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RE: Four flat to 7 round connection

Hi, The three female and one male ground connections are actually the tow hitch side of the wiring connection. You will need to change that connector to the 'trailer side' of the wires, so that you have 3 male and the ground will be female. Then you can use a normal adapter that are sold at all boating supply, U-Haul, most RV supply stores, and places like E-Trailer.com. eTrailer.com To convert your car from what is there to what you need, just buy a 6" long wire that has both connectors. Cut the wire in half, and install the side that you need using blue 'butt' connectors. Good luck! Fred. Got it, thanks...I was hoping there was an even easier solution :)
OktsCamp 03/15/15 04:18pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Four flat to 7 round connection

Adapter Google knows all... :) :) Easy and no wiring required. Oh I've tried that, but the issue I am having is all of the adapters I can find have the opposite end that I need in the CRV side. The four flat end I have on the CRV side is the same "vehicle end" available on those adapters. I need something that has a four way with the 3 male one female end- to 7 way. All I can find is 3 female/ 1 male to 7 way.
OktsCamp 03/15/15 04:12pm Dinghy Towing
Four flat to 7 round connection

I bought a CRV already wired up and demco baseplate installed, but as I hunt for the MH to toad wiring connection I'm confused. The RV or course has a 7 way round...the CRV has a four flat connection, but what I can't find is a cable that converts.... While they exist, they do not seem to in this configuration. The CRV has a four flat with 3 female and 1 male (which appears to be "vehicle side" as opposed to "trailer side" which would have 3 male and 1 female. I cannot find a four flat with 3 male 1 female end to 7 round coiled cable at rv end?
OktsCamp 03/15/15 04:01pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Blue Ox tow bar to Demco Base Plate (adapter)

Been towing that way for the last 8400 miles Pretty simply modification? Looks like a couple of bolts and washers...I ordered the kit, now gotta wait for it.
OktsCamp 03/04/15 11:35am Dinghy Towing
Blue Ox tow bar to Demco Base Plate (adapter)

Just curious if anyone has ever made the modification to a Blue Ox tow bar to work with a Demco base plate. The toad we bought had the Demco baseplate and wiring already installed. I found a remarkable deal on a used blue ox bar and brake buddy that I cannot pass up. All I need to buy is one of these. I talked to Demco as well, said its pretty simple to remove once clevis and replace with the other... http://www.amazon.ca/Demco-9523034-Mounting-Blue-Bars/dp/B002UC19VA/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1425489992&sr=8-1&keywords=9523034 thanks
OktsCamp 03/04/15 10:36am Dinghy Towing
RE: 2008 Fleetwood Options Listing

You should tell us what model of FW you have. They are all different. DP? Gas? Bounder? American Eagle? Gas Bounder
OktsCamp 02/17/15 05:20pm Class A Motorhomes
2008 Fleetwood Options Listing

Hello, looking at what FW sent me in terms of options on our new (to us) rig, and just a couple of questions as I cannot seem to find much in their brochures etc., or on line. Some of these I have figured out but a few others, just looking for some clarity.. 1. DSS Man Lift / Digital Magic (I assume this to be the satellite dish (non dome type) up on the roof. Manual point and shoot. I really want to try to figure out if this will work with Shaw Direct...but I will mess about. 2. Dual A/C Heat Pump w/SLR CLR 2 (this is the dual A/C's, but want to understand the heat pump concept (never had) as well as try to determine what the "SLR CLR 2" represents. In looking at the A/C intake, there is a small circle with light that says "solar active". 3. Neutral Loss Protection OPT - this appears to be some basic form of surge protection. Not sure how good it really is.
OktsCamp 02/17/15 12:23pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: VERY VERY Confused - 2008 Bounder 38P

they sent to me electronically the correct one again, I will remove the incorrect one. I also got the original build sheet now. TY Fleetwood!
OktsCamp 02/16/15 12:41pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: VERY VERY Confused - 2008 Bounder 38P

Problem solved. Talked to Fleetwood this morning. The workhorse Vin actually belonged to the MN one step ahead of mine on the assembly line. Appears that it was incorrectly applied in mine, then they have record of sending the replacement out to the owner who should have applied the Ford tag over, not above, the old incorrect tag. I feel better now...
OktsCamp 02/16/15 07:20am Class A Motorhomes
RE: VERY VERY Confused - 2008 Bounder 38P

