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RE: Hitch clunking

The pads you are looking for were made by Curt. You can look on their website. I think they are called silencers. Thanks 12 Man Fan (figured you would be from Seattle). I found them on Amazon Prime $3.99, they are called CURT 5TH WHEEL SOUND DAMPENING PADS 16900. One review said they are worthless unless you have a 1/4" of play. I don't have any where near that. If I can't get them in I'll use them as a template on thinner material. I did the pads and it worked. It's much quieter.
ORbiker 06/23/16 09:49pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Sisters, OR to Boise, ID

We like 26, just came that way in April. We stay at Clyde Holiday State Park between Mt Vernon and John Day. Great spot to stay and tour the fossil beds etc. Dido Clyde Holiday State Park is a good stop and 26 is far more scenic then 20. Dayville, Oregon https://c7.staticflickr.com/8/7579/27279981846_25feb0d3c3_b.jpg
ORbiker 06/22/16 10:18pm Roads and Routes
RE: From Yellowstone to Eugene, OR

From Boise we've taken both 20 and 26 and enjoy 26 better for the drive and scenery. They're both o.k. for RVs though. When you get into Sisters definitely stay on 126 into Eugene. Don't be tempted to take 242 to 126. You won't like it in the RV. Steep. 126 into Eugene is a pretty drive following the river. Gypsies is correct. 26 is a bit steeper and curvier, but far more scenic. DO NOT take 242 out of Sisters. 35ft max total length. Coming down the pass after Sister; take it easy. It's a long ways down. After the second left onto 126; there is another pretty steep downhill run also. There is a city RV park in Sisters and Sisters is a nice place to visit. ParkCrown Villa RV in Bend is a very nice park.
ORbiker 06/20/16 10:40pm Roads and Routes
RE: First Trip Tips

Drive safe. Don't let the traffic push you. Pull over and let the faster traffic go by.
ORbiker 06/20/16 10:16pm Beginning RVing
RE: Garmin 660 LMT with BC 30 Back up Camera

The Garmin RV 660LMT 6" Touchscreen GPS and BC 30 Backup Camera Bundle is on sale at Costco. $399.99
ORbiker 06/17/16 06:46pm Technology Corner
RE: Yellowstone National Park, Buffalo Jams

