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RE: F650 as 5th wheel tow vehicle.

Lightning Driver, I would keep the 7.3 and do some power mods. I have a 99 7.3 and am towing a 40ft 14k trailer and do it with ease. I used a HFSB turbo kit from DP Tuner along with injectors, upgraded high pressure oil pump and a tuner with multiple settings. I also added a 4" turbo back exhaust, and improved the fuel system with new high pressure injector lines, air intake and other minor parts. It changes the truck dramatically, I can pull just about any grade at 60mph and exhaust temps under 1200 easily passing just about anyone I want anytime I want. I spent probably a total of 5k on the mods and it is extremely reliable. Towing I use 3 different tunes 20/40/60 hp depending on terrain and weight I am hauling to help keep exhaust temps down. Non towing I mostly use a modified stock tune and it drives like a gas powered truck I have to watch my lead foot as i find myself chirping the tires in 2nd and 3rd gear. I looked into all three major brands of new trucks and was thoroughly disappointed with the power and torque when I drove them. I am so happy I did not buy a new truck. Oh and I am towing with at 3.73 rear gear. Steve Steve What did you do the keep the transmission temp down? I have a 2002 7.3.
ORbiker 03/28/17 09:55pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Oregon Coast vacation

If you worry about it raining in Oregon; IT WILL. Have you been in Oregon at all? A loop is what I would do. Go north up 97 to Bend and then west on 20 to Sisters, Oregon and 22 to Salem to Lincoln City on 18. You could go North on Oregon 101 to Astoria, but that should be another trip. Most of the time it will be dry on the east side of the Cascades (Bend area). Heading south at Lincoln City could be your turn around point to head towards home via Oregon 101. South on 101 is far safer. The pull-outs on on the ocean side, but only a few are big enough for big rigs. If you let us know what you want to see and do, we might be able to help a bit more. I won't camp on the Oregon Coast after mid May. There is just too many tourists for me. I travel over there almost every week as it is for work (Florence to Lincoln City is my service route area).
ORbiker 03/25/17 12:05pm Roads and Routes
RE: Oregon "CARRY CHAINS" requirement ?

What they said. You must have chains or traction tires in or on your vehicle and they must be the right size for your vehicle and of sufficient number to comply with the Minimum Chain Requirements. TripCheck
ORbiker 03/22/17 11:36pm Roads and Routes
RE: F650 as 5th wheel tow vehicle.

At least, do a good 4" exhaust to let the truck breath as it's going up the hills.
ORbiker 03/20/17 11:10pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 32 foot TT to Crater Lake NP

May is likely too early this year. Going north on 101 is also not the best option. You might option going north on 97 from Weed to the junction of I90 into Seattle. Come back south on 101. Ditto There is over 10 feet of snow at Crater Lake today.
ORbiker 03/18/17 10:02pm Roads and Routes
RE: Running two 2000 watt generators in eco mode with AC on

When we had our pickup camper, it had a 12,000 BTU AC unit. I could run the AC unit with my 1 Honda 2000 IF I turned off the inverter breaker switch with no problem.
ORbiker 03/16/17 09:42pm Tech Issues
RE: Must reserve standing room for eclipse in Oregon

I had been thinking of just staying home and working, but the more I read maybe I should reconsider. The "TOTAL" path is so close. Here is a better web site MAP INFO to know what the time and % of totality. Depoe Bay, Oregon info. Time is in Zulu. 44° 48' 18.81" 44.80522° 1m 58.1s (total solar eclipse) 1m 59.8s (lunar limb corrected) Help 124° 04' 26.75" W -124.07410° Umbral depth : 91.06% Umbral depth : 4.4km (2.8mi) Path width : 99.0km (61.5mi) Obscuration : 100.00% Max Magnitude at maximum : 1.01201 Moon/Sun size ratio : 1.02638 Umbral vel. : 1.332km/s (2980 mph) Event (?T=68.8s) Date Time (UT) Alt Azi P V LC Start of partial eclipse (C1) : 2017/08/21 16:04:29.7 +26.9° 100.3° 284° 13.0 Start of total eclipse (C2) : 2017/08/21 17:15:54.6 +38.9° 115.5° 111° 06.9 -0.9s Maximum eclipse (MAX) : 2017/08/21 17:16:53.6 +39.1° 115.7° 016° 10.1 End of total eclipse (C3) : 2017/08/21 17:17:52.7 +39.3° 115.9° 280° 01.3 +0.8s End of partial eclipse (C4) : 2017/08/21 18:36:04.0 +50.3° 138.1° 107° 07.5
ORbiker 03/15/17 10:41pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Planning Yellowstone/Grand Canyon trip from VA