Sure you're not looking at the FIN number?? Fleetwood Identification Number?? OH I am sure....that's the 3rd number. Build date of March 2008. Again, which I find odd given the "2008" did not come with a 6.8L V10 option for this floorplan. VIN for the ford chassis is tied to the local registration here in Alberta. One owner from new. The VIN for the Workhorse that is listed is tied to some machine in New Mexico. I will call Fleetwood tomorrow....given them the two VINs, the FIN and see what they tell me.
OktsCamp 02/15/15 04:12pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: VERY VERY Confused - 2008 Bounder 38P

So which chassis is it? It's easy enough to tell just by looking under the hood... Oh its the Ford, and I have no issus with that. It just made me wonder and probably for no reason....what if something had happened, and for some reason this thing ended up on a new chassis. I know, far fetched and unlikely, but it just seems odd to me that inside would have 2 VINs, 2 separate tables of information, one for each type of chassis....when its obviously sitting only on the one. Maybe I am paranoid...hahaha
OktsCamp 02/14/15 01:28pm Class A Motorhomes
VERY VERY Confused - 2008 Bounder 38P

Ok everyone, if you saw my last post around the purchase of this used machine, here is what I have come across. We drove it today, drove wonderfully, but something is wrong....let me know if this makes sense. 2008 Brochure says that the model 38P only comes in the Workhorse chassis with 8.1L engine. IN 2009, the 6.8L V10 was available. This machine is an 08, with the V10. But that's not the only thing.... Inside behind the seat is the Ford chassis cert sticker with chassis VIN (24,000lb chassis). Directly below that label, is a Federal Certification Tag which says VEH MFD BY - Workhorse Chassis W24 8.1L Engine. There are TWO VINS...one for each chassis. I carproofed the Ford VIN and it shows up with no history. I carproofed the workhorse VIN, and shows nothing at all..can't be found. However, if I simply "google" the workhorse VIN, it "exists", with just general information. The Fleetwood sticker on the side definetly / clear states its an 08 model year, but WHY are there 2 Chassis VINs. Very confused.....
OktsCamp 02/14/15 12:57pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Looking for advice....used vs new

I very much appreciate all of the feedback, very very helpful indeed. My DW and I have agreed that the unit we found fits us the best and has all of the things we want. While we don't consider it top of the line, its certainly of significantly higher quality than something that I can get new for 20-30K more...(not to mentioned 6-8 feet longer and a 3rd slide, but whos counting). Tomorrow is the test drive, then days following will be inspections and inspections and more inspections. Let's hope the next post I have is a pic of our new unit. thanks again.
OktsCamp 02/13/15 10:34am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Looking for advice....used vs new

I usually buy new. The reason is that I get features not available in used. I upgrade. If I could get everything I want in used I would have no problem. I would not waste my money on an extended warranty. The new Ford V-10 is better than one 7 years old. The engine breaking is much improved and transmission is much smoother in just the last 5 years. Many other systems have changed. So with new you not only get something that has not been used by anyone else with virtually no miles. If the used is everything you want then get it but it is not the latest technology. Sometimes of course the latest may not be the best so that has to be weighed. The comparison is not usually apples to apples.I'm a little surprised at the prices that 7 years old is only 30 grand cheaper than new. Perhaps the older has more features than the newer. Then it is a different ball game. That is why a used DP is often stood up against a new gasser. Then we are in to features and often the used wins. Good luck. for clarity, the difference is this case is 30-40k for a unit of much lesser quality/options. the same unit new is closer to 50-60k more.
OktsCamp 02/12/15 06:38pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Looking for advice....used vs new

$70k on a 2008 used motorhome. Is it a diesel pusher you're looking at? No its not, I wish. I need to spend $100K up here in Alberta to get a 2005-2007 DP (at least based on what I have been looking at). Ford V10, triple slide, Bounder 38P. There are certainly other diesel options a few years older in the same price range, but I would still rather have an 08 gasser than an 03-04 DP....for the price differential. We only use recreationally, one FTiming starts, that will change. I did it the other way around. I bought a new gasser, 2011 model. Which I paid $95,000 for. It had the Ford V10 and the performance was acceptable. But, having driven a diesel pickup pulling a 38 ft. fifth wheel previously, I just wasn't happy with all that noise underneath my feet. Also, we are full timers and at 37-1/2 feet it just wasn't big enough. So, after 2 years of driving and living in it we traded it on a 2006 42' DP for $90,000 less the trade. We wish we would have started off with the DP, It would have saved us the hit we took on the new gasser. And we have been in the DP for 3 years and wouldn't think of getting rid of it. I guess the point I'm making is, if it were me and I was thinking about spending $40,000 more on a new gasser, I'd take that money and spend it on a used DP. Here's some more advice, if you can, find one with a residential refrigerator and inverter setup. Its the best upgrade we ever done. Most new gassers offer a model with a residential refer option now, also. Again, I wouldn't even have to think much about it, if I was going full time or even if I was going to be on the road a lot during the year. As many here know by now, I've got Wanderlodge on the brain..lol and feel that this a real million dollar home that's built on wheels, so the year really doesn't matter all that much, once you find a floor plan that suits you. Here's just one example for attaining this and without spending the million... BLUEBIRD Its all part of the same dilemma....I can spend $70-80 on a 6-7 year old gasser, maybe $100-110K on a DP that is a few years older yet. Do I need a DP...no. I like you pulled our 39" 5'er with a diesel truck so I certainly understand the benefits...but got out of that combo for similar cost reasons. I think I am gonna go with the used gasser....could be a mistake haha, but I guess there is only one way to find out. Think the Mrs. is now convinced it makes sense too.
OktsCamp 02/12/15 11:33am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Looking for advice....used vs new