ORbiker, where did you have to be in such a hurry that you didn't have the time to enjoy what the Parks have to offer? There should be a special place for people who drive as fast as they can to get through a Park so they can say they've "seen" the Park. "Seeing" a Park is not the same as experiencing it. We were in Yellowstone about 2 1/2 years ago in October and ran into three Bison jams in one afternoon. No one was in a hurry to get anywhere and, as far as I can tell, everyone enjoyed seeing a magnificent animal pretty close up. You don't know how I ride, so watch your comments. Sitting in traffic waiting for grass to grow or be eating is not really worth taking pictures of. Inside most of the national parks, I roll at at least 5 miles under the speed limit. I was in Yellowstone a few years ago with my wife and we saw bears because we were enjoying the scenery. We pulled over many time to wave on the traffic. And NO; I don't split traffic, but if it is stopped for construction I will go to the head of the line. I have ridden across the USA and up to Alaska. I rarely travel on the interstate and also rarely go more then 7 miles over the speed limit in Oregon (which is 55 MPH). I pride myself as a safe rider and have ridden on the street for 38 years. I have traveled somewhere around 400,000 miles on 3 Harley's and my current Victory XCT motorcycle (and none of those mile are riding to work). https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/dP0CGYZDfrZuv46UU3H9ePvXx8SLi6AsN8pAaDnSu-2hcsB9mL5oqgAQCu3hXQgtXoCUJgEcMLmEZ-Ce7wSItaQVDiW0rr-91xce3VV9WITwjBsiMbjISR3v2-Rs0g3V_RRcXr1VakZybTElTV7LiBVoC6nCZzOuny2mYjAxLzxbjderECndJnXgozqv7_DXXkKdqzZhf1BrqqOFabKaQy4ncZ0hhBDSSDdkKPjjfCoUWb91LDxHRMaMbpceOg7kI0NO9tre3pb7UkE-1ZghyBeIDyL_uCKgqEhg99uAnWgSzUWB-eQEtRh98f9cO4L8mBET5PeqeCcbaVXy4zUC5FmZfeytv3kBwRyJiPRu65ydfIPZKISImZT6sT1uKHZ4jAyzpVH2jCBGuqrU5u_AZhua2CY485NH0olx_lepq_nGMQKChIZeGWHyU2gEqaLCOL0tUwB3sarOfm1PyFxnRD2IyPsfXh-ZboyREwVrduiHntiST-yr_NEy8OquuAezYolJBVN3e_7tyGvC5CIqK5y0xhIN3sPWiz_uJ22w6X3CVLLyjc_pIbP78lcPbqZtMfKNC00tkoS7IhEtiMDMoxUPxbOKtKI=w1010-h757-no https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/1MzgEFD6ywyXEn0XKet9rKmSuRYMeYrPCBn8_Z897cT3fJownfZFW0DvidEwG_q1WdIy5VLToe546CmaYo30WJaidkUgnZvrE6EmzcPwTIEpPCIGZHgfAI_CurCPndXUAsJpwBtPvJKQP2_k4jfu2q8I0f4RGC3paoXY6_Zgvt3NRSc7KkMRFlYrMCS4QCQqe7xKtIMO6afKifM6xehBpkS3BVHG2Ne9_lXbX45f2gEHJq0pxV2XyuZM2kTiJYdI59izxdac6OJirCOFSVkqcJh-Beck3kgM03Nkrr4QOZ_hY_SGsuS7CMszT22TM5qTThTQNg7I4jfY7ExllKTxlKV4gPWg3CQeXYn7qwCI8a3Qm--QwNkx1hAgA9D8mSverr_GGa9pE3XnJO8LyFWPkgUrtrn_7kLMmDYFzTpuvzkXdniwNC7sEUoSI1X340pRs_6AW_u4MQVbwtF1I4fx3LL0jkLcN4e52kBBEKoKJB24juo9w0C28v8zdLHeciSqIq9dw89dVVNfvZi6hln2bbN6N8P5yIVTr19x9_e1a59eGA-uApWsjskZIJr3bAcJ7G_ObN5r1SkAcAt_Zo5dL5ExCKvvxBs=w947-h757-no Old Bike that went to AK and NYC https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/ZJkOmWIjMk1nrImlRY7lxeBURTCduU--KuZOk0claP8yauWg8Gm6ogBI7gC1N1slFSMbRGAAtbSrmZnbya-WMi8jZ3vhAz0Hy0qv3s8W25slmY3PJb6kup271kf3nas_V05JqWTiUq8nzWtDqA_li6xnyZbYiR6JAxNnh-HSIbDelcUFfLeAs7AHa5o7GmMo1v9k90xUjKvMAoX9ycdOiiL0-YGxXJSKF4LRtjC8hJQBqck0KAm8d4ubHwm5USFc95lrTB_Nb5-HDtDtoT35tEmsOLJNAKPMwomBZy9fLI-RvLfWNjWZ7vACFwp1jpmGWMVqw3CWsHsgRgCnRohqnInulEINPdO8SdD3rmN2mAK5zr8UETmSOsAFWPXkMdyBl2elZQGZDtFhXk9Gy4ZvMwQXbDLwztg9o96_52l_Ruo2JFUGZSj-JUQoJd3RoWDPrYGONj9R0GsU1Z6ITmSMDyVgX2s9n2EudCky3S8kfpu1kp_xujLQARmAO0Mlquz0XNFVyRGrn-KJh1DIEc359cnAHUHQ7XXeYgEy6XOVcd66se7QNHRxm5Vm6SAOd8B3440QBAdjd6YrJTTLBziQsZklW55-9PU=w1010-h757-no My hobby. Taking nice photos https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/LAFgkJxT0a_0IHy5JAXdtbXn6FYnC-dFCTzsRU53wfLdYl_fxENc_q5DRg8NYkdwg-DjeL2vKs8JeoiPXDVZv-q-IZ0YexTppBC0xC7kAQW-65qms1kRNC1TDRuZh1araMAuv6GcBee6cjkyBNlWcCTLA4ihV_h-ftTVB8MVy62LvXX9NGpib0FUfwucc63vJCGlCWbbgAiqp9cHsii2mDpic4n-4LJG0NbBKCoCdj97PLhjAT5JNwp3DVSkjIQUEAfDvreBA8xFYfGGCVM1gN9gwL-KpdkYP5AmGsFHjDZgmiuS7CHUEg5EP-wcyq5bcaMbHY3Ie5oL9OtTvHUZUIvh3ckhuXSmhKrw5Hz95DAP0_1Fj-iOpDWm1rPcGAtd8qG4I1mjgucsMaUNr0937nBLedqJpaXB9OMKE-xN271WLNCB7gvd4KbmoBEIozZbbxgzuJe4vGJExMFGjIoNlZ9e12jAWg7or3w4P5gIdakWnfQWyH0OVuEY86wuN50-yKF_Zf8C_8P1wXqBgP8B-DUVyofN8Q6rGW2ZYkG4Lfk_tra_FKVwAgRMGkQWQQOXS_y25EM5sSdM6IMoYZ70tdCcYDCz8-U=w1010-h757-no
ORbiker 06/16/16 06:14pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Yellowstone National Park, Buffalo Jams