Hi everyone, I am planning my first ever long-haul camping trip with my new travel trailer. It would be during the summer of 18, and I'm considering taking 4 weeks off and doing a trek from Virginia to see (at least) the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone with my family. I am sure this forum has seen many of these sorts of posts. I have little clue as to how to start planning for such a thing. Any advice as to how/where to start would be greatly appreciated. :) Thanks, James What kind of RV will you be traveling in? Length? What are the age of your kids? Look on the YNP and find a campsite inside the park if you can fit.
ORbiker 03/13/17 09:36pm Roads and Routes
RE: Seattle to Utah via Route 20, Oregon

Good feedback. Since I am not in a hurry, scenic route would be nice, so now thinking 26 or 31/140 route into Nevada. Thanks much, great forum. When are you going? 26 or 31 would be the most relaxing when winter is gone.
ORbiker 03/05/17 07:39pm Roads and Routes
RE: Saving Money Tips

As you are reading the forum, some are putting this and that on their rigs. Don't get caught up in needing every little thing for your rig too. Like Passport America; there are other membership campgrounds. Sometimes, depending on your location they can be a great deal. We have RPI and used it so much it paid for itself in the first year.
ORbiker 02/26/17 10:21pm Beginning RVing
RE: 2017 F-350 DRW 0-60 testing

I'd be more impressed with a measurable improvement in fuel efficiency. They've all got enough power, now we need better mileage. You can't make that happen. A vehicle with the frontal area, and weighing the same amount as another will require the same amount of fuel or very close, to travel at the same speed going down the road. The efficiency and savings might be apparent if we looked at 2000 year HP and torque amounts like my 7.3 puts out, and compared a similar HP and torque engine nowadays. The new F150's tow as much as my F350 is rated for, a lighter frame, smaller engine, a specialized truck, unlike the workhorse I have. Sure they can. Just like they are more efficient now than 10 years ago, they will be much more efficient in the coming years. I like my 7.3 also. I have never timed what it would do in a 0 to 60, but pretty good. It's been chipped and only in the medium setting because I haven't stepped up to the bigger exhaust. My brother was like Tim the Tool Man Taylor. MORE POWER He had a 2000 Excursion with the 7.3. It would do 0 to 60 in probably 8 seconds with a large 3 place snowmobile enclosed trailer going up hill. It was a monster of a truck. The hundred dollar bill would still be on the dash, because you could not touch it. If the 7.3 had the 6 speed transmission, it would be very hard to beat.
ORbiker 02/18/17 10:17am Tow Vehicles
RE: What does 10 TRILLION gallons of water even equate to?

Here is who is doing the "prediction". Remember; he s a weather man. If he is wrong, it doesn't matter. He is just throwing a big number out there to get a little attention. NW Oregon and Washington areas can get 3.3" in one day. Here is some of what Ryan Maue said. It's difficult to calculate the amount of rainfall the entire state of California will have received by next week. But one weather expert has offered an estimate: 10 trillion gallons. Ryan Maue, a Georgia-based meteorologist for WeatherBell Analytics, used forecast data from the National Weather Service to predict that an average of 3.3 inches of rain will fall across the state from Feb. 15 to Feb. 22. "That's a very large number compared to previous winters and especially compared to the previous year," Maue said. Maue cautioned that the numbers include the entire area of the state and that some areas obviously will see more precipitation as storms move in.
ORbiker 02/18/17 09:39am General RVing Issues
RE: Crescent Lake, Deschutes Nat'l Forest

It's not boondocking, but close. Check out Waldo Lake . Been to Waldo Lake several times. It has to have the biggest mosquito population in the north Cascades. Horrible. It's a beautiful CG and even prettier lake. But the skeeters are terrible. My wife and I have canoed on it several times. The water is some of the clearest around. Alaska is the only place that has mosquitoes as bad as the Waldo Lake Area. But; if there is even a slight breeze, it is a fabulous place. It seems like the perfect place for the OP if conditions work out. Find a nice open spot where the wind will blow and be careful when going into the thicker woods. I have been chased by the mosquitoes and could not stop. You should see Waldo in the winter. So very peaceful.
ORbiker 02/14/17 08:55pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Crescent Lake, Deschutes Nat'l Forest