$70k on a 2008 used motorhome. Is it a diesel pusher you're looking at? No its not, I wish. I need to spend $100K up here in Alberta to get a 2005-2007 DP (at least based on what I have been looking at). Ford V10, triple slide, Bounder 38P. There are certainly other diesel options a few years older in the same price range, but I would still rather have an 08 gasser than an 03-04 DP....for the price differential. We only use recreationally, one FTiming starts, that will change.
OktsCamp 02/11/15 11:11am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Looking for advice....used vs new

Ask the DW why she believes new is better than used. If the answer is "things won't breakdown", then she will be disappointed. Manufacturers count on the first buyer and the dealer to fix quality issues under warranty. For some period of time (let's say 6 months just to put a number on it), you will need to stay fairly close to home and/or an authorized dealer to resolve quality issues. The more you pay for a coach, the fewer of these issues you will have, however, all coaches have quality problems. OTOH, a 5-7 year old rig has had most or all of these issues resolved at the expense and inconvenience of the first owner. Her point has been that "new" has warranty...I like your point though, our last new unit was a 39' 5 slide KZ Durango 5th wheel that was an absolute lemon. In the 2 years we owned it, it spent more time in the shop getting fixed then it did camping. My point is much the same. While I realize this is not "new" most of the problems are resolved. Sure, things fail...but I can buy some aftermarket warranty to deal with those things. If we maintain it, continue to do interior upgrades etc, it should still have value in another 5-7 years. That is really how long we want to keep it for, 5-7, then on to the next challenge. She figures we would lose less on the new in that time frame, I disagree personally. But as other posters have noted, its not an invesement that is going to appreciate...so one mush move on from thiking that way.
OktsCamp 02/11/15 11:04am Class A Motorhomes
Looking for advice....used vs new

Having some discussion with the Mrs, and now some of my own internal "struggles" if you will on a potential purchase we have made (of course its only on "hold" until I get get it driven etc.), but here is my dilemma.... I found what I believe to be a good deal on a used machine (2008) but it is 7 years old. While I will purchase extended warranty to cover appliances etc., even power train, it is still 7 years old. It certainly does not look it mind you, near new if you ask me, but on paper...its 7 years old. So in 5 years, what's it going to be worth, now its 12 years old, assume things will all still be working, but has it lost a ton of value. She thinks I should buy new, trouble is, to get what we want new, is like another $40-50K. While I realize it has "new" warranty, powertrain etc., it will still depreciate significantly. If I want to spend around the same money, or even a bit more going from used to new, I frankly get a much lower quality unit. So I am torn....do I spend $70K on a 2008 vs 100K on a "new" machine, that is NO where near the same quality...its just new. I really only need this machine to last us 5-7 years, at which time we plan to upgrade to the "retirement" version if you will. I am sure I am not the only one to ask himself this question. I am confidnet that spending the money on the used as I say is good value, and in 5 years it will still have some value, mind you, not nearly as high as it is today of course. thanks for reading.
OktsCamp 02/11/15 10:15am Class A Motorhomes
RE: 2009 Fleetwood Bounder 38P

Trigger pulled...made the deal just a few minutes ago, subject to many things of course. See what the next week brings, this could be our new camping unit. Excited...thanks for the feedback
OktsCamp 02/07/15 02:48pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: 2009 Fleetwood Bounder 38P

Just curious - what is the cargo capacity on that unit? I think it is on a 24K chassis... It is a 24K chassis, unsure of its unloaded weight...she's a big unit. NOthing in the brochure on its CCC.
OktsCamp 02/06/15 05:59pm Class A Motorhomes
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