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RE: Igniting Oly-6 catalytic heater?

Running it on High for the first 10 minutes is recommended by the manual. I understand this is not for burning the dust, but for warming up the whole catalyst pad - it works better then. Dust should be kept away as much as possible. Quite a few catalyst pads in heaters of this type died prematurely of dust poisoning, and those pads are expensive. I kept the plastic bag it came in, and made a cover out if it. Always cover it when not in use, like during the day. No, I'm not mailing it to anybody :). It works well - perhaps too well for this climate zone. They should've added thermostat, cheap b.astards. I'll trade you for a Wave 3.
ORbiker 01/18/17 08:03pm Tech Issues
RE: So what are your plans for 2017?

That sounds like some good plans. Yellowstone is so beautiful and to be there and get paid will be the perfect plan. My wife and I are a few years from going full time, but want to do the workamp thing. What are you going to be doing in the park? I was a Crater Lake Ski Patroller for 12 years or so. The rangers that have been there a while know the secret, cool places to go. Talk to the seasoned backcountry rangers. Ride safe, KEN Glacier NP July 2015 https://c1.staticflickr.com/1/369/19780856845_c02270411b_b.jpg
ORbiker 01/18/17 07:52pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Igniting Oly-6 catalytic heater?

My bathroom fan lid I'm trying not to keep open when sleeping, unless it's totally calm. Westerly winds are sudden and fierce, and for some reason half the time they come in the night. Few hours before sunrise the outside temps drop a lot, can be 60 after sunset and 45 at dawn. Didn't have problems with Wave piezo lighter. Always starts from the first click. Maybe because it's a semi-permanent setup, the propane is always in the pipe. BBQ lighter is nice for making a bonfire to burn the garbage. Having a roof vent cover help rid all the worries of having the vents open. https://images4.campingworld.com/CampingWorld/images/products/1000/325x325/1733n-maxx.jpg
ORbiker 01/17/17 09:47pm Tech Issues
RE: Igniting Oly-6 catalytic heater?

Manual puzzles me. It says: 6. After initial ignition (i.e. when pilot ignites) keep control knob depressed for 45-60 seconds max.... 7. When ignition occurs, you will see small blue flames playing over the catalyst pad while it heats up. This flaming is normal during start-up".... 8. Turn control knob to High, etc, etc. Those flames don't seem to stop if you keep pressing the knob for longer. I didn't notice any difference in subsequent work of the heater whether I release the knob and turn it to High after the first "puff", or after 5 or 10 of them. I understand that these puff-puff flames are "normal" but something tells me that catalyst pad is designed to process the propane with no flames. Hence - the less you let those flames playing and burning the pad - the better. So... being mistrusting, I've opted to turn it High after the very 1st "puff". Any thoughts? Btw, I'm not thrilled with it. It is silent, yes. Sleeping with furnace on, one has to be either clinically deaf or really drunk. This Oly is silent. VERY easy on propane, too. Still I don't like it. It eats the oxygen up. So I let it please me :) after sunset when the desert cools down, until I go to bed, then shut it down. Better quality air and no waking up all sweaty - it's 50-60 in the night, and this thing has no thermostat, only 3 settings: High-Med-Low. Windows are open several times more than 24 sq.in. suggested by the manual. Oly is not "vented" but I doubt that venting would change the picture dramatically, given the existing inflow of fresh air. Usually after the first or second flame over you can switch over to high. After it's going you can turn it down to low or where ever to help regulate the heat. We had a Wave 3 in the pickup camper and during the winter up in the snow we would regulate the heat by how far the windows was open. If it was freezing outside, we had the windows cracked overnight and had the Wave 3 set on low most of the time.
ORbiker 01/16/17 08:46pm Tech Issues
RE: Around the Campfire - litterally!

Half the fun of having a camp fire is poking at it. I believe that this thing would male a smokey fire, because everything is laying parallel (equals no air). I fix washers and dryers for a living and the front load washer tubs are a nice stainless basket. https://c1.staticflickr.com/9/8560/29356977952_34f5a89bcf_b.jpg
ORbiker 01/14/17 08:36pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Alcan Hwy Alaska Cell service?

I don't know if it's still an extra charge in Canada, but years ago the charge was outrageous.
ORbiker 01/14/17 07:19pm Technology Corner
RE: Trip Planning and GPS Software

Mapsource is still available, but the new name is BaseCamp. Same program, just updated and renamed. Mapsource is so much more then BaseCamp ever will be. Basecamp is horrible. Garmin had a good thing for years, but focused on their security of the programs too much. I've had GPS's from Garmin since they first came out. I was in Lane County SAR here in Oregon for 10 years. Maps are great, but when you jump out into the thick woods of western Oregon it sure is nice to have plotted where the truck is, so that you can safely bring out the lost party and your team. Here is a screenshot of the laptop after a weeks riding the motorcycle in Eastern Oregon. The GPS tracks what I did and saves it. https://c1.staticflickr.com/4/3927/15211393220_f7fcdb4974_b.jpg
ORbiker 01/13/17 06:51pm Technology Corner
RE: Trip Planning and GPS Software

I agree Matt Doesn't Google Maps understand RV'ers would pay to use a good map program, instead of just free google map. I still use Garmin Mapsource to load my GPS for my motorcycle trips. It was expensive, but works. I will figure out my routes on google map and fine tune it, then plot it on mapsource. Then; connect the GPS to the computer and shove the plan over.
ORbiker 01/12/17 09:28pm Technology Corner
RE: Montana High Country 380 / 381 / TH

Check our all the Grand Design Momentum's. We have a 2016 380TH and love it. Think about what's going into the garage and it's length.
ORbiker 01/12/17 08:58pm Toy Haulers
RE: North vs South Rim Grand Canyon?