Custer SP. They wouldn't move for 15 or 20 minutes. I moved to the head of the line on my Harley Bagger. The little one moved to the edge of the road and the bigger ones moved to the edges of the road facing away from the middle. I shot through the one lane gap and cracked the throttle and they all move away so the the herd of cars could go through.I had a super load air horn for back-up, plus speed. https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/8g5I_xfMi1KkD6Bk4hWf3X1tRVYshRnlk7UQ9kox_H88C2GjQYxgUDlf0JbA6P6F0Cxp6dlPKRV7yDh1RBtDNB5rXc89RVhCcAk4rcnoZsVjX5EU_NyWgEYSic25zsOd_ZtHwliNgUfegTlL1QwAkv1lQYHZtVLGTF6axMBzQ8QQH_CXPB4mOhdufgS1hKnBH8a42VeKp76D0Q6Jt4IeAsSY6hYdFEiVaiI8NsW3FFlJkMvWZXrX25xt7jBOHu7VIIzUraCU7I7iXGdlPV6zaCXBTlBNEVvAUodmcTKxoZ9QI_8z2IuidI4t1cMIUJ-bKIoVblazC5mr5DAKmUo3tPbEPbSC_WS3EuYrBiGqf0mHB8lcdBbtMtK4ityU-C99uLn_8p99oHESHOvVtCIroEj6odHkyvGxWIuX87T3OhmXf-RcfXVa-ZlN5ZfQBKwA2KfBsx2OVVugvz7j8k6qB3NZYynA-e8CyTTlb9nO-Y4jTUiQqct9vRwvBijKwr8I_BHNrFjK_suIEGVcN-_F2TyFShae8DMK3XQGSA77Rtqrw0JYrZsrZ6TnNWL6ErjTgf7Y1oUoGcrp-ZWQbkKRAAJ3gHJD180=w910-h681-no
ORbiker 06/15/16 08:34pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Has anything ever happened that wasn't the RV Park's fault

I fix coin washer and dryers for a living. Many of the customers are NOT smarter then the machines. Stupid is; as stupid does.
ORbiker 06/11/16 09:50pm General RVing Issues
RE: GoodSam vs AAA

My Good Sam is expiring. My insurance coverage has extensive RV towing / etc. on a special package. Last time a bought GS, I bought 3 years of the Standard coverage and banked the $45.00 from each year to cover the deference between the standard and the platinum. Buy as many years as you can at one time, because next time you need to buy it, IT WILL BE MORE.
ORbiker 06/11/16 08:57pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Camping on OR58 to OR97 South past K Falls to CA139 to Reno

Salmon Cr CG will be a nice quiet stop. It's been a long time since I pulled into the campground. I think #11 is one of the closes campsite to the falls. Down in Ca. is Willow Creek Campground on 139 and http://www.fs.usda.gov/recarea/modoc/recarea/?recid=71274 Lower Rush Creek Campground about 10 miles from Canby, CA on 139 also. I think both are free.
ORbiker 06/06/16 11:17pm Truck Campers
RE: What do you use for a BBQ?