I'm betting you could camp in the snowpark parking lot if you couldn't find something better. I see people camping in the snowpark parking lot by Chemult all the time throughout the summer. I'd expect the snowpark at Crescent Junction is similar. You'd jst need to make sure they don't gate the lot in the summertime. Hay Don't tell everyone my secret stops.
ORbiker 02/14/17 08:40pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Washington/Oregon in July

I would stay at http://crownvillarvresort.com/ for a couple nights. Bend has a lot to see. Then I would head down to Diamond Lake RV park for a couple nights. It's only a 15 min drive to Crater Lake NP. At 63 to 84 dollars a night! Your kidding, RIGHT! Nope. Been there two times. There's none nicer in the Bend area. We like to golf and site see, as well as take in the fine restaurants in Bend. Cheaper than a motel. Contrary to what the web site shows there's more than just huge class A's. There's all kinds of RV's. On the flip side we camp a lot in FS CG's and with my Senior Agency pass I only pay $9.00 a night. Sorta evens out. After spending a week camping in the dirt taking Navy showers, it's nice to set up on pavers with full hookups. It is one of the nicest RV parks in Oregon. I've never stayed there, but my job sends me there to fix their washers and dryers in the beautiful laundry room. I've been going there for work for about 15 years. Prices keep going up, but it's full or close to full throughout the year. June 15th –Sept 15th $69 $74 $79 $99 fanciest
ORbiker 02/14/17 08:33pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Washington/Oregon in July

Will be heading to Canada (Banff) this July, then down to Vancouver before heading back to U.S. At present, plan on camping in Mt Vernon, then Sequim or Port Townsend (Olympic,N.P.), Mossy Rock and down to the Columbia River Gorge area. From there, we will head down to Bend, Oregon area (Crater Lake N.P. & other attractions). We have a 31' 5er and prefer FHU. Would appreciate recommendations for campgrounds in these areas from those of you who have traveled this northwest area. Thank you in advance for your advice. Would also appreciate recommendations for Kalispell, Montana and Boise, Idaho areas. Again, thank you. Are you skipping Rainier National Park?
ORbiker 02/13/17 10:02pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Washington/Oregon in July

LaPine and Collier Memorial State parks. LaPine for the Bend area, Collier for your visit to Crater Lake. Collier also has a nice logging museum worth a half day. Bend area has a lot to see and do, way too much to mention here. Be sure to make reservations. We will be there in middle loop in June/July, so stop be and say hi if you stay there. Don Do you host at LaPine SP every year?
ORbiker 02/13/17 09:56pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: What would you add to your RV experience?

All web sites that talk about the camp sites MUST post the length of each of the camp sights. If wifi is listed in the amenities, it MUST WORK at all sights.
ORbiker 02/13/17 09:17pm General RVing Issues
RE: Crescent Lake, Deschutes Nat'l Forest

It's not boondocking, but close. Check out Waldo Lake .
ORbiker 02/12/17 10:44pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Utah National Parks

Where are you from? Where have you been riding? I can flood you with ideas. Using the RV as basecamp can be nice, but can also slow you down. We did Idaho a few years ago. 2 different basecamps and 6 200+ mile loops. Live south of Seattle. We usually take 5 days, and go someplace dry. We have plans, but those are for changing. We have been thru southern British Columbia, Montana, Idaho, tip of Nevada, just a little bit on Nor-Cal, lots of Eastern Wa and Or. At this point we are covering the same ground, which is OK, because it is about the ride and the friends. Sometimes just point and shoot on the slab to get somewhere interesting, but we have been talking about a serious trip to Utah for a few years now. The impetus for this coming to life was one of the group retired and moved to SoCal. We are all high mileage types, but I am the only IBA member. Always open to cool places to ride. I will take a look at your ideas, most on that forum where you linked? Here is one of my Colorado Rides. We cut back into Utah in the latter part of the ride report. Great riding pics. Report http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8037/8025646747_43626086d3_b.jpg
ORbiker 02/12/17 10:16pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
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