 20 amp recept. Every state park I have stayed in in the past five years has 50 and 30 amp pedestals. I am putting this trailer on a permanent site that has 50, so that is not my concern jack L
NanciL 02/26/16 05:12pm General RVing Issues
RE: Converting from 30 Amp to 50 amp ?

What would it entail to convert from a 30 amp service to a 50 amp one? I am thinking just a new 50/60 amp panel, a new power cord, and then a 30 amp breaker and cord from the new panel to feed the existing one. Any thing else ? Jack L Several of us have converted our trailers to a dual 30A service doubling the OEM service at a fraction of the cost of a full 50A service. I considered going the 50A route, but the cost was extreme, I would have lost a lot of good 30A equip (original 30A detachable cord and spare 30A extension and all my 30A dogbones). You can see how and what I did along with costs and where I got the material in the album HERE I still have to watch what I use since the factory wiring still provides for the A/C, microwave, and WH which alone all would draw more than 30A just by themselves, but all me extra stuff (elec. space heaters, convection/toaster oven, coffee pot, etc. are now run off my second service). I also did not have to touch or modify any of the OEM 30A service to do this so it's 100% reversible. Larry You are missing what I am describing. I will only have one 50 amp service coming into the trailer to a new 60 amp panel. My 30 amp panel will now be fed from a 30 amp breaker in the new panel, which will keep that and all its secondary wiring to outlets, microwave and Ac unit the exact same. The only cost will be the new panel, and new 50 amp power cord. my labor is free jack L
NanciL 02/26/16 06:12am General RVing Issues
RE: Converting from 30 Amp to 50 amp ?

I guess I should have made myself more clearer. I would leave the 30 amp panel in the trailer just as it is, but disconnect its feed and remove my 30 amp cord. Then Install an additional 60 amp breaker panel with a 60 amp main breaker, and a new 50 amp power cord. I would sub feed the existing 30 amp panel from the new panel and then have additional breakers and capacity in the new panel to feed a washer and dryer, etc My background is electrical so I see no problems and I would do it all in accordance with the NEC, but I am wondering if there is anything I am forgetting jack L
NanciL 02/26/16 04:12am General RVing Issues
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