I took my Davy Crockett GMG in the Memorial Week Trip this year. It did the chicken very well. I convertered the Furion Solar plug to a 12 V DC plug. https://c3.staticflickr.com/8/7371/26752139994_319d922c35_c.jpg https://c1.staticflickr.com/8/7327/27084081240_7309808f67_c.jpg
ORbiker 06/02/16 08:33pm Beginning RVing
RE: What did you do to your Toy Hauler today???

My wife and I are in NE Oregon. Here is the view from the deck. https://c3.staticflickr.com/8/7785/27284626466_ac5e37010c_c.jpg The deck with my wife. https://c4.staticflickr.com/8/7399/27317750795_6f868bdfe5_c.jpg And a nice rig on a nice site. https://c5.staticflickr.com/8/7372/26711112164_4b4297c515_c.jpg
ORbiker 05/30/16 07:06am Toy Haulers
RE: What did you do to your Toy Hauler today???

We packed the toyhauler so that we can leave in the morning. 1 week off work to relax and ride the Victory. The refrigerator handles a weeks worth of food easily. https://c1.staticflickr.com/8/7799/27019935360_e133cac846_c.jpg
ORbiker 05/27/16 08:14pm Toy Haulers
RE: What do you use for a BBQ?

I've had the charcoal and propane grills. I stepped up to the plate and got a Green Mountain Davy Crockett. It's not big, but it's not small either. It sure cooks good. https://c5.staticflickr.com/2/1510/25793177772_81c10ba56a_c.jpg This will be the first time it's going with us on a trip this coming long weekend to be a week. https://c1.staticflickr.com/8/7473/27125077816_d5d6ca95a0_c.jpg
ORbiker 05/24/16 07:38am Beginning RVing
RE: Looking for campground between Yosemite and Eureka - Updated

Gold Country up by Nevada City, Downieville and Sierra City are very interesting historic areas. Hwy 49 is curvy and beautiful. https://farm4.staticflickr.com/3756/14100080330_f58a56f43b_c.jpg
ORbiker 05/22/16 10:06pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Eternabond over uncured Dicor lap sealant

Just leave it and inspect next year. I agree. It will dry. It sounds like you have the eternabond doing most of the work anyway.
ORbiker 05/22/16 07:02pm Tech Issues
RE: Onan 6.5 generator surges , backfires, stalls

6.5NHEFA11579P Onan generator on our 2000 Damon Intruder , ford chassis. Generator surges, backfires, stalls . Replaced fuel filter , spark plugs , air filter , plug wires . Still the same Please help . Thanks Also when I hit the start button from dash or on generator there is a delay, like its laboring to turn over. Is it propane or gas? If gas and it will run. Try running some carburetor cleaner. Shoot some straight down the carb.
ORbiker 05/22/16 06:34pm Tech Issues
RE: What did you do to your Toy Hauler today???

I'm getting ready to have a week off from work. For the last 4 years and till I retire, I take the whole week off after Memorial Day. My wife and I are headed to NE Oregon and SE Washington to ride some scenic roads on the Victory. I loaded up the new Go Power 120W portable solar panel and the King Tailgater. Plus the Green Mountain Davy Crockett Grill. That and other stuff, didn't even put a dent in the basement storage. https://farm8.staticflickr.com/7357/27158228275_6939140def_c.jpg
ORbiker 05/22/16 05:56pm Toy Haulers
RE: Tailgater Satellite Dish

I purchased the King Tailgater at Cabela's on sale for $449. I had some gift cards for almost 2 years that helped with the payment. Tailgater
ORbiker 05/18/16 10:47pm Technology Corner
RE: Nitrogen /air in tires

I have my own nitrogen tank I got when my brother's motorcycle shop went out of business. Temperature has a lot to due with RV tires having issues. Nitrogen helps with that. In a pinch, use air.
ORbiker 05/15/16 07:45pm Travel Trailers
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