Starting to plan for the summer and possibly considering the G.C. for about a week. Will be traveling in pop up with 2 adults & 2 kids( 15 & 7 Y.O.) plus my sister and her pack will be tent camping. I have looked at North Rim & Mather CG's and like the fact that both have bathroom & shower facilities...but basically it boils down to where will be get the "best" experience? Mather CG has significantly more sites, but does that detract from the grandeur in any way or would be better served to stay at the North Rim for a less touristy experience? Which side, N or S offers the better access to the G.C. is so far as trail & hiking, etc, weather, scenery, photo opportunities, wide open spaces withing the campgrounds, etc?? I don't see the dates you are thinking about, but if it's during the busy time you better get your reservations very soon. I agree with everyone. Do the South Rim or both. The shuttle is great. The showers are a long ways away from most sites and can be busy. Laundry room too.
ORbiker 01/11/17 09:33pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: DISH TV Static when changing channels

It could be a bad connection or cable
ORbiker 01/11/17 08:43pm Technology Corner
RE: Alaska May 1st, north or south first?

If you have lots of time, come visit Oregon before all the tourists get here. Lots to see.
ORbiker 01/10/17 09:31pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: I5 closed Northen Ca.

The I-5 between Eugene and the California border is a bit of a frozen mess. Right now there is 5 accidents on tripcheck. A crash has occurred, use caution. The recent snow melted part way and is refroze. It will be a mess for the next 2 days. Be safe, KEN
ORbiker 01/04/17 07:56pm Roads and Routes
RE: Best Truck Campers for Winter Camping

I had a Citation 10.8 w a slide. I was a ski patroller at Crater Lake. I've had 3 ft of snow on the roof and temps down to -12*F with water and a shower every day. It was a great camper. It has a basement, where I put my skis in a long drawer.
ORbiker 01/03/17 07:19pm Truck Campers
RE: So what are your plans for 2017?

Camp Work Camp Work Work Work Camp Sorry Work is still getting in the way of camping. We are doing a cruise to Alaska in May and the Oregon Rally in May.
ORbiker 12/29/16 08:57pm RV Lifestyle
RE: How to coil up an extension or shore power cord!

The video shows the standard way of coiling boat line, or any other line for that matter. Works on thin line & cable up to what can be held in the hand when all coiled up. Long lengths of 30amp & 50amp shore power, not so much. After some years struggling with 25' of 50amp I now use a method I used for an en extra long length of spare anchor rode that I had for the boat. Flake it into a laundry basket. Put the trailer end into the basket first with enough hanging out for the female RV plug to reach the RV shorepower input receptacle. Flake the cable into the basket with the pedestal plug last in ontop. Now all I have to do is take the basket out, plug into the trailer, pull enough out of the basket to reach the pedestal leaving uneeded cable in basket & shove basket under the trailer out of the weather. The basket with cable in it is one easy unit to handle. I like the laundry basket idea. It would keep the unused from getting dirty and easier to pick up in the basket. It would need to be a good laundry basket thou. So; did you just flake it into the basket or over and under when needed?
ORbiker 12/28/16 09:26pm General RVing Issues
RE: How to coil up an extension or shore power cord!

As a logger almost 30 years ago, I had to coil 3/8" cable in 50' sections. The way to coil it is the same way I coil the 50A cord. It is sort of done with the over under method, but sometimes the loop wants to stay over instead of under. As you are looping the wire, it will want to either go under or over. Don't fight it. Just loop it which ever way it want to go. The pile could be 10 loops over and only 4 loops under. Just go with the flow.
ORbiker 12/25/16 08:23pm General RVing Issues
RE: Planning an extended trip, looking for advice.

I completely agree. " Get off interstate, go through the small towns. For us it is not what we are going to see, but what we will miss. or really we missed that. " I call it. "Stop and smell the roses" Enjoy the sights and don't be in a hurry.
ORbiker 12/21/16 08:42pm Roads and Routes
RE: Olympia Wa. to Phoenix Az. In Dec.

I want to thank all of you for your input. I left Olympia after having breakfast with my son and his young family. I hit the weather window right on the money. No rain or snow during the entire trip. Appears the snow then rain came in Today. Made the 22 hr drive with 2 3 hr naps in 28 hours. Home safe and sound. That's one way to do it. " with 2 3 hr naps" I guess they call you Lightning Driver for a reason.
ORbiker 12/19/16 05:48pm Roads and Routes
RE: Olympia Wa. to Phoenix Az. In Dec.

I live in the Eugene area. The roads are dry. The main roads in the Albany were dry yesterday, but the back roads were white. I-5 all the way from Seattle thru Oregon should be dry pavement.
ORbiker 12/17/16 02:49pm Roads and Routes